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  1. RJW - RBSE Integration

    I threw this together because I tend to make heavy use of bionics in RimWorld, and while RJW already has some support for EPOE, it doesn't have any for RBSE, which I prefer.  It's a quick job, so there may be some bugs, but it worked fine in my tests.
    RJW implants and body parts should all use the RBSE textures. RJW unfinished implants are now treated as UnfinishedProsthesis instead of UnfinishedComponent. RJW bionic body parts are now crafted at the RBSE bionics bench instead of the Fabrication bench. RJW hediffs are now colored to match RBSE colors (white for natural, purple for archotech...). Surgeries now require the same research as the equivalent operation in RBSE (Organ transplantation for natural stuff, prosthetics for hydraulics, bionics for bionics) Many RBSE bionic parts now give sex ability/vulnerability modifiers (arms, legs, hands, feet, spines, jaw). RBSE bionic part descriptions updated slightly to reflect sex ability changes. Advanced Bionic version of all RJW bionic parts, craftable at the RBSE Advance Medical bench. New parts and organs added as I come up with them  
    In the future, I may also try and implement the RBSE organ rejection for RJW parts.
    Unzip into your mod folder.  Should be safe for in-progress games.  Make sure this is after (below) BOTH RBSE and RJW in your mod list.



  2. RimFlix - Addon 34

    If it exist, there is a lewd mod of it.
    RimFlix addon featuring lewd animations of fictional characters.
    Ada & Claire (alternative) by noname55 (flatscreen, megascreen) Anna Henrietta by pewposterous (tube) Difficulties of a Scavanger's Life by Bomyman (tube) Himiko Tries Beads by GreatM8 (tube, flatscreen) Lara with a Horse by ZMSFM (flatscreen) Li Ming by noname55 (flatscreen, megascreen) Link with a Moblin by nikisupostat (tube) Marie Rose Prone Anal by pangxxx (tube, flatscreen) Nani & Stitch by FroggySfm (tube) Ziahna with a Horse (alternative) by noname55 (flatscreen, megascreen) Ziahna with a Tauren (alternative) by noname55 (flatscreen, megascreen) Zoey Does Anal by GreatM8 (flatscreen) Zoey with a Horse by LikkeZG (tube, megascreen)  
    RimFlix by aznplucky  
    Install RimFlix through Steam Workshop or copying the mod file to ...\RimWorld\Mods\RimFlix. Extract the files into ...\RimWorld\Mods\RimFlix - Addon 34



  3. RimJobWorld

    This Rimworld mod might not be for you, if you:
    aren't of age (legally 18+) can't distinguish real life from a game think human leather hats are great, but sex in Rimworld is unacceptable  
    If you encounter any bug, crash or issue you want to report, attach a Hugslog (press Ctrl + F12) to your comment
    Yes Prepare Carefully is still incompatible!
    Support our main developer!
    Ed86's Subscribestar
    Ed86's Patreon
    Find RJW also on:
    RJW Discord RJW Git
    sex genitals sex need prostitution pregnancy basic human offspring sexchange rape bestiality STDs many options to enable/disable/tweak features and much more!  
    Installation: Mod install Guide
    Make sure you have the latest stable version of Rimworld and the other required mods (⇒Load Order) Delete all files from previous RJW versions Unpack the stuff inside the zip into a seaparate folder inside "...steam/steamapps/common/rimworld/mods/" (put it next to core) - you can use programs like 7-Zip to unpack the .zip make sure your RJW mod files aren't nested, .../Rimworld/mods/RJW/[all the files here] is mandatory Activate it & the required mods in the right ⇒Load Order! Restart Rimworld  
    Load Order: (Required/Optional)
    Harmony  (has to be the very first mod) Core (that's the game) Rimworld DLCs Hugslib  Other Mods RimJobWorld (always last) RJW Addons  
    ⇒RJW Add-On List, Recommended Mods & more
    With the use of Rimworld you have to accept the RimWorld EULA  
    Special Thanks to:
    Void Main OP
    semigimp ex. Dev
    Superhotsausage ex. Dev
    anon ex. Dev
    Ed86 our main guy Developer
    Zaltys ex. Dev
    UnlimitedHugs HugsLib mod library for Rimworld
    pardeike Harmony library
    Loverslab Hosting this mod
    Also thanks to the many fixes, improvements, translations... added by the community:
    40kg Mouse, 420san, Abraxas, Alanetsai, Artrer, Asdiky, bearlyalive, Bucky, Cypress, dastardlii, DegenerateMuffalo, ekss, exoxe, Funky7Monkey, geoper, gmasterslayer, GoldenTamango, klorpa, luythen, Mewtopian, Mitt0, motd1233, mwcr, Nabber, NEPH, NLSHD, nuganee, nugerumon, Pantheress, Pestdoktor, PinkysBrain, Primarx, randomtyping, RatherNot, rwmeow, Skömer, SlicedBread, StarlightG, TDarksword, TheSleeplessSorclock, Tirem12, Toastee, Tory187, turkler, Zweifel



