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  1. Romance Tweaks More Options

    Romance Tweaks More Options (RTMO)
    In RimWorld, pawns occasionally have social interactions, indicated by speech bubbles above/between them. Behind the scenes, a chance is calculated (with a lot of factors) for such an interaction to be a romance attempt.
    The original RomanceTweaks by bdew allowed a general modifier for that chance, plus another modifier for singles. Also it let you modify the success chance of the romance attempt (for the pawns to become lovers, propose and marry) and the breakup chance (I'm actually not sure when exactly this comes into play).
    I stole RomanceTweaks and enhanced it by
    A Faction Modifier - to optionally prevent (or encourage 😉) Pawns making visitors their lovers Incest Modifiers - in three flavors, grouped by the original attraction factor split as found in vanilla RimWorld  
    Original RomanceTweaks on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1575463949
    Original RomanceTweaks on github, released under GNU Lesser GPL: https://github.com/bdew-rw/RomanceTweaks
    Handled blood relations:
    Incest Notice
    The archive also contains an xml-Patch that sets the "attractionFactor" (1.0) / "romanceChanceFactor" (1.1) for blood related pawns to 1 (vanilla RimWorld has it at 0.03 for siblings, for example).
    If Incest is not your cup of tea, remove the file "Patches\BloodRelationAttraction.xml" (1.0) or "v1.1\Patches\BloodRelationAttraction.xml" (1.1).
    The "romanceChanceFactor" is a different factor than the "Incest" modifier you can see in the mod settings (see screenshot), so you could also keep the xml and set the factor to zero (or 0.03) in the mod settings to prevent incest (or keep it as rare as in vanilla). See default values in tooltips and the following spoiler:
    If you have incestuous relationships in your colony you might have noticed that other pawns don't like people in such relationships. Crazy thing is that they don't like a niece being in a relationship with an uncle, but they have no problem with an uncle being in a relationship with a niece. As of 2019-05-31, I reduced these opinion modifiers, to make the imbalance less harsh. With the legwork done feel free to adjust the values to something you like in the xml-file (even zero is possible 😁 not sure if positive opinion modifier is possible). Also refer to No Incest Judging by Fenguard, which conveniently sets it to 0.
    Requires HugsLib and Harmony.
    Should work with all mods, but has to be loaded after mods that do romance stuff.
    I don't understand Harmony Patching well enough to make sure these RTMO's modifiers are always applied if any other functions edit romance chances (like Psychology, Rational Romance, etc), but loading RTMO after these seems to work.
    RTMO can be used alongside RimJobWorld, but it's not required. In fact, the sex system of RJW seems to be mostly oblivious of any romance status pawns might have.
    Disclaimer: I have only done minimal testing. Your mileage may vary.



  2. RimJobWorld

    I host this mod here and maintain the page for easy access to the most recent RJW updates & infos.
    Support our main Developer at Ed86s Patreon   or Subscribestar!
    make sure to remove any bondage you have before updating, bondage items have been moved to the RJW-ex addon
    Only use RJW with the latest stable Rimworld version (1.1.2654)
    This Rimworld mod might not be suitable for you, if you:
    aren't of age (legally 18+) can't distinguish real life from a game think human leather hats are great, but sex in Rimworld is horrible  
    sex genitals sex need prostitution complex pregnancy system basic human offspring sexchange rape bestiality STDs many options to enable/disable/tweak features and much more!  
    Installation: Mod install Guide
    Make sure you have the latest stable version of Rimworld 1.1 and the other required mods (⇒Load Order) Delete all files from previous RJW versions - if you had one, for a clean install also delete your RJW config in: "...\AppData\LocalLow\LudeonStudios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios\Config" (resets settings) Unpack the folder inside the zip into "...steam/steamapps/common/rimworld/mods/" - with programs like 7-Zip, make sure the mods content is only 1 folder level deep Activate it & the required mods in the right ⇒Load Order! Restart game  
    Load Order: (Required/Optional)
    Harmony  (has to be the very first mod) Rimworld Core (that's the game) Rimworld DLCs Hugslib  Other Mods RimJobWorld (always last) RJW Addons
    You can also find this project on:


