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Weapons & Spells

Fallout 4 mods that replace or add new weapons or spells

18 files

  1. 10mm Pistol Debloater

    Simple mesh replacer that debloats the 10mm, smooths out the flanging and removes the whatever-the-fuck-it-is gas tube looking crap from under the heavy barrels.
    Manual or with the mod organizer of your choice.
    Should not cause issues. Will conflict with other 10mm mesh replacers.
    Future Plans
    I'm open to suggestions
    You may NOT reupload this file to other sites, link to it from other sites for your own profit, or host on private/secure servers like Google Drive, Dropbox, Mediafire, Mega, or other file hosting websites. You may not modify and upload to another site.

    I specifically forbid tesall.ru, skyrim.2game.com, devillord.tistory.com, and NexusMods to host this file in any way. This game modification for Fallout 4 is protected under international copyright laws. A DMCA will be filed against any website privately or publicly hosting this file other than that which I specify are allowed.

    I've been doing this for a long time. I know what I'm doing. Sometimes a few things slip past me, so drop me a note if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Keep the bullshit comments to a minimum.
    Copyright © 2022 Etrius vanRandr
    如果您从任何非原创网站上阅读此文件,此文件已被盗,并且托管网站是非法托管文件。 为避免法律上的麻烦,请向当局报告国际版权欺诈。



  2. One shot kill mod fallout 4

    For those who like to cheat or playing on hard difficulty level,here is a one shot kill mod for you guys,
    or download it here https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1675?tab=description



  3. Lazer "Recharger" Weapon v2

    This is a recharging laser weapon, nearly identical to a prior effort of mine except that it is a laser weapon and not a plasma weapon. The weapon is overpowered, so consider yourself warned. It recharges at 1 fusion cell per second and it requires special ammunition that can not be used in normal laser weapons. It recharges up to 60 rounds and then stops. A radioactive penalty is inflicted should you have more than 60 rounds of this special ammunition. Dropping the weapon while you have 60 or less rounds wipes out all of the rounds in your inventory. Dropping the weapon while you have more than 60 rounds also gives you a radiation penalty and also removes all of the rounds from your inventory.
    The weapon is located inside of a suitcase that is next to the blue 'construction' trailer when you leave Vault 111. The suitcase is outside of the trailer at the opposite end of the entrance. You may use both my plasma & laser recharger weapon mods at the same time; The two suitcases are located in different areas.
    The suitcase is locked (novice) and contains a lore-friendly note.
    As with my plasma recharger weapon v2 mod, this weapon is power armor and weapon mod friendly.
    This mod does not require any of the Fallout 4 DLCs or Script Extenders; Only the base game is required.
    The mod should work but, if it does not, please let me know. Thank you.