  4. RJW Sexperience (Ideology update)

     - Simply add sex skill to pawns and more.
    Reuse sex ability stat which was obsoleted. Sex skill changes pawn's sex ability stat. Sex ability stat affect to whore prices and sex satisfaction. Add cum as edible item. Mood debuff from eating cum changes over number of times eaten. Transition of sex drive stat through satisfaction. Pawns have sex experiences based on their age, traits, precepts and lust instead of all-zero(configurable).  
    Ideology Features
    Zoophile meme. Non-Zoophile ideologies hate zoophiles. Rapist meme. Non-Rapist ideologies hate rapists. Bestiality, rape, incest and sextype precepts. Sex ferquency adjustment via precepts. Raping slaves increases their suppression depends on their mindbreak. Raping prisoners decreases their will. Pawns will more likely to sex with their sextype precepts. Pawns who violated their sextype precepts become more lustful. Lustful pawns(having high sexdrive) will violate their sextype precepts for immoral pleasure. Gender supremacy decreases/increases vulnerability to their gender/opposite. Some precepts affect on pawn's sex stats. Gangbang rituals.  



  5. RJW Menstruation

    Note - I didn't make any of artwork in this mod. i got most of them from other open source  project h-game, violated heroine.
     This mod replace RJW's impregnation method and simulate menstruation cycle of human female.
    Cum and egg tracker - tracks fluids and eggs in womb and simulate fertilization and implantation. this makes female get pregnant in certain period H-game style status window and icon - display detailed informations of womb, genitals, and breasts. you can turn off this in mod settings. Nipple transition during pregnancy Hyperfertility pills makes pawn ovulate instantly if pawn is in follicular or luteal state. Race specific cum and fetus image (only human race in this mod for now. you can make custom fetus image) Get mood debuffs and effects during in period. Climacteric effects Multiple pregnancy with multiple fathers Tampon ,sanitary pad and pain reliever Estrus effects Detailed hybrid implementation In-game hybrid definition editor  
    Race Compatibility
      This mod will work well if your race mod uses RJW's human vagina. If not, you can make patch file using xml code in below
    And add custom fetus image and cum color using codes in below
    Explanation of hybridExtension
      You can define more detailed hybrid with hybridExtension in xml file or in-game editor.
      If both races have hybrid for each other, the father's definition will be used primarily.
      Assuming that mule and hinny exist in rimworld, the hybrid can be implemented with the codes in below
    <Patch> <Operation Class="PatchOperationAddModExtension"> <xpath>Defs/ThingDef[defName="Horse"]</xpath> <value> <li Class="RJW_Menstruation.PawnDNAModExtension"> <fetusTexPath>Fetus/Fetus_Default</fetusTexPath> <cumColor>(255,255,255,255)</cumColor> <cumThickness>0.2</cumThickness> <hybridExtension> <Donkey> <Mule>1.0</Mule> </Donkey> </hybridExtension> </li> </value> </Operation> <Operation Class="PatchOperationAddModExtension"> <xpath>Defs/ThingDef[defName="Donkey"]</xpath> <value> <li Class="RJW_Menstruation.PawnDNAModExtension"> <fetusTexPath>Fetus/Fetus_Default</fetusTexPath> <cumColor>(255,255,255,255)</cumColor> <cumThickness>0.2</cumThickness> <hybridExtension> <Horse> <Hinny>1.0</Hinny> </Horse> </hybridExtension> </li> </value> </Operation> </Patch>  
    Harmony Hugslib RimJobWorld  
    Chinese - ts01252248  
    Special Thanks to
     BrOkEn eNgLiSh - Egg images
     Glux - Non-humanlike fetus images, rework some artworks
    If you want dump some money



