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SexLab mods that primarily deal with sex started through various other means

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  1. YARM - Yet Another Random Matchmaker

    Simple and easy Sex for everyone!
    What is this Mod?
    A simple matchmaker which randomly matches nearby Actors (not creatures, not the Player) together for Sexlab Scenes.
    Perfect for those who just want to see some occasional fucking without any additional baggage.
    Special Features
    -extremely Performance friendly. Next to no papyrus impact while active. Zero papyrus impact when paused.
    -High performance. Can easily keep an entire city in a perpetual state of orgy if you are into that.
    -Non Intrusive. It wont touch any actors who are currently involved in some other mods scene, or in a vanilla scene.
    -Perfectly save to use alongside Prison alternative or any other Prison mod.
    -Frequency and randomness of Sex-Events is configurable.
    -Filters for Genders / Followers are present.
    Requirements and Installation
    This mod works for both LE and SE.
    make sure you have the correct version of sexlab installed for your game.
    This mod can safely be uninstalled at any point.
    -While i did take precautions to avoid it, it is still possible that this mod might interfere with some other mods event if the timing is bad. Sou you might consider disabling it in its MCM if you are doing something Exceedingly important.
    Special Thanks
    -I want to extend my very special thanks and Gratitude to NOOBIV,  who generously commissioned this mod and also did a lot of testing.
    -And of course Ashal, for making Sexlab Idiot-friendly.
    If you got some Fun out of this, you might get even more fun with some of my other Stuff.



  2. SexLab Werewolves Redux

    this is overdue for a proper mod page, so here it is.....
    SexLab Werewolves Redux
    original mod by Ep1cL3w7z https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/490-sexlab-werewolves/
    Redux by Blaze69 & MadMansGun
    this mod lets you start SexLab animations when your in werewolf form.
    changes from the original:
    no meshes included, so there's nothing to interfere with MNCSLAL/SOS.
    (no meshes also means there is nothing to port, so this will work in both game versions as is)
    creature on creature animations supported...comes in useful if you also happen to have one of those "Aela transforms with you" mods installed.
    (note: only works with stock skyrim races)
    things that still need doing/fixing:
    find a better way to detect races, i would like to somehow link into sexlab/MoreNastyCrittersFactory.psc so i can get mod races working.
    maybe get this mod working with vampirelord transformations.



  3. Sexlab Mass MatchMaker Extended actors

    So, according to the original mod  SexLab MatchMaker - Updated 09/17/2014 Rev 7 ,  MatchMaker is intended as a simple proof of concept mod for the SexLab Framework. It will give the player two spells, a target and a self version called "Irresistibly Attractive". When used it will apply a magic effect for up to 3 characters, including the player . Will it be true?
    For this variable I have not used CK, Blender, and no changes have been made to scripts .
    Changed the number of actors.  More actors in the animations. Obviously the number cannot exceed that allowed by the animations installed
    Area of effect increased.  Increased area of effect so that the spell is no longer single effect, but group. Everyone inside the area will be affected
    Increased the activation time .  Increased activation time. This will allow all influenced actors to participate in the animation
    Strength increase  This will make it much more difficult to fail the spell
    Magnitude = Strength of the spell, the greater the more difficult the failure
    Area = The increase of the area transforms the single spell into a group one
    Duration = Activation time. By increasing the time, the various actors are allowed to participate in the animation if it exists
    Final result = Instead of performing 3 spell casts, having also the obligation to aim the target, with this variable, the casting will be reduced to 2. A Self and a Target, just throw the Target in the area, all those hit, will enter the animation
    It works by involving NPC's and creatures where animation exists
    Requirements : 
    Sexlab Framework , Sexlab Mass Match Maker REV7 ( at least, I use this version ) , and obviously , the animations . Since this is a modification of ESP , it should work with other versions of Match Maker as well . 
    Extract , copy / drop into Skyrim data folder,  overwrite , launch FNIS , enjoy 



  4. SexLab Cumpires (cum drinking vampires)

    Makes vampires feed on cum instead of blood.
    It works by removing the "Feed" option on seduced targets and replacing it with a dialogue option. Instead now vampire stages reset whenever the player participates as oral part in a sex animation tagged as Blowjob. The added dialogue option on seduced targets starts an appropriate sex animation to feed you. Additionally you can suck on a male NPC you married whenever your vampirism progressed past stage one.
    Stage Four Vampirism
    Once your vampirism progressed to stage four some people will notice your thirst for cum and might take advantage of it by mouthraping you. This is initiated by them yelling the word 'Vampire!' at you, because it's the best voiceline I could find for it and I don't like quiet dialogue.
    The 'White' Phial
    The White Phial can now also be filled with cum to sate your thirst. Too not make it too easy this version of the phial doesn't recharge infinitely, but instead only has four charges before you have to refill it. Refilling can be done at Quintus Navale or any male NPC you married.
    Compatibility with other Vampirism Overhauls
    This mod changes the VampireFeed perk, as probably most other overhauls will do. The only changes done to the perk are renaming "Feed" to "Bite" and removing the vampirism stage reset. If you use any other overhaul put it in loadorder after my mod. This will undo said changes to the VampireFeed perk, but everything else will work as usual. It is now up to you to not feed on NPCs, but to suck on them.
    lostpause4 for the idea
    donttouchmethere for giving it the name



  5. EggFactory Huan's Addon (Have Sex->Lay Egg)

    EggFactory Huan's Addon (Have Sex->Lay Egg)
    Makes you pregnant and lay eggs after sex.
    There's also a function panel to let you quickly test the functions.
    Install EggFactory First. Then install this addon.
    The original mod EggFactory force you to drink some potions or you'll lay eggs forever. In this addon, you'll only lay eggs the number of times you want. Just set it in MCM. The default is 1.
    If you select "Impregnate by ALL", then if you had sex with any speices other than "Chaurus, Argonian, Dragon, Slaughter fish, Spider", you'll lay "bird egg" ( which is just a small egg ).
    Choose "Diversify Eggs by ALL" to lay random eggs with these other speices.
    Argonians will make you lay "Big Bird Egg".
    The mod also take effects on NPCs by default.
    Imo, EggFactory lacks certain features and convenience.
    To me, I think the biggest challenge is a remake for EggFactory
    The eggs are too many for each labor, and the labor takes too long
    And it's resource consuming
    If you are interested in enhancing EggFactory, welcome to share your opinion.
    My Patreon Page



