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Models & Textures

Adult oriented Fallout 4 mods that replace or add new models, meshes, or textures

80 files

  1. Real Comics Replacer

    This mod replaces some comics from the Real Comics mod with some NSFW stuff. This mod was originally made for personal use so I may or may not have cut some corners in some places. It mostly includes stuff from shadbase but because shadman draws some questionable stuff some of it has been removed from this mod. It also includes some furry stuff ...
    I will be adding more to this mod as time goes on.
    Currently there are 16 comics (Most of them include multiple smaller comics in one book)
    Install using Nexus Mod Manager (or any other manager)
    Manually extract in the Fallout 4 directory
    Real Comics: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17291
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    Where do I get these comics?
    - Real Comics added them to the leveled list, so they will randomly spawn in certain boxes and lockers and that kind of stuff, you can choose how often that happens with the ESP you download from the Real Comics page. If you can't wait for that you can also just cheat them in with something like ESP Explorer, but beware when using VIS-G, your game may crash. So you can also search the ID of the comic (help name 4) and spawn it with console (player.additem ID 1), that does fortunately not crash your game.
    Credits to:
    Shadbase / Kuroodo'd / Kadath



  2. Miscellaneous NSFW Texture Replacer

    I made some smutty textures and edits for my own game, and thought others might be interested. i tried to age the pictures to look similar to the ones in game, and kept it lore friendly when possible.
    It's in zip format right now, and i'll convert it to BA2 files when i get the chance. i'll update the files as i make them for my own game, but suggestions are appreciated
    It replaces some textures for Far Harbor and Nuka World, so those DlC's are required, though i doubt it would be game breaking if u were to use it without the DLCs..



  3. Lore Friendly Ultra Epic Overhaul

    Be sure to Follow me on Lovers Lab!

    Back by popular demand! The former number 1 Fallout 4 mod! The most sexy, lore friendly, sometimes hilarious, COMPLETE overhaul of all the textures in Fallout 4.
    Everything has been hand crafted in Photoshop to give the most REALISTIC look for your Fallout 4 experience. Faded colors and worn papers, this mod changes all that lame PG Fallout Artwork across the wasteland into a complete must-have masterpiece!

    The Magazines have lore friendly headlines and sub stories. The Billboards have hilariously sexist advertisements. And just for good measure, I threw in some period piece porn.

    There isn't a greater Fallout 4 texture replacer out there so pick this one up today before I decide to pull it down again.

    I only put a couple sample's of some magazines in there but believe me, I've changed EVERY texture with art on it, in the game to something sexier.
    (Update: I had to remove a lot of images to fit LL's new smaller file upload size limit. But believe me there's still more images in here than you'll ever even be able to see.)

    If you want to check out some more of the images, feel free to visit my old Youtube page and watch a video about it HERE. You can find other Youtubers Mod Spotlights with this mod in them but I don't want to go find them all so, if you need it, you can use mine.



  4. Beasiality Standalone Paintings

    Be sure to Follow me on Lovers Lab!
    You dirty dirty boy. What have you clicked on this time?
    You've found my long sought after Beastiality Painting Pack, back by popular demand!

    Fill your shitty junk home with all your darkest fantasies and be the biggest weirdo in Sanctuary.



  5. re - texture paintings

    required mods :
    https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1714 - Vault meat paintings
    https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22014 - FAC paintings
    just a re texture of paintings
    after install required mods  copy SetDressing in Fallout4/Data/Texture



