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Adult oriented Oblivion mods that add or modify quests

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  1. Dr. Kingsley, V2

    Dr Kingsley's Expedition
    Written by Katemck
    Version 2...16th March 2019
    ***********This version is a completed Version of the first half of the series******
    It deals with...All about Dunmer women.
    WARNING.... contains Explicit Sexual content.
    A collection of books detailing the expedition of Dr Ben Kingsley.
       The books detail the journey of Dr Ben Kingsley in the newly discoverd lands of the Dunmer. Known as the Morowinds. 
    He discovers for the first time the exotic gynaecological differences that all elven females' posses, 
    And the very curious elven form of lovemaking called Pirowing! 
    In which all elven women perform upon their lovers, and its Highly addictive and disturbing nature. 
    He discovers the impotency of Dunmer men, The primitive Dunmer female adolescent practice called the Hunt!  
    In that Kingsleys very life could be in danger!
    To find the collection of books, travel to the Imperial city Market District and look for them in a locked trunk
    in the cellar of the Merchants Inn under the staircase....the inn owner Velus Hosidius.



  2. Gorangas Economy system Katemck V2

    ....Gorangas Economy System....3rd March 2019
    re- wright by Katemck.  Version 2...This is the second edition.
    WHATS NEW IN Version 2
    Added 30 new lines of dialogue to taking orders from customers
    Added 30 lines of dialogue to employer inn keepers starting work each time.
    many other lines too numerous to mention hear. and tidy some lines.
    Apply for a waitress job at any inn.
    WARNING contains Explicit Sexual content.
    To get started go to any inn
    Ask any inn owner ' I need a job'
    promote the inn by handing out steaks to potential patrons
    Works best if you are a Female character. this mode is not designed around male characters.



  3. Gorangas Economy System Katemck V 1

    Gorangas Economy System Katemck Version 1
    The changes in the dialogue concerning the restaurant job have been extensively changed and added too by myself.
    contains responses from both male and female customers now.
    ************Appropriate adult content warning.**************
    Yes there's lots of it, ooodless! so if your of the mind to be easily offended by sexual content, well i cant help you.
    Maybee you should consult a doctor.
    The ..F word is used...you can guess the rest. Oh and specific genitaliya pertaining to Elvish women. Gynaecological differences.
    This mode is re-written as to be played by a female character only, and assumes you are in every aspect of daily life a woman in Oblivion.



  4. Move-In on Her or Him Mod - Berry Flavored Beta

    NEVER use a beta mod with an existing or current save game that you cherish. PLEASE use an old save to test this mod until it is OUT of beta. I've already realized that even using a CLEAN save will NOT remove ALL the faction and ownership changes that the dialogue and setstage scripts make which would make FULL uninstall impossible without an uninstall script to remove ALL the changes. Working on that now while I change the mod to minimize the need for it. See the Imperial City Office of Commerce to test that script for me soon. The dialogue should be there now but it doesn't do anything special just yet.
    (This MOD WILL let you own ALL vanilla houses - eventually. Nuff said?)
    "Move-in On Her or Him Mod" - With Optional Lovers AdultPlayForSSP Plus Dialogue Patch - To remove "married" tags when a husband dies, was dead already, or is KILLED by the player.
    Have you ever slept in Romana Faleria & Tertius Favonius' bed? I do.
    Would you like to have an occassional threesome with them IN their Imperial City love nest OR maybe kill HER and take HIM for yourself, OR plot to kill HIM to have HER all to yourself instead?
    Have you been around to kick any one of Praxedes Afranius's brother's out of her bed yet?
    Or even decided to join in?
    Ever thought of getting gang-banged by the Sintav Brothers in their living room without having to kill them all or get arrested afterward?
    Ever wanted to avoid sneaking while watching what Rohssan and her dog get up to late, late at night?
    Would you like to be able to come and go to Rohssan's or Jensine's or Maro Rufus's bed anytime day or night without having to pick the lock OR use the immersion breaking console?
    Tired of constantly getting hassled for trespassing at your favorite vanilla Hotties' or Hunks' hovel?
    What if you just happen to get Irene Metrick pregnant?
    You won't be able to witness the birth without getting arrested for trespassing!
    Visitation of your progeny is a biatch if you don't own the home they are born in.
    (Have I made my ponderous point yet?)
    Oh, and finally, WHY add a myriad number of player-house mods when you can actually OWN all the apartments in the Imperial City?
    This mod is just the very tiny TIP of an imposing iceburg lettus Get head which may end up having myriad layers added with the help of Lover's PK mods. (Crosses fingers.)
    Eventually, this emerging endeavor may allow the player to "aquire" the right titles (read FACTIONS & KEYS) to LIVE in every "ownable" cell in Tamriel.
    (YES, you COULD just use the console to give yourself every faction and key in the game, but where is the furry FUN in that?
    OH, btw, if someone has already done this or there's a simple spell that does it please just keep it to yourself.
    I really don't want to know how much time I've wasted on this already.
    Mod Progress & Distribution
    I'll keep track of things by updating this progress chart:
    Aleswell - 100% (Sakeepa & the orc.)
    Anvil - 31% Hasathil/Heinrich partner choice. Someone must die or already be dead. Arvena Thelas done. Astia Inventius done. Horse Whisperer Stables.
    Bleakers Way - 0% (Sounds uninspired don't it?)
    Borderwatch - .05% (IF anyone thinks of how to make owning this town more fun and wants to do it, I'll gladly bow out.)
    Bravil - 20% (Blood & Mud patch? Bravil Underground compatibility issues? Galena is done and it's pleasure, not business with her in her home.) Mrs Aleron Loche (Ursanne) added. Trying a "GameDaysPassed" script here so that "grieving" can happen. Regulus Terentius added.
    Bruma - 50% (Countess is available for her comeuppance now. I always resurrect Arnora, own her home and return to humorously humiliate her often.) Lyra Rosentia, Erline Lirrian (this is a GETGAMEDAYSPASSED timed response that needs verified.) Olfhand/Skjorta added, Suurootan/Karinnarre added. Created a COBL patch to ensure those items are still available should Suurootan get killed. Karinnarre does not normally have a working services pkg so I created dialogue that will allow you to give her a services pkg. It is a travel pkg and she will stay put for 24 hours at least. Helvius Cecia done, Istirus/Jantus Brolus done, Jearls House done, Brotch Calus done, Honmund/Alga done.
    Cheydinhall - 50% (Dark deeds and portrait pains.) Rythe/Tivela done, The March Rider/Tertia Viducia done, Aldos Othran's house can be bought from the steward, Llervana done, Riverview can be bought if Voranil meets with an accident.
    Chorral - 50% (Countess is waiting for a consort. Saw an intensely artistic canine lover's mod on LL for download that may need looked at to ensure crafty compatibility. Seed-Neeus done, Estelle Renoit done, Castia Scribonia done, Ariela Doran done, Carmen Litte done, Honditar, Eugal Belette, Rasheeda, Vilena Donton, Rimalus/Rena Bruiant)
    Cropsford - 100% - Bincal & Callia's father's homes done.
    Hackdirt - 50% - Marlena and Elisa are done. (Consistently LOVE to pwn this village.)
    Imperial City - 66% - (Each district has 20 livable houses and there are 4 livable districts (Elven Gardens -Competed 05062016, Talos Plaza - 45% - Thamriel done and tested, Temple District - 40%, Market District - 99.9% Completed. Left out the warehouse for now. IC Green Emperor Way - Imperial Palace done.).
    So that's at least 80 linking small quests possible, to acquire an additional ITEM or even complete other required vanilla quests. (Jensine's quest just came to mind. Did I already add that as a condition? Checking and adding. Play-testers needed!)
