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  1. SizedApparel (SAR-BodiesMod)

    This is a compilation of three mods:
    Size Apparel For RJW With Body Part Rendering! (1.4Wip25)
    Sized Apparel Retexture
    SAR Body

    You DO NOT need to install the original mod - everything is included. I also highly recommend installing the [XND] Visible Pants mod for the correct display of clothes (the textures were made with the expectation of it)
    Yes, it is certainly not so technologically advanced, but it is more compact and more convenient. Based on the Size Apparel mod of the latest version 1.4Wip25. Programmatically - it's all the same Size Apparel, and it will work exactly the same with other mods. The main differences are the textures. They are 90% new (and this percentage will still increase).
    Those who are familiar with SAR and SAR-body will not see much new yet. The main change is the alignment of the textures of the body and clothes (in the original, the female characters from the back had a shift of 4 pixels to the left). I also trimmed the genitals and a million more textures on the little things.

    For those who are here for the first time and have no idea what these three mods are all about - the mod does this:
    1. Replaces all bodies in the game with more detailed ones. (similar in functionality to rimnude, but there are a couple of differences - there is no need for HAR, but instead, compatibility with alien races is worse. Also does not yet support genitals in animals)
    2. Adds more compatible heads (respectively, if you do not need them, you will have to remove them manually, since simple removal of textures does not break anything)
    3. Adds genitals. Breasts in 7 different sizes, Penises (including non-human), Vaginas, anuses, pubic hair, pregnancy and cumfilation abdomens.
    4. Changes the texture of clothing, adding a visual display of breast size.
    5.  Jumping breasts during sexual intercourse

    and most likely I forgot to add something else 😃 The mod works great offline, but you can also use it in conjunction with HAR and rimnude (do not forget to go into the mod settings in the game and change a couple of checkboxes there)

    Standalone versions of Sized Apparel Retexture and SAR Body remain on their page, but will not be updated. The update will go exactly to this mod (because I got tired of patches - this system was invented by a damn pervert)

    And yes, now we have a link to GIT  (thanks GhostClinic)
    There are patches for HAR - alien rass:
    Kurin (by MerisDarkmon)

    Brief instructions for creating a patch of alien races:
    There is also a micro mod for statues (does not apply to SA at all, just too lazy to make a separate post). Did under inspiration, does not pretend to anything serious. GIT (thanks GhostClinic)

    When upgrading to a new version, it is recommended to delete the old one first.
    I like to rename files, so just overwriting is not the best idea.



  2. RimNudeWorld Penis Textures Replacement - Human penis_huge

    I made some proper texture replacements for RimNudeWorld's file's penis__huge south & east

    All you have to do is get RimNudeWorld and drop the mods folder in to your Rimworld directory

    Positioning is done correctly but can be adjusted by using RJW animations, with the animation tab
    This mod is skin colour compatible, RimNudeWorld will adjust the colour spectrum to your pawns skin colour
    Enjoy =p

    You can easily change the genital size of your pawns in-game by:
    - Activating dev mode inside Rimworld and clicking one of the top button's displayed, then using the "add hediff" option
    - Using character editor from the workshop
    Don't forget to make a back-up of the original files in case you want to reverse back



  3. Carniculus

    Adds "carniculus", an alien race made of lumps of tumor. HAR & RJW required
    Carniculus (male and female)
    - Easily goes raping & no emotional debuff when get raped
    - gluttonous and eats fast
    - Ugly and high filth rate
    - Somewhat good at research and medicine
    - Somewhat not good at socializing, building, or mining
    "Mama", the subspecies
    - Masochist
    - Beautiful and vulnerable
    - some apparels & weapons
    - some body part textures for rimnude
    Carnigigas (livestock)
    - Made with human flesh.
    - Other than that they are mostly the same as elephants.
    Homo Pecudes (livestock)
    - gives you human meat and leather.
    "Metastasis and Proliferation" (scenario)
    - Starts with 3 naked carniculus (or "mama") + one carnigigas
    Carniculus trading ship (trader)
    - A trading ship by the carniculus who stayed on the spaceship.
    - They are hoarding slaves and expensive goods. (and gene packs for Biotech)
    new and old git



  4. fluffs_insectoid_replacer

    Simple retexture made years ago by FluffiestX aka Fluff or @fluffolio. I got permission to share here in mod form. But don't expect support for this too much.

