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Adult Mods

These Skyrim: Special Edition mods are of an adult nature.

298 files

  1. Config Immersive First Person View for SL

    Description: settings for the first person view mod for SL. These settings allow you to have a good overview during the scene and freely look around with the camera. Still has some floor collision issues, I will try to adjust this further and add a helmet display. Ideally, it was possible to achieve a head mapping as it was in my LE, but this is difficult to achieve in SE. Some parameters had to be sacrificed for this for ease of use, I left the option to have a vanilla look from the first person.
    How to use:
    Key "F" vanilla first person view
    Key "G" IFPV
    Requirements: IFPV 9 version and all its requirements
    P.S. it's not perfect, but I couldn't find a better one.   



  2. illidari ressource blender 8.3

    It's not a mod it's just the blender file
    Base body CBBE



  3. Dangerously Nude_SE

    Haven't you always been annoyed that when you walk around naked, noone does anything else than perhaps make a comment about it?
    I have.
    That's why I made SexLab Dangerously Nude.
    Now when you walk around naked there is a 10% chance a male character will rape your nude female character.
    I mean, you are walking around naked after all!
    First I planned this as a way of having people come up to you and try to talk you into sex, but I don't know how to use script fragments in misc dialogue to start a real conversation, so I just did it the easy way. No sweet talking, just rape.
    I will not be developing this mod any further (apart from bugfixes if needed), but if you want to try your hand in making this a better mod you are most welcome!
    The quest where all the dialogue is stored is "WICommentNaked", or just search for naked under quests in the CK.
    The current dialogue is under "Misc" tab. Some of the dialogue there shows up twice. The topmost of those I have added a rape script fragment to with a GetRandomChance < 10 to. Feel free to take it wichever way you want!
    Once someone has made a better version of this I will remove this file from the downloads section.
    - SexLab (and all it's requirements)
    - No More Nude Comments (or somethign like that)
    - Any mod that changes the comments when you are naked.
    Original Author: By Bromm83  (I have his permission)
    (Copied from his Original Page of Skyrim LE)
    Now there is a new version, the "tweaked" one!
    Thanks to Rossignol for his changes:
    "Fun mod, tweaked it a bit on my side to make more variety to rape chance, depending on what seems more appropriate to me. Most people now have a rape chance ranging from 25 to 50%, gards have "only" 20% chance of rape because they're supposed to keep the law, but some might be corrupt/asshole. Drunk people have 80% chance to rape because they're wasted and more susceptible to do something stupid. Also didn't change the 10% for argonians, Khajits and Orcs because I'm not into those races.
    This is just a little tweak based on the conditions as mentioned on OP, didn't change anything else, so will work exactly the same, just that rape might happen more often. Putting it there for those who want for more risks and don't want or can't do it themselves, so all credits goes to Bromm83, wouldn't even called what I did modding. XD"
    What's New in Version v1
    Released July 17, 2013
    v1: - Initial release



  4. The Nordic Bombshell - CBBE 3BBB Bodyslide Preset SE

    Skyrim, land of fantasy and dreams ... ok, that's too cheesy but ... I love feminine curves and I never found a preset that fully suited my taste. It was either grotesque or too little, never the middle. This is how this bodyslide preset was created, which somehow tries to find a compromise between imaginatively lush and natural. I have been using it since Acro 748 presented its great work.
    In addition to the obvious, it offers two things:
    The changes between the weight classes are visible and yet subtle
    The morphs of the NPCs can be individualize very easily in the game (with EEF or The Manipulator) without drastically changing the basic values each time.
    Since I only play male characters, the last point was particularly important to me.
    For the screenshots, I installed two mods that I was very curious about but never used because I don't like anachronisms in the game.
    Gomapero Land SE by Andreis
    Mini Bikini SE by Andreis
    Both mods are excellent work, which my two created ladies should have liked.
    Please keep in mind that the preset only looks as good as the textures you have installed.



