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Adult oriented Fallout: New Vegas mods that replace or add new models, meshes, or textures

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  1. Cyber resources WIP

    My first attempt at modding. I am posting here for suggestions on what more to add/advice on how to improve it.
    The armor sets are in the lucky 38 penthouse next to the big computer.
    You may use this in your own mods without permission.



  2. Hentai of New Vegas

    By: Bedrock

    This is my first ever mod, no clue what I'm doing sometimes
    Made this based off of Women of New Vegas: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/50129
    Couldn't find a good anime nsfw poster replacer and I'm horny ok

    With a Modmanager you can pick any of the following
    - Billboards and Posters
    - Menu's
    - Loading Screens
    - Pipboy and Terminal Backgrounds
    - Skill Magazines

    Manual Install
    Unzip and place "Texture" folder in Data

    Always After in load order
    If people want a tutorial on how to change the images ill make one

    Known Bugs:
    - None
    Discord for people who wanna help with updates or make alt textures
    Or for bug reports, and stuff



  3. Forno & Fredas' Sexy Vault Girl Interface - Alternative Release -

    This is the original Forno FNV mod, updated from its alpha state, packed to the gills with features and a strong emphasis on quality.  Includes everything Forno released and some things he didn't.
    2022-09-04: The mod's title has been changed, upon suggestion from Forno, to achieve parity of nomenclature, for professional reasons.  This remains the only Forno mod to offer maximum resolution, multiple UI support, and special features aimed at ensuring all of Forno's artwork can be viewed in-game without compromise.
    2022-08-22: Forno presented two new perk icon sets—the special unarmed perks, and Dead Money.  These have now been fully integrated.  Systems are in place to guarantee that all of the new artwork can be viewed in-game.
    More details below.
    2022-08-19: Support added for DarNified UI, with one caveat.  Read below.
    2022-08-17: With the advent of lStewieAl's High Resolution Screens mod, it is now possible to present the full quality of max-resolution icons even in the Pip-Boy.  As it happens, 900x900 is perfectly idealized for Pip-Boy use in 4K—lower means wasted resolution; higher could mean sluggish menus for no discernible gain.  Now you can enjoy this mod's full potential at all times.  The stats menu avatar has also been thoroughly revamped to take full advantage of the new possibilities.

    This is the original Forno FNV mod, updated from its alpha state, packed to the gills with features and a strong emphasis on quality.  Includes everything Forno released and some things he didn't.
    Forno and I were deeply involved in the development of this mod—he produced his wonderful artwork; I provided feedback, recommendations, observations, corrections, and, of course, the New Vegas guts that would support it.  I supplied the original alpha build of this mod to him in September 2021.  It was decided at the time that the official release would wait for a deeper fleshing out of the artwork package.  It was not well-established at that time that Forno would get significantly drawn away from this project by financial obligations.  At some point during the wait, I was forced to abandon everything, including gaming and a social life, and focus on personal matters.  Nevertheless, I spent months bringing this mod to its current state, and that work is not going to go to waste.
    I am aware of the existing mod posting.  There's nothing for it: There are certain things I require out of a mod featuring Forno's artwork, and since I'm the only person I know who will supply all of those things, this mod exists.  I also owe it to Forno to ensure his artwork is presented in the highest possible standard, in honor of our lengthy collaboration.  So I brought the mod up to a releasable state.  This release includes all the new artwork released in the last year, and a number of additional artwork pieces that Forno provided only to me.
    In Detail
    The chief focus of this undertaking was to produce a result which would be unassailable in as many respects as possible, in order to do proper justice to the finest Pip-Boy avatar ever developed for Fallout New Vegas.  To this end, considerable effort was expended in these areas:
    Providing the maximum detail the game theoretically supports, to ensure that Forno's artwork is allowed to shine.  The target resolution for all provided assets is 4K, and a special function was implemented to ensure that detail is maximized both in the Pip-Boy and in the level-up menus.  Icons in the Pip-Boy are the "sweet spot" resolution of 512x512, and in other scenarios such as the level up menu, they are 900x900—the latter being a 1:1 match for icon resolution at 4K in those menus.
    Cleaning up the source artwork.  The results of Forno's drawing technique speak for themselves, clearly.  But it's also true that each new piece of vault girl art evinces leftover anomalies, off-color specks, subtle drawing outlines, compositing or scaling artifacts, etc.  These have been painstakingly sniped out of existence one by one where possible, prior to processing the art for use in this mod.  In some instances, after consulting with Forno, extraneous elements were removed; in others, missing elements were carefully re-implemented.  No stone was left unturned.  
    All of the above, and plenty more, were diligently corrected.
    A dedication to the original, unexpurgated artwork—effort was lavished to ensure that the full artwork of each icon was preserved as Forno intended.  To this end, for example, the absolute limits of available Pip-Boy screen real estate were occasionally fully tapped.  No arbitrary changes were made, and any tweaks that were implemented were discussed with Forno beforehand.  
    No cop-outs on perfection.  As a vivid example, getting the avatars in the stats menu and HUD to behave is a notoriously finicky process.  But the necessary time and patience was applied, and the result is that if you choose to use the "naked" avatar, rest assured that it will appear seamless in both the Pip-Boy and the HUD.  

