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SexLab SE mods that primarily deal with sex started through dialog

36 files

  1. Skyrim Relationship

    This is a mod where you can interact with NPCs based on your Speechcraft skill, raising RelationshipRank and potentially engaging in romance. When engaging in conversation, the player gains Speechcraft experience regardless of success or failure. As the Speechcraft level increases, the probability of successful conversations also increases. Separate from the game's own RelationshipRank, this mod features unique RelationshipPoints that can be increased through conversations. When this value reaches 100, the RelationshipRank increases by 1, and if it drops to 0, the RelationshipRank decreases by 1. NPCs can also initiate conversations with the player, and the probability of this happening increases with the player's RelationshipRank. All conversations have only success or failure outcomes, which are displayed in message boxes. This approach was chosen for universality because NPCs have different personalities and dialogue flows, and it's not feasible to write dialogue lines for each specific case.
    1. Player initiate dialogue
    There are many choices. Conversation, Compliment, Joke, Flirt, Insult, Gift, Drink, Confess, Hug, Reconcile, Infidelity permission.
    Conversation: This is a basic option for speeachcraft novices. has a higher chance of success but takes one hour to complete and provides fewer positive points. However, the negative points obtained upon failure are also low. It's a stable choice for players with low Speechcraft skill.
    Compliment, Joke: It has a higher risk of failure and more negative points, but it also offers more positive points and buffs. Compliment buff has fortifying barter. Joke buff has fortifying Speeachcraft skills.
    Flirt: You can have sex with NPC with this option.
    Insult: You can choose this option for an NPC you hate, such as Nazeem.
    Gift: You can choose this option for an NPC you like.
    Drink: If you want to have a drink with your friend NPC, choose this option. You can have a drink at your current location, or at an inn if one is nearby.
    Confess: If you want to become a lover with an NPC, you can confess your feelings. However, you need to reach Relationship Rank 3 and have 100 Relationship Points. And the probability of success increases depending on the player's level.
    Hug: There is a 2-hour cooldown for conversations. However, you can reset this cooldown by using Hug. To perform a Hug, you need a Relationship Rank of at least 1.
    Reconcile: If you want to reconcile with an NPC with whom you have a bad relationship, choose this option. If the NPC does not want to reconcile, the success chance depends on the player's Speechcraft and Relationship Rank with the NPC. If successful, the chance of the NPC insulting you first also disappears.
    Infidelity permission: This is an option for Casanova. If you want to have love with many NPCs, you need permission from your lover or spouse. If not, someone else may expose your infidelity to your lover or spouse, and if your lover or spouse directly witnesses your infidelity, they will break up with you.
    2. NPC initiate dialogue
    Through this mod, NPCs can also initiate conversations with you. When an NPC initiates a conversation, a message box appears based on probability. Depending on your response, your relationship with the NPC may increase, stay the same, or decrease. And for those who want same-sex NPCs to initiate Flirt, I've prepared the "Homo" keyword. Open SkyrimRelationships_KID.ini in the mod folder and add the "Homo" keyword to the desired NPCs, then same-sex NPCs will also initiate Flirt with the player. There are many approaching way of NPC. Hello, Flirt, Gift, Insult, Reconcile.
    Hello: It takes one hour but is an easy way to raise Relationship Points.
    Flirt: NPCs can also offer you sex.
    Gift: NPCs can also give you gifts.
    Insult: An NPC who dislikes you may insult you.
    Reconcile: An NPC who dislikes you but wants reconciliation may request to reconcile with you.
    3. etc feature
    NPC Spying: If an NPC witnesses your infidelity, they may tattle to your lover or spouse, and if your lover or spouse directly witnesses it, you will break up. The spy feature of NPCs only detects sex acts initiated by this mod. It does not detect sex acts initiated by other mods.
    Interaction with NPC's lover or spouse: If you have a love affair with an NPC in front of their lover or spouse, their RelationshipRank with you will decrease. For example, if you have sex with Olfina in front of Jon, Jon's relationship with you will be -2. This feature can't be turned off.
    Crime detection affects NPC relationship: If you are caught committing a crime, this feature causes your relationship with the NPC who caught you to deteriorate.
    Maintain Follower NPC Relationship Rank: This is a feature that maintains the Relationship Rank of the NPC who becomes your follower as it was originally. In the vanilla game system, when an NPC becomes a follower, the Relationship Rank automatically becomes 3. However, this mod prevents that unnatural change in Relationship Rank. It's an element for building more natural relationships. Something to note is that in the vanilla game system, NPCs need a minimum Relationship Rank of 1 to become followers. This means that some follower mods may not initiate follower status due to this mod, so a patch may be required accordingly.
    anghelos92 of MCG mod (I got inspiration from anhelos92 of MCG mod, and some parts of the script are likely borrowed.)
    Ashal: Sexlab mod creator. Thank you so much.
    redneck2x,: Sexlab Aroused creator. Thank you so much.
    fishburger67: Sexlab Aroused Redux creator. Thank you so much.
    powerofthree-sasnikol: SPID, KID creator. Thank you so much.



  2. Patch for Mihail's Succubus and Radiant Prostitution

    LE Version
    This is a patch that makes the succubi from Mihail's Succubus into prostitutes for Radiant Prostitution (both are required). Install like any other mod, and make sure this mod loads after both of them (LOOT should take care of it). It is marked as ESL so it wont take up a slot in your load order.
    If normal NPCs aren't asking the succubi for sex, go into the MCM of Radiant Prostitution, under NPC Events, and click Reset NPC Scene. 
    - -Caden- for the original Radiant Prostitution
    - Nomkaz for converting it to SE
    - Mihail for Succubus
    Knows issues:
    Technical details of what this mod does more specifically (for a normal user this is probably pointless information, but feel free to look at it anyway if you want)



  3. Wartimes - A Daughter's Tale Elevenlabs voice patch

    Voice acting for the Wartimes - A Daughter's Tale mod. The Elevenlabs neural network is used



  4. DirtyNeeds with Sound.7z

    Hello. I got permission from shadowman2777 to package and post a small mod he made as a request some time ago.
    It lets your character ask to give a blowjob or handjob and is meant to work with mods like SL Survival or the new CumSwallowNeedsAddon.
    I know it works for AE and should work for SE also. Not tested on LE.
    It also includes sound files that shadowman2777 created. Provided as is.



  5. Body Search - Dialog Patch for LE & SE

    Body Search Dialog Patch. 
    Original mod by @Suzutsuki "Body Search" is required. 
    This is a simple patch mod, made in xedit for Body Search. What it does is the following: 
    It makes substantial edits to the dialog in the mod.  The dialog has been edited, and cleaned up, checked for spelling, etc.  The dialog cleans up and edits the phrasing, so as to have a better flow, vernacular, etc.   
    Why was this mod made? 
    This is actually a really good mod, but it's clear that the dialog was hastily written. This is not in any way a reflection on @Suzutsuki, but the broken dialog patterns were kind of getting to me. Rather than complain about it, I just dumped the records into xedit and went to work. It's now a bit easier on the eyes, and flows a lot better. The phrasing and vernacular has a bit more variation and, to quote Todd... It just works. 
    The dialog I rewrote and edited here, and present to you isn't necessarily a work of English literature...but if the Suzutsuki wants to incorporate the changes into Body Search...that's fine. Otherwise, if you want some fresh dialog for the mod, here you go. It comes in two flavors. 
    LE version: standard ESP.  SE version: ESP flagged ESL for your pleasure.  
    This mod needs to be placed below the original mod, obviously. It's been cleaned, kissed, bathed and presented to you here. Shout out to @4nk8r for QA on this. He gets props.
    Bugs: if you encounter dialog that needs correction, or somehow does not make contextual sense...hit me up either on the LL discord, or in the thread here. I AM EVER WATCHFUL. 
    Permissions: If something in this mod doesn't jive with you, or you feel like you want to change something...or fix something...you're free to do so. You have a number of options along these lines.
    1. You can patch it, and post it in the comments.
    2. You can fork it, and upload a new version. You must give credit. i.e: "Based on Dialog Patch" etc. You must also credit Suzutsuki.
    Just give credit where it's due is all I ask.
    [08/28/23] - Not a new version. Just updating and adding permissions.
    [03/27/20] - Just modified the description a bit. No new version or anything.
    Big thanks to @EgoBallistic for getting me started on digging deeper into modding guts which has now c̴̲̻̳̪̞̣͕͓̘̍͛̄̈́̓ͩ̉̆̈́̎̃̓̇ͧ̕͘o͌ͦ͑̏͐ͫ͐̇͒̾ͪ͊ͩͨ͗͏͏͟͏̨̫͙̻̩̬͎̜̭͉͎͙̹͈ͅm̙͍̪̪͙̳̥̘̻͕̫͓̻ͭ̅̐ͯͦ̅͆̈ͭ̀̚͘̕͡p̵̶̖̞̯̙̫̜̥̟͚̦ͨ̑͗ͣ̆̆ͮ̽ͫ̊̔ͫ̊͒͘͡ļ̨̥̤̝̼̤͙ͣ̐ͣ̎̊̌ͧͤ̆̃ê̵̯̹̳̫̻̺̻̝̥̠̱͔̲͚ͪ̐ͤ̊̓ͤ̄͋ͥ̅̂͂́̚̕͘t̵̳̮̼̞͉̟̱ͯ̓ͮͧ̊́ͯ͆̅͂̀̀͘͝e̡ͩͣͣͤ̉͆͏̲͔̩̺̲͕l̢̯̰̬ͧͪͨ̌ͭ̂̅ͬͣͬ̓̉͒̋ͯ͞y̷̷̨̤͇̯̠͚͈̞̓ͤ̊͛͌̌ͭͯ ̷̨ͦ̿̐̒͌̊̽̈́͋͛͢͡͏̦̥̼̭̖͓cͧ̿͒ͭͧ̒̇ͩ̏͌͒̐͏̥̭̞̞͎ǫ̴̺̮͓͈̺̲̃ͬ͗ͥ̿ͣ͂ͧ̚n͙̠̖̪͔̻̖͕̮̦͚͉̭̭͖̳ͯ̈́̑ͦͭ̆͐ͩ͂͐ͤ͡ͅṡ̷̓͒̎ͭ͆ͪͧ̿̾͂̀̀҉͚̙̼̭͙̳̣͈̯͉͎̜̠͜u̢̘̳̖̖͖̯͕͈̲̙͍̰̰̦͓̙̭ͬ̉̀̋̊͜͠͞ͅm̫̦̤̹̻̘̖̪̰̣͙̼̼̓̓ͥ̓͛͑̔̄͋ͧ̂̈̌͜͜e̡̻̗͎̺̦̤̖̽͐̅̊̊ͦ̎̇͆͛̎̔̽̓ͯͮ̄̓́̚͜͠͡d͍̙̞̮̳̦̱̭͈̟̼͈̣̣͍͋͋̓ͣ̂͑̕͞ ̇̊ͪ̋ͣͨ̐͏̸̶̢̩͙̙͍͇͇͉͕̭̼͇̯̠͍̙͓̥ṁ̶̵̸̭̪͓̝̯̖͕̪̼̳̬̠͉̦̭͖̘͚̂̈̏̈́̓ͤ́̄̚͘͡y̢̨̜͍̭̯̲̯̘̰̩̼̬̖͚̠̻̼̙̖̙ͣͬͫͩͪ̌͆̂͡ ̢̌̔ͯ͂̅͒ͮͤ̽̽̂̏͗̾̋̒͛҉̢̭̘̭͕̣̺͕͎̪͙̳̫̗̠̻̭̟ͅl̡̔͌ͣͭ͐̍̍ͧ͐̂ͧ̃̑ͣ̈̅ͩ́͏̛̤̩̞̠͎i͐͌̂̒̐ͧ̈́ͧͭ̕҉͏̢̛̰͎̟̤̯̞̮ͅf͙̻̫͈̪̘̖̭̯̬̳̮͖̟̺͉͈̭̏̈́̑̽͐̃̓͊̏̉͜͜ẹ̴̢̨̩̙͉͕͖̙͎̏̑͐́̆̈́̓̆ͭͪ̀͊ͩͮ̽̚ͅ.̵̸̨͈̯̲̹̠̘̃̎̿̐̓̐ͮ̒̄̽̾̏̂ͨ͑ͤ̆̉



  6. Nether's Elana - Intimacy

    Nether Presents:
    Elana - Intimacy
    Nether's Elana and it's requirements, which can be found at: 

    (Patreon) https://www.patreon.com/posts/elana-and-her-1-85956085
    (Nexus) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/96707
    (Loverslab) https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/28201-elana-and-her-fiendish-friends/

    SUPPORTED PLATFORMS (pick one requirement):

    Functionality: Supports all positions and favorites

    Flower Girls
    Functionality: Supports all positions and favorites except handjob and footjob

    Functionality: Supports basic dialogue that leads into the act, no dialogue or position support

    Fade to Black
    -- no requirements --
    Functionality: Supports all positions and favorites (obviously no animations)

    MOD FEATURES (All Platforms, Icebreaker):
    - Sex dialogue that requires an icebreaker to get past when talking to her. Chances increase with relationship rank and you can try to icebreak hourly. Once you are able to freely ask her to have some fun with you there isn't a challenge roll any longer.

    MOD FEATURES (All Platforms, post-challenge):
    - You can have sex with her where you ask her or lead her somewhere else.
    - Dialogue is written immersively using Elana's speaking style.
    - She can react to you leaving intimacy dialogue abruptly, bumping into her when you are leading her somewhere or if you are wandering around naked (or having sex with someone else).
    - If you are naked or having sex with someone else, she can make comments about it and there is a chance that once you've put your clothes back on, she will want to be next. Can be toggled on or off.
    - When you wake up from sleeping, she can approach you for sex. Can be toggled on or off.
    - For Sexlab, Flower Girls on OStim: This mod only sends the "have sex, choose this position" event to those systems and doesn't make any changes. It should work with alternative systems that can use the Sexlab, Flower Girls or OStim API.
    - You can toggle an option to have a Fade-To-Black experience (no animations, screen fades out) even if not using Fade to Black installation.
    - You can hide or show Intimacy asking dialogue.

    MOD FEATURES (Sexlab, FlowerGirls, Fade to Black):
    - Sex dialogue: Elana will often suggest something she is interested in but can ask you for your preference.
    - Mod keeps track of (an estimate of) how many times you have done certain positions with her, which can change her dialogue and influence which positions she'd like to do when you ask her.
    - She can develop a favorite position based on how often you do a certain position with her. Favorite can change if you start doing a different position with her.
    - Though this mod was designed with a male player in mind, if you are playing a female, some positions and dialogue are hidden so that it better facilitates this kind of play. You can otherwise set the player to be referred to in the feminine or the masculine by talking to one of her and changing that option. Female players will always be in the dominant role.
    - Per the note above, Intimacy doesn't use Sexlab stats, Arousal or any other systems in that mod or Flower Girls. Initiating dialogue outside of Intimacy, doesn't increase their position tracking or give her a chance to develop a favorite. This makes it more universal and with less requirements and I decided to opt on the side of simplicity.
    - Sexlab Only: She will make a post sex comment after being intimate with you (only supported when initiating sex with this mod's dialogue).

    - To be intimate with her, use the dialogue option "In the mood for a little fun?+"



  7. SexLab Romance SE

    SexLab Romance SE
    SexLab Romance SE Dialogue Revision Is an add-on that revises the dialogue in clearer English
    I did NOT create this mod. I simply converted Spaceman's LE Upload for Skyrim Special Edition in accordance with the permissions he left on that page.
    The following copied from the original upload page:
    About This File
    SexLab Romance is a new mod for use with the SexLab framework that allows the player to initiate sex via dialogue rather than spells.
    Romance is not just another "want sex, get sex" type mod, instead the mod works with a huge range of factors to determine your likelihood of success for a given NPC. Not all NPC's are the same, indeed if you are starting a new game you may well find that more often than not your attempts at romance are doomed to fail, win over an NPC enough times and they may even be willing to follow you though (Obviously if you romance an important NPC enough and recruit them as a follower then you run the risk of breaking quests, use at your own risk!).
    Because you are romancing NPC's rather than just demanding sex, romance attempts can help increase your speechcraft skill. NPC's within the game are not robots though, you can't just proposition them for sex constantly, after you do proposition an NPC that NPC will be 'off limits' for a short while.
    If you are shy then you can lead your romantic target to somewhere a little quieter, you can even pick up another friend on the way for some threesome action if you want.
    If you do find it too hard to romance anyone (or too easy for that matter) then there is an MCM menu for the mod where you can adjust the difficulty, turn off sexual preferences and any racial adjustments to help boost your sex life in Skyrim.
    Change Log
    Changed tags for Lesbian and Threeway sex to ensure more scenes are used
    Added a toggle into MCM so that Romance uses SexLab's Sexuality for NPC's rather than it's own. This should help keep integrity with other sex mods. By default this is set to True.
    Removed Romance Fix.
    Added Romance Fix download. DO NOT USE UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO
    Added functions to initiate boobjobs, handjobs, footjobs and also FF specific sex
    Added toggles into MCM to control what NPC sex the dialogue displays for.
    Made slight change to hopefully make the mod useful with more characters. Basically changed the IsPlayerRace check to haskeyword=actortypenpc
    Also merged source code for scripts into the one download.
    Source Code made available for anyone to use/modify
    Fixed potential bug that could affect spouses
    Fixed that ability to talk to none playable races
    Added checkbox in menu to turn off cooldown if romance attempt was successful
    Moved files to Lovers Lab
    Corrected some minor dialogue errors
    Additional Info
    Factors that affect your chances of success
    While I don't intend to list everything that has an impact on your chance of success or failure, I will list some of the main ones:
    Speechcraft Skill
    Your Level
    Quests Completed
    NPC's Social Standing
    NPC's Sexual Orientation
    NPC's Relationship With You
    In addition, NPC's are dynamic between games, so you may find that in one game a particular NPC is easy, yet in another they are incredibly hard to win over.
    Future Plans
    Note: Development of this version of SexLab Romance has ceased, after being away for so long and seeing the advancements in SexLab, including some excellent new mods, a complete redesign of this mod is in order, possibly with a complete rewrite from the ground up. Because of this I have uploaded the source code for the scripts so that anyone who wishes to make changes or use anything within this mod for there own purposes is free to do so while I look at the possibility of creating a whole new RPG based romance mod.
    Future versions of this mod will include the following:
    NPC's approaching and propositioning you for sex
    An option to offer money or gifts for sex / Intimidate for sex (leading to rape if you let it) if an NPC turns you down, offering money for sex could cause offence however, and if an intimidation attempt leads all the way to rape you will definitely not be popular!!!!
    Possible integration with this blushing mod assuming there are no complications
    Options to romance your target in advance of propositioning them for sex, in an attempt to soften them up.
    If you enjoy my conversion work and would like to toss a coin to my coffee fund, you can visit my Patreon ~ Nomkaz



  8. SexLab: Murder, Theft and Seduction SE

    SexLab: Murder, Theft and Seduction SE
    I did NOT create this mod. That honor belongs to the Talented jbezorg
    I only converted it for Skyrim Special Edition, and have shared it with you with their permission.
    Tradução em Português do Brasil by @musashino 
    If you enjoy this mod, click on the link and give jbezorg some love, and check out their other mods!
    The following copied from the original LE page:
    This mod will allow the player to complete Delvin Mallory's fishing (pick-pocketing) quests as well as steal the key to the strong boxes for Vex's heist quests if the player manages to have sex with the quest target.
    In addition, Members of the Dark Brotherhood may choose to kill contract targets in their sleep after sex. The option to kill is only available to Dark Brotherhood contract targets.
    Witnesses will change how the murder crime will be reported. You must have a potion that damages health for each contract you wish to kill. One potion will be removed from the player's inventory for each murder. The method for selecting what potion to be removed is based off item count. Removing the potions you have the most of first. Theft
    Pickpocket bonus of up to 20% for pickpocket challenges made against a sexual partner depending on the player's sexual experience for up to one hour (game time) For thieves guild quests, you will get a chance to snatch the item right after the sexual act. Seduction
    Speech bonus of up to 20% for dialogue challenges made against a sexual partner depending on the player's sexual experience for up to one hour (game time). UNINSTALLING
    Two perks are added to the player by this mod. Both control the afterglow skill bonus to speech and pickpocket. To remove these perks from the player and for a clean uninstall, use the following command in console:

    set _sltns_version to -1.0  
    This mod does not add any dialogue options*. You will need another SexLab mod for that. Theft and Seduction uses SexLab's global hooks so any SexLab mod that can initiate sex with the Thieves Guild quest target will work.
    For both assassinations and theft opportunities you will be given the option to not go through with those actions after sex is over. Stealing is no longer a sure success. When given the option to steal, you will be told your percentage chance of success.
    * it does make changes to some existing Dark Brotherhood quest dialogue.

    Both of these changes may cause conflicts with other mods that alter the same quests.
    Some minor changes to the Thieves Guild Heist quest. Adding keys to the strongboxes to steal. And to the Dark Brotherhood assassination contract quests were made to enable dialogue with the targets. REQUIREMENTS
    Sexlab SE Any Sexlab SE Mod that allows the player to initiate sex with the Thieves Guild & Dark Brotherhood quest target NPCs. ( Suggested SexLab Romance SE) FAQ
    Inconsequential NPCs Skyrim Potions that will work for assassinations.
    Ice Wraith Bane Deadly Poison Virulent Poison Potent Poison Poison Weak Poison Nightshade Extract Deadly Lingering Poison Malign Lingering Poison Potent Lingering Poison Lingering Poison Weak Lingering Poison Lotus Extract Magic Effects that a potion must have at least one of if it's player created.
    Damage Health Lingering Damage Health Ravage Health  
    If you enjoy my conversion work and would like to toss a coin to my coffee fund, you can visit my Patreon ~ Nomkaz



  9. Notice Me Senpai - A Notice Board Addon

    This mod contains sexual violence, as well as other disturbing material. The player may engage in or be subjected to activities that some may find disturbing. A lot of this content can be avoided depending on how you play, but I can no longer promise that it can be avoided entirely. This mod contains a lot of emotionally complex dialogue... so please take care of yourself.
    This mod is a work of fiction. Any resemblence to people living or dead is purely coincidental. This is not a critique or commentary on sexual orientation, abuse (sexual or otherwise), sex work, or any other serious social issue. This work is a fantasy designed purely for entertainment and contains content that may be disturbing to some, such as degrading language and sexual assault. This content is ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR CHILDREN. The author is not responsible for illegal alterations made to this mod after the fact, or any damage to the user's computer. If you cannot tell fantasy from reality, DO NOT INSTALL THIS MOD. Treat other human beings with dignity and respect or fuck off and don't play my mods.
    Hope you like early 2000s and 90s anime music!
    Good player
    Evil player 1
    Evil player 2 
    Evil Player 3
    Prostitution Demo
    Follower sex demo
    Compatibility mode
    Clergy abduction
    Clergy abduction 2
    Casual sex/InnSex Workers
    Hypnotic Gaze
    Giants Offering
    Good Player Gisli Date
    Good player pimping
    Hardship in Tamriel: NMS Final version trailer
    Mistress Maven
    Hardship in Tamriel: NMS Final version trailer 2
    NMS Brothel demo.

    NMS started out as an addon for The Notice Board SE by MannyGT but has evolved into a much more robust roleplaying mod. However the NB stuff is pretty baked in so you're stuck with the requirement.  
    I've always enjoyed the rescuing citizens missions in Notice Board but found myself very disappointed in how little you can interact with the people you rescue. I had long thought about making a kind of Damsels in Distress mod for Skyrim but I thought, why bother reinventing the wheel when the basic framework is right there.  

    When you rescue an adult citizen you are now presented with dialogue options when you travel together. Many of the NPCs will have been taken advantage of by their captors (Yes even the men and the old ladies), though you saved some in the nick of time. You can be nice to them and offer words of comfort for their traumatic experience or you may choose to be an asshole. They will ask you for food and drink which you can offer if you have some, or pretend you don't have any when you do.  If you don't give them food and drink, they will become more distressed each time they ask.

    On rare occasions, if they weren't raped by their captors they may be so happy to see you that they offer you sex as a reward... or you can ask any of them for a reward... which they may well refuse... or you can just have a pleasant and completely platonic journey together. 

    Even if you start out as concensual lovers the NPC may refuse your next request for sex. This will lead to roleplaying opportunities to take things in a non concensual direction, or to behave as a decent person. If you are playing an evil character and rape the NPC, there will be no taking it back.  The writing will not pull any punches in terms of trying to make you feel bad for being a piece of shit. 

