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  1. RimFlix - b024 Addon

    A collection of NSFW shows for RimFlix
    Shows included:
    The Legend of Zelda - 21 show (16 Flatscreen/Ultrascreen, 4 Tube, 1 Megascreen)
    The Legend of Zelda: Femboy Link - 20 shows (15 Flatscreen/Ultrascreen, 4 Tube, 1 Megascreen)
    Overwatch: Widowmaker - 25 shows (17 Flatscreen/Ultrascreen, 3 Tube, 5 Megascreen)
    Overwatch: D.Va - 27 shows (19 Flatscreen/Ultrascreen, 8 Megascreen)
    Overwatch: Mercy - 28 shows (25 Flatscreen/Ultrascreen, 3 Megascreen)
    League of Legends - 21 show (19 Flatscreen/Ultrascreen, 2 Megascreen)
    Light - consists of 29 shows compiled from packs mentioned above. Download this one if you just want to add a bit of that je ne sais quoi to your Rimworld without waiting like half an hour for it to load.
    Rick Ashley - arguably the best one yet
    1. Get RimFlix 
    -if you have the old one just ignore dependencies, it will work anyway
    2. Extract files from .zip into ...\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods
    How to update:
    1. If the pack was updated - delete the old folder from ...\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods
    2. Place the new one
    - If you don't like some shows from a particular pack and don't want to age as your Rimworld's loading - delete them from corresponding pack's Textures and Defs folder. You could even compile your own pack by combining texture folders and defs accordingly, it's not rocket science.
    - Ultrascreen shows are a bit squished on Y axis by default, i suggest setting values from .64 to .66 in RimFlix settings. Not a big deal, you might not even notice it.
    - If you're using some retexture mod for vanilla TV's, shows might appear offset. Switch to vanilla TV textures or adjust position by hand in RimFlix settings. 
    - If you're crashing on startup - you're most likely running out of avaliable memory while trying to load too many mods. I'm trying to keep these packs relatively lightweight but compression has its limits (unless you want these shows to look like some sort of pixel art).
    More to come, stay tuned.
    p.s. If you have suggestions dm me links to r34 or e621, other sources will be ignored.



  2. TrahsPanda RJW Race Support

    Wanted to add race support for all of my races and since RJW 5.0.0 came out recently I figured now's the best time to actually do it.
    Don't ask for support for other races please, this is just for my own modded races.



  3. RimJobWorld

    This Rimworld mod might not be for you, if you:
    aren't of age (legally 18+) can't distinguish real life from a game think human leather hats are great, but sex in Rimworld is unacceptable  
    If you encounter any bug, crash or issue you want to report, attach a Hugslog (press Ctrl + F12) to your comment Yes Prepare Carefully is still incompatible!  
    With the introduction of RJW 5.0 the following features were removed, it is NOT save game compatible with previous RJW versions:
    removed whoring removed sexability stat removed degeneracy that should not be(handholding, tail holding) removed milking wip code removed bukkake/cum overlays removed stds  
    Support our main developer!
    Ed86's Subscribestar
    Ed86's Patreon
    Find RJW also here:
    RJW Discord RJW Git
    sex genitals sex need pregnancy basic human offspring sexchange rape bestiality many options to enable/disable/tweak features  
    Installation: Mod install Guide
    Delete all files from previous RJW versions Move the folder from the zip into "...steam/steamapps/common/rimworld/mods/" - you can use programs like 7-Zip to unpack the .zip Make sure your RJW mod files aren't nested .../Rimworld/mods/RJW/[all the mod files here] is mandatory Activate it & the latest stable version of the required mods in the right ⇒Load Order! Restart Rimworld Enjoy  
    Load Order: (Required/Optional)
    Harmony  (has to be the very first mod) Core (that's the game) Rimworld DLCs Hugslib  Other Mods RimJobWorld (always load last) RJW Addons  
    ⇒RJW Add-On List & More
    With the use of Rimworld you have to accept the RimWorld EULA  
    Special Thanks to:
    Void Main OP
    semigimp ex. Dev
    Superhotsausage ex. Dev
    anon ex. Dev
    Ed86 main Developer
    Zaltys ex. Dev
    UnlimitedHugs HugsLib mod library for Rimworld
    pardeike Harmony library
    Loverslab Hosting this mod
    Also thanks to the many community contributors:
    40kg Mouse, 420san, a flock of birds, Abraxas, ADHD_Coder, Alanetsai, Artrer, Asdiky, bearlyalive, Bucky, CaufendraSunclaws, Cypress, dastardlii, DegenerateMuffalo, ekss, exoxe, Funky7Monkey, geoper, gmasterslayer, GoldenTamango, jhagatai, klorpa, luythen, Mewtopian, Mitt0, motd1233, mwcr, Nabber, NamingIsHard, NEPH, NLSHD, nuganee, nugerumon, Pantheress, Pestdoktor, PinkysBrain, Primarx, randomtyping, RatherNot, rwmeow, Skömer, SlicedBread, StarlightG, TDarksword, TheSleeplessSorclock, Tirem12, Toastee, Tory187, turkler, Zweifel



