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Crusader Kings 3

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  1. No More AI Abortion

    No More AI Abortion
    Version 1.4
    (for CK3 Update 1.9.*)
    Ever wonder why your lovers are pregnant one minute, and then the next they're mysteriously no longer pregnant, ill, or even dead after trying to cure themselves of some unknown affliction? It turns out that AI mothers may choose to terminate pregnancies that will result in a bastard, even when the Player is the father. The decision appears to be based solely on the mother's "ai_rationality" value and whether or not they belong to a faith with the polyamory tenet. This means that the game does not take into account whether they are your soulmate, if they are in your court, if they have been pardoned for giving birth to a bastard in the past, etc.
    This mod simply adds a game rule: "Pregnancy Termination", which when enabled, prevents the AI from doing so. This does not affect the Player's ability to do so, nor does is affect pregnancies from ending prematurely due to natural complications. Luckily Carnalitas already has a game rule, that when enabled, prevents natural pregnancy complications and works seamlessly with this mod. For those not using Carnalitas, I've included a second game rule in the standalone version of this mod: "Pregnancy Complications" which has four different options to allow you to tailor your game exactly how you'd like, including the ability to even the playing field by removing a hidden advantage the player normally has over the AI:
    Default (no Player exception): The Player will no longer have the reduced risk of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth that they do by default. No changes are made to the risk of complications for the AI. Default: No changes will be made to the risk of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. The Player has a reduced risk of suffering complications compared to the AI. Disabled (Limited): Complications related to pregnancy and childbirth will no longer occur for the Player and their close family members. No changes will be made to the risk of complications for the AI. Disabled: Complications related to pregnancy and childbirth will no longer occur. Complications may still arise as a result of attempted termination, if enabled.  
    While the options for the "Pregnancy Termination" game rule are as follows:
    Default: No changes will be made to the AI's behavior. The AI may choose to terminate pregnancies that will result in a bastard, even when the Player is the father. Default (Player exception): The AI may choose to attempt to terminate pregnancies that will result in a bastard, except when the Player is the father. Disabled: The AI will no longer choose to terminate pregnancies that will result in a bastard. Pregnancies may still end prematurely due to natural complications, if enabled.  
    Speaking of Carnalitas, to ensure all of the features related to pregnancy from Carnalitas are preserved while running both of the mods together, I've decided to have this mod's file incorporate elements of and carefully override Carnalitas', meaning running this mod without Carnalitas may lead to errors. For those not using Carnalitas, a standalone version of this mod is also available, which does not have any requirements. The standalone version may also be downloaded from the Steam Workshop, found here.
    I've designed this mod to be as lightweight as possible. It should be compatible with all mods that don't change the events/pregnancy_events file. The standard version of this mod is designed specifically to be compatible with Carnalitas. If not running Carnalitas, please use the standalone version of this mod instead. This mod is not achievement compatible.
    Installation Instructions
    If using Carnalitas, download the standard version of the mod, and if not, download the standalone version instead. Locate and open the appropriate .zip file using 7-Zip/WinRAR/etc. Inside, there should be a folder named "No More AI Abortion" and a file named "No More AI Abortion.mod". Locate your mod folder. On Windows this is generally found at C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\ Delete any older versions of the mod in the mod folder, if applicable. Copy both files to the mod folder. Run the CK3 launcher, navigate to the Mods section, and click the "Manage Mods (x/y)" button. Find No More AI Abortion and click on the grey button to the right of "Disabled". It should have turned green and now read "Enabled." If using the standard version of the mod, make sure you've similarly installed Carnalitas using the instructions found in that mods' Installation Instructions section. If using the standard version of the mod, click and drag the three horizontal lines to the right of the "Enabled/Disabled" button until this mod is placed below Carnalitas in the load order. When starting a new game, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the game rules screen where you will find this mod’s game rules. Here you can select the combination of settings that will give the desired experience. Note: To enable this mod for existing save games, you’ll need to learn how to edit the desired save file in order to add the game rules. The method will also allow you to change the game rules mid-game if you change your mind later.  
    Version 1.4
    Updated for CK3 Version 1.9.* The effects of the game rules were not always active when they should have been. Includes changes to hopefully correct this issue. Version 1.3
    Updated for CK3 Version 1.8.1 Version 1.2.1
    Updated for CK3 Version 1.7.1 Version 1.2
    Updated for CK3 Version Added a third "Pregnancy Termination" game rule option, "Default (Player exception)". Improved the game rule presentation to be more in-line with Carnalitas'. Version 1.1.2
    Updated for CK3 Version Standalone version of the mod first uploaded to the Steam Workshop, found here. Added a "Pregnancy Complications" game rule with four options to the standalone version. Version 1.1.1
    Updated for CK3 Version 1.6.1 Added "dummy" localization. When playing in a language officially supported by CK3 other than English, this mod's text will default to English rather than showing the raw code strings. Both standard and standalone versions of the mod are available and will be supported moving forward. Version 1.1
    Updated for CK3 Version 1.6 "Castle" / Fate of Iberia. Standalone version of the mod that does not require Carnalitas. Version 1.0
    Initial release of the mod.  
    No More AI Abortion
    Myself Carnalitas
    Full list of contributions on the Carnalitas Wiki  
    Upcoming Features
    I welcome any and all ideas regarding potential features for the mod going forward as well as any constructive criticism. I'd like to incorporate the additional "Pregnancy Complications" game rule options included in the standalone version of the mod to the main version as well. I briefly attempted to do so but had trouble overriding just the necessary components of the appropriate Carnalitas files, (namely carn_game_rules and the carn_game_rules_l localization files), without just overriding the entire file outright. I would really prefer not to do this as it would be unnecessarily messy compatibility-wise. I also wasn’t able to test the "Pregnancy Termination" game rule option, "Default (Player exception)" as much as I’d like, so please let me know if you encounter any bugs with this or any other parts of the mod not working as intended. For whatever reason, CK3 takes forever to launch for me, making testing inconvenient.



  2. Carnalitas Traits Tweaks

    Simply adds modifiers to all penis and breasts traits from Carnalitas. Other traits like Futa and Prostitute are unchanged.
    ⚠️Load after Carnalitas main mod.



