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Adult Mods

These Skyrim: Special Edition mods are of an adult nature.

30 files

  1. Lykaios Race for SSE with SOS Light Support

    This is just the Lykaios race made by KrittaKitty converted to Skyrim Special Edition converted by some lazy asshat Appalmemnom and added SOS Light support by me. 
    Thanks should go to original creator KrittaKitty and converter Appalmemnom.
    If you have nexus endorse the original mod. Lykaios Race - Legacy Version
    For Apachii hair support download the optional Apachii file from here.
    (Do not download "Lykaios Vampire at creation kit fix", I already fixed that when I added the SOS support and it will mess up Lykaios feet)



  2. Honoka Pasties - CBBE - BodySlide

    Adds five different pasties that use the body slot.
    a. Bandage
    b. Bunny
    c. Ribbon
    d. Star
    e. Flower
    f. Evil Star
    - Support for Skyrim SE CBBE
    - Bodyslide friendly
    a. Look for "Putra"
    - One pair high heel included. Please set the heel slider to 25 in BodySlide.
    Screenshots Here:



  3. Fertility Mode

    Adds a menstrual cycle to the women of Skyrim for role play purposes. Tracked women proceed through the menstrual cycle and can become pregnant as well as give birth to babies. Tracking is started on an ad hoc basis to keep the script load light, and the menstrual cycle is simplified into safe and unsafe days.
    Other mods can expand on the behavior by handling events fired during processing.
    SKSE or SKSE64
    SkyUI or SkyUI SE(for MCM configuration)
    PapyrusUtil or PapyrusUtil SE
    For belly scaling, body replacement (such as UNP Female Body Renewal) and clothing/armor replacement (such as UNP Body Fit Armors and Clothing) with a belly node are required. However, Fertility Mode will function without them.
    SexLab and SexLab SE are both fully supported. Orgasm events will be caught, interpreted, and insemination applied for appropriate animations.
    Flower Girls SE is also supported with a patch. Climax events will be caught, interpreted, and insemination applied for appropriate animations.
    To install, add the mod with your favorite mod manager (recommended), or drop the extracted contents of the archive to your Data folder.
    To uninstall, remove the mod with your favorite mod manager (recommended), or delete the archive files from the Data folder.
    How Does It Work?
    When Fertility Mode is enabled, any woman will be tracked after the first insemination; a female player will be tracked automatically. Insemination can be achieved through dialogue options, randomly when sleeping near NPCs, optional spells, or by hooking into intimacy mods such as Flower Girls. Multiple inseminations increase the chance of becoming pregnant; a washout potion can be crafted at any cookpot or purchased from an apothecary if the insemination was unwanted.
    After being added to the tracking list, a woman is given a random day within the menstrual cycle. The cycles will be updated in game time (every hour by default), and when the end of the cycle is reached, it will start over back at the beginning. At any time during the cycle, there is a chance to become pregnant. On safe days the chance is low, and on unsafe days the chance is higher.
    If the sperm quality and conception checks succeed, the woman will become pregnant and the cycle will be paused for the duration of the pregnancy. At the end of the pregnancy, birth options will be applied, then the cycle starts over on the first day. Birth options include a wearable baby in a sling, and a filled black soul gem. The birth options can be mixed and matched from the MCM menu, with the baby item acting as default behavior.
    Take care of your health when pregnant or adventuring with a baby. If it gets too low, the baby may not survive. After birth, the baby can be transferred to your spouse for safe keeping.
    Fertility Mode is highly configurable through a SkyUI MCM, with defaults being a happy medium between realistic and accelerated for gameplay purposes.
    As part of the dialogue options, you can convince an NPC you've been intimate with to marry you, if they are eligible for marriage.
    Mod Events
    Mod events are fired at certain points such that other mods can hook into the system. Following are the available events:
    FertilityModeCycleUpdated: Fired when the cycle is updated for any actor. FertilityModeCycleSafe: Fired when the actor is on a safe day. FertilityModeCycleUnsafe: Fired when the actor is on an unsafe day. FertilityModeNpcPregnant: Fired when an NPC becomes pregnant. FertilityModePlayerPregnant: Fired when the player becomes pregnant. FertilityModeNpcLabor: Fired every hour on the last day of pregnancy. FertilityModePlayerLabor: Fired every hour on the last day of pregnancy. FertilityModeNpcBirth: Fired when an NPC gives birth. FertilityModeNpcAbort: Fired when an NPC aborts. FertilityModePlayerBirth: Fired when the player gives birth. FertilityModePlayerAbort: Fired when the player aborts.


    In no particular order:
    Lactina, for the wonderful baby model and textures. Vioxsis, for conversion efforts of the model and textures for use in Skyrim. Milzschnitte, for his BeeingFemale mod which encouraged me to write this, as well as permission to use sound assets. Vinfamy, for placing climax hooks into SexLab SE at my request. Xiderpunk, for assistance with the CK Story Manager and moral support. Mara Lightfeather, for assistance gaining permission to the baby model. giamel, for extensive testing, feature ideas, and corrections to the baby item files. Everyone who offered feedback and suggestions. This mod would not exist without you.


