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Sexual Content

Adult oriented Fallout 4 mods that add Sexual related content.

36 files

  1. [AAF] RSE Elements Vol.7 - Fetishes, Afflictions and Perversions (NSFW Edition)

    And on the Seventh mod, he looked upon his creations and said this is good. This is enough. The Moment had come, at long last.
    This mod comprises everything from RSE that has been neglected and left out of the other RSE Elements releases. I have worked feverishly over the last 28 hours straight (thank you insomnia!) to bring this mod from concept to final release candidate. Everything in it was traced and then mostly completely recoded, from scratch, especially the afflictions. RSE users will recall Careless Fuckery. They will recall Cum Guzzler. They will recall Nymphomania. All are back. All are completely recoded, top to bottom. You also get back the Orgasm Tool! It has been blocked for various aspects of the other RSE Elements mods, such as ongoing CSA or any Abductions/Kidnapping events. If will be blocked if you are with your fiancee or wife from the RCO. There are many things that block it now, so there should never be an issue with it popping up when it is not supposed to. You also get back Bad Dog, Bloodbug Larva, Puppy Lover, Monster Cock Lover and Wastelander's Rash Lite. You also get back both of the Farmer's Daughters quests (fixed!). And you get one NEW addition to the fetishes arsenal - Critter Lover. It will allow you to specify a hotkey in the MCM and when it is pressed, it will look for the nearest creature type, as supported by the recent creature animations mod, to allow for some loving attention time with your favourite Commonwealth critters!
    This mod, as noted, is the last of the Elements series. There will be no further Elements releases, as RSE is now completely and unequivocally represented across the Seven Elements that have been arrayed before you, for your downloading and gaming pleasures.
    RSE Elements Vol.7 is my epilogue, the culmination of all of my modding efforts - the long goodbye. To Discord, to Lover's Lab and to modding for Fallout 4. Before the end, I would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for downloading my mods, for supporting my work and for your support in general, be it via discord, here on LL or personally. It has been a pleasure in most cases. I will miss being present, making things that bring you an escape from your own realities. But the truth is, providing for your personal escapes aside, I find that I cannot escape my own reality any more, that making these mods does not give me the escape I need and there is no longer solace in the doing. This is my last mod for you and I hope you enjoy it, and all of the rest, for many months to come. That they continue to give you the escape that so eludes me. Thank you one and all for everything! - Joer
    DO NOT install this on top of RSE! This mod is meant for load orders that do not include RSE. In fact, RSE should be completely removed before adding this mod. Seriously, remove every scrap of RSE, scripts, models, sounds, fragments, all of it. And then install this mod.
    Installation and requirements:
    This mod requires AAF and whatever it requires (beyond my control or ability to support).
    This mod will recognize Family Planning Enhanced as being installed and will take advantage of condoms.
    This mod will recognize RSE Elements Vols 1, 3, 5 and 6 as being installed and take advantage of them as well.
    The mod requires MCM / F4SE.
    To install it, simply do what you normally do, with whatever mod manager you use to do it.
    Thanks to @Vioxsisfor allowing the use of his dildo .nif file for the Farmer's Daughter: Lucy quest.



  2. [AAF] RSE Elements Vol.6 - Romantic Companion Overhaul (NSFW Edition)

    Once upon a time ago, I made a Romantic Companion Overhaul for Wastelander's Rash, running under FourPlay. And then I promised to make an updated one for RSE but that ultimately did not happen. I decided with the advent of the RSE Elements mods to then utilize their combined functions to slightly update the old RCO and to modernize the code to correct some bugs and also to add AAF into it's functionality. This is a pale image of what was promised but it will have to do. Aside from some code changes to ensure quests fire as expected and adding AAF to it, nothing else has been altered and reflects its state since release in October of 2017. This said, I do have plans to add a few more AAF entry points into the mod at a later point for those that want their hugging and kissing to be physically represented onscreen. The mechanism to do this is already in place, I just have not coded the AAF calls yet.
    Interesting, yet ultimately useless fact! For long time RSE users, you will see via this mod, the origins of RSE since the core of RSE came to be because of the RCO and things I was doing to Curie in it, like periods, miscarriage, morning sickness, the orgasm tool and much much more. This is where the madness that is RSE took seed and grew from! For mod-history buffs, as a general useless knowledge point!
    And before you get too excited to download and install this mod, it is intended ONLY for those playing a male character playthrough, in a heterosexual fashion, but it can certainly be played by Nora characters and is scripted to be lesbian friendly between the player and Curie. Note that other aspects of the mod stopped going for that angle and Nate-specific dialogue is all that is available, although the female player can certainly read it - its just male-centric content.
    Some things to know about this mod before you download and install it:
    Curie is the ONLY companion that can utilize the RCO. Again, if you are NOT playing a heterosexual male playthrough, this mod will not be so cohesive storywise after a certain point. There is a possibility of polygamy in this mod. There is a possibility of permanent companion loss or death in this mod. There are tragic and real-life consequences present in this mod that may affect some players. You have an option to go with the unfiltered story or the fairy-tale version of it. Choose wisely (see below). Honestly, if you are a sensitive person, like really sensitive, you may wish to skip this mod. People have had BAD reactions to it's story content. And I wrote it to hit any normal person squarely in the feels, deeply. Fair warning given. This mod plays with Curie's affinity in a LOT of different ways. If you do things she doesnt want or like, you will face affinity drops. Do enough of these things, and you will lose her as an available companion, forever, per the game's affinity system. Things to be careful about: fucking her before she loves you, fucking her when she has her period or when you've cheated on her. The ROM (Romantic Options Menu) can cause affinity gains or drops, depending on how she feels about you and what you try to do to her. This mod features branching storylines, some dependent on things happening and if they dont, well, aspects of the story wont unfold. No two playthroughs will be the same as a result (unless you use fairy tale mode which trims most of the branching out).
    Some notes about things in the mod:
    The mod has not been altered since its initial release over a year ago and the dialogue reflects a state of curing Wastelander's Rash when it starts. You require Curie as a ROMANCED companion for this storyline / mod to even kick in. You can load the mod at any time though - it will simply be on standby until the moment Curie becomes romanced per the vanilla game system. If you opt into the RCO and marry Curie, you will need to feed and fuck her regularly. She has her own Dynamic Needs system. When Curie travels with you, she will need 1 carrot, 1 mutfruit and 1 purified water every 24 hours. Or make her pre-made meal packs in the chemlab. When you are away from her, you will need to come back to see her every couple of days for sex, otherwise she suffers affinity drops for loneliness. If you use rape mods other than RSE Elements Vol.1 or RSE, you will lose Curie as a companion due to infidelity checks. I block my own mod, not others. Yes, infidelity is a thing. As are the consequences. A lot of these quests are cheat blocked and you cannot console force your way through the story. In order to use the RCO menu system, once married, you need to stand fairly close to Curie to see ROMANTIC OPTIONS (see below). Some elements of the Romantic Options menu will use AAF. Others will not. The ROM (Romantic Options Menu) options you choose will tell you how Curie feels about you. Watch her face and listen to her tone of voice for clues about how she feels about you and your relationship. At various points, message boxes will appear to share important information. Do not breeze through them as they will not be shown again. This mod integrates with RSE Elements Vol 1 (CSA), Vol 2 (Advanced Needs) and Vol 3 (Karma), also with RSE, if they are present in your load order.
    Be wary with your choices! The START RCO option is the only one that highlights to tell you what the correct response is. You can accidentally choose the wrong option in any given dialogue and end the whole RCO - this is possible. Best rule of thumb is to SAVE at each new indication that you need to talk to Curie. Either to ensure you dont make the wrong choice or to allow you to roll back if you get an outcome you dont like.
    The Romantic Options Menu (ROM for short), gives you some ways to try to increase your affinity with Curie, should you find it is dropping. Just be warned, if she is unhappy with you, some of these options will have negative effects! In cases where she is unhappy, like in life, it is best to go with the small things to try to gain favor. The menu offers choices of things to do. From top to bottom, they are things that depends on her feelings more and more, with the topmost options being the ones that should seldom fail and earn you negative affinity. The further down the list you go, the more affinity you need to have with her to get a positive result. The menu, when triggered, will look like the example below. It has been updated to add a few items to it that incorporate AAF specific functionality. Now, you can give her a compliment, give her a kiss her (not animated yet), tell her you love her, hug her (not animated yet), offer sex, offer oral sex, ask for oral sex and the do nothing function which just exits the menu.
    A further note about affinity. If it drops too low, the mod will tell you and give you a one-time small 100 point boost to try to help you save the relationship.

    Installation and requirements:
    This mod requires AAF and whatever it requires (beyond my control or ability to support).
    To install it, simply do what you normally do, with whatever mod manager you use to do it.