    After the quest has ended and you receive your bounty you will have the opportunity to turn the citizen into a kind of light follower. The way the follower behaves and what options you will have when speaking to them, differ depending on what transpired on the journey home. You can have more than one of these rescued followers but they can only travel with you one at a time and will be dismissed if you rescue another citizen. See Camp Follower section in 1.5 update
    As time went on numerous features were added such as prostitution, casual sex, slave training, and trading, as well as romantic, and sinister interactions specific to particular characters. Many of these not utilizing the Notice Board at all. The final update adds an entirely new roleplaying perspective, that of a downtrodden member of tamriel society. Read all theupdates in the features section for the whole picture.
     As of version 1.6.1 it contains over 13200 lines of silent voiced dialogue. ??
    (This is really it folks. The game itself has told me so... it's been fun.)
    If updating from 1.6.0:
    I foolishly uploaded the unarchived scripts in the last version. You will need to fully uninstall 1.6.0 before installing this version (Replace in MO2... Vortex users, are on their own) or delete the loose scripts otherwise they will override the updated scripts and trash your game performance.
    Added in version 1.6.4
    -Start your own whorehouse.
    Follow these steps or watch the video


    Added in version 1.6.3
    -Fixed Haelga ring of subjugation dialogue, she will now immediately act like your slave as intended once training begins and free up the captive slot immediately unlike other ring captives.
    -Added talk to victim/slave Ring of subjugation dialogue (You will help me capture someone) Remove ring before starting training to avoid unimmersive dialogue.
    -Added talk to john during sex dialogue. (Player must be under 150 units from your whore)
    -Fixed some gender discrepencies in dialogue.
    -Hooked up some dialogue that wasn't set up right, including some talk to player's whore during sex dialogue
    -Added an optional keyword check for begging. Any clothing item with keyword _T_BeggarClothes will now trigger player beggar dialogue
    Added in version 1.6.2
    -Removed Casual dialogue from followers and other inappropriate NPCs
    -Fixed broken Cuck and family dialogue
    -Other bug fixes
    Added in version 1.6.1
    -Removed inappropriate dialogue from animals/kids.
    -Removed superfluous casual sex dialogue
    -General bug fixes
    -Inclued the archived scripts
    Added in version 1.6.0
    Existing saves should be fine when updating from 1.5.0 and up... however  the new content is best played on a fresh character, as it largely rests on the idea of somebody who's not powerful.
    -Numerous important bug fixes
    -Ring of debuggery general improvements 
    -Debug ring get item abduction kit
    -Debug ring get item beggar clothes.
    -Debug ring disable casual dialogue.
    -Debug Ring fixed clear NPC cooldowns
    -Fixed lots of improperly setup dialogue. 
    This update adds features for a submissive/bottom playstyle, which can be mixed and matched with the existing dominatnt/top features to create thue roleplaying flexibility.
    Wear vanilla beggar clothes and gain access to begging dialogue. NPCs who take pity may give you up to 3 Septims but many won't. This can lead to sexual exploitation, and a life of sex work, and sometimes sexual slavery! 
    Become a sex worker through begging interactions, or simply turn the option on in the debug menu. Once on the job the player is presented with a wealth of roleplaying dialogue, the goal is immersion and realism. The player must negotiate their price and limits with each customer. This can lead to sexual assault (NOTE: This is much less violent than in Hardship for FO4, but you still have the option to fight.), or the customer passing you up if the price is too high.
    Once you have a regular customer you can ask them to protect you from rapists, for free sex and a steep cut of whatever gold you happen to have. 
    Bad boyfriend: 
    You can enter an abusive pimp relationship with a repeated rapist... It functions about the same as the other pimp, but he might not let you quit when you want to.
    You can tell a regular that you like them, and they don't have to pay for sex anymore. They will become a confidante to share your feelings on being a whore with, and you can ask them to protect you. Unlike the other pimps they do not demand payment.
    Begging, or whoring to the wrong person may result in your temporary enslavement. The length of this captivity, as well as the cruelty, strictness and types of activities presented by the captors varies, as do the penalties for escaping, ranging from jail to death.
    Arcadia and Bothela:
    Bothering either of these apothecaries may result in you being slipped a love potion. The potion will affect you quite badly for a time before wearing off. Unlike all the others, you may aquire these Mistresses even if you are not a beggar or a whore, and they are well suited for a heroic character who is just too trusting. These encounters are also seperate from the slave training system used by the rest of the scenarios.
    Probably the kindest mistress, and the one who's game is the closest to consensual. Lots of interesting dialogue and commentary on class struggle. She gives you a long leash compared to the rest. Real potential for a pretty woman-esque love story playthrough. In addition to serving her you will be expected to service her male Housecarl.
    Maven Black-Briar:
    The way you become Maven's slave is unique. She gives you one chance to save yourself... If you don't take it it's on you. As one might expect Maven is cruel but fair. Cool, detatched, and utterly without mercy. In addition to all that she comes with an entire family which you also have to please. Her daughter Ingun may be even worse, so watch yourself... your life depends on it.
    Radiant Sisters:
    These two come as a set, and therefore provide something very unique. They will use you at the same time or seperately. Likewise you may be punished or given tasks by either. This is the most restrictive arrangement since you are not allowed to even leave the shop, and players with needs mods must rely on them to live. Taarie is surprisingly kind once you are in her grip, but Endarie is a sadist and will fill your life with misery whenever she can.
    Wuunferth the undying:
    Wuunferth is a monster, a cruel old man who gets off on your pain and humiliation. However when he isn't using you he's fairly hands off and gives you the run of Windhelm... Just don't wander far or the results could be deadly. Tied with Maven for the most potential for player rape.
    Much like the existing training system for NPCs the player will be trained as a slave by their Master/Mistress. Obedience points (OP) can be gained over time as well as through following orders, disobedience points (DP) are gained through bad behavior and prevent the passive accumulation of OP pver time. DP can be cleared through the player being tortured, which can happen after 5 pts of disobedience are gained, or by  being highly disrespectful/disobedient. At low levels DP will dissipate over time.
    Tasks and orders: 
    Dominants and some minions will give you orders and small tasks to carry out. Some of these are tracked and affect discipline/obedience while some are just for roleplaying. Some of these make more sense if you are playing in VR, such as "Dust all the display cases". If you aren't you may want to look for a mod that lets you play the broom idle on command. I know something like that existed for Oldrim at least.
    Protip: Get a mod that lets you sleep anywhere for the houses without beds you can use. This is especially important for Maven and Wuunferth, for reasons that will become apparent as you play.

    A truly stupid amount of silent dialogue. including Wide variety for different gender pairings. Gay dialogue aimed at a more repressed medievel society.  Romantic/Fantasy style writing, with an eye to lore friendlyness, and semi-realism. More romance-novely than you may be used to from my other mods, but aiming at a "feeling" of realism, and an exploration of consent roleplay that I haven't really seen before. You can be really nice, or a complete scumbag.

    Options to ask to make out, have the NPC undress or masturbate for you. Concensual and non concensual versions. When they are naked you can comment on their looks, either complimenting or insulting them, just be prepared to deal with the consequences.

    Citizens that you've raped can be tied up. There is specific greet dialogue's for this, as well as specific Hunger and thirst dialogue. They will also have dialogue where you can threaten them to keep quiet about what has happened.

    Special behavior if you attack or accidentally hit them. This is most drastically aparent in Non-concensual NPC who becomes follower, where it becomes a very light pseudo punishment system.
    Added in version 1.0.2
    -Marriage status check 
    There is NO WAY to check WHOM they are married to (boo) but it is assumed to be opposite sex regardless of the sexlab orientation check. This is because A: All Vanilla Bethesda Married NPCs are in a hetero pair, and B: Because Skyrim is super repressed and closeted (IMO) You seriously don't think Ulfric is Hella gay?  So gay NPC telling you to "not tell his wife" is Immersive as fuck.
    -Dialogue for kindness 
    Includes saying something complementary, as well as  offering food or water at any time (If you have it) even if they aren't hungry or thirsty. This is swapped for "Positive reinforcement" subsection if player is evil.

    -New greets after specific acts fisting, BJ, and Anal
    These are randomly mixed in with the old ones. Initial topic is finicky about random text though and sometimes flipflops from one to another before you can read it, I will probably avoid putting any there if I make another Skyrim mod.
    -Give a beating topic
    Unequips player's current weapon and spells and draws fists. As before, beating the prisoner (If you have raped them) will raise a hidden discipline stat, which will alter dialogue over time with each beating (Hit until knocked down, then talked to). Now a notification will say "Discipline +1" when this happens.
    -Added ability to gag the NPC with a cloth gag when restrained.
    Also overhauled restraint topic to make it more reliable. "NOTE" To prevent NPC from standing back up for several seconds, let the restraint topic (Hogtie, etc...) Complete on it's own. IE don't button spam through it.
    -Kneel/standup option to gagged menu.
    -Kneeling comment dialogue.
    -Weapon drawn dialogue
    -Added topics that will allow you to say you will not beat or rape the prisoner for a time.
    This will lower the hidden discipline stat and revert dialogue when appliccable.
    Added in version 1.5.0
    -Cuckholding system:
    If you have a sexual relationship with the NPC you rescued (Consensual or not) and they are married, after you recruit them as a follower, you can cuckhold their spouse.

    -Prostitution system:
     If you don't have food or drink, (or lie about not having any) and the NPC you rescued is hungry/thirsty enough, you may be able to talk them into selling their body for gold. (Or if you are an evil PC you can force them into it). 

    Unwilling NPCs, and most willing ones will be unhappy with this arrangement, and if you had a consensual relationship they will stop agreeing to sleep with you, but a small percentage will find they enjoy it. These may actually become your lover if they weren't before.
    Extensive customer dialogue which is different depending on if You are in the same room with your whore when you talk to them.
    Dialogue for discussing the john with your whore before the price negotiation. The Whore's prejudices and attitude toward the job will be reflected in the lines. For instance Nords don't like Dark elf johns, and nobody wants to fuck Argonians. 

    Haggling system where the John may balk at the price, and you can smoothly offer then next lowest. Or they may offer more money if you join in (which you can refuse) Different races may act differently, for instance Khajiits will almost never turn down sex, but are fierce hagglers, meanwhile Argonians are so happy that you let them use their whore that they don't haggle at all.

    Guard dialogue. You can offer your whore's services to the guards to stay in their good graces, though this rarely leads good places for you. This is strictly for roleplaying and can be disabled with the console by typing:  Set _T_NoPigs To 1

    -Vanilla follower (Or custom followers that use CurrentFollowerFaction) options: 
    new dialogue options to your companions for socializing, discussing rescue missions, and options to let the companion have sex with your NMS follower (Who is your lover, and agrees to it, or is your victim) Including group sex with the player. You can also ask that they pay for it, but this is likely to piss them off. 

    Dialogue to start a casual friends with benefits relationship with this companion, to have sex with them. 
    Dialogue to discuss the Sex worker NMS follower.

    Companion will behave as you do, if you do evil things they will relate to you as if they are also evil, or good if you behave like a good guy.
    A few character and race specific responses as well as responses appropriate for a housecarl.
    Tested and works with Underwhelming multiple followers... don't know if it will with anything as bloaty as AFT.

    -Character specific dialogue:
    For a couple of notable characters, if they should happen to be kidnapped (Mainly Haelga and Olava the Feeble, but there are a couple of other tiny touches in there). They will have specific lines and/or behaviors such as immediately becoming your whore, or slave under certain circumstances, or having unique preferences.
    -Compatibility mode:
    Temporarily disable the main blocking dialogue topics for the NMS follower(s) (Note this doesn't work on TNB prisoner, only on the followers you have recruited from their homes) This allows you to access other mods that have top level dialogue (Like Zaz 8 helper) while still having access to SOME of the NMS features. This is only meant to be enabled temporarily and the mod can't be played effectively as long as it is active.
    -Added Wait option to TNB prisoner USE WITH CAUTION
    Losing this NPC before you get them home could be very bad.
    -Slave training: 
    Through various methods you can train your unwilling victim to become your loyal sex slave. Beatings and other actions that increase discipline like tying them up may break their will, but beating them too often may have the opposite effect. After their will is brioken relentless sexual assault may finally make them your slave. At which point you can choose to have them refer to you as Master/Mistress, or not.

    Showing kindness or using maniplative language may result in feelings of illogical affection... though this may cause their discipline to go down. Conversely abuse gained discipline, may cause irrational affection to decrease. With enough irrational affection, the NPC will fall in love with you... Keep raising it and they will become your slave in the same manner as with discipline. Other things such as kissing, and forced masturbation, or the slave having an unwilling orgasm during rape (random dialogue), or other forms of humiliation may also contribute to the irrational affection stat.
    Training stats can very slowly decrease over long periods of time (At least Irrational love does) A victim broken through discipline's training stats will no longer go below 5. An NPC's vanilla relationship rank will change based on their current feelings towards you.  This is especially useful when using PLANCK in VR as a NPC who loves you will no longer shrink from your touch.

    Training dialogue includes humiliations and insults, as well as manipulative gaslighting dialogue.
    Dialogue has been added to help guage the NPCs feelings towards you in an immersive way.
    At a certain level of training you get the option to say that all of the victim's posessions belong to you. If successful, whatever cell you are standing in will become owned by the player. This is meant to allow you to use their home as a player home or at least not have them try to kick you out at night. This is VERY easy to abuse, Only say it in their house. RP responsibly. 

    Unique dialogue for the fully trained slaves.

    -Camp Follower:
    If you rescue a new NPC or recruit an existing follower while you already have one (Not a  current rescue) That follower will continue following with diminished capabilities. This only applies to victim/slave NPCs They can also be dismissed if you so choose.

    CF has unique RP dialogue. Has their own outfit management, can kneel, kiss, masturbate and have sex with the player. (Though you will not be able to choose the type)
    If you have raped your current follower/rescue, you will have options for the CF to assist you in training them. This will contribute to the CF's on progress towards becoming your slave if they are not already one. This can be having sex with them, alone or with the player, or fisting them if they are female.