    Harlun's Watch - 100%. (Might decide to decorate the DE ladies house. Not sure why it is basically empty.)
    Kvatch Rebuilt - 0% (Muy Patches. Mi Pat Chest. My Precious.)
    Leyawiin - 25% (Countess Caro & her Husband like noble company. Angst driven Argonian Agonies? A bevy of Blackwood babes give better blow-jobs? Resurrection is the key.) Eitar &/or Margarte, Betto &/or Julitta Plotius, Rosentia Gallenus, and Cingor (Buy his house after he's dead.)
    Lord Drad's Estate Farm - 100% (Damn, my Ogre sense just kicked in and it might be best to combine all "Tamriel" exposed "ownable" inhabited residences into a Tamriel Exterior quantum thicket trick.)
    Shivering Islez - 0% (Even thinking about all this is just crazy. Or is it? There WILL be cheese! And pie.) (Sub-categories might need some silly scattergoring. Or not.)
    Skingrad - 25% (Counting crows? What's a murder or two or three? IF Lazare Milvan happens to die, his back taxes might be paid. Agnete The Pickled done, Bernadette Penelles done, Falanu Hlaalu, Reman Broder, added a Nesteral's House quest)
    Others I forgot - 0% (Please throw a rock at me with a reply if there's a fav VANILLA home you desperately want to own. Castles are of course included. I always assassinate Count Umbranox after the Thieves Guild quest-line as part of a very PERSONAL Dark Brotherhood ritual which I perform myself. Me and the Night Mother are tight like that. She's pretty tight also, and deadly dry, but that's what Skooma is for, right?)
    Future plans
    BORDERWATCH & the Imperial City have been started already with VERY generic dialogue (Male oriented initially of course) but just the very thought of this wide width & breadth of lonely, lovely, and livin-able LOVERS across the land gives me shivers.
    I've been away from Oblivion modding for some time now thanks to Skyrim and personally shied away from the non-RPG FPShitter elements of Fallout 4.
    So, while I wait for a new gaming PC to arrive I started playing my old favs and dropped into Loverslab to see what was new in the adult arena.
    Fajeena has been SEXTREMELY helpful in keeping me on track with Lovers and the birthing "club" mods.
    Before the "club" came along I'd used mods that populated cities with kids that could be "adopted" in one fashion or another, but NOW, with this mod, IF you really don't want to get involved in PROCREATION, an NPC who is housing kids could just as efectually be "married" by you this way to be able to live with the little crumb snatchers. (Snap! I just realized I could hook the "Lovers" tag to a dialogue condition. But to be honest, without voice/lip sinc files, those well thought out MANDATORY greetings leave me a bit limp. Just saying.)
    As I've been testing my mod, I'm also finding that some places are NOT couple or family compatible at all and IF I find it necessary, I'll sparingly add the proper furniture and dialogue to ENABLE/DISABLE whatever may be desirable.
    Since I play with the aforementioned Kids are everywhere mods I'll be sure not to break what they have added if I can help it. (ie. beds for the kids)
    Navmesh is the main issue of course but even that can be delt with......carefully. ;-P
    Oh, and to try and understand my manic mindset and why I'm owning homes even with "Old" people in them. Take a deep breath and please try to realize that there is NO spoon. (i.e., there ARE no ugly old women in my game. Even the "Harrier" gets a tiny face lift, but BEAUTY is always in the eyes of the BEHOLDER anyway. Don't much pay attention to the male NPC's and mostly I just kill 'em all and let the God's sort 'em out.)
    In Skyrim I merrily married EVERY SINGLE and many recently WIDOWED female NPC's at least once or twice or thrice. Would love to port those loving voices which greeted me often after a hard day of dragon slaying. <Sigh>
    Oh, btw, My FNV also had NO male prostitutes. But I actually modded things to make getting familiar with female NPC's other than prostitutes an immersive, fun, seductive dance of conditional dialogue which took percieved sexual orientation into account before any adult animations were ever available.
    One of my thoughts on the "lovers" dialogue right now is that certain "conditions" besides DISPOSITION be included for particular NPC's the player chats up to add MORE fling worthy flavor and anti-chauvinistic cunning-lingual courtship challenge.
    You see, Ida Vlinorman SHOULD require you to have at least the same acrobatics skill as she does, for instance. Think about it for a minute and you will kNOW that I'm right and that is an idea worth pursuing.
    I'm pretty sure that Kenny Rogers, of all people, said it best: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AULOC--qUOI"
    Nuff said?
    How Simple the mod works - Gameplay options
    The dialogue topic which will allow you to ask an NPC who OWNS a home or who is related to one who does; who might be DEAD or otherwise unable to agree to any change in living arrangements; IF you can move-in with them is primarily conditioned by MAX disposition.
    Queasily obtained using my favorite speech Mini-Game to begin with, then maybe a small quest possibly OR cheating quickly with the console to max it OR using my favorite; because you actually have to DO something IN game; like cast the Mad Companionship Spell! WOOT! Total immersion achieved! (Can you rape to max disposition yet? If so, that is just a very evil spoon or fork.)