  3. [AAF] RSE Elements Vol.1 - Combat Surrender and Abductions (NSFW Edition)

    Combat Surrender and Abductions featuring the Nemesis Narrative is now available in its original NSFW form!
    At this time, only Combat Surrender has AAF animation support. Abduction support will follow in later revisions. Most of the MCM tools have been restored. You will find that there is no longer a Knockout Framework integration. There is no longer Devious Devices integration. This means no dependencies! However, because Abductions do edit vanilla cells, RSE Elements Vol.1 needs to be as close to the bottom of your load order as possible, as RSE always required. You will also notice that the buggy hostiles surrendering to you is gone as well. CSA has been streamlined and recoded to ensure a smooth transition from surrender, to animation, to outcomes.
    You have two options for surrender. Automatic (the default setting) which uses your health as a metric for determining when you surrender, or you can opt to use Manual Surrender which requires you to hold in your lower weapon key for two seconds and then release it to trigger the surrender menu.
    You can enable support for all of the critter animations in the MCM. Default is for humans, non-feral ghouls, synths and super mutants.
    Abductions are in the mod, however at this time, there is no animations or behavior modification routines. If you are abducted, all you can do is try to escape for now. Companion abductions are completed in this version of the mod at this time, as is the Nemesis Narrative.
    DO NOT install this on top of RSE! This mod is meant for load orders that do not include RSE. In fact, RSE should be completely removed before adding this mod. Seriously, remove every scrap of RSE, scripts, models, sounds, fragments, all of it.
    Installation and requirements:
    This mod requires AAF and whatever it requires (beyond my control or ability to support).
    The mod requires MCM / F4SE.
    To install it, simply do what you normally do, with whatever mod manager you use to do it. After it is installed and activated, this mod NEEDS to be lowered in your load order to the literal bottom. The only thing underneath it should be your scrap mods and massive overhauls like Horizon.



  4. [AAF] RSE Elements Vol.3 - Karma System feat. Stalkers and Bounty Hunters (NSFW Edition)

    This is a modified version of RSE's Karma System. Stalkers, Bounty Hunters and the Jail modules are intact and once again offer an adult (sexual) way out of your predicaments. There is also a revamped nudity check and approach system in place.
    This tracks game stats for modifying karma. There are links via API to other RSE Elements mods that will increase or decrease karma points. Once karma threshold is reached, the bounty hunters will be unleashed to track you down and do their thing to you, be it punishment or jail time.
    DO NOT install this on top of RSE! This mod is meant for load orders that do not include RSE. In fact, RSE should be completely removed before adding this mod. Seriously, remove every scrap of RSE, scripts, models, sounds, fragments, all of it. And then install this mod, should you wish to have autonomous NPC sex in your game. 
    Installation and requirements:
    This mod requires AAF and whatever it requires (beyond my control or ability to support).
    The mod requires MCM / F4SE.
    To install it, simply do what you normally do, with whatever mod manager you use to do it.
    Any mod out there can call on the Karma API to affect karma points, in either direction, positively or negatively. Just in case any mod authors out there are interested in tying into the system.



  5. [AAF] RSE Elements Vol.4 - Brothels feat. Brothel Attacks and Solicitation (NSFW Edition)

    This is RSE's Brothels and Brothel Attacks modules, removed from RSE as a standalone and modified to be NSFW, requiring AAF to be installed.
    This version of Brothels is MUCH better than the one included in RSE. A lot of work has been done to enhance the Brothel Raids features to include the DLC settlements as raid targets. New crafting menu for settlement building has been made to separate the different components of building your brothel. You have some furniture, some decorations, three hooker rugs, four madame's stations. And now, as of v1.4, Player Solicitation is included - completely recoded from the ground up and better in every way possible to RSE's implementation.
    And, as of version 2.6, you may now turn a single settlement into an Active Settlement Brothel that pulls in random NPC clients from the surrounding area! Be sure to read this post HERE for details on how this newly added feature works and what it does!
    Everything has been overhauled and is literally SO much better than RSE. #Trust
    If you want the BEST integrated Brothel and Player Prostitution System you can possibly have, you want this mod!
    DO NOT install this on top of RSE! This mod is meant for load orders that do not include RSE. In fact, RSE should be completely removed before adding this mod. Seriously, remove every scrap of RSE, scripts, models, sounds, fragments, all of it. And then install this mod, should you wish to have autonomous NPC sex in your game.
    Installation and requirements:
    This mod requires AAF and whatever it requires (beyond my control or ability to support).
    The mod requires MCM / F4SE.
    To install it, simply do what you normally do, with whatever mod manager you use to do it.



  6. [AAF] RSE Elements Vol.5 - Random Shenanigans feat. RSE's Arousal System (NSFW Edition)

    This is a standalone version of RSE's Random Shenanigans, completely redone for AAF, that introduces NPC/NPC sex into the game. And now adds RSE's Arousal System!
    DO NOT install this on top of RSE! This mod is meant for load orders that do not include RSE. In fact, RSE should be completely removed before adding this mod. Seriously, remove every scrap of RSE, scripts, models, sounds, fragments, all of it. And then install this mod, should you wish to have autonomous NPC sex in your game.
    Installation and requirements:
    This mod requires AAF and whatever it requires (beyond my control or ability to support).
    The mod requires MCM / F4SE.
    To install it, simply do what you normally do, with whatever mod manager you use to do it.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: For those opting to use this mod, as it is imperative that you not run it alongside the main RSE mod, you also need to remove Autonomy Enhanced should you have it installed! This mod is now pre-vault exit blocked, meaning it will not activate until the player leaves Vault 111. Alt start mod users need not be concerned as this quest is flagged completed automatically by such mods.
    Thanks to @vinfamyfor allowing the recoding of Autonomy into Random Shenanigans.



  7. [AAF] RSE Elements Vol.2 - Advanced Needs (NSFW Edition)

    You all know what Basic and Advanced Needs are. If you don't, they were once part of RSE and it is a complete survival mode replacement that you use in Very Easy through Very Hard mode and it pretty much is what survival mode should have been right from the start.
    This is a standalone version of Basic and Advanced Needs, redone in a NOT SAFE FOR WORK way. This is the current Nexus build of the mod plus the AAF stuff readded for the most part.
    If you don't know what Advanced Needs is or what it does, use the spoiler below to see it's options and features.
    DO NOT install this on top of RSE! This mod is meant for load orders that do not include RSE. In fact, RSE should be completely removed before adding this mod. Seriously, remove every scrap of RSE, scripts, models, sounds, fragments, all of it. And then install this mod, should you wish to have Advanced Needs.
    Installation and requirements:
    This mod requires AAF and whatever it requires (beyond my control or ability to support).
    This mod will recognize Family Planning Enhanced as being installed and will take advantage of condom use to prevent immunodeficiency.
    The mod requires MCM / F4SE.
    To install it, simply do what you normally do, with whatever mod manager you use to do it.
    IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT UPDATING THE MOD: Please remember to use the RSE Elements Vol.2 Removal Tool in the MCM prior to updating just to ensure all formlist items and player effects are removed prior to your update. This ensures there are no stuck buffs / debuffs and that the settlement build menu will not be adversely affected.
    If you have the official DLC Far Harbor AND Nuke World, you can also download via this page the official DLC patch that adds monsters and food items from the DLC to RSE Elements Vol.2 - Advanced Needs. Simply extract the DLC patch, place it UNDERNEATH Rse Elements Vol.2 in your load order and then activate it.
    You can download the Horizon v1.6 patch on the Nexus download page HERE. Patch mod created by Hanaxar.
    You can download the CWSS patch on Nexus HERE. Patch mod created by AWP3RATOR.