    You can beat and tie up the CF,  and this will contribute towards their training, but the currency of training the CF isn't discipline or Love but your attention. Having sex with them also adds towards this. It might actually be faster to train a slave this way than by giving them your full attention.

    You can also recruit a NMS follower directly into the CF role if you currently have a rescue, or other follower as the primary.

    You can swap roles between CF and main (As long as the main isn't a current rescue) Note that this will clear the current training stats so, best to do it at the very beginning of training, or right after breaking their will.
    Dialogue for companion to let them have sex with the CF ("You can fuck the other one if you like")

    -Sacrificial spouse:
    If your victim is married you can tell their spouse of the situation and offer them the option of taking their place, which being wracked with guilt over not rescuing their husband or wife, they will accept. Of course there is nothing stopping you from keeping them both. This is especially fun to do after cucking them just to drive the point home.
    -Fuck the poor:
    If If your victim is a whore you can offer them to Beggars for free, as a method of "teaching the whore a lesson" or simply out of a sense of charity towards the unfortunate unhoused of Skyrim.
    Added in version 1.5.1
    -Woman with penis support:
    Female player characters who's sexlab gender is set to male will now have access to male sex options with a lot of extra gender appropriate dialogue, as well as the existing female dialogue (except oral rape, that is either or) If your body setup has a penis but no vagina you can remove player vagina options by typing Set _T_NoPussy To 1 in the console. Set it to 0 to bring it back.
    -Loving dialogue
    The ability to be nicer to and have less aggressive sex with a victim who has fallen in love with their player captor, or is a fully trained slave.
    -Greets where infatuated captive/fully trained slave will ask if they can do anything to serve the player.
    -The ability to recruit a former victim as camp follower during rescue:
    Added in version 1.5.2 
    -Automatic support for waterskins from Sunhelm, or iNeed.
    -I'm going to whip you" dialogue when you have a ZAZ Punishment weapon equipped (Includes the PAH whip that you get in the latest TRAM update.)
    -House slaves.
    You can turn up to 4 fully trained slaves into a house slave. They will sandbox where you leave them, so if there are idle markers for work they will do it. These are more basic slaves like the Camp follower, but you can have basic sex with them and they do all the basic things like Kneel, masturbate, kiss, etc... (Let me tell you this wasn't easy) They can follow and fight for you, and are commandable and can be made to wait while following as well.

    They can't be tied up, though you can obviously just put Zaz or DD stuff on them and have them use Zaz furniture using Zaz 8 helper with compatibility mode.

    You can access their inventory but they have no outfit management so it will revert on loads and fast travel and stuff. It would just be too big of a pain to track for this many slaves. Use something like Dudestia's outfit changer mod to dress them up and lock their outfit.

    -Currently they can't be whored but that will likely change in the future.
    -They can be made to stand at attention and are exceptionally polite and loyal. They can be rehired as a main slave or camp follower at any after you dismiss them.
    -Once a day you can get a home cooked meal from one of your house slaves. (Who needs a wife). 
    Added in version 1.5.3
    -No more repeated rescues
    Once you've talked to a new rescue they will be added to the TNB blacklist so they won't come up again on a given save file. (hopefully)
    -Ratcatcher topics:
    Opportunities to get certain characters into the system not through The Notice board. So far the characters supported are Camilla, Kleppr, Frabbi, Hroki, and Hreinn. 
    Recruit Camilla to come with you during Golden Claw quest (Speech > 25 or Hypnotic Gaze perk required (or abduct her). Underwhelming unique dialogue if you whore Camilla in Riverwood. (Though I recommend you don't do the Sven dialogue as bards are extremely buggy when put in the John alias).
    In depth instructions:
    Every member of the family that runs the silverblood inn is unhappy, You can persuade each of them to go out with you, which can lead to nice or evil outcomes. Each has requirements same as Camilla, except the son... He is depressed and desperate for attention and will go with anyone. Note you can only go with one on a date in any given playthrough (replay value!) but you can have all of them, as your victim followers using the new system below.
    In depth instructions:
    -Do I hear banjos?
    NMS is kinda like Fast and the Furious, or the Olive Garden in that it's all about Family. Yes you sick puppies, you can now make your captives do naughty things with their immediate (adult) family members, Ransom them for 100 gold a day, and even coerce their loved ones into also becoming your captives. Conveniently the first ratcatcher topics provide plenty of opportunities for ozark down home lovin, but it also works with regular notice board rescues.
    In depth instructions:
    -Added a dialogue patch for Zaz Animation Pack 8.0 Helper Addon 1.0.2
    Place it below Zaz furniture placer and NMS in the plugin load order. It just overrides the dialogue with something more appropriate to NMS, and will have dialogue appropriate to the NPCs enslavement level. This is only for the old 1.0.2 version not the newer version for multiple NPCs. I may make something for it after I try it... I dunno.
    Added in version 1.5.4
    -KIssing now only appears as an option when the NPC is nude.
    (Doesn't apply to vanilla followers)
    -House slave improvements: 
    They can now be rehired as main slave, or Camp Follower without having to dismiss them. They can now be pimped so long as there is no Main slave, rescue or CF in the party.
    -Unique rescue dialogue for Thaena, wife of the Jarl of Winterhold.
    Thaena will always say yes when asked for the reward. A modest amount of custom dialogue for cucking the jarl is also added.
    -Champion of the downtrodden:
    You can now offer help to most of the (adult) beggars in the game. Offer them the chance to come work for you as your follower. This offers all the same features as vanilla followers including friends with benefits. Likewise their attitude and the dialogue for recruiting them will changed based on how much evil you've done in the past (rapes).
    However they can not be dismissed like vanilla followers (They're your responsibility now) though you can have them sandbox wherever you want like the House slaves. Beggars not included are those which are completely insane, or too plot involved. (Dervenin, Narfi, and Gissur)
    -Optional weapon draw
    You can now temporarily remove the teammate status from your vanilla followers and Beggar minions. This will prevent them from attacking your victim while you administer your... loving discipline. Note that for the vanilla followers this will disable their "trade something with you" option, though you will still be able to access the inventories of the beggar minions (Because I rule and Bethesda drools). You will want to reinstate teammate status before combat. (duh)
    -More Ratcatcher topics: (Opportunities to get certain characters into the system not through The Notice board) 
    Like all Ratcatcher topics this option disappears if the NPC in question is selected by the notice board for rescue, and doing the topic removes them from The Notice Board.
    The Hardship of a long suffering sister.
    Birna the shopkeeper, is desperate to survive. As she always says: She does what she has to to get by. this includes reluctantly selling her body for 25 gold a go! The player can simply partake of her services as often as they like, or... if they are evil, use it as an opportunity to lure her away to victimization and enslavement.
    The Hardship of unhoused women.
    The nights are cold and there is a killer about. The wily beggar, Silda the unseen is tough as nails, but even she is scared. 
    Edda the beggar is going a little mad. She is certain that the city of riften will kill her and soon. She'll do anything to avoid that fate.
    Will the player offer these desperate women help, no strings attached? Having them become a heroic sidekicks, or unsavory minions?  
    Will they take advantage of thir miserable situation, and coerce them into becoming their "willing" slave,... or will they simply use them as a cheap whore for a measly 10 gold a pop... before cruelly casting them back to their looming fate?
     Added in version 1.5.7
    -Trade in Bandits for a reward (See evil section for details)
    EVIL PLAYER: (None of the below applies to the follower during the rescue)
    -The victim's relationship rank will no longer go under 2, this is to give the player free hits to do damage if they want.
    Unfortunately this means you get the friendly barks, but oh well... ?‍♀️
    -Run for your life mode:
    If the victim is non essential you will have a new dialogue option to have them run for their life, with the promise of killing them if caught. If not caught after a couple of minutes they will be dismissed and wander home where you can recruit them again.
    If the Victim is non essential.... If they are kneeling with zaz wrist bondage, or tied up (NMS Restraint), You can put them in an execution mode, where you can kill them with one hit.
    -There is now new dialogue that will appear when your victim's health is below 50% after a beating. 
    -If a Vicim is bound to Zaz furniture you can get special dialogue taunting to kill them, and dialogue for various levels of health loss. 
    -Ring of debuggery
    I added a debug menu which can be accessed via the console, or by wearing the ring.
    -Ring of Subjugation
    When worn allows you to capture many random citizens when your weapon is drawn. Wear it and draw a weapon. (Right hand is more reliable). Then talk to any non-aggroed NPC (There are some exlusions, like Jarls and shit) This works when tresspassing as well, as long as you haven't aggroed them yet. 
    You can use defeat in conjunction with the ring by talking to a defeated and tied enemy. After you talk to them and capture them with the ring, IMMEDIATELY choose Defeat's "tied up" option and untie them.
    You can only have 2 captives at a time, including the one that is being trained. You can only train one at a time. 1While being trained, they take up the main NMS follower slot and you CAN'T dismiss them until they are broken. (+10 discipline) Do not start an TNB rescue while training a captive.
    It can be used to betray beggar followers.
    The rings can be dropped, or stored, or whatever, you can always get another one by accessing the console debug menu. The rings will be added automatically on a new save but on existing saves you'll need to use this console command to get them: Set _T_NMS_Debug To 1 It will take up to 6 seconds for the menu to appear. Get the Debug ring first as then you can use it to get the second ring without having to use the console again. 
    -"I'd even buy one of your relatives, if you're looking to sell!"
    As we've all suspected for more than a decade, Belethor is shady as shit. He has secret ties to slavers and he'll buy your fully trained slaves wholesale.
    To sell them to Belethor you have to have a whore working for you and offer them to Belethor. If you have a speechcraft over 30 you will get dialogue to begin selling him slaves. Once you have a slave to sell enter the same room as him and tell the FULLY TRAINED slave you are going to sell them (I think it's in orders) Then talk to Belethor. Make sure you say your goodbyes before talking to Belethor, as when they are sold they go poof. 
    -"It's been too long since we've had a bandit raid"
    AGAB. Guards are lazy, they love it when you do your job for them. Bring Bandits, Forsworn, and Silverhands captured with the ring to Hold jails and talk to a guard to trade them in for a modest reward. Don't feel too bad that you are condemning them to certain exectution or worse. The captives will not need to be talked to unless they've been turned into a slave, in which case you'll need to do the same process as with Belethor. It may not work with named bandits like that beyotch that attacks you outside that one dungeon in the mountains. (See my good player gameplay vid) 
    Added in version 1.5.8 Existing saves should be fine when updating from 1.5.0 and up... for anything older:  CLEAN SAVE REQUIRED!
    Ring of debuggery improvements:  
    -teleport verious NMS followers to you. 
    -Clear various aliases 
    -Clear NMS factions and tokens from an NPC.  BROKEN! Do not use till 1.6+
    Captives improvements:
    -Rape captives without putting them into the main alias.
    -Execute captives without having to train them first.
    Bound captive/victim topic:
    Dialogue that lets you explain why you might have a bound person with you... in case that ever comes up. It won't say (LIE) if they actually were a bandit originally, and the response is slightly different.
    Sandboxing dismiss:
    I've added the ability to put 4 friend/lover NMS followers, or 4 broken (but not fully enslaved) victims or any combination of these into a sandboxing reserve alias similar to the house slaves. These aliases only have dialogue to rehire them or put them in compatibility mode (For dancing and bondage and such using other mods) This makes things much more convenient for things like hiring the full service hookers Birna and Ysolda or doing any of the full featured ratcatcher topics while travelling with an existing Follower as all of them don't show up when you have a main follower or CF.
    New Ratcatcher topics:
    -Date Gisli
    -Broaden Ysolda's financial horizons
    Cannibalism stuff:
    Got a lot of raw human flesh and hearts laying around? Go ahead and feed it to your victims! (Or don't... you probably shouldn't)
    Giant Offering: 
    If you take your main NMS victim to a Giant camp and have them kneel nude, it will be seen as an offering to the giants. One will walk over to you and not aggro, and give you several mammoth related items in trade before fucking them. This is very traumatic and istantly breaks unbroken victims, just like incest. There is a 1 in 6 chance that they will drop dead immediately after each time, due to the stress on their bodies (If they aren't essential)... So you'll have to decide if it's worth the risk for those lucrative tusks, and some tasty cheese. After he's done he'll stay unaggressive until you get her back up, so make sure he wanders far enough away first.
    General ratcatcher topic: 
    (Only appears when wearing the ring of subjugation, with weapon sheathed) This is used to lure people away so you can draw your weapon and capture them.
    Topic:  -Excuse me... I need your help. (LIE)
    leads to:
    -My new dog's wandered off. He's just a pup... Might you help me search?
    -Please... My child has wandered off. Can you help me look for them?
    -Come quickly... someone's injured!
    -Come walk with me. I have something to show you. (HYPNOTIC GAZE) (This option appears if you have the illusion perk. It's 100% effective.)
    How people react and if they follow you depends on a combination of things including, speechcraft, how you are dressed, if they are dressed like a rich person, and gender. For instance Nazeem isn't gonna give a single fuck about your lost puppy... OR child (Unless you are dressed rich and then only maybe), but his wife most likely will.
    Clergy have a topic such as: -Priestess... Would you walk with me? I have questions about Kynareth. (LIE) for whatever their devotion is. This is also 100% effective.
    Topic: Guard... I need your help! (LIE) 
    Leads to:
    -I spotted someone suspicious... I fear they may be up to no good.
    -I've been robbed! I saw where they ran off to... I can show you!
    All of these are gonna allow you to cheat and break the game in new and exciting ways and should never be used on a save you are too precious about. 
    Most priests are essential until their lame-ass quests are done. 
    Casual sex topic:
    Appears on most adult NPCs without a full ratcatcher topic.  
    -Just for fun or as a way to lure people away for evil (or tactical) intent. Improves disposition.
    -Seduction is based on speech level which varies between NPCs Some reqrire 0 Some require 90 Most are in the 25-40 range.
    -Men are easier to seduce.
    -Marital status matters (sometimes)
    -There is also an RNG element unless your speech is VERY high.
    -Vanilla Hypnotic Gaze perk (Illusion) will allow you to sleep with nearly anyone by mesmerizing them. for certain mentally disciplined NPCs you may also have to reach 
    a speech threshold. The option will only appear if it will work
    -In addition to very high speech or high speech + Hypnotic Gaze you can sleep with Elisif if you are Thane of Solitude. 
    -This doesn't remove them from the Notice board so if they are kidnapped after you've had sex they will recognize you and you'll automatically interact as lovers. I think this can add a nice touch to good playthroughs where you feel a personal engagement with the rescue system.
    -Some NPCs get a little extra content that falls short of a full on ratcatcher topic.
    1: Having Hypnotic Gaze will probably make the mod less fun. It's in there for a very particular kind of playthrough where you are a powerful aloof asshole sorceror (Hi it's me the Purple man) You will almost certainly not want to run it in most games. Save it for a special playthrough. this is another good reason why people running perk mods that remove Hypnotic Gaze like ordinator shouldn't feel left out.
    2: Sex resulting from Hypnotic gaze is not counted as rape by the mod's internal systems even though it absolutely totally is. This is regrettable but it comes down to practicalities and unnecessary script overhead. RP responsibly.
    Sex Workers:
    --Full service with more fleshed out Ratcatcher dialogue, typical sex acts available to main follower.
    Birna - 25 gold
    Edda - 10 gold
    Silda -10 gold
    Ysolda - 70 gold
    --Run of the Mill Inn whores with fewer frills. You don't select sex type but do select top or bottom (same with casual sex)
    -Innkeeper madame whores (can't be recruited)
    Eydis -30 gold
    Faida -40 gold
    Jonna -30 gold
    Valga -40 gold
    -Inn working girls (Can be recruited to work for player)
    Abelone -30 gold
    Narri -40 gold
    Julienne -40 gold
    Saadia -40 gold
    In addition there are 3 secret female NPCs that can be convinced to become your whore after varying amounts of casual sex. 
    The Notice Board SE For fuck's sake don't bother the author of this with your issues with my mod. My mod doesn't actually touch his in any way other than checking if a quest is running and having a higher priority blocking topic which gets rid of the annoying as fuck "BE CAREFUL"! every 3 seconds, and replacing it with something actually immersive. 
    Zaz animation pack SE 8+ If you get the wrong version and shit doesn't work that is on you. Build the items for your body, and you may need to have the meshes from Devious devices SE built in bodyslide (though you do not need the esp) If some items are invisible, this is why.
    Fuz Ro D'oh SE or Unofficial FRD VR version
    Sexlab SE, or Sexlab VR, and all their requirements.
    In addition the quality of your experience will vary greatly based on what animations you have installed and how you curate them!
    For gay (MM) animations either the SLAL or standalone version of M2M SE is highly recommended, if not required.
    For Lesbian and straight animations I strongly recommend Billy's SLAL anims
    For EVERYBODY I STRONGLY recommend if not require Leitos SLAL anims
    Some of Babos human animations work okay.
    If any of the options aren't producing animations installing these should fix it as it's what I have
    -Just bombing through dialogue may cause issues, especially when the aliases are being filled so take your time and let things happen when activating scripted dialogue events like recruiting or swapping NMS Followers. A good rule of thumb is to wait for all the notifications to finish so the outfit management can finish working.
    -Compatibility mode will disable a lot of this mods dialogue so only use it when you need it then turn it off.
    -If the NPC stands up after you tie them up giving them a smack will refresh their package and they should lie back down. Sometimes the gag doesn't show up on male NPCs... no, idea why as the gag model does have a male version and works if you just put it on them. ?‍♂️
    -If I put a warning next to a line of dialogue HEED IT. 
    -If you are a min/maxer... Then fucking try not to be one. You can do the slave training way too fast if you try, but if you play organically and just let things happen naturally you'll have a lot more fun.
    -Occasionally during Maven's slave scenario one of the Black-Briars will ask you to leave despite you having rights to be in the Manorm Try exiting and returning, simply waiting out of sight, or reloading a save.
    -You have to redress yourself after player prostitution, Player slave sex, and Player rape.

