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  1. Gray's Bondage Animations (Development Tool - Beta)

    This is a proof of concept release. It is meant for mod developers who are interested in making BDSM mods and need test animations. If you would like to test them, you can replace existing animations. I tested them by replacing Public\Shared\Assets\Characters\_Anims\_Cinematic\Act01\TUT\TUT_HelmTransponder\HUM_F_Rig\HUM_F_Rig_Solo_Standing_F.gr2 from Lune's framework. 
    It is not a pak'd mod, it cannot be installed using a manager, and it will not do anything by itself. It is just a collection of loose animations for development use.
    There are four loose gr2 animations (hogtie, frogtie, sidetie, kneeling), each is 562 frames (probably 18 seconds) and can be looped. The animations are still a little rough. Once there is an actual use for them, probably I will tighten things up a bit with some of the motion, but these get the idea across for now. They were made using the female T1 rig, but should work for any human-like character. Also, they all use an 'arms behind' style, which will hopefully make them compatible with any armbinder/singleglove that is later made. 
    Acknowledgements, terms of use, other:
    A big thanks to Lune. I was not planning to mod BG3 until they released word that they made an animation framework and a working human rig. 
    Please use these to make mods. But you cannot charge for a mod that includes these and you cannot post it to Nexus (LL is ok, a private-ish discord is ok). If you are making a mod that is based on these, you can DM me or post questions and things. As there is demand from mod developers, so will I make more animations. 
    If you are interested in making variations, I can send blender files of the base poses or the final animations, just ask. 



  2. Baldur's Gate 3 Dragonborn Slit

    Decided to make a mod that replaces the default dragonborn cock and balls with a genital slit (and now a dragon dick) like they should have. Haven't figured out if it's possible to have a flesh color yet so for now the inside of the slit is just the lighter scale color and the penis is a buggy mix of colors. 
    The slit and cock versions of the mod are technically incompatible on account of both replacing the body model. If there was a way to have the option for both in one file I would but sadly that's out of the picture for now so you just gotta pick one. Now thankfully they're both fine to add and remove mid-save so if you want to have it all hanging out or hidden you just need to delete the files and replace it with your preferred version.



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