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SexLab SE mods that are heavily focused on quests

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  1. Old Hroldan Farm (NSFW)2.2.2 SE Traduction Française

    Voici le Old Hroldan Farm 2.1.1 (NSFW) traduit en FR
    je sait pas si quelqu’un l'avait déjà fait donc voilà
    Texte en Français
    a écraser le mod original avec le mien.
    Après Fnis et nemesis si tu utilise nemesis
    Requière le mod original



  2. The Ancient Profession 2023-11-14

    The Ancient Profession is a prostitution and quest mod.
    It aims to make prostitution feel as natural in the game's world as joining the College of Winterhold or the Thieves Guild, and to help you role-play a prostitute character who isn't a combat bad-ass at the start of the game. The mod adds the following:
    Quests. Many of the quests are designed around role-playing, not combat. Low-level characters can do most of the quests. High-level characters just have more options. The quests are meant to feel like they belong in the game's world, not like a separate sex game sitting on top of Skyrim. Even when they expand on lore, the quests are intended to stay lore-friendly. This is a SexLab mod, so the quests will usually somehow involve sex. Prostitution. Entertain clients and do special jobs to earn money. There are several different prostitution factions that you can join, with their own benefits and drawbacks. Becoming a succubus. One of the quest lines will allow you to become a succubus, which grants you new perks and abilities. This system is completely optional and should not interfere with any other succubus mod, if you prefer a different one.  Public sex and unlicensed prostitution as crimes. Complete quests to get a license to work in each of Skyrim's holds so that you don't receive a bounty for illegal prostitution. Have sex in private so that you don't get reported for having sex in public, or turn that option off if you want to have sex wherever you want (or let another mod handle making public sex illegal).  
    I hope that players enjoy getting to know the characters in the mod and find the quest lines interesting to play.
    This mod is intended for female player characters. A future version may have things for male player characters to do, but this probably won't happen in the near future.
    Content warning. The Ancient Profession deals mostly with consensual sex. However, some of the paths through a few of the quests can have rape scenes. These are always avoidable in some way. Some optional quest content requires creature animations.
    Note about LE compatibility:
    @killer905 has created an LE port of The Ancient Profession.
    Please note that this remains officially unsupported by me. I may or may not address bugs that exist in the LE version. It depends heavily on whether those same bugs exist in the SE version or are caused by using the mod with LE, and it depends if the bugs are easy to fix.
    How to start the quests
    Option 1: Go to a Dibella's Garden brothel and speak to the madam. There are locations near Solitude, Whiterun, and Windhelm.
    Option 2: Go to any innkeeper and ask, "Do you have any work that doesn't involve risking my life?". Then ask "May I sell my company in your inn?". If you are in a hold in Skyrim, it will start a quest to get a license in that hold. If you are outside of Skyrim, such as in Raven Rock or in a location added by a mod, you will not need a license, but you will still get an objective to get one in Skyrim before working there.
    Option 3: Speak to a prostitute.
    Option 4: Speak to Benjen Black-Briar in Riften.
    How the freelance prostitution system works
    You can solicit NPCs on the streets and in the wilderness. Full details are in the spoiler section.
    How the crime system works
    The Ancient Profession enforces that you cannot have sex in public by default. This is optional and can be turned off entirely if you don't want public sex to be illegal or if you have a different mod that you prefer to use for this. More details in the spoiler section.
    How the succubus system works
    You can become a succubus after completing a quest line in Winterhold. Full details are in the spoiler section.
    Information for modders
    The Ancient Profession provides options for integrating with the mod, and I will be adding more in future versions. Right now, using mod events, you can:
    Exempt scenes in your mod from public sex penalties. Find out about succubus events, like feeding, leveling up, and more. Learn when the player starts and stops working as a prostitute in an inn.  
    The documentation for these integration options is in the mod download in a markdown file at Docs/The Ancient Profession Modder's Guide.md.
    Bugs and known issues
    This mod isn't finished, and most of the quest lines are works in progress. Vanikseth gets stuck multiple times on the way to his workroom. This is an issue with the vanilla navmesh between where he starts and where he's going. I will address it at some point, but he should automatically "jump" past the parts where he's stuck. Prostitution in inns added by mods doesn't always work correctly, for a variety of reasons that depend on the mod. After the special Dibella's Garden CMNF party job, if you do the job again, the cell may not reset properly unless you leave the brothel first.  
    This is not the complete list of known issues. These are just the ones I think are likely to confuse people.
    Just extract the archive into your Skyrim SE Data folder or use a mod manager to install it.
    Upgrading from version 0.10 or later to release 15 on a game in progress is safe. You should end any repeatable quests or inn prostitution sessions first just to be safe.
    Upgrading from a version before 0.10 without starting a new game is not supported.
    Hard Requirements (install them or it won't work)
    SexLab SE and any of its dependencies Some of the quests do require creature animations. I intend to always keep creature-related content optional. If you start going down a quest path that won't work without creature animations enabled, the mod will tell you. PapyrusUtil This is installed with SexLab, and it's fine to use that version, but this mod directly uses it now. Fuz Ro D'oh for Skyrim SE (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/15109) Dialogue will go by too fast without it Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch  The mod will load without this at the moment, but I think some of the quest conditions rely on bug fixes from the patch.  
    Soft Requirements (install them if you want to)
    The mod will load the following to provide the prostitutes more outfit variety than the dull vanilla tavern clothes:
    Blades Hakama Set Extended and Blades Hakama SE BodySlide CBBE, with Topless option enabled in Bodyslide. This is what the player character in the screenshots is wearing. The author of these mods has removed them from NexusMods, and they can now be found here: https://dracotorre.com/mods/bladeshakamaset/ Meridia Undead Pacification Force CBBE (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/14137) Goddess Outfit SE CBBE (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/46905) Undies CBBE (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17933) CBBE Standalone Underwear (Dyeable) (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/28496) - you don't need this mod's optional Dye Manager dependency if you don't want it. Crazy Magician Glass Robes SE (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/27864) Warhammer Sorceress Robes - CBBE SSE BodySlide (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/18031) Female Outfits Standalone CBBE BodySlide (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/26088) Open Monk Robes Standalone - UNP UUNP BHUNP CBBE BodySlide - Physics - Flower Girls (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/31277) SkyTitties Clothing Pack 50 Outfits - 3BA (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/86605)  
    You can add or remove outfits from other mods for the characters in this mod to use. Instructions for doing this will appear in the second post of the support thread. You can add or remove these outfits at any time (but note that removing an outfit that someone is currently wearing will cause them to be naked temporarily).
    Animation packs recommended:
    For best results, install an animation pack that has a lesbian double-dildo animation. Some quests will use these if available because they fit better with what's happening.  
    Mods that may enhance your experience
    Keep in mind that these are not made by me and may lag behind releases a bit in updating. I also cannot provide support for them.
    Voice pack for The Ancient Profession - note that if the audio and subtitles disagree on what a character is saying, the subtitles are probably correct KSHair for The Ancient Profession - optional non-vanilla hairstyles for the NPCs in the mod The Ancient Profession Interior Project - remakes some of the interiors in the mod with much greater skill than I possess TAP Facelift - alternate face designs for some of the characters in the mod Ciri voice pack for DBVO - voiced player character pack that includes support for this mod Bella voice pack for DBVO - voiced player character pack that includes support for this mod  
    I have not tested this mod extensively for compatibility, but I do usually play with plenty of mods. I have seen no conflicts in the ones I use, and in general I try not to modify vanilla assets more than absolutely necessary. That said, there are certain planned features that will introduce the possibility for compatibility issue. The biggest of these is brothel locations, as this will require me to edit the Tamriel worldspace. I may also be forced to modify a few vanilla scripts to integrate the mod better.
    Some compatibility issues
    Anub's Animations. This animation pack works fine and has some nice animations, but the animation tags in it are a hot mess, so you may see some scenes using animation types that you asked The Ancient Profession to suppress. Turning them off by hand or fixing the tags is the only solution. The Sisterhood of Dibella. This mod can be used together with The Ancient Profession, but the Temple of Dibella quests are not compatible with it. As of version 0.12, The Ancient Profession will automatically disable its Temple of Dibella quests if it detects that The Sisterhood of Dibella is installed and it's not too late to prevent incompatibilities between the two. If it's too late, The Ancient Profession will instead display a warning that The Sisterhood of Dibella is not compatible with your saved game.  
    Not recommended 
    Any other prostitution mod. Other prostitution mods will be unaware of the licensing and employment systems in The Ancient Profession and will provide a way to sidestep its game mechanics. If they implement player approaches, you may also get weird interactions. And if they provide solicitation dialogue, you may have to remember which mod does which thing.  
    Not compatible
    If there's a mod out there that changes the rental bed at the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood to a different bed, this mod won't be compatible with it. There are technical reasons for this that you probably don't care about. Radiant Prostitution if you have the "NPC Scene" options turned on. Some of the characters in The Ancient Profession wear the tavern clothes outfit, and this can cause quest-breaking interruptions. Mods that make extensive changes to exterior worldspaces, such as Open Cities. These may put objects or buildings in the way of places where NPCs from this mod are supposed to stand. For mods like Open Cities, they will make the cells that The Ancient Profession needs inaccessible to you without console commands.  
    The Dibella's Garden sign is based on resources from Jokerine's Misc Resources, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/801



  3. From the deeps SE (new version)

    FROM THE DEEPS (new version) : A Lovecraftian adventure for Skyrim.
    Want to support me? Visit my Patreon ! https://www.patreon.com/Delzaron
    The first point
    A lovecraft like story, with a large Inquiry part, and two way to finish it : joining the cult, or destroying it. An ambition to make a thief like mod, centered about his story. Very few but harsh fights. It's a massive rewrite of the actual From The Deeps mod, and it will replace it in time. Most player choices will lead to consequences (include the sex scenes, almost all avoidable, but with consequences) Female players designed mod  
    TOTALLY INCOMPATIBLE WITH FROM THE DEEPS redone ! (that version will be deleted soon as FTD new version will advance !)

