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Mods that replace the bodies of existing races, actors, or creatures

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  1. HGEC Skinny Girl

    HGEC Skinny Girl
    Compiled by DogOnPorch
    This is a mash-up of several bodies...
    Luna's AA-cup upper body
    Hepsy's S-tiny lower body (extracted from clothes mods)
    HGEC hands and feet with Amber's palms and TDS's feet added.
    Fejeena's waist seem fix included.
    Requires Set Body...
    We use this particular body for those PCs & NPCs that we actually want to fit into Hepsy's, Betty's & Fly's tiny little outfits. The regular HGEC AA S body doesn't quite do it... Since it was never part of any particular version of Set Body I'm aware of...here you go.
    Install...replace one of your Set Body bodies that you don't use. The hands and feet can be used to replace whatever common HGEC hands & feet you're already using...as these are probably the best you can get. They work ESPECIALLY well with Ave Brave's Redguard replacer...available at here LoversLab. Includes red nails. Also includes vagina and anus...and a lower body version without the vagina.
    Small imperfections are hidden as best possible by various jewelry built into the body. 
    Issues...vagina and anus can vanish in certain positions...minor. Vagina can appear to leave the body in some other positions. If this becomes annoying, replace with the no fancy vagina version.
    Jewels...same deal. Don't want them? Use the no jewel version.
    Luckily, there's already a ton of clothing for this body....here's a few.




  2. Oblivion Body Replacer Mergers

    Oblivion Body Replacer Mergers

    ...combine all necessary files for your body of choice to be used with one installer!

    This mod is actually a repository for several tools that will tell you what to download and leave rest to them. Scripts are .bat files that will do the copying part for you and packs everything to a nice semi-bash-ready / fully omod ready installer. My main goal is to make one for every Seamless Equipment supported body, plus heads after that.

    By semi-bash-ready I mean that there is no bash installer (OBMM yes!) and plugin files needs to be moved from the root folder. I couldn't get them to install with OBSE any other way.

    NOTE: Most of these files will require Universal Skeleton (controlable version) and you should have it or an equivalent anyway, so make sure to have one. Also to make boobs bounce on allowed bodies you will need proper animations like NoMaaM BBB Animation Replacer.

    Without a further ado, please pick your parts:




    Robert female (to be made, if I will)



    Robert male (to be made)


    Oblivion Character Overhaul version 2

    Update plan/priority

    - Robert's male merger
    - Tweaks to HGEC Merger
    - Tweaks to TGND2 Merger
    - Add Glass armor, robe options to DMRA Merger
    - Robert's female Merger



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