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  1. Click the green"code" button and choose download as zip then install it with your mod manager (this will install the whole mod). You might want to keep your current version of SexlabFramework as a backup or disabled in case something goes wrong.
  2. Try the dev version of Sexlab from github "Increased animation registry limit to 1000 because of peer pressure"
  3. It uses an skse plugin (.dll) so you'd need the source code for that and the knowledge to rewrite it for SSE. A solid alternative is consoleUtil, it's fairly easy to write a custom script for this to execute console commands. Here's one I made earlier with script source included: PCB Hotkey
  4. Yup getlightlevel() can be a bit hit and miss, hence why there's a manual option. The profiles are for storing 5 diferent lighting setups that you can switch between and are kept in a json file. I might add a way to save the other settings to this at some point.
  5. I suspect he doesn't know his ass from his elbow...
  6. So the other day I offered to help on some issues with an SE port of a mod on the nexus, pointing out wrong script types used on forms amongst a few other issues. Initially I was met with hostility, then after I explained further I was met with confusion. The "modder" then exclaimed that there CAN'T BE A PROBLEM WITH MY MOD BECAUSE SSEEDIT FOUND NO ERRORS! I said that SSEedit doesn't look at script contents to check if they are the correct type. I then explained that the papyrus debug log does a great job at detecting these types of errors. The last words I got from this "modder" (after he applied my fixes and didn't credit me) were: "Beyond ridiculous. Tools like SSE Edit should have code that detects such errors..." This is from a modder with 25k+ posts and 2.5k+ endorsements...
  7. I'll give it a look over and pm you any issues I spot, sleep well fella you are doing the lords work!
  8. What's New in Version Small Hotfix: Chicken race will be excluded even when creatures are enabled. @gender65
  9. As @dontknowdontcaredontask said this is a forum for PC modders.
  10. You can't go wrong with this: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/38961
  11. Nothing about what you ask for here will happen "real quick". You are asking for a lot of work on a mod with no permission to do it...
  12. Grab the dev version from github "Increased animation registry limit to 1000 because of peer pressure"
  13. LOL I've not encountered this but yes I'll try to remember and exclude chickenrace in the next update.
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