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Adult Mods

These Skyrim: Special Edition mods are of an adult nature.

212 files

  1. Amorous Adventures Extended SSE

    Amorous Adventures Extended SSE
    I did not create this mod.
    I merely made a straight conversion of jackp's mod: Amorous Adventures Extended 
    to Skyrim Special Edition with his permission. (proof attached below)
    Mod Description by JackP
    "I am preparing to continue the work of FoxFingers, and I have made the first version of Amorous Adventures Extend.
    This mod is going to make up more stories about Dragonborn's remance adventure, just like Amorous Adventures did.
    I still use the framework of FoxFingers, so you will feel familar with the lover system. Be involved with the girls, help them and then make them be dragonborn's lovers.
    You can post the bugs, as if I have time to make up them I will do."
    I converted the ESP to Form 44, optimized the meshes and nif files,
    and converted the Animations for SSE.
    I've tested it on SSE v 1.5.73 (The latest current version),
    all the updated SSE Perquisites, and it seems to be working as it should.
    I also included Jackp's walk-through text files inside the mod .zip
    for your convenience.
    This mod conversion is provided As-Is, as I did not create it and don't know how it was built 😜
    Please check the original mod page for fixes and known issues if you have problems.
    HOWEVER,if you find Mesh or other conversion issues that I missed, for sure let me know
    and I'll do my best to fix them.
    In the future, I plan on making the English dialogue more conversational once I learn how,
    and forwarding any updates that JackP makes to the original mod.
    This mod REQUIRES the following mods to function:
    Amorous Adventures 3.4 SSE for lovers lab
    SexLab Framework SE 1.63 - BETA 6 - March 19th, 2019
    ZAZ Animation Packs for SE 1.0.0
    Optional, but highly recommended mods:
    SexLab Tools SE
    Using Sexlab Tools, you can change the animations so you can find one more appropriate for the situation
    AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer SE
    To Add the cheat spell "Be My Lover Now".  Using it, you can make a unique actor be your lover. 
    JackP recommends  SexLab Privacy Immersive , but it no longer works with SexLab Framework at all, so DO NOT USE IT.
    For more Skyrim Special Edition SexLab mods check here: SSE Conversion Tracking 
    Special Thanks to:
    jackp for creating Amorous Adventures Extended, and his permission to convert it to Special Edition.
    FoxFingers for creating Amorous Adventures 
    Ash2Asherz for his support and advice
    And most of all, Ashal for LoversLab and SexLab Framework, without which none of this is possible.



  2. ZMD's Fetish Texture overlays for CBBE 8K The Pure

    ZMD's Adult Texture overlays for CBBE The Pure
    Warning this is a CBBE body texture replacer for CBBE female Player and some NPCs and contains the bodyfile from the mods:
    The Pure CBBE and UNP - 4K or 8K Female Skin Textures
    by Anini and Regenbot03 and Shiva182

    Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-
    by Ousnius and Caliente
    There are also a couple of painted tattoos used from :
    Cum textures are sexlabs and other external sources that have been edited to suit

    I use this on my character Alana Haze and thought some of you may appreciate and wish to use yourselves on your own characters.
    2 files one for body(8k) and one for head(4k) they are texture replacer dds files
    They use the light skin and shaved option from the Pure.
    Install with any mod manager or manually drag and drop the data files to you skyrim se data folder
    Contains gothic eye runs/ cum textures(face body feet)/ ZMD;s Skyrim Logo toenails/ Foot/leg/breast/tummy tattoo.
    NOT included are the tattoo bodypaint from another mod author:
    BFCB SE -Beauti-Full Clothing Bodypaints- 2K
    For Female Toe Nail Art see my mod on the nexus:
    ZMDs Foot Feet Nail Art Textures for CBBE The Pure SSE
    Please Do Not share this mod anywhere else



  3. Sexlab Sex Slaves SSE - German Translation Patch

    A German translation of the modification "Sexlab Sex Slaves SSE (Beta)"

    Dies ist nur ein Deutsch-Patch für die Modifkation von fishburger67.

    Übersetzt wurden von mir sämtliche relevanten Strings aus der Hauptdatei-ESP, einigen Skriptdateien-PEX und der Interfacedatei-TXT.

    Solltet ihr Fehler in der Übersetzung finden oder Verbesserungsvorschläge haben, immer her damit. Ich werde diese dann von Zeit zu Zeit korrigieren und eine neue Version hochladen.