    Consistency of shade across the entire artwork package.  Furthermore, 100% accurate duplication of the brightness and glow standards established by ItsMeJesusHChrist, the author of the indispensable Consistent Pip-Boy Icons, Clean Vanilla HUD and Pop-Up Message Icons.  If you're using his mods—and you should be—the beautiful 4K detail AND gray levels of the artwork in this mod will be a perfect match.  
    Devotion to the icon rules established by the vanilla icons and shared by Consistent Pip-Boy Icons, which is to say: A very strong focus was placed on sensibly keeping Forno's vault girl the same physical size and position across the vast majority of the icon package, making exceptions primarily only in close-up cases.  Furthermore, icons were centered not on the middle of their image files but rather the middle of their Pip-Boy stage, which is what matters.  All in keeping with the standards of the vanilla icons.  
    Options.  Especially when it comes to the all-important stats menu avatar, there are many options to choose from, since there's no other piece of art the player will find themselves looking at more over the course of a given playthrough.
    Extra features.  A configuration file is included with this mod which enables one to change things like the layout of the stats menu avatar, or whether the crippled limb indicator is allowed to show a facial expression when it appears.  One may also enable a feature which causes the torso to fake being crippled even if one has a perk which normally prevents this.
    Q: You said options?  Like what?
    A: Apart from the obvious point of providing all of the "alternative" artwork Forno specifically iterated for a dozen or so perks, or the choice of using either a naked avatar or one wearing the vault suit, many additional options were thrown in:
    Several of the contextual HUD faces (the ones which appear with "You lost Karma!", etc.) have multiple variations to choose from. You can choose to install the entire package with a target resolution of either 4K or 1080p. When Forno drew the stats menu avatar, he drew "neck muscles" on some of the images, but forgot them on others.  Because of the inconsistency, and because these neck muscles do not appear on any of the other artwork, I've provided the choice to either keep or do without them.  (Incidentally, the "dimples" in the tips of the nipples, which are visible in all of the perk icon artworks, are another item that Forno partially forgot to include in some of the stats menu avatar images, and I've fixed that as well.) The nipples on the stats menu avatar can be optionally shaded, and there are multiple different shading levels available. The file "interfaceshared0.dds", which is normally an important part of packages like this, is no longer necessary to include.  But the option to include it remains open.  If you are using DarNified UI, this is something you need regardless. The layout of the stats menu is multiple choice: You can choose to have the avatar fill the Pip-Boy screen, or make room for the other elements.  The player character's name can also be situated in any of several different spots.  See the screenshots above the mod description. A special "Author's Config" is provided, with which you may bypass the installation process and just go with what I like.  
    2022-08-22: A few of the perks in Forno's latest art packages normally never appear in the player character's Pip-Boy, for a variety of reasons.  This mod forces these perks to appear.  Specifics:
    In My Footsteps—A companion-provided perk.  This normally uses the same art as the Light Step perk. Elijah's Last Words—A perk used by a certain companion, as opposed to the player character.  As long as the companion has this perk, it will now appear in the Pip-Boy. Ravenous Hunger—A companion-provided perk which normally does not appear in the Pip-Boy.  Now it does.  This one perk requires the use of an .esp plugin.  Details in the installation package.  This necessity may change in the future.  This perk no longer requires the use of a plugin.  
    Q: So icons display at 512x512 in the Pip-Boy, and 900x900 everywhere else?  Why not just use 900x900 for both, and avoid the hassle?
    A: Nope.  The crux of the issue is that the Pip-Boy's scaling algorithm is very bad.  If icon resolution is too low, the graphics are blurry, as you'd expect.  But if the resolution is too high, things look worse, because all you're doing is sharpening the Pip-Boy's aliasing artifacts.  Observe:
    Curved edges in particular have a tendency of revealing this harsh aliasing.  Look at the bottom of the plate in the image.  The 512x512 version, counter-intuitively, is objectively way better-looking.  What it boils down to is that the only way to achieve the best possible look in both the Pip-Boy and the other menus is to ensure one of them is displaying 512x512 icons and the other is displaying 900x900 icons.  In both cases: no more and no less.  This is the first and only New Vegas mod which does this.  Forno's artwork is worth it.
    2022-08-17: Of course, with the advent of lStewieAl's High Resolution Screens mod, all of the above is now entirely moot, since everything in the Pip-Boy can now display with unrestricted resolution.
    Q: Why did you have to put your life on hold, exactly?
    Although this mod was designed around Axonis's Vanilla UI Plus (VUI+), I owe it to my other acquaintance, RoyBatterian, to support his equally great UI as well.  I also owe this to Forno, in order to ensure access to his artwork is maximized.  And so, even though I do not personally use DarNified UI, I have added what support I can for it with my limited time.  If you are using Vanilla UI Plus, you will need to update to v9.07+.  For DarNified UI, the one to use seems to be the "Unofficial DarNified UI Update".
    Other than that, be sure your JIP-LN, JohnnyGuitarNVSE, SUP NVSE, ShowOff NVSE, etc. are up to date—some things would definitely break without them.  And place this mod below VUI+ and anything that fiddles with icon graphics.
    Caveat specific to DarNified UI:
    1. The crippled limb HUD element will not display properly.  Simply put, getting this to work, while obviously not impossible, would require more fiddling than I have time for.
    Never mind.  I couldn't leave well enough alone, so the HUD avatar now displays properly.
    2. If you choose the "Naked" stats menu avatar, there will be visible seams.  Once again, this could probably be treated, but I can't afford more timesinks.