  6. [RJW] RimJobWorld - Extension

    Git: https://gitgud.io/Ed86/rjw-ex

    What's inside:
    Fuck machines
    Three models, one automatic with restraints which chooses one of six modes:
    - Normal (50%) - 0.5-1.5 in-game hours, rest to sex conversion (1-to-2) modified by machine's quality;
    - Intensive (30%) - faster (0.25-0.75 hour), significant exhaustion, lots of pleasure;
    - Long (10%) - slower pace, same exhaustion as normal but longer time (1-3 hours), more pleasure for longer session;
    - Maximum pleasure (5%) - raising sex need to max at fastest rate, even for humpshroom addicted (this mode only), moderate exhaustion;
    - Tease (3%) - time from short to long (0.5-2 hours), pawn left at horny threshold (0.25 by rjw default), gains joy from session;
    - Exhaust (2%) - moderate pleasure gain, lasts down to 0% rest need, but 2-3 hours minimum, capped at 6 hours;
    For humpshroom addicted pawns with withdrawal every mode except Maxpleasure works for 1/10 of normal, but with full exhaustion.
    Machines without Auto-mode works on Normal mode
    Machines need researching to unlock: complex furniture, electricity, microelectronics
    Some technical info:
    All machines have Private/Public switch. In case of Private machine can be used only by room owners (bedrooms only, want something private - keep it private).
    Pawns will use machines by themselves, preferring available ones with highest quality (masos have small bonus for models with restraints).
    Mechanics similar to fappin', but doesn't replace it.
    Men will also use machines with chance based on orientation.
    Stats time counter for time on machines.
    Anal plugs
    Three sizes ordinary plugs, working like normal apparel and one expandable plug with hololock.
    Plugs derive bondage gear mechanics, so can be equipped on downed pawns and prisoners by others.
    Right now there is not much difference between normal and locked. Pawns won't remove or equip it themselves.
    Still locked plugs have "blocks_anus" property, and prevents anal sex. (assuming normal plug could be removed any time for any need and placed back right after).
    Gives "plugged" hediff with 5 stages depending on difference between plug size and orifice.
    All stages except the lowest (loose) gives sexdrive bonus and various small debuffs in higher stage cases.
    Gives "Plugged" moodlet with similar stages, higher stages work different for pawns with nympho or maso traits and those without.
    Expandable plugs always fits very tight, except for the most loose cases.
    Stats time counter for time wearing plug.
    Anal plugs divided into tiers and need researching to unlock:
    wooden(light)-> Neolithic, none, CraftingSpot
    stony(heavy)-> Neolithic, tech - Stonecutting,  TableStonecutter
    metal(medium)-> Medieval, tech - Smithing,  TableMachining/FueledSmithy/ElectricSmithy
    inflatable -> Industrial, none, TableMachining
    Visible gags
    No other mods needed, no conflict with hairs and most of headgear (probably still conflicts for slots with some full helmets or something like, need to test).
    Fits to different head shapes (though some sprites may mismatch slightly, need to verify every single one)
    Gag graphics from original RJW, needed to re-include it in archive just because of files naming.
    NO stats counter for time gagged, thought about it only when writing this. Is it even needed at all?
    -remove old rjw-ex folder if present,
    -unpack this (should look like RimWorld\Mods\rjw-ex),
    -load after RJW;
    Existing savegame friendly, removing from save is not tested.
    Original author of mod for 1.0 ekss
    Any related ideas about rebalancing/expanding/fixing are accepted but without any guarantee of implementing/attempting/reading.
    English is not my main language, so I apologize to all who suffered from this fact.



