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Models & Textures

Adult oriented Fallout 4 mods that replace or add new models, meshes, or textures

177 files

  1. Furry Holotapes

    Furrifies the Game Holotapes in FO4 and Automaton. Needs only the base game and DLC, but it is recommended to use a mod to add displays for Holotapes, such as Holotape Display Shelves (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42316)



  2. Magazine Replacer for Ketaros Missing Magazines

    I made these last night and thought I'd share, just a simple low effort retexture for the magazines in Ketaros Missing Magazines mod. All it requires is the original mod, just unzip the archive and drag the Textures folder into the mod, make sure to delete the original textures in there. Locations for the mags can be found on the original mod page.

    Artist used: 
    15 - TheDirtyMonkey
    16 - Imsofckinlost
    17 - DigitalHToy
    18 - Sinner/Sillygirl
    19 - Demimond
    20 - Zoquete
    21 - Girok 
    22 - DigitalHToy
    23 - Zoquete
    24 - Reliusmax



  3. FFO Female Porno Magazine Retexture

    A retexture of Furry Fallout's female porno mag replacer. Install and overwrite/merge if using MO2.



  4. Furry Paintings

    Changed all the Cabot, Generic, Institute, and Portrait paintings to be a little more furrified.



  5. Krazyones Devious Ground Models

    Krazyones Devious Ground Models KP

    This is a collection of Ground Objects I made... GO objects
    In the Vanilla Devious Devices and Deviously Cursed Wasteland, these are the items you see in the Preview in your Pipboy,
    and what you see when dropped.
    Vanilla Ground Objects are either a Ring, or Institute Shock Collar, mostly...

    I decided to finally make some Ground Objects for Devious Devices, as I use Devious Devices in all my play-through's. Whilst I was at it, I fixed the Preview in your Pipboy and Workbenches, making for some truly gorgeous looking previews, for some extremely nasty Devious Devices. Look at the Chain Bell's device, for fastening into victims orifices.
    Just looking at them, will have you both wincing, and gasping in awe...
    - Devious Devices v2.0 Original version, not updated.
    - Devious Devices RC version, this is the updated version. Download in the Devious Devices Comments Section, DD RC9.
    - Devious Devices Torture Devices
    - Deviously Cursed Wasteland ............................... If using that mod, the patch adds Ground / Preview Objects
    - AWKR
    - Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
    Handy mods...
    Roggvir's DD Items Manager .................... Violate and RSE Devious Devices MCM based Manager
    Deviously Cursed Menu .............................. Deviously Cursed Wasteland MCM
    Jacks Disable Quick Loot ............................. Stops you seeing inside containers, and allows Deviously Cursed Wasteland to fire it's traps
    - New... Ground Models... Previews Models when you look at them in your Pipboy, and drop them on the floor.
    - New... Pipboy and Workbench Previews... gorgeous Previews, when looking at your Devious Devices, in your Pipboy and Workbenches.
    - NEW... Coc Qasmoke, Custom Containers...
                     Vault Guard Corpse Devious Devices container ... All Devious Devices
                     Custom Keys container ... 100 of each Key
                     Custom Institute Test container ... Torture Devices content, 3 items
    - NEW Nipple Rings... use bodyslide 
    - Patches for Devious Devices and Deviously Cursed Wasteland.
    - Notes in Mod Organizer 2 Notes Section, with Load Order


    Load Order...
    Mod Organizer 2...
    Devious Devices 2.0
    Devious Devices Deviously Cursed Wasteland V1.4
    Devious Devices Torture Devices 2.2a
    Devious Devices DD Ground Models KP

    Deviously Cursed Wasteland GO AddOn KP ...................... if using Deviously Cursed Wasteland

    Devious Devices 2.0.esm
    Devious Devices Torture Devices.esm
    Devious Devices Deviously Cursed Wasteland.esp
    Devious Devices GO KP.esp

    Deviously Cursed Wasteland GO AddOn KP.esp

    Devious Devices
    Deviously Cursed Wasteland
    Devious Devices Slave Heels
    NEW Replacer Nipple Rings...  New PiercingNSoulBlue_Rings CBBE KP
    A Mashup using DASHA Devious Collars ring, adding non morphing Nipple Rings... 
    If you want to use them, just use the bodyslide. If you want to change back, just use the Vanilla bodyslide
    PiercingNSoulBlue ................................................... Vanilla
    PiercingNSoulBlue_Rings CBBE KP ............. Alternate huge Nipple Rings, for that, I am a Slave look
    Bodyslide... PiercingNSoulBlue_Rings CBBE KP



  6. Sickotik's Bestiality Standalone Paintings

    Sickotik's Bestiality Paintings is back by popular demand!