  8. AAF Sex Em Up

    AAF Sex 'Em Up
    This is a port of Chosen Clue's great mod Four-Play Sex 'Em Up to the Advanced Animation Framework.
    Sex 'Em Up is a casual sex mod that allows for some basic, immersive ways to initiate sex in Fallout 4 via using hotkeys and dialogue to ask for sex, prostitute yourself, masturbate, and more!  It allows you and your companions, including Nick and Dogmeat, to hook up with humans, non-feral ghouls, Gen 3 synths, and super mutants.
    Simple pleasures of the world can be free. You can pleasure yourself by holding the SEU Active hotkey for one second.
    Flirting and Sex
    Flirt with others to sate your carnal desires. Use the Active hotkey, and the person closest to you, within a short distance, will initiate dialogue giving you a host of options to choose from. The chance you have of convincing someone to have sex is based on your charisma and their charisma, but this can be changed.
    You can get those you flirted with to follow you by selecting "Let's find somewhere private" after successfully flirting with them.  When you have found the right spot, talk to your partner using the normal dialogue controls (the "e" key) to continue the dialogue.
    You can start a threesome by successfully flirting with someone, then choosing "Hey, want to find someone to join us?"  Then, go to the second NPC you want to be involved in the act, and press the Active hotkey near them to have them join you.
    You can ask someone to strip for you. But it may take some convincing! Use the Active hotkey to try to ask them to strip their clothes off.
    Sexual Assault
    Satiate those desires another way - by means of force. Crouch and use the Active hotkey to attempt to assault the person closest to you, within a short distance. The chance you have of forcing them is based off of your Strength and theirs, but this can be changed.  Be careful - if they fight you off, they will become hostile.
    Combat Surrender
    Surrender to your enemies.  In combat, use the Passive hotkey to initiate surrender.  You can then negotiate with your enemies - will you bribe them with money, talk your way out, or trade your body for your freedom?
    Sell your body for pleasure and profit.  When you are around NPCs, use the to Passive hotkey to initiate a prostitution dialogue.  If you've got the charisma for it, drive up the price - but don't get too greedy or your customers may decide you're not worth it.
    To go somewhere more private, select "Follow me" in the dialogue.  When you have found the right spot, talk to your customer using the normal dialogue controls (the "e" key) to continue the transaction.
    You can use Mod Configuration Manager to change the many options SEU comes with.
    Install the prerequisite mods, listed under Requirements below.
    Then, install SEU, either with your favorite mod manager, or manually by dragging the archive contents into your ..\Fallout 4\Data\ folder.
    Once you've installed the mod, start up Fallout 4 and go into the Sex 'Em Up MCM and go to the "Hotkeys" page.
    There you will find the Sex Em' Up hotkey option. Set your prefered Active and Passive hotkeys here to complete the installation.
    Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) by the F4SE team.  Please make sure this is installed correctly.
    Advanced Animation Framework (AAF) by Dagobaking.  SEU requires AAF version 25 or later.
    Mod Configuration Menu by Registrator2000
    Animation Position Tags by Halstrom
    Animation Packs: SEU does not include any animations itself.  You must download and install animation packs to use with it.  Atomic Lust, BP70, Crazy's, Farelle, Leito, SavageCabbage, VaderMania, Mutated Lust, all work nicely with this mod.
    Installation order:
    Mod Status and Known Issues
    Version 0.12 is a fully functional port of Four-Play SEU version 2.5.1 to AAF.  All of the features of the original mod should work as they did before, including furniture animations.
    AAF SEU does not require Four-Play at all, nor does it need the Four-Play proxy from AAF.  It relies entirely on native AAF calls for playing animations.
    There are currently no safeguards against activating the SEU hotkeys while a scene from another mod is playing.  So if you are in the middle of a surrender scenario from AAF Violate, don't hit the SEU hotkeys or bad things may happen.  This will be addressed in a later release.



  9. AAF Violate (Vergewaltigen) und Autonomy Enhanced - Übersetzung

    Siehe Dateien.
    Übersetzungen ins Deutsche
    AAF Violate V0.45 - Deutsch (Komplett) von Tay
    AAF AutonomyEnhanced v106 - Deutsch von Tay



  10. RSE: Realistic Salacious Encounters (11-10-18)

    What is RSE?
    RSE is a game changing overhaul that adds more depth than the Marianna Trench to Fallout 4. It is to quote it's users, a story
    maker, a Ferrari engine, the one mod you will never play without again. RSE allows you to tailor over 220 different parameters
    via the MCM! RSE allows you to live in a more lived-in game world, post-war. From simple sexual game mechanics from an
    Arousal System, the first of it's kind in Fallout 4, to things such as sexual afflictions and psychoses. There is a modified version
    of Vinfamy's Autonomy so that your NPCs can randomly wander off for some adult play time. There is a rather robust Infamy
    System with a corresponding Atonement and Redemption System. The Infamy System includes RSE's new Karma System, also
    Stalkers and Bounty Hunters! RSE even has a fixed and functional Diamond City Jail that Bounty Hunters will send you to!
    RSE includes player Solicitation and the ability to build Brothels in your settlements (and includes RSE's own brothel settlement
    attacks Random Events!). There are Fetishes, Perversions, sexually transmitted diseases, like the lite version of Wastelander's Rash!
    There are pregnancy related side effects like morning sickness, combat related miscarriage and late term pregnancy fatigue, all
    linked via API to Chosen Code's Family Planning Enhanced. RSE is Devious Devices aware and ready to slap your player character
    in restraints with the flip of a toggle in the MCM! RSE also includes Combat Surrender and Abductions, formerly known as
    Combat Sexual Assault and Abductions, where the player and companions can be sexually abused when losing in battle, leading to
    consequences such as robbery, battery and being abducted. RSE also has a Nemesis System that is linked uniquely to the CSA
    (Combat Surrender and Abductions) module. RSE also includes another landmark first by including Basic Needs, which requires
    the player to go the bathroom, either in the wilds or in settlements on craftable toilets, that NPCs may use as well! Going hand
    in hand with Basic Needs, is RSE's own version of Survival Mode called Advanced Needs, which is better tailored and more balanced
    than vanilla survival mode. RSE has way more on offer than this! It has so many small touches that will bring your game to life and
    you will, as everyone says, never play without it again!
    Advanced Needs features list can be viewed HERE.
    Includes download links for:
    AAF build of RSE v4.0 The old RSE user's guide (not very relevant anymore) FourPlay build of RSE v4.0 Requirement for AAF RSE:
    AAF AAF Animation packs Family Planning Enhanced for AAF Roggvir's DD Items Manager (Optional) Devious Devices (Optional) Knockout Framework v1.1.0 Halstron's Animation Properties Files. Requirements for Fourplay RSE:
    Fouplay Fourplay Community Patch Leito's and Crazy animation packs Dongs of Fallout or Nudesuits Strapons mod Family Planning Enhanced Roggvir's DD Items Manager (Optional) Devious Devices (Optional) Knockout Framework v1.1.0  
    Some mods require patching to resolve conflicts or to extend RSE functions into them. On this thread,
    you will find patches for CWSS, Horizon and more. Note that patches used will need to be place UNDER
    RSE in your load order in order for them to function as intended. Be sure you are installing the correct
    version of a patch - some are AAF and others are Fourplay.
    Notes about updating from previous versions:
    If you are a previous user of RSE and are going to be updating to a newer version, pay attention to any noted requirement to do a clean save
    for existing games, especially if you are an Advanced Needs player. Since Advanced Needs mimics some aspects of Survival Mode, there are
    modifications done to the player records, such a player carry weight limit, potentially your speed multiplier and certainly RSE adds a host of
    buffs and debuffs to you that you would not want to have stuck on you once you remove RSE to update. So, when you are going to update,
    prior to performing a clean save using Fallrim Tools or Resaver, you will want to toggle the RSE Reset Tool in the MCM to on and then exit
    the MCM back into the game and wait for RSE to tell you that everything has been reversed on the player record. At that point, you can save
    and exit you game, to do whatever you are going to do in terms of cleaning your save and updating to the newest version of RSE.



  11. Horse Penis 2 FO4 Edition

    Thanks to Evil's Horse Penis 2 for Females 1.4 By EvilReFlex
    Make sure to download it and remove the esp from Fallout 4 data file so it shows up in game and be sure to pick equip-able item and CBBE.
    Was wondering for a long time why no one made a horse cock for Fallout 4 and EvilReFlex only plays and mods for Skyrim So instead of waiting around I decided to use Nifscope, Body-slide and Outfit studio to make it work in my game, sadly there's no flaccid version had a hard enough time just getting it to work as the normal version. Since it was converted to FO4 from Skyrim the body-slide files no longer work but if you use the weight triangle in the body menu of looks menu it gets longer the more weight your character has. Okay here's how to get it to work in your game open outfit studio in the file section choose import nif then pick the body shape you want by downloading it or if already using one in game go to the meshes section of the F04 Data Folder Actors Character Assets Female body and import to outfit studio then import this nif to outfit studio then once done export and replace the female body nif in the FO4 Data Folder and now you can use in game. I would suggest downloading the Unique Player Mod unless you want everyone to have a Horse Cock. I personally like the Atomic Beauty Body but CBBE works just as good. Thanks again to EvilReFlex and if you have any questions or issue please feel free to message me.



  12. DickChick v3 Series -Piper-

    Playing Fallout 4? Looking at all theese dirty .. Wastelanders around you? Thinking with that thing below your belt? Stop! Thats unimmersive - you play Nora - a woman there is nothing below your belt - and that is where DickChick joins your Game. Yeah.. i made that mod only for immersion-reasons... or or because i like Futanaris - jea yes, probably the second option. 
    However: Let me introduce you.....

    [DickChick v3] [ DickChick v3 Series -Piper- ]
    Also on Nexus - This mod contains 24 files to Choose from - maybe the Nexus list is a bit more.. sorted. - just saying..^^
    As Part of DickChick V3 starts now the series of Female Companions - the first one is my Favorite Companion: Piper. V3 of the Main-Mod is finally stable and easy to use. Basicly give DickChick v3 Series Piper your companion Piper a fully working *DingDong* in all customization possibilities of DickChickv3. See "Features" for more informations.

    Easy to use: Just install the mod and it.. just works. No menu, no console, no craftable Item or anything like that. Just took off Pipers clothes and you will see her dirty -properly not so little- secret. Auto-Equip / Unequip: When you or a third-party Mod put Pipers clothes back on, her *DingDong* will instantly disappear. Like it's appear when she wear the eve-costume. It just works like magic but in the way of science! xD Many Customizations: Piper comes with a.. authors choice of form. With the Cut *DingDong*, small Balls and black pubic-hairs as seam-hider. But there many combinations between different types of *DingDongs*, Balls and Seamhider possible.  Customizations *DingDongs*: The *DingDong* comes with 4 different options: Cut, Uncut, a Cut - slightly oversized and a ridiculous oversized version as request. Customizations Balls: There 5 Versions of Balls to choose from: Small balls, Big Balls, even bigger Balls, no Balls and again oversized balls as request. Customizations Seamhider: There is a meshseam between the Body, Pipers *DingDong* and her Balls - they can be hide with a selection of pubic-hairs or a *DingDong*-Ring. There 7 different Options to Choose from: Black, Blond, Brown, Grey and Red pubic-hairs, a *DingDong*-Ring or.. just no hider. Easy to Manage: Once you took off Pipers clothes you have to tap the 8 key on your Numpad to toggle her errection between Flaccid, Midhard and Hard - then back to flaccid. If you try to get her errect while wearing clothes you get a notification, with the advice to took of her clothes first.
    DickChickV3 Series Piper need's the Main-Mod [DickChick v3] but don't worry, if you don't want your Character to be a DickChick - just toggle it via Num6 off and you will never recognize it again until you turn it back on. Installation its pretty simple - just Download one of the Mainfiles and drag and drop the files into your data folder (NMM works also). If you fine with my selection of chooseable options: Fine you're finish Just activate the mod an have fun with Pipers new *DingDong*.  
    If not: Look at the optional files section and download the options of your personal taste and install them just like the main-file and just override existing files. and.. now youre finished - pretty simple, how i sayed.

    Q: Requirements?
    A: Yes. A legal Copy of Fallout 4, F4SE and DickChick v3 (Safe) Version. Cbbe is a soft requirement but should be work with any other bodymod too if not you could use outfitstudio to adjust your chosen nif-Files to your body or bodyslide preset. If someone tell me how to make a bodyslide-Preset for my nif-Files i will upload them too. 

    Q:Why different Textures and Nifs for the Public-Hairs?
    A: o.O - i Tryed to use Hair-Tint but it didn't work.. i don't know why but it just dont work. So different nifs, different textures.._. sorry if someone can say me how i use the hairtint, i will change it soon. But skintint has worked.. for some reason. xD

    Q: Oh man.. learn english!
    A: wait thats not a question... but yo.. English is not my motherlanguage im actually really bad with english.. at least writing. In Understanding i'm actually pretty good. So sorry i have to say: Just deal with it.^^

    Q: Where is the NPC / Follower-Support??!!
    A: NPC- Support actually won't happen. Not from my side. Because it just not possible for genereric NPC's at least not with my script how it is at the moment. But Follower Supports start here for now!

    Q: Can i Make new meshes?
    A: Yes.. please.. yes! yes.. and  ehm yes. xD i think my meshes are really out of date. but my mudbox license is war ago expired and my max license now too -_- so from my side don't come new meshed but i where glad to see (& use) new ones.

    Q: Can i Upload your mod to another Site? | What is with Patches, Bugfixes and updates?
    A: No! No and don't. Not under any circumstances and the Guy who translate v2 in to rus and load it up without even asking vertainly not. -.- You can still make a translation.. its only one sentence.. who cares. But Upload only on Nexus or Loverslab - nowhere else! And even this only as the old fashioned way: -Original mod still required-. Same for Patches, Updates, Bugfixes and so on. And no im not mean, greedy or stingy or what ever the right word is but uploading without asking .. ah come on - thats not necessary. 

    This Mod is only compatible with any Makeover Mod, that do not changes Pipers Body to another Mesh-Form- if you want to change her Body as well do it with LooksMenu by yourself, or just dont use this mod here. If you use Unique Player by d_rail1602 OR Unique Player and Followers REDUX by FGmodule make Sure you are install the v3.1.1 version of the specific Patchfile not 3.0, not 3.1 - 3.1.1 - !

    DickChick uses 3 biped slots. 54,55 and 56. If another mod uses the same equipslots then it will be unequipped for your genitals. For now i dont know how to change that. In skyrim are mods out that attach objects to the player charakter without using a equip slot (like quicklight) but ive never checked how they actually work. if i find it out someday i will make it simlear. but for now i have to use 3 biped slots.

    DickChick is fully compatible with CWSS Redux and should also be with any other mod, that undress Piper without a Nudesuit.



  13. Miss.Kitty's Secret

    Blooples, This mod is a penis mod......
    This mod adds a penis to the game resembling an animal human hybrid, Specifically a cat person penis for those who may like that kind of stuff. (Like me)
    There are 2 versions of this mod, One was made specifically for Miss.Kitty's body. The second version is for CBBE bodies with all the pelvic sliders set to zero.
    Unfortunately do to the nature & placements of the mesh(s) I can't provide full bodyslide support.
    But if you no how to use OutfitStudio you can tweak the placement of the dick(s).
      Thanks & credit goes to Schrodinger's Trap for original mesh & textures. -------------------------------------------------------------   To install just toss the Data folder in ur Fallout folder,   Then u can make them at the chem bench.



  14. Futanari FEV

    Inspired by Harlekin's DickChick, vinfamy's Dongs of Fallout, and using resources from Mauler158's Bag Of Dicks, FutaFEV is a non-body-replacer dicks for chicks mod featuring flaccid and erect states, chems for increasing or decreasing size, automatic hiding and equipping, compatibility with Dongs of Fallout, Vio's Strap-on's and Fourplay. Fourplay is not a requirement, but if installed it can use FutaFEV in its animations, without interfering with DoF or Vio's strap-on's.

    Currently, plans to be able to make NPC's into Futa's are on hold, it just doesn't want to work and it's driving me crazy. I may revisit this later on. For now the mod is feature complete, and so updates will just be bug fixes or minor feature requests.

    The dick can sometimes take a while to appear/disappear, depending on the script load in your current game/area.
    It currently doesn't line up super well with most Fourplay animations, it's on my to-do list to adjust the meshes.
    At the largest sizes, your dick will stick out the other side of your animation partner...

    I've tested it as best I can, with a pretty heavily modded game, and I don't expect any mod conflicts, but I promise nothing.

    Merge Data folders
    Click "add mod from file" and install as you would any other mod
    Craft in the chemlab under FutaFEV with MedX and Irradiated blood.
    Or find it in the suitcase of a long dead runaway girl...

    Adding the perk using console commands will just break things behind the scenes, The Futanari FEV Injection [xx00082D] is the only way to make it work without breaking the scripts. The injection can be made at chem bench, or found in the Ranger's Cabin (South of Vault 111).



  15. Sexual Harassment (10/9/2018)

    Sexual Harassment
    v1.0.0 BETA (for AAF)
    > INTRO
    NPCs will approach, harass, and demand sex from players!
    This mod features dynamic dialogues. Depending on the player's attributes (using Sex Attributes), the player's response options and success chance for each options change. Dominant players will find themselves being able to intimidate the NPCs, and finding greater success with it. Submissive players might find themselves willfully submitting and having difficulty resisting. NPCs may try to persuade the player and influence them into agreeing to doing sexual favors for them. Or in the end, it may come down to who has more willpower to overpower the other in a test of will!
    Naked Approaches
    When players walk around naked, NPCs may approach the player for sex, thinking she's a hooker, or is just asking for it. When NPCs approach player for sex, player will initially be given 4 options (3 in some cases): Plead, Resist, Intimidate, Submit.
    Plead: Try to appeal to the harasser's humanity and convince him to let you go! You may just get lucky with a harasser who's half decent, who will let you go without trouble. This has a success chance equal to your charisma, which is quite low. If unsuccessful, the harasser will then try to persuade the player and trick her. The persuasion chance is determined by the player's spirit (higher spirit means lower chance for NPC to succeed in persuasion). If harasser successfully persuades the player, the confused player will agree to let the harasser rape her. If unsuccessful, the player will keep resisting, and it comes down to a showdown between two willpowers. Every approaching harassers will be given a random willpower score. The harasser's willpower score vs player's willpower will determine who gives up first, either NPC walking away, or player giving in to the harasser's unrelenting advances.
    Resist: This option is only available if you have at least 5 willpower, and costs 5 willpower to select. If you don't have the willpower for it, it will be replaced with just another "plead" option. This has a baseline success chance of 50%. If successful, harasser will leave. If unsuccessful, the harasser will try to persuade the player - same dialogue tree as the Plead. This has a greater chance to succeed initially compared to Plead - 50% vs % equal to Charisma, but costs willpower. The dialogues and chances that come after plead failure and resist failure are identical.
    Intimidate: Dominant (and neutral) players may consider this option instead. The success chance is based on the player's dominance level, plus self-esteem. A self-esteem of 100 will give +25% chance to succeed, while self-esteem of 0 will give -25% chance to succeed. Submissive players can also choose this option, but since they have a much lower chance to succeed, it may not be worth it. If successful, harasser will leave the player. If unsuccessful, harasser will proceed to rape the player. Regardless of the outcome, choosing this option will slightly increase the player's dominant orientation
    Submit: If plead, resist, and intimidate all seem like risky options, then submitting may be the only option. Submissive players will not consider this as a rape as it is a willful submission, This means less wear-and-tear and no self-esteem or willpower lost from the sex act. Neutral or dominant players, however, will consider this as a rape, since they are just not wired that way. Choosing this outcome will slightly increase the player's submissive orientation.
    The chances mentioned above are all configurable in MCM. Note that intimidation and NPC persuasion chances are baked into FP Attributes, so to change that, you need to go to FO Attributes MCM page.
    Clothed Approach
    You can enable clothed approach, where NPCs will still approach player even while clothed. The chance that this will happen can be customized in MCM. You can let the mod dynamically calculate the chance, based on player's spirit and D/s orientation. Spirit and D/s orientation will contribute up to +/- 50% chance each. So that means if you are at 0 spirit with -50 submissive orientation, you will get additional 100% chance that NPCs will approach you while clothed (you can set a modifier to this in MCM). Whats more, you can tell the mod to use RSE's Infamous Standing perk! If enabled, mod will increase the clothed approach chance to whatever value you desire if the player is infamous. Note that all these are disabled by default and can be enabled in MCM.
    Dom Approaches
    A dominant NPC will approach the player and demand sexual submission. This happens even while the player is clothed, so watch out, submissives! If your player is submissive, she may have a really hard time resisting this! 
    When doms approach the player, the player will have 3 dialogue choices: Intimidate, Refuse, Submit
    Intimidate: Works identically to intimidate option for naked approaches. Nothing new here
    Submit: Works identically to submit option for naked approaches. Also nothing new
    Refuse: Refuse the dom's demands. But beware, some doms won't take no for an answer, and will try to overpower the player's will! When the Dom refuses to walk away, the player is then given 2 choices: resist or surrender. Resist has a dynamic willpower cost depending on player's D/s orientation. The more submissive the player is, the higher willpower cost will be to resist. If you don't have the willpower for it, you are only given surrender options. (Be warned, however, since you already refused the dom once, he will be angry at your defiance and punish you, meaning this will be considered a rape even if you are submissive.) If you resist and succeed, the dom may walk away at that point. Or, the dom may keep persisting! Depending on how crazy of a dom it is, you may have to resist up to 3 times. Do you think you have the willpower to last that long and resist until the end? If you dont think so, maybe you should submit from the beginning, and not anger the dom.
    Like Naked Approaches, doms will follow the player until the player responds. If the player keeps ignoring, the dom may just proceed to rape the player. 
    If you have RSE installed, you can use infamy value to dynamically increase Dom approach chance.
    Fan Approaches
    Your player has become famous! As a result, some NPCs may want to give players some treat. A fan/admirer will approach player and offer a special drink! Not all NPCs are evil, I suppose. You are given 2 choices: Refuse, Accept
    Accept: Accept the NPCs kind gesture and drink the special drink he made for you. It will give you a temporary buff!
    Refuse: Refuse the NPCs drink offer. But sometimes, the NPC will try to persuade the player to take it. This is a medium difficulty persuasion. If NPC persuasion is successful, the player will only be given options to take it. If not, the player can refuse again, or take it this time. Should you take the drink? You'd have to ask yourself how much you trust drinks from a stranger.

    Like Naked and Dom approaches, fans will follow you, but will not proceed to rape you if you ignore (he's your fan after all). He'll just keep following you and annoy you.
    You can dynamically increase fan approach chance based on players level. Higher level will lead to higher chance for fans to approach. You're famous! (you can disable this and use a flat chance of course) 
    Devious devices approach
    Vanilla sex approach
    This mod is heavily integrated with Sex Attributes (a hard requirement). As such, you don't need to manually select sex type (consensual vs aggressive) for sex triggered by this mod. This mod communicates with SexAttributes to relay that info, so no need for manual selection! (if you have no idea what this means, just disregard and play!) 
    AAF and all its requirements, including animations
    [AAF] Animation Position Tags
    Sex Attributes 2.0.0 or higher
    (Optional) MCM - if you want to be able to change settings
    Combat Strip Lite - Introduces chances for enemies to strip your player naked in combat!
    Like you would any other mod, NMM (or equivalent) or manual.
    Since this mod doesn't modify player's stats, you should be safe uninstalling it normally.
    This mod is as open source as it can get. That means you can, and are encouraged to, take source code from this mod and adapt it into your mod. Copy implementation word for word, or just take ideas from it and add your own twist, it doesn't matter! This mod is primarily designed to be a demonstration of how Four-Play Attributes can be used to diversify player's interaction with NPCs. As such, please feel free to use every piece of feature or code in this mod for yourself. If you want, you can even build off of this mod as a starting point and add your own features! Just call it something else though, to avoid confusion.
    > FAQ
    I'm standing naked in the middle of Diamond City and nothing is happening.
    You might have to wait a little. To improve performance, this mod only scans every once in a while to see if player is nude and there are eligible NPCs around. Also, after an NPC approach, there is a cooldown that prevents more approaches to give players time to figure out her life (and leave the area). The cooldown is configurable in MCM.
    Can this be used for male players?
    Yes. But at this time, the dialogue is targeting female players. So it will work, but you will have to get used to being called "girl" or "lady". Also, currently all harassers are male, of ghoul or human race. I may expand that, or I may not. Depends on how much time I have.
    I don't see any dialogues! My player and NPC just stare at each other
    You need to enable dialogue subtitles from the game's setting menu. 
    Help! My harasser keeps following me!
    The harasser will keep following you until you respond to him. He will not be ignored! If you keep ignoring and walking away from him, he may just decide to skip the dialogue and rape you on the spot. So, do yourself a favor and have a chat
    I changed the persuasion/intimidate/___ chance to ___, but I still keep failing!
    Note that any settings you change in MCM won't take affect for the dialogue that's currently in progress. That's because the mod actually calculates all the chances and predetermines the outcomes for the different dialogue forks at the start of an NPC approach. That's right, your player's fate is already sealed by the time theres a harasser approaching!



  16. Combat Strip Lite, Sound Replacer (Ripping Sounds)

    This replaces the sounds in Combat Strip Lite(CSL) by @twistedtrebla. I just added basic ripping sounds to the original voice. 
    To install:
    Download and install Combat Strip Lite located at https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5275-combat-strip-lite-352018/
    Extract the sounds folder from this mod.
    Drop it in the Data folder.



  17. Perversions

    Here is a small little mod that adds perversions to your character. The mod is designed for a female PC but will work just as well for a male, however some parts won't make much sense for a male, like some names in the Need system.
    These perversions mean that some normal (and not entirely normal) gameplay takes on a new implications. Take Masochism for example (cough the only one at the moment cough), taking hits can cause you to orgasm (a modified stagger effect), so OK these perversions are bad right why would I take one (if I am not just roleplaying) well they add some bonuses that relate to the perversion, for example Masochism reduces damage taken and a minor stagger resistance (25% and 10% respectively) while also slightly reducing damage (10%). These numbers are subject to change because balance.
    Update: V4d Exhibitionism fix and beta underwear hygiene module. Exhibitionism should now properly clear aliases on update as well as pick up more people (same with sadism as I removed the LOS check on the cloak), also fixed MCM error where certain sliders referred to the wrong variable, only minor testing done as my resolution goes screwy in game atm. Underwear module is a largely finished but "untested" system that should work in theory, however I had a few issues with it that weren't resolved - specifically that the structs that are core to the system weren't saving their values (RIP) and the update timer was firing far too fast, your mileage may vary. It defaults off and MCM was having trouble turning it on so it may be a moot point.
    Adds perversions which give bonuses and deficits to your character. Adds a pleasure/orgasm system which is triggered by your perversions. Adds an arousal system (Need) which currently only gives stat de/buffs. Masochism perversion Sadism perversion Exhibitionism perversion  
    Requires Automatron DLC for some visual effects, I am looking into removing it, but if it becomes more trouble than it is worth I will leave it in. Requires F4SE, to check what you are wearing, seriously Bethesda, that isn't a native function.... MCM to modify how much pleasure you get.  
    The usual add with mod manager of choice or directly extract to the base game folder (the files are already in a Data folder for my convenience).
    Future plans include:
    More perversions. A more intricate needs system. More intricate pleasure gain from perversions. Philias/Phobias. Shit that just turns you on/off. Perverse Desires. Shit that turns you off but somehow on..... Dirty Underwear. Something that will prob be far easier to implement than my next focus.... NPC interaction with your perversion/orgasming. EXPLOSIONS. Well explosive orgasms anyway, for those times when you really got off. (sorta in but really not) FourPlay intergration. Sound  
    I welcome all to try, and pass suggestions as to balance (kinda hard to get it good right from the start) and more perversions to add. Any perversion I add is subject to implementation feasibility, ie if I can't see how to implement it, I ain't adding it.
    Flashy, for (indirectly) inspiring me to make a mod, and for helping me out with some CK issues. Chosen Clue, for getting me off the ground with the CK and some papyrus issues.  