    RJW Add-On List, Recommended Mods & more:
    This Post
    How to report a bug?
    Check first if you have all the required mods (⇒Load Order) in the newest version in the right order, reinstall if in doubt Post a detailed description what happened. What Mods do you use? And link your Hugslog (press Ctrl + F12 ingame) in your post. Quickest help you can get is most likely on Discord, thanks to some great people there.  
    With the use of Rimworld you have to accept the RimWorld EULA  
    Special Thanks to:
    Void Main OP
    semigimp ex. Dev
    Superhotsausage ex. Dev
    anon Dev
    Ed86 Savior, current Developer
    Zaltys ex. Dev
    UnlimitedHugs HugsLib mod library for Rimworld
    pardeike Harmony library
    Loverslab Hosting this mod
    Abraxas size setter
    Alanetsai ChineseT
    Artrer Fixing
    Asdiky Russian
    bearlyalive Compatibility
    Bucky Bondage sprites
    Cypress Mod Compatibility
    DegenerateMuffalo Compatibility
    ekss harmony patching
    exoxe Korean
    Funky7Monkey Fertility Pill
    geoper compatibility
    GoldenTamango ChineseS
    luythen improving and RJW Lite
    mewtopian part time Dev
    mitt0 various things
    NEPH icons, preview, Korean
    Pantheress Patching
    Pestdoktor German
    PinkysBrain fix
    Primarx Russian
    randomtyping Coder, bugfixer
    RatherNot fix
    rwmeow Coding
    Skömer this here
    SlicedBread new Icons
    TheSleeplessSorclock Coding
    Tirem12 thought
    Toastee Paternity test
    Zweifel Cum overlays



  3. S16's Extension

    Version 1.0.8

    This mod adds fully functional lewd clothes, piercing, vibrators and sextoys as apparel. They have custom hediffs and thoughts (1-3 stages for piercing, 1-2 stages for clothes and 1-8 stages for vibrators in general) and affect pawn's RJW stats as well. Some things have personality support (PS), which means that pawns with certain traits will have different from standard thoughts and mood changes.
    nipple rings heavy nipple rings (PS Beauty) nipple barbells (PS Bloodlust) wooden clothespins (PS Masochist) Vibrators
    wired vibrator double wired vibrator (PS Nymphomaniac) anal wired vibrator (PS Tough) nipple wired vibrators (PS Tough) Apparel
    thong micro thong (PS Nimble) servant girl dress (PS Masochist, Nymphomaniac, Nudist) Food:
    love juice (PS Nudist, Psychopath, Cannibal, Masochist, Nymphomaniac, Gourmand, Misogynist) love cookies (PS Gourmand, Greedy, TooSmart, FastLearner, Kind, TorturedArtist) love nectar (PS TooSmart, Kind, TorturedArtist, Nymphomaniac, Nudist, Masochist, Misogynist)  
    Mod depedns on RJW and must be placed after it in your modlist.
    Works with BB Body, RF Bodies (J and P) and Beautiful Bodies (female only), Kurin Lewd Body, other types are unsupported currently. Vanilla bodies are unsupported too.
    BB Body https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1792668839
    RF Body https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1905332152
    Beautiful bodies https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2068281501
    !Mod also changes vanilla face textures to HD from "HD pawn textures" mod.  If you use other faces or don't need it, just go to Rimworld/Mods/rjwS16/Textures/Things/Pawn/Humanlike/ and delete "Heads" folder.

    !Compatibility with other RJW addons was't tested yet. If you report a bug, don't forget to provide your hugslog (Ctrl+F12).

    !Kurin version was tested with Kurin RJW Edition only, original mod compatibility unconfirmed.

    !Due to a possible vanilla bug which breaks apprel layer visualisation I recommed not to equip more than 4 items on a pawn at the same time. For more info check page 3 of mod discussion.

    Ed86 and RJW developers - for RJW
    LoonyLadle - for Apparel Hediff framework - https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=49129.0
    Ryflamer - for HD head textures - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1951826884
    Tarojun - for hediff spawning things code - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1632244750
    oblivionfs - testing
    Drahira - patron
    Jahazz - patron
    LPGaming - patron

    To do list:

    My Patreon - if you want to support me and make features come faster

    Mods used for screenshots



  4. RJW Race Support

    What does this file do ?
    It causes supported races to spawn with the assigned RJW parts.
    This is a purely optional file which adds more immersion to races body parts.
    For example that giant spider lady eyeing your females actually spawns with an ovipositor and will proceed to implant eggs and cocoon the victim when conditions are met.
    Other scenarios exist.
    Place in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods
    Or where ever your RimWorld mods folder is.

