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Fallout 4 mods that are not finished yet, but wish to be made public for testing purposes

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  1. Fox Island

    Watch the trailer to learn the exact location. It's near the main coastline. You can't miss it. 

    Beta version 1.0 Fox Island is an ongoing project, stay tuned future updates. The Island will be expanded soon.

    Teleport to the edge of the deep north.
    (Future hyper-bole chamber)
    Respawn-able sentry bots (Avoid the black hole)  
    New player home (Practice minimalism)
    Experience a unique setting.
    Lore story
    The Island was abandoned due to high levels of radiation, every human left the Island except for some raiders that got stuck there, now the Island is overrun by futuristic synths and super mutants and some alien robots
    Get more XP and more caps and items the final version is coming soon. Fallout New Hampshire, the Forbidden Island is also coming for FO4
    Raynel Red - Coder, Artist, Film maker



  2. Sickotik's Settlement Expansion

    Sickotik's Settlement Expansion Mod
    Welcome to Sickotik's Settlement Expansion Mod, a comprehensive expansion for Fallout 4's settlement system! Take control of your settlements like never before and turn them into thriving communities across the Commonwealth. This mod expands the size and potential of various settlements, allowing you to create larger and more immersive player-built towns.
    10-20% Larger Settlements: Unlock the true potential of Fallout 4's settlements by expanding their boundaries. Build bigger and more elaborate structures, develop flourishing communities, and customize your settlements to your heart's content.
    Creative Freedom: With the expanded settlement bounds, unleash your creativity and build grandiose structures, intricate defenses, and beautiful gardens. Let your imagination run wild and craft unique settlements that reflect your vision.
    Compatibility: Sickotik's Settlement Expansion Mod is designed to be compatible with other settlement-focused mods, ensuring that you can enjoy a seamless experience while using your favorite settlement-enhancing addons.
    Important Notes:
    Some settlements may have slight issues with the settlement bounds highlighter, but this does not restrict your ability to build outside those boundaries. Embrace the creative freedom and construct beyond the highlighted edges for truly expansive settlements.
    Not all objects within the expanded settlement bounds are currently marked as "Scrapable." However, future updates will address this issue, providing a more immersive and streamlined building experience.
    Settlements Included:
    Abernathy Farm
    County Crossing
    Egret Tours Marina
    Finch Farm
    Greentop Nursery
    Hangman's Alley
    Oberland Station
    Somerville Place
    Taffington Boathouse
    Tenpines Bluff
    The Slog

    Settlements Not Included in Initial Release (yet): Due to complex border shapes, these locations will be released in a future update.
    Boston Airport
    Coastal Cottage
    Croup Manor
    Jamaica Plain
    Kingsport Lighthouse
    Nordhagen Beach
    Outpost Zimonja
    Sunshine Tidings Co-op
    NOTICE: These locations WILL NOT be expanded due to their current size being PLENTY.
    Sanctuary Hills
    Vault 88
    Warwick Homestead
    Spectacle Island

    Future Updates:
    In upcoming updates, Sickotik's Settlement Expansion Mod will include:
    Integration of DLC settlements, expanding your building opportunities to include Far Harbor, Nuka-World, Automatron, and more.

    Further enhancements to settlement bounds, ensuring accurate highlighting and improved alignment.

    Additional scrapable objects within the expanded settlement bounds, allowing for a more comprehensive settlement management experience.
    Experience the Power of Settlement Expansion!
    Unleash your creativity, reshape the Commonwealth, and build thriving communities with Sickotik's Settlement Expansion Mod. Embark on a journey of boundless possibilities as you transform settlements into sprawling hubs of civilization.
    Note: DLC settlements and additional settlements mentioned will be included in future updates. Stay tuned for exciting improvements and expansions.