    Might have some bugs on how its retextured (might be my fault since I made the mod setup). Anyway, just download and enable. is a simple retexture, so you might want it as bottom on the list as possible to not be overridden.
    Should work on 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and any future versions unless they change engine or something.
     - Not actually supported by them, very old assets with not updates yet, they focusing on mechanoids for now.



  5. Masochist Slaves Won't Rebel

    You've seen it before. The new slave, Cindy, has been violated so hard that she gained the masochist trait. Or spawned with it. Whatever.
    Dear reader, I ask you, why should Cindy ever consider staging a rebellion, or follow others as they escape, when she could stay exactly where she wants to be?
    This mod will stop pawns with the "masochist" trait from ever trying to escape. It synergizes well with mods that expand on slavery's mechanics, so that you have a reason to keep around what is ultimately a slightly less useful pawn with a yellow name.
    RJW required for now



  6. RimJobWorld - Gasses

    This mod is a work in progress. Comments about bugs and balancing encouraged (I don't really play this game anymore lol)
    I am easier to contact on the RJW discord in my channel, #tory187-mods
    This mod requires Simple Custom Gas Framework which requires Biotech DLC

    Adds new gases:
    - Humpshroom gas, humpshrooms in the air!
    - Sissy Spray, gives feeling broken hediff and causes submit, Subdues opponents and helps speed along the process of turning them masochist
    - Maternal Miasma, fertility enhancer aphrodisiac
    - Rape Vapor(Rapor), A rejected combat enhancer due to its unfortunate side effects. Found new purpose on black market
    - Lewd gas, ultra gas that combines the affects of Sissy Spray, Rapor, and Maternal Miasma (this can get dangerous)
    - Seed Steam, slowly drenches pawns in cum (requires rjw-cum)
    - Suckle Smoke, makes pawns lactate (requires rjw-mc)(NOT YET IMPLMENTED)
    - AIDS Effluvium, straight up gives pawns acute HIV (requires rjw-stds)
    - Futa Fumes, Addadicktome gas
    Gasses only affect adults and with the exception of Seed Steam can all be nullified with gas masks.
    Most gasses can be used in various ways:
    Mortar fire Launchers IEDs Remote IEDs (requires VFE-Deserters) Vents (requires Gas Vents) Or just spawned with Dev mode  
    Support for Combat Extended is planned. For now most of the mod is not usable aside from launchers if you have CE.
    This mod is hosted on a git, that means the upload date on this site will not represent when the mod actually updates. To keep track of changes I will attempt to update the changelog here but if I don't you can check the commits on the git itself.
    @Euclidean Made this a possibility and early formatting/textures
    @moron num.40 Remote IED suggestion
     Support me



  7. RimJobWorld

    This  mod might not be for you, if you:
    aren't of age (legally 18+) can't distinguish reality from a video game think human leather hats are great, but sex in Rimworld is a crime against humanity  
    Support our amazing developer!
    Ed86's Subscribestar
    patreon com/Ed86
    Ed86's Patreon