    Dependendies :
    SexLab Dragonborn ZAZ
    Soft requirement :
    XPMS skeleton. More Nasty critters (sex scene with Lurkers, seekers, and rieklings)  
    About the content :
    chapter 1 : the inquiries. 4 women disapeared accros skyrim coastal settlements, you're hired as mercenary by a vigilant of Stendarr to seek them (mostly done, need polish). Chapter 2 (mostly done) : inquiry in the isolated island of Insmouth, and discover what is lurking inside this secluded village.  
    In the future
    chapter 3 and 4... several endings, according to player choices and performances. several metrics to register player progression : corruption, perversion (player sexual acts), hints, sanity (in progress).  
    Some of players actions consequences are the change of metrics.
    Perversion (sexual acts) Corruption (willing to serve evil) sanity (chapter 2) some global variables (register player choices)  
    Permissions :
    Use the mod assets as you want. Original assets belongs to their authors. You're not allowed to upload that mod in other places than LL or Nexus, whitout the authors permission.  
    Ressources and other mods used :
    - Comvex Hermaus Mora Armor : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58062/?
    - DixiePig for the tentacle armor.
    - PS1 games Doom I and Nightmare creatures I for musics.
    - Garry Chang, for the Storm of the centurie ost.
    - screenshots of Necronicon pages by Zarono (I bought two for my call of cthulhu rpg parties. It"s letter format, but the look is quite good) : https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/364721269795318334/
    Edited October 12 by Delzaron



  4. Ravenous SSE

    A gore/Sweeny Todd/Dolcett themed mod for Skyrim (you're warmed : don't drunk it if it's not your cup of tea!)
    Dependences :
    SexLab SE ZAZ 8.0 SE Fuz Ro Doh SE Dawnguard Pama deadly furnitures SE and all it requirements :  
    Recommanded :
    Simple Slavery (I use Simple Slavery Plus Plus SE ) Any vampire face fix, like this one : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/107257?tab=files&file_id=1000335006  
    Authors : BoomGoblin, AqqH, myself.
    Want to support me? Visit my Patreon ! https://www.patreon.com/Delzaron
    Resume :
    The abandonned fort Naemir near Riften is again occupied... some rumors says by a Daedroth. Hired by Maya, a Vigilant of Stendarr, you will discover what is in the darkness...
    Mod Tag : a1R
    Current State :
    finished, just need some polish.
    Credits :
    - Pama for Pama deadly furnitures
    Permissions :
    You're allowed to use this mod code as you want. You're not allowed to upload this mod on another platform. Assets belongs to their original authors.



  5. Damsels in Distress - SE/LE (3) - Breeding Slaves

    Finally! The next installment of Damsels in Distress! After what, a year? I released did2 around halloween... last year... ANYWAYS did3 Breeding Slaves is about one thing; saving damsels from being the breeding slaves of the unscrupulous villains in Skyrim! They have been captured, stripped, shackled, and fucked furiously in the hopes of boosting their population growth stat. This installment will have you fighting mostly Forsworn and Falmer and their dastardly breeding schemes as well as there being 16 new potential followers, 13 non-follower damsels, 26 temporary generic damsels, all for a total of 59 damsels which need saving. So come on, "Everybody needs help sometime."
    Version 1.3. I tested it vigorously to make it as feature complete and bugless as possible but let me know if you encounter any issues. I'm one person with a rl job.
    I have a patreon now. Please tell me thank you and give me a tip. It lets me know how much to keep going.
    About Them
    I got elves!
    Alaris; High Elf, Last Seen at Lost Echo Cave, is an Electromancer
    Beru; Wood Elf, Duskglow Crevice, Light Archer
    Raka; Orc, Chillwind Depths, Heavy 1H
    Telmi; Dark Elf, Tolvald's Crossing, Pyromancer
    Waai; Dark Elf, Tolvald's Crossing, Pyromancer
    Arilith; Imperial, Hag Rock Redoubt, Cleric
    Sam; Nord, Raldbthar, Heavy Archer
    Sylda; Breton, Screaming Abyss (That's west of Dragonbridge), Light Mage... if npcs could be trusted with Sunfire. I tried.
    Panzer; Breton, Forgotten Vale Ravine, Heavy 2H, Requires Dawnguard Questline
    Phoenix Cavebane; Redguard, Frostflow Abyss, Heavy Berserker
    Eve; Imperial, Irkngthand, Thief/Light Berserker, Requires Thieves Guild Questline
    Flan; Nord, Irkngthand, Heavy 2H, Requires Thieves Guild Questline
    Dusk; Wood Elf, Bonestrewn Crest, Conjurer
    Gale; High Elf, Stonehill Bluff, 1H Light
    Northwind; Orc, Giant's Grove, Cryomancer, Requires the Cursed Tribe Questline
    Angela; Redguard, Broken Limb Camp, Civilian ; )
    Other Places of Interest
    Liars Retreat, Deepwood Redoubt, Kolskeggr Mine, Mzulft (Requires College of Winterhold Questline), Druadach Redoubt, Karthspire, Sundered Towers/Red Eagle Redoubt, Serpent's Bluff Redoubt, Fort Sungard, Lost Valley Redoubt, Gloomreach, Shimmermist Cave, Sightless Pit, Stillborn Cave, Blackreach Sewers, Dragontooth Crater, Darkfall Cave, Bleakcoast Cave, Darkshade, Graywinter Watch, Bleakwind Basin, Talking Stone Camp, Ancient's Ascent, Darkfall Passage, Forgotten Vale Ravine, 
    The DLCs, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn, Update
    Zaz Animation Pack 8.0+
    KS Hairdos
    Legendary Edition Compatibility?
    It has a prototype conversion with CAO because you fucks can't seem to do it yourselves. It is untested and I cannot, I must emphasize CANNOT, do any better.
    --- How to Start? ---
    Nothing complicated, just get out there and start saving them!
    --- Features ---
    Most of the non-generic ones should become marriable once you rescue them. Generic damsels, generally named "Breeding Slaves" are one and done's. To avoid cluttering up the map they will disappear after setting them free. Rewards! Saving damsels will sometimes earn you a gold reward, or you could choose to coerce them for sex like the horny bastard you are. Many damsels have options for free sex, and some have sex options post-saving them. Damsels that come in groups may even have regular group sex with you. There is a bathing spot south of Broken Limb Camp where damsels like to bath. Save the High Rock damsels in the Vale to give them a chance of appearing here too. Arilith can give you a powerful healing blessing that acts like a power/shout. Sylda can turn 20 Elven Arrows into Sunhallowed Arrows. Now with an ESL Flag.  



  6. Deadly Pleasure SE

    DEADLY PLEASURES : a Komotor and Delzaron joint project.
    Co Authors : Komotor (animations, synopsis)
    Dependencies :
    Skyrim Sexlab FNIS Komotor animations of course !  
    What do you need to know :
    This mod is for females characters. This mod origin is a project between Komotor and me, to promote his animations packs. So, you need at least the T2 animation pack from Komotor animations. You'll find a link to KomAnim pack on this page : How to start the mod : talk to an Innkeeper, and follow the story.  
    Authorship and portage :
    - TheDarkMaster and The Venus Noire team, developers of Seeds of chaos (a renpy game I strongly recommand! It combine very good draw art, castle management, exploration, and war management) for Jezera portage (I simply love that character design and personnality). Please find here his Patreon and Itch.io links :
    TheDarkMaster Team Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/LordArioch TheDarkMaster Team itch.io page: https://venusnoiregames.itch.io/seeds-of-chaos  
    The Mod content :
    Follow the track, and meet Jezera, a dark seducer, and her pets.... don't worry, you'll be one of them. You'll done exhibitions and missions for her... voluntary or not.
    This mod is designed to use the excellent Komotor's animations... so expect things you'll never saw (it's include bestiality, futa, very hard bdsm... you're warmed !)
    Some of the mod's NPCs : Jezera : the Mistress. A young, beautiful and dominative Dark seducer. Lamiae : a falmer girl from Ibn. Miquote : a forsworn girl. Quai : Jezera's slave. Seems depressed. Chuul : Jezera's older sister. She totally submissive. Anna Venicci : Jezera's business partner, and sinfull noble. Molag Bal : I really need to present him ?  
    Musics and other ressources :
    Medieval from Aticca Blue. Masked Bal form Eyes wide Shut (Jocelyn Pook) Venitian Masks from CPU Molag Bal outfit (unknow)  
    Sources of inspiration :
    Miquote is a Sicambre forsworn from AFS, she's related to Ethrane, it's also the name of an elf girl in Bravil Underworld mod. Quai is also from here, and she's the copy of a bandit girl I played in D&D 3.5. Chuul was the Mazken created by my brother for his Oblivion playtrough. Lamiae is a ceyemer from Things in the dark, like her uncle, Volukar (which is also inspired from Gromph, from the chronicles of Drizzt). Jezera is a portage from Seed of chaos. I simply love the character, I get lot of difficulties to find a way to make some nice horns, and a nice red dress ! Please find at the top of this page some links to TheDarkMaster and The Venus Noire team work (Seeds of chaos in simply an excellent game, with very good quality art). In term of lore, Jez and her sister Chuul are Mazken (or Vile Seductress if you prefer, the opposite of Aureals). They were former mistresses of Molag Bal.
    Permissions :
    You're allowed to use this mod code as you want. Animations and AnimObjects are from Komotor.