  18. Combat Strip Lite (3/22/2018)

    Combat Strip Lite
    Brief Intro
    Mod that enables the player character to get stripped during combat!
    Immersive Intro
    Being frozen for centuries in a pod and then abruptly having to adjust to a post-nuclear wasteland has introduced some interesting side effects to Nora's skin. When struck really hard, her skin will become bruised and inflamed, to the point where she can't wear clothing for some time! Careful not to get hit often, because otherwise, your poor Nora might have to explore the Commonwealth naked!
    Introduces chances for the player to get stripped during combat. When being stripped, the player will also get "damaged/bruised" on that particular body part, which will prevent clothing/armor from being worn on that body slot. 
    Ways to get stripped during combat (further explained later):
    1) Player's health reaches zero (Invincible-until-stripped mode)
    2) Unlucky hits: when hit below a certain health threshold
    3) Power and bash attacks
    4) Attacks from certain race
    Stripping is progressive, and body damage can stack up to 6 times.
    At damage stacks 1 & 2, player's arm armor will get stripped.
    At stacks 3 & 4, leg armor will get stripped.
    At stacks 5, head and chest armor will get stripped.
    At stacks 6, body/clothing will get stripped (completely naked at this point!).
    After the 6th stack, any subsequent strips (well, theres nothing more to strip now) will instead increase the recovery time. You will get punished for being naked!
    (Note that these are the defaults and can be changed in MCM)
    The mod offers 3 ways for the player to heal from the damage so that he/she can wear clothes and armor again:
    1) Heal over time. This healing is real life time. So waiting or fast traveling will not speed up the healing
    2) Stimpacks
    3) Sleep
    Invincible-Until-Stripped mode
    This mode makes the player invincible until he/she has reached damage stack 6 (fully naked). After reaching stack 6, the player will lose the invincible status, and can be killed. In this mode, the player will get stripped and receive damage stack(s) when taking any hit that brings his/her health down to 0. The mode also has a feature where the player will get healed when being stripped (if you want to mimic having extra lives). The heal amount can be adjusted or disabled altogether in MCM. This mode is disabled by default and can be enabled in MCM.
    Unlucky Hits
    When taking hits below a certain threshold, the player has a chance to get stripped. The health threshold and chance are both customizable in MCM. But wait, Nora's got some good luck, too! Unlucky hits may strip her, but it can also heal her for certain amount. This heal amount is customizable in MCM (can also be disabled).
    WARNING: Be conservative with the health threshold. Since this can be triggered by ANYTHING, such as damage auras, poison, etc, it is recommended that you set the health threshold low (probably below 30% ish). Otherwise, you might find yourself getting stripped often by weird, unexpected things... of course unless you want that.
    Power and Bash Attacks
    Beware of melee attacks! Chance is customizable in MCM. I personally set this to 100%. Since ferals tend to use a lot of power attacks, that means I basically get stripped when being hit by a feral. Those nasty perverts... oh wait.
    Attacks From Specific Races
    You can set a flat chance where any attacks from certain races can trigger a strip. Races are divided into 4 categories: Ferals, Human, Animals, Mutants. 
    WARNING: Just like unlucky hits, this can be triggered by ANYTHING. It's recommended that you set the chance to low (or even 0) for races that's known to have DoT effects or damage auras that ticks frequently (like Feral Ghoul's radiation damage aura). This feature is more BETA, since I can't figure out how to separate out DoTs and auras.
    The player will automatically recover from damage over time (real time). The time-to-recover value is customizable in MCM. Also, by default, the player only recovers one stack at a time. That means if the recovery time is set to 60 seconds and player is currently at damage stack 5, after 60 seconds, the player will recover to damage stack 4. Then stack 3 after another 60 seconds, then 2 after 60 seconds and so on. The MCM lets you change it so that player fully recovers instead of recovering one stack at a time.
    Stimpack recovery can be customized in MCM. You can customize the amount of stacks it recovers, or disable stimpack recovery.
    You can also enable/disable recovery from sleep. If enabled, sleep recovers all stacks (unless you were interrupted and woken up from sleep)
    Customize Armor Slots
    If you have custom armor/clothing mods that use different item slots, or want the armor pieces to be stripped in different order, you can customize what item slots get stripped for each damage stack level. This setting can be found in "Advanced" page of MCM. The slots can be 0 - 28. Refer to Biped slot documentation if you are not sure which slot is for which body part.
    (Optional) MCM
    Manual installation or NMM, whichever you prefer
    If you turned on Invincible-Until-Stripped mode, make sure to turn that off before uninstalling the mod. Otherwise, your character will be left invincible (you can probably fix that using console commands, maybe).
    Custom Sound Replacer
    By VaderHater: Sound replacer - Original female grunt sound with ripping sounds overlay

    Is this compatible with combat surrender type mods, like VP Violate & RSE?
    Yes, in fact it works really well (at least for me :P). I personally use invincible-until-stripped mode and set the damage to 6, along with RSE's combat surrender. When my player's health reaches 0, she gets stripped naked, gets raped (by RSE), and is forced to stay naked for some time post-rape. Adds some more consequences to getting defeated in combat.
    Is this compatible with Devious Devices?
    Yes. Devious devices items will not be stripped on strip events. However, the player will still receive damage stacks, which means when you get those devious devices removed, your character still needs to heal before he/she can wear armor on that body part.
    How will this work with power armor
    By default, strip events will not happen when the player is in a power armor. But you can change that in the MCM. An exception to this is if you are using invincible-until-stripped mode and the player's health reaches zero, then player will get stripped. 
    Does this work for male players?
    Yes. But you might want to turn off the strip sound. Currently, when the player gets stripped, the mod will play a female grunt/moan sound. You can turn the sound off in MCM, unless you dont mind your dude moaning like a girl when getting stripped.
    Can I create my own sound for this mod for males/different female/dog/cat/____ (and also upload)?
    By all means! If I like it, I'll even add a link to it here for recommendation.
    What are the "!Damaged __" items that show up in my player's inventory?
    Those items are for display purposes only. They show up in the inventory when the player gets damaged. It just helps you know which body parts are currently damaged. When the player recovers, those items will be automatically removed from inventory.
    Hope you all enjoy!



  19. [A.A.F.] M.C.G. (Wear and Tear, V.Fudge and Statistics)