    Ed86's Kofi
    RJW Community
    RJW Discord RJW Git
    RJW Loverslab Thread  
    sex need genital hediffs (inter species) pregnancy basic human offspring sex change rape bestiality many options to enable/disable/tweak features Detailed description:
    Installation: Mod Installation Guide
    Delete all files from previous RJW versions Open the .zip and move the folder from there into "...steam/steamapps/common/rimworld/mods/" - you can use programs like 7-Zip to unpack the .zip/.7z Make sure your RJW mod files aren't nested .../Rimworld/mods/RJW/[all the mod files here] is mandatory, see the linked mod installation guide Activate the mod & the latest stable version of the required mods in the right ⇒Load Order! Restart Rimworld Enjoy  
    Load Order: (Required/Optional)
    Harmony  (has to be the very first mod) Core (that's the game) Rimworld DLCs Hugslib  Other Mods RimJobWorld (put as low as possible in your modlist) RJW Add-ons Performance mods  
    Make sure you have a clean and updated Installation of your game and all your mods (~95% of reported issues stem from outdated RJW submods) Make a working modlist If you still have issues and want to report it attach a Hugslog to the detailed description of your problem here or on the RJW Discord List of incompatible Mods ⇒FAQ  
    Change Log
    ⇒Older RJW Versions  
    With the use of Rimworld you have to accept the Rimworld EULA  
    Special Thanks to:
    Void Main OP
    semigimp ex. Dev
    Superhotsausage ex. Dev
    Ed86 main Developer
    UnlimitedHugs HugsLib mod library for Rimworld
    pardeike Harmony library
    Loverslab Hosting this mod
    Also thanks to the many community contributors:
    40kg Mouse, 420san, a flock of birds, ADHD_Coder, Alanetsai, amevarashi, anon, anon18392, AntiJaoi Artrer, Asdiky, bearlyalive, Bucky, CaufendraSunclaws, Cypress, dastardlii, DegenerateMuffalo, divineDerivative, Dubs670, ekss, Endismic, exoxe, Funky7Monkey, geoper, ghostclinic3YTB, gmasterslayer, GoldenTamango, gterl, Haseiliu, Hydrogen, jhagatai, KeirLoire, klorpa, luythen, Mewtopian, Mitt0, motd1233, mwcr, Nabber, NamingIsHard, NEPH, NLSHD, nuganee, nugerumon, Pantheress, Pestdoktor, PinkysBrain, Primarx, randomtyping, RatherNot, rwmeow, Skömer, SlicedBread, StarlightG, Taleir, TDarksword, TheSleeplessSorclock, Tirem12, Toastee, Tory187, turkler, Twonkie, Valorantplayer993 XenoMorphie, Zaltys, Zsar, Zweifel



  8. Humanoid Slime Race

    Work on the mod has been frozen since the Biotech DLC. 
    Humanoid Slime Race
    Were bred in the Glitter worlds by crossbreeding a human female and a slime girl for sexual intercourse. But due to a rebellion of slime girls in one of the Glitter worlds, they fled to other worlds where Glitter's influence is low.
    Has increased protection against shock damage and increased sensitivity to temperature. 
    Mod requirements and other information can be found on the mod's gitgud page.
    Slimes can't wear clothes and won't. Use community patches if you really need it.
    Some of the screenshots are outdated. They will be replaced in the future.
    Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 Vanilla Expanded Framework
    Community patches (The author of the mod is not responsible for them)
    Apparel fix  
    If the pawns are completely transparent, then check in the game settings and the VEF mod that texture caching is disabled

    The development of mod updates for the Rimworld 1.3 version stopped at the mod 1.3 version. All subsequent versions of the mod are being developed for the game version 1.4+
    Гуманоидная раса слизи
    Были выведены в мирах Блеска путем скрещивания человеческой женщины и слизи для половых сношений. Но из-за восстания девушек-слизней в одном из миров Блеска они бежали в другие миры, где влияние Блеска невелико.
    Имеет повышенную защиту от ударного урона и повышенную чувствительность к температуре. 
    Требования мода и прочую информацию можно узнать на gitgud странице мода.



