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Adult Mods

These Skyrim: Special Edition mods are of an adult nature.

431 files

  1. SKYGIRL BOOK: Playboy 70's

    SKYGIRL BOOK, Special Edition: Playboy Classic/70's
    Nude Classic Playmates 1970-1979
    LoversLab Version: only 11 Pages.
    Patreon Version: 118 Pages!! ---->>> PATREON!!!
    Bonus: +1 skill Smithing
    Location: Morthal
    More Mods? Support Me on PATREON!!



  2. Chinese JiangShi retextured ver. BHUNP

    (Image from the original retexture uploader)
    (the glowing tattoo on the belly is not part of this mod)
    About this file :
    - provide an alternate texture to the original mod
    Requirement :
    - BHUNP
    - Bodyslide
    - BHUNP 3BBB CHINESE JIANGSHI [SE] 1.1V by BakaFactory
    How to Use :
    All credits goes to :
    - Goutou (for the original LE cloth)
    - BakaFactory for BHUNP conversion
    - Nako for the retexture and mesh edit
    ...and if you wonder what's written on those papers
    the ones on the head and the nipples would translate into roughly "Command: seeing me makes you horny", but I'm not sure who is the subject, either the wearer or the necromancer who create the jiangshi (JiangShi is a type of undead creature reanimated by a sorcerer)
    You have to rebuild in Bodyslide. Replacing only the textures folder would NOT work.
    If you see this in Bodyslide, then it's working as intended
    This is the first time I make a "mod". Please report any bug you find. 



  3. Nordic Runic Slavetats pack

    Fuck me, the upload sound is so off tune.
    Nordic Runic Slavetats pack
    This is a tattoo pack made to work with Slavetats. I made this so I can use them in Rape Tattoo.
    I wanted some tattoos that were not as "direct" as most of the slutty and slave-y tattoos Slavetats provides.
    All the tattoos here are connected by the themes of Runes and Mysterious Symbols.
    This pack contains some* of the tattoos from the following mods:
    Community overlays 1-3
    ZMD'S Gothic Arcane Tattoos
    Weathered Nordic Bodypaints
    So if you want them as just simple overlays to be used in Racemenu, just use the real meat and tatties from those mods.
    If you are the owner of those mods, I am willing to remove this mod at your beckoning.
    DomainWolf For creating the community overlays 1-3 AND Weathered Nordic Bodypaints
    ZMD78 For creating Gothic Arcane Tattoos
    murfk For creating slavetats AND the guide to make my own packs.



  4. Amarith the Futanari Crusader

    NOTICE - I had a hell of a time getting this mod to work. First mod I ever made for special edition, and holy shit why is it so much harder making a follower with a custom face in SE than in LE??? So, I made, deleted, and changed a lot of stuff in the making of this mod. So I can't guarantee everything will work correctly, especially considering the CK really liked to tell me there was an error producing the BSA but produce it anyway, so idfk. I'd appreciate it if anyone that tries the mod let me know if it works and if you found any oddities.
    She is located in the Falkreath INN, "Dead Man's Drink".
    Also known across Morrowind as Amarith the Immortal, a holy crusader of the Gynopian Order in allegiance of the Goddess Kathrodite (Kath-thro-die-tee), Amarith has traveled far to Skyrim in search of heathen undead to slay and tight new holes to squeeze into.
    Her Futanium steel armor, forged in the molten jizz of her benevolent hermaphroditic Goddess Kathrodite, stands tall and imposing on sturdy high heel boots. Futanium vambraces, gauntlets, and pauldrons protect her flesh, while the fine fabric on her palms remains gentle enough to caress a partner without removing her armor. Her upper torso is padded by thick fabric woven with futanium maille, leaving the bottom half exposed so as not to disgrace herself by shutting away the blessing that swings proudly between her legs. No armor is needed there but the divine protection of Kathrodite.
    Download all requirements listed below and their prerequisites. Read all mod descriptions carefully if you're new to modding. This ain't no picnic. You have to work before you play, and if you half ass that work by blindly downloading stuff and not checking requirements it's your own fault if something doesn't work (Unless my mod is broke).
    The armor is a tad more complicated than the average mod, and the OG mod doesn't make that very clear. You need the texture files from the original Kardia mod, found here:
    After that you can install the 3BBB (3BA) converted version here on loverslab. You will find the link below in the requirements. After that it's a pretty standard install process. Just drop it in your data folder (After installing all requirements of course).
    Optional Options:
    Includes 3 options for your perusal:
            -Non Futanari ESP
            -Custom BodySlide Presets (For both the body and the schlong)
            -3BBB Vagina Texture Fix (Use if your char's pussy is too bright. Might be caused by ENB, idk. This is not made for my mod, I made this months ago. You can even use it without              my mod.)
    The body should be compatible with all CBBE body texture mods, but the schlong is not. I recommend using Fair Skin.
    Fair Skin Complexion - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/798
    If you have to use another mod, you may need to deal with texture seams or make your own patch using the guide provided on the SOS addon page.
    Only issue I know about is that she won't have a penis when you first meet her. Though she does actually have a dick, it just takes some fiddling with to get it to show because the revealing tag on armor can be finicky. You can fix this by targeting her (Default hotkey is N) and then open the Schlongs of Skyrim MCM menu. Her settings will be on the right. Adjust the size value of her dick to your preference (I recommend something between 4 - 7). This'll reset her dick and make it visible.
    Apachii Hair - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/2014
    CBBE 3BBB (3BA) - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/30174
    RaceMenu High Heels - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/18045