    Load After
    HumanoidAlienRaces (should be using this) GenderBalancer (if you use it) RJW (have to be using this)  
    Load Before
    LostForest Gender Patch (this is unneeded as my mod already addresses this) RJW RBSE Patch (just to be safe)
      Requires the game rimworld and the mod RJW and all its dependencies to do anything.
    RJW can be found here : 
    Non necessary but recommended:
    Gender balancer:
    Currently I am still adding support to more races but I am also seeing about expanding the RJW hediffs to choose from.
    Later I might link all the supported mods.

    Important when updating please erase all loose files or the entire mod folder before adding new versions

    If you see errors I would prefer you contact me on the RJW discord, look for Abraxas.
    Link : 

    Supported Mods :

    This mod is not dead I am just waiting for JecsToolsto update and for RJW to implement a way for race support to control part size spawn probability on races.
    Recommend RJW Related Mods 



  5. [RJW] RimJobWorld - Extension

    Git: https://gitgud.io/Ed86/rjw-ex

    What's inside:
    Fuck machines
    Three models, one automatic with restraints which chooses one of six modes:
    - Normal (50%) - 0.5-1.5 in-game hours, rest to sex conversion (1-to-2) modified by machine's quality;
    - Intensive (30%) - faster (0.25-0.75 hour), significant exhaustion, lots of pleasure;
    - Long (10%) - slower pace, same exhaustion as normal but longer time (1-3 hours), more pleasure for longer session;
    - Maximum pleasure (5%) - raising sex need to max at fastest rate, even for humpshroom addicted (this mode only), moderate exhaustion;
    - Tease (3%) - time from short to long (0.5-2 hours), pawn left at horny threshold (0.25 by rjw default), gains joy from session;
    - Exhaust (2%) - moderate pleasure gain, lasts down to 0% rest need, but 2-3 hours minimum, capped at 6 hours;
    For humpshroom addicted pawns with withdrawal every mode except Maxpleasure works for 1/10 of normal, but with full exhaustion.
    Machines without Auto-mode works on Normal mode
    Machines need researching to unlock: complex furniture, electricity, microelectronics
    Some technical info:
    All machines have Private/Public switch. In case of Private machine can be used only by room owners (bedrooms only, want something private - keep it private).
    Pawns will use machines by themselves, preferring available ones with highest quality (masos have small bonus for models with restraints).
    Mechanics similar to fappin', but doesn't replace it.
    Men will also use machines with chance based on orientation.
    Stats time counter for time on machines.
    Anal plugs
    Three sizes ordinary plugs, working like normal apparel and one expandable plug with hololock.
    Plugs derive bondage gear mechanics, so can be equipped on downed pawns and prisoners by others.
    Right now there is not much difference between normal and locked. Pawns won't remove or equip it themselves.
    Still locked plugs have "blocks_anus" property, and prevents anal sex. (assuming normal plug could be removed any time for any need and placed back right after).
    Gives "plugged" hediff with 5 stages depending on difference between plug size and orifice.
    All stages except the lowest (loose) gives sexdrive bonus and various small debuffs in higher stage cases.
    Gives "Plugged" moodlet with similar stages, higher stages work different for pawns with nympho or maso traits and those without.
    Expandable plugs always fits very tight, except for the most loose cases.
    Stats time counter for time wearing plug.
    Anal plugs divided into tiers and need researching to unlock:
    wooden(light)-> Neolithic, none, CraftingSpot
    stony(heavy)-> Neolithic, tech - Stonecutting,  TableStonecutter
    metal(medium)-> Medieval, tech - Smithing,  TableMachining/FueledSmithy/ElectricSmithy
    inflatable -> Industrial, none, TableMachining
    Visible gags
    No other mods needed, no conflict with hairs and most of headgear (probably still conflicts for slots with some full helmets or something like, need to test).
    Fits to different head shapes (though some sprites may mismatch slightly, need to verify every single one)
    Gag graphics from original RJW, needed to re-include it in archive just because of files naming.
    NO stats counter for time gagged, thought about it only when writing this. Is it even needed at all?
    -remove old rjw-ex folder if present,
    -unpack this (should look like RimWorld\Mods\rjw-ex),
    -load after RJW;
    Existing savegame friendly, removing from save is not tested.
    Original author of mod for 1.0 ekss
    Any related ideas about rebalancing/expanding/fixing are accepted but without any guarantee of implementing/attempting/reading.
    English is not my main language, so I apologize to all who suffered from this fact.



