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Crusader Kings 2

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  1. Stellaris Natural Nudity

    This mod makes humanoids always naked.
    All credit to this mod goes to Nessa as far as I know.
    I didn't make the nude portraits, so the credit goes to the creator.
    All I did was rename some files.
    Check the install file to make sure you install it correctly!



  2. [CK2] Dark World Tweaks

    Dark World Tweaks
    Version 1.9.3
    Dark World Tweaks is a collection of tweaks to make the DW experience more enjoyable.
    The available tweaks are:
    Dark World Tweaks
    Fleshed out the Fairy race and added a campaign gamerule to start as one. Motivate a Court Chaplain or a tribal Steward in their conversion efforts the same way you motivate the Chancellor. Changed the Serpent's Purge potion to allow you to choose if you want to keep the child or abort it on birth. Added the Dark Elf race and three religions to give more flair to the fantasy setting of Dark World. These are obtained by interacting with the House Irae offmap empire. The empire can be disabled with a gamerule if you don't want to play with Dark Elves or the religions. Can directly recruit most exotic races from the intrigue menu. Replaced the Dark World Kitsunes, Fairies, Nekos, and Tentaclekin with Dark World Tweaks-specific races, fixing their inheritance chance. Added a Dark Elf starting campaign if you wish to bypass the whole recruit/marry/convert mechanic. Added a gamerule if you wish to preserve the old DWR racial traits. Added merchant republics for Dark Elves, even matriarchal ones. Added new artifacts.  
    Dark World Reborn file replacements
    Dark World Reborn v1.68
    Download the file
    Unzip into your My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/ folder
    Mark the Dark World Tweaks checkbox in the launcher
    For Dark World Beyond Heresy and School of Sappho/Lesbocracy users:
    Install Dark World Tweaks as normal.
    Download the DWTW Compatibility Patch
    Unzip into your My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/ folder
    Known Issues:
    If you use any other mod that has succession_laws.txt that isn't DWBH or SoS, you may run into file conflict. Blame Paradox for having to use their default files.
    Using DWBH but not SoS (or vice versa) may result in oddities in the tooltips for gender laws. Rest assured, this is only a cosmetic problem.
    There's no good workaround for all the Seldarine Republic's starting patricians being male. Sorry. Again, blame Paradox.
    Dark World Serpent Expansion: Full compatibility.
    Dark World Toska: Mod is dead and outdated, use Dark World Toska Remix instead. DWTweaks calls for some Toska traits (raped/rapist) but is optional.
    Turtle's Dark World - Extra Traits and Other Stuff: Mod is dead and outdated. NOT compatible.
    Dark World Beyond Heresy: Full compatibility with DWTweaks Compatibility Patch.
    School of Sappho/Lesbocracy: Untested. Use the DWTweaks Compatibility Patch.
    NoxBestia's Darkest Perversions: Untested. Mod calls for multiple vanilla DW traits that are changed with DWTweaks. Set the Race Swapping gamerule in DWTweaks to Disabled.
    Dark World Reborn Dollarsmy: Untested. May or may not be compatible.
    Dark World Genealogy: Untested. Should be fully compatible as the only change is to the event DWCore.8000.
    Ala's Body Mod: Full compatibility.
    Version History:



  3. Apex Xenos

    Welcome to the Apex Xenos Mod, if you don't like vore, that's cool but you probably aren't going to want this mod.
    What is currently in the mod:
    It adds 4 species traits. 3 civics, 2 edicts and an independent vore skill leader trait that has small bonuses to start with but will increase performance across the board when fully leveled.
    The lethal vore predator trait lends itself well to a powerful military empire, with 2 civics centered around this militaristic attitude
    The unbirther trait is better suited toward more peaceful empires, with a civic that boosts exp gain and level cap
    What is currently planned for the mod:
    Anomalies - The galaxy is a hungry place
    Events - A pool of events for the game to draw from that allow the player to increase a leader's vore skill, have a leader be eaten, or even usurp the current ruler
    Prey and predator personalities - so AI should prioritize gobbling up prey rather than federating with them
    Hunger CBs for predators
    And whatever else I happen to dream up
    This is my first mod for any game so it's bound to be a little rough around the edges, that said, feel free to throw out ideas for events, civics, and traits etc etc
    Extract the contents of the archive to docuements/paradox interactive/stellaris/mod so you have a folder named "Vore_mod" and a file named Vore gameplay in the mod folder
    Next, just click on the mods tab in the launcher and find "Vore mod .1"
    You're all set!



  4. Hermpire Universe

    What this mod does:
    Changes all the characters in the world to be futanari.
    More specifically, it makes everyone have female portraits. Each character will still be affected by their DNA so you can still use the ruler designer and make nice portraits for everyone.
    I tried to make it as non-intrusive as possible so that it will be compatible with all other mods.
    Unzip the file and put the contents into C:\...\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod  
    Game Version:
    Tested with game version, should be compatible with some previous versions as well but haven't checked a lot.  
    Dark World Reborn (most probably will not work without it) Noxbestia's Darkest Perversions (most probably will not work without it) CK2Plus  (may work even without it) (And all their requirements)



  5. No More Inbred

    A simple mod for CK2 to allow you to get rid of the Inbred trait. 
    AI should automatically remove the traits from all characters in the game, and if you ever happen to get it on your current character then you can simply get rid of it by decision at any time.



