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Adult oriented Fallout 4 mods that replace or add new models, meshes, or textures

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  1. Doll-Face Piper [Looksmenu Preset]

    "Hey, Doll Face."
    By request, here's my Looksmenu preset for Piper Wright, the Diamond City journalist companion.  While these presets are intended for the Piper companion, they may be applied to any human character in the game.  The install package will work with Vortex, or it may be installed manually (see notes below).  This release contains three(3) separate Looksmenu preset files:
    - Piper - Doll Face:  The original version with coppertone skin (She's a bit tan from traveling the Commonwealth by day getting her next big story).
    - Piper - Vampire (Hungry):  Severely pale skin with vampiric facial effects.
    - Piper - Vampire (Fed):  Skin has a bit more color with vampire facial effects.
    * See the attached screenshots for examples*
    Note:  Any or all of the settings made by these presets may be changed by you in game.
    My goal with Piper was to keep her looking as close to the base game model as I found to be tolerable while still "enhancing" her beauty.  That's why the required mods lists is so much smaller than other LM presets.  With additional mods you can modify her further, if prefered.
    Required Mods
    - F4SE Fallout 4 Script Enhancer - link: http://f4se.silverlock.org/
    - LooksMenu - link: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12631
    - LooksMenu Customization Compendium - link: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24830
    - The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition - link: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/133
    *The bolded mods above are absolutely necessary for these presets to be used.  The others are a soft requirement.  The presets MAY work without them, but the end result will not look like the screenshots below.
    Manual Install
    - Download the install package and open it with a compatible compressed file explorer app/program.
    - Copy the files from the install package to the following location in your Fallout 4 game folder:   ..\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\F4EE\Presets\
    - The files may be renamed as you prefer and will still work within the game.
    Click to enlarge.

    The vampire cape and collar are mashups from other mods.  I cannot release them due to rights issues.



  2. Fusion girl's non realistic skin

    Personal taste of fusion girl skin
    All the textures (_d) have been color adjusted, so I don't think it is suitable for other matching, unless you are familiar with the image software, you can try to unify the hue yourself
    The head is 1K and the body 4K
    The attachment now contains an optional 2K head map
    Thanks to the author of fusion girl
    Zaz and TheBottomhoodofSteel
    Thanks to all the authors of skin mod I downloaded
    I can't remember which ones I used to color and modify, so I'm sorry.
    For the sake of simplicity
    Download the latest version directly to replace all



  3. New Paintings - Jill Valentine Classic

    This Mod will add NEW Paintings
    LoversLab Version: 2 Paintings   
    1. Jill Valentine - Classic Outfit (LoversLab)
    2. Jill Valentine - Classic Outfit - Topless (LoversLab)
    3. Jill Valentine - Nude  (Nexus Mods Only)
    4. Jill Valentine - Nude + Hairy (Nexus Mods Only)
    !!! Complete Version on Nexus Mods (4 Paintings) !!!
    Workshop Menu under Decorations>>Wall Decorations>>Paintings.
    Installation: Extract all included files into the Data folder
    !On  PATREON you will also get access to HQ Photos (Jill Valentine)
    More Mods? Support Me on PATREON!



  4. W&B (Whipping, Spanking, Branding, Bruises, Amputee - LooksMenu Overlays - Females/Males)

    I created this mod for personal use because I wanted bodies that would reflect the harsh environment of a commonwealt marked by the sadism of the raiders, who are dedicated to slavery. I do not condone or advise anyone to whip, amputate, or brand other people's skin with hot iron.
    I would have liked to create this set of textures for Fusion Girl and CBBE separately, but it was very exhausting and I worked only based on the body that I use: Fusion Girl. Overlays and skin overrides shouldn't have a problem if you have CBBE or FG, but the new options in version 2.2 are intended for FG. However, I put in the download section version 2.1 which is based on CBBE.
    The mod does not include scripts of any kind; absolutely everything here is aesthetic. Even when you are in amputee clothing or body, the game will still act as if you are completely fine. 
    WhippedAndBranded contains: 
    1. Body Overlays
    Contains a set of 10 whipped and spanked Body Overlays that you can add and remove like tattoos. 
    2. Skin Overlays
    This is optional in the FOMOD. If you don't want them, check the corresponding box.
    I renewed 7 Skin Overlays for Fusion Girl (Previously there were 10, but I removed the ones with whip marks as they were redundant). They are also applied like tattoos, but these overlays contain skin, so you can only use 1 at a time. You can put tattoos, spanking marks, and even Amputee Skin Overrides on them, but you can't put another Skin Overlay on them.
    If you chose to have these skins, you will find it in the same Overlays list.
    3. Skin Overrides
    Added 3 Skin Overrides:
    Amputee Body (TheKite)
    Amputee Body (DocClox)
    Amputee Corps (Captain-Heiko)
    You can edit the body shape in Bodyslide. The group is called "Amputee Body".
    *When choosing a Skin Override, you can put 1 of the 7 Skin Overlays I mentioned above. Or any of the 10 Body Overlays... or any tattoo.
    You probably know, probably not. If you equip yourself with any slot 33 clothing (like Vault Suit), the amputated arm will appear because that type of clothe brings its own body. Then it is necessary to create a set of clothes that can serve you: Included 7 vanilla Amputee clothing (based on TheKite version) that can be created in the Chemistry Station ("Amputee Fashion" category).
    REMEMBER: If you are going to use these clothes or have others use them, you need to assign TheKite's Skin Override.
    I also included Desdemona boot, so it is possible to mix it with other clothes like VTAW, EasyGirl, etc.
    As an optional download, it also includes the Amputee body (TheKite version) for Devious Devices heels Fusion Girl Version. Of course, you will need to download Slave Heels as these are only about the Bodyslide files.
    Permissions and credits
    Any moder can do whatever seems convenient with this, for example use spanking or spanking overlays after an AAF scene.
    Many thanks to Indarello for putting his resources for Gimp and also for his FG body with vaginal morphs. It is simply sensational. To DocClox for giving me permission to use his quad amputee body and TheKite for allowing the use of its assets.



