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Crusader Kings 2

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  1. [CK2] Tale of Nine Tails

    Tale of Nine Tails
    Version 1.0.3
    This mod expands one of Dark World races: Kitsune.
    Kitsune are fox spirits (yokai) from a Japanese folklore, most known for their ability to shapeshift into human form, though they also possess a wide array of magical abilities. Other East Asian countries have their own variation of shapeshifting fox spirits: Huli jing (China) and Kumiho (Korea).
    While this mod only loosely follows myths and stories (had to make it fit CK2 better, and to make them stand out a little), it also integrates some things from other Asian fox myths.
    Important! As English is not my native language, localisation quality is much lower than I would like it to be. I will rewrite most of it as I will get better at English and wrting,
    Tail system; as you age, grow new tails and with them increase your power and spell selection. Magic; Essence (mana), all new spells spend your essence, amount of essence depends on number of tails you have, and it regenerates over time. Be careful not to overuse your magic, consequences can cost you your life! (this is not yet implemented, feel free to spam spells) Wide selection of spells; healing, different shapeshifting spells, some illusion tricks to influence others minds. Some spells become more powerful as you get new tails. New events! Some of them accessible even without playing as a kitsune. Many minor additions (minor title, artifacts, some small changes to Dark World Fantasy stuff, kitsunes become immortal after getting second tail, and others)  
    Planned features (in no particular order):
    Crusader Kings II, version 3.0.1+ Dark World Fantasy 1.6.3+ Not required, but needed for some features:
    Way of Life DLC (Some events locked behind focuses) Dark World Extras (Some events use DWE traits and modifiers, those events (only one now) unavailable without DWE)  
    Compatibility (if not in the list, then untested):
    Dark World Fantasy; required for mod to work Dark World Extras; fully compatible, some features depends on DWE being installed Dark World Beyond Heresy; fully compatible House Irae: fully compatible DZ Flavor: untested, but there is some checks for having traits from it Dark World Reborn: not compatible, use Dark World Fantasy instead Dark World Toska: not compatible, use Dark World Extras instead  
    dewguru - for creating Dark World lockeslylcrit - maintaining Dark World Fantasy, helping to figure out CK2 modding, editoring for some event descriptions AnonymousDutch (I hope I've got your LL nickname right) - localisation for several events  
    Full changelog:



  2. [Stellaris] Lewd Xenos

    Hi !
    At last, my ''contribution'' to the collective masturbation of the world.
    Credits to every artist from whose these portraits are based from. Thank you very much for all the good rubs you gave me :3
    Thanks to Toronam ,this person made me buy Stellaris and allowed me to understand how to create my own lewd species.
    Most pictures were taken from the Rule34 sites.
    This lewd mod for Stellaris contains 11 lewd species and 645 portraits and are all females(a bit of Futas too but that's a secret).
    -Draenei                      - 20 additional portraits for the one made from Toronam.
    -Gardevoir                  - 62 portraits for the Pokemon named Gardevoir.
    -Hilotl                         - 21 portraits for the Hilotl from Starbound, mostly low quality,ain't enough porn of Starbound.
    -Kaldorei                     - 75 portraits for the Night Elves. One of the first species I added to the mod, 
                                         so my editing skill were even more deplorable.
                                         You might recognize some old pictures because I went throught all pages on r34(atleast 90 pages).
    -Eldars                       - 59 portraits for the Eldars from Warhammer mixed with more elves form Warcraft and other fantasy titles.
    -Miquo'te                  - 39 portraits for the Miquo'te from Final Fantasy.
    -Martian                    - 52 portraits for the Martians based on Queen Tyrahnee (Duck Rogers).
    -Novakid                   - 23 portraits for the Novakids from Starbound also mostly low quality.
    -Sindorei                   - A WHOPPING 204 PORTRAITS FOR THE BLOOD ELVES, TOOK ME 3 DAYS, might be an overkill but hey,
                                        they are nice as fuck !
    -Adeptus Sorotitas   - 53 portraits for the Sisters of battle from Warhammer,I admit ,some of them are meh.
                                        Also rulers got specific portraits.
    -Viera                        - 37 portraits for the Viera (Bunny girls) from Final Fantasy,however most of them are of Fran.
    -Shal'dorei                - 75 portraits bundling together Dark Elves,Dunmers,Chaos Eldars,Nightborne and Drows.
    The Draenei and the elves have their own separated achetypes in order to give them a trait that only they should have(such as a racial trait).
    Now unlike other species mod on Loverslab,this mod depicts the species faces,shoulders,breasts and just down to what's 
    below the ribs but above the ass.After all they ARE called portraits.It also allows lessen the editing time and 
    since most portrait are rezized to 335p in height,to lessen the resolution quality changes during rezizing.
    at least,that's my take on it.
    Don't reupload this anywhere because it only belongs in Loverslab XD.
    Also I tried to kept as more original pictures untouched/unmodified so If I made a mistake in editing or somewhere else,
    I would be able to restart and if anyone wants the source pic.



  3. CoCo's Stellaris Mod

    So, yeah, instead of doing what I'm *supposed* to be doing (i.e. working on Skyrim mods), I got Stellaris for Christmas and am spending most of my free time playing with that.
    Here are a couple of things I did for Stellaris.
    Mostly just crappy flag graphics and stuff. A couple of name lists. Nothing fancy. Baby's first mod, see. And I think I messed up the name lists a bit anyway.
    But here it is, just in case anyone's interested.
    Putting it under CK2 because apparently there isn't a Stellaris section. I'll see if I can tag it properly.
    p.s. There are actually more flag graphics than I show in the screenshots, but I didn't bother taking any screenshots of them. They're really not very good anyway. I am *not* an artist.



  4. [Stellaris] Nude Aliens

    I've been trying my hand at creating some nude versions of the human portraits in the game. They are meant to expand upon the existing art style, so they are basically dressed down game assets with custom drawn chests. It was quite fun to make them! I am sharing them here for anyone's enjoyment and to get some feedback.
    I would like to add all other races as well, but I think it would be fun for other to participate. Maybe you have an alien you'd like to see naked, or have particular ideas on what they should look like. Let me know!