  7. Radiant Prostitution - RMCW Edition

    This mod is a continuation of the Radiant Prostitution mod, for credits and previous authors please see bottom of page.
    New to the mod?
    Familiar with the mod?
    Required mods
    SexLab (latest version, SexLab P+ or other modern version) and all of it's requirements ConsoleUtil - google search if you don't have, it's on nexus JContainers - google search if you don't have, it's on nexus Fuz Ro D-oh - google search if you don't have, it's on nexus Consensual, non-consensual and creature animations. (creature animations only necessary for out of town jobs)  
    Optional mods
    SexLab Separate Orgasm (SE | LE)
    This mod works best with SLSO so that your client has to have an orgasm.
      Simple Slavery Plus Plus
    If you check this mod in the outcomes in SS++ MCM, you can be bought by an innkeeper from the Simple Slavery event.
      Sexlab Sexual Fame (SE | LE)
    Mod can update your fame in SLSF. Good to use with SLSF Fame Comments to give a consequence to prostitution.
      Sexlab Horrible Harassment Expansion
    Replaced normal rape events that can trigger in the mod if installed.  
    Recommended mods
    Submissive Lola
    This mod can be used within Submissive Lola.
    A potential bad outcome of prostitution and to give a way you can make gold as necessary while Whorecrux is triggered.
      Billy's animations
    This is a good set of animations to use as includes everything you need for all the mods quests and features. There are plenty other great animation packs available if you search about. Anubs is particularly good for aggressive animations or you will be lacking in that regard if you don't have something already.  
    Known issues
    On rare occasions, the home quests can have issue where an NPC can't get to the home. On these cases reset quest in MCM. Its very rare and can't be fixed in any simple way. If you find the quest stops part way through a scene before starting SL animation, this will be the issue. See patch notes below for current known issues. Please report any issues you have.  
    What's next?
    I plan to continue working on this mod. Please post if you have any suggestions and I might see about implementation. First I want to improve the orc camp quest. Then I want to add more quests. Then I might remove SL as a requirement and add toys & love support. Both will be optional mods if I do this but one will be needed to play scenes.  
    Special thanks and appreciation
    To my testing hoe ( @Trash Metal Barbie ), for being a good whore and testing on LE and LE conversion.
    To all the previous developers who have worked on this mod. Follow the link below for credit details at top of page.
    For further credits and info on previous versions see:



  8. Succubus Heart SE

    [ <<- ->> ] Succubus Heart [ <<- ->> ]

    [<->] The Succubus Gameplay Mod [<->]
    Created by : Michael "Spirit Shard" Stanich
    Site - michaelpstanich.com
    YouTube - youtube.com/michaelpstanich
    Discord (The Broken Chatbox) - https://discord.gg/h3vB7S4FEw
    Ko-Fi (Donations! =^-^=) - https://ko-fi.com/michaelpstanich
    [ <<- ->> ] Self Promotion [ <<- ->> ]
    Hey there, so, like, I know no one likes the whole "beg for money" stuffs, so I'll keep this short. Making stuff is hard work and takes a ton of time, so if you'd like to help support my endeavors then please consider donating direction through Ko-Fi! - https://ko-fi.com/michaelpstanich
    Supporters get perks through our Discord, The Broken Chatbox (https://discord.gg/h3vB7S4FEw) with access to exclusive channels, early and exclusive releases from me, and, best of all, the role is permanent! No recurring donations nonsense! And don't worry, Succubus Heart is NOT becoming a paid mod! All full releases will be distributed through discord as usual (and occasionally updated on other platforms, such as Loverslab or NexusMods). So if you enjoy Succubus Heart or any of my other works, and would like to make it easier for me to support these projects, please consider donating! (or just send me kind messages, both give me fuzzy feelings =^.^=)
    [ <<- ->> ] Latest Update News [ <<- ->> ]
    Succubus Heart 5.0 Release is now available! This new version not only adds various mechanics such as Titles, Soul Pet Traits, Updated Succubus Realm, and more, but also modernizes the mod and tightens up the functionality to feel much more polished that previously. Welcome to the modern version of Succubus Heart!


