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Frameworks and resources of various types related to Sexout

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  1. SexoutNG - Stable Release '97

    CORE: 2.10.97 -- 23-December-2016
    DATA: 2.10.97 -- 23-December-2016
    BODIES: 1.1.1 -- 25-July-2015
    MIRROR - SexoutNG.torrent - All files also available via bit torrent. May be faster, and saves loverslab bandwidth. You need a bit torrent client, such as qBitTorrent.
    Sexout code is hosted here on the GitLab. Please use the Issues link to report confirmed bugs in Sexout, or to ask for features!
    The sexout BETA can be found here, if there is one. Note that to use the beta, you must still have SexoutNG Core and SexoutNG Data installed.
    Fallout New Vegas. Should be obvious, but a few people have tried to use it with Fallout 3 (works with TTW). NVSE 5.0b2 or later; This is now the stable version. NX 16 or later (NVSE Extender) SexoutNG - CORE and DATA. SexoutNG - Bodies OR Nude male and/or female bodies manually installed, see spoiler below.

    Since '94, a compatible skeleton (AJ's BodyMorph) is included with 'Core'. Astymma's compatability or Deede's The Skeleton will also work if you prefer.

    Known issues


    FAQ / Troubleshooting - Read this before posting support questions
    First, please read the requirements section above carefully.
    The game doesn't even start, it freezes before main menu!
    ==> Usually corrupted plugin. Disable all plugins except Sexout. If it works, sexout is innocent. If not, validate your install via STEAM, and try downloading sexout again.
    The game starts, but sex doesn't work!
    ==> Did you install NVSE? Press '~' to open the console in game, and type GetNVSEVersion. If it does not return a number you did not install it correctly. Check the instructions for it and try again.
    ====> GetNVSEVersion works! ....but I also get this annoying message box appearing every time I start game!
    ======> Maybe try reading it . You have not installed the requirements correctly. Sexout requires NVSE 5.0 or later, and NX 16 or later. It will not work without them. See above for links.
    ~~~> But I installed NVSE and NX!
    =====> No. You didn't. There are no exceptions. If you think you did, you installed them wrong, check their own respective instructions and try again.
    ==> ...Okay, NVSE and NX installed. Uhhh, how do I actually start sex?
    ====> Sexout is just a framework for other mods to use. It does nothing on its own. Try installing some sexout mods.
    ==> ...I have sexout mods, but the actors just stand still inside each other! (maybe with sounds)
    ====> Usually a conflicting mod that adds idle animations in an inconsiderate way. Disable all mods except sexout. If it works, enable them one by one to figure out which is guilty. More info:

    ==> I definitely definitely definitely disabled all mods except FalloutNV.esm and Sexout.esm, and actors still stand inside each other but no animations!
    ====> Did you install 'SexoutNG - DATA'? Because, that's where the animations are.
    ======> Yes, with NMM!
    ========> Use FOMM. NMM has known issues with Fallout New Vegas mods in general.
    Animations work, except...
    ==> Infinity tits!
    ====> You do not have a compatible skeleton installed correctly. See requirements section
    ==> Infinity dicks!
    ====> You do not have a compatible skeleton installed correctly, or you do not have a compatible male body suit installed. See requirements / Bodies section above.
    ==> Invisible male bodies / big red boxes‽‽
    ====> You do not have meshes for one or both of the sexout body suits installed. Either install "SexoutNG - Bodies" or manually add them- see the spoiler in the requirements section above for more information.
    More Useful Posts:
    How to GET HELP!! Help us help you. RitualClarity's tutorial on animation trouble BruceWaynes installation guide Another Sexout FAQ


    - Want to make your own sexout mod? (or modify an existing one). First stop is the API guide. See also: Tips and Tricks.
    - See the Gitlab project for more info on sexout status, or if you want to contribute.
    - API documentation is a WIP, if you can't find/understand something, please post here on loverslab.
    Sexout is free. Free as in BSD license free, except even freer. This work is public domain. Do whatever the hell you want to do with it. You can even upload it to some other site and claim to be the creator, but that's bad karma, and when it comes back 'round you'll regret the decision.
    Release History