  4. Humanoid Slime Race

    Humanoid Slime Race
    Were bred in the Glitter worlds by crossbreeding a human female and a slime girl for sexual intercourse. But due to a rebellion of slime girls in one of the Glitter worlds, they fled to other worlds where Glitter's influence is low.
    Has increased protection against shock damage and increased sensitivity to temperature. 
    Mod requirements and other information can be found on the mod's gitgud page.
    Humanoid Alien Races 2.0  
    Community patches (The author of the mod is not responsible for them)
    Apparel fix Гуманоидная раса слизи
    Были выведены в мирах Блеска путем скрещивания человеческой женщины и слизи для половых сношений. Но из-за восстания девушек-слизней в одном из миров Блеска они бежали в другие миры, где влияние Блеска невелико.
    Имеет повышенную защиту от ударного урона и повышенную чувствительность к температуре. 
    Требования мода и прочую информацию можно узнать на gitgud странице мода.



  5. Sized Apparel Retexture

    (I write via Google translit, I apologize for the spelling)

    This mod is a retexture to
    Sized Apparel For RJW With Body Part Rendering!
    All requirements are the same as in the main mod, install this mod right after it.

    I decided to make it into a separate mod so that there would be no confusion in new versions and eternal overwriting of files
    While there are far from all retextures, but I will slowly update them. I give priority to clothes, I don't plan to make armor yet (because I don't know how to make it look good. After all, a plate breastplate with two watermelons in front looks wild)
    The clothes are designed for sewn-in bodies from OTYOTY, that is, without rimnude.
    It seems that everything works with rimnude, too, but only people. Other humanoids are supported pretty so-so. I know that Orassans and Revia work normally. Maybe there is someone else with good support, if you find it - write. Well, or if you make patches with body textures 😃

    Also, a separate mod (for convenience, but if it would be more convenient to have everything in one - write, I will combine them) added a retexture of bodies. Now all body parts are available for all physiques. And yes, I won'T make clothes for them. Absolutely not, clothes will remain only for bodies Female and Thin.

    Example of bodies:

    A list of ready-made (and not ready-made) things:
    TribalA - done
    ShirtButton - done
    ShirtBasic - done
    Parka - done
    Duster - done
    Jacket - done
    FlakJacket - done
    FlakVest - done

    VestRoyal - not ready
    ShirtRuffle - not ready
    RoyalRobe - not ready
    PsyfocusVest - not ready
    PsyfocusShirt - not ready
    PsyfocusRobe - not ready
    EltexVest - not ready
    EltexShirt - not ready
    EltexRobe - not ready
    CorsetRoyal - not ready
    Cape - not ready

    Robe - not ready
    Burka - not ready
    BodyStrap - done

    Vanilla Apparel Expanded (optional)
    Tunic - done
    Tribal Poncho - done
    Tribal Kilt - done
    TankTop - done
    Suit Jacket - not ready
    ShirtFleece - done
    ShirtandTie - done
    SheriffShirt - done
    Scrubs - not ready
    Pelt Coat - done
    Overall - done
    Military Uniform - done
    Military Jacket - not ready
    LabCoat - not ready
    Jumpsuit - done
    Hoodie - not ready
    Chefs Uniform - not ready
    Casual TShirt - done
    Cape - done
    Builders Jacket - done
    Blouse - done
    Apron - done
    Vanilla Armour Expanded (optional)
    AdvancedVest - done
    BulletproofVest - done
    WoodenArmor - done

    Warhammer: Gor (optional)
    BullgorPlate - done
    Furmantle - done
    Loincloth - done
    ShamanRobe - done
    Chainmail- not ready

    + (optional)
    OrassanShirt and pants from the fashion "visible pants" and Rim of Madness - Bones
    When upgrading to a new version, it is recommended to delete the old one first.
    I like to rename files, so just overwriting is not the best idea.



  6. Pregnancy Stage Graphics

    This mod adds a graphical display of the stages of pregnancy of the female pawn. Works only when the pawn is not wearing clothes that hide the torso.
    The latest version is always on Gitgub



  7. Anim Addons

    A collection of patches and addons for c0ffee's RJW Animation Framework.

