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Fallout: New Vegas Adult Mods

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These Fallout: New Vegas mods are of an adult nature


    1. Maternity Pack Overkill +Addons

      About Maternity Pack Overkill
      Fallout New Vegas, its DLC's, TaleOfTwoWastelands (Fallout 3 and its DLC) and Sexout Common Resources contain lots of outfits. Unfortunately Sexout Common Resources / Sexout Pregnancy only cover some of these outfits with a pregnancy-version. Maternity Pack Overkill tries to add all other outfits, and all the way to P7.
      Maternity Pack Overkill is created to work fluently with Sexout Common Resources and Sexout Pregnancy.
      - Sexout Common Resources and all resources from the tutorial made by Ritual Clarity
      - Sexout Pregnancy
      - Download the 1.2GB rar-file named '2osENnV', that I stored on my MEGA folder. (Because it's too big for LoversLab)
      About the Addon Packages:
      Fallout New Vegas, it's DLC's and TTW have a lot of scripts, quests and dialogues, that will only trigger if you wear outfit X. With Sexout Pregnancy creating the risk of you being knocked up and carrying a pregnancy version of outfit X, those scripts, quests etc wouldn't trigger. The addon-packs are created to fix that oversight. So the 5 esps contain fixes for scripts, quests and tons of dialogues so that they will function properly. I also tried to incorperate fixes to outfits, dialogs etc from YUP/TTWFixes without making those mods a requirement.
      Some examples were the addon packs fix someting:
      - Sarah from Vault 21 will now accept pregnancy versions of Vaultsuits and Boomer suits. And I also added the Sexout specific outfits, like the Vault 69 Mantissuit.
      - Ceasars Legion and NCR will now become hostile if you wear their opponents faction-gear while pregnant.
      - Lucas Simms will now recognize you, coming from the Vault, even if you had too much fun there.
      - You will also be able to enter Tranquility lane and operation Anchorage, while carrying a future litter of molerats.
      Due to the size and scope of these addon packs, I've not been able to test each script, quest and each dialogue in all it's versions, as that would require me to do 2 or 3 full playthroughs. And I don't want you all to wait for this to happen. I also fixed various scripts and dialogues, that would never have triggered, because the target is male. But I fixed them anyway, in case somebody in the future decides to feminaze New Vegas/The Wasteland. Because TTW had the most types of scripts, dialogues etc, I only tested the TTW-addon for approximatly 95%. Howerver, due to reused logic, I can guarantee that 90% of the other addon's scripts will also work.
      - Maternity Pack Overkill 2.2 or 2.3 and all it's requirements
      - Tale Of Two Wastelands v2.9.4b and TTWFixes 2.2 (If using the MPO scriptaddon TTW.esp)
      Explanation of the different esps:
      - MPO scriptaddon Base.esp fixes stuff from FNV only and is required for all other esp's
      - MPO scriptaddon HH.esp fixes stuff specifically Honest Hearts. Of course you need the Honest Hearts DLC.
      - MPO scriptaddon DM.esp fixes stuff specifically for Dead Money. Of course you need the Dead Money DLC.
      - MPO scriptaddon OWB.esp fixes stuff specifically for Old World Blues. Of course you need the Old World Blues DLC.
      - MPO scriptaddon TTW.esp fixes stuff from F03, it's DLC, TTW and TTWFixes 2.2.
      In your Loadorder these files should be loaded in this order.
      (Gun-runners-Arsenal, Lonesome Road and the PreOrder packs didn't need any fixing)
      These addonpacks are not inclusive. If you are running TTW, you'll need all addonpacks. However if you know how to merge, you should be able to merge them to 1 file easily. I also believe that Wrye Flash can bash some of the DLC-addons, reducing your loadorder.
      If you have mulitple DLC, but not TTW, it's advisable to merge the addon packs together to fix mod conflicts between the addon's and to reduce the number of plugins you need to use.
      You can merge them together using merge-scripts for FNVEdit, or use the MergePlugin tool.
      Wrye Flash can also help remove mod conflicts, but usually doesn't reduce the number of plugins you need to have in your load order.
      Merge scripts for FNVEdit can be found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37981/?
      Merge plugin tool: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/69905
      Wrye Flash: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/35003
      About RemoveWorkStationNeeds.rar
      In Sexout Pregnancy some outfits won't automatically swap, but need to be altered by a workstation.  This file works with and without Maternity Pack Overkill and removes the need to change the outfits with a workstation. The outfits will auto-swap just like all the other outfits included in Sexout Common Resources (or Maternity Pack, if you use it in conjunction with that mod)
      For users that use Wrye Flash to make a bashed patches. Wrye Flash completely undoes all changes that RemoveWorkstationNeeds does, so make sure that that plugin is not included in the bashed patch and loads AFTER bashed Patch, 0.esp.
      - Pepertje for making Maternity Pack Overkill 1.0 and updating his download page with all the stuff I've been adding to it. And for all the advise he has given me
      - Ritual Clarity for all the advise he has given me, and for making SMMP (Super Mega Maternity Pack), combining my mods, and all other pregnancy mods to a easy to install package
      - Halstrom for his Sexout Common Resources and Sexout Pregnancy mods, and for help getting MPO to work with those mods
      - Neutron_rus for script advice and for fixing some of the more annoying mesh bugs
      - DoctaSax for helping me improve performance on my swap-scripts
      - All users that helped me test the mods iterations



    2. T3FBBR BnB Body Replacer + Rough Outfit Conversions

      T3FBBR BnB Body Replacer + Rough Outfit Conversions
      A personal project of mine and also my first conversion, so a lot of you might find this conversion pretty substandard.
      I was able to make a pretty good conversion after testing a lot of lattices so I decided to push through the whole conversion.
      This is basically exeter's T3F body converted to have bigger breasts using 2pac4eva7's T3BBR body as a lattice with the help of gerra6's Clothing Body Style Converter then tweaked the mesh in Blender.
      Plus most vanilla and DLC armors and clothing (103 outfits) are converted to complement the body.
      Why rough outfits?
      Rough, because aside from being lazy, I am not well-versed in Blender.
      So I just run all outfits through the Clothing Body Style Converter and loaded each one in Blender and tweaked some vertices to reduce if not eliminate some clippings and distortions caused by the auto conversion.
      I didn't add any vertices(deleted some even to remove some clippings) so you might find some outfits blocky.

      BnB supported skeleton, like BodyMorph's skeleton.
      Some armors are unlikely to have BnB but I've BBfied them with low weight anyway just to have them support morphing.
      If you don't like them that way, just replace them with the ones from the original (links below in credits).
      If you see some pretty bad clippings or distortions, report them and I might try to fix them some time.
      Type 3 Body from dimon99
      Base Body from
      Type3F Body
      Uploader: Gate36
      Original: exeter
      Reference Body from
      Type 3 BB Reborn
      Creator: 2pac4eva7
      Base Armors and Clothing from
      Bouncing Breast Type 3 Armors
      Uploader: BBfied by revanag
      Original: exeter http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/34825/?



    3. Futa Vault-Meat

      Naked futa vault girl for bigCman123's Fallout girl NV mod
      The original futa skins had been removed from the nexus page.
      I took some time to reorganize them with some Small personal tweaks made to original art,
      (using GIMP) to give a more unified feel. (my edits suck BTW)
      Edited Status screen, SPECIAL, Perks, And Karma for a nude lewd futa character
      possibly https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2817-androgyne-race-for-type3/
      Simply activate mod and re-write preexisting textures from Fallout girl NV mod.
      Original art created by Shadman http://www.shadbase.com/author/shadman/
      Art originally implemented by bigCman123 https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/users/4077875
      all original files including futaskins re-uploaded by mikupie https://www.loverslab.com/profile/823246-mikupie/
      Comments? Criticism? Requests? Just ask.



    4. NSFW LoadWheels

      Other one of my Shadman Asset Flips for implementation.
      Added 5 custom load wheels to be used on their own or can be used in conjunction with Futa Vault-Meat
      DeathClaw Worship - Source 
      FutaMutation - Source
      BustyFutaMutation - Source (Some light editing done by myself)
      DeathFutaMutation - Source
      RevealingSquats - Source
      Should go without saying but just in case...
      All Credit and Due Respect to Shädman
        If you like this mod...Throw money at him HERE
      I'm Just the messenger.
      Remorselessly Yours, ~Mamel~



    5. Smerinka Load Screens

      Futa Loadscreens designed but Smerinka.
       If you enjoy her work, support Her over on Patreon.
      All I did was scale,edit, and implement her original works.
      Images in no particular order.
      Remorselessly Yours, ~Mamel~



    6. Shadman's DeathClaw Meu Replacer

      Bestial replacement of the first slide of the main menu for a more sexy start up.
      All credits go to Shadman for taking so much time on the Vault-Meat character
      Support this guy monetarily at...https://www.patreon.com/shadbase
      Original Artwork used