    These are just standalone paintings for your settlement. They shouldn't overwrite any other workshop paintings you might have.

    If you have any issues, as always, let me know and I'll try to help when I have the time. These are tested and working in my game.



  7. Sickotik's Ultra Epic Lore Friendly Texture Overhaul

    A Complete Texture Overhaul of Sexy, Lore Friendly, funny, Hand Crafted Images.
    PLEASE RATE if you like my mod!
    If you are using "SETTLEMENT KEYWORDS FRAMEWORK" my "Sickotiks_Art.esp" must be at the BEGINNING of your load order.
    My Mods Have Been Spotlighted on Youtube! Yay!
    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone commenting and downloading my mods. Your appreciation is highly valued and keeps me up at night making these mods for you.
    The Nexus Banned me for mentioning Lovers Lab in my own mods comments, so I'll be doing all my modding here now. I don't deal with Fascists.
    How to enable modding
    Navigate to your Fallout 4 Folder at the following location "Documents/My Games/Fallout 4" Within this folder will be a number of .ini files, highlight "Fallout4Prefs.ini" and "Fallout4.ini". Right Click, select Properties and ensure that these are NOT marked as read only. Open Fallout4Prefs.ini with your favourite text editor (we use Notepad++). Navigate to the very bottom and you will see the line [Launcher]. Directly underneath this, add the following line: bEnableFileSelection=1 Save and Close Open Fallout4Custom.ini with your favourite text editor. * Note that this file was changed from Fallout4.ini following update 1.2 Add the following lines to your Fallout4Custom.ini [Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 sResourceDataDirsFinal= Save and close...
    (The Files were too big to go into one RAR package, so you can either install each as their own "mod" or put all their texture folders into one DATA folder and drop that into your Fallout Game Folder or Zip/RAR the new Data folder you made, and install that as a mod)

