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  1. IceStorm's Oxford Heels

    IceStorm's Oxford Heels - Version 1.0
    See my Patreon for more mods, screenshots or if you want to support me.
    A pair of cute oxford-style high heels.
    Available in 5 different materials.
    Fallout 4 (obviously) CBBE BodySlide (Optionally but highly recommended) Fallout 4 High Heels System (FO4HHS) and it's dependencies  
    Install with your mod manager or manually. Run BodySlide to build the shoes (with body) for your preset. This mod requires FO4HHS.
    How to acquire Craft them at the chemlab under "IceStorm's Shoes" for some materials. You can modify the color at an armor workbench.
    The heels use Slot 33-Body, like any other pair of high heel shoes. They come with custom high heel sounds, but you can change it back to vanilla at the armor workbench.
    Sound of the heels is louder than normal footsteps. Sneaking is almost impossible and enemies will hear you much earlier than with flat shoes. If you revert it back to vanilla, this does not apply. To keep the high amount of details, full precision is enabled on the shoe's mesh. This means, that you may encounter some graphics glitches when a character wearing the shoes is set on fire (e.g., hit by a Molotov). This mod requires game version 1.10.162 or newer due to changes to the ESP/ESL format.



  2. Redhead Raider Savegame

    Includes two saves, the 1st save was saved directly at the beginning in pre-war Sanctuary and the 2nd save was saved before leaving Vault 111.
    Three plugins to change the appearance of Cait, Piper, and Curie are also included.
    REQUIRED: Valkyr Female Face and Body Textures, Eye Normal Map Fix and The Eyes Of Beauty.
    Editing the appearance of Cait, Piper, and Curie
    You can change the appearance of Cait, Curie and Piper by writing player.placeatme >insert ID here<
    001647C6 - Curie's Base ID
    00002f1e - Piper's Base ID
    00079249 - Cait's Base ID
    Once you've spawned them type slm >insert ID here<
    For example SLM 00079249 to edit Cait's appearance.
    After you are done editing don't forget to disable the NPC you just spawned.



  3. IceStorm's Stiletto High Heel Boots

    IceStorm's Stiletto High Heel Boots - Version 1.0
    See my Patreon for more mods, screenshots or if you want to support me.
    A pair of high heel boots with thin heel and platform.
    3 Metal types for the platform/heel - Silver, Gold, Copper.
    Multiple Materials for the boots
    Fallout 4 (obviously) CBBE BodySlide (Optionally but highly recommended) Fallout 4 High Heels System (FO4HHS) and it's dependencies  
    Install with your mod manager or manually. Run BodySlide to build the shoes (with body) for your preset. This mod requires FO4HHS.
    How to acquire Craft them at the chemlab under "IceStorm's Shoes" for some materials. You can modify the color at an armor workbench.
    The heels use Slot 33-Body, like any other pair of high heel shoes. They come with custom high heel sounds, but you can change it back to vanilla at the armor workbench.
    Sound of the heels is louder than normal footsteps. Sneaking is almost impossible and enemies will hear you much earlier than with flat shoes. If you revert it back to vanilla, this does not apply. To keep the high amount of details, full precision is enabled on the shoe's mesh. This means, that you may encounter some graphics glitches when a character wearing the shoes is set on fire (e.g., hit by a molotov). This mod requires game version 1.10.162 or newer due to changes to the ESP/ESL format.



  4. IceStorm's Lauren Pumps

    IceStorm's Lauren Pumps - Version 1.0
    See my Patreon for more mods, screenshots or if you want to support me.
    A pair of peep-toe pumps with metal platform and high heels for your vault girl.
    3 Metal types for the platform/heel - Silver, Gold, Copper.
    6 Materials for the shoe - Turquoise, Black, Champagne, Nude, Rose, Silver
    Fallout 4 (obviously) CBBE BodySlide (Optionally but highly recommended) Fallout 4 High Heels System (FO4HHS) and it's dependencies  
    Install with your mod manager or manually. Run BodySlide to build the shoes (with body) for your preset. This mod requires FO4HHS.
    How to acquire Craft them at the chemlab under "IceStorm's Shoes" for some materials. You can modify the color at an armor workbench.
    The heels use Slot 33-Body, like any other pair of high heel shoes. They come with custom high heel sounds, but you can change it back to vanilla at the armor workbench.
    Sound of the heels is louder than normal footsteps. Sneaking is almost impossible and enemies will hear you much earlier than with flat shoes. If you revert it back to vanilla, this does not apply. To keep the high amount of details, full precision is enabled on the shoe's mesh. This means, that you may encounter some graphics glitches when a character wearing the shoes is set on fire (e.g. hit by a molotov). This mod requires game version 1.10.162 or newer due to changes to the ESP/ESL format.  



  5. IceStorm's Platform Ankle Boots

    IceStorm's Platform Ankle Boots - Version 1.0
    See my Patreon for more mods, screenshots or if you want to support me.
    A pair of cute ankle boots with platform and high heel.
    3 Metal types for the platform/heel - Silver, Gold, Copper.
    16 Materials for the shoe.
    Fallout 4 (obviously) CBBE BodySlide (Optionally but highly recommended) Fallout 4 High Heels System (FO4HHS) and it's dependencies  
    Install with your mod manager or manually. Run BodySlide to build the shoes (with body) for your preset. This mod requires FO4HHS.
    How to acquire Craft them at the chemlab under "IceStorm's Shoes" for some materials. You can modify the color at an armor workbench.
    The heels use Slot 33-Body, like any other pair of high heel shoes. They come with custom high heel sounds, but you can change it back to vanilla at the armor workbench.
    Sound of the heels is louder than normal footsteps. Sneaking is almost impossible and enemies will hear you much earlier than with flat shoes. If you revert it back to vanilla, this does not apply. To keep the high amount of details, full precision is enabled on the shoe's mesh. This means, that you may encounter some graphics glitches when a character wearing the shoes is set on fire (e.g. hit by a molotov). This mod requires game version 1.10.162 or newer due to changes to the ESP/ESL format.



  6. Random Overlay Framework

    The Random Overlay Framework allows you to populate the Commonwealth with a variety of different personalities.
    This Mod Randomly provides NPC's with up to seven overlays (six Tattoo's and one Pubic Hair)
    There are three versions of Random Overlay Framework currently working
    Spell Perk Item Distributor Edition (New)
    Added a hard requirement for Spell Perk Item Distributor
    Here-> https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/48365?tab=description
    There is performance notices at the bottom of the page
    Family Planning Enhanced Redux Existence system (New)
    This uses my existence system to distribute Overlays to All NPCs in the game (Does Support Mods)
    No longer supported because Spell Perk Item Distributor does the job better and is a lot cleaner
    Outfit Framework (Old)
    This uses my Outfit Framework to distribute Overlays to Selected NPCs in the game (Doesn't Support Mods)
    Leveled Lists (Old)
    This uses leveled Lists to distribute Overlays to Selected NPCs in the game (Doesn't Support Mods)
    The Choice is up to you with the Options in the MCM
    Choose which faction's have Tattoo's
    Choose which Tattoo Type to better selected
    Choose if a faction will have it own unique Tattoo (none of the current Tattoo Sets have this yet)
    Allows you to set a MCM Command & Hotkey to give a NPC a Custom Overlay Manager
    Allows you to set a MCM Command to give yourself a Custom Overlay Manager (Not Recommended)
    The Overlays are divided into several sections and different Overlays are use with each other
    (These can be tweaked using the MCM Option to give chances of appearing and not appearing)
    Pubic Hair
    Left Arm
    Left Leg
    Right Arm
    Right Leg
    Full Bodied
    Unique (Don't use this with the new quest system)
    Skin Override
    Lower Back
    Certain NPC's will be excluded because they wear another type of outfit but this mod should affect the following...
    (These NPC's can be tweaked using the MCM Option to give chances of an Overlay Manager appearing(Gives the NPC Overlays))
    Brotherhood of Steel
    Children of Atom
    Institute Synth's
    Vault 81
    Captives / DLC04 - Slaves
    Overlay Type
    (For each Faction, you can select a style of overlay given)