  5. SexLab SOS Strapon (Conversion For BHUNP) SSE

    Just a simple conversion of an older mod (specifically the strap on) that adds support for BHUNP bodies. And at the original authors request, keeping it on LoversLab 😘 😘 😘
    (As a note I have no plans of doing this for CBBE, I don't use that body and this was originally done for personal use and I decided to share it for others that use BHUNP)
    Thanks to Ashal for the SexLab framework. 🥰
    Thanks to Smurf, Vector and b3lisario for SOS. 🥰
    And of course thanks to Changer for the original mod. 🥰
    Special thanks to The 9 Tailed Yokai for providing pictures. 😘
    And a lovely shout out to all modders that continue to make Skyrim better. 😘

    Original Mod:



  6. SKYGIRL BOOK: Playboy 60's (LoversLab Version)

    SKYGIRL BOOK, Special Edition: Playboy Classic/60's
    Nude Classic Playmates 1960-1969
    LoversLab Version: only 11 Pages.
    Patreon Version: 120 Pages!! ---->>> PATREON!!!
    Bonus: +1 skill Restoration
    Location: Chillfurrow Farm
    next>>> SKYGIRL BOOK, Playboy Classic/70's (118 pages) <<<coming soon
    More Mods? Support Me on PATREON!!



  7. Aroused Sexy Idles SE - DAR version

    Got permission form Black714 to post this version, original mod: TDF Aroused Sexy Idles Plus - Sex Effects - LoversLab
    Uses Dynamic Animation Replacer to have actors play the aroused idles, that means: no plugins, no scripts and no need for FNIS/Nemesis.
    Install with your favorite mod manager and done.
    Support for both SexLab and FlowerGirls Aroused, included animations are for SSE.
    It is possible to customize arousal levels by editing the _conditions.txt files with notepad:
    Leito86 and red3113 for the animations, Black714, Kamo1 and TheDriedFinger for the original mods.
    Feel free to expand or redistribute condition sets.



  8. CRE Condom Face Body CBBE

    Original outfit by Crential
    Changes Made:
    -Oily Body
    Use the usual methods by either a mod manager or manual install.
    Utilize AdditemMenu and search "condom"
    Credit to Crential for the Outfit.



  9. Yiffy Age: Better Bretons

    Prurient, Ratchet the last Lombax, and theshiba
    A successor to the Fox Replacer for Lykaios Race, this mod completely overhauls the Breton race (a.k.a. foxes) from Yiffy Age of Skyrim (YA) and includes the following:
    New textures (including face tints) for males, females, the afflicted, and children, as well as a new set of "soft furry" normals and speculars. Additionally, there are textures for the SOS anthro schlongs and sheaths. New head meshes based on the Lykaios head mesh Weight slider enabled "Inari" tails for both sexes, including UNP and SAM bodyslide files. The tails currently use YA tail animations. Scars Vanilla eyebrows! Supports retexturing mods such as Hvergelmir's Brows Bushy eyebrows Male facial hair Facegen for all NPCs ESL flagged  

    A NEW SAVE GAME IS RECOMMENDED. We changed almost everything so you might experience some weirdness on an existing save. Likewise, do not try to uninstall this mod mid save. Load after YA and all of its patches. An example load order of YA Better Bretons for Mod Organizer 2 is shown below.

    Currently, YA Better Bretons is available for
    Special Edition  Legendary Edition  
    UNP and SOS textures are provided by the main mod. Optional CBBE and SAM compatible textures for SE are included as additional downloads here.
    Mods that make changes to Bretons (e.g., Immersive College of Winterhold) will require new patches made to support YA Better Bretons. Contact one of our team members to request a patch be made, and please let us know if you find any bugs!
    Note: YA Better Bretons was made for Yiffy Age of Skyrim version 10 and above.