  4. Plasma "Recharger" Weapon v2

    2021-05-29 - NEW SECTION
    A new version of this file has been uploaded. The following changes have occurred:
    * The weapon has been made unscrappable in order to prevent accidental scrapping when at a weapons workshop. And, besides... Why would you want to scrap a recharging plasma weapon anyway? ?
    2021-05-29 - END OF NEW SECTION
    2021-05-07 - NEW SECTION
    A new version of this file has been uploaded. The following changes have occurred:
    * The plasma weapon is now contained inside of a suitcase. The suitcase is in the same location as where the plasma weapon was originally (slightly underneath the ramp to the enclosure just after you have exited Vault 111, which is at the beginning of the game). The screenshot is slightly outdated but still valid; Where the plasma weapon is in the screenshot is where the suitcase is now.
    * The suitcase also contains a lore-friendly note that describes the properties of the plasma weapon: (1 shot generated per sec, shuts off after 60 shots total in inventory, having more than 60 shots exposes player to radiation, dropping weapon causes all shots in inventory to be removed, dropping weapon when the player has too much ammunition exposes players to a brief radiation burst). NOTE: The notes describe a more lore-friendly plasma weapon but the weapon in this version is still the same overpowered one as in previous versions.
    * The plasma weapon is now completely unmodded and should be unmodded. In the prior version where the weapon was already in the game, the weapon may have generated into the game world with a stock or scope or some other mod.
    2021-05-07 - END OF NEW SECTION
    2021-05-04 - NEW SECTION
    Added screenshot to illustrate where a physical copy of the recharger weapon is located. If you can not see the screenshot, the weapon is located near the ramp to the enclosure just after you have exited Vault 111 (at the beginning of the game).
    Added a new version of the file that now has a recharger weapon physically in the game. You may still use the console commands to acquire a copy of the weapon, should you so choose.
    2021-05-04 - END OF NEW SECTION
    OVERVIEW - The file contains one overpowered (consider yourselves warned) unmodded plasma gun that regenerates unique plasma ammunition once per second to a maximum of sixty rounds. This is an evaluation version of this mod and the weapon is not located within the game world. You need to add the weapon to the player using the console command "player.additem xx000f9b 1" (do not type the "xx" as this is reserved for your mod index order; if this mod index order number is "1a," you would type "1a000f9b"). No screenshot is needed; This is an ordinary-looking plasma gun just as in the game.
    The weapon is:
    ** Power Armor friendly.
    ** Mod attachment friendly (you may mod it just as you would a normal plasma gun).
    ** "Never Ending" legendary mod friendly (should you add it through the console commands).
    Dropping the weapon onto the ground eliminates all of the unique ammunition from both the weapon and your inventory. However, unequipping the weapon does not affect ammunition count.
    There are two scripts in this mod for those who are sensitive about adding mods with scripts. As with all mods that contain scripts, do not use this mod on any savegame that you do not want to unduly influence permanently.
    The file was compressed with 7-zip. It should (hopefully) work "out-of-the-box" if installed with Mod Organizer 2. Otherwise, you can unzip the file manually and install the individual files manually (it is just one .ESP & two .PEX files with two optional .PSC files).
    The mod is only dependent upon the Fallout 4 base game (no DLCs required).
    "It's not a bug, it's a feature" warning - As of this version, the unique ammunition for the weapon may be dropped from the Pipboy menu. It's not exactly game-breaking, but... You should be aware of it. I'm not presently smart enough to make the ammunition a quest item (if it is even possible). But if you are smart enough, I would really like to hear from you (hint hint).



  5. Plasma "Recharger" Weapon

    OVERVIEW - 2021-04-11 - This file contains an overpowered (consider yourselves warned) plasma weapon that, when the last round is fired from it, you receive ammunition for it in your inventory. The weapon holds 30 rounds. This is a preview version of this mod and the weapon itself is not placed anywhere in the game world; You must use the console command to add the weapon. Enter into the console "player.additem xx000f99 1" (do not type the "xx" as this is reserved for your load order / mod index number so, if that number is "1a" you would type "1a000f99"). The weapon takes standard plasma cartridges and you may acquire them however you would prefer ("0001dbb7" in case you are interested and, since it is part of the base game, no modifying of that number is needed). Admittedly, you do need to reload the weapon. However, this version of a "recharger" weapon is completely Power Armor-friendly (as far as I could test it). It does contain a Papyrus script fragment (for those who are interested in whether the mod contains scripts or not).
    No screenshots are necessary; It's just a regular-looking plasma weapon that regenerates ammunition (so long as you do not manually reload it). I used 7-zip to compress the file; Depending upon how you would prefer to install the mod, your mod manager may automatically decompress the file. If, for whatever reason, this mod does not work as intended, please let me know and I will make any corrections necessary.
    At any rate, enjoy.