  7. Sextoy Decoration

    What is this mod?
    This is a simple decoration mod which adds Sextoys and BDSM stuff to the game.
    The items have no specific use. They are just there for the aesthetics of the game.
    So if you want to decorate your colony with some lewd toys, feel free to use this mod!
    How does it work?
    It is very simpel: You can find all the items under the "misc." tab in the build menu.
    Each item costs just 1 steel to build and you can place it where ever you want.
    The pawns will just walk over the items and not interact with them.
    How do I install this mod?
    You simple go to your Rimworld folder and drop the "Sextoy Decoration" folder into the "Mods" folder.
    Then you simple have to activate the mod in the mainmenu of Rimworld.
    Do I need RJW or any other mod?
    No, you don't need another mod. This is a simpel standalone version which is compatible with every other mod out there.
    I made the mod myself, but the visual assets where made by ShauaPuta.
    You can checkout ShauaPuta on the RJW Discord Server!
    Small Note:
    Yes I made a similar mod a few months ago, but took it offline. I wasn't happy with the result...
    However, this time I hired an artist to create proper "vanilla" assets and I'm very pleased with how they turned out!
    You can also use the attached assets/textures for free, if you're a modder and need them!



  8. Romance Tweaks More Options

    Romance Tweaks More Options (RTMO)
    In RimWorld, pawns occasionally have social interactions, indicated by speech bubbles above/between them. Behind the scenes, a chance is calculated (with a lot of factors) for such an interaction to be a romance attempt.
    The original RomanceTweaks by bdew allowed a general modifier for that chance, plus another modifier for singles. Also it let you modify the success chance of the romance attempt (for the pawns to become lovers, propose and marry) and the breakup chance (I'm actually not sure when exactly this comes into play).
    I stole RomanceTweaks and enhanced it by
    A Faction Modifier - to optionally prevent (or encourage 😉) Pawns making visitors (or temporary colony members) their lovers Incest Modifiers - in three flavors, grouped by the original attraction factor split as found in vanilla RimWorld  
    Original RomanceTweaks on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1575463949
    Original RomanceTweaks on github, released under GNU Lesser GPL: https://github.com/bdew-rw/RomanceTweaks
    Handled blood relations:
    Incest Notice
    The archive also contains two mods:
    * RomanceTweaksMoreOptions (the mod with the tweakable values, see screenshot)
    * IWantIncest (simple xml patch, see below)
    If you don't care for incest, don't extract IWantIncest or, if you did extract it, don't enable it. Basically just ignore it.
    If you want incest, then make sure you also extract the IWantIncest folder and don't forget to enable the mod "I Want Incest" ingame.
    The "I Want Incest" mod contains an xml-Patch that sets the "attractionFactor" (1.0) / "romanceChanceFactor" (1.1+) for blood related pawns to 1 (vanilla RimWorld has it at 0.03 for siblings, for example).
    The "romanceChanceFactor" is a different factor than the "Incest" modifier you can see in the mod settings (see screenshot), so you could also keep the xml and set the factor to zero (or 0.03) in the mod settings to prevent incest (or keep it as rare as in vanilla). See default values in tooltips and read the following spoiler for more information:
    If you have incestuous relationships in your colony you might have noticed that other pawns don't like people in such relationships. Crazy thing is that they don't like a niece being in a relationship with an uncle, but they have no problem with an uncle being in a relationship with a niece.
    Also included in the "I Want Incest" mod, I reduced these opinion modifiers, to make the imbalance less harsh. With the legwork done feel free to adjust the values to something you like in the xml-file (even zero is possible 😁 positive values don't work though). Also refer to No Incest Judging by Fenguard, which conveniently sets it to 0.
    Requires HugsLib and Harmony.
    Should work with all mods, but has to be loaded after mods that do romance stuff.
    I don't understand Harmony Patching well enough to make sure these RTMO's modifiers are always applied if any other functions edit romance chances (like Psychology, Rational Romance, etc), but loading RTMO after these seems to work.
    RTMO can be used alongside RimJobWorld, but it's not required. In fact, the sex system of RJW seems to be mostly oblivious of any romance status pawns might have.
    Disclaimer: I have only done minimal testing. Your mileage may vary.