    Q: That's kind of a stupid name isn't it?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Why make an addon for Notice Board rather than the more up to date alternative(s)?
    A: I just came back to playing Skyrim with SVR after working on my own FO4 mods for several years, and NEVER played SE. Plainly, I didn't know better.
    Q: Why does this require ZAZ 8+?
    A: See above... I didn't know not everybody used the latest version... That said I do use the keywords so 8+ features are actually used.
    Q: Did you make a curved swords joke?
    A: No... Somehow I resisted.
    Q: Is Camilla a sloot?
    A: Yes.
    Thanks to @JB. for testing assistance.
    Thanks to @TrollAutokill as I took a decent ammount of inspiration from DoM.
    Thanks to @requiredname65 for assistance finding conditions.



  10. Spanish Fire 3 SE

    Replaces the first seven female voices and last two male with over 2400 Spanish spoken sound samples for added variety, including mild and hot variations  (with 1 french voice of course).
    Installation.- With a mod manager after Sexlab Framework 1.63. ( For 3.3 and the expressions auto refresh issue, it will work fine if you skip BetterblowjobSE fix, and copy the script sslBaseExpression.pex from the sexlab framework folder and paste it over the Lipsync fix.  ? )
    https://www.redgifs.com/watch/whitesmoketubbyabalone  (longer  https://www.xvideos.com/video76025481/spanishfire3_skyrim)
    If you wanna support this and FX4classics:



  11. SexLab Simple Dialog

    This is a dialog sex mod that allows you to choose a position from a conversation and bring it to sex.
    You can think of it as a Mod that only extracts the part of the conversation in SLEN where you have sex.
    Operation test was done in SE environment, not tested for LE and AE.
    Conversations and play are created with the assumption that the player is female.
    I have no plans to create a male version of the game as I have no interest in making the player male.
    You are, however, free to edit the assets to create a male version.

    SexLabAroused (Optional) --- It is no longer supported from 1.30.
    Will appear in the conversation with a probability of update interval set by MCM.
    Excludes children and non-playable races.
    There is an optional version that requires SexLabAroused (or derived ver such as OSLAroused).
    The probability of occurrence is calculated as Arousal value * Probability of occurrence (%).
    If you choose to be patient in the conversation, the Arousal will be +10.



  12. SexLab Extra Voices Addon Futanari voice

    SexLab Extra Voices Addon Futanari voice

    New Futanari Voice to use with 
    SexLab Extra Voices + Nusbie's Voices 1.5.0
    That you have to download and install first for this Modification of the Female 
    Slot 22 be able to work ..
    Download it here :
    SexLab Extra Voices + Nusbie's Voices 1.5.0
    Small Voice files sample used ..

    Futanari voice 22.mp4    
    Just install it and let it overwrite 
    SexLab Extra Voices + Nusbie's Voices 1.5.0




  13. SexLab Dialogues SE

    Instead, get the conversion made and maintained by the original author - DeepBlueFrog - from here:
    SexLab Dialogues SE v3.1
    Converted to Skyrim SE by Roggvir
    Resaved ESP in CK Recompiled all scripts Moved script sources to correct SSE folder "source/scripts" Optimized "sack_cloth_piece.nif" using SSE NIF Optimizer v3.0.6 Removed the purple hair mesh and tri, and changed the NIF and TRI of _SLD_MaleSlaveHair and _SLD_FemaleSlaveHair to those of HairMaleRedguard1 and HairFemaleRedguard04 Reverted the change of EditorID "BloodyRags01", previously renamed to "_SLD_BloodyRags01".
    Now it has the original EDID "BloodyRags01" Fixed incorrect "Max Height Data" and Water flow of some of the edited Worldspace records Undeleted some vanilla reference at the GuardianStones, and set it as initially disabled Fixed incorrect lighting and fog settings in some cell (don't remember which, some mines i think) Fixed incorrect position of Human Skull in the Bleak Falls Sanctum Regenerated the SEQ file, just in case  
    SexLab Framework SE 1.63 - BETA 2 Sexlab Aroused Redux SSE v2.9 ZAZ Animation Packs for SE 1.0.0 (ZAZ 7.0SE-Rev1)  
    Original mod:



  14. SL Tags and dialog sex

    Update information
    current recent version 1.5.7
    this up-date only add and edit script function  for "SL Tag and Prostitution with 3P" so if you do not use it, no need to update without you have issue.?
    ( both mod use same function,, I sometimes edit one of script without up-load it, but up-load other,,  and notice it later.. ^^; 
    so basically I hope you keep to install recent version, when I up-date one of them)
    Though I hope this mod user  test the add on too. if you can, and hope to know if it work or not. 
    1.5.6 clean up script for A to E dialog. + add inform to show which slot is currently selected when start sex, when  you do not use Slot list but set Slot for each dialog.
    Though this up-date mainly for recent  Prostitute with 3P script modified, and confirm.,, (so user can use perfect same file which I test in MY pc)
    1.5.5 add return option for most of UI list menu.  when select animations.
    before when you select animation from slot list >>> Animation list   there was no return function.
    And  I change  "Test option to show all list (more than 125) "   auto set other options.  (ignore other setting, which can not use this option)
    it always  use  animation list,   and Use  Tag setting to serch animation.   so you can easy activate/ de-activate without change other options. 
    find one dialog victim setting use other dialog one,, and clean up all scirpt which attached to dialogs ....   (to manage easy for each dialog))
    I think this mod almost finish what I have planed about this mod...? 
    Now you may see animation counts when activate option to show all valid animation as list.  
    even though max count < 125,  with this option, it will show list one. (it can not be avoided, because, when check count, it need to check all pages in registry,.
    The count  will be shown as List menu label
    Add new option, which can show more than 125 animations  as lists  when you select animation to start Sexlab Scene.
    That means, now you can see all animation which can valid for current tag setting in your sexlab registry.
    And I have one serious request for this tag and dialog sex user ?