    [ <<- ->> ] Which Version to Use? [ <<- ->>]
    There are 2 versions of Succubus Heart, Release and DEV.
    Release is the recommended version for most users and features a tested version of the mod with any major known issues sorted out, additional Release version may be released with bug fixes as seen fit, so use the latest Release version for the most stable experience.
    DEV is an in-development version which has newer features but may be incomplete and buggy. The changelog for the DEV version will note what is or is not tested and you can check the TODO file to see what's to come in future DEV versions. Use DEV versions if you want to see newer features, wish to help out bug testing and improving the mod, or you're just feeling adventurous.
    Both versions can be grabbed over in our Discord, The Broken Chatbox ( https://discord.gg/h3vB7S4FEw ). Release versions will release on other sites eventually but DEV versions may not.
    [ <<- ->> ] What is Succubus Heart? [ <<- ->> ]
    Succubus Heart is an adult gameplay mod which adds new gameplay mechanics and new progression systems. The general concept is to turn your character into a Life Syphoning Succubus! (or incubus, we don't discriminate here ^-^) You start off rather weak, but through draining partners and partaking in sexual activity your Succubus gains experience and stats which can then be used to unlock and harness powerful Succubus abilities! Succubus Heart also includes other features such as Combat Seduction, a combat submission mod, Death Override Mode, a rogue-lite mod, and Soul Pets, a Soul Capture/Summoning mod, fully integrated with Succubus Heart and its mechanics! While most succubus mods focus on power fantasies, Succubus Heart's player demon is inspired by a fantasy race of life-weavers, giving a more human-but-powerful feel. Succubus Heart is also designed as a complimentary mod, meaning it plays well with a large array of other mods and, while it has its own systems to function fully standalone, you can combine Succubus Heart's experience with a large array of other gameplay mods for a truly custom experience!
    [ <<- ->> ] Mechanics Overview [ <<- ->> ]
    <-> Status Drain <->
        Drain the Health/Magicka/Stamina of sexual partners (or in combat with the right unlocks) to increase your own Health/Magicka/Stamina and make yourself stronger!
    <-> Arousal System <->
        Basic Arousal System used by Succubus Heart. Control your Succubus' desire to maintain full strength, but train too much and you'll be weak! Balance is key!
    <-> Heart Levels (Succubus Leveling System) <->
        Earn HeartXP in sexual activity, items, or certain passives and use said HeartXP to increase your Succubus' stats and skills.
    <-> Skill Levels (Vanilla Leveling System) <->
        Use excess status you drain to level up your vanilla game's skills, like lockpicking!
    <-> Passives / Actives (Abilities System) <->
        Sacrifice your Status Caps to unlock power Passives and Active Spells, unlocking new ways to play and methods to progress!
    <-> Sex / Death Drops <->
        Sexual Fluids drop from orgasms for later consumption, and corpses will drop special Succubus Enhancing soul items!
    <-> Titles System <->
        Unlock obscured Titles to gain bonus HeartXP! Some titles Evolve as you fulfill their conditions, others are secret! Can you earn them all?
    <-> Combat Seduction <->
        A Combat Submission Mod fully integrated into Succubus Heart! Knock enemies down while in combat and start another type of combat when they submit!
    <-> Soul Pets <->
        Replicate nearly any non-unique NPC and summon them as a companion in this Soul Capture / Summoning Mod fully integrated into Succubus Heart!
    <-> Death Override Mode <->
        Never Die with this Death Alternative mod. Turn Skyrim into a Rogue-Lite with new systems and options, fully integrated into Succubus Heart!
    <-> Help Menu and Descriptive MCM <->
        With all this stuff things can get overwhelming quick, but fear not! Succubus Heart has an integrated Help MCM and descriptive highlight text! When in doubt, read!
    <-> Is that all? <->
        Download and find out. =^.-=
    [ <<- ->> ] WARNING : Script Mod [ <<- ->> ]
    While Succubus Heart is fairly light weight in the majority of cases, it is a heavily script based mod. If your game is already having issues with script latency and overload I recommend backing up your saves before trying out Succubus Heart (and/or possibly decreasing your script load). I've done what I can to ensure Succubus Heart is as bug/error free as possible however under script lag any mod can begin throwing up errors and I can't guarantee Succubus Heart's performance.
    [ <<- ->> ] The Progression Loop [ <<- ->> ]
    Succubus Heart is often seen as rather complex, so here's a primer on how to progress. Succubus Heart will implement its own Status Caps, these caps can be increased with HeartXP. Earn HeartXP by engaging in Sexual Activities (SexLab Animations) and spend it in the Heart Levels MCM on increasing your stats. Once your cap is raised you'll need to drain more status to get up to that amount, this can all be tracked in the Status MCM. As you increase your Heart Levels you can now move to unlocking Passive and Actives, these give your Succubus new powerful abilities that scale with your Heart Levels. Unlocking Passives will decrease your Status Caps, so you'll want to earn more HeartXP to make up the difference. Death Drops can also help you progress without engaging in sexual activity as these soul items will increase your stats, grant more exp, or even increase the HeartXP you earn outright!
    So in short, here's the loop. Drain enemies for XP and Stats > Improve your Heart Levels for more power > Unlock powerful Passives by sacrificing some stats > Drain enemies for more XP and Stats!
    [ <<- ->> ] How to "Trigger the Sexy" [ <<- ->> ]
    Succubus Heart will capture any animations started by SexLab, as such you can start sexy time any way you like with any mod you feel like! But of course, what about in Succubus Heart itself? Well firstly, your character is a Succubus now, so they have Seduction Spells! They may start off weak but can be enhanced like most things included with the mod. Additionally Combat Seduction is a fully integrated Combat Submission Mod, with this enabled in combat, enemies (or your Succubus X.x) will 'submit' to attackers when they fall below certain Health thresholds. This feature isn't just available to the player either, your followers and even just random bandits can join in the humping fun! Soul Pets also offers more ways to engage with the sexy, captured souls can be trained at will and are very susceptible to seduction, and will even get stronger by doing so! Now go get training!
    [ <<- ->> ] Soul Pets Explainer [ <<- ->> ]
    Soul Pets is technically its own mod integrated into Succubus Heart with special modifications to make it interact in unique ways. To start you'll need to get a Soul Pet, you can do this by either replicating an NPC's soul using the 'Pet Target' spell, which costs blood chips acquired from defeated enemies, or from purchasing a Pet Soul item from Sepha in the Succubus Realm. Once you have a Pet you can summon them with the 'Pet Self' spell or using the Soul Pets MCM entry under Succubus Heart. As the pet engages in combat, violent or... sexual, they will level up with a chance to gain Traits. These traits will change the pets stats and how they behave. Each Soul Pet is limited to 3 traits, so you may need to level multiple to get the combination you desire!
    [ <<- ->> ] Death Override Mode Explainer [ <<- ->> ]
    Death Override Mode is technically its own mod integrated into Succubus Heart with special modifications to make it work properly with Succubus Heart. DOM is a Death Alternative mod where instead of dying the player is teleported back to the Succubus Realm to recover before returning back. By default DOM removes items on death and uses Gold and Blood Chips (mod implemented) as a holding currency between deaths. Use Gold to buy-back lost items from Tali in the Succubus Realm or use Blood Chips to forge new items you've memorized. In Succubus Heart you forge items with Blood Chips using the 'Soul Forge' MCM menu.
    [ <<>> ] What's Included [ <<>> ]
    <-> Docs <->
        '_ReadMe.txt' , '_Changelog.txt' , '_Help Document'
    <-> Data <->
        Everything for the mod, install this folder to install Succubus Heart
    [ <<>> ] Requirements [ <<>> ]
    < >> Skyrim Special Edition
    < >> Skyrim SE or AE (Works on both)
    < >> SKSE - Latest Available [ http://skse.silverlock.org/ ]
    < >> SkyUI SE 5.2 or newer [ https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12604 ]
    < >> SexLab SE v1.65 or newer [ https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/20058-sexlab-se-sex-animation-framework-v165-110822/ ]
    < >> (Highly Recommended) Spell Perk Item Distributor (SPID) [https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/36869]
    - May require additional SexLab Animation Packs to enable all npcs for seduction/submission
    [ <<>> ] Installing / Updating [ <<>> ]
    <-> Through Mod Manager <->
        Succubus Heart's file structure should be immediately recognized by modern mod managers, just drag and drop into your manager to install. Don't forget to enable the mod!
    <-> Manual Install <->
        Copy Succubus Heart's 'Data' folder contents into your Skyrim install's 'Data' folder, enable the .esp in your load manager of choice.
    <-> Updating <->
        Succubus Heart is designed to update cleanly to new versions automatically, just install the new version over your old version and upon loading your save Succubus Heart will automatically update itself.
    <-> IMPORTANT NOTE <->
        If you're updating from a version before 4.6 you'll need to perform a clean install of Succubus Heart, though just starting a new game instead is recommended. (pre-4.6 used a completely different data structure and is not compatible with modern versions of Succubus Heart)
    [ <<>> ] Uninstalling / Removal [ <<>> ]
    <-> WARNING <->
        While Succubus Heart can be uninstalled and removed, Succubus Heart makes some permanent changes to your character's Health/Magicka/Stamina that will need to be manually fixed either via console or cheat/debug mod. NPC modifications from Succubus Heart may not revert back to normal.
    <-> Through Mod Manager <->
        Disable the mod in your mod manager and use its uninstall/remove feature, if you're continuing your save then load your save, save, then re-load to stop any orphan scripts.
    <-> Manual Uninstall <->
        Remove the files included in Succubus Heart from your Skyrim install's 'Data' folder (Succubus Heart doesn't overwrite any other files and is completely stand-alone, so this method is safe). If you're continuing your save, load your save, save, then re-load to stop any orphan scripts.
    [ <<>> ] Compatibility Concerns [ <<>> ]
    <-> Mods which lock or alter Health/Magicka/Stamina <->
        Succubus Heart uses its own Status Cap system, poorly written mods that don't dynamically adjust to changing Status values may break or cause unpredictable behavior. The vast majority of mods should be fine, though any that try to alter Status Caps will be overwritten by Succubus Heart.
    <-> Aggressive nudity checks <->
        The passive 'Regal Glow' applies an invisible piece of armor. Some mods that check for nudity may detect this armor as clothing and count the player as clothed. Reset passives and avoid leveling 'Regal Glot' if you encounter this issue.
    <-> (Soul Pets only) Follower Management Mods <->
        Succubus Heart itself is fully compatible with follower mods, however Soul Pets is questionable. Depending on the Follower Management Mod, Soul Pets may create undefined behavior or cause issues. If you're using Follower Management Mods check the Succubus Heart settings MCM and experiment with the Soul Pets options when issues occur. (also please report your findings so we can try to solve these issues!) If you're not using Soul Pets then you won't encounter any issues.
    [ <<>> ] Known Issues [ <<>> ]
    < >> Under rare circumstances Combat Seduction may disable an attacker or victim's combat AI. This is an issue with SexLab and I don't know how to work around the issue, it's just an issue that crops up more often with Combat Seduction.
    < >> 'Calm During Act' may de-aggro some NPCs and combat won't resume after the act ends. Most notice-able with Combat Seduction. (Happens in instances when sheathing your weapon would stop combat)
    < >> Teleporting to the Succubus Realm and Death Override Mode can cause issues in certain quests that constantly check for the player's presence. If you encounter this issue avoid teleporting and either disable DOM temporarily or enable 'Never Die Mode' temporarily.
    < >> Under intense script lag, Combat Seduction may trigger overlapping SexLab animations. Fixed by reducing script lag.
    < >> Some MCM menus may become slow or temporarily unresponsive. This can happen with all complex MCM menus, no idea how to fix.
    < >> Some MCM list entries can bug-out when exited out of. I think this is just an MCM quirk, not sure.
    < >> NavMeshes in Succubus Realm are super janky. NavMeshes are annoying and difficult to work with so I'll work on it over time, just don't expect magic.
    < >> DOM and "Prevent Death" setting will conflict with mods that enabled "Deferred Kill" on the player as a way for immortality or death alternative. Disable these settings and try to avoid using multiple Death Alternative mods if you encounter these issues.
    [ <<>> ] FAQ [ <<>> ]
    Q : Is Succubus Heart still being actively developed?
    A : Technically yes? I have a lot of on-going projects and life can get hecktic so updates may be sporadic at times, but support is not officially dropped (yet). (and if support is ever officially dropped, I provide the full source for anyone to modify should they want to)
    Q : Can I still level like in vanilla Skyrim?
    A : Of course! Succubus Heart's leveling systems don't alter Skyrim's leveling system in any way and is stand-alone without altering any external scripts.
    Q : Can I use this mod as a male character?
    A : Yep! Succubus Heart supports all genders! Equality at last!
    Q : ___ is broken and nothing seems to work!
    A : Make sure you installed all the requirements (Including SPID). If you're not using SPID then disable it in Succubus Heart's settings. Also please make sure to read the help MCM and highlight text in the MCM under relevant areas. 90% or more of messages I get from people claiming the mod is broken or non-functional is just people not reading or understanding the mod, so please at least try to read! I worked really hard on all that text! =>.<=
    Q : ___ feels overpowered / underpowered, can you balance it?
    A : I can certainly try! Everyone has different load orders and playstyles so I can't perfectly balance everything and will always side closer to 'vanilla' Skyrim balance, but if you have balance concerns please send them my way! Best place is through our Discord, The Broken Chatbox! ( https://discord.gg/h3vB7S4FEw )
    Q : Combat Seduction, Soul Pets, Death Override Mode? I don't need these mods, can I remove them?
    A : Nope, but don't worry, they're written in such a way that they don't do anything if they're disabled so just leave them unchecked in the MCM and you won't even notice them!
    Q : Are the Stand-alone versions of Combat Seduction, Soul Pets, or Death Override Mode compatible with Succubus Heart?
    A : No, and they will throw up errors if Succubus Heart is detected. The integrated versions have more features related to Succubus Heart and will perform better when combined, so there's no need for the Standalone versions.
    Q : I think you're cool/cute/amazing/probably a cat.
    A : I think the same about you! ❤️
        (I was going to originally put a 'support me' message here but this was funnier, my kofi is - https://ko-fi.com/michaelpstanich - support to see more stuffs from me ^-^)