    (Click on any to learn more)
    Download and extract any of these to your \RimWorld\Mods folder.
    They are all different mods that can be used separately
    If using multiple then follow the load order below
    Load Order:
     Git Pages:
    Anim Addons are now hosted on Git Gud. Directly above are links to their pages.
    The downloads section on LL now always links to the latest version of each addon.
    This means you should ignore the upload date in the downloads section.
    c0ffeeeee - Created and maintains Animation Framework and the base animations
    AbstractConcept - Spriter to RJW animations Tool and new animations included in Xtra Animations
    Ranot - Tweaked doggystyle to allow for animal on animal animations
    Irix640 - Made Beast_Oral and Beast_Muzzlefuck animations
    You need the latest version of Animation Framework V:1.1.5 (6/23/2021) or newer.
    Otherwise you will have errors.
     Contact Me:
    I am way more active on the RJW Discord server,
    find me in the #anim_addons channel.
     Support me



  8. RimJobWorld - Extension

    Git: https://gitgud.io/Ed86/rjw-ex

    What's inside:
    Fuck machines
    Three models, one automatic with restraints which chooses one of six modes:
    - Normal (50%) - 0.5-1.5 in-game hours, rest to sex conversion (1-to-2) modified by machine's quality;
    - Intensive (30%) - faster (0.25-0.75 hour), significant exhaustion, lots of pleasure;
    - Long (10%) - slower pace, same exhaustion as normal but longer time (1-3 hours), more pleasure for longer session;
    - Maximum pleasure (5%) - raising sex need to max at fastest rate, even for humpshroom addicted (this mode only), moderate exhaustion;
    - Tease (3%) - time from short to long (0.5-2 hours), pawn left at horny threshold (0.25 by rjw default), gains joy from session;
    - Exhaust (2%) - moderate pleasure gain, lasts down to 0% rest need, but 2-3 hours minimum, capped at 6 hours;
    For humpshroom addicted pawns with withdrawal every mode except Maxpleasure works for 1/10 of normal, but with full exhaustion.
    Machines without Auto-mode works on Normal mode
    Machines need researching to unlock: complex furniture, electricity, microelectronics
    Some technical info:
    All machines have Private/Public switch. In case of Private machine can be used only by room owners (bedrooms only, want something private - keep it private).
    Pawns will use machines by themselves, preferring available ones with highest quality (masos have small bonus for models with restraints).
    Mechanics similar to fappin', but doesn't replace it.
    Men will also use machines with chance based on orientation.
    Stats time counter for time on machines.
    Anal plugs
    Three sizes ordinary plugs, working like normal apparel and one expandable plug with hololock.
    Plugs derive bondage gear mechanics, so can be equipped on downed pawns and prisoners by others.
    Right now there is not much difference between normal and locked. Pawns won't remove or equip it themselves.
    Still locked plugs have "blocks_anus" property, and prevents anal sex. (assuming normal plug could be removed any time for any need and placed back right after).
    Gives "plugged" hediff with 5 stages depending on difference between plug size and orifice.
    All stages except the lowest (loose) gives sexdrive bonus and various small debuffs in higher stage cases.
    Gives "Plugged" moodlet with similar stages, higher stages work different for pawns with nympho or maso traits and those without.
    Expandable plugs always fits very tight, except for the most loose cases.
    Stats time counter for time wearing plug.
    Anal plugs divided into tiers and need researching to unlock:
    wooden(light)-> Neolithic, none, CraftingSpot
    stony(heavy)-> Neolithic, tech - Stonecutting,  TableStonecutter
    metal(medium)-> Medieval, tech - Smithing,  TableMachining/FueledSmithy/ElectricSmithy
    inflatable -> Industrial, none, TableMachining
    tail butt plugs
    Visible gags
    No other mods needed, no conflict with hairs and most of headgear (probably still conflicts for slots with some full helmets or something like, need to test).
    Fits to different head shapes (though some sprites may mismatch slightly, need to verify every single one)
    Gag graphics from original RJW, needed to re-include it in archive just because of files naming.
    NO stats counter for time gagged, thought about it only when writing this. Is it even needed at all?
    -remove old rjw-ex folder if present,
    -unpack this (should look like RimWorld\Mods\rjw-ex),
    -load after RJW;
    Existing savegame friendly, removing from save is not tested.
    Original author of mod for 1.0 ekss
    Any related ideas about rebalancing/expanding/fixing are accepted but without any guarantee of implementing/attempting/reading.
    English is not my main language, so I apologize to all who suffered from this fact.



  9. Bedrooms of Delight

    This mod is addon for Colonists' Deco. It add a few pervy decorations to garnish colonists' bedrooms with.
    Important detail: I used works of other authors as reference and adapted them to look best with Rimworld graphics. Therefore, I claim no any rights for original work, but the sprites from this mod of mine.
    If any of authors wish me to remove their work from there, I'll do that. I tried to list all the known (by me) authors of original works in separate .txt file in main folder of mod.
    Colonists' Deco
    (also I suppose you to use Camera+)
    Poster count:
    - Makima: 1
    - Haydee: 6
    - Other Mother: 3



  10. Rains RJW Additions

    This is a collection of things I will be adding to Rimjobworld. Currently it only adds some psycasts, but I plan to add more. Feel free to make suggestions!
    Adds 8 Psycasts:
    Enlarge/Shrink psycasts for penis, vagina, breasts, and anus. Enlarging holes makes them "looser" and shrinking makes them "tighter". These are permanent changes.
    Increase/Decrease sex fulfillment
    These may not be completely balanced, please let me know your opinions on balance. All psycasts are level 2. You can change the increments in the settings.