  9. Anim Addons

    A collection of patches and addons for c0ffee's RJW Animation Framework.

    (Click on any to learn more)
    Download and extract any of these to your \RimWorld\Mods folder.
    They are all different mods that can be used separately
    If using multiple then follow the load order below
    Load Order:
     Git Pages:
    Anim Addons are now hosted on Git Gud. Directly above are links to their pages.
    The downloads section on LL now always links to the latest version of each addon.
    This means you should ignore the upload date in the downloads section.
    c0ffeeeee - Created and maintains Animation Framework and the base animations
    AbstractConcept - Spriter to RJW animations Tool and new animations included in Xtra Animations
    Ranot - Tweaked doggystyle to allow for animal on animal animations
    Irix640 - Made Beast_Oral and Beast_Muzzlefuck animations
    You need the latest version of Animation Framework V:1.1.5 (6/23/2021) or newer.
    Otherwise you will have errors.
     Contact Me:
    I am way more active on the RJW Discord server,
    find me in the #anim_addons channel.
     Support me



  10. Body Texture Collection

    A collection of body texture mods from Loverslab, compatible with Rimworld 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3.
    unpack folders into Rimworld/Mods
    Load Order:
    Doesn't matter as long as its after "Core", the texture mod loaded last will override all the previous body texture mods, so you only need one which covers every bodytype.
    Bodies by feliperiod op

    load one full pack before this one (or your fat, hulky and slim pawns get vanilla textures)
    Get Naked! by shark510 op

    Nude Textures by Underfall00 op

    Nude Textures BBCL by bandon op



  11. SCC Lewd Sculptures

    Hello! I edited in some lewd anime girls renders into sculptures for Rimworld. Hope you guys like them! They come in three sizes: Medium, Large and Huge sculptures. They can be made with wood, steel or various stone blocks. I will add in more sculptures in the future if enough people here are interested.



  12. [RJW] Whore beds

    Whoring themed beds for rjw, can be used without rjw.
    -basic mat, cheap sleeping mat with better than vanilla sleeping spot stats
    -posh bed
    -posh double bed
    -luxurious double bed
    Beds have higher rest and comfort but lower immunity and surgery success chances
    Reduces sleeping spot stats to same as sleeping on ground



  13. RJW Race Support

    This mod is in hiatus for an indeterminate period of time.
    What does this file do ?
    It causes supported races to spawn with the assigned RJW parts.
    This is a purely optional file which adds more immersion to races body parts.
    For example that giant spider lady eyeing your females actually spawns with an ovipositor and will proceed to implant eggs and cocoon the victim when conditions are met.
    Other scenarios exist.
    Place in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods
    Or where ever your RimWorld mods folder is.

    Load After
    HumanoidAlienRaces (should be using this) GenderBalancer (if you use it) RJW (have to be using this)  
    Load Before
    RJW RBSE Patch (just to be safe)
      Requires the game rimworld and the mod RJW and all its dependencies to do anything.
    RJW can be found here : 
    Non necessary but recommended:
    Gender balancer:

    Important when updating please erase all loose files or the entire mod folder before adding new versions

    If you see errors post them in the RJW Discord.
    Link : 
    Recommend RJW Related Mods 