  9. SexLab Solutions - Revisited SE

    SexLab Solutions - Revisited SE
    I did NOT create this mod, I merely converted Janbui's mod for Skyrim Special Edition, and shared it according to the permissions they gave me. I CANNOT give any perms not specified on the original upload page for this mod. If you wish to alter, edit, or otherwise make changes and upload them anywhere, please refer to the permissions (if given on upload page) by the Original Author or contact them directly. This mod should be considered a placeholder for when/if the original author decides to take control of it.
    If you enjoy this mod, go to the Author’s page and give Janbui some love!
    @Gyra made a USSEP patch for this HERE!
    The following is copied and edited for SE links from the Original Download Page:
    This is a continuation of the SexLab Solutions mod. Not much is here currently, but my goal for now is to continue through the list that was provided by Nutluck, a sizeable amount of quests to alter. Have to give my thanks to WraithSlayer, helped me understand how to script, and also thank Yinkle by adding in the SLEN compatibility patch in. Same requirements as the original, but just in case I'll show them here again:
    Skyrim SE
    Fuz Roh D-Oh SE
    SexLab Framework SE FULL
    Here is the Roadmap of this mod: mine.pdf
    Also, since there seems to be some confusion on whether or not this is a standalone mod,
    Yes this is standalone. The original SexLab Solutions is not required.
    With all of that being said and done, now I'll show what I've made so far, and will update this accordingly once I put out a new version of this mod:
    Incompatible mods: Further Lover's Comfort (breaks Sexlab Solution's animations)
    If you enjoy my conversion work and would like to toss a coin to my coffee fund, you can visit my Patreon ~ Nomkaz



  10. Neophytes of Dibella SE

    A very small mod for completing the excellent SisterHood of Dibella Mod (
    You'll find inside :
    - 5 neophytes of Dibella, in Markarth, Whiterun, Solitude and Riften (Not Windhelm : too cold!)
    - and actor event : the neophytes will spread Dibella blessing to Skyrim citizens.
    It's a attemp to convert one of my mods from LE to SE. I hope it will works



  11. The Forbidden Tome

    BETA release
    This is my re-interpretation of a funny little quest that once was included in the Devious Devices framework as introduction to those new devices.
    As a member/visitor of the College Of Winterhold you should be careful when taking a glimpse in Forbidden Bookcases...
    How to start
    look for a letter and a key on the lowest shelf of Urag gro-Shubs counter. Read the letter to get an idea where to start...
    Or, since v0.5, simply search for the case itself and try to pick it. If you can't see it, the letter gives a hint why not.
    The difference to Devious Deviants
    @naaitsab tried to re-create the original Forbidden Tome quest as close as possible, based on the latest DD framework. It also includes several more things that were part of the original Devious Deviants.
    My version is a re-interpretation: I created Forbidden Tome from scratch only using the base idea. It has new approaches to certain things as well as new dialogues. And no Message Boxes.
    Great thing: as I knew naaitsab also did work on this task, as we helped each other, I created my mod to be as compatible as possible. You should be able to install and play both versions, depending on which key and case you choose! I only would suggest that you merely tackle one Forbidden Tome quest at a time, so they don't directly interfere!
    Why still beta?
    I tested the mod and was able to play through it, but I may have forgotten or missed some bugs. As it's my first mod that heavily depends on CK methods and less on Papyrus, I'm not entirely sure that everything works as wanted.
    It still misses some features, too. Those I want to add later, when the base story works reliably. They mainly include a way to get hands on the book aswell as a reference to the original character Zed Curio.
    A working mod setup that includes
    Skyrim SE or AE or AE DLC Devious Devices SE  
    For LE users
    I don't officially support LE. I don't have it installed anymore and all my latest releases are created with SE v1.6.x and the SE CK.
    However, as I suppose the quest design itself SHOULD work, it's only the bsa archive which is the problem. You can use tools like the Cathedral Assets Optimizer to un-/repack the archive, then the mod should work for you. Tutorials for that can be found by web searching  
    A small quest story with different outcomes, depending on your behaviour during the task. I was hoping to catch the "quirkiness" of the original writings, but with entirely new dialogues.
    FAQ and Help
    @naaitsab - for helping me by debugging and providing ideas
    @Min - created the original Forbidden Tomes quest that got eliminated from the Devious Devices framework a few versions ago



  12. Faction - Pit Fighter Addon - Pitslut

    Adds quest failure conditions to the arena battles when a sexlab animation is triggered where the player is the victim. Doesn't actually trigger sexlab animations on its own so you need something like Defeat for this mod to do anything.
    Faction Pit Fighter and Travels Addon : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22513
    Faction Pit Fighter Revamped : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/42340
    Some mod which can trigger combat sex(I used Baka Defeat for testing)
    Just install the archive as a normal mod
    This ended up being more complicated than I imagined to the point that I entirely abandoned the goal of triggering scenes on bleedout on my own. I do have some future plans with the quests but wrestling with the CK sank them for now.



  13. Riza Moongaze Your every need

    Avec la bénédiction du createur
    voici le mod traduit en FRANCAIS
    Ce mod requière l'original




  14. Submissive Lola - Coffees Task Extension

    Basic Introduction
    This Mod is an extension of the famous mod "Submissive Lola: The Resubmission".
    It adds several new Rules, Tricks and Tasks to the general lola experience. In general, it tries to respect all lola guidelines and shall act is a content extension.
    It starts with a simple Sleep deny or outfit control and can end up with lola on the slave market.
    Every new Trick etc. can be disabled.
    Besides, Posted under Special Edition, This mod should be 99% compatible with LE. Only the Default Configurations for Vanilla Clothing’s should not be working
    If you encounter a bug, please do not report that in the submissive lola main thread. If there is (unlikely) a collision between the add-on and the main mod.
    Please report it here. The main mod has always the higher priority!
    I'm certain that the description right here is too less, but I will add new Text if needed.
    And Again
    Beta Version
    This Mod is considered as a Beta Release:
    I tested it now a very long in an active Game and for me, I do not have any issues which are not caused by my own mod play setup. Testing setup everything is going well.
    There are for sure many different situations in different environment which can cause trouble. That's why I call it beta.
    General View:
    The Mod assumes Lola is seen in some events as a real Slave or VERY committed submission. Lola can end up being sold. In General, it is possible to disable certain aspects of the mod.
    The Playmate has a very distinctive view: It is seen as an equal Slave next to Lola.
    If you use the playmate as a second owner you might want to disable the Playmate Content in this mod else it might result into some strange Role Play Things
    (Not sure if you see it fitting that Owner 1 is binding up and selling Owner 2 for example)
    Install this mod as every other Mod.
    Load Order. Recommended to load after all Requirements and Soft Requirements.
    Make Sure to read the Configuration part.
    Synth Voice Files can be found and MEGA and can be added as a additional mod next to it. (the usual procedure). don't get confused with the Version number. This was the internal dev version for the creation of that Synth.
    Voice Files can be found here
    There is just one small recommendation from my side: (At least for MO Users, will be also possible in Vortex I guess)
    Create a new Empty Mod in MO and call it something like Lola Outfits (chose whatever you want) Copy the SKSE Content from the Mod into this Folder (Just copy the whole SKSE Folder) Make sure the new Folder overwrites the extension Folder. This ensures that if you have a new update, you don’t overwrite your Outfits etc. This might be a lot of effort to reconfigure.
    SE Links, All Mods should also be available on LE (and most likely of them anyway already installed)
    Submissive Lola: The Resubmission Min Version: 2.0.62 powerofthree's Papyrus Extender UIExtensions Soft Requirements:
    These Are Soft Integrations into the Extension. The Extension runs fine without these. Just some small events are different or not enabled
    Simple Slavery Plus Plus (Used for Lola on Sale) RapeTattoos (Used for Tattoo Trick) SexLab Skooma Whore (Used for Drug Trick) Pama´s Interactive Beatup Module (Used for Slave Caravan) Sexlab Survival (Used for Sleep Event) - Release up to Beta Version should work Display Model 3 (Used for Sleep Event, and Furniture Placement) SE Only ZAZ Animation Packs (Used for Sleep Event, and Furniture Placement) Devious Devices Contraptions (Used for Sales Pet, Used for Sleep Event, and Furniture Placement) Follower Slavery Mod (FSM) (Used for Playmate Trick) Missives (Used for Forced adventuring) / SL Dirty Deeds Missives should also be selected if installed, I'm uncertain if the finish of these tasks are correctly detected Public Whore (Beta Integration, Might collide with lola main, OR PW itself) The following Follower Frameworks should be working AFT, NFF, EFF but I only tested EFF longer (that’s what I use)
    There is right now no Hard issue known with any mod. Some slight wrong interactions are known
    Be aware in General that Mods that applying Quest Devious Devices might collide in general with this Extension.
    Devious Interest: Slight: On how Devious Interest handles Dialogues, it might collide with some Topics and may lead into awkward situations Every Mod which Equips Random Devices like Devious Interest or Cursed Loot): Esp. for Sales Pet these Mods destroy the balancing completely. It might result in an unsolvable state. Devious Follower: With DFC Enabled, you might not be able to dismiss a Playmate. Automatic Dismiss often failed during my testing. Simply Pausing the Mod helps, or you fix it on your own. Make sure that DFC Owner != Playmate if using Playmate features Kal Lola Extension: Sleeping collides with the own Sleeping Method. My Extension should just respect kal Sleep (in my tests it works. report if not) but it’s not respected the other way around. Very Minor: Sexlab Survival (Combat Equipment Feature): If you have to redress during a fight, this redress might be blocked behind the redress scene, if you cancel it, you will stay naked. That’s all. Configuration
    I will not lie to you. This Mod is a Configuration Monster for the First Time.
    Besides the MCM Config (which should be fine default wise, I still recommend a check) there is an additional In game Configuration Menu called “Configurator”
    This Configurator can be accessed over a Hotkey and contains all detailed Config and methods
    Spawn Furniture, Save the Cell and Rebuild it (for example in a new Save Game) Outfit Manager. You can define plenty of Outfits with Variants over the Outfit Manager Marker Manager (Move and Save Quest markers) This is useful if the general Marker is clipping with your Town overhaul Mods. (Currently only Sales Pet supported) Playmate Configuration (Add, Remove, Export and Import Potential Playmates here)  
    In General, the Most Configs here are saved in JSON Files and are either persistent over Save games (Like the Outfits) Or can be easily reimported over the Configurator
    For More Detailed Configurator use if it’s needed you see it in the description of the Quests
    The registered key like Change Clothes key is not working This is intentional. Some Functions are hidden behind A key press time or avoid accidentally pressing of a button to trigger something you might don't want during a combat (you don't want to be undressed during combat, right?) so just hold the button for a while. Change Dress is roughly 0.2 s hold time. Or sometimes just duplicated usages fo a button If needed, I can provide a full list of all timings In the furniture Sleep Event, I enter the device and nothing happens. Do not simply enter the device with the normal activation. Use the Power you got at the start. This is necessary to avoid conflicts with DDC and DM3 Logic.  
    Outfit Task: (Biggest Feature of the Mod)
    Sleeping Task:
    Lola For Sale:
    Sales Pet:
    Change Town:
    Slave Caravan:
    Tattoo Trick:
    Drug Trick:
    New Pet Trick:
    Lola buying a house:
    Planned Content:
    Owner Protection: In short, you must act as a decoy if there is danger to protect your owner etc. There are some additional Quests already in the Pipeline =), But I need to finish another framework first for that.
    Thanks for:
    @HexBolt8 for Maintaining submissive lola main mod and adding some Hooks for me
    @Monoman1: For some Tips and allowing me to integrate with some parts of his mod
    @Pamatronic: For letting me use the beat up framework and fixing a small bug for me
    @Visio Diaboli: For supporting me with the PW integration and answering my stupid questions
    @VaderHater: For the Clothes Ripping sounds
    And for my Beta Testers and little Helpers, especially
    @Anunya (Testing and Writing some Dialogue for Outfit, Tattoo and Sleep Task)
    @jc321 (For Crosscheck my Dialogue and fixing grammar and spelling issues)