    Patches for Special Edition:
    Alternate Start - Live Another Life Diverse Skyrim Populated Lands Roads Paths Cutting Room Floor Immersive College of Winterhold Legacy of the Dragonborn  
          Courtesy of Blubty3 (thanks for contributing!) -
    *New* Glorious Fort Dawnguard *New* Dark's Whiterun Market *New* Animal Mansion Plus  
    Patches for Legendary Edition:
    Immersive College of Winterhold  
    For Schlongs of Skyrim users:
    YA SOS VP Schlongs Pack (the muscular, regular, and smurf average schlongs now use the appropriate YA race textures)  

    WARNING: Users have reported Bodyslide crashes when building on version 5.3. We found that this was due to incorrect bone weighting. A new female tail bodyslide can be found here and will show up on your list as "Inari Female Tail UNP New". We have not had any reports of the male bodyslide causing problems, but the new version can be found in the Better Bretons SAM Patch. You may want to delete the old versions of these bodyslides from Better Bretons 1.1 to prevent them from accidentally crashing your batch builds.
    We had to disable the earrings, but we plan on re-enabling them in a future update. The HDT tails are inoperable until we can figure out what is causing CTD. Also, is that... hair coming out of your ears? No worries, adjusting the hairs to avoid clipping is on our to-do-list as well!

    Patches for LE  CBBE and SAM textures for LE earrings HDT tails Hairs refitted for vulpine head Additional face tints and new body overlays  

    Bad Dog for Yiffy Age of Skyrim and Lykaios Reborn
    KrittaKitty for the creation of the Lykaios race (and its assets)
    Oninace for YA Fenner Replacer, which is used as a base for YA Better Bretons
    xSkulleh for the original male vulpine head mesh included in Fox-Like Lykaios RaceMenu Preset
    poblivion for the original female fox textures as well as great advice on texture edititing
    Gromilla and Hidemaro for the Inari tail mesh in Equippable Inari Ears and Tails for SE SMP
    Fiszi for the refitted normals in Skysight Skin Muscles for SAM, which are the base of the SAM compatible normals
    fadingsignal for Skysight Skins
    The SOS team (Vectorplexus, Smurf, and b3lisario) for Schlongs of Skyrim
    Vectorplexus for Shape Atlas for Men
    factoryclose for BHUNP
    Ousnius and Caliente for Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition and Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
    witherlings for the amazing fur brushes used to improve upon the base fox textures and add detail to the face tints
    mrLenksi for CoverKhajiits
    Blaze, ASlySpyDuo, and Valehyena for bestowing upon us their immense modding knowledge  
    Thanks for trying out our mod!




  10. Harvesting Humans (for SSE)

    Content Warning: gore, cannibalism
    Hello all, this is my first mod. There were some other mods out there similar to this, but not like how I wanted it. So I decided to try making it myself.
    In short, this mod let's you harvest resources (meat and bones) from slain humans, as well as from Elves, Orcs, Khajiits and Argonians.

    When slain, a vanilla-race NPC will drop:
    2-4 human meat (or Elf/Orc/Khajiit/Argonian meat as appropriate)
    1 human heart
    2 random bones (see pic for list)
    The different races drop different meats with unique alchemical effects:
    Nords, Imperials, Bretons, and Redguards drop human meat (same effects as human flesh).
    Altmer, Bosmer, and Dunmer drop Elf meat.
    Orcs, Khajiits, and Argonians each have their own meats.
    Alchemical effects for the meats:
    You can craft the bones you collect into bone meal. You do this at the grain mills added in Hearthfire (the same ones where you make flour).
    You can also craft Bags of Fertilizer from bone meal at the mills. These don't do anything except sell for a good amount.
    You can use the meats to craft the following foods
    -At an oven: Human Pie, Elf Dumplings, Khajiit Dumplings, Orc Jerky
    -At a cookpot: Bone Broth, Argonian Stew
    Special Harvestables
    You can harvest a special item from a body by activating it while sneaking. Each body can only be harvested once.
    Humans: Human Skin
    Elves: Elf Ear
    Khajiits: Khajiit Pelt
    Argonians: Argonian Skin
    Orcs: Orc Fat
    The skins can make leather. As a bonus, you can also make something extra special from khajiits pelts.
    "You'll make a fine rug, cat!".
    Nothing special to do. Install it as you would most other mods.
    There are no core requirements, but SkyUI is needed if you want the MCM
    After installing, you may have to wait a couple minutes for the mod to work properly.
    -The mod will work with NPCs added by other mods, as long as they are one of the vanilla races.
    -This won't work on any races added by another mod.
    -As of V1.2.2, it is now compatible with mods that edit the vanilla races. Make sure "compatibility mode" is active in the MCM.
    Possible Future Ideas:
    -blood harvesting/more special harvest options
    -add merchant NPCs
    -cooking quests
    -a black soul gem/human hunting themed quest