  5. Kinky Prison REDUX

    Kinky Prison Redux
    This is my version of the mod Kinky Prison by FreeModsOrDoIHaveToPay. 
    The original author had to stop working on this due to personal issues. I added more furniture and a chest to the bedroom.
    Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress. It's safe to use (installing it won't break your game).
    This mod does not currently overhaul the prison system or anything like that. It merely adds a dungeon to keep your slaves in.
    The entrance is in Riften, right next to the door to the Ratway. You can't miss it. (Though I am currently considering making it accessible by spell or a ring.)
    To Do: 
    Add some slaves Decorations Armoury? Maybe other stuff.  
    If you have any suggestions on things I should improve, add, or change, please feel free to give me a shout.
    ZAZAnimationsPack (newest version)
    Sexlab Defeat (SE Version)
    Paradise Halls Enhanced SE
    Devious Devices SE
    Deviously Cursed Loot SE



  6. Kziitd BDSM Maid Set for Devious Devices

    In the wise words of Nomkaz: "I did NOT create this mod, I merely converted it for Skyrim Special Edition, and shared it according to the permission they game to me."
    Big thanks to @kziitd and @stas2503 for letting me convert their mods.
    Skyrim SE BodySlide and Outfit Studio for SE Sexlab Framework SE Sexlab Aroused Redux SSE Devious Devices SE Beta Mega link - KziitdXXXToolset for SE and their requirements...  
    Alert: @Malyo has created a 3BB conversion: install like a normal mod and overwrite the original.



  7. Zaria's Slave Boots - CBBE SE - Slim fit

    CBBE SE BodySlide files to build a "Slim" version of Zaria's Slave Boots.
    This download contains only the BodySlide files, you need Devious Devices - Expansion for the textures.
    Don't forget to build the "@Rogg DDX - CBBE - SlaveBoots" slider set.



  8. Private Needs Redone SE Converted

    Hi, this is my first time posting. I've read the rules but if I've violated one by accident I guess I'll know when this get's taken down. 

    It was frustrating me that there was no converted version of Private Needs Redone by Adetu For Special Edition.  So I made one.  This is a quick and dirty port mostly made for my own use, but I figured I'd upload it in case anyone here could get some use out of it.  

    Private Needs is originally by Schrodinger's Trap The link to the original can be found here:
    that honor goes to Adetu and the link can be found here
    Both gave permission to modify/convert their mod in the forum posts, as proven by the screenshots provided, however if they contact me and ask me to take this down I of course will. 
    you need ZAZ animation pack for SE for this to work
    you also need SKSE, SKYUI, and FNIS all of which can be found on the nexus easily
    - Download ZAZ 7.0SE Rev 1
    - Download Private Needs Redone SE
    - in MO click install new mod from archive
    - select ZAZ animation pack
    - click it again
    - select Private Needs Redone
    - run FNIS and update behavior. 

    if you enjoyed the mod please send some love the way of the two original creators!



  9. Khajiit Texture Mod and Masculine + Sheath Patch

    This mod makes changes to the Masculine Khajiit Textures (Grey Cat) and patches it up with Bad Dog Hoodies.
    Textures might also work for Yiffy Age SSE.

     1. Download Masculine Khajiit Textures:
     2. Install the Grey Cat version in any bodytype,
         as this mod overwrites most of the textures.
     3. Download Bad Dog's Hoodies for SSE:
     4. Install the files.
     5. Overwrite with the files from this mod to patch the mods.
        Load / Install Order:
        1. SOS
        2. Masculine Khajiit Textures (Grey Cat)
        3. Bad Dog Hoodies / Yiffy Age
        4. Khajiit Texture Mod and Masculine + Sheath Patch
        If Using Mod Organizer 2, you won't actually have to
        overwrite the files physically, just place it in the
        left list of installed mods in the load order shown above. :3
        Vortex might do the same, but I don't use it, sorry about that.
        Hope this helps, enjoy the texture change and sheath patch!
    Credits to:
    The original creators mrLenski, Bad Dog and MONSTERaider among others for the original textures, I did quite some modifications myself, but if you like what this mod does, please download and endorse their work as well if you got the time to do so. Thank you for reading and have a good one!



