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Fallout: New Vegas mods that replace or add new models, meshes, or textures

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  1. Nuska's Women of the Wasteland

    Since Nuska is gone, and their account is closed too. I figured instead of having someone comment every day for a link to the mod I'd just upload it here.

    If this isn't allowed please let me know. Otherwise would just like this to be easier for everyone to grab.

    All credit goes to Nuska who will be missed. 



  2. Youre One Dirty Little Lady ;) [modders resource]

    Youre One Dirty Little Lady
    [modders resource]
    Clear diffuses I drew dirt on for the T3M variety of bodies
    to make my babes look dirty after a long day of prospecting, adventuring,
    murdering, and traveling in the windy desert that is The Mojave. 
    Apply them by "merging down" with GIMP
    or any other app  that handles .dds 
    or get a friend to do it for you if you don't know how.
    sometime girls just want to get down and dirty!
    am I right or what



  3. The Moon Is A Cheeky Little Fucker

    The Moon Is A Cheeky Little Fucker
    Just a moon retexture that puts cute faces on the moon phases



  4. GTFO Josh Tree

    GTFO Josh Tree
    This completely removes the Josh Trees from the Mojave Wasteland.
    I didnt like them all that much and this boosts my FPS.
    I Wiped all vertices and collision properties in Nifskope
    So if you want an FPS boost go ahead and get it after all ask yourself
    would you rather have some dumb prickly trees or more frames?
    also if you regret installing this I included backup meshes
    in the same mod titled "backup joshtree".
    also its esp free.



  5. Gun Cabinet by Rez

    Gun Cabinet by Rez
    This isn't much but just Forgot I had made this awhile back and never used.
    Just a Gun Cabinet Model I had made since I did not like the vanilla one. Figured someone could use it.
    Mesh Only uses vanilla textures. Can place in game with geck or build a replacer.
    EDIT: Also added a re placer file, This will change all the wooden gun cabinets to my model.
    Also added a Other Options Folder with a Broken Glass Version and Empty Version
    Full Resource and can be used without permission.



  6. Kkorval's Motorcycle textures

    I've decided to upload my motorcycle textures to LL, after viewing a member here showing them off in this thread, http://www.loverslab.com/topic/1815-show-us-your-character/page-30 . Thank you, jonas_opines for reminding me to look for these again, and for using them in your game! These were uploaded to (GASP) Nexus a few years ago (yes, they're mine, dammit!! ), but due to a medical condition I stopped working on the project. So many ideas, so many migraines.
    So here they are, along with the PSD so you can make your own.
    These can be used in Fallout 3 and FalloutNV, as long as you haven't changes the vanilla motorcycles ingame. If you have Driveable Motorcycles installed, these are replacers for the originals in the mod. The included readme file will explain more.
    Note: Changing the motorcycle01.DDS will make ALL undamaged ones the same, unless you create/add to a mod to single out certain ones.



  7. Rez's RE6 Jet Ski

    Rez's RE6 Jet Ski
    A Port from RE6. Model and Textures, Will have to add to game with Geck.
    this is a Port and not safe for release on Nexus.
    Free to do with as you please. No credit or permission needed.



  8. Rez's RE5 Fishing Boat

    Rez's RE5 Fishing Boat
    A Port from RE5. Model and Textures. Will have to add to game with Geck.
    This is a Port and not safe for release on Nexus.
    Free to do with as you please. No credit or permission needed.



  9. Rez's Ravaged Tank

    Rez's Ravaged Tank
    Found some old Models I had ported some time ago and forgot to release. Here is the Ravaged Tank.
    Just Model and Textures. Will have to add with geck.
    Edit: forgot to re size. Fixed this and Uploaded new file.
    Remember this is a port. And is not safe for release on Nexus.
    Free to do with as you please. No credit or permission needed.



  10. Ling's Hair Specular fix

    Makes the hairs from Ling's less shiny and/or adds specular detail where necessary. I made this fix primarily for myself, because several hairs didn't even have a proper specular map and have been left blank (white), which meant that the hairs were super-shiny.
    This archive only contains the normal/specular maps, so any other texture mods (if there are any) for ling's may still work.
    Requires Ling's Coiffure NV from earache42: www.moddb.com/mods/lings-coiffure-nv
    Install with FOMM.
    Alternatively you can extract the .fomod archive with 7-zip and install the files manually into your textures/characters/hair folder.
    All credit goes to earache42 and the respective authors of the hairs.