  11. Cerinian and Katia Extended Skeleton

    This is a modified Skeleton for the Cerinian Race created using xpmsse assets. I modified the skeleton to work with the cbbb 3bbb body that means when the character crouches the vagina and the legs meshes will work (they also work for nsfw scenes). I been testing the skeleton and haven't run into any problems (crashes), if you find any i will try to fix them.
    I did this because the xpmsse skeleton has some issues with the head bones of these races.
    Cerinian Race:
    Katia Race:
    Prequel Katia Race:
    Groovtama gave me permission to use his skeleton to fix this one.
    Added some textures that i used for the cerinian race edited by me.
    I have tested the skeleton on oldrim and it works.
    cerinian cbbe nude textures no vagina.rar cerinian cbbe nude textures attempt with vagina.rar



  12. Latex Witch CBBE 3BA (3BBB) plus optional lvld list.

    CBBE 3BA (3BBB) conversion of Latex Witch bodyslide files.
    Latex Witch (made with version 1.1.0)
    CBBE 3BA (3BBB) (made with version 2.0.4)
    Bodyslide and Outfitstudio (made with version 5.3.1)
    A simple leveled list plugin.
    It inject Latex Witch as a random outfit using all the parts along side the Vanilla Ebony Armor in Vanilla leveled lists and Outfits.
    The plugin is flagged as esl, it also gives males Vanilla Ebony Armor for slots 32/33/37.
    -Load after any other plugins that may overwrite it,
    and/or use a bashed patch and check it in SSEEdit if anything need to be manually merged.
    For the Character in the picture:
    I used Game of Thrones celebrities by daxoss
    Acro748 for CBBE 3BA(3BBB)
    ousnius for Bodyslide
    m4mk203 for Latex Witch
    daxoss for the character preset



  13. Sexlab Follower Needs

    Sexlab Follower Needs
    I made this mod after thinking it'd be nice if followers could 'relive' themselves in between travels, and after finding Sexlab Release by davisev5225, I learned how to actually make it. This is my first ever 'actual' mod, but so far it's worked very well for me. This mod gives followers the ability to masturbate when aroused, either only in player homes or out in public (configurable through the MCM). It's an extremely light mod, and pairs well with mods like Spectator Crowds or Eager NPCs. Form IDs are already compacted, so it's ready to ESL-ify if needed.
    Followers will only masturbate in player homes (Including DLC homes), and will select the appropriate animation from SexLab based on gender. (This feature can be turned off through the MCM, allowing followers to masturbate as soon as the arousal threshold is reached.) Followers will only masturbate if they are not in combat or busy. Possible Issues:
    The mod checks if a given NPC is in the currentFollowerFaction to determine if they are a valid follower or not, so if a custom follower doesn't use that faction they will not be detected by the mod. The one exception is Inigo, as there's explicit support for him. Credits:
    Thanks to davisev5225 for the inspiration, and scripting reference. (The scripts are written entirely by me, however I did spend a lot of time referencing his scripts to learn exactly what to do.)  
    You are free to use whatever scripts you like from my mod, as long as you provide some form of credit. Please do not upload this mod anywhere else.



  14. Chubby Bunny, All

    I finally updated my 3BA and decided to mess around with the new sliders! This preset is made
    to be used in tandem with the new custom normal maps for belly fat.
    A heads up; if you use bijin like I do, there will be a seam. I tested it with Demoniac and Diamond skin,
    and with Demoniac there is no seam, and only a minor one with Diamond.

    Okay, enough faffing about, this preset goes from a slighter body with a more pear shape all the way to a full figured, chubby.
    If you want your character to look exactly like the screenshot, this is what you need:
    CBBE 3BA 3BBB, (don't forget to use the most recent version and the custom normal maps!)
    Bijin, realistic diffuse
    Fair Skin, (Install bijin first, and then goose bumps under specular map and then default subsurface texture)

    Here's the link to the imgur album with all the preview images!



  15. Bathing in Skyrim Tweaked SE edition

    BluByt3's Bathing In Skyrim Tweaked
    This is a small patch that changes the way Bathing In Skyrim handles the dirt FX. Rather than using a magic effect shader, this changes it to use a RaceMenu overlay instead. This was 100% not my idea - check out MonoMan's original mod first. This is esentially a very stripped down version of his tweaked mod - there's no alternate texture sets, or logic for washing out cum. Plugin is esl flagged, so it won't take up a load slot.
    Allows for other magic effect shaders to play nice with BiS dirt FX, such as oakflesh or sexlab cum. Also allows for better compatibility with mods like Enhanced Blood, so you won't end up with weird texture conflicts at the same time. Credits:
    Thank you very much MonoMan for the excellent scripts, and mz1n for the original mod.