    Now, IF the person who actually owns the home is spoken to, (OR their widow or Next of Kin) the topic shows up and ONLY IF the information isn't still privileged because of other DEVIOUS conditions I set, you will be welcomed to their HEARTH and get the proper faction (they do also in fact, because often the cells aren't owned by a faction per se.) AND the KEYS to the Kingdom! What more could you ask for? Please don't.
    Now, here is where the possibilities open up for very interesting twists and turns of gameplay because actual "ownership" is something that not everyone is immediately privy to in every case. (Romana Faleria might just NOT be in the will, ya know? Right now she is....or was....till I just had that thought.)
    Trying to use the actual NPC dialogue when you speak to them to condition the winning combination that gets you what you want. There will be NO quest targets like the Blood & Mud quests. You are gonna have to read the text and get to know what the NPC's are INTERESTED in to determine their achilles heel.
    Viewing an NPC's inventory when the dialogue shows up but they refuse to talk about it may be helpfull. (HINT, HINT)
    Thief player characters are going to lament the loss of "theftable" property to achieve Thieves guild objectives, but hey, HUMP Hungry Hoe's & Horse Hung Hunks before a cross-eyed, nasty tempered, demanding Guild Leader suffering from a Daedric curse he went out and got for himself because his sneak skill was low.
    Feel me yet?
    Cleaned with TES4Edit often.
    Any mod that changes the key an NPC uses to enter their home.
    Any mod that changes ONE bed in the Market Sewers to a persistent ref.
    Current Patched Oblivion Game
    OBSE - For Elys Universal Silent Voice
    Elys Universal Silent Voice - So dialogue doesn't fly by too quickly to read.
    LoversPK of course.
    .008 - Changed some dialogue conditions and quest stage scripting for Countess Carvain. She should get "unmarried" now quite nicely.
    .009 - Rearranged Dialgoue to wives can stimulate PC actions. Added Ariela Doran to Widow quest.
    .010 - Reworked some dialogue. Tested all of the wives at least once.
    .011 - Reworked more dialogue. Added a 50% chance of the "eyes" variable not having any effect on a married woman. Prolly should have been 25% but I get tired of trying to get that variable to reset. I've spent more coin than I can count on SECLUDED and unoccupied Inn rooms and the married lady will still say there are people watching her.
    .012 - Added Skjorta dialogue to rid her of being "married" if Olfand is DEAD, based upon user input.
    .013 - Fixed some incorrect StageDone dialogue conditions for Skjorta.
    .014 - Reworked Token Script Conditions to check for quest Variable set during dialogue FIRST, before checking player inventory for Generic Book (Last Will And Testament).
    .015 - Added Carmen Litte to "Death Us Do Part" quest. Fixed many more dialogue topics to not be hard coded but to look for the married faction. Made some of the "generic" ones apply to any female instead of just married women.
    .016 - Fixed some "generic" ones to not show up on "virgins." Prolly still need to fix more. Added some more race oriented dialogue before, forgot to mention it.
    .017 - Fixed Countess Carvain's dialogue conditions. Hopefully.
    .018 - Fixed the "Will you be my lover" dialogue to look for Married faction instead of being hard coded.
    .019 - Added Alessia Ottus & Rochelle Bantien.
    .020 - Fixed turn-in token script to also check for quest stage done instead of just a variable which also gets set upon killing a husband.
    .021 - Getstagedone didn't work so I'm reverting back to the variable that will get set in the quest stage. Using a generic scripted misc item to advance the stages and have to ensure the right stage gets advanced.
    .022 - Added some conditions to remove unrelated edited dialogue that was showing up on virgins.
    .023 - Added Karinnarre.
    .024 - Added Renee Geonette and fixed several dialogue result scripts so they will actually do what they are supposed to.
    .025 - Fixed Renee Geonette's Quest Stage Script.
    .026 - Added Margarte, Julitta Plotius, Janonia Aurunciea and fixed a bunch of dialogue conditions.
    .027 - Added Callia Bincal. Fixed Alessia Caro's dialogue script so that she gives the correct item to player.
    .028 - Added Caula Allectus and hopefully fixed a virgin topic that kept popping up out of sync.
    .029 - Added Erissare Arenim and Ralsa Norvalo.
    .030 - Added Tivela Lythandas & Rogmesh gra-Coblug.
    .031 - Added Eilonwy.
    .032 - Added Alga and fixed missing script for dueling Honmund.
    .033 - Fixed missing quest stage scripting for Alga.
    .034 - Added Clesa and Rena Bruiant.
    Installation: Recommend Wrye Bash Installer or Manual Install. It's just one ESP for now. May toy around with sound files later but for now, the nuts and bolts are in play.
    credits: Ashal who translated the Japanese LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP and LoversVoiceSSPplus, Bethesda, Creator of Mad Companionship Spells & MCS Extension which gave me the idea to base dialogue upon MAX disposiiton, Fajeena for inspiring me with an unselfish, uncompromising, understanding attitude. (Yes, that's just a little shamooze, shamozzle, how 'bout now we gets intimately incorporated?)
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: What is "Adult" about this mod?
    A: The modder - In theory.