  4. Forno & Fluffle Puss' Sexy Vault Girl Interface - Official Release -

    This is the Official, beta release of what will be the most unique and sexy FULL icon replacer for Fallout: New Vegas as reimagined by Forno and engineered by Fluffle Puss.
    This is intended for female player characters, but will work for anyone if you don't care for roleplaying and just want to see some puss- Err... Some high brow quality art. Zipper down and let your big iron jingle jangle jingle to the rhythmic sway of Forno's Vault Girl's luscious assets.

    This THIRD release (August 2022 - 0.3) includes:
    - All Unarmed Perks
    - All new Dead Money DLC icons like companion perks
    - All S.P.E.C.I.A.L. icons
    - Most Level Up Perks
    - All Skills (guns, lockpicking and whatnot)
    - All Contextual faces (Karma changing actions, thirst, Hunger and sickness updates)
    - Corrected Limb status screen.
    - Fixed HUD cripple indicator.
    - Optimized Textures.
    More will come as Forno releases his art.
    This new installer NEEDS VUI+ 9.05 or newer. Vanilla support was scrapped in favour of providing FULL compatibility for Fallout 3, New Vegas, and Tale of Two Wastelands. That's right, you can install this same file with either of those 3. It was also fully optimized to make up for the lack of vanilla support so both Potato Low AND Ultra High end machine users can use the mod without trouble.
    You can find the latest VUI Plus here:
    VUI+ at ModDB
    First of all, if you already had the 0.1.1 version, delete it completely, leftover files from it will break the new improvements. Get rid of it and then install 0.3
    Install VUI Plus 9.05 or newer FIRST, then this mod. Let your mod manager overwrite everything with this file. That includes VUI Plus too. If that screws up a mod, let me know which one detailing the problem and I'll release a patch if possible.
    On that note, there's a patch for any users of the Fallout 4 HUD mod at the Nexus. Ignore it if you're not using that mod, of course. If you are, let the patch overwrite/win file conflicts over both that mod and this one.
    The installer uses a fomod format that will work on any Mod Admin, including Vortex, MO, and whatnot. If for some obscure reason it doesn't work for you and you know what you're doing, it can also be extracted and installed manually. Instructions for that are in the following spoiler. Of course, if your mod manager has no problem with my installer, then ignore the spoiler completely.
    Since this is a beta, I'd appreciate any feedback in the comments and please include a screenshot. Especially from 4K and 1080p users.
    All art belongs to Forno at Lovers Lab (C) 2022
    Bonus shameless plugs:
    Check out my Desert Fox Ninja and Nevada Cowgirl Sets. I don't care if you hate the Nexus, these beauties are worth a visit! DOWNLOAD THE COWGIRL SET HERE and also GET THE DESERT FOX HERE. I've also got a nice sexy NPC replacer series that overhauls the NV ladies with custom Pin-Up versions of the vanilla lasses HERE.