  16. BluByt3's Dovakiin's Infamy Patch Collection

    BluByt3's Patch Collection
    This is a collection of patches for vinfamy's excellent mod, Dovahkiin's Infamy. (SE/LE) These include:
    MCM Menu:
    This adds a fully functional MCM menu to control the options given at the beginning of the quest, as well as some control over the thresholds for infamy/sadism/perversion. Requires SkyUI v.4 at a minimum.
    Khajiit Speak Patch
    Changes all of the player dialogue to reflect Khajiit speaking mannerisms. ESL-Flagged, and totally safe to remove from a save (Theoretically - it only changes player dialogue, nothing else.) Note: there's no way to check if the player is not playing a Khajiit, so disable the ESP if you're not playing a Khajiit. Or don't. 
    Yiffy Age Of Skyrim Patch
    Facegen data for the NPCs added by the mod, as well as changes a few NPC appearances.
    Requires Bad Dog's Yiffy Age of Skyrim.
    All plugins are ESL flagged, so they shouldn't take up a spot in your load order.
    Please report any bugs ASAP, as I haven't played through the whole Dovahkiin's Infamy mod yet.



  17. Paradise Halls - Diary Of Mine [WIP]

    Introduction: This mod is an extension to PAHE 7.5.5+ for Skyrim Special Edition. 
    Diary of Mine adds personality traits to all unique NPC and PAH faction actors. A non-voiced dialogue line "Let's have a serious talk" is added to the actors where the player can ask them about their personality and their feelings. Traits are based on the HEXACO personality model used in various psychological studies. There are 6 personality traits linked to 6 feelings. For PAH slaves, traits can not change but feelings will change depending on emotions. For other NPC, traits and feelings are constant. In this case feelings correspond to their general feelings in life.  I also added 6 physical and psychical traits acting as emotion filters, so an actor can be calm but physically extremely sensitive. Here are the implemented traits, and feelings with their corresponding training stats.
    - Personality traits: Unlawful/Honest, Anxious/Calm, Shy/Lively, Mean/Kind, Lazy/Thorough, Shallow/Open
    - Extra traits: Needy/Bold, Weak/Wilful, Stupid/Smart, Frigid/Sensual, Delicate/Tough, (Frail/Robust not used can be seen as HP)
    - Feelings: Docile/Defiant, Nervous/Relaxed, Humble/Proud, Hate/Love, Sad/Happy, Victim/Free
    - Training stats: Submission, Fear training, Humiliation, Anger training, Broken (Resignation), Respect
    - E:motions Pain, Fear, Shame, Stress, Sorrow, Discipline
    Only two training stats are new compared to PAHE, humiliation and broken (sometimes referred to as trauma or resignation). Traits, feelings, training stats and emotions of the same color are directly related. For example honesty will influence how fast docile feeling also called submission will be affected by the pain emotion. Or if you want to train your slave anger management, submerge her/him with stress. This is for direct connections only as more complex relations exist. Extra traits factor in at emotion level. A tough person will be less sensitive to physical punishment and a sensual person will be more sensitive to foreplay.
    To help you get started you can focus on small punishment reasons like,
    - Reasons for punishment: "cowering", "begging to stop", "covering self", "being angry", "crying" (same color code as above)
    Respect can be raised using the "tell slave" option rather than punishment or through the "Come here slave" dialogue. While "no reason" can make the slave angry.
    More important reasons will have a bigger effect on training.
    - More reasons for punishment: "no_sex", "didnt_fight", "refusing to strip", "running_away", "didnt_pose", "struggling", "not_respectful".
    Look for the corresponding notifications or the idles the slave uses to get a hint on what next punishment reason could be..
    - 1.0.0 initial release
    - 1.0.x AYGAS and HSH patch 1
       I included a clean save at Fort Greymoor with Uthgerd as follower, you can start chasing bandits right away.
       You can try the LE version of the esp kindly provided by CliftonJD for testing purposes.
      Added punishment reason "covering self" after stripping if slave did cover self. Added training on equipment change: naked, allowed to wear an armor or a weapon, forced to wear degrading clothes (for the moment only poor clothes) or Zaz devices.
      Added a Fomod installer version thanks to Tiress. This is the one you should be using for better compatibility with other PAH extensions .
      Added personality trait bonuses according to previous job and employer. Non unique NPC are now randomized to avoid capturing the same bandit over and over.
    - 1.1.x Added friendship between slaves. See friendship by asking a slave his/her feelings. Added a check on SexLabAnimating faction to ensure idles are not played in a middle of a sex anim. Friends might try to runaway together. Spawned NPC now save their random seed in a faction so they should be identical when leaving PAHE and then reentering. Crying slaves can be punished. No more submission forced at 0 and other stats should not be reset neither after leaving PAHE and reentering.
