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Adult Mods

These Skyrim: Special Edition mods are of an adult nature.

369 files

  1. SilviasPackage0.1

    First attempt at this so don't laugh too much!
    Read the above again.
    Silvia's Package SE
    It just adds a quest similar to, in an extent, the of ones in Devious Cursed Loot - with some different elements (kind of a treasure hunt, kind of and a service requirement) [it's not meant to be punishing, just a bit of fun!]. Silvia can be found in Rorikstead Frost Fruit Inn to start the quest.
    Don't ruin your game, make sure you have a save before you add this in; and go back to it after playing this. It's the first time I've tried - I've no doubt I messed something up and I don't want to mess up your game.
    Devious Devious 5.0 & its requirements
    This does not require DCL (although I sort of use one of their characters- if DCL want me to change that - I'll do it).
    Devious Devices & Sexlab creators- all credit goes to them for providing those resources that enable these things.
    Is welcomed. As this is my first time trying this. I hope people can actually try it, and I haven't missed some files in the download.
    I've only got SE, so I can provide no information on LE - but I've not added textures/meshes and I don't think any of my scripts won't work.
    Next Steps
    -find out if people can actually download it and play it
    -fix problems
    -maybe make the later bit of the quest radiant
    -put some updates on 'pleasing the nobles', to make sure the player knows it's progressing (maybe randomise it as well)
    Let's see what happens - apologies in advance for when I've screwed something up.
    Problems I've spotted:
    On my testing, I need to quicksave after installing to get Silvia to start the quest.
    Silvia currently has dark face issue. 
    (if people want to tell me how to fix these then great! I just wanted to get feedback - fixing problems should happen)



  2. A Perilous Maze (SE/VR) pre-alpha

    This is a very early version with static objects only, no functionality, NPCs, scripts etc. Not even any traps yet. Apart from the entrance, all other doors lead nowhere, just as the exit, which is supposed to be the door at the top of the tower-like structure.
    I am mainly releasing this in the hopes that people will try to find the exit just for the heck of it, and let me know about possible misalignments or gaps. As the structure is 31x30 segments, with two levels (all in one cell, the second level being much less dense), and as it is designed to be very difficult to navigate, you can imagine, that finding gaps etc. is quite a chore for just one person.

    WARNING: Once you enter the labyrinth, i.e. once you fall in to the pit, there is no way of coming back other than console commands.
    As there are only static objects in the mod right now, it should be very safe to install, but then again, it is my first mod, so I might have messed something up. Please let me know if you notice something.
    Rumor has it that there is a hidden maze in the vicinity of Riften, which harbors treasures beyond imagination. Intrigued by this rumor, looking for more clues, you are able to purchase a piece of parchment from a mysterious woman who claims it is related to the treasure. After carefully studying it, you determine that the entrance must lie somewhere in the vicinity of the Darklight Tower. Filled with dreams of fame and wealth, equipped with a rough map, you set out to find it. And find it you, but soon you realize that that your in for more than you bargained for...
    Requirements: Though only some assets from Dawnguard are used right now, in the data-file selection, I have also checked (apart form all the DLCs) SexLabs, Devious Devices, and ZAZ 8, as I plan on using features form all of these, eventually. Not sure, if this will be indicated as a hard requirement, when no assets are actually used. I built this with the SE version of the Creation Kit.
    Features of v0.1:
    - As this is a pre-alpha, for testing purposes, a revealed map marker will lead you directly to the entrance
    - The entrance is in a concealed (hopefully) inescapable fall pit
    - Fast travel is disabled in the cell with the pit (outgoing, incoming should be fine)
    - Behind the first door is another pit you have to fall into, to get to the actual entrance of the maze
    - Unlike most other dungeons in Skyrim, this one is almost completely dark,  so don't forget to bring torches or equip appropriate spells
    - Finding the exit (which leads nowhere) should be fairly difficult. Can you find it?
    - Compass is enabled, as I don;t know how to block it. So is the local map, so you'll have a little help.
    Planned Features:
    - A starting quest along the lines of what's in the description
    - More clutter
    - Deadly traps
    - Some curious NPCs inside the labyrinth
    - An exit leading to an enslavement scenario connecting to Simple Slavery ++
    - Additional labyrinth levels, after the main features are working, potentially an unlimited number (hopefully regular updates)
    - Voiced actors, also talking to you through a magical PA system, while you are in the maze
    - Some poor NPCs trapped in really perilous devices within the labyrinth
    - Expansions of the enslavement scenario, once main features are working
    - Some NPC dialogue and rumors/books about the labyrinth throughout Skyrim

    I have no Patreon set up, so if you want to support me in my effort, please comment and like. I'll be much more motivated to pull this off, if I can see people are interested.



  3. KS Hairdos for Troubles of Heroine

    About This File
    This mod edits most of the NPC's in the mod "Troubles of Heroine"  so they will no longer have vanilla hair. 
    About this mod:
    This mod changes the hair styles of 145 NPCs to give them KS Hairdos. This mod does not change the hairstyles of Argonians or Khajiits. This mod is meant to be used with the current version of Troubles of Heroine and shouldn't be used with future updates until I update it. 
    Troubles of Heroine 1.9.1
    KS Hairdos SSE
    DSHV for creating this mod on SE and LE
    And last but not least the team behind KS Hairdos for their beautiful hairstyles and open permissions.
    Q: It cause CTD on start up
    A: Restart your PC.
    Q: Can you make this mod into a BSA archive? 
    A: Possibly in the next release.
    Q: How do I avoid clipping issues with the hair and breasts? 
    A: The hair styles are meant to be used with a custom body that at 0 weight the females have A-cups and at 100 weight the females have breasts no bigger than has F-cups.
    Q: Will you change a NPC's hairstyle for me?
    A: Maybe, we can talk about it.
    Recommended mods: 
    KSHair For All Vanilla NPCs, Its compatible with everything.
    Future plans: 
    1. Keep the mod updated
    2. Possibly turn "Your Fan" into a female
    3. "Fluffjiits" patch if anyone wants it. 



  4. TAWOBAE - TAWOBA Extended

    Main content
    TAWOBA and Bikini Ascended merged in this mod
    Female bikinis (CBBE): optimized for no(less) clipping, added environment maps, when missing
    Male bikinnis (SOS): all new male bikinis
    Distribution in Skyrim: edited leveled lists and outfits in Creation kit for distributing Bikini outfits in skyrim
    Additional content
    Some female thongs have ABBA funktionality. They will change the form according to your arousal. In order to work, you will need the latest mod version of ABBA. If you do not have ABBA, you will have the maximum Aroused form displayed ingame. There are non ABBA variants available. Build the Non ABBA vaiant via slider toggle in Bodyslide.
    All Skyrim DLCs
    SOS – Schlongs of skyrim
    Download the file Use your favored Mod tool for installation. Build the meshes in Bodyslide with your favored Body shape. Sofar available CBBE for Females and SOS for Males. SOS bodyslides added with this mod.  
    Build instructions:
    Installation on a new game works best. Installaton mid game works too, but only new spawned NPCs will have the new outfits. With console you can update the outfit for a NPC with " resetinventory" command.
    This mod is made with using Cathedral armory and aMidionborn Armor textures. Install Cathedral armory first, overwrite with aMidianborn. If you do not use those mods, some your outfits ingame wont use environment maps (will look dark/dull)
    Female 3BA Bodyslides
    Nisetanaka for original TAWOBA and Bikini Ascend
    Kofman77 for his TAWOBA (used as starting point with his pemission)
    Johnnywang13 for Cathedral armory
    kryptopyr for aMidianborn Book of Silence
    kartoffels for Quality cubemaps and permission to use assets
    some spelling and text edits, new MEGA link in the download section