  6. The House of O - A Society for BDSM

    Do you want to take a break from ruling over others and serve them for a change? 
    Do you want to dominate your lover and make them submit to you?
    Do you like lots of events?
    Then this mod is for you!
    This alpha version is fully functional up to rank 2 (servant). Dominant content will be added with the next large update.
    Join the House of O and complete slave training. Find a dominant partner and submit to becoming their plaything. Craft or find a variety of BDSM-themed artifacts. Be obedient, or unruly, but prepare to face punishment. Experience the House in over 350 unique events.  
    Joining the House
    Unconventional erotic practices are not exactly forbidden, but widely frowned upon. As such the House of O does not openly recruit new members, but sends personal invitations to promising individuals. As with any secret society you need to show interest in it for someone to approach you with a careful offer. Other than that, you need only your curiosity, and a healthy interest in carnal pleasures.
    Start a new game. Savegames that were started without the mod will not work.
    To be able to show interest in joining, you need to be:
    An adult Neither tribal nor nomadic Not imprisoned Neither chaste nor celibate  
    Rank 1 - Slave
    The first few years you will spend entirely at the House and train to become a good slave.
    Rank 2 - Servant
    As a servant you are free to come and go as you please. You may be called upon to keep the House running, and maybe you will find a friend or even something more among the other servants.
    Rank 3 - Domina / Dominus
    (not yet implemented)
    Not everyone has what it takes, to be a dom. Many are content with staying submissive, but those who rise above enjoy all the benefits the House offers.
    Rank 4 - Master / Mistress
    (not yet implemented)
    The Master or Mistress oversees all the aspects of the House, but they share not their secrets in ensuring the society stays safe and prospers.
    Offer Submission
    Offer to become the submissive part in a relationship.
    Craft Devices
    Using plans and instructions from the House of O you‘re able to craft restraints, toys, or accessories suiting your fancy. You will additionally need to acquire tools and materials. More learned characters have a higher chance to create quality works.
    More to come with rank 3...
    Extract the archive into your [username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\ Enable the mod "BDSM Society: The House of O" in the Crusader Kings 2 Launcher Enjoy ?  
    just install the new version over the old one and overwrite all files.  
    No DLCs are required, but some events do not show the intended picture if Monks and Mystics is not enabled.
    Portrait Packs are recommended for more variety and prettier charaters, but no features depend on them.
    Compatible with version 2.8.3 of Crusader Kings 2. Older versions will probably cause issues, and are not supported.
    Compatible with the "School of Sappho"-Mod.
    There may be issues with mods that add new sounds.
    Other mods should work fine.
    Total Conversions will cause issues and crashes.
    The Road Ahead
    Version 0.9 - Dominant
    The Dominant update will grant the ability to reach rank 3 alongside all perks this position brings. Dominate others into becoming your sub, experience intense sessions with your slave or your dominant lover, force prisoners to become slaves at the House. You will have all the tools at your hand to assert your dominance.
    version 1.0 - Master
    Become the Master of the House and learn about the secrets that keep it going. You new position will grant you power, but also demand hard decisions off you. Will you be a benevolent Master, or continue the tradition of ruling with an iron fist gripping a barbed whip? Do you even have a choice?
    Special Thanks
    tacomarine – for ideas concerning interaction events between sub and dom lovers



  7. Stellar Lewds

    Stellar Lewds
    An effort to make space a whole lot more sexy.
    Simply, in its current state, the mod adds two new species. One set of rather lewd slimes, and one collection of just as lecherous birds. However, it is my full intent to continue expanding on this mod to add more species and soon enough also events, traits and other such fun things.
    Currently, the slimes and birds are under the "Lewds" category on the appearance select screen. The mod also adds a "Testmachines" category that for the time being, is empty. It bears mentioning that this mod was heavily inspired by the "SSX" mod made by our very own Toronam. I recommend you check out that mod for more content like this.

    Currently, I am aiming towards making an anthro wolf species, in addition to a living machine species. If you have ideas, however, don't be afraid to suggest them down below!
    Oh and if it wasn't already obvious... The mod contains very NSFW content.
    Happy Lewding!



  8. [Europa Universalis IV] Female advisor replacement 10/14/2018

    Everything is in the title, i'm suprised no one uploaded something like that before.
    This mod replace the visual of the Female Advisor portrait, in the game Europa Universalis IV
    It's purelly cosmetics
    I'm playing with 1.27 , all DLC .
    Still looking for pictures



  9. Sex Life

    I wanted to try and start my first own sex mod for CKII.
    Thanks to all the modders and mods on this site as an source for inspiration.
    I added some events for Sex with a loving wife and loving concubine.
    Each of these event chains start with a event, in which you can choose how to start the act. You can start some oral, missionary, cowgirl or doggy style sex.
    Every position is three events deep and can end in different climaxes.
    Planned Features:
    I plan to add some more events, which will add sex with lovers, concubines, normal spouses.



  10. [Stellaris] Tsar's Animated Dryad Portraits

    This is my first ever Stellaris mod. I spent about two and a half weeks learning to use Maya so I could create a custom mesh and animations for this. I am also only a beginner artist so be gentle with any criticism! >.<
    What this mod adds:
    -Animated portraits of Dryads.
    -3 Phenotypes (for now)
    -7 Colour Variants (slight body marking patterns)
    -11 Hairstyles
    -11 Clothes (or lack thereof!!)
    -2 Animations (blink included!!)
    -Dryad centric Namelist
    -Science and Military Leaders wear a specific outfit.
    -Enslaved Pops, Pops on Alien Visitor Center, Paradise Dome and Gene Clinic all wear skimpy clothes... for thematic reasons!
    -Pops on Military installations such as Fortress, Military Academy and Shield Generator will wear a Military uniform.
    -Pops on the Temple and upgrades will wear a white dress.
    -Dryad Leader names mostly derived from mythology and pop culture.
    This mod does not add an actual empire, however, in my mind Dryads should probably be Fanatic Pacifists (to take Agrarian Idyll civic) and Spiritualists!
    Thematic traits: Agrarian, Conservationist, Rapid Breeders, Sedentary (cause trees don't like moving) and maybe Deviant!
    Thematic civics: Agrarian Idyll and Environmentalist.
    Government Type: Imperial (cause "Dryad Queen" sounds a hell of a lot hotter than "Dryad President" @_@)
    Plantoid Ships and City background are ideal for them but not required obviously.
    How to Install:
    Unzip contents into your mod folder. Usually found in My Documents -> Paradox Interactive -> Stellaris -> mod
    Activate in the mod tab of the launcher by ticking the "Tsar's Animated Dryads" mod.
    Make an empire and play!
    Please don't repost this mod on steam, I'll do it myself when I make the SFW version of it!