  3. Carnalitas EK2 Compatibility

    This is a Carnalitas compatibility patch for Elder Kings 2. It reconciles changes to the character window and other game files made by these two mods. It also adds Elder Scrolls lore-based slavery doctrines, similar to the Carnalitas Historical Slavery Doctrines mod.
    The latest version is compatible with CK3 1.8.2, Carnalitas 1.7, and EK2 0.12.1.
    Note that since Carnalitas 1.7 has issues with both CK3 1.8.x and EK2, it is strongly recommended to use dCarnalitas instead.
    Load order:
    Elder Kinds 2 Carnalitas (or dCarnalitas) Carnalitas EK2 Compatibility (other mods based on Carnalitas) Load order with Carnalitas Slavery Reimagined:
    Elder Kinds 2 Carnalitas (or dCarnalitas) Carnalitas EK2 Compatibility Carnalitas Slavery Reimagined CSR EK2 Compatibility Compatibility Fixes
    Character Window
    All changes to the character window made by Carnalitas and EK2 have been reconciled, so that all additional interface elements introduced by both are present. Additional EK2 interface elements such as arcana, magicka, etc., as well as Carnalitas changes such as slaves at the bottom of the Relations tab, are all properly shown.
    Interactions and Events
    All changes to courtier and guest management, as well as birth and pregnancy events made by Carnalitas and EK2 have been reconciled. The EK2 files have been taken as base, and Carnalitas changes have been applied on them. The main effects are the following (assuming Carnalitas was previously later than EK2 in the load order):
    The EK2 cultural parameter foreign_guest_hostility of Xenophobic cultures is properly taken into account when scoring guests. EK2 Argonian hatchlings and Birthsigns are properly handled or added on birth. EK2 Argonians laying eggs is properly handled during pregnancy. References to vanilla faiths present in the original Carnalitas no longer fill the logs with error messages. Lore-based Slavery Doctrines
    This mod introduces a Elder Scrolls Lore game rules setting for Carnalitas slavery doctrines, and makes it the default. If this setting is active, all faiths have accurate doctrines for Righteous Faith Slavery and Hostile Faith Slavery based on Elder Scrolls lore research. The effect is similar to using the Carnalitas Historical Slavery Doctrines mod (available as a separate Carnalitas download) in vanilla.
    Although there is already Elder Kings Slavery Doctrines, I don't recommend using it, since it's mostly (badly) copy-pasted from Carnalitas Historical Slavery Doctrines, no sources are cited, comments don't correspond to the code, and some of the decisions taken are dubious. Still, if you would like to use it, just place it after this mod in the load order.
    The timeline of the EK2 mod starts in 2E 440 or 2E 450. This is well after slavery was initially abolished by the Alessian Slave Rebellion, but before it was finally outlawed in all imperial lands, which took place after the seventh century of the Second Era (see Outlawing of slavery). I take this to mean that slavery is sufficiently widespread for Aedric religions to frown upon it, but not fully criminalize it, and for Aurbic and especially Daedric religions to be even more lenient, especially towards Hostile Faith Slavery.
    Righteous Faith Slavery
    The baseline for Righteous Faith Slavery depending on religious family is as follows:
    Aedric: criminal Aurbic: shunned Daedric: shunned This is modified by the special doctrine Worship of Molag Bal, since Molag Bal is the Daedric Prince of enslavement. If it's allowed or pantheon, Righteous Faith Slavery is accepted, and if it's shunned or criminal Righteous Faith Slavery is shunned or criminal as well. The following religions or faiths are affected by this:
    Yoku, Vinedusk Exemptions: shunned (although Aedric) Necromantic: accepted (although Aurbic) Khajiiti, Vampiric, Akaviri, Bretic, Ternion Totems, Brethren: criminal (although Aurbic) Molag Bal, Reach, Azurite, Ilpenada: accepted (although Daedric) Velothi, Meridia, Order of the Hidden Moon: criminal (although Daedric) Hostile Faith Slavery
    The baseline for Hostile Faith Slavery depending on religious family is as follows:
    Aedric: shunned Aurbic: shunned Daedric: accepted There are the following exceptions to the above:
    Hostile Faith Slavery is accepted in Aldmeri, Trinimac, and Yoku religions (although Aedric😞
    Tinimac is the Daedric Prince Malacath, so similar attitude to slavery Hostile Faith Slavery is criminal in Nedic-Nordic and Marukhati religions (although Aedric). These religions descend from the one founded by Alessia in which slavery was outlawed (Alessia's_Reign)
    Hostile Faith Slavery is accepted in Hist, Khajiiti, and Dwemeri religions (although Aurbic😞
    In addition, Hostile Faith Slavery is never less accepted than Righteous Faith Slavery, so if the latter is accepted due to the special doctrine Worship of Molag Bal, the former is accepted as well.
    For detailed information on all features and changes, see the full README.



  4. Carnalitas Slavery Reimagined

    A comprehensive rework of the Carnalitas slavery system aiming at improved balance and better integration with other aspects of the game.
    The latest version is compatible with CK3 1.9.x and Carnalitas 2.0. If you are still on CK3 1.8.x, download version 0.9.x instead, and use it with Carnalitas 1.7. A compatibility patch with EK2 (for CK3 1.8.x) is provided as a separate download.
    Carnalitas added a much-needed slavery system to CK3. While this is great in itself and the basics of the original system are solid, there are certain things that could be improved, perhaps due to Carnalitas ambition to be a "unified sex mod framework" rather than a well-balanced mod in its own right.
    In particular:
    Slave prices don't correspond well to other aspects of the game, they are way to high with claims and way to low otherwise. The reasons behind the AI accepting or initiating slave interactions are not convincing, and the AI never initiates some of them. It's not exactly easy for the player to find rulers willing to buy or sell slaves, and there are rather few slaves owned by the AI to begin with. Enslave is possible on free courtiers, which doesn't make much sense. Once a prisoner is converted to a slave, it's no longer possible to ransom him or her. Religious doctrines that govern whether owning slaves of certain faiths is considered a crime, shunned, or accepted, are not followed consistently when determining if someone should be enslaved, freed, bought, or seized. In a nutshell, what you can do as a player is easily enslave a lot of people, sell any you don't need to the AI, and buy any you may fancy from the AI, while the AI mostly passively obliges. With mods such as Carnalitas Slavery Expansion you can also assign them "professions" for additional benefits. However, these are also human-only, the AI never assigns them. All of this undermines the realism and immersion, and makes the game both a lot easier and less interesting than it could be.
    This mod introduces a redesigned slavery system, one aiming to better integrate slavery with other aspects of the game, make interacting with slaves and other rulers more interesting and rewarding, achieve a better game balance, and maintain a reasonable challenge for the player. It does this by reworking most of the slave interactions, introducing some new ones, making slaves more desirable for council and court positions, adding slave-related events, and rebalancing or fixing many of the original effects and outcomes, while still maintaining compatibility with other Carnalitas features, other mods based on Carnalitas, and total conversion mods.
    With this mod:
    The AI competes actively in obtaining the best slaves, taking into account factors such as skills, aptitudes, claims, attraction, age, price, current jobs and more when buying, selling, enslaving or freeing. Slave prices better reflect the actual usefulness of slaves. It's much easier to find rulers willing to buy or sell slaves via special convenience interactions. Slavery doctrines have a significant and consistent impact that better reflects their original meaning. Slaves can be also ransomed or gifted, and the AI will occasionally do it as well. Slaves can be assigned to (some, but not all) council and court positions for additional benefits, and the AI is fully capable of doing this as well. There are new court positions reserved for slaves or former slaves, such as Slave Concubine, Slave Eunuch or Mameluke Captain, available depending on religion, culture, and government form. Additional slaves fit for specific occupations are spawned into the world via events. Useful characters are much more likely to be captured instead of killed during raids and sieges. There are flavor events related to the slavery system, such as a slave running away, demands for a slave's freedom, etc. There are also hidden events for AI rulers to interact with their slaves in ways that were previously only available to the player, e.g. have sex with them. Enslaving and then selling too many people may get you the negative Slaver trait. Freeing or ransoming a similar number of people may get you the positive Liberator trait. All taken together, slaves are now genuinely useful to their owners, there is an actual demand for them conditioned by religion and culture, and this demand is satisfied by warfare, raiding, slave trade, and slave-related events. As a player, you can still use the system to your advantage, but it's more challenging and hopefully more interesting to do this.
    For detailed information on all features and changes, see the full README.