  5. Werewolf Legends of the North

    This is Werewolf - Legends of the North by StannieDum with the lycanthrope fix and skeleton set to xivilai folder, making it compatible with lovers mods.
    The folders have been cleaned of unnecessary files as well.
    For original details http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/24453/?



  6. Claudia's little secret

    Well, I'm glad you asked...
    CLS is a game in itself using Bethesda's Oblivion and Shivering Isles as a decor, rather than the usual extension of the normal content. This is a complete (adult) story during which the player will become the champion of a forgotten Goddess and her Cult.
    This is a very adult-oriented mod and may not be to everyone's taste. Not recommended if you are uncomfortable with (female) homosexuality and a wide range of sexual practices. Though at the same time this is mostly a story mod with sexual content, not sexual content with a poor excuse of a story.
    It will start with some not-so-innocent little secrets and helping Augusta & Claudia run their hotel. Slowly but surely you will finish with your army crushing your enemies.

    Discover the ancient cult of the Goddess.
    Help Augusta with the hotel. Recruit staff, help the clients with a lot of side quests. Explore the new extensions (your quarters, "the pool", the Priestesses quarters, the new aisle of the hotel with the new clients...).
    Go hunt and find the legendary Megaloceros with the crazy twins in a special valley. Can you figure out what to do in the Wench and Pussy lodge? What's the story behind Han & Lisbeth?
    Find maids, free them from their other obligations and hire them for the hotel. Is Lidya the best maid ever? What happened to Sarah so she became a skooma addict? Why can't Michelle follow a simple path?
    Help reconstruct the new tool for your cult. Explore the strange nightmare realm of the Archspider. Become very small and learn to communicate with the Pixie's hive. And even smaller...
    Recruit Priestesses for the Goddess' Cult: the unjustly imprisoned dream master, the damned-by-the-gods Eileen and the lost-in-her-own-mind Kristina.
    Before you leave Tamriel for the mysterious and wild Sumuru island, will you have time to help all the new clients of the IC Hotel? Can you convert them all and gain them for your cause?
    Embark on your boat and discover what secrets lie hidden in Sumuru island. Are those women the original members of the Cult? What really happened to them?
    Get lost out of time and exorcise the poor corrupted herd in Moonshadow. Hurry, as you have all the time in the world and that's precisely the problem...
    Confront the impersonation on your enemy in a final battle where you will discover the truth. But it's up to you to decide the end of it... As there is an end.

    CLS is a game in itself. It works best if you start a new character, a female humanoid works best and ideally size 1.0 like an Imperial. A male character or other races will work but the story may occasionally not fit or the animations may not fit perfectly to one another, if you can live with this.

