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  1. Summon Your Companion

    Immersively summon your waiting companion to you over radio, with sound effects and voiced replies.
    Mod Features
    Isn't it annoying that when you have told a companion to Wait Here, you have to walk all the way back to them to make them follow you again?  It's the 24th century, don't people have radios in their space suits?  Well, now they do.
    Once you have told a companion or follower to Wait, simply hit the mod's hotkey to call them and tell them to start following you again.  They'll reply by radio, then travel overland to your position.

    The mod is fully voiced, and supports all of the companions and followers available in game.
    Starfield Hotkeys - required to trigger the radio call
    Baka Achievement Enabler (SFSE) - not strictly required, but without it Starfield will disable achievements if you use this mod
    Install the mod's requirements, then install this mod using your favorite mod manager.
    Then, configure the hotkey by adding the following line to the [Hotkeys] section of the Hotkeys\Hotkeys.ini file located in your Starfield installation folder:
    Home=cgf "EgoCompanionRadio.SummonCompanion"  
    Change Home to whatever key you prefer.  Available key bindings are listed here.
    The mod consists of a single Papyrus script which provides global functions that can be called from the console using the CallGlobalFunction (CGF) command.  Technically, you can use the mod without the hotkey mod by simply running the command "EgoCompanionRadio.SummonCompanion" in the console.  There is no plugin for this mod because the tools to create safe plugins are not yet available.
    The functions in the mod script are simple one-shot global functions that leave nothing persistent in your save.  It is safe to install or uninstall at any time.
    This mod wouldn't be possible without Bethesda Archive Extractor by hexabit, the Champollion Papyrus decompiler and the Caprica Papyrus compiler by Orvid and Nikitalita, and xEdit by ElminsterAU.



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