  5. Shädman Vault Girl by Gashi Loading Wheel

    Custom Vault Girl loading wheel for New Vegas based on http://www.shadbase.com/vault-girl-by-gashi/
    Original drawn by Gashi, based on the character by Shädman.



  6. Nevada Filth

    Replaces many of the posters, paintings, and billboards throughout Fallout: New Vegas, the DLCs, and some from Coito Ergo Sum.
    WARNING: Contains depictions of futa/trap, ntr, and some mild scat
    None. Just make sure you have archive invalidation enabled (either through your mod manager or with ArchiveInvalidation File Generator.
    Add the mod to your mod manager of choice (ex. Vortex) and install it , or extract the archive to your Fallout: New Vegas directory.
    gift2 (Women of New Vegas - Nexus)
    Shantih (Caravan and Casino FNV themed playing cards - Nexus)
    Andava (andava.art)
    Alleyca7 (deviantart.com/alleyca7)
    Balassa (slushe.com/Balassa)
    Cherry Mouse Street (twitter.com/CherryMouseST)
    Dandonfuga (twitter.com/dandonfuga)
    DanteWontDie (twitter.com/dantewontdie)
    David Balsamique (twitter.com/davidgoujard)
    Dmitrys (dmitrysart.com)
    Evulchibi (twitter.com/evulart)
    Ganassa (patreon.com/ganassa)
    John Doe (patreon.com/JDArt)
    Krash (krash.zone)
    Masamune Shirow (Amazon)
    Marmalade Mum (twitter.com/marmalade_mum)
    Miki3dx (miki3dx.com)
    Rino99 (twitter.com/rino99art)
    Sabudanego (thesabu.com)
    The PIT (twitter.com/piterotic)
    TheKite (twitter.com/The__Kite)
    Teku (twitter.com/tekuho1)
    Vintem (patreon.com/vintem)
    Wildy (twitter.com/WildyNSFW)
    *All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners



  7. Vault Girl Nude & Sexy

    For those people that have waited for this-
    Vault Girl - Nude & Sexy!!
    This is my attempt at continuing Vault Girl in all her nude glory for FNV- something that was LONG overdue imo!! I tried to emulate Shadman's original art style as much as possible. A few of these are nude textures of existing vault girl pipboy icons while most had never been done before so are brand new. About 60-70 new icons which includes all SPECIAL, skills, and some traits/perks.
    Easy to install either manually or with your preferred Mod Manager (I use FOMM personally). They are just textures so there is no esp.
    Permissions & Credits
    A big thanks to bigCman123 for giving me permission to take over this mod and finish it.
    A big thanks to Shadman for the original art images of Vault Girl.
    A big thanks to everyone that supported me while I was working on this.
    A big thanks to LL for having the best damn modding community ever.
     Contact me in a PM for any permissions.
    Future Plans
    I plan to add more to this later. This is only the first part of the whole mod that will include every instance of vault boy to be replaced with vault girl. This will take time because I will be very busy come Jan. I am only going to do the nude versions and nothing else.
    If you have questions or suggestions about the mod then leave a post or contact me in a PM.