  5. Devious Heatrise SE + LE (Updated 1/18/2021)

    Devious Heatrise (DHr) is a Devious Device content mod themed around temperature-controlled plugs.
    Main Content
    18 unique, individually unlockable, temperature-controlled plugs. (All plugs can only be used by the player character.) A replayable training quest with 35 different trials (punishments) wearing an advanced chastity belt. A progression system allowing the player to level up temperature tolerance skills. (Yes this will increase fire/frost resistance in combat.) I don't want to spoil the content. You should give it a try, if you are interested in plugs and/or training wearing chastity belts.
    Skyrim Special Edition or Skyrim Legendary Edition* *Regarding LE compatibility: I have not done any testing on LE. However as informed by HexBolt8 (who has performed some preliminary tests), after some minor tweaking (which I already did), this mod should work on LE as is. Nevetheless, please let me know if anything goes wrong. Devious Device 5.0 and its requirements (4.3 or lower will NOT work) Updating from Devious Device 4.3 is not officially supported by Devious Device. It may or may not cause problems. Someone with a save file which was made with Devious Device 4.3 encountered issues (training gear not being equipped properly) after updating to Devious Device 5.0 and starting to use Devious Heatrise. They also noted that a clean save file works as intended. (However, at this point, no one really knows if this issue is caused by updating Devious Device. This may very well be caused by a bug with Devious Heatrise.) (Optionally) Frostfall SE (with its unofficial SE patch) or Frostfall LE If Installed, wearing a heating plug can warm you up, while wearing a cooling plug will, unfortunately, cool you down  
    How to Start
    You need go to Whiterun and talk to Arcadia. If this mod is installed correctly, she should have an dialogue option "(Devious Heatrise) Can you train my body's temperature tolerance?" This will get you started with Devious Heatrise's training quest. At the end of the training, one of the 18 plugs will be gifted (and unlocked). The training quest is designed to take a long time (at minimum 10 in game days, though adjustable in MCM) without demanding too much from the player. It is advised to play the training quest while doing other regular quests.
    At the same time, it is also possible to register the plugs from Devious Heatrise into Devious Device's item library using the option available in MCM (they will be added to related LevedItems entries). In that case, if you have mods that equip the player character with devices from that library, plugs from Devious Heatrise will appear as well. However, if a plug has never been gifted by Arcadia (a.k.a. not unlocked), it will disappear once you take it out of your body. This way, registering Devious Device's plugs will not break the regular progression with the training quest.
    How do I use degree Fahrenheit instead of degree Celsius?
    You can change the unit in the MCM menu. It is the first option in the "Common" tab.
    Why are the units displayed as "C"/"F" instead of properly as "°C"/"°F"?
    Because Skyrim apparently does not have the "°" symbol. If I put that character in, it will just display gibberish instead.
    How do I terminate the training quest?
    You can forcefully terminate the quest by going to MCM menu. It is located in the "Training Quest" tab.
    Alternatively, you can use the "Terminate DD quests" in the "Debug" tab of Devious Device's MCM. Devious Heatrise listens for the termination signal and will stop the quest correctly. (It might report a couple errors regarding not able to find some devices. If so, it is normal, as Devious Device has already removed those.)
    Something something LORE something something
    Yeah whatever. I don't know any lore of Skyrim. I didn't even finish the game. I came for the adult content, and stayed for the adult content.
    How do I check my temperature tolerance skills' levels?
    For now, the only way to check them is to go to MCM. They are listed in the "Skills" tab.
    Why there be so lot grammatically error or splleing erorrs?
    English is not my first language. If you have specific suggestions on how to improve the writings of this mod, please let me know.
    Can I suggest new features?
    Yes, absolutely. (See this Trello board for what are already suggested.)
    How can I report bugs?
    You can report bugs by replying to this thread. However, before you report, please make sure you are using the latest version of this mod. Also, if you are using LE, please note it in the report. Thanks. (See this Trello board for what are already reported.)
    Are these really frequently asked questions?
    No. In fact, none of these questions have been asked. I just scratched my head and came up with these.
    Why did you implement the transcend functionality for those temperature tolerance skills?
    Well, the reason is that I played a lot of Devious Training. However, I noticed, it is always that at one point, my levels are so high, that the buffs from those devices rendered me almost invincible. I don't like that. I want those devices to punish me, instead of making me stronger. With that mindset, I implemented the transcend functionality, so it provides an incentive for the players to zero out their skills and relive the days when the plugs are still torturous to them.
    Why do I keep lose stamina/health/magicka when wearing those temperature-controlled plugs?
    When the temperature of the plugs are too high/too low for you, you will start to lose stamina/health/magicka. The amount to lose can be configured in the MCM menu under the "Advanced" tab.
    Why do those plugs constantly drain my stamina/health/magicka, instead of just apply a debuff?
    Because I want the effect of those plugs to feel strong. Constantly draining stamina/health/magicka will keep on reminding the player that those incredibly uncomfortable plugs exist.
    Why do those plugs only work with the player character?
    It is mainly due to technical limitations. I have not figured out a way to effectively store and update a large amount of temperature controlled plugs.
    What if other mods equip some NPCs with Devious Heatrise's plugs?
    If my script works correctly, those plugs should disappear immediately when they are equipped.
    Why is Devious Device 5.0 required?
    Because Devious Device 5.0 fixed a bunch of bugs. I don't want to support a version with bugs that will never be fixed.
    How heavy is Devious Heatrise, script-wise?
    It should not be that heavy. As an added bonus, it will put itself to sleep if no device from Devious Heatrise is worn.
    What should I do if I accidently exited out the checkup dialogue?
    You can talk to Arcadia again and choose the "(Devious Heatrise) I came for the checkup." It should resume the checkup from where you left off.
    Why do two vibration events sometimes start simultaneously?
    Since Devious Heatrise requires finer control over the vibrations of the plugs (Vibrate until orgasm, for example), it is not possible to use Devious Device's VibrateEffect. Therefore, Devious Heatrise uses its own vibration controller. That said, Devious Heatrise tries really hard to work with Devious Device, so that Devious Device's vibrations and Devious Heatrise's vibrations will not start at the same time. To prevent Devious Device from starting a vibration event when Devious Heatrise' vibrations are going, Devious Heatrise tricks Devious Device into thinking a vibration of its own is currently running. However, it is still possible that, under some super rare circumstances, Devious Device will "untrick" itself and therefore start a vibration event despite the one from Devious Heatrise is still in process.
    AreaGamer has made a German translation for this mod. You can find it in the downloads list (alongside the main mod).
    If you know another language and you are interested in translating Devious Heatrise, please go ahead. I will be very grateful.
    Version Notes/Bug Tracker/Feature Queue
    In an effort to make the development process more organized, I have created this Trello board. You can view what has changed/what is currently being worked on/what is on the queue there.
    Devious Device Team: For all the models, textures, base scripts, and other art resources Kimy: I used some code and textures from her mod Deviously Cursed Loot: I used the texture of the cursed belt in Deviously Cursed Loot for the training belt in Devious Heatrise. (The creator of this texture is not listed in the credits section, therefore I assume it is created by Kimy) I copied the code for undressing the player from Deviously Cursed Loot into my mod under the file dhrVendor.psc. My friend slimeter11: For creating the cover art. AreaGamer: For the German translation. Everyone in the comments section providing suggestions and bug reports I am sorry I can't list all the names here because 1) it is really hard to track and 2) I am afraid that I will accidently leave someone out.  
    Files listed in the Credits section belong to their respective creators and are licensed separately. Code written by me (everything other than dhrVendor.psc) is licensed under GPLv3. Other non-code resources (for example, the .esp file) are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.
    Old Versions