  5. Adroit's Divine Prostitution & DivPros Faith Pack

    This is a fork of AdroitReligion updated for version 1.9.*, with some new features as well.
    This is a beta version. All files I've added are marked with sm_ English only localization. I will add translations if provided with them, but will not be doing it myself. Sorry. French translation graciously provided by Triskelia Simplified Chinese translation graciously provided by hsjackson111  
    Carnalitas (required) Carnalitas Dei (required if using Faith Pack) This mod Included Faith Pack (optional - if you don't use this, you'll need to modify an existing religion (see quick start guide below))  
    Carnalitas Slavery Reimagined Carnalitas Slavery Expansion  
    Character Body Overhaul and its submods Faith Pack will conflict with any mod that adds or modifies Christian or Muslim religions  
    Launch the game with debug_mode enabled, or a mod that allows you to toggle it Either using the console or converting via the faith page, convert to the religion you wish to modify Open the console using the grave accent/tilde (`) key Add the clerical function add_doctrine doctrine_clerical_function_prostitution Remove the old clerical function remove_doctrine doctrine_clerical_function_taxation remove_doctrine doctrine_clerical_function_alms_and_pacification remove_doctrine doctrine_clerical_function_recruitment All the following steps are optional If you want to be able to retire unsuitable clergy add_doctrine doctrine_clerical_succession_temporal remove_doctrine doctrine_clerical_succession_temporal_fixed remove_doctrine doctrine_clerical_succession_spiritual remove_doctrine doctrine_clerical_succession_spiritual_fixed To change clergy gender - select only one add_doctrine doctrine_clerical_gender_female_only OR add_doctrine doctrine_clerical_gender_male_only OR add_doctrine doctrine_clerical_gender_either Then remove_doctrine all other options  
    You can re-add the hard coded age checks by searching for is_adult = yes and replacing it with age >= 16 or whatever number you deem appropriate To restore the old "Volunteer others" interaction, move to /common/character_interactions/ and delete sm_volunteer_other.txt and replace it with legacy_volunteer_other.txt  
    Adroit - original mod pearl - Invite Novices based on Invite Debutantes Triskelia - fixes & localization the_marmaluke - code assistance  
    French translation graciously provided by Triskelia Simplified Chinese translation graciously provided by hsjackson111



  6. Carnalitas Arousal Framework

    Carnalitas Arousal Framework
    Version 0.9.2
    Adds Arousal as a player-only game resource similar to stress. Just as stress, arousal goes from 0 to 400 and has 4 levels. The current arousal state is shown in a widget next to the stress bar.
    Carnalitas Arousal Framework offers a basic gameplay loop around finding sufficient sexual partners, and then sexing the shit out of them. The most important features in a partner are physical attraction (at start of a relationship), a matching personality (at later stages of a relationship), and being on good terms with your partner (always). But if you can't find this qualities in your designated mate, you can always take a lover that is better suited to satisfy your desires...
    Oh, and why bother? Because high arousal can give you debuffs (see below), or fire events analogous to stress events when reaching a new arousal level.
    Default settings should be good to go, but everything can be tweaked or turned off if required. Using the "Make Love" action from Carnalitas is highly recommended. Without it, you probably won't have enough possibilities to have sex and consequently your arousal will run rampant.
    Note: Carnalitas has a game rule called "Arousal causes Stress". This has nothing to do with Arousal as a game resource as introduced by this mod.
    Git Repository Discord (the server is for Intimate Encounters mainly, see sub-channel for Carnalitas Arousal Framework)  
    Arousal Difficulty
    The game rule "Arousal Difficulty" lets you fine-tune arousal gain and loss from all sources, to make managing arousal more or less challenging. If you have a lot of sex mods installed you might want to offset that by ramping up the difficulty. Conversely, if you do not play with the "lay with" action you should reduce difficulty. It all depends on your mod loadout, experiment.
    Arousal Gain
    Player gains arousal over time based on partner opinion, sexuality, traits, stress, health and illnesses, life circumstances, and age: The "simple" setting disregards all these modifiers and just adds a constant value. I don't use or test this setting anymore since it completely bypasses the whole "take more lovers to combat arousal" gameplay, but you do you.  
    Sex Effects
    Whenever a sex event is fired by any mod that uses Carnalitas ("Male Love", for example) the quality of sex is determined by a multitude of factors, such as attraction, personality, what they think of you, how aroused you are, matching kinks and some randomness. Most of these apply differently for consensual and non-consensual scenes. Choose your spouse carefully: At the beginning of a relationship, attraction is most important. Later on, it's more about a matching personality. Keep your partner happy: A partner that hates you is a surefire way to kill joy in the bedroom. The result of each sex act is one of seven effects: Mind-blowing, amazing, satisfactory, ordinary, unsatisfactory, lousy or atrocious intercourse. Good sex reduces your arousal a lot, increases the opinion of your partner, and reduces stress. Bad sex still reduces arousal, but a lot less, reduces opinion, and adds stress. Average, ordinary sex only reduces arousal. Overall, arousal reduction via sex effects is roughly balanced with sophisticated passive arousal gain setting and yearly "Lay with Lover" action, but it all depends on your mod loadout.  
    Arousal Coping Events
    2 event that fire upon reaching a new arousal level, one for reaching level 1 and one for reaching level 2 (none for level 3 so far). They are pretty generic and have no follow-up events, but at least there are 7-9 randomized options to pick from each. If you want to create arousal coping events yourself, see the modding section below (and share with the rest!)  
    Arousal Effects
    This game rule adds passive debuffs depending on your current arousal level. Level 0: No modifiers Level 1: -10% stress loss Level 2: -30% stress loss, -10% hostile scheme resistance, +10% fertility Level 3: -50% stress loss, -20% hostile scheme resistance, +20% fertility "Hardcore mode" applies harsher debuffs and weaker buffs. This is recommended if you do not use a mod that provides arousal threshold events (e.g. Carnal Consequences).  
    5 events related to faith Rakish brothel visits trigger a sex scene  
    For Modders
    Recommended Mods
    Intimate Encounters for the "Masked Orgy" decision, which is a great way to transform gold into arousal loss Prostitution Tweaks gives prostitution another way to reduce arousal while at the same time curbing prostitution bonuses  
    This mod overwrites hud.gui to display the arousal bar and conflicts with any mods that do the same. I have tried to make creating compatibility patches as easy as possible. All relevant changes in the hud.gui are marked with CAF START and CAF END. I won't create any myself, but if you send me your patch I will add it to the download section. Does work with "Better UI" and "Show More Traits", both of which are already included in Carnalitas. There is a compatibility patch for "Toggle Big Character Portrait Patch for Carnalitas and CBO 0.3", courtesy of qk7sk7sk7c7l7q, which you can find the download section. No warranty given. No warranty given. If it doesn't work, you can alternatively put the big character portrait mod above CAF in your load order - you won't see the extended characters, but at least you'll have the arousal bar and extended portraits. Overwrites the brothel event (rakish_brothel_night_effect) to add a carnalitas sex event  
    Coding help for the hud by ErnieCollins Arousal icons by Triskelia



  7. Interracial Takeover

    Your realm has been flooded by strange dark men from the lands of Africa, inviting them at your court could give your knights the edge they need to finally bring you victory... Or they could lead you down a path of submission. 
    This mod adds Interracial content to the game in the form of events, traits and decisions. Watch as your court and others around the map fall prey to the temptation of Interracial sex.
    This mod needs Carnalitas in order to run.
     Should be usable alongside any Carnalitas compatible mod
    Current features
    Sex events making you progress towards becoming the perfect object and more Decision to invite new guests at your court to kickstart the action 5 ranks of Interracial obsession traits 2 ranks of cuck traits  
    Upcoming features
    - Trait seeding on game start
    - More events
    - Cuck and BBC perspective
    - Better and more complete localization
    0.2.3 (2023-05-26)
    Changed the rate at which the AI uses the decision to invite refugees (from 50% of the time to 25%) Changes
    New option to refuse certain events at the cost of stress The BBC camp leader will now always be your regent if you submit to him to 0.1



  8. Lazy's Dynamic Affairs

    Adds dynamic dom/sub relationship with other characters and a duel-like sex system where you try to dominate each other (or you can choose submissive options). In particular, the focus is on player-sub content (especially as female main character). The motivation for this mod is to allow a powerful queen to have her power subverted by a particularly hot and dominant slave.
    Join my discord:  https://discord.gg/W4qkrNwUMk and subscribe to CK3 updates by reacting with 👑in the #subscriptions channel!
    I'm also active in the Carnalitas discord under the #icarus-dyanamic-affairs channel.
    - Carnalitas main framework
    - should be usable alongside any Carnalitas compatible mod
    - TODO integration with CBO to have sex animations play in the events
    - TODO compatibility with CFP for the new clothing assets
    Load order (top to bottom)
    1. Carnalitas
    2. Dynamic Affairs
    3. Community Flavor Pack (CFP)
    4. Dynamic Affairs CFP compatibility (this)
    Current features
    sex events with text that depends on the previous event (very important to have immersive event series), your respective stamina (whether someone is cumming), and more dynamic dom/sub relationship with others goes from -30 to +30 with other characters depending on your choices when you engage in an affair with them attempts to dominate your partner will be challenged, with your success depending on a variety of factors 3 ranks of dom and sub traits (representing your underlying dominance) sex stamina for both you and your partner, exhausted in different amounts depending on the sex event (blowjob will exhaust the man much quicker than the woman) unique events for meeting with different kinds of people in your realm, and also for the first time meeting them extensive and modular (automatically generated) sex event graph that makes development very convenient  red = dom transition and blue = sub transition red/blue event indicates probability of gaining a rank of dom/sub trait, respectively (independently also rolled by your partner) consequences for being too submissive (dom will ask you to wear a collar, get piercings, and eventually take away your highest title (can refuse at cost of stress)) - these will get 3D graphical models
    3D models tied into the gameplay with character modifiers