    - 1.2.x Added praise/scold dialogue "Come here slave". Praising applies to good fighting, had sex (being a good girl/boy), was or is posing/bondage (being a good pet) and did not run away with friends. Added punishment reason for begging to stop and for cowering. Punishing for the same reason twice in a row has more effect. NPC remembers they experience as a slave after being released (see the effect on their feelings). Check slave dialogue under "Come here slave" topic. Check slave animation depends on MiasLair.esp and SexLabDefeat.esp for the moment (WIP animation it is just a proof of concept).
    - 1.3.0 More mood for slaves: sad, shocked and broken. In addition to the usual ones neutral, angry and afraid. A slave in shock will be more receptive to punishment and less to scolding. You can comfort a slave in shock with praising. A broken slave will always follow your orders. Updated to PAHE 7.5.6
    - 1.3.1 No more friendship if NPC are in different cells. Friendships are updated when player change cell.
    I condemn physical and psychological violence of any form. This mod is intended as entertainment only. Any under-aged actor is forbidden from the PAH side of this mod.
    Status: green = done, yellow = started, red = planned
     - Traits are generated randomly with NPC RefId as seed, so they will always be the same
     - Traits have bonuses according to races
     - NPC and PAH actors dialogue showing their traits and feelings in a message box. Not ideal but dynamic dialogues would be hard to implement.
     - PAH training process includes modifiers according to traits.
     - Slave can now refuse to strip. Hence giving you a good reason to punish them and scare them. A scared slave will always agree to sstrip.
     - Player can now praise or scold slave with the "Come here slave" dialogue option.
     - Added notifications for immersion. Notifications don't show if player is in a different cell.
     - Friendship between slaves. Maximum 4 friends. Friends will be scared when they witness one of them being punished.
     - Add more idles to show PAH actors mood according to their traits. (a shy actor will not show anger easily, ...)
     - Add more punishment options, currently. Suggestions welcome.
     - Needs to add more special modifiers to random generated traits according to voice-type or for specific actors
     - Add vanilla voice lines to dialogues (yes, no, thank you). Any good tutorial around?
     - Looking into adding more expressive idles New idle suggestions welcome (look down, cries softly, beg for mercy, ...)
     - Looking into adding paired animations Any good tutorial around?
     - Planning to add more interactions: Slave body check, forced foreplay, threatening, ... Again, animation suggestions are welcome.
     - Followers can guard slaves. There is something a bit similar in HSH.
     - Slave to slave interactions: Planning against master, comforting each others, witnessing punishment, reporting bad behavior of other slaves, ...
     - Quest idea1: "You have recently become aware some slaves might be planning to escape"
     - Quest idea2: "You have recently become aware a few slaves might be planning something against you"
    Known bugs: suggestions welcome
    - You can ask unique animals like dogs about their personality.
    - Some slaves get out of their ZAZ shackles when moving. I am not sure I understand what's happening.
    - If you have a lot of slaves you might get a lot of notifications. Remember this is WIP and notifications are needed for debugging purpose.
    - Notifications from slaves not in the same cell as player or the slave being punished. Needs a check on same cell.
    - New training stats resignation and humiliation are not saved to factions. Slaves coming in and out of HSH or AYGAS will have those stats reset.
    Install right after PAHE 7.5.5 (or more if you dare), same for load order. I tried to ensure compatibility with AYGAS, HSH and Slaver Spellbook, any bug report is welcome.
    If you are using Skyrim LE, try download the LE patch and overwrite the esp with it. Thank to CliftonJD. for providing the patch. Patch is provided as is, we do not have LE installed and can not test it further.
    Start from a clean save, wait 5 minutes, save, reload, wait 5 minutes, config your MCM mods, you should be good to go.
    I would suggest not to use magical slave collars for a better immersion. If your just captured slaves drives you crazy by constantly running away, it's a feature, use ropes and start training! Or just enslave anxious actors will very little willpower, those will have smaller chance to plan an escape.
    PAHE obviously and its requirements, Sexlab and Zaz.
    If you have AYGAS installed but not Interactive BDSM, you will need to use the noITF version or check the right boxes in the fomod installer.
    Thank to all the teams who made this mod possible. Thank you to CliftonJD for allowing me to repack pieces of PAHE code and DocClox for HELP WITH Slaver Spellbook patch. Thanks to the BDO and TAL teams for their armor sets used in a few screenshots. The harness if Venus Cage by Ninirim. NPCs by Botox for Skyrim.