    How to enable my mods
    1. Download BOTH Magazine Files.
    2. Download the Misc file, Billboards File and the Paintings File (Unless you're using one of my other painting packs)
    3. Using Mod Organizer or NMM, install all the RAR files or alternatively...
    3.5. Take all 5 texture folders and drop them into your Fallout 4 DATA folder, located in Steam>SteamApps>Common>Fallout4>
    Run Your Game - Enjoy
    Here's my step by step process of creating your VERY OWN +50 Extra Paintings ESP like mine.
    I'm using my own mod as an example, because that's what I have. So if you've got the 50+ Extra Paintings Pack Installed, you should be able to follow along just fine. Let's go!
    You're going to need three programs to create your own "New Paintings" ESP.
    GIMP (With the DDS Plugin[Google it])
    FO4edit (It's on the Nexus[Put the Hardcoded file and the FO4edit(Which will be called TESVedit[You need to rename it FO4edit or it won't work]) into your Fallout 4 Main Folder.
    WinRAR (Google it)
    Install Sickotik's Personal Paintings + 50 Extra (found in this mod) with NMM, so the ESP file is in your load order. You will be changing this. *(Or Install Higs Gallery and replace anywhere I say "Sickotik's Art" with "HigsGallery")
    Step One - Replacing Sickotik's Art with your own favorite filth.
    1. Open Gimp and drop one of the Sickotik's Art images (From Fallout4>Data>Textures>SetDressing>SickotiksArt) onto the main area first. This will bring up the image so you can work on it.
    2. Then all you have to do is drop the image YOU WANT to replace Sickotik's image with, right on top of mine.
    3. A Dialogue box will appear, UNCHECK LOAD MIPMAPS (You do not want it loading all those extra files, or nothing will work)
    4. Then take the SCALE TOOL, and tick "Maintain Aspect" at the bottom. Now just scale your image so it fits nicely in the frame.
    5. Now go over to your layers panel and right click on YOUR image (Which should be the top one). [if you don't see the layer panel go to WINDOWS>RECENTLY CLOSED DOCS> and make sure both are turned on.]
    6. Once you have right clicked your image, select "MERGE DOWN". Your two images will now become one.
    7. Right Click on the single image and select "LAYER TO IMAGE SIZE". This will ensure your image is the same as Higs original. If you don't do this, it won't work. The resolution must be the same.
    8. Go over to FILE and select EXPORT AS. (It will automatically default to replace the original image you dropped in and this is what we want.)
    9. Click EXPORT (A dialogue box will again appear)
    10. For Compression Select BC2/DXT3. Format you can leave default. And for Mipmaps select GENERATE MIPMAPS.
    11. Press OKAY and now you have your first DDS file replaced with your own image. Ready to work in game. Do this for ALL the files. At this point, you can run the game and you'll have your images in there. If you want to make your own ESP with your own name, keep reading.
    Step Two (If you want to make your own ESP so the category in-game says your name) - Changing the ESP and Material Files
    1. Install Sickotik's Personal Paintings + 50 Extra (found in Sickotiks Various Paintings Pack) with NMM so the ESP file is in your load order
    2. Go to your Fallout folder and run FO4edit.
    3. Right click any mod and choose "SELECT NONE"
    4. Now tick Fallout4.esm and Sickotiks_Art.esm
    5. Click okay and wait for it all to load
    6. On the right side of the menu press the little + sign next to Sickotiks_ Art. Do the same for all the other +'s that drop down.
    7. Under "Constructable Object" click PAINTINGS and you should see this.
    8. Where you see "Sickotik's Art"(There are two of these), right click it, select edit, and change it to the file name of your choice. (This will be what the menu is called in game, in the settlement building menu)
    9. Under "FormID List" click WorkshopMenu1. Do the same as above here. Where you see "Sickotik's Art" right click, edit, change to your same name.
    10.Under "FormID List" click GalleryList. Do the same as above. Anywhere you see "Sickotik's Art" change it.
    11.Under "Keyword" click paintings. Do the same as above.
    12.Now under "Material Swap" you're going to have to do the same as above A LOT of times. Go through EACH of the drop down items, IE; "010082b RgalSwap01", click it, change "SickotiksArt" what you plan on naming these by the folder you will setup shortly. It must match the folder name.
    13.Close and Save and overwrite the ESP.
    Step Three - Setting up your folders.
    1. Go to your Fallout4>Data>Materials>setdressing>SickotiksArt folder and rename it to whatever you have been changing it to in Fo4edit this whole time.
    2. Open the folder, right click the first file, open with Notepad.
    3. Open each file, one at a time, with notepad, and change "SickotiksArt" to whatever YOUR folder is called. Do this for ALL the files.
    4. Go to your Fallout4>Data>Textures>SetDressing>SickotiksArt and rename it the same thing you've been renaming everything. It needs to be the same name for both the texture and materials folders.
    Step Four - Creating Your Mod
    1. Make a new folder on your desktop called data
    2. Make 2 folders inside the data folder. One called textures and one called materials.
    3. From your Fallout4>Data>Materials>Setdressing folder, copy your newly named folder.
    4. Paste it into the materials folder you just made on your desktop.
    5. From your Fallout4>Data>Textures>SetDressing> folder, copy your newly named folder.
    6. Paste it into the textures folder you just made on your desktop.
    7. From your Fallout4>Data folder, copy the ESP called "Sickotiks_Art".
    8. Paste it into the data folder you just created on your desktop and rename it whatever you want your ESP to be called.
    9. Right click your new Data folder, select "Add to Archive" and name your mod. Press Okay.
    10. You now have a mod you can install with a Mod Manager. Congratulations.
    I hope this helped all of you. Enjoy! Special thanks to Higs for helping me along in this process!



  8. CWSS Redux - Furry Shower Curtains

    Edits the shower curtains from CWSS Redux to be furry.
    Installation: Load after CWSS Redux. If using MO2, you can optionally merge this mod with CWSS Redux



  9. (Porno) SL Magazines EN/RU

    Porn version  SL Magazines
    Mod localized



  10. (Porno) Skill Books ESL EN/RU

    Porn version  Perk Magazines and Books
    Books that originally belonged to the *miscellaneous* section have been converted into magazines and can be placed on racks
    Mod localized



  11. Torture Devices F-Frame Retexture 2k

    Remember that white F-Frame from Torture Devices? This mod changes its texture
    Now comes in black as well

    Obviously, Torture Devices is a hard requirement, this mod will only change one texture. 
    You can freely use this as a modders resource in any of your mods, no need to credit me, but I would appreciate it 



  12. Torture Devices XCross Retexture 2k

    Remember that orange XCross from Torture Devices? This mod changes its texture

    Obviously, Torture Devices is a hard requirement, this mod will only change one texture. 
    You can freely use this as a modders resource in any of your mods, no need to credit me, but I would appreciate it 



  13. Torture Devices Pillory Retexture 2k

    Remember that one texture that was unfinished in Torture Devices mod? Yeah, this mod will change it to look more appealing to the eye

    Obviously, Torture Devices is a hard requirement, this mod will only change one texture. 
    You can freely use this as a modders resource in any of your mods, no need to credit me, but I would appreciate it