  2. Sexout Common Resources (SCR)

    Welcome to Sexout Common Resources
    The aim of this produce an ESM that holds all the common assets used by SexoutNG Plugins like NPC's, Drugs, Creatures & Clothing, Weapons etc so that other plugons can refer to them without needing to have each other as masters. It doesn't include meshes or textures themselves, merely point to them. it will have minimal scripting, only scripts required by the objects and plugins it contains. The DataPack provided is only some of my additions and minimum requirements of SCR itself. SCR Includes support for all DLC and TTW but does not require them.
    SCR adds some Perks, but they don't necessarilily add any effects, they are mainly flags for other Plugins to know the players preferences in dialogue.
    To explain in detail how it works, there are 2-3 parts to most outfits, the first is the Item ID which contains all the Armor ratings, weight, value, etc of an outfit and also where to get the mesh model and textures from, that is what I have copied from the original mods into SCR. The other parts are the model mesh and optionally textures for which the original download is needed, because I don't have permission to add other peoples work to the SCR download and it would be too big. Doing it this way gives users the option to not install Ghost suits etc. The Item ID itself uses next to no space in SCR compared to meshes & textures, but having outfits in there means that outfit can be incuded in formlist groups of SCR, this means a plugin can just check if the player is wearing something in the "Heavy Armor" group formlist and then change their dialogue or sex options based on that. Optionally people can also add their custom outfits to those lists too.
    it contains a percentage of Lore unfriendly assets but they should be only added to the game world by plugin modules calling them, mostly SexoutStore.
    Before you install Sexout use the Steam Backup function and backup your game as there's a good chance new users will completely screw their game on the first attempt of installing Sexout because they didn't read something properly and install things they shouldn't. If you aren't using Steam then you'll find Sexout won't work for you anyway so give up here or buy the game.
    SCR adds some Sex related Perks but their effects are up to the Plugins referencing them
    Dominant, Submissive.
    Brood Mother & Bitch in heat are added but only activated by Pregnancy.
    SCR Integrated Plugins:
    Drugs: SexoutDrugging is now a separate plugin for SCR. The MCM menu is still in SCR to avoid adding another MCM Menu for one slider.
    Please use the Support Topic Button on the right for more information, support & beta versions. You will also need to download the clothing packs listed in the 2nd Post if you want to use those outfits in Plugins or SexoutStore, there are also some assets in there that are no longer available for download so no links for them, I cannot remove them without breaking them for people who do have them.
    Download SexoutCommonResources ESP <date>.zip, SexoutCommonResources-Data.zip and SexoutCommonResources-Data.z01
    If installing Sexout Common Resources through a mod manager:
    Unpack SexoutCommonResources-Data.zip somewhere locally (it will also unpack SexoutCommonResources-Data.z01) and rezip it into 1 zip
    Install both your zipped file and the SexoutCommonResources ESP <date>.zip
    If installing Sexout Common Resources manually:
    Unpack SexoutCommonResources-Data.zip (it will also unpack SexoutCommonResources-Data.z01) and SexoutCommonResources ESP <date>.zip to <Fallout Game Directory>\data
    After you are done, follow the guide below, written by RitualClarity
    RitualClarity has written a great installation guide in the link below for installing SCR.
    I have no problems with anyone translating this to FO3 or other Languages, just give me credit and link back to LoversLab
    Russian Translation: http://gamesource.ru/index.php?s=&showtopic=2618&view=findpost&p=51428
    FalloutNV (Non-Pirated Steam Version)
    NVSE Latest beta
    NX_Extender Latest version
    SexoutNG Stable Release
    And NV Compatibility Skeleton
    You will need MCM to change any settings
    Other Supported Assets:
    Assets used in SCR mods you may need to install if you are getting diamonds and invisible bodies and other stuff not showing, there are also some assets in there that are no longer available for download so no links for them, I cannot remove them without breaking them for people who do have them:
     For most of these clothing mods as noted you can remove or deactivate the original esp if you are using Pregnancy or Sexout Store, you only need to install the meshes, textures & sounds etc. Those that are FO3 downloads definitely need the esp removed or they will crash the game.
    Also remember when you update this it may change itself in your load order, use the following Load order or it will crash your game:
    The ingame version is in YYYYMMDD.x format, eg 20120122.2 = 2012-01-22 Version2.
    When reporting issues please state what version of SCR you are using. If you can please post in font size 14, it's a lot easier for me to read too
    Translations are cool, just don't claim my stuff is yours.
    No uploading elsewhere than LoverLab.
    No Kiddie Porn usage, I don't want to be involved in any crap that hits the fan. I DO NOT support any use of my mods for kiddie porn or adult sexual situations like child pregnancy.
    If I disappear or am inactive on Lovers Lab for over 3 months, others are free to take over my mods, don't claim its yours unless you do a reasonable amount of upgrading, then just thank me in the credits
    Basically I don't have FONV installed anymore and the time to continue work on this other than the occasional bugfix if enough information is given. If anyone wants to submit updates or overhaul it and use any of my code or assets for the enjoyment of the community go for it, just keep free and on LoversLab and give me some credit
    Link to Download OP: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/33-scr-sexout-common-resources/



  3. Sexout Bondage Keys

    This is a file containing a series of hotkeys to access Sexout bondage animations. Most of these are ZAZ animations.
    Aim your crosshairs at an NPC and press either the P, O, I, H, or B keys to begin one of the following animations.
    P = Pillory animations
    O = Whip animations
    I = Toy animations
    H = Cross animation
    B = Box animations
    Using the cross animation on an NPC will lasts 1 minute and will cause 100 limb damage to both legs for this mod.
    ZAZ for the animations
    XanderVirtus and RitualClarity as this mod is based on Sexout KissKey and Sexout Sexkey



  4. SCR Body Control

    This makes the options in SCR actually work to change the players body.
    With this mod install when you change body type in SCR MCM your cloths and body will change to that body type.
    Can be used with or with-out SexoutPregnancy and/Or Maternity Pack Overkill
    It uses JIP NVSE to change the displayed .nif dynamically.
    I have been playing around trying my own spin on FNV Lovers Lab stuff.
    And I was looking into SexoutPregnancy and Maternity Pack Overkill and strait up its a mess.
    The most annoying point. The body swap effect only happens when you are peg-o. I pick BnB and nothing happens. Then I get peg-o and suddenly the body jumps.
    Now don't get me wrong, I made FEM and that had 36 body's in it and I know its HARD to do the data input. The way FNV is meant to be made is just to much arce to sit through for any man. Little own doing 4 body's with 7 pregnant versions.
    But we are not in the stone age GECK wise...
    This approach is works with moded gear with no need for a patch, you just need to copy the mesh's to the right place, look at the files and follow you noise.
    This mod is only runs on the player ATM.
    No English is not my first language and its 5'am when I post as ever...



