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    Version 1.2.2


    Hi. This will be my first mod ever! - I hope that everything works as intended. My main and only focus will be Human animations. Do not expect multiple updates per month as the process of making animations is very time consuming. The animations themselves are made pretty quickly, but the constant adjustments of the hands, feet and so on are a bitch to get right. Sorry about the quality of the previews. I thought they would be better with ingame footage then previews from 3ds Max. Click on the images to get to gfycat.com. The previews there will be smaller and better quality. More will follow... Human Animations: Cowgirl 1 Cowgirl 2 Reverse Cowgirl 1 Idle Animations: Laydown Idle Replacer (Underground Bathhouse) Installation: Install like any other SLAL pack, Don't forget to run fnis! Previews: Recommended mods : - Sexlab Animation Speed Control by h38fh2mf (To speed up and get more Tit bounce) https://www.loverslab.com/topic/48493-sexlab-animation-speed-control/ Credits - Helped so much when I was starting with Max and everything was confusing. - CEO 0S for his guides - pornphile for his rigs and guides - AnubiSs2167 for his advice with Foot IK - Nibbles for his guide and SLAL instructions What's New in Version 1.1 Released September 9 Added Cowgirl 2
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    Render Tattoos v1 128 different tattoos This is my first tattoo pack and contains a total of 128 overlays for RaceMenu (all body tattoos for now) They are designed on a UNP body mesh and should look proper on all UNP variant body types. They should also work on other body types with some distortion depending on the location of the tattoo on the body. The tattoos can be colored to any color by using Racemenu sliders. The resolution for each tattoo is 4096 x 4096. Requirements: SKSE Racemenu or Slavetats ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer (recommended) Installation: Use any mod manager to place either file in your Skyrim directory In game, the tattoos will load under Body Textures within racemenu overlays Or Alternatively, will appear in Slavetats MCM menu Tools Used: Google to search for 90% of the source files used in this tattoo pack Photoshop to edit, morph, align and transform the tattoos for Skyrim Nvidia dds plugin for conversion of photoshop files into usable skyrim .dds texture files Race Menu Mod Maker to create the data structure, scripts and esp for this mod
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    WickedWhims Supports game version 1.44.88, 1.45.62 and 1.46.18. Expansions, Game Packs or Stuff Packs are not required. Topic | Website | Tutorials Want unreleased features early? Check my Patreon! List of changes different from the LoversLab release is available under 'Unreleased Changes' section. What is WickedWhims? WickedWhims is a mod that offers animated sex, nudity interactions, exhibitionism interactions, relationship enhancements and gameplay improvements. Do you want your Sims to have sex? Do you want to try naturism or flash your neighbors? Try WickedWhims! New custom interactions, custom mechanics, custom skills, custom traits, custom moodlets, custom whims, custom objects, custom animations, custom reactions, nudity autonomy, sex autonomy, custom story progression and enhancements to existing gameplay. Read about the features and check out the screenshots and videos at the end of the post! Features How to play? All of the most basic mechanics are explained in the most basic way at the WickedWhims Website page. There you can find information about the main components of WickedWhims - Sex Gameplay, Nudity Gameplay and Relationships Gameplay. You are not required to read the gameplay documentation to play, but if you're having trouble or want to know more, check it out.   Installation Check out the Manual Installation page. Check out the Installer Installation page. Check out the Animations Installation page. Check out the Common Mistakes page. Required Mods Sex animations available below are required for more sex positions! No additional mods are required to use all available functionalities of WickedWhims! WickedWhims doesn't provide full anatomy skins for Sims. You can find these in the Optional Mods section. Optional Mods Below you will find additional mods that are completely optional. > Hiroki Better Body Mod - http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3682-sims-4-better-body/ > EVE Mesh Body Mod - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/79210-sims-4-eve-mesh-body-v3/ > Necrodog HD Feet - http://modthesims.info/d/588172 > wild_guy's Female Body Details - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/79210-sims-4-eve-mesh-body-v3/ > Noir and Dark Sims Penis Models - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/79046-sims-4-pornstar-cock-set-for-adult-males-and-wickedwhims/ > LunarEclipse Penis Models - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/69770-sims-4-lunar-eclipse-new-hd-hardpenis-model-casver-wickedwhims-compatible/ > Untraditional Nerd Soft Penis Model (non-replacement) - http://untraditionalnerd.tumblr.com/post/138432671920/download-detailed-bottom-aka-penis-mod > Azmodan22 Female Strapon Mod - http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3482-azmodan22-female-strapon-collection-updated-21122016/ > Azmodan22 Bondage Devices Mod - http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3527-bondage-devices/ > YrSa BDSM Devices Mod - http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4070-sims4-yrsa-bdsm-devices/ > Basemental Drugs - https://www.loverslab.com/topic/78016-basemental-drugs-v1146-updated-february-19-2018// > Nisa's Wicked Perversions - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5002-nisa’s-wicked-perversions/ Animations - Required for Sex This is the list of available animations for WickedWhims (if you find more or created more, tell me). To use sex interactions you need sex animations. Few are built-in to the mod, but you should check these out: Amra72 Animations ooOLaLa Animations R-Lo Animations Zorak Animations Azmodan22 Animations Mike24 Animations wild_guy Animations Lupobianco Animations Yr_Sa Animations Anarcis Animations Lifeline Animations Bioaddict Animations mrrakkonn Animations MotherlodeSims Animations A.Trois Animations Salarmoj Animations KinCake Animations Simite Animations Mia Animations Omaster Animations Redabyss Animations MinorLaser Animations Anonny Animations Slimreaper23 Animations Dagger Animations AOS Animations OTE Animations PeachyPie Animations BatyaStudio Animations Golden88 Animations kreejaffa Animations Vivid369 Animations KLM Animations Eksclusiv Animations MeowHeaven Animations Shiro Animations MaryJane Animations jmem0 Animations Leksana Animations sames99113 Animations Luxure Animations Desireee Animations Slash Animations Diba Animations Rodriguez Animations Salman22 Animations Translations Translations are made by glorious members of the community. Make sure the translation is updated before using it. Archangl Polish Translation wild_guy Russian Translation Isolina Italian Translation TheSoulrester German Translation Vampiressa Spanish Translation zipzip1 Chinese Translation Shooty French Translation RXR Finnish Translation SDolphin28 Dutch Translation Khimilzakar Danish Translation guedesrs Portuguese Translation Credits - Important People Check out the Thanks page.
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    Version 1.2.a


    Front matter - Please read: Everything in this mod is for fantasy purposes only. Fantasies are fun and safe to explore alone or with consenting adults. Porn and skyrim mods are not realistic and they aren't a good way to understand how real relationships work. If you have difficulty distinguishing fantasy and reality, please reach out or seek help. Sexual violence, coercion or degradation outside of fantasies and role play are harmful, wrong, and illegal. WARNING This mod contains or will contain violence and rape. ============================================================================ Overview This mod is to give Skyrim more of a "hentai" feel. There is a common trope where a reluctant character is coerced or tricked or forced into sex, and then eventually enjoys it (a lot). This will try to insert that trope (and some others) here, in three ways. 1. State of mind mechanics system. There are two main variables: "Pleasure" and "Frustration". Sex and teasing give these variables a chance to increase. Any time the variables increase represents the character "breaking" a bit, and will have some permanent effects (they are more easily pleasured/broken forever, so eventually they are "transformed"). The mod tracks/affects the PC only. These mostly affect role play. 0 - Normal. Resistant and defiant toward attackers. Maybe cocky or bratty 1 - Worried. Knows they are being overwhelmed by pleasure/frustration. May choose to beg or plead or do other things to escape the situation. 2 - Spaced out. Can't think straight, might be incoherent. Involuntary spasming or shaking. Still able to refuse and resist. 3+ - Broken. Actively obeys what attackers say and visibly enjoys it. Might repeat humiliating phrases or participate in degrading acts. 2. Integration with other mods through soft dependencies. Some behavior for other mods are altered or given context through quests. This is done only by editing things the player can edit in MCM, no fundamental behavior of mods is changed. 3. Quests. Some new quests to explore the mechanics will be written, eventually with a consistent theme. ================================================================= Mechanics Whenever the PC is teased or made to orgasm, a "score", which is a % chance, is calculated for the act. Vibration, edge, and orgasm events from DD all trigger this mechanic. Strength of vibration and number of devices affects the score Sexlab animation trigger this mechanic Initially blowjob < anal < vaginal intercourse in terms of score. Only vaginal w/o chastity device can cause orgasm (only in this mod's view, nothing changed about SL Orgasm event) When they are broken, characters may permanently find some kinds of SL animations more enjoyable Certain "big monsters" receive large bonuses to their score, tentacle monsters get overwhelming bonuses. Wearing plugs and piercings during sex gives a small bonus to the score Being the victim gives a penalty to the score, but being broken can reduce this penalty permanently and may eventually make it a bonus A check is made against the score, with score% chance either pleasure or frustration is increased by 1 If the check does not increase pleasure or frustration, the score "accumulates". So the next check will have a % likelihood to pass of its score + score of all consecutively failed checks. ======================================================== Current mod integrations The mod will run correctly without these. All are soft dependencies, not requirements. Sexist Guards At default all traits are at 0% except Dominant and Defiant. As pleasure level increases to 3, settings gradually change until at the end everything but Masochistic and Orgasmic are at 0%. This basically means that if you are getting raped by draugr, at the beginning the player commentary will threaten to kill them, at the end it will be talking about how good it feels. Hentai Pregancy This has no real basis in anything, but pregnancy chance is 0% if character is not broken, a small % chance when a little broken, and 7% chance at pleasure level 3. This is unfortunately global behavior, so PC affects all NPCs. I play with PC only toggled, so it's OK for me. Sexlab Expressions Default expressions toggle on and off depending on mind state. Unfortunately this is global behavior, so PC affects all NPC's. IN my game PC is usually the only actor I care about so it doesn't matter for me. ================================================== Current Quests Theonold's Experiment This should start and show up in your log as soon as the mod is started. You may need to reload a save before the dialogue works. A high elf suspected to work for the "dark organization" is staying at the Bannered Mare. He is offering a high pay for someone to help him in his experiment. You can go undercover as his test subject, to try to gain his trust. Or maybe you just want the money. The quest ends after the "experiment" is over, there is currently no follow up. ========================================================== Other Stuff - The priestess in Mara's temple let's you mark your current armor as your "costume". This currently does nothing but the point is to vary dialogue in other quests based on whether you are recognizeable as Mara's champion or just a civilian. ============================================================= Permissions I basically don't care what anyone does with this, as long as you respect the wishes of the mods this mod uses. I don't think I have packaged any other mod's resources with this one, but might have done so through incompetence. If you find that I have, please let me know. Future plans: - Possible Cursed Loot integration: Make blackmail threat an increase in DCL base chance % through the MCM. - Ways to reverse permanent effects of mind break. - Cuckold content for married PC's
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    Version 4.0


    Read Change Notes The new PC Doppleganger that takes on your image will now: Look like you Have your name Use any shouts you have learned Use any spells you have learned The player Doppelganger conflicts with HDT hair Skyrim Unhinged (Works with LE and SE editions) (0 Scripts) Introducing Doppelgängers :Doppelgängers are not an easy enemy, they will level up 2 to your 1, sometimes 3 to 1:If your level 1 they will be level 2If your level 10 they will be level 20If your level 50 they will be level 100So decide a strategy (Will she jump to her death?) Description Skyrim Unhinged takes Skyrim in a darker direction. This is a light weight mod, with 0 impact to your game performance. This adds variance to Skyrim the works into your playthru flawlessly. Adding some NPCs to places usually bare in Skyrim. Events that I have added, you may witness a suicide, maybe the dark brotherhood starts to send assassins into the city to have you killed or you might just stumble onto a gruesome scene of the innocent used in a ritual. There will be more added weekly, some updates faster than others, but the good news is this mod is a ESP file only, no scripts, there will be no need for a clean save for a update, just plug in and go. The events, ambushes ect, are not overdone in this mod, they are spread out and will work into whatever playthru you are doing. Skyrim will not be so predictable now! I started from Whiterun and worked my way outward from there, most of the Ambushes, new enemies and new NPCs are in Whiterun hold at the moment but are increasingly spreading outwards (Sometimes the enemy is Watching you) What this mod adds: Enemy Ambushes Events such as suicide and child sacrifice Friendly NPCs that may turn on you New Followers/Marriage potentials (You have to find them in your travels, they are not just sitting around a Inn waiting for you) Enemies that were usually only found in certain caves and quest may now be encountered in the wild Unpredictability in many situations New Enemies Rabid Animals Assassin attempts on you in the city New enemies are unleveled Some houses you break into already have a thief raiding the home and they are not too happy so see you and more I cannot give it all away (Not all merchants reach their destination) Requirements Skyrim, Update, Dawnguard, Dragonborn A little more Skyrim Unhinged uses all assets available from the game itself, the new NPCs created DO NOT have the Blackface bug, the new NPCs use already existing face gen data from the original game. With that said, if you download a mod like prettier bandits your new NPCs from Skyrim unhinged will take on a much different look, still with no Blackface Bug. (Not everyone is a enemy in the wild) Conflicts HDT hair conflict This is a link to a Japanese web site that has the SKSE file for the HDT invisibility fix, I will not upload the file here becasue whoever made this file a couple years ago removed it from the modding sites, so to me it is not my place to upload it, but you can download it, its a Japanese site, just click MediaFire Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4zc68botnz2z6ix/HdtInvisibilityFix_0_11_beta-77815-0-11beta.7z CREDITS for finding this link go to markdf The new NPCs used in farms, towns ect, mimic corresponding NPCs in the game so even eif someone moved a farm, or change the location of a house, the NPCs added from Skyrim Unhinged will go to the area they were intending. Yes this works with Immersive Creatures, Travelers of Skyrim, Inconsequential NPCS, Expanded Towns and Cities, Tes v Arena, and any other mod. This mod tackles areas that have been left untouched in Skyrim (people who always fast travel thru the game will not see as much as people who manually travel to their next location) Credits Ashal for Loverslab EinarrTheRed for advice that saved me hours of frustration onesumgame for testing and feedback GenioMaestro for testing and feedback
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    Version 1.5


    BakaFactory SLAL Animation 1.5V LE / SSE Description Is this necessary? Nah.. I don't think so. Well, if I have to say anything, my animations focus on aggressiveness. I mean rape. Yes. Most of aggressive animations are too poor to use for my taste. So I decided to study myself and make mine. This post is for sharing my mods with public users. So feel free to use it. The upper versions are avaliable only for supporters on Patreon. Warning I came to know that there are some people trying to use my motions, make vids, and get financial profits. I strongly accuse of them that they neither got any permission from me nor even tried to let me know. Just download and enjoy my motions and take GIFs. That's fine as long as you don't take advantage of my work and get financial income. About Support I didn't upload my motions for get new supporters. That wasn't my intention. I just wanted to share my work. But some people asked me to link Patreon site of mine so I leave a link here. And I realize that it's necessary to let you know that this work cannot be taken for granted. It will be much obliged if you decide to support me. https://www.patreon.com/BaboFactory Requirements SexLab Framework SLAL FNIS Recommended mods Sexlab Defeat or other rape related mods. How to install Is this necessary? Just drop the files into your data folder. Preview http://babofactory.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-119.html This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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    RSE has its own DISCORD SERVER now, located HERE! If you're having issues with the mod or just want to chat with your fellow RSE fans, this is the place to go for immediate, real-time, satisfaction! What is RSE? RSE is a game changing overhaul that adds more depth than the Marianna Trench to Fallout 4. It is to quote it's users, a story maker, a Ferrari engine, the one mod you will never play without again. RSE allows you to tailor over 220 different parameters via the MCM! RSE allows you to live in a more lived-in game world, post-war. From simple sexual game mechanics from an Arousal System, the first of it's kind in Fallout 4, to things such as sexual afflictions and psychoses. There is a modified version of Vinfamy's Autonomy so that your NPCs can randomly wander off for some adult play time. There is a rather robust Infamy System with a corresponding Atonement and Redemption System. RSE includes player Solicitation and the ability to build Brothels in your settlements (and includes RSE's own brothel settlement attacks Random Events!). There are Fetishes, Perversions, sexually transmitted diseases, like the lite version of Wastelander's Rash! There are pregnancy related side effects like morning sickness, combat related miscarriage and late term pregnancy fatigue, all linked via API to Chosen Code's Family Planning Enhanced. RSE is Devious Devices aware and ready to slap your player character in restraints with the flip of a toggle in the MCM! RSE also includes Combat Surrender and Abductions, formerly known as Combat Sexual Assault and Abductions, where the player and companions can be sexually abused when losing in battle, leading to consequences such as robbery, battery and being abducted. RSE also has a Nemesis System that is linked uniquely to the CSA (Combat Surrender and Abductions) module. RSE also includes another landmark first by including Basic Needs, which requires the player to go the bathroom, either in the wilds or in settlements on craftable toilets, that NPCs may use as well! Going hand in hand with Basic Needs, is RSE's own version of Survival Mode called Advanced Needs, which is better tailored and more balanced than vanilla survival mode. RSE has way more on offer than this! It has so many small touches that will bring your game to life and you will, as everyone says, never play without it again! Advanced Needs features list can be viewed HERE. What is this RCO that is coming in RSE v4.0? Notes about RSE under AAF: RSE v3.9.x.x.x builds are to be considered BETA. There are quirks with how AAF handles functions that under fourplay worked flawlessly and as such, these functions may not work as intended, as you are used to or outright fail altogether. This will be the case until the addressable issues in AAF are coded and tested. RSE is 100% ready for AAF to stabilize at this time. Once the framework issues are corrected, then RSE will undergo another API overhaul to start using animation tags so that specific animations can be called by their corresponding activity type. For now, know that I know there are reportable issues and all I, or anyone else, can do is to wait for AAF to be bug-fixed. UPDATE: RSE is now stable under AAF, since BETA 9. Conversion to use positions and tags will begin soon! Includes download links for: Latest AAF build of RSE v3. DLC patch for RSE for AAF Last build of RSE running on FourPlay v.3.7.8 CSA Humans only patch for RSE v3.7.8 DLC patch for RSE v3.7.8 The old RSE user's guide (not very relevant anymore) Requires: AAF or Fourplay (depending on which framework you wish to use) Animation packs (depending on which framework you wish to use) Family Planning Enhanced (AAF or FP version depending on your install) Roggvir's DD Items Manager (Optional) Devious Devices (Optional) Knockout Framework v1.1.0 As of RSE for AAF v3. rev2, you need Halstron's Animation Properties Files. INSTALLATION: PATCHES: Some mods require patching to resolve conflicts or to extend RSE functions into them. On this thread, you will find patches for CWSS, Horizon and more. Note that patches used will need to be place UNDER RSE in your load order in order for them to function as intended. Notes about updating from previous versions: If you are a previous user of RSE and are going to be updating to a newer version, pay attention to any noted requirement to do a clean save for existing games, especially if you are an Advanced Needs player. Since Advanced Needs mimics some aspects of Survival Mode, there are modifications done to the player records, such a player carry weight limit, potentially your speed multiplier and certainly RSE adds a host of buffs and debuffs to you that you would not want to have stuck on you once you remove RSE to update. So, when you are going to update, prior to performing a clean save using Fallrim Tools or Resaver, you will want to toggle the RSE Reset Tool in the MCM to on and then exit the MCM back into the game and wait for RSE to tell you that everything has been reversed on the player record. At that point, you can save and exit you game, to do whatever you are going to do in terms of cleaning your save and updating to the newest version of RSE. Review:
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    Version 1.0.7 September 17, 2018


    Somehow, many drinkable consumables have been tainted and are now laced with powerful sex pheromones! How did this happen? In some cases, wild animals marked their territory on what later became unwashed ingredients to potions. In other scenarios, perverted mages and warlocks concocted devious brews in their basements and then managed to get them widely circulated by selling them to merchants at a discount. And in yet more cases, rumors abound of pranksters at the College of Winterhold brewing up crazy combinations of love potions just for shits and giggles, all to stave off the monotony of college life. In any case, what we're drinking and where it came from might be a bit more enigmatic than previously thought in Skyrim... This Mod adds some risk to drinking consumables, there's a % chance that just about anything the PC drinks may have sex pheromones in it. This Mod also provides one of the only (maybe the only) ways on LL to see multi creature sex animations during regular gameplay with 2, 3, 4, & 5 sex actor animations supported. (Big thx to the animators who created these!) There are unique pheromones for 36 different creatures and 10 different races. Once consumed, the PC may find themself getting chased be whatever horny creature is attracted to the smell until it eventually wears off... How Stuff Works: General: Drink a potion or something else and get a Pheromone! There are 46 possible selections that can happen randomly, whatever pheromone you get, that creature / npc will become very friendly! The Pheromones can be cleared by crafting the right recipes at cooking stations. Open a cooking station and look at the possibilities to see what ingredients are needed. If you get really strong pheromones, you might need to visit the Priestesses of Dibella for extra supplies. Pheromones will eventually wear off, but it takes awhile. There's an MCM where the chance of pheromones and what Creatures / NPCs spawn can be controlled. You could deselect everything and have only 1 selected then set pheromones to 100% if you want to guarantee that you will get to see the animations for a particular creature. No Vanilla stats / buffs / effects were changed on any of the potions, health potions will work exactly as they did before for instance. There is simply the added possibility of consuming sex pheromones. This Mod supports drinkables from the following Mods (They can proc pheromone effects): Milk Mod Economy Skooma Whore Realistic Needs and Diseases INeed MiniNeeds PlayerSuccubusQuest Creatures: Most creatures will spawn around the Player anywhere in the Wilderness. Creatures will also spawn in specific areas depending on their type. For instance, Goats & Dogs spawn at Farms, Falmers & Chaurus spawn in Falmer Hives, Bears & Sabre Cats spawn in Animal Dens, Mammoths & Giants spawn in Giant Camps, etc. I.E. - Creatures will either spawn in the wilderness, or in the places where you'd normally expect to find them. If you have a Creature Pheromone active, you should be safe from creature attacks if you're in a City, Interior, Player Home, etc. The Creatures that spawn do not have aggressive AI, aggro radius behavior, or enemy faction status, etc. The spawned creatures should not aggro or get interrupted by anything, their goal is to have sex with the Player. Creatures will try to catch the Player. If they get close enough, a sex scene will automatically start, but, they can be killed (at range) or you can run away 10,000 units and they will give up the chase. The time between creature spawns can be controlled in the MCM. If a Creature manages to catch you and have it's way with you, it will be satisfied and will leave you alone after. NPCs: NPCs will use available nearby NPCs that fit the race criteria, only adult NPCs are a possibility. It is equally possible for the NPC to be male or female. NPCs will be interested in the PC when in a City, Dwelling, Guild, Habitation, Inn, or House. If the PC has ingested NPC pheromones, then sex attacks can be avoided if she stays in the Wilderness... So maybe go live in a tent for awhile. The NPCs will need to get close to the Player for a sex scene to start. NPCs will usually follow the Player indoors. Whether an NPC can be killed or not will depend on the base actor's essential status. Some NPCs you probably wouldn't want to kill though even if you could, and in this case it may be best to just let them have their way with you. They will be happy afterwards and go about their business. The frequency of NPC sex attacks can be controlled in the MCM. Installation: The Mod itself is straightforward with only an .ESP and some scripts, can just drop into install directory or use your favorite manager. Make sure you have FNIS Creature Pack and all of the needed animations. Make sure to run FNIS. Once in Game, after installing SexLab, tick the box in SexLab MCM to enable Creature Animations. Finally, go into SLAL MCM and Enable All / Register Animations. Credits: Thanks to Ashal for SexLab Thanks to the many great animators of LL. Thanks to Loverslab Community Requirements: Dawnguard HearthFires Dragonborn SexLab Billyy SLAL Creature Pack Leito SLAL Creature Pack More Nasty Critters (for some of the rarer animations) Other SLAL Packs of your choosing that can handle these creatures: How Stuff Works with Pictures: Spawning Creatures: Removing Pheromones: 1.0.1: Reworked some scripts to fix some bugs that were coming up during my testing. Added a feature where the PC can potentially clear active sex Pheromones by consuming more potions / drinks. But, there's a catch because there's an equal chance to consume even more pheromones, and in this case the sex attacks will happen twice as often and there is no way to remove the pheremones other than waiting for them to wear off in about a day. 1.0.2: No real change other than other than I accidentally uploaded the developer version of my script with 1.0.1. So any lucky person that downloaded it will get to see lots of cool debug notifications about what is going on in the background... 1.0.3: Multiple creature animations now supported! Threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes, I added support for every single multiple creature animation that animators have created animations for! This is now perhaps the only mod that provides an organic way to tap into these animations through regular gameplay. Big thanks to the great animators who made this stuff. Especially Billyy and Leito as the bulk of the multi creature anims were created by them. As a result of this change, Billyy SLAL Creature Pack 1 & 2 and Leito's creature pack are now requirements for this Mod. But it will be worth it, because there are dozens of juicy anims that are otherwise hard to come across... MCM Menu added! In the MCM you can: Set % chance of getting pheromones. Set % chance to clear pheromones. Set % chance to get extra pheromones. Set timing for how ofter Creature / NPC attacks come, both regular and fast versions. Allow only Creatures or only NPCs, or both! Or neither? (For people who like non-alcoholic beer.) Allow specific Creatures and specific Race types. + New cover art. Features changes: More creature types added to Dungeon areas, you will see more variety of creatures down there. Added a possibility to legit 'run' away. If you run more that 10,000 units away from a creature that's chasing you, it will give up and look for an easier way to achieve sexual gratification... Multi creature attacks (Up to 4 at a time). If you kill one or two, it 'should' still pull a group anim for whatever creatures are left. I.E. start with 4, kill one, and you will still get only slightly less gangbanged than before. What's New in Version 1.0.4 September 13, 2018 Released Yesterday at 07:47 AM New version! Fixed the % chance sliders, they should now behave like they're supposed to. Fixed multi creature attacks so sex scenes will not start immediately, but they will properly chase the player. You can try to fight them off (every single member of the group will need to be killed), or you can run away and if you are > 10,000 units from any one of them, they will give up. Added a feature in the MCM where group creature sex can be toggled on or off. Expanded the creature / npc selection function so will iterate. Instead of simply preventing selections that are invalid, it will now look for the next valid creature or NPC type (it runs alpha numerically). - This allows for true filtering, so if you wanted to see animations for specific creatures, that is now possible. Added support for: Milk Mod Economy Soul Gem Oven III Skooma Whore INeed Realistic Needs and Diseases Drinkables from these Mods if they are installed can trigger pheromone events. Let me know if there are other Mods that I should add. Expanded radius that creatures can catch the player. This was because some creature boxes were too small for their bodies and they could not get within 125 units (Mammoths). - To compensate, the creatures will start off further away from the player when they spawn, so PC will get a head start. What's New in Version 1.0.5 September 14, 2018 New version! Added a new system for clearing pheromones, there are 47 new cooking recipes . You can go to a cooking station and see what ingredients are needed for each type of pheromones. Pheromones will no longer clear randomly. The super pheromones cleanser will be needed if you get extra pheromones added. Part of the recipe for this will require Priestess of Dibella Cum, you can go to the temple in Markarth and the Priestesses there will accomodate you for 'gathering' supplies. Fixed bug where you would sometimes get an NPC / Creature follower that would stick around if there happened to be an unrelated sex scene playing at the time that the alias filled or the spawn happened. Fixed Deer spawn so it would use male model. Made the randomization function for selection more robust by doing some _________ (insert technical jargon). Added support for MiniNeeds. Creature attacks and NPC attacks will now list the Player as a victim for mods like Apropos. What's New in Version 1.0.6 September 15, 2018 Added support for 4 actor Riekling animations. (Now there's 2, 3, 4, and 5 actor Riekling possibilities!) Added support for 3 actor Ash Hopper animations. Thx to Billyy for pointing these out. Added 10 new creature possibilities! Boar Chaurus Reaper Cow Dwarven Centurion Dwarven Sphere Lurker Hagraven Spriggan Vampire Lord Wolf Also added is the corresponding MCM stuff for each, and recipes for pheromone cures for each that can be made at cooking stations. Added support for Player Succubus Quest drinkables. Fixed the bug where chauruses were randomly showing up. Added small scene after creature attacks where PC will pass out and wake up naked / covered in cum.
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    Version UPDATED - 19/09/2018


    Mike24 Animations WARNING ADULT CONTENT YOU MUST HAVE 18+ This mod should be used, at your own risk. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Check my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mike24 (You will have early access to animations) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LATEST PREVIEWS - HIGH QUALITY ANIMATIONS - - (EARLY ACCESS ON PATREON) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING THIS POST AND ANIMATIONS MOD HAVE AN ADULT CONTAINT. Hi everyone, I'm actually making animations for TS4 because i love blender and make adults animations for games. If I can, i would like to work in Fallout 4 or others games. If exist the possibility to do this in other games with blender, you can contact with me on my patreon account and if there are more people who wants these animations, maybe I could make it, but I can´t promise anything at the beginning. I hope you like it and sorry for my english. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE ANIMATIONS ON LOVERSLAB *230 ANIMATIONS* (LAST UPDATE 22/07/2018) EXCLUSIVE ANIMATIONS ON PATREON *100 ANIMATIONS* (EARLY ACCESS ON PATREON) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REQUERIMENTS: WICKED WHIMS MOD (by Turbodriver) LOVERSLAB: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/66213-sims-4-wickedwoohoo-111008-31-july-2016/page-1 PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/wickedwoohoo/posts RECOMENDED MODS: RECOMENDED SIMS MODELS: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW - PREVIEWS MOVIES NEW PREVIEWS WITH OBJECT, BOOBS AND PENIS MOVEMENTS
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    Version 0.003


    REQUIREMENTS DLC's : Automatron. Wasteland Workshop Contraptions Workshop Vault-Tec Workshop Advanced Animation Framework By Dagobaking ( And all its requirements) INSTALLATION Use a Mod Manger (Recommended) , Or Drag the Contents of the zip File into your Fallout Data Directory CREDITS Content Beta Version - V.003 Adds a workshop menu "Z-TEC" in the workshops main menu. Adds - Two Furniture Items - With 4 Texture Options. Wasteland Edition - Rusty Metal Raider Edition- Rusty Red VaultTec Edition- Rusty Yellow Institute Edition - Clean Metal Crop/Cane Adds a Crop And Cane Weapon with 2 Textures Each Use the console to add them To Find their Form ID's in Console Help Crop 0 Help Cane 0 Player.additem XXXXXX 1 AAF Experimental Release For Best Results it would best to scale the actors in evenly 1:1 Right Now , the Animations are Set to Heterosexual M/f ( May Edit or Add so as it can be used by all genders in the future ) This is Because the sound files have been baked directly into the animations. (But it can be edited using HKXPack) Use the Workshop Menu to Place A Hydraulic Pillory . And Use AAF to Find and Start the animations between two actors Enjoy
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    Version APv2.4 & W_OLala (Final)


    View File WARNING ADULT CONTENT! (NSFW) YOU MUST BE 18+ Use this mod at your own risk. Made possible by TURBODRIVER's Wicked Whims Mod Inspired by the pros: Amra72 (Since Sims 3) & Mike24 (Sims 4) ooOLaLaWorld (TS4) meets WickedWhims Animated Penis - Animation Showcase FEATURES : BREAST PHYSICS, OBJECT MOVEMENT, PENIS & BALLS MOVEMENT ANIMATIONS MAY BE PATREON EXCLUSIVE Click 'show' next to "spoiler" to view (29/August/2018) Available Animations List: - All animations are fully equipped with sound in-game - Click 'show' next to "spoiler" to view SPECIAL THANKS: TUBRODRIVER for making this even possible. Amra72 & Mike24 for inspiring me personally. Cmar for the original penis mesh Denton for the enabling breast movement Azmodan22 for the animated penis mod Autobanned for the tongue mod Thanks to you all on the forum who show your support for ooOLaLaWorld. You're awesome! For ooOLaLa World to work you need TURBODRIVER's WickedWhims Mod. Read the thread to find out how to download and use the mod: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/66213-sims-4-wickedwoohoo-111008-31-july-2016/page-1 DOWNLOAD
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    Version 3.0


    Ok so my time as run short on managing this mod due to RL obligations so I want to put this out there for anyone that is interested. You have my full permission to further this mod as you see fit, and make it your mod and upload it with 2 conditions:1: Credit where the mod originated ( not just me but others Like Familiar faces have worked to make a mod like this happen)2: share it here and Nexus - It is time to squash the lingering tension between the 2 sites, in the end we are all gamers who enjoy the work of modders, and we should all benefit in modders work no matter what our taste in mods is to find the changes in this mod in CK or Tes V Edit search DPGF_ Lovers Lab will always be my home, that will never change but I had to put my petty crap aside and realize there are good and bad people on both sites lets just enjoy the games and the sites that allow us to share our workIf anyone gets upset about these conditions or this statement then the petty issues are on your end! The Doppelganger Follower 0 scripts Works with LE and SE Listen, Straight up, I am sick of follower mods, and I agree there are to many, but this one is at least unique, it is your doppelganger You can: have yourself as a follower marry yourself and do other things with yourself, this is Lovers Lab Can be found in Sleeping Giant Inn Your Doppelganger will : use shouts your have learned use spells you have learn already has his/her own custom weapons Is potential Follower so you will have to raise the relationship rank with the Doppelganger, whether its with RDS, RDO, Eager NPCs, or console command to get the "follow me" Dialogue Requires Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and Relationship Dialogue Overhual if you use a High Elf, Female Khajiit, or Elderly
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    Version 1.0.0


    Craft at Chem Station under Chic Geek The infamous, Insane Ivy now has an outfit/armor that reflects her amazing personality. Hope you enjoy! And if you haven't already, head over to my YouTube Channel and subscribe! https://youtu.be/QzIb2EibXIY Live long and sloot! XoXo Chic Geek --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you to the following people for their love, support and and assistance in the creation of this mod ❤ AmerPsycho ❤ Flashy (Joer) ❤ OCRSpartan ❤ KonataInoue ❤ FRANCESCO84Inn ❤ Adviser69 ❤ BrysonPlays
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    Version 1.2


