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Lovers with PK mods that are not finished yet, but wish to be made public for testing purposes

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  1. LoversJoystick Strapon Addon

    This is a WIP (Dibella knows if and when it will be completed). With so many bodies available is not easy to cover the entire set. This should be a good start, though. I've been randomly working at it for months before deciding to release the first version. I don't guarantee it's perfect; on the contrary, I welcome any suggestions or help aimed at improving it. I might also take requests if you want a specific body that is currently missing added to the collection.
    - LAPF
    - Setbody Reloaded
    - LoversJoystick plugin
    - LoversSpermSplashEx
    - LoversHideMenus
    Simply replaces the futa meshes present in LoversJoystick's Data folder (hermaphrodites) with analogue female lowerbodies with strapon. Recommended for people who lack imagination, like me. Just kidding... I have nothing against the default assets, but it's always good to have an alternative choice.
    Bodies included so far:
    - HGEC M,L,LL and Original
    - DMRA Original
    Additional resources:
    - DMRA GUTS Classic and SE
    these must be added through a custom menu in Setbody.ini,
    and are located in the CUST(om)\LowerBody subfolder.
    As such they don't need a backup.
    Just extract the main archive (LJ Strapon Addon vx.x.7z) in your data folder and you're set.
    Included in the dowload section is a quick-restore archive with a backup of the replaced meshes. It's not necessary, but useful in case you want to restore the original futanari females (it's something I do myself from time to time).
    I understand this mod is not for everyone. As always, it's all a matter of personal taste. You need to have futanari enabled for this to work. This is the only thing that is really required.
    In Lovers with PK.ini, set xLoversPkrIni.Futa to 1
    To increase realism and immersion, however, you can also follow these tips:
    1. If you use a rape/combat sex mod, you may want to reverse roles in animations when offender is female. In LoversRapers ini file, for instance, this is controlled by the following line:
    set xLoversRaperSQuest.femaleReverse to 1
    2. LoversSpermSplashEx is another mod that can come in handy, as you can disable the sperm effect for females.
    3. Hiding the dialogues with LoversHideMenus also makes sense, to prevent mismatching between the dialogues and the animation currently playing (although the menus reappear as soon as you open/close the console, or switch to menumode).
    That's all, I hope you enjoy this little nothing I created in my spare time.
    Addition of new bodies. Probably a better model for the strapon mesh, with better rigging (in some animations there's a good amount of clipping). Optional textures, perhaps. I'm open to suggestions.
    The creators of HGEC and the countless bodies available for Oblivion
    movomo ----> for SetBody Reloaded and LoversJoystick plugin (among other things).
    fejeena ----> for the strapon meshes used as base material.
    Vaelorian ----> for providing me assistance and valuable hints when requested. I appreciate the patience.
    LoverLab people ----> You know why, don't be silly.
    < NEW>
    I've decided to upload future small updates as attachment in the support page, rather than reuploading the main file. Remember, this is definitely a WIP and I'm all but satisfied with the results at the moment. My tecniques are improving slowly but the final version I have in mind will be definitely different from these "prototypes".



  2. D_ManXX2 Lovers with pk animation/ replacers W.I.P

    This is where i will adding new animations / replacers for oblivion / lovers with pk system.
    Right now this is just a prove concept you need to manually edit the numbers and corresponding ini file to be able to use them in game. When i get the next pack it will already include there own numbers and ini files for easier installations.
    The current pending is still the animation pack needs to be sorted according to the animation types, right now they all have the same 02 replacer tag for me to quickly test them in game. eventually they will be sorted into correct catagory like doggy style, missionary, cow girl etc..