  5. Sexout Framework Assortment

    Sexout Framework Assortment 20-1-2022
    What is this?
    Where SMMP (Super Mega Maternity Pack) was a collection of mods that I manage and some resources, SOFA is much more. It not only contains SMMP, but also contains Sexout NG, NVSE Extender, Smallertalk and Sexout Spunk. (below list of mods, Links, credit and versions below)
    Requires: (Current versions)
    Fallout New Vegas (DUH!)
    NVSE (Currently 5.1 beta 2)
    Mod(s) to use the framework.
    Right click on desired folder
    Select Download as Zip
    Use your favorite mod manager to install.
    You'll need CORE. From the Optional section you need a MPO ScriptAddon that fits your installed mods/DLC.
    * If you have TaleOfTwoWastelands 3+ version, get the MPO ScriptAddon AllDLC and Maternity Pack Overkill TTW32addon.esp. The MPO ScriptAddon TTW was written for TTW 2.9 and causes issues with the newer version of TTW.
    The rest of the plugins and documents from the Optional section are optional and come from SexoutNG/SexoutCommonResources. In those download pages you can see what they do.
    I claim no ownership or control over these files, they are presented to the members of Lovers Lab as a convenience for quick access, nothing more. Anything distributed in this download is owned by the original creators and is not to be taken and used. If there are assets you desire, please check with the original threads and authors for permissions. If an author finds that their materials is included in error, please contact me to remove those. I will attempt to remove them ASAP.
    NVSE Extender (original) by Prideslayer, Version 19 by garlicred and Jaam
    Smaller talk 1.2.6 by astymma
    SexoutNG '97 2.10.97 by Odessa, Prideslayer and Astymma
    SexoutCommonResources 2021-6-23 by Halstrom, Ritual Clarity and DBorg2
    Sexout Spunk 1.01.08 (20190112) by DoctaSax
    Sexout New Vegas Pregnancy 20210623.1 by Halstrom and Dborg2
    Maternity Pack Overkill +addons 2.8  by Pepertje and Dborg2
    Note: From this list I got approval to add a lot of mods, but not all of them.
    I did include these mods:
    -Spectrums Toy Pack 20131009 by RitualClarity
    -Sexout Clothing system-Combat Armor Only by Evilrunner
    -Nordlands Mesh & Texture pack for the Fertility Drugs 20120206 by Nordland
    -GSB's BDSM Files 20130227   by Halstrom/GSBmodders
    -Sexout Tryout (Data pack only) 07.17.2017 by Loogie
    -Maternity Clothes 2021.07.18.1 by RitualClarity
    -Julia Chang Set 2011-12-28 by GSBmodders
    -Extravagant Half Masks FNV by t3589
    - Refugee Outfits for Type 3 26-11-2010 by exeter
    - Vegas Chokers 2.0 by adriant1978
    - The Dragon Girl Dress for Type 3 version 3 by Jonas66, Hentai, Dimon99 and Neckros
    - Raider Chains Armor T6M - T6BB - TN - BerryK2 1.2 by nagothm

    The remaining Nexusmods have links in the tutorial made by RitualClarity.
    With his approval I've highlighted the remaining steps
    1: Somewhere on your PC, create a "SCR Resources" folder.
    2: Manually download T6M CH Raider Armor by Izumiko. Open the archive in Winrar or 7zip. Go to the data folder and drag the meshes and textures folders to "SCR Resources" folder.
    3: Manually download Mantis Zero Suit Samus and More - Type 3 for NV by Primantis. Open the archive and drag the textures, meshes and sound folders to "SCR Resources" folder. Click Yes for overwrites
    4: Manually download Reflex Armor S-07 for TYPE 3 a Mantis Retexture by static07 and Primantis. Open the archive and move the textures and meshes folders to "SCR Resources" folder. Click overwrite if promtped
    5: Manually download Bunny Suit for Dimonized Type3 by Backsteppo. Open the archive and move the textures and meshes folders to "SCR Resources" folder. Click Yes for overwrites
    6: Manually download Ghost Armor Conversion FNV Revamp by Ken1945 - Bunsaki – Rikai. Open the archive and move the textures, meshes and sounds folders to "SCR Resources" folder. Click Yes for overwrites
    7: Bouncing Breasts Type 3 Armors by revang. Manually download Pack 1, Pack 2 and BB Sexy Sleepwear. Open the 3 archives and copy the meshes and textures folders of each archive to "SCR Resources" folder. Click Yes for overwrites
    8: Manually download Ghost Variants by Brokencrash. Open the archive and move the textures, meshes and sounds folders to "SCR Resources" folder. Click Yes for overwrites
    9: Manually download T6M Competition Swimsuit NV by Shimaneko. Open the archive and move the textures, meshes and sounds folders to "SCR Resources" folder. Click Yes for overwrites
    10: (Optional) If you still happen to have A Collection of Sexy Attire by Shadowtroop. Open the archive and move the textures, meshes and sounds folders to "SCR Resources" folder. Click Yes for overwrites. This mod is no longer available on the internet.
    11: Verify that the "SCR Resources" folder contains 3 folders, Meshes, Sound, Textures and nothing else (NO ESP files!!). Zip, RAR or 7ZIP the "SCR Resources" folder and load it as a mod in your preferred mod manager. Make sure to install/load it BEFORE Sexout Framework Assortment and if prompted have Sexout Framework Assortment overwrite the SCR Resources.
    Credits to this section of the guide go to RitualClarity, Halstrom, DoctaSax and BruceWayne.



  6. YLustDrugsRocknRoll - Configurable lust and stress overhaul

    This mod will let you customize a lot of aspects that are included in SexoutSpunk, but are not configurable by default. It also includes several new features as well, as provides an optional integration of Wasteland Stress mod with Sexout.
    Also includes a small patch for Wasteland Stress mod.
    2. CURRENT VERSION: 06.05.2020
    Expands spunk drugs system: splits drugs into several groups with customizable effects Allows customization of lust generation effects of SleepEz, LustOh Provides minimum lust effect of aphrodysiac Allows customization of combat's effect on lust generation Adds customizable sneaking effect on lust generation Increases lust generation effects of Horndog, Nymphomaniac and Frigid perks to more noticable values (5% -> 75%, 5% -> 75%, 5% -> 20%) Adds an optional Sex addiction mechanic using the Horndog, Nymphomaniac and Frigid perks: configurable chances of raising Horndog or Nymphomaniac perks by 1 rank (or lowering Frigid perk by 1 rank) on orgasm chance of lowering Horndog or Nymphomaniac perks by 1 rank or raising Frigid perk by 1 rank when abstaining from sex with high Lust for a period of time chance of lowering sex addiction is governed by this formula: (Lust - 50) * 2 * DaysPassedSinceLastCheck / DaysToLoseAddiction Provides integration of Sexout and SexoutSpunk with Wasteland Stress: Configurable Lust effect on stress generation Configurable effect of orgasms on stress Configurable effect of frustration (effects of sex that ended close to orgasm) on stress Configurable effect of rape trauma on stress Slight change to Lust level actor effects, so that they reduce the Charisma level by lower amount. Compensated by speech and barter reduction. I did this because I want to use Charisma as an attractiveness measure in my future work. Also, added a slight difference between male and female effects (a sexually frustrated man is much less attractive than a sexually frustrated woman) Optional patch for Wasteland Stress mod changing stress level actor effects, so that they reduce the Charisma level by lower amount. Compensated by speech and barter reduction. Also, added a slight difference between male and female effects.  
    Sexout SexoutSCR SexoutSpunk  
    Soft dependencies:
    Wasteland Stress  
    Let me know if you find any bugs or have ideas how to make it better.