  6. Being A Doggy (A Petgirl mod)

    Description: This mod gives you immersion when you turn an NPC or yourself into a doggy ( or other things you want through MuST )
    Once upon a time, canines ruled the world when they spread their footprint to the end of the earth.
    So did they to their virus of their Purification method ( regarded by humanbeing as disease ).
    Someone worships the God of Canines, and then the power of the doggy curse was granted. That changes the whole world.
    Support huan to get Early Access and make the mod even better for you! 
     My patreon page
    Early Access Version: 0.91+, See https://renfenghuan.github.io/BaD/ , will be released in August 1st.
    The mod can also make you look like something else by using MuST. A little modder hardwork might be needed to use MuST.
    To customize your doggy's looking, download MuST and edit Data/MuST/json/doggyAutoFuck_huan.json (for BaD versions lower than 0.6.3)  or Data/MuST/json/BeingADoggy_huan.json ( for BaD versions higher than 0.6.3. If you have no this json file, just create one)
    MxR reviewed my Mod!
    Mod use demo videos
    Go to Huan's Channel to get all the demo videos.
    Quick use (version >=0.7.0): Download the mod, use nmm or other mod manager to install it, run FNIS. If you have 0.6.0 installed, please click "clean" button in MCM->Debug, and uninstall it. And after installed 0.7.0, you need to click "clean" button  again.   In 0.7.0 you'll not get the relevent things automatically, you need to click "get stuff" button in MCM->Debug.   Also a notice that after 0.6.6 you won’t need to download “Nymra’s voice files” in the loverslab anymore, because I included them in the main mod.  
    Details: (I'm still arranging the details, because there are too many changes  between 0.7 and 0.8, see What's New in Version 0.8.0 at the top to get the accurate information. Also check the Changelog. )
    This mod ( version = 0.7.0 )
    Curse related:
    Adds a illusion spell called "Doggy Curse Spell".The spell can force an npc ( any actor except you ) to go into sneak state, be stripped , stay there and go into npc fuck scene. Adds a enchantment called "Common Doggy Curse" that can take effects on pc or npc. You can learn the enchantment from item that has this and enchant anything else as long as the "light armor" enchantment can be enchant on that thing. When the enchantment is on you , the effect is very like the "Doggy Curse Spell" which can only be casted on an npc. When the enchantment is on an npc, the effect is the same as "Doggy Curse Spell" Adds a "Doggy Curse Necklace" which has the "Common Doggy Curse" enchantment. Adds a "Hostile Doggy Curse Spell" which will be used by NPCs in Skyrim. The spell looks like firebolt but will curse anything into a doggy. Adds a "DoggyKing's Anger" ritual spell which is an AOE spell. It will not trigger the seekhelp scene. a Cure self spell and a Cure others spell ( add through MCM debug section ). Adds a disease which will make an actor "Doggy  Cursed" Adds a virus which can let an actor contract the disease from wolves and NPCs. Adds a Trap which can let an actor contract the disease  ( add through MCM debug section ). The mod replace all the bear traps into doggy cursed one after Dangerous Activate feature. When you try to touch a door,a corpse or a dogmeat, you might contract the doggy virus. Add a “Doggy Contagious” Feature. A doggy can convert others into doggies by having sex with them. ( Like the HIV virus... )
    Add the “Go to Pharmacist” feature. When an NPC tries to release you, the local pharmacist might be pointed out
    Add a feature “Sex Curse” which can be enabled in MCM. Whenever you had doggy position sex, you will become a doggy.  Note the difference between "Sex Curse" and "Doggy Contagious".
    Doggy Role Play related:
    Abandon Doggy function. You can abandon your pet through dialogue. A feature called "Nemesis". After being abandoned, the doggy might be resentful instantly ( toggle in MCM ) and attack you. If you win, it will run away. If it wins, it will rape you and walk away, with leveling up. Level1: resentful doggy, level2: avenger level3 : Nemesis.  A feature to adopt the doggy and being adopted. You can interact with your pet with many options, currently including: releasing, sex , abandon . An NPC-Do-Deed feature. After the adoption, the master will think of a way to try to cure the doggy ( including you ). Gift Function. You can give your doggy to others through dialogue. Up to 23 NPC-Master-Pet-Pair is allowed. You'll fail to give out the doggy when the number of pairs is beyond the limit. Many "Doggy Options" when you are being a pet of your master. Try to jump to trigger the Messagebox when you are a doggy. You can free walk,leave master, bark , teleport to master and go to master's home. get a Doggy Power when you are being a doggy. Seek Help Function,  when you are a doggy, you can go to anybody for help. Cloak Mode. You can use cloak mode to slience the doggy so that it will seek help secretly. Ask your master to Go to warmer place when you are a pet. A side quest "Ask Court Wizard about the Curse". You can get the necklace when the quest is completed. An menu to change your or other doggy's combat style. "fist" and "scratch" available. Doggy Spare feature. When you get caught, you can tell the guard  you are a doggy, then he will spare you.  
    Integration related:
    MuST integration. with MuST installed, you can be whatever you want! (Note: MuST need modders provide add-ons to work, or you can edit the json files by yourself. ) Pose Sex mod integeration. Trigger the doggy event through Pose Sex  
    Minor Feature:
    Player's Voice. When you talk to the doggy, you player character will actually say the word. ( Not fully implemented yet, will be added during further modding. Thanks Nymra for his voice files. Currently need to be a male character to hear the voice ) Infinite Doggies. You can have infinite doggies, infinite resentul doggies, infinite avengers and infinite Nemesis.  Doggy Style Sex. Whenever characters in the mod try to have sex, they will only try these 3 kinds of position: DoggyStyle, Kneeling Blowjob, Spanking. NPC Dog wine and bark. Adds an NPC who has the curse spell ( add through MCM debug section ). Petting.
    After being a doggy, peoples around you will be shocked by your appearance, calming for a while. Watch the demo video before you play the mod. You can cast the spell on your enemy when you are fighting! To cancel the enchantment effect on you, you can simply unequip the enchanted item. If no npc is nearby, it means that you are the only validated one who can interact with the doggy!  To make the enchantment works on the npc, make sure that he or she is wearing the enchanted stuff. RaceKey is plural of the name of a creature race , like Horses, Bears , Dogs . ( I found there is a Horseses key, idk why... And "Canines" won't work, must be a specific race) To have sex with creatures you need to install other mods that enable that. And maybe try to set the "Aggressor Gender" to "Any" In Non-cloak mode , The scene need 3-4 seconds before the doggy say something. ( During this time the doggy is too dizzy to figure out what happened) You can seek help to anything as long as you are a doggy. If something went wrong, you can click the "clean" option to let the game be normal again. The actor in a "scene" can not react to the doggy. A Scene doen't always need to be a conversation. For example, in "Companion Quests", Farkars( or wilkars, I forgot) will test you in the backyard, if you don't fight with him, he will just stand there. And if you become a doggy and calls for help, he will simply ignore the fact that you are a doggy. Many npcs stay a region just waiting the PC to come, If they ignore you that means they are in a scene.  If you have some trouble after installing the mod, use a clean save and try it again ( Or use a virtual machine to install the mod in a clean game like I did.). Or press "Clean" button in mcm.  
    I made this mod because I liked the mod "Crawl on four" ... . I will keep updating this for a while. Please give me your suggestions.
    At first the mod was called "Doggy Auto Fuck" because that's the only feature at that time. Now I think "Being a Doggy" might be more suitable for this mod. I think that to refer to this mod with a more obscure name is a better idea.
    Mods that you should already have
    Skyrim Dawnguard  skse skyui FNIS sexlab  
    Unique Requirements for BaD:
    Sexlab Aroused (Redux ) ,  required. Fuz Ro Doh, every mod needs it MuST ( if you want the transformation ) UIExtension (If you want to use MuST preset or Doggy Power in 0.7.0 or newer versions) Huan's Animation Pack ( IF you want the extra animations, ilke "Cat wash face". )  
       Install it. then run FNIS.
       If you want the "Player Voice" feature to work in 0.6.0, download the Voice file and instal it. Then make sure you have a male character. ( after 0.7.0 you won't need this step because you already have the voice files in the mod file)
    Somebody asks that why the animations are not working, please check your Skyrim version.  SE version has been made.
    Current Version Bugs/issues:
    Tell me if you get one. Attach your mod version
    If you toggle the "Is Find Closest NPC", be careful, this make the mod only checks the closest NPC, if the closest NPC doesn't meet the condition , the mod won't choose the second closest NPC. It is an issue rather than a bug ( because I permit it ). It might be enhanced in the future. ( If the doggy is you, you can simply crawl near to a different npc ) When you try to go to your master's home, you might be locked outside the house, I might have done something to avoid this but it is not fully tested. Report if you encounter this issue. And to make others don't enter the alert state (trespass), I add every faction the master's home is in to the doggy. So it might mess up the factions. I've definitely not tested it. I have no idea what could it cause. Due to the flaw of the game, sometimes when you travel from one cell to another, the doggy will not crawl but sneak normally. There is a fix for this, just come closer to the doggy and it will crawl again. I've not got any trouble using this fix but it seems that some friends can not get it work.  In some friends' mod list you might not be able to see the "Doggy Spare" line in the dialogue. But I tested and confirmed that it works in a clean game. Maybe you have some mod installed that changes the guards' dialogue. ( In fact I didn't get it working in my mod build. I just use a virtual machine to get a clean game and get it work in the virtual machine).  
    Let me list all the mods that mentioned here similar to this mod, so I can study them.
    Recommended mods
    HDT Tails Wearable
    A word about "Immersive Pet Girl":
    A word about me and my opinin about sex :
    The public version release date: 3 months after Early Access Version showed up in the mod description in Loverslab.
    Thank you for your support! ?
    Changelog: See https://renfenghuan.github.io/BaD/
     Discord Server
    skse team for skse
    exiledviper meh321 or whoever made PapyrusUtil ( I found two version , nexus and loverslab, made by different authors, as a novice I'm confused )for PapyrusUtil 
    SkyUI Team for SkyUI
    Fores for FNIS
    Ashal for Sexlab
     fishburger67 and redneck2x for sexlab arousal (redux)
    DarkAngel1265 for Crawl on fours animation (I found that many mods contains some sort of this animation, and I don't know if some of them are original or copied from this )
    shadeMe for Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice
    Nymra for his voice files.
    I used some animations of the mod "Crawl on fours". I suppose the modder's approval as I don't see any permission restrictions. 
    Thanks for my patrons support, I had learned how to make animations and did make many animations, replacing some crawl animations. So if there's a problem, I can easily replace all the used animations from Crawl on Fours.
    Thank Crawl on Fours and the patrons again!
    You are not allowed to upload or make changes to my mods without my permission.
    As I made some crawl animations by myself, it is okay other mods contain my animation files, but the modder need to contact me first. I don't like the use without notice.
    The voice files are from Nymra, ask him to get his permission of using the files.



  7. SexLab Aroused Followers 1.1.0

    This mod makes your followers charge you for their services. As they follow you around, debt will build up. Followers expect to be paid either in gold or in other ways. Failing to do so will lead to consequences. This mod was designed with a female PC and male followers in mind.
    Followers will build up debt at a configurable interval
    Each Follower is assigned a debt rate on recruitment, which is rolled between a configurable minimum and maximum.
    The interval and also the method on when you are charged is configurable. Choosing ingame time will take time skips like sleeping, waiting, fast traveling and so on into account. Choosing real time will ignore those time skips.
    The followers debt rate rises with their arousal
    If the follower is aroused at the time of debt adding, you will be charged extra. You will be charged for example an additional 5% for every 10 arousal on that follower.
    Dialogue options to pay off the debt
    Either in one big chunk, or at configurable intervals.
    Dialogue options to pay off the debt by 'alternative means'
    Short on gold? Get on your knees and suck your followers off.
    Six completely customizeable dialogue options for different sex acts, yielding a different amount of debt reduction.
    Everything from tags to the text prompt itself is customizeable in the MCM.
    Dialogue options to have 'some fun' with you follower
    Feeling horny? A follower feeling horny? Why not ask your follower to follow you somewhere private and have some fun? Keep their arousal low and thus their next invoice lower.
    Different states of debt
    Everything is good as long as you remain in good standing with your follower. Accumulate too much debt and you no longer are. Accumulate even more and you'll be heavily in debt.
    The threshold for each of these is configurable in the MCM. The state you are in plays a role in the events that can happen.
    I'm not your mule!
    Your followers are not your mules and decided to charge you for carrying your junk around!
    Minimum follow time
    Nobody sane would enter your service for just a couple of minutes, right? After all, time quite literally is money.
    When hiring a follower, he expects to be with you at least for a couple hours or more!
    Various events which can be triggered when you build up too much debt.
    Events range from your follower giving you a friendly reminder about paying him to stealing your items or even raping you!
    Differentiation between not being in good standing and being heavily in debt.
    All events are highly customizeable!
    SexLab Framework
    SexLab Aroused Redux
    Optionally a follower framework to be able to recruit more followers. Nether's Follower Framework is 100% compatible and what I use.
    Installation / Update
    Install as you would normally.
    When updating, please check the changelogs on whether or not updating without a clean save is possible or not. Also keep an eye out for special instructions.
    Updating in the middle of a event may not be a good idea.
    Notes and compability
    This is my first (scripted) publicly released mod, and especially my first mod of this scale!
    I've been working on this on and off over the last couple of months, so it's possible I forgot something isn't working or the likes and left it as is.
    This is also a early release and there are probably plenty of bugs to be found. I tried my best to ensure it all goes smooth but in the giant game that Skyrim is there are so many unforseen things which could be happening that things most likely will break somehow.
    Should be pretty "stable" by now.
    In terms of compability, this shouldn't directly conflict with anything. No vanilla forms were altered.
    I put quite a bit of work into the follower detection mechanism to make it not reliant on any follower framework. It should work with any as long as they respect vanilla follower factions. Heavily scripted followers which come with their own 'framework' may fail to be detected.
    Some functions, like the minimum follow time, may not work with every framework.
    If anybody is interested, I allow this to be ported over to Special Edition and to be hosted here on LoversLab. I currently have no interest in SE myself.
    Translations are also fine, but again, keep it here on LoversLab.
    You are also free to use parts of my code in your projects and so on.
    Generally just do whatever you want, just don't reupload this 1:1 and please give me credits.
    Teutonic for helping me getting started by explaining a lot of fundemental Papyrus principles to me!
    CPU for answering me what feels like a million questions. If anybody has the right to call himself the Papyrus messiah, it's him!
    Ed86 for helping me out a lot on Discord a million times aswell! Until I got on his nerves and he stopped responding lmao...
    Ashal for LoversLab and SexLab and for helping me figure out how to do procedural states in a MCM!