  6. Feet And Hands Textures For CBBE

    I'm  not the author of the original body and hands skin textures, the credit goes to Caliente and Ousnius, who made the magnificent Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- mod for the female characters on Nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15/?tab=files (Thank you guys for this AMAZING modification).
    It's NECESSARY to install their mod first to make my modified textures look correctly on the character's body.
    I decided to mark this mod as adult content on Nexus. It doesn't contain any nudity in its conventional meaning, however it focuses on naked feet theme, which might be considered as sexually stimulating. All those foot fetishists out there (me included) will probably agree about this matter. On the other hand, since LoversLab is in its huge part focused on sexual content anyway, I thought that I wouldn't place my mod in the adult section here.
    Please don't send any messages to the author of the mod on Nexus, in case you think that it's a "stolen" file. The author on Nexus - frigid - is me  .
    In case someone would like to download from Nexus, here's the link to my mod:  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/34344
    1) You don't need to use Bodyslide after installing those texture files, as long as you already have CBBE installed. These textures are really the same thing as the original CBBE files (minus my small additions) and they will behave the same way on the body shape as their CBBE equivalents. Besides, my additions are applied only to the feet and hands, which can't be modified in any significant way in Bodyslide anyway. As far as I know, we have a slider for ankles, but that really doesn't change anything for the body textures.
    2) Someone on Nexus brought this into attention, so I feel I should explain one thing about these texture additions and skin tones:
    Both palms and soles textures will get brighter or darker together with the whole body texture, depending on a skin tone chosen for the character in the looksmenu (character creation / customization interface). As far as I'm aware it's the game's limitation, because Bethesda apparently made just one skin texture for all female characters and one for male characters (+ "dirty" and "old" options) and then gave us those skin tones which, apart from adding a pink / brown / yellow tone, just make the skin textures darker or brighter along with all their details (they didn't take into account that people with very dark skin tend to have their palms and soles brighter than the rest of their body). Since it works that way in Fallout 4, probably CBBE creators decided to keep the whole skin texture in just one tone without any significant differences. Their original textures just get darker or brighter entirely, depending on the chosen skin tone in-game. So do mine, that's why these additions work best on bright skinned characters, like the lady on the screenshots.
    The only workaround I can think of right now would be creating a mod which would load those additions as special overlays on top of the basic body texture. Then it would be possible to create some variations for different races / skin tones, I guess. Unfortunately I'm not a professional modder and I lack skills necessary for preparing such modification, sorry.
    Of course, I might have overlooked some things about texture system in Fallout 4. If someone has a better knowledge about this matter, please feel free to correct me.
    It's a simple modification of the CBBE body textures for those who like playing a barefoot female character, but they always felt the lack of dirt on their character's soles. I added some dirt textures to the soles, the other additions were just created for my personal use and preference: pink fingers and soles / heels / toes + dark fingernails / toenails. Just thought that I would share this with the community.
    These additions are all optional - I made a subfolder structure inside my package with appropriate names, so it's probably quite easy to find your way around, so to speak.
    I know the textures aren't perfect - I'm not a professional digital artist, but please consider that I put some time and effort into creating this small modification. If you don't like the result, that's ok, but please try to refrain from any malicious comments. Thank you.
    What exactly did I do? I just put some additional textures with dirt on the soles, pink skin parts on both hands and feet and dark nails on top of the original CBBE textures and exported as .dds files in BC7 compression. There are only two files modified by me: FemaleBody_d.dds and basefemalehands_d.dds (in various options, which are contained in my package). I kept the original CBBE resolution of both files: 4096x4096 px.
    Available options in the package (in separate folders):
    01. Feet - Dirty Soles
    02. Feet - Dirty Soles + Dark Toenails
    03. Feet - Dirty Soles + Pink Soles and Toes
    04. Feet - Dirty Soles + Pink Soles and Toes + Dark Toenails
    05. Feet - Pink Soles and Toes
    06. Feet - Pink Soles and Toes + Dark Toenails
    07. Feet - Dark Toenails
    08. Hands - Pink Fingers
    09. Hands - Pink Fingers + Dark Fingernails
    10. Hands - Dark Fingernails
    11. Hands and Feet - All Options Together
    It's pretty much possible to mix the options, if you want, however some of them probably might look a bit weird together. The best choice would be to combine pink soles and toes with pink fingers, dark toenails with dark fingernails and so on. You can see those options in the image gallery and also in the "References" folder inside my package. In the image gallery there are also in-game examples of how all the options gathered together look on my character.
    Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- mod from Caliente and Ousnius.
    01. Download and install CBBE from Caliente and Ousnius, following their own installation instructions: 
    After the installation you'll have a character textures folder structure inside you Fallout 4 Data folder: 
    Data / Textures / Actors / Character / basehumanfemale/. 
    This is just an information about where exactly my two .dds files go.
    02. Download my .zip file and extract its content to your desired location.
    03. FOR FEET: put the "Data" folder from one of my folders (01-07) into your Fallout 4 main game folder (where Fallout4.exe is located) and overwrite any files when asked.
    04. FOR HANDS: put the "Data" folder from one of my folders (08-10) into your Fallout 4 main game folder (where Fallout4.exe is located) and overwrite any files when asked.
    05. If you want both hands and feet pink + dark fingernails and toenails + dirty soles (in other words: all above options together), just put the "Data" folder from the folder 11 into your Fallout 4 main game folder (where Fallout4.exe is located) and overwrite any files when asked.
    Since this mod replaces two textures from CBBE body textures and I'm probably not allowed to upload the original files here, you'll have to reinstall CBBE or just manually replace these two .dds files in this location:
    Data / Textures / Actors / Character / basehumanfemale/ basefemalehands_d.dds
    Data / Textures / Actors / Character / basehumanfemale/ FemaleBody_d.dds
    with the original CBBE files which have exactly the same names.
    There shouldn't be any issues with other mods, except the ones that modify female body and hands textures. My mod just replaces two .dds files from the original CBBE files structure.
    If you happen to have the skin textures messed up on your body, it's at 99% not my modification's fault, since, like it is said above, it only replaces two files with exactly the same names as the ones from CBBE. The file structure is IDENTICAL to the vanilla / CBBE one. It's really as if you just had still CBBE installed, only with some small visual changes in the feet and hands areas. The messed up textures or black shoulder spot on the body are often reported to be caused by CBBE itself conflicting with some game outfits. Also Unique Player mod, while being a very good modification, causes sometimes those skin distortions - maybe because it has a different file structure than vanilla / CBBE. It is good to always check the bug section / sticky posts of each mod that applies some changes to the body meshes / textures and armor / clothing.
    First thing to try would be deleting my textures and reinstalling CBBE. If the problem continues, then it's probably the CBBE conflict I mentioned above or other body / armor / clothing mods.
    Caliente and Ousnius for their Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- mod and all these talented Authors of the outfit elements and poses my character Sara is using on the screenshots. Thank you for the amazing mods!