    "What happened to Basic Pregnancy Cycle?"
    Basic Pregnancy Cycle was in need of a rewrite, and the changes were extensive enough to be a separate mod. Both have a similar feel and function roughly the same way, but Fertility Mode is intended to supersede Basic Pregnancy Cycle as being closer to my original vision.
    "Aren't SKSE64 and SkyUI still in alpha for Skyrim Special Edition?"
    They are, but the features needed for Fertility Mode are stable. Updates are unlikely to break Fertility Mode.
    "What happened to the child actors from Basic Pregnancy Cycle?"
    The functionality of the child actors posed three problems:
    Magically having grown children, even with the nursing quest, was not immersive. There were several technical limitations to the spawn. Functionality was often confusing to players.

    I concluded that the feature was not of a professional quality and eliminated it for the time being.

    "Are NPCs supported?"
    Yes. NPCs and a female player use the same code; the only functional difference is additional magic effects are given to the player for informational and buff/debuff purposes. Where relevant, different mod events are fired depending on whether the tracked actor is the player or an NPC.
    "Are spouses supported?"
    Yes. Fertility Mode adds an option to start the marriage quests without an amulet of Mara. Functionality with existing spouses and the vanilla marriage process should be seamless, and additional dialogue trees are offered when speaking with a spouse.
    "What if my character is a man?"
    Both male and female players are supported. A female player receives a menstrual cycle and can become pregnant. A male player can make NPCs pregnant.



  4. Rosa Round-Bottom ---SSE ADULT Follower Mod---

    Fair warning! Mod and images contained therein are of an adult natur- HEY WAIT A SEC! This is LoversLab I'm at! Why the fuck would I post a warning about an adult mod on a website that's ALL ABOUT adult mods? We'll ALL about the nitty gritty here. The bewbs, the butts, the benises, and the occasional tentacle up the butt. Not really my thing but you won't find me knockin' ya on it. You do you mang.






    -Rosa the Follower-
    Here to join you again for all your new adventures in Skyrim is everyone's favorite half naked barbarian warrior; Rosa! A bit more than just a simple port, Rosa also comes sporting that brand spanking new CBBE SSE body, making here among the first standalone followers to use this fantastic new body. Even in SSE Rosa still packs quite a wallop and if you dare, is also quite eligible for marriage.
    -The Brazen Armor set-
    Available once again is the Brazen Dragonbone Heavy Armor set for your Dragonborn to don themselves with. The armor is available for both CBBE SSE and for UUNP Bodyslide. Male support also available.
    The armor can now be made in any forge, provided you have the Dragonsmithing perk.
    ...or you can be a dirty little cheat and type ---help "brazen"--- in the console commands. =P
    If you use other mods like the Dragonbone Barbarian sets, you'll notice this armor shares some modularity with them. So don't be afraid to mix and match with the pieces!
    You can still find her at Angi's Camp, just south of Falkreath, high up in the Jerall Mountains. Why so far up there? Because why not. =P
    -Rosa Standard Follower Files-
    A legit and most up to date install of Skyrim SSE
    Qu and Ah
    -For Rosa-

    -For the Brazen Armor-

    I'd STILL also like to give my longtime thanks to those who long ago dared to risk blowing up their own rigs just to test my mods, and in no particular order:
    ...and of course to Bethesda, for you know, Skyrim and all that junk.
    If there's something particular you want to ask, please reach me out first.
    No permissions will being granted for Rosa to be ported to consoles in the foreseeable future due to the overtly adult nature of the follower nor will any attempts be made to make her "Safe for Work" for consoles.
    If you like my mod and want show some love, add a screenshot of my char in your adventures!

    It'll mean much more to me than some silly Like Button.




  5. Hedonism

    This is a lightweight mod that allows the player to engage in prostitution and surrender to hostile NPCs. Both events blend seamlessly into the game and don't require additional configuration or toggles.
    Prostitution is a random forcegreet-event that will trigger periodically whenever the player is in a non-hostile location (like cities, towns or inns). The respective NPC will also check for nearby observers and ask you to search for a quiet place.
    Surrender on the other hand will be triggered either by spell or whenever the player is about to die. Once the player has submitted to a hostile NPC, the game will play a small scene and than teleport you to a random city or town.

    SexLab Light SE
    Future Plans

    Remove items from the inventory when surrendered Enslave the player character, instead of teleporting to a "friendly" location Calculate prostitution reward and chance based on player attributes, such as speechcraft for instance Randomized dialog for the forcegreet FadeOut / FadeIn effects for better looking scenes succubus STD Exhaustion for NPCs



  6. Mana Tanks [SSE]

    This mod will control the breast size based on how much Magica, Health, or Stamina the character has. It is fully configurable via MCM. Maybe you aren't playing a mage, perhaps you're playing a shield basher. You can go into the options and tell it to use the Stamina bar instead, or even the Health bar.
    Mana Tanks SSE works exactly like the original mod for old Skyrim, the only difference is that we are defaulting to use NetImmerse until Racemenu comes out for SSE. