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Adult oriented Oblivion mods that add or modify in game races

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  1. Fem Boy Race

    Fem Boy Race

    FemBoy Body 3.3   https://www.loverslab.com/topic/43748-gigabite-femboy-body/
    FluffSkelly's Femboy Body Clothing Vol.1 https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/7730-fluffskellys-gigabite-femboy-body-armor-and-clothing-vol1/
    You need for the custom body
    -the ability to read. -SetBody
    -Blockhead(OBSE Plugin) https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/43752
    -All other files are in the download file, you do not need any original files.
    Custom Fem Boy race
    GIGABITE's FemBoy Body resources with his FemBoy Armor and FluffSkelly's Femboy Clothing , all in one esp. 
    With Blockhead BodyAssetOverrides folder and Setbody override folder for the Fem body.
    With Lovers lowerbody during sex.
    11 custom eye colors
    27 custom hairs + the vanilla hairs
    39 armor and 31 clothes pieces ( some are only different colors or shoes )
    Race pictures see GIGABITE's FemBoy Body.
    The race use own eyes meshes and textures , head and ear mesh.
    So there should be no conflicts with other Mods.
    Only if you use a vanilla hair replacer for a special head the vanilla hair may not match the head I use in the FemBoy Mod, but you have the 27 custom hairs.
    Installation :
    Unpack the file.
    Read the readme. Yes read it, the whole readme.
    Then copy what you like in your game or in a folder to create a OMod.
    How to install the Blockhead version:
    Fem Boy voice addon.
    Male and female Fem boy will use female voice.  Player only has Hit/injury and Power-Attack voice.
    Of course you need the main Mod.
    Like the main Mod you have two esp.
    One with human ears and one with Woodelf ears.  Copy one in your data folder.
    You have 6 voice file folders with vanilla  voices:
    Imperial, Highelf and Redguard voice from the german bsa file. All 3  voices seems to be the same voice actor only with a little bit of variable pitch.
    Imperial, Nord and Redguard voice from the english bsa file.
    Open the folder you want and copy the  folder "sound" in you game data folder.
    FemBoy body meshes replacer with pubic hair    (from GIGABITE FemBoy 3.2 version)

    FemBoy2019 pubic hair addon.7z

    If you want pubic hair install it after FemBoy2019.7z
    !! The lowerbody nif files are big, BIG. 4,5 to 5,5MB !!
    A few more armors
    By Vyru
    I only made the esp, all credits to GIGABITE
    Ren for Ren_BeautyPack



  2. oblivion syota trap race

    i take no credit for this just uploading so it will be easier for people to find this old mod in the future
    what it actually is ?
    a trap race from way back that uses hgec textures and works well with set body
    screens are from the old forum posts where i got the archive



  3. GSB's Draenei Race

    When I read a request for this race in the forum I decided to make a proper mod from the resource files found in the 'GSB Compendium'.
    This mod is adding a FEMALE-ONLY version of the Draenei race from the 'World Of Warcraft' universe. Included are some body parts as equipable clothing-type items, six futanari lowerbodies and also a few nice weapons perfectly matching this race. Though I have assigned the race's stats and skill bonuses, I couldn't decide on good racial powers and/or abilities and just left them blank (for now). The Draenei hairstyle by GSB is the starting hair, a few female vanilla hairs are also available. Nine different eye colours to choose from.
    A container with items can be found in the testinghall. Please refer to the included readme file for details.
    The additional download is a skin replacer for those who dislike the original colour of the futa seen on the screenshots below.
    Many thanks to GSBmodders for the files used in this mod!
    Now this mod also contains an assortment of hoofed armors and clothes assembled from various resources, two variants of a new weapon, twenty new elaborate hairstyles and finally racial abilities that suit this race.
    Thanks to Fejeena's work now there is a separate download which ensures compatibility with the LAPF system. Since I'm not using Lovers at the moment this mesh replacer is untested yet, so use the archive at your own risk and back up the relevant files before installing!
    I have also reworked the horn and tail textures so they better match the skin tone of the face and body. The previously horse-styled hooves now have been changed to be more in line with the WOW original looks, cloven hooves both for the nude body and all the outfits.
    As there have been reports of MEGA causing problems for some people I now have made two separate archives of the v2.0's meshes and textures to attach them here instead of an external download. Make sure you get both files!
    Storm55 has pointed out a texture issue with the Shrouded armors to me (thank you very much for bringing the problem to my attention!). The meshes archive has been updated with fixed versions by now. But for everyone who has already downloaded the mod there is a separate archive available so you don't have to get the whole shebang again just for a few fixed kilobytes. I'm sorry for the inconvenience because of a sloppy mistake.



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