  8. Smerinka Load Screens

    Futa Loadscreens designed but Smerinka.
     If you enjoy her work, support Her over on Patreon.
    All I did was scale,edit, and implement her original works.
    Images in no particular order.
    Remorselessly Yours, ~Mamel~



  9. NSFW LoadWheels

    Other one of my Shadman Asset Flips for implementation.
    Added 5 custom load wheels to be used on their own or can be used in conjunction with Futa Vault-Meat
    DeathClaw Worship - Source 
    FutaMutation - Source
    BustyFutaMutation - Source (Some light editing done by myself)
    DeathFutaMutation - Source
    RevealingSquats - Source
    Should go without saying but just in case...
    All Credit and Due Respect to Shädman
      If you like this mod...Throw money at him HERE
    I'm Just the messenger.
    Remorselessly Yours, ~Mamel~



  10. Shadman's DeathClaw Meu Replacer

    Bestial replacement of the first slide of the main menu for a more sexy start up.
    All credits go to Shadman for taking so much time on the Vault-Meat character
    Support this guy monetarily at...https://www.patreon.com/shadbase
    Original Artwork used



  11. Kendo 2's Type 3 Bodypack Installer

    This file and upload was created with permission from Kendo 2.
    This pack containes all of Kendo 2's Type3 bodies and the hard to find textures that were part of his Nexus upload years back.
    All packed into one package with installer for FOMM, NMM and MO for easier installation.
    12 Type3 bodies from Kendo 2 Meshes for Smaller Female Hands 10 Body textures HQ Normal Map Alternative face texture 2 of Kendo 2's female Raider textures Dimon99's Type3 Clothes package (2 bikinis, 2 Vault suits, 2 Lara Croft outfits, 2 park strollers and 3 short dresses)
    The installer supports 2 languages: English and Deutsch what determines the language of Dimon99's Type 3 Clothes addon too.
    Installer scripts:
    if a Bain installer script for Wrye Flash is wanted then let me know because i left it out this time.
    Kendo 2's Type3 Body Pack@NSFWmods
    Dimon99: Original meshes and Clothes addon
    Kendo 2: Models & Textures
    RitualClarity: Less Engrish, more English
    Me: Installer script, MO support and used preview pictures
    Don't upload the whole package or parts of its contents (no matter if edited or not) to other sites without asking for permission first.
    The pictures show a version of the installer, before RitualClarity took the time to correct my horrible engrish (thanks, dude). i just couldn't be arsed to make new screenshots but option wise everything is the same and that's what counts, right?
    TL;DR: Some texts in the installer differ from what's seen in the pictures.
    All meshes were optimized and cleaned using NIFskope what makes them less ideal as resource. Please download the untouched body meshes from the link under "Source" if you need meshes more appropriate as a resource.



  12. Slave Collar new model

    Slave collar mesh by DixiePig,converted to fallout new vegas.
    replaces standard mesh but not ground model.
    DixiePig for: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2847-not-at-all-kinky-slave-collar-and-manacles/
    Credit DixiePig and link back to his mod
    Loverslab Only