  14. Johnny Rapid Meshes and Textures for Body Talk 3

    About This File
    Johnny Rapid from the LEWD CommonWealth Conversion is great, but the static penis mesh means AAF animations don't look right. In the attached file, I've attempted to provide a small patch (just meshes and textures), replacing the "twink" body mesh with a BodyTalk 3 version. I've also updated the texture files to include the penis and toes from the BodyTalk 3 base model as they are in a different position in BT3. When an AAF animation starts, it'll transition to the BodyTalk 3 mesh when Johnny gets naked. 
    This does not cover the outfits. That would be a MUCH larger project as the LCC has a decent library of outfits. 
    Also included is a BT3 preset for a non-adjusted BodyTalk 3 body to make it look like the Johnny Rapid twink body, and the Bodyslide file for the updated Johnny BT3 mesh. Do not apply the preset to the Johnny Rapid outfit, or you'll be double-applying the sliders and it'll be distorted. Just use the zero-all BT3 preset. 
    Johnny Rapid/LCC creator Ailab is aware of this project and sounded approving. 
    ButtFuckers Unique Teen Companion Johnny Rapid and Clothing Workbench V3 (and L.C.C. base requirements)
    BodyTalk 3: https://www.patreon.com/posts/bt3-57409311
    Edited just now by lavatube



  15. Furry Posters

    Changes the Bus Stop pictures and wall posters to something more furry.



  16. Furry Billboards

    Changes the base game Billboards to something a bit more furry.



  17. Furry Magazines

    Made furry versions of all the base game magazines plus the Mechanist notes/posters from Automatron.



  18. Pin-Up Card Series - Anime Lewd Edition

    Retexture of the pinup card series.
    Download both files as your primary source to get these cards will be through opening lunchboxes found in the world. 
    Cards can be found in the world but some are impossible to loot due to unforeseen circumstances, which is why I recommend the additional file. 
    Requires Ketaros Framework. 
    Update: Added preview of cards for a polite member of the community. 



  19. Personal Paintings - Hentai Edition

    Standalone Personal Paintings
    200 landscape and 200 portrait hentai paintings.



  20. Comic Collector - Lewd Edition

    Retextures all comics from original creator of Comic Collector.
    All 1337 lewd covers. 
    Most comics are labeled by the creator of the artwork, some are just generic named. 
    Both hentai and real life lewds. 
    Download all three files, as textures were too big to all fit in one file. 



  21. Belew's Magazine Replacers

    This is a little texture replacer for all magazines in-game, plus a few little easter eggs.
    I've tried my best to make it so that the perks match the magazines, but that proved to be a lot harder than I thought XD.
    The images are mostly artwork from SABUDENEGO, famous rule34 artist, as well as some scenes from porn and adult magazines (and things I found in the depths of the internet).
    I understand some people don't like real life scenes breaking the immersion but I think I did a fine job at most of the replacers so maybe give it a try.
    By all means, this is not an immersive mod and I've made little to none effort into make it so.
    There are some screenshots above as examples but I've added a replacer for all magazines in the game, including DLC's.
    Feedback is appreciated, have fun... weirdos!



  22. Pickman gallery paints replacer (nsfw)

    Replacer for pickman gallery paintings. Shemale/femboy content. 
    you can buy me a beer  -> https://www.buymeacoffee.com/taringarca5



  23. Hentai kitty crafteables texture replacer

    New link --> https://mega.nz/file/6MUDVK4D#aJiLJuyFBgW7VH0VIhnv3YOt8wugvbQ5KAKAZYyIREU

    In the link you can download this personal modification. The original mod have a strange beavior whit lights. I dont fix that bug, only replace textures. I dont know how put files bigger tan 250mb, so dont download the file droped, only the link in this post. Good luck
    You can buy me a beer --->https://www.buymeacoffee.com/taringarca5



  24. Billboards, Advertisements, and Banners Replacer - basic pr0n edition

    Basic replacer for billboards, advertisements and ad posters, and the museum banners - includes a little of everything. 
    To install:
    Drag and drop into your data folder following the file paths in the zip.
    Dragging into you download section of your mod manager should work.



  25. Bus Stop and Urban Posters Replacer - basic pr0n edition

    Basic replacer for the bus stop ads and urban poster. Other signage and posters will be in another upload. Images cover a little bit of everything.
    Plans are to add slogans if I ever figure out how to make GIMP text look better. Tips on that appreciated.
    To install:
    Drag the files into your data folder following the file paths in the zip.
    Dragging and dropping into your mod manager should work as well.



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