  4. SL Triggers(v01) [2019-04-14]

    Sexlab Triggers (v01)
    What does it do:
    Activate various effects when SexLab animation starts or stops. Cast a spell, add items, change stats, etc ... Minor, utility, side effects. Things that other mods usually skip.
    You can also create custom macros to activate commands. Cast spells from other mods, add items, do someting with perks, change actor values, etc ..
    - unpack zip
    - copy whats in Data folder into Skyrim Special Edition\Data folder
    - its a simple mod, unpack and copy
    - activate triggers in MCM. By default nothing happens.
    How to setup things:
    - open MCM, select Sexlab Triggers
    - page Main: enable/disable the whole thing
    - page Triggers 1-5, 6-10, ...: here you setup "triggers".
    - you have 5 triggers(can also call them "slots") per MCM page
    - for each slot you setup condition and then what to do, execute if condition is right
    - and thats about it
    - chance: Probability, chance that command will execute. 0-100%. Hint: set 0 if you want to disable it
    - on event: Begin: execute on SL start event, Orgasm: on SL orgasm event, End: on SL end event
    - if actor race: race of actor. Any: all will do, Humanoid: humans and  elfs and so on, Creature: not Humanoid, and so on
    - if actor: role of actor, like Any: anuthing will do, Aggressor: is bad person, Victim: bad things happened, Not part of rape: good things
    - if gender: male, female
    - if sex type: a couple of conditions based on animation "tag" like: Vaginal, Anal.
    - if day time: is it at day or night
    - if location: is it inside or outside
    - do command 1, 2, 3: pick what to do if conditions have been fulfiled. You can pick 3 different(or the same) commands.
    - is a file that has instruction of what to actualy do
    - name of the file is suppose to describe what command does. Like "Give Gold(10)", gives you 10 gold.
    - are settings, macros, scripts inside Data\SKSE\Plugins\sl_triggers\commands folder with.json extension
    - to add new commands just drop a file here. If you don't what it, delete it or change extension so its not json
    - its a .json file that has to be formated ... just use an existing one as an example
    - its and array of array of strings. Sort of like lines of function calls. You can also look at it as simple "bat" or "cmd" file
    - all commands that I made are usuable, but are also examples
    Its SexlabtUtil1 "Version 2". Not port from LE version. New.
    This mod is very WIP. Its more alpha, prototype. Stil have to do lots of stuff.
    Its SE only. Will not bother with 32bit(LE). Skyrim limits. SkyrimSE CAN handle more.



  5. Aether Suite UUNP Body Slide Conversion Part 2

    This is Part two of the my bodyslide UUNP conversion of Aether Suite for SE



  6. Aether Suite UUNP Body Slide Conversion Part 1

    This is Part one of the my bodyslide UUNP conversion of Aether Suite for SE



  7. Exotic Leather Dress by Yinkle

    Something I made with SMP physics. The dress is entirely my own deviant creation. The rest are mesh edits/texture edits of other mods credited below.
    Boots Credit: Sun Jeong for babydoll heels, Kurese for the suspender belt version.
    Gloves Credit: Luxurious Collection
    Panties: Based on meshes from Kurese.
    Requires: HDT SMP, CBBE SSE, XP32 Maximum Skeleton, Racemenu, Heels Sound.
    NB: this is an initial release and likely to melt your head and computer!!! Please report any issues in the comments
    Thanks to Sun Jeong for the screens!



  8. Animal SOS SE

    This mod adds the SOS the animals. Executes a part of what Schlongs of Skyrim is for people. Namely the Schlongs animation, scaling, position change.
    Used materials:
    More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition ( MadMansGun)
    SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim (b3lisario)
    Animal SOS
    SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim was surprisingly multifunctional, without changing scripts, just adding skeletons and animations, I managed to partially adapt this mode to the animals.
    Animation and positioning and scaling work. HDT for collisions only.
    There are such animals:
    Bear, Horse, Deer, Chaurus, Spider, Dog, Wolf, Husky, DeathHound, Fox small, Boar, Riekling, Horker, Skeever, Skeever Legacy, Sabrecat, Mammoth, Dragon, VampireLord
    Also, the physics of some female animals: Horse, Goat, Some dragons. (Console team change sex: sexchange)
    To work Animal SOS SE, you need:
    XPMSSE Schlongs of Skyrim SE Creature Framework SE More Nasty Critters Special Edition .  (Texture Canine MNC v11.4C.7z   Missing texture )  HentaiCreatures CBPC - CBP Physics .( If you are using SMP as possible, you may decline. ) SE Physics body Animal_SOS.esp And also update in the creature framework:
    Customize the Creature Framework as you wish: ASOS - Fully changes the body Animal_SOS_Legacy - Fully changes the body. Another version of Schlongs. Available to: Skeever, Bear. ASOS_P - Separate Schlongs without changing the main body. ASOS_P_Legacy - Separate Schlongs without changing the main body. Another version of Schlongs. Available to: Skeever, Bear.  
      If you want to use SMP and CBP Physics, edit CBPCMasterConfig.txt.  Commented the coincidences marked with red
    Compatibility patches:
    Animal SOS Soft Without Physics.7z  Removes the problem of disappearance, invisibility of animals. ( And also update in the creature framework:)  
    Install with the help of mod manager.
    Replace skeletons (work will not be without them).
    If for another mod, you need your skeleton, write I will add compatibility patches.
    The starting materials (Who needs it) Animal SOS KIT 2.7z
    Actually it's not my merit that all meshes are the creations of other authors. My was based on the fashion (MadMansGun) which, in turn, is on the collection (dentarr) of many authors. I just added the weight of the bones, to the animals Schlongs, changed the skeleton, added the animation. All the work I have done is public and all the original data is published. So everything that applies to my work can safely be used, modified.
    Used programs :
    hdtHavokModifier "Just For Fun" (JFF) v4 v4
    Nif Plugin for 3ds Max 2015-2018
    3ds Max Nif Importer-Exporter
    3ds Max 2011
    3ds Max 2017