  7. Sexout Sound Replacer - Voicepack

    This is just a simple voicepack I put together for Sexout Sound Replacer that should replace Voice C. It will not work without it.
    The main reason I'm uploading it is so I don't lose it when my laptop inevitably gives up the ghost.



  8. SexoutCommonResources 4.1 - GERMAN

    German Translation
    Orginal Mod:
    Weitere Übersetzungen findest du über mein Profil
    z.B. SexLab Defeat
    Link: http://www.loverslab...dd4fca2e705d25
    Weitere deutsche Übersetzungen findest du hier:
    @Schöne Grüße an Svorge



  9. Maternity Clothes

    By request I am uploading this into a new thread. I am not the owner of this and do not claim any ownership of the attached files. Any desires to use all or parts of the files of this mod needs to be brought to the attention of a moderator or admin as I cannot authorize any such use of the files.I have no way of contacting the original author(s) for proper permissions. However any corrections and or fixes or advancements of this mod is accepted.
    This thread only covers the actual assets of the mod not the issues that might occur in combination with SCR or Sexout. For those issues please post on their support thread for quicker response.
    Original Thread is here
    Previous Thread for Maternity Clothes by Soap desu is here
    Fallout New Vegas
    NVSE Extender
    Sexout Common Resources
    Sexout Pregnancy v3
    Sexout Spunk
    Some Sexout mod to have sex
    Optional but advised:
    7 zip
    For those not familiar with this mod it is a requirement for Sexout Pregnancy. The supported clothing should be swapped out when the pregnancy stages progress. Note being "supported" not all armors are supported for pregnancy and not all supported armors have full support. That is will swap through the entire pregnancy.
    If you are new to Sexout there are some tutorials for Sexout setup as well as a tutorial for setup for SCR Resources.
    Credit: (In no particular order)
    Halstrom for his Halstrom Data from SCR
    dborg2 for work on the Slave Rags mesh
    Evil Runner.
    User 29
    Dimon99 for the Type 3 Body
    Exeter for his Type 3 armor meshes
    Loogie for his meshes from Sexout Tryout
    Erthilo,& redhorizon 09 for the Mantis Zero Suit
    LORD DARIUS13 for the female power armor meshes
    Backsteppo & Crayne for the Bunny Suit
    brokencrash for the Ghost Armor Variants
    Ken1945 for the creation of the original mod for Oblivion
    Bunsaki for porting and adding his own resources pack to FO3
    Corehound for creating the bikini meshes for F03
    Dimon99 for Type 3 body
    Kendo 2 for porting Type 3 to FNV
    Sensen for texturing the Sectre Clean Suit
    Alecu for the HGEC Elegance Dress
    All attempts are taken to give credit to anyone that has had a hand in the creation or advancement of this mod. If you have created, added or helped advance this mod please let me know so I can add you to the proper credits.
    7 zip was used to compress these for upload. Your results may vary if you use WinRar or other programs. If you have any problems with extractions using other programs besides 7zip please download the free program and try it before reporting there are errors or issues with extraction.
    Photo credits
    Evil Runner. Found on his original thread's page.



  10. SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    For the most recent STABLE RELEASE of SexoutNG download, see here.
    The file(s) attached to this download, if any, are BETA versions and are NOT REQUIRED DOWNLOADS.
    You DO still need AT LEAST CORE AND DATA from the main thread INSTALLED before you install any beta version! Let the beta overwrite whatever it wants to.
    Features available in the beta: See download page change log.
    Features done, but not in the current download:
    Features planned for this cycle
    Known Issues
    Planned Features
    - Default animation start position to player if present, rather than always Actor B (like '93, but without alignment issues)
    - Animation chaining (so you can put B in a pillory and have multiple A/Cs bone them in a row without B leaving)
    - Improve ZAZ random picker, so you can just give it a prop refsurface and no number and it will choose something appropriate.
    - Investigate adding some facial animations for old anims that don't have any.
    - Animation sequences, like Sexlab
    - Allow for female nude bodysuits, and player specific only nude bodysuits
    Optional Files
    Bodysuits - ROBERTS (June 9 2015) - (Breeze now included in SexoutNG - Bodies 1.1.0)
    If you install 'SexoutNG - Bodies 1.1.0+' you do not need these. If you prefer to manually install your own Roberts male body, install these files.
    - Breeze (include in Bodies BSA): New weighted erect Breeze's mesh by AJ, and an Amra-aligned non-replacer mesh by Kendo2. Also includes some mesh fixes by Imperfection
    - Roberts: Amra's Roberts body, duplicated for both.
    USE ONLY THE ONE APPROPRIATE FOR YOUR GAME (Breeze is sexout default)
    Sexout Anim Management v6 (February 21 2016) (Now bundled with Sexout Core)
    Updated version of Tomm434's plugin, allows MCM customization of the sexout random picker.
    Sexout Positioning V2.5 (January 31 2016) (Now bundled with Sexout Core)

    Sexout-Amra.esp - Now merged into Sexout.esm




  11. Slaver's life - Slavery framework - Final beta for v1.0 -

    Slavery framework (for enslaving, not being enslaved)
    See the thread for more