  5. Wrecked Modern Vehicles

    Wrecked Modern Vehicles 
    May be crafted under >Decorations >Misc
    Questions, Comments, Concerns, Commissions.
    Discord Server.
    Patreon is pretty empty as of now, but we'll get there.



  6. Stripper Pole

    A series of Stripper Poles for Savagecabbage anim pack's Pole Dance.
    You can find the Poles in Workshop Mode under Resources > Miscellaneous.
    Version 3.0 A: Includes 3 non-assignable Poles: Wood, Nuka* and Steel.
    Version 3.0 B: Includes 4 assignable Steel Poles, 1 for each of SavageCabbage's pole dancing animations.
    Both versions can be used together. However; for one they can't be flagged as ESL or AAF won't work with them (or I haven't found a way to do so) so they'll each take a ESP slot; and second, I didn't want to clutter the Workshop Menu with 7 different poles, from which you'll probably only be using 1 or 2.
    The optional file "WORK HOURS" makes Bar assigned settlers work around the clock, which also includes the assigned Pole Dancers (yes, they sell food and drink). This one is flagged ESL.
    All the poles add a bit of happiness to the settlement. As well as a bit of trader income.
    Assigend Settlers won't get naked on their own, so you'll have to give them a sexy attire to replace their current one; or use console commands to get them naked (Open console, click on the settler and type showinventory, then type unequipitem <baseID> The <baseID> is the 8 character ID shown after the item name).
    If you want the player character to dance you'll need to use Advanced Animation Framework to do so (all 7 poles work with it):
    1) Get close to the pole and press the Home button on your keyboard.
    2) Press Enter to open the Wizard.
    3) Using the Arrow Keys move your selection and then use the PageDown button to select the actor (yourself or a nearby NPC), press the Right Arrow Key to confirm selection.
    4) Select the location with the Arrow Keys (the Pole in this case).
    5) Lastly select the the animation, which if you have the Animation Pack, should be 4 available for Pole Dancing.
    You need both Advanced Animation Framework and SavageCabbage Animation Pack (and their requirements).
    *You need the Nuka World DLC for the Nuka Pole. Without it you still can place the other two. Just don't try to place the Nuka Pole without the DLC or you'll CTD.



  7. Jesse Jane Magazine & Comic Book Replacer

    This mod replaces all the in game magazines and comic books (including Far Harbor and Nuka World), with images sets from Jesse Jane. 
    This is NOT a FOMOD installer. It just unrars into the Data/Textures folder. 



  8. Devious Devices Slave Heels (CBBE - Fusion Girl)

    When I was playing Skyrim I found three lovely DD high heels we don't have in Fallout and, thanks to @Kimy's permission, I have converted them. There are three pairs of metallic high heels with their respective rusty variants.
    You must choose the simple version or the version with a patch (you will not be able to run, you will increase in charisma but you will decrease in strength and luck). 

    It can be built like others Devious Devices or you can also use ESP Explorer.
    Hard Requirements
    Devious Devices 2.0
    CBBE or Fusion Girl 1.75
    High Heel Sounds 1.1
    Soft Requirements
    High Heel System
    Includes bodyslide files. They are grouped as "Devious Devices Heels".