  3. Macrosoft

    There's a strange new disease plaguing the Commonwealth. People become crazy and violent for no reason, wearing mouth coverings and gas masks seems to be the only protection. Could this fear for an invisible enemy be worse than rad poisoning? Doctor Bill from the institute is working on a safe and effective stimpak to cure them all. However some people believe his syringe contains something else and some rebels believe there's a dark agenda behind it. Everyone must pay bottlecaps as contribution to finance his research, meanwhile his company Macrosoft is taking over everything. His cult followers will kill you on sight if you cough or sneeze, refusing his stimpak is not an option. Always wear mouth coverings, stay inside or become feral at your own peril.
    Macrosoft was a pre-War computing company, producing a vast range of software and operating systems like:
    Fenestra '98 Macrosoft spreadsheets Winblows 57 Wyndoze 99  
    Still a work in progress... only texture replacers at the moment for immersion.
    This mod was banned by the Nexus Nazis, so this will be a Lovers Lab exclusive!
    Don't upload anywhere else and wash your hands after playing.
    Recommended Mods
    Windows Terminal
    Syringer Overhaul
    Paint it Vax!
    Updates coming soon, stay safe!



  4. Immersive Power Armor HUD(s) WIP

    Since I'm a bit of a power armor/mecha nerd, the helmets/cockpits of the FO4 PAs always bothered me a bit. They fit the purpose, but just are not immersive enough. In my opinion, PAs should make one feel protected, powerful, and an immersive helmet UI is a very big part of that illusion. So I started pulling my photoshop and (limited) modding skills together and started working on my own little mod by riffing off the other PA UI mods on the Nexus, and I think I did quite well for a start.
    - Raider power armor helmet and dashboard with different visual options like decorations and damage effects.
    - T-45 power armor helmet and dashboard with different visual options like decorations and damage effects.
    - T-51 power armor helmet and dashboard with different visual options like decorations and damage effects.
    - T-60 power armor helmet and dashboard with different visual options like decorations and damage effects.
    - X-01 power armor helmet and dashboard with different visual options like decorations and damage effects.
    - Implementation of HUDs for popular mods like the Enclave X-02, T-49, Tumbajamba's Combat Power Armor, etc.
    - Exploring the possibility of making the game auto switch HUDs based on PA helmet used and it's damage state.
    - Possible implementation of visible first person helmet visors into the game.
    Pick the HUD by power armor model you want to use and install via NMM/MO. The file structure inside the ZIP is optimised for mod manager use, so I wouldn't attempt to install them manually.
    Just remove via mod manager or delete the following files:
    *\data\textures\interface\PA <whole folder>
    Should only arise when used with mods that change meshes and/or textures associated with the power armor HUD or power armor pip UI. Just install "Immersive Power Armor HUD" overwriting any conflicts, and it should work as intended.
    Picture artworks done by the wonderfully talented Chipman Starratt (http://chipman1911.deviantart.com)
    Textures and meshes inspired by:
    Makconner's Spartan Cockpit - http://www.nexusmods...t4/mods/22246/?
    KeithVSmith's Power Armor HUD Visor - http://www.nexusmods...ut4/mods/6985/?
    Hellstorm102's Power Armor HUD - No Transparency - http://www.nexusmods...ut4/mods/3106/?