    Alternate Hands and Feet - CBBE by Leito86 - for making awesome CBBE hands and feet models even more amazing and sexy.
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente - probably no need to introduce this mod; it lets you create a desired body mesh for your CBBE body and more.
    Unique Player by d_rail - if you don't want most of female npcs in the game look just like your character, then this mod is for you. However there are some bug reports about this mod messing the body textures. Best strategy: look for possible fixes in the bugs section and check out the author's sticky posts.
    Barefoot Footstep by GrozaTerroristow - a MUST-HAVE for everyone who thinks that the lack of barefoot sound in vanilla game is immersion breaking.
    Barefoot Wetsuit by ThatMrSmile - for those who love to walk barefoot in the wasteland, but still want to have a stylish and sexy outfit (strongly recommended for female characters)
    Jackets and Coats of the Commonwealth by Hunk92 - standalone jackets and coats to wear on top of your basic clothing.
    Apocalypse Accessories - Glasses - Scarves - Bags by Elianora and jet4571 - great outfits and modular additions.
    Wedding Ring Enhanced by Crimsomrider - for spicing up the looks of your hands and feet.
    GET DIRTY (take a bath) by 7StarC - if you would like to have more dirt on your character than just some permanent dust on the soles.
    Jewelries (CBBE) -FO4- by Guest -  adds some body and face piercings, earrings, rings on fingers and toes + wrist and ankle bracelletes. If the file is not available for download, please check this page of the file's thread, user mAttii was kind enough to reupload the file in his / her post.
    Diamond City Expansion by Statsmakten - for getting a much richer experience while spending some time in Green Jewel.
    Flirty Commonwealth by VaultFalcone - for spicing up your gameplay without making it too much erotic.
    Player Comments and Head Tracking by Gargorias - amazing mod that breathes some life into the player character, helps you in getting more attached to him / her.
    Female Sexy Sitting and Standing Animation Replacer by Lazman555 - for a more sexy and feminine sitting pose; one of its options can be seen on my screenshots.
    ShinoPoses by Shinoboru and Sunjeong - great poses for screenshots.
    Pose It by navy5465 - great poses for screenshots.
    In-game Third Person Camera Config by MrSaitama - for setting your favourite FOV and camera distance from the player character.
    More Skin Colors by Acacophony - more variety for your character's skin complexion; I'm using a very pale skin color on my screenshots.
    Ponytail Hairstyles v2.5a by Azar - an amazing collection of great hairstyles for your female character.
    Zella's Hair Dye Collection by ANiceOakTree - more variety for your character's hair dye.
    FCO - HD Eyes by Drumber - for making your character's eyes beautiful and seducing.
    Clothing Of The Commonwealth by Crimsomrider - a great collection of modified vanilla outfits; there are barefoot options for those who don't like shoes.
    FCO - Fully Customizable Outfits Reloaded by Hunk92 - a magnificent collection of fully modular outfits, made from the vanilla ones.
    NAC - Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth by L00 - for stunning visuals.
    Enhanced Lights and FX by Anamorfus - for a significant lighting improvement.
    Interiors Enhanced - Darker Ambient Light and Fog by fadingsignal - for a much more immersive lighting in interiors.
    Illuminated Billboards - Lighting by Ceaseless and PDE and all other mods of their "illuminated" series - for bringing a unique (if not very immersive) experience to the vanilla game.
    Clean Vanilla HUD With Compass On Top by eezz - a simple unintrusive hud modification.