  6. Schlongs of Skyrim SE Uncut + Pubic Hair

    About This File
    Schlongs of Skyrim SE is a SSE port of Schlongs of Skyrim by VectorPlexus and Smurf. All credit goes to the original mod authors.
    Skyrim SE v1.5.97 SKSE64 v2.0.17 SkyUI v5.2SE + SOS - Male Vanila Armor Cloths Conversion Custom ver.2.1_no_underwear_release SOS - Revealing Armors The Veteran Skin Cock The Veteran Skin - For Custom Races The Veteran Skin - Nord Race - Regular face The Veteran Skin - Racemenu Presets KS Hairdos SSE - Male (optional) The Eyes of Beauty SSE (optional) XPMSSE v4.51 + (optional but highly recommended) HDT-SMP for SSE 1.5.97



  7. Cum Shot Brothel SE

    Nomkaz presents.... CPU's CUM SHOT BROTHEL 
    I did NOT create this mod, I merely converted CPU's mod for Skyrim Special Edition, and shared it according to the permission they gave me.
    I CANNOT give any perms not specified on the original upload page for this mod. If you wish to alter, edit, or otherwise make changes and upload them anywhere, please refer to the permissions by the Original Author or contact them directly. This mod should be considered a placeholder for when/if the original author decides to take control of it.

    If you enjoy this mod, go to the Author’s page and give CPU some love!
    The following is copied and edited for SE links from the Original Download Page:
    NEEDED!!!!  Since there's no actual HDT H.H. for SE, you can use what I use: HDT High Heels Fix by 4nik8tor on Nexus
    About This File
    Cum Shot Brothel - Version 0.7.1 beta
    You run across the whole Skyrim, and probably the shore of Morrowind, you looted all the caves and strongholds, you leveled up beyond human limits. And you have a huge amount of gold and you don't know where to spend it.
    The answer is: go to the Cum Shot Brothel, where you can have a very good time and your gold will be transformed in an extreme satisfying experience.
    Go south of Riften, exit from the south gate, and follow the path, when you will see the Cum Shot Brothel sign just follow it.
    A card is required to participate. Ask Eugene to buy one.
    Warning: this mod contains nudity, sex, sex with creatures, huge amount of sperm, voyeurism, rapes, prostitution, devious devices, parties with drinking, pissing, inappropriate paintings, squirting, and many other things that will make you blind. Use with cautions.
    Warning: All sex here is consensual. Can be rude, nasty, bad, whatever. But it is consensual. It is a brothel though..
    Long Description
      Hide contents  
    This mod adds a brothel in the South of Riften.
    The brothel is fully managed and has a dozen new NPCs and many creatures inside. It has a room with some devious items (form Zaz) that can be used. It is NOT a slavery mod. The player can gain some different levels of membership that will permit different actions. Player and followers can have sex with the prostitutes inside the brothel, sex can be done in different locations, in different ways, by type of intercourse, etc. Player and followers can do some devious interactions (pissing, whipping, spanking) Player and followers can have fun with the creatures NPCs will do normal work during the day, will have night sex, the take showers, baths in the morning There is a fully functional bar in the entrance NPCs can be asked to play music (15 musics are provided and they can be updated by you if you need.) NPCs can dance in three different ways (normal dancing, serious dancing, pole dancing) Creatures can escape their cages during the night and do sex to the NPCs that are sleeping A set of potions to: resize the breasts in different ways, attract dogs and wolves, get a futa Clients can come to the brothel and start some sex scenes (7 clients are available now for a total of 89 scenes, many of them with random variations) The workers of the brothel can be disabled individually if you don't like them The type of activities can be turned on and off (type of sex, homosexual intercourse, devious scenes, creatures, etc.) A couple of creature related quests are available The player can start can work as Public Relations and get all NPC outside the brothel to be client The player can start the "old profession" (both male and female) and there are actually three full quests for the "Work as Whore" series.  
    WaW1 - Beginner --> Start the quest by demanding to the manager or by hitting any NPC in the brothel; the player is forced to work with ugly clients WaW2 - Apprentice --> Start the quest by demanding to the manager; the player has to recover a few items (using sex) and has to increase the Oral, Vaginal, and Anal skills WaW3 - Junior --> Start with dialogue with the manager; the player is sent to Solitude to get instructed by a professional; the player can learn a new way to do sex action (that does not use SexLab animations) WaW4 - Senior (TODO) WaW5 - master (TODO)  
    One NPC is transgender. The mod can be used by both male and female characters
    For who has problems finding it:
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    Install / Uninstall
    Note: This version of the mod is dedicated to a friend of mine that is passed away. See you in Sovengarde, germanicus.
    Warning1: The mod is over 100Mb. You can download it as single file from the mirror, or you can download the two parts of the mod from LoversLab and join them with HJSplitbefore installing it!
    Warning2: Please update with the provided patch. A couple of blocking errors are solved.
      Hide contents  
    Just download the mod and install it using a mod manger. You can install by hand, but then the uninstalling will be quite complex.
    Important: after installing the mod you have to run GenerateFNISForUser.
    If you have no MCM menu after an upgrade and you are using ModOrganizer, just load the game the first time, and then exit and load the game again.
    What version do I have to download????
    Just download the mod from LoversLab or from a mirror site.
    To uninstall it you have to remove a bunch of files, just use a mod manager.
    To uninstall or upgrade this version please be sure you go in the MCM menu and click on the "Stop the Mod", when the "Done" message appears save and then uninstall.
    How to add my favorite music?
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    Get the music you want, save it somewhere. Download MultiXwm (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3159/?) and convert your music in the Skyrim format. Save the files in the Skyrim folder Data\Music\Cum Shot Brothel\
    The files have to be named from csbMusicTrack01.xwm to csbMusicTrack14.xwm Then files with these names have to be there or the game will crash. The format HAS TO BE xwm, if you just rename a mp3 the game will crash. Better if the songs have a length of about 3 minutes.
    SexLab Framework 1.59c (also the 1.60 beta is good) and its requirements (like FNIS) REQUIRED ZaZ Animation Pack (and its textures) REQUIRED NetImmerse Override or another SKSE NiNode plugin (REQUIRED) (NetImmerse Override is included in RaceMnu 3.0) Fuz Ro D-oh because many dialogues (and there are many) have no actual sound. (REQUIRED) SkyUI for MCM. (REQUIRED) SKSE 1.7.3 by Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel and Paul Connelly (ianpatt, behippo and scruggsywuggsy the ferret) (REQUIRED version 1.7.3) A good skeleton (like XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended by @Groovtama). (REQUIRED) Non-SexLab Animation Pack at least version 2.5 (REQUIRED) HDT HighHeels System (REQUIRED) HDT highly recommended but not mandatory (e.g. HDT Physics Extensions-53996-14-28)
    Please note that this version will NOT work with a vanilla skeleton.