    Magno CUM Gaudio 1.7.10 BETA is out! 
    "AAF Support + Polishing"
    PLEASE always read the entire mod description and the FAQs(guide) before installing and playing, I am not responsible if you can't follow instructions, thank you. The FAQs Topic is a little outdated but still a NECESSITY to read if you want to understand something of this mod.
    Thanks to @EgoBallistic now there is a patch for latest version of AAF, YOU NEED THIS FOR THE MOD TO WORK! : use this patch until I will update the mod, he is authorized, like anybody else, to make changes, update patches or make forks of this mod! 
    The intention of this mod is to create a loose emulation of Sexout mods from New Vegas. Since it adds a lot of features, you can customize and/or disable almost every system at your discretion in MCM.   Vanilla Fudge Replacer ( original mod here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3944-four-play-vanilla-fudge/ ); Build relationships with named actors from vanilla fallout 4 [WIP]; Vanilla Philosophy: more integrated with vanilla as possible; Enlist settlers in your army as followers or recruit people with money or when reaching a certain rank in faction (i.e. sentinel for brotherhood); Knock out people  and rape, rob or enslave them; Flirt with non unique characters and with luck engage in relation with them [WIP]; Equip bare hands feature [ long press " 1 " ]; Have almost any NPC, including animals, as followers after enslaving, recruiting or taming them; Start sex from dialogue or from activation in Expanded Interaction Mode; Alternative death and Respawn Systems [WIP] Lust need and wear level with systems of racial preference and orgasm; Keep track of your sexual statistics, and see how them influence the player effects; Widgets to control your lust and wear levels in HUD; Vanilla disease chance from non protected sex or Wear level too high; Pacify enemies as a non combat solution offering your body as toll; Transfer the damn caps in containers! Integration with compatible AAF Mods and others; Call to you people wearing the "CallToMe" armor utility; Immersive descriptions with Active Effects UI and Descriptive Perks; Rent any owned bed, and pay with sex or caps for it! Highly customizable and modular nature in MCM with useful utilities;  
     REQUIREMENTS: (Soft are optional but higly recommended)
    All Fallout 4 Official DLCs: BUY THEM! (Someone reported the mod works without DLCs, but I do not support this) Fallout 4 Script Extender: http://f4se.silverlock.org/ AAF Framework: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/31304 AAF Compatibility Patches: Here Leito Animations: Here Crazy Gun Animations: Here (this is essential at the moment 09/05/2018 for masturbation animations) AAF Patches for Crazy&Leito: Here AAF Animation Position Properties: Here HUD FRAMEWORK: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/20309/  FALLOUT 4 MCM. Required to set up the mod as you like: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21497/ (SOFT) Four_Play_FamilyPlanningEnhanced. Required only for the vanilla diseases protection: You may find an AAF version of this HERE or use the original Four Play mod with the AAF-FP Proxy.  
     INSTALLATION: (guided installer for mod managers)
    Make sure all the requirements are installed correctly with all their dependencies, so I suggest to read the instruction of each mod page carefully; Download the last version of the mod and the source files; Add this mod and the source files with a mod manager and install them, I suggest Nexus Mod Manager (if you upgrade from a previous version of M.C.G., uninstall the previous version before doing this);  For the Load Order I just put this mod (AnghelosRespawn.esp) after all the animations .esp and after Family Planning Enhanced (if you installed it) and before RSE (if you installed it); For those who wants to manually install the mod (not recommended):
    Extract the archive and open the "main files" folder, then copy paste the content in your "Data" Folder of Fallout 4.  
    SUGGESTED MODS: (not required/optional)
    Four_Play Autonomy enhanced: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4919-four-play-autonomy-enhanced-random-npc-sex/ (if you don't use RSE) FULL DIALOGUE INTERFACE: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1235/  Workshop Synth Production: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/16354/ CWSS https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/14326/ (optional patch in installer. NOTE: use the patch only if you don't have mods that depends on CWSS like "get dirty". If you have them just use CWSS without my patch) Companion Status HUD: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/20310 (optional patch in installer) Light_Up 2.0: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17749 (optional patch in installer) Locksmith: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12454/ (optional patch in installer)  
    If you plan to use RSE with this mod, Install RSE before MCG. You need to "update" M.C.G. in MCM debug page if you already have installed MCG before RSE. If you highlight an enemy with Expanded Interaction Mode it could happen that the enemy surrender before you knock it down, simply deselect the actor and disable the extended interaction mode and use the RSE scenario (CSA Scenario). If the enemy is already bleeding out you may be forced to activate "talk" two times with extended interaction mode on before override RSE enemy surrender dialogue. Don't worry my enemy knock out scenario has the same options more or less than RSE: ROB, Nothing (Leave), Kill and Enslave! For the INITIATE SEX feature of RSE, make sure that EXPANDED INTERACTION MODE is off to see the RSE option to initiate sex after using the "pickaxe Body Spray". LOAD ORDER: Put RSE lower than Magno Cum Gaudio (AnghelosRespawn.esp)! RESPAWN SYSTEM: Better disable it with RSE installed.  
    (Not recommmended) All "Equip-BareHands-Type_Of_Mods": M.C.G. mod has this feature already integrated, just LONG PRESS 1 for about half a second to equip your bare hands ( very useful when in power armor the armor fists sometimes are better than your melee weapon!); KNOCKOUT FRAMEWORK is not compatible with the RESPAWN SYSTEM, if you don't use the respawn system ignore this point; All Mods that modify Stimpacks are not compatible with the RESPAWN FEATURE, If you don't use the RESPAWN SYSTEM you can ignore this point; (Could be incompatible) Mods that add new activation options, usually with the press of "R" could be incompatible if their added activation option stay enabled all the time. This mod i.e. let you activate or deactivate this kind of feature at the press of the Extended Interaction Mode Key (the whole point of E.I.M. is exactly this actually, you can read more in the FAQs), others like "locksmith" or "push your companion" do not let you to choose when you can use their feature which is ALWAYS enabled.  
    RESPAWN SYSTEM: If you die in power armor, after the defeat scenario you may find yourself having a weird body shape, this is because you are still in power armor frame but it appears to be invisible. Long press "E" to exit power armor frame and everything should fix by itself and the power armor frame will return visible!  Marking features of Expanded Interaction Mode can sometimes have issues with the vanilla "pacify" activation. If you need to vanilla pacify, disable expanded interaction mode before doing it. Active effects description for Orgasm Addiction could be bugged, this is a vanilla fallout bug that sometimes hides some effects of addictions from the UI (i.e. Xcell addiction reduce one point to all SPEACIAL but in the Pipboy UI sometimes it's shown only -1 INT, but the effects to the rest of SPECIALs are actually active!) Knocking down enemy NPCs doesn't always work if the Npc is sleeping or is awakening (getting up from the bed). It works in all the other situations. At the moment every AAF animation involving the player is considered a sexual act, so if you are using animations that are simply poses you may find that your wear and lust levels change after animation ends... If the AAF animation has a problem animating, ending with an error, M.C.G. may not do any calculation for that animation.   
    BETHESDA CREW: for a fantastic game and for making modding a nightmare and a pleasant challenge... THE AUTHOR OF F4SE; DOC CLOX, VINFAMY AND CHOSEN CLUE; DAGOBAKING: for aaf animation framework! CRAZY, LEITO, SAVAGECABBAGE,RUFGT: for fantastic animations! HALSTROM: for AAF Animation Position Properties! FLASHY(JOE-R): For RSE and for making me believe in fallout 4 again! IGNOTUM_VIRUM: for letting me check his code for inspiration! nKALEX: for unethical deeds EE (WIP)! DOCTASAX: for sexout spunk! DKATRYL: for sexlab submit! ODESSA: for sexout wear and tear! BEAMERMIASMA: for sexlab slen! LOVERSLAB COMMUNITY: in general because it's for this community I still play Bethesda games!  
    Downloading or any form of distribution or modifications of this mod is allowed only from LOVERSLAB SITE; You can use the source code provided under license, to do everything you want in your mod, but: You should mention me (Anghelos92) in the credits of your mod;  You MUST NOT use this in a NON FREE project (the mod MUST be free and you MUST provide your source code to the general public in the download section);  
    I do not condone any form of violence or sexual abuse in real life. The content of this mod is purely fictional as the game "Fallout 4" which modifies. The file here presented is allowed to being downloaded only by people with the legal age of their country of origin and capable of discerning fiction (as this game and this mod) from reality.



  20. XXX of the Commonwealth (No Perks Version)

    NOTICE: I will be updating all versions of this mod soon with the correct scripting and material swapping to fix any possible bugs and CTDs... this mod is in it's infancy of testing and I'm learning on the fly but things should be fixed soon, like in the next day or 2
    STANDALONE  XXX porno mags have arrived in the commonwealth. You can find (or buy) 72 issues (12 issues of each publication) or purchase them from Arturo in Diamond City if you don't want to look for them. This is the NON PERK version. You ONLY need this version... uninstall the original if you did already.  Links to the "No Vendor" and "No Perks No Vendor" versions will be up soon. If you're having complications with the Lover's Embrace Perk in the original upload, I'd recommend using this version instead. I might make another version that makes the magazines harder to find later.  If you want the "No Perks No Vendor" version instead, download the attachment at the bottom of the description instead of the original file.

          The Titles:
              Asstoundingly Awesome Tails
              Filth from the Vault
          Life & Lust
          Massachusetts Smut Journal
             Tales of a Junktown Whore
       Tits Today

    If you don't want spoilers, don't look at the pictures!!
      This mod is currently on hold by NM until I can get permission from the artists or proof that the art is free on forums. Please support the artists if you like the artwork. I'll have full promotion links on here and Nexus after they have cleared it. I'm not making any donation money from this mod. 

               The Lore: A Diamond City photographer and entrepreneur named "Dirty Mike" started an underground adult magazine business and placed a variety of free samples around the commonwealth for anyone to find. An undisclosed cut of his cap profits go to Piper as she lets him use her printing press to produce them. 

    There are 2 copies of each magazine in the commonwealth, one somewhere in the world and one at Commonwealth Weaponry in Diamond City...so If you're trying to complete a collection and can't find it in the world... buy it! The vendor should also reset every 3 days so you can buy as many as you want.  If you don't need a magazine anymore you can sell it for 100 caps. 