  10. Tyris Flair Armor CBBE

    Description: Tyris Flair Armor CBBE v 1.0.0
    A CBBE Bodyslide Conversion of the original by TheMilkDrinker:
    Changes include (Other than bodyslide):
    +Oily Body option
    +Standard Zaps

    -Install Mod
    -Build Outfits
    Spawn using AddItemMenu and searching "Tyris"



  11. The Old Warehouse SE - Aether Suite Extension

    The Old Warehouse
    An extension to Aether Suite from Halofarm
    This extension provides you new locations around the Aether Suite. 
    A new district called the "The Old Warehouse", an exterior cell with buildings and a park. One of the buildings has a door, leading to  Apartment 401, a 2 bedrooms apartment, and a bathroom, with no loading doors Volcano House, reachable from a bus stop in the Old Warehouse district, near  the apartment Volcano House Basement Optimised for SL, with a good free area where NPCs will stand on markers, no action taking place through walls, or furniture Parkview Hotel room. Also reachable from a second bus stop, that will take you to the Blue Butterfly Hotel, and there, take the elevator A market. Interactive sections where you can buy stuff, mainly Skyrim's, except the pharmacy, which contains AS recipes A pool. Facing the "Sugoi Noodles" shop, next to the market. Very interesting for screenshooting  
    Requirement: Aether Suite SE
    Make sure this extension is loaded AFTER Aether Suite
    The present extension does not qualify to be an ESL, there are too many records, so it has to be an ESP.
    How to reach those locations, few options: 
    1) Across the street, at the Blue Butterfly Hotel, a bus stop has been added, that will take you to The Old Warehouse District
    2) Open the console, "help teleport" without quotes, you will see a spell for the Old Warehouse District, add it (player.addspell ID)
    3) Always from the console, "help 0P1" (Zero P One), you will have all the cells markers ID, you can then coc there)
    House Volcano and the Parkview hotel room are the 2 locations outside the district, reachable by bus from the Old Warehouse district, as shown in the video.
    What does it offer?
    Day/Night cycle Weather Windows with a view outside Cooking display activators (Huge thanks to Aviform with mealtime, allowing the use of his meshes) All locations; Some new images from me, mixed with Halo's pictures, to keep a certain Aether's feeling. Be warned, some of my images are a little more explicit, hence why this is in the adult section Basement; two themes to chose from (a switch near the TV), one with the same images of nature, the second, something more sexy. That second theme, is in my opinion still tasteful, a littte more skin, but not overdone, I wanted to stay as close as possible to Aether Suite content.  But to some, it may be offending, so hit that switch if it's the case. Some storage are available, all locations (except the District itself) is set to player as the owner, with no respawn, so your stuff should stay in there. Not fully tested though, be warned.  
    Known issues:
    In winter's weather conditions, some light snow appear inside the buildings. I have changed few things in the last update, so far so good.
    - Exclusive to LoversLab, you can not upload this mod/extension anywhere else. 
    - If you wish to take over this mod, please contact me. This was a personal fun I wished to share, but I will not take it any further, except to fix any major issues in case there are any.
    - Halofarm for Aether Suite. Thank you big time mate.
    - Andreis, for porting Aether Suite to SE
    - Aviform, for letting the modding community in using assets from Mealtime 



  12. Animal Mansion Plus SE

    Animal Mansion Plus SE
    I did NOT create this mod, I merely converted mybrainhurts'  mod for Special Edition, and shared it according to the permissions they gave on the original download page. I CANNOT give any perms not specified on the original upload page for this mod. If you wish to alter, edit, or otherwise make changes and upload them anywhere, please refer to the permissions on the original upload page. This mod should be considered a placeholder for when/if the original author decides to take control of it. The esp is in Form 43 still, because it bugs out the scripts if converted to Form 44. I DO NOT recommend you do it yourself. I've spent 3 days testing out this conversion and found no errors, all quests work flawlessly. If you have issues it's most likely a mod conflict.