    Thanks, Credits, and Acknowledgements
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    SexLabFramework - @Ashal @germanicus for the support and the ideas @hashigicc9 for providing the voice of Eugene Dwiss for the glasses The Penis for Girls is copied from Futa Equippable (slightly modified, thanks to @mayatola) The new dresses for Shana and Sandra are based on a nif created by Neovinci aka Meister The HighHeels for Shana are made by @xXDeliteXx The cumshot original mesh is from SexLab Cumshot The new stripping animations are from SerialStrip by The animations are got from many different places SexLab, Zaz, Kamo1, umpa, and mainly NekoMods (www.nekomods.com) for the wonderful dance scenes, plus some other HKXs found here and there (not a single animation is made by me) Skyrim Configuration Menu and its Wiki - Schlangster RaceMenu - Expired @Lux77 and KS Hairdos for the better hair included in the mod NekoMods for the wonderful animations (http://www.nekomods.com/modslist/skyrim-mods/animations), thanks to @Minoumimi to let me discover it. @WaxenFigure for giving me support in reducing the size of the textures, and the size of the animations. @Mord Sif that wrote a post in the Zaz forum that let me understand why the piss & pee were not working (they were invisible) @ZaZ and @xaz for the Zaz Animations. @Booceefus for the meshes of the Adiposian race that is used. Bethesda for releasing the Creation Kit All the members that provide comments, feedback, suggestions, new ideas, etc. All the Skyrim mod community for the help and the examples  

    What's new
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    Note: Added a memorial to germanicus in the top room. Enhancement: Greatly improved the way to understand if the player enters in the brothel. Quite more reliable and lightweight now Enhancement: Added a dialogue to ask Shana to change her dress to a shorter/longer one Fix: Removed the "test" dialogue for Ultimate Pleasure for WaW3 quest Enhancement: Added a dialogue to Hjaalmarch guards, that says "I am not a Solitude Guard". This should make the finding of correct guards for WaW2 more easy Fix: Fixed the fight scenes for Saerlund, Briehl, and Drifa Fix: Fixed the quest marker for Claire when completed the stage 20 of the WaW2 quest Change: The type of sex for the WaW3 quest with Javeleen, is now more distributed, facilitating to do all types of sex. Fix: Removed the utilization of a deprecated function from SexLab Fix: The quest marker for Javaleen is no more removed when completing some of the objectives of the sub-quest Enhancement: Simplified all the NIFs for the statics of the brothel. Each wall NIF went from 42 triangles to only 2 triangles. Enhancement: Increased the pool and made possible for NPCs to sit all around. Enhancement: Now also the gloves are removed when a NPC goes to the pool. Fix: Fixed the hair texture for Sandra hair. (But if it does not work get the extra NIF from the download and replace it.) Enhancement: Balimund is now a client with 2 scenes (one at the pool and one in the devious room) Change: HDT High Heels System is now a mandatory dependency (and this fixes the shows of Shana.) Change: The textures are now only high-res (the high res were just 1024X1024, and reducing them to 512X512 was not really beneficial.)
    If you are interested in the full list of changes from the first version, open the file Cum Shot Brothel README.txt that is inside the zip of the mod.

    Known bugs
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    The player involved in Private Sex actions jumps the stairs (It seems to be an unavoidable bug) The head of one fatty NPC has a neck problem Many times, when you start to be a prostitute the clients will just ignore you  

    Future plans
    Re-write the mod from scratch. But not soon.
    Just a small reminder: I do this for fun in my free time. And my free time is limited. This mod consumed more than 500 hours (spent during holidays and week-ends), just be patient.
    Comments and Feedback are welcome!
    Just post your ideas, problems, envisioned enhancements.



  8. Devious Comments

    A small add-on to my Uncle Sheo’s Unexpected Comments mod. That doesn’t mean you have to get that one as well! I’m not forcing anyone, but you could get it too. This one would make more sense with the other mod… Anyway, it’s only a few books yet… To read, obviously. Or maybe to collect? And from the title you can tell it’s about devious stuff. Actually, more like some thoughts on what devious things can happen in Skyrim. Not to tell anything bad! It’s because those things are great! No, I don’t mean it that way… Or am I? In any case, I’m not the one commenting! It’s called Uncle Sheo’s for a reason. I really messed up this explanation… Lord Sheogorath is definitely going to yell at me again… Wait, did I just reveal his secret?! No, everybody knows him as uncle Sheo, right? Or was it “the gentleman with the cane”? Don’t the Khajiit call him Skooma Cat?
    For those that skipped the (bad?) comedy act:
    The mod adds a few books scattered in Skyrim. The other mod is not needed. The books are simply some funny comments, random stories and Uncle Sheo’s thoughts and possible involvement in the events of the various mods here on LL. I’ve written these texts quite some time ago (before Unexpected Comments), so I’m aware that they’re partially outdated because of recent updates to the mods. The older books will be corrected and more books will be added over time.



  9. HDT Werewolves SE Male Addon

    What's inside:
    This is a little something I've been chipping away at whilst learning Blender. File contains the Mighty Beasts werewolf models by VectorPlexus with a couple of minor edits (Modelled nipples, Slightly longer tails), and more importantly, added bounce physics enabled BBB bones. It is intended as an addon for HDT werewolves.
    To get the bounce to work you will need CBPC config files that are set up to recognise the werewolf race and bones and enable male physics. A number of mods such as Animal SOS contain such files preconfigured. This is my first real attempt at weight painting so it might be a bit messy or excessive in some places. I'll probably come back to clean it up later on.

    Included are both the regular and bodybuilder variants found in the original Mighty Beasts. To use the bodybuilder variant, rename it so that it replaces the default high weight variant.
    Textures and visuals:
    Sexlab Werewolves contains a body texture with compatible nipple textures, as well as a resource to add them to other werewolf skins. I personally use the 4K werewolf upres pack edited using that resource, along with a number of textures and other elements found in Moonlight Tales. I didn't want to upload those here with such minimal or no edits.

    I have also looked into the werewolf skins produced by KrittaKitty (also found in Moonlight Tales) which have baked-in nipple textures. I might release versions of the meshes with edited UV to fit these.
    If you know what you're doing, you can have more expressive werewolves with the Monster Facial Animations mod. This will require additional patching to play nicely with HDT werewolves and will require deleting the head parts from my meshes that I readded for release. My own patch is incomplete, so I won't be uploading it (yet).
    To do list:
        Clean up weight painting     Add compatibility for KrittaKitty's textures     Add HDT physics to the tails (Maybe...)  



  10. [SE] CBBE HDT Piercing Sets - Bodyslide Conversion for 3BBB

    I wanted to use the piercings with the SE version of Skyrim but noticed a bit late they were not yet adapted to SMP and since I wanted them I red some guides on bodyslide/outfit studio  and attempted to do the conversions myself, so for other people that would like to use them with CBBE 3BBB and SMP, here are my conversion attempts. (You will still require the meshes, textures and other files from CBBE HDT Piercing Sets)
    This is my first conversion so it may contain a lot of errors, please go easy on me :(, any errors I made just report them and I'll try to fix them as soon as I can.