  12. Sexout EZ (Modders Resource)

    Adds a new call method for sexout animations.
    call SexoutEZ Actors:array Description:string
    That's it. I think this UDF is powerful enough to replace 90% of all sexout calls in all existing mods, and be more reliable. You don't even need Sexout as a master, just buildref the function.
    Actors: a list of all the actors you want involved
    Description: a string describing what kind of act you want. It sort of speaks English.
    The order of terms in each isn't important. Nor are the terms. Pass it whatever garbage you want and it will sort through it and start the closest act possible matching your request. It error checks everything and will degrade gracefully.
    Want to start conversation, give a token or cast a spell after sex? just stick them in the actors list and it'll figure it out. If sex isn't possible for some reason, it will still do the token/spell.
    >>> call SexoutEZ (Ar_List TheKingREF, SunnyREF, MyToken), "long clothed cunnilingus"
    The King remains clothed and performs cunnilingus on naked Sunny for twice the default duration. At sexend, MyToken is given to Sunny.
    - It chooses the King as ActorB, because its cunnilingus. He keeps his clothes on but Sunny doesn't because that makes most sense.
    - If one of the actors was invalid, the other would masturbate clothed for double duration, then get the token, while a warning is printed to console
    - If both the actors are invalid, no animation plays and an error prints to console, but- the player gets given the (presumably scripted) token, hopefully preserving your plans.
    >>> call SexoutEZ (Ar_List SunnyREF, TheKingREF), "quick doggy style anal rape"
    Makes The King rape Sunny Smiles anally using a random doggy style animation, and duration is half the normal.
    - It chooses the King as Actor A because Sunny is female and its doggystyle, it makes him the raper because thats what makes sense for it.
    - If 1 of those actors is invalid for sexout, a warning will print to console, and the other will masturbate for half standard duration; the other parts of description would be ignored because they don't make sense for masturbation anims.
    >>> call SexoutEZ (Ar_List PlayerREF), "Will you please crucify me, Odessa?"
    - Crucifies the player if ZAZ is loaded, else masturbates. Technically it just sees 'cruci' and ignores the rest, but you may speak to it in English if it pleases you.
    More examples
    Actor Array List:
    Actors: You can provide as many as you want, it will choose the first 3 valid ones (or first 2 if one is a creature). ActorA/B/C default to your specified order, if I can't see anything more appropriate for your description.
    Spells: You can include 1 spell, it is cast on ActorA at sexend (CBSpellA), or cast on the player immediately if no sexout act is valid.
    Tokens: You can include 1 Misc item, it is given to ActorA at sexend (CBItemA), or given to the player immediately if no sexout act is valid.
    Dialogue: You can include 1 dialogue line, it is spoken to the player by ActorA (or B if A==Player) at sexend (CBDialogA/B). If no sex act with an NPC is valid, then it will not be spoken, but will print an error message.
    If you provide more than 1 Spell/Token/Dialogue then only the last one is used, and a warning is printed. If you provide anything other than an Actor reference, spell, misc item or dialogue, it will skip it and print a warning.
    There are a lot of possible terms you can include to describe your animation, the order does not matter. It will always start a 'sane' act, and so terms may be ignored if they don't make sense. The case of strings doesn't matter. Recognized terms:
    Orifices: 'Anal', 'Oral', 'Vaginal'
    Durations: 'quick' (50% default), 'long' (200% default)
    General: 'clothed' : actor leaves clothes on if appropriate, 'rape' (the contextually appropriate actor is the raper, eg the Cowgirl/queener or ActorA.)
    Limit max number of actors: '1P' (maximum 1 actor), '2P' (maximum 2 actors). Otherwise, it will use 3 if at least 3 are valid.
    Styles - if none of these are specified, it uses the default sexout random picker, otherwise it uses my specialized random picker to choose an animation, and ensures all other sexout actor settings are appropriate.
    'Doggy Style', 'Cow Girl', 'Missionary', '69', 'fellatio', 'irrumatio', 'cunnilingus', 'queen', 'grind' (female rubs on clothed partner), 'rough', 'acrobatic', 'whip', 'post', 'pillory', 'boxed bitch', 'crucify'
    If you specify a ZAZ anim and ZAZ is not loaded, it will ignore that term. Most style terms are only relevant to 2-person anims.
    An empty description : "" is valid, it will just use sexout defaults.
    To use SexoutEZ, just copy/paste this script (must be type: object script) into your plugin:
    Or, do your own buildref. Or if you prefer, just copy my actual scripts into your own plugin (although that means you'll need maintain updates yourself), consider all mod assets to be free to use/copy/modify/share/etc for any purpose.
    Requires Sexout '84 or later.



  13. Sexout Sexkey

    What is this mod?
    This is a very simple mod. Get someone or something in your cross-hairs... press X... have sex. Works with everything supported by Sexout.
    What happens?
    Sex occurs between the player (yourself) and the NPC or creature in the cross-hairs and requires support through Sexout. There is no support to make two NPC's have sex with each other. There is also no support for selecting the sex act that will happen. It is random.
    Why use it?
    It isn't dependent on SCR or anything else except Sexout and Sexout's required files. . If there are animation issues with a Sexout Supported Character this mod can be used to test to see if any animation occurs. Also sometimes you might just have an ... itch .. that you need to scratch... . I am sure you get my meaning
    Any issues?
    There is only one key that is used for sex. Hence the name Sexkey. This key is "X". Any mod that uses the same key can and will likely conflict with this mod. Project Nevada is one example. The stealth key is "X". Hopefully you can change the mapping of that mods key as you can in Project Nevada.
    How to I use it?
    Get some NPC or creature in your crosshairs.
    Press "X" for a little less than a second.
    Sexkey takes over from there.
    What are the requirements?
    A bit of perversion
    Sexout and all it's requirements installed properly.
    Sexout Sexkey.
    That's it.
    What's going to happen in the future?
    I don't know. The mod itself has been tested for a very long time. It was last updated from the original creator Elerneron January 11th 2012. That is a lot of testing. It is solid and reliable in form. Any changes would only extend this reliability provided I can gain the skills to make these changes. There is no intention of adding any ability to select the type of sex you get. For that you can try Sexout Bangatron! It is a work in process and requires SCR. With that mod you can have more control over the selection of the sex that occurs.
    Possible additions is an MCM menu and the ability to map a key to one of your choosing, but until I start fiddling inside the GECK I am not sure what can happen or when it will happen. Until that time you will just have to enjoy your instant sex with a press of a finger...
    As I am not the person that created this mod there is little that I can do with support. Fortunately it is a very simple mod that works pretty reliably. I would appreciate any support questions to be directly related to this mod. Thank You.
    Elerneron for the original creation of this mod.