    BDO and NINI get full credit for their efforts. I tested the outfit over several hours in every lighting situation I could find and it looks as realistic as it can be, the way I intended. Use the main install and overwrite with patch 1.2 using the body type you need, the other downloads can be ignored. I'm reluctant to tell you what to do with a mod manager because I don't use them. I do everything manually. Every component of the outfit reflects light the same and more importantly not too much as it should, because light doesn't reflect when no direct light is present. I enabled transparency antialiasing on my video card but I'm not sure if it helps at this point. So there you have it, a full effort on my part to provide exactly what I wanted to and now it's yours to do with what you want. As previously expressed, all credit for the initial mod goes to BDO and the slutty and fomod contribution goes to NINI. Cheers everyone..
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    I've ported Aradia Lace (made by @aradia) to DOAVV. It does not include the stockings, but I'll be interested to see how amgia5000 adds stockings to his Asari mod. This mod is quite picky on the draw order, so i didn't separate the pieces out too much. Also, I think it look very good with shadows on the clothes since there is so much transparency with the mesh, however in order to fix this, you'll need to update the d3dx.ini file so the mod can differentiate between when its modifying the clothes versus the shadows so they get turned off selectively. The directions on how to do that are in the supplied README or alternatively you can either take my included d3dx.ini and update your config with it, or compare mine against yours and merge over the items regarding the INI variable "w7". If all of this scares you, then at least you can disable the choker so it doesn't look too bad. I've included both shots so you can see for yourself. This mod does replace the White Lace suit, so if you decide to use it, you'll need to disable your old "White Lace Nude" mod if you are using it. I did this unfortunately because I needed a suit that already used transparent textures because everytime i try overriding or changing the shaders to use a different one I get way more graphical artifacts then I really want to deal with. Anyhow, enjoy, ideally I'll update it in somewhat short order with the other character models. As of version v1.5, you should be able to use this mod alongside "White Lace Nude", see the update notes at the bottom and additional info in the included README for how to utilize both. Full Preview w/ suit shadows selectively disabled via d3dx modification. Suit minus the choker but without the d3dx modification (meaning shadows are still on for all of the suit) And just to show you why I think it looks bad with shadows, heres the Choker with shadows still on: Updated 8/26/2018 Mod: ReplaceWhiteLace_wAradiaLace_v1.5.zip Credit goes to aradia for the original mod. All characters (as of 9/2018) supported as of version v1.5. Be sure to completely remove or disable the entire folder of any older versions of this mod before dropping the new version into your mod folder. Update 1.5 (9/3/2018) Added Marie_Rose. Separated Body replacement from Suit replacements, which allows you to utilize this mod alongside "White Lace Nude" by Knight77 including the new optional body types for Marie Rose (Implant, Swollen, Vanilla). Be sure to disable the ###_Body.ini in this mod if you do use it with the "White Lace Nude" mod. Update 1.4 (8/28/2018) Fixed bug with how the selector logic determined which suit was active which prevented cycling properly when switching between Honoka/Luna and the other girls with the AradiaLace suit active. Basically just a bug fix of v1.3. Update 1.3 (8/26/2018) Added models to work for Honoka and Luna. It uses the Selector controls again to control the parts of the mesh to draw. Also adjusted the Choker to fit closer to the neck rather than flare out so avoid some blatant issues with the transparent blending between the suit and hair around the neckline. Update 1.2 - Experimental (8/22/2018) Added a framework for in-game selection of color and mesh combinations. While wearing the suit on-screen, use Shift+PageUp/PageDown to cycle between color options and use Control + PageUp/PageDown to cycle between mesh combinations. They aren't maintained between sessions because I don't think there currently exists a way to persist values/parameters and load them from a file next time (for the moment). For modders, this mod utilizes the w6 IniParam as an identifier of which suit is currently displayed on screen for the current frame, which allows the KeyBindings to only perform their actions if it matches. This allows other mods to share the same logic sequence and just set the w6 IniParam to a different number for their own mods. Selector Template: SelectorTemplate_v0.2.ini - I'd like to see if any other modders are interested in adopting this practice possibly, and discuss some design decisions to try and maintain some similarity between them. (Updated 8/28/2018 with bugfix identified and fixed in AradiaLace v1.4) Update 1.1 (8/20/2018): Added Black/Red Textures. Fixed some relatively severe weight issues under the arms.
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    Beta build is for Skyrim Special Edition only More details on the version/beta coming later when I have more time. For now, I just want to get the beta out there for testing. So here it is. Non-SE users will likely have to wait until release for 1.63. I have no plans right now to release a non-SE version of the beta. Requirements: Skyrim SE 1.5.50 SKSE SE v2.0.8 SkyUI SE Changes since 1.62: Added a caching system to animation searches Increased animation slots to 750, decreased voice/expression slots to 375. A new scaling fix that finally solves the issue with some actors/creatures randomly changing sizes when animating (enabled by default) (partially implemented) a new hook system for developers that don't work on events, allowing them to fully complete their hook function before the thread continues. Solves some sync issues with more complicated or timing sensitive hooks. Some other stuff I'm surely forgetting because it's been a long time. Beta 2 Hotfix: Updated SexLabUtil.dll and PapyrusUtil.dll to the new version of SKSE (2.0.7) Removed references to Oldrim scripts (NiOverride and MfgConsoleFunc) to fix compile issues Some minor tweaks here and there Beta 3: Updated SexLabUtil.dll and PapyrusUtil.dll to the new version of SKSE (2.0.8) Fixed most of the slowdown at animation startup Fixed disabled animations still getting used for awhile afterward Some minor tweaks here and there Known Issues: Animations take longer to start than normal right now. Other Notes: Animation packs from non-SE version have to have their animations converted to 64 bit in order to work. This can be easily automated and done quickly by the pack developers. All existing basic mods should work as is as far as I know. As long as they don't require any other SKSE plugins that haven't yet been converted. This means Devious Devices and its mods won't work until DD gets its SKSE plugin updated. I haven't fully tested a lot of the plugin in SE beyond making sure basic functionality works. So submitting bug reports are critical here. Download: Full v1.63 Beta 3 Archive: SexLabFrameworkSE_v163_BETA3.7z Patch for v1.63 Beta 2 users upgrading to Beta 3: SexLab_v163_UPGRADE_beta2_TO_beta3.zip
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    Version 1.9