  9. Vanilla Backgrounds Expanded - NSFW

    This mod might not be for you, if you:
    aren't of age (legally 18+) can't distinguish reality from a video game think human leather hats are great, but sex in Rimworld is a crime against humanity  
    The Pictures are heavy due me using the ORGINAL RAW BASE Pictures from the archives meaning it's Uncompressed/SUPER HD!!!
    Feel free to downgrade it you like! It is too heavy...
    Vanilla Backgrounds Expanded  
    Mandatory Installation guide:
    Intall Vanilla Backgrounds Expanded Run the game so VBE could make it's config folder Open the .zip and move the folder from there into "...steam/steamapps/common/rimworld/mods/" Open the folder, then open PUT-PICTURES-INSIDE-BACKGROUNDS-FOLDER folder Quickly before you start fapping, grab the pictures - Ctrl+A then Ctrl+X Go to your "AppData" then find "...Config/VanillaBackgroundsExpanded/Backgrounds/" Drop the pictures inside the Backgrounds folder - Ctrl+V Enjoy!  
    Thanks to dastardlii (Original mod) and Ekuki (Art)!
    Ps. Could someone ask Ekuki to please make one for Cassandra Classic as well as the rest of Vanilla Expanded Female Characters? Please?



  10. Mustard's sexy sculpture mod

    adds simple sculpture to your game.(dark soul art style)
    you can make mod sculptures at "building- miscs tab" not sculpture workbench (cuz I'm lazy)
    most arts are not mine.



  11. Fluff's Curvaceous Underarmored Mechanoids

    Mechanoids retexture that make new mechs noticeably rounder and with more curves , with minor balancing to make certain mechs worth using

    Are your mechs not rounded and curvy enough? Well my shitty mod changes that! with high quality anthrofied version of the mech

    NOTE: Do not Extract To just Extract it otherwise the mod will be in a double layer and won't work.



  12. Semen Processor

    Simply adds a machine that uses the gathered cum from Sexperience to make cum based foods or other chemical products. It also patches the gathered cum to rot in a day if not frozen.
    Since "Cum" is basically a free resource, the cost and time to make something with it is somewhat increased, so cum-based products aren't replacement of normal meals and other means of chemfuel or cloth. Neutroamine is the most valuable resource it can make, since normally it's only obtainable by trade.
    RJW Sexperience



  13. ChillRJW

    Formerly known as BetterRJW
            Load after RimJobWorld
    - Adds social impact buff to bigger breasts and penises.
    - Removes natural and bionic body part debuffs (not hydraulic/peg as they are supposed to be worse).
    - Makes humpshroom less painful to grow and makes it possible to grow it on the ground and in light.
    Thanks to Tory187 and Abraxas for the help in the makings.



  14. Nephila for 1.4

    See original: 
    Spent some time updated this to work with 1.4. I have done some base testing to make sure things seem to be working properly. Feel free to tell me about any bugs. If we don't hear anything from the original author in the near future I may take this over and do a true overhaul to make it play nicely with the new features from biotech.
    New mod load order since RJW race support no longer exists is Harmony -> Core -> Royalty -> Ideology -> Biotech -> HugsLib -> Pawn Render Patch for HD -> Humanoid Alien Races -> Nephila -> RJW
    I do not guarentee any mod compatibility but may do patches in the future for things like Vanilla Psycasts Expanded if the interest is there. 



  15. Anim Addons

    A collection of patches and addons for c0ffee's RJW Animation Framework.

    (Click on any to learn more)
    Download and extract any of these to your \RimWorld\Mods folder.
    They are all different mods that can be used separately
    If using multiple then follow the load order below
    Load Order:
     Git Pages:
    Anim Addons are now hosted on Git Gud. Directly above are links to their pages.
    The downloads section on LL now always links to the latest version of each addon.
    This means you should ignore the upload date in the downloads section.
    c0ffeeeee - Created and maintains Animation Framework and the base animations
    AbstractConcept - Spriter to RJW animations Tool and new animations included in Xtra Animations
    Ranot - Tweaked doggystyle to allow for animal on animal animations
    Irix640 - Made Beast_Oral and Beast_Muzzlefuck animations
    You need the latest version of Animation Framework V:1.1.5 (6/23/2021) or newer.
    Otherwise you will have errors.
     Contact Me:
    I am way more active on the RJW Discord server,
    find me in the #anim_addons channel.
     Support me