  9. lactating breasts

    makes your characters breasts drip milk.
    before you install
    create a backup file for the basehumanfemale folder in case of any problems happen
    doing so will also help you uninstall

    drop the .dds file in fallout4\data\textures\actors\character\basehumanfemale
    and youre done

    copy the backup file of the basehumanfemale folder
    in fallout4\data\textures\actors\character
    lactating breasts (nexus mods): https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/47752



  10. huge nipples

    makes your characters areolas huge.
        before you install create a backup file for the basehumanfemale folder in case of any problems happen
    doing so will also help you uninstall

    drop the .dds file in fallout4\data\textures\actors\character\basehumanfemale
    thats pretty much it

    copy the backup file of the basehumanfemale folder
    in fallout4\data\textures\actors\character
      huge nipples (nexus mods): https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/47739   enjoy!  



  11. Tekken hentai comics - Get Ready to Fly!!

    This mod add new comic book to read - Get Ready to Fly!! by Sowilo. You can't found it anywhere in game, so you need use console and type:
    "help get 4" or "help ready 4"



  12. CBBE Pubic Hair Overlays for LooksMenu

    Surely I'm not the first one to do this, right? Right???? This game came out like, 20 years ago, come on people.
    Well anyways, this is a small handful of pubic hair overlays for LooksMenu made around the CBBE body. Because making a hard commitment to changing textures for all actors is scary and doing it in the character creator is way better. Probably works on other bodies that aren't CBBE, but I didn't put this together with anything else in mind. Make sure you have F4SE and looksmenu, or else this is liable to not work or destroy your game or something maybe probably idk. Should be mod manager compatible, or you know, just drop the data folder in the archive into your root game folder.
    The Styles
    Au Naturel - A full(ish) bush, wastelander signature
    Bikini Trim - A mostly full bush with the sides trimmed off
    Landing Strip - You know what this is
    Low Fuzz - A short patch of peach fuzz
    Patchy - Note to self, spend less time in radioactive vats
    Reid - Inspired by a famous, ahem, entertainer



  13. Dank's Magazine Replacer

    just a simple magazine replacer for every perk mag in game, enjoy



  14. [DD]Orange is the new black/Black Catsuit retextured

    [DD]Orange is the new black(well it is if you want to)
    Black Catsuit from Devious Devices retextured to vibrant orange
    Requires: Devious Devices
    Thanks to Kimy for making it



  15. Guess Who?

    I made this tattoo overlay after waking from a particularly weird dream. Someone asked if I could share it, so here it is. Just the one tat at the moment. I might add more later if anything occurs to me.
    There's a face texture in there too that I couldn't get to work. If anyone can see what I'm doing wrong, I'll post a fixed version.
    The tat was made for FusionGirl. It should work for CBBE but it may get a but wonky around the bum.
    Apply using LooksMenu body overlay as per usual.



  16. Aged 4K Textures-31266-1-3.rar

    There was a now deleted mod on Fallout 4 NexusMods called "Granny for CBBE" which had CBBE compatible textures for elderly women (Mama Murphy, Mrs.Greentop, etc).  It had Old Skin and Young Skin options for download.  This file is the Younger Skin version.  Is it really 4k?  I don't remember because it's been a while since I looked at that mod.



  17. Shadbase Paintings

    This mod adds several images found on Shadbase as paintings to the game. There are 282 paintings at the moment.
    Install this mod with MO2 or any other mod manager
    Extract the files inside the mod folder to the fallout 4 data folder
    Settlement Menu Manager
    This mod is based upon Personal Paintings (not a requirement)
    Is shadman ok with this?
    - For as far as I know he even encourages it.
    Why do you do this?!
    - Boredom
    Can you add this painting?
    - Yea just ask



  18. Replace tape and handcuffs

    Simply replacing the appearance of the duct tape, the original tape that can be removed by sneezing no longer exists.
    You can use bodyslide to generate ropes to replace the appearance of ordinary handcuffs in realhandcuffs.
    The name in bodyslide is "handcuffs_to_rope"
    For the naked Fusion girl
    One of the poses https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6766-bond-device-animations/ replaces the original pose of realhandcuffs to match the rope appearance. In the MCM menu of realhandcuffs, you need to set the animation to take the pose of realhandcuffs.
    You can also use software like fo4edit or f4-xTranslator to change the name of handcuffs to rope
    Two sound packages are added
    DD's gag dialogue and reaction and aggressive animation can be applied.
    Not directly replace the existing sound effect
    you can find the file location of the sound effect played in the game according to your own choice to rename and replace it. For example
    data \ sound \ FX \ deviousdevices
    data \ sound \ FX \ Gagsounds
    there are similar
    data \ sound \ FX \ gray \ gagged
    defined by animators themselves
    It's all up to you.
    Thank you for reading my English online translation
    Thanks and Acknowledgements:
    Kimy for Devious Devices [https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3796-devious-devices/]
    Kharos for Real Handcuffs [https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/8485-real-handcuffs/]
    Gray User for Bondage Device Animations 0.1.0 [https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6766-bondage-device-animations/]



  19. Celebs Fakes Posters

    Hello Fiends,
    It is a pack of very sexy Posters with celebrities.
    60 Posters to decorate the walls of your settlements.
    Easy to install with NMM or manually, instructions attached to the file.
    You will find the posters with the Workshop on the decoration menu.