  7. Looksmenu Pantyhose Overlay

    I take no credit for this. The file I based everything off of was ported to racemenu for skyrim by @b3lisario. If @b3lisario has an issue I will immediately pull the file.
    This is a port of UNP Racemenu Pantyhose overlay for Fallout 4. 
    I thought Fallout 4 could use one and I did use the Skyrim one alot.
    There is currently 28 pantyhose, tights and faux thigh high includes. I am constantly messing with it. If it goes over well, I might publish it to nexus. I'm just testing the waters out here first
    Here is what is included:
    Black Tights Black Pantyhose High Waisted Black Tights Blackout Tights Black Faux Thigh Highs Blue Tights  Blue Pantyhose Grey Tights Grey Pantyhose White Tights White Pantyhose White Faux Thigh Highs Pink Tights Pink Pantyhose Pink Blackout Tights Pink Faux Thigh Highs Tan Tights Tan Pantyhose Suntan Tights Suntan Pantyhose Purple Tights  Purple Pantyhose Teal Tights Teal Pantyhose Navy Tights  Navy Pantyhose Red Tights Red Pantyhose  
    I think that's everything.



  8. Re-textured Supermutants

    Simple requested re-texture of the supermutant race to give them a grayish pink skin rather than the Incredible Hulk reject green skin Bethesda decided on.
    You can drag and drop in the data folder, there are only the _d.DDS files no normal or specular maps included.
    Works well with the Female Super Mutants - 16322 mod.
    Do with it what you will, no permissions required.



  9. NSFW Guns & Bullets Magazine

    Replaces nine of the ten covers of Guns & Bullets!
    Does not replace 03, 'Little Guns For Little Ladies'
    None. Just make sure you have archive invalidation enabled:
    Add the mod to your mod manager of choice and install it (ex. Nexus Mod Manager), or extract the archive to your Fallout 4 directory.
    01 The Future of Hunting? Andava (Patreon)
    02 Lasers & Hunting: Acceptable Overkill Liang Xing (Patreon)
    04 Street Guns of Detroit John Doe (Tumblr)
    05 Avoid those Pesky Gun Laws! DevilHS (Hentai Foundry)
    06 The Moon: A Communist Doomsday Device? Platinum Games (Steam)
    07 Take Aim, Army Style Dandonfuga (Patreon)
    08 Bear Proofing Your Campsite Masamune Shirow (Amazon)
    09 Plasma - The Weapon of Tomorrow Seeker (Pixiv)
    10 Guide to hunting Commies! Ganassa (Patreon)
    *All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners



  10. My fallout 4 bodyslide preset

    Just a preset I made.  Had issues with breasts being too small or big messing the breast physics so i made this preset which has less jitters and more bounce. 
    This isn't required but I use this universal cbbe reference on the nexus which adds the abs you see in the pic https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17472
    also I use this skeleton which makes the legs have a larger ratio https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/30433
    The outfit is https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/30006



  11. Debby & Kitty Pip-screen

    Hello all, These are some Pip-boy/pad screen images of mine that I wanted to share with everyone. ^^
    This backround picture is of Debby & Kitty standing together in wet diapers, These files work for Pip-boys &/or Pip-pads.
    This is an altered version of art from an ABDL artist named Rinonno, They're art can be found here - https://rinonno.deviantart.com/ if you wanna check em out.
    This is a backround picture of Debbysitting down wearing nothing but Her diaper binkie & a bow.☺️
    This is an altered version of art from an ABDL artist named PieceofSoap, They're art can be found here - https://www.deviantart.com/pieceofsoap if u wish to see they're works.
    If you like these artists works you should support them.
    Just drop the data folder in your fallout 4 folder   & you'll have a backround of Kitty &/or Debby on your pip-boy or pip-pad.   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Enjoy.



  12. BlueJay's PostersForYou

    Hey everyone, this is my first "mod" for Fallout 4. I felt like giving back to the community and am releasing a personal texture poster pack i made a little while back using the "Posters For You" Mod by moriartykain. There aren't any requirements, so you should just be able to install the main file. Most of the pictures come from Garret Blair and are fairly tame but the style just begs to be turned into an obscurely large poster. Then there are a few from Studio FOW (incredibly tame considering the content) and lastly, like, one or two from various unnamed authors.
    Unzip the download and there should be a zipped file in there, along with some resource files (Just the pictures with slight alterations done by me, in JPG form for personal use.) Then just install the 2nd ZIP file that contains the textures, meshes and materials and you should see them in-game.
    Posters For You places the custom posters under the paintings category, and depending on your mod list, you should find them somewhere after the vanilla pictures.
    You don't need any of these, but they're here if you want 'em.
    Posters For You - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18595/
    Studio FOW - http://studiofow.tumblr.com/#
    Garrett Blair - http://www.garrett-blair.com/
    I welcome and appreciate any feedback, hopefully, you all enjoy the mod. 



  13. (Sorta) Lore-Friendly Sexy Magazine Replacers

    (Sorta) Lore-Friendly Sexy Magazine Replacers
    So, I've had these for a very long time that I made myself using Editable Comics. I never planned to upload it as it wasn't the best quality and kind of "half-assed" when I put it all together as it was around my first time doing texture editing and made mistakes. But since I have quit playing Fallout 4 recently, I figured I should probably share them for someone that might enjoy them still. And as well, if I ever decide to play again, I'll have them here as backup.
    Most the images fit in with the theme of Fallout 4 so they don't stand out too much. Some, like Grognak or Tesla Science might stand out a bit, but still look decent enough. I tried to keep Wasteland Survival Guide, Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor, and Scav! as drawn art instead of printed. If you don't like them, feel free to delete any magazines you don't want.
    All magazines are done, I didn't miss any of them (except for pre-war ones), even the DLC ones. Since I didn't have Fallout 4 installed when I tossed this together, I don't have any ingame screenshots of them. But I uploaded some preview images straight from the source so you could still preview them.
    Hope you guys enjoy!
    Credits: Lomien for Editable Comics, Google for the images, and several artists (Elvgren, Sorayama, Serpieri, Petty, Frahm, Vargas, Rebecca, etc etc).
    Permissions: Feel free to do whatever you want with this mod. You can modify it or whatever, I don't mind. All I ask is you don't upload it to a paysite and you give me credit at least. Thanks!



  14. Re-textured Magazines - DLC #4 SCAV!

    I haven't been able to find re-textures to my liking, so i decided to make my own...
    I didn't try to keep within the same universe of 'lore' as the original magazines except for keeping most of the wording the originals had.



