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  1. Naked Spacesuit

    This mod provides a version of the Constellation spacesuit which leaves the wearer apart from cuffs, boots and helmet. I'm aiming for a classic '50s pulp S/F feel. The suit functions in all ways as a spacesuit - the wearer just looks naked. Think of it as generating a force-field for protection. There are also skin tight latex-like bodysuits for those who want to reserve a modicum of dignity while nevertheless leaving nothing to the imagination.
    In keeping with the pulp S/F vibe, there are three fishbowl style helmets included. One of them keeps the flight cap from the constellation helm and will stop long hair from clipping through the helmet. There is also a "no cowl" helmet that shows your character's hair inside the bowl. The third option is a half-cowl which is intended to provide a collar but no hood. Unfortunately I still can't get edited meshes to import correctly, so this option still doesn't work. In particular, this means that the bodysuits have deep, square cut necklines. I'm sure we can all cope for the time being.
    The suit uses whatever body mesh and textures you have installed. So you'll need a nude mod, unless you want to explore space in your undies.
    A nude mod. This mod doesn't provide a naked body, but uses whatever you have installed. I've tested this against CRT - BODY MESH + CRT - SKINS, but anything should work. Baka Disable My Games Folder. Not a strict requirement, but makes life easier for installing mods. The Dress - the boots used by the suit come from this mod, so you'll need it installed. I plan on replacing this with my own footwear, but this will do for now. (I tried to ask for permission to just include the boots, but Nexus' PM system seems to be dead at the moment).  
    You can just drop it into MO2. It may need some tweaking for Vortex which appears to be in some flux at the moment. If you're going to do it manually, it probably needs unpacking into the My Games data folder. Or install Baka Disable My Games Folder and then unpack into Starfield's data folder as usual.
    For now, you'll need to console add the items.
    XX000801 - Naked Spacesuit (Constellation) XX000806 - Fishbowl Helmet With Cowl XX000807 - Fishbowl Helmet, No Cowl XX000809 - Naked Spacesuit, Barefoot XX00080E - Naked Spacesuit, Black Latex XX00080F - Naked Spacesuit, White Latex XX000813 - Naked Spacesuit, Blue Latex XX000816 - Naked Spacesuit, Red Latex XX000819 - Naked Spacesuit, Va'ruun Dominatrix Edition.  
    Replace the XX with the mod index from your install list.
    The "Va'ruun Dominatrix Edition" has black a black textured face mesh. It looks horrible if there's already a face since it z-fights with the original. But it looks seriously badass combined with a House Va'ruun space helmet, which is the only reason for including it. Throw in a bandolier and a weapons belt, and you build an entire S&M dungeon using these girls as primary adversaries.
    Just remove the mod. There are no scripts and the worst that is going to happen is that your character's spacesuit will vanish,for real. You might want to make sure you're in a safe place with a breathable atmosphere first.
    To Do
    This is very much a work in progress. There's a few things I don't know how to do yet.  Things I want to do:
    I'm not happy with the color of the blue suit. I want something that looks a bit like Andreja's bodysuit in hue. It'll do for now. I've overridden Andreja's Constellation suit to use the latex+fishbowl combo. For some reason I have not done the same for Sarah. This should probably be both or neither. Provide a version that keeps the naked texture, but adds a glow shader to the body to represent a force field. Nishina Emissive Blue is pretty close, if a bit too glowy. Work in progress. A collar for the no-cowl helmet. Currently any meshed I edit rubberband like crazy when they show up in game. I want a pair of boots for the suit. Currently I'm using the ones from theenco's The Dress, hence the dependency. When I get the hang of this mesh editing palaver, I'm going to separate Andreja's boots from her bodysuit and use those. Recipes so you can craft the suits.  And modify them. I'm thinking about a cut-down boost pack. Any one will do, and the Constellation one works nicely, but it could be maybe 30% smaller. And maybe some straps or some sort of harness, maybe combine that with a belt of some sort. At some point I want a capture version of the suit which functions like a set of cuffs. And probably a slaved boost pack. At some point high heels and cute little gloves. I'd like this to look fashionable and impractical. Variants for other spacesuits with better stats. Legendary versions. Starborn versions. I'm thinking about keeping the Starborn rags that come with the suit, but dialing the alpha way up if I can manage it.  
    The "half cowl" option doesn't work, and occasionally the mesh does the rubberband thing. I recommend not using it until I get a chance to fix it properly. I get some neck seams. Probably more to do with my naked mesh set up than the mod, but will look into it further. This hasn't been tested on male wearers. The intention has been that it only works on female spacefarers, and that guys get the vanilla suit, but as I say, untested. I may make a howto explaining how to add new versions so interested parties can add their own male (or futa) variants. I'd be happy to merge these back into the main mod, but looking at Andreja's boobies makes me happy in a way that probably isn't going happen if I have to stare at Barret's junk. The suit uses the default Constellation suit's resistances, which may be a bit lacking in protection for high level characters. Feel free to crack open the esm with SF1Edit and adjust the numbers to meet your needs. The spacesuit patches are separate meshes and float clear of the wearer's arms. The plan is to move them down closer to the skin, and maybe repurpose them as tattoos or brands. For now though, they just float.



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