  6. "Recharger" Lazer Pistol

    I have decided to include a new .ESP with this file (ZZZLasergun2) that is the exact same (provides a weapon with the "recharger" ability) but uses the Institute Lazer Pistol model instead of the typical lazer pistol. It is mostly overpowered and I include it hesitantly if only because I was disappointed with the outcome. My disappointment comes from the fact that the pistol itself is very bulky and obscures too much of the screen in first-person mode, especially when you 'mod' the pistol up (such as a longer barrel). Everyone's personal preferences are different, though, and I include this new .ESP in the file for those who would like to try it out for themselves.
    Nothing has been removed from the previous version of this mod; Only ZZZLasergun2 has been added to it.
    I think that this is fully compatible with the ZZZLasergun .ESP as well so that the two may live side-to-side but I did not fully test that possibility out. You do not need to rename the ZZZLasergun2 (as opposed to ZZZlasergun & ZZZlasergun_overpower, for which they were the same weapon but one was an overpowered variant and one was normal but with the "recharger" ability) file; It may be inserted as-is.
    2020-11-28 - NEW SECTION - NEW BUG
    Described new bug in "BUGS" section. I hope that you don't plan on using power armor...
    Also, minor editing here and there...
    This file is for a "recharger" lazer pistol in the spirit of the recharger weapons from Fallout: New Vegas. I have placed the word "recharger" in quotes for a good reason: It is not entirely a recharger weapon in definition of F:NV but emulates it to the best of my programming ability. Whenever you fire one shot from the pistol, one unit of ammunition appears in your inventory. There are two known "bugs": The weapon may lose it's recharger function if you use the console command to change your face (not alter an existing face but change it wholesale) or if you start a new game with the mod installed. The bugs may be resolved by unloading the mod, saving the save game without the mod, then adding the mod back in. There are two versions of this weapon: One that is of normal strength (a typical lazer pistol but with the recharger capability) and one that is vastly overpowered.
    I have created a lazer pistol with a recharger-like ability, in that for every pull of the trigger a new unit of ammunition (a fusion cell, in this case) is added to your inventory. This ability functionally gives to you a limitless supply of ammunition. You still must manually reload the weapon (unless you attach the "never-ending" legendary mod to your weapon, which is "[the weapon id].amod 001cc2ac" for those who are curious). The lazer pistol uses the typical lazer pistol model. The pistol may have weapons mods attached to it, either through the in-game mechanisms or though console commands.
    The file is compressed using 7-zip. Decompress the file & then choose which of the two .ESP files that you would like to use: The regular, normal lazer pistol (ZZZLasergun) or the overpowered variant (ZZZLasergun_overpower). If you choose the overpowered variant, remove the "_overpower" part of the filename before using it. Insert the files however you choose, either manually or with a mod manager program. Be sure to check the box next to "ZZZLazergun" in order to activate the mod, depending upon the program that you use to manage your mods.
    Location of weapon
    The weapon is located at the edge of the garage of your former house in Sanctuary. I considered using a screenshot but most people should know where your character's former house in Sanctuary Hills is, where the garage is and it is right as you look at the garage from the road. There are no fusion cells to go along with it; You can either generate these through the console or you should probably have enough of them by the time you acquire this weapon. A slight spoiler for novices in the game: You can acquire fusion cells in-game by going to Concord (if you have not previously done so) near the entrance to the Museum of Freedom.
    The weapon loses it's recharger ability in three known instances:
    ** First, if you use the console command to change your entire face (from, say, Face01 to Face02).
    ** Second, if you start a new game with this mod installed. If you have a save game that did not use the mod and then you install this mod and use that save game, the weapon should work as advertised.
    ** Third, entering power armor for any reason (including at the Museum of Freedom where it is "necessary").
    I'm not sure why the script is invalidated during these instances. I can only hazard a guess that it may involve how scripts are attached to weapons through the use of a "quest." My theory is that, whenever your person changes inside of the game (for instance, going from Face01 to Face02 through the use of console commands or entering power armor which, from my limited understanding of the internal workings of Fallout 4, renders you as a different "person"), the quest breaks and, therefore, the script stops.
    These bugs may be resolved by unloading this mod, saving the affected save game, then re-loading the mod. I do not consider myself an experienced Fallout 4 scripter/modder & there may be other scenarios where the weapon loses it's recharger ability; I have not found them yet.
    The mod does contain a script and it should be noted that, from my understanding for how Fallout 4 save games work, the scripts are "baked" into the save game. There are some players that are very sensitive to this information and others who are less sensitive about that information.
    Please do not redistribute this file. There are many reasons for my not wanting this file to be redistributed. One of those reasons is that this file is somewhat personal in presentation: The weapon is not placed upon the ground realistically, the weapon is rather unrealistically placed within the world (it's not in a laboratory & it's very easy to find), etc. so forth. The file works well enough for me and, I hope, that it works well enough for you but the time and effort to make it "lore-friendly" would be counter-productive for me at the moment. Perhaps, in the future, I shall make an attempt to create a more "lore-friendly, developer-grade" mod of this type. However, I feel that most people will be satisfied with finding the weapon and using it as-is without a quest or holotape or any other lore-creating events. Furthermore, I have no idea why the script suddenly stops working if you create a new game with it installed or create a new character with the mod installed (as described previously). I suppose that there are reasons but, if there are, I haven't found them yet. Therefore, for all of those reasons and more, I would merely prefer for this mod to be presented here where I may see how many downloads and views it gets. Should it become popular, I will revisit whether to include additional elements to the mod.
    And that's it. I hope that you have enjoyed this mod. Any comments or critiques, please feel free to share. Thank you.



  7. Blackstar - Unique Pistol w/ custom sounds

    Description in the spoiler



  8. Out of my way!

    Welcome to the Reginald's GET OUT OF MY WAY!
    What this does: It forces up to 7 NPC's in your direct vicinity to run away from you when you use the 'smelly bomb' potion.
    Craft it at a chemlab, assign it to a hotkey and when your companion or settlers are in the way, tell them to BUZZ OFF!
    Up to 7 at a time will start running away from you.
    This was a quick mod I made because I felt that Push Companions was too harsh and sometimes ended up with companions falling down skyscrapers.
    This just sends NPC's into a flee package, causing no harm and makes it a bit more 'lore friendly'.
    - Is a companion in your way, blocking the door way?
    - Dogmeat in your face again?
    - 5 Settlers coming to beg for work?
    - You wanna use that workbench that a settler is occupying in a more immersive way?
    Tell them: "Out of my way!"

    Out of my way!.mp4



  9. Jokers Fun Time Grenade collection

    No longer being worked on, see below:
    Theory, backstory, or Idea behind this mod:
    Before the war, you were a bio-weapon-chem smart person.  Your SPECIAL status reflects great charisma, intelligence, decent agility and luck. You worked for some seedy pre-war company (its fallout, take your pick) doing this kind of research. War happens, institute steals your kid, etc…  You probably side with the institute per quest line but more of a raider-nuka world – at heart. The way you accomplish your goals is kind of centered around various Joker type things… sometimes you use a missile launcher, but you prefer your pre-war skill set…
    Thought process here/How to use:

    Craft canisters of gas at chem station
    From the crafted canisters of gas, you can craft varying amounts of:
    Grenades at chem station
    Syringes. at cooking station

    The grenades are meant to be alot more effective/bigger than other in game explosives. As such, crafting one grenade should use up one canister.  However, you should be able to craft 10 syringes with one canister.

    To make the Canisters, you need Chem 1.
    To make everything else you need the Canisters.
    Also, newest version (only version- I dont believe in having a confusing repository of downloads) includes a combat knife mod. 
    No longer working on it:
    I am no longer working on this.  I cant figure out how to
    Create alternate ammo types for things like missile launchers, flamers. (such that a standard, default flamer could swap out poison gas, with fuel, or whatnot.
    Create alternate ammo for artillery.
    create custom skins
    Ive tried asking around, cant seem to get help in that regards (it happens, just the way life works).
    Id still love to see this mod progress into something that would make Mr. J proud, but.... this is it.
    If YOU would like to pick up the mantle, and add to it.  let me know  what you plan on doing, or provide a working release of it...  I doubt ill object.