    FROM THE DEEPS (REDONE) : A Lovecraftian adventure for Skyrim.
    Want to support me? Visit my Patreon ! https://www.patreon.com/Delzaron
    A big thanks to Roselove and Pffify, who made that conversion !
    The mod is a conversion of From The deeps sor vanilla skyrim.
    The first point
    A lovecraft like story, with a large Inquiry part, and two way to finish it : joining the cult, or destroying it. A way lead to player enslavement (simple slavery connected !), the other to freaky scenes. English written mod, but Mixbutterdog made a patch in japanese ! Female players designed mod, but version 2.3 discrimine player sex, and FTD is now playable with male characters.
    Dependendies :
    SexLab Dragonborn ZAZ
    Soft requirement :
    XPMS skeleton (for the sex scene with parasite armor). More Nasty critters (sex scene with Lurkers and seekers) Simple Slavery (for player sell as slave) TID (player can be sold to TID slavers if TID was not beginned)
    Incompatible :
    Maria Eden (some dialogues line of that mods overcome FTD ones).  

    Collaborations :
    Pepertje (co author, dialogues fixer, screenshots) and Japanese version. Aqqh for script trick and collaboration. Alpha and Beta testers for their time, advices and critics. Xluxlu for music. Mixbutterdog for scripts, fixes, and Japanese version Fasterflight225
      for the Radiant cultist quest Patch !
    Permissions :
    Use the mod assets as you want. You're not allowed to upload that mod in other places than LL or Nexus, whitout the authors permission.  
    Credits :
    Added a patch for "Radiant Cultist Quest" credits to @Fasterflight225
    Current release : 2.6 (2.52 still available, with the japanese version, thanks to MixButterdog)
    Mod description (Thanks to Long John) :
    A series of disappearances of women from Solitude and across Haafingar. All the while there is a strange fog which never lifts the North Coast. To begin with it was just the peasant women who disappeared. Now however a noble woman has disappeared her family has applied political pressure to the Jarl and her court. This pressure has resulted in the launch of an investigation into the disappearances. As part of the investigation the Dragonborn is called in.... to enquiring in the Skyrim most isolated city : Insmouth.
    Will you be able to find the reason for the disappearances, or become the next victim?
    Play the adventure to find out...
    Or, in video (thanks to Shinjy72) :
    How to enter into Insmouth ?
    Talk to Knyva, the gate keeper, and pay 200 gold.
    - Part 1 : Enquiry.
    aFTD0Starter : dialogues for Innkeepers about the disapearances near Solitude. Done. aFTD1Begin : Hired by the blue palace stewart (Falk Firebeard), you will be send to Insmouth, a city on the North Coast, in Pale Hold. Find Zadok Allenith and Susana. Done. aFTD1Enquiry ; Made an enquiry in Insmouth, and try to discover the truth. Done. aFTD1Infiltration ; Infiltrate the temple. Done.
    - Part 2 : Facing the truth.
    aFTD2Ceremony : Assist to the strangiest ceremony you ever seen... Done. aFTD2Dream : Your mind submerged by the voices of the Deeps, made the strangiest dream you ever made. Done. aFTD2End : Understand all the awful truth. Meet Mankara... and made your choice.Done.
    - Part 3 : Serving the plan.
    aFTD3Begin : Rally the cult, made your oaths, and proove your value. Done. aFTD3Corruption : Serve the cult and corrupt some Solitude and DawnStar officials. Done. aFTD3Insmouth : Enslave Susana, and find some imperial and thalmors spies... the last one is needed for the ceremony.Done. Available in FTDredone 0.4. aFTD3LordDeeps : The final quest of the cult path. Done.  

    - part 4 : Alone in the dark.
    Dont rally the cult, be punished, and come back for your vengeance !
    aFTD4Begin : be a slave, and be sold. Done. aFTD4End2 : Take your revenge on the cult of the Lord of the Deeps. Done.  