  14. Type N: Sexout Conversions

    Type N: Sexout Conversions
    I've been getting a lot of chatter related to TypeN and various Sexout related mods. Any TypeN specific conversions I do for Sexout related stuff will be uploaded here. (I'll also provide links if anybody else is doing conversions. Just let me know!) The goal is to get everything in SCR TypeN'd but I'm not sure I'll manage it given time constraints.
    All textures and meshes will be included unless otherwise noted!
    All Downloads Require:
    GSB's BDSM Files (20130227)
    TypeN resources for the Original.
    Not really tested yet!

    Version History
    0.9 - Initial Release
    Tryouts Data Pack
    TypeN resources for the Original by Loogie.
    Not technically a conversion; I redid everything from scratch.

    Version History
    0.9 - Initial Release



  15. SexoutSex - Lite

    This is a "lite" version of SexoutSex. The idea is to provide a basic, lite, barebones version which will work out of the box and does not require Sexout Common Resources. It can be used for new inexperienced users aiming to test whether they've installed SexoutNG and the bodies correctly before proceeding, or by advanced modders for anim testing purposes. Simply install, approach an NPC, and initiate sex via dialogue. Basic requirements apply - see below.
    What This Plugin Does:
    It allows you to have sex with most NPC's via dialogue with minimum fuss and superfluous requirements.
    There are no chances of failure - this is done on purpose as it provides a good way to test new animations.
    If you have Slavery mods installed (Cortex Scrambler, Reactive People - Ultimatum, Slaver's Life, etc) it will identify slaves and allow you to initiate appropriate sexual dialogue with them. This also runs true for prostitutes - soliciting only.
    Misc - allows you to have threesomes, hetero and homosexual sex, in addition to adding a versatile "Follow me" package to the chosen NPC that can be used in conjunction with other mods to take an NPC to a place where you want to have sex, ie a bed. Does *NOT* allow you to use strapons, as these were removed when the SCR dependency was removed also. Threesome anims with three females will instead feature quite a hot three way rubfest.

    What This Plugin Requires To Work:
    - SmallerTalk (To initiate the dialogue)
    - SexoutNG (For the Sex)
    - That you read instructions and follow them. If you don't install the above properly with all their respective requirements, don't expect this to work properly, either.
    Known Bugs:
    - Some NPC's in particular have a peculiar effect on certain dialogue trees (Cass is notorious for this) or their AI packages simply hijack certain topics. Ways to get around this include opening and closing the "Let's trade equipment" screen, and on returning, the new dialogue options should appear. This is not always the case, however. Some NPC's simply won't add the sex dialogue. Others aren't included intentionally - ie, if they are from another Sexout mod and the modder added them to an exclusion list.
    - Threesome's for some reason only work if you toggle the Sexout MCM menu for sexual preferences to both PC and NPC sexual orientation from the default "straight" to "bisexual."
    The Wish List:
    Nothing for this version - as it is a single release for testing purposes only. See the proper "SexoutSex" for more features and updates.

    Bromm83 as the author of the mod.
    jaam for helping with coding and many other issues.
    Dazmaz and Spectrum Warrior, whose images I mashed up together (badly) to make the new SexoutSex logo.
    A string of enthusiastic testers and members who helped hone this over the years.
    The LL community for allowing mods like this to exist and thrive.

    What's New In This Version: (1.0 - 26/12/2013)
    - Removed all dependency on SCR.
    - Removed access to strapon animations.
    - Minor typo & grammar fixes.



  16. SexoutNG Amra72 Animations Resources for modders

    Animations Resources for modders
    For see the animations in game, use amazing plugin of Odessa you can found here [Odessa Plugin link]



  17. Sexout ZAZ


    This mod may contain full nudity, bdsm, fetish, sexual stuff and therefore adult content! Don't download and use this mod if you don't like this sort of theme and/or not allowed to..... IF THAT'S NOT YOUR TASTE, SKIP IT!!!
    prideslayer its all his hard work for coding and making this possible
    GSBModders as always , I Used his Meshes & Textures here and there.
    His Sexbot Mod for NV Will Be awesome
    The Animators Of - Sexout NV Donkey And JohnHead444 ( I needed a Start For the Anims )
    Resources from Andy , I believe is the main reason Collars and Cuffs exist in Bethesda Games
    Loogie - For Using My Animations in His Tryout Plugins , I had good Fun Whilst playin them
    1. Drop the data pack into your steam FONV folder.
    2. Activate the ESM file in FOMM or similar.



  18. [SCR] Spectrums Toy Pack

    I am uploading this copy per request. All works belong to the original creator Spectrum Warrior. Source found here. Files compressed using 7zip.
    For SCR use only!
    has no esp.

    If you have been told you need the full version you can find it here.