  5. [CK2] Dark World: Reborn - Event Pictures Overhaul

    Background: I've always felt that that the original photo set was very inconsistent. Some are illustrations, some are hentai and some are 3d, even from Skyrim. So, in order to create a better flow (for myself personally), I decided to recreate every picture using TES5: Skyrim.
    Description: This mod replaces every events photo for Dark World: Reborn by dewguru with custom screenshots taken by me. All events are in 450x600 ratio. 
    Simply open and drop all its .dds file into Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\Dark World Reborn\gfx\event_pictures. Replacing all the older events.
    Since my set are in 450x600, you will need ngppgn's Bigger Events, and of course, Dark World: Reborn by dewguru.
    I created this using only the name and the original picture. Therefore, some events might be completely off from the text that goes along with it. I have not tries every events in game, so there might be pictures I did not crop or edit correctly, just keep that in mind.



  6. [CK2] DW Vanilla Recruitment Overwrites

    Simple mini-mod which assigns your race trait and random portrait to characters recruited by several vanilla decisions.
    Affected decisions:
    Promote Commander Invite Holy Man/Woman to Court Invite Noble to Court Present Debutante  
    Supported races:
    Succubus (DWR, DWF) Incubus (DWR, DWF) Alu-Fiend (DWF) Cambion (DWF) Angel (DWR, DWF) Vampire (DWR, DWF) Werewolf (DWR, DWF) Elf (DWR, DWF) Orc (DWR, DWF) Neko (DWR, DWF) Kitsune (DWR, DWF) Tentacle-kin (DWR, DWF) Fairy (DWR, DWF) Reptilian (DWSE, DWF) Dark Elf (House Irae) Half Elf (House Irae)  
    There is no hard dependencies, but you need any one of mods specified in "Supported races" list for it to do anything. Should work for most versions of those mods, same with game versions.
    Both race trait and portrait will be assigned after choosing option in notification event, if character is rejected, nothing will be changed.
    Important: Not all races will have a portrait! This depends on mods you use, not on me. Demon hybrids will get portrait of other race instead of demonic. Alu-Fiends, Cambions, Vampires have no portraits with any mod combination.
    This is completed mod and no updates is planned, unless something is broken.



  7. Fetish Mod v1.0

    Original taken from: https://christianitymod.wordpress.com/.
    All credits go to the original owner of the Christianity mod: https://www.loverslab.com/profile/782718-genericlogin/
    Mod is compatible with CK2 3.0.1+ (maybe works with even newer ones).
    To install this mod, follow these steps:
    1. Open your "Documents" folder.
    2. Locate the "Paradox Interactive" folder within your "Documents" folder and open
    3. Locate the "Crusader Kings II" folder within the "Paradox Interactive" folder
    and open it.
    4. Locate the "mod" folder within the "Paradox Interactive" folder and open it.
    5. Unzip "FetishMod.zip" in "mod" folder. Make sure the name of the new created folder is "Fetish Mod".
    You will now see it in the list of mods when you run Crusader Kings II.
    Major changes
    This is a very cut-down version of Christianity Mod 1.8.1 - Fetish Version. First I removed the VIET events. Second I deleted any files interacting with the old versions of the game. Third I modified all religions to have max 12 consorts and allow female rulers to have consorts as well as incestual marriages.
    About me
    I'm a huge fan of the Christianity Mod and have started modding recently just because of this mod. I could make the mod in its original state compatible with CKII version v3.0.1, but it would take ages to do. If anyone has the time to make Christianity Mod 1.8.1 compatible with 3.0.1 without deleting anything, I would appreciate it greatly.
    Future plans
    - Add more events tied to the "cuck" and "gangbang fanatic" traits.
    - Add "lolicon" trait, targeted_decision to turn a female descendant into a loli-whore as well as adding lolicon events. < [Might not be possible to upload]



  8. Elven Expansion

    This is my first mod released for the dark world tweaks it expands the elven race.
    new buildings  a new elven religion, 4 bloodlines of which you can pick one when you reform the elven faith  a new court event for all characters  a decision for a elf of the wrong faith to take up the elven faith. Please feel free to post feedback in the comments below. a set of seasons to provide buffs and debuffs throughout the year new Decision to summon a elven commander new battlefield and victory events(more to come)  
    Note: This is a submod it Requires Dark World Tweaks to run.
    to update just remove old version and drop in the new one.



  9. [CK2] Iron And Blood

    An adult mod for Crusader Kings 2
    There are good kings, who rule through benevolence and kindness, and evil kings, who rule through violence and tyranny. This mod is aimed to grant a more satisfactory and expanded experience to the latter type of players, adding to the game many means to exert their rule over their realm through intimidation, violence and sex.
    Disclaimer: This is a work in progress lacking many still planned features and having a horrible grammar until properly proofread and spellchecked as the mod develops. It also may contain elements and stories of excessive violence, rape, crime, drug use, and many other contents of controversial nature, so play at your own risk.
    Organize the Blackguard, a dangerous order of rogues hired by only the most ambitious of rulers [30% Done] Send them to extort your subjects, and fill the royal treasury with some extra "taxes" Send them to kidnap commoners, bringing only the finest of prizes to you Recruit a Blackguard's member directly into your court, and make use of their abilities as spies and assassins Recruit a army of brigands and criminals, cheap meat shields to bolster your numbers Should they become a bother to you, you may attempt to disband them. Be however prepared for the dire consequences of betraying the Blackguard.  
    Fleshing out the Blackguard with more complex events from decisions and random events triggered by chance or special requirements A targeted decision that allows to end pregnancies on lovers, your wife and even random courtiers as long they are in your court, through different ways: Secretly feed them with drugs that may end the pregnancy but risks damaging their health Force them to visit the local matron, and end the pregnancy in a safe way in exchange of damaging your relations with the target If you are cruel, impaler or wroth, you can decide the end their pregnancy by your own fists, although this will make you into a monster in the eyes of the world and may injure, maim or even kill the victim A event chain in which the player seeks to hunt a legendary mermaid, its flesh supposedly granting immortality  
    A NTR event chain parallel to the seduce decision of vanilla, in which the player seeks to corrupt another character's wife, husband or adult son/daughter A "intimidate" decision similar that of the Assassins secret society Public rape as a humiliation decision for prisoners  
    DW-Reborn: While Iron and Blood is a standalone mod, it was created assuming that it will be played together with DW Reborn, and as such is recommended to have both mod installed.
    Thanks for trying out my mod, and both critiques and suggestions are welcomed on the support forums.
    Also, you can suggest your own ideas to be added into this mod, as long as it fits with the main theme of the mod.