    - side and radiant quests :
    aFTDDialogues . just for a little immersion. Hostel owner, and gate keeper. a Dialogue for Lurka (opening cell gates). AFTDWhoreDialogues : Insmouth is a harbor. Harbor means prostitutes. aFTDInsmouthControler : Manage the cult progresson in Insmouth : objects, NPC.  

    Locations :
    Insmouth : a city on the North Coast, not far from Dawnstar (Made by using Solitude buildings, and the harbor part of the city of Trade mod, but with modifications). Done. Insmouth interiors : interiors cells for Insmouth. Houses, store, stock, Inn, hostel... Done. Temple of the Deeps : The temple of the cult. Connected to lot of parts of Insmouth. Done. Ryelh : A very litle part of the city of Ryelh, in Apocrypha. Where the slaves breeds more Deeps inhabitants. Need to be redone. Done.
    Factions :
    Dagon : Lurkers, seekers, Deeps inhabitants (Raelek, Mankara, Khrushu, Harshulku...). I will try to made a special race for them... Cultists : some Insmouth NPC. Dagon Slave : Slaves used by cultists or for breeding. Slave : enslaved NPC, restrained and ready to sell. Whore : Insmouth prostitutes. Susana friends : the Investiguator faction... you and Susana the whore.  
    Permissions :
    You're allowed to use this mod code as you want. You're not allowed to upload this mod on another platform. Assets belongs to their original authors.
    Ressources and other mods used :
    - Comvex Hermaus Mora Armor : http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58062/?
    - DixiePig for the tentacle armor.
    - PS1 games Doom I and Nightmare creatures I for musics.



  10. TBD Conversions of [SunJeong] Ninirim Ports

    Hello, here I will be posting my conversions of SunJeong's Ninrim ports.
    These are only the body-slide files! you need to download SunJeongs Ports and override with my TBD files.
    >>>SunJeongs Ninrim Ports<<<
    - My conversions all have "realistic" physics applied to them, as I try to avoid having metal parts jingle.
    - There might be some clipping on some sets of armor or clothing, but I am trying to keep it to an absolute minimum. 

    EDIT: If you have invisible armor parts, then download my "Modified ESP's" or try the fix below.
    It's an easy fix if you know how to use SSEEdit. First, open the armor in outfit studio, then look in partitions to see what slot the item has. Now start SSEdit and look under "armor addon" and "armor" and change the item slots so they match the one in outfit studio.
    Fx: outfit studio shows that the item has the "52 SBP" slot in the partitions tab, then you look in SSEdit and make sure it also has the 52 slot there under "armor addon" and "armor".
    Note: These conversions might not be the best! As they are my first try on making conversions.



  11. [SunJeong] Lovers Lab Collection

    Required Mods:
    Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enchancer - CBBE - (at least version 1.5.3)
    Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE
    CBP Physics or HDT-SMP (highly recommended to use HDT-SMP)
    Special thanks to 3aq, Rektas69, and Gooberlious for helping me test this before releasing



  12. Dwemermatron SE

    Dwemermatron SE 1.1 (2019.03.31)
    A customizable follower mod for Dwarven Modular Automaton in the vein of Fallout 4: Automatron.  The Khajiit merchant Ri'saad now sells a Dwemer Control Rod that will start the quest to acquire your own Dwemer automaton!
    Constructing and upgrading your follower is done at a new Dwemer workshop, located in the mountain pass above Windhelm.  There is a short dungeon to complete before you can activate the follower. Instead of using dialogue like normal Skyrim followers, the follower construct is controlled using the Dwemer Control Rod, which creates a popup box that lets you select your command.  This includes all the standard follower commands, although you may only trade if the follower is close to you. Additional automatons will awaken throughout Skyrim once you complete the follower.  When you have the follower with you, they will randomly attack you in the wilderness.  Otherwise, you may find them aimlessly attacking local wildlife.  They can also rarely be found in dwemer dungeons. Schematics for additional components for your follower are found on enemy automatons.  Simply loot their dead bodies and you will acquire any unowned schematics automatically.  (The script that does this is a little pokey, nothing I can really do to fix it.)  
    Dwarven Modular Automaton (assets only, you don't need to have the plugin activated)
    SKSE 64
    Known Issues
    The follower construct doesn't have an activation prompt during the quest to complete its construction.  Whenever the quest marker is pointing at it, you need to activate it. The follower starts out with empty body and feet slots.  Any armor you give it for these slots may become equipped, resulting in those parts of its body disappearing.  This issue will no longer occur once you upgrade its core and lower components.  
    Other Versions
    Nexus Mods download