  14. S16's Extension

    Version 1.2.1

    This mod adds fully functional lewd clothes, piercing, vibrators and sextoys as apparel. They have custom hediffs and thoughts (1-3 stages for piercing, 1-2 stages for clothes and 1-8 stages for vibrators in general) and affect pawn's RJW stats as well. Some things have personality support (PS), which means that pawns with certain traits will have different from standard thoughts and mood changes.
    How it works?
    general apparel - when pawn equipps it, it indices a hediff with linked thoughts. Hediff progresses over time, changing pawn's stats and thoughts, depending on pawn's personality - supported by the apparel traits. For example, a nympho or a masochist will inmediately love nipple rings, but for a normal pawn it will take some time to get used to it. wired vibrators - unlike the general apparel, vibraros work in cycles which consist of warming up, plato, orgasm and satisfaction. When the satisfaction stage ends, the vibrator cycle repeats automatically. Pawn wearing wired vibrators will drop love juice aka female lubricant from time to time. lactine and alpha lactine - taking this drug will make pawns produce breast milk. It also may permanently change pawns personality if taken for too long. Milkable Colonists compatible. Milking section is still heavily WIP. food - works just as normal food. Some people will love it, some will find it disgusting. sextoys - work same as ranged weapons, but inflict very low damage and also indice hediffs, which change pawns stats and mood. Sometimes pawns get addicted to certain sextoys and become fetishists (wip). training lines - a new game mechanic. Certain sex interactions can change pawns personality forever. The interactions are divided into two groups - soft and harsh, and so pawns will gain different traits depending on the training style.   
    Piercing - adding new ones
    nipple rings heavy nipple rings (PS Beauty) nipple barbells (PS Bloodlust) wooden clothespins (PS Masochist) Wired vibrators - completed
    wired vibrator (PS Wimp) double wired vibrator (PS Nymphomaniac) anal wired vibrator (PS Tough) nipple wired vibrators (PS Tough) Apparel - adding new ones
    thong micro thong (PS Nimble) transparent skirt (PS Masochist, Nymphomaniac, Nudist) servant girl dress (PS Masochist, Nymphomaniac, Nudist) disco top (PS Masochist, Nymphomaniac) nipple stickers (PS Nudist, Kind, Brawler, Masochist, DislikesMen, Nymphomaniac) black nipple stickers golden cross nipple stickers intimate tape Z dress carbon armor suit chain harness Drugs - adding new ones
    lactine alpha lactine Food - adding new ones
    love juice (PS Nudist, Psychopath, Cannibal, Masochist, Nymphomaniac, Gourmand, Misogynist) love cookies (PS Gourmand, Greedy, TooSmart, FastLearner, Kind, TorturedArtist) love nectar (PS TooSmart, Kind, TorturedArtist, Nymphomaniac, Nudist, Masochist, Misogynist) breast milk (PS Nudist, Rapist, Zoophile, Nymphomaniac, DislikesWomen, Bloodlust, Cannibal, TooSmart, Greedy, Gourmand, TorturedArtist) Sextoys - adding new ones
    flogger whip wand vibrator Training lines - adding new ones
    mindbroken harsh  
    Mod depedns on RJW and must be placed after it in your modlist.
    Works with BB Body, RF Bodies (J and P) - integrated in the mod files, you don't need to download it and Beautiful Bodies (female only), Kurin Lewd Body, other types are unsupported currently. Vanilla bodies are unsupported too.
    BB Body https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1792668839
    RF Body https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1905332152
    Beautiful bodies https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2068281501

    !Due to a possible vanilla bug which breaks apprel layer visualisation I recommed not to equip more than 4 items on a pawn at the same time. For more info check page 3 of mod discussion.
    !Incompatible with RimNudeWorld
    !Incompatible with Combat Extended
    !Incompatible with mods which add visible utility slot items (pink box error)

    Ed86 and RJW developers - RJW
    LoonyLadle - Apparel Hediff framework - https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=49129.0
    Ryflamer - HD head textures - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1951826884
    Tarojun - hediff spawning things code - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1632244750
    RicoFox233 - body textures - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1905332152
    oblivionfs - testing
    Taranchuk - helping with C#
    RatherNot - C#, fixing bugs
    Abraxas - patching
    ShauaPuta - patching
    Monti - art
    dninemfive - ranged shield belt code
    Drahira - patron
    Jahazz - patron
    LPGaming - patron
    152mmlSU  - patron
    Donald Moysey - patron
    Xander Draft - patron
    刘益铭 - patron
    Quazar - patron
    Mori - patron
    Kaizen - patron
    Vien - patron

    My Patreon - support mod development!