  11. RimJobWorld - Interaction Addon

    Git: https://gitgud.io/Ed86/rjw-ia
    Additional sex interactions for rjw 4.9.0+
    you can add more races to Degeneracy.xml
    Main purpose of the mod is:
    -spread degeneracy
    -example of rjw 4.9.0+ custom interaction filters
    Degeneracy below:



  12. Rimflix - Ornyx's Collection

    If you want a video made into a show you can just ask me to make it
    Warning-This collection will cause long launch times when to many shows loaded (ex. if you use all of the zonkpunch shows you will increase your launch time by like 20 minutes.
    This is a collection of Rimflix Shows animated for your enjoyment. All from your favorite Animators/Artists. This collection will provide you most-all currently public Animations to be viewed by your pawns with Rimflix. All Collections will be in 10 fps.
    Installation Guide
    Download the Collection from Mega either through the link below or the link in the text doc Put Collection into your Rimworld Mods folder In your mod load order put the collection after Rimflix You don't need to start a new save to use the Collection and they are safe to remove mid game. Currently in Collection/Working On
    Zonkpunch (Furry) ENarane (Hentai) Skello (Hentai) Crittermatic (Furry) Dreamertooth (Furry) (More to Come, I welcome Suggestions)  
    Your Rimworld is unable to start and you know its the Collections It's is loading it just takes a long time due to the amount of shows. If you want to lessen this use less shows. You want just certain shows in your collection You can customize these collections to your liking. Shows are now separated into there own folders. You can pick and choose what shows you want. Recommended Mod
    Rimpy- Due to the long load times if you want to see what the shows look like in game without loading your entire mod list. Use Rimpy to change your mods before starting Rimworld.
    Zonkpunch's Collection
    This Collection is Currently missing
    How to Breed your Dragon Bowser x Felix Space Dandy: Meow  
    ENarane Collection
    This Collection is missing EVERYTHING except stuff from the Mine Pack



  13. Rimworld Diaper mod retexture

    main icon
    Original mod: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/174515-a-simple-diaper-mod/
    This compressed file contains two compressed files.
    Diapers_[Humanlike] is a file that has only been retouched in the original mode above
    Diapers_[Alians] is changing the costumes of the installed species into diapers.
    Alien diapers are made by changing the texture of the original clothes.
    If you want to keep the original costume, back it up.
    (It only changes its appearance, has no effect, and cannot be used as a diaper.)


    Front Image

    Back Image

    Side Image
    a supporting race :
    Vanilla // Female, Male, Thine
    Hulk, Fat << None (original texture).
     https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1837246563  // Rabbie
     https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2730090328 // Moyo
    (https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2182305386 << This is first, but I change one of the costumes in the above mode.)
     https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2297729625 // Anty 
     https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2624033197 // Epona
     https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2649305776 // Paniel (PNL)
     https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2326430787 // Kurin (HAR Ver.)
     Other races that use the basic body...

    install :
    Diapers_Humanlike.zip >> Extract to [(your steam folder)\steamapps\common\Rimworld\Mods]
    Diapers_Alians >> [(your steam folder)\steamapps\workshop\content\294100]
    >>[Caution: Before decompressing, backup is recommended.]<<

    -Translated by Google Translator



  14. RimJobWorld - Re-Texture



  15. RJW Apparel and Sextoys Extension by S16

    Version 109
    Unofficial open source version: https://gitlab.com/Hazzer/s16s-extension (old)
    New: https://gitgud.io/sim64k/s16s-extension
    This mod adds fully functional lewd clothes, piercing, vibrators and sextoys as apparel. They have custom hediffs and thoughts (1-3 stages for piercing, 1-2 stages for clothes and 1-8 stages for vibrators in general) and affect pawn's RJW stats as well. Some things have personality support (PS), which means that pawns with certain traits will have different from standard thoughts and mood changes.
    Milk Economy is a separate mod starting from version 109. It can be downloaded from this page by clicking "view file". 
    How it works?
    general apparel - when pawn equipps it, it indices a hediff with linked thoughts. Hediff progresses over time, changing pawn's stats and thoughts, depending on pawn's personality - supported by the apparel traits. For example, a nympho or a masochist will inmediately love nipple rings, but for a normal pawn it will take some time to get used to it. wired vibrators - unlike the general apparel, vibraros work in cycles which consist of warming up, plato, orgasm and satisfaction. When the satisfaction stage ends, the vibrator cycle repeats automatically. Pawn wearing wired vibrators will drop love juice aka female lubricant from time to time. lactine and alpha lactine - taking this drug will make pawns produce breast milk. It also may permanently change pawns personality if taken for too long. Milkable Colonists compatible.  food - works just as normal food. Some people will love it, some will find it disgusting.  
    nipple rings heavy nipple rings (PS Beauty) nipple barbells (PS Bloodlust) wooden clothespins (PS Masochist) nipple clamps (PS Masochist, Nymphomaniac, Bloodlust) nipple clamps with ring (PS Masochist, Nymphomaniac, Bloodlust) Wired vibrators
    wired vibrator (PS Wimp) double wired vibrator (PS Nymphomaniac) anal wired vibrator (PS Tough) nipple wired vibrators (PS Tough) Vibrators
    vibrator vibrator and anal vibrator Apparel 
    thong high thong micro thong (PS Nimble) transparent skirt (PS Masochist, Nymphomaniac, Nudist) servant girl dress (PS Masochist, Nymphomaniac, Nudist) disco top (PS Masochist, Nymphomaniac) nipple stickers (PS Nudist, Kind, Brawler, Masochist, DislikesMen, Nymphomaniac) black nipple stickers golden cross nipple stickers intimate tape Z dress carbon armor suit chain harness maid dress A nipple chained wrist cuffs (PS Beauty, Nudist) Drugs
    lactine alpha lactine Food 
    love juice (PS Nudist, Psychopath, Cannibal, Masochist, Nymphomaniac, Gourmand, Misogynist) love cookies (PS Gourmand, Greedy, TooSmart, FastLearner, Kind, TorturedArtist) love nectar (PS TooSmart, Kind, TorturedArtist, Nymphomaniac, Nudist, Masochist, Misogynist) breast milk (PS Nudist, Rapist, Zoophile, Nymphomaniac, DislikesWomen, Bloodlust, Cannibal, TooSmart, Greedy, Gourmand, TorturedArtist)  
    Mod depedns on RJW and must be placed after it in your modlist.
    Works with BB Body and Beautiful Bodies (female only), other types are unsupported currently. Vanilla bodies are unsupported too.
    Explanation by Fishbones:

    BB Body https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1792668839
    Beautiful bodies https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2068281501

    !Due to a possible vanilla bug which breaks apprel layer visualisation I recommed not to equip more than 4 items on a pawn at the same time. For more info check page 3 of mod discussion.
    !Probably incompatible with mods which add visible utility slot items (pink box error)
    How to CE?
    After you downloaded one of the mod's version (normal or Xeva), you need to install a CE patch
    1. Download CE_patch file
    2. Unzip it
    3. Copy Apparel_CE file
    4. Go to *your disk name*:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods\RJW ASE.v*version number*_*edition*\Patches
    5. Paste

    Ed86 and RJW developers - RJW
    LoonyLadle - Apparel Hediff framework - https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=49129.0
    Ryflamer - HD head textures - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1951826884
    Tarojun - hediff spawning things code - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1632244750
    RicoFox233 - body textures - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1905332152
    oblivionfs - testing
    Taranchuk - helping with C#
    RatherNot - C#, fixing bugs
    Abraxas - patching
    ShauaPuta - patching
    Monti - art
    dninemfive - ranged shield belt code
    Hajzel - maintaing Git
    sim64k - new git
    Rain - vibrators affecting sex need C#
    zozilin - CE patching
    Drahira - patron
    Jahazz - patron
    LPGaming - patron
    152mmlSU  - patron
    Donald Moysey - patron
    Xander Draft - patron
    刘益铭 - patron
    Quazar - patron
    Mori - patron
    Kaizen - patron
    Vien - patron
    Rx - patron
    Soaryne - comissioned Xeva body support
    Typ10 - patron
    Cameron Kennedy - patron
    Aseby - patron
    Ghost Skull - patron
    Preston Hall - patron
    x3914 - patron
    Ilya Ermakov - patron
    Derek - patron
    Degtyreve - patron
    You can check my Patreon page here or
    Boosty as preferred alternative
    More support = more content❤️.



  16. Dirty Talk ( RJW SpeakUp Addon)

    1.3 compatible only
    This mod uses SpeakUp to add dialog to RJW's sexual interactions. At the moment it has dialog for consensual/non-consensual interactions and adjusts non-consensual dialog for masochists. I plan to adjust dialog for more traits etc. Great artwork for sex interaction emotes drawn by, and used with the permission of OTYOTY, originally from this mod: 
    •SpeakUp https://github.com/sergiodinapoli/SpeakUp
    •Humanoid Alien Races: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=839005762
    •I'd like to take health hediffs into account for dialogue, but this will require c# coding which I'm not able to do.
    I am not a good modder or erotic writer. I wanted to see this functionality in the game so I decided to try and make it happen. The only reason I was able to pull it off is because it only took some xml writing. I have gotten the more tedious work of making a bit of dialog for every interaction out of the way, and now it should be easy for anyone who wants to just a add a bit here and there. Adding dialog should be very straightforward just by looking at the xmls, even if they're a bit sloppy. If you feel you can improve/expand on this mod in any way feel free to give it a shot, and share any additions you'd like me to add to this file.

    Have fun!