  16. RJW Apparel and Sextoys Extension by S16 109 新增中文简体翻译

    This mod adds simplified Chinese translation on top of the basic mod, this is the original mod:RJW Apparel and Sextoys Extension by S16 109.
    This mod does not replace the original English text, but adds a language folder that does not exist originally, and adds Chinese and English branches.
    I also translated the add-on mod Milk Economy,It's in the download file.
    我也翻译了附加模组Milk Economy,它在下载文件中。



  17. Sized Apparel Retexture

    (I write via Google translit, I apologize for the spelling)
    Unfortunately, this is now an archaic mod, it will no longer have updates. The latest version was released on 05 April 2023. Tired of patches, the author merged the mod into one big SizedApparel (SAR-BodiesMod). All subsequent updates will already be there. It's inconvenient of course, but what can you do.
    I won’t edit anything from below - let it remain for history

    This mod is a retexture to
    Sized Apparel For RJW With Body Part Rendering!
    All requirements are the same as in the main mod, install this mod right after it.
    I strongly recommend installing this mod - [XND] Visible Pants, without it, the retexture looks strange (pawns will flaunt without pants)

    I decided to make it into a separate mod so that there would be no confusion in new versions and eternal overwriting of files
    While there are far from all retextures, but I will slowly update them. I give priority to clothes, I don't plan to make armor yet (because I don't know how to make it look good. After all, a plate breastplate with two watermelons in front looks wild)
    The clothes are designed for sewn-in bodies from OTYOTY, that is, without rimnude.
    We meet our old friend: SAR-body
    While the alpha version (I plan to do a lot more, but I can't wait to share)

    A list of ready-made (and not ready-made) things:
    TribalA - done
    ShirtButton - done
    ShirtBasic - done
    Parka - done
    Duster - done
    Jacket - done
    FlakJacket - done
    FlakVest - done

    VestRoyal - not ready
    ShirtRuffle - not ready
    RoyalRobe - not ready
    PsyfocusVest - not ready
    PsyfocusShirt - not ready
    PsyfocusRobe - not ready
    EltexVest - not ready
    EltexShirt - not ready
    EltexRobe - not ready
    CorsetRoyal - not ready
    Cape - not ready

    Robe - not ready
    Burka - not ready
    BodyStrap - done
    SlaveCollar - done

    Flak Jacket Spikecore - done
    Jacket Spikecore - done
    Parka Spikecore - done
    DusterSpikecore - done

    Vanilla Apparel Expanded (optional)
    Tunic - done
    Tribal Poncho - done
    Tribal Kilt - done
    TankTop - done
    Suit Jacket - done
    ShirtFleece - done
    ShirtandTie - done
    SheriffShirt - done
    Scrubs - done
    Pelt Coat - done
    Overall - done
    Military Uniform - done
    Military Jacket - done
    LabCoat - done
    Jumpsuit - done
    Hoodie - done
    Chefs Uniform - done
    Casual TShirt - done
    Cape - done (destroyed)
    Builders Jacket - done
    Blouse - done
    Apron - done
    Vanilla Armour Expanded (optional)
    AdvancedVest - done (destroyed)
    BulletproofVest - done (destroyed)
    WoodenArmor - done

    Warhammer: Gor (the mod is outdated)
    BullgorPlate - done
    Furmantle - done
    Loincloth - done
    ShamanRobe - done
    Chainmail- not ready

    + (optional)
    pants from the fashion "visible pants" and Rim of Madness - Bones
    When upgrading to a new version, it is recommended to delete the old one first.
    I like to rename files, so just overwriting is not the best idea.