  15. Rimflix - Ornyx's Collection

    This is a collection of Rimflix Shows animated for your enjoyment. All from your favorite Animators/Artists. This collection will provide you most-all currently public Animations to be viewed by your pawns with Rimflix. All Collections will be in 10 fps.
    Installation Guide
    Download the Collection from Mega either through the link below or the link in the text doc Put Collection into your Rimworld Mods folder In your mod load order put the collection after Rimflix You don't need to start a new save to use the Collection and they are safe to remove mid game. Currently in Collection/Working On
    Zonkpunch (Furry) Skello (Hentai) Crittermatic (Furry) Dreamertooth (Furry) (More to Come, I welcome Suggestions)  
    This collection will cause slow downs/make rimworld unplayable if (Depends on the specs of your PC)
    You use more than 1 tv while having the option Play shows when no pawns are watching If you have to many of these collections in your mod load order IFs
    Your Rimworld is unable to start and you know its the Collections Increase Priority of Rimworld and change the CPUs it is using to unused ones You want just certain shows in your collection You can customize these collections to your liking. Just to be safe ask me for help because I name my files weird and I already made the XML file (Not even going to try and replace data paths) Example: Renamon's Blowjob Showdef uses Images from Renamon 1 You can also ask me to make a new show as long as its no longer that 4-5 minutes (If the video is longer but can be reasonably split into different sections just ask me and I'll take a look and see what I can do If you can't message me in loverslab you can find me in the RJW discord  
    Zonkpunch's Collection
    This Collection is Currently missing
    How to Breed your Dragon Foxy x Chica Bowser x Felix Space Dandy: Meow  
    Skello Collection
    This Collection is missing EVERYTHING



  16. RJW patch for RimVali

    Simply gives the new RimVali mod RJW support.
    Featureless chest, dragon penis/vagina, and a normal anus

    The RimVali Discord server has nothing to do with the RJW patch, so don't go asking for help there.



  17. RJW (and optional RimNudeWorld) patch for my Lucario mod

    I've finally done it.

    This patch just gives Lucarios and Mega Lucarios their proper parts and if RimNudeWorld is installed, displays those parts on the pawn.

    Have fun you sick fucks.

    My Lucario Mod
    My Discord Server



  18. Prude Traders

    Removes RJW items from traders inventories. Also Removes RJW quest awards (separate patch that can be deleted). Treat as a mod, load after RJW.
    Two Versions:
    Prude Traders - Allows you to sell RJW items
    Super Prude Traders - Does not allow you to sell RJW items
    Note: Does not patch other submods items unless those submods use common RJW base parent names like rjw bodyparts and rjw bondage gear.



  19. RimFlix - addon Ramina

    adds a show to Rimworld TV screens 
    Requires RimFlix to function which can be found 
    On steam : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1685381492
    On GitHub : https://github.com/ritsu/RimFlix

    *Load this file after RimFlix* 
    This file adds a show of 9 images per screen size, this is not an animation so there are gaps between positions 
    If you hate Anime or tentacles this is not for you
    art was drawn by OXBallore
    Recommended mods to use with this file : Camera+
    On steam : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=867467808
    On GitHub : https://github.com/pardeike/CameraPlus

    This was my first RimFlix Project and will not be as high quality as my other seamless uploads 

    Extract the file and place the contents in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods or where ever your RimWorld mod folder is 



  20. RimFlix - addon Eco

    adds a show to Rimworld TV screens 
    Requires RimFlix to function which can be found 
    On steam : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1685381492
    On GitHub : https://github.com/ritsu/RimFlix