  11. {CK2} Ala's Body Mod V1.4 for Dark World Reborn

    Ala's Body Mod
    I made this originally to have access to some traits I missed when not using Harem or NDPA
    but has since grown to include other traits I wanted to see in my games.
    The traits use a similar variable system as the DWR dick/tit traits do but was changed to allow a good amount of randomness on game start,
    but use a separate less random system to better represent the genetics between parents and their children.
    The traits will start showing on a character when they reach adulthood.
    Trait trees included are Height, Shape, Butt, Balls, Pussy, and Anus.
    Each trait tree has a separate game rule so you can have the traits you want and not the ones you don't. 
    Pussy traits always start at tiny and increase with marriage, pregnancy, and birth but do shrink over time if not being 'used'.
    This shrinking/healing lasts until age 45 and then does the opposite to represent age taking hold.
    Anus also starts tiny but only grows larger slowly, with age.
    Immortals have a bigger regen for pussy that doesn't stop at age and their anus does not grow larger.
    I mostly added pussy and anus so this mod could be used as a core to other mod(s) I will make but doesn't do a lot beyond the description above, for now.
    You are welcome to use this as a base to your own submods but please at least provide credit to Dewguru and Herring for their contents I used making this.
    To install unzip the file provided and place the ABM folder and ABM.mod file into your mod folder. Yup, that's it.
    Keep in mind you will need to start a new game to use since it adds traits.
    Updating to Version 1.4 from V1.3 does not require a new game, though.
    Should be compatible with anything, including any version of DWR.
    I do believe this requires CK2 to be 2.8.2+ since it uses scripting introduced in the spring cleaning patch Paradox released.
     IF using Harem or NDPA then just set the game rules to no butt, no balls, no pussy, no anus and it should work fine alongside them.
    Required/Recommended Mods
    Dark World Reborn
    Not a hard requirement for compatibility purposes, don't know why you would want balls without a dick or an ass and pussy and no tits but maybe that's your thing. 
    No, I will not add them in.
    Bigger Interface / Somewhat Bigger Interface 
    Recommended  *helps fight trait spam, a must have for me since I first tried it.
    Ala's Cheat Menu
    Recommended  *because I made it
    Liqui Turtle for the concepts behind this mod and being absent long enough to make me want to make this. (I'm sure he will come back now that I've made this)  
    Herring for the fancy trait icons that help put my own to shame and the permissions that allowed me to use them!  
    Noxbestia for the descriptions on some of the traits.  
    Dewguru for creating Dark World and allowing us to mod it. Seriously, thank you! Also uses a large chunk of his variable coding to blend in with DWR but also avoid breaking compatibility over time as DWR is updated.



  12. Stellaris Sexy Personalities 1.0.2

    It's me again! This time i present you a mod that adds a special personalitie for the species who use the need to breed trait. So, you need the sexual gameplay mod. (I suggest the 1.2 version)
        The name of the mod spoil a bit that, more personalities are planned for the far future.
                    Rampaging breeders personnalitie :
                                                                            A nation that have the aggressivity of the fanatical purifier ai, they can look nice if you have the same ethics but they love to invade their neighbors. If their are not pacifist, it can be dangerous.
    It's  a early version so, i need you to find the littles bug/errors and give somes feedbacks. I can't do a good mod without that.
    Thanks to Taupe and Theman221 for helping me with the english.



  13. Pictured Heir-Making

    This little  mod adds the decision to engage in charming heir making with either a wife, consort or lover - all together with naughty pictures suiting the occasion.
    The mod’s function is to give a direct decision to engage in procreation, and thus not have have to wait for random generation, especially when an heir is desperately needed immediately! The pictures are nought but a bonus... The current odds are rather low (10 %), but you are able to spam the decision.

    How to use:
    You must play as a male, be an adult and not imprisoned, while the target of your desires must be either your wife, consort or lover.
    Place in mod folder
    Now 'check' the mod when starting the game. 
    My other mods:
    On Steam:
    Harem Kings
    Options of Life
    On loverslab:
    Harem Kings 
    Kings of Slaves and Vices
    Q: Where are the pictures from?
    A: The pictures come from some of the cartoons by Ferres.
    Q: Why are the pictures censored?
    A: I've no excuse for that. Simply sorry.
    Q: The mod doesn't work or has become outdated. Will you fix it.
    A: I don't really know how to update a mod to new versions.



  14. [Stellaris] Tons of Tits

    Mod contains:
    - 396 anime female portraits in 4 groups (+80 icons for pops)
    - name list
    - species names
    - dummy localisation files
    p.s. Check my trait mini-mod 



  15. [Stellaris]The Galaxy is a dark place

    This is a small modification I made. It adds a custom enclave which my spawn in your empire. Having good relations with them may give you large rewards. BESTIALITY WARNING! This mod concentrates entirely on interactions with the enclave which is made up of "Space Beast" or "Monsters".
    Finished Features:
    Short Guide:(Dont read if you want to explore the story yourself)
    Future Plans:
    -some random events
    -a custom hangar bay
    -more interactions with the enclave
    I did not make any of the artworks used for the events. They were all made by their respective artists.
    If you have Ideas I could include in the mod, any pictures I could use for the events, please contact me, or you might wanna help me in future development please contact me



  16. Dark World Genealogy

    Dark World Reborn v167 (should work with 168)
    DW Genealogy aims to overhaul the genetics systems of the various dark world Species. Taking lessons for RL genetics while aiming to make the breeding interesting.
    How does it work?
    To put simply, a newborn child has chances to get certain traits based on which 'genes' of the parents. Like for example if one parent is werekin (hw) and the other werewolf (ww), the children have 50% chance of getting either because the following happens: w (werekin) + w (werewolf) = ww werewolf and h (werekin) + w (werewolf) = hw (werekin). However when you combine to werekins (hw) the result get fascinating. h + h = hh (normal human), h + w = hw (werekin) and w + w = ww (werewolf), these are not born in 1:1:1 ratio like before, instead the ratio is hh:hw:ww = 1:2:1. These outcomes can be best determines by jamming the starting genes in a table as I did in the included excel file for all relevant combos.
    - A fully functioning system for werewolf genetics
    - Ways to recover a werewolf line. Which was sorely lacking in the current version of Dark World Reborn.
    - Currently only includes a werewolf system.
    Planned Additions:
    - Any other dark world trait that I feel like would be interesting to make a system for.
    - This mods edits the ID DWCore.8000. Will conflict with any mod that does the same. (none that I know of)
    Q: When are you adding a system for trait x?
    A: When I have an interesting idea for it and finished the code for it.
    Gene Tables - v0.1 Werewolves only.xlsx



  17. {CK2} Ala's Cheat Menu for Dark World Reborn

    Ala's Cheat Menu
    This mod was made to help me seed my games with Dark World race traits and portraits in a lazier way then console commands.
    It now adds new NPC creation menus to give those to, including new NPCs using 33 Custom Portraits from Dark World Reborn.
    Instructions to use
    In the intrigue menu are new options.
    Race Traits
     To make the race traits available to give, you need to press the Show DWR Race Traits button to be able to see the various race trait options in the diplomacy menu (right click on any character).
    When you are done using it for a bit, just click the Hide DWR Race Traits button in the intrigue menu again to hide the options.
    With the right game rule the Futa/Trap traits can be assigned to any npc same as the race traits.
    Vanilla NPC Menu
    The Vanilla NPC Menu is mostly meant to be used with the Race Traits options. You can choose several new options, such as;
    New NPCs will be your dynasty, no dynasty, or a new dynasty usually named after a random local place (ex: de Leon) You can change that in-game like normal though.
    New NPCs are chosen from being Overpowered w/ your T4 education of choice, Random traits w/ your T4 education choice, or entirely random.  
    DWR Unique NPCs
    The DWR Unique NPCs button opens the new Menus allowing you to choose new NPCs using portraits from FairyTale, Bordello, Mage and Classic Monster NPCs
    They can be spawned in the same ways as the Vanilla NPC options above minus the dynasty choices, or as Dewguru intended them, same stats/traits but minus any of the
    large questlines that they normally come with. Vlad and Fenris will spawn in your court same as any other instead of becoming a ruler somewhere randomly.
    Spawning Belle before her main quest is finished shouldn't be a problem anymore, but let me know if I'm wrong.
    Notes on modding my mod
    The UNPCs and the VNPC Overpowered options are .... well overpowered, but are fairly easy to mod yourself regardless of skill to give you the best options for your playstyle.
    I encourage you to open the NPC Event.txt or Unique NPC Event.txt inside my mod with Notepad++ or similar program and try. 
    Add the traits you want to see the same way you see them set up and comment out or remove the ones you don't.
    To install unzip the file provided and place the ACM folder and ACM.mod file into your mod folder
    This mod should be safe to add/remove/update at any time. No new content is technically added, just new ways to use DWR events/traits without overwriting anything
    If updating, you should always remove any old versions of a mod before installing the new version. However, I will give more specifics on what I change/do after
    Version because I only intend for future versions to be bug fixes or updating to a new DWR (which should be just a new ACM.mod file)
    This means you should be able to preserve any changes you made by overwriting your changes into the new versions unless its a file I specify that got changed.
    Should be compatible with anything that is compatible with DWR 1.68
    DW ETOS is not compatible with DWR 1.68 and I don't recommend using unless you play on an older version of DWR like 1.63 or less.
    Required/Recommended Mods
    Dark World Reborn - Required
    Bigger Interface / Somewhat Bigger Interface - Recommended  *helps against trait spam
    Slvrbuu's CKII Cheat Menu - Recommended  *you cheaters will love this mod
    Ala's Body Mod - Recommended  *my other mod
    Slvrbuu for his cheat menu in the Steam Workshop, the inspiration to start making myself cheat mods, and permission to use his mod in making my own.  
    Dewguru for not only creating Dark World but then allowing us to mod it. Seriously, thank you, I can't stop modding and it gives me a focus!



  18. [CK2] Dark World Reborn: Dollarsmy (Submod)

    Introduction :
    Hello, everyone this is Dollarsmy. This mod is a submod of Dark World Reborn by dewguru who is a fantasy and talent author I admired a lot. Dark World Dollarsmy (DWD) focus on adding the story line of Vampire and other lustful contents such as maid, fighting system, battle winner events, court events and so on. I hope you can enjoy this mod.
    ##By the way I have to tell you guys the truth that I am not a native English speaker, so the localization of DWD mod is quite weird...because I use google translation tools to help me to convert my languages into English, which means it must be strange to read during the game compared with other submod. But I promise I had do my BEST!!
    Crusader Kings 2.8.2 (or newer) - mandatory Dark World Reborn v1.62 (or newer) by dewguru - mandatory Bigger Events by ngppgn  - mandatory Dark World - Slavery Expanded v092 by zia  - suggested Dark World Reborn: Toska v1.4.2 (or newer)- by Toska - suggested  
    First, put  documents called ''Dark World Dollarsmy'' and ''Dark World Dollarsmy.mod'' into the  Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod
    Second, put the document called ''static_portraits'' into the Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\Dark World Reborn\gfx  and replace it
         vampire rank:
    In order to stimulate the vampire society properly I made 6 levels of vampire ranks traits include neonate, childe, ancilla, elder, infant, methuselah respectively. The higher rank you reach, the stronger power you will get. Each has different attribute values and other effects to courtiers.
       vampire skills:
    Suck Blood : As a vampire you have ability to suck blood of some one near by you for getting good buff. Embrace  :  You can turn someone into your loyal blood servant as a new vampire. Promote a vampire's rank : It is a high level skill that obtained by stronger vampire to help improve lower vampires' ranks.  Bewitch: You can make some courtier or vassal into possessed and be loyal to you.( higher vampire skill) Heal: Just as it said HEAL some disease or disabled (higher vampire skill) Shape : It helps your to change your size of sexual organ (middle vampire skill)     vampire constructions:
    I add some special buildings belong to vampire race only such as Vampire Castle ,Vampire Wall, Guardian Tower, Haunting Hall, Blood Reservoir, Vampire Bar, Vampire Ancient Library. Those buildings have some influence on economy or military of province. Maybe I will add some events linked to those buildings in after versions.
      DWD Fight system:
    This is a stimulated system of duel based on the attribute of characters. And this system is only available among super nature races such as wolf, vampire, elf, orc and so on. HUMAN can't use DWD fight for it would lowering the difficulty of assassinating. 
    Each character can put five females as their maids only.
      Elf and Orc Law:
    This crown law will allow elf and orc migrate into your kingdom which means some elf or orc will appear in your court include they army unit.
      Battle Winner Events:
    If you win the battle as the main leader you will probably capture some female soldiers of enemy. What happen on them depends on your decision.
      Zelda Events:
    This time you get opportunity to access into Zelda village and have some fun with this sexy women.
      Court, Countryside and Vampires Events:
    Lots of lustful and erotic events have been added in this mod include courtier, vassal, sister, bride, maid and vampires.
    This mod borrows some idea from the old "Dark World Tosk ", and also a bit from ''fantasy'' mod.  This is my first mod in my life so there are must plenty of bugs and problems so if you find something wrong just tell me directly and I will do my best to fix them in follow versions.



  19. New More wifes & concubines

    This is the updated version Of a mod on the steam workshop. Credit goes to him. 
    I uploaded it here because I had problems using the in game uploader. 
    Original File: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=506357204



  20. [CK2] Circumcision Mod

    == Circumcision mod ==
    This mod add new traits to male character allowing them to be uncircumcised or circumcised.
    Other characters migh have preferences on the matter and will have varing opinion of the characters. Using targetted decision on yourself, on your family and on your prisonrs, you can also change the status of a man (obviously, it is only available one way!). There are also a few events and actions available that will trigger when appropriate. The various cultures and religions will act as appropriate when it comes to making the circumcision decisions.
    As per some request I have received, options and traits relating to female circumcision were added. This content is turned OFF by default and needs to be enabled in the game rules (when starting a new game). Some of these decisions can be usefull, for instance when having issues with a wife who is generating too many bastards.
    If you notice something wrong, let me know and I will try to fix it. Suggestions are also more than welcome.
    Note that althought this mods works extremely well with Dark World Reborn, it does not require it. This mod is completely compatible with the vanilla CK2 (no required DLC). But it does require version 2.8 or later of the game.
    == Installation ==
    Simply download the zip file unzip it in your crusader king mod folder (make sure the CircMod.mod file and the CircMod folder are  DIRECTLY in the mod folder). Your mod filder is in your users document (~Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\) When launching CK2, the mod should be available in your mod list.
    == Credits and thanks ==
    A big thanks to the Dark World Reborn by dewguru. The inspiration of this mod came from his excellent work. Some of this mods mechanics are also heavily inspired by his work and the way he handled other "dick related" status.
    A huge thanks to Herring for creating great new custom icons for the traits of this mod.



  21. [CK2] Herring's Stuff for CK2

    Here's some stuff I made for CK2.
    Trait Icon Replacements
    I think a lot of the icons for traits used by DWR and it's sub-mods don't really fit with the rest of the games icons.
    As such I thought I'd make my own. Here are the current icons:

    There are 3 different downloads:
    Trait Icon Replacements These files are to actually replace a mod's icons For normal users Trait Icon Replacements - Premades for modders These are premade icons made from the templates, they come in PNG, DDS & TGA For modders Trait Icon Replacements - Templates for modders The actual templates the icons were made from For modders  
    You are free to include any of these icons in your mod & make your own with the templates, if you meet the terms from the "Terms for re-use for own mod" section further down below.
    Premade & Templates also both come with python scripts to convert all PNGs in the current directory to DDS or TGA, these do require ImageMagick to be installed though to work.
    Currently supported mods:
    Abos Lovers of Harems Bosom Fantasy Christianity Dark World Reborn Dark World: Toska Remix Turtle's Extra Traits and Other Stuff  
    Trap Portrait Swaps

    This creates new cultures through a patch and patcher program which are used to swap a characters appearance to the portrait of the other gender.
    I have made a few premade patches for the following mods with either no DLC or all DLCs:
    DW:R 1.68 DW:R 1.68 + Trap & Futa Genes 1.11 DW:R 1.68 + Nox's DPAα ( + Supplement) DW:R 1.68 + Nox's DPAα ( + Supplement) + Trap & Futa Genes 1.11 HIP (All modules) 2018-06-21 + DW:R 1.68 HIP (All modules) 2018-06-21 + DW:R 1.68 + Trap & Futa Genes 1.11 CK2Plus 4.07.8 + DW:R 1.68 CK2Plus 4.07.8 + DW:R 1.68 + Trap & Futa Genes 1.11 Elder Kings 0.2.1 + DW:R 1.68 Elder Kings 0.2.1 + DW:R 1.68 + TFG 1.11 AGOT 1.7.1 + DW:R 1.68 AGOT 1.7.1 + DW:R 1.68 + Trap & Futa Genes 1.11 NOTE: I don't know how well in practice these work, I tried a few with starting up a game and looking if a few things loaded properly, testing each extensively would be way too time consuming. CK2Plus at least for me has errors, even when playing with only it loaded, even though it has the right checksum & even after checking the integrity with Steam, so I don't know if it really works. I'm also not going to make new premades, this is a one time only thing as it is way to time consuming to make these in bulk, see further down how you can make a patch yourself.
    A few other notes:
    Additional mods usually require a newly created patch of their own (either if they have new graphical cultures, do something with the trap trait or overwrite a file that is also overwritten by the patch), if you want to create a patch yourself look further down. By "All DLCs" I mean all DLCs that include graphical cultures. The patches don't do much on their own, the only thing that is actually included is to make someone a trap is a game rule for a debug mode which enables a decision to make characters into traps. The patches also create trap portrait swaps for women, I don't know if this will create problems, but usually people only set the trap trait if someone's male, so it hopefully won't. When creating a character don't change the culture to a trap culture, the patch only affects ethnicity, so if you want to play as one change the ethnicity.  
    Creating own patch:
    Stuff for modders:
    Trap & Futa Genes