  18. TREB's Body - Female Body Skin Texture

    An upscale and RETEXTURE of the female body from Beautiful Bodies, by ireth92. Works completely by itself, but for the best experience I recommend loading after the original. Also works perfectly with the retextured apparel for beautiful bodies. 
    This retexture is meant not for the faint of heart, only for the ones who claim to have the strength to deal with a Real Woman™.
    Compatible with:
    - FemaleBB (Kijin): new bodyshape with default colors
    - Xenohumans: default bodyshape with different skin attributes
    - Crystalloid: default bodyshape with different skin attributes

    I do not claim to have made these textures from scratch, the base body was directly taken from
    Beautiful Bodies, and is property of ireth92.
    The upscaled textures are a mere 512 x 512.



  19. RimFlix - b024 Addon

    A collection of NSFW shows for RimFlix
    Shows included:
    The Legend of Zelda - 19 shows (18 Flatscreen/Ultrascreen, 1 Megascreen)
    The Legend of Zelda: Femboy Link - 17 shows (17 Flatscreen/Ultrascreen)
    Overwatch: Widowmaker - 22 shows (18 Flatscreen/Ultrascreen, 4 Megascreen)
    Overwatch: D.Va - 22 shows (17 Flatscreen/Ultrascreen, 5 Megascreen)
    Overwatch: Mercy - 28 shows (25 Flatscreen/Ultrascreen, 3 Megascreen)
    Overwatch: Misc - 25 shows (21 Flatscreen/Ultrascreen, 4 Megascreen)
    League of Legends - 19 shows (17 Flatscreen/Ultrascreen, 2 Megascreen)
    Nier Automata - 23 shows (17 Flatscreen/Ultrascreen, 6 Megascreen)
    Light - consists of 30 shows compiled from packs mentioned above. Download this one if you just want to add a bit of that je ne sais quoi to your Rimworld without waiting like half an hour for it to load.
    1. Get RimFlix 
    2. Extract files from .zip into ...\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods
    How to update:
    1. If the pack was updated - delete the old folder from ...\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods
    2. Place the new one
    - If you don't like some shows from a particular pack and don't want to age as your Rimworld's loading - delete them from corresponding pack's Textures and Defs folder. You could even compile your own pack by combining texture folders and defs accordingly, it's not rocket science.
    - Ultrascreen shows are a bit squished on Y axis by default, i suggest setting values from .64 to .66 in RimFlix settings. Not a big deal, you might not even notice it.
    - If you're using some retexture mod for vanilla TV's, shows might appear offset. Switch to vanilla TV textures or adjust position by hand in RimFlix settings. 
    - If you're crashing on startup - you're most likely running out of avaliable memory while trying to load too many mods. I'm trying to keep these packs relatively lightweight but compression has its limits (unless you want these shows to look like some sort of pixel art).
    More to come, stay tuned.
    p.s. If you have suggestions dm me links to r34 or e621, other sources will be ignored.



  20. Salacious tattoos

    Spicy and humilating tattoos for your libertine pawns.
    Supported bodies: BB body type (excluding Kijin's heads)



  21. Vaporeon - Breeder

    Decided to make a new account with my primary username and email as I'm actually uploading something for once on here instead of just lurking and downloading, so hello LoversLab.
    Did you know that in terms of male human and female Pokémon breeding, Vaporeon is the most compatible Pokémon for humans? Not only are they in the field egg group, which is mostly comprised of mammals, Vaporeon are an average of 3"03' tall and 63.9 pounds. this means they're large enough to be able to handle human dicks, and with their impressive Base Stats for HP and access to Acid Armor, you can be rough with one.
    Due to their mostly water based biology, an aroused Vaporeon would be so wet that you could easily have intercourse with one for hours without getting sore. They can also learn the moves Attract, Baby-Doll Eyes, Captivate, Charm, and Tail Whip, along with not having fur to hide nipples. With their abilities Water Absorb and Hydration, they can easily recover from fatigue with enough water. No other Pokémon comes close to this level of compatibility.
    This patch adds nude textures for Vaporeon, a new start- The Vaporeon Breeder, changes to stats and male/female rarity. Changes males into shiny vaporeons.
    This also adds 26 portraits for use in the Bottom Left Portraits Mod.
    For installing the portraits, move either the contents of portraits/cards or portraits/non card into the colonist folder for Bottom Left Portraits. There is a template there for photoshop to do the cards yourself also. Colonists folder for Bottom Left Portraits would be in Steamapps\workshop\content\294100\2887600947\Textures\Portraits\Colonist