  15. Demoiselle en detresse SE - La Cage Rose retexturer Traduction Française

    Version totallement en français
    avec des nouvelle tête re-texturer
    Lien du mod re texturer



  16. (WIP) Slaves of Tamriel Redux

    A reworking of Slaves of Tamriel with an emphasis on gameplay, compatibility, and extensibility. You can find the proposed changes in the future plans section below. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.
    For those not familiar with the original, SoT turns you into a slave tasked with mining ore. You can check out the screenshots from the original mod to get a better idea of what that entails.
    This is a work-in-progress i.e. you should only install this mod at this stage if you are interested in contributing to development and reporting bugs. Development will be slow and incremental since I'd like to get the basic systems and structure of the mod working bug-free and then circle back to refine and add details. As a result, certain features of the original will be temporarily missing/broken as things are restructured and stabilized.
    If you'd like a more stable release, check out Slaves of Tamriel Plus Plus (SoT++).
    Huge thanks to all the people who have contributed to this mod (listed in the credits section) and of course, the original author.
    I'm developing for Special Edition. I'd appreciate anyone willing to backport to LE although this may not be worth it until the mod enters a stable state.
    SkyUI Sexlab Zaz Animation Pack v8.0 Practical Restraints FNIS / Nemesis PapyrusUtil (latest, overwrite Sexlab) Soft:
    SlaveTats (for branding during processing) YPS Immersive Fashion and YPS Tweak (for player hair shaving and regrowth) Devious Devices (for additional devices during processing) Installation
    Install as you would any other mod, preferably with a mod manager Install one of the SoT SlaveTats packs Run FNIS or Nemesis Register tats in the SlaveTats MCM Changes from SoT++
    Future Plans
    @Slaves of Tamriel for the original mod and leaving open permissions @jfraser for maintaining Slaves of Tamriel Plus Plus, adding an escape method, and answering a bunch of my questions @Herowynne for the SE Conversion and bug fixes @leakim for the MCM fix and hotkey change @jc321 for bug fixes and answering a bunch of my questions @verel for bug fixes



  17. SL Dirty Deeds Missives

    Adds 15 repeatable quests involving performing casual sex for gold. Find them at Missives boards! Each has four lines of Synthetic Voiced dialogue, and a letter written in the style of that character or faction. It's casual, flavourful, and about as "lore friendly" as a SexLab mod can be.
    Core Mods
    Missives (Download) - Of course, you'll need Missives to get the actual Missive Boards used to find the Deeds in this mod. SexLab Framework (Download) - Also has its own requirements. In the in-game MCM for SexLab, there are some very useful Debug features. Make use of them! This will help you figure out what is going on. Once you've enabled Debug, Press '~' to open the console. Replacing Boards for Missives (Download) - Changes Missives boards to a 'porn' styled one. Also adds several new locations, like Ivarstead, Rorikstead, Kynesgrove, etc.  
    New to SexLab? Mods you may Need
    Rewards: Gold, Dragon Souls, Items
    You can earn both gold and Dragon Souls and some items by completing 'Dirty Deeds'.
    Gold is determined by the Deed, as well as by your Sex Skills and Speechcraft.
    Dragon Souls are awarded based on the overview quest, which tracks one-time completion of all Deeds.
    Some Deeds give you items instead of gold. (Such as Falmer, who reward you with a Black Soul Gem.)
    Dirty Deeds
    Creature Deeds
    Expansion 1 (More Deeds)
    Expansion 2 (Followers) *Released April 2023 - Patron Only*

    Gold Calculation
    Allow other mods to overwrite this one.
    I edited some Races to turn on 'Dialogue with Player', such as WolfRace, GiantRace, TrollRace, FalmerRace. This will not conflict with mods that change the meshes of those NPCs, since Race is a different record from Actor. Any new creatures which uses those same Races will also get the dialogues and be available for the Creature Deeds.
    I've made a few, non-essential changes to NPCs to allow them to partake in Dirty Deeds. This includes adding Factions to NPCs who should have that faction, and changing AI Packages to make an NPC (Stands-In-Shallows) available at night. These are very few in number, and there shouldn't be much that conflicts.
    It's possible that if you use a different Temple of Kynareth overhaul than JK's, you may have trouble getting to the cabinet with the Dirty Deeds. I'd recommend using 'tcl' in console to move through the floor, then take out whatever letters you want.

    For those who don't use Missives (Version 1.2.0)
    Recommended Animations
    Recommended Other Mods
    Tips & Support
    I've created a Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/questwave where you can tip or support me! I'm hugely appreciative of any support as I'm just beginning my work on SexLab.