    Random = All or Lower Back/Pelvis or Full Bodied
    All = Back, Chest, Arms and Legs
    Lower Back & Pelvis = Oddly enough Lower Back & Pelvis
    Full Bodied = Tattoos that cover more than one section
    Unique = An Unique Tattoo for one faction only (Don't use with the new quest system)
    Skin Override = override the NPC's Skin with a new custom skin
    Everything = Back, Chest, Arms, Legs, Lower Back and Pelvis
    Nothing = No Overlay's
    Each faction has its own Pubic Hair Setting = Enable or Disable
    Additional Options *only works on unique NPCs
    Eyes = Changes the eyes of NPC
    Hair Cuts = Changes the hair of NPC (This can be buggy)
    Syringe Manager
    Craft a Special Syringe to inject a NPC with a Custom Overlay Manager.
    Simply find the Taboo Tattoo's near the Thicket Excavations to allow crafting of said syringe
    MCM Commands and Hotkeys
    While targeting a NPC, go into MCM "Custom Managers"
    1. A Hotkey to give a NPC a Custom Overlay Manager
    2. A Command to give a NPC a Custom Overlay Manager
    3. A Command to give Yourself a Custom Overlay Manager
    note on 3 - The following is Not Recommended for Certain Players However it might be interesting for a new game.
    Currently Supported Tattoo Mod's
    (Due to Performance issues, the Following should in a BA2 archive, Loose Files may cause decrease performance)
    Pubic Hair / Body Hair
    This adds the Body Hair Overlays from good0593's NPC Male Bodies
    This adds the Pubic Hair Overlays from LunaEversor's LooksMenu - Additional Pubic Hair Overlays
    This adds the Pubic Hair Overlays from LunaEversor's LooksMenu - Pubes Forever (Fallout 4 Edition)
    This adds the Pubic Hair Overlays from ygcxsw's CBBE Pubic Hair Overlays for LooksMenu 1.0.0
    This adds the Assorted Overlays from krisser143's LooksMenu Body Tattoos
    This adds the Assorted Overlays from DonJunk's Rutah Tattoo Pack
    This adds the Assorted Overlays from DarkTI's ASO Astins Skin Overlay Cbbe (BLK Tribal tattoos)
    This adds the Assorted Overlays from DarkTI's ASO Astins Skin Overlay Cbbe (Tribal Brands)
    This adds the Assorted Overlays from DarkTI'sASO Astins Skin Overlay Cbbe (Tribal tattoos Color)
    This adds Assorted Overlays from JBpy's Tattoos for captives
    Pelvis Overlays from JBpy's Lewd Marks
    This adds the Chest and Pelvis Overlays fromsvbernard's SVB Tattoos 1.0 for Fusion Girl
    Assorted Overlays from JSpy's Render Tattoos
    "Tattoos Collection by Dreivor 1221.1"
    and Create Your Own Overlay Kit and Mod Custom Managers
    (more info to come)
    Other Thanks (while I don't directly use their work, some of the addon's wouldn't exist without them)
    andy11 for Pubic Hair Alternatives for Skyrim
    Rutah for Rutah Tattoo Pack for Skyrim
    AncientKane for Pubes Forever for Skyrim
    and Others

    Screenshot Thanks (and a few overlays from above + a couple of my overlays)
    GrafPanzer's CCO Cheeky Casuals Edition
    GrafPanzer's CCO Saucy Settlers Edition
    GrafPanzer's CCO Vulgar Villains Edition
    GrafPanzer's CCO Foxy Factions Edition
    Crimsomrider's Clothing Of The Commonwealth - Mega Outfit Pack
    Known Issues
    Overlapping may/will occur when an increased amount of overlay mod is used

    there was a double or triple effect known to happened (please tell me if this happens to you)
    Please note, This is still in progress, please alert me if there is any issues

    More Notices
    this mod can be a resource hog if you are using loose overlay files.
    (I know that NPC Male Bodies uses loose files so caution about that mod)
    How to fix this issue-> Packing BA2's
    also if you have performance Issues, I would recommend the following

    all of the following requires you to open INVB_OverlayFramework_DISTR.ini

    Spell = 0x52B7~INVB_OverlayFramework.esp|NONE|0xEAFB6,0x13746|NONE|NONE|NONE|10
    Spell = 0x52B7~INVB_OverlayFramework.esp|NONE|0xEAFB6,0x13746|NONE|NONE|NONE|25
    Spell = 0x52B7~INVB_OverlayFramework.esp|NONE|0xEAFB6,0x13746|NONE|NONE|NONE|50
    Spell = 0x52B7~INVB_OverlayFramework.esp|NONE|0xEAFB6,0x13746|NONE|NONE|NONE|(or whatever you want)

    you will need to adjust the MCM settings (because the default settings assume 100% of NPCs will get the spell)

    Unique NPCs(only unique NPCs will get overlays) *I am not sure if this works
    Spell = 0x52B7~INVB_OverlayFramework.esp|NONE|0xEAFB6,0x13746|NONE|U

    Ghouls Only
    Spell = 0x52B7~INVB_OverlayFramework.esp|NONE|0xEAFB6

    Humans Only
    Spell = 0x52B7~INVB_OverlayFramework.esp|NONE|0x13746



  7. HOTC Lite - Standalone Clothing Replacer

    A clothing replacer for Hookers of the Commonwealth Lite - Standalone.
    This mods does a few things:
    1.) It allows you to use the clothes from Easygirl Outfits with your body slide/body gen. (replaces the prebuilt clothing from HOTC, so you can use FG/CBBE.)
    2.) It adds different clothing to npcs depending on what location they spawn in. (Exclusive outfits for Dugout Inn, Colonial Tap House, Third Rail, Hotel Rexford.)
    3.) it adds new clothing for the npc's.
    Not all clothing pieces added from each mod, just those that I thought fit. They are filled by leveled list, but they should not be any overlaps. Occasionally some npc's won't equip the clothing they are given in inventory. Seems to be from the leveled tops. Not sure why, so some hookers might rarely be topless. Exclusive outfits seem fine. 
    This could probably with other HOTC editions if you use my leveled list and Wyrebash to replace appropriate the master. And if you want to add new clothes you can look at the leveled list and probably figure it out.
    Full requirements see post:
    Clothing added from the following mods:
    FrenchMaidFO4-CBBE.esl by Derpsdale Nexus
    Venus_Nine_FG.esp by kharneth LL
    Stylish_Bloomer_FG.esp by kharneth LL
    Crimson_Punk_Outfit.esp by kharneth LL
    VtawWardrobe5.esp by vtaw Nexus
    VtawWardrobe6.esp by vtaw Nexus
    VtawWardrobe7.esp by vtaw Nexus
    HN66Fo4_EasyGirl_BS.esp by humannature66 Nexus
    HN66Fo4_TRS.esp by humannature66 Nexus
    DX_Pornstar_Fashion.esp by deserterx dianka33 Nexus
    Note: I do not know an (easy way) to make the level list pull all the various material swaps from vtaw and DX pornstar fashion. So don't expect to see material swap variety for the various pieces. This also should be safe for anyone not using all the various material swaps from vtaw I think. But if you see purple clothing you know why.