  19. SexoutDrugging

    Welcome to Sexout Drugging
    Only compatible with SCR & Pregnancy versions 20131025.1 or later.
    This adds some drugs and management of them for Sexout plugins to use, they were moved from the SCR beta into this plugin. It's not required by Pregnancy but contains drugs that affect Pregnancy. People not using Pregnancy or Lust may still find the SleepEz & NoDoze fun or handy, It currently contains:
    BunX - Needles & Pills, Duration 500 points = 21 days, BunX is a contraceptive drug that reduces the fertility of the actor and their ability to produce Ova.
    FertEz - Needles, Pills, & Dart Ammo, Duration 500 points = 21 days, FertEz increases the fertility of the actor using it, possibly causing extra ova and also speeds up Pregnancy progression.
    BunAway - Needles & Pills, Duration 500 points = 1 day, BunAway is an abortion drug that induces miscarriage.
    LustOh - Needles, Pills, Dart Ammo, Gas Grenades & Mines, Duration 500 points = 5 hours, LustOh increases the actors Lust. LustOh only boosts Charisma if SexoutLust and SexoutSpunk are not loaded.
    SleepEz - Needles, Pills, Dart Ammo, Gas Grenades & Mines), Duration 500 points = 5 hours, SleepEz puts the actor to sleep.
    NoDoze - Needles & Pills), Duration 500 points = 5 hours, NoDoze reduces the actors sleep deprivation and woks as a counter to SleepEz
    Uses SCR's MCM menu for duration settings, Debug Setting is 1
    Adds BunX, FertEz & BunAway only if Pregnancy is loaded
    Ammo currently 10mm, 20ga, 12ga & .44Mag, .308, 5.56 & 50Cal, 25mm & 40mm Gas Grenades. Smaller rounds add less drugs so either need multiple shots or more time to work.
    Recipes for Ammo require Handloader perk & enough drugs in inventory to be visible.
    Recipes for Pills require Medicine 20 to be visible.
    Recipes for Needles require Repair 20 & pills to be visible.
    Uses Prideslayers NX variable system for each actor drugs can be read by any plugin (without needing to make SexoutDrugging a master) using the following with rZActor being the Actor REF:
    scn SexoutDrugS00NXVariablesUsed
    ; *** List of NXVariables used in Drug Scripts
    ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOD:fLustOh" = Drug quantity in system 0-500 for duration clipped 0-100 for effect
    ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOD:fSleepEz" = Drug quantity in system 0-500 for duration clipped 0-100 for effect
    ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOD:fFertEz" = Drug quantity in system 0-500 for duration clipped 0-100 for effect
    ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOD:fBunX" = Drug quantity in system 0-500 for duration clipped 0-100 for effect
    ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOD:fBunAway" = Drug quantity in system 0-500 for duration clipped 0-100 for effect
    ; rZActor.NX_SetEVFl "SOD:fAlcohol" = Alcohol quantity in system 0-500 for duration clipped 0-100 for effect
    ; rZActor.NX_GetEVFl "SOP:fFertCyclePerc" used to check before contaceptive/fertility drug usage
    ; rZActor.NX_GetEVFl "SOP:fCurrPregSize" used to check for bunaway usage
    BunX & FertEz negate each other one for one and so do NoDoze & SleepEz, so doping up on NoDoze adds resistance to SleepEz.
    Adds a perk that enables looting of unconscious Actors. Adds the Drugs & Ammo to some vendor lists. Metal armor & Power Armor is immune to darts. Gas Masks, Power Armour Helmets, Enviromental suits etc make immune to gas.
    Testbox in Doc's bedroom with ammo, needles & pills.
    Probably add Alcohol, Jet & Buffout etc later, as well as Chloroform rags and Needles as weapons.
    I doubt I have the time to do much more with this other than occasional small tweaks & bug fixes, so if anyone wants to expand on this or take it over I have no problems with that it's pretty easy to expand on this
    Requires SexoutStore to purchase Drugs there
    Link to Download OP: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/346-sexoutdrugging-alphabeta-wip/



  20. SexoutPositioning

    Here is a positioning mod for SexoutNG. Current Version: v0.3op (current version is SexoutPositioning-Odessa-Fix.7z)
    If you have any problems with the mod, report them in the Support Topic.
    Current Features:
    When a SexoutNG sex act begins AND the player is involved, Sexout positioning will kick in with a message displayed that it's now active.
    Once positioning is active it will respond to 10 keys as follows (NOTE: these are the keyboard 1-0 keys, not the numkeys on an extended keyboard):
    1 - move selected actor forwards
    2 - move selected actor backwards
    3 - move selected actor left
    4 - move selected actor right
    5 - move selected actor up
    6 - move selected actor down
    7 - change selected actor (starts with B, then A, then C, then B again... will toggle select all actors off if it was toggled on)
    8 - toggle select ALL actors (keys 1-6 will now move all actors if toggled on, select previous selected actor if toggled off)
    9 - reset all actor positions to starting position before any changes were done
    0 - toggle sexout timer on and off
    keys 1-6 take effect as long as the key is held down, keys 7-0 take effect after they have been released

    When the sex act ends, Sexout positioning will shut off.
    Current Issues:
    When the timer is paused, sometimes one or all of the actors will get redressed. (will fix with Prideslayer's input)
    Toggling the timer on and off will not stop Sexout Lust from managing the Sexout timer as it wants to.
    Foot IK is still active so moving actors up and down can be blocked by collision with the ground or the other actors.
    if you're using the Groovatron, you'll need to remap the default key for GroovySettings from 0 to something else.

    Debug messages are currently ON by default (later releases will include a toggle).
    If you get an Abort message, positioning will be turned off for the current act (unrecoverable error).
    Check console messages after an abort and report what happened in the support topic.
    If you get a WTF message, something unexpected happened (some are unrecoverable errors, some not).
    Check console messages after a WTF and report what happened in the support topic.


    Change Log:
    06-14-13 Initial Release.
    06-17-13 Changes Main Spell to correctly ascertain which actor has the data needed in their NX vars.
    07-04-13 Makes console messages more verbose and attempts to start clean each sex act.
    07-04-13 Correction of bug that would have caused sex acts near the player to reset the player.
    07-06-13 Added protection to spells so that if they are dispelled and then execute one more frame of ScriptEffectUpdate, they'll do nothing (no repeat of code).
    07-07-13 Add a timer in SpMonitor to make sure that GetSelf returns an actor before giving up and aborting.
    11-20-14 Uploaded new version containing Odessa and Prideslayer's updates.



  21. Sexout Sound Replacer

    This project aims to improve custom sound options for Sexout.
    Sound/Voice Support (Low/Med/Max):
    Forced Oral Voices = 6/9/12
    Forced Sex Voices = 9/18/36
    Gagged Voices = 6
    Gagged Orgasm Voices = 6
    Oral Voices = 6/9/12
    Orgasm Voices = 6
    Sex Intensity 1 Voices = 9/18/36
    Sex Intensity 2 Voices = 9/18/36
    Sex Intensity 3 Voices = 9/12/24
    Oral SoundFX = 12
    Sex SoundFX = 12
    SexoutNG (latest version).
    SexoutCommonResources (Required for gagged voice support.)
    1. Install the mod and data using FOMM.
    2. Disable SexoutNG sounds in MCM.
    3. Install custom voices and FX by overwriting files in Data>Sound>fx>SOSr (Optional).
    4. Modders can place custom voices in Data>Sound>Voice>SexoutSound.esp><voicetype folder> (See Docs).
    Big thanks to zippy57 for holding my hand through this.
    Also to DoctaSax for input and inspiration.