  13. Kendo 2's Honest Hearts Tribals

    Type3 and Breeze Males Redux mesh and texture replacers for the Honest Hearts DCL Tribals.
    The esp repaths the Honest Hearts Tribal meshes and textures and makes them work like standard races. They have their own texture folders and will use the default body mesh you have installed. The males use Breeze Males Redux and the females use Type3 Cali Boobs.
    There are mesh replacers for the default tribal outfits plus three new outfits; a base Dead Horses unarmored tribal set, a male version of Waking Cloud’s outfit and a new outfit for White Bird.
    A new leveled list has been added for Dead Horse non-combatants, Waking Cloud’s outfit is now playable, as is White Bird’s new outfit.
    Type3 compatible body meshes, Breeze Males Redux, and the Honest Hearts DLC.
    The male meshes and textures are compatible with vanilla Fallout New Vegas. They are not compatible with Sesom’s Breeze New Vegas Males, Nivea’s Robert’s Male Body FNV or the Robert’s Male version made by FavoredSoul. And obviously, anything that changes the Honest Hearts Tribal races.
    Drop the download contents into your data folder, activate the esp and play. The game will do the rest.
    dimon99 for Type3, Breeze582000 for Breeze Males, Kendo 2 for everything else.
    Feel free to use the mod’s content in your own work. The contents of this mod are subject to the additional terms below.
    If you use my meshes or textures in your own mods you must credit dimon99, Breeze582000 and Kendo 2.
    You are not allowed repackage the mod in its entirety and present it as your own work.
    You are not allowed to convert any of my content for use with the Type6 body or any derivatives thereof.
    You are not allowed to convert my content for use with Skyrim or Fallout 4.
    You are not allowed to upload my content (including derivatives) to NexusMods.com, Bethesda.net (or their third party designees) or Steam Workshop.
    You are not allowed to use any of my content for the purposes of monetized modding.
    You have no claim or right to the content other than what is described in the Permissions and Terms of this document.
    Effective 13 March 2016
    I will no longer be providing mod support or otherwise communicating publicly on Lover’s Lab. All support questions and other comments will be handled HERE. My absence from Lover's Lab either by accident or design is not to be interpreted as permission to use my uploaded content as resource material unless I state otherwise. This shall commence immediately, effective 13 March 2016.



  14. Porn Gun New Vegas

    BLATANT PORN WARNING: This mod is not for under 18's. It's also stupid, useless and stupid.
    This mod adds a unique gun that shoots porn, Instead of bulletholes, you get porn.
    NO vanilla replacements. No other guns are affected.
    No conflicts.
    No requirements.
    Has porn.
    Location: The Porn Gun appears on top of the bed on the second floor of the Nipton General Store.
    It is NOT lore friendly. If you complain about lore crap I will do unspeakable things to your furniture.
    Picture quality is super low res to allow for ok performance. Sometimes you get dodgy poster clipping. Forget about it. You didn't see it.
    Made by Mungbeanz to compliment the already ridiculous PornOut addon.



  15. PornOut New Vegas - Unique Porn Posters Addon

    Hey peoples,
    This mod adds over 650 custom designed porn posters to Fallout New Vegas. Each poster has been treated with wear to look like they kinda belong. All posters have a context ie. faction, location or brand. It's about as lore-friendly as porn can get, ha-ha.
    As you explore you'll find most interiors have a few of their own context-related porn posters. Eg. a wasteland house will have domestic brand posters while a casino has its own branded posters. There are poster sets for Lucky 38, the Tops, Repconn, Vikki and Vance and even obscure ones like H&H Tools, Futuretec and Cram. All pornified with graphic uncensored sex plus a bit of hentai and toon. Designed to work harmoniously or separately to Yam's awesome Pinup Parade plugin. Happy exploring!
    All textures are standalone and do not replace anything vanilla.
    No plugin conflicts.
    Does not affect DLC.
    Over 650 unique posters. Lotsa beautiful women.

    Background: In the Fallout Alternate Universe, society became so decadent and uninhibited that the powers actually legalized pornography for use in general advertising. Since sex sells, America's brands were quick to jump on the bandwagon and produce their own pornographic adverts.
    Made by me, Mungbeanz, over the course of a year. Feel free to distribute, just don't claim it as your own. I don't hold the rights to any of the porn images or trademarks of Bethesda Softworks, which is why this is solely a personal project and not a commercial one. I don't intend to make updates or support this mod. No minors should be seeing this page let alone downloading this mod.
    Full image gallery here: http://postimg.org/gallery/17nbfoea2/63688ff5/




  16. gas mask girl main menu

    a simple mod that changes the main menu music and picture
    song used :

    what this mod does keep in mind it will look alot better ingame ( wont have black edges )