    What was changed
    - All meshes optimized for Skyrim SE.
    - All nipple piercings were realigned to the nipples.
    - Some labia, navel and nipple piercings were adjusted in rotation/position to avoid clipping with the body.
    - Bones on the nipple piercings were replaced with the 3BBB ones, it will work with SMP and CBPC 😋.
    - Ported needed files to SSE.
    Using Mod Organizer:
    - Install CBBE HDT Piercing Sets
    - Install this mod
    - Make sure this mod sits below the original in the Mod Order
    - Build all the piercings to your favourite body preset*
    Manually OR Any mod manager that install directly to data:
    - Install CBBE HDT Piercing Sets
    - Install this mod (Dump all to the 'data' folder if manually, overwrite everything if asked)
    - Build all the piercings to your favourite body preset*

    * When building the piercings in outfit studio, they will all be prefixed with "[SE 3BBB]" for ease of search (Look at the 2nd screenshot for reference).
    * Don't forget to build all the piercings you want to use to your preset
    The outfits can be found in the groups:
    - [SE 3BBB] AH1 Piercings
    - [SE 3BBB] Newmiller Piercings
    - [SE 3BBB] SED7 Piercings
    Obtaining the piercing in game:
    - Using console commands or mods like AddItemMenu
    - Crafting the piercings at a forge or having NPCs craft them (Honed Metal - SSE)
    - Buying the piercings from vendors if you chose extended changes during installation (PROBABLY WILL REQUIRE BASHED PATCH)
        * Radiant Raiment in Solitude for SED7 Piercings
        * Fralia in Whiterun market for Newmiller Piercings (except spikes)
        * Kerah in Markarth market for AH1 Piercings
        * Madesi in Riften market for Newmiller spikes
        * Any Khajiit caravan may hold some piercings of any set
    - There may be slight differences as many corrections were made manually (specially belt and neck chains >.<).
    - Labia piercings may not be very correct since the body shape with hdt pussy changed a bit since the original piercings and I didn't had any reference for the positions.
    - If you have mods that alter jewellery merchants or caravan containers, the vendor lists will probably not work as expected and a bashed patch will be required.
    - I couldn't create an outfit group with the piercings because the slider presets disappear, and I don't understand why this happens when the piercings are grouped, however this makes it impossible to build the piercings for the preset you want, so I ungrouped all piercings for now.
    - I couldn't adjust the belt, neck & nipple chain piercings from Newmiller without deforming the models, so I'm leaving those 8 piercings for later, feel free to adjust them yourself if you would like to :D.
    - CBBE SMP (3BBB)
    - OR CBBE 3BBB
    - BodySlide and Outfit Studio 
    - CBBE HDT Piercing Sets
    Future Plans
    Maybe add SMP to the piercings' chains, I thought of that while doing the conversions but don't have the know how right now. Besides this, only fixing stuff, this is pretty much final :P.
    Much thanks to Skeuomorph for the HDT conversions I used to build the new files
    Hentaijin, Newmiller, and Shazhar for the original piercings
    I only did re-fitting and porting over Skeuomorph's original files and adapted the new bodyslide files based on his. So if he disagrees with this usage of his work, I'll remove the files immediately.
    Change Log
    - Added FOMOD installer
    - Added optimized meshes and sliders for Newmiller's neck and belt chain piercings
    - Added inventory models to AH1 piercings
    - Fixed Newmiller/SED7 piercings' inventory model meshes
    - Fixed AH1 snake and skull missing textures from Dragon Princess
    - Removed "unneeded" npcs, containers and cell edits from the esp (extended changes option)
    - Removed light armour from SED7 piercings (extended changes option)
    - Added piercings to jewellery vendor lists (extended changes option)
    - Added smiting recipes for AH1 piercings (extended changes option)
    - Changed all piercings to use the same set of slots (extended changes option)
    - Changed weight and price values for AH1 piercings (extended changes option)
    - Fixed the alignment of the optimized meshes
    - Fixed and enabled the slider groups for the piercings
    - Fixed missing optimized meshes
    - Adapted a texture reported as unsupported by Nif Optimizer
    - Adapted esp to SSE (resaved as form 44)
    - Initial Release



  11. Ashes Simple Slavery++ Patch

    A simple little patch for the excellent Ashes death alternative mod that adds an option to be sent to the Simple Slavery++ cage after death to be auctioned off, as opposed to reviving at a bed.
    I made this for friend and myself, so I do not intend to add anything more to this. If you want extra functionality add it yourself. If you find any bugs, report it in the support thread and I’ll take a look.
    No LE version coming ever.
    Simple Slavery++ by HexBolt8 and Lozeak. (v6.3.4 [SE], though it should work on any future version) Ashes - A Simple and Configurable Death Mod by Aixcalibur. (v0.01) Ashes Haz Fixes by Hazardass (v0.6, if a new version of fixes comes out this patch will stop working untill I update it.) Haz fixes is required to fix several game breaking bugs with vanilla ashes, such as getting stuck during werewolf transformation.  
    Load below Ashes and Haz fixes in your load order, the ESP is flagged as an ESL so it should not bloat your load order. It will probably only work on either a new save, or one that has not had Ashes installed in it before. In the Ashes MCM menu, enable Ashes and then click the Simple Slavery checkbox.  
    Load order should be:
    Ashes.esp Ashes002 Haz Fixes.esp ashes_Haz_Fixes_SimpleSlavery.esp  
    Do not do it mid save, it will probably cause issues.  



  12. Ultimate Dodge fix for Devious + ZaZ

    Alright, so this is incredibly niche, but here it is anyway. For those of you forgoing creature animations to use Nemesis with Ultimate Dodge in Skyrim SE, here is a small patch for ZaZ and Devious Devices which prevents you from being able to dodge in bondage. I tested it with Devious 5 and ZaZ 7, pretty sure the keywords are the same in other versions but haven't confirmed. This, for example, prevents you from rolling in armbinders but not in hobble dresses, as it only uses the heavy bondage keyword to do its thing. ZaZ 7 SE, Devious 5 SE and of course Ultimate Dodge are requirements, but any files with the same filename would work so long as they have the keywords.