  5. PuppetMaster

    Adds 50 armor racks with extended customization functionality and animation support making it easier to create action packed scenes for screenshots or settlement ambiance.
    Long version: Armor racks using the default female model allowing more customization than normal armor racks.
    * Edit appearance - Standard menu, make them look however you want
    * Looping or proximity triggered animations - Set an idle and have them continuously repeat them or only when the player gets close enough. Want someone to salute you whenever you get out of bed? No problem!
    * Toggle AI option - If disabled animations will freeze making it possible to lock them in the perfect stage of an idle
    * Command mode - Issue orders to where they should stand, sit or what furniture to use for that perfect screenshot scene
    * Follow mode - Tired of settlement shots? Have them follow you for some nature shots!
    * Settlement mode - Just want some ambiance? Assign them to a settlement and they'll sandbox around. Don't worry they don't count towards the population.
    * Show weapon mode - Unlike armor racks (?) puppets can show off whatever weapon you give them. Can interfere with animations updating, see known issues below.
    * Enter workshop
    * Place rack
    * Exit and customize
    * Wonder why you're creating fake people to act as pretend friends in a virtual world and where life went so very very wrong
    If you want to place several with identical looks just keep placing without exiting. If you want a new unique one exit and renter and the game will automagically iterate to the next one. If you want to pick a previous one quickly use the rack selector.
    Beyond that there are some toggles that might require more detailed explanation
    * Head tracking toggle - Toggles whether the selected rack should look at the player or not. May revert back to on on re-placement and other actions since it seems to be default NPC behaviour
    * Restrained toggle - Toggles the NPC being "locked" in place. When off idle animations may make them move away from their spot.
    * Ghost toggle - Toggles "god mode", when on they ignore all attacks. When off they can be injured just like any humanoid for that full Westworld experience.
    * Toggle AI - As previously mentioned disables any actions/animations on the NPC, even freezing them mod motion or fall. Will be re-enabled in a lot of cases by the game.
    Animation support require Voyeur. Mod might work without it though, haven't tried.
    Dave's Poses - Enables Voyeur to play these on the puppets
    Place anywhere - So you can put baby in the corner or wherever else you want
    Crash-to-desktop - Sometimes the game will do this when trying to place a rack. I suspect it might be related to physics bodies that the workshop, not surprisingly, isn't prepared to handle. Quickly placing them, exit and then re-enter the workshop so the NPC is properly placed in the game world before making any other changes seem to avoid this.
    Menu displays wrong state (off when on or vice versa) - The game lacks functions to check if things are active or not for many functions so the mod makes a guess based on the known state when placing a rack. If this is a problem simply toggle the option between both settings and it should read correct.
    Can't be assigned in settler mode - The standard menu for static object will override the one for NPC assignments. Very low on the priority to fix since the goal of this mod isn't to add settlement workers.
    Repeated placement of identically numbered puppets sometimes don't work - Seems editing the filters of allowable items to place in the same workshopmode-session is a bit iffy with current solution. You may have to exit out and select the desired id again. Making sure the function to increment to the next puppet number is only run outside workshop through related events alternatively disabling it altogether (is it more a problem than useful?) could solve this.
    Weapon display mode blocks animation update - Keep it off until you selected the animation
    Preview selection not updating properly - Set animation mode to PROXIMITY and stay outside the trigger range while selecting
    Logo image courtesy of "The Wandering Faun"



  6. Voyeur

    Basic animation player with support for external sources to add more idles, idle length, randomization, tags, naming and stuffs
    This is functionality was originally integrated in my PuppetMaster mod but I decided to break it out for ease of development and reuse. It is not a stand-alone mod and will do nothing on it's own, it simply provides some convenience functions to other addons.
    An idle player with some extra features over the usual "playidle" command
    * Custom events - "VoyeurIdleStart" and "VoyeurIdleEnd" allows detection of when an idle starts or ends making it possible to make sure idles can finish or aren't blocked by an already ongoing one
    * Randomization - Keyword tagging allows playback from a select group of idles.
    * Expansion - "registerIdle" allows external sources to expand the library of idles
    * Labels - Give any idle a description making it easier to identify.
    * Duration - Specify idle duration to make control and chaining of several easier, requirement for the start and end events to work since there is no way to detect the duration from the idle directly AFAIK. This requires you to play the idle first, time it and then pass the duration in the register command.
    I've included a sample mod "VoyeurAnimationLoader" showing how this can be done. Core function with type and default value below.
    function registerIdle(idle inIdle, int inDuration = 10, keyword inKeyword = none, string idleName = "unnamed", bool waitForFinish = true)
    To access the script from another mod you need to add the Voyeur:VoyeurAnimationHandler quest referance cast it as Voyeur:VoyeurAnimationHandler. Sample below from the loader will create the handle and add the magnolia dance idle to Voyeur. There are other ways to do this but they're not covered in the source currently.
    Voyeur:VoyeurAnimationHandler handle = voyeurHandle as Voyeur:VoyeurAnimationHandlerhandle.registerIdle(IdleMagnoliaSong05, 10, none, "Magnolia" )
    Checks if the idle is registered.
    bool function findIdle(Idle inIdle)