  11. Baja Island Home For Fallout NV - by Rez

    Update: Just Uploaded a "World Of Pain" Patch for users of that mod (Optional File). This will change the Plane location to just outside Jean's Sky Diving, Also having a new Map Marker. There was only One Plane in the Vanilla Jeans Sky Diving area.. Now there is two. This Patch can also be used by Non World Of Pain users for just having a different Plane Location.
    Fireworks Plugin Video

    Rez's Baja Island Home
    BTW a couple have asked .. Baja is pronounced and defined
    (Bah - huh) as in Baja California
    a narrow peninsula in NW Mexico between the Gulf of California and the Pacific, forming two territories of Mexico. 1,434,000; 55,634 sq. mi. (144,090 sq. km). Capitals: Mexicali (Northern Territory) and La Paz (Southern Territory).
    Its where alot of the rich living in Vegas have summer homes. Most are Abstract style with cabana outrooms.
    This is a Player Home built on the Baja Islands south of California. Everything except 4 or 5 models "as listed in the credits" Are all New Custom Made models for this Mod. and are made by Myself. Figured with all the time and effort people put into making great looking NPCs that just sometimes don't look right in the Fallout world, well now you have a place they will fit right in. And Yes this mod is not lore friendly. Just a fun Mod to change things up.
    The Island Home has many new features, I will let you find them yourself. But every room has working light switches and the house looks GREAT at night.
    There is a plane just south of Goodsprings (has map marker) that will take you to the Island.
    There was alot more I wanted to do with this mod, but to short on time to do it all. I'm sure some of the talented modders out there will run with it.
    I built this mod in part to try and break into the Gaming Industry. I've been modding for along time but figured it was time to step it up.
    Always looking for side work in the D.C area of the US. Maybe this will bring some my way.
    Hope you all enjoy.
    also Kudos for really good user pics.
    Here is a User Video Blackrose678 was nice enough to make.
    Just copy the Data folder included in this download into your FalloutNV Data Folder
    Activate the esp
    *it has its own weather and such built in, so you don't have to worry about it raining inside the home for those using weather mods.
    * Also I left the Mod in esp form for those wanting to customize it for themselves. But the game reads it as an ESM file due to me setting the ESM flag. This is for Navmesh reasons. This mod leaves Very Little to almost no footprint to your Fallout NV game, All new worldspace. So it can be safely installed and played during an existing game. No need for starting a new game.
    Pinioncorp for Candle stick Modders Resource
    ITOS for the Fridge and barstool model
    Kirava2 for the Ceiling Fan model
    odin_ml for the Light switch model
    REZ for all other Custom models and mod development
    All Models besides those listed in the credits are all new custom made models from scratch.
    This is now a Full modders resource.. just credit the authors in the credits if their content is used.
    Updated to Version 5: Adds a missing Texture that was the culprit for the mirrored water issue. Water is now fixed with this update. Sorry bout that guys.
    Updated to Version 4: Fixes water conflicts with other mods.
    Update: Version 3 is now released, This fixes a Small navmesh issue people where having when using followers. I have uploaded a new Version 3 Full Version and also just an update file for those with version 2 or lower. I have also included a new World Of Pain Patch upgrade for version 3. those using version 2 or lower will need to upgrade.
    Update: Uploaded Version 2, This new version is the Full version including the missing meshes for the first release. If you already downloaded and installed version 1. Then just overwrite with this new version.
    ~ ReZ



  12. XRE-Cars Rock Crusher Jeep - by Rez

    XRE-Cars Rock Crusher

    This is a Jeep that " REPLACES " the Pick Up Truck for XRE-Cars V.85.
    Wheels turn and steer, drives just like the other cars Only better with the bigger Off Road tires.
    This is just a model replacer and does not effect the functionality of the MOD.
    Just copy Data Folder into your Fallout NV Data Folder.
    NEW XRE - CARS v0_85 by Ermeso
    Thanks to Ermeso for the XRE car mod..
    Rez for port of the Ravaged Jeep and Rebuilding/Rigging the model to work with XRE Cars.
    Note: I do not plan at this time to build any others. Time is limited and I had built this awhile back.
    This mod works with XRE-CARS V0_85
    ALSO, DO NOT upload on the nexus.. model parts are ported and are against Nexus Regs..
    Enjoy. REZ
    What's New in Version v1.2 (See full changelog)
    Edited model for better rock climbing
    Created New Model for XRE V.85 Update
    (no longer works for OLD XRE Cars V.80)



  13. FONV blue camo gasmask

    this mod adds a custom gasmask to fallout new vegas that looks unique also adds +50% radiation resistance
    requires: lonesome road
    to install use fomm or nmm but its easy to manually install
    any bugs let me now
    the mask is located in the prospectors saloon in the cash register i made it so its not counted as stealing and their are 5 masks for followers
    permissions ( not that the mods good enough to require them lol )
    do not upload without my permission or ill kick your ass na seriously though ask and ill allow it just wanna be informed and credited



  14. Mailamea's Hair Pack -Fallout Style-

    This mod is not mine, I am just re-uploading it into the download section.


    Mailamea's Hair Pack -Fallout Style-
    "Because Strolling within the Mojave Wasteland with fashion is now essential"



    Mailamea's Hair Pack is the repack of Miniakiba's SKS Ren Hair Collection for Oblivion ported to Fallout: New Vegas.



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