  13. Aroused Sexy Idles Animations - SSE conversion.

    A simple conversion of TDF's Aroused Sexy Idles.
    How the mod works:
    This mod is designed to play specific animations based on your characters "arousal" levels. Current thresholds by default are: 40, 60, and 80. If PC/NPC arousal levels are below 40 then the animation will not play. It's really that simple, but they are kinda hot, so I wanted to add this for the community.
    Converted the file myself, and seems to be working as intended.
    This mod was posted to the forums with the express permission from the mod's original author/creator, "thedriedfinger."
    Unfortunately he/she is no longer or currently not an active modder, so I wanted to help the modding community a little bit.
    If it isn't obvious - There are a few requirements to get this thing running. (Pssst, the requirements are listed to the right >>>>>)
    Also, after meeting the requirements - don't forget to run FNIS for users after the installation, and for the uninstall too.
    P.S. This is my only file submission on Loverslab, and I tend to roam from game to game. Expect little to no support for this going forward. Quite simply - If an update breaks this... I probably won't know how to fix it.
    This mod is NOT to be used for any PAID MODS on Bethesda's creation club. Do not steal thedriedfinger's work, nor my contribution to it. This is for the loverslab community, and is not to be redistributed anywhere else. You are barred from receiving compensation/commission on this work - unless you receive express permission from the mod's original author, Thedriedfinger.



  14. Arousal Based Match Maker [ABMM]

    A simple sex mod based on Ashal's matchmaker, I decided to share it in case anyone likes the idea. There are a lot of other mods that initiate sex but none that do it in as simple a way as Ashal's matchmaker. This mod expands on it a bit but keeps it as simple as possible.
    What this mod does:
    Runs a polling script on the player which evaluates the nearby npcs (and player) for arousal level and if conditions are met initiates sex between viable characters.
    If the player is already involved in a sex scene there is a chance that nearby npcs will be driven crazy and start masturbating.
    Key condition settings can be set in the MCM (polling rate, minimum arousal for participants, chance that a character will want sex)
    Credits: Ashal for SexLab Framework and MatchMaker
    For Oldrim/LE users, there's now a version in the downloads (I just resaved the esp as form 43).
    NB I made this for myself as I couldn't find a mod that did what I wanted without adding a myriad of other stuff.  I decided to share it in case it appealed to other folks. There are loads of mods out there that probably do a better job.
    If you have Random Sex mod installed I'd advise against using this at the same time, there may well be other mods that it could conflict with.



  15. Submitted

  16. Mannequins Revamped

    This mod changes the body type and look of the mannequins to CBBE "Special" with BodySlide. Also should mention that it converts all mannequins to female (maybe i will fix it to randomize).
    I done a quick texture blend with a wooden look.

    There are Cruvy body types in the meshes folder if one does not wish to build in BodySlide yet.

    I started this mod for myself because i didnt like the way the mannequins looked and got a hair brain idea to clean it up and upload it, then had a face issue i was asking Bchick3 about (turned out to be a linking issue to a texture) and she suggested to add poses. So i started looking on that and found there were alot of Mannequin mods out there but none with BodySlide

    This mod does not contain scripts... yet.

    Here is a script mod that works for the mannequin poses which i have been using as information because i cannot get permission to use the code sense he has not been active for a few hundred years. VMSF

    I used the CBBE "Special" body for the "special" people and for body piercings...

    Breast and butt physics have been removed because... well its just not needed, however if one places a bouncy outfit on that glorious wooden stump well then shes ganna start bouncing

    So the update is going to have poses from Halos Poser and another one, i hope. Im working on permission for it.

    This mod uses the ManakinRace therefor other mods that implement mannequins should take on the same body and textures. Might have to load the .esp low in the list.

    As with any mod, make a new save or backup your saves before installing.

    Thank yous:

    Bchick3: for the bit of help and idea

    Groovtama: for Skeletons..

    Caliente & Ousnius: CBBE and BodySlide... need i say more

    Please check out my other pointless mods:

    Mannequins Revamped: changed the look and the bodys aswell as BodySlide

    No Same Race: a separate BodySlide for all races... ..of females

    Flame Atronach Revised : just tweaked the ingame files a bit and created a BodySlide for her. Also available here on LoversLab

    Ebony Valkyrie Armor Realistic Bounce CBBE add-on: this was a fix and a physics manipulation i had done



  17. Sexlab Amorous Adventures Turkish Translation

    predaturk'un cevirmis oldugu Amorous Adventures clean versiyonunun Sexlab 3.4 uyarlanmis versiyonu. Dosyasini uyarlamama izin verdigi icin predaturk'e cok tesekkurler.  Butun ceviri predaturk'e aittir. Ben sadece Sexlab versiyonuna uyarladim. Modu indirmeden once,  Loverslab sitesinden orjinal mod '' Skyrim Se SexLab-AmorousAdventures 3.4 '' indirmeniz gerekmektedir.