    If you enjoy this mod, go to the Author’s page and give mybrainhurts some love!
    I can only give limited support as I DID NOT create the mod, and most of the source scripts are missing, so do not expect bugfixes and updates.
    Anyone else is 100% welcome to improve upon this mod based on the original permissions.
    German Language esp replacer provided be @AreaGamer 
    The following is copied and edited for SE links from the Original Download Page:
    This mod is a continuation of Animal Mansion by sky_mds. The sexual content of this mod is primarily related to bestiality.
    SexLab Framework SE 1.63 - BETA 8  or even better Sexlab Se Dev Build
    FNIS SE and FNIS Creature Pack SE
    More Nasty Critters Special Edition 12.06A or higher.   ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!!!!!!!
    Fuz Ro D'oh SE
    Zaz Animation Pack SE or Zaz8 Rev 2 SE (recommended)
    1. This mod was built using SexLab 1.59c but it is fully compatible with SexLab SE.
    2. NSAP is not a hard dependency for now.
    3. Make sure you enable creature animations in SexLab's MCM (under Animation Settings).
    4. You need MNC SE version 12.06A or later to  prevent CTD at horse animations.
    5. You need Fuz Ro D'oh so you can read subtitles.
    It is best to install this on a save that has never had any version of Animal Mansion on it. So take a look at the change log and decide for yourself if the changes justify you doing this. If updating to version 1.0, it should be possible to uninstall the previous version, clean your save, and then install version 1.0. (I use ReSaver with Fallrim Tools to clean saves.) Don't forget to retrieve anything you've stored in any of the Mansion's containers before uninstalling!
    Getting Started
    The Animal Mansion is between the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and Falkreath. The owner, a woman named Thaena, is having a little trouble getting her business off the ground and would gladly accept your help.
    Mod Conflicts
    If you use Expanded Towns and Cities (ETaC), make sure you have this mod above ETaC in your load order.
    You cannot use this mod and Animal Mansion Redux at the same time.
    I am happy to report that the current version of SexLab Dialogues (I'm not sure about the SE versions) does not conflict with AMP. Previous versions of Dialogues tended to block dialogue with Thaena. So if you are using a previous version of Dialogues, update it!
    Special Notes
    Although I make an effort to keep dialogue "gender-appropriate" please note that this mod is written with a female player character in mind. If you spot female-specific dialogue when playing a male character let me know and I will fix it if possible.
    Follower support is minimal so don't use a character that you wouldn't want to see in creature animations.
    Mucho appreciados to Kalcinator for the Spanish translation of version 1.0. Simply extract the esp into your Skyrim data directory and overwrite (or move to a safe location) the existing esp. You should be able to swap English/Spanish esps any time you want.
    Usage Permissions
    You may not upload this mod or any part of it outside of LoversLab. If you want to translate this mod feel free to do so, just let me know about it and you may not upload your translation on any service that charges users to download files.
    Ashal for SexLab and LoversLab
    sky_mds for the original Animal Mansion
    Shadowscale, reesewow2, Wyvern65, aqqh, and everyone else on the Animal Mansion thread for bug testing and reporting



  13. Dragon Cum Fountain SE

    I didn't create this, I just converted it to SE.
    Link to the original file:



  14. Skyrim Bump Ride

    This is simple mod to initiate sex. All you need to do is to bump into NPC or creature. There are different ways to achieve that:

    1. SPRINT towards NPC and collide whit it.
    2. WALK onto NPC until collision is detected
    Before sex scene start you should be able to see notification like "Player bumped onto NPC".
    To check if mod is installed and running type "sqv _sbrBumpRide" in game console, you should be able to see quest status and variables.
    This is initial version so any feedback, suggestions are welcome.




  15. Unofficial Chaurus Life SE

    This is an unofficial port of the Skyrim LE mod Chaurus life with permission from the original mod author however is completely unsupported so please do not message or bother the original mod author about this. Proof of permission is below

    Please view the original mod for requirements and other info



  16. SMP Hoop Earrings

    Legacy hoop earrings ported to SSE and as bonus added HDT-SMP physics.
    Use AddItemMenu
    or via console:

    help hoop
    player.additem <#######>

    Kudos to HydrogensaysHDT.
    Feel free to edit, modify, port to other games...