  17. The Nekomimi Project *Latest Full Version*

    THE NEKOMIMI PROJECT Version 2.1 !
    Contains all recent armors + extra vampire armor and Melon Knight Skin Version**
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vYFhPBSxJA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcVwXPysFAk
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6XXtRyC7oU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMzjODaIKNw
    Link to the kitsumimi Project! expansion to the nekomimi project
    IMPORTANT!! :3 :3
    Installation of BnB compatability skeleton is Required
    If you crash when entering school you will need FNV4GB has well
    our project shader and texture looks ammaaazing with Dynamo ENB try it out =)
    All tutorial on how to properly install fnv4gb+enbdev+dynamo is in our video list =)
    please look before asking 100 questions
    !!!!!!!!!!!How to Install!!!!!!!!!!
    **if you had previous version,backup your save!!!
    uninstall our mod load your save, save it without version 1, try it. =)
    uninstall old version, Install New Version
    and enjoy!!! Nya :3
    I Recommend FoMM or Nmm
    or Extract to data folder
    It will ask override 1stperson hand meshes
    Say yes if you want Pink Nails..it is the only thing my mod overrides sorry we didnt find any other way to have
    nails on the left hand if not=( , Simply say No if you want normal nails
    First of all to avoid race CTD, this is due to custom hair so, when you reopen window,
    just click on like caucasian face then reselect anything and you wont crash,
    What you get :
    Minoumimi Race !! with 5 different BnB Body choices and 3 tail ears combination options for a total of over 30+ Race options !!
    Her Little unlucky Sister Neko Chan !!
    **New**We Modified the ears to be more pointy!**
    *NEW*Nekaros is now BNB! with her own BnB armor We, We will update her A.I one day! xD
    28 Hair Choices ! And 8 Neko Eye colors !
    BnB tattooed Bodies !
    Neko Took Control Of the Schoolhouse
    That is where you will find all your
    Schoolhouse contains
    *NEW* Backdoor was unlocked and you now have a Minikaka Playroom!!
    *Fixed*Fps drop Ammo's are now in the school locker's.
    Retextured School Exteriors with Neko Power Flags!
    Completely Cleaned and Refurbished Schoolhouse Interior!
    Stools, Tables, beds,Couch,Posters.Proper Desks
    And !! Alot of Shelves for new weapons
    alot of Weapons are simple vanilla retextures but we made them a bit stronger
    (won't override any default textures)
    New Custom Weapons
    Neko 9mm
    Neko Custome 9mm *New*
    Neko Light Machine Gun
    Neko 9mm SMG
    Neko Lever Action Shotgun
    Neko 10mm All Mods
    Neko Hunting Rifle
    Neko 10mm SMG
    Neko Carbon Fiber Sniper
    Neko Baseball Bat
    Neko Combat Shotgun
    Neko MarksmanAA
    Neko Throwing Knifes
    Neko Saw off Shotgun
    Neko M4 Silenced
    Neko Saw off Shotgun
    Neko Roflcopter Minigun
    Neko ak47 default
    Neko Missile Launcher
    Neko aks47 sd
    Neko Katana *New Glowing Version*
    Neko aks47scope
    Neko G3 Assault Rifle
    Neko aks47 LMG Si
    Neko Battle Rifle
    Neko Ak74
    Neko Brush Gun
    Neko Carbon Fiber Sniper Neko Ak74 Kobra
    Neko Beretta
    Neko QB Mines Pink,BL,Wh
    Neko G36
    Neko QB grandes Pink,Bl,Wh
    Neko G36C ti
    Neko Nuclear QB launcher
    Neko G36 Tactical
    Neko G36 Lmg
    Neko Barett Sop Mod
    Neko Barett Cmag LMG
    Neko Barett Tactical
    Neko Barett Sniper
    And many armors !!
    *New Pink Princess now BnB*
    *Fixed*Schoolgirl bad bnb
    *New*Nekaros Tactical now BnB
    *Fixed*Pink Widow Glow
    *New* 4 taokaka armor Versions! 2 with glow 2 without, 2 with claws!!
    *new* 4 minikaka Armors* **Not optainable unless you own a special inventory mod for companions**
    look at pictures and video's for more info..running out of room
    *will upload video soon*
    HUGE thanks to ZZJAY!!! was sooooo helpfull and allowed uss to use her moonrace and hairs
    And thanks alot to A.J for helping me with my scripts and blender !
    This NEVER would of been possible without they're help, and when i say help i mean alot of help
    Thanks girls!! Gurl Powa! :3
    Ok here it is guys a Manuscript of Credits and thank you !!
    If EVER!! we forgot to credit or worst to ask you!!! Plllease let us know asap! and sorry in advance!! We had so many authors into this, mistakes happens :3