  18. Devourment Refactor

    Devourment is an entire lineage of vore mods. Devourment Refactor is my attempt to make a version of Devourment that is stable, maintainable, and extensible.
    Any bug report about a CTD MUST be accompanied by NetScriptFramework crash log. And please put it in a SPOILER tag, like a civilized person. The SKSE Address Library Plugin is requirement of Devourment's requirements. It was missing from the requirement list, so I added it. Honestly it never even occurred to me that anyone would NOT already have it installed. Bug reports about dialogue are useless unless you include the line that the PLAYER speaks. I need to know that line in order to find the correct dialogue. Devourment Refactor is completely, 100% INCOMPATIBLE with other Devourment mods. Don't even try it. Don't do it! If you have questions about how the code works, please ask.   
    Thank you to ForgetfulHatter for this!
    Skyrim Special Edition Vore mod install guide NMM Version
    Thank you to InfinityKage for developing a wiki!
    Devourment Refactor Wiki | Fandom
    Concerning Animations
    Notable Features



  19. Latex Witch

    Latex Whitch
    First of all my big thanks to Kimy for permission to use cubemap texture (zad_Ebonite_e.dds) for my latex materials.
    And ofcourse my additional thanks for inspiration taken from Devious Devices.
    Latex armor pack for mistress. This armor not contains any slave-type elements. With this pack you will get 43 armor pieces (for now) including two milker devices (futa and regular) and futa characters support. First of all this is armor not just BDSM clothing. Armor class - ebony. Craftable. Can be tempered and enchanted.
    Key features of this mod
    1. Hi-poly meshes (in terms of Skyrim) and 4k textures. Yes its hevy thing. 
    2. Futa characters support (SOS- Addon - Futanari CBBE SSE by EvilReFlex)
    3. Bodyslide files for CBBE SE
    4. This is armor not just BDSM-style clothing. Armor type - Ebony. 
    5. Crafting and tempering recipes. You will need Ebony Smithing perk.
    6. Proper Ground Objects for all armor pieces
    7. Regular milker device: base + bottle + soul gems batterys
    8. Futa milker device
    9. Thongs can be combined with suits (you can wear them in same time)
    10. Both milker devices can be used as separate armor parts so you dont need any armor parts on slot 32 or thongs to wearing milkers. 
    CBBE 3BA Conversion by Arthacs      Latex Witch CBBE 3BA (3BBB) plus optional lvld list. 1.0.0
    - Skyrim SE.
    - SOS SE.
    After downloading just delete indexes like "17608106_"  from filenames and all will works fine.
    Filenames must be
    [TRX]  LatexWhitch_1_1.7z.001
    [TRX]  LatexWhitch_1_1.7z.002
    [TRX]  LatexWhitch_1_1.7z.003
    [TRX]  LatexWhitch_1_1.7z.004
    May be i do something wrong but i dont know what the problem is...
    1. Download all 4 mod parts, repack them in one archive (sorry, 250 mb file limit on LL download section) and install mod with your prefer mod manager.
    2. Build meshes in BodySlide
    Just delete group filter file  - Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderGroups\[TRX] Latex Whitch.xml and BS will works properly.
    My fault. Will fix it in the next update.
    Future plans
    1. More armor parts
    2. Containers for futa milker
    3. Masks with head sliders support (but only for COtR head for now)
    4. Red and white textures for armor.
    If you like my work  you can support me on my Patreon page.



  20. My Followers Pack 7 - Standalone Followers - SE

    Seventh follower pack released! I hope you enjoy this one too. I'll be waiting for your feedback!
    Thank you for all the support! I hope you're all staying safe ❤️ 
    Read Emma's story here. Read Lizzy's story here. Read Rhidia's story here. Read Sahora's story here.  
    >> Check the outfits list here <<

    Followers: Emma, Lizzy, Rhidia, Sahora and Shera. Level: 10 and will level up with the player. Marriageable: Yes. They wear the following clothes/armor:
    Emma → Penitus Oculatus armor.
    Lizzy → College Restoration Robes.
    Rhidia → Alik'r armor.
    Sahora → Jarl clothes.
    Shera → None.  
    I've personally tested this mod in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help).

    Emma - Inside Jorrvaskr, Whiterun.

    Lizzy - Stendarr's Beacon, The Rift.

    Rhidia - Outside White River Watch, Whiterun.

    Sahora - Inside Jarl Elisif The Fair's Bedroom, Blue Palace (Solitude).

    Shera - North-East Lake of Darkwater Crossing, Eastmarch.

    A skeleton that supports the body physics (SE or LE). HDT-SMP (SE) / HDT (LE).  

    Body - UNPK (Bodyslide Studio)
    Skin -  Fair Skin Complexion
    Brows - Hvergelmir's Brows
    Eyes - The Eyes of Beauty
    Hair - KS Hairdo's
    ENB - Picturesque ENB



  21. Estrus Tentacle Re-Texture Chaurus Style

    Its just a simple retexture of 2 files for the Tentacle of the mod Estrus for Skyrim SE.
    (Texture taken from More Nasty Critters Mod)
    My first ever file i made and i thougt i´m gonna share it because why not...
    Dont expect any more from me... i´m no modder/creator!
    Install: Replace the 2 files in:
    (Always make a backup)



  22. No Spiderwebs (for SOS FPH 2.0.4)

    This is a patch for this mod:
    A humble person once (quite correctly) noted that some of the FPH meshes have certain aesthetic issues with "internal spiderwebbing" when added to a 3BA body with properly working genital opening collision.
    This is just some cloned Bodyslide files for those meshes with the addition of a "zap spiderwebs" zap that should clean that up.  Build those instead.