  17. Alien Queen

    Alien Queen version
    Beta version. Replaces Werewolf.
    Adapted Werewolf skeleton for Alien Queen.
    The beta version replaces the skeletons of all Werewolf so their display is distorted.
    To work , you need:
    CBPC - CBP Physics  
    and add manually  \Data\SKSE\Plugins\CBPCMasterConfig.txt
    Blue version of textures:
    Feel free to use this material for your work without asking.
    Used free models from cadnav
    Used programs :
    Nif Plugin for 3ds Max 2015-2018
    3ds Max Nif Importer-Exporter
    3ds Max 2017



  18. MHW Banbaro Armor - CBBE-TBD SE

    --- Description ---

    An armor mod featuring the Banbaro armor from Monster Hunter World: IceBorne. The outfit comes with CBBE SMP (3BBB), CBBE 3BBB, and TBD SMP bodyslides support  
    --- Requirement --- 

    CBBE body textures
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XMPSSE
    BodySlide & Outfit Studio
      --- How To Get ---  
    The outfit can be obtained via crafting at any forge or by using AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer

    MHW Banbaro Armor A MHW Banbaro Armor B MHW Banbaro Boots MHW Banabaro Gauntlets MHW Banbaro Helm A MHW Banbaro Helm B MHW Banbaro Helm C (NIOPA supported via PA Hat)   --- Credits ---   Modsfortesv for giving me permission to convert and share this mod to you guys.
      Sexybono, Starkhark, and AreTotti for testing and their awesome mod page screenshots!




  19. SurverX floppy CBPC Settings

    Surver X floppy CBPC Settings
    Reason for last update (31.Jul.2020): New Version 1.2, I added the setting for the Scrotum. And a made the penis a little bit less floppy...
    I am still looking for "floppy SoS" for SSE, we still do not have it but with SMP in place we can get some quite good compromise (see demo videos below).
    What does this mod do?
    In this mod i just played with the CBPC settings for the penis and the scrotum of your PC and NPCs. The result is similar to the effects of the mod "floppy SoS" that is not available for SSE yet (and maybe never). I took the SMP files "CBPCMasterConfig.txt" and "CBPConfig_SOS.txt" from the mod Realistic SMP stripped it down to only the settings for the penis and changed the parameters.
    To run this mod you need "CBPC Physics with Collisions for SSE" in place and running. Unfortunately i am not a graphic expert and can not help you installing this mod... but once you got that running you can play with my SMP files. My settings are maybe too extreme for you, but you can change the paramter by your own (see descriptiuon below),
    If you have additional information for this topic just post me and i can add it to this description. So we will come more and more near our goal "floppy SoS SSE" 🙂
    Have fun.
    - CBPC Physics with Collisions for SSE up and running
    Install this mod with your mod manager.
    Be sure that this mod is the last mod that overwrites the "...\SKSE\Plugins\CBPCMasterConfig.txt" file.
    No FNIS run needed.
    Have in mind:
    I think the most correct way to install this mod is to merge the CBPCMasterConfig.txt of you existing system with the CBPCMasterConfig.txt of this mod.
    Because i think there is only one CBPCMasterConfig.txt that overwrites all existing one.
    I think it must be this sections (were the GenitalsLag0x is defined):
    For me it seems to be OK to just use the masterfile of this mod, i do not found any errors or missing physics up to now...
    So the short solution to just install this mod (and do not merge the masterfile) works at least for me.
    Have a look to the Realistic SMP mod for a detailed description on how to install the physics.
    Here is my current mod list were you can see which mods i have installed to make this running:
    Just deinstall this mod and you are fine.
    playing with the settings:
    You can change the settings by your own via editing the file "CBPConfig_SOS.txt". In this file i changed the parameter of the following groups (of course you can also try other parameter):
    Quadratic Spring stiffness 0001
    Velocity removed/tick 1.0 would be all velocity removed 012 (damping)
    Scale of the bones rotation around the X axis (this defines how far the movements of the penis should be)
    The most effect you get by changing the "Scale of the bones rotation around the X axis" paraneter. You can change it for each "segment" of the penis: SOS01.rotational is the penis basis, SOS06.rotational is the penis head.
    I left the original settings from "Realistic SMP" in the file outcommented "#", these settings are not so extreme and quite good already!
    It should also be possible to change this data online (game is running) but i do not manage to do that, so i change the .txt file, start the game and test close it... and so on.
    and thank you...
    ... to all the great modder that laid the foundation to make this possible!
    Demo Videos:





  20. Blush When Aroused v1.3 SE

    the original conversion for SE was deleted some time ago
    This is that same conversion, nothing different.
    I do not take credit for this conversion
    Original Mod if you want to know what it does



  21. Osare Panties (CBBE 3BB)

    If you like this port or any of my other ports, please check out my Discord and Patreon to show your support! We are a friendly community who have a passion for Skyrim modding. Join us to learn, discuss, share screenshots of everything Skyrim related. I will sometimes be posting Discord Exclusive outfits for members of the discord and patreon only, as well as accepting outfit requests from members only. Patreon tips encourage me to continue making mods, but nothing will be paywalled! Everyone is welcome!  

    A port of Anano's "Osare Panties" outfit for SE! The panties come in multiple designs. Comes with bodyslide support.
    You must have a 3BB body (either CBBE SMP or 3BBB body) installed for this outfit to work as intended.

    The panties are meant to be worn with other outfits. If you want to wear it on the nude body (no top), the 3BB body and underwear must be built with the same preset.
    Install using your mod manager of choice. YOU MUST HAVE A 3BB BODY INSTALLED. 
    Open up BodySlide and you can find the outfits under "[Zynx][Anano] Osare Panties (3BB)". 
    How to Get:


    Anano - For designing the outfit



  22. Bodyslide Preset - Solid Gal

    An athletic, just slightly beyond realistic, BodySlide preset that I usually crank up 100. CBBE Body Physics was used. Should work with any CBBE.
    To my eyes it looks really good in the 20 - 80 range that most vanilla NPCs fall in to.
    All the in game screenshots are at 100 weight - sorry the composite images are a little dark, it was ashy that day.
    Enjoy! Don't repost it anywhere.
    Update: Just added more screenshots.



  23. Joyful Followers

    .. Im so awful at this
    Disclaimer: Remember that this is an Alpha, meaning there is a lack of content and no clear identity set. The things you read are subject to change 
    Joyful Followers Alpha 3
    Joyful Followers is a mod with the goal to give your followers more live. Having them interact with you and your surroundings in ... pretty much any way you can and cant imagine
    As of now, the idea surrounding JF is to have a follower that.. likes you..! and interacts with you in different events that you or your follower are triggering
    Its up to you how you handle those events. Will you do as your follower expects or perhaps you have a more dominant interest and find ways to manipulate them? Will you be the toyer.. the toy.. none at all? Where do you want to go? Where will you end up?
    Content Table
    1. Dynamic Relationships
    - Travel with your follower to grow closer. Unlocking new Events and Interactions!
    - Your choices influence your position towards your follower! Will you be the toy.. or the toyer? 
    - The things you say are remembered! Better not admit things you may later regret..
    2. Key Holders Inventory
    - While exploring the world, your follower searches for keys and stores them in an inventory they manage
    - You can store keys in this inventory yourself. Your follower will tell you how many keys they have and sometimes even allow you to take them out!
           ->The Key Holders Inventory is a safe storage for your keys.. assuming you dont mind having someone else taking care of them that is..
    - Your follower can use those keys to unlock you
    3. Events
    Do I really need to explain this? Things are happening! Yay
    4. Punishments
    "Your follower has feelings too! Dont provoke them too much, you might regret it!"
    - SL Framework
    - SL Aroused
    - Devious Devices
    - A Follower
    - EFF and AFT have integrated patches. I tested both of them and both seem to be working just fine. JF has to load AFTER them
    - NFF and FLP seem to be fine without a patch
    - DF is compatible to a certain degree. Load DF after this mod and use the Debug Option to Dismiss (and recruit) your JF!
    Whats next?
    -  Mainfocus of A4 is going to be a whipping Event. Read more about this on Page 4+5
    - A "Truth or Dare" game
    - New mechanics to help you strengthen the bond between you and your follower
    - Remember to write down your own ideas if you have any!  
    Previous Changelogs:



  24. Immersive Hair Growth and Styling SSE (YPS Devious & Immersive Fashion 2020-05-09)

    Immersive Makeup, Piercings, Hair Growth, Fashion and Styling
    ( = Yolie’s Piercing System, YPS)
    The LE version can be found here.

