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Oblivion mods that add or modify in game companions

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  1. MPC: Modular Player Companions

    v 0.66
    MPC is a Japanese companion mod that was designed to be a framework where people could make custom companions that can join the party, engage in combat, heal, and the like.  Its name stems from MBP, or Modular Beautiful People, as it was intended to be used with Modular Beautiful People to create gorgeous companions.  However, the actual MPC.esm file has no dependencies other than Oblivion itself.

      The mod reserves slots for 24 individual companions, or MPCs (all the same high-elf as a placeholder)

      Each MPC may spawn in any random inn or tavern in Tamriel.

      After spawning, MPCs may walk freely.  A quest option lets you pinpoint where they are.

      An config spell exists that lets you set how close or far MPCs may be, how they react, and much more.

    Included in the package is a separate .esp file that is dependent on both MPC and upon MBP (Modular Beautiful People).  It creates a dozen pre-made MPCs that can join up with you along with several others not initially added into the game..  A Mystic Elf, an Ice Elf and a Carrier will be around somewhere.
    This version formerly existed at Nexus Mods, mostly translated into English.  Only two minor lines may remain in Japanese as the translation for the phrase appears ineffective.  And while there exists a version 1.2.3, I could only find a Korean translated version which I found buggy and contained recursive loop errors.    Original Nexus Mod Topic:  https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/22494



  2. CM moonelves REPACKAGED

    Hey guys,
    This mod is by no means my content. It is something that abriael made a long time ago but that is now incompatible with Xenius' races. What is different in this mod. I just changed the dependancies since the mod author has abandoned the mod for a long time now as it seems so i took it on myself to do it in his place. If for some reason he comes back and does it himself, this will probably be deleted. But that is highly unlikely since he hasn't been active fore a couple of years now.
    The mod should already be structured accordingly, so just unpack and past it in the NORMAL oblivion folder (again NOT data folder but the one before it, if i see someone claiming that they can't find it in their load order THAT is probably the reason why). Also you still need the Original mod for this to work since this is only a .esp file so overwrite it when it asks to.
    Anyway have fun with this little bundle of joy.



  3. A CM female daedra based on Divine Avengers mod and Nuska's OCO dremora

    As the title suggests this mod provides a .esp that only changes the face of the Original mod Divine Avenger made. I own nothing of this content but the changes i made. As such all credits go to Divine Avengers mod on the nexus called "A CM partner companion female dremora Aanila" and nuska from OCO2 for making the textures.
    Note: Both of these mods are NOT included in this download. Therefore you have to download BOTH these mods first before you download my changes. I am aware that the perms on the nexus state that i can't make changes to Divine Avengers mod without his permission but since he hasn't responded to that page for two years i hope the coast is clear. If the administrators of this site feel the need to remove this upload so be it.
    Install instructions:
    Just download the two before mentioned files and then let my .esp overwrite DA's.
    Note2: the reason why i didn't put any links is because for some reason the links don't seem to work very well when they are aimed straight at oblivion Nexus fr some reason. You are better off using google to find the required mods. (hence why DA's mod is rephrased word by word to make it easier to find)



  4. A chest companion 1.5 and 1.9

    A chest companion
    Why a player-house with many chests ? Here you have 5 chests in one, and the chest follows you everywhere. Carries and defends your Belongings.
    My Mimic Chest. 5 chests in one
    The chest is at the weynon priory near the stable.

    The chest can not die.
    Chest can fight.
    only two commands: stay and follow.
    to open the chest go in sneak mode.
    There is a letter/note in the chest. read it ! And you get a chest summon spell.
    Install meshes, textures, sound and esp.
    9 chests in one
    For those who want more chests, better sorting capability. 9 chests in one.
    Download "MyMimicChest.7z" for meshes, sound and textures. Then download "9 chests in one. only esp.7z"

    Always Z (Zhemoc) for the mimics
    all Oblivion modders
    inspired by Terry Pratchett



  5. Some CM partners

    Uh yeah, this is just a compilation of my 4 main characters' CM versions all in one place, this is because you can only find two of them on my site. They're pretty basic, partly because they represent the limit of my modding ability and partly because I got a bit lazy and didn't bother adding in anything for them to do when you tell them to wait so they just walk about occasionally talking to any other CM partners you may have in the vicinity. They can and will still follow you and go into combat and do what all CM partners do and get knocked out after running through a trap so it's all good as far as I'm concerned especially since I originally made them for screenshot purposes only.
    You can find them in the following locations:
    Cris - Chorrol, Fire and Steel
    Shadow - Anvil Fighters Guild (Anvil mages guild for Shadow 2.0)
    Alexis - Skingrad Fighters Guild
    Breeze - Cheydinhal Fighters Guild
    You'll also need the DK High imperials, Moonshadow Elves, Nec Mystic Dark Elves Remake and Chocolate Elves mods for them to work.
    and that's about it I think other then installation which is the usual program files(X86)/oblivion/data.
    And I don't want to see them uploaded anywhere else, the sites you see them on are the only sites they should be seen on. Other then that you can pretty much do what you want with them especially taking screenshots (though not of them fucking/being fucked) I love seeing other people using my characters in their screenshots.