  10. Laser Musket Mark 2 (Now With Workshop Turret Versions)

    Please report any suspected bugs, crashes, or other problems in the support section. 
    Want to support me? Get exclusive access to mods and updates.
    > PATREON <
    Laser Musket Mark 2 was born of my hatred for the impossibly stupid and horrendously modeled original laser musket. I didn't want to replace it, I just wanted to make it better.
    This mod is my crown jewel, one of my greatest achievements in modding.
    One can be crafted at the Chem Bench under Utility with one Laser Rifle and one Laser Musket with Science 4.
    You can also craft Workshop Turret versions with the optional plugin. BE AWARE! The workshop recipe calls for a LMM2 - this includes any uniques you may have in your inventory and/or workshop! This also includes workshops from which you have a supply line to! For best results, drop any you care about before crafting these turrets!
    Mod Categories:
    - Capacitor (13 + 1 unique)
    - Batteries (9 + 3 unique)
    - Stocks and Grips (8)
    - Barrel (13 + 2 unique)
    - Muzzle (10)
    - Scopes and sights (23)
    - Underbarrel attachments (8)
    - Legendary Slot (UCO/Armorsmith Extended/AWKCR)
    - Legendary Slot 2 (Specific to Uniques)
    - Paints (6)
    Total player available mods: 90
    Total mods: 96
    Some mods require full affinity with a specific companion, bobbleheads, crafting components, quest progress, or other esoteric perks:
    Added and replaced some in the world:
    -Preston Garvey carries one
    -Goodneighbor behind Kle0
    -Replaced Righteous Authority
    -Prydwen, behind Proctor Tegan
    -The Castle, on a shelf during Old Guns
    -Old North Church, second level, under a bench
    -Tessa, Quincy ruins. Carries a unique Plasma version
    -Paladin Danse's companion weapon is now a laser musket
    -Proctor Ingram now carries one
    -Human Virgil now has his own version
    -The Mechanist now has one
    -Jake Finch will have one tradeable after doing his quest
     Uniques and Unique Abilities: 
    Righteous Authority
    - Comes with Fusion Core Capacitor and has near zero recoil and a bumped fire rate. Does not support Scopes or other Capacitors.
    Tessa's Plasma Blaster
    - Unique Plasma variation that comes with Power Armor Bayonet. Has 4.0 crit multiplier. Full auto deals 0.8x damage, and is slightly slower to reload. Does not support Sniper barrels or other capacitors.
    - Unique "Troubleshooter's" variation. Has the highest base damage of any other Unique. Comes with 8-way beam splitter, white paint, and has a white beam. Has the slowest reload speed. Does not support muzzles, scopes, sniper barrels, or automatic barrels. Has a significantly reduced ammo capacity (stock 8, max 9).
    Machine's Vengeance
    - Unique "Assassin's" version. Has unique Cryo capacitor and uses Cryo cells. Has decent base damage, but is capped at 40. Has very fast melee speed. Does not deal extra Crit damage and deals only 1/4 damage when out of range. Has very poor range but reloads very quickly. Only supports fully automatic barrels. Does not support scopes.
    Denial of Loyalty
    - Unique Poison version. Deals Poison damage and a small amount of Energy damage. Has a 3.0 crit multiplier and no damage falloff. Cannot dismember or explode enemies. Does not support any auto or sniper barrels. Has a 100% accuracy bonus in VATS. Has a slight increase to reload speed.
    History's Teacher
    - Unique Gauss version. Takes a full second to reach full damage. Uncharged shots deal half damage. Deals more damage to targets that are further away. Fully charged critical shots deal 4x damage. Normal critical shots do not do extra damage. Fires both full auto and single shot, simply pull or hold the trigger. Significantly increased weight. Takes 2mm EC carts. Does not support muzzles, Fusion Cells, or reflex sights. Significantly reduced ammo capacity. Standard 10, max 20.
    Tinker's Wet Dream
    - 15% improvement over the base Laser Musket Mk. 2 stats. Supports all mods except unique Plasma and Cryo capacitors.
    Sense of Duty
    - Very wimpy damage and wimpy mag size, but it has the Furious effect (changed from Righteous Authority) and it has a 2.25 critical multiplier. Supports all mods.
    Protectron's Grasp
    - Completely randomized
    Extra Notes
    Machine's Vengeance must be stolen.
    Denial of Loyalty must be stolen.
    Tinker's Wet Dream must be pickpocketed.
    Sense of Duty must be pickpocketed or Human Virgil must be killed.
    Some unique versions have modding sections restricted - this is intentional behavior.
    The Heavy Automatic Barrel has been severely restricted due to issues with how the game handles semiauto and full auto sounds. Due to the barrel using the CSlide animation node from the laser pistol, it is restricted to rifles that only support nonautomatic and sniper barrels. Its stats reflect this change, and at this point it's a trade off between fire rate and damage in terms of semi or fully automatic Heavy barrels. The Heavy Automatic Barrel still only counts as Semi-Auto perkwise and will use the Rifleman perks.
    Fusion Core Capacitor is limited to 250 shots on Righteous Authority due to RA being a startgame weapon, as is Paladin Danse's companion weapon.
    The Nuclear Physicist perk will double this to 500 shots, and for some reason, in Power Armor, you get 750.
    Preston's companion weapon is limited to 5 shots due to it being easily obtainable at the beginning of the game.
    Danse's companion weapon cannot be modified.
    Preston's companion weapon cannot be modified.
    Manual or NMM/MO, doesn't matter.
    It is HIGHLY recommended to completely remove old versions of the mod before updating.
    It is HIGHLY recommended to start a new game as of the 2.0 update.
    This mod has been around for over 3 years and has undergone many changes and reworks.
    Known Bugs
    - Magazine/Battery is removed when switching a normal capacitor to/from a Fusion Core capacitor
    - Third person barrel spin animations don't work
    - Some Unique versions may not have their battery mods installed when first added to the player's inventory
    - Some crafting recipes may not be unlocked if the mod is installed after events that would unlock these recipes have already occurred
    - Most mods do not increase elemental damage (poison/cryo)
    - Some crafting requirements are not shown.
    - Power Armor Headlamps will override the Flashlight.
    - The mod may cause severe lag in certain areas when looking in a specific direction. Enabling multithreading in your INI may solve the issue on some systems.
    - Known areas: Behind the red trailer near Outpost Zimonja, Valentine's Detective Agency 2nd floor, Fort Hagen Building Corner looking East, Old North Church first floor and tunnels)
    Unique folder names and file paths, should be 100% compatible with everything. If you need a patch for any mods, please let me know.