    Returns the id of the passed idle, -1 if not found.
    int function findIdleNumber(Idle inIdle)
    Returns an int array with all idles with the matching keyword (not tested)
    int[] function getAllAnimationNumbersWithKeyWord(Keyword inKeyword)
    Returns number of registered animations, useful if you want to use your own selector rather than the default built in
    int function getNumberOfanimations()
    Returns the name of the matching idle id
    String function getAnimationName(int idleId)
    Plays the specified idle on the actor
    bool Function playRegisteredIdle(Actor inActor, int idleId)
    Play a random idle from all registered (not untested)
    bool Function playRandomIdle(Actor inActor)
    Play a random idle tagged with matching keyword (not untested)
    bool Function playRandomIdleWithKeyword(Actor inActor, Keyword inKeyword)
    Shows the default animation selection menu
    int Function showAnimationSelector(int inCurrentChoice = 0)
    Dave's Poses
    Well I have no idea what I'm doing, I just make random edits and slam that compile key until the errors are gone. Plus this is more a resource than a mod and currently it isn't prioritized for any support whatsoever since I'm focusing on other projects.
    Try it out, poke around in the source, add or remove functions, use it as a base for your own mod or make a superior version or whatever. Just link back to this page if you use anything from it. If you fix/optimize something or have reasonable suggestions feel free to leave a comment about what and how and I'll see if it can be integrated on the next (if any) update.
    * Try to change idle definition from an integrated struct to it's own class/object separating functions and making things easier to update/manage
    * Add a Message object to the idle struct (or class) meaning a notice can be registered and displayed even in environments where debug.notification isn't availible
    * Add a holotape interface to compliment the Message menu, combined with the addition of the message variable above the name could be displayed in top left corner when toggling through idles making it easier to keep track of what's selected
    * Maybe add some way/mode to have the game start a timer on idles without a set duration and a way for the player to issue a "break" when they end. This would allow the user to set/modify duration without having to use stopwatch or similar ancient methods
    * Add some way to delete idles and/or the option to move them to a "disabled" storage
    * Make it possible to register more than 128 idles
    * Add a custom event mods can send to inform Voyeur they've added new idles to the registration queue rather than the current oninit/onload variant.
    DocClox for help and ideas



  7. Improved Intimidation Gameplay

    This mod is deprecated.
    You should switch to Holdup, which does the same and more.
    If you install MCM, you can turn off the other features of Holdup, so you get almost exactly what this mod did.
    This mod intends to improve the gameplay of the rank 1 Intimidation perk. When I first selected the perk I was quite disappointed:
    I could not loot the equipment of pacified enemies. I could not pick locks or hack computers - if I tried, the apparently pacified enemies decided to draw their weapons and shoot me in the back.
    The best thing to do with pacified enemies seems to be to calmly walk up to them, aim at their head while they stand with hands up, and kill them in cold blood. With this mod keeping pacified enemies alive will become a viable alternative.

    This mod allows you to do the following:
    Tie up pacified enemies. Tied up enemies will not be able to fight and therefore not become hostile if you decide to pick locks, hack computers, or do whatever else you decide to do. Once they are tied up, open their inventory and take their stuff. Untie them. They will return to the ‘hands up’ pose they had before being tied up. Of course they may decide to attack you if you do certain things after untying them.
    Known Limitations
    This is an early but well working beta. It has the following known limitations:
    There is no visual representation of bindings. Tied up enemies just sit on the ground with their hands behind their back. Tying up enemies is free and does not use up any resources. In some cases (e.g. after leaving and reentering the cell, or after previously being caught pickpocketing) untying a tied up enemy may show him hostile for a split second and start the combat music. No actual combat will take place.
    Not in Scope
    As mentioned above, this mod has the simple purpose of improving the gameplay of the intimidation perk. I am open for further ideas, but I will not implement features outside of that purpose. Things that I will not implement include:
    Lowering the charisma requirements of the intimidation perk. Fixing bugs of the intimidation perk – use the UOF4P, it fixes them. Converting pacified enemies to slaves – other authors are already working on that.
    Only base Fallout 4 at the moment – this should work without F4SS, DLCs and other mods.

