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Adult oriented Fallout 3 mods that add sexual related content

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  1. Breast Expansion and Lactation

    File Name: Breast Expansion and Lactation
    File Submitter: RapidWaterOver
    File Submitted: 17 Sep 2015
    File Category: Sexual Content
    Requires: Fallout 3: FOSE; New Vegas: NVSE + Sexout, DLC
    What is this mod?
    Breast Expansion and Lactation creates a world in which you, as the player, acquire the ability to become a real life cow girl. Now you can produce milk and sell it all to the highest bidder! Or save it for yourself, that delicious cream provides a lot of useful buffs that come in handy in a harsh wasteland.
    How does it work?
    Over time your breasts produce milk. After a certain period of time, you are given the oppurtunity to milk yourself. This produces bottles of milk that you can sell. Be aware though that the milk is dirt cheap, so you need to sell a lot to make any kind of fortune.
    To start producing milk...well, let's just say you'll find out if you loot enough ghouls. For your companion, just feed them some of your milk.
    There are three chems that will help you in various ways with lactating.
    Growth extract Increases bust size Decreases the amount of milk your glands produce before expansion Production extract Increases amount of milk produced in a time frame Decreases the milk level, total amount of milk available after milking (to increase it milk yourself, but not more than a few times in a a few days period) Storage extract Increases amount of milk your glands produce before expansion Decreases amount of milk produced in a time frame These chems can be found being sold by vendors selling assorted goods as well as places where you find other drugs.  
    BreastExpansionLactationTTW.esm: This is the master file containing the core data.
    BreastExpansionLactationTTW Raiders.esp: Addon that adds several weapon types to raiders that are laced with the essence from the plants and chems in this mod.
    BreastExpansionLactationTTW Drugging: Addon for Sexout Drugging.
    BreastExpansionLactationTTW SCR: Addon for Sexout Common Resources.
    BreastExpansionLactationTTW Lab: The secret lab has been moved to this plugin.
    Download and unpack the contents of the latest version to your Fallout folder.
    Note that in each folder (3, NV and TTW) plugins all have the same name; I simply didn't bother renaming them.
    Copy the plugins from 3 to your data folder if you're using Fallout 3, the plugins from NV if you're using New Vegas, etc.
    Milking Animation: gamedude711
    Milking Armor + related textures: gamedude711



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