    This mod DOES NOT break precombines in any exterior - it may break them in Goodneighbor, but the Laser Musket that you get from the very beginning of the game is actually a scripted DummyWeapon marker so I did not touch anything there.
    This mod creates AddonNode300, AddonNode301, AddonNode302, and AddonNode303. If you have mods that also use nodes with the same IDs there may be conflicts.
    Future Plans
    Charging Gauss version
    To-Do list:
    Transparent gun shield
    Permissions regarding my mod
    "Laser Musket Mk. II", associated original designs, and associated 3D data are all my intellectual property and inherit certain copyrights under United States property law. I can and will file a proper takedown against anyone attempting to deliberately copy or mimic my intellectual property.
    "Laser Musket Mk. II" and its design, effects, and other media pertaining to the Fallout franchise owned by Bethesda Softworks, and by extension, Microsoft are my intellectual property. Any deliberate attempts to copy or mimic their design, effects, and other representative media will result in a DMCA takedown. All other representative media, including ambiguous function outside of the Fallout franchise, is my intellectual property.



  11. Lazy syringer

    Craft your syringer at chem bech
    Works perfect with FSS!
    Fallout4 esm
    no other DLC are needed! 



  12. Quake 2 Railgun WIP

    This is a modder's resource 3D model/mesh that I created using Blender 3D of the classic railgun from the 1998 PC game Quake 2.
    It's not textured, it's just the mesh.
    I do not know how to turn weapons created using Blender into usable weapons in Fallout 4.
    If you have experience with that and are actually willing to help, then by all means please try to turn this into a new weapon mod for FO4, and I have zero experience with animations and rigging.
    Just be sure to credit me.
    There are a few guidelines that you should follow.
    This file is subject to future updates as I continue to rework it.
    *The parts of this weapon that are colored red are meant to glow red.
    *The weapon should fire a blue-colored corkscrew of energy, just how it did in the original game.
    *The projectile travels at ultrasonic velocity and does massive damage to targets, pierces through them, and instantly cripples limbs.
    *There is no reloading or reload animation, it just keeps firing rail slugs (3mm Gauss Rounds) until you're out of ammo.
    *It has high recoil and a very slow rate of fire, but high accuracy and range.
    *There should be an electrical humming noise when the weapon is equipped.
    *When texturing the weapon, be sure to give it a dirty and worn look.
    *Look at screenshots from the original Quake 2 version of this weapon for reference when texturing.
    *The mesh is still a work in progress and is a bit rough and not worked on in certain areas, so it might need some gussying up.
    *The diffuse/viewpoint colors of the weapon in the screenshots is how the weapon is supposed to colored, please stick to the color scheme when texturing.



  13. Modern Firearms (Tactical Edition Latest) 2.5 1.4 by Idlesheep

    Most of you will know about this mod by now, originally made by Idlesheep and now that his life is too busy to maintain it, cared for by his 'team' - a ragtag bunch including myself of varying skill levels.
    The mod includes a huge variety of weapon families which are all as customisable as we can make them, for example there aren't many varieties of AR15 that you can't make, and anyone who knows guns knows that's a LOT of variations. Families include but are not limited to:

    You get the picture, there are a ton of guns here. There are some modern type body armours included too, and more customisation options for everything than it would even be possible to list. Functions such as suppressors on/off, fire mode, scope zoom/type and underbarrel equipment are all switchable in gameplay by use of the 'Fallout 4 Hotkeys' mod by Registrator2000, negating the need to carry more than one of any weapon type. All of it is integrated into the level lists. As the file is way too large for the Lovers Lab server, please download the latest version at this link:
    The downloads section here contains the Modern Sidearms sister mod and various patches for personal taste tweaking- damage reduction, stagger removal and Contraptions compatibility, along with a temporary fix for some scopes for AMD GPU users.
    FO4Hotkeys can be found here:
    ...and finally the team can be found at our Discord server here:
    While I will attempt to answer your questions, some technical issues may be above my pay grade, so the Discord may be a quicker and more direct way of getting support.
    Changelog can be found in the MF zip. Credits and FAQ can be found by contacting the team or via our pages at bethesda.net, moddb (listed as Cold Steel Hot Lead) or our webpage here: http://darkheartsdream.eu/
    Our credit list is in the process of being re-written, when it's complete and up-to-date I'll amend this post.
    As I mentioned, Idlesheep has left us in charge of his mod for the time being, but few of us possess any modding skills at all. We currently (and pretty urgently) need help or at least advice on a couple of things:
    1) Scripting- LegacySlayer from this forum and the Nexus has re-written our pre-ck plug in, cleaning many potentially dirty edits and making it possible for us to get an update out for Xbox, but in the process our switch scripts have broken. Anyone willing to lend a hand would be much appreciated, and his experimental version of the plug-in can be provided for any interested modders to take a look at.
    2) Animation rigging- we have permissions to use a whole bunch of animations, Wardaddy's stuff amongst it, but the only thing stopping that is a total lack of know-how in rigging them. Again, anyone willing will be welcomed.
    Anyone that feels they can help in any way with these issues, contact myself or LegacySlayer via PM here, or head over to our Discord to just get right into the discussion. Thanks for reading.



  14. The Multi-Tool & Other Things

    The Multi-Tool is a gun (for NPCs) and a ring (for Player) both of these items can do a number of things to the Player, NPCs, and the World. You can obtain the Multi-Tool gun and ring by crafting them at a Chem Workbench it's under the utility category. More things may get added in the future.
    Things these items can do,
    --- Multi-Tool Gun ---
    Strip NPCs of their clothes Open NPCs Inventory Restrain/Unrestrain NPCs (Prevent them from moving) Change NPCs facial expression Show Looks Menu for NPCs (Change their appearance) Set Alpha Levels on NPCs (Make them look like a ghost, effect doesn't seem to last)