  8. Puppet Master traducido al ESPAÑOL

    Hola a todos, como esta en el titulo es una traducción de este útil mod que le permite controlar a cualquier animal o humano y hacer que hagan su voluntad. También le permite orinar, defecar, masturbarse, participar en necrofilia y esclavitud.
    Para mas información acerca de todas las características del mod vaya al post del creador original:
    Puppet Master Original
    Gracias a h38fh2mf por este gran mod.
    -Esta es una traducción muy temprana de este mod, intente ajustarlo de la manera mas cómoda al entorno de Skyrim.
    -En lugar de "Follar" use la palabra "Cojer" ya para mi suena mejor.
    -Puede tener algunos errores, en dado caso avíseme.
    -Esto es solamente una traducción de el menu de dialogo ya que no se como traducir el menu MCM
    Solo instale después del mod original y reemplace.
    Puppet Master v1.7: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/463-puppet-master/
    SexLab: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/16623-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v124-updated-1020/
    Zaz Animation Pack: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/17062-zaz-animation-pack-2013-10-08/
    SKSE: http://skse.silverlock.org/
    SkyUI: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/3863/?
    Otras Traducciones
    Sorlis Balarn's Treasure en Español
    h38fh2mf Creado original de este mod 
    Ashal y cualquier otra persona que trabajó en SexLab.
    ZaZ Chris y Xaz por su paquete de animación.
    jonx0r para recursos relacionados con la defecación (modelos, texturas, sonidos).



  9. The Slaver's Spellbook

    Seeker! Know you now that you hold in your hands the life's work of the great mage Korneum, often called "The Objectionable", though rarely to my face and always by lesser minds, jealous of my intellect.
    --Korneum The Objectionable.
    This is a collection of utility spells that make life easier for the average slave trader. I'm going to start simple and get more complicated as I go, so hopefully when RL strikes and I have to concentrate on other tasks, at least there will be something useful here.
    There are also some tattoos and there may be misc other stuff as time goes on
    I set up a blog entry with the documentation. t's easier to maintain that way.
    Slavers_Spellbook_<version>.7z. is the main mod file. Install that in the usual way.
    Slavers_Spellbook_slhp.7z has a couple of spells specific to SexLab Hentai Pregnancy. The detect pregnancy and black soul gems and need SLHP's pregnancy faction to work. If you're using SLHP, install this.
    slavetats_pahe is a quick hack so that PAHE slaves appear with their new names in the slavetats menu. No more trying guess which of seven Bandits is the one you want to change. Doesn't do anything without slavetats, obviously.
    slso_exposure_rate tweaks SexLab Separate Orgasms so it doesn't set ExposureRate to 1 during sex. Means you magically induced nympomaniacs will now fuck like the sluts they are.
    pahe_slso allows sex training/discipline to be more effective the more times your slave orgasms. Melt her brain and she'll be much more co-operative.
    slhp_display_names gives pregnant slaves their assigned names on the pregnancy list.
    Other Mods
    These are all designed primarily with PAHE, SLSO and Hentai Pregnancy in mind. But they should be useful for anything that uses SexLabAroused, although the spells are generally designed not to affect the player.
    I'll just leave these here.
    These are basically all wrappers around SexLab Arousal Redux. You can't do anything with these that you couldn't do with the SLA MCM Puppet Master tab, but this allows for a bit more immersion and roleplaying. Essentially, I was doing this anyway through the MCM interface, and I finally decided to make a nicer way to do it.
    Currently you need to add the spells through the console. I have plans for a bit of a quest to get them, but on the basis of "keep it simple", I'm doing the spells first and the quest second. (there is a book in Cronvangr Cave now, but it doesn't seem to work yet. Even when it does it should be considered as a stop gap measure).
    If I get all that done, then I have tentative plans for conjured restraints (Bound Bindings), some training enhancers. Maybe a vendor, and some options to turn Convangr into a base befitting a vampire late-sleeping slave trainer.
    I'll probably move the PAHE/SLSO patch and the SlaveTats/PAHE patch to this page as well, assuming the respective mod authors don't want to incorporate the code.
    (I have no idea if it's SSE compatible or not, so I put "no". Feel free to try it out and see)
    Misc Sex
    SexLab, SexLab Aroused
    Special Edition Compatible



  10. Estrus Trapped Eggs

    Tentacled creatures and sentient slime now guard the piles of chaurus eggs lying in the caves of Skyrim. If you disturb them, they may turn you into their next breeding ground.
    This is a very simple add-on for Estrus Chaurus+. Instead of having to suffer being a target dummy for the chaurus to get tentacled, you can now simply mess around with their eggs to have some fun.
    Everytime you activate a pile of chaurus eggs, there's a 5% chance of a tentacle creature of slime creature to have its way with you. This also works with NPCs, so you can ask your followers to harvest chaurus eggs if you want to start a coven of brood mothers. If you have Devious Devices installed, and you're wearing a chastity belt, you can harvest chaurus eggs without risk of being assaulted.
    This mod simply adds a script to the chaurus eggs objects, and so has to be loaded after any mod that edits them, like harvest overhauls.
    This mod supports Devious Devices chastity belts, but it does not require DDI.
    This mod does require Estrus Chaurus+



  11. SexLab Enchantress Version Française

    Requiert le mod d'origine : Oui
    Lien du mod d'origine : SexLab Enchantress
    Auteur d'origine : @Liuli
    Version mod original: 2.4
    Version traduite: 2.4 (FR 1.0)
    Ce mod est un traduction de l'excellent travail de Liuli
    SexLab Enchanteresse

    Que fait ce mod ?
    SexLab Enchantress modifie les sorts vanilla de l'école de magie d'illusion afin qu'ils déclenchent des scènes de sexe. Le but de ce mod est de maintenir l'équilibre du jeu vanilla sans casser le rôle d'immersion. Les sorts affecteront seulement les créatures de niveaux limités (le sort "Calme" affectera des ennemis jusqu'au niveau 9, par exemple), mais grâce à l'arbre de compétences d'illusion, vous pourrez ensorceler des ennemis plus puissants avec vos sorts (la compétence "Double illusion" combinée au sort "Calme" et d'autres compétences d'illusion affectera des créatures jusqu'au niveau 59, comme dans Skyrim normal). Les sorts affecteront toutes les bêtes et créatures soutenues par SexLab, bien que vous ayez besoin d'apprendre la capacité "Maître de l'illusion" pour affecter les morts-vivants Daedra et automates Dwemers.

    Quels sont les nouveaux effets des sorts ?
    Calme - Votre cible calmée couchera avec vous si aucune autre cible ne vous attaque. D'autres cibles calmées attendront patiemment que vous ayez fini, la durée de leurs effets "Calme" étant rafraichies en fin de chaque acte sexuel. Si l'accouplement a duré au moins 30 secondes, la durée de l'effet "Calme" doublera. Si cela a duré 60 secondes ou plus, la durée doublera à nouveau, jusqu'à 120 secondes. Le sexe ne commencera qu'avec les bêtes et les créatures à intelligence faible par défaut.* Pacification - Même chose que Calme, sauf qu'il affecte aussi les races jouables, et pourrait amener votre personnage dans une scène à trois ou un gangbang avec les cibles prises dans sa zone d'effet. Harmonie - Identique à Pacification, sauf qu'il pourrait déclencher une orgie complète, jusqu'à neuf participants impliqués. Appel aux armes - S'il est utilisé sur une cible avec laquelle vous avez eu des relations sexuelles enchantées, cette cible deviendra un compagnon enchanté temporaire pendant 10 minutes. Cela n'arrive que si vous n'avez aucun compagnon avec vous. Frénésie - Si vous voyagez avec un compagnon, les cibles de ce sort tenteront de coucher avec, peut-être de l'entraîner dans un gangbang. Peur - Renvoie les compagnons enchantés. Ils rentreront chez eux, non hostiles pendant 30 à 60 secondes. Cri d'allégeance animale - Si vous criez les trois mots d'allégeance animale, un des animaux frappés par le cri aura des relations sexuelles avec vous, et deviendra après votre compagnon bestial temporaire. La durée dépend de la durée du rapport sexuel, avec un maximum de 4 minutes pour 60 secondes de sexe. Ne vous accorde que l'animal comme un compagnon temporaire si aucun autre animal ne vous suit.  Capacité raciale "Manipulation d'animal" - Les Elfes des bois utilisent "Manipulation d'animal" pour ensorceler une créature de la même manière que "allégeance animale". Seulement disponible une fois par jour, comme dans Skyrim vanilla, bien sûr. Il vous accordera seulement l'animal comme compagnon temporaire si aucun autre animal ne vous suit.  

    Qu'obtiens-je après la relation sexuelle ?
    Si vous avez eu, pendant plus de 30 secondes, des relations sexuelles avec des créatures ensorcelées cela vous donnera un effet actif spécial "Réconfort". Le bonus de pourcentage de compétence n'est pas cumulable avec les autres, ou avec ceux de Skyrim vanilla (Repos). Les effets actifs sont:
    Réconfort de zoophile - Augmente la vitesse d'amélioration de toutes les compétences de 5% pendant 8 heures. Augmente la résistance aux maladies de 10%. Réconfort d'insectophile - Augmente la vitesse d'amélioration de toutes les compétences de 5% pendant 8 heures. Augmente la résistance au poison de 10%. Réconfort de monstrophile - Augmente la vitesse d'amélioration de toutes les compétences de 5% pendant 8 heures. Augmente l'endurance de 10 points. Réconfort de nécrophile - Augmente la vitesse d'amélioration de toutes les compétences de 5% pendant 8 heures. Augmente la résistance à la glace de 5%. Faveur de Sanguine - La vitesse d'amélioration de toutes les compétences augmente de 15% pendant 8 heures. Déclenché en prenant part à une orgie de 9 personnes avec le sort Harmonie.  