  8. Darkblade - Standalone Promotional Weapon from 'Wastelanders'

    Want to support me? Get exclusive access to mods and updates.
    > PATREON <
    Two handed long-range polearm with elemental damage options. This weapon is featured in Wastelanders, where there is a 4K version available (this mod is 2K).
    Manual or with the mod organizer of your choice.
    Should not cause issues.
    Future Plans



  9. Wastelanders - Unique NPC Bosses with Backstories (Legacy version)

    This mod will only receive bugfixes and QOL changes made to the primary fork. It is not receiving new content. An updated version with new content is available on Patreon.

    As the protagonist in many games, we are used to the immortality that Plot Armor gives us. What if that was suddenly taken away? What if we are faced with equals?
    This mod is currently in the very early stages of development. I am releasing it as I work and hope to gain valuable feedback throughout development.
    In its current form, the mod adds five world bosses.
    You may notice a rather common color theme for the bosses - red and black. This is purely my personal choice because it looks fucking bad ass. It may change in the final release.
    If you are having trouble defeating the Wastelanders on your own, and your followers are no help, you can also use a trap camp:
    You must read the notes in their inventories to gain their perks!!!
    This mod's item balance assumes that you are not using any damage or difficulty overhauls such as Ballistic Realism Overhaul. If you are it may become too hard or too easy. It was tested on Very Hard and Survival on a vanilla game.
    I have added conditions to some legendary effects (like explosive and Furious) to reduce or nullify their effectiveness. 
    Each boss carries a journal fragment that provides some backstory and contains clues to the location of the BBEG. All of the bosses are connected in some way.
    They will always be 2.0x the player's level up until level 1000. They start at level 100, so if you are level 100 they will be level 200.
    If you think that these bosses are impossible, you're just not playing the game right. I managed to kill them without Power Armor, no God Mode, and a non-Legendary weapon.
    The first 5 bosses planned for this mod are complete and readily available to fight in this legacy version of the mod.
    Permissions regarding my mod
    Permissions and credits for all used assets can be found in the ESP header.
    I'm gonna skip the legal speak and just be straight up.
    Don't copy my shit, don't steal it and post it to other sites without asking, and if I or anyone else catches you trying to rip off, mimic, or copy my shit, I will immediately file a takedown.
    The specific designs of Armors, Clothings, and Weapons belong to their owners. Modified versions of these Items as designed and created by Myself are my intellectual property.



  10. DOA Follower Mai Shiranui and REH's Sailor Steve Costigan And Mike

    Adds two companions for the price of one!
    Two legends from different worlds.
    Mai Shiranui of Fatal Fury, KOF and DOA guest.
    Sailor Steve Costigan And his Bulldog Mike of Robert E. Howard Fame! (Yes, that Howard, the writer of Conan The Barbarian)
    A semi comedic romp of what passes for a mini quest to find her.
    Trigger the Quest to find Mai, Steve and Mike in Goodneighbor by speaking to the "Scared Shitless man".
    Initially when you meet Mai, she doesn't like you very much (at all) and only speaks Japanese.
    In order to understand what she is saying (if you don't speak Japanese) You need to find Mai's translator.
    There are five of them (you only need one):
    1. Museum of freedom
    2. The Prydwen
    3. Diamond City Science Center
    4. The State House (Goodneighbor)
    5. Institute Robotics Lab
    Mai will warm up to you after you travel with her.
    Mai has a custom body for Fusion Girl only and Cbbe.
    and her outfit can be customized through Dialogue (Bodyslide Files for Both FG and CBBE pending - Will be in the next day or so.)
    Credit for Mai's face to the DOA races mods. series. If there is any issue with my using them please let me know I can rebuild Mai's face.  Her outfit Is from DOA6.
    I haven't figured out how I want to do her fan, I made a base Mesh for it but just not sure how I want to include it.
    Fun fact: 
    Sailor Steve Costigan was the Second Most Written Character by Robert E. Howard behind only Conan.



  11. Akawaiitent's Bodychange ALPHA version

    Fusion Girl Support Released. Hiatus over. Working SSD and fallout 4 again. 
    V0.5a Hotfix, because i'm a pepega who forgot to put the config.json file in the 7z again.
    Small update that just adds support for ZeX fusion girl. Reminder that it requires working looksmenu sliders, so if you don't have working fusion girl sliders in your looksmenu this won't work. At the moment you have to swap to fusion girl manually in the MCM, I could change it to always update fusion girl sliders too, but I personally prefer it running as few lines as possible during body updates, since the more sliders you change at once the more likely you are to experience lag spikes/crashes.
    Unfortunately I lost all older versions of my mod with the death of my old SSD. Thankfully I could just pull the mod from this post to continue working on it.
    Mod summary. 
    Bodychange is a mod intended to do just that. Change the players body. It functions off of bodyslides morphsliders. This means if you have working looksmenu sliders (for CBBE TWB), this mod will manipulate those sliders based on your S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats. High Str? Bigger muscles. Feeling lucky? You were given bigger boobs. At the moment, the mods morphs are only targeted at the player character, and only for female players. 
    I'm sure I'm not the only 1 who saw Goretexx's artwork used for the Atomic Beauty thumbnail, and wished that something like that was possible through immersive in-game actions. Well now you can. This mod features a functioning CryoPod that you, the player, can enter and have your body shaped to match your stats. The pod can be build in any settlement workshop under furniture -> misc (about halfway through the list). (Since this is an early version of the mod still, the cryopod is cheap to make. Eventually I want there to be a required perk mag you have to find, and for it to cost more materials.) (Also long term I want to add a second pod for npcs, so you can turn npcs into bimbos by making them have the Atomic Beauty shape after using the pod.)
    In addition to the cryopod, we have a drug that will also apply the body changing effect on consumption. (Currently no way to obtain through regular gameplay, its mostly for quick bodyshape testing, but if there's a demand for it, I will add a crafting recipe and maybe even a bimbofying syringer rifle.)
    And finally we have an MCM option to update your bodymorph anytime you sleep (May cause slight laggyness when waking up, but I feel like that's normal)-> misc.
    Things always in development.
    The formula for the body changing is likely to change throughout the process. In addition to that, the default values of sliders at 10 Special is also likely to change.
    I'm personally terrible at making bodyshapes in bodyslide that look good, so if you want to help with this, post your best 10 special bodyslide files in the comments 😛
    Future plans.
    Add 1st phase of flavor quest. Meet a scientist who has discovered a growth formula and wants you (insert adventurer's name here) to help him gather materials for it. (unlocks the crafting recipe for the body change drug.)
    Add 2nd phase of flavor quest. Same scientist has created a pod to accelerate the growth formula. (doing the quest unlocks the cryopod)
    Add 3rd phase of flavor quest. The scientist has a new variation of the formula he wants to try. Find him a willing subject or convince him to be his own subject. (unlocks the bimbo pod)
    Screenies from my last playthrough so u can get an idea of what happens