    Compatibility in General
    I expect that this mod is compatible with almost all other mods. Consequently all the things mentioned above in the ‘Not in Scope’ section can be provided by other mods, some of them already existing. Of course if you want to be really, really sure, you will have to try it out.
    Technical details: Even though this mod seems to modify the Intimidation 1 perk, it does so without touching any existing quests, perks, spells, effects or scripts. The goal was to make this very compatible with other mods. That being said, the original holdup script written by Bethesda is a big messy bowl of spaghetti in my not-so-humble opinion, and I had to use some workarounds to implement everything without changing that original code. If another mod decides to rip out that original system and replace it with something ‘better’, it will probably break my mod (and every other mod that changes the Intimidation perks) by doing so.
    List of Known (In-)Compatible Mods
    UOF4P: Fully compatible, and highly recommended as it fixes the calculation of the bonus from the Black Widow / Lady Killer perks. Intimidation Redone: Mostly compatible. Intimidation Redone allows to tie up pacified enemies, too; the tie up options of the two mods are independent of each other, so a pacified enemy could be tied up twice, needing to be untied twice. I suggest not using the tie up function of Intimidation Redone when using it with my mod. F4:SS: Compatible. Tied up enemies can be captured just like anybody else (e.g. using Pax syringes). Note that F4:SS will replace the standard activation function with a menu, making it impossible to use the untie option of my mod after capturing an enemy. My mod will recognize the situation and automatically untie them when the player interacts with them. Abduction: Compatible. Tied up enemies can be abducted and will stay tied up. Enemies ‘Restrained’ by Abduction cannot be tied up, as the animation played by Abduction will prevent the tied up animation. This is only a visual bug: Once the ‘Restrained’ animation stops (e.g. after abduction, or after walking far away), they will correctly assume tied up position. Note that you need to recruit a tied up abductee to get the untie option.
    Please tell me if you find out about (in-)compatibility with other mods that modify the Intimidation perk.



  8. Flatulence

    Short of it: This mod adds flatulence to player characters. Works on either male or female characters.
    Why?: Because Immersion!, or because it lightens up some of the dark mood of the game, or because farts are funny..etc..
    How to Use: You are now able to craft 'Homemade Chili' at the food crafting stations. This will give your character flatulence for a short period of time. The ability stacks up to 3 times to increase the amount of flatulence the player experiences.
    How to stop farting: You can either wait it out, which takes about 10 minutes, or you can also craft an item called 'Gasaway' at the chemist station under Healing. This will remove the flatulence effect from the player.
    Warning: Although I think I've tested this mod pretty thoroughly, it should still be considered beta and therefore somewhat dangerous to your saved games. Use with caution and make a backup of your saves.



  9. No V.A.T.S. Perks

    I play with Bullet Time instead of V.A.T.S. and find it irritating to have no use for perks aimed for it.
    There already is a mod out to allow criticals outside of V.A.T.S. and I suggest using it with my additions:
    http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12653/? by NotSure700
    This is not yet a finished overhaul of all the V.A.T.S. related perks, but since I don't know how soon I will have them all done I will submit each perk individually. I've now merged all perks into one ESP, but if there is request for it I can also make specific perk changes into single esps.
    Perks I've touched up so far:
    Sniper Rank 3: Changed 25% head shot chance in V.A.T.S. to 20% more sneak damage with non-automatic, non-heavy gun, scoped rifles. I don't know how game breaking this is, since I play with 5x damage multiplier for all actors, most of my shots one shot enemies anyway without this perk. However it does give me a bit more dmg against larger or bulkier enemies, which makes sense to me, since if I got the sneak attack on them it will ideally be a shot to a vital body part. Awareness: Small chance of paralyzing small to medium enemies with any weapon. This excludes Deathclaws, Behemoths, Mirelurk Kings & Queens. Concentrated Fire: Adding stagger chances to guns and rifles. Excludes any energy or plasma weapons and explosives. Blitz: Chance to stagger enemies with meele weapons based on weapon type and enemy size. Better chances with Rank 2.