  10. Bordergore Management for Conquering Pagans

    A tweak on the pagan subjugation casus belli that delivers the defeated ruler directly into the victor's dungeons right after a war's end. You can now either profit directly from your former opponents' deaths, only if they're without a dynastic heir and preferably as sacrificial offerings to your gods, or, if any of them shows aptitude for a council seat, release them as your vassals.
    Thanks to @lockeslylcrit and @Buzhidao for actually figuring out where to mod the casus belli, otherwise I would still be using a console command to do the same thing.
    Update: now ending a subjugation war also gives the victor a strong claim on the titles of the defeated, useful to revoke said titles from either incompetent adult rulers or underage ones without your other vassals minding. After all, the harshest form of subjugation is enslavement and winning a subjugation war now means putting titles on a leash they can't break.
    Planned future feature: get pope-sanctioned invasions to deliver the same spoils as pagan great holy wars.



  11. [CK2] DZ Flavor

    DZ Flavor
    I'm now on the House Irae Discord channel.  Hit me up!  My sincere thanks to lockeslylcrit.

    Why am I making this?
    I liked the genetic traits from CK2+/HIP and I like the capital improvements from Personal Castle.  I mostly want to add new roleplay/flavor/useful things without changing much of the base game.  The capital improvements are mostly where I want them to be for the moment, so I've moved on to the magic system, but there is no particular scope or goal for this mod. 
    Incomplete.  It's definitely in a playable state, but I'm not done adding things.  I'll be slowly (?) chipping away at "missing" features at random.  Let me know if anything appears to actually be broken so I can address those bugs before anything else.  I will try not to make new versions break save games, but this won't always be possible.  On the odd chance that a new save is necessary, I'll make not of it in the change log... so... read it!  The features listed on this page are CURRENT features, not features to come in the future.
    New: Ambidextrous, Brutal Strength, Charming Voice, Commanding Voice, Fertile, Imposing Visage, Infertile, Longevity, Necromancer**, Nimble, Perceptive, Prodigy, Supernatural Beauty, & Tall
    Genetic Traits: Now have a higher chance of passing on to children.  Significantly higher if both parents have the trait.  They're also more likely to pop up randomly.  Expect less AI characters with no traits.
    Lifestyle Traits: You can now collect them all if you live long enough.***
    Personality Traits: You can now collect 11 of them before the game starts to remove them via events.
    * Includes in entirety my other mod, DZ Traits.
    ** You can find random Necromancers in the world if you are aware of magic and befriend them.  The Necromancer trait is tethered to the Mystic trait, think of it as an expansion rather than an upgrade.  If a character is not a Mystic, he/she is not a Necromancer.  Not all Mystics are Necromancers.
    *** It still takes 5 years to switch focus. 
    Feudal Capital Holding Improvements
    Sovereign's Tower: Required for the facilities in this group.
    Personal Study: Can be used to lose the depressed & stressed traits, gain the poet, erudite, proud, & slothful traits, or increase your plot power.  Results influenced by traits.
    Personal Library: Provides a slow trickle of tech points (all 3).  Study to improve diplomacy, martial, intrigue, learning, or stewardship (up to 14).  Results doubled by scholar trait..
    Expanded Personal Library: Doubles the tech point gain.  Increases the study cap to 20.  Gives you the chance to gain the scholar trait from studying.
    Private Shrine: Provides a small amount of monthly piety.  You can seclude yourself to lose any of the 7 sins or arbitrary or gain any of the 7 virtues or just.  Cynical characters will struggle.  Zealous characters have high success chances.  Losing a sin or gaining a virtue will remove the cynical trait.  Gaining a virtue gives you a chance of gaining zealous. Trait changes require Supernatural Events rule.
    Tinkerer's Workshop: Provides a slow trickle of military and economy tech points.  You can seclude yourself in your workshop for a month for a boost in tech points in one of the 3 categories.
    Underground PassagesTC: Required for the facilities in this group (more to come).
    Mage's WorkshopTC*: Can be used to gain the Mystic & Necromancer trait.  Can be used to assemble a grimoire.
    Courtyard Garden: Provides a bit of monthly prestige.  Enables an event where you visit your garden solo to eliminate stress/depression for you or with your spouse/lover (in your court) to eliminate the same for him/her.
    Private Training Yard: Allows you to raise your combat rating either solo or with a partner.  Training with a partner has better results.  You can train with your spouse, your marshal (if he's not busy), a commander, a friend, or a lover (if they're not busy and in your court).  The duelist trait will improve your results.  Training with someone can lead to you becoming friends or lovers.