    The nerdy vault survivor developed a serum that made her stronger, and in doing so made her body slowly get THICC. A side effect of the serum turned her eyes radiation green (rp flavor) and made her calm nature more aggresive. (added tats, and started wearing dog-tags/bullet necklace.) Her tight dresses no longer fit , so she swapped to something more loose and revealing.
    f4se - https://f4se.silverlock.org/
    bodyslide - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25
    cbbe - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15
    TWB/Fusion and their additional looksmenu sliders
    (you can find the looksmenu zex sliders on the nexus)
    MCM - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21497 
    Before you panic.
    1. Do you have proper bodyslide files for your clothing?
    2. Do you have the addional looksmenu sliders for the bodyshape?
    3. Have you generated the .tri files using the optional checkbox in bodyslide?
    If all of the above is a yes, continue.
    Do they work in Looksmenu?
    If Yes, Check for other mods that effect bodymorphs (IF you're 100% certain you don't have any, tell the mod author in forums. Plz include your plugins list so I can confirm you don't have any)
    If No, Do they work in looksmenu w/o my mod? 
        If Yes. Do they only stop working when you install my mod?) (If yes, Let author know you plugin list, so I can look for potential conflicts)
    Elseif they don't work in looksmenu w/o my mod Double check the 3 steps. At this point its got nothing to do with my mod.
    Known Potential Issues:
    Sleeping Morphs Happen on a vanilla script that checks for your sleep state if a mod changed this script for some reason (which it should never do) there may be issues.
    Bodymorph Sliders are only able to be controlled by one mod. If another mod uses the same sliders as me, there's going to be issues. Atm I havn't added support for disabling individual sliders, but if there's a demand for it I can add that support to make it more compatible with other mods)
    Known Bugs
    Currently in a heavily modded area (such as a dense sim settlement) there are occasional lag spikes during sleeping, especially in my testing version due to an NPC activatable version of the pod. The lag spikes are significantly decreased if you sleep somewhere else. Though to be honest I also have a potato PC so it may just be a me thing. 
    If you spam movement keys right as you activate a pod, you will trigger the inside of the pods activation before the script has a chance to temporarily disable your movement/interaction abilities. This will cause you to immediately exit the pod, b4 the pods animation finishes, making it stay closed, and causing all the scripted events that I'm working on to happen while your stuck in 1st person outside of the pod for ~40-60 seconds. The bug isn't too big of a deal though, you can simply re-enter it to fix it, or replace the workshop object.
    Sometimes you may have the script stop loading updates on sleeping. So far this has only happened to me once and simply loading a save fixed it.
    Credits :
    vinfamy - His mod was what inspired me to make this, and his code was used as reference for bits and pieces
    Kinggath - His youtube tutorials Bethesda Mod School helped me create the  workshop furniture Link to his Youtube playlist
    All  of the mod requirements - Without all of these  amazing mods, this mod would not even be close to being possible. ^ endorse/support these mods people.
    Neanka - Their github was massively useful in terms of finding information about MCM, and general papyrus scripting. https://github.com/Neanka/MCM_0.1_AS3/wiki
    The loverslab community - I found many solutions to problems through old loverslab forums postings (some dating back half a decade or more)
    This mod is heavily inspired by 



  12. Far Harbour Paradise UPDATE 2

    For all Players, who love Dirt, Trash and disgusting Waste, go on this Mod isn´t for you, cause this Mod makes Far Harbour a little Paradise and not a Waste Bin!!!
    For all are newer to Modding! Best you start a Fresh New Game, so all i modded can take Place!!! 
    As i promised, its so far, Far Harbour a much better Far Harbour, with an Luxury Acadia,  a absolute clean Harbour, a clean NAKANO House, Mitch BAR CEAN+Mitch Face hehe, Roads clean, Environment Cleaner, Acadia has now a NEW FENCE! In Acadia in YOUR private Suite a Surprise awaits you, in Form of a Megastrong Weapon!  
    OCEAN is absolute clean of Nuclear Slime and Trash!!! So yes, now you can take a little Bath.
    Echo Lake is now Clean, Flat and the four Shops belong now also to you, so the building Area is a bit bigger than before, the only Thing is, you need to move the Boss Trunk down from above you, i set it in CK on Ground, but well, seems the Trunk dont wanted to. You can move her down in the Building Menu , means V.
    Visitor Center Settlement is Clean and Flat, you can even build behind the House, The House is total rebuilded, no holes or broken Walls anymore, it also has now a cool Gazebo in front of it.
    Cause i´m still work on it, the Dalton Farm will be next, so you dont have to build on Hills and Rocks, Flat, yes i will do it with the next Update.
    Cleared Radiation + Fog out of Echo Lake and Visitor Center, cause Radiation in a Settlement only SUCKS! Reopened and Navmeshed that Building in the Echo Lake Lumber Mill, once was boarded up! So now you can use it!
    I hope you like what you see and like the Overhaul of Far Harbour.
    Friends and Players, Badly i found myself an BUG that let dissapear the PUMP in the BAY of the NUCLEUS!!!!!!  BIIIG Promis i will fix this and with the next UPDATE ALL WILL BE GOOD AGAIN!
    Meanwhile you can solve the Problem, if you also dont find the PUMP for Sister Maii ´s WASHSALON, do this:
    1.) Open Console
    2.) Than Type in this Code for finishing her quest:     SetStage DLC03CoA_FFNucleus03 40
    40 is for Quest is Done.
    You still have to push the Button on Top under the Arch and you will hear a Peep Peep, but the Quest is anyway complete!
    As i said i fix this in the next three Days, depends on the Time, where i got not to Work RL, and the Fix comes with my next Update, where also the Dalton Farm is flat and clean, but also the Edge Cliff Hotel  + the Vault inside will be repaired outside and cleaned inside + a PLAYER ROOM with all you need as Bonus!
    Sorry again to all, that happened with the Pump!
    Thank you all
    What's New in Version 1.1.
    Released 1 minute ago
    The Last Plank looks now even more Better.
    Food is no more Radiated so won´t harm you! Nuka Colas  all Sorts of no Radiation Free!
    New Location added!!!
    All works now Properly and i hope you enjoy it.
    TYSM All
    UPDATED:   Dalton Farm is now FLAT AND CLEAN!!!!!! V.1.1.