  15. Re-textured Magazines - Awesome Tales

    I haven't been able to find re-textures to my liking, so i decided to make my own...
    I tried to keep within the same universe of 'lore' as the originals magazines for the most part, just a bit more sexified. I did change a couple of the titles to more closely reflect the perk they give.
    I didn't change #8 The man who could stop time and #43 Rise of the mutants because I haven't been able to find a good replacement images yet. If I find them I'll replace them as well.
    I may change #1 My brain and I if I find something I like better also...



  16. Re-textured Magazines - Total Hack

    Just a simple re-texture of the ascii art making it a bit sexier



  17. Re-textured Magazines - Junktown

    I haven't been able to find re-textures to my liking, so i decided to make my own...
    I didn't try to keep within the same universe of 'lore' as the original magazines except for keeping most of the wording the originals had.



  18. Re-textured Magazines - Tesla

    I haven't been able to find re-textures to my liking, so i decided to make my own...
    I tried to keep within the same universe of 'lore' as the originals magazines for the most part, just a bit more sexified.



  19. Vault-Tec Breeding Posters - Adult Version

    Hi all,
    This is the adult version of my Vault-Tec Breeding Posters.
    It consists of currently 6 posters, craftable in the workshop under Decorations->Vault->Posters for 2 cloth each.
    I keep those separate, since I believe, that this version is not very lore friendly, and those who don't want the adult version should be able to get the regular version without this.
    The non-adult version can be found here: Non-Adult Mod
    That said, both mods can be used together without complications or duplicates.
    Do you really have to ask?
    Version 3.0 is here. The MURRICA Update. This features a lot of patriotic (nationalistic) flavored Posters. ALSO: RAIDER UPDATE. As a little bonus, and ince a few people asked fot this. 6 totaly new Posters, themed for a raider slave market.
    With this, the adult mod contains 28 Posters, as usual in pristine and dirty versions.
    Have Fun
    If you have ideas for some additional posters or critisism for this six, please leave a comment.
    I would like to have some more posters, maybe also themed a little bit different ones for you, so your ideas are welcome.
    Some of the Posters are rather ... political incorrect. Be warned.



  20. 4th generation synthetic body (Texture(s)

    Here are some body textures I made & wanted to share with everyone, These are textures to make your character look like a synth.
    I'm planning to do more color choices for wires & I might make alternate versions of these skin textures altogether.
    These files are just body textures, They are not meant to go with anything else in particular.



  21. Sex Toys of the Commonwealth

    Have you ever felt that the Nuclear Wasteland was missing something. Well I certainly think about these things, and I wondered... where are all the adult toys? Did none of them survive nuclear annihilation? What is everyone supposed to do for fun? And well, I just couldn't watch the people of the Commonwealth suffer any longer. And so I present, Sex Toys of the Commonwealth. The people need a way to pleasure themselves, are you willing to provide them with the means to do so. These are mainly meant for decorational purposes, though they could be made into "animobjects" and used in future sexual animations.
    Sex Toys
    EVB Dildo -- (Normal, Glass, and Glowing versions available - Static/Non-Static)
    Custom Dildo -- (Normal, Glass, and Glowing versions available - Static/Non-Static)
    Butt Plug -- (Normal, Glass, and Glowing versions available - Static/Non-Static)
    Beads -- (Normal, Glass, and Glowing versions available - Non-Static)
    Note: Glowing versions look considerably better if you are using an ENB. (not the default ENB though, it doesn't seem to have an effect on glowmaps)
    Where to Find
    The Static versions are under my custom workshop category. (Decorations -> Crazy's Sex Objects)
    The Non-Static versions can be crafted at a Chem Workbench under my custom category there.
    Before uninstalling my mod be sure to use the uninstall chem (craftable at a chem workbench under my custom category). If you don't do this you could potentially lose vanilla workshop categories. No worries if you forget and are now missing categories, try using this mod Missing Settlement Categories Fix
    Add the objects to leveled lists so they show up in containers every now and then
    Create my own objects with 3dsMax
    Might try to port/edit some Skyrim mods
    Leito - Enhanced Vanilla Bodies