    --- Multi-Tool Ring ---
    Show Looks Menu for Player (Change their appearance, the looks menus have a delayed start to give you the chance to position the camera so you can see your face) Change Player's Facial Expression Set Alpha Levels on Player Change the Weather


    Added some other things to the mod, didn't feel like creating a separate .esp for this stuff, so I put it in here.
    --- Misc ---
    Dummy Gun (Gun that does minimal damage, Craft at a Chem Workbench) Various Laser Weapon mods that add new effects to Laser Guns, They use the Muzzle slot should be the bottom most option for the Laser Gun when looking at it in a Weapon Workbench, this is where you craft them. Mix and match with vanilla attachments to get some interesting effects.

    Weapon Effects:
    Laser Force Push - Temporarily ragdolls NPCs and can send them flying. Laser Electric Beam - The same effect from those Tesla Arc traps, except it shoots out of your gun. Laser Gauss Blue - Slightly modified effects used by the Gauss Rifle, applied to a Laser Gun. Laser Cryo Stream - Effect from the Cryolator, applied to a Laser Gun. Laser Plasma Flamer - Strange green flame looking stuff


    Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE)
    Install with a mod manager, seriously you really should be using one if you plan to install
    Crazy6987 - Feel free to modify and use my content as you wish



  15. Xen's Angry Laser Pistol

    I made this after I lost several hours of gameplay due to a music bug. For now, it looks like a standard institute laser pistol, however it has 10,000 base damage. I wanted to retrace my steps quickly. If anyone would like to change how it looks, let me know, I have a couple of ideas of what I'd like it to be. Enjoy you murder spree. The weapon is located in the security building outside Vault 111.
    What it is:
    1) Looks like a standard issue laser pistol
    2) Does 10,000 base damage energy damage
    3) Can 1 shot a death claw =)
    Things left to do:
    Make it unique (I don't know how to do this)



  16. Experimental Fat Man

    Have ya ever wanted to just nuke someone into oblivion but had to reload? Well, that problem is a thing of the past. My experimental fatman has higher base damage and can hold 20 nukes at once. No more pesky reloading. Just....uh...don't ask where the other nukes go....

    (This is actually just a test I made for playing around with weapons. It looks just like the normal fatman in game but holds 20 nukes at once. I plan to do more with it as I learn how.)



  17. BBCache2

    Just a few things trying the CK.
    In the Sanctuary cellar is now a duffelbag. In it are:
    The BlueBeered. ... Legendary .308 Combat Rifle
    The Blueeinator.... Legendary Laser Rifle (oh yeah baby!) +500 carryweight too
    BlueBeers Cover It's a hat. Nice one too.
    BlueBeers Trenchcoat. What the fashionable spy is wearing. +500 carryweight as well
    BlueBeers Shades. Ace McCool. 'nuff said.
    Lots of ammo for the above and 5k caps. 10k caps
    1000 of each small shipment. That should get you started.
    Damage on the weaps is stupid high.
    Disintegration working fairly well on what can be disintegrated.
    Exception is when you get a decapitation shot. No ashes, but you do
    get a flying head. That works.
    Armor is Silver Shroud with some upgrades for fun.
    Just drop into the data folder. No idea how NMM will handle it.
    First published mod, so I'm learning as I go.
    May 5: another update, see log.
    Apr 27: updated, see the changelog



  18. Artillery (smoke) Grenades Un-Nerfed

    NOTE: Looks like someone did the same thing, only better. Check it out (link).
    Artillery Grenades have a much shorter range than other grenades in the vanilla game. This is possibly to avoid players getting an unfair advantage with artillery bombardments.
    But I didn't like it - having my grenade hit a wall in midair and drop to the ground was really pulling me out.
    So this mod just switches the grenade detonation timer, so the throwing range is same as the other vanilla grenades.
    I think it should work just fine with NMM or the mod manager of your choice. If you need to ask about manual installation, you already know exactly how to do it.
    Does not contain any scripts, so it *should* be fine to uninstall.
    chucksteel, for teaching me how to use xEdit properly, and pointing out the variable that needed to be changed.



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