  13. Bodyslide Outfits for Atomic Beauty and IKAROS Android Race OCBP 3BBB

    For both Human and Android in Atomic Beauty 
    Uh I thought it was only IKAROS Androids in Atomic Beauty....?
    For both Human and Android in Atomic Beauty 
    RaceMod itself not provided here,
    The single largest location for Atomic Beauty Slider Sets is found right here at this files main download section, there are few other locations that rival this and only in other body types at that.
    Every file contains an ESP, that has IKAROS Race Mod as its MASTERFILE!  That means that if you do not have IKAROS.ESP or IKAROS.ESM your game will crash at start screen.
    ALL OUTFIT FILES, are weight painted for OCBP 3BBB physics.
    FILES marked Vanilla are the Base Game Outfits, these files also include a naked female body weight painted in OCBP 3BBB physics.
    All files here support both Human and IKAROS in Atomic Beauty OCBP 3BBB.
    This does not mean that you can simply ignore IKAROS Android Race Requirement.
    All files requirements can be found here on this page or inside a TXT file inside the downloaded file.
    Discord for IKAROS server,
    IKAROS-Androids by TrophiHunter
    Intended Outcomes,
    -All the outfits you expect to have physics in Fallout 4, on parity with SkyrimLE/SE HDT or SMP physics systems, and all of it under the roof of one physics system.
    -All Outfit parts from different packs should be interchangeable between the different packs with minimum clipping.
    -All Outfit Packages should have same slot data so that putting on pants from Pack ABC does not remove shirt from Pack XYZ
    -All stand alone heel mods should have nipple and non-nipple versions. (Atomic Beauty Body can have quite pronounced nipples)
    -All Outfits containing shoe items, have an implanted body that has an idiot proofed Atomic Beauty Body that has no-nipples to prevent player from having the possibility of having their nipples clip with shirts/bras and other items that cover the nipple, it is simply not possible in the files provided here. (Again AB has normally pronounced nipples, I have taken steps against this potential issue to prevent clipping of nipples with the outfits)
    -sll Outfits that should have smooth breast area are fully represented here as their original likeness but in Atomic Beauty, this means that there is no pronounced nipple expression because the original outfit did not offer it.
    -All Outfits that should have Uni-Boob or Uni-Butt are much closer to original intended look than almost all possible conversions out there.  That is that you can expect to see that there are many outfit parts that in other conversions had straps that had hugged the torso now properly traveling straight across boob to boob.  The feature repeats with many panties, pants, jeans, and other items in the buttocks region, fabric that should naturally travel from buttcheek to buttcheek now does so.  The exceptions are when the fabric itself was clearly intended to be directly attached to the skin of the body, this exception exists for some skin adherent bodysuits where the suit is literally a second skin.
    -All Outfit Parts that travel across the mammaries aka Shawn Feeders had sliders made with great care to ensure the end user experienced maximum growth and amazement in the lower torso region
    -All Outfit parts that occupy a Vanilla OverArmor slot will have Vanilla OverArmor upgrade systems.
    -All Outfits parts that should not occupy a Vanilla OverArmor slot have been given a new slot.
    -All Outfit parts will have their slot number listed in-game in its name seen in your pipboy.
    -All Outfits with foot slot will have ma_IKAROSmaterials keywords, ap_IKAROSmaterials inputs for IKAROS compatibility.
    -All Outfits Foot Slot ArmorAA have unique ArmorAA record marked with IKAROS race Data record.  AKA true race switching armor, a feature that is absolutely missing in all race mods for Fallout 4.
    -All Outfits with non-foot slot have ArmorAA's marked with IKAROS race tag.
    -All Outfits that are too overpowered have either been nerfed into the ground or given a duplicate item, sorry most were nerfed without a duplicate.
    -All Outfit parts that have 1st Person items WILL HAVE 1st person objects specifically made for IKAROS Race.
    -IKAROS Race will be able to pick up any item in any pack provided here, use it and it will be made as seemless as possible without too much effort on the player, exception if a player uses a non-default skin color they can change the skin of the slot 33 item at any ArmorBench but otherwise all interactions are as seemless as any action a human race character would have with any other item in the game.
    Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/4598
    Bodyslide and Outfit Studio, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25
    IKAROS RACE by TrophiHunter found here, https://www.trophihunter.com/fallout4-mods/ikaros-androids
    Vanilla Outfits
    Original by MilkDrinker needed found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12406/
    High Heels Sounds,
    These files listed below are in my webpages download section, they are required
    1) REQUIRED FILE_AB_MilkDrinker_VanillaOutfits_Bodyslide_3BBB.7z REQUIRED FILE_AB_MilkDrinker_VanillaOutfits_Bodyslide_3BBB.7z
    2) REQUIRED FILE_AB_Vanilla Outfits_IKAROS 3BBB_Bodyslide.7z  REQUIRED FILE_AB_Vanilla Outfits_IKAROS 3BBB_Bodyslide.7z
    3) REQUIRED FILE_Modified IKAROS 3BBB OCBP Physics Activation File.7z, REQUIRED FILE_AB_Vanilla Outfits_IKAROS 3BBB_Bodyslide.7z
    Vanilla Outfits IKAROS file was given a major update on 10/18/2021, missing first person meshes were added
    Optional File Highly suggested,
    Hi Im Gamefever, although you may know that LogicDragon created TrueFirst Person in SkyrimEnhancedCamera you may not know that I am the guy that made more items visible in First Person.  Download this file right away and see more 1st person objects than ever before in your Fallout game today.  BTW there are many unique first person objects not in the original mods in almost all the downloads you find here.
    6) Vanilla Robo Armor and outfit fixes for Atomic Beauty  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/51670
    robo armor for Atomic Beauty, should be big enough that wont need OCBP 3BBB weight paints applied to them.
    7) Gender Specific Skeletons, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40866
    With this you can have ZAZ male boners alongside IKAROS and Human Female using Skeleton-Knee FIX...Meaning you can have your sex mod time with IKAROS.
    Physics Activation Requires, install in this order
    1) OCBP-2.2.5-CBBE.zip  Go to jello picture for this file understand???? GOOD!
    2) REQUIRED FILE_Modified IKAROS 3BBB OCBP Physics Activation File.7z REQUIRED FILE_Modified IKAROS 3BBB OCBP Physics Activation File.7z
    3) "Skeletal Adjustments for CBBE - Knee Fix - Legs for Days - 3BBB"  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39006
    SEE JELLO PICTURE? ITS A FILE LOCATION!!!! You require the file at this location
    See the jello up above?  That is not a cute picture I put here.  ITS AN ACTUAL FILE LOCATION YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT FOR PHYSICS UNDERSTAND?  For reals though.
    This is a cute picture.

    please exercise caution when witnessing in game physics, this reaction is completely normal and expected.
    IF this is not the experienced outcome, you have not installed the physics properly.  You will know without doubt when it happens because there are physical ramifications that the end user will experience.
    AAF Patch in Downloads section Enables IKAROS ANDROIDS to use AAF Framework
    Suggested Mod Manager?
    Mod Organizer 2, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6194
    Pretty much everyone I know that authors mods uses it and you should too.
    Download Section also contains Bodyslides for many popular outfits made for Fallout 4, many accessory, hair, and other items patches as well.
    Protip, you are free to have access to Vanilla Armors and Outfits without an account here on Lovers Lab, but if you wish to have access to Bodyslides for popular Outfits these are hidden from you behind an Account Wall, all Lovers Lab members can easily access over 50 Popular Outfit Mods, make comments in the comments section, post pictures, and give a thumbs up for the work done.
    HOW TOO THE INSTRUCTIONS HERE, explain both the installation of physics and Vanilla Outfits for Atomic Beauty and IKAROS AKA BASEGAME INSTALLATION with pictures
    GamePlayer, Show me how to get my RoboDoll looking like yours.
    Gameplayer, I am ready to start installing amazing outfits for my IKAROS Android Doll, what now?
    Conflicts and Resolutions,
    Mod Author Original Outfits File Locations listed in spoiler, these contain data needed for the Bodyslides to work at all.
    More Descriptions about how the file works



  14. Freckle Bitches!

    She's all grown up now!
    Straight out of Stilwater!
    Have a gut busting meal with some catchy tunes courtesy of the Mix 107.77!
    Don't forget to try our funbags for special Freckle Bitches Merchandise!
    courtesy of IllWireless we deliver now.
    (Load up the game- follow the quest)
    Located near Oberland Station.
    Bodyslide files Included for fusion girl 1.75+ and CBBE.

    NOTE: DO NOT START A NEW GAME WITH THIS MOD ENABLED. Enable it after you exit v111. I will try to fix this in an update. [Fixed I think. I haven't had issues so It seems so]
    Future upgrades - Transform other smaller locations into Freckle Bitches.
    Feel free to upload this but you gotta credit me and buy someone booze!
    - FYI- I do plan to add a censored version to bethseda.net (Thats why you can change the cook's uniform).



  15. DOA Followers New York Knights: Mila and Diego!

    Adds Mila and Diego. As an add on to Tina armstrongs follower mod (the way its supposed to be or as a standalone. FUSION GIRL ONLY. custom body.
    Adds a new experimental sparring system. (it resets after even if wonky stuff does happen). 
    Will add more later.
    CBBE Bodyslide support will follow.
    Find them in Diamond city. 
    In the standalone version they stay there and can be recruited through Dialogue.
    In the "Add On" version (Requires Tina Armstrong Follower), They start at Diamond City but will head to Tina's Gym after you have Recruited Tina Armstrong. You cannot recruit them (but can talk to them at Tina's Gym) until you have finished Tina's Quest. 
    If you have not located Tina's Gym yet, they will hand you a flyer.
    -Two DOA followers:
    -Mila and Diego.
    -Outfit changes by command specifically or random.
    -Randomized outfit changes daily If they have their respective "outfit change note" in their inventory.
    -Mila and Diego Begin with the note unlike other followers (If you remove it they will no longer change clothes).
    -Sparring system Spar once a day with either of them (Or Tina) and you gain a perk granting you 25% extra exp win or lose.
    -change their weapons. Each as a firearm, a melee weapon or unarmed as an option. 
    -Unarmed will cause them to add various status effects to your enemies (or you in sparring), Break Blows will strip the target, Fatal Stuns will trigger a brief paralysis effect knocking the opponent down.
    -If Mila or Diego are knocked into "Bleedout" mode their clothing will be knocked off and Mila's hairstyle will revert back to the "Down" version. 
    -You can change Mila's hairstyle to the only other DOA one she actually has with the hairpin.
    -Added fighter cards for loadscreen.
    -Mila's outfits are significantly more interchangeable than other DOA characters due to most of her clothing being regular common clothing and not very flashy.
    -Inter-companion banter between them and the followers from the Tina Armstrong mod if you have the add on.
    Let me know if there are any issues or questions. 