    Upcoming features
    - CBO integration with sex scenes (but I don't want to make it a hard requirement)
    - more events (please contribute writing)
    - M/F, F/F, M/M events
    No coding is required for contributing events - just tell me the event title, event description, what other events it can lead to (and text for the transitions), and also what events can transition to it. If you're more code-savvy, you can contribute to the repository here: https://github.com/PerplexedPeach/dynamic_affairs which has a detailed guide for those new to git.
    0.4.0 (2023-01-09)
    Framework changes
    - made event transitions Desc (TriggeredDesc and ComposedDesc) so they could be conditional 
    - dom success now depends on prowess instead of checking certain traits (non-prowess traits still have impact)
    - max sex stamina now depends on health instead of checking certain traits (non-health traits still have impact) -> these two changes were made to allow more flexible and nuanced contributions from temporary modifiers, and other things not represented by traits
    - RepeatedSex events for when you repeat and "upgrade" an event (for example dom Blowjob -> dom Blowjob I -> dom Blowjob II) with increasing effects and changing texts
    - dom success breakdown now in tooltips for dom events
    - added character modifiers (sexually_frustrated and wearing_cummy_clothes), and ways of adding them
    - added wearing_submissive_collar character modifier
    - added wearing_submissive_harness character modifier
    Assets (also available via the barbershop)
    - padded leather collar (F)
    - submissive slave collar (F)
    - leather harness (F)
    - if you are dom to someone (not necessarily sub in nature) and someone was left sexually frustrated, they may take out their frustration on your clothing...
    - if you are sub to someone (-20 or more), you'll be offered to publicly hint at your relationship by wearing a collar (if you reject they will ask again later)
    - if you are sub to someone (-20 or more), and you accepted the collar, you'll be offered to publicly wear an exposing leather harness
    Sex Events
    - increased dynamicness of existing sex events to respond to your traits and circumstances by DespicableMe
    - handjob finishing with ruined orgasm
    - footjob tease by Z
    - pussy tease by Z
    - whip tease by Z
    - tit tease by Z
    - handjob tease by Z
    - M/F cum events by DespicableMe
    - footjob event (placeholder!)
    0.3.0 (2022-12-27)
    Framework changes
    - added TriggeredDesc and ComposedDesc so that descriptions can be triggered by conditions (very versatile; for example, whether your sub or dom to this person will affect how you respond to his creampie)
    - made transitions to cum events sub/dom instead of a special type (for example, you want your partner to pull out, but that's going to be challenged by them and your request will succeed only if you succeed on a dom check)
    - cumming only penalizes your dom success by 60% instead of making it impossible to choose a dom option (when you cum, dom options will be highlighted in red to indicate a dangerous choice)
    - created the `lida_start_sex_effect` for conveniently starting a sex scene for mod makers, with a guide in the readme
    - if you are submissive or slavish, someone bold might sneak into your room at night...
    Sex Events
    - by DespicableMe F/M reverse cowgirl
    - by DespicableMe F/M prone bone
    - by DespicableMe F/M missionary
    - by DespicableMe F/M cowgirl
    - by DespicableMe F/M cum on groin
    - by DespicableMe F/M creampie bred
    - by DespicableMe F/M creampie keep
    - by DespicableMe F/M creampie on top
    - pregnancy chance (thought it was between 0 and 1, but it's actually 0 and 100) - note that only creampies can induce pregnancy
    - non-cumming transitions were allowed even when the partner has no stamina
    0.2.0 (2022-12-25)
    - Added outfit tags to each event and an undressing system (each event may undress either you or your partner and this will be carried forward), paving the way for more fun outfit tags in the future involving collars and piercings (no CBO required, but may be compatible)
    - Added (vanilla) animations for already existing events (no CBO required)
    - Added passive random event (on average every 2 years) where an affair candidate will suggest an affair with some swaying from his coins
    - Tied Carnalitas's prostitution system to outcomes from the previous random event and also increasing dom success chance based on prostitution experience



  9. DWToska-CK3 for Tours & Tournaments (v1.9)

    [CK3] DWToska - for Royal Courts (v.1.9.*)
    Way back I authored the "[CK2] Dark World Reborn: Toska" mod. When CK3 came out, I released the v1.0.X versions of this mod. Which was pretty much the first sexual content mod for CK3 on LoversLab, allowing to rape courtiers and prisoners, but had nothing else. As time went on, that version of the mod became entirely obsolete.
    Now with both CK3 "Royal Courts" out and well thought out frameworks such as Carnalitas around (mad props to Cheri Song!), I overhauled DWToska and released v2.0.X of it.
    Over the years I got lots of feeback and the most asked for feature was a functionality from the CK2 versions of DWToska:
    Raping, killing and/or imprisonment after battles, sieges and raids.
    As frameworks such as Carnalitas are already have a really good coverage of every sexual content you could want, this version of DWToska just adds what has been asked for:
    Raping, killing and/or imprisonment after battles, sieges and raids! \o/
    That functionality for Crusader Kings 3 (v1.9) "Tours & Tournaments" is included in the mod available as "DWToska2", current version: v2.0.6.
    I also got asked to publish an updated version of the old "Rape Courtier" and "Rape Prisoner" functionality, which this mod initially had. However, as other mods such as Carnalitas or submods of it often provide similar functionality, I rolled this into a separate mod called "DWToska3", current version: v3.0.0. You can install both at the same time if you want both functionalities.
    DWToska2: Raping, killing and/or imprisonment after battles, sieges and raids! DWToska3: Rape Courtiers / Rape Prisoners  
    How it works:
    When the mod is enabled, nothing changes at first. Until you go to "Decisions" and use the decision "We can rape and pillage". You can turn that off at any time, using the opposite decision "We won't rape and pillage" that is only visible if you're already a bad boy (or girl).
    With "We can rape and pillage" active, the following new battle (or raid) interactions will occur when you are leading an army yourself:
    After a successful siege of Barony you can have your way with the liege of that barony (if he's there)and/or two attractive courtiers After a successful raid of a Barony you can have your way with the liege of that barony (if he's there) and/or two attractive courtiers During battles you might enounter an enemy knight or leader and you can have your way with them. Duels (to the death) with high ranking captives of martial age are now possible. Performing a non-voluntary action against captives from siege, raids or battles has a prowess based chance of failing with negative consequences for you.  
    Screenshots of everything relevant are provided above. This works for both male and female rulers when leading the army. Aside from existing lieges, generals and knights you might also get presented with freshly created bonus victims that match the sexuality of your character. So if you're heterosexual, these randomly generated victims are of the opposite sex. If you are bisexual, then you get random victims that suit your need.
    Frequency of capture events and available traits of randomly generated bonus victims can be configured via game rules.
    Posing and animations of characters are stock CK3 and all sex interactions use the events present in Carnalitas, which is now a requirement for this mod to work.
    Carnalitas - always good to have.  
    Supported ingame languages:
    English French (machine translation) German (machine translation) Korean (machine translation) Russian (machine translation) Spanish (machine translation) Simplified Chinese (partial machine translation)  
    Known issues:
    If you have the right army strength and use the default game rules of this mod, then this mod is stupidly overpowered and should not be taken serious. You can pretty much run wild and just straight out murder your enemies in wars or raids by imprisoning or killing their leaders, generals and kights in successive battles. That's why you can turn the features provided in this mod on and off via a decission at any time and can adjust frequency of events and traits of randomly generated victims via game rules.
    The error.log isn't entirely clean and there are some issues, but the mod works and doesn't cause crashes as far as I can tell. The errors happen when the events to create the random bonus victims fires and can't find the scope of the barony's owner, because there is none. This should be easy to fix, but I haven't figured that one out yet. Like said: It works, so ... /shrug