    7. Kendo 2's Type 3 Bodypack Installer

      This file and upload was created with permission from Kendo 2.
      This pack containes all of Kendo 2's Type3 bodies and the hard to find textures that were part of his Nexus upload years back.
      All packed into one package with installer for FOMM, NMM and MO for easier installation.
      12 Type3 bodies from Kendo 2 Meshes for Smaller Female Hands 10 Body textures HQ Normal Map Alternative face texture 2 of Kendo 2's female Raider textures Dimon99's Type3 Clothes package (2 bikinis, 2 Vault suits, 2 Lara Croft outfits, 2 park strollers and 3 short dresses)
      The installer supports 2 languages: English and Deutsch what determines the language of Dimon99's Type 3 Clothes addon too.
      Installer scripts:
      if a Bain installer script for Wrye Flash is wanted then let me know because i left it out this time.
      Kendo 2's Type3 Body Pack@NSFWmods
      Dimon99: Original meshes and Clothes addon
      Kendo 2: Models & Textures
      RitualClarity: Less Engrish, more English
      Me: Installer script, MO support and used preview pictures
      Don't upload the whole package or parts of its contents (no matter if edited or not) to other sites without asking for permission first.
      The pictures show a version of the installer, before RitualClarity took the time to correct my horrible engrish (thanks, dude). i just couldn't be arsed to make new screenshots but option wise everything is the same and that's what counts, right?
      TL;DR: Some texts in the installer differ from what's seen in the pictures.
      All meshes were optimized and cleaned using NIFskope what makes them less ideal as resource. Please download the untouched body meshes from the link under "Source" if you need meshes more appropriate as a resource.



    8. Maternity Pack Overkill

      This file is no longer being actively maintained and has been taken on by Dborg2. For updates, as well as resources, refer to that page. This page is here as a form of archive.



    9. Fallout NV traductions françaises

      Répértoire des traductions françaises pour fallout NV.
      PS: those files are not standalone, you need to download the original files and overwrite them. If some modders don't want their mods to be translated I'll remove it immediatly .
      Pour que les mods fonctionnent, vous devez télécharger les originaux et les remplacer par la traduction.
      Pas beaucoup de contenu pour l'instant, j'essaie de traduire quelques "gros" mods de sexout mais ça prendra surement un peu de temps.
      sexout consequences 8/2/13
      mod original: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/12919-sexoutconsequences/
      sexout rocket extended 0.1a
      mod original :http://www.loverslab.com/topic/13791-sexoutrocket-extended/
      sexout NCR (20/8/13)
      mod original :http://www.loverslab.com/topic/18103-sexout-tryout-20-aug-2013/
      En cas de requêtes, remarques, commentaires, report d'erreurs, insultes, coups de pied au cul, n'hésitez pas à poster sur le forum.
      Et si vous voulez une mise à jour d'un mod n’hésitez pas à me demander, ça prend pas longtemps mais j'ai pas le temps de vérifier tout les mods tout le temps.
      N'hésitez pas à aimer le post si c'est utile pour vous



    10. Sexout - Animal Sounds

      This changes the sex sounds to Gorilla and Hog noises.



    11. Six's Love Shack

      ModInt version will be the main version. I will keep the original up for people to use if they want to but any update to this mod in the future will be done to the ModInt version.
      Six's Love Shack
      Just a simple little house, located next to Doc Mitchells.
      Garden with most vanilla plants Wasteland decor Plenty of Storage All the vanilla crafting stations Hand Navmeshed Plenty of idle markers Auto closing door Sign Collection NPCs will strip in certain areas A little puzzle Not quite so simple little house...

      This mod includes some backstory to the courier from before they were shot in the head. eg. The courier called themselves Six, They were fairly skilled at the science skill and that they called Goodsprings home. Those who sided with Powder Gangers for goodsprings. Check the outside of the house.