    This was originally uploaded on the steam workshop as a joke because the author of the original Vaporeon mod HATES the meme and threatens to close comments and argues/deletes comments whenever anyone even mentions the compatibility between Vaporeon and humans- even though he literally was paid to make his mod based on the meme.
    He didn't appreciate the joke much, so the community manager said that unless I apologize to him and he gives it his blessing, "this is out of my paygrade".
    So while it's in steam support hell waiting for an official steam support call on it, here's The Vaporeon Breeder.
    |                                                                                                                                 |
    | REQUIRES https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2900807338 |
    |             .Load Vaporeon - Water Pokemon [1.4] first in the load order.                  |



  22. Sized apparel texture mod for sexslave

    This mod adds 18 apparel texture for sized apparel mod.
    Main Theme of this mode is Sexy Slave outfit.
    require 'Sized apparel' mod
    P.S some of the defs descriptions were not written in English 
    but I'm too lazy to edit that.( I did wrote English description  in def files, you can simply replace the description in XML file ) 
    so fix it urself 
     I recommend you to make apparel with "sheep wool" for its true color that I have intended. 



  23. Romance Tweaks More Options

    Romance Tweaks More Options (RTMO)
    In RimWorld, pawns occasionally have social interactions, indicated by speech bubbles above/between them. Behind the scenes, a chance is calculated (with a lot of factors) for such an interaction to be a romance attempt.
    The original RomanceTweaks by bdew allowed a general modifier for that chance, plus another modifier for singles. Also it let you modify the success chance of the romance attempt (for the pawns to become lovers, propose and marry) and the breakup chance (I'm actually not sure when exactly this comes into play).
    I stole RomanceTweaks and enhanced it by
    A Faction Modifier - to optionally prevent (or encourage ?) Pawns making visitors (or temporary colony members) their lovers Incest Modifiers - in three flavors, grouped by the original attraction factor split as found in vanilla RimWorld LovinMtb fix for large age gaps Pureblood Gene  
    Original RomanceTweaks on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1575463949
    Original RomanceTweaks on github, released under GNU Lesser GPL: https://github.com/bdew-rw/RomanceTweaks
    Handled blood relations:
    Incest Notice
    The archive also contains two mods:
    * RomanceTweaksMoreOptions (the mod with the tweakable values, see screenshot)
    * IWantIncest (simple xml patch, see below)
    If you don't care for incest, don't extract IWantIncest or, if you did extract it, don't enable it. Basically just ignore it.
    If you want incest, then make sure you also extract the IWantIncest folder and don't forget to enable the mod "I Want Incest" ingame.
    The "I Want Incest" mod contains an xml-Patch that sets the "attractionFactor" (1.0) / "romanceChanceFactor" (1.1+) for blood related pawns to 1 (vanilla RimWorld has it at 0.03 for siblings, for example).
    The "romanceChanceFactor" is a different factor than the "Incest" modifier you can see in the mod settings (see screenshot), so you could also keep the xml and set the factor to zero (or 0.03) in the mod settings to prevent incest (or keep it as rare as in vanilla). See default values in tooltips and read the following spoiler for more information:
    If you have incestuous relationships in your colony you might have noticed that other pawns don't like people in such relationships. Crazy thing is that they don't like a niece being in a relationship with an uncle, but they have no problem with an uncle being in a relationship with a niece.
    Also included in the "I Want Incest" mod, I reduced these opinion modifiers, to make the imbalance less harsh. With the legwork done feel free to adjust the values to something you like in the xml-file (even zero is possible ? positive values don't work though). Also refer to No Incest Judging by Fenguard, which conveniently sets it to 0.
    Pureblood gene (only available with Biotech DLC)
    I'm not even sure this is the right mod to put it in, but here we are.
    Related pawns have an inbred chance. For related pawns that already are inbred, this mod might make the offspring pureblood.
    Pureblood gene doesn't prevent inbred, nor does it guarantee pureblood offspring; for close relatives, the chances are pretty good though:
    Requires HugsLib and Harmony.
    Should work with all mods, but has to be loaded after mods that do romance stuff.
    I don't understand Harmony Patching well enough to make sure these RTMO's modifiers are always applied if any other functions edit romance chances (like Psychology, Rational Romance, etc), but loading RTMO after these seems to work.
    RTMO can be used alongside RimJobWorld, but it's not required. In fact, the sex system of RJW seems to be mostly oblivious of any romance status pawns might have.
    Disclaimer: I have only done minimal testing. Your mileage may vary.