    Lifeline's animations for WickedWhims. Hi everybody! I'm an aspiring creator of sex animations for TS4. (Sorry for my english) If you have any problems with the animations, feel free to tell me about it. I'm open to suggestions. Also I opened my [PATREON PAGE] where you can get early access to all my animations or just support me. Requirements: WickedWhims by TURBODRIVER [DOWNLOAD LINK] How to install: Unpack WW_Lifeline_Animations.zip and put the file WW_Lifeline_Animations.package in The Sims 4's mod folder. List of animations with GIFs: In this update added 22 animations: 1. DeskChair_Webcam (Stage 1) (category: handjob) 2. DeskChair_Webcam (Stage 2) (category: handjob) 3. DeskChair_Webcam (Stage 3) (category: oraljob) 4. DeskChair_Webcam (Stage 4) (category: oraljob) 5. DeskChair_Webcam (Climax) (category: climax) 6. DT_Gangbang01 (Stage 1) (category: vaginal) 7. DT_Gangbang01 (Stage 2) (category: vaginal) 8. DT_Gangbang01 (Stage 3) (category: vaginal) 9. DT_Gangbang01 (Stage 4) (category: anal) 10. DT_Gangbang01 (Stage 5) (category: climax) 11. Sofa_MMF (Stage 1) (category: oraljob) 12. Sofa_MMF (Stage 2) (category: vaginal) 13. Sofa_MMF (Stage 3) (category: vaginal) 14. Sofa_MMF (Stage 4) (category: vaginal) 15. Sofa_MMF (Stage 5) (category: vaginal) 16. Sofa_MMF (Climax) (category: climax) 17. DB_Gangbang02 (Stage 1) (category: teasing) 18. DB_Gangbang02 (Stage 2) (category: handjob) 19. DB_Gangbang02 (Stage 3) (category: oraljob) 20. DB_Gangbang02 (Stage 4) (category: oraljob) 21. DB_Gangbang02 (Stage 5) (category: vaginal) 22. DB_Gangbang02 (Stage 6) (category: vaginal) Animations from earlier updates (73) - Doggystyle01 (floor, vaginal) - Sofa_Cowgirl01 (sofa, vaginal) - Sofa_Cowgirl02 (sofa, vaginal) - Sofa_DoublePenetration01 (sofa, vaginal) - Sofa_Handjob01_Climax (sofa, climax) - Vaginal01 (floor, vaginal) - Vaginal02 (floor, vaginal) - Sofa_Vaginal01 (sofa, vaginal) - Sofa_Vaginal&Oraljob01 (sofa, vaginal) - Sofa_DP&Handjob01 (sofa, anal) - Sofa_DP&Oraljob01 (sofa, anal) - Sofa_Climax02 (sofa, climax) - Sofa_Vaginal&Oraljob02 (sofa, vaginal) - Sofa_Gangbang01 (sofa, vaginal) - Sofa_Gangbang02 (sofa, vaginal) - DB_Doggystyle01 (double bed, vaginal) - DB_Vaginal&Oraljob01 (double bed, vaginal) - DB_Gangbang01 (Stage 1) (double bed, handjob) - DB_Gangbang01 (Stage 2) (double bed, oraljob) - DB_Gangbang01 (Stage 3) (double bed, vaginal) - DB_Gangbang01 (Stage 4) (double bed, vaginal) - DB_Gangbang01 (Stage 5) (double bed, anal) - DB_Gangbang01 (Stage 6) (double bed, anal) - DB_Gangbang01 (Stage 7) (double bed, anal) - DB_Gangbang01 (Climax) (double bed, climax) - Ottoman_Vaginal01 (ottoman, vaginal) - MT_Cowgirl01 (massage table, vaginal) - MT_Vaginal&Oraljob01 (massage table, vaginal) - Floor_DP01 (floor, anal) - PT_Doggystyle01 (picnic table, vaginal) - PT_Deepthroat01 (picnic table, oraljob) - Floor_Teasing01 (floor, teasing) - Sofa_Vaginal02 (sofa, vaginal) - Floor_Gangbang01 (Stage 1) (floor, oraljob) - Floor_Gangbang01 (Stage 2) (floor, vaginal) - Floor_Gangbang01 (Stage 3) (floor, anal) - Floor_Gangbang01 (Stage 4) (floor, anal) - Floor_Gangbang01 (Stage 5) (floor, anal) - Floor_Gangbang01 (Climax) (floor, climax) - Window_Handjob01 (window and full-length mirror, handjob) - Window_Oraljob01 (window and full-length mirror, oraljob) - Window_Oraljob02 (window and full-length mirror, oraljob) - Window_Deepthroat01 (window and full-length mirror, oraljob) - Window_Deepthroat01 (Climax) (window and full-length mirror, climax) - Sauna_Handjob01 (sauna, handjob) - Sauna_Handjob02 (sauna, handjob) - Sauna_Oraljob01 (sauna, oraljob) - Sauna_Vaginal01 (sauna, vaginal) - Sauna_Vaginal02 (sauna, vaginal) - Sauna_Climax01 (sauna, climax) - MT_Gangbang01 (Stage 1) (massage table, teasing) - MT_Gangbang01 (Stage 2) (massage table, oraljob) - MT_Gangbang01 (Stage 3) (massage table, vaginal) - MT_Gangbang01 (Stage 4) (massage table, vaginal) - MT_Gangbang01 (Climax) (massage table, climax) - Floor_Gangbang02 (Stage 1) (floor, oraljob) - Floor_Gangbang02 (Stage 2) (floor, vaginal) - Floor_Gangbang02 (Stage 3) (floor, vaginal) - Floor_Gangbang02 (Stage 4) (floor, vaginal) - Floor_Gangbang02 (Climax) (floor, climax) - Floor_Vaginal03 (Stage 1) (floor, vaginal) - Floor_Vaginal03 (Stage 2) (floor, vaginal) - Floor_Vaginal03 (Climax) (floor, climax) - DoubleBed_DP01 (Stage 1) (double bed, anal) - DoubleBed_DP01 (Stage 2) (double bed, anal) - DoubleBed_DP01 (Stage 3) (double bed, anal) - DoubleBed_DP01 (Climax) (double bed, climax) - Sofa_Foursome01 (Stage 1) (sofa, oraljob) - Sofa_Foursome01 (Stage 2) (sofa, vaginal) - Sofa_Foursome01 (Stage 3) (sofa, anal) - Sofa_Foursome01 (Stage 4) (sofa, anal) - Sofa_Foursome01 (Climax) (sofa, climax) - DT_Doggystyle01 (dining table long, anal) Patreon animations (with GIFs): DB_Gangbang02 (Stage 7) (category: anal) DB_Gangbang02 (Stage 8] (category: anal) DB_Gangbang02 (Stage 9) (category: anal) DB_Gangbang02 (Stage 10) (category: anal) DB_Gangbang02 (Climax) (category: climax) PT_Oraljob (Stage 1) (category: handjob) PT_Oraljob (Stage 2) (category: oraljob) PT_Oraljob (Climax) (category: climax) DeskChair_Webcam (Stage 5) (category: vaginal) DeskChair_Webcam (Stage 6) (category: vaginal) MT_Threesome (Stage 1) (category: teasing) MT_Threesome (Stage 2) (category: handjob) MT_Threesome (Stage 3) (category: oraljob) Sofa_Gangbang04 (category: vaginal) Sofa_Gangbang05 (category: vaginal)
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    Version 1.3


    Please support me if you can, it's encourage me to continue making more animation, Thanks! New update more information at support topic
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    Strange Dwemer Tech In a cold night of Windhelm, Arilith seeked out the local shady merchant of the gray quarter, she decided to seek other ways to cover her combat weakness, she heard a rumor of dwemer tech in the place, thus she went there and asked. Merchant was vary of the young dunmer woman. Arilith: Greetings, I heard you have "other" goods, I would like to buy from there. Merchant: What kind of other goods you mean Sera? Skooma, smugled weapons to protect yourself from the locals or stolen tomes? Arilith: You straight up told me your illegal things.. Merchant: For a fellow dunmer in this forsaken place, yes, for a nord never, we not really allowed to proect ourselves at all from the locals, young lady like yourself should have protection or you end up in the dumpster by the true nord... Arilith was a bit shocked from what the merchant told her, she already experienced the "kindness" of the locals, she thought it might better to get something, after all they stole her belongings. Merchant: Welcome to Windhelm, city of the true nords, now what can I get you.. Arilith: Do you have dwemer tech? Merchant: There is something, but I wouldn't advise you to buy it. Arilith: Where it is? Merchant: Fine its around in the warehouse, but I warn you it is a bit odd.... Arilith found the dwemer automatron in the warehouse, it was active and seemed to look Arilith. Arilith: Ohhh spider one, this little things can be very handy in combat, looks deceiving, it is pretty strong combat one. Dwemer Automatron: (Unknown language) Arilith: huh? Arilith did not understand a word, what the voice form the automatron said, she was curoius and went closer, however as she went closer one word was she understand was "Chimer" Dwemer Automatron: (Unknown language) Chimer... Arilith: Chimer? You mean me? Arilith: Now then lets look up closer a bit you, wait what is that in your bottom? The automatron took off her clothes and put its robotic dick in her ass, Arilith did not even noticed until it was already there, it almost like it teleported that fast wa sit.. Dwemer Automatron: (Unknown language) Arilith: What happened, wait..Ahhhh The automatron language was became cleaner and Arilith started understand it... Dwemer Automatron: Primite language translation process finished, Target initialised Ebony skinned Chimer, Sex slave breaking program activated.. Arilith: What?! The automaron, put something in Arilith and she lost her voice, thus not talk during the process and only listen the ramblings of the dwemer machine, after she machine fucked her for hours, until its finishes. Dwemer Automatron: Penetrating Chimer Asshole started.. Eventually she was released... Dwemer Automatron: Process finished, Chimer sex slave training program done.. Arilith: Uhhhh...this wasn't bad.. She put her clothes on, get herself together and went to the merchant.. Merchant: I said, its a bit odd, even myself got this scenario.. Arilith: Ummm... Arilith: I want it buy it... Merchant: What?! End
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    Version 1.0.0 + Bodyslide