  13. Just Hang SSE

    Adds three spells to hang NPCs, or self. Also features a function to hang nearby NPCs automatically - this is disabled by default, pls review the MCM options 
    How to use (also see MCM settings):
    Spells get added automatically
    ManooseHangSPL => cast it on an NPC, it will display a dialogue message for options, then hang the NPC either on the spot (spawns a gallow), or on a noose placed by the spawn spell
    (it works on dead NPCs too, same as live ones)
    ManooseHangSuicideSPL => same, but kills the player
    Hanging the player puts the game in an infinite-duration free camera state in order to be able to watch the scene without triggering auto-load. Load a game manually when done.
    Manoose_noose_spawn2_spell => spawns a noose on contact to any structure / building / ceiling; firing the ManooseHangSPL on an NPC will inquire whether to hang on the spot, or on a noose spawned by this spell
    => you get a dialogue to confirm placement, or delete the spawn if not happy with the placement
    (it does not matter if the rope is angled weirdly, it will still behave naturally once a body is "attached")
    => If using the "hang on the nearest noose" option, make sure the player (not the target NPC) is actually near, but not directly below (in order to allow room for the victim to hang) an empty noose, the spell does not check whether the nearest noose is actually empty or "occupied" with another body
    => If there is no noose object on a 500-units radius of the player, this option will fallback to hang on the spot / spawned gallow
    => Spells are lethal, and kill essential characters too, don't hang anyone you are going to need later. 
    => It has persistence, meaning if you hang an NPC and return later, they will continue to hang (actually, they will snap into the rope when you enter the cell), including the bound limbs (hands/feet) and sway
    Autohanging functionality - automatically hangs random nearby NPCs. Default is disabled. See the MCM settings.
    Option to hang the player when losing combat - when the player's health drops below 20 units, there is a probability it will be auto-hanged. Probability is configurable in MCM
    Always update on a clean(ed) save, otherwise it will just not work.
    Disclaimer: in order to be able to clone the PC silently (for suicide and combat hanging) the mod breaks the vanilla "throw shout"-something "feature" which enabled the PC to say some stupid "insult" like "hey skeever butt" with a robotic voice, if anyone's using it - I had no idea this thing even existed until I've started to clone the player and hear robo-insults, took me some searching to even figure out wtf was that about. If someone suggests a compatibility solution, I'll implement it, but I won't invest time into searching for one.
    MCM settings (the mod page is "SAC Just Hang")

    Cleaning procedure, mandatory when updating, if rollback to a clean save is not desirable
    I've started from the original Manoose mod by @Nimuraa and mashed up ZAP resources by @t.ara, the flexible rope from Heretical Resources by Haeretic, code from @Pamatronic and Jebbalon, plus my own code and additions. Also packs resources (and probably also some code going forward) from @zaira
    Cloning script for persistence is from PAHE, courtesy of @CliftonJD
    Prerequisites and recommended mods:
    Requires SKSE and Papyrus Extender. Developed on Special Edition, latest compatibility report is here. I do not have LE installed and cannot test LE.
    Requires ZAP
    Recommended companion mods, not required, but will enhance the experience:
    - Dead body collision
    - Death expressions (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/28993)



  14. Cumslut Persephone Standalone Follower

    This is a standalone follower mod of my female character preset, Persephone.

    You can find her at the bannered mare in whiterun, or you can type in the console help persephone 4 to find her character ID # and then type player.placeatme (NPC number) 1

    She is vanilla-voiced, has a healer mage AI set, and she is romanceable and marryable,
    Also, she loves sex, sex, sex, and more sex! My god! She simply cannot get enough sex! She has absolutely NO sexual limits! And is EAGERLY willing to do ANYTHING in the bedroom! She's BEGGING for you to cum all over her face and tits!

    Thanks to taoxue and geralt for making this mod for me!




  15. The "Just Right" Custom Body Preset for CBBE 3BBB Body

    Thanks to xx66xx for clueing me in on how to crop photos to reduce file size. so now there's screenshots!
    EDIT: New optional version 1.5 preset now uploaded! While I changed a decent amount the core of the body is the same I primarily wanted to have a more distinct difference between the low weight and high weight of the body. Which I also feel plays well with any mods that change bodyweight overtime through natural gameplay or otherwise.  
    One small thing I forgot to mention was the only difference between my character and the preset is I have set the Pelvis slider to 1.05 in the Racemenu's Body Scales tab, so if you want your character to look exactly like mine proportions wise set it to that value. 

    Replaced some screenshots for new and (hopefully) improved ones as I found the previous ones unsatisfactory.

    Hello fellow Loverslab mod users, this is my custom CBBE 3BBB body preset that I've amalgamated over a long period of time through several other body presets I downloaded. Took me quite awhile but I'm quite pleased with this body overall. I feel it's a satisfying mix between having good size at all weights without being completely unrealistic or over the top while still offering plenty of "plump" if you want. This preset should also work with all other CBBE body's but 3BBB I find the best overall. 

    For those interested I also find this body really good for any pregnancy/inflation mods. HOWEVER I would recommend not setting body weight to 100 and probably even 75 unless you've purposefully have set said mods settings to a much lower value as the body proportions can very quickly get out of hand, especially the belly.

    For anyone who might be curious my ENB is the Re-Engaged ENB for Cathedral Weathers Performance version and my skin texture is Fair Skin Complexion for CBBE. I would also recommend skin textures The Pure and Demoniac for CBBE.

    Thanks for checking out my preset and happy modding.
    Here's the Nexus link just in case you want to see or download from there: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/43105



  16. (C5Kev) Sexy Spriggan Armor for Men [SMMB Bodyslide Files Only]

    This is C5Kev's Sexy Spriggan armor converted for the SMMB high poly physics body. Please download the original mod here 
    This includes the cuirass, gauntlets, and shoes, as well as a replacement .esl that adds their mesh records into the game. It also adds the SOS_Revealing keyword; which was missing from the original, and is required for you to have a schlong when wearing, so you'll need to make sure the SOS Core .esm is active. Just overwrite the original esl with the one included in the pack.
    Praise Lord C5Kev, and send him PMs on LL. 🤪



  17. Sexlab Survival SE

    @nomkaz has decided to step down from his SSE conversion curating of the Sexlab Survival mod by @Monoman1 to allow more time for his first passion, NOT constantly having to update the SE version of SLS 😄
    Nom asked if I wanted to take over doing this, and since I usually follow Sexlab Survival pretty closely I agreed. 😊
    (Back to the important stuff)
    This is not my mod! I didn't make it, I just converted it an posted it for folks who don't want to do that themselves... 
    THE ORIGINAL MOD with everything you need to know
    Sexlab SE
    Simply Knock SE. 
    Latest PapyrusUtil for SE
    An xEdit patch is practically required at this point***.
    Recommended add-ons for the Special Edition Survivalists
    SL_triggers     -     by Fotogen (you'll see why in a second)
    Various SL Triggers Add-ons     -     by Heinz01 (This adds triggers for losing SLS licenses) he has most of them like the Armor, Bikini, Weapon, and Magic licenses 
    a few extra sl trigger json files to add the other licenses that I made using Heinz01's original base. (This adds the Curfew, Whore, and Freedom licenses)
    Additional SLS triggers.7z
    YPS Immersive Fashion Tweak Needed for the YPS Features to work
    yps-ImmersiveFashion Tweak v1.3 (23-Oct-2020).7z
    Added @prometheusx's Tongues height fix. If you are having an issue with the tongue being too low, this will raise it up and fix that! 🤭
    ***Making a merge patch (copied (and modified a bit) from the original Sexlab Survival page)
    SLS Bikini Keyworded versions of popular Bikini Armor Plugins 
    Replace your plug in with these to add _sls_BikiniArmor keyword to the outfits contained in these mods. You must have already downloaded and installed the original mod(s) for these to work.
    Standard Nexus version of Nisetanaka TAWOBA
    SunJeong's Remastered version
    The Amazing World of Bikini Armors REMASTERED.esp
    Pumpkin's Expanded version



  18. Enhanced Estrus Tentacle Textures

    Simply enlarged to 4K textures for estrus tentacle. To install drop in estrus mod folder / textures / cotyounoyume / Estrus with replacement or install FOMOD version through your mod manager.