    TC These are also available in Tribal & City holdings.
    * Requires the Mage (Dark World), Mystic, or Perceptive Trait
    -Using your facilities will generally require you and whomever you're using it with to be otherwise unoccupied (not leading troops, not pregnant, not incapable, not ill, not away from court, etc).  This should (hopefully) also prevent them from screwing up other event chains.  Let me know if you find an exception.
    -Using your facilities (unless otherwise stated) will pull you away from your court and will temporarily negatively impact your abilities (including plot defense!) to simulate you ignoring your other responsibilities at court.
    Minor Titles
    Court Mystic: Can be assigned to any individual in your court with either the Mystic, Necromancer, or Mage (Dark World) trait.  He/She must not have any other title.
    Research <Soulforge Name>: Focus most of your time and energy on researching a character tied to a relic on hand. Costs time, gold, and prestige and slaps you with penalties for the duration.  Completing this decision is necessary to unlock the ability to Soulforge that character.  This can be sped up by building a study and a library.
    Seek Mystical Text: Send your Court Mystic to locate a tome to teach you new necromancy spells.  Court Mystics with higher learning will take less time to search.
    Seek Out Mystic: Send out messengers to find a mystic and invite her to your court.
    The Hunt*: Absorbs life energy from wildlife.  Takes two weeks and results vary based upon hunting talent (hunter & falconer traits).  GAIN: 0.25-1 Health
    Alacrity: Enhances agility by removing/adding traits.  Self cast only.  Works in stages, will have to be cast multiple times to reach peak form.  COST: 2.5 Health
    Aria: Enhances voice by removing/adding traits.  Self cast only.  Works in stages, will have to be cast multiple times to reach peak form. COST: 1 Health
    Banish Disease: Cures any disease.  May be cast on yourself or anyone else in your realm.  COST: 1 Health
    Beautify: Enhances beauty by removing/adding traits.  Self cast only.  Works in stages, will have to be cast multiple times to reach peak form.  COST: 1 Health
    Bolster: Enhances strength by removing/adding traits.  Self cast only.  Works in stages, will have to be cast multiple times to reach peak form.  COST: 2.5 Health
    Enrage: Gives a chance to apply the bloodlust trait to a character in your realm.  Can fail.  Critical failure will result in opinion penalties across your realm.  COST: 2.0 Health
    Homunculus Horde: Summons an immortal extremely low maintenance army consisting of light foot soldiers and archers.  Higher tier characters summon more soldiers.  Count: 250 Duke: 500 King: 750 Emperor: 1000  COST: 3.0 Health
    Insight: Enhances intelligence by removing/adding traits.  Self cast only.  Works in stages, will have to be cast multiple times to reach peak form.  COST: 3.0 Health
    Insinuate: Gives a chance to gain a favor from a character in your realm.  Can fail.  Critical failure will result in opinion penalties across your realm.  COST: 2.0 Health
    Regal Feast: Consumes the life energy of a prisoner of at least Count tier, killing him/her.  Higher tiers give more energy.  GAIN: 1-4 Health
    Regenerate: Heals any physical injury (including scars, missing limbs, blindness etc).  May be cast on yourself or anyone else in your realm.  COST: 1.5 Health
    Scry: Allows you to locate the artifacts distributed around the world while secluded in  your Mage's Workshop.  Will give you a special CB on the owner.  COST: 0.25 Health
    Soulforge: Create an immortal infertile copy of a powerful historical (or mythical) character to serve you at your court.  Requires you to track down their relic and research them.  COST: 4.0+ Health
    * This will ALWAYS be the first spell you learn.  This is for practical reasons.

    -If the individual you cast a positive spell on is close to you in some fashion (close relative, spouse, friend, etc), you will cast the spell in their presence, granting you a positive opinion modifier, and they'll keep your secret out of gratitude.  If it's just say, some vassal/commander/etc that you chose to heal for whatever reason, you'll cast the spell in secret, hoping that they'll just see it as a miracle (mostly to avoid exposing your identity as a Necromancer).
    If turned on in the rules, they will be distributed at random across the world to rulers capable of meeting their activation requirements (if one is not available, it will pick a random landed character of at least count rank with no other artifact).  Most are quite powerful.  They are all indestructible so they should persist through the entire game.  More artifacts to come in the future.

    Boudica: The Iceni Rebel Queen
    Brünehilde: Valkyrie and daughter of Odin
    Nero: Emperor of Rome, last of the Julio-Claudian dynasty
    More to come....
    Events have been implemented to allow necromancer characters to pass on the trait to their children/wards, you merely have to have the trait and be in the same court.  The AI doing this will mostly be invisible to you, especially if you don't have the trait.  Children with traits making them idiots will not get the events (dull, slow, imbecile, zealous, etc.).  Children with supporting traits will have better results (shrewd, quick, genius, diligent, curious, etc).
    The AI:
    I think the AI will currently try to build the capital improvements.  It's currently set so that only King tier characters will attempt to build them.  The player can still do so at any tier.  The AI will currently NOT use the new decisions.  They may eventually, when I get a better grasp on how often/why the AI does what it does.  It's not a priority.  The AI is already unpredictable enough the way it is.
    Mod Plans/Goals:
    I'm not the kind of person that has or understands plans or goals in any facet of my life.  Features will likely be added entirely at random with no specific focus.
    Paradox Interactive -- for the awesome game
    The authors of the Personal Castle mod -- for inspiration
    The CK2+ team -- for letting me adapt some of their coding
    DroZzhat -- coding
    Regarding Art Assets
    I used a CK2 modder's resource from the PDX forums for the green heart in the traits..  I can't seem to find the post anymore.  If you know where it's from, let me know, so I can credit the person here.  Otherwise, almost everything else was made by altering assets already in the game with GIMP.  I'm not an artist, so that's the best I can manage.  Feel free to contribute if you can do better than my feeble attempts.
    Hey, can you add the thing?
    -I'm not an artist.  If there's something you think I should add, and it would require artwork you're going to have to provide appropriate artwork that either you or someone else (get permission) has created.  Unless it's something I can just toss together from vanilla assets, that is.  Also, I'd have to know how to code it, but my coding knowledge is getting better.
    Why is that thing so OP/weak?
    -You might disagree on the balance, feel free to open it up and tweak as you desire.  I feel like the cooldowns, the time it takes to get things, and the RNG elements appropriately balance things out, but I'm sure some will feel otherwise.  If there is something that just looks like a major exploit that I overlooked, please bring it to my attention.
    Hey, wasn't this on Steam before?  What happened?
    -I honestly have no bloody idea.  First,, my trait icons were broken (ONLY IN THE STEAM VERSION) and now it's completely stopped letting me update it.  So, it's hidden for now.  I have no idea how long it will be hidden.
    Is this compatible with Dark World or the sub mods?  Will this ever contain explicit content?
    -Compatible, yes.  I use them, myself.  Explicit content?  Probably not.  I don't have the talent for writing good smut.  Still, I will endeavor to keep things compatible/integrated wherever possible.
    What about other mods?  How compatible is this?
    -Probably not compatible with overhaul mods that include traits.  You MIGHT be able to make them compatible by editing the .MOD file to make that one a prerequisite of this one, forcing my trait changes to override theirs.  It MIGHT be compatible with Personal Castle..?  But, why would you use both?  This already has more features.  I'd imagine it's compatible with most everything else.
    Will you ever add the rest of the capital improvements to Tribals/Patricians?
    -This is being thought over...
    What if I need to determine if this mod is active for compatibility reasons without setting this as a dependency?
    -You can use  " dz_has_dz_flavor = yes ".  It will fire as true if my mod is present. 
    Known Issues:
    I make typos...
    Please let me know when you find them.