  10. Behind the Traits

    Butt Traits
    This mod adds traits for ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) butts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) that function similar to Carnalitas ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) breast ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) traits . It's mostly for flavor or RP. I uploaded two versions, one without any character effects and another one with character effects. I'm by no means an expert at modding so I apologize in advance if I can't provide much support. I just reverse engineered the body traits from Carnalitas till I got something that functioned. It was a learning experience that I'm willing to share. There also isn't much artistic flavor displayed in the trait icons.  
    P.S. I can't wait till Mange2020 updates CBO where I can actually see some thicc medieval baddies, but for now this mod serves it's purpose. 
    It should work with other mods. I tested it with Carnalitas and a plethora of other mods. 



  11. Carnalitas Slavery Expansion

    If you want to support me: You could buy me a coffee❤️
    Check out my other Mod Gender Laws Expanded!
    Carnalitas Slavery Expansion
    expands on the Slavery System introduced in Carnalitas and tries to flesh out that part a bit more.
    This mod introduces several new slave types and new interactions to work with.
    Balance might be a bit wonky, but will improve based on your feedback!
    Slave Prostitution Doctrine:
    Adds a Slave Prostitution Doctrine to the existing Prostitution Doctrines.
    Basically Prostitution is still shunned, but you won't lose piety by forcing your slaves into prostitution.
    Also increases the money your slaves make.
    New "Demand Sex" Interaction:
    You will no longer be able to "Make Love" with your slaves. Instead you will be able to demand Sex with your slave.
    This new interaction gives you the opportunity to have sex with anyone you have a hook on, including slaves.
    Sex slaves are an exception though, demanding sex with them does not use their hook.
    New Birth Control Interactions:
    Instead of having a decision to use birth control you now get an interaction to start birth control on yourself, your consorts, your unmarried children, unmarried lovers at your court or slaves.
    Players can choose between two options:
    Classic Birth Control Chastity Belt Classic Birth Control gives a -100% fertility penalty and does reduce the pregnancy chance when having sex.
    The chastity belt gives a -1000% fertility penalty, affects adultery triggers (treating the character like a chaste person) and will undress for sex.
    New Gender Focus Interactions:
    Players will be able influence the gender of newborns by using the interaction on yourself, your consorts, your unmarried children, unmarried lovers at your court or slaves.
    New Slavery Tab:
    Instead of being listed under relations, slaves will have their own tab on the character window, giving you a good overview which of your slaves is working in which category.
    This is needed to keep track of the newly introduced slave types!
    Labour Slaves:
    A labour slave earns gold by working for their owner. The performance of a labour slave is based on their prowess.
    An especially skilled labour slave levels the hunter lifestyle trait. The health of labour slaves take a hit due to the hard work.
    Slave Soldiers:
    A slave soldier gains prestige by serving in your army. The performance of a slave soldier is based on their prowess. An especially skilled slave soldier may become a talented Blademaster or even a great Commander, enabling them to lead armies as slave commanders. Skilled slave soldiers and commanders do cost gold though, as they are paid like mercenaries (see Mamluks).
    Sex Slaves:
    A sex slave is sexually available for their owner. They gather experience by having intercourse. Sex slaves with high attraction can be offered to other characters as a gift.
    New Interactions to reveal or adopt children of Slaves:
    Reveal the fathers of the children born in slavery and even adopt them by using one of two new interactions!
    New Abdication Interaction:
    Right click on your character to use the new abdication interaction, which also transfers all of your slaves to your primary heir!
    Replaces/edits some vanilla files:
    might_cheat_on_partner_trigger in 00_romance_and_seduction_triggers.txt can_be_warrior_trigger in 00_war_and_peace_triggers.txt can_be_commander_basic_trigger in 00_war_and_peace_triggers.txt window_character.gui  
    Replaces/edits some files in Carnalitas:
    carn_doctrine_prostitution in carn_doctrines.txt carn_accepts_prostitution_trigger in carn_prostitution_triggers.txt carn_slave_prostitution_values.txt carn_slave_prostitution_events.txt carn_prostitution_doctrine_seeding_effects.txt carn_prostitution_default_religious_doctrine in carn_game_rules.txt carn_birth_control_decisions.txt carn_had_sex_with_effect.txt carn_sex_interaction_triggers.txt carn_force_start_prostitution_interaction.txt slave in carn_slave_relations.txt carn_sex_interaction.txt carn_slave_events.txt  
    This mods also contains a fix where slave prostitutes would not stop working when freed.
    This mod is save-game compatible! If you already have slaves in your save-game, right click on yourself and use the interaction "Setup Slave Categories". Please delete older versions of this mod (Including my stand-alone mods "Forced Labour" and "Slave Prostitution Doctrine") before installing!  
    Supported Languages:
    English German  
    Load Order
    LOAD ORDER without PA:
    Carnalitas Carnalitas Slavery Expansion  
    LOAD ORDER with PA:
    Carnalitas CBO Physical Attributes Carnalitas Slavery Expansion Carnalitas Slavery Expansion - PA Compatch  
    Permissions Policy
    You may use Slavery Expanded in your mod, but you MUST credit the author on your mod's description page.
    Interaction icons taken from Interaction Icon Project Full
    Everyone on the CK3 Mod Co-op Discord Server for answering my numerous questions!
    Cheri for creating Carnalitas
    Tutorial on how to add the slave tab to your custom window_character.gui



  12. carnalitas_slavery_reimagined中文翻译

    将此文件放入原mod的"C:\Users\用户名\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\carnalitas_slavery_reimagined\localization



  13. butt traits

    该模组为 Behind the Traits 0.2.1 添加了水果图标。
    此模组已包含原始模组,但您需要自行更改 .mod 读取路径。
    我没有提前联系原mod作者,因为他似乎不活跃,我决定先发出来,如果Solitude103能看到它并认为我不应该这样做,那么我会删除mod 马上。另外,我想把这个traits mod做一个中文翻译,但是不知道怎么上手(我刚开始玩CK3几十个小时),如果Solitude103或者其他人能教一下,我将不胜感激我!英语不是我的母语,对不起。



  14. Crusader Milk 3

    I'm not the original mod author of this, but just someone who wanted easy access to an interesting mod.
    Here's their link:
    Extract .zip
    Go through a sub folder
    Drag n dop into mods folder under Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod
    (If you don't have the mod folder already, make it by making a folder and call it mod.)
    Have a good day!