    Pourquoi les sorts ont-ils des limites de niveaux ?
    L'objectif de @Liuli avec le mod est de pimenter l'arbre d'illusion vanilla, mais en gardant Skyrim encore jouable. Cela signifie plus de défis dans les niveaux inférieurs, des capacités plus puissantes plus tard. Elle a fait très attention à ne pas donner plus de puissance aux sorts qu'ils en ont de base dans Skyrim vanilla. Appel aux armes et Harmonie sont des puits de mana très coûteux qui nécessitent de débloquer des compétences d'illusion pour que leurs effets soient beaucoup plus forts. Au moment où un joueur peut utiliser Appel aux armes ou utiliser le troisième mot du cri d'allégeance animale, ensorceler une cible en tant que compagnon ne sera pas plus difficile que de voyager avec un compagnon de votre choix. La seule compétence qui devient beaucoup plus puissante est la compétence "Manipulation d'animal" des Elfes de Bois, mais elle n'est utilisable qu'une fois par jour et n'est pas aussi puissante que les capacités raciales des Orques et des Argoniens.

    Comment est-ce que j'installe ce mod ?
    Vous pouvez utiliser Mod Organizer ou Nexus Mod Manager. Si vous possédez déjà la version originale de ce mod, remplacez l'ESP et le fichier .BSA par cette version traduite.

    Comment puis-je désinstaller ce mod ou faire une mise à niveau à partir d'une ancienne version ?
    Assurez-vous que vous n'avez aucun effet actif restant du mod dans le menu "effets actifs" (Réconfort de zoophile, etc.) et qu'il n'y a aucun PNJ sous l'effet des sorts de SL Enchantress. En cas de doute, attendez 8 heures de jeu. Sauvegardez votre jeu. Si vous souhaitez désinstaller le mod, ouvrez MCM, cochez "Désinstaller SexLab Enchantress", fermez MCM, sauvegardez, quittez le jeu et supprimez ou désélectionner SexLab Enchantress.esp (ou le fichier complet).

    Problèmes connus:
    L'animation trio "Arrok Devil's Threeway" est buguée dans SexLab Framework, elle agira bizarrement mais seulement pour la première fois qu'elle joue. Pour certains mods, cela signifie que la première fois que cette animation est jouée, votre personnage sera projeté vers le ciel, puis téléporté vers la scène de sexe. Pour SL Enchantress, cela signifie que les PNJ seront jetés au ciel.
    Il y a deux façons de gérer cela: La première est de désactiver l'animation "Arrok Devil's Threeway". La seconde est d'activer "Arrok Devil's Threeway" avec un mod SexLab différent comme SexLab Matchmaker... Après la première fois que l'animation joue, cela fonctionnera bien avec SL Enchantress. Le problème semble provenir de la première installation de cette animation spécifique.

    Conflits possibles:
    Le mod "SexLab Stop Combat" semble briser la plupart des sorts de SL Enchantress.
    Le mod "Automatics Variants" peut empêcher les sorts de SL Enchantress de fonctionner sur certaines des créatures qu'il remplace.

    La version 2.4 est compatible avec la plupart des autres mods de sorts. Il peut ou non être compatible avec SkyRe (Skyrim Redone), @Liuli reçoit des rapports contradictoires à ce sujet, utilisez SL Enchantress avec SkyRe à vos risques et périls.
    Il pourrait également entrer en conflit avec les mods de Cri qui modifient le Cri d'allégeance animale. Si vous en utilisez un et connaissez le troisième mot d'allégeance animale, ouvrez le MCM et choisissez l'option "Désactiver cri d'allégeance animale" pour éviter tout problème.
    Mod requis:
    SexLab 1.59c ou ultérieur (et ses prérequis)
    Liuli pour ce mod et son autorisation de partage de ma traduction.
    Ce n'est qu'une simple traduction, aucune stat ou autre a été modifié.
    S'il y a une erreur de traduction, un oubli, une faute d'orthographe/de conjugaison ou tout autres problèmes, contactez-moi.
    Vous aimez mon travail? Alors laissez-moi un message sur ma page LL ça fait toujours plaisir.
    Merci d'avoir téléchargé ce mod, et amusez-vous bien en Bordeciel
    N'oubliez pas de remercier le créateur du mod d'origine pour son travail.
    Cette traduction est une exclusivité LL, partagez uniquement le lien de la page et non le mod, merci.
    *(peut être basculé dans le MCM. Seules les créatures sont supportées par défaut car il y a suffisamment de bons mods pour avoir des rapports sexuels avec des races jouables comme SexLab Romance et Radiant prostitution. Les sorts avec "zone d'effet" ne donnent au mod qu'une sensation plus "chaos magique").



  12. SexLab Pheromones

    Somehow, many drinkable consumables have been tainted and are now laced with powerful sex pheromones!
    How did this happen?
    In some cases, wild animals marked their territory on what later became unwashed ingredients to potions. 
    In other scenarios, perverted mages and warlocks concocted devious brews in their basements and then managed to get them widely circulated by selling them to merchants at a discount.
    And in yet more cases, rumors abound of pranksters at the College of Winterhold brewing up crazy combinations of love potions just for shits and giggles, all to stave off the monotony of college life.
    In any case, what we're drinking and where it came from might be a bit more enigmatic than previously thought in Skyrim...
    This Mod adds some risk to drinking consumables, there's a % chance that just about anything the PC drinks may have sex pheromones in it.
    This Mod also provides one of the only (maybe the only) ways on LL to see multi creature sex animations during regular gameplay with 2, 3, 4, & 5 sex actor animations supported. (Big thx to the animators who created these!)
    There are unique pheromones for 45 different creatures and 10 different races. In addition, there are also 74 creature variants, so you will see stuff like Werebears, Glowing SabreCats, Riekling Chiefs, Frost Giants, etc. All told that's 129 creature possibilites and many different combinations of those creatures. The Mod also supports all known MFC and FFC animations, so with the right SLAL packs you could see stuff like 2 Females and a Werewolf, or you could hold a Dremora down while he gets buttraped by a dog... lol - The list goes on.
    After updates clean saves are recommended!
    How Stuff Works:
    Drink a potion or something else and get a Pheromone! There are 55 possible selections that can happen randomly, whatever pheromone you get, that creature / npc will become very friendly! It is also possible to get Pheromones from creature attacks, default percentage chance is 2%, (same as Vanilla disease chance), but each creature's chance can be configured in MCM. Mod has integration with SexLab Aroused so Arousal can impact Pheromones chance as well. (Configurable in MCM). The Pheromones can be cleared by crafting the right recipes at cooking stations. Open a cooking station and look at the possibilities to see what ingredients are needed. If you get really strong pheromones, you might need to visit the Priestesses of Dibella for extra supplies.  Pheromones will eventually wear off, but it takes awhile. There's an MCM where the chance of pheromones and what Creatures / NPCs spawn can be controlled. You could deselect everything and have only 1 selected then set pheromones to 100% if you want to guarantee that you will get to see the animations for a particular creature. No Vanilla stats / buffs / effects were changed on any of the potions, health potions will work exactly as they did before for instance. There is simply the added possibility of consuming sex pheromones. This Mod supports drinkables from the following Mods (They can proc pheromone effects): Milk Mod Economy Skooma Whore Realistic Needs and Diseases INeed MiniNeeds PlayerSuccubusQuest Also has compatibility with Soaps from Bathing in Skyrim Dialogue compatibility with Sacred Band of Dibella NPCs from Hydra Slave Girls  

    Most creatures will spawn around the Player anywhere in the Wilderness. Creatures will also spawn in specific areas depending on their type. For instance, Goats & Dogs spawn at Farms, Falmers & Chaurus spawn in Falmer Hives, Bears & Sabre Cats spawn in Animal Dens, Mammoths & Giants spawn in Giant Camps, etc. I.E. - Creatures will either spawn in the wilderness, or in the places where you'd normally expect to find them. If you have a Creature Pheromone active, you should be safe from creature attacks if you're in a City, Interior, Player Home, etc. The Creatures that spawn do not have aggressive AI, aggro radius behavior, or enemy faction status, etc. The spawned creatures should not aggro or get interrupted by anything, their goal is to have sex with the Player. Creatures will try to catch the Player. If they get close enough, a sex scene will automatically start, but, they can be killed (at range) or you can run away 10,000 units and they will give up the chase. The time between creature spawns can be controlled in the MCM. If a Creature manages to catch you and have it's way with you, it will be satisfied and will leave you alone after.  