  17. AKawaiiTent's Revealing Female Apparel (For OTY's Sized apparel)

    Version 0.4 released.
    1 new outfit, the sling bikini
    1 edited outfit, crop top looks more like a cropped sweater now.
    About the sling bikini.
    - First outfit i've done 7 boob sizes for instead of 6, (this means if you have big enough boobs ur pants will clip. Also note that the size 7 boobs will only render if you don't equip the croptop, or anything that doesn't have a size 7 boob texture.
    These outfits are made for the female body found in OTYOTY's sized apparel for 1.3. They will not show up for any other body shape. (This includes the thin body shape). There may be releases for certain body shapes soon™ but i'll be honest i'm a lazy fuck.
    If u use any body shape other than female, you will get the default t-shirt appearance. There are also clipping issues with most xenomods since OTY's female shape is slightly narrower around the breast area. Its only really noticeable at smaller breast sizes, and could probably be fixed if you know how to replace textures.
    These outfits are meant to have a top and a bottom. I
    If you equip a bikini top you will be pantless. Bottom parts should work with most default outfits, but there may be clipping issues with outfits that aren't mine. 
    The order you equip stuff matters, Rimworld will render the most recently equipped item on top. A quick fix for this if you equipped in the wrong order is to use the character editor and click the double sized arrow next to the item to un-equip it then click it again to re-equip.
    Known issues:
    Too many things equipped will make the middle layer stuff render above the head, causing clipping. Shouldn't be too much of an issue as long as I crop textures correctly, but it might clip with weird head shapes.

    Oty's sized apparel will simulate pregnancy with default human's and the pregnant belly will clip with the outfits. Would recommend taking their pants off.
    If textures are named incorrectly, heads might explode. If you've got an exploding head please take a screen shot of things equipped and body shape. TYTY.
    Currently can't seem to add outfits to ideology roles as a required apparel, (for things like leader/moral guide). It technically works gameplay wise, but there's a bug with the tooltip hover for the role whenever you have an modded item in it. the role seems to act and work fine, but the error log tracker gets flooded with error message cuz of the bugged tooltip.
    List of current things included:
    Bikini top/bottom with 3 variants (cloth,furs,metal) with each variant giving you good (heat,cold,damage) resistance respectively.
    Leggings/Jeans. Bottom slot, gives decent cold/heat resistance. They have the same silhouette but the jeans have altered texturing.
    Tubetop and Croptop sweater
    One piece sling bikini.
    4 Necklaces each with 2 variants (default,middle). The default variant is on the OnSkin layer, so it can go underneath the clothing tops, but this makes it clip with default outfits, so if you want to wear it with a defautl outfit or just want the necklace always ontop, you can equip the middle variant.
    A set of plate shoulders based on my favorite paladin set from WoW. Intended to go with the bikini armour variant, looks a little weird with smaller boobs though.
    TODO (in no particular order, or priority)
    Add more outfits of course.
    currently planned outfits.
    make textures for the fur variant of the bikini so it looks different.
    make a coat of some kind.
    add a slave outfit (thinking like Leia at jabba's shit)
    add a heat generating necklace to protect against the cold.
    Otherplans that may or may not happen.
    If i can figure out a way to make it work, (might have to talk to OTYOTY and see if he can help me figure it out) but i'd love to add futa variants to the bottom clothing. Even if its as basic as just a single bulge that doesn't change with dick size.  And with that update also do some futa ideology shit. (I've already made a style with statues for myself ;P)
    Recommended mods:
    Camera+ with tweaked zoom settings so you can actually see the details without straining your eyes.
    Requirements: Harmony, Sized apparel version 0.91.1. and rimnude unnoffical update. 
    Load order:
    Humanoid Alien Races
    Sized apparel
    other optional RJW stuff
    My mod



  18. Lewd Ideology Origin

    My first attempt at a mod and mainly created for my own playthrough:
    A lewd ideology origin with some custom textures and a sexy ritual effect.

    Additionally, I highly recommend the following mods for some lewd rituals and memes.
    This mod was made to be used with those, but they are not strictly required.
    c0ffee's Sexperience:
    c0ffee's Ideology Addons:
    Also, this mod's Lewd style uses sculpture textures based on art by @HuffsLove on Twitter.
    Thank you for downloading.



  19. RJW 'Harvest Organs post mortem'/Autopsy Patch

    This is a compatibility patch to enable 'Harvest Organs post mortem'/Autopsy to yield RJW bodyparts.

    Compiled with:
    RimJobWorld Harvest Organs post mortem
      RJW 'Harvest Organs post mortem'/Autopsy Patch



  20. Rimnosis - NSFW

    Rimnosis: A Rimworld Hypnosis Mod
    Rimworld always seemed to lack the ability to change pawn's feelings towards events or actions. So I decided to try and fix that, along with some weapons and armor that may also help.

    Aphrodisiac gas, weapons, and buildings are currently implemented. Mood boosting Statues implemented (thanks nabber for code help)

    Always download the latest version, I am not going to provide support for older versions when I can barely understand how my mod works in the present.

    Since people keep bugging me about issues relating to the mods I used to make Rimnosis, I'm just going to list them. If you don't have these, then its probably not my mod's fault.