    Perks I still need to touch up:
    Grim Reaper: I hope to be able to change it to any kill having the chance to fill up the AP bar. V.A.N.S.: Originally I had changed this to 2x scrapping yields, but while I find that a good perk to add, it doesn't go with the icon. However, I might tweak it to 50% more yields from scrapping and re-use the icon from another perk. Penetrator: Not sure yet, maybe armor piercing. Gun-Fu: Not sure at this moment. Attack Dog: Simple remove the V.A.T.S. reference in the description. I haven't played around with it too much, but I believe he does it either way. Quick Hands Rank 2: Either even faster reloading or AP refresh on reload. Mysterious Stranger: I doubt I will be able to spawn the mysterious stranger outside of V.A.T.S. so might change it to companion or utility type perk. Critical Banker: Since the crits outside v.a.t.s. mod uses luck to determine criticals instead of a build up I don't know how to change this mod while keeping it's original purpose. I might just put flat luck values on it for more critical chances. KillShot: Same as Sniper. Might be changed to headshot damage multiplier.

    Please keep in mind that I am making this mod for myself based on my gameplay experience with Fallout 4, so it may be imbalanced for you. I play on Survival with a difficulty mod enabled that multiplies all damage by me and to me by 5. When shooting someone with a Sniper Rifle I expect it to kill them, unless they aren't human.

    Suggestions always welcome.



  10. Yangzte Anchor Weapon [WIP]

    This mod adds an equipable Anchor to the game. It the same model the behemoth's use but with some minor tweaks. I tried placing it in world and changing a little more about it but the CK keeps crashing. So I left it in the v0.9 state =) But it's ready to use just type "help anchor 4" and you should see "Yangtze Anchor." I thought it would be fun to name it after that ship.
    It's incredibly not lore friendly but Strong seems to have a blast with it.
    Let me know what you think and if I should add anything to this.
    What will be added so far is the anchor placed in game, and when I find someone willing, I get the name placed on the anchor.



  11. CBBE Real-High-Heel FrenchMaid with Low-Damping Physics

    This is ported from a FO3 mod made by backsteppo, but the last Nexus login date of him is 2012/3.... so it's not possible to get explicit permission from him, but however I saw he had mentioned something like "free to use his mod for anything" in all his Skyrim mod pages on Nexus, so I do assume this work can be treated that.
    (for me, with proper credits, do whatever you want to the content owned by me. )


    Thanks to HKXPack by DexexTTP, we can now modify the havok information inside FO4 cloth nifs. The maid-skirt physics is modified to have only 10% damping, so it do flutter more excellently. For testing also, the breast physics is adjusted to have 50% gravity and damping.
    (NOTE: the havok parameter is from Far-Harbor hunter suit, and it is not even a skirt, so the maid-skirt sometimes clips to thigh if moving violently. )
    Here is a video to demonstrate this thing

    What's inside:

    a FrenchMaid suit ported from Fallout3, orignate by

    "help zwg 4" to get suit ID


    1. this mod does NOT SUPPORT outfit studio due to the real high heel and breast physics.

    2. this mod is more likely an experiment, technical, and proof-of-concept demonstration. use at your own risk.

    Fallour3 FrenchMaid by backsteppo
    Skyrim Pantyhose mesh by Petrovich (for stocking)
    HKXPack by DexesTTP
    FO4 CBBE by
    3DS + HCT for hkx exporting
    3DS+ nifplugin for skyrim nif exporting
    010 edior for nif conversion, vmd-to-kf conversion, havok hacking (mighty 010 editor...)



  12. Bride Suit with Low-Gravity Skirt Physics, Real High Heels, and Breast Physics

    Thanks to HKXPack by DexexTTP, we can now modify the havok information inside FO4 cloth nifs. The skirt physics is modified to have only 10% gravity and 50% damping, so it flutters more lovely; now one can really look like a real dancer.
    The video below just demonstrates how it can flutter lovely.
    What's inside:
    a bride suit and WIP animation hkx (one in the video, only dancer's motion, not including the camera moving) for you to test the physics.
    "help zwg 4" to get suit ID
    "help zwa 4" to get idle animation ID
    1. this mod does NOT SUPPORT outfit studio due to the real high heel and breast physics.
    2. this mod is more likely an experiment, technical, and proof-of-concept demonstration. use at your own risk.
    HKXPack for havok hacking
    FO4 CBBE
    3DS + HCT for hkx exporting
    3DS+ nifplugin for skyrim nif exporting
    010 edior for nif conversion, vmd-to-kf conversion, havok hacking (mighty 010 editor...)
    someone who made this bride outfit in Skyrim, I cannot find him....