    *Load this file after RimFlix* 
    This file adds a show of approximately 27 Seconds and is almost seamless
    If you hate Anime or tentacles this is not for you

    Recommended mods to use with this file : Camera+
    On steam : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=867467808
    On GitHub : https://github.com/pardeike/CameraPlus

    Extract the file and place the contents in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods or where ever your RimWorld mod folder is 



  21. [mod] Cum blocks

    Blocks made of cum. 1 used condom = 6 cum blocks.

    there is literally almost zero reason to use these blocks but hey go off

    RJW is required ofc



  22. cumrats patch for my milkrat mod

    as the title said, it adds cumrats to my milkrats mod
    Milkrat mod



  23. Simple Slavemaster

    Currently in Beta!
    - Adds 4 Traits. 3 Slavemaster traits and 1 Submissive trait.
    - All Slavemasters have no negativ mood for having slaves or slaved colonists. The Brutal Slavemaster gets no negativ mood if slaves die.
    - Pawns with the Submissive trait lose 2 times as fast willpower. They are also less likely to try to escape
    - Pawns with the masochist trait also lose 2 times as fast willpower. They also can't get a heart attack if you zap them. Have fun.
    Due to my inexperience with Rimworld modding and Assembly modding in Rimworld in particular I only managed to change the Simple Slavery Assembly directly. This means you need to overwrite the Assembly from Simple Slavery. Just copy the "SimpleSlavery.dll" from "...\RimWorld\Mods\Simple Slavemaster\Simple Slavery\Assemblies to the Assembly" Folder from Simple Slavery. Should be "...\steamapps\workshop\content\294100\2144935009\Assemblies" and just to be sure "...\steamapps\workshop\content\294100\2144935009\v1.2\Assemblies"
    If you dont do that no errors should be displayed but the Submissive\Masochist changes will not work
    Simple Slavery



  24. Simple Polygamy

    Currently in Beta!
    Uploaded as Beta so that you can test for me get early access. That's nice from me, isn't it?
    Well now it is!
    - Adds the Polygamous Trait. Same name as Psychology for instant compatibility with rjw. Should be compatible with Psychology aswell (not sure, might change in the future)
    - Disables negativ moods like "cheated on me" for pawns with before mentioned trait.
    - Disable the Requirement for a Royal Pawn to have a dedicated Bedroom with before mentioned trait.
    - Adds a Bed for 10. Yup 10. For those of you who want to go big with this entire idea of multiple relationships and such. Only 1 type available (Royal).
    Patches included for:
    - [JPT] Soft Warm Beds;
    - Soft Beds;
    - Nano Repair Tech
    - Vanilla Furniture Expanded;
    - Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Spacer Module;
    - More Furniture [1.1];
    - GloomyFurniture;
    - [sd] medicaddons 1.1 (Continued);
    - UN-Furniture (Continued).
    Polyamory Beds (Vanilla Edition)
    Polyamory Beds is technically not directly required but I used some textures and it helped greatly for the patches for the "Double Penta Bed". Also makes no sense to not use this mod if available.



  25. Rimnosis - NSFW

    Rimnosis: A Rimworld Hypnosis Mod
    Rimworld always seemed to lack the ability to change pawn's feelings towards events or actions. So I decided to try and fix that, along with some weapons and armor that may also help.

    This is the NSFW variant of Rimnosis, the SFW variant is the more worked on version, and is on the workshop at: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2323415457

    WIP as in, none of the mind altering features are currently working. I am starting off with a grenade that forces enemies into an unconsious state, then moving onto the basic crystal necklace hypnosis for the base level hypnotizing effect. This is my first Rimworld mod and the first mod in general that i have published, so please note that it will probably take me longer than other devs to update.

    Current Features:
    Plugin to Religions of the Rim 2.0 for a custom religion that is being transformed into a mind control cult (gains piety for hypnotizing pawns, likes you recruiting prisoners using hypnosis, etc)
    Grenade that doesn't currently have a function since all it does is flash with no damage or status effects



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