    My writing is not that great...
    If you want to contribute towards improving this mod's writing, let me know.

    There're only three soulforges...
    I know... More to come.
    Anything else.
    Leave a comment and let me know!



  12. DZ Traits

    This is included in entirety in my other mod.
    HIP & CK2+ are great but now with all that pagan fury adds, I feel like I don't really need them anymore.  Still, I missed some of the extra traits.
    This is a pretty simplistic mod which adds a few new congenital traits and slightly modifies the vanilla ones.
    THE NEW:
    -combat rating = 25
    -intrigue = 1
    Charming Voice:
    -sex appeal opinion = 15
    -general opinion = 15
    -diplomacy = 1
    -health = 1
    -fertility = 0.3
    Imposing Visage:
    -sex appeal opinion = -10
    -combat rating = 5
    -diplomacy = 1
    -martial = 1
    -health = -0.5
    -fertility = -0.4
    -combat rating = 10
    -intrigue = 1
    -ruler designer cost = -999
    -combat rating = 10
    -diplomacy = 1
    -martial = 1
    *: These traits are visible in the customizer, but not once the game has started.  There's really no way they'd be observable other than having many/no kids.
    **: Simply sets your age to the youngest possible per your defines (default: 16).  Will not show up on the AI or be inherited.
    I increased the inheritance percentage on pretty much all of the congenital traits, including the negative ones.  For most, if both parents have a trait, the child is going to be at least 66% likely to inherit the trait.  Genius and quick are the exception, for balance reasons.  Most traits are also at least slightly more likely to spontaneously appear now (example: 0.5% to 2%).  My hope is that this will help make the characters across the world far more distinct and less likely to have only personality/accomplishment traits.  This should also make spouse hunting more interesting.  Also, I significantly reduced the impact of the inbred trait.  It's more of an inconvenience now than a character destroyer.  There are plenty of negative traits which reflect the effects of bad breeding which your child can inherit or spontaneously be born with, and it doesn't make much sense for two specimens of impeccable breeding to suddenly create a horrible monster, related or not.
    Paradox Interactive - for the awesome game
    DroZzhat - for the mod's code and the altered PDX icons
    I used a CK2 modder's resource for the green heart..  I have no idea where I got it from.  If you know, let me know, so I can credit the person here.  Otherwise, the gfx were made by altering existing icons from PDX.
    -I'm not an artist.  If there's a trait you think I should add, you're going to have to provide appropriate icon artwork that either you or someone else (get permission) has created.
    -You might disagree on the balance, feel free to open it up and tweak as you desire, that's why I listed the stats here in the description.  No surprises.
    -Don't ask me to put this on Steam.  I tried.  Doesn't work.



  13. Dark World Extras

    What this mod does:
    This mod is a continuation of DocToska's add-on mod for Dark World Reborn, DW:Toska,  that contained various events, including many carried over from the original Dark World mod. Unfortunately his mod hasn't been updated in some time, and is no longer functional with the current version of CK2 or Dark World Reborn. I posted a few fixed versions in the support thread, fixing issues as well as removing some of the content that had been re-added to the core DW:R mod. However, as that makes it rather hard for people to find the latest version and information on the mod, I'm going ahead and forking it here. 
    This mod contains everything that was in the DWToska Remix that I posted in the DWToska support thread, as well as a few other events I wrote that were originally in Dark World:Beyond Heresy (my first mod). I felt they're more appropriate in a mod such as this, so I'm moving them over.
    This comprises a number of events and decisions/actions. Note that some of these include topics such as rape and bestiality, although I've altered the latter to be avoidable via the Dark World Fantasy settings.
    Note that as of version 0.8.1 this mod requires Dark World Fantasy rather than Dark World Reborn or Dark World Tweaks (DWF being the most updated version of the core DW mod).
    Credit goes to DocToska for most of the original work on this - I'm just trying to continue on that (original mod here ).
    This should be compatible with most other Dark World mods, though I haven't tested it extensively.



  14. MEC: Asari - Lewd Patch

    A simple texture replacer for a couple of outfits (currently most slave outfits) in Mass Effect Civilisations - Asari.

    The old thread had been repurposed way too many times, was hard to find and apparently people were confused what it was even about, so I decided to reupload the "LL patch" as a separate download and delete the old Asari Civ discussion.
    Please keep in mind that the Lewd Patch is not an ongoing project and will most likely only be getting maintenance updates to keep it compatible with the latest version of Stellaris and MEC: Asari. Any future lewd outfits added to this patch will most likely be unexpected byproducts of experimentation and as such do not have a predictable release schedule.
    If anyone wishes to create a more comprehensive and better supported naughty patch, feel free to do so.
    For the latest version of the main mod (required), please download from Steam Workshop:
    Mass Effect Civilisations - Asari (Steam)
    Manual installation instructions for the Lewd patch:
    Go to your Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod folder Unpack the contents of the archive (folder and .mod file) into the mod folder Go to your Stellaris launcher, switch to the "Mods" tab and activate the mod
    Team Nessassity



  15. Dark World - Portrait Replacers

    Dark World Reborn Sub-mod Portrait Replacer
    What the Mod Does:
    This is simply a portrait replacer.  The Elf replacer replaces the elf portraits in Dark World Reborn.  The Orc replacer does the same.
    -Dark World Reborn - By DewGuru
    Paste the contents of the zip files into your mod folder.
    Future Plans:
    None. As of 11/5/18 I am declaring this mod complete.  Use these files however you wish, or integrate them into your own mod.  Just please give me credit somewhere in your mod.