    Not: Mod maneger ile indirip animasyonlar aktif olmaz ise manuel olarak indirip dosyayı kendiniz kopyalayiniz. Kopyalamadan once loverlab sitesinden indirdiginiz  SexLab-AmorousAdventures dosyasinin yedegini aliniz.



  18. SexLab Light VR patch

    The point of this patch is to try to restore SLLight to functional parity with the full SL and to add some VR specific solutions for it.
    What does it do:
     - Adds a choice about the player character involvement into the animations that can be set in the new MCM page "VR": 
          1. No replacement - just like SL Light is working now
          2. Replace the player with a clone of the player character
          3. Use follower instead (requires and uses the settings of SexLab Solutions 5.0.7. Make sure this patch is installed after Solutions,)
               You can still use the patch without Solutions, this option - to use a follower, will just be unavailable but you could still chose the other two
     - Enables the MCM menu of SexLab with the following changes:
         - Removed the options for 3rd person camera
         - Removed the Journal as SL Light currently doesn't seem to update this info. (Will look into it further)
     -  Adds compatibility with VR body.
     - Enables sending of mod events, so mods like SLSolutions and Defeat now work correctly. (tested with Solutions)
    Note: Install this patch only on a save where SL Light has already been installed.
    About using a follower: After setting up Solutions check the MCM of this mod to see if a follower is been found. If not - use the spell in Solutions to choose a follower.
    How to : Animated player body in scenes
    You can force animated player body that will work with lots of the animations right now this way:
    - Install VRIK 0.3 (without VR Body)
    - When the animation starts the body will start to "flicker". This is because the body is fighting the animation.
    - When this happens start running away with the controller (the normal running control, for example pressing the upper part of the touchpad on the Vive wand)
    - The screen will go black and you will be sent back to the animation with properly animated body. If it still flickers - repeat.
    - Everything is animating except the head and the hands. Works very well with many of the animations, especially when the player is in the "male" role.
    It is still not clear why it works, but it does work.
    Soon, maybe within several weeks there will probably be a proper solution. I have talked with the author of VRIK about a proper way of letting the body animate and he said that he will take a look at how it can be done.
    Ashal - for SL
    Vinfamy - for SL Light
    Xiderpunk and Min - for ideas about how to handle the PC clone



  19. BabyDoll - CBBE SE - Bodyslide - Physics - SMP Cloth

    Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at adding SMP clothing physics to an outfit that never had it originally. It may be a little janky as I'm still learning. But I hope it is good enough for some! The mod comes with an SMP viel top and a non-SMP version.




  20. Lykaios Race New Version

    This is KrittaKitty's Lykaios race, updated with her latest work and completed by Bad Dog. The Lykaios were extracted from Yiffy Age and converted to SE by @Allegretto.
    A subspecies of the forest dwelling Vukasin tribe, the Lykaios are thought to be distantly related to the long extinct 'Vulpine' Lilmothiit peoples of Black Marsh. The nomadic Lykaios have no homeland; instead they live in small family packs in the coldest and most unreachable parts of Tamriel. Excellent hunters and trackers, the Lykaios are a hardy and rugged people resistant to cold and most diseases.
    About the mod
    This mod allows you to play as a Lykaios, male or female. The race has its own abilities and perks. There are many facial markings available but not all are obviously labeled, so play around with the sliders. Some markings are under the "dirt" option, so look there too.
    There are hair and earrings. Some earrings are under the "brow" slider--there are no actual brows for these.
    Males have an optional SOS schlong that uses my Hoodies mechanism. That's built in so it's not an extra prerequisite. Schlongs are dog sheaths and will unsheath for sex or if you have Sexlab Aroused installed with SOS integration turned on. They won't unsheath for spells or potions, sorry.
    KK was in the middle of a major update to the race when she stopped modding. She made her assets available, and I picked them up to use in the Yiffy Age mod. Mostly I just finished what she started. Differences are that I gave them my canine pawfeet and my clawhands; I left out the Scottie-dog brows and made her earrings available on that slider so they could be used with any hairstyle; I gave them high-poly heads following her models; and I re-did the face markings to allow a wider range of wolf and dog patterns.
    Now Allegretto has done the work to pull the Lykaios out of Yiffy Age and make it available as a standalone mod. But it's SE-only so you'll have to wait for a back port to LE. 
    Just download the files and install the ones you want in this order:
    Lykaios_SE - Base mod, no prerequisites. Bodies are vanilla with underwear unless you have a replacer loaded. Works with the UNP female body.  Lyakios_SE_CBBE - CBBE textures for people who use that female body. Only install if you use CBBE. Lykaios_SE_SOS - SOS schlongs. Requires SOS, duh.   
    Future plans
    Port to LE Digitigrade system NPCs