  16. Door Fix for CC Neon Flats and Better Goodneighbor

    A ESL-flagged ESP micro-patch to remove a second double door appearring in Goodneighbor when using Creation Club's Neon Flats and Better Goodneighbor.



  17. HBD_DressBox

    # DressBox
    # What
    Provides a command or aid item that opens a custom container which returns and equips any armor/clothes placed into it.
    # Why
    The pipboy is a pain to use when you have a bunch of awesome clothes mods from the community and you want to get your fashion on.
    Since the container transfer UI is a transparent overlay over the game, you can use this mod when 3rd person (or even TFC) so you can view your character as you try on different armor/clothes.
    # Commands:
    Commands can be triggered through the DressBox MCM page directly, or by MCM hotkey.
    Or via Aid Items which can be added via the Add Command Items button in the DressBox MCM page.
    Items are tagged [CMD][DressBox] so you can organize it in your inventory sorting mod how you wish, or set up a category for the Wheel Menu mod.
    1.Open DressBox - Opens the dressbox container.
    Alternative to the aid item.
    # Notes
    The MCM Open DressBox command will run once the MCM is closed.
    The most recent item equipped via the dressbox temporarily won't reappear in the players inventory list, and the previously equipped item for the slot will still show the equipped indicator.
    In the case of having multiple items of the same base type, all items of that base type temporarily won't appear in the players inventory list.
    They are actually returned to your inventory, the list just isn't updated to show it for whatever reason.
    They will reappear once the next item is equipped via the dressbox, or upon closing and reopening the dressbox.
    # Requirements
    # Installation
    Install as you would any other mod in your mod manager.
    DressBox is flagged as .esl



  18. Anto Hairpack

    This is just a cleanout of my Personal folders of some of Anto's hair works from Sims 4. His permissions are open to porting, so I decided to finish these ones I tried in my personal uses, but never released... Most of them are unisex since why not?

    IMGUR GALLERY of hairs since LL's Image upload is killin me

    Note: I retired this project off due to wanting to get into making my own hair works. This is just uploaded as archive.

    What's inside?
    You can find the hairs in Looksmenu

    **I'll be overhauling this hair list with full pictures of each hair, so you can get a full gallery at the bottom for all the new hairs, check Changelogs**

    Perfect Illusion
    Esmerelda (No Bangs)
    Stupid Love

    Male Only
    Antonio Flipped 

    Female Only
    New Rules
    Future Nostalgia


    Future Nostalgia Uses it's own special Gradient to keep the Bottom parts black while the top recolours. 

    911 | Miranda | San | Levitating | Claudia  all share Textures and Materials. If you're looking to Edit the texture or Material, you can find it under: 

    Miranda & Levitating both have 6 Variants - a Normal + versions that are colour blocked in a specific way (Similar to Future Nostalgia, but Expanded), if you want to change the colour of the colour blocked areas, Edit any of the gradients in 

    The Colour Block Corresponds to the following
    Hair Name - Normal Version
    Hair Name A - Bangs Recolour | Main Remains Black
    Hair Name B - Bangs Remain Black | Main Recolours
    Hair Name C - Bangs Remain Blonde | Main Recolours
    Hair Name D - Bangs Remain White | Main Recolours
    Hair Name E - Bangs Remain Pink | Main Recolours

    Daya and Nadia both are extremely long hair - Expect physics to be a little bit off due to their length as well as some potential clipping depending on body preset. Before you complain, keep in mind - There is not much I can do about this. It will happen. Fallout 4's hair setup was not particularly designed around extremely long hairs, and I cannot account for all body shapes without further complication or issues. If you don't like that longer hair clips, don't use it. 


    Most hairs should have Physics where obviously appropriate. They're not perfect, but they are as best as I can get them. 

    My characters boobs clip, why?
    Longer hairs are designed to fit the Fusion Girl Curvy preset as that gave enough freedom to work with. Larger breasts will clip through especially with physics. You can adjust the hair yourself in OS. I wasn't interested in doing 8 versions for every possible breast size. 

    Hur Dur why men have long hair?
    If you find that men with long hair offends your delicate masculinity, You can decompose elsewhere... Most hairs that could reasonably look good for both genders got adapted for unisex. It gives more variety and choice for all. 

    Race Compatibility?
    If it uses the Vanilla Male or Female Head, then it should work fine. 
    It will likely not work with AnimeRace
    Furry races may need extra patches. You're welcome to make patches as needed as long as this mod is required. 



  19. Rare Stimpaks and Bobby Pins

    This is a small utility mod that will lower the chances of finding Stimpaks and Bobby Pins in containers to just 10% (including vendor lists) so they become a much more meaningful commodity. Those hair clips will now be a little more precious and your inventory will not be groaning under the weight of all those damned Stimpaks.
    It works by adjusting the "chance none" in the levelled lists. I think I've picked them all up but let me know if you find any I've missed and I'll update. Items which have been specifically placed in game (like with some Raiders) are not affected.



  20. 10mm Pistol Debloater

    Simple mesh replacer that debloats the 10mm, smooths out the flanging and removes the whatever-the-fuck-it-is gas tube looking crap from under the heavy barrels.
    Manual or with the mod organizer of your choice.
    Should not cause issues. Will conflict with other 10mm mesh replacers.
    Future Plans
    I'm open to suggestions
    You may NOT reupload this file to other sites, link to it from other sites for your own profit, or host on private/secure servers like Google Drive, Dropbox, Mediafire, Mega, or other file hosting websites. You may not modify and upload to another site.

    I specifically forbid tesall.ru, skyrim.2game.com, devillord.tistory.com, and NexusMods to host this file in any way. This game modification for Fallout 4 is protected under international copyright laws. A DMCA will be filed against any website privately or publicly hosting this file other than that which I specify are allowed.

    I've been doing this for a long time. I know what I'm doing. Sometimes a few things slip past me, so drop me a note if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Keep the bullshit comments to a minimum.
    Copyright © 2022 Etrius vanRandr
    如果您从任何非原创网站上阅读此文件,此文件已被盗,并且托管网站是非法托管文件。 为避免法律上的麻烦,请向当局报告国际版权欺诈。