  13. Prewar Home by Xenic

    This is the pre war version of the player's home that replaces the post apocalyptic version. This also replaces everything inside so loot the run down house before you activate this mod. I tried my best to make it perfect but it has a few issues.
    Known issues:
    A small post war dresser in the master bedroom keeps showing up. It should be scrappable though.
    Crib mobile doesn't spin.
    Many items non interactable. (this will be fixed later)
    Do not run this mod until AFTER you find Sanctuary. I'm not sure what will happen if you try to use it with a new game. Maybe nothing.
    Please let me know of any problems but please be specific, not "the car did a wierd thing." I will fix it as I go.



  14. Fallout 4 Sanctuary Clean up Beta

    Ever got sick and tired scrapping all those hedgerows and crap you don't want, download a mod but it got cell reset ( Nothing we cant do at the point even with access it got problems, so it's marked beta i won't say other mod is bad its still really worth you're time to check it out) tired on using save file that you don't want and want to start fresh this mod is for you. not only i scrapped everything manually, i redesigned sanctuary based on minutemen lore a statue and a flag will be included. have fun building a huge sandbox, encounters will still happened i don't get rid stuff that i think connected with the quest or something else in fear on breaking the game, if you see stuff floating around just scrap it.
    Survival Mode BFS Sanctuary BETA
    Build from scratch sanctuary Beta
    Patch : 1.4.132
    Updated Version : 1.5 Survival Mode

    before i started there's few mods that already have cleaned sanctuary but that was done in fo4edit, this doesn't use fo4edit the mod uses official tool that means we got 89% chance to avoid cell reset from power armor or other stuff built in game, there's no more pop ups building when you pop things down. i can't actually talk the details yet have no power to say things on public.
    finally after headache on a headache i finally fixed everything, i deleted most of stuff from little things, i left stuff for you to do its not fun when things already clean up and there's no effort to clean few stuff in game, with added bonus i changed the ugly elm 3 into a minutemen shrine. after all sanctuary is a minutemen port and it should be represent it as their base not a tree.
    if you come here to report bug then be more specific what problems you having
    i will try to help you to best of my ability.
    any suggestion will be noted and i will again try my best to see if i can grant you that wish.
    tested this mod twice, have only slept 4 hours making this and have no issue , no crashes.

    kleinstaff, on 23 April 2016 23:10:12, said:
    and in the mean time can somebody explain how to get my mods working again in simple language i am a accountant not a bloody IT specialist
    Go and set up your mods as usual with NMM. Now exit NMM. Now go here on your computer: C:\Users\[your Username]\AppData\Local\Fallout4 - And open the plugins.txt file.
    It should look like this now:
    Craftable Armor Size.esp
    Scrap Everything.esp
    Now, you simply add a star/asterisk ( * ) in front of unofficial addons (mods), and it should look like this:
    *Craftable Armor Size.esp
    *Scrap Everything.esp
    Now save the file, close it, right click it and set it to read-only. Do not start NMM now, because the current version will reset the plugins.txt - Instead, start fallout directly through Fallout4.exe.
    All done, mods should be working (confirmed working on 1.5.151)

    Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77
    Portable Workshop (Enhanced) by Luis Guerreiro
    Move that Workbench by Necrocytosis
    Spring Cleaning by Nverjos

    1.5 a - added power armor version from start with 3 versions t-45-60-x01
    1.5b - Added 4 Different Stuff i.e foundation only, houses intact with no scrap added, empty land .
    house intact/player's house is a pre-war house.
    1.5c - WorkBench armorsmith extended required complete added on players and sanctuary creative community for settlers and player only work bench to avoid workbench avoid glitch.



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