  3. Lovers MB2

    Version 4.01 is from movomo (I'm only the uploader).
    This time I will include a LoversMB2.ini file with
    sAllowFutanari set to 1
    sPCFutanari set to 1
    by default (it makes sense, since you're interested in the new feature).
    Modification of the LoversMB2 plugin that will allow female player characters to grow a penis and masturbate like dudes. Since the futa option was already present in LAPF, I felt that the MB2 plugin had a gap in it. While female NPCs had support for male animations, I found it rather strange that no one had thought of making it possible also for the player.
    If you're concerned about losing your current settings, do not extract the ini folder in you data folder, simply add the new variable sPCFutanari in your old LoversMB2.ini and set it to whatever you like.
    I count on you guys and gals for playtesting and reporting errors. I am particularly interested in the undressing behavior: futanari should now unequip the lower part of their equipment like male, but that part of the code is a bit confusing and I could have make a mistake. Works fine with my undressing table, yours may reveal some inconsistency.
    Use the H key to advance stage if you want to speed up the testing work.
    1. Just untick your old LoversMB2.esp in your Mod Manager, load the game, ignoring the warning.
    2. Save the game.
    3. Overwrite the esp and/or ini file, re-enable the esp, restore the load order.
    4. ...have fun!
    I'm eager to introduce support for Setbody/LoversJoystick in Rev 4.1, but that will require some time.
    Please, be patient, my workflow is slow (but flows).
    May you walk on warm sands!



  4. Lovers Satisfaction Extender

    [Mod Name]
    Lovers Satisfaction Extender
    [Contact Me]
    [Date Released]
    [Download Site]
    Expands on the Lovemaking skill introduced in Lovers Satisfaction, by providing trainers, skill books, spells and potions that boost this skill.
    [Details on mod]
    Adds a fortify Lovemaking ability to the Lover birthsign.
    Changes the image used for the Lover birthsign.
    Adds a fortify Lovemaking ability to the Lover doomstone.
    [Change Log]
    0.1 preliminary version
    0.2 added spells & items
    [Known issues and bugs]
    [Tools Used]
    Construction Set
    Construction Set Extender
    [Manual Installation]
    Copy the files into Oblivion\Data
    Place LoversSatisfactionExtender.esp below LoversSatisfaction.esp in Load Order
    [Manual Uninstallation]
    Deactivate and remove LoversSatisfactionExtender.esp
    Remove replacement icons from Oblivion\Data\Textures\Menus, Oblivion\Data\Textures\Menus50 and Oblivion\Data\Textures\Menus80
    [FOMM Installation]
    [FOMM Uninstallation]
    [OMM Installatiion]
    [OMM Uninstallation]
    [sMM Installation]
    [sMM Uninstallation]
    [Future Updates]
    Make it more user-configerable
    Make items work properly
    Try and see if there is any way to use Custom skills as class skills.
    Add master trainer & quest
    [Mods Required]
    LAPF with all requirements
    Lovers MB2 (needed for Lovers Satisfaction)
    Lovers Satisfaction
    [Recomended Mods]
    [Frequently asked Questions]
    Readme Generated with DarkSaber2328's Readme Generator



  5. [WIP] [LST] Conquer Towns

    Take cities by reducing the inhabitants to slavery.



  6. Lovers Satisfaction

    Lovers Satisfaction ver 0.5 alpha
    by Shmendrick, the magician
    If you are using 0.1a, please read updating instructions!
    This mod attempts to replace both Lovers wit PK extender, or at least some of it's main features, and Lovers Aphrodisia. I was never pleased by the way PK extender managed the sex minigame, by encouraging you to outlast your lover. This system may be adequate if you are playing a male, so you don't want to cum before your female partner. But what if you are playing female? Magically your lover becomes multiorgasmic (I know it is possible, it is just very rare... and exahusting), and if you cum before him, he will get mad and insult you. This is just wrong. So Lovers Satisfaction is here to amend this and to integrate other elements to the sex minigame.
    Please notice that this mod is not finished. This version is for testing, many things can change in future versions and it will surely have bugs.
    LAPF, the latest the better.
    Any mod to trigger sex, like Adult Play Plus
    HUD status bars