    Some basic hints: 
    I did not intend to make the mags extremely difficult to find but there might be a few curveballs out there to keep things interesting...

    Most of the time you will find them in cells near a bed or bathroom...basically places where you would find them in real life..for the most part.

    You might find a few in main quest/side quest buildings, or a few settlements,  but a good amount are in locations off the beaten path and you'll just have to discover them for yourself. Even I don't remember all the locations I placed them in so I'll be finding some on my own as well. 
     No Perks + No Vendor coming soon




  21. XXX of the Commonwealth (Standalone Perk Magazines)

    NOTICE: I will be updating all versions of this mod soon with the correct scripting and material swapping to fix any possible bugs and CTDs... this mod is in it's infancy of testing and I'm learning on the fly but things should be fixed soon, like in the next day or 2
    STANDALONE  XXX porno mags have arrived in the commonwealth. You can find (or buy) 72 issues (12 issues of each publication) that will give you the Lover's Embrace perk when discovering it. You can also purchase them from Arturo in Diamond City if you don't want to look for them.  
          The Titles:
              Asstoundingly Awesome Tails
              Filth from the Vault
          Life & Lust
          Massachusetts Smut Journal
             Tales of a Junktown Whore
       Tits Today

    If you don't want spoilers, don't look at the pictures!!
      This mod is currently on hold by NM until I can get permission from the artists or proof that the art is free on forums. Please support the artists if you like the artwork. I'll have full promotion links on here and Nexus after they have cleared it. I'm not making any donation money from this mod. 

               The Lore: A Diamond City photographer and entrepreneur named "Dirty Mike" started an underground adult magazine business and placed a variety of free samples around the commonwealth for anyone to find. An undisclosed cut of his cap profits go to Piper as she lets him use her printing press to produce them. 

             How it should work: As long as Lover's Embrace isn't active in your pipboy, discovering a magazine and picking it up  in the world will instantly give you the Lover's Embrace perk...(Mass Smut Journal also gives you a level 4 medic perk, and copies of Junktown Whore will give you the Rank 4 Bloody Mess perk as well) I might add additional temporary perks to the others later.   If you don't want the perk at the time you find it... don't pick it up. If you have lover's embrace enabled when finding a magazine, I think you need to store the magazine on a rack and take it later to activate the perk. I have not thoroughly tested this mod yet so I am not 100% sure if each magazine will only give you the perk once and once only. It's possible if you store the magazine in a rack and pick it up later it will give you the perk again but I don't know. I'm going to tweak the script more if I can so they will work infinitely.

    There are 2 copies of each magazine in the commonwealth, one somewhere in the world and one at Commonwealth Weaponry in Diamond City...so If you're trying to complete a collection and can't find it in the world... buy it! The vendor should also reset every 3 days so you can buy as many as you want.  If you don't need a magazine anymore you can sell it for 100 caps. 

    Some basic hints: 
    I did not intend to make the mags extremely difficult to find but there might be a few curveballs out there to keep things interesting...

    Most of the time you will find them in cells near a bed or bathroom...basically places where you would find them in real life..for the most part.

    You might find a few in main quest/side quest buildings, or a few settlements,  but a good amount are in locations off the beaten path and you'll just have to discover them for yourself. Even I don't remember all the locations I placed them in so I'll be finding some on my own as well. 
    No Vendor Version
    Use this with caution... All I did was remove the edits I made to Arturo in FO4 Edit... 
    I'm doing further testing to make sure it works.
     ---> XXXMagsNoVendor.rar <---



  22. [Fallout 4 VR] Devious Settlement Boss

    Devious Settlement Boss [Fallout 4 VR Compatible]
    Become a truly devious boss of your settlements and either praise or punish your settlers!
    Torture Devices & all dependencies
    Devious Devices & all dependencies
    Four-Play + Patch + Dependencies (Don't worray about F4SE for VR users, it doesn't matter for this mod.)
    CRX Workshop Crosses
    What This Mod Does
    It provides a simple way of making use of the various Devious Devices/Torture Devices currently available and also Four Play animations. Simply talk to your settlers and choose from the various options to either punish them or reward them. I built this as I'm using Fallout 4 VR but it should also work for normal Fallout 4.
    Mod Highlights...
    You can trade with your settlers at any time. Use this option to dress them up as you see fit or force them to wear devious devices!
    Using Torture Devices
    You can send up to 3 different settlers to use a random Torture Device. Make sure you've built some before trying to punish them! Once a settler is using the device they will stay there forever until you release them. Keeping them on the furniture is done through a scene AI Package so shouldn't un-assign them from from any other task. To free them, simply talk to them and choose the appropriate dialogue and they will carry on with their normal routine.
    Future updates should include the ability to whip your settler while they are tied to the torture device. You can do this now by bashing them with a weapon but they'll only take so much before returning fire!
    Stripping Settlers
    Want your settlers to wander around naked? No problem! Just talk to them and strip them as a punishment! (this uses the Hazmat Suit Hat work around so you will see some outfit swapping before they finally appear naked!)
    Talk to your settlers while they are on bondage furniture to gloat over them!
    Settlers Plead For Their Release
    Once securely on a piece of bondage furniture your settler will plead to be released amongst other things. Leave them to suffer or set them free - it's up to you!
    Future Things
    Some benefit to rewarding your settlers - not sure what yet
    Suggestions welcome.



  23. Real life prostitutes paintings

    Hi mates, i just used Reginald_001 Random Painting Generator
    for some paintings. 
    I used pictures of real life prositute i paid (damn it was worth it). All 18+
    It is just for fun wich i like to share.
    Copy it to:



  24. Lewd SFM Main Menu Replacer - NMM Edition

    FYI: The link for the latest version is listed as open?id=0B6XsUZF2ix4veFRMRFFLOXBFazA on the LL downloader and is hosted on google drives, if it doesn't work for some reason, the link is also in a post below.
    Here's 6 19! sexy 1080p fallout 4 SFM loops to replace that boring old Main Menu.
    I think I've included pretty much every 1080p FO4 SFM I could find (well, at least the ones that were competently animated) but as always if anyone has links to more just post them in the support thread and I will gladly update this to include them.
    It's an NMM installer, so throw it in your mod manager of choice and select the loop you want for your menu.
    Manually, you just have to pick the loop you want and put it in Data/Videos.
    Old Description:
    So here's a small thing I whipped up out of boredom an hour or so ago, It's a replacer for the Main Menu that uses an SFM loop by Xentho II, injecting a bit more sexiness to that irritating 5 second freeze you get while the Creation Club news loads after your fifth crash of the day.
    I made this mostly because I liked the idea of this replacer, but due to the source video being sub-1080p it was distractingly low quality on my screen, so I went hunting for FO4 SFM webm's and this was the best I could find. Figured I'd release it just since there seems to only be two other sexy menu replacers out there.
    It should install fine with NMM, otherwise you can just extract the 7z in the main game directory (you might want to back up the original).
    If anyone has any other 1080p Fallout-themed sexy videos they would like converted, suggest them and post a link and I'll see what I can do.



  25. VotW Plugin - Vintage Nudie Films (VNF)

    VotW Plugin - Vintage Nudie Films (VNF)
    **All VNFRelease files are now available**
    Each VNFRelease file is a little over 600mb compressed. In total, all files extracted are roughly 15gb.
    If you already have an older VNFRelease installed, just download the new release and install it. Nothing needs to be overwritten or removed.
    *Note: Each VNFRelease is standalone. You can download whichever one you want and it will work fine. I just want to clarify that each release is different footage so all VNFReleases should be downloaded to acquire all of the footage available.
    Each VNFRelease plugin adds 8 holotapes that contain an accumulated 54 minutes and 32 seconds of vintage erotic footage. Each holotape contains 6 minutes and 49 seconds of content.
    The footage is actually quite tasteful since there is no real pornographic material, however, there is full nudity.
    The only requirement to make this plugin work is RazorWires - Videos of the Wasteland.
    How to install:
    Simply install the .7z file with Nexus Mod Manager (NMM)
    Manually install the contents of the .7z file accordingly to the Fallout 4 directory. You should be able to copy the Data folder in the .7z file and paste it directly over the Data folder in the Fallout 4 directory and overwrite when prompted without any problems. Do so at your own risk.
    How to use:
    Currently I do not have the holotapes placed anywhere.
    The only way to acquire the holotapes is through the console where you can use "help VNF 4" then use player.additem XXXXXXXX to add the holotapes to your inventory. Replace the X's with the ID's of the holotapes.
    RazorWire for Videos of the Wasteland
    I'm working on VNFSpecialRelease01. The VNFSpecialRelease files will contain explicitly pornographic vintage content. If you'd like to work with me on changing something else, please send me a message. Also feel free to do what you'd like with the files.
    There are no available guides teaching people how to create mods like this. I may offer private high quality Youtube lessons in the future if enough people private message me with serious interest.