  15. Lewd COAs

    Lewd COAs
    by Cheri
    Version 1.2
    This mod adds a variety of lewd emblems to the Coat of Arms designer:
    77 womb-, heart-, and impregnation-based emblems from LewdMarks 7 Arabic calligraphic emblems 26 Chinese calligraphic emblems (13 in kaishu, 13 in seal script) 8 female silhouettes from stock photos 20 sex- and sexuality-related symbols from stock photos 4 hypnosis-related symbols from stock photos Git Repository (Source Code and Latest Downloads)
    Installation Instructions
    Download the archive and extract it somewhere. You should see a folder named Cheri - Lewd COAs and a file named Cheri - Lewd COAs.mod. Go to your mod folder. On Windows this is in C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\ Copy Cheri - Lewd COAs and Cheri - Lewd COAs.mod into your mod folder. If you are updating the mod, delete the old version of the mod before copying. In your CK3 launcher go to the Playsets tab. The game should detect a new mod. If it doesn't, check that the mod is in the right folder and restart your launcher. Click the green notification to add Lewd COAs to your current playset.  
    Load Order
    Should be compatible with anything  



  16. Carnalitas Mundi

    Carnalitas Mundi
    Cheri's Flavor Mod for Carnalitas
    Version 2.0

    Carnalitas Mundi is my personal flavor mod for Crusader Kings 3. The goal of this mod is to add sexy, interesting, and immersive gameplay options to your Crusader Kings 3 experience.
    Want lewd religions? Check out the companion mod Carnalitas Dei, which contains religion tweaks that would make this mod incompatible with other religion mods.
    As implied by the name, Carnalitas is a requirement for this mod.
    Git Repository (Source Code and Latest Downloads)
    Lewd Cultures
    Adds the Erotic cultural ethos.
    Adds two new cultural traditions: Courtesans and Polyamorous.
    (Royal Court) Halves the prestige cost of diverging your culture or adding new traditions to your culture.
    (Royal Court) Adds the Decadent court type.
    New Events and Decisions
    Adds the Consider Sexuality decision, which allows you to change your sexuality once in a lifetime. Adds a new random yearly event. Adds 2 new random events that can happen while working as a prostitute.  
    Installation Instructions
    Download the archive and extract it somewhere. You should see a folder named Cheri - Carnalitas Mundi and a file named Cheri - Carnalitas Mundi.mod. Go to your mod folder. On Windows this is in C:\Users\\[your username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\ Copy Cheri - Carnalitas Mundi and Cheri - Carnalitas Mundi.mod into your mod folder. If you are updating the mod, delete the old version of the mod before copying. In your CK3 launcher go to the Playsets tab. The game should detect a new mod. If it doesn't, check that the mod is in the right folder and restart your launcher. Click the green notification to add Carnalitas Mundi to your current playset.  
    Load Order
    all mods not related to Carnalitas Carnalitas Carnalitas Dei Carnalitas Mundi other mods that list Carnalitas as a prerequisite  
    Requires Carnalitas Should be compatible with all other mods.  
    French translation by Triskelia German translation by MariaStellina Korean translation by AKTKNGS Russian translation by Natsu_Zirok Simplified Chinese translation by lonelyneet Erotic Ethos/Decadent Court artwork: "Het harembad" by Philippe-Jacques van Bree Decadent Courtier artwork: Adapted from stock photo "sinnliche junge Frau in der Wäsche auf Stuhl sitzt"  



  17. Carnalitas Dei

    Carnalitas Dei
    Cheri's Religion Mod for Carnalitas
    Version 2.0
    Carnalitas Dei is a lewd religion mod for Crusader Kings 3. The goal of this mod is to add sexy, interesting, and immersive religious options to your Crusader Kings 3 experience.
    As implied by the name, Carnalitas is a requirement for this mod.
    Want more flavor events? Check my other mod for all events and decisions that aren't explicitly tied to religion: Carnalitas Mundi.
    Git Repository (Source Code and Latest Downloads)
    English French - Français German - Deutsch Korean - 한국어 Russian - Русский Simplified Chinese - 简体中文 Spanish - Español Thanks to all the volunteer translators from the community for making this possible!
    Sexy Religion Update
    New religions are cheaper to create and dead religions are cheaper to convert to, allowing you to get started right away on an interesting religion-based run. The Carnal Exaltation tenet has been expanded into a full Sexuality doctrine, allowing you to choose whether sexuality is repressed, accepted, or exalted in your religion. New Religions and Tenets
    Added Madeleinism, a new lewd Christian faith. Added Xuansu, a new lewd Taoist faith. Added Lilithism, a new Abrahamic religion focused on worshipping Lilith as a sex goddess. Lilithism has two faiths: Red Rose and Ebon Rose. Added five new tenets: Fertility Idols, Sacred Hermaphroditism, Sacred Prostitution, Tantric Sex, Youthful Rulership. New Decisions and Events
    Added unique decisions tied to the new religions and tenets, such as restoring Sodom and Gomorrah or becoming a Taoist immortal through sex. Miscellaneous
    Added 2 new religious emblems to use in the COA designer.  
    Installation Instructions
    Download the archive and extract it somewhere. You should see a folder named Cheri - Carnalitas Dei and a file named Cheri - Carnalitas Dei.mod. Go to your mod folder. On Windows this is in C:\Users\\[your username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\ Copy Cheri - Carnalitas Dei and Cheri - Carnalitas Dei.mod into your mod folder. If you are updating the mod, delete the old version of the mod before copying. In your CK3 launcher go to the Playsets tab. The game should detect a new mod. If it doesn't, check that the mod is in the right folder and restart your launcher. Click the green notification to add Carnalitas Dei to your current playset.  
    Load Order
    all mods not related to Carnalitas Carnalitas Carnalitas Dei Carnalitas Mundi other mods that list Carnalitas as a prerequisite  
    Requires Carnalitas. Compatible with mods that add new doctrines (such as Harem Doctrines or Nudity Laws). Not compatible with any other mods that edit religions or tenets.  



  18. Carnalitas - Unified Sex Mod Framework for CK3

    Version 2.0
    Carnalitas is a unified sex mod framework for Crusader Kings 3. It provides a set of systems that modders can use for their own projects, such as a database of sex scene events. It also implements features that were common in many CK2 sex mods. All these features can be toggled by players through game rules.
    Git Repository (Source Code and Latest Downloads) Carnalitas Wiki Carnalitas Discord Server Important: We will never upload this mod to Steam Workshop or Paradox Plaza. If you see it on either of those sites, it is against their Terms of Service and a breach of the GNU General Public License.
    No DLC is required to use Carnalitas. (Although some submods may include DLC-dependent features.)
    English French - Français German - Deutsch Korean - 한국어 Russian - Русский Simplified Chinese - 简体中文 Spanish - Español Note: Translations may sometimes be incomplete after a new update. Please be patient while the translators are working.