  22. DD Reference Mesh Fix

    This is my attempt to eliminate the "double body" or "beer goggles" effect from Devious Devices. I identified four outfits which had a reference body attached (but did not use slot 33) and removed the reference. The outfits are still shaped to fit your body in BodySlide.
    To install:
    Install Devious Devices Install this modYou can use Nexus Mod Manager or just extract the "Tools" folder from the zip and place it in your "Data" folder
    [*]Build your outfits in BodySlide as you normally would.

    This mod ONLY contains the files I changed from Devious Devices. The only testing is that this mod worked for me. I was even able to use CBBE Physics Body again! Having that said, I am providing this mod with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. You assume all responsibility for any effect this mod has on your game or system.

    Requires Devious Devices (version 2.0 or higher)



  23. Mega-super-ultra IMMERSIVE sexy Magazine retexture

    do you wanna look at boobies in your game but those other magazine retextures are too UNIMMERSIVE!!!! and NOT-LORE-FRIENDLY!!!! for you to Ever even CONSIDER using??????? Well jeez you are in luck my pal!! Here's like 8 maybe? retextures I threw together editing vanilla textures but drawing tits on them! I did it only where it made most the sense to me. Could have tried some Live and Love issues but they weren't convenient and I don't really take that mag as being sleazy. Mostly edited grognaks, upgrading cleavage to actual boobs. Also got a junktown jerky vendor issue and 2 Awesome Tales!! issues. The awesome Tales!! edits are also fairly subtle, again, didn't seem sleazy enough for that.The main idea her is for these to blend in with ya game. I went through everything and sifted through to find the best magazines for the tit and pussy treatment. I might've missed something though, if I did, let me know about it, let me know why, and I can try to fix something up. Otherwise don't ask for anything more. Enjoy! ))))))))



  24. Futa Galore - Unique player female Futa bodies (bodyslide CBB CHERRY)

    This is a mod inspired by the bag of dicks mod http://www.loverslab.com/topic/78757-bag-of-dicks-equipable-penises-for-fallout-4-fourplay-compatible/ (support the author), it adds a custom (with lots of choices) futa body for the female player. It also includes the modified version of unique player mod to make the male and female playable character stand out from the rest.
    Use a mod manager or extract in game directory.
    Breast and butt physics from cherry Female player skin and male body and skin is completely customizable:

    To change the female player skin download a CBBE compitable skin texture and place contents in (You can't change the face texture yet but hands and body shouldnt be a problem) C:\Program Files \Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\textures\actors\character\playerhumanfemale

    To change the male player skin download a file thats compatible with your male body mesh (EVB - is standard) compitable skin texture and place contents in (You can't change the face texture yet but hands and body shouldnt be a problem) C:\Program Files \Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\textures\actors\character\playerhumanmale
    To change the male player body download a Male body mesh and place contents in (You can't change the face texture yet but hands and body shouldnt be a problem) C:\Program Files \Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\Meshes\actors\character\Playercharacterassets
    Female CBBE presets compatible (same for cherry presets) Clipping is going to be an issue if you pick huge presets for the penises. (Trivial but still)

    Notes on fourplay
    This mod has no issues with fourplay and you can play aside with it but ofcourse if you pick too big meshes clipping will be a problem. And there is no support for futa penetration in fourplay so you may somtimes equip strapons.

    Let me know if something's a miss.



  25. Sissy- unique male body replacer (4play(plugins) ready) (bodyslide)

    A personal body-type that I use in my game. It's a mashup of
    SHB body (modified) EVB penis mesh. (modified) (lots of modified texture from all kinds of mods on the nexus)

    Works with 4play (even better with the agressor animation only setting in 4 play ) The skin in-game is way diffrent and way more sissy friendly Custom penis mesh Bodyslide Ready Only Unique player is needed to work Oily body (I prefer it that way, feel free to change the xxx_s.dds files to get less oily)

    Extract in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4 or use a mod manager.