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  1. I won't be deleting my account. I've agreed to my work staying on here with Pfiffy as caretaker for my mods so that is out of my hands. I do however intend to keep my account alive for friends who want to stay in touch on here.
  2. Thanks, I had no idea removing my work would cause such a kerfuffle, sorry for the hassle.
  3. Sorry Pfiffy, this was as unexpected for me as it was for you, but life takes some odd turns sometimes. I really would prefer that my LL creations don't have any influence on peoples lives anymore. But if you want it, I grant you permission to be the caretaker of my LL works. I think the person who posted before me has all my files. PM me if you need anything more, I'll check back for the next week or so. Edit: Some guy called "TheOriginalGeez" mailed me complaining that his auto installing modlist was broken due to ABMM being removed. Please ban this guy and the horse (wabbajack.o
  4. Hi all, I've decided to remove all my Skyrim Mods for personal reasons. I won't be back and all of my mods have been removed from this website. Please don't try to re-publish my works out of respect for my wishes. Moderators, if you see ABBA, ABMM or SLLMU published on this site I'd ask that you remove them. I've left the files I was made admin for (but didn't author) and leave it up to the moderators to pass on admin rights for these. Sorry about this but I really need to move on with my life and I see this work not as a legacy but as a period in my life
  5. If you want male solo animations for a character who is recognised by sexlab as female, good luck finding a mod that does this.
  6. If you set the character's gender as male in sexlab mcm then solo anims should be male.
  7. Yeah, the idea is that this might be part of a new mod that will replace ABBA Outfit depending on the outcome of my poll. It's looking very likely that this will be the result going on current voting.
  8. Add birds of skyrim as a master to the pigeon patch in XEdit. Then, using the pigeons as examples, copy the alais filling conditions using the races you want to exclude. Sorry but I don't have time to do this every time someone wants a new race excluded. As I say, as some point I'll sort this out either by only including specific creature races or by adding a way to exclude races.
  9. There is no "shape applied to the body" at that point, abba simply increases the player's arousal and then makes appropriate adjustments. If you don't want this then disable player adjustments in the MCM.
  10. Just noticed a really "noob" ommision in ABBA I should have fixed ages ago but only just noticed! It doesn't check for shout cooldown when doing the auto orgasm shout thing. I'm amazed nobody else noticed this yet and gave me a scolding! Will be fixed in the next update, I'll set it so the player has a standard orgasm if voice powers are on cooldown.
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