  16. Christianity Mod 1.8.1 - Fetish Version

    Original taken from: https://christianitymod.wordpress.com/.
    All credits go to the original owner of this mod: https://www.loverslab.com/profile/782718-genericlogin/
    Mod is compatible with CK2 2.8.0+ up to CK2 2.8.3 (maybe works with even newer ones).
    To install this mod, follow these steps:
    1. Open your "Documents" folder.
    2. Locate the "Paradox Interactive" folder within your "Documents" folder and open
    3. Locate the "Crusader Kings II" folder within the "Paradox Interactive" folder
    and open it.
    4. Locate the "mod" folder within the "Paradox Interactive" folder and open it.
    5. Unzip "Christianity Mod.zip" in "mod" folder. Make sure the name of the new created folder is "Christianity Mod".
    You will now see it in the list of mods when you run Crusader Kings II.
    Major changes
    Modified a lot of events and added new ones based on the fetishes: cuckoldry, gangbang, bestiality.
    Edited A LOT of text from localisation folder. Made it more flavorful.
    Added 3 new traits: "cuck" (male only) "cuckoldress" (female only) "gangbang fanatic" (female only).
    Added roughly 205 high-quality gfx event_pictures (which only about 40~ are actually used).
    Raised the stats way high up for special traits and special modifiers (because balance is boring).
    About me
    I'm a huge fan of the Christianity Mod and have started modding recently just because of this mod. For fetish version 1.0.0, I have worked around 14 days on it, but it was an intense nerve-wrecking experience. I do not take any credit whatsoever for this modification, just feel free to enjoy it if it's to your liking. Feel free to use my fetish modification or any files from it however you please.
    I may or may not continue this. Definitely not for now, as my brain has completely deep-fried.
    Future plans
    - Cleanup needed on a few event options as well as adding hidden_tooltip = { } to the events in order to fix the bug of showing incorrect characters at event options.
    - Add "lolicon" trait, targeted_decision to turn a female descendant into a loli-whore as well as adding lolicon events.
    - Add more events tied to the "cuck" and "gangbang fanatic" traits.



  17. Polyamory

    Steam version
    This is an event originally written for Lesbocracy, but seeing as it makes sense for everyone, not just lesbians, I'm putting it out as a standalone mod, with completely rewritten scripts.
    It adds an option to form a polyamorous relationship (have a threesome in other words) with two of your lovers at the same time, which will result in them becoming each others' lovers as well.
    To prevent the scripts from running out of control, there is a cap of 3 lovers at which the event will stop firing. If you have 4 lovers or more, you won't get this event.
    In other words, only upwards of 4 characters can have a polyamorous relationship, with each of them being a lover of all others.
    If you have 2 male lovers, this event will only fire if they are both homosexual.
    If you have 2 female lovers, it will fire if both of them are either homosexual, lustful or hedonist.
    If one of the lovers is your spouse, you will not be able to see their new lovers in their interface (limitation of the game).
    Incompatible mods:
    School of Sappho
    Eugenics mod
    other mods that change wol_lover_events.txt
    @AlexWyrmin asked me to make this



  18. [CK2] House Irae

    House Irae
    Version 1.12.3
    House Irae brings the world of the dark elves to CK2. Conquer the world as the Matriarchal Lolth religion or the Patriarchal Vhaeraun religion, or just enjoy equality with the Eilistraee religion.
    Added the offmap empire, House Irae, to buy and trade from. Added a gamerule to allow the spawning of a certain long-lost family member of House Irae to make a violent reappearance in the world. 52 new portraits, 26 for each gender. One portrait for children. Added new retinues and feudal/tribal buildings for dark elves. New minor titles. Added a gamerule to start as a dark elf with or without the new religions. Religious events for all three religions. A book of lore (decision) that gives the player more in-depth detail of the lore behind the mod.  
    CK2 3.0.1
    Holy Fury is suggested, but not required.
    Bigger Interface mod is suggested, but not required.
    Download the file
    Unzip into your My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/ folder. Windows' built in zip extractor is garbage and will not work. Use 7zip instead.
    Mark the House Irae checkbox in the launcher
    If upgrading from 1.4 or 1.4.1, delete the /HouseIrae/ folder BEFORE unzipping the file.
    If a file says "hotfix" in it, you will need to download and install the previous version first.
    If you find yourself running into major problems, perform the following:
    1. Be absolutely sure you have the most up-to-date version of Crusader Kings II on Steam.
    2. Delete the House Irae folder in your /My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings 2/mod/ folder.
    3. Unzip the latest version to that same directory.
    4. Uncheck ALL mods in the launcher except for House Irae.
    5. Restart the game.
    If the problem no longer persists, then it was either an old version you were using, or there was a conflict with another mod. All versions of House Irae are tested for blank events and crashes, and if these are happening to you but not to me, then there is a problem on your end. For quicker troubleshooting, join the discord via the link above and post your problem in the #house_irae channel. Do NOT post problems in #general, I have that channel on mute and there's a good chance I won't see it when I'm modding or when I wake up from sleeping.
    Dark World Reborn: Full compatibility (use Dark World Fantasy instead)
    Dark World Fantasy: Full compatibility.
    Dark World Serpent Expansion: Full compatibility. House Irae will call for the dwse_lizard trait, but is completely optional. DWSE is fully integrated into Dark World Fantasy
    Dark World Toska / Dark World Toska Remix: DWT is dead and outdated. Remix has full compatibility, but use Dark World Extras instead.
    Dark World Extras: Full compatibility. House Irae calls for various traits (raped/rapist) but are completely optional.
    Turtle's Dark World - Extra Traits and Other Stuff: Mod is dead and outdated. NOT compatible.
    Dark World Beyond Heresy: Full compatibility.
    School of Sappho/Lesbocracy: Untested.
    NoxBestia's Darkest Perversions: Untested. Likely full compatibility.
    Dark World Reborn Dollarsmy: Untested. May or may not be compatible.
    Dark World Genealogy: Untested. Should be fully compatible as the only change is to the event DWCore.8000.
    Ala's Body Mod: Full compatibility.
    Wait, didn't I see this somewhere before? Yes, yes you did. Dark World Tweaks (my other mod), had this included. I have now separated the two in case players wanted one or the other.
    I chose the Dark Elf Start campaign but I cant pick Vhaeraun as my god! Males can't choose Lolth as their starting goddess, females cant choose Vhaeraun. You are going to have to use the in-game force convert mechanics if you want those religions but aren't the right gender.
    ngppgn - For providing LL with the Bigger Events mod. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/74137-bigger-events/
    elQuanto - For providing the portrait files and event picture for the half elves
    lonelyneet - For providing the Mandarin Chinese translation
    Version History:



  19. Stellaris Natural Nudity

    This mod makes humanoids always naked.
    All credit to this mod goes to Nessa as far as I know.
    I didn't make the nude portraits, so the credit goes to the creator.
    All I did was rename some files.
    Check the install file to make sure you install it correctly!