  21. Devious Followers 1.72 SE (Lozeak's Oldrim port)

    This is a simple conversion of Oldrim's Devious Followers 1.72 by Lozeak
    I basically followed an SE conversion tutorial, so I won't be able to provide much support but, as far as I can tell:
    * no t-poses
    * most of the gameplay seems to be there (even though I could not trigger certain events, but I guess it has more to do with my character not meeting the criteria)
    * no odd crashes/behaviours since I've installed the mod (I have played several hours w/ the mod active with no issues)
    The original thread (Oldrim) :
    Original file :
    All the mod prerequisites for Oldrim still apply here.
    As I'm simply publishing a conversion with Lozeak's go ahead, any use of that work is subject to Lozeak's terms when it comes to the re-use of code, assets, and so on.



  22. skinS(max2015).ZIP




  23. Forest Nymphs - SSE

    This mod started as the concept for my Wildlings race mod. But I could never get
    it quite the way I really wanted it. So I stripped it down, and it ultimately
    became the Wildlings race mod for Legenday Edition.
    This race mod is what Wildlings was really supposed to be.
    And that's where this little story begins.....
    With a tree.....

    But not just ANY tree. This, is a "Home Tree", as they are called by those
    who dwell upon them. There are 4 Home Trees of various size scattered around
    Tamriel. The one you see here is the easternmost tree, located in The Rift.
    The others reside in The Reach, Eastmarch, and Hjaalmarch.










    As you can see, they're as much a home as they are a part
    of the natural landscape. But how did they come to be?
    Well, that's a question you'll need to answer for yourself.
    And here is your chance:
    Forest Nymphs

    This, is a Forest Nymph. And she's as old as the tree she's sitting on.
    And ONLY Forest Nymphs get 5 very special spells. 1 for each Home Tree
    on Tamriel, and one for the last known Home Tree village, The Grove of the Fae.
    If you think Wildlings was a challenging race to play, you
    haven't seen anything yet. Because this race has fewer friends
    than Wildlings do. And with the new conditioning on
    certain aspects of the mod, it's exponentially more challenging.
    Wildlings was mostly a sneaky fighter type race. Forest Nymphs
    are more of a spellsword mixture, with a lot more magic focus
    than Wildlings has. Don't get me wrong. You can still play
    a sneaky fighter type character should you so choose.
    This race can easily be played either way once your health
    can take the punishment of a close combat style. Or, you
    can play as somewhat of a druid styled character. By
    somewhat I mean your list of nature bound friends is
    very short. In fact, ONLY wolves, giants, and mammoths will
    come to your aid in combat. EVERYTHING else will try to kill you.
    I didn't simply add this race to the Werewolf faction either.
    In fact, though wolves are friendly toward you, Werewolves
    will try to eat you. As will bears. And sabercats. And pretty
    much everything (and everyone) else. Wandering patrols
    of civil war participants will attack you on sight.  Revelers will
    look past your misgivings if you have a drink with them ?
    So why does everyone want to kill you?
    Well, it's a simple story really, as written by a long
    since deceased Forest Nymph elder.....
    That's right. You won't be the only one of your kind.
    Others have hidden throughout the world for centuries.
    But every now and then, one still gets caught, and their
    ears taken by hunters as trophies. Or alchemists as potion
    ingredients. Or by others as simple bounties to the Thalmor.
    Most remain within the relative safety of the hidden grove.
    But someone must sneak into the civilized places to steal
    supplies. Will it be you? Will your ears become story props
    in some hunter's trophy satchel? Or a highly sought after
    ingredient in an aspiring alchemists latest potion?
    Or perhaps as objects to trade to the Thalmor
    for some gold pieces? Or maybe you'll be
    different. Maybe you'll be the champion they
    tirelessly pray to Dibella to send forth.

    "Three gems Dibella gifted you,
    three gems for which to care,
    taken when they came for you,
    taken you know not where....."