  18. Bestial Essence SE

    Bestial Essence SE
    I did NOT create this mod. That honor belongs to the Talented Merope
    I only converted it for Skyrim Special Edition, and have shared it with you with their permission.
    If you enjoy this mod, click on the link and give Merope some love, and check out their other mods!"
    Here is the link for the original LE version of Bestial Essence
    The following copied from the original LE page:
    A work in progress quest mod, the main focuses of which are story and alchemy. The sexual content in the mod is not entirely about bestiality but it does feature prominently. There is a fade to black option if you do not wish to witness any of these scenes. See the quest progress list below for what has been implemented so far. Currently the story takes about 4-5 hours to complete.
    There's also a vibration option for sex scenes if you are using a controller. I have absolutely no idea why you would even want that or why a modder would even include that, but it's there!
    SexlabFrameWork SE
    Fus Ro D'oh SE
    How to start:
    The quest begins, from the players point of view, by a courier delivery. For compatibility with alternate start, the delivery is delayed by a few in game hours. If you carry on playing as normal, the delivery will happen relatively quickly. Otherwise, the fastest way to force it is to wait 2 hours (outside of alternate start cell) and then fast travel or transition through a "load door".
    The New Girl
    You embark on your first job for Yoana, traveling by way of Falkreath to track down a wandering stray.
    Closing the Stable Door
    Radulf joins you in tracking down an escaped horse.
    It's a Trap
    Radulf puts his trapping skills to use in the forested mountains south of Falkreath.
    Monsters in the Basement
    Find out what secrets Yoana has been keeping in her basement.
    An old friend returns to the store, looking to reunite with you.
    A Giant Dilemma
    You face a difficult choice in your next assignment from Yoana.
    Unrequited Lust
    Frustrated by Radulf's repeated rejections, you ask Yoana for an alchemical aid.
    Bestial Essence
    Thanks to your efforts, Yoana is able to reopen the store.
    Lusty Nord Hunter
    Discover what happened to your reluctant lover.
    Sisters of Hircine
    Learn about a dark figure from Yoana's past that was best left forgotten.
    Customer Service
    With Yoana away in Riften, it is left to you to run the store and tend to the needs of customers.
    The Bear Necessities
    Friends for life, Olav the White and Bjorn the bear, are running short of supplies. Bjorn's curiosity leads them to someone who might be able to help.
    Stupid B'og
    A pungent Orc arrives at the store seeking a fragrance which will improve his luck with the ladies.
    Time for you and the stray to stretch your legs and possibly other things.
    Shadow of Secunda
    A troubled woman opens up to you in the hope of gaining assistance in confronting her fear.
    Hound of the Black-Briars
    A concerned grandmother from Riften reaches out to you for help in tracking down her absent grand daughter.
    The Antidote
    You set out to help Yoana undo one of her most pressing mistakes.
    Villain, scoundrel, lowlife maggot.
    Bestial Alchemy
    You take your first steps on the path to learning Yoana and Idun's unusual form of alchemy.
    With your attention now on saving Idun and her captive, Yoana seeks the help of young wood elf Rillifina Riverbrook. Help Yoana with the interview process and initial training.
    No Rest For Rilli
    Eager to please, Rillifina is now available to run collection errands for you.
    Under Construction
    Put Out to Pasture
    After making an excellent recovery, due in no small part to your tender care and attention, the troll is to be resettled. Seek the aid of Yoana's cousin Skadi on the isle of Niflheim.
    Thorek's Rest
    Upon arrival on Niflheim, the player finds a recently disembarked Imperial expedition under orders to investigate the ancient Nord ruin, Thorek's Rest. Mediate the peace between Madam Free-Winter and the expedition, whilst helping them to solve the mysteries of Thorek's Rest.
    Dragon Song
    With the secret of Thorek's Rest unearthed, Skadi reveals the mechanism by which Yoana and Idun's alchemy works and the extent of its power. By demonstrating her magic, Skadi lures a powerful force to the island.
    Lattasel (side quest)
    Face the judgment of your tormentor.
    First Do No Harm (side quest)
    Help Hjotra repair the reputation of her Aunts.
    Ladies Night (sidet quest)
    Join Hjotra and Yoana for a night out in Golldir's Tavern.
    A Promise is a Promise (side quest)
    Rillifina's past catches up with her.
    Blessed in Light
    When the Glister Witch casts her glow upon Yoana.
    You must decide if you will step into the light.
    Don't Count Your Chickens (B'og quest)
    Dearly Departed
    If you enjoy my conversion work and would like to toss a coin to my coffee fund, you can visit my Patreon ~ Nomkaz



  19. Sexlab Solutions Revisited SE 1.1.5 FR

    Bonjour à tous,
    Voici une traduction française du mod Sexlab Solutions Revisited de Janbui, convert en Special Edition par nomkaz
    REQUIS: Lien du mod original porté en SE: SexLab Solutions - Revisited SE 1.1.5
    Quelques petites erreurs ont pu m'échapper pendant la traduction de ce mod, et je m'en excuse à l'avance.
    J'espère que mes amis français sauront apprécier cette traduction ! 



  20. The Sisterhood of Dibella SE (February 2023)

    This is the official Special Edition version of Sisterhood of Dibella.
    You can view the full details at the Legendary Edition page here. 
    Assist in the initiation of an older Sybil of Dibella Improved Sisterhood of Dibella, with better outfits and activities Improvements to the Temple (beds, items, scripted altar) Traveling Sisters with unique services A new model for marks of Dibella. Redeem marks to the Sybil for perk points. Scripted initiation of the Sybil, with SexLab scenes A new Shrine of Dibella (in a warm location) A quest to become a Travelling Sister and collect donations for the Temple  
    Help - Walkthrough:
    Sisterhood of Dibella: FAQ Sisterhood of Dibella: Walkthrough User manual (PDF)  
    SexLab is required. There is no plan for OStim at the moment. Zaz animation pack V7.0 or later Optional: Fuz Ro D-oh  
    The mod comes as loose files with my current make up of meshes for CBBE.
    You will want to refresh them with Bodyslides using these converted files:
    SexLab Dibella Sisterhood 3BA Bodyslides  Fjotra Replacer  
    This mod was originally intended for female player characters, but I started opening it up to male characters as well. 
    It hasn't been fully tested for male players past the first few quests.
    SexLab_DibellaCult.esp needs to be loaded BEFORE SexLab_DibellaCult_Sisters.esp
    You can ignore the 'sisters' add on if you don't care about seeing the sisters change outfits during the quest.
    This mod is designed to fit in with my other mods:
    SexLab Hormones - The stone flowers on the altar in the temple act as in-game configuration options. One of these options enables a forced sex change after the quest to retrieve Fjotra from captivity. That sex change will only work if you have Hormones installed. Sanguine Debauchery + - Sleeping in the Temple gives you a 50% chance of visiting Sanguine's Dreamworld. Sanguine will also recognize you started the quest with the sisters and make some comments about it occasionally.  
    This mod includes assets from the following mods (with permission)
    Mark of Dibella model based on Gold Coins of the world
    @azmodan22 for unique Dibella statues. Thanks again for the contribution!
    @Verodor for the German translation
    @Content_Consumer , @Skoalbite and @Old_book for dialogues
    Agent of Dibella outfit for the player ( KIBELIUS outfit - only the dress ) Sybil corrupted ( R18pn lingerie by KURESE ) Sybil pure ( Salome dress CBBE convert by Chupy ) Sisters corrupted ( Jewelry outfit for CBBE by Gatti ) Sisters pure ( Ashara Imperial Wedding Dress for UNP by SydneyB )  



  21. SexLab Parasites - Kyne's Blessing SE (February 2023)

    This is the official Special Edition version of SexLab Parasites - Kyne's Blessing.
    You can view the full details at the Legendary Edition page here. 
    The player, and in some cases NPCs, can be infected with full sized parasites Parasites have a lifecycle and a way to cure or get rid of them  A larger quest and backstory leading up to the player character deciding the fate of the Queen of Chaurus  
    Help - Walkthrough:
    Parasites FAQ Lore behind the story About the Chaurus Queen effects Quest walkthrough SexLab Parasites manual (PDF)  
    The file was split in two parts because of file size limitations in LL. You need to download BOTH Parasites and ParasitesTextures. Parasites are set up as custom, organic Devious Devices - Devious Devices version 5.1 or more is required SexLab is required. There is no plan for OStim at the moment. Zaz animation pack V7.0 or later SexLab Aroused (original or Redux)  
    The mod comes as loose files with my current make up of meshes for CBBE.
    You will want to refresh them with Bodyslides using these converted files:
    Parasites CBBE and 3BBB Bodyslides conversions Parasites BHUNP Bodyslides conversions  
    This mod is intended for female player characters, but some parasites will work on males too
    The first chapter of the main quest about the Queen of Chaurus can be played by male characters, but the later chapters are meant for female player characters
    NiOverride (included in Racemenu) is needed if you want proper inflation of breasts and belly during infections, but it is not required for the mod to operate.
    If you want to go that way, you will also need an advanced skeleton like XPMS+
    You will have to install Estrus Chaurus + if you want to see actual tentacle and slime/ooze attacks when you harvest certain items (chaurus egg mounds, creepy clusters). You can still be infected by their related parasite if you don't have EC+ but the full effect relies on EC+ being available.
    For Special Edition, the Flying option of the Queen of Chaurus armor relies on  Animated Wings Ultimate.
    This mod is designed to fit in with my other mods:
    SexLab Stories - The Brood Maiden story will be playing a role in the upcoming quest from Parasites. The Stories Devious side of the mod handles the lactation effect when the player wears a Tentacle Monster or Living Armor parasites SexLab Hormones - I added an option in Hormones' menu to better manage the max values of node scales when using NetImmerse Override. When you check that option, the max values of nodes (for mods I manage) are scaled back depending on which effect is currently active (pregnancy, hormones scaling, parasites, lactation). This should prevent abusive growth of belly and breasts especially. Sanguine Debauchery + - Enslavement to Falmers, Spiders or Chaurus provides a good way to experience Parasites since they make these creatures more likely to have sex with you. SD+ enslavement to Falmers and Chaurus will also play a part in the upcoming main quest of Parasites.  
    This mod includes assets from the following mods (with permission)
    Various assets from TERA armors and Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension Blackreach spores / barnacles / Chaurus Queen armor pieces - from Falmer Bikini 'hip' Facehugger - from Facehugger by Daemonic 'facial' Facehugger - tweaked by Kakabishan and Nosdregamon Tentacle Monster armor - from Tentacle parasite by DixiePig and The Matrix Prime Living armor by Aradia Chaurus worm model from Summon Animated Larvae Queen of Chaurus Armor assets from Queen of Blades (Kerrigan) Queen of Chaurus Full Body assets from Wicked Blade Armor Dwemer Explorer Armor - Male meshes from TERA armors and Female meshes from the Starcraft 2 Ghost Armor . and custom meshes provided by @MystOfDawn just for this mod Spriggan Mask by by MyFirstPony  