  6. Gnillek's Sextoys

    This mod adds sextoys, bondage stuff and torture instruments to rimworld. They're all only for decoration purposes...
    You can find the items under the "misc" tab in your construction menu. There are three new categorys:
    - bondage
    - sextoys
    - trays
    All of the items require one steel to build.
    RimJobWorld is not required!
    go to - RimWorld\Mods
    drop the Folder "Gnillek's Sextoys" there an you are good to go!



  7. Babies And Children

    Babies And Children mod
    This mod makes babies & children for Rimjobworld
    Add babies & children And make children and babies grow fast. Support alien race's children  
    Rimworld Version 1.1 Harmony 2.0 Hugslib Humanoid Alien Races 2.0  
    Mod Loading Order
    Harmony Core Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 RimJobWorld This mod  
    Unpack the the zip content into "...steam/steamapps/common/rimworld/mods/BNC" Activate it & the other required mods Restart game  
    It's not compatible with showhair yet. Use the hats display selection.  



  8. [RimThemes] Samus' Theme

    Adds a somewhat NSFW to the game featuring Samus from the Metroid series, it comes with it's own colors, buttons and hypocritical music. (stolen from various artists)
    Requires: Rimthemes:
    Many features can be disabled in Rimthemes mod options.
    Have fun.



  9. Animation Converter (Spriter to RimJobWorld Animation Framework)

    The purpose of this application is to greatly improve the experience of making custom animations for the RimJobWorld Animation Framework (RAF), created by c0ffeeeee. It allows you to convert animations created in Spriter, by BrashMonkey, into a format readable by the RAF (this application is compatible with the free version of Spriter!)
    The application file is an .exe, but the full source code has been included, so you are very welcome to read through the code and then compile it yourself
    ** Note that, at present, this conversion tool only generates the animationStages needed for the AnimationDef; you will need to manually specify the animation's defName, the actor types involved, body type offsets, etc. If this tool gains some popularity, a more complex animation creation wizard might be developed **
    For best results, make sure to read ALL the instructions listed in the README file!
    As this is the first release of this tool, there may be bugs. If something strange occurs that isn't covered by the README file, please leave a comment



  10. RJW - New Sounds

    !!  I've seen that coffee integrated these sounds into RJW-Animations, so this file is obsolete if you use it.  !!
    Now, since we have a separate RW section on LoversLab, i've decided to finally upload these Sounds. 
    I made these ones a while ago and they where floating around on the discord for some time now.
    All this mod does, is adding 8 different clap sounds for the sex "animation". It sounds more like fucking. For some sex positions, these sounds don't make sense. Like, if you have a blowjob interaction or something like that. 
    But for me, it fits better to the animation you see.
    I don't know if it is possible right now to add different sounds for different positions. Would be something, I would want to do. (coffee actually did that now!)
    Just copy the contents of the folder in the RJW main directory and overwrite everything.



  11. Dyspareunia - wear & tear system for RJW

    Dyspareunia (noun) – difficult or painful sexual intercourse.
    This mod introduces a wear & tear system to RimJobWorld.
    Penetrating sex may damage pawns' "tender parts", causing abrasions and/or ruptures Amount of damage depends on the relative size of the organ, participants' traits, wetness and whether the sex is consensual Vaginas and anuses stretch from being penetrated by bigger penises However, they also gradually contract over time until they reach 50% ("average") size Tight penetrations give both partners positive thoughts (except to the penetrated rape victim) Childbirth also stretches and can easily rupture vaginas Values tweakable in the settings  
    Requirements & Load Order
    Harmony RimWorld (Core) HugsLib RimJobWorld Dyspareunia (this mod)  
    Only penetrations of vagina or anus are taken into account There is a degree of randomness in dealing damage, so no two intercourses are the same See change log, plans, source code and issues here



  12. Rimworld 1.1: Nephila Hyperpregnancy Race Mod

    Breaking news: crazed glitterworld lab tech unveils experimental merging of sex bot technology with gray goo mechanites! What will those wacky scientists think up next? 

    Fetish tags: Hyperpregnancy, Infestation (tentacles), Tentacles, Hedonism, Goo Girls, Slaanesh.
    * Significant portions of the newer art in this mod has been created by the talented artist Archina (they and many others on the RJW discord have also helped me work through coding issues). Their website portfolio link: https://squidlet.design/archina/gallery.html.