    NPCs will use available nearby NPCs that fit the race criteria, only adult NPCs are a possibility. It is equally possible for the NPC to be male or female. NPCs will be interested in the PC when in a City, Dwelling, Guild, Habitation, Inn, or House. If the PC has ingested NPC pheromones, then sex attacks can be avoided if she stays in the Wilderness... So maybe go live in a tent for awhile. The NPCs will need to get close to the Player for a sex scene to start. NPCs will usually follow the Player indoors. Whether an NPC can be killed or not will depend on the base actor's essential status. Some NPCs you probably wouldn't want to kill though even if you could, and in this case it may be best to just let them have their way with you. They will be happy afterwards and go about their business. The frequency of NPC sex attacks can be controlled in the MCM.  
    The Mod itself is straightforward with only an .ESP and some scripts, can just drop into install directory or use your favorite manager. Make sure you have FNIS Creature Pack and all of the needed animations. Make sure to run FNIS. Once in Game, after installing SexLab, tick the box in SexLab MCM to enable Creature Animations. Finally, go into SLAL MCM and Enable All / Register Animations.  
    Thanks to Ashal for SexLab Thanks to the many great animators of LL. Thanks to Loverslab Community  
    SexLab Aroused
    Billyy SLAL Creature Pack
    Leito SLAL Creature Pack
    More Nasty Critters (for some of the rarer animations)
    Possible Creatures and where they can spawn:
    How Stuff Works with Pictures:
    Spawning Creatures:
    Removing Pheromones:
    Version Change History:
    Version 1.2.8
    Double the Girls, double the fun! Added support for 1 Female Adult Follower to share your pheromones adventures with! Follower Support can be toggled on and off in MCM. Make sure you have Fuz Ro Doh installed. Adding follower support involved a fairly intense script overhaul, I tweaked stuff until things seemed stable in testing, but let me know if you run into anything. Fixed MCM Slider for setting all attack sliders. Fixed Khajiit merchant chest items.  
    Version 1.2.9 November 12, 2018
    New Combat Mode available. Can be toggled on in MCM.  With Combat Mode active, the Creature's distance to Player will be ignored, sex will start instead if a creature manages to hit the Player. Creatures will enter into real combat so followers will fight them, they will use weapons and projectiles. The creatures will not do damage to the Player, but they can hurt followers and other NPCs. Fixed issue with strong pheromones getting applied erroneously. - Thx to Slorm for finding the bug.  
    What's New in Version 1.3.0 November 13, 2018
    Added new MCM option to improve Creature attack behavior in combat mode. 'Relentless Attacks' This option helps to solve issues with creatures not initiating combat if Player has too much distance for game engine to maintain aggro. It will also cause creatures to continually attempt to ambush the Player until they succeed or the Player kills them. It will periodically refresh Creature's attacks on Player if they are distracted or interrupted by something else. The Player will need to kill the creatures or will end up getting raped. Overall it's a more challenging but better combat experience. Reworked certain flying creatures so they will no longer rely on spawning via magic anomolies. Instead, the Flame Atronach, Wisp Mother, Netch, Dwarven Ballista etc. will properly chase the Player. Both radius capture and combat mode should now work for these flying creatures. The only creatures that will continue to rely on magic anomolies for spawning are Dragons. (Dragons truly hate Navmesh). Fixed issue with Storm Atronach sometimes not initiating sex properly. Fixed Frost Atronach spawning issues. Fixed Frost Atronach follower support. Fixed OnHit spam loop that would happen with certain creatures and prevent a scene from starting due to their persistent AOE attack (Frost Atronach for instance).  
    Clean save advised due to MCM changes.
    What's New in Version 1.3.1 November 18, 2018
    Added MCM Slider for Combat Mode so the % chance of a sex scene to start per hit can be set. Added toggle option for Combat Mode so the Player can choose if they want the Creatures to do real combat damage or not.  
    What's New in Version 1.3.2a November 19, 2018a
    Changed the SP Creatures AI Data so they will behave better in Combat Mode. A Player Enemy Faction will now be added to the SP Creatures when they spawn for Combat Mode so they will have more persistent aggro behavior. Mods that interrupt aggro, such as DCUR during surrender events and give Player essential status will no longer cause the Creatures to derp out. Creatures will no longer do cheap shots in Combat Mode. - When Creatures hit the Player after sex but before they despawn, these attacks will not do damage. Fixed the notification for Strong Pheromones not wearing off so it should only display once. Fixed effect refresh so all active Pheromones will get refreshed when Strong Pheromones are active. Fixed so creature spawns will be suspended if the Player is currently an invalid Race, such as a Vampire Lord or Werewolf. Made some debug notifications more descriptive in debug mode.  
    1.3.2a Edit:
    Small fix to Pheromones clearing procedure.



  13. SL Kidnapped Redux Español.rar

    Traducción de MOD SexLab Kidnapped Redux al Español
    Necesitas el MOD Original del autor, puedes descargarlo desde Aquí
    Descripción de autor:
    Ser emboscado y secuestrado por humanos o criaturas con tus seguidores, cónyuge o amigos. Entonces o te obligan a mirar o te violan hasta la perversión. Un amigo puede intentar salvarte. Escapar o vengarte. O asumir una misión de rescate para salvar a una damisela en peligro (o a Nazeem).
    Apto para todos los personajes: heterosexuales femeninos, heterosexuales masculinos, lesbianas, futa, gays o bisexuales.
    Emboscado por ciertas facciones o criaturas - evita que te golpeen durante cinco segundos (¡corre, cariño, corre!) para esquivar la emboscada o ser tomado como rehén. Número ilimitado de escenarios de secuestro basados en la ubicación actual, capaz de aprovechar incluso el contenido modificado en tu juego. Orgías masivas de hasta 20 agresores y de 1 a 4 víctimas Ampliación de la misiones de rescate, con el hechizo opcional Invisibilidad del Fisgón. Comportamiento del espectador con vítores, risas, aplausos y comentarios despectivos. Mecánicas de perversión y agotamiento Venganza contra tus captores matándolos allí mismo, o escápate/qué te dejen y regresa, negocia (a través del Gremio de Ladrones) o trabaja con los Compañeros para perseguirlos. Más de 150 líneas de diálogo gracias a las contribuciones de Karma199696, Vauria, sophiextime y otros.  Contribuye con la tuya aquí. 84 opciones de menu MCM para personalizar a tu gusto. El robo de inventario obedece a la configuración sin despojos de SexLab Eventos de MOD para que los autores de MODs puedan integrarlos fácilmente en SexLab Kidnapped Redux. Optimizado para un mejor rendimiento. Alta compatibilidad ya que no se cambiaron los registros de vainilla.  
    SexLab Framework – es todo lo que necesitas. Seguirá siendo la única dependencia fuerte.
    Para optimizar el rendimiento, desmarca los ajustes de raza/género, desactiva las estadísticas de Teletransporte y las estadísticas de los NPCs en la página 2 del MCM de SexLab y desmarca la función Depuración en la última página del MCM de SexLab. Además, instala Crash Fixes.
    Opcional pero altamente recomendado:   
    Fuz Ro D-oh - te da suficiente tiempo para leer los diálogos NPC-NPC
    SexLab Defeat – probado a fondo con SexLab Kidnapped Redux, con él:
    El jugador y sus seguidores son violados si esquiva la emboscada pero pierde el combate posterior. El salvador es violado si él/ella fracasa (verifica los ajustes de Defeat' NPC-NPC) El jugador y sus seguidores vuelven a ser violados si intentan defenderse bajo el mando de un enemigo con el que pierden. El jugador y sus seguidores son violados si son derrotados durante la misión de rescate. Puedes vengarte de tus secuestradores, aparte de matarlos..  
    Integraciones opcionales
    More Nasty Critters: Habilita 12 tipos adicionales de captores  criaturas en SexLab Kidnapped Redux.
    Devious Devices (Assets e Integration – no te olvides de hacer la construcción por lotes en Bodyslide): se ponen piezas aleatorias de Devious Devices en las víctimas como rehenes.
    Simple Slavery (y a su vez, muchos mods de esclavitud): resultado potencial después del agotamiento, oportunidad establecida en el MCM.
    SexLab Eager NPCs: Cualquiera que hayas rescatado se convertirá en tu amante y estará disponible para el sexo.
    Bethesda Creador de Skyrim
    Loverslab Por el espacio y el aporte a la comunidad Modder
    vinfamy Autor del MOD Original



  14. Sexlab Horrible Harassment Expansion LE/SE

    Horrible Harassment Expansion

    Before description, I want to deliver my thanks to Guffel for giving me permission to edit his mod.
    Animation Preview gifs Link
       The mod was written with a female player character in mind. Skyrim is meant to be a dangerous place lack of public sercurity service especially at night. There are always malicious criminals all across the world. Skyrim is no different. Ill-minded people are always seeking and picking chances to get adavantage of poor neighbours and their target might be you. Watch out your steps when you run into one of them or they will try to get to you.
    Difference from the Original Version:
    The original mod 'Horrible Harassment by Guffel' was one of the must-have mod in my Skyrim life.
    As you already know Skyrim's AI is terribly made so that you cannot be felt like you're a part of it.
    It's time to stop that fake immersion!!
    Guffel had a point! A very straight point that it is ridiculous there are no thugs blocking PC to have some fun of her.
    You can meet thousands of dreadful, criminal bandits out there but in a town? Ha! isn't it so lame and peaceful?
    It looks like this didn't make any sense to Guffel, neither did it to me.
    So I am here to make Skyrim more dangerous!
    So what does it do? What is the difference from the previous one?
    Well... I loved Guffel's work. I really did. But I gotta say there were some people who were not that fond of get raped by.. some mysterious paralyze spell thinges...
    Just a farmer, who has been making up their livings, got a damn fool prophecy to rape her and suddenly enlightened enough to learn a magical power to neutralize her, make things easy to do the task. Boom!! Not any more!!
    You are the heroine!! You're powerful enough to escape that situation without killing the innocent? suspect.
    So this is it!
    Main features
    - When a raper tries to take advantage of PC, he is not gonna use spell anymore but try to hug PC and strip her, which is enough to immerse you into Real SKyrim!
    [Due to a scale issue, there can be misalignment.]
    - Animations added for improving immersion. I made them by myself. I hope you like them.
    - PC can resist and escape. Of course you can decide to 'do nothing' or 'resist', it's your call. You can adjust escape chance on MCM at any time. PC has to be autonomous and make their own fate.
    - You must designate your clothes as skimpy armors on 'Sexlab Aroused' otherwise except for Orcs, potential criminals will not do their duties. If you don't like registering your clothes, then you can turn off this function on MCM.
    - After escaping, bad people will scream and run away from you.(Actually I didn't mean to make it happen but.. I think I like it.)
    - You have to bump into potential criminals first. It's a huge difference in interacting to NPCs but I thought it made more sense to me.(It means if you don't want to get raped you'd better walk and get out of their way.)
    - Women can become criminals now. You can set this option on MCM.
    Mods that use SLHH

    SL Approach Redux
    SL Drunk Redux
    Future Ideas.
    IDK... I just want this mod as simple as it meant to be.
     - SexLab Framework
     - Sexlab Aroused Extended -
     - Silent Voice - Fus-Roh-Du(h)
     - FNIS
    - powerofthree's Papyrus Extender LE 
    - Baka Motion Data Pack 
    - SexLab Framework SE
    - Sexlab Aroused 28b Modified Version by Bakafactory SE Version 
    Sexlab Aroused Redux SSE BakaFactory Edited Version
    - Silent Voice - Fus-Roh-Du(h) SE Version
    - FNIS
    - powerofthree's Papyrus Extender SE 
    - Baka Motion Data Pack 
    Recommended mods
    Any mods that will add a bunch of misc npcs.
    [ex) Populated NPC mod series]
    Since vanilla npcs have their own lines and there will be always possibilities other mods edit their npc data, which block this mod's lines.
    How to install
    Is this necessary?
    Just drop the files into your data folder.
    How to Upgrade  
    Just replace the old one with a new one.
    Mod Compatibility
    Not that I know of... Yes, it's compatible with almost any mods you have.
    For Modders Note
    you can activate the harrasment trigger immediately by using this function.
    1) Normal Event
    Function SLHHActivate(Actor pTarget, Actor pTargetFriend = None);  Basically you don't need pTargetFriend. pTarget will become a criminal,  who will try to rape you.