    I  removed  one attached ghost  property for un-used Message,  from plug in (I can not tell well) thanks report @Pstd5
    which have shown one error when you check plug in in Tess V edit.   (though it might not cause issue,, it never used by script anymore)
    but if you like clean esp ,update to 1.3.6 please.   
    you may not need clean save data  from  1.3.5 to 1.3.6 so please keep your saved preset (if you already saved them) 
    Update to 1.3.5  need clean save data (and old preset, may not work well, so ideally remove them first  sorry)
    it fix critical bug
    so even though you do not notice issue, please update to 1.3.5 !!?
    SL Tags and Dialogue Sex
    Hi all. ☺️This is my first mod I up-loaded. I think I could make this mod  somehow useful. So decide to up-load here and get feed back ^^. because this forum is my best place to get new mods and learning.
    I often run sexlab animation with use tags.   Then there is sexlab tools,  to select tags and run animation, (and many mod offer same function) but they are not made to manage your prefer tag settings, then save and reuse. What I hoped was..  Easy choose multiple tags , surpress tags >> list up and show animation names with current tag setting>> save current tag settings and animations[] array as preset (slot) , then save in game data>> choose saved slot (tag setting/ and serched animations[]) then run animations with dialogue. (or magic etc) by UI list menu. (and options)  At current you can save tag setting and animation list as 10 slot (slot A to slot J)    1.5.0 can save 16 slot (SlotA to SlotP)
    and you can rename slot as you need. like Aggressive-a etc. 

    this mod main purpose was make kind of  management tool to save animations with tags as slot/preset but, to run animation we need trigger. (or no meaning to save animation slot )
    Then to run saved slot animations, there are 5 condition dialogue topic, they may be shown when condition much. (like, consensual sex)  At same time I added some option, how use saved slot for each 5 dialogue. and start animations. (assign slot for each dialgoue in MCM). 

    you can choose which saved slot animations wil be used for each dialogue by list. (select slot when start animation), you can select slot by uilist when start sex. 
    (select one animation as list / sexlab select one animation in slot) When start animation with saved slot, you need to choose one animation from list / sexlab auto select animation in current slot.
    Skyrim runtime SE 1.5.97  (not test with other version, eg Recent SE aka AE versions)
     though I suppose it should work, but you need to download SKSE and sexlab for your play runtime version (AE or 1.6 XX SE)
    I only know one user who use this mod with AE, thanks report. then  he reply it work. but I do not test by  myself.. and can not support 
    how to set -up sexlab etc for Recent SE 1.6 XXX versions (AE, I call so)?
    if someone can confirm it work with AE , tell me please. 
    Sexlab frame work SE 1.63  and all require mods for sexlab  frame work
    SKSE ( SE 1.5.97 runtime version)  
    SKY UI (SE 1.5.97 runtime version )
    Not require but used 
    SKY UI library (LE)
    SKY UI library script and files are already included in this mod package as author recommended. , so you do not need to install it.  
    When you have installed mod which use same files, you may see some conflict , witth your mod manager about SKY UI lib files,
    but it cause no problem , because they should be same files  ( I packed them because, mod author recommend it, then you need not install SKY UI Library)
    How to install
    Just download zip and use your favorite mod manager, then activate Wiftagsex.esp  (esl flag)
    you can locate this mod, and plug in as same as other sexlab mod as you like. (just locate , under Sexlab , SKYUI or SKSE,  I may recommend you locate it under other  sexlab mod, which may use dialogue for sex, but basically there is no load order issue)   I set this mod like this in MO2

    at current this mod only support 1 VS 1 animation, and mainly made for "player male vs NPC female" with my favor. But I hope others will edit this  and change dialogue or script to fit for each purpose.  I may ask other to make it work for creature or another gender actors , which I do not test enough. Eg support for futanari aggressor vs futanari victim or add creature tag etc etc,,, )
    Sexlab frame work  by @Ashal
    SKSE team
    SKYUI team
    SKYUIlib team
    I plan to make this mod when I try to customize
     Some Consensual Sex 1.0 Female by @Psalam
    I learn many from his esp and understand how to start animation with simple dialog.. and script,so actually this mod dialog part  come from Some Consensual SEX as base..  then customize to make it work with saved slots. 
    And  thanks all who kindly reply my question about scripts,  and give advices.  like @OsmelMC
    Important new Menu options (after 1.3.5)
    Important new Menu options (after 1.2.1)
    So how to use?  
    I hope you make new profile to try this mod, and not effect to your current saved data. so if you find some wrong behavior, you can return your game profile. This mod add some global variable, and MCM menu, so I may recommend, until you confirm everything work, you may better to separate save data , and only use your new copy profile to test and play this mod. Thouhg remove this mod may not cause issue.. but I can not recommend until I test more.
    without many description, I think if you may understand how it work easy, but I afraid it is because I made this,, so I try to offer manual how to use it with describe each MCM menu.
    when install and activate  WIFtagsex.esp, then  load your save data, it may need some minutes to show MCMmenu. it may change how many mods you already have installed.  about me, (180 plug in and many MCM menu mods, ) it usually take 2 or 3 minutes when I first install, sometimes I need to open MCM menu once, then return game, and return MCM >>> SLtagsex will appear (this mod MCM name (wip)) after all you may find new one MCM menu SLtagsex added.At same time,  it take  10 to 30  seconds to show setting menus. (2 MCM page) so you simply wait even though you temporally empty menu.

    (I may add logo or some message to confirm loading later..) but it not take so many times. once mod generate arrays etc.. 
    it add 2 page Main Setting and Slots info.   click 1st setting page in MCM menu.  I describe each menu usage one by one.?
    MCM menu guide for recent version.
    1. dialogue topic enable >> Show dialogue topic (toggle menu on and off)
    ON >> you may see dialogue with condition, this mod offer. so to test this mod, you must check it as ON.
    Off >> it remove all dialogue, so you can not start any animation and not see new dialogue this mod will add. use it for your purpose.
    2.  Use list to select animation on off >> use list to select animations? (toggle on and off)
    ON>> when start animation, use UIlist menu to select one animation from current Slot for the dialogue.
    OFF >> sexlab auto select one animation with use current Slot for the dialogue. 

    (you can set slot for each dialogue or can select slot by UI list menu, when start animation with other option setting.but  this toggle only decide, when start animation,  select animation first or sexlab auto select it)
    if you set it as off, you can use "Change animation" hot key (in sexlab MCM menu) it may show current slot animation.if you set it as ON,  Change animation not work. because you already select one animation when start.. but when you select same dialogue after all you can select animation from list until you change slot. 
    3. set animation tags (1st tag to 8th tags)
    you can select 8th tags. when you select each section ,Script auto load all tags of  current registered sexlab animation then show as list. so you select one of them as 1st tags. then do same thing for 2nd tags  to 8th tags.  the order is not matter, but when you set --None-- (as default), next tags will be ignored. 
     (eg 1st = aggressive,  2nd = bound, 3rd = "--None--". 4th = "default",   5th = "FB",,, now 3rd is None. then 4th to last tag are ignored.

    so sexlab will use "aggressive,bound" as your tag setting. other tags (4th to 8th tags ) are simply ignored.  if you only use one tag, you must set 1st tags, and 2nd = "--None--",
    then other tags will not be used.  

    When 1st tag == None, sexlab can not find animation with use tags ,so it will return no animation list.   (though it may change which function I used. but I can not find easy way.)  so this mod auto set FM as 1st tag.  I might change way, if there is more efficient way I will learn, but at current it seems most easy and stable to avoid error or Non listed animation when I set "" as argument for getAnimationsbytags()
    then I recommend you set at least one tags as 1st tags to make things simple. 
    4 Require all tags? (on and off toggle)
     you should not forget to set require all flag as you need (require all True/False). True = A and B and ... ,  False = A or B or..., 
     so use False if you hope to get more animation from current selected tags.. if you need to limit more specific with your all selected tags.
     you should set flag as True. (Miss usage >> if you set 1st Billy and 2nd Milkey with require all = true,  you may get no animation... I do not think there is animation which have 2 author tag.. so about this case you need to set flag as False then sexlab only serch Billy and Milkey animations and generate animation array.  
    5 Set Suppress tags
    It work as same as "tags". you can set max 8 suppress tags.   But  You can set Suppress 1 st tag as --None--
    ( set 1st suppress tag as --None-- = you set  ""  for suppress tag argument = No suppress)
    6. Check Animation Count and save tags for temp slot. >> Check animation count (click text menu)
    This menu is very important for this mod. it not only circulate count but need to click it to save animations[] and tag settings
    even though you set tags, there is no meaning until you save it for slot. so after you set tags, and suppress tags, you should click it.
    After you choose tags and setting for temp slot ,you may hope to know how many animations will be searched as animation array >> click "check animation count and save tags" 
    it show animation count.
    There are limit about max count when make anmation[] array,  sexlab store max 125 animations as one animation array.and it will be random selected when more than 125 animations which valid with current tag settings. At same time, when you click "check animation count", this mod auto save those tag setting and animations (which sexlab auto serch with tags) as Temp Slot (though you can call it as you like ,  it is not slots you will save animation as preset..then I call it as temp slot) if you do not click it your current tags and setting  not up-date. 
    As script info

    as User experience, you can imagine "temp slot"  which contain, current tag settings + searched animations array[] by sexlab.
    they are property , so you can save those data, when you save game.  until you edit tags and circulate animation count again,  they remain values.
     you may often edit tag string  and check count, then change temp slot. so I call it as temp-slot. When  you click "check animation count,  sexlab search animation with current tag settings , and save them in temp slot. so if there was more than 125 animations,  the count number keep as 125 (over) but selected animations will slightly change. (sexlab random search 125 animations) even though  you keep to use same tag setting and suppress tags. 
    7 Check current Animation as List>> show selected animations as list >> click"
    To check current temp slot animations, use "show animation as list". it open list menu and show all animation, which saved in temp slot.  and the animations count in the list should be same as which you checked before.   In same setting page, there remain some important menus,
    but I recommend, once you make temp slot, with set tags,  test it in game first and confirm it show temp slot animations. 

    8  Use saved slot animation for dialogue sex (off and on) >> use saved slots animation for dialogue sex?
    When you keep it as off..  dialogue A (guide it in next section) keep to use "temp slot" animations[]  (which you set it above settings )
    about recent versions,  if you set it as OFF, it use default (I set) tag setting for each dialog. so to check your set slot for each  dialog keep it as ON.
    == check your temp slot animations in Game ===

    To start temp slot animations in game,  close MCM menu, then target NPC,, (As I said,  I made this mod,  for male PC and female NPC, so please select female NPC for PC male.  if you are female PC, try it to male PC, though you do not like my dialogue,  it is sample, you can correct it as you need ?
    About recent versions, To check your Temp slot quick, I add  separate dialog.  Which only use Current saved Temp Slot Animations /  tag settings. 
    so You may use it as main dialog to quick test your temp slot (which you set max 8 tags and suppress tags, with condition)
    [wif] Do not you test new style with me? (t)
    [wif] just show this mod added dialgoues,   (t) means, it is the dialogue ID  (there are 5 A to E dialogues + test dialogue (t) at current).
    When you select this topic, sexlab use "temp slot" animations[] to start sexlab animation as default. 
    Then there are some options for test dialogs. 
     (2.Use list to select animation on off >>)
    This setting work globally, so when you hope to use list select mode, keep it as ON. (so you can check each animations with select animation name for current slot)

    Use list on>>>  it not auto start animation, but show your current slot animation as list  >> select one animaton >> start the selected one animation.

    use list off >>>  sexlab auto select one animation from current slot.  (when you use change animation key, (sexlab menu)  it may work)
    (Use slot list menu for test dialog)
    When it ON , Test dialog not use temp slot, but  show all saved slot as List menu  >> select your saved slot  >>sexlab  start animation/ select animation.
    when it OFF,,  Test dialog only use temp  Slot animations.
    (Use test option to show all animation as list)
    This setting added for recent version, then it work globally. When you activate this, sexlab serch all animations (no limit as 125)  with current slot setting for each dialog.
    at same time, it force to use list menu. to show all animation.  So if you activate it as ON and select test dialog, 
    Sexlab serch all animation with current temp slot tag settings and show page list. >> select page >> select animation >> start sex.
    it take more time to serch animation,  but this option is only way to show all animation with current tag setting when more than 125, without sexlab auto select.
    eg If I set aggressive tag  with sexlab tools. sexlab tool auto serch 125 animations as lsit then you only see 125 animation. 
     so you can not get list of all aggressive  animations in your sexlab registry. but this mod can do it.  
    As default the dialogue(t) always use "temp slot" animations
    When you edit and save temp slot in MCM menu by "check animation count"  you can see new temp slot animations[] with your tag setting.
    Start animation with Dialogue (t) is easy and quick way, to check your temp slot animations.
    the animation list never change until you edit tags and count animations in MCM menu again.
    but you can use slot list option (which I describe later)  to see your saved sot (for A to P) as mentioned above
    == save temp slot as Preset Slot A to I ===

    you can enjoy one temp slot setting, and can edit it as you like.. but save your setting and animations as Preset slot is main purpose of this mod,
    return MCM Main setting, then scroll down if need,
    8 Save current animation, tag, option, to selected slot >> Select slot to save current animations
    You can choose slot to save temp slot animations from slot A to I. ( you can save 10 slot) those are saved as same as temp slot, so untill you resave again, it never change.  (as srcipt info, each slot contain animations, tag, surpress string, and require all flag as property variable array)
    so usually you need to set tags, and   save by "check animation count"  first.  then "show all animation name in temp slot "  to check them.
    after you save your temp slot >>  check it in Game (with dialogue t )  then if you like to save it , select slot to save current  temp slot with this menu.
     after all  you can save temp slot as "Slot A to Slot P" (16  slot) ?
    9 Use saved animation for dialogue  Sex (on and off)
    after you save temp slot , you may set this ON.  Then dialogue A will use slot A animations[].
     if you set it as OFF,  sexlab  use my default setting. (I only add gender tag for dialog A)  , so  you may see 2 different animations[] when start sex with dialogue A. 
     On will use slotA animations[] /  Off will use Gender tag animation.(though I do not clear remember,,,about default setting)
    10 Use saved tags to set animations for dialogue sex? (off and on)
    === check your saved slot animations, tag settings and apply it for each dialogue==
    "Slot info"  page setting
     you may often edit new tag setting and save them for each preset slot, then you do not remember which tag is used for each saved slot and which animation have been stored as animations[] , so there is page which can check current tag, surpress tags, and show animation name as list,
    for each saved slot.
    it usually auto up-dated when you save temp slot to each Slot (A to I), but if you need confirm, select click button, it may re up-date and show current saved slot tags and surpess tags, animations correctly. though you may seldom see up-date problem. (everytime you change MCM page, those will be up-dated with your current saved slot data)
    tags>> surpess>>click
    show each slot tags, and supress tags, which you saved.

    show slot (X) animations as list >> click,,
    it show all stored animation in the slot as list. with count.   
    These  menus only used to  up-date, and show animations,   but it is not to edit each slot.
     eg you can not edit tag etc from this info menus. (not expect it)  that means, if you hope to edit each slot tag setting, animations, you must need to make temp slot first, then save again for each slot.  you can only edit "Temp slot" and save for each slot = overwrite slot. You can not directly edit already saved slot tag setting, or animations[]
    Rename slot(X)
    This menu is to edit slot name and set more reasonable one.. eg "Animobject"  slot etc..  it depend on you how you set them.
    the real slot name never change but your set labelled name will be used to select slots. 

