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Adult oriented Fallout: New Vegas mods that add or modify existing quests

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  1. NCR CF 2.3 Sexout.rar

    NCR CF 2.3 Sexout.rar
    This is a backup of Macaca22's NCR CF mod with Sexout functionality. The final release before the mod was terminated from Nexusmods was 2.5 and as this version is quite old, I suspect it might not still be compatible with current versions of Sexout. I included it as a modding resource to be used in conjunction with the 2.5 backup if anyone wishes to recreate the Sexout version of the mod or possibly even improve it beyond what the original author created. ...though, I suppose you could just use it as is in its unfinished state if you can get it working.
    I received permission from Macaca22 to backup this mod and make his work available for further modding by the community.



  2. NCR CF2.5 noReq.rar

    NCR CF2.5 noReq.rar
    This is a backup of Macaca22's NCR CF mod, I received permission to repost this file personally from the author themself.
    This version of the mod has no sex animation requirements and will only add the unique Powder Ganger quests (and I believe the revamped cellblock interiors) that were created for this mod.
    NCR CF2.5 noReq.rar sound-20210213T190957Z-001.zip



  3. Desert Eagles Vs The Scorpions

    Thank you so much for downloading. 
    1.0 Build
    Desert Eagles Vs The Scorpions
    Good Springs Turf War, more action.
    Early Stages will be able to join factions and participate in new quests
    with voice actors and new lands coming as well. Fallout Puerto Rico, Colombia and the Forbidden Island and much more
    stay tuned and thank you all so much for the support. 
    Honored Donators :UniversalLove:
    Jewish Community
    Joselyn Stefania
    Daniel Faress
    Snow bunny
    James Tubbs
    Alex Friar
    Derek's Custom Signs
    DJ Red



  4. Quo Vagis TTW FULL with DLC Crossover

    This is a conversion of Quo Vagis for fallout 3 to Tale of two Wastelands or TTW. The Quo Vagis Combined DLC Crossover is also converted to TTW.
    Special Note:
    Belthan and I both would like to see someone create a Sexout Quo vagis TTW, so sexout animations would be used instead of fade to black. This is one of the reasons Belthan agreed to have the mod uploaded here.
    Though several people in threads on the TTW web site state that a plain conversion of this mod works fine. I have NOT tested every Part of this mod!!!! Although I have run into no problems so far with many hours of play, it should be considered use at your own RISK!! I did fix all the script errors credited by the conversion. I am not a scripter, I am a computer programmer with little knowledge of scripting, therefore it is unlikely I will be able to fix any errors that are found, though I will try.
    The original MOD (Quo Vagis) is here. Please go here and vote for the mod. Also read the information on the mod page for conflicts, and general data. The Breeze body update has already been added to the TTW version.
    The original MOD (Quo Vagis Combined DLC Crossover) is here. Please go here and vote for the mod. Also read the information on the mod page for conflicts, and general data.
    This Mod requires the following and the original mods are NOT needed.
    TTW and all its requirements.
    Fallout 3 and ALL DLC for the DLC Crossover.
    And any requirements listed in the Quo Vagis mod description, see the link above, and Vote for the MODS.
    Use a Mod manager to install the Quo Vagis 3.51 FULL VERSION ARC TTW MAIN 1.0 file.
    Use a Mod manager to install the Quo Vagis 3.51 FULL VERSION ARC TTW DATA 1.0 file
    OR you can Unpack the MAIN and DATA files, then Copy the meshes and textures folders from the DATA file and paste them into the main file where the sound and ESM are located, keeping the file structure you should have the textures folder and the meshes folder in the same folder as the Sound folder and the ESM. Then zip the main file and use a Mod manager to install it.
    Next, use a Mod manager to install the Quo Vagis Combined DLC Crossover ARC TTW File.
    I use FOMM the version from this site.
    WrylyLL has created two ESP's that fix some issues. One is for the main file and one is for the DLC content. I had no troubles before installing them, but have been playing with them installed. To install them zip them and then install with a MOD manager.
    All Credit goes to Belthan for anthing having to do with QUO VAGIS. He has Created a REALLY GREAT MOD. Once again be sure to thank him by voting for his MOD.
    ALSO, credit to the Tale of Two Wastelands team for the TTW MOD, and instructions on converting fallout 3 mods to use with TTW.
    AND thanks to WrylyLL for the fix ESP's



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