        Keyword SLHHScriptEventKeyword = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x0000C510, "SexLabHorribleHarassment.esp") as Keyword
        SLHHScriptEventKeyword.SendStoryEvent(None, pTarget, pTargetFriend)

    2) Choke Event ; ;There is no further event when you choose No sex option. You need to register animation(Babo_DeathStart) and trigger your own event if necessary.
    Function SLHHChokeActivate(Actor pTarget, Actor pTargetFriend = None);When escape fail -> 0 = Sex 1 = NoSex, only knockout animation

    Keyword SLHHScriptEventBCKeyword = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x0233C6, "SexLabHorribleHarassment.esp") as Keyword
    SLHHScriptEventKeyword.SendStoryEvent(None, pTarget, pTargetFriend, Sex, 0)
    3) Drunk Event ;There is no further event when you choose No sex option. You need to register animation(Babo_Drunk_SBD_A01Loop) and trigger your own event if necessary.
    Function SLHHDrunkActivate(Actor pTarget, Actor pTargetFriend = None, int Sex);When escape fail -> 0 = Sex 1 = NoSex, only knockout animation
    Keyword SLHHScriptEventBCKeyword = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x02495B, "SexLabHorribleHarassment.esp") as Keyword
    SLHHScriptEventBCKeyword.SendStoryEvent(None, pTarget, pTargetFriend, Sex, 0)
    Known Issues(Compatibility Issues)
    - Sexist Guard may be partly incompatible with the mod. It's just my assumption but there might be a certain limit to the number of string lines. As Sexist Guard has a lot of lines of dialogue, it may block SLHH's ActorCollidewithActors dialogue indirectly.
      Animation Preview gifs Link



  15. Ammo Unequip on Sexlab Animations

    Automatic Ammo Unequip on Sexlab Animations
    This is just a very light weight little script that checks if any of the actors involved in a Sexlab sex scene has arrows or bolts equipped.
    If they do, it unequips them.
    That's about it.
    The idea for the script code is 90% stolen from the source code of a seemingly dead mod named Cupid - Arrow Be Gone.
    So what's the difference to Auto Unequip Ammo, you ask?
    Well, first it does work for me which that mod never did. And it works on all actors involved in a Sexlab sex scene, not just on the player character and followers.
    It's not customizable either which is a plus in my book because this is supposed to be a very simple feature.
    And before I forget to mention it:
    What this mod doesn't do is check for arrows or bolts added by anything else than the main game and its two DLCs (not counting Hearthfire).
    I needed to put all known ammo items in a formlist for this to work so if someone is using a mod that adds new arrows or bolts then it won't work with those.
    But that's easy to fix, and if you don't know how just ask me and I'll make you a custom version of that formlist.
    Here's a quick how to in case you want to do that yourself instead (which would be great of course ).
    I'll add all custom esp files that get uploaded in the mod topic to that post too so you can find them easier.
    PROXiCiDE for that Cupid source code
    Ashal for the Sexlab API
    Andy14 for convincing me that this is easy to do, because he uploaded another very short script with the same purpose (which I didn't use in the end though)



  16. SL Drunk (MCM + NPC asks for sex)

    Update 22 Nov 19: All my mods for Skyrim, Skyrim SE and Fallout 4 are up for adoptions. All their source code is included in the download packages and can be used in whatever way any other modders see fit - no need to ask me for permission. I have retired from Bethesda games' modding to focus on my own indie game project LifePlay (check it out here, it's an life simulation RPG on Unreal Engine. It's also moddable and open-source, and completely free.).
    MCM options to disable drunk visual effect, stumbling animation, change timeout between approaches and set forced chance. NPC will now approach asking for sex directly.
    Drink to make friends and get laid. Drink too quickly and get wild or get taken advantage of.
    Suitable for characters of all gender orientations. Dominant or submissive.
    Click "Follow this file" above to keep up-to-date with the latest releases.
    To begin the fun, just use any alcoholic item. Or choose the “Have a drink on me” dialogue with a drink in your inventory. As long as alcohol is in your system, NPCs will also approach you to share a drink with them. Any location would work, both the best are taverns (obviously!), Jorrvaskr, guardhouses, etc
    Chatting with NPCs over a drink has a chance (depending on your Speech skill) to improve your relationship, which in turns allows you to take certain items from the NPC’s home, receive gifts and advance towards the Thane’s quests. You can even drink your way to a potential follower’s allegiance/ a potential spouse’s heart.
    Pick Up Girls/ Boys Or Be Picked Up
    You can be cheeky and ask for sex while sharing a drink with a NPC. Chance of success depends on your existing relationship, the NPC’s morality and how drunk he/ she is.
    NPCs will now also approach you asking for sex directly
    Get Drunk
    Drinking too much in quick succession, either from your inventory or through a NPC’s invitation, will result in you getting drunk. The alcohol’s value will determine its strength. Your vision will blur; your movement will be affected, and:
    While in conversation with NPCs, you will always act flirty and no longer behave properly. Male NPCs might take advantage of you. You might violate nearby female NPCs
    To move while stumbling, you may need to ‘jump forward’ first (Space + W).
    Easiest way to get out of your drunkenness is to sleep for a few hours.

    SexLab Framework – that’s it! This will remain the only hard dependency.
    With Mod Organizer or extract content into Data folder.
    I recommend NOT upgrading from version to version, but if you do, then at least use Save Cleaner .
    Possible Future Content
    Various blackout scenarios “The Hangover”-style quests for the morning after NPC vs NPC/ group sex / orgy Drugs/ spiked drinks Optional integration into SexLab Kidnapped and its wide range of scenarios, which include optional bestiality and devious stuffs Optional picking of drunk and sleep animations from FunnyBiz Other optional integration: SlaveTats, SkoomaWhore, etc The great suggestions from this thread YOUR suggestions, please comment below. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions so far, please do keep them coming by replying below.
    Spanish by Gothuska



  17. SL Kidnapped Redux

    Update 22 Nov 19: All my mods for Skyrim, Skyrim SE and Fallout 4 are up for adoptions. All their source code is included in the download packages and can be used in whatever way any other modders see fit - no need to ask me for permission. I have retired from Bethesda games' modding to focus on my own indie game project LifePlay (check it out here, it's an life simulation RPG on Unreal Engine. It's also moddable and open-source, and completely free.).
    Get ambushed and kidnapped by humans or creatures with your followers, spouse or friends. Then either get forced to watch or violated yourself until perversion. A friend may try to save you. Escape or take revenge. Or take on a rescue mission to save a violated damsel (or Nazeem) in distress.
    Suitable for all player characters: straight female, straight male, lesbian, futa, gay or bisexual.
    Click on "Follow this file" above to keep up-to-date with the latest releases.
    Ambushed by certain factions or creatures – avoid getting hit for five seconds (run, baby, run!) to dodge the ambush or be taken hostage Unlimited number of kidnap scenarios based on current location, able to take advantage of even modded content in your game. Massive orgies of up to 20 aggressors and 1 to 4 victims Much expanded Rescue Mission quest, with optional Voyeur’s Invisibility spell Spectator behaviour with cheering, laughing, clapping and derogatory comments Perversion and exhaustion mechanic Revenge on your kidnappers by killing them right there, or escape/ get dumped and come back, negotiate (via Thieves Guild) or work with the Companions to hunt them down. 150+ lines of dialogues thanks to contributions by Karma199696, Vauria, sophiextime and others. Contribute yours here. 84 MCM options to customize to your liking. Inventory stealing obeys SexLab’s no-strip settings Mod events for mod authors to easily integrate with SLKR. Optimized for best performance. High compatibility as no vanilla records were changed.
    SexLab Framework – that’s all you need. It will remain the only hard dependency

    To optimize performance, untick Race/Gender Adjustments, Disable Teleport and Seed NPC stats in SexLab's MCM page 2 and untick Debug in SexLab's MCM last page. Also, install Crash Fixes.
    Optional But Highly Recommended
    Fuz Ro D-oh - gives you enough time to read the NPC-NPC dialogues
    SexLab Defeat – tested thoroughly with SLKR, with it:
    PC and followers get violated if you dodge the ambush but then lose the subsequent fight. Rescuer gets violated if he/she fails (check Defeat’ NPC-NPC settings) PC and followers get violated again if you try to fight back under hostage but lose. PC and followers get violated if defeated during the rescue mission. You can get other type of revenge on your kidnappers apart from just killing them.
    Optional Integrations
    More Nasty Critters: enable 12 additional creature kidnapper types in SLKR.
    Devious Devices (Assets and Integration – don’t’ forget to batch-build in Bodyslide): random DD pieces are put on victims under hostage.
    Simple Slavery (and in turn, many slavery mods): potential outcome after exhaustion, chance set in the MCM.
    SexLab Eager NPCs: Anyone you rescued will become your lover and become available for sex.

    Translations (might not be the latest versions)
    Spanish (by Gothuska)
    Chinese (by sexhaizai)
    From 4.1 onwards, German and Spanish translations have been incorporated into the installation wizard. Special thanks to CGi for the German translation and for implementing SKSE translation with SLKR.