    Features for Users
    Sex Interactions: Adds character interactions allowing you to have sex with your spouses, consorts, and lovers, or rape prisoners. Slavery System: An immersive slavery framework allowing you to enslave characters, free slaves, and buy and sell slaves, depending on your faith's attitudes toward slavery. Prostitution System: A prostitution framework allowing you to force your slaves into prostitution or work as a prostitute yourself. Lactation System: A lactation framework allowing you to lactate from pregnancy and keep track of your milk production through a widget in the character window. Fetish System: A framework for characters to gain fetishes upon becoming Deviants, which are shown in the character window and can be tracked by mod scripts. Body Part Traits (Dicks & Tits): Adds new congenital traits for breast and penis size, which can be seeded on game start. Stress from Arousal: Adds a game rule which makes you gain stress over time if you are lustful. STD Immunity: Adds a game rule to turn off Lovers' Pox and Great Pox, as well as the ability for modders to make characters who are immune to STDs. Remove Pregnancy Complications: Adds a game rule to turn off stillbirths, sickly children/mothers, and deaths from pregnancy. GUI Improvements: Includes custom GUI that combines Better Character UI and Show More Traits, while also showing fetishes and lactation in the character window, slaves in the relations tab, and Enslave buttons in the prison window. Comprehensive Tutorials: Provides in-game tooltips and encyclopedia entries for all new gameplay concepts added by Carnalitas. Full User Control: All features can be toggled on or off in game rules. Features for Modders
    Sex Scene System: Provides a unified tag-based database for sex scene events, allowing other mods to easily add new sex scenes or request sex scenes with specific tags. Character Initialization Pulse: Adds on_character_initialization_pulse, allowing you to easily seed characteristics like racial traits on all spawned characters with a single on_action (with only a few delays here and there because it's impossible to catch certain guests). Custom Pregnancy System: Provides a timer-based framework to define your own pregnancy-like effect (e.g. oviposition) that will override vanilla pregnancies and play nicely with other modded custom pregnancies. Pregnancy Suppression Library: Provides flags to suppress the vanilla on-birth and on-pregnancy events and replace them with your own custom events under specific conditions. Abortion Library: Provides scripted triggers for mods allowing termination of pregnancies to play nicely with mods that add custom or scripted pregnancies. Absolute Birth Control: Provides a way to silently replace all pregnancies of a character without affecting her fertility stat in game. Health and Transformation Library: Provides a huge amount of effects for transforming characters by stepping up/stepping down genetic traits, healing wounds and diseases, setting disease immunity, and so on. Personality Replacement Library: Provides scripted effects to easily replace personality traits for slave training, brainwashing, and the like. Dominant/Submissive Relation: Adds a unified relation for Dominant or Submissive lovers. Extensive Character Flags to Expose Vanilla Triggers: You can make a trait grant immunity to disease, force nudity, disallow granting of titles, etc. without having to edit vanilla files and break compatibility with other Carnalitas submods. Heavily Customizable: Hook into any of Carnalitas's features with extensive documentation, scripted effects and triggers, and mod-friendly design. Comprehensive Documentation, Examples, and Wiki Upcoming Features
    Carnalitas is currently in maintenance mode and no new features are planned. But if you're interested in helping with Carnalitas translation or development, feel free to join the Carnalitas Discord Server.  
    Installation Instructions
    Download the archive and extract it somewhere. You should see a folder named Carnalitas and a file named Carnalitas.mod. Go to your mod folder. On Windows this is in C:\Users\\[your username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\ Copy Carnalitas and Carnalitas.mod into your mod folder. If you are updating the mod, delete the old version of the mod before copying. In your CK3 launcher go to the Playsets tab. The game should detect a new mod. If it doesn't, check that the mod is in the right folder and restart your launcher. Click the green notification to add Carnalitas to your current playset. On this page you can also download my submod, Carnalitas - Historical Slavery Doctrines, which adds religious doctrines for slavery that are accurate to every faith in vanilla CK3 based on historical research. The submod is separate from the main mod for improved compatibility with total conversion mods.
    Load Order
    total conversion mods all mods not related to Carnalitas Carnalitas Carnalitas - Historical Slavery Doctrines (if using it) mods that list Carnalitas as a prerequisite  
    Carnalitas edits the character window and court window. If another mod edits the same windows (such as Better UI Scaling) then one of them will end up overwriting the other. Will conflict with other mods that edit sex, pregnancy, or adultery effects. For best results, only use Carnalitas with sex mods that are designed to work with it.  
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: I installed Carnalitas but I don't see any new features.
    A: Check that you turned on the Carnalitas game rule options. If you don't see any new game rules, check your mod installation. The Paradox launcher is notoriously bad at loading custom mods, so you may have to troubleshoot and/or restart your game.
    Q: My username contains non-English characters (e.g. accents, Chinese characters) and my mods aren't loading.
    A: This is a known bug with the Crusader Kings 3 launcher. To work around this, you can move the Carnalitas folder to a different directory that doesn't include non-English characters (such as C:\CK3Mods\Carnalitas\) and edit Carnalitas.mod to point to the new directory.
    Q: I have Microsoft OneDrive and my mods aren't loading.
    A: This is an issue with Paradox's launcher and OneDrive. To work around this, you can move the Carnalitas folder to a different directory outside of your Documents folder (such as C:\CK3Mods\Carnalitas\) and edit Carnalitas.mod to point to the new directory.
    Q: Does Carnalitas include sex animations?
    A: No, for animations download Character Body Overhaul.

    Q: Can I use Carnalitas with an existing save game?
    A: No.

    Q: Are the bust size traits shown on the 3D portraits?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Can I turn off (feature)?
    A: Yes. Every single feature can be turned off.

    Q: Where are all the body part traits?
    A: Like vanilla "Beautiful" or "Strong" characters, only characters with extraordinary penis or breast sizes will have body part traits. Everyone else is assumed to be average.

    Q: When do children get body part traits?
    A: When they become adults.

    Q: I don't like the Make Love cooldown.
    A: There is a game rule to turn off the cooldown, see above. Also, that's not a question.

    Q: Are you going to add (feature not in the upcoming feature list)?
    A: Probably not. We are building a framework first and foremost, and leaving actual content or game balance changes to other modders. That said, if you have a good idea for a basic feature that could be implemented, contact us.
    Contact Us
    For various reasons, we will not be looking regularly at the LoversLab forum thread for this mod. If you have a pressing issue or suggestion, contact us through the Carnalitas Discord Server  
    Cheri - lead developer, project director, systems programmer, English localization Triskelia - senior developer, git manager, artwork, French localization Ernie Collins - senior developer, systems programmer Full list of contributors on the Carnalitas Wiki  
    Support This Mod
    If you are a lewd modder, feel free to use Carnalitas features and scripts for your own projects. If you are interested in helping with Carnalitas translation or development, you can fork our git repository and join the Carnalitas Discord Server  
    Carnalitas is distributed under the GNU General Public License 3.0. You are free to use it for any purpose. You can modify or redistribute it, as long as you use the same license, provide the source code, and acknowledge the work and copyright of the original contributors.
    Note that the requirement to use the same license prevents you from posting Carnalitas on Steam Workshop or Paradox Plaza, as mods there are placed under a more restrictive license. Carnalitas contains a very small portion of Crusader Kings 3 script which is needed to make it work properly. These portions are (c) Paradox Interactive and do not fall under GPL 3.0, we are distributing them under Paradox's terms of use instead. An easy way to credit Carnalitas's creators is to provide a link to the full list of contributors on the Carnalitas Wiki.



  19. dYounger Marriages

    A reupload and continuation of AnyThoughts' younger marriages. Note that at the time of the upload, the original still works.
    The Lance Update changes how traits are indexed. If you're using 1.9+ CK3, you need an updated version like this. If you're playing on a version from Fate of Iberia onwards, you should use this mod; if you're playing on an older version and you encounter any issues, try using the original.ORIGINAL-OUTDATED YoungerMarriages.rar
    1.9 B
    Brings education outcomes back up to base CK3 standards (by adding two calls to the yearly education progress points action to the 14th birthday event) 1.9
    Fix education traits not appearing in Lance Update CK3 (by removing index number in the traits) Readds cultural opinion bonus/penalties to traits that had been being overwritten by YM Readds language learning scheme bonuses to childhood traits that had been being overwritten by YM 1.8.2
    Republican Education traits from Fate of Iberia have reduced age requirements as per other education traits Changed female portrait rules so female characters use adult portraits at 14 instead of 15  
    Previous YM information:



  20. CK Zoo

    I've been wanting to see more bestiality content for CK3 for a while now and whilst a few mods have added the odd event here and there none have been really focused on it.
    Rather than sit here and moan I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring and attempt to make a mod of my own. This is my first attempt at modding I'm learning as I go so expect updates to be slow. Really all that exists right now is a single event to give you a dog and a long event chain for a married female with a pet dog. Both will happen on their own but can be triggered easily for those who just want to see the content, just turn debug on use the event commands:
    Find a stray: zoo_dog.001
    Dog licks whilst masturbating: zoo_dog.100
    Catch courtier with dog: zoo_dog.002
    See dog cock: zoo_dog.110
    Hear rumours of courtier with deviant tastes: zoo_dog.111
    Nearly catch wife with dog: zoo_dog.112
    Daydream about dogs: zoo_dog.006
    Bullied by dog: zoo_dog.008
    Bandit attack: zoo_dog.010 (With thanks to conversations with scum71 for being the inspiration behind this event)
    I do have more events planned and hope to eventually include horses, pigs, and maybe more exotic animals, in the mod in the future. It doesn't plug in to or require any existing mods and doesn't edit any vanilla files so I don't think there will be any compatibility issues with anything either.
    Feedback or ideas for scenes are welcome.
    Hopefully you guys enjoy what is done so far.