    This mod provides game rules for both trap & futa traits through which you can control:
    the % of characters that can randomly get one of the traits the % of how likely it is that a child with a trap/futa parent inherits the trait if children of parent with trap/futa trait only get a chance to inherit the trait or in addition to the chance to inherit it, also have the chance to randomly get it if the traits should be given to the characters on adulthood and don't mess with the children's development OR given on birth as is default by DWR if the mod should always remove other mod's assignment of the traits, try to be as compatible as possible or just never remove the traits.  
    The mod is overkill if you want a fixed percentage (just change the "birth" and "inheritance" flags of the traits), but if you want to change percentages between saves it's pretty useful.
    It also should have pretty good compatibility to other sub-mods, as it doesn't change any of the files from DWR, but this is also my first mod, so take that statement with a grain of salt.

    Here's a graph from one of the dev diaries that show how many NPCs are alive at a given time, to help you choose what percentages you want: https://i.imgur.com/vMnckpc.png CK2 usually creates less women at startup, because of that if you set the percentage for random traps and futas to be equal, you will very likely still end up with less futas when the game starts. Changelog:
    Herring's Math Stuff
    For another mod I needed the functions: nth root of x and x to the power of n. As such I (painstakingly) created some scripted effects for them, because I couldn't find an example of it one the Paradox forums.
    Functions / Operators included
    NthPower - x to the power of n NthRoot - nth root of x Factorial - Factorial of a number LogisticFunction - Logistic growth function  
    Some things to remember:
    CK2's Engine supports a maximum of 3 decimal places as such I can't improve the accuracy in that department. Large numbers can lead to overflows  
    3rd root of 5.54 = 1,769443...

    3rd root of 50 = 3,684031498....

    -2nd root of 5 = 0,44721359...

    52.5 = 55,9016994...

    -54 = 625

    -55 = -3125

    For other problems and restrictions see the main file.
    How to use
    Since all variables are declared as local_, once the event chain is broken the variables will disappear with it.
    Terms for re-use for own mod
    If you want to use anything from these assets & mods for your own mod then you can do that, as long as your mod is available for download without having to pay & preview/newer versions are also freely available without having to pay for them.
    So, in short:
    No complete paywall lock Neither a temporary paywall lock Donations are fine. Credit would also be nice.



  22. Dark World Mages

    Dark World Mages
    tested on: CK2
                 Dark World Reborn 1.57
    About the mod:
    This mod is a submod for Dark World Reborn adding a few decisions allowing you to become a mage. After building a wizard tower in your capital, you can study magic. Studying magic makes your magic level increase and unlocks stonger spells and  improves the already unlocked ones. At the end you are even able to become immortal.
    This mod is heavily inspired, by the succubus and incubus spells. The mana needed to use the spells is represented by piety.
    Compatable with:
    It should be compatible with all Dark World Submods I don't override any files and took care prevent conflicts by naming.
    Future Plans
    I plan on adding multiple schools of magic like for example necromancy that give you special powerfull spells.



  23. [Stellaris] Make Space Sexy Again

    Description: My first attempt at modding (so don't take me out back and shoot me if something doesn't work), Make Space Sexy Again (MASSA) is intended to add a number of events ranging from colony centric to anomalies that, as the mod's title indicates, will make space sexy again. Needless to say this mod will involve sex and sex related acts and is NSFW. Themes in this mod will include tentacle-sex, sex with xenos both sentient and not (bestiality warning; not implemented yet), slavery, rape, and the use of machines (both robotic and not) for sex. I would like to take this moment to make it clear that I do not condone any of these things in real life and believe that women should be treated with the utmost respect.
    Other Considerations: There are a number of ideas I'm toying with that involve theman221's trait mod, but I'm holding off on that for the meantime. As of right now I'm trying to get the spawn rate for my anomalies to be fairly common, without being overwhelming. It would be MASSIVELY helpful if you guys could give me some feedback on this. I would also love to get feedback from you guys for specific events, ideas for events, and pictures. Even if I don't use your idea or feedback, immediately or otherwise, know that it is still useful. Some of these ideas may simply be beyond my ability to implement at this time, but might be feasible later on.
    As of right now, in terms of selectable options for events, this is my general train of thought:
    Xenophile: Sex is always desirable. Will usually result in society research and happiness Xenophobe: Sex with xenos will usually be considered rape, although this is acceptable if your people are doing the raping. Expect loss/gain of influence with the occasional gain in physics research and minerals. Militarist: Will usually see sex with xenos as rape (unlike with xenophobes raping xenos won't explicitly be okay) and will warrant a violent response. Expect influence gain/loss, physics reasearch, and maybe society research. Pacifist: I honestly have no idea what I'll do for this. It'll probably be similar to xenophiles. Materialist: They'll have a similar outlook as militarists, except they'll won't to study the xenos. Expect engineering research. Spiritualists: Will view the xenos as demons or divine beings. There will be a variety of things involved, but expect influence gain/loss, happiness modifiers, and ethics drift. Authoritarian: Will want to use the xenos as slaves or tools and generally want to maintain the social status quo.  Egalitarianism: Basically the opposite of authoritarianism. Honestly I don't know what I'll do with this ethic in most cases, so don't expect to see it often.  
    I cannot stress enough just how much mk40 has contributed to this mod. The custom portraits, modifier images, and trait images are all thanks to him.
    Abominus has been kind enough to provide some German translations
    LordLovecraft has provided some great suggestions, and made some of those suggestions into code himself, as well as pointed out a number of errors I've made.
    Links to the pictures' authors are in a readme file in the mod.
    Installation: Extract the file into Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod and activate the mod in the game launcher. If you are updating from before 0.15 I highly suggest you delete your MASSA folder and freshly install the mod.
    Full Changelog:



  24. Stellaris Sexy Xenos and more (SSX) 1.7

    SSX 1.7 for Stellaris 2.1.x
    Only the SSX and SSM species classes have the portraits. It's normal if the other species classes are empty, it's because it's impossible to add a new cityscape without his own species classes.
    I do not know how to write english, but i will do my best. I am a french amateur modder, i'm watching the mods in this site for stellaris for more than one year. But with the recent arrival of new modders, i am encouraged to come out of the shadows.
    In my mods you can find:
                                            .16  species traits
                                            .17 leaders traits
                                            .4 technologies
                                            .5 civics
                                            .6 cityscapes
                                            .18 species :
                                                 142 xeno furred nekos (yay!)
                                                 84 nekomimis
                                                 106 xeno furries by dr.comet
                                                 90 xeno deers
                                                 120 xeno horses
                                                 97 egyptian themed humans (2 genders)
                                                 102 xeno rabbits (2 genders)
                                                 72 lewd humans
                                                 80 daenei
                                                 108 fox furrys
                                                 84 dog furrys
                                                 250 more manga styled humanoides
                                                 113 manga elfs (gendered and more)
                                                 90 succubus
                                                 73 overcustomized dragon furry sexy horrors
                                                 85 Blue succubus
                                                 48 animes girls by Oota Yuuichi
                                                 119 sharks and orcas
                                            .2 machines models (experimental) (need synthetic dawn)
                                                 30 cat bots
                                                 6 chromed bots
                                                 126 anime synths ( specialized )
                                            .1 prescripted countrie
                                            .4 events:
                                                            1 minor event for the "chosen" trait
                                                            2 rare multi pictured events for "adorable innocent" and "terrifying sadist" traits.
                                                            1 purge like event for the snu fever civic with arts by dr comet
                                            Localisation: english
                                                                french, german (partial)
                                                                All others localisation are minimaly supported (english text, no more "trait_leader_warm_nuts" or others things like this)
                                            Installation :
                                                    (  standalone  )  Sexyxenos contain all portraits and the main city
                                                    (  standalone  )  Sexyxenos cities contain all others cities
                                                    (  standalone  )  Sexyxenos traits and more contain the traits, civic, technologies, and the events
                                                    ( requirements!  )  Sexyxenos Countrie contain the prescripted nations
                                                                                       For this last part you need Just more flags, Sexyxenos and Sexyxenos traits
                                                    ( fixes ) Sexyxenos compatibility patch archive, not required but nice if you play with massa, enhanced gene modding, life engineering or if you want to build the ssm synths like vanilla synths.
                                           Unpack the rar archives in document/paradox interactive/stellaris/mod
    I dont mind if you take the files for your mods.
     Feel free to give me some feedbacks and ideas.

    All graphics belong to their originals authors
    Credits :
                    Thanks to Abominus for the german localisation
                                    Akinaruto for the french localisation
                                    Lockeslylcrit for the english localisation
                                    Ailine for the russian localisation
                                    Pravus for the succubi species
                                    Powaqqatsi for many portraits
    tips : if you did not like the event frequency go to sexysxenos/event, open the pop event text and find the
              mean_time_to_happen = {
               years = xxx                   <-  and change this value
    There is one for the adorable event and one for the terrifying.   
    Do not put a extremely low value for the adorable event, this can cause sexual battles.                                     
    The idea box: .find cool xenos with tentacles
                          .wolf portraits
                          . even more nekos
                          .monster girls ?
                          .add husbandos to make space sexier for more peoples    Not my kind of stuff, my bad.
                          .more prescripted countries
                          .make space more sexy
                          . unfurred xenos
                          .wow elves