  23. SCARS VR Loading Screens

    SCARS VR Loading Screens
    Survival - Creatures - Abuse - Rape - Slavery
    My current play through is of nubile yet strong adventuress in a very dark and brutal Skyrim.  I wanted to create a set of loading screens to reflect this gritty world.
    This is a loading screen mod meant for SkyrimVR.  I will work on adapting it to SSE toward the end of development.  
    In VR there will be sets of 2D panels that wrap around the player. These panels will tell "stories" of life in this oppressive Skyrim.
    Current Status:
    Working Alpha V.3.3 (see proposed versioning below)
    No tool tips
    100 loading screens - stories are triptych panel configuration - containing multiple images for each panel
    Next update:
    I NEED A HERO! I have the 16X9 nif in the download section called HELP.nif  - I have several 2 panel stories that I want to release be need the modified mesh.
    Hopefully someone can help with the mesh work
    (I need a curved mesh for the diptych panels.  The aspect ratio needs to be 16:9.  There will be two 16:9 curved panels to give a 180 degree around the camera effect.  It could look like a panel with four 20 degree bends equally spaced.  I have never used blender and I assume someone can do this way faster than me.) DM for the flat mesh I need modified.
    Download the .txt file.  It will show the DL link for AnonFile where the mod is hosted.  (This gets around the 200mb limit for LL) Download the mod and install as usual.
    HOWEVER YOU MUST CHANGE you skyrimVR.ini or your loading screens will be miniature.  Skyrim has a max size for the loading screen Nif meshes.  These will need to be increased to allow large images that surround the camera.
    Change these skyrimvr.ini settings (use ctrl + F to quickly find the fUIMistMenu_MaxModelSize & fUIMistMenu_CameraFOV_G)
    Note for skyrimvr.ini
    This file is usually located in ...\Documents\My Games\Skyrim VR\
    If you are using MO2 you need to adjust the ini within MO2 as seen here:
    If you do not like the mist get this mist remover.
     Can't download from AnonFile?
    Design Philosophy:

    Examples of content you will find:

    Simply download and install the newest version and replace the older version.

    How you can help:

    Image Credits:

    Proposed Versioning:



  24. Gryphon In Skyrim-Regular Edition

    Mod replaces rats with griffins
    requires More Nasty Critters.
    Finally, I finished the gryphon mod,
    use it at your discretion, change and edit it as you want, add it to your mods.
    Created by
    Uploaded by



  25. Phillip The Horse SE

    Phillip The Horse SE:
    I've modified Phillip and finally decided to upload him. (sorry about that) I will add screens soon. if anyone wishes to contribute some, send them my way. I'll be sure to credit ya if I choose to share it.
    This is still the same mod as LE, so he is not totally complete on everything. This is a DIRECT PORT. He is not a rideable horse. I wish to fix this and update him to have this feature when I figure out how to do so. Now of course, it would be pretty lame if I only straight ripped the mod and uploaded him. Instead, I have also modified the Mesh to use ABC (on the ABC version) this WILL REQUIRE ABC.
    If you have any issues please let me know. I have had him tested by multiple people this time, not only myself. That way I can try to mitigate the issues that arose with the Tirk upload. I'm sure some will still have problems with him though, so I'm happy to help here in comments, or over on my Discord. I'll link below.


    Again: If you download the ABC Version, you will need ABC.
    P.S.: Some packs listed below aren't actual hard reqs as far as I can tell. I don't use HCOS, or funnybusiness, so those are not hard reqs. Fus Ro D-oh, Sexlab, CF, and More Nasty Critters are hard reqs.
    Future Plans: As stated, I plan to continue to troubleshoot/improve Phillip in the ways I know how. My biggest concern is giving the ability to ride him. Other than that, someone gave me the idea to work on a troll follower a while back, and I'm considering taking a shot at figuring that out. It all depends on how busy I am, so no promises.
    Original Mod Link:
    Original Mod Description:
    Phillip the Talking Horse
    The sequel to Tirk in a series of talking creature followers. Is incomplete but functional, and by that I just mean it is missing one or two features I want to add in the future.
    You can find Phillip in Katlia's farm just outside of Solitude.
    Educate Thyself:
    http://www.citrus.k12.fl.us/staffdev/social studies/PDF/Medieval English.pdf
    http://go.vsb.bc.ca/schools/templeton/departments/socialstudies/MsRamsey/Documents/Medieval People.pdf
    For Thine Amusement:
    https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1057%2F9781137273062_12     (Original post was deleted, so I had to find this)
    -CreatureFramework (Latest standalone version)
    -More Nasty Critters V10+ (Recommend SLAL version)
    -Horny Creatures of Skyrim
    -Sexlab Animation Loader
    -Billy's Slal Pack
    -Fuz Ro D-oh
    -might require funnybusiness animations. Can't remember
    -Sailing Rebel slal anim pack
    Simply unzip the archive and drop the files in your skyrim folder.
    Uncertain. I wanted to finally get this mod out, but I haven't had time to do a lot of testing, or get screenshots.



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