    This is a mod adding several "fashion" features. You need to apply these features in an immersive way, such as:
    visiting the hairdresser to get a hair cut, perm or hair dye getting your ears pierced before being able to wear earrings apply nail polish from nail polish bottles finger by finger, toe by toe use lipstick and eye shadow, which will wear off over time high heel training (with normal heels and devious boots) armpit/pubic hair growth and hair shaving wearing nylons and stockings These features may cause addiction, arousal and have other special side effects.
    (everything can be enabled/disabled in the MCM menu)

    This mod is made for human female player characters (preferably CBBE body), though many features will work on non-humans, or male characters as well.
    The present conversion to SE is v. 6.2.1, and has been done by Gnaddelwarz and yeahhowaboutnooo.
    For a more detailed mod description, please take a look at the LE version.
    The original conversion description by Gnaddelwarz is here, and the post by yeahhowaboutnooo is here.
    REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL VERSIONS (without them the mod won't run at all)
    SKSE (SE Build)
    SkyUI (SE) 
    Fuz Ro D-oh (SE)
    PapyrusUtil (SE)
    Sexlab (SE)
    Devious Devices SE (Assets+Integration+Expansion)
    ZAZ Animation Pack (SE)
    The Sound & Texture Pack from this mod is also required for all versions. Always keep the newest version of it installed.

    STRONGLY RECOMMENDED ADD-ONS (without them a lot of features won't show up)
    For the PIERCING, the MAKEUP (lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish) and PUBIC HAIR system: SlaveTats SE (or higher)
    For the HAIR: KS Hairdos (SSE) (preconfigured hair styles)
    For more convenient menus: UIExtensions SE, making it easier to choose hair length, hair color, hair style, eyeshadow or professional nail polish color.
    For the NYLONS (stockings, pantyhose): "Equipable Stockings" by googlyman (untested)
    For the ARMPIT HAIR: The file Nordic Warmaiden Body Hair - SlaveTats Version.zip from Nordic Warmaiden Body Hair (untested)
    For the PUBIC HAIR: SoS SE and SoS Pubic Hair for Females
    For the arousal effects of FASHION ADDICTION: Sexlab Aroused Redux SSE

    NIOVERRIDE LAYERS (very important and required changes to your SKSE ini files)
    If you are using SlaveTats: To be on the safe side for this mod, open the file Data\SKSE\Plugins\nioverride.ini with an editor and set iNumOverlays=12 for Face, =5 for Body, =3 for Hands, =3 for Feet. On top of that, add the values needed for other mods.
    Furthermore, you need to set bEnableFaceOverlays=1



  25. BD's Armor and Clothes - CBBE 3BBB Parted

    This is just a few armors from BD's Armor and Clothes Replacer - CBBE 3BBB split into separate parts.
    All I did was partition the different armor layers in Bodyslide and add the armors to an esp.
    Just build the armors marked "PT" in Bodyslide, add "_BD's Parted Recipes" through console, and craft in game.
    Feed back is always welcome.
    Finished sets,
    Archmage Bandit Blades (Orcish Smithing) Daedric (Daedric Smithing) Dark Brotherhood Ancient Falmer (Ebony Smithing) Dawnguard (Steel Smithing) Heavy Falmer (Elven Smithing) Vampire Bonemold (Steel Smithing) Chitin (Elven Smithing) Nordic Carved (Advanced Smithing) Ildari Cultist Miraak Skaal Stalhrim (Ebony Smithing) Telvanni Temple Priest Draugr Ebony (Ebony Smithing) Ebony Mail (Ebony Smithing) Glass (Glass Smithing) Mage: Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert, and Master  
    The slots I'm using,
    45: Neck 46: Chest 47: Back 49: Hips 52: Crotch 53: Leg R 54: Leg L 55: Legs Under 56: Abs 57: Arm R 58: Arm L 59: Arms Under  
    BD's Armor and Clothes Replacer - CBBE 3BBB should have all the textures now.
    AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer
    aMidianBorn Book of Silence SE the textures I'm using
    Armor Rating Redux SE
    Breakable Equipment System
    Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered to adjust tempering and enchanting per slot
    SkyUI AIO Survival (SAS) to see slots



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