    The Nephila Hyperpregnancy Mod adds a new race, the "Nephila." This race of goo girls incorporates a complex reproductive cycle, custom "royal" style faction (still being developed) with unique royal titles, and two unique themed starts.

    Basic mod description can be found on the mod's development Git page: https://gitgud.io/HiveBro/nephila-rjw/-/wikis/Basic-Mod-Description.
    A quick breakdown goes as follows: 
    Nephila Maidens (the race's humanoids) do not reproduce normally (they have 0 fertility unless changed by a mod). Instead, they periodically give birth to puddles of nanites that coalesce into "hunter" Nephilim known as "Cherubim" and "Seraphim."
    When these cherubim bite a humanoid, that humanoid will come down with a mechanite disease called "Nephila Sickness." In addition to increasing a pawn's hunger and pain rate over time, the disease has an additional effect on humanoid females.

    Humanoid females whose Nephila Sickness severity becomes intense enough will transform into new Nephila Maidens, thus perpetuating the race's life cycle. (Undead and Robots are typically immune). 
    In addition to this, Nephila Maidens grow more pregnant looking over time, going from having a pot belly all the way up to hyperpregnant looking. Higher stages of Nephila Maiden are able to give birth to more, and more powerful, Nephila hunter tentacles. As Maidens grow, they also gain ranks in the Nephila social hierarchy, unlocking powers just like royal titles do. The downside to all this is that their needs (especially hunger) increase while their manipulation and speed decrease due to their increasing debilitation.

    The final stage of a maiden's evolution, that of a "Grand Matron," can only be unlocked by feeding a sufficiently evolved Maiden a cocktail derived from an advanced Nephila hunter tentacle known as a Seraphim. Grand Matrons give birth, about once a year, to powerful "Queen's Guard" pawns, which represent the ultimate achievement of Nephila biology. Queen's guard are fast, tough, deadly, and can transform female humanoids they fight in combat into new Nephila Maidens on your faction's side, if they stay in combat long enough. 

    Mod load order can be seen in one of the images. Harmony -> Core -> Royalty -> HugsLib -> Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 -> [Nephila Mod] -> RimJobWorld -> RimJobWorld Race Support.
    (If you're not familiar with the RimJobWorld Race Support mod, it can be found here: 
    I am terrible at art. As a consequence, some of the sprites I use in this mod are heavily modified versions of art made by other people. In particular, I drew from "Breast Naga" by gamera1985 to create the Queen's Guard sprite, "Rimworld Busty Bodies 1.0.0" by Skyrimkillmod as the basis for Nephila Maiden bodies, and "gloomy_face" by gloomylynx for Nephila Maiden heads. Should any of the artists I drew from have issue with my mod, I'll take it down from Lover's Lab. 

    To get started with the Nephila mod, you can pick one of the two custom starts, "Bizarre Cargo" (easy start) and "Awakened Empire" (harder start). You can also piss off the Nephila faction to get them to raid you or research Advanced Fabrication and Vitals Monitor in order to unlock the Nephila Pool of Colors workbench, which can be used to convert humanoid corpses into one-use incubators for Nephila Maidens. Dev cheats work fine, as well (apply the "Nephila Sickness" hediff to no specific body part using the apply hediff dev cheat). 

    Known Issues: Nephila Grand Matrons and Queen's Guard disappear when entering beds; the Nephila Grand Matron specific bed is functional but ugly and does not do what it's intended to; On a pawn transforming into a Nephila Maiden, the game will spit a bunch of (harmless) red line errors if the player does not have a robot or undead mod in their load order (placing either Rimworld of Magic or the Androids mod in your load order generally makes the red line errors go away);  When Nephila maidens reach a new pregnancy level and evolve, they sometimes gain a "Nephila Mechanite Inhibitor" in the process. This inhibitor prevents them from evolving again. Surgically removing the inhibitor will allow them to evolve once they have grown enough to do so again.

    I've also included versions of the mod for Rimworld 1.0 and Rimworld 1.1 without the Royalty expansion. Note that I will not be updating these versions, as most of the new content intended for Nephila are heavily reliant on the Royalty framework, but these versions are here for people who want access to the mod but either want to stay in 1.0 or don't want to buy Royalty.  