  21. Carnal Court Integration for Various Mods

    Makes that the mods sex events use Carnal Court sex scenes.
    At the moment there are only dwToska2, intimate encounters, dCarnalitas and Adroit Religions (Continued version).
    Also tweaks dwToska2, so that for example prisoners do not die when choosing to rape them. instead all are send to prison.
    dCarnalitas version disables the windowed sex scenes completely.
    just drag the "event" folder into the original mods



  22. CBO Animation Pack Overhauled & Carnal Court Animation Addon

    Due to popular demand, here is the overhauled animation pack for cbo and cbo court. Works with the newest version of both.
    Features are randomized animation cycling, choice between oral and sex, and ending with cumshots.

    There is also an addon which integrades the mod into cbo court.
    cbo court addon: install the original mod and DELETE the event folder, THEN put the one from the addon in its stead.
    cbo animation pack overhauled: load after everything
    Requires cbo and cbo court... naturally



  23. True Harem

    This mod simply make it so you can have 20 wifes with the polygamy doctrine and 1 wife and 20 concubines with the concubine doctrine.
    It changes the default doctrine directly, sothere is no need to reform or create a new religion.



  24. Character Body Overhaul


    Credit to WaffleIron, whose Simple Slits mod provided the asset I used to make the female model.

    Also if anyone wants to use any of the code, models, or assets in any other mod. Feel free to do so without crediting me, as long as its legal.

    This is basically an huge modelling and animation mod I've been working on that is designed to make a lot of the stuff that people are looking for out of the 3d models either possible, better or easier. As time has gone on and I've improved at modelling and animating I've added and will continue to add stuff to it. Just based on the way this is coded, this stuff is usually together.

    So quick run down of what this does.

    Adds new character models. The new character models have a higher poly count so they should look generally better than the base game models. They also have genitalia.

    Added variation in butt sizes.

    I feel like the variation of breast, muscles, and fat that you see in the base game is pretty narrow, compared to what you see in real life, so I've increased that variation. While people at the upper limit of what I modelled exist, they admittedly may appear in the game more often then in real life and different people may have different experiences. I'm mostly going to attempt to deal with the distribution in my physical attributes mod, because I don't want to have to edit a ton of ethnicity files.

    I've corrected for the way the base game coded its head and body animations, so that there isn't a gap between the torso and head like there is in the base game.

    I've added bones to the base models that allow animators to move the penis, butt, breasts, vagina, balls, and stomach of the models. In my attempts to create sex animations I basically found that I needed more control of these areas.

    I've adjusted the clothing to work with all these changes.

    Yes, I've added sex animations too. I just changed the name because the last name was too long and doesn't give the full impression of the things this mod does. If you can't figure out the sex animations stuff there's a bunch of stuff that work immediately.

    My Coetus Anima mod includes events coded with each animation.

    Included in this mod is a version of the Carnalitas example scene which works with the animation. So if you have Carnalitas, you can see the animation using the sex interaction.

    New Clothing and Hairstyles:

    The new clothing and hairstyles won't exist in the game by default, but they are available to be added in full screen barbershop
    If you want to add any of the underwear to a character you have to make them naked via the toggle in full screen barbershop first. This removes the modifiers added when the vanilla clothing is added. 

    For those who want to mod the underwear into the game outside of the barbershop these are the flags needed

            has_character_flag = wearing_cbo_briefs
            has_character_flag = wearing_cbo_panties
            has_character_flag = wearing_cbo_thong
            has_character_flag = wearing_cbo_g-string
            has_character_flag = wearing_cbo_bra

    You have two options, one is CBO Vanilla. CBO Vanilla is the exact same mod as CBO, just with the butt sizes removed, and using the vanilla game's weight gene, and bust gene.

    You could also download Physical Attributes. I personally like to have a broader range of potential characters but physical attributes is designed to redistribute the wider range created by CBO. The result is that you will still see the extreme sizes but less often.

    You can access the mega link through the download button. But also here.


    CBO Vanilla has been switched to an optional download like the CFP Compatibility patch. You just need to place both of those lower in your load order than CBO so that they will overwrite the correct files. They don't interact with each other.


    If you have a previous version of CBO, delete the entire thing, as well as CBO Vanilla, both CBO Clothes, and the CFP Compatibility patch.

    In order to install place the zip files in your mod folder (you may also place CBO Vanilla and/or the CFP Compatibility Patch in there too). By default Paradox places it in your document's directory, changing that is difficult. If your documents directory is in One Drive, you need to stop backing up your documents directory to one drive. This is true for all CK3 mods. Your computer will try to backup your mods to the cloud. If a mod contains only a few text files this is not a huge deal. CBO contains over a GB of graphical assets. It will not work.

    Select all of the mods you just placed in your documents directory and unzip. But if you are about to use WinZip, don't. CK3 uses extremely long file paths for their clothing, and I need to follow their lead or the files won't overwrite. Find a different unzipping software and use that. 
    You should be able to find Character Body Overhaul in the Paradox Launcher. Although the launcher is notoriously buggy about recognizing mod folders.

    If it's refusing to recognize any mod you can just create a new mod. On the menu on the left of the launcher select All installed mods, then upload mods. Make sure not to touch the drop down and select Create a mod. Put in the information needed and it will create a mod shell. Since your launcher just created it, it will recognize it. You can just throw all the files in there just make sure all the folders at the level of the descriptor file look identical to what was in CBO at the level of the descriptor.
    Load Order without CFP

    Full Screen Barbershop
    (optionally CBO Vanilla)

    Load Order with CFP

    Full Screen Barbershop
    (optionally CBO Vanilla)
    CBO CFP Compatibility

    Below are the other animation tags that can be used

    For Heterosexual couples - the male and female character should have the same animation coded in and each of the following works

    For Homosexual Male couples - each character needs to have a different animation so below the ones that go together are side by side
    sex_doggy - hom_sex
    sex_felatio - sex_felatio_hom

    For Homosexual Female couples
    hom_sex - hom_sex_2
    sex_cunnilingus - sex_cunnilingus_hom
    Known Issues:
    There has been some weirdness reported with all genes unlocked, I believe this mod is incompatible, though unclear on the details.
    Lots of naked characters. You are probably using EPE. EPE isn't compatible. As I've discussed in the thread its a little more difficult to keep compatible than CFP. And it wouldn't just be an issue of making it compatible but maintaining it. I've decided that I don't have the time for CBO, my other mods, maintaining CFP compatibility and EPE compatibility. Anyone else should feel free to make a compatibility patch if they want. With 1.6.2 I added a thing that I think might help. It won't hurt and I'm curious, though I haven't been able to test it. 



  25. Physical Attributes

    PLEASE NOTE: The variables needed to seed the attributes can't be seeded immediately upon loading your game. It will take around a year for everything to look right.

    ALSO: This mod turns off some of the sliders in the ruler designer. This is necessary because I will need to overwrite whatever you do to those body parts for the mod to work. You can still customize your ruler by giving them traits. The body will change in ruler designer to be in the range of that trait, and I can use the trait to set the physical attributes variable in the range you want.
    This mod makes it so that we can reference a character's appearance in game script. This means being able to add custom localization and events that are based on a character's appearance.
    It turn's your characters appearance into a height and weight. It also seeds some traits that describe characters and allow you to search for characters that look a specific way. If you hover over these traits it will give you a numerical breakdown of the various things that make up that trait.

    I've also changed how character genetics works, by seeding specific variables that are held and passed down and then determine how character's look and how future generations look. This system also moderates the more extreme sizes seen in CBO, making them less common. But also making it possible to breed a big titty empire if you wish. Kids will generally take after their parents, but don't be surprised to see things skipping generations.
    All of these values can be edited by starting the game in debug mode, which will give you access to character interactions that allow you to edit how your characters look.



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