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Fallout 4 mods that add or replace various animations

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  1. Daily Life of Hookers Workshop Markers

    I've converted the mod, Daily Life of Hookers, which is a very nice selection of idle poses into furniture, specifically rugs.
    Daily Life of Hookers Workshop Markers

    You can find all 100 idles of Daily Life of Hooker markers in an Injected Workshop Menu, no needing to dig around to find them all. Currently the workshop menu is setup where you go into one of them, just to go into another - this is my future proofing to possibly make the mod easier to get around in the coming days.

    If anyone knows how to make animation markers, i.e. the blue humanoid NIF models that the base game uses, I would like to get those made for all the poses of course instead of them actually idling they would be static and act as a preview of the pose. I would then implement those Markers into the rugs and only be viewable in workshop mode, so that you can quickly and easily set up your scenes or what have you.

    Mod Requirements:
    This mod does not require any mods to be used.
    It does however require DLC04, and Fallout 4 of course.

    Reposting/Mod Sharing:
    Do NOT post this mod onto any other website without my permission. Including Discord, Nexus, 9DM, etc.



  2. Experimental Skeleton

    After fiddling around with Havok lately i started trying to create an "extended skeleton", so this is the most recent result.
    The Skeleton got some bones for Wings (WingL/WingR), a Tail(T_), and the "private areas" of male(P_) and female(V_).
    The bones can be animated and are not affected by ragdoll / physics.
    Current number of bones is 132 in total.
    special thanks to :
    Shade animator for the F4AK
    DexesTTP for HKXpack
    Groovtama for getting me on the right track



  3. mcgFemaleWalk

    This mod improve (since it seems to me) the existing female movement animations. The original animation for female made without a soul. And I did not see any animation replacer that would fix it at the level that I need. So I decided to do it anew.
    Only for female characters.


    Place the contents of the archive in your Fallout4\data folder but mutch better install by using Mod Organizer 2.

    Change log:

    Added WPNWalkForwardRelaxed, WPNWalkForwardLeftRelaxed, WPNWalkForwardRightRelaxed for pistols and rifles. I understand that it is necessary to make a complete animation set with weapons for all directions, but I start with what I see on the screen most often. Mod resources are now packed into the mcgFemaleWalk - Main.ba2. Мake sure that you completely removed the previous version of the mod when updating to v0.5 Optional files mcgFemaleWalk-Granny-eng.esp and mcgFemaleWalk-Granny-ru.esp. I separated the option when the old women use vanilla animation. In these two files for the Russian and English localizations, the old women are added a keyword to use the old animation. Also old animation used for Depressed AnimArchetype and NPC with old female voice. Total 29 NPC. Are required addons: Automatron, Far Harbor, Nuka-World.


    In after years:

    Walk and run with weapons
    Idle and start/stop transitions
    Something else


    Compatible with all mods, except for modifying motion such as Girly Animation or Better Female Walk.

    From version 0.5 compatibility with Girly Animation seeks to zero.
    Since are added additive animation sub-graphs for the same movements with weapons, no one knows how they will interact.

    Compatibility with weapons mods:

    If the weapon from another mods uses the standard weapons classes Fallout4 and for the animation 3rd person uses vanilla animations from Character\Animations\weapon then with such weapons the compatibility is fully.

    Weapon that use custom 3rd person animations will use vanilla animation. To make it compatibility will need add animation SubGraphData for female similar to how I added them for standard weapons.
    I do not promise that it will happen tomorrow, because I also play in F4



  4. RadLoad - Nuclear Storm

    RadLoad - Nuclear Storm
    Author - Morwyn Kelm / Ramses
    Desc - Main menu animation and background music. Loops. Goal is to create a much more sinister and ominous feel to the menu.
    This is the first in a series of menu replacers I am working on. Feedback is requested.
    Install: Use NMM or install manually.
    Technical: The loop is 1:23. It was captured at 60FPS @ 1920@1200. It should properly scale for any HD resolution. Using a personal ReShade and mixed audio/effects, some original, some not.



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