    Nephila for 1.0/1.1 Without Royalty: 
    Nephila - 1.1 Non Royalty.7z



  13. [RJW] Whore beds

    Whoring themed beds for rjw, can be used without rjw.
    -basic mat, cheap sleeping mat with better than vanilla sleeping spot stats
    -posh bed
    -posh double bed
    -luxurious double bed
    Beds have higher rest and comfort but lower immunity and surgery success chances
    Reduces sleeping spot stats to same as sleeping on ground



  14. OTY RJW Symbols

    Change RJW Interaction Icons for more lewd graphic!
    it doesn't change Rape and Breed  Icons.
    Load this mod after RJW
    this mod may be compatible with other RJW version, unless that version has different interaction  def.



  15. Slime race for rjw

    Slime Race mod
    This is custom race mod for Rimworld
    Add new race: Slime Resurrected if corpse isn't destroyed No pain.  
    Rimworld Version 1.1 Harmony 2.0 Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 RimJobWorld  
    Mod Loading Order
    Harmony Core Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 This mod RimJobWorld  
    Unpack the the zip content into "...steam/steamapps/common/rimworld/mods/SlimeGirl RJW Edition " Activate it & the other required mods Restart game  
    Bug Report
    If you have any Error Log, Please report the link after press Ctrl + F12 , and detailed description what happened.



  16. UnderWhere (1.1)

    UnderWhere underwear mod
    Most pawns will now spawn with underwear of appropriate type.
    3 new apparel sets for male, female, and tribals.
    More are on the way!
    Special thanks to Dhyne for the 1.1 port and Orion for teaching me how to use comps



  17. Kurin RJW edition

    Heavily modified port of Kurin 1.0. Contains all of the content from garam Kurin, without all of the bad stuff.  Works with RJW and will probably require it eventually.
    I heavily recommend Race support.
    Requires garam advanced apparel, HAR framework and De-Generalize work!
    -Kurin race
    -Lewd apparel
    -new faction with reworks
    -Tweaks and balances

    Planned features
    -more control over apparel
    -facial animation support
    -lewder clothing
    -another faction or two
    Suggestions are welcome.
    2.unpack with 7zip
    3.ensure that the file isn't two files deep!
    4.place in the mod folder at SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods

    I do not own kurin, I just like to lewd foxgirls
    Special Thanks
    -AouiSempai (texture modifications)
    -Abraxas (too much to describe)
    -Arpalys (English Translation)
    -Vera (Texture acquisition)
    -Petrothian (bug testing)
    and everyone on the rjw discord server who's helped me out.



  18. Chanfana's Things for Gender Distinction

    NOTE FOR 1.1: These are just texture replacement - png files, no code. You can use them no matter the version. The yellow error comes from the About.xml, which you can ignore. They still depend on Gender Distinction, though.
    I prepared the textures of my normal body mod to work with IntelligencePending's Gender Distinction.

    0. Delete Chanfana's Bodies/Tribals if you have them
    1. Put Gender Distinction in your Mod folder.
    2. Grab the folders inside my Chanfanas GD zip (2 folders, Chanfanas GD + GenderDistinction) and drop them inside the Mod folder.
    Say yes to the "do you wanna replace files" messages you get about GenderDistinction.

    Things to note:
    - Currently no custom drawings for Hulk females and Fat+Thin males.
    - This mod makes Hulk females wear the default tribalwear. IF you are using Chanfanas GD with this, do not delete these files (swapping is ok). If you do, Hulk females will appear with my male tribalwear.



  19. Rimworld Busty Bodies

    WARING: This mod is still version 1.0 you will need HARMONY mod to get this working with the 1.1 update!!!
    *UPDATE 4/17/2020                     
    There are now 3 attachments:
          MoreBustyBody mod (adds endowed body)
          MoreBustyBody Clothing Replacer (adds 4 body type clothes replacers, made by (llbbat)
          Rimworld MoreBustyBodys Resource Clothing Replacer (contains 6 different body types you can swap out)
    Adds endowed women to rimworld
    original art from Bermasin aka ber00
    I sujest using camera+ mod to be able to zoom in
    compatable with rimworld 1.0 and 1.1 (Harmony mod needed for version 1.1)
    Please extract to your mods folder under rimworld. 
    Look for MoreDetailBody in mods when you start the game
    Dont double extract or mod wont work and will appear out of date for rimworld 1.0
    Dont do:                              Mods/MoreDetailBody/MoreDetailBody/
    Do:                                       Mods/MoreDetailBody/
    Rimworld MoreBustyBodys Resource.rar MoreBustyBody Clothing Replacer.rar MoreBustyBody.rar