  18. Sexlab_Achievement

    I've downloaded many files from this site, so I think it's time to make my own contributions.
    #1 What's this mod?
    Besides watching the animations, I find it lack motivations for players to sex around in Skyrim. This plugin is, as the name suggests, an achievement system built on SexlabFramework. Now players have a handful of lovers list to finish, and after compeletion players will get permanent buffs and powerful spells. There's also memories to add some flavors.
    Basicly the procedure goes like this. First you open the MCM and see this:
    After some fun
    Now you can see the statistic goes up and memory unlocked.
    I spent quite some time photoshopping the pictues, so I think I should post one here.
    #2 Requirement and notices
    Reuqirement: SexlabFramework 1.60+
    Compatibility: shoud work fine with all mods.
    1. This mod doesn't need creatures-related mod as requirement, but if you don't have you can't get all the achievements. I use More Nasty Critters by dentarr, but any should work as long as it uses the SexlabFramework.
    2. In some rare cases you may find the statistic didn't go up. This is not a bug and has something to do with the algorithm working behind the scene. To put it simple it's because of the creature's race. If this happens just give up this creature and find another. If you want to know why see more information in the Design section.
    3. This mod is meant for a female character. If you play a male one you should skip it because the descriptions will be awkward and statistics will not work properly.
    #3 Design
    For those who wants to know what's working behind the scene or whether this mod is reliable, see this demonstration.
    This is the core code of this mod, simple and elegant. Of course it's pseudo-code and there're some implementation details to handle.
    The reason why this algorithm can work lies in the well-defined datastructures. You can notice that for each specific i, RaceID/Statistics/NameList all denote the same logical object, so we can use while to do traverse and dump 85 * if-elseif. (There're 85 strings altogether in the datastructures).
    But there's a price to pay. In order to make the algorithm work properly, the logical order among all three data structures should be maintained, or else it'll jumble up. But the problem is, in Skyrim system one creature may have many races, for example the spider has FrostbiteSpiderRace/FrostbiteSpiderRaceLarge/FrostbiteSpiderRaceGiant. I handled all these races so there's no problem for spider, but I didn't handle ALL conditions. For example SkeletonNecroRace is left out.
    Why didn't you handle for races? Because multiple races means I need to handle these differently, and it hurts the algorithm. I made sure to include all common races, so only in rare cases you may encounter this problem.
    I hope you can enjoy this mod!



  19. Pet Collar Comments

    Pet Collar Comments
    As there have been no reports of issues where the mod is not working, conflicts, or other Bethesda/Skyrim stupidity this mod is no longer in Beta. I am considering this manifestation as a 'stand alone that works as intended'. Extensions, expansions and addons to this mod will be handled on upcoming separate or individual mod pages. For those of you following the mod, sorry for the multiple updates. For whatever reason LL will not register font and color changes without redoing the whole fucking page...every time I change something.
    What does this do?
    If you have the Pet Collar equipped NPCs will comment on your being collared. The comments aren’t degrading for the most part. Mainly, NPCs simply wonder out loud why you’re wearing a collar, but depending on the voice type and Factions involved they might be a little blunt, but nothing they say will be out of character for that particular voice type.
    What does the mod change or add?
    It doesn’t ‘change’ anything and no vanilla quests or NPCs were altered to make this work. There are two new world interaction commenting quests with new globals. The mod does not rely on vanilla quests or scripts. You can install or remove the mod at leisure and it won’t break anything...in theory anyway.
    Any NPC with a shared voice type or unrestricted dialogue can make a collar comment. The soldiers at the Civil War camps will also comment, with the very remote chance of your character being used. You’re wearing a slut collar and you’re standing in the middle of a military camp. What did you think would happen?
    How does this work? (The Details)
    If an NPC has a voice type or Faction that allows them to comment on your character being naked or wearing College robes they will also comment about the Pet Collar. The comments will appear as Hello statements or when you activate an NPC who has the lines available.
    The commenting quests have an internal timer set to one game hour. Once an NPC comments on you being collared the quest stops and no other NPCs will be able to comment until the timer runs out. Once that happens the comments start again. Rinse/Repeat.
    The collar comments to not interfere with the vanilla world interaction quests in any way. An NPC might comment about you being collared and also comment about you being naked or wearing College robes.
    This mod does NOT change guard dialogues or those of enemy factions like bandits or necromancers. Both Defeat and Submit have dialogue for enemy factions and fucking with the guard dialogues is just asking for trouble. If it doesn’t need to be changed or if changing it breaks something...then don’t change it if you don’t have to.
    Load Order
    No matter where you have Pet Collar stacked, this mod needs to be after it. Otherwise it won't work or your game will crash on load.
    Future Plans
    I’m treating Pet Collar as a framework, not a stand alone mod. Pet Collar Comments is simply the ground work for me to integrate that framework into the game world the way I want it to be.
    Next on the agenda is Faction specific comments and some interaction between the NPCs and the player. For instance, if you’re wearing a pet collar maybe Vex from the Thieve’s Guild will make you lick her boots. Or maybe Phinis at the College has his lecherous eye on you. We’ll see.
    Eventually I will integrate Followers with additional dialogue where you can be their submissive little toy.
    Yurik, Ashal, the DD team, etc.
    Permissions and What-Not
    Nothing I make goes to Nexus. Period.



  20. Sexlab Vanilla Edits

    This is (for now) a small mod that expands upon Sexlab Sollutions(by multiple authors), it adds some interaction with vailla stuff and expands upon that to make the game more 'interactive'. Please note that this is my first mod, if you really want no modders at all to exist, please complain about everything you can complain about.
    Skyrim(could be useful)
    For now it adds only 3 interactions with the vanilla world, will be more over time by updates though.
    You should find them yourself, don't want to spoil everything.
    You really want to know what this includes?

    For modders:
    Please give me hints and other feedback since I am not a script expert in any way and this is my first mod.
    Use your favorite mod manager(i recommend Mod Organizer) to install this mod, shouldn't be complicated at all.
    This mod isn't really compatible with manually installation as it would overwrite the default scripts and result in missing scripts by uninstallation.
    Just click remove mod in your mod manager.
    Known Issues:
    - None for know
    ~~There is always something to do when opening a mod tool~~
    ~~ So expect updates when I find some other idea's~~
    Feel free to give any idea's on other stuff to implement.
    Thanks To:
    CPU, for giving hints and other ways of support through PM.
    The authors of the required mods for making this all possible.
    Anyone who gives idea's and support me.
    Anyone missing on this list by accident.



  21. The Naked Dragon - Brothels of Skyrim

    Russian Translation by Aequus

    This mod adds 4 brothels to the various provinces of Skyrim
    **04/06/2016 - NEW VERSION 1.15 - see changelog for more details.
    **If you are updating from v1.14, uninstall v1.14 completely and then install v1.15 on a new save game**
    If you would like to help out and translate, please let me know.
    I originally started this mod because I could not find any brothel mods that didn't require some more script heavy or outdated mods. I like to keep it light so I can still add some extra encounter mods
    My goal was to make a some-what lore friendly Brothel where one could go and hook up, chill out, and maybe see some eye candy here and there to keep things interesting. I based this mod on a patch that was made by todotodonexus for MannyGt's 'Prostitutes of skyrim'. This means that instead of there being a blackout once services are bought, the sexlab framework will kick in.
    I would like to take this space now to thank MannyGT for his original mod. Without that, none of this would be possible, so, dont forget to endorse his mod. Also, thank you todotodonexus for the patch. Last but not least, Ashal, thank you for Sexlab.
    Now for what I've changed and added.
    Prostitutes are no longer found in inns or the wilderness (except for 1 lonely desperate dark elf & a beggar in windhelm - felt like it was ok to keep, seemed to fit the lore ). I have made 3 brothels in the near vicinities of: Whiterun, Riften & Markarth (check pics for map) and moved some of the prostitutes from the orginal mod into them. I have also slightly modified their faces and given them a touch of make-up for a fresher look. In addition to this, I have also added 15 new prostitutes to fill up the brothels more and added 7 new Skyrim citizens, who have since taken a liking to the new brothels and as such, have now become regulars
    *This mod no longer requires MannyGT's Prostitutes of Skyrim, HOWEVER, please take a moment to go and endorse MannyGT's mod. The link is below.
    - Prostitutes of Skyrim by MannyGT - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37031/?
    - Latest version of Skyrim
    - Sexlab Framework by Ashal
    - Animation pack (eg/ Zaz Animation pack)
    - CBBE - I've added some custom outfits. If you want to use a different body mod you will have to change the outfits.
    - Any nude male body skin. I use 'Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - Nudes FavoredSoulMeshes Erect Version'
    - ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii - Only need ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_5 - You do NOT need the Main file.
    Links for requirements

    -Install Instructions-
    1) Install Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-
    2) Install a Male body mod of your choice - (I use Better males - Nudes - FavoredSoulMeshes ErectVersion)
    2) Install ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_5
    3) Install Sexlab Framework
    4) Install an animation pack of your choice eg/ Zaz Animation Pack
    5) Install this mod
    (!!Make sure you unpack the 2 parts into a SINGLE zip or rar file before installing!!)
    (!!Dont forget to register animations with FNIS & in game with sexlab!!)
    How it works:
    Go to a brothel. Pick a hooker. Pay them. They will lead you to a room with a bed. You know the rest.
    Bethesda for Skyrim
    Prostitutes of Skyrim by MannyGT
    todotodonexus for the patch
    Sexlab Framework By Ashal
    todotodonexus - for the patch to hook into sexlab
    Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- by Ousnius and Caliente
    R18pn Lingerie Set for CBBE
    Craftable Panties Bras and Stockings for CBBEv3M by goTha
    ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
    Tlaffoon's Rugs and Tapestries
    Modder's Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67
    Insanity's Rugs, Tapestries, Folded Blankets & Pillows
    Jokerine Blank Signs Assets
    Image for Naked Dragon taken from: http://36.media.tumblr.com/19e5ca19a2432fe0560adc9e0eae8550/tumblr_mtsxyxFxDn1sh7y2do3_1280.jpg
    Russian Translation of Main Page by Aequus
    Chinese Translation by lvcvcbc
    Extra Mods Used for Photos:
    Skyrim HD LITE - 2K Textures by NebuLa from AHBmods
    aMidianBorn Book of Silence by CaBaL- EmeraldReign-the AMB team
    Ultimate HD Fire Effects by BuzzDee84
    Climates Of Tamriel by JJC71
    Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM by Brumbek
    Project Parallax Remastered by Osmodius
    Detailed Rugs by raiserfx
    Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- by Ousnius and Caliente
    SKY Female Textures by Skyla
    Seductive Lips HD by EcthelionOtW
    Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles by Chris57 and FavoredSoul
    Brows by Hvergelmir
    Natural Eyes by nevenbridge
    Rustic Textures: Potions & Poisons, Silverware, Nordic Murals, Peltapalooza By Gamwich
    Unique Booze Bottles HD by XRC
    True Wolves Of Skyrim by KrittaKitty and ShimoOkami
    Killer Keos Skimpy CBBE V2-V3 Armor Replacer by Killer Keo
    Beards by Hvergelmir
    Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin by Preeum
    Pure Waters by Laast
    Boris Vorontsov ENB
    Project ENB by Bronze316
    IMAGINATOR - Visual Control Device for Skyrim by MyGoodEye and Gopher - with help from Vivanto and Deapri
    A Quality World Map and Solstheim Map - With Roads by IcePenguin
    Big thank you to ALL in the credits. Without your kindness, this mod would not be possible so thank you. If I missed anyone, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, if for any reason you are unhappy with me using your mod assets, again, please do not hesitate to contact me. As said earlier in the description, I simply made this mod as a personal project and since I could not find something similar anywhere, I thought I would upload it to share incase anyone else wanted something similar.