  19. Vampiric Thirst - SexLab integration

    This mod finally brings SexLab features into the vampire overhaul I still consider being the best one for Skyrim: Vampiric Thirst.
    Ever felt like something essential was missing from VT seduction minigame?
    Want to RP a vampire prostitute who drinks blood from her customers as the real payment?
    Want  to  rape and drink dry your enemies to please Molag? Want to drink dry those assaulting you?
    What it does at the moment:
    1. When you have a sex with any NPC suitable for feeding in VT (non-undead, living, humanoid NPCs, this includes Falmer), and reach orgasm, you are prompted to feed on them with a regular VT feed select message.
    2. The usual VT seduction scene animation was replaced with a SexLab animation (the mod prefers animations tagged as "Vampire", if you don't have one - one of default vaginal/anal/oral animations start). You don't feed at the beginning of sex, instead the provided mechanism of feeding on orgasm event being used.
    I've only tested this with my own port of VT, but should work on others as well. And BTW, it also fixes a couple of vanilla VT bugs.
    Install as usual, make sure to override both VT itself and other patches if you've got them (like the one for Requiem). You should be safe installing it in a middle of a play-through (that's how I made it - in a middle of a play-through, due to being annoyed by the lack of integration). Don't uninstall it w/o starting a new game, though. 
    Required mods:
    SexLab Framework
    SexLab Aroused Redux
    SSE conversion of Vampiric Thirst - this one should be working. The "Redone" version which is also available on Nexus isn't compatible due to the sheer number of changes. Don't bother asking, it won't be. Ever. "Redone" is essentially a new mod and would take a change of half of my mod to support it.
    SexLab Separate Orgasm SE - in addition to its usual changes it also makes feeding from attackers less OP, since your character has to be lewd enough to orgasm from a rape.
    Optional supported mods:
    SexLab Eager NPCs - peaceful seduction works like SLEN seduction, resulting in possible relationship increase with NPC.
    Upgrading from previous versions:
     - Install the new version over the old one
     - Reset the main mod's quest. Open the console and type  in:
    stopquest VTSexLab resetquest VTSexLab startquest VTSexLab  
    If something goes wrong, first ensure that VTSexLab is as close to the bottom of LO as possible. Generally you want VT itself to be somewhere there too, but VTSexLab should be even lower, even lower than the supplemental ESP Actual Vampiric Thirst provides. 
    Next, ensure that the mod gets all priority overrides in the left pane of MO2. If you use RaceCompatibility - VT should override all its scripts, then VTSexLab should override all VT scripts as well.
    For whatever odd reason, the mod doesn't work with SLF internal "separate orgasms" (it's not SLSO mod, I'm talking about the checkbox in SLF MCM), this needs further investigating.
    Try reproducing the problem with a new game - start a new game (you may just use "coc WhiterunPlainsDistrict01" from the loading screen to start a new game, this will give you the default Nord character), turn into a vampire in some safe interior place (like Bannered Mare), enable SexLab and all its mods you need, and try reproducing the problem.  
    If all fails - please post a comment with your Papyrus log and load order.



  20. Dragon Queen [3BB]

    If you like this port or any of my other ports, please check out my Discord and Patreon to show your support! We are a friendly community who have a passion for Skyrim modding. Join us to learn, discuss, share screenshots of everything Skyrim related. I will sometimes be posting Discord Exclusive outfits for members of the discord and patreon only, as well as accepting outfit requests from members only. Patreon tips encourage me to continue making mods, but nothing will be paywalled! Everyone is welcome! 
    A port of the dragon-themed outfit designed by Melodic for SE.  Comes with bodyslide and 3 breast bone (3BB) support. You must have a 3BB body (either CBBE SMP or 3BBB body) installed.
    Install using your mod manager of choice. YOU MUST HAVE SMP AND A 3BB BODY INSTALLED. 
    Open up BodySlide and you can find the outfits under "[Zynx][Melodic] Dragon Queen". 
    How to Get:


    Melodic - For designing this amazing outfit. Please support them at their patreon. 
    Sumugi - Help with the cubemap



  21. Daring Gigaduex Futa Edit

    I saw this armor on the Nexus and thought it looked great, but I wanted an option to make it more revealing for futa characters, so in the spirit of my other futa mods I've added a bulge to the black variant of the archer hot-pants, and removed the thong from the archer skirt (and hitched up the front a little) so you can set it to SOS-revealing and have your dick swinging dangerously close to your sword at all times.
    Note that this only effects the Black variants of the clothing, and that depending on the size of your hog you may or may not experience clipping, I might make a later version with the skirt hitched higher though.
    The original armor is REQUIRED, as are its requirements (3bbb, racemenu highheels) and you can install this by simply dragging-n-dropping into mod organizer and loading it after Daring Gigaduex.



  22. Bulged Vixen (Caged Vixen futa edit)

    A few of you might remember that I made an edit of the Banshee armor from fallout 4 to suit my Futa character, well, I've done the same for the armor I'm using in Skyrim which is the Caged Vixen armor from PeroPero Armor Pack. Figured i'd upload it here like the last one.
    PeroPero Armor Pack SE and its requirements (CBBE)
    Drag n drop into mod organizer and load it after the PeroPero Armor Pack



  23. Fill Her Up Baka Edition

    Fill Her Up Baka Edition LE/SE

    First off, I do not own the mod. I am not the original author. All I did is adding some motions for more immersion and gave some ingredients for lewd impressions.
    Huge thanks to the original author for a wonderful mod and giving us great an opportunity to enjoy more in Skyrim.
    The original mod post
    - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1295-fill-her-up-cum-inflation/
    What's changed?
    - Added 4 sequenced animations and 1 simple motion
    (4 sequenced animations for deflation motions and 1 simple motion for the expelfail motion)
    - When she expel gooy from inside, there is a chance to put your tongue out.
    - Also her expression will change as you expel it.
    - Gooey deflation is now harder than the original one.
    - Integration with Fertility and Beeing Female(A certain amount of cum in your womb(Almost 70% or above) will affect your pregnancy chance. This effect will be persistent unless you remove cum in your womb.)
    [4개의 시퀀스 에니메이션과 하나의 일반 모션 추가, 4개의 시퀀스 모션은 정액배출 모션이고 나머지 하나는 정액배출실패 모션입니다.]
    [정액을 배출 시 혀를 내뺄 확률이 있습니다.]
    [배출하면서 표정이 바뀝니다.]
    [원본 모드보다 빼내는 확률이 낮습니다.]
    [Fertility, Beeing Female 모드와의 연계]
    Future Updates
    - Compatible patches for other sexlab mods
    - No ideas for now. Please share your ideas.
    - The mods that the original mods required
    - FNIS LE / SE
    - NetImmerse Override AND/OR RaceMenu 3.0+
    - XPMSE LE / SE
    - Sexlab Inflation Framework LE / SE(Optional but highly recommended)
    1. Install Fill Her Up Baka Edition first
    [even if you have other FHU mod, it doesn't matter. Just replace your version with this one. No clean save is required]
    (option)2. Install Sexlab Inflation Framework. However do not install FHU patch for my version. I already did patch for SIF so just make sure my version is not overwritten
    1. [FHU 바카 에디션을 깝니다. 기존에 쓰던 FHU 모드가 있다고 해도 상관없습니다. 그냥 이걸로 교체해주세요. 클린세이브 할 필요 없습니다.]
    (옵션) 2. [이건 옵션입니다. Sexlab Inflation Framework를 설치하세요. 다만 FHU 패치 파일은 깔지 마세요. 절대 제 버전의 파일이 덮어씌워져서 먹히게끔 하지 말아주세요.]
      If you want to support me



  24. Tirk The Riekling Special Edition

    This mod is a port of a Mod by Subject2Host That I've gone through and updated. I've altered this mod to now include Physics functionality in animations. (As long as you use v2 or END version) Not only that but I've updated to mesh from the old version of Rieklings, to a better one. So, think of this as Tirk Remastered. I use the End All Be All Riekling retexture in my first photo, so if you like it, I'll link to download. Hope you enjoy if this you thing!