    Nekomimi Face Contains!!!
    Thanks to Authors !
    ZZjay's *Moonshadow elf Mesh and texture. http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/42499/?
    ZZjay's *Tess companion script http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/45894/?
    InvalidFaith *Who imported them to NV !!
    LucasJose501 for daughter of ares head http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/53683/?
    Ishlilith *Miria's Script
    Tetrodotoxin *Face texture
    ThrottleKitty * Head Mesh
    Sulpyon * For importing the race to NV !
    Greywolf * Ling's hair
    Xsoldier *shojo neko eyes http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/36630/?
    Jenius/Nequam: Oblivion cat ears mod: Ainmhi Race, http://www.nexusmods...ion/mods/4926/?
    Body Contains
    Thanks to Authors !!!
    LucasJose501 for daughter of ares body http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/53683/?
    Tattooedillusion *For the nipple piercings from skullgodess armorhttp://www.nexusmods...as/mods/47786/?
    GSBmodders * Adding bounce to t6m body http://www.loverslab...uncing-breasts/
    Izumo * for the Awsome T6m Body
    Dimon99 *t3body http://www.nexusmods...ut3/mods/4280/?
    Necroscope *type6 body and armor replacer
    Nagothm *Body Mesh
    Wast1980 * Sweaty Skin http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/51630/?
    Yarvoso * Real Feel skin http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/48118/?
    Dimon99 for his 'DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body (Which includes the Berry HD body}
    Backsteppo for his 'Narrowed shoulder Type3 based Body meshes'
    Backsteppo also and eronel55 for the D Cup breast modeling
    Jonas66 great clothing mods at:http://www.nexusmods.../users/241581/?
    Revanag Bouncing Type 3 Armors http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/40227/?
    Thaumx for making the awesome BNB mod that adds a little life to the mimi's http://www.nexusmods....com/mods/35047
    kellogsfrostedflakes for the Body by Race-Bouncing Breasts Type3 mod.http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/38524/?
    SystemQ for his awsome custom cali body with shoes
    Armors and weapons!!
    Thanks alot to!!
    Hentai's Wings
    KURESE for taokaka mesh parts we used http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/22057/?
    Mosx2 for Black widow outfit http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/53696/?
    MrComplex *Sexy Tactical Armor With BnB http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/47572/?
    StrangeNPC *Asuka Armor http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/41747/?
    tehganon * Yoko Sniper http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/35261/?
    KOBJ forQB Fo3 that we converted to NV http://www.nexusmods...t3/mods/16035/?
    SystemQ amazing leather cloth http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/55263/?
    SystemQ amazing Leather Dress http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/54426/?
    POPPY for the original Solid Starters http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/39230/?
    MrFisse Blackwolf's Backpack's http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/36423/?
    DizzasterJuice for Ares Droid Outfit http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/48621/?
    Rjhelms98 !!! for his Cat Meshes ! From Boulderdome Project!!http://www.nexusmods...as/mods/46907/?
    Give his mod a try with our Neko's!
    Also thanks to Graywolfs tutorial on companion
    i highly suggest you to Use Monster Mod and put game on Hard!! Since you now have your Op Neko Team!!
    I cannot thanks zzjay and AJ enough for being sooo helpfull! we probably would of given up without they're help!
    Thanks Everyone!! you Guys rock!!
    Hope you like what we did with your mods!
    Follow and like us on Facebeurk!!
    You can speak to Me there also =) And GamebyteTV channel on youtube is my boyfriend channel so dont be shy to ask for help if u need it
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZVTcuHwfC0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTrCGYqklAs
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jz-O9h1Fgqk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH7EKojmCfg



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