    If you need any help, I'm very active on the RJW discord

    WolfoftheWest - XML Code and Idea
    Magenta_Ivy, VFE-P Team, Gas Traps and Shells Team, and Core for various textures
    a flock of birds, Nabber, VFE-P Team, and Gas Traps and Shells Team for various C# code

    Geyser addon has been merged into the main mod thanks to flock of birds new code

    Any comments that the download link isn't working will be ignored, I provided the direct link to the github in the description, if you can't download from LL then just get it from the source

    To download in Github, click the link below, click the green Code button at the top right of the preview area, download Zip, put Zip in your mods folder, unzip with unzipper of choice (i use 7zip).



  21. RJW Plastic Surgeries

    Adds plastic surgeries to the medical bills.
    Currently available are Vaginoplasty to change the vagina size, Sphinctoplasties to change the sphincter/anus size, Mammoplasties to change the breast/cup size (from A cup to above R cup) and Penoplasties to change the Penis size.

    Compiled with:
    RJW Plastic Surgeries



  22. RJW Advanced Cum Bucket

    About This File
    A small mod just to teach myself how to mod Rimworld.
        - An advanced cum bucket that works as the usual one from RJW Sexperience, but can also cleans and gathers cum from filth in a radius around it.
        - Attemped balancing by requiring components and power.
    If you have any ideas to add to this mod let me know!
        - Cum Filth enabled in settings
    RJW Sexperience



  23. Statue of Colonist Rimnude / general Hediff Graphics Patch

    Erect statues with dingdingdongs to commemorate your colonists' tralalas!
    Actually, this mods adds Hediff info to the statues and makes them be drawn; should work with any mod adding HeDiff graphics, like RimNude, Revia, Pawnmorpher, and maybe others.
    Also fixes at least one "map turns gray" bug of the original mod.
    Harmony, HugsLib, you know the drill Humanoid Alien Races Statue of Colonist Statue of Colonist Alien Race Patch  
    Rimnude - wherever you may find it, I used RimNude v2.2.11 Well, I say "optional", but if you're here, you probably want those genitals (which in turn require RJW...)  
    OPTIONAL II (if you use Rimnude)
    OTY Nude - see Rimnude link above OR
    Cumflation Graphics  
    Combat Extended Will turn your statues into pink squares (at least with some apparel) Use at your own risk  
    Click on statue, click Edit, adjust individual parameters or just click Copy from colonist, remove as much apparel as you wish.
    Click Edit Hediffs and change size of boobs or penis (slider ranges are a bit experimental); you can also add hediffs like pregnancy / belly bulge.
    You will notice that the "Edit Hediffs" window will also show other hediffs that the colonist had at the time the looks were copied, even if they aren't drawn, like injuries. So far you can leave them or remove them as you wish, I have no intention to ever make them drawn on the statue. The "Add Hediff" window will only show hediffs that can actually be drawn on the race the statue represents. E.g. the Revia tails can only be added to statues of race Revia, pawnmorpher stuff can not be added to Angels & Devils.
    Presets don't contain hediff information and I have no intention of changing that (too much work considering you can now edit all aspects of the statues...).
    Obligagatory "thanks to all the creators that were before me"; thanks, of course, to the creators of the mods used (and required), see respective mod pages for names (and leave them a like or a thumbsup or whatever); thanks especially to Nabber, ShauaPuta and Abraxas who tried (and in some cases succeeded) to help on the RJW discord.
    Install (and/or update) all requirements. Activate all requirements. Sort your mods (that doesn't mean "hit autosort" - a guide should be linked in the RJW thread).
    If your statue is a pink square, try editing it and copy from different pawns, sometimes that fixes it. Sometimes it does not. I don't know either. Post HugsLog, maybe it gives some insight.
    Still having trouble? Bug reports without HugsLog will be ignored, see RJW thread for instructions.
    Races used in the image: Orassans and Angels and Devils. With some patch for Facial Animation, don't ask where I got the patches. Probably Discord. Also Pawnmorpher and Revia.
    Another note on the pictures with the three rows of statues: Sienna got her dingdingdong after I made the statue. It was a test if saving/reloading keeps the statues as-is.



  24. Cumflation Graphics

    Adds a graphical effect to the various levels of cumflation and cumstuffed added by Liscentia Labs as well as implanted eggs.
    Part of this mod's purpose is for individuals like myself who prefer to use only RimNudeWorld, and to also add some expanded features.
    Use the included offset fixes at your discretion. If they are off for you like they were for me, then try it. If not, then you're all good.
    Requires Licentia Labs & Rimnudeworld (as well as RJW of course)
    Credit to Tory187, Ikswotok, Banana Banana for the Rimnude framework.
    To John the Anabaptist for maintaining the Liscentia Labs mod.



  25. Rimworld 1.3: Nephila Hyperpregnancy Race Mod

    Breaking news: crazed glitterworld lab tech unveils experimental merging of sex bot technology with gray goo mechanites! What will those wacky scientists think up next? 

    Fetish tags: Hyperpregnancy, Infestation (tentacles), Tentacles, Hedonism, Goo Girls, Slaanesh.
    * Significant portions of the newer art in this mod has been created by the talented artist Archina (they and many others on the RJW discord have also helped me work through coding issues). Their website portfolio link: https://squidlet.design/archina/gallery.html.