    If you use END version or v2, you must use Bakafactory's ABC mod or you will probably get purple tongue. Thanks to Garolding for pointing this out!
    Version 2 file is for regular Tirk Textures. Get this if you do not have the End All Be All Riekling Textures installed. IF YOU DON'T HAVE THEM, YOU WILL GET Purple Tirk.
    Sorry for the ugly ass, cluttered description. I've fixed the issues with the purple happening. If you want the tirk I have in the first screenshot, you must have the texture, and you must re-install ABC to have the Texture option selected in the FOMOD (IF YOU USE ABC, OTHERWISE SKIP THE ABC STEP). Then Download the End all be all file rather than the version 2.
     You only need one of my files. NEVER ALL.
    For those having Issues with either the END version or Tirk SE v2 Files:
    I have uploaded a completely unedited version of Tirk. This one does not have ABC built in with him, No retexture, no Nickleback collection, no pet goldfish, None of the remaster shit. This is a completely untouched version of Tirk for those of you who don't mind or care. I'm hoping this will resolve issues for some users having too many issues with the other. Make sure that you have ALL REQUIREMENTS of the original mod.

    Thank you for downloading. I will try to continue to help resolve issues to users having them. Here's some eye candy I made!


    The Original already states, But I'll type here again: He is at the Windhelm Docks. Super easy to find.
    Original Description:
    Tirk the Horny Riekling
    I've returned finally. I don't intend to continue this mod, but I will be finishing my Phillip horse mod and hopefully start more fun creature followers later on.
    Meet Tirk! Tirk is a riekling hailing from Solstheim, found in Windhelm docks after having fled his home in search of a better life. This poor fellow was constantly ridiculed for his unusually permanent erection, endlessly picked on and shamed by his tribe for his erectile problem and insatiable desire for sex, which he often looked to fulfill with the native dunmer women. But now he is in Skyrim, and he needs a strong, female companion capable of sating his needs!
    This follower mod, as far as I am aware, will be the first of its kind. It's certainly nothing revolutionary, but I don't think it has been done before, which is disappointing. What I am referring to is a follower mod that comes with built in sex via dialogue. Tirk has the usual follower capabilities, with the addition of non-creature follower options, as well as a minor backstory. The main course of Tirk however is his sex options. Tirk can initiate any kind of sex with him through dialogue, so no more scrolling through the sexlab mcm to start your favorite anims (Unless you don't like Leito. Sorry, most sex options only use his animations). You can also talk dirty to Tirk using dialogue from several sexual topics, such as the usual butts, boobs, blowjobs, etcetera.
    As of right now, that's all there is to Tirk. He is simply an advanced Skyrim sextoy. I do have ambitions for some additional content, but I really wanted to get this out there, so the first version will exclude some things I have planned. In the mean time, I have a few other follower mod ideas I want to make happen similarly to this one and will focus on those next.
    -Dragonborn DLC
    -CreatureFramework (Latest standalone version)
    -More Nasty Critters V10+
    -Sexlab Animation Loader
    -Leito's Slal Pack
    -Billy's Slal Pack
    -Fuz Ro D-oh
    Simply unzip the archive and drop the files in your skyrim folder.
    Tirk should now be problem-free! Mostly...
    I don't believe Tirk actually requires the creature framework to function properly, but it is required because I loaded its master when I made Tirk. Not really a problem, but still.
    May be incompatible with "My Home Is Your Home".
    Tirk, as far as I know right now, is incompatible with the non-Slal version of More Nasty Critters. It still functions, but I've gotten reports that Tirk's body will be swapped out for the wrong body during sex. This issue does not seem to be present in the Slal edition (For some reason....).



  25. Sandboxing for ZAZ

    Enable NPC Sandboxing for ZAP (beta)
    This mod enables sandboxing for all ZAP (ZAZ Animation Pack) 8.0+ furniture. NPCs and followers will walk up to furniture, strap themselves in, play animations, release themselves, and then walk up to another piece of furniture and repeat the process according to their AI package.
    Ideal for the slave dungeon where you keep all your attractive mod-added followers.
    What is sandboxing? How does the mod change this?
    NPCs and followers "sandbox" while you're standing around or talking to other NPCs. They'll sit on chairs, lean against walls, warm their hands on a fire, appear to use crafting tables etc. By default, ZAZ furniture is ignored by sandboxing. There are good reasons for this:
    ZAZ furniture is designed for the player, not for NPCs. When NPCs enter furniture, they're often out of alignment (see attached images). This is a known issue with ZAP. This mod could put you in some awkward situations and even break some quests. e.g. if you're a "slave" strapped into something, your "master"/"mistress" could tie themselves up in another piece of furniture, forcing you to wait or use console commands or other mods to break out of furniture.  
    Despite these downsides, it annoys me when ZAZ furniture added by mods just stands there empty. AFAIK, there isn't a way to strap NPCs into furniture permanently or make NPCs "play" with each other. I made this mod because the out-of-alignment issue doesn't ruin my immersion as much as NPCs just standing around.
    Technical Notes
    This mod was made with SSEEdit. It actually removes the "Ignored by Sandbox" flag from ZAZ furniture, but I didn't want to get into that detail above.
    This is my first mod. Any feedback, constructive or otherwise, is welcome.
    How to Install
    Just install with a mod manager and enable. After installing, bring a follower or two to the ZAZ test zone to test it out. Enter the following in the console to teleport there:
    coc zbftestzone Compatibility: This mod just changes some furniture flags, so it shouldn't have serious compatibility issues. It's easy to pull an NPC out of sandboxing: just talk to them. The issues I see are:
    Another mod does something dumb because an NPC is sandboxing. For example, CTDs can happen if some faulty object that was not previously being used starts causing CTDs whenever an NPC uses it. NPCs sandbox themselves into furniture while you can't move, breaking some quests or requiring console commands to break yourself out. This mod will not work for mods that create new copies of ZAZ furniture, because those may have the "ignored for sandboxing" flag set.  
    Requires ZAZ 8.0+. The mod is likely version-specific. Tested only with the CBBE version (so far), though UNP should only differ in armor sets and this should work.
    Recommended mods:
    The Whiterun mod series isn't being maintained or being developed anymore, but is 
    the ideal use case for this mod
    ZAP Helper Addon lets you place furniture, assign an NPC to furniture (only one at a time) and adds an "align" spell to fix the out-of-alignment problem. If I continue developing this mod further, I'll try to add an align spell like this.
    The Hearthfire dungeon addon adds ZAZ furniture, a sleeping area and two pools to your Hearthfire home cellar. This is where I house my co-adventurers.
    SE version in this comment has been working for me.
    Interactive BDSM: This mod works with Interactive BDSM. If an NPC enters ZAZ furniture, another will start torturing them. One of the attached screenshots shows this.



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