  20. [CK2] Dark World Fantasy

    Dark World Fantasy
    Dark World Fantasy is the official unofficial continuation of the Dark World series.
    Demons – Fully fleshed out races. Campaign starts you out as an alu-fiend or a cambion, the grandchildren of Lilith. You can join the Chosen of Lilith society to upgrade to a full-blooded demon, the succubus or the incubus, the children of Lilith.
    Angels – Only the racial trait is available right now. See Dark World Beyond Heresy for more angelic goodness.
    Elves – Racial trait, portraits, retinues, titles, and buildings are available. See Elven Expansion for more elven goodness.
    Orcs – Racial trait, portraits, retinues, titles, and buildings are available.
    Fairies - Racial trait, portraits, retinues, titles, and buildings are available.
    Kitsune - Racial trait, portraits, retinues, titles, and buildings are available.
    Nekos - Racial trait, portraits, retinues, titles, and buildings are available.
    Werewolves – Three distinct racial types, with unique decisions.
    Vampires – Three distinct racial types, with unique decisions.
    Tentacle-kin - Racial trait, portraits, unique decisions, and buildings are available
    Reptilians and Dragons – Racial traits, portraits, an offmap empire, and unique decisions are available.
    Court and commerce:
    Can 'motivate' your chancellor, tribal steward, or priest to perform their claim/conversion actions quicker, using either your own body or other methods.
    Whorehouses to get your groove on. Just watch out for herpes.
    A bordello questline if you are feudal, allowing you to expand on the options available in your whorehouse.
    An alchemist and exotic emporium, allowing you to buy potions or artifacts.
    The Wizards – Yer a wizard, Harry.
    Chosen of Lilith – Fuck your way to the top!
    Nothing yet. See Beyond Heresy for the Lilith religions.
    Futa – Give your woman a dick and allow her to impregnate other women!
    Masculine/Feminine – Be a tomboy/girl!
    Heterochromia – For when your OC (DO NOT STEAL!) just isn't Mary Sue enough.
    Breasts/Cocks – Well... yeah.
    Pop culture characters – Not my cup of tea but other people like them, so here's a bunch of fucking Disney princesses and video game characters that totally fits in with the theme of the game. Totally.
    Crusader Kings II version 3.0.1
    Monks & Mystics (if you want to play with the societies)
    Way of Life (for certain decisions involving focuses)
    Download the file
    Unzip into your My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/ folder. Windows' built in zip extractor is garbage and will not work. Use 7zip instead.
    Mark the Dark World Fantasy checkboxs in the launcher
    If you find yourself running into major problems, perform the following:
    1. Be absolutely sure you have the most up-to-date version of Crusader Kings II on Steam.
    2. Delete the Dark World Fantasy folder in your /My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings 2/mod/ folder.
    3. Unzip the latest version to that same directory.
    4. Uncheck ALL mods in the launcher except for Dark World Fantasy.
    5. Restart the game.
    If the problem no longer persists, then it was either an old version you were using, or there was a conflict with another mod. All versions of Dark World Fantasy are tested for blank events and crashes, and if these are happening to you but not to me, then there is a problem on your end. For quicker troubleshooting, join the discord via the link above and post your problem in the #dark_world_fantasy channel. Do NOT post problems in #general, I have that channel on mute and there's a good chance I won't see it when I'm modding or when I wake up from sleeping.
    Tale of Nine Tails: Full compatibility.
    Dark World Extras: Full compatibility. Dark World Fantasy calls for various traits (raped/rapist) but are completely optional.
    Dark World Beyond Heresy: Full compatibility.
    Lesbocracy: Untested, likely full compatibility.
    Ala's Body Mod: Untested, but should be fully compatible.
    Herring's Stuff for CK2: Untested, but should be fully compatible.
    DZ Flavor: Untested, but should be fully compatible.
    Hempire Universe: Untested, but should be fully compatible.
    Dark World Serpent Expansion: Incompatible. Version v.12 of Serpent Expansion is now natively integrated into Dark World Fantasy. Please turn off DWSE in your launcher to prevent compatibility issues.
    Dark World Toska / Dark World Toska Remix: DWT is outdated. Use Dark World Extras instead. This mod replaces DW Toska in its entirety.
    Turtle's Dark World - Extra Traits and Other Stuff: Mod is outdated. Not compatible.
    NoxBestia's Darkest Perversions: CTD when using the current version of this mod.
    Dark World Reborn Dollarsmy: Incompatible with Dark World Fantasy 1.6
    Dark World Genealogy: Incompatible with Dark World Fantasy 1.1.1.
    Looking for the dark elf content?
    Click here!
    dewguru - For the original Dark World Reborn code
    zia - For allowing me to integrate v0.12 of Serpent Expansion into DWTweaks
    Version History:



  21. Apex Xenos

    Updated for 2.2.1 of Stellaris
    Welcome to the Apex Xenos Mod, if you don't like vore, that's cool but you probably aren't going to want this mod.
    What is currently in the mod:
    It adds 4 species traits. 3 civics, and an edict.
    It also adds 3 new government types with their own personalities so you can populate the galaxy with other voraphiles.
    What is currently planned for the mod:
    Anomalies - The galaxy is a hungry place
    Events - A pool of events for the game to draw from that allow the player to increase a leader's vore skill, have a leader be eaten, or even usurp the current ruler
    Prey and predator personalities - so AI should prioritize gobbling up prey rather than federating with them
    Hunger CBs for predators
    And whatever else I happen to dream up
    This is my first mod for any game so it's bound to be a little rough around the edges, that said, feel free to throw out ideas for events, civics, and traits etc etc
    Extract the contents of the archive to docuements/paradox interactive/stellaris/mod so you have a folder named "Vore_mod" and a file named Vore gameplay in the mod folder
    Next, just click on the mods tab in the launcher and find "Vore mod .15"
    You're all set!