  22. MaternityClothesFull pack Old version re-upload (HIATUS)

    Please use the new thread that replaces this one:

    By request uploading the old Evil Runners Sexout Maternity Clothing pack into smaller parts, for a total of 2 files.
    His old Thread is here if you want to know more about it:
    Files are good to go Halstorm, let me know if there are any issues.
    Also credit for files should go out to the following people as well as Evil Runner and User29. (Please do not edit / re-upload the files with out the authors consent.)
    User29 for project contributions,
    Dimon99 for the Type3 body,
    Exeter for his type 3 armour meshes,
    Loogie for his meshes from Sexout Tryout,
    Erthilo, redhorizon09 for the mantis zero suit,
    LORD DARIUS13 for the female power armour meshes.
    Backsteppo and Crayne for the Bunny Suit
    Ghost Armour Variants by brokencrash:
    -Ken1945 - creating the original mod for Oblivion
    -Bunsaki - porting & adding his own resource pack to F03
    -Corehound - creating the bikini mesh for F03
    -Dimon99 - creating original type3 mod for F03
    -Kendo 2 - porting Type 3 to FNV
    -SenSen - texturing the Spectre Clean Suit.
    Alecu for the HGEC Elegance Dress
    ~~~Update~~~ 6/22/2014
    The newly updated files are from ritualclarity, these files were uploaded to fix a problems with the last batch of files, so far there does not seem to be any significant error occurring, so enjoy. The new upload previous install instructions can be applied to this batch of files as well.
    ~~~Update~~~ 6/6/2014
    It's that time again, thanks to ritualclarity and Halstorm we have a fix for both the CaliNudeP7fix and Swimsuitfix all rolled into one great update, provided by ritualclarity. As for download options, for users who have already downloaded the main Maternity Clothing file and would like to just install the small fixes the files can be found on page 8 post 155, for everyone else the fully updated file can be downloaded through the normal download process. MaternityClothes1_v3(SwimsuitandCalifix) and MaternityClothes2_v3(SwimsuitandCalifix).
    ~~~Update ~~~ 5/27/2014
    For those that want the full file pack with the CaliNudeP7Fix.7z file fix download MaternityClothesFull.7z.001 and MaternityClothesFull.7z.002. Then follow the previous install directions. For those of you that just want the file to overwrite their meshes folder / users who have already downloaded the previous clothing pack the file can be found on page 8.
    Also an alternative file download can be found on page 8 post 155 brought to you by ritualclarity:
    Below is his info to you on how to install his version of the files.
    There is a difference for those using this with the tutorial. These both have to be extracted and drag and drop into the SCR resources folder click yes to overwrite. ( not extracted in one folder. Each is independent) Or if you have the full version already. Use Halstroms pregfix above post and extract it find the Mesh folder and just drag that over to a already prepared SCR resources folder. Click yes to overwrite and good to go.
    ~~~Update ~~~ 4/6/2014
    Since there has been some questions asked over the last couple of months about how to extract this file properly. I have uploaded a 7zip www.7-zip.org version, in two parts. To use this file just download the file's MaternityClothesFull.7z 001 and MaternityClothesFull.7z 002 and them place them in the same folder then extract the archive. The files will then be ready to use and you can install them in the fallout new vegas directory.
    The old files have been removed as they were causing confusion.
    Some helpful tips by: Ritualcarity
    For those that come along now and have problems with the files make sure:
    they are in the same folder. Many try to extract one independent of the other. This WILL NOT WORK!!!!. Use 7zip. as it is the one that is tested. If you have errors and done the above... re-download the files again. repeat the first two steps if still not working THEN POST AN ISSUE HERE.

    (old info below)

    ~~~Update ~~~ 11/17/2013

    Added a complete archive with Hal's update Preg Fix all into the main MaternityClothesFull file. So much like before extract the files and copy to your game install directory.

    ~~~Update ~~~ 6/17/20013

    I added a more compressed file which is broken down in 2 parts rather then 11.
    Both uploads will remain up so just in-case the new upload is bad there is still the option for using the old 11 part version.

    The MaternityClothesFullNew files were compressed using 7zip to shrink the archive size. Winrar was used to split the files into two parts allowing the files to be uploaded to the site.

    If you have any problems extracting and you are not using 7zip, download and try using 7zip.

    Thanks to "Knabber" for giving me the idea to re-compress the files.



  23. SexoutClothingEval.esp

    This module was originally designed to be an MCM enabled user interface for the Sexout Check Me Out module. When you have this module installed, you can classify your equipped clothing (and armor and accessories) into categories which have been defined in Sexout Common Resources. So, this module may have future uses for content which has yet to be written. (If you are a modder: these categories have been implemented using Form Lists - one for each category, and this module adds/removes the base item associated with an equipped gear slot to/from those lists, and any sexout mod may check to see if a piece of gear is in one of those lists.)
    Note that "ClothingEval" in the name of this plugin is a reference to functionality that I have not yet written (hypothetically, I think it would be nice if you could get a concise description of how your clothing makes you look). Also, note that this module provides almost no sexual content, by itself, other than suggestive names in some of your choices for classifying your gear - that said, the Fallout NV design for gear slots contained three slots with non-descriptive names and I have opted to give them names consistent with Sexout use patterns - you may find these names embarrassing or irritating if you are equipping non-Sexout specific gear in those locations.
    For this module to be installed without error, you need to have Sexout and Sexout Common Resources installed. Additionally, to use this module, you will need to have activated The Mod Configuration Menu.esp (but if you installed Sexout properly, you should already have that).
    Suspected issue: Sexout Pregnancy has been implemented using equivalent-gear-swapping and I do not believe I added any support for that, so if your character is pregnant you may want to reclassify your gear when your character's pregnancy advances.
    Update: I have added a variant "SexoutClothingEval-SSR.zip" based on an esp provided to me by DoctaSax. Use this one if you are using SSR instead of Sexout Common Resources. Note that currently you cannot tell whether you have the SSR or SCR version of SexoutClothingEval.esp by looking at the file name - you will have to track where you got it from (Fallout Mod Manager can be helpful here).



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