    ====  dialogue sex option with saved slot ====

    even though you save 10 slots (tag setting and animations[]) and confirm tags,  if sexlab not use each slot, there is almost no meaning^^;
    then there is options, to use saved slot animations[] for dialgoue sex
    10. Dialogue SEX options>> Set Dialogue (X) animation slot
    as default, dialgoue A use slot A, >>> dilagoue E use slot E. but you can set any slot for each dialgoue to dialogue E as you like..
    just click each option it show all slot list (if you rename slot it show the rename version) then select slot for the dialgoue.

    you may hope to know about each dialogue conditions, to use your best tag setting slot. 

    11. Use Slot list for dialogue (A to E)

    as I mentioned, you can  set each slot for each dialogue. but sometimes you may hope to choose slot when start animations

    if you set toggle as ON,
    when you start dialgoue, you will see Uilib list menu to select "Slot" for the dialogue. then  you can select slot (as label name) for each dialgoue when start sex, it ignore your Set Dialgoue X animation slot setting.  (it simply show all slot as list, then you select it first) when start dialogue sex
    thanks you read long txt..?
     I hope this mod might be useful for others. and I really hope you  edit and customize as you like. But please tell me when you hope to up-load your custom version
     and up-load it as your work.  



  15. SL Tag and Prostitution with 3P (add on for tag and dialog sex)

    SL Tag and prostitution with 3P
    Current Version 1.8.5
    To update 1.8.5 download recent Tag and Dialog sex (1.5.7) and up-date it first >>  up date this add on please?
    you do not  need to use clean save data to up-date.
    A add function to change Member display name as dialog. you may see new dialog only about your club member, then it offer UI text input menu.
    then change it as you need.   it is useful when you add No unique name NPC. as Club member. (it is same as nick name of EFF or other NPC manager function)
     I keep to use yield to me, and have 8 or 10  bandit as Yield NPC(slave)  and I add some of them as Club member.
    . then hope to set name, without use other  mod.. then added it.
    B fix some 2p Dialog sex use different slot animations.. which you set (or auto selected as random /  loop option) 
     it is caused  when I add new List option for more than 125 animation ..>> then I re-use function in tag and sex MCM with customize for this mod
    .  so actually I needed to edit tag and sex script functions... then to it work correctly, you must need to up-date Tag and Dialog Sex ? 
    A.   Expand member club max 20 to 40 
    B.   Show Actor nick name for list when call/fly to/check member)
    For interrupt 3P  start (target any NPC vs NPC sexlab animation,  and use dialog to stop current scene then start 3p with PC/called member ), 
    before it have no option to swap actor for same gender , and option to  list select animation.   now this mode can use those option. as same as other 3P start dialog.  
    Now all 3p play use same option. in MCM
    Just Fix in MCM > player>continue sex> victim list show other list  ?
    I notice it when I up-load 1.7.0 pics.. 
    from 1.7.0 you need not clean save data,, but it had saved wrong value of the  property,, so to correct it,,
    after up-date 1.7.1, load save data >>> select here (in pic)  >> set value then save again..  
     it had shown wrong list data but index is correctly used for Player SEX...  
    I hope this version should be  stable version. (so I remove beta ? ) if find new bug etc,, I may change again..
    Add 2 new MCM  3P option 
    opt A   Show/Hide list menu when start 3P sex with dialog. ("sexlab auto select and  start"  OR  "you select from animation list")
    opt B  Show/Hide  MessageBox when start 3P to swap Actor position for Same gender Role.
    it work well. ?
    Swap menu  work for Pro(Act) VS Pro(Guest) VS Member too.  (non PC join)  
    Then to enjoy all MFF animation  I strongly recommend, to use This json for Leito SLAL SE pack.. or how you set Actor you should see wrong animation I suppose. 
    (Male always act as Female,  and there is no way to correct it I suppose)
    And if you are SLAA user, and you like to use my add on offer Interrupt mode, (target 2P sex play actor, then select  dialog an start new  3P)  
    you should use my SLAA custom, and de-activate SLAA in MCM  please.. or you can not see any other dialog (include other mod I suppose)
    if you do not use this mod interrupt 3P mode, you do not need it.   Of course you can use SLAA and this add on without issue. 
    (so only interrupt dialog need to un-activate SLAA,  with my custom version)
    1.6.5 Added new dialogs to start 3P for Current Prostitute Actor / Customer and Member/PC 
     it need not to start from  2p animation. but directly use dialog for each. There are some way to start 3P. 
    to up-date this version ideally I hope you use clean save data. or at least once clean up all Pro actor/customer
    and called member from MCM menu.. then save >> try new version.
    (for me it worked... )
    At first you need to set one Prostitute Actor   =   the prostitute Actor usually set as Passive role. (female F role) 
    it is not matter, whether she is called from club member or just you set near NPC without use club member.
    then there will be 2 case 
    Case1     without set Prostitute Guest       =   (same condition as Player taste mode PC VS  Prostitue Actor )
     you need to call al least one Club member , she will be 3rd actor.  if you have called some members already,
     you can select which called member will join from list.   The list will  auto exclude current Pro Actor/ and actor who sex at current
    Then talk with Prostitute Actor  and select 3P start dialog .  " I need to train you for 3p option."
    after that you select One club member from list. then select animation from animation list. 
    About this case,   Actors should be (Prostitute Actor,  Player, and Club member)
    animation will change with your select Club member gender  So I make this mod for PC male, then Player set as Male role. 
    Case2   with  set Prostitute Guest     (same condition as Prostitute Guest  VS  Prostiute Actor )
     Female passive role = Prostitute Actor,    Male role = Prostitute Guest
    when you  talk with Prostitute Guest ,  You may have 2 dialog to start 3P.
    "Lets play  3p,  I will join..." >>  Player will join
    "Lets play  3p,  I select member to join..." >> Club member will join
    add 3rd shout "WIF fly to"
    so you can fly to club member from list .. so simple. ?
    1.6.1 small fix
    added  3P start dialogs when target SEX npc !!
    update infomation
    update infomation
    update information
    Hi I hope to introduce new small Prostitution add  on for Tag and dialog SEX  to test NPC VS NPC animations easy ^^b
    The purpose is to check SL tag and dialog sex slot animations, and tag setting  for NPC VS NPC,, then you work as manager of  Prostitution member who you employ.
    The animations which you use  will be decided by Tag and dialog SEX MCM menu, saved slot data.
    from 1.3.0  now it come with  Individual MCM menu, then you  set saved slot animations/tag settings,  for this mod dialogs. and some option menus added. eg
    PC VS NPC dialogs and Club functions (kind of member list function, to easy call your member)
    Of course,  if you do not like to use  dialog setting, you can directly choose Slot from Slot list menu. (it change by Tag and setting MCM setting)
    Require MOD
    SL Tags and dialog sex  +  all require mod for SL Tags and dialog sex
    For SL tags and dialog sex V 1.5.5 (slot 16 +  page list)    download V1.7.5
    For SL tags and dialog sex V 1.5.0, (slot 16)    download V 1.7.2
    For SL tags and dialog sex V 1.4.0 (slot 10)     download V1.7.1 
    How to use ? 
    At first,,  to use this add on, you must need to download SL tags and dialog sex sorry !! ? 
    then I recommend with  SL tags and dialog sex,    save some slot first,, (and may test it offered dialogs please...to understand how slot work with dialogs)
    After that,   you can set saved slot for Prostitution sex animations in this mod MCM menus.
    I may hope you imagine how it work with these images ?
    After finish animaiton, you may choose "continue" / " stop and pay for you" by dialogs.  .  then you may get money.  
    I tweak conditions, then those dialog only visible, when it need. 
    you can serch another customer, or keep same customer, but only change member, etc,,, but if you stop today work,  order  your member,  then she return to home.
    (if you forget to stop your customer, he keep to follow you ^^; ,  so please use dialog to finish time for your customer and your member. 
    both set function, when you employ/invite.. then it removed, when you stop with dialog.
    . (of course she need money for her hard work.. you may notice when you leave her.  confirm it by yourself please)
    At current it is basic dialog, and I do not add complex things,  (though I hope to add many things), but for purpose to test NPC vs NPC animation with use my tag and slot saved data,
    it already work well...   but so I am foolish man, then even though current status, I enjoy this ^^;
    And at current not count customer gold etc,, but I may planning,, (if others like more condtion, or specific dialog or more interesting faction rank etc) I may add... 
    So for this add on work,
    you need  SL tag and dialog sex  (+ require mods),  because this is add on plug in for SL tag and dialog  sex which use same slot datas.
    if you have not used SL dialog sex, this mod not for you...sorry,?
    , because  it not work without Tag and Sex slot data. and settings.
    How to install and start
    Unzip, then loate This mod plug in (ESL falg ESP) under WIFtagandsex.esp
    I locate like this, as you know, so WIFtagandsex.esp is master, so you locate add ono under the master. please.  
    So current stage is beta,, then you test it with clean save data which separated from your usuall game save data  please.
    (though I do not see strange issue at current, but I can not confirm) 
    I do not install AE runtime version, so if you use current SE version, (AE) esp, I can not confirm it work or not,
    if my SL tag and dialog sex work,, this mod should work without problem. 
    anyway if you find error or bug or problem, teach me please.. I ll try to correct it, (or remove this soon ^^;)
    future plan
    I may plan to use Member club NPC for other purpose,, if I can... like Capitve follower,,,, 
    Not plan (sorry I can not do it)
    Creature VS animation.   sorry...  it need many up-date not only about this mod, but tag and sex slot menus...  after I content with current NPC vs NPC
    and  PC vs NPC, I may try to add. if I can..  (but I do not think creature sex animation need many tag setting variation...)
    as usual any report or request ,  I welcome.. but sorry I still learn every day, then can not make so difficult thing I suppose... 
    hope someone enjoy this little tweak mod ^^



  16. Softly Devious Sexism

    A dialogue patch for Sexist Guards that softens the content so there's less of an expectation that the player is getting gang-raped by enemies, and recognizes the player's Devious Follower as their master.
    Totally self-indulgent personal patch that I'm uploading here as a backup.
    ESL flagged patch to preserve your load order.
    Sexist Guards:
    Same line in Softly Devious Sexism:
    I also repurposed the 4th Wall flag in Sexist Guards as a placeholder for the presence of a Devious Follower.
    Install Sexist Guards and all its requirements. A voice pack can be found here. Install Devious Followers Continued and all its requirements. Install my patch, which has Sexist Guards and Devious Followers Continued as masters. Install my voice pack  
    1.1.0 Uploaded correctly named .esp.
    1.0 Voice pack added. It's the second link in the files. Not sure why the title came out like that, not sure how to change it.



  17. I wanna watch (a SLEN addon)

    For some time now, I've wanted a way to have my followers have sex - without the PC and through dialog - with another follower or lover of my choosing.  I posted the question of whether something like this existed or not in this thread.  There are some mods that you can do this with any NPC with spells, but not dialog - that's not quite what I wanted.  After some discussion, I realized the easiest way to achieve my aim was to make an addon to SLEN.
    So here is a one day late xmas gift to anyone that would like it - happy holidays! 
    I Wanna Watch (a SLEN addon).  This mod will add an option to the lovers dialog of SLEN, just below where the group sex option is.  Select "I want to watch you have sex with someone" and you will get a list (just like the threesome dialog) of friends and lovers in the area that you can choose from.
    The recipient of this request will be thankful, and their SLEN rank with you - the PC - will increase, just like it always does when having sex with SLEN.
    This mod will conflict with any mod that edits SLEN lovers dialog.
    Sexlab Eager NPC's SE (SLEN) 1.0.0
    This plugin is an ESP in ESL format.
    1/1/22 Added a patch for ignotum_virum's "SLEN - FollowAddon", found here.
    1/1/22 Corrected above patch (v.02) to properly require "I wanna watch" as a master - download it again if it's not working for you.



