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Sex Effects

Lovers with PK mods that provide various effects or utility related to sex started by other mods.

14 files


    Tamago / Hiyoko Master Set
    by Japanese Modder
    Hakumen Oshite Mairu
    uploaded and edited by LongDukDong

    Now easy to find in the Download section, the latest versions of the minimum required files for the Tamago Hiyoko system, some files now updated to work with the upcoming LoversCreatures 2.5 and Tamago Fertility Clinic Addon v 2.5f.
    There are THREE downloads of your choice
    1) The OMOD version of the Tamago/Hiyoko set for use with x117Race characters as originally designed
    2) The OMOD version of the Tamago/Hiyoko set with the dependency of the x117Race stripped, using vanilla races only
    3) The ZIP file containing content for both versions
    You need choose only one set with all five mods listed below.  Download all three sets if you want, but you can only play one version of the set at a time.
    What does the package entail?

    v1.15c Rev 42.8 - LDD Edit version
    TamagoClub is a reproduction and fertility cycle simulator, allowing males to produce sperm and females to undergo menstrual cycles and become pregnant.  And thanks to an extensive (and now cleanly rewritten) INI file, you can set options that control character pregnany cycles, inventory messages and timing.
    Objects key to reproduction will be available and seen in your inventory, and the player can control trealism settings thanks to a spell  (or Lesser Power).  But unlike the original, you can now decrease realism factors just as much as you can increase them.
    As always, female characters are gifted with a womb based on game settings.  And while creatures can be gifted with a womb based on the TamagoClub's INI file, this new revision by LongDukDong recognizes female creatures from LoversCreature 2.5 and applies wombs to them just the same.
    *As a note, this still doesn't change how TamagoClub handles the differences between Persistant (static) characters and Random (dynamic) characters.  While regular female characters may carry pregnancy to full term while the player is away, the system's cleaning function may 'reap' and reset such content. Of course, this is based on the configured cleaning function which is currently set at the highest level to keep savegame files the smallest.
    *     *     *
    v1.10a Rev3.8 - LDD Edit version
    HiyokoClub is a projeny production simulator, allowing females to give birth to children created by the TamagoClub Master.  While TamagoClub controls the mechanics of reproduction in Oblivion, it is this system which supports the creation of actual child characters based on the genetic information from the parents.  However, it does require genetic generator mods for the final product to be borne (supplied in the package).
    While the TamagoClub mod handles the mechanics of reproduction, HiyokoClub runs checks when a child is to be borne into the world.  This option is controlled by the HiyokoClub's extensive (and now cleaner) INI file.  However, it is now compatible with the Tamago Fertility Clinic AddOn v 2.5f for induced labor options.
    And since the development of Revision 3.7z, the use of the hggf_hiyokoclub_fix.esp is no longer required for those using iyokoGeneratorGeneForge.
    *A small reminder, it is the HiyokoClub.Ini file that includes the option for female characters to produce sperm which can impregnate other NPCs.  While TamagoClub has options for children with female 'Fathers', it is HiyokoClub which allows so-called 'DadMoms' to exist and makes it possible.
    *     *     *
    The latest version available, this mod adds a special 'hook' that connects the TamagoClub master system to Lovers with PK.  This special hook adds an ejaculation feature where a receptive sex partner may receive sperm into her womb.
    The TamagoClub master may create wombs, ovum and suitable reproductive content.  And the HiyokoClub may handle when a child is to be delivered.  But without this mod, it would have no ability to transfer content between partners.
    *     *     *
    Accompanying HiyokoClub are these two mods which allows the creation of Hiyoko Children based on their parents, and releases them into the world, virtually giving birth (but without the messy stuff and labor pains).
    HiyokoGenetics has gone through some cleaning, its 'OnLive' system still containing Japanese text that needed translating into English.  And the Examine Child Spell (Lesser Power) needed a cosmetic rewrite which now presents the data more legibly.
    There are two versions of HiyokoGenerator, one that uses the x117Race package and their collection of lopeared elves, argonoids, and the like, and one that solely uses vanilla race NPCs.  In this, it is your choice which version to use.
    *     *     *
    This does not cover all available mods in the Tamago/Hiyoko line, but only the base mods required to have a functional system.  You will still find other mods available in which to enjoy and increase the ambience of your gaming environment.