    For Testing

    Known Issues v1.15




  22. Feet Lovers - SLAL anims + idles + cum textures + SAM feet replacer

    Here's some fun for the (bisexual) feet lovers. In the download section, you will find :
    These are my first animations ever, so don't expect something perfect.
    There are only 3 for the moment, but I'll add some in the future (a three and foursome are on the way)
    massage & footjob
    mutual footjob
    Lesbian domination footfuck
    FFF Triangle
    MFFF feet orgy
    Requires : Sexlab Animation Loader
    Cum textures
    This adds cum on soles and toes to be consistant with my anims.
    Requires : Sexlab 1.61b +
    Idles replacer
    Replaces some vanilla NPC idles with something a bit more foot-centric.
    SAM Feet meshes and textures replacer
    Replaces Shape of Atlas for Men's feet with better looking (in my opinion) and with more vertices.

    New version can be downloaded from the SAM forum

    Requires : SAM, obviously
    How to install ?
    Unpack the mods in your game folder or use your mod manager.
    For the animations, don't forget to run FNIS for the users and to register the animations through SLAL MCM menu.
    Have fun, more to come soon...



  23. RavenBeakPrisonAddon(Follower Support)(Updated December 21, 2015)

    RavenBeakPrisonAddon version .2
    This mod adds follower support for Guffel's RavenBeakPrison Mod. The quest is started through dialog with any prisoner in ravenbeakprison
    (must turn on the dialog option in the MCM first). The mod will shut itself down when you are released/escaped.
    I have included an option in the MCM for version .2 to summon your follower into the prison with you. The follower must be selected in the MCM first
    before going to prison. Then once your in prison use the summon button to summon them.
    -Adjust the time in game hours for when the follower is approached(Every 1-12 hours)
    -Follower is limited like the player to only being abused between 9am-10:00pm
    -3-way support for follower (25% chance)
    -Should support most custom followers(assuming you can get them in the prison)
    -Possible 3-way between player/follower/prisoner at random when giving
    permission for prisoners to take your follower.
    -Multiple dialog options between the prisoner and follower.
    -Increased bully level(+30) when giving your follower to prisoners.
    -Decreased Bully level(-90) when telling prisoners your follower is off limits.
    -MCM option to reset the quest for the RavenBeakPrison mod(I added this for myself as
    it had stopped working on me a few times before altering that mod)
    -MCM options for this mod a Slider,dialog toggle, reset quest,uninstall
    -MCM option to summon a selected follower to current location (To get followers in the prison with you)
    -Went through a lot of effort to keep from interfering with player options from
    Guffel's mod and there should never be a conflict with his mod.
    Sexlab and all requirments by ashal
    RavenBeakPrisonMod by Guffel
    This mod must be placed below the prison esp. from Guffel's mod.
    Other Notes:
    I don't see any reason why because this mod does not alter the intention of Guffel's mod in anyway but if Guffel wants me
    to remove this mod for any reason I will and no asking for another upload I will not do it if he wants this mod pulled.
    If Guffel does add follower support to his mod I will be removing this one.
    I made this mod because I love Guffel's mod so much but I hated the fact that my follower just follows me around and mines here and there
    The Ravenbeak prison Mod is such a brilliant idea for a prison mod thanks again Guffel for sharing it with us.
    Change Log:
    Version .2 December 21, 2015
    -Added an MCM option to summon selected follower (to fix problem with followers not going to jail with you)
    Version .1 December 20, 2015
    -Initial release
    Ashal for the framework
    Guffel For his fantastic prison mod
    Fore for FNIS without it no animations would be possible.
    LoversLab for giving me a place to dick around when I'm not busy.



  24. SexLab Raven Beak Prison

    Raven Beak Prison
    A way to roleplay in prison
    I don't have the time anymore to take care of this mod. I know RBS was never really finished, but if any modder wants to pick it up and continue development, feel free to contact me.

    I wrote this mod just for myself and not until later I decided to upload it. Therefore it come with no MCM, adjustable settings or ways for customisation. Afterwards it thought it had become a nice piece of work and that maybe someone else might also have fun with it. When you try this mod you will notice some "unused potential", rough transitions or other flaws. That's because I noticed I was losing motivation half-way through and started tp cut corners on purpose so I'd at least finish something. Maybe I'll develop this mod later on, but not anytime soon, I've real life incoming and then there is FO4 which I want to attend to
    A word to Prison Overhaul: I like PO and had a lot of fun with it, it's a very good mod. But it doesn't offer a lot of roleplay choices or freedom. So I made my own interpretation of a prison overhaul (with blackjack and hookers ).

    Raven Beak Prison:
    This is the prison where the mod takes place. The vanilla prisons will be circumvented and ignored. The background I thought of was that there is an old fort on top of forgotten iron veins beyond Skyrims southern border. A group of shady people had the idea, similar to the Silverbloods in Markarth, to let prisoners do the mining and sell the ore. Now they buy prisoners from all over Skyrim and put them to work. The hold don't have to deal with their scum anymore and get the full bounty. The inmates get very high sentence, which gets reduced by the ore they dig up. Every piece of ore buys one day. Therefore it's in the prisoners own intent to mine as much ore possible. But since the guards are less more than bandits with a sense for business they don't really care for what the prisoners are doing. If they mine or not, have a fight or shady deals, the guards don't really care.
    When you have a bounty over 1000 gold and go to jail you'll be sent to Raven Beak Prison. If you go to jail with a lower bounty you trigger the vanilla jail. When your bounty is below 1000 gold you can offer the guard sex to get free. (I thought that is a good way to bribe a guard, but once you're a too high profile criminal the guard can't cover it up anymore, or can't reconcile helping you with his conscience or morals, or a fuck isn't just good enough for you just killing a couple of his long year friends and colleagues.) You can pay any bounty are an orc stronghold with sex too. No prison here. You get a sentence of one day per 10 gold of bounty, making it a minimum of 100 days. For every piece of ore mined and delivered to a guard you loose one day. Don't worry, the ore veins have a respawn time from 1 to 5 hours in game. So 100 ore are easily mined on a day. You can demand ore and other things from the other inmates. Other inmates can demand something from you every hour. You can team up with and fellow inmate to escape. Trade things with one of the Khajiit (not the grey one, the red-ish, brown one).  
    The bully system:
    When you come into the prison you start with a bully level of 50. Each hour between, 9 am and 10 pm, there is a percent chance that a prisoner will approach you, making it a 50% chance by default. They eigher want to steal your things or demand sex. An exception is when you are naked, you will be approached every hour and the demand is always sex. You can try to intimidate your opponent, submit, fight him or try to persuade him to escape with you.
    When you submit your bully level decrases by 10 points, making it 10% more likely to be approached next hour again.
    When loosing the intimidation you get -5 bully level, or gain +5 when winning. When choosing to fight you have to fight the other one with no rules. You need to get your opponent below 20% health or kill him to win. A win brings +10 points bully level. Respectively you loose the fight and 10 points bully level when your health drops below 20%. If sex was demanded it will result in an aggressive sex animation. Sex in general has a 50% chance to turn into a threesome.
    When you demand stuff from another inmates you also gain and loose bully level like above. 10 in a fight and 5 in an intimidation.
    The intimidation and persuation becomes easier or harder depending on your bully level:
    1 - 30: Hard
    31 - 80: Average
    81-99: Easy
    Your bully levels minium is 1 (you get approached every hour) and the max is 99 ( a 1% chance always remains).
    There is no way to see your bully level at this time so you eigher ignor it or need to keep track in your head.
    SexLab Framework
    Fus-Ro-Do(h) - Silent Voice
    Prison Overhaul
    any mod that alters prisons or the guard dialouge most likely.

    Use Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer
    drop the extracted archieve into you Skyrim\Data folder
    I haven't tested the mod with followers. (I just forgot). They might be teleported in with you, so I recomment to release them and hope they go away, but you can also try to play with them, it should also work out most of the time^^
    Try not to wait. It won't break the game, but waiting messes with the rountine of the other prisoners. That will look a bit strange, but nothing more. If you need to wait, do it in one hour increments and see if you're approached. Sleeping at night is ok, the best wake up time would be 6 am or at least before 7 am.
    The prison is not directly connected to Skrim, you get teleported in and out. Did I mention the unused potential? So you can't escape on your own. You either need to get your sentence to 0 days and be released in the morning. Or you use the escape quest. When you escape your stuff will be lost.
    When you are arrested you still need to pay your bounty from the gold in your inventory and you're searched for stolen items. If you don't have enough gold you will loose all you have on you.
    Ashal for SexLab Framework



  25. SkoomaWhore 1.0 patch

    SexLab Skooma Whore 1.0
    adds ability for other mods to add custom drugs to be used during rape
    fixes player drugging by non humans
    fixes drugs/addiction effects applied to player when they should not (ex: NPC drinks skooma and PC get drugged)
    For Modders:



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