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Adult oriented Fallout 3 resources for other mods or modders to make use of

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  1. Metal Gear REX Modder's Resource

    This is a 3D model that I made using the 3D modeling program Blender, of Metal Gear REX from the 1998 game Metal Gear solid.

    I hope that someone can rig, animate, texture it, and then somehow turn it into a vehicle mod in Fallout 3.

    Obviously this would be an extremely long, complex, and daunting task, but if you
    have the technical know-how or are a career professional in the game
    development field and think you can do it, then by all means, please do!

    I realize that this mesh is somewhat of a mess, and you have permission to polish and clean it up.

    According to this game footage from Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots,
    REX"s walks with it's legs slightly outwards and in a steep downward

    Also, it's lower legs are move up and down like shock absorbers. They retract slightly when sitting down, and extend slightly
    when standing up or walking.

    If you're going to animate it walking, study this video very closely and try to replicate it's walk.



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