    The Nephila Hyperpregnancy Mod adds a new race, the "Nephila." This race of goo girls incorporates a complex reproductive cycle, custom "royal" style faction (still being developed) with unique royal titles, and two unique themed starts.

    Basic mod description can be found on the mod's development Git page: https://gitgud.io/HiveBro/nephila-rjw/-/wikis/Basic-Mod-Description.
    A quick breakdown goes as follows: 
    Nephila Maidens (the race's humanoids) do not reproduce normally (they have 0 fertility unless changed by a mod). Instead, they periodically give birth to puddles of nanites that coalesce into "hunter" Nephilim known as "Cherubim" and "Seraphim."
    When these cherubim bite a humanoid, that humanoid will come down with a mechanite disease called "Nephila Sickness." In addition to increasing a pawn's hunger and pain rate over time, the disease has an additional effect on humanoid females.

    Humanoid females whose Nephila Sickness severity becomes intense enough will transform into new Nephila Maidens, thus perpetuating the race's life cycle. (Undead and Robots are typically immune). 
    In addition to this, Nephila Maidens grow more pregnant looking over time, going from having a pot belly all the way up to hyperpregnant looking. Higher stages of Nephila Maiden are able to give birth to more, and more powerful, Nephila hunter tentacles. As Maidens grow, they also gain ranks in the Nephila social hierarchy, unlocking powers just like royal titles do. The downside to all this is that their needs (especially hunger) increase while their manipulation and speed decrease due to their increasing debilitation.

    The final stage of a maiden's evolution, that of a "Grand Matron," can only be unlocked by feeding a sufficiently evolved Maiden a cocktail derived from an advanced Nephila hunter tentacle known as a Seraphim. Grand Matrons give birth, about once a year, to powerful "Queen's Guard" pawns, which represent the ultimate achievement of Nephila biology. Queen's guard are fast, tough, deadly, and can transform female humanoids they fight in combat into new Nephila Maidens on your faction's side, if they stay in combat long enough. 

    Mod load order can be seen in one of the images. Harmony -> Core -> Royalty -> Ideology -> HugsLib -> Pawn Render Patch for HD -> Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 -> [Nephila Mod] -> RimJobWorld -> RimJobWorld Race Support.
    Due to Ideology's change to rendering, I had to add Pawn Render Patch for HD (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2539273760) as a new soft requirement for the mod. Set the rendering to around 40 or 50. Without Pawn Render Patch,, Queen's Guard and Grand Matrons turn into squares depending on the mods you have loaded (Vanilla Expanded and certain other HAR race mods cause issues, as far as I've ascertained). HAR's built-in utility proved insufficient given the wide range of mods that all change the same general thing. Loading Pawn Render Patch eliminates most rendering issues regardless of mod list.
    (If you're not familiar with the RimJobWorld Race Support mod, it can be found here: 
    I am terrible at art. As a consequence, some of the sprites I use in this mod are heavily modified versions of art made by other people. In particular, I drew from "Breast Naga" by gamera1985 to create the Queen's Guard sprite, "Rimworld Busty Bodies 1.0.0" by Skyrimkillmod as the basis for Nephila Maiden bodies, and "gloomy_face" by gloomylynx for Nephila Maiden heads. Should any of the artists I drew from have issue with my mod, I'll take it down from Lover's Lab. 

    To get started with the Nephila mod, you can pick one of the two custom starts, "Bizarre Cargo" (easy start) and "Awakened Empire" (harder start). You can also piss off the Nephila faction to get them to raid you or research Advanced Fabrication and Vitals Monitor in order to unlock the Nephila Pool of Colors workbench, which can be used to convert humanoid corpses into one-use incubators for Nephila Maidens. Dev cheats work fine, as well (apply the "Nephila Sickness" hediff to no specific body part using the apply hediff dev cheat). 

    Known Issues: Nephila Grand Matrons and Queen's Guard disappear when entering beds; the Nephila Grand Matron specific bed is functional but ugly and does not do what it's intended to; On a pawn transforming into a Nephila Maiden, the game will spit a bunch of (harmless) red line errors if the player does not have a robot or undead mod in their load order (placing either Rimworld of Magic or the Androids mod in your load order generally makes the red line errors go away);  When Nephila maidens reach a new pregnancy level and evolve, they sometimes gain a "Nephila Mechanite Inhibitor" in the process. This inhibitor prevents them from evolving again. Surgically removing the inhibitor will allow them to evolve once they have grown enough to do so again.

    I've also included versions of the mod for Rimworld 1.0 and Rimworld 1.1 without the Royalty expansion. Note that I will not be updating these versions, as most of the new content intended for Nephila are heavily reliant on the Royalty framework, but these versions are here for people who want access to the mod but either want to stay in 1.0 or don't want to buy Royalty.  

    Nephila for 1.0/1.1 Without Royalty: 
    Nephila - 1.1 Non Royalty.7z



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