  2. LoversSetScale - Dukky Version

    The Dukky version of LoversSetScale is based on the original Japanese version (2013.03.04 v01.00f) found and submitted by Ger4.
    This system changes the scale/height  of involved NPCs when Sex Acts begin, the default scale being 1.0 (or the typical height of the Imperial Race).  And when the sex act is over and the clothing/armor of the NPC is restored, the involved NPCs are returned to their original height.  This allows your partners to line up better when having sex.
    The NPC whose height is adjusted is that of the submissive/recipent in the act. But if the player is involved, t he NPC's height is adjusted  regardless of who is the submissive partner.
    Initially set up not to adjust heights  when either the player or a creature is involved in sex. This is by default with switches that can be changed either by way of console commands or from within the system's INI file.
    Also, it is possible to change the height definitions by way of INI files such as those supplied.
    What's new you ask?
    Actual Translations and Paraphrased comments within the script and Readme file.  No longer gibberish. An actual INI file for those tired of using console commands to change how the system works. Code cleaning and ensuring some features function as intended. A size limiting fuction to prevent crashing if certain NPCs are too small for the system to handle  
    While the original author tested the system with NPCs with scales ranging from 0.85 to 1.1, I tested with races even smaller in stature.
    This is based on the original version found here: 
    It is not based on the revised version of LoversSetScale found here:



  3. LoversSoundCreature Dukky Version

    This is a revised version of ProximityFuse's classic, version 0.1.0.  Just like the original, this mod still allows creature to emit sounds when engaged in sex using the stock Oblivion sounds.   However, this version now ensures that submissive creatures also deliver audio effects.  Tested with an early Lovers Creatures 2.5 with some submissive creature actions.
    Some of the code within the mod had not changed, except cosmetically.  To make it work with submissive creatures, other pieces of code now no longer focus solely on offensive/aggressive creatures, but now work with creatures in general.
    The download for the Dukky version has the same filename for convenience and mod order sake.  And the download is merely an .esp file.
    Of course, this requires Lovers Creatures, lest no hanky-panky with Oblivion's bestiary.
    Original version here: 



  4. Lovers Penalty Companion

    Lovers Penalty Companion Version
    For TES4 Oblivion
    By fejeena and DogOnPorch
    This a simple continuation of Lovers Power for the Player Character. Although Lovers Power is not needed to run Lovers Penalty Companion, it is highly recommended. Otherwise, it's all bad news...lol. Lovers Penalty Companion is aimed primarily at those PCs in more-or-less monogamous relationships with a favorite NPC. 
    There is a male version included.
    Unlike Lovers Power, Lovers Penalty Companion only affects the player. Not NPCs, as well.
    Hardcore Mode exists and can be accessed by opening the Console (the ~ key), clicking on the PC and typing the following...
    player.additem xx000800 1
    (xx = the hexadecimal position of Lovers Penalty Companion in your load order....your Mod Manager lists this on each entry.)
    Normal mode can be returned to by opening the console again and typing 
    player.removeitem xx000800 1
    ...same rules apply.
    Although there are no actual diseases in this version, hardcore mode does have some sexual oopsies that require a trip to the healer...but none of that Vilja etc giving you some horrible STD. Just minor stuff.
    The original Lovers Power is included for convenience. 
    Version 1.01 Initial release.
    Version 1.02 A few minor effects added.



  5. Lovers Penalty

    For TES4 Oblivion
    By fejeena and DogOnPorch
    This a simple continuation of Lovers Power for the Player Character. Although Lovers Power is not needed to run Lovers Penalty, it is highly recommended. Otherwise, it's all bad news...lol. Lovers Penalty is aimed primarily at high-risk players...prostitutes and the like. Lovers Hooker, Lovers Prostitute, Lovers Stalker, etc.
    There is a male version included which is aimed more at the John (end-user) rather than a male prostitute. It is *not* for making sweet, sweet love to your most cherished companion. Unlike Lovers Power, Lovers Penalty only affects the player. Not NPCs, as well.
    The original Lovers Power is included for convenience. 
    Version 1.03 (minor fixes)
    Version 1.04 (reversed disease fixed)
    Version 1.05 (ditto)



  6. LoversFutaSperm

    Tired of remembering that Koko-whatever command into the screen so your female NPCs can actually shoot sperm and potentially knock up another woman with the Tamago Hiyoko system?

    If so... this is for you. And all you have to do is make sure your attacking women are futa (have dicks).

    This mod performs tiny alterations to two scripts within Lovers with PK.esp but but alters a value within the TamagoClub.esp.



  7. Lovers GenderBender

    Dear friends, I hope you find this an entertaining mod. It allows you to change the gender of any NPC-based character in the game.
    Yes! This is a Sex Changing Spell Mod!!!
    However, there are a couple of limits. It will not change 'Creature' NPCs in the game (sorry Jyggalag) and it will not affect the faces of those changed. While face data is subject to the character's gender when being developed, I have yet to discern the command which updates the character's face as I had the character's body.
    While the OSBE plugin for Oblivion contains a command which lets you change the gender of an NPC, the command itself was buggy. Because of that, you will also need the EngineBugFixes package by Tiawar, also included in this set. Please, install it lest you find yourself 'CRASHING' each time you try to cast a spell.
    And if you wish to know the url for the EngineBugFixes package (v 1.3 being included in the download), it is http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/47085/?
    This package includes three ESPs. Only choose one to use.
    1) Lovers GenderBender.esp
    2) Lovers GenderBender_SB.esp
    3) Lovers GenderBender_Tamago.esp (This version being why it is in the Lovers PK section)
    The .BSA with the graphics is named Lovers GenderBender.bsa. For possible compatibility with other possible mods, ensure your .esp is named or renamed Lovers GenderBender.esp
    Special Note:
    When the spell affects a character, the body is physically reset to a default form. So any changes performed by the Setbody mod will be negated. This is true for both SB and Tamago versions.

    * * *


    PATCHES also available via the Download link
    1) The Lovers GenderBender_Tamago / Tamago Confide patch
    Available as LGBT_Confide.zip

    The Tamago Confide mod makes NPCs walk to the player if he is near when the NPC realizes she is pregnant and begins to show. The dialog itself was limited. This patch adds plenty more options for race while also adding conditions for NPCs that were originally male and ended up getting a big belly.  

    2) The Lovers GenderBender_Tamago / Tamago Topic patch
    Available as LGBT_Confide.zip

    The Tamago Confide mod allows the player to ask NPCs about their cycle, Something fairly touchy. Again, the dialog itself was limited. Still kind of limited, this patch adds more dialog options based on some races while adding conditions for formerly male NPCs.  

    * * *



  8. Spunk Textures for LPK

    I originally made this texture set for FONV Sexout Spunk.
    I found that it worked well for LPK and the LoversSpermSplashEx mod.
    It simulates sperm dripping on the body much as the original LPK did.
    This is a simple texture replacer. Install manually.
    Install by merging Data folder with your Oblivion Data folder,
    overwrite files (or copy and paste).
    You should backup the original textures before installing,
    it is the only way to revert to your original state.
    Find them in:
    Data_Textures_Effects_lovers folder.
    Textures are 1024 resolution; may effect performance a little bit.
    Normal maps are included though I do not believe they function,
    or ever functioned for this type of application.
    Thanks to anyone and everyone who made LPK possible.



  9. Lovers Love Juice v02.04i

    This is almost a total machine translation of the original to English.
    I am not developing or translating this any further, use at your own risk. Please read the rest of the readme file for the remaining details.
    Final Update 01/30/2014:
    I only recently discovered (finally) how to use the Blood Bombs. This may be entirely due to finally finding and deflowering 100 virgins.
    You can turn in the Blood Bomb "fake" to Claudette Perrick of The Gilded Carafe for various items.
    Or you can locate a certain character in-game and trade them in for 1000 gold and Blood Bomb "fake". You then receive the real Blood Bomb.
    It seems you must have a certain poison potion in inventory, introduced and acquired in this MOD. It acts as the trigger.
    If you drop a bomb using shift+mouse click in a crowd of female NPCs, then click on it again while standing* you get a dialogue pop-up asking to Trigger the bomb? or Cancel.
    It does take quite a few seconds to go off. Net result, all nearby female NPCs will be turned back into virgins.
    *You can only pick up a dropped bomb in sneak mode, and only trigger it while standing.
    ● LoversLoveJuice (2012/06/27 v02.04i)
    Renkin is an add-on to add material Potion /, such as sperm / juice at finish in the H of H of Sexlivion Lovers.
    Potion is a roots type and naming Noma Sexlivion.
    ※ latest patch is required (v1.2).
    ※ later is required OBSE v0020.
    ● Overview
    (At launch), and then adds a random alchemy material/potion below when finish the middle of sex.
    When the additional mode Potion
    The receiving side attack: Women → (concentrated super / co / discount / strength / average / weak) 6 types · love juice
    (When inserted in the male side is attacking side) received: men and women → (concentrated super / co / average / thin) · 4 types of sperm
    Randomly in the lead up to the fire: men and women → (dark Geki / co-pole) · 2 types of juice embarrassing
    Receiving side (the side when the woman attacked by hermaphrodite) yin yang is a poison potion recovery: men and women → (sun / shade) · 2 types of woman juice
    ※ woman juice / semen / liquid love, for every single shot, (weak) (thin) are several (weak) or more of the (thin) pieces will be added to the random one.
    ※ embarrassing juice is added one by one at random voice playback timing of the pant.