  21. Laser Musket Mark 2 (Now With Workshop Turret Versions)

    Please report any suspected bugs, crashes, or other problems in the support section. 
    Want to support me? Get exclusive access to mods and updates.
    > PATREON <
    Laser Musket Mark 2 was born of my hatred for the impossibly stupid and horrendously modeled original laser musket. I didn't want to replace it, I just wanted to make it better.
    This mod is my crown jewel, one of my greatest achievements in modding.
    One can be crafted at the Chem Bench under Utility with one Laser Rifle and one Laser Musket with Science 4.
    You can also craft Workshop Turret versions with the optional plugin. BE AWARE! The workshop recipe calls for a LMM2 - this includes any uniques you may have in your inventory and/or workshop! This also includes workshops from which you have a supply line to! For best results, drop any you care about before crafting these turrets!
    Mod Categories:
    - Capacitor (13 + 1 unique)
    - Batteries (9 + 2 unique)
    - Stocks and Grips (8)
    - Barrel (13 + 2 unique)
    - Muzzle (10)
    - Scopes and sights (23)
    - Underbarrel attachments (8)
    - Legendary Slot (UCO/Armorsmith Extended/AWKCR)
    - Legendary Slot 2 (Specific to Uniques)
    - Paints (6)
    Total player available mods: 89
    Some mods require full affinity with a specific companion, bobbleheads, crafting components, quest progress, or other esoteric perks:
    Added and replaced some in the world:
    -Preston Garvey carries one
    -Goodneighbor behind Kle0
    -Replaced Righteous Authority
    -Prydwen, behind Proctor Tegan
    -The Castle, on a shelf during Old Guns
    -Old North Church, second level, under a bench
    -Tessa, Quincy ruins. Carries a unique Plasma version
    -Paladin Danse's companion weapon is now a laser musket
    -Proctor Ingram now carries one
    -Sinjin now uses the PTRD-2177
    -Human Virgil now has his own version
     Uniques and Unique Abilities: 
    Righteous Authority
    - Comes with Fusion Core Capacitor and has near zero recoil and a bumped fire rate. Does not support Scopes or other Capacitors.
    Tessa's Plasma Blaster
    - Unique Plasma variation that comes with Power Armor Bayonet. Has 4.0 crit multiplier. Full auto deals 0.8x damage, and is slightly slower to reload. Does not support Sniper barrels or other capacitors.
    - Unique "Troubleshooter's" variation. Has the highest base damage of any other Unique. Comes with 8-way beam splitter, white paint, and has a white beam. Has the slowest reload speed. Does not support muzzles, scopes, sniper barrels, or automatic barrels. Has a significantly reduced ammo capacity (stock 8, max 9).
    Machine's Vengeance
    - Unique "Assassin's" version. Has unique Cryo capacitor and uses Cryo cells. Has decent base damage, but is capped at 40. Has very fast melee speed. Does not deal extra Crit damage and deals only 1/4 damage when out of range. Has very poor range but reloads very quickly. Only supports fully automatic barrels. Does not support scopes.
    Denial of Loyalty
    - Unique Poison version. Deals Poison damage and a small amount of Energy damage. Has a 3.0 crit multiplier and no damage falloff. Cannot dismember or explode enemies. Does not support any auto or sniper barrels. Has a 100% accuracy bonus in VATS. Has a slight increase to reload speed.
    History's Teacher
    - Unique Gauss version. Takes a full second to reach full damage. Uncharged shots deal half damage. Deals more damage to targets that are further away. Fully charged critical shots deal 4x damage. Normal critical shots do not do extra damage. Fires both full auto and single shot, simply pull or hold the trigger. Significantly increased weight. Takes 2mm EC carts. Does not support muzzles, Fusion Cells, or reflex sights. Significantly reduced ammo capacity. Standard 10, max 20.
    Tinker's Wet Dream
    - 15% improvement over the base Laser Musket Mk. 2 stats. Supports all mods except unique Plasma and Cryo capacitors.
    - Very high damage and 100% armor penetration, but fires very, very slowly as it has to charge before each shot. It takes 10 seconds to fully charge and must be reloaded after every shot. It has a very high AP cost and is not intended for multiple engagements or CQC. Does not support any mods.
    Sense of Duty
    - Very wimpy damage and wimpy mag size, but it has the Furious effect (changed from Righteous Authority) and it has a 2.25 critical multiplier. Supports all mods.
    Extra Notes
    Machine's Vengeance must be stolen.
    Denial of Loyalty must be stolen.
    Tinker's Wet Dream must be pickpocketed.
    Sense of Duty must be pickpocketed or Human Virgil must be killed.
    Some unique versions have modding sections restricted - this is intentional behavior.
    The Heavy Automatic Barrel has been severely restricted due to issues with how the game handles semiauto and full auto sounds. Due to the barrel using the CSlide animation node from the laser pistol, it is restricted to rifles that only support nonautomatic and sniper barrels. Its stats reflect this change, and at this point it's a trade off between fire rate and damage in terms of semi or fully automatic Heavy barrels. The Heavy Automatic Barrel still only counts as Semi-Auto perkwise and will use the Rifleman perks.
    Fusion Core Capacitor is limited to 250 shots on Righteous Authority due to RA being a startgame weapon, as is Paladin Danse's companion weapon.
    The Nuclear Physicist perk will double this to 500 shots, and for some reason, in Power Armor, you get 750.
    Preston's companion weapon is limited to 5 shots due to it being easily obtainable at the beginning of the game.
    Danse's companion weapon cannot be modified.
    Preston's companion weapon cannot be modified.
    Manual or NMM/MO, doesn't matter.
    It is HIGHLY recommended to completely remove old versions of the mod before updating.
    It is HIGHLY recommended to start a new game as of the 2.0 update.
    This mod has been around for over 3 years and has undergone many changes and reworks.
    Known Bugs
    - Magazine/Battery is removed when switching a normal capacitor to/from a Fusion Core capacitor
    - Third person barrel spin animations don't work
    - Some Unique versions may not have their battery mods installed when first added to the player's inventory
    - Some crafting recipes may not be unlocked if the mod is installed after events that would unlock these recipes have already occurred
    - Most mods do not increase elemental damage (poison/cryo)
    - Some crafting requirements are not shown.
    - Power Armor Headlamps will override the Flashlight.
    - The mod may cause severe lag in certain areas when looking in a specific direction. Enabling multithreading in your INI may solve the issue on some systems.
    - Known areas: Behind the red trailer near Outpost Zimonja, Valentine's Detective Agency 2nd floor, Fort Hagen Building Corner looking East, Old North Church first floor and tunnels)
    Unique folder names and file paths, should be 100% compatible with everything. If you need a patch for any mods, please let me know.

    This mod DOES NOT break precombines in any exterior - it may break them in Goodneighbor, but the Laser Musket that you get from the very beginning of the game is actually a scripted DummyWeapon marker so I did not touch anything there.
    This mod creates AddonNode300, AddonNode301, AddonNode302, and AddonNode303. If you have mods that also use nodes with the same IDs there may be conflicts.
    Future Plans
    Charging Gauss version
    To-Do list:
    Transparent gun shield
    Permissions regarding my mod
    "Laser Musket Mk. II", associated original designs, and associated 3D data are all my intellectual property and inherit certain copyrights under United States property law. I can and will file a proper takedown against anyone attempting to deliberately copy or mimic my intellectual property.
    "Laser Musket Mk. II" and its design, effects, and other media pertaining to the Fallout franchise owned by Bethesda Softworks, and by extension, Microsoft are my intellectual property. Any deliberate attempts to copy or mimic their design, effects, and other representative media will result in a DMCA takedown. All other representative media, including ambiguous function outside of the Fallout franchise, is my intellectual property.