  20. Very Naughty Paintings

    Do you find explicit/pornographic images break your immersion?   Are you also a pervert?  Then this mod was made with you in mind.

    Very Naughty Paintings adds 18 custom and very naughty paintings to the workshop menu.  There are 9 landscape and 9 portrait (rectangle & square).  All paintings are aged, weathered, and very very naughty.  This was a result of me wanting to play around with different filters, effects, laying techniques, etc. 

    Future Plans & Custom Work

    I have many more in development so if you like these, keep an eye out for updates.  I am open to creating custom paintings as well.  If there are models or themes that you would like to see in this style, you are welcome to send me a message to discuss.


    1.       Use mod manager or drag contents of into “Data” folder

    2.       See step 1 and do the opposite



  21. Pantyhose Collections Fallout 4 (Looksmenu, CBBE)

    Adds 3 types of pantyhose each with 10 color variations 10D--thinnest, 30D--medium thick, 60D--thickest Adds 3 colors of panties (pantyhose can be wore with or without the panties) They are all Looksmenu overlay textures, not items, you can wear them with any outfits or armors Adds 3 v-back bodystockings Adds 8 styles of pantyhose Adds some stockings and garter-belts--adapted from balicha's mod. Garter and stocking can be worn separately. 
    How to Use
    You should have F4SE and Looksmenu installed Install the mod using NMM or other software In game type ~ to call up the console, key in showlooksmenu 14, then type ~ again to close the console In the Looksmenu, click BODY > OVERLAYS, then select the pantyhose/stocking Optional: add a panties/garter belt after selecting the pantyhose/stocking--click ADD and select the extra item  
    This mod is inspired by b3lisario who post the pantyhose racemenu mod in Skyrim.
    The thickness and color variations are inspired by irsuv's Looksmenu Pantyhose Overlay mod.
    Stockings and garter belts were modified from balicha's mod available for Skyrim.



  22. Raider Missing - Junk Poster Replacer

    Raider Missing - Junk Poster Replacer
    Raiders began posting images of the women they had kidnapped around the commonwealth to help get the word out and get more ransom money.  Unfortunately, everyone knew that Raiders take the money and kill you any way.  Others began adding their own pictures from magazines ad elsewhere to the groups of images and now you can see the results everyone you go in the commonwealth.  
    ...If you needed a Lore friendly reason for sexy babes everywhere you go
    This file changes one image that FO4 uses for all of the junk posters around the commonwealth.  This file was upsized so ensure a little more variety but you will see these everywhere.  Enjoy!
    1) Dump in your Fallout 4 directory ensuring GenericPosters01_d.DDS has the following file structure ( data\textures\setdressing\signage\ )
    2) Profit!
    Change Log + Future Plans
    V1.0 2019/11/17 - Initial Upload
    If there is sufficient interest I may consider making more options: more lore(ish) friendly version with less cross platform/game content, more decayed look to images - etc.  



  23. Strap-on,viodoe,dick for female/servitron

    Auto equipped in AAF Animations
    Make sure your servitron is female
    Changes from Strap-on's mod:
    If your Servitron does not appear in the AAF menu:
    if you like my mod - please support me
    There is tutorial how to make seamless textures for dick in blender, if you use non default textures, I tried my best, but my result is not quite perfect with seam
    Here is files



  24. MeLikem Areolas

    This work is based of of a mix of the CBBE, Oni, and default skin textures.  The areolas shape is based off my best friend's nipples, so don't tell me these are unrealistic!  Fahrenheit is shown behind piper with the dirty skin version (I prefer tats to dirt). Both are included.  These are 4k res textures.



  25. Bodyslide Body Talk 2 Ghoul Male.7z

    This is a mesh and slider set for BodyTalk2 for male ghouls.  You need just the EVB ghoul textures from this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7432?
    When you build the bodies choose any of the TBOS body talk slider sets.
    If you want this for "Superhero body" or whatever you can convert a body yourself in bodyslide. Just open you favorite body as a file save a copy of it as "TBOS ghoul mybodytype".  You can get the file folder data from my file here. Then go into the properties on your body and change the material file like you see in the pic below. Again, you can get the file and folder data from my sliderset.
    So strange, I've been modding since 2005 and my first publication is ghoul cocks...
    Bodyslide Body Talk 2 Ghoul Male.7z

    PreBuilt Mesh.7z



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