  18. You Don't Need A Break (Fix an Eager NPCs annoyance)

    I've been using Eager NPCs for a very long time and can't imagine playing without it.  However, when trying to do simple inventory management and having my followers tell me over and over (and over and over) again that they need a break for sex before I can do anything else has become extremely tedious and annoying.  Sometimes you have to tell them two or three times in a single dialog session that "we don't have time for that right now".
    So this is a very stupid-simple mod that deletes those greetings.  The "You look flustered..." topic is still there, so you can initiate sex if you want, but you don't have the excess dialog in the way of doing other things.
    Simply requires Eager NPCs (link above) and its requirements.  If you try it, let me know if it is or is not working for you, or any other trouble with it.
    File is an ESP in ESL format.
    It's been reported that this issue does not exist if you downloaded the "SexLab EagerNPCSE.7z" archive from the Eager NPCs link above, but it does exist if you use "SexLab EagerNPCSERev2.7z".  So be sure which version you're using, or don't bother installing this if you don't see the annoyance I discuss above.



  19. Relationship Dialogue System (04/10/2021)

    RDS is an extensive dialogue mod that allows for nearly any kind of interaction and has NPCs dynamically react to the player reputation.
    Relationship Dialogue System
    RDS adds the following features to the game:
    The generic dialogue minigame: A dialogue for all NPC that allows for small-talk, flirting, bullying and more. [done] Contextual approaches from NPC to invite the player to drink, shame them as a whore, try a pick-up line or blackmail the payer who has cheated on their spouse and more. [done] A reputation system that tracks the players sexual partners and how often they are seen naked or have sex in public. NPCs will then change their behavior based on the players purity or whore-status. [done] Form a relationship and even move in together with your partner. Have one sweetheart in every hold, but make sure they never hear from each other. Get love-letters when your partner is traveling. [done]  
    Description: (for more details please check the LE description)
    I. Generic Dialouge: The generic dialogue “minigame” can either be started by talking to any NPC using the line “Hello, are you free to chat?” or by NPCs approaching. Then you can choose out of a total of 21 options to manipulate the conversation. The first 16 options can be used to move the dialogue into a specific direction. This should be very intuitive, and the NPC will react in a realistic fashion. When you are friendly or funny you will form a friendship. If you’re flirty you’ll go more into the direction of sex. If you’re mean the NPC will get angry or offended. The main purpose of this dialogue is to give you the ability to roleplay your character as you imagine it. For that, you can set your characters overarching behavior in the MCM. Secondary it serves to trigger sex animations, brawling, friends-with-benefits and relationships.
    The course of the dialogue is achieved by changing the NPCs arousal and affection points. The latter is a value between -100 and 100 used by RDS to measure how much the NPC likes you and they will be more friendly or angry, accordingly. With each dialogue option used these values are adjusted.
    Additionally the NPC will change these values depending on their personalities and traits. After the dialogue ends the NPCs vanilla relationship rank is adjusted according to its new affection value.
    At the beginning of the dialogue you’ll receive a notification about whether the NPC is attracted to you based on their sexuality. After that, every other turn a notification will display how the NPC feels. You can use this to move the dialogue into the direction you want.
    II. Reputation: The reputation system consist of a value of 100 points and is counted for each hold separately. The reputation is reduced for the following cases:
    A NPC can see the player naked (doesn’t count for sex partners) A NPC can see the player having sex (doesn’t count for the sex partners) A NPC has no LOS, but is within 3 meters of the player having sex (means it can hear the player) The number of different sex-partners (multiple times with one partner don’t stack) One reduced the reputation doesn’t recover again. But the reputation loss is saved per NPC and therefor the only way to regain reputation is to kill of the witnesses. Additionally, sex witnesses can spot the player cheat on their spouse if the players partner lives in the same hold.
    Based on the reputation and the players cheating-status other events and contextual approaches are triggered.
    III. Contextual Approches: Next to the generic dialogue RDS features a multitude of contextual approaches. That means NPC approaches with specific intention which are triggered randomly but based on your reputation. The idea is to have the NPC react to your overall behavior and add new feeling of consequence to the world. Some approaches are simple flavor dialogue, while others are longer social interaction or hook-ups.
    IV. Relationships: In RDS is it possible to form a relationship with any unmarried NPC once your affection rises above 60. This will turn the NPC into your partner and give them a special set of dialogue. You can have one partner in each hold and even have them parallel to your vanilla spouse. The vanilla spouses are not affected by RDS dialogues and events. You are also able to invite your partner to live with you in any of your owned vanilla homes. Your partner will then move to their new home and move around the surroundings. Depending on their personality they will litter around and demand you to clean up. Your partner also might invite friends over. Sometimes your partner leaves to go on their own adventures and might send you love-letters to remind you of them. But be careful if you decide to cheat on them. Some will forgive you; some will break up.
    Just use Vortex or Mod Organizer
    Known Issues:
    I've encountered a display bug during dialogues. It can happen that you can't scroll further down through the options, but still have the little arrow at the scroll bar, indicating that there're more options available. To fix this just use the arrow down or S key to have the list display all options.
    RDS is compatable with Relationship Dialogue Overhaul. They sond similiar, but do very diffrent things.
    RDS should be compatable with Special Edition, since it only contains dialogue and scripts. But untested so far.
    Please do not alter or re-upload this mod without my expressed permission.



  20. Thoughts.json

    A Thoughts file for the Submissive Lola Resubmission mod for Skyrim SE. More than 500 lines, assumes you are a female Lola with a female owner. Strives to stay in lore (even mentions a few NPCs your Lola is familiar with), some thoughts are silly, some are funny, some are sexy, some are meta. This file has been tested during a full playthrough and the thoughts blend pretty well with all the notifications you get during the game.
    Required: Submissive Lola The Resubmission
    Put this file in Mods/SubmissiveLolaResubmission/Interface/Lola (don't forget to backup your existing Thoughts.json file if you have one there already) and to activate custom thoughts in the Submissive Lola MCM. No need to restart your game.
    Have fun !



  21. Male dialogue

    Hi, I don't know how to create ready-to-install content, but I have used a lot of the content from this community, and I want to contribute to all of you with this.
    I share with all of you male dialogues so that all of you can use them to create all the mods.
    "Again I must clarify, that I do not know how the mods are created, but I share this raw material so that you can use it in whatever you want"
    I hope you like it...



  22. The Ancient Profession Light for Enderal 28Apr2021

    This is a very simple prostitution mod for Enderal that lets you work as a prostitute in the game's inns. It works similarly to inn prostitution in my full-size Skyrim quest mod, The Ancient Profession, which is where it gets its name.
    Unlike the full-size mod, this mod does not have any quests, and there are no licenses that you need to get. It exists only to provide extremely simple inn prostitution. Because there are no quests and not a lot of writing required, I didn't put any player character gender checks in the dialogue. You can use this to play as a male or female prostitute.
    The developers of Enderal made innkeepers work slightly differently than they do in Skyrim for no obvious reason, so it's necessary to have a mod specially made for Enderal to have inn prostitution that works the same way as in my Skyrim mod.
    How does it work?
    Just go up to any innkeeper and ask "May I sell my company in your inn?" to begin You will have to rent a room and pay a cut to the innkeeper You will not have to rent a room in Duneville, but you will still have to pay a cut to the innkeeper Solicit anyone in the inn or the surrounding area (with some limitations) by asking "May I show you a good time?" You will receive 20 EXP for every client you entertain - about the same you get for killing a rat If you leave the area without paying the innkeeper's cut, you will have 24 hours to correct your mistake, or you will receive a bounty  
    Limitations and known issues
    As technically impressive as Enderal is, the developers obviously didn't care about supporting mods that relied on Skyrim factions or on locations and their keywords in any real way. In that area, the game is half-implemented at best. I tried to smooth over some of it, but I only went so far with it.
    In most areas, you should be able to leave the inn and solicit clients in the area of the inn, but there may be one or two where this doesn't work, or it doesn't work as well as it should It's possible you may enter a house or other interior cell and be told you left the city or town you were in. This is again because the Enderal developers didn't fully implement locations. Everyone you solicit will accept the solicitation, with two exceptions. I may change this later, or I may just leave it as it is. The two exceptions are NPCs that you have already recently entertained and NPCs who are involved in scenes like watching a bard. You can't solicit NPCs who are sitting at gambling tables. Their dialogue telling you to sit down overrides all other dialogue. I'm not sure if I will even try to do anything about it. I haven't finished the game yet, so I have no idea if this is lore-friendly, if you care about that.  
    I strongly recommend using a mod manager, because this mod overwrites at least one vanilla Enderal script to patch up some problems I found with the way room rentals work, where the room might lock too early, or the innkeeper might think you had already rented the room when the last rental had long ago expired.
    Make sure you are pointing the mod manager at the correct directory for your Enderal installation. If you installed it as a mod, this should be your Skyrim directory. If you installed it from Steam, it will be its own Enderal Special Edition directory.
    Upgrading to 1.3
    It is safe to upgrade from any 1.x version to 1.3 in a game in progress, as long as you don't have an inn whoring session active. You may experience some problems if you have a session active during the upgrade, but they should work fine the next time you start a session. For best results, end your current whoring session before the upgrade.
    Is this compatible with Enderal for Skyrim LE?
    Yes, as of version 1.2. Make sure that you download the correct version for your installation of Enderal. Use SE for Enderal Special Edition and LE if you are not playing Special Edition.
    Be aware that I have not tested the LE version anywhere near as much as the SE version, because I actually play Enderal Special Edition, and I don't play the LE version.
    Future plans
    Probably none, other than bug fixes if I see something isn't working right while I'm playing the game. I might make a few improvements, but I made it to bring prostitution similar to my Skyrim mod over to Enderal for my playthrough now that Enderal SE is out. I am still working on that Skyrim mod and still playing this game, so I doubt I will spend much time on this one past what I have already done.
    Anyone who wants to use it as the basis for something more complex and interesting may feel free to do so, with credit to the original.



  23. SexLab Extra Voices Addon Dominant Futanari voice

    SexLab Extra Voices Addon
    Dominant Futanari voice

    Sindel Slap Alt.mp4  
    Hey guys
    I play with a female Futa character and  always been kind of fighting to make my own female sexlab voices being different from all the other NPC used voices !
    With that in mind I downloaded some months ago the Mod that really gave me an idea 
    To create my own futanari character sexlab voice ...
    It was hard since I didn't wanted to use files that are either from sexlab or other mods , first cause of permissions and than cause they all lacked what I wanted ,
    So I decided to make my own Futanari voice file for sexlab .
    During its creation I inclined myself for a more Dominant Futanari style voice and character , 
    and this Mod was born...
    This is my first attempt , so bare with me try it out and tell me something...
    I made this kind of a Addon for  Sexlab Extra voices Mod 
    So I use one of the voice slots or files to add this addon Female voice 3...
    Download this mod first 
    And then install my mod and overwrite any original file ...
    Version  0.3 new voice and changes
    You add the Original first upload Female voice 03 
    made some small changes in voice levels and some files
    And uploaded a new Futa voice in Female Voice 02 so now you have to options..
    This latest voice is a lot more dominant Futa type character.. 
    Hope you like it .. 



  24. Sexlab Extra voices addon Submissive Female voice

    SexLab Extra Voices Addon
    Submissive Female voice

    Hey guys
    Uses Sexlab Extra voices Female voice 13 and its turned into a sex submissive female with  younger voice tone ..
    This is my first attempt , so bare with me try it out and tell me something...
    I made this kind of a Addon for  Sexlab Extra voices Mod 
    So I use one of the voice slots or files to add this addon Female voice 13...
    Uploaded a new version of it but left old one for the ones that prefer it !
    Download this mod first 
    And then install my mod and overwrite the female voice file 13
    Hope you like it .. 



  25. SexLab Romance SE - Aroused Patch

    This is a simple patch to tie up SexLab Romance SE and SL Aroused Redux.
    Using the base random system of SLR, it will increase or decrease your seduction success chances depending of the target arousal.
    It might come handy if you are using mods that affect SexLab scenes based on arousal, like SLSO.
    I based myself on the arousal values that trigger SL Arousal spells status (Satisfied, Distracted, etc...)
    I've run it for some months now and the results are satisfiying.
    It doesn't bypass base SLR conditions, it's just another factor amongst others and doesn't change difficulty much in one way or another.
    What it does exactly
    The numbers are as following :
    Target arousal < 20 : decrease drastically success chances (-40) Target arousal between 20 and 49 : no effect Target arousal between 50 and 69 : increase chances a bit (+10) Target arousal between 70 and 89 : increase chances by a good margin (+20) Target arousal >= 90 : increase drastically success chances (+40)  
    Just overwrite SLR SE files with the content of this patch.
    Not configurable by the MCM, I just did it quickly for my own enjoyment and as i'm happy with it wanted to share it with anyone interested.
    Just reinstall SLR with overwrite to get rid of it.
    Can be installed/uninstalled mid playthrough normally.
    fishburger67 for Aroused Redux
    spaceman for SexLab Romance
    nomkaz for his amazing conversion work



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