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  1. under boob gym uniform UnderBoobGymUniform.7z
  2. @death821 PNG saved by Paint.net have problem. Save as DDS, then problem is solved.
  3. @B.M.C Thanks. I understand why things doesn't go right. In some shader ps-t3 is specular texture, in some other shader ps-t4 is specular texture.
  4. I tried to remove skirt from vest uniform. UniformVest.7z
  5. I tried to make mods that makes sports bra (beige) and sports panties (beige) transparent. extract files into "Mods" folder. But some characters look weird. After selecting Misakimori Uniform (Cardigan), it is fixed. How do I make things right without selecting Cardigan? SportsBeige.7z
  6. It takes long time, modders don't like it. They need to check their work quickly.
  7. Using Special K, I can replace textures without creating .cpk file. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1491783680
  8. better .bat file is here. you can set which texture files to use. texture_replace.7z
  9. Some .asf files contain type-mismatched textures. CST07_CTSI_A_01.asf contains B type textures CST07_CTSI_B_01.asf contains C type textures CST00_LING_C_01.asf contains B type textures CST00_NAKE_C_01.asf contains B type textures PS4 version had texture mismatched bugs and developer fixed them, but it seems some of them wasn't fixed.
  10. Automation tool is updated. This replaces normal map textures too. how to use extract GRP_2_BIN.cpk extract TextureReplacer2.7z to the same folder execute texture_replace.bat, then textures in .asf files are replaced TextureReplacer2.7z
  11. It is OK. texture_replace.bat tries to replace textures for all type, but .asf files are contain only one type, so "not found" messages are shown
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