  24. Rimnosis - NSFW

    Rimnosis: A Rimworld Hypnosis Mod
    Rimworld always seemed to lack the ability to change pawn's feelings towards events or actions. So I decided to try and fix that, along with some weapons and armor that may also help.

    Aphrodisiac gas, weapons, and buildings are currently implemented. Mood boosting Statues implemented (thanks nabber for code help)

    Always download the latest version, I am not going to provide support for older versions when I can barely understand how my mod works in the present.

    Since people keep bugging me about issues relating to the mods I used to make Rimnosis, I'm just going to list them. If you don't have these, then its probably not my mod's fault.

    WolfoftheWest - XML Code and Idea
    Magenta_Ivy, VFE-P Team, Gas Traps and Shells Team, and Core for various textures
    a flock of birds, Nabber, VFE-P Team, and Gas Traps and Shells Team for various C# code

    Geyser addon has been merged into the main mod thanks to flock of birds new code

    Any comments that the download link isn't working will be ignored, I provided the direct link to the github in the description, if you can't download from LL then just get it from the source

    To download in Github, click the link below, click the green Code button at the top right of the preview area, download Zip, put Zip in your mods folder, unzip with unzipper of choice (i use 7zip).



  25. SCC Lewd Sculptures - More Sculptures Add-on [1.4]

    An add-on to the SCC Lewd Sculptures mod, therefore requires the mentioned mod to work. 
    Adds more than 2000 new artworks (yes, it was quite the jump) from the credited artists to the SCC sculpting table, giving you the possibility to choose which artist you want the sculpture from.
    From version 2.0.0 up there is a patch included for Selectable Sculpture Graphic, for both this mod and the original SCC, so there's no need to download the individual PATCH file I posted on SCC's thread.
    Beware that the 2.0.0 update for version 1.4 is HUGE, with 1.17GB in size. If you want a reduced size though, there are some things you can do:
    - If you want the random sculptures, but none of the individual artist ones, you can delete the content inside of each artist's folders (leave only a single .png file if you don't want any error textures in your game). These are located in ".../SCC More Sculptures Addon/Textures/Things/Building/Artists".
    - If you want the individual artist sculptures, but none of the random ones, you can delete the content inside of the Random folder (leave only a single .png file if you don't want any error textures in your game). This folder is located in ".../SCC More Sculptures Addon/Textures/Things/Building/Random/HugeFemaleSculp".
    - Alternatively, you can delete all of the content inside the folders of the artists you don't like very much (again leaving a single .png file if you don't want error textures).
    Doing either of the first two of these alternatives will reduce the mod's size in half.
    DISCLAIMER: (Almost) None of the artworks in this mod were made by me, therefore if any of the artists ask me to remove their work from this mod, I'll gladly do it. Also, the artwork in this mod contains fettish stuff (none of which are extreme, like gore or scat), so you have been warned.



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