  10. lovershvirus v01_01a_beta.7z

    ● Venereal Disease: LoversHVirus (2012.06.18 v01.01a)
    Add the Lovers of things "H virus" of Sexlivion.
    ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

    ※ You must have "Shivering Isles" official of the DLC. (Because it uses the Idle Motion Dancer)
    ※ are dependent on him, so only SI SEDancer.kf of IdleAnimation, or CS is TES4Edit
    ※ EditorID: that exist in your environment file path of the motion of kzsLoversHVirusDanceSE
    ※ I think to rewrite things, there is no problem even in environments without SI.
    ※ (It is also possible you have removed kzsLoversHVirusDanceSE in CS)

    ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※



  11. Lovers Chorus - Voice Randomizer

    Small mod that assigns a random Lovers voice to an NPC the first time they engage in sex if they do not already have a voice assigned.
    Out of the box this mod will assign with equal chance voice sets 0 through 6 to female NPCs and leave males at voice set 0. Orc females than have an 80% chance to be flat-out assigned voice set 6.
    This can be changed by editing the .ini file. Changing the weight value for a given voice set will cause that set to occur more/less often. Any number of racial overrides can be set to have certain races or creature types have their own voice set table.
    Lovers w/ PK v91+
    OBSE 19+
    Version 1.01 Release Notes
    Fix: Removed restriction on setting voicesets above 20.



  12. Lovers 3d Orgasm

    Lovers 3d Orgasm - by unknown
    Shivering Isles
    Lovers with PK
    Lovers Masturbate v2
    Just extract the data folder in the archive to your oblivion data folder.Place Lovers3dorgasm.esp after LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp, and Lovers3dorgasmMB2.esp after LoversMB2.esp in your load order.
    Unknown author



  13. Tamago Discharge

    This mod adds the virgin blood, creampie, bukakke effect to you or npcs.
    We had LoversDischarge+ before but it's gone so I've rewritten it so that it doesn not overwrite the original TamagoClub.esm.
    New features
    - Virgin Blood. (data from Triratna)
    When the lovers act begins, if 'defence' is virgin ( no experience of aquiring internal cumshot ) and sex position is not non-insertion, and depending on your Lovers Futanarification setting, this equips the actor with a virgin blood ring.
    - Bukakke
    Or moneyshot. When you do a blowjob or similar this equips the defensive actor with this amulet.
    - those 2 are accessories, they'll occupy your amulet/ring slot. You can unequip them by equipping other accessories, or go find some water and dive in. (Alternatively, buy some toilet rolls from pawnbrokers/innkeepers and wipe them out.)
    - I've removed unnecessory data files & esp items from LoversDischarge+
    - Also resized textures to half. This should cause no trouble
    - Changed gape ring's UV map and texture - so if you find any conflict with other mod holler me then I'll give them back.
    Old features
    - Menstruation blood depending on the mensruation cycle
    - Gaping pussy effect
    Lovers with PK & LoversTamagoClub.esp - without them you won't see anything except menstruation and gaping



  14. Lovers Voice SSP Plus

    Finally done a long last. Clocking in at well over 3000 lines of added dialog to the game. This was a beast to translate and would not have managed to finish it with my sanity in tact without the help of everybody who contributed. If I'm forgetting your contribution in the credits let me know.
    The primary function of this mod is to add appropriate dialog that displays during sex. In addition to this is also adds a handful of features that tie back into the sex dialog such as dating NPCs, sleeper sex, virgin detection, and public sex.
    To date an NPC, once their dispostion is high enough, tell them "I have something important to ask..." at which point they will ask why you like them. The option you then select for this will determine the NPCs personality, which will greatly affect their dialog interacting with you as well as during sex. The other things you can do with your date I'll leave up to you to discover, though I will say dating a female NPC provides several more functions when compared with dating a male NPC, this is something I'd like to fix myself and add in, as the Japanese version lacks it still.
    There is also appropriate dialog for NPCs the plugin consider to be "married," which changes depending on if you are currently having an affair with the wife of the couple or not.
    You'll have handful of spells as well. "Alter My Personality" which will let you select a personality for yourself, altering your own sex dialog to a degree. "Sense Virgin" Will allow you to tweak the PC or NPCs virgin settings. "Sleeper Sex" Will allow you to rape sleeping victims (with matching sex dialog).
    This plugin does require LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP. However the non SSP version will work just fine if you change the required Master in Wrye Bash, you'll just miss out on the married npcs part of the game the plugin to my knowledge, I have not tested this.
    Some of the dialog sections are still fairly rough, as I have not had time to give everything a second pass over just yet. So if you notice serious spelling errors or lines of dialog completely out of context, let me know.
    Translated by: Ashal, Nightwynd, Merctime, Canthics, HoroBoro, Groovlus
    Requires: OBSE v0019+, Lovers Base System, Lovers Adult Play Plus for SSP



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