  25. [Stellaris] Sexual gameplay

    Updated: 18/07/2018, Just released a second hot fix for 1.3.5 fixing more bugs, now the biomechanical breeders should be working again.
    PERFORMANCE OVERHAUL, MASSIVE REDUCTION IN LAG FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS. The interbreeder events have been rewritten from the ground up to be significantly more performance friendly! For more details check out the full change log in the mod description!
    Just a heads up I changed allot in this version and although I tested it quite a bit and found no issue there will likely be some minor bugs so tell me what ever needs to be fixed and give me your opinions on the balancing of the "balanced version". If you wish to roll back there is the legacy file including all past versions. Go ahead and send me any suggestions you have for the mod
    Compatible with old saves (read installation)
    -24 sexual species traits
    -4 types of interbreeder, play as a brood parasite and use xenos as incubators for your eggs or play as an all female (or male) race and interbreed with xenos to make the perfect hybrid and more!
    -Special events for each interbreeder type
    -3 sexual robotic traits
    -8 sexual leader traits
    -If your founder species has one of these interbreeder traits, you will receive bonuses as the number of species in your empire grows
    -Ability to breed with dangerous xeno wildlife if you have the trait perfect xeno incubator and the appropriate technology
    -3 planetary edicts
    -1 empire edict
    -"Need to breed" game play mechanic allows you to exterminate species through sex (must install sexualtraits addon file)
    -2 versions are available sexualgameplay_1.3.5 and sexualgameplay_1.3.5(balanced) with balanced traits.
    Mod description:
    Create the ultimate sex crazed empire, bent on dominating (or submitting to) all other xenos in the galaxy! Play as a species of brood parasites and use the xeno scum as incubators for your young or as out of control bio-mechanical sex machines and fuck the xeno meat bags into their place, or even as an all female race of xenophiles and interbreed with xeno men to create the perfect hybrid and more!
    AS FEATURED IN PC GAMER MAGAZINE: https://www.pcgamer.com/meet-the-modders-determined-to-add-nudity-to-the-least-likely-games/
    This mod adds several species traits, leader traits and interbreeder traits along with their own events which allow you to breed with xenos and create hybrid species or to fuck other species into extinction through the need to breed gameplay mechanic.
    Interbreeder traits: 
    Tip: Make sure you start the game with syncretic evolution otherwise none of your pops will be able to grow without a compatible species!
    -Brood parasites:
    This species lays its eggs in unsuspecting xeno females. This will cause a general fall in the growth speed of other species and a fall in happiness unless they are xenophiles in which case they will experience a rise in happiness but a higher drop in their growth speed (since they'll be much more willing to become brood hosts). Though biological brood mothers can be substituted with robotic pops who posses artificial wombs.
    -Bio-mechanical breeders:
    Advanced biomechanical technologies allow robotic pops to impregnate biological females with sperm which combines nano machines and biological DNA. This technology removes the need to construct large factories to produce robotic pops reducing cost and increasing build speed. They will also cause a general fall in growth and happiness of other species unless they posses bio mechanically optimised wombs in which case they will experience both an increase in growth and happiness.
    -Perfect interspecial incubators:
    This all female species requires xeno genetic material to breed and birth males of the fathers species and females of the mothers species which causes a rise in happiness and growth speed of other species. There is a chance that they will birth a hybrid. You may also breed with dangerous xeno wild life if you research the appropriate technology, but beware there may be consequences! All leaders from this species will be female! Unless the appropriate policies are set this species will out breed other female xenos leading to all male pops who will become dependent on inter breeders to propagate. 
    -Intercompatible sperm:
    Species with intercompatible sperm must impregnate xeno females and only produce males of their own species. This causes a fall in growth speed of other species. There is a chance they will birth a hybrid. All leaders from this species will be male! Unless the appropriate policies are set this species will out breed  other male xenos leading to all female pops who can no longer propagate.
    -Note about hybrids: There is a 49% chance that the hybrid will have the appearance of the mother and a 49% chance it will have the appearance of the father. There is a 1% chance a random appearance will be selected. Hybrids will have random traits but there is a 1% chance that a perfect hybrid will be birthed. Currently hybrids are birthed every 10 years approximately. 
    -If your founder species has one of these traits, the more species you have in your empire the faster your pops will grow
    "Need to breed" game play mechanic:
    Become a sex crazed zerg swarm, perfectly designed for rapid breeding and sexual dominance. Claim the females of other species and prevent their males from impregnating them, exterminating their species through sex. This requires the addon file in the downloads section and also requires you to select the "Need to breed" species trait. Essentially how this works is any pop who lives on the same planet as a species with the "need to breed" species trait will be killed. The need to breed trait also lets you use the "fuck fest" planetary edict, giving a huge population growth and unity boost, and the "sex crazed expansionist" empire edict massively reducing the cost of ships among other things. Though the "need to breed" trait comes at a significant cost to research ability so you must capitalize on your huge early game advantage.
    Leader traits:
    To gain the abnormally sexually enticing and abnormally sexually dominant leader traits you need their corresponding species traits, only then can they be randomly applied to your rulers. To gain the exhibitionist trait you need the sexually enticing species trait.
    Planetary and empire edicts: 
    To enable the use of the "prioritize breeding" and "breeding frenzy" planetary edicts you need the "virile sperm" and/or "perfect incubator" species traits. For the "fuck fest" planetary edict and the "sexual expansionist" empire edict you need the "need to breed" species trait.
    Full change log:
    Just extract the sexualgameplay zip (choose either the balanced or original versions) and then move the sexualgameplay folder and sexualgameplay.mod files into Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod and activate the mod in the start screen. Do the same for the sexualcraze addon file if you'd like to enable the "need to breed" game play mechanic if you want to stop species with the need to breed trait from fucking everything to death just don't download this file.
    This mod should work fine with old saves, even ones with older version of this mod, but there is one redundant static modifier that may or may not appear on your pops, these can be removed by opening the console command and typing "event debug.1" and this should remove the modifier from any pop who might have it. This only needs to be done once.
    Future updates, tips on personalizing balance and disabling ai from using perks:
    Please tell me if there are bugs and what ever suggestions you have!
    I plan to add civics which enable story lines for each inter breeder type that I hope will extend into the late game. I plan to have various gameplay mechanics attached to these story lines that will provide an interesting tactical challenge. 
    If you'd like to change the effects or trait costs just go to "Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\sexualtraits\common\traits" then  you can open the sexualtraits.txt file and play around with the numbers. If you want to edit the interbreeder traits you have to adjust the sexual_static_modifiers.txt as well which is found in "Documents\ParadoxInteractive\Stellaris\modsexualgameplay\common\static_modifiers"
    Disabling perks for ai: 
    After entering the seuxaltraits.txt change the trait cost to 1000 or some other high number, then follow the instructions from this link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Stellaris/comments/5bgr3u/so_did_anyone_make_a_fix_for_the_needless_and/d9opou5/ which will enable you to have empires with unlimited triats or just use the console command to add the trait
    German translations by the very kind @Abominus. and Russian translations from the wonderful @sylvan19 The translations are mostly complete in 1.3.5 but there are a few bits missing.
    If anyone would like to make a translation just send me a pm and I will credit you and include it in the downloads section!
    I figured out how to make the "Need to breed" gameplay mechanic by reverse engineering the infective mod by Pants_Doe, check the authors mod on steam! It is outdated however. @mk40 made the icons for the negative traits and @Raana defined their stats as well as improving the descriptions for several other traits.
    Thankyou to @wolfiespring for helping find the cause of the lag issue and to @Yegie for spotting an error with the leader traits!
    The art work is from the following artists:
    Goozie [Hentai foundry] Viking heart [Deviant art] DrGraeveling [Hentai foundry] aka6 [Hentai foundry] Evulchibi [Hentai foundry] Optional typo [Hentai foundry] RupertEverton [Hentai foundry] TheKite [Hentai foundry] Yellowroom [Hentai foundry]  
    I kindly ask you guys not to post this mod anywhere else, there is already someone who is uploading several authors work on the workshop, if you guys have the time it would be nice if you could all report him.
    If you'd like to use any of the files in this mod go ahead and PM me, I'll probably say yes I just want to know which mod will be using my mod so I can enjoy it too . Also give some credit please