  22. Furry Fallout 4

    Furry Fallout
    This mod makes the whole Commonwealth furry. 
    You can play as lykaios (wolves), fox, hyena, cheetah, lion, tiger, horse, deer, snekdogs (nightstalkers), or otters. With the NPC addon, all NPCs are transformed into one of the above furry races These are independent of each other, so go wild. Furry in a human world, human in a furry world, all furry, whatever floats your boat. Otters can be found in Far Harbor mainly. Ghouls are snekdogs. Races have a range of fur colors and race-appropriate face patterns.  The face morph system can be used to customize head shape. FO4's UI SUCKS but if you know how to do it for people you can do it for the furries. Some face morphs use the "Type" section and others use the "Sculpt" section, so check both. Deer have a full set of horn options. Choose the preset with the horns you want and customize from there. Most races have a full set of face pattern options, which you can find in the "Extras" section. Tigers and cheetah are already over-decorated so they don't.  Bodies are based on BodyTalk for males and CBBE for females. They are anatomically complete and fully functional if you install AAF.  All bodies have animal feet and peens All bodies ship with BT or CBBE tri files, containing all the original morphs customized to work with the furry body parts NPCs either have decent hair, minimally adapted vanilla hair, no hair. Not all hair has been converted yet. Kids are furry too and have their own child races.  Vanilla and Far Harbor headgear has been modified to fit the furries. Nuka World headgear has not. Face scarves use the faceBones system to fit different-length muzzles, but it's only moderately successful. Some artwork has been made furry. There's some new magazines in here too (NSFW). By default it's guys but there is a patch that makes them female for your viewing pleasure. Races generally reflect family relationships. (Kids follow the mother.) "Tools" folder contains the furrifier script for furrifying NPCs from other mods. No documentation on this yet. Instructions at the top, or check out the discord for full instructions on furrifying a mod. There's a kit with Bodyslide files for customizing male and female bodies.  
    AAF is not required unless you want sex animations. Best way to get started is go to the AAF Fucking Manual and do everything it says.  
    -Note that some of the pictures use clothes and gear from other mods, and they're not mine so I don't know where they came from-
    Warning: These are gigantor files. Get a coffee. Also if you get a "quota exceeded" error wait a day or so and try again.
    Note the FFO files may have different version numbers. That's okay--the latest will always be at the top-level directory at the link.
    Prerequisites: ZeX and CBBE. Also LooksMenu is a real good idea FFO files from the link Get the latest version of the zip files at the link. Version numbers may not match--it's fine. FFO should go after everything that edits bodies or clothing, so generally at the bottom of your list. The only things that should come after are ZeX and any fast-startup mods. Enable your choice of ESPs: FurryFallout.esp: Always.  To play as a furry: FFO-Player-*.esp: Enable the one (only one) that corresponds to your desired race. You can't change race in game. To have a furry world: Install Furry_Fallout_NPCs kit, and the Furry_Fallout_NPCs_DLC kit if you have the DLCs. Enable the ESPs. This addon also gives you furry artwork and world objects  FFO_NSFW.esp: A few NSFW elements. Enable it if you like. Furry porn magazines, Strong can be stripped to nude, and some raiders are letting it all hang out. Requires furry NPCs. (It's in the main mod zip--should really be in the NPC zip.) Furry_Fallout_SFW: Install this kit last to have a fully SFW Commonwealth. (Don't enable the NSFW esp, of course). If you want to make BodySlide presents, download Furry_Fallout.x.x.x.x_Bodyslide_Files  
    Any other mods that add NPCs will need a patch if you want them to be furry. (They should work correctly without a patch, but the NPCs they add will stay human.) There's a furrifier in the "Tools" folder if you want to do this yourself. Instructions can be found on the Yiffy Age Discord.
    Any mods that add headgear will need a patch to accommodate muzzles and the slightly altered head position. 
    Patches for other mods available here, thanks to @Gryphe.  
    Known Bugs
    Nuka World headgear is not converted. When you select one of the face regions to edit in character setup, the head disappears. I have no idea why. It comes back as soon as you're actually editing the face, so it doesn't get in your way but it's a bit startling.  
    TheFuckingQueen, LordFlawn, PenBoozerX, and Leono Hisashi for the fabulous furry art KrittaKitty for the Lykaios, which will never die Blaze69 and ASlySpyDuo for instigating this; extra credit to Blaze for help all along the way. Valehyena for the cool supermutant models Shadowliger, Blaze69, darklynxxx, Petruz3D, Dipanjanc33, ASlySpyDuo for the AMELIA and JAVELIN assets Blaze69 and Sandworm Wrangler for the fancy pics



  23. FO4 - Tina Armstrong Follower

    Adds Tina Armstrong From DOA series as a follower.  

    YOU MUST TURN ON SUBTITLES. She is not voiced. (She does have combat yelps and such).
    She can be Found at "Tina's Gym" near Diamond City. Find one of her flyers around the Commonwealth to get the map location.  If you are having problems finding them just look up to see one of the many Billboards she had put up to advertise her Gym.
    As you unlock her simple quest more outfit options become available. Unlike Kasumi Follower, Tina is not shy about Nudity.
    I have also added "extra" costume outfits, right now they are just a mash up of outfits I already included in the mod, if you want to change these to a set of custom clothing you like then go into the folder with the extras and Label the body "BootsBody" "Pants" and "Top". (described in the "Read Me" note.)
    There is a great deal of hidden content in the mod. Have fun with it.
    Tina uses vanilla assets for her face and textures. I added a custom shaped body for her and her preset so you can use your own outfits for her extra costume slots.
    Do not upload this anywhere without my permission (I don't want any issues with what is going on with Nexus right now.) This cannot be put behind a paywall or any site where mods are sold. This is intended to be free content.
    Let me know if there are any issues.
    FYI- She doe not interact with Kasumi, At some point when I have made enough of these I will add a patch that will add idle banter between DOA chars.
    When Tina takes enough damage Her Clothing will be knocked off of her. This is intentional and a tip of the hat to the Existing crop of DOA6 mods and modders who have made mods for DOA6 that Break your opponent's clothing to nude.
    RECCOMENDED- I have tested this mod Extensively with aaf violate active and it does work without issues. There is also a safeguard. But you should suspend any mod that might alter combat or you or an npc entering a bleedout state. Do not stimpack Tina until after she joins you. 
    Mila Diego add on is recommended.



  24. Kinetic Hazard Armor Redux (Finally Fixed)

    This is a partial rework of my old Kinetic Hazard Armor. I was unhappy with some aspects of the old file and out of laziness I haven't exactly updated it or maintained it. You can find the suit in a box in one of the buildings in QASmoke/Tunnels, or you can add it through the console/ESP Explorer.
    The LoversLab file will NOT be updated or maintained beyond this original upload. Any and all major updates will be posted to my Patreon page.
    The kinetic hazard armor is a modular suit that protects its wearer against kinetic hazards, as its name implies.
    The undersuit is comprised of a Kevlar and aramid fiber composite, making it watertight as well as highly resistant to high impact damage. It is also hermetically sealed and is resistant to extreme cold, acid, poison, electricity, and radiation.
    The heavy plating is comprised of high grade titanium and ceramic layers.
    The energy shielding uses the hard light theory:
    "Solid light, often referred to in media as "hard light" or "hard-light", is a hypothetical material, made of light in a solidified state. It has been theorized that this could exist, and experiments claim to have created solid photonic matter or molecules by inducing strong interaction between photons." - Wikipedia
    All tiers are craftable at a workbench and the headwear has built in compatibility between humans and people who use the Vulpine race. Simply craft the race toggle on the glasses at the workbench. Some beast ears may clip through the helmet, you will have to adjust your character's face to fit.
    Release History:
    Base suit: 100 DR/ER/CR/FR/RR/PR
    Plating: 1100ER/DR
    Plating and Energy Shielding: 2100DR/ER 1000RR
    Helmet/glasses: 250DR/ER
    Utility Belt (Light): 200 carry weight
    Utility Belt (Medium) 200 carry weight and 250ER/DR
    Utility Belt (Heavy): 200 carry weight and 500 DR/ER
    Known issues:
    Animated energy shielding alpha causes it to disappear when viewed next to the sky
    While the designs of the combat armor and marine wetsuit belong specifically to Bethesda, the concepts, designs, and ideas behind Kinetic Hazard Armor irrespective of borrowed designs, belongs solely to me (Etrius vanRandr).



  25. Store Caps in Container

    Allows the player to store their caps in containers.
    It's a simpler version of 'Stash those Caps'. However, no more than 60000 caps can be stored per container, after that another container must be used.
    It is the player's responsibility only to use safe, non-respawning containers.
    I made this micro mod while trying out Hardship Beggar Whore. But it's also very useful in other ways.
    Do not use or activate it if you are planning to cheat with adding caps using the console.



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