    This is where your journey begins.
    It's a rather small quest. But if started at too low of a level, can take a REALLY long time.
    In testing, I breezed through the first objective at level 5.
    Though getting TO the objective is another story entirely
    Completing this quest is REQUIRED to forge the crown which disguises you.
    And therein lies the challenge. The first objective is easy because of the location
    of the first diamond. The other two? Well, lets just say that they're deep into territory
    you WILL NOT be welcome in. And no, they're not in dungeons.
    Worry not, you get quite a few spells and abilities to aide in your quest
    to craft the ultimate disguise.
    The diamonds are marked as quest items. So SexLab mods "should" leave them alone.
    However, the crown they are used to make is not. For this reason, I set the gems to respawn
    to keep them available should you somehow lose the crown, so it can be reforged again.
    So expect to wait for the areas they are located in to respawn before you can get them again.
    Or to need the console to obtain them sooner.
    I haven't tested too far into other areas, but I don't expect this mod will have
    any effect on the MQ if you use an alternative start, since it doesn't interact with
    the Greybeards Faction. I use Skyrim: Unbound myself, so I can start somewhere
    isolated and uninhabited.
    This mod CANNOT be used on a vanilla game. This mod DOES interact
    with MANY other factions. Mostly in very negative ways, by setting your
    starting faction as an enemy to nearly everyone (and every thing) else.
    Guards, most creatures, the Civil War factions, etc..
    You could try. But it will be a rather "short" play through.
    The race itself is quite challenging to master. With a decent mix of
    magic and non-magic abilities...
    On the magic side, they get about a dozen spells which are quite powerful.
    Some are for healing, and others are for combat, and some are what I call
    "utility" spells. An armor spell, and a "meditation" ability to regen magicka.
    Wait.... I didn't tell you? Oh... sorry. They DO NOT regenerate magicka normally.
    And they get NO utility spell to absorb it from others. They HAVE to
    meditate to replenish it (complete with it's own animation and effects).

    --->Focus of the Grove meditation ability<---

    Their health and stamina are greatly reduced, as are their respective regen rates.
    But they have a significant amount of magicka. If combat depletes magicka, and
    meditation (which takes about 90 seconds from 1/3 magicka) needs to be delayed until
    after the fight, then you'll need to rely on your non-magic combat skills to survive.
    Which brings me to:
    On the non-magic side of the race, you get enhanced
    sneak, one-handed, and archery skills. And one more utility
    "lesser power" called "Cloak of the forest". A 90 second invisibility
    that can be used to escape certain death in many instances.
    Night vision, an armor buff spell, and a soul detection utility
    are other pieces of your survival arsenal.
    So there it is.....
    What Wildlings was always meant to be. On steroids ?
    Here are just a few of the mods I run to keep my game
    challenging, and I HIGHLY recommend them all:
    An alternate start mod, such as Skyrim Unbound or
    Live Another Life
    Sands of Time - Ultimate Deadly Encounters (Spartan Difficulty)
    Dungeons and Dovahs
    Adventurers and Travelers (for the added Robbers)
    Travelers of Skyrim (for their vanilla faction interactions - enemies to this race)
    More Bandit camps
    Populated Civil War
    Warzones - Civil Unrest
    Scoped Bows - (a soft requirement for the included bow to work properly)
    Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim
    Experience (to tailor the leveling rate)
    and MOST importantly:
    Death is Highly Overrated - allows you to respawn at the Dibella shrines on the Home Trees.
    It also lets you customize many other options, such as inventory/coin loss, skill decrease penalties,
    respawn stat levels, etc..
    I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I do.
    Be sure to download and install Aanya's FaceGenData as well so you don't get the black face bug.



  24. Whiterun Immersive Sexual Playground For Skyrim SE

    Whiterun Immersive Sexual Playground For Skyrim SE
    Hello, dear "Himmelsrander" ( - "liebe" Skyrimer) ! 
    尊敬的先生/女士 !
    친애하는 관계자님께 드립니다 !
    ...after some tests with ZAP 8 plus and Skyrim SE, I noticed some CTD, depending on different items.
    Particulary items of the old ZAP 7 and so also my version can cause CTD, depending on some assets, 
    as soon they find their way into the item-menu, or if you come close ingame to those objects.
    Anyway it´s no bad idea to upload this mod in dependence of ZAP 8 plus, so you can maybe find out,
    which items don´t work and what stuff causes nonsence.
    This info can be collected and maybe I can find a workaround to bring them back
    alive in future. SKYRIM SE is somehow the wanted game,
    but I don´t like to loose even one single assets to play with-naturally we do all miss the HDT PE for now.
    The ragdoll ankle and - wrist-chain don´t work either. But I can not imagine,
    that this will not come also for SKYRIM SE.
    Away from that, enjoy the new Whiterun with a lot of new features for BDSM-gaming and ZAP.
    I also will add the customized "NEW WHITERUN" mod, so that you can use both together.
    ZAP has to be started with a NEW game, or please go back to one of the first SAVE-games to have
    it registered by MCM, then it should work properly.
    If you have played with the "Mod Whiterun", you can exchange that mod with this one and add the
    "New Whterun"-Mod from here again. This is for gamersideal , who play with ZAP 8 plus.
    Known issures:
    -gibbet-lifts are invisible /don´t work
    -some very few items of zap 7 and maybe v. 8  are crashing the game / causing CTD 
    (more screenshots will come..., please take a look in between at the Bannered Mare Mod of mine from the past.....enjoy;-)))
    THANK YOU for all the MODS you all have created and ported to SE in between,
    thank you for all the tools and all the endless time you all spend, to let stuff like this SHINE !!!



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