      If using Six's Trudy please read the readme for how to install it properly

      Legendary Edition
      ModInt version

      Yams Pinup Parade

      Six's Trudy

      ​A little effort and some reading. Read the readme for how to install properly

      Suggested Mods
      Improved Companion Sandbox (So companions make the most of the idle markers all over the house) Follower Home Marker (So you can set this home as your companions home) Useable Toilets Urinals and Bathtubs with Sound (So companions will use the bath and toilet and you can too) Six's Trudy (Allows you to set custom meshes and textures for Trudy's Body and main outfit)

      Possible future features
      Stripping feature Done! Thanks to neutron_rus Backstory Quest Done (done but might need more testing and some minor changes) Building Quest House NPC Even more things to do with Trudy More Mod integration (Taking suggestions but they need to fit with the mod and I'll need to get permission of course) Possibly more. Interested in hearing suggestions. (Doesn't mean I'll do them though)​

      Why make a New Vegas mod. It's like 7 years old, why not make a mod for Fallgarbage 4
      because fuck you, thats why...
      lol JK
      but serious I'm not a big fan of fallout 4. New Vegas is the vastly superior game to me. I enjoy the story of it, the art style, game mechanics etc. The only thing I like about fallout 4 over New vegas is the weapon modding system and the settlement building. That's just my opinion and each to their own

      Yamcakes on the Nexus (for giving me permission to use their lovely posters in my mod)
      neutron_rus (for help with stripping Script)
      Thanks, Have a nice day.*
      Having a nice day is not required.



    12. CWDolls/Clothes/Pretty Things

      This mod has been out there for a while, but always in half Japanese, on an Asian file sharing service where the average dl speed was 7kb, and the armors were set up for fallout 3, (no DT), so i basically made it all English, and set up the 1500 or so armors to use DT.
      If you have issues with npc heads clipping through their hairs, then remove the cwdolls mesh folder and use the .bsa files instead:

      What each archive does exactly:
      CWDolls: adds a few new races to your race selector, really anime-ish, mostly a resource
      CWClothes: adds at least 1000 armor pieces, whole suits and individual pieces, ranging everywhere from Japanese school uniforms, to full blown mech suits. again though mostly a resource at the moment.
      CWPrettyThings: this is where it gets fun, it takes all those resources from clothes and dolls and gives all non-named npcs a makeover and outfit change to make your wasteland alot more interesting.
      to clarify what a "non named" npc is:
      ncr trooper-will get changed
      raider-will get changed
      sunny smiles-not changed
      sarah wientrab-not changed
      Like that.
      Ez-companion Venders: adds 10 companions to the game that will sell you all the items from cw clothes, and use the EZ companion system to function as followers, (as such it will require you to download and install the ez companion mod, found here http://newvegas.nexu....com/mods/38033) the mod just dumps all the companions into the goodsprings saloon, their shop inventory might take a while to load, as they are selling more armor than is available in the base game itself.
      Esp Pack: contains all the esp files that are included in the main archives, for those who have the data files from the chinese site already.
      i'm also uploading screenshots of all the armors added through cwclothes so modders can look at them, labeled and everything, in case anyone wants to use this as a resource plugin for other mods, instead of using boring default new Vegas clothes.
      There's more plugins on the original website that hosted this, such as beutification for companions, but these are the basics, if you want more you can always go searching for them here:
      I did not make any of the items in this mod, i just translated and made the armor compatible with new Vegas, all the credit goes back to the website posted above and the original author, cwjohnny.



    13. Honest Hearts Skimpy T6M Bouncing Tribal Outfits

      These are skimpy versions of the Honest Hearts tribal outfits for the T6M body with bouncing enabled.
      Honest Hearts
      Type 3/Type 6 body
      Better Bouncing Breasts



    14. Slave Collar new model

      Slave collar mesh by DixiePig,converted to fallout new vegas.
      replaces standard mesh but not ground model.
      DixiePig for: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2847-not-at-all-kinky-slave-collar-and-manacles/
      Credit DixiePig and link back to his mod
      Loverslab Only



    15. Simple equipped condom resource

      Always was wondering why there is still no such thing so made one myself. Simple resource model of Robert male body with equipped condom on erect penis.
      Condom model made by me. It is rigged so works perfect with Sexout and any Sexout animation. Has barely visible texture seam, if I will not be too lazy I'll fix it. Archive includes RM body with equipped condom and separate condom model so it can be used as accessory to be equipped as standalone item.
      As this is mostly modders resource, here's terms of use for modders (if someone need it, duh; making them mostly so I can use modders work result myself because I play only male characters hehe):
      -You are not allowed to use this for any female-only, submissive female-related mods and mods which content made mostly for female PC.
      -You are allowed to use it without asking permission for:
      gender-neutral submissive-related mods
      general gender-neutral gameplay mods
      Male-related mods
      Male-only mods
      Softcore female-related mods (romance, etc)
      -Not necessary, but I suggest You ask for permission first just to avoid unpleasant situations.
      And don't forget to credit me, please.