    Add LoversSatisfaction.esp to your Oblivion\Data folder, and activate it in your load order. It must be below Lovers with Pk.esp, but a definitive place is yet to be tested and discovered.
    Add the contents of "ADD TO - Hud Status Bars.ini" to your "Oblivion\Data\ini\Hud status bars.ini" and adjust it to your config:
    Disable automatic stage advance in LAPF settings.
    From 0.2a and later versions:
    Just overwrite LoversSatisfaction.esp and you are good to go.
    From 0.1a:
    1. Overwrite LoversSatisfaction.esp.
    2. Open your "Oblivion\Data\Ini\Hud Status Bars.ini", and replace all Lovers Satisfaction section with the new one provided.
    + If you dont want to lose your hud bar customization, just replace every "xLoversSTFNQuest" with "xLoversSatQuest" and you are good to go.
    3. Mod will update automaticaly, but unfortunately there was a bug in 0.1a that prevented player skill level to be recorded in the savegame, so most likely your skill will be reset to 5. Of course you can cheat about this, just google for skill advancement cheats.
    You will be given a blue bar representing your sexual desire. When desire is too high, you will progresively lose some presonality and intellligence, and become weaker to diseases and magic. When satisfied, you'll get a small bonus on your personality and fatigue.
    When having sex with an NPC, two more bars will appear representing arousal for of each character, when the bar is full, the character will cum. When female actor finishes, her arousal decreases to 1/3 of her bar, one point is scored and the game goes on; when male finishes, one point is scored and the game is over.
    For every point scored, experience points are earned, and sexual desire is diminished. Skill increases like any other skill, starting at level 5 and up to level 100. Leveling model was copied from Alteration school of magic.
    Female characters will arouse slowly at the begining, and faster at higher levels, while males will do the oposite. Also, level and preferences are randomized for every NPC the first time you have sex with it, so each actor will arouse faster in certain positions. You'll have to figure it out.
    You can use 'F' key to switch to other animation group, the number of changes you can make in a session depends on your current Lovemaking skill level.
    Future additions
    More robust preference system
    More robust support for MB2

    Please report any issue in the support thread. Also, please make suggestions: what would you like to see in this mod? how would you improve the leveling system? what kind of bounses and maluses should be added? etc.
    Do not reupload this mod in any other site, this is a LoversLab exclusive release.
    You can use any part of this code in your own mod, just give credit.



  7. XLovers Daedra Seed (XLDS) 1.1.31 - 2014-07-25

    XLovers Daedra seed
    version 1.1.31 - updated on 2014-07-25
    The Daedra have found yet another way to invade, by planting their seed in their victims and spawning more Daedra.
    I will be slowly adding features, fixing bugs and expanding the quest. If you run into an issue, it would be helpful to get a log file generated with ConScribe to help troubleshoot the problem. Also have debug messages turned on if possible in the admin menu. Thanks!
    Enhanced Messages Feature
    Requirements and mod compatibility
    Change Log



  8. LoversAchievements

    Lovers Achievements
    Version 0.4
    Re-worked the scripts based on the AddActorValue documentation - now each Achievment has its own event handler script
    Added a separate 'Ejaculations received' achievement
    Version 0.3
    Re-done script based on WappyOne's suggestion, removed hours since last fuck
    Version 0.2
    Cleaned up script a bit, added hours since last fuck
    Version 0.1
    Initial Version
    This very simple mod adds some information from the sex diary to the Accomplishments page of the Stats menu.
    See the included screenshot for an example.
    OBSE (at least v20 I think, built using v21)
    Lovers with PK.esm
    Lovers with PK.esp
    OBSE Plugins required
    AddActorValues.dll see here: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/33248/?
    The included AddActorValues_example.esp is not necessary for this mod.
    Put LoversAchievments.esp in /Oblivion/Data/
    It should be after Lovers with PK.esp in your load order.
    If updating to 0.4 from 0.2 or 0.3 please make a clean save to remove spurious Actor Value
    To Do
    See if there is any way to show favourite lover and time since last orgasm
    need to find out how to count female orgasms.
    Thanks to JRoush for making the AddActorValues plugin.
    Thanks to WappyOne for help on the script.



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