    IMPORTANT: you need to choose between Claudia's little secret Normal or Gold edition.
    Gold edition is Beta. We have debugged a maximum of things but you may encounter more. Please report them to the team.
    Standard edition is not available in this mirror, see the Nexus if you want it.
    The Gold edition is NOT compatible with the normal edition. You CAN'T use save games from one to play the other.
    For best results, skip Oblivion's main quest and ignore everything else but CLS. I suggest you use a mod for an alternate start (like arrive by boat) and you may also want one that prevents Oblivion gates from opening. That having been said, CLS only interferes with a few other quests and such, so most things will work normally.
    CLS Gold will allow you to go back to your "normal" Oblivion play after you're done with it [NOT available yet] but neither the Gold Beta nor the Normal version of CLS will. You are strongly encouraged to disable CLS when you are done playing its quests. We will not provide support if you do not do so.

    Many are known, most are inevitable given how CLS is built. Use a minimum of mods with CLS for best results. A few, however, are necessary/highly recommended, such as nude body mods, better skins and some texture replacers.
    Known incompatiblities, do not use or even attempt
    * all companion mods (e.g. CM Partners, Companion Vilja, etc.)
    * pose/idle replacers (e.g Personality Idles)
    * Real Sleep (all versions)
    You don't need armor or clothes mods or replacers and in some cases they may interfere with immersion.
    Hunger/fatigue/thirst mods complicate some of the quests and some of the new areas are not prepared to supply the basic requirements, so these are not recommended, but can be used if you are willing to put up with the difficulties.
    Mods which change weather may have undesirable side effects on CLS but usually nothing really serious.
    Other mods.
    You don't need them, they may interfere, but most other mods are tolerated by CLS. Mods like those which change the UI are compatible, those which modify game play without changing places are usually okay. The official DLCs and Cobl are fine, OOO creates a few minor conflicts or unplanned challenges but works well enough, economic mods may influence the challenge of a quest or two, but are generally compatible.
    Again: CLS is a game by itself you don't need other mods with it for the time you play it. Keep in mind that you will need to start a new character, so you can get back to your mods and old character afterwards.

    "The hunt"
    A big sidequest early in the game where you go hunt the megaloceros with Han & Lisbeth.
    New exterior cell of the "Wench and Pussy Lodge" with strange lost in the wood atmosphere,
    New interior cell for the Lodge with dynamic lighting and transparent windows system.
    2 new custcenes with a small little game and drunk effect.
    1 big exterior cell for the Megaloceros valley with 2 cutscenes and a mini game plus an after quest repeatable random cut scene.
    "The amulet of attunement"
    A small puzzle at the end of the Pixies sidequest where you go into a very special interior cell with a mini game and nice atmosphere.
    5 new sidequests in the IC Hotel extension:
    "Back door"
    Help a customer of the hotel to get over her fear. Go and Fetch quest with cutscene leading to repetitive CS if combined with "ButterBur".
    "The Protégée"
    Comic sidequest where you need to cancel bigotry. Leading to a repetitive CS at the end and even another one when combined with "Let's start the whole thing over".
    "Let's start the whole thing over"
    A sidequest with 3 very different ways (4 if you're picky) to solve an unexisting problem. An Easter egg to discover and roam around Cyrodiill should you chose one path or run like a fool if you chose another one. Lead to a repetitive CS when combined with "The Protégée".
    A sidequest where you need to decide what's big enough with different paths to solve it. Leads to a repetitive CS and another one when combined with "Backdoor".
    "Alone in the Dark"
    A simple yet very strange sidequest where you explore the realm of dreams again. Leads to a repetitive CS if you completed Wawnett easter egg.
    Do them all and you'll unlock "Phallocracy" that should lead to a big final cutscene (unfortunately partially cut out due to major instabillity).
    A "nice" AI for Celestia in the Moonshadow island.
    Tons and tons of dialogues corrections, NPCs customizations, more eyes, hairs and outfits.
    Enjoy and post pics on the Nexus page!
    Don't forget to endorse on the Nexus!
    Here are the main files for CLS Gold
    Latest version G14
    Main ESP (the one hosted here in the direct download is the latest one for Testers, the one just linked here should be good enough to play)
    Meshes, Lods & Trees
    Movie, sounds and musics
    And the first patch!
    Useful unless you know what you're doing:
    Installation instructions with tips & Walkthrough



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