  20. Gender Distinction

    For eons, the human race has gone without the ability to tell what the hell that musclebound raider's gender is.
    No longer! By simply renaming your selected textures, the fabric of reality can be shifted - molded to your whims.
    What's this? Definition? Distinction? The possibilities end right there!
    Grab your copy today!
    Unzip into your mods folder like any other mod. Then customize your textures by replacing the examples.
    This mod requires Harmony/Hugslib.
    Add Clothing:



  21. [Rimworld] RJW and QEE Patch

    I've created recipes for RimJobWorld Private Parts for Questionable Ethics. Has now been Updated by Ragnarock30
    Questionable Ethics
    Also Contains a few other parts.
    3 of which require this link as giving credit where credit is due. (https://www.fenoxo.com/play-games/) Trials in Tainted Space.
    Version 1.1.1 wasn't originally going to happen as the bug found was a very minor one (the parse bug wasn't causing any game-play problems - just some red text). It was found and fixed early last week and fixed. I was debating on whether I was going to add anything new as well as waiting to see if any other bugs popped up. No new bugs and no new content so, underwhelming drum roll please, .... Version 1.1.1



  22. Hentai female body texture

    Just a texture Body.
    Only female body , don't contain fat and thin.



  23. [Abandoned] [Rimworld] Genital support patch for Lost Forest

    I am abandoning this patch, the author of Lost Forest released an update that disables RJW in a way I can't easily fix. And I really don't want have to create a new fix when Lost Forest gets updated.
    I'll leave this page up until August in case anyone wants to back anything up, after that I'll delete it.
    This is a patch for the monstergirls of the Lost Forest mod.
    Enables genitals for the monstergirls.  
    Gender Balancer Lost Forest (and its requirements) This patch RimJobWorld  
    Load order:
    Core Hugslib Alien races (if used) Gender Balancer other mods Lost Forest's requirements Lost Forest This patch other mods RimJobWorld  
    Unpack the contents of the zip into "...steam/steamapps/common/rimworld/mods" Activate the mod and put it below Lost Forest in the load order Wait for the game to restart  
    Known issues:
    !!! IMPORTANT !!! The author of Lost Forest has disabled Rimjobworld interactions with the monstergirls.
    If your pawns get anesthetized it's because lost forest interfering with RJW. Be careful if you play in hardcore/iron man, the author may enact harsher penalties in the future.
    If you want to re enable RJW, send me a PM and I'll send you a link to a patch. Already spawned monsters do not get genitals assigned retroactively Some monsters, especially Dragonia have very low fertility  
    Restrict monstergirl gender to all female Done Assign more humanoid genitals, since the monster part of the girl is very low. Done as of RJW 2.0.1 Fix low fertility  
    About the operations patches:
    I've added 2 new patch files that add the RJW genital operations to all animals or just the lost forest ones.
    Pick one and put it in the RJW patches folder.
    Error reporting/Suggestions:
    Please let me know if you experience issues with this patch and feel free to suggest improvements/changes.
    IGNI, the original creator of Lost Forest



  24. Dragonian Race Mod RJW Edition [1.1]

    Dragonian Race Mod for Rimworld 1.1 (RimJobWorld Edition)
    This is custom race mod for Rimworld
    New Humanlike Race Dragonian  Good at melee combat. Shearing & Milking Appears only as Slave or Wildman. Texture change with health state  
    Rimworld Version 1.0 Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 RimJobWorld (load always last)  
    Mod Loading Order
    Core Hugslib Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 This mod RimJobWorld  
    Unpack the the zip content into "...steam/steamapps/common/rimworld/mods/DragonianRace RJW Edition " Activate it & the other required mods Restart game  
    Bug Report
    If you have any Error Log, Please report the link after press Ctrl + F12 , and detailed description what happened.



  25. Chanfana x MaliBody

    My gendered textures adapted to work with MaliBody (Steam)
    These files do nothing on their own! You need MaliBody for anything to show up!
    How to use:
    - Make a local copy of MaliBody (if you don't know how, Google is your friend)
    - Open the folder
    - Copy what's inside this mod (About and Textures folder) and paste it into MaliBody. You should get a file replacement message, say yes.
    - Don't forget to activate the mod called Chanfana x MaliBody
    You're done.
    Thank you to Malistaticy for finding a work-around in 1.1 for gendered bodies and letting me make a replacement mod for it.



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