    2 types of outfits and in 4 colors including matching Hats and Bags. also includes 2 types of face masks (for smaller characters) and 2 syringe type weapons. These outfits are made using the tanning rack. you can make the Latex on any tanning rack using leather. also upgradable. Body type CBBE Slim but should work on CBBE as well. ( I wont be converting to other body types sorry ) *UPDATE : bodyslide added by killroyklown17 * * CREDITS TO : killroyklown17 for adding the Heels Sound and HDT height fix, also for the body slide when available, and suggesting the tighter dress style so there would be no hand clipping. This mod is exclusive to LoversLab only... please do not upload or repack to any other site, Links to this mod is ok. Thank you
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    Version 0.1.0


    Bondage Device Animations v01.00 Credits: The whole LL modding community, to whom I feel I owe something in return, but especially Kimy, Vader, Min, Guobu, Zaz, and all the other folks who have worked on Skyrim and FO4 mods here over the years. Shadeanimator, for the indispensible FO4 animation tutorials. Summary: This is not a finished mod, it is just a pack of animations and assets for modders or end users to integrate into existing mods (Devious Devices, etc). I have not included an esp/esm, since I figure any modder who is going to be working with these already has a set of 'test animation' files linked in an esp that they can use. If this is a serious issue for mod designers, I can make an esm with all the animations in it, but that will complicate mod development more than just pointing your own esm files to these animations. These are all intended for use with the default CBBE body. They may clip with other bodies. Permissions: You are free to use any of the animations in this pack, with the following conditions: - Do not post them to sites outside of LL without asking me. Basically, don't be that person who puts this up on Nexus or Bethesda.net... - You cannot charge for mods that contain these animations. If you have an optional payment, that's fine, as long as users who don't pay get the same functionality The contents of this pack: Restraint poses: Restraint poses work by simulating an 'injury' to one or more limbs that tells fallout to fix those limbs in a particular postion no matter what is going on with the rest of the model. This makes it so we don't need an 'armbinder' version of every vanilla pose (run, sneak, etc, etc), and is genius (not mine though - I'd guess Vader came up with the idea). Armbinder model and arm pose file (arm offsets): I have included a different armbinder pose, with the shoulders pinned back rather than up (see included images). In order to make this work, I had to modify the armbinder nif pretty substantially, so a revised version of armbinderblack.nif is included as well. (The hkx file in the custom armbinder folder replaces meshes\Torture Devices\DeviousDevices\Animations\Armbinder\MTBothArmsInjured.hkx) Arm cuffs pose files (arm offsets): I have included 4 customized cuffed arm animations. In theory, these can be used in place of or in addition to the cuffed arm animations in Tortue Devices. To replace the TD arm cuff idles, use one or more armcuffs hkx files to replace the various 'MTBothArmsInjured.hkx' files in the 'meshes\Torture Devices\wearables\Generic\BoundHands' folder and subfolders. Yoke pose files (arm offsets): I've included two yoke poses. The first (Yokeidle01) works with the bar and cuffs yoke, while the second (Yokeidle02) should work with both the bar and cuffs yoke, and the heavy steel yoke. Leg Cuff/Hobbleskirt Custom Files: This includes a standing idle for legs cuffs (or other situations where the model's legs are held together), and a corresponding walk animation. I've included arms in these animations as well. The major limitation is that because of the way the vanilla animations are set up, these will only work when the player is standing or walking without a weapon. If the player sneaks, runs, or draws a weapon, they'll go back to using vanilla movement animations. Animations: Each animation has an hkx file that has been tested in-game and should work. Note that the arm position should be overridden by any bondage gear, based on your '...injury.hkx' files. That means that, in theory at least, any of these animations should work with any cuffs, armbinders, etc. I have most use my custom armbinder position as a convenience, but that position should be overidden by any gear you have equipped. Armbinder struggle animations: These all have the model's arms locked back, and each has a different set of upper body and pelvic twists. Each animation is 300 frames long (10 seconds) and starts and ends start and end in the default standing leg position. ArmbinderStruggle01 ArmbinderStruggle02 ArmbinderStruggle03 Armbinder horny animations Each animation is 600 frames, and should be exactly 20 seconds long. They should all start and end in the default standing leg position. These are made to be usable in pairs - the 01 series has the model's knees come together, and the 02 series has her legs crossed. For each series, the 'a' animation as a writhing animation, and the 'b' animation as something more orgasm flavored. *These should be usable for any type of arm restraint - if the restraint has an '*injury.hkx' file, that arm position should show up. If not, the default armbinder arm position will show up. ArmbinderHorny01a ArmbinderHorny01b ArmbinderHorny01a ArmbinderHorny01b Unrestrained horny animations These are identical to the armbinder horny animations, except that they include arm/hand movements. I have tried to keep the starting/ending arm positions the same within each series (e.g. 01a and 01b should have similar start/end arm positions) but these are approximate rather than exact (I haven't been able to get 3ds to copy keyframes between animations). *In theory, you could probably use these with arm restraints, and the '*injury.hkx' file should overwrite the arm positions. StandingHorny01a StandingHorny01b StandingHorny02a StandingHorny02b Collar animations These are variations on the 01a series of horny animations. The normal collar animation has both hands tugging on the collar, while the collarhorny animation is a mix of Standinghorny01a and tugging on the collar. Collar01a CollarHorny01a Chastity Belt animations This is basically an additional unrestrained horny animation. It's 600 frames/20 seconds, and has the default start/end positions. ChastityHorny01 Plans: - If I get really ambitious, I may also go through the existing animations and refine some things. In particular, hand and finger positions may get smoothed out at some point in the next month or so. - More device specific animations, and more general use 'struggle' or 'horny' animations may happen as inspiration strikes. - If you are using these in a mod and there is something that you'd like to see along these lines or one of the animations is causing you problems, you're welcome to contact me. If it's something I can do fairly easily (e.g. not a movement animation or something that is going to require hours of posing individual finger joints), I'll try to help out.