  22. SexLab TDF Prostitution and Pimping (the former "Aggressive Prostitution") 2023

    My Port Of TDF Prostitution and Pimping to Skyrim SE with permission ot the author, for those who are not able to do it themselves, who are too scared or too lazy. 
    Thanks and flowers go to TheDriedFinger:
    Read the page for requirements.
    Nyctophilia's add on for 15 more independent prostitudes.
    changes to the old Versions:
    You can have 6 hookers following you,
    You can have 3 city hookers working in every capital city :
    Dawnstar, Falkreath, Markarth, Morthal, Ravenrock, Rifton, Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm and Winterhold.
    (If you own the vanilla house there, or become Thane of that Hold) These hookers will work at the main Inn of the city.
    You can have 3 Inn hookers working in all other Inns.
    (same conditions as for the city hookers. Exceptions: Riverwood is for free, for Ivarstead you have to do Klimmeks delivery)
    If you become Archmage you can have 3 Hooker working at the College.
    If you become Leader of the Thiefesguild you can have 3 Hookers working at the Ragged Flagon.
    Additionally you can tell 20 Hooker to work for you where you are standing.  
    Paradise Halls Slaves can be used as City-, Inn-, or Free Hookers and get removed from the Slave List as long as they work for you.
    Don't install this over older versions then TDF Prostitution 2022
    Don't mix it with other old add-ons
    Don't forget to remove the pahe-patch if you don't use Paradise Halls
    Flowers go to
    The Dried Finger and Nyctophilia for the original mods
    CLiftonJD for the scripting and the patience (especially the patience)
    Yinkle for the SLEN bridge
    Known Bugs:
    If you leave a cell while a hooker is doing her job, she might get stuck and she will be stuck as long as she didn't complete the job. The best way out is to get her back to her client, 
    The Money Script is a bit broken right now, If you ask one Hooker for the money she made, you will get All money all hook have made. That make managing the Hookers easier, but is not intended.
    have fun!



  23. Dark Arena SSE

    A SSE conversion of Dark Arena LE, made by cathedral and CK  
    A little mod, which add an underground inn in Riften sewers. It was a commission mod, but due to the demande I decided to continue it.
    - get rumors at any innkeeper
    - get hints at Riften
    - explore Riften sewers and find the Dark Arena.
    - request the guard posted at the entry to let you inn... and enjoy what is forbidden in skyrim.
    Pitfights, whores, gambling, dances... The Maison offer credit... sort of.
    You can be spectator, or work here... or being enslaved... or take control of it.
    In details :
    - four games are available : a simple blackjack script, a cul de chouette, a single dice, and a small roulette.
    - you can bet money on pitfights.
    - when you are allowed to work in the dark arena, you can request to go in the pit yourself, whoring and dancing.
    - each time you win a game or a pitfight, you receive a lottery ticket. You can earn here whatever between flute and daedric cuirass.
    - you can be in dept toward the dark arena, but they will recover their money... by using you as a slave. You'll be able to payback by whoring, dancing, and pitfigting. You'll discover another aspect of the Dark arena...
    if you refuse, your stuff will be confiscated, and you'll be sold to the closest slave marker (simple slavery)
    - a serious blackjack table was added. It will trigger simple slavery, skooma whore... maybe SD+ in the future, in you loose.
    Patchs :
    - DarkArena - DBM : patch for uses of Legacy of Dragonborn mod : changes the cards texture
    Credits :
    Nomkaz for first SSE conversion and DBM patch.
    OsmeIMC for scripts tweaks and improvements
    Killer Keo skimpy mod : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3654/
    unknow for slave leia topless CBBE converted meshe
    Want to support me? Visit my Patreon ! https://www.patreon.com/Delzaron
    Permissions :
    You're allowed to use this mod code as you want. You're not allowed to upload this mod on another platform. Assets belongs to their original authors.



  24. HoT&WeT SE

    What's New  See Change Log. Voice Pack Avail See install section below
    HoT&WeT v1.43 for SE   LE Page
    HoT&WeT is a Toys&Love Framewok, content mod & includes the HoT&WeT Toy Box 

    My Dearest Reader, 

    Skyrim is a wild and wondrous land, full of mystery and riches for the intrepid and brave adventurer.  Whether you seek gold or glory, knowledge or power you can find Fate's fulfillment within her bounds.  Though there are trials and travails and foes aplenty, there is one danger above all that claims those who visit these fair lands.
    You see Dearie, Skyrim is a land as bitter and cold as a Draugr's heart and that cold claims more lives than simple brigands or giants.  Your precious swords cannot hold the cold at bay and it sinks through the cracks and crevices of your shiny armor to gnaw on the bones beneath.
    But fear you not, for there is a solution to such problems and that is the service I humbly offer Dearie.  If you want protection from the relentless frost I can provide you with the items you seek.  Simply seek me out and we can strike a bargain depending upon your needs.  Unlike the harsh and bitter cold, I shall not bite but will instead see to all of your needs provided you are willing to pay my price.
    Your humble servant Dearie, 
    Baltus Aurum
    HoT&WeT has a significant quest and includes a Toy Box.
    In addition, HoT&WeT provides warming, wetness, and overheating effects, making use of Toys' Thermal Strength feature. It uses Toys' Rrousal, Denial, Fondle, and Oversexed features extensively. These all work while questing with other Toys content mods when Frostfall is installed.
    Baltus, according to his letter above, awaits you. The quest will teach you to deny orgasms, fondle, and avoid becoming too oversexed, to survive the cold using Thermal Toys. You will find yourself in possession of new toys along the way, and a reward allowing you to acquire more toys uniquely. To start, speak to a Khajiit trader.
    Causes uncontrollable love.
    Glacier Themed Toy Box
    The HoT&Wet Toy Box is themed for the snow. It includes 18 Glacier Themed, rustic toys, 6 of which become Thermal Toys that warm you, when they melt. The toys include the use of a broad spectrum of effects, buffs, and escape methods available in Toys.
    Additionally, there are several other Thermal Toys, in other Toy Boxes (the ones that melt), and they too will provide warming.
    Frost Fall Support
    This mod can be used without installing Frostfall if you only wish to use the Toy Box.
    Warming/wetness/overheating mechanics, and the quest, require Frostfall.
    Warming, Overheating, and Wetness
    These are the main features added by HoT&WeT. See the Warming, Wetness, and Overheating.
    How to Start
    Speak to a Khajiit trader. Their caravans travel between different settlements.
     Requirements, Installation, & Upgrading
    See the details...
    Toys Family of Mods - Listing of mods using or supporting Toys
    Warming, Wetness, and Overheating
    Change Log
    FAQs and Troubleshooting Steps to fix if the test in MCM failed Building toys in Bodyslide  
     Credits & Permissions
    The Toys Team
    Mercplatypus - Story & Dialogue / VirginMarie - Scripting / Audhol - Toy Creation / Slappa - Animations



  25. Toys Workshop SE

    What's New  See Change Log. Voice Pack Avail See install section below.    LE Version
    Toys Workshop is a Toys&Love content mod & includes the Princess Toy Box

    Toys Workshop v1.33 for SE

    Skyrim has had it's fair share of troubles. Dragons attacking the holds. Bandits running rampant. A civil war pitting brother against brother. Things couldn't be much darker. To make matters worse a lone vigilante with a strange hat and incomprehensible motives has become a plague upon the holds bringing joy and cheer to his victims! Truly a despicable monster. Someone needs to do something!
    Unfortunately the war takes its toll and the guards are stretched thin. They are looking for anyone brave enough to find this monster and get to the bottom of this mystery. Who is this man? Why is he doing this? What will it take to stop him? The citizens of Skyrim want to know that they can be safe in their misery once again without maniacal laughter finding them in their despair.  He he he, ha ha ho!
    Princess Toy Box Quest - Spreading Toys and Cheer Dance, Love Dance, & Dance Orgies - Repeatable Toys-themed scenes  
    Spreading Toys and Cheer - Getting Started...
    Speak to any guard to start your adventure.
    Dance, Love Dance, & Dance Orgies
    Two toys won't be found in the Toy Box. Once the quest has progressed, you will posses toys that, under the right circumstances, start special scenes... custom animation scenes that play differently every time, and a chance of a random Love and Orgy Scenes. For spoiler see Tips.
     Princess Toy Box
    Toys for an innocent princess! They come in two colors. Some melt, become semi-transparent, and glow. Some have other effects. In addition to receiving princess toys during the quest, you will find a vendor selling them. No Support for Males.
    Note: There are two Princess "Skirt" toy variations, depending on the body used. Details...
     Requirements, Installation, & Upgrading
    Toys Family of Mods - Listing of mods using or supporting Toys
    Change Log
    FAQs and Troubleshooting Steps to fix if the test in MCM failed Building toys in Bodyslide  
     Credits & Permissions
    The Toys Team
    Mercplatypus - Story & Dialogue / VirginMarie - Scripting / Audhol - Toy Creation / Slappa - Animations
    Full List of Credits...



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