  22. Hermpire Universe

    What this mod does:
    Changes all the characters in the world to be female.
    More specifically, it makes everyone have female portraits. Each character will still be affected by their DNA so you can still use the ruler designer and make nice portraits for everyone.
    I tried to make it as non-intrusive as possible so that it will be compatible with all other mods.
    Additionally it also makes them into futanari if you are going to play with Dark World Reborn.
    Unzip the file and put the contents into C:\...\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod  
    Game Version:
    HU version 2.0.0 has been tested with CK2 game version 3.0. To play with CK2 game version 2.8.3.*, use the original version, 1.0.0, of this mod. It should be compatible with some previous versions as well but haven't checked a lot.  
    Dark World Tweaks (needed for CK2 v3.0) (And all their requirements)



  23. No More Inbred

    A simple mod for CK2 to allow you to get rid of the Inbred trait. 
    AI should automatically remove the traits from all characters in the game, and if you ever happen to get it on your current character then you can simply get rid of it by decision at any time.



  24. The House of O - A Society for BDSM v0.9

    Do you want to take a break from ruling over others and serve them for a change? 
    Do you want to dominate your lover and make them submit to you?
    Do you like lots of events?
    Then this mod is for you!
    This alpha version is fully functional up to rank 3 (Dominant). Master rank can be reached, but is lacking content
    Join the House of O and complete slave training. Find a dominant partner and submit to becoming their plaything. Become dominant yourself and start collecting a stable of slaves, or just keep the special one. Experience narrative BDSM-Sessions with your slave, or your master. Explore the House of O in over 400 unique events.  
    Joining the House
    Unconventional erotic practices are not exactly forbidden, but widely frowned upon. As such the House of O does not openly recruit new members, but sends personal invitations to promising individuals. As with any secret society you need to show interest in it for someone to approach you with a careful offer. Other than that, you need only your curiosity, and a healthy interest in carnal pleasures.
    Start a new game. Savegames that were started without the mod will not work.
    To be able to show interest in joining, you need to be:
    An adult Neither tribal nor nomadic Not imprisoned Neither chaste nor celibate  
    Rank 1 - Slave
    The first few years you will spend entirely at the House and train to become a good slave.
    Rank 2 - Servant
    As a servant you are free to come and go as you please. You may be called upon to keep the House running, and maybe you will find a friend or even something more among the other servants.
    Rank 3 - Domina / Dominus
    Not everyone has what it takes, to be a dom. Many are content with staying submissive, but those who rise above enjoy all the benefits the House offers.
    Rank 4 - Master / Mistress
    (not yet implemented)
    The Master or Mistress oversees all the aspects of the House, but they share not their secrets in ensuring the society stays safe and prospers.
    Offer Submission
    Offer to become the submissive part in a relationship.
    Craft Devices
    Using plans and instructions from the House of O you‘re able to craft restraints, toys, or accessories suiting your fancy. You will additionally need to acquire tools and materials. More learned characters have a higher chance to create quality works.
    Commission Devices
    Don't want to work yourself? That's what servants are for. Upon reaching rank 3 in the House, you have the option of commissioning various devices used in your Sessions, paying for them with money or society currency.
    What would a dominant character be without the ability to dominate others? It might take some time, but you know just how to coax a lover or spouse into submitting to you. Of course you can also make the slaves and servants at the house yours, and while a slave can only have one master, a dominant can have many slaves.
    More to come with rank 4...
    Extract the archive into your [username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\ Enable the mod "BDSM Society: The House of O" in the Crusader Kings 2 Launcher Enjoy ?  
    Delete the folder "bdsmSociety" in your [username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II\mod\ folder Extract the archive in that same folder and override existing files  
    No DLCs are required, but some events do not show the intended picture if Monks and Mystics is not enabled.
    Portrait Packs are recommended for more variety and prettier charaters, but no features depend on them.
    Compatible with version 3.0.1 of Crusader Kings 2. Older versions will probably cause issues, and are not supported.
    Compatible with the "School of Sappho"-Mod.
    Saves made with older versions of the mod may work, but I recommend starting a new game.
    There may be issues with mods that add new sounds.
    Other mods should work fine.
    Total Conversions will cause issues and crashes.
    Development Diaries
    DevDiary #1: Missions for Dominants
    DevDiary #2: Powers of Domination
    DevDiary #3: BDSM Sessions
    The Road Ahead
    version 1.0 - Master
    Become the Master of the House and learn about the secrets that keep it going. You new position will grant you power, but also demand hard decisions off you. Will you be a benevolent Master, or continue the tradition of ruling with an iron fist gripping a barbed whip? Do you even have a choice?
    Special Thanks
    tacomarine – for ideas concerning interaction events between sub and dom lovers
    Buzhidao – for working out compatibility between our mods



  25. Stellar Lewds

    Stellar Lewds
    An effort to make space a whole lot more sexy.
    Simply, in its current state, the mod adds two new species. One set of rather lewd slimes, and one collection of just as lecherous birds. However, it is my full intent to continue expanding on this mod to add more species and soon enough also events, traits and other such fun things.
    Currently, the slimes and birds are under the "Lewds" category on the appearance select screen. The mod also adds a "Testmachines" category that for the time being, is empty. It bears mentioning that this mod was heavily inspired by the "SSX" mod made by our very own Toronam. I recommend you check out that mod for more content like this.

    Currently, I am aiming towards making an anthro wolf species, in addition to a living machine species. If you have ideas, however, don't be afraid to suggest them down below!
    Oh and if it wasn't already obvious... The mod contains very NSFW content.
    Happy Lewding!