  6. Evy Race CM Companions Laika & Miyu

    So here is the official LL download thread for my companion girls.
    Important: This is a standalone mod! It doesn't require to have the Evy race installed to work in your game, all the needed files are included! The mod is using an implemented copy of the 'Evy Fenbo' variant. It has been edited to get rid of Evy's rather overpowered and detrimental race-specific abilities. As it has been made playable to avoid any possible issues, this mod will add a (nerfed) copy of this particular Evy race variant to your race menu. But only a very limited selection of hair and eyes is available to it. If you want to use the race as an alternative to the full Evy race, you can always add more hairstyles and eyes in the CS.
    These girls - actually sisters - are Ninja-type characters. Both are already level 50, strong and capable allies who can save your butt from any tight spot you may find yourself in, be it Daedra attacks or burly bandits trying to rob you blind.
    They'll also gladly fend off the Adoring Fan!
    First we have 'Laika', archer class. Nineteen years old but already well versed and very experienced in the art of archery.
    Calm and clever. Many people are wondering how she can even draw her bow with that fine rack of hers...
    Her younger sister 'Miyu', warrior class, is eighteen years old but has been trained in the use of dual swords from her earliest childhood on. Fun-loving and bubbly, the more outgoing one of the pair. But in battle she'll fiercely attack any enemy with skillful dual-wielding swordplay.
    The girls come (oh yeah) with their outfits from the pictures above included! DMRA-sized goodness, fully BBB-enabled! Powerful and pretty weapons! You sure can give them any equipment you like, maybe even keep L & M's stuff for your player character, but they have been created with these clothes in mind, tailor-made to wear these specific outfits (collar and scarf for example to hide away the race's weak point, the colour difference between neck and body skin tone, I didn't bother messing with their skin textures).
    Only requirement is naturally 'CM Partners'. Considering the myriad of CM companion mods out there, you sure have got this system installed. If not, get it from that site.
    One tiny issue with the girls: A high disposition to the player makes them smile at you like braindead buffoons. Modifying their disposition via a console command didn't work for me, I'm using a facial animation mod instead. Lowering their disposition with a few punches or maybe stealing something from them might work as well. Or just let them smile your worries away...
    Another thing worth mentioning is the girls' shiny skin - 1000 glossiness shiny, that is. Especially hot when they're naked. C'mon, undress 'em!
    Credits and thanks to the following people whose work has been used as resources for this mod:
    - Iacon1 for creating the Evy race
    - SleepyD and Alex300001 for their edits to the race
    - Blackie and Dan Sch for the CM Partners mod
    The equipment's meshes and textures, some of them edited by myself, were created by the following people:
    - 9hao
    - Aridale Noblebrook Belmont, DMRA conversion by Thorazine
    - Arynn, DMRA conversion by Patzy
    - Nicoroshi
    - VagabondAngel & Floydian1
    Dunno who made the mesh for Miyu's scarf, sorry. Could probably be KrimsynKane & Kikaimegami.
    This item might just be a retextured version of their scarf used in 'Elsweyr - The Deserts of Anequina'.
    I also don't know who made the 'Prince of Persia II' sword rip. Any hints are welcome.
    Very special thanks to Kimict and GingerTom for playtesting the mod!
    UPDATE 04-07-2013: So much for the mod being the 'final' version... I have added an edited new esp in which I changed the girls' spell lists. After some users' complaints about Laika and Miyu using idiotic spells like conjuring bound weapons and invisibility, I found the girls had leveled spell packages at their disposal that included all kinds of spells from many different magic schools.
    Now I have deleted these compilations from L & M's spell lists and gave the girls a very limited assortment of spells that truly reflect their classes and support their fighting style. Mostly attribute buffing spells - greater fortify speed and agility in the case of Laika, greater fortify speed, strength and endurance for Miyu. And then both have one unique special spell to facilitate combat: Laika can disintegrate enemies' weapons, Miyu can paralyze assailants. This magic overhaul should increase the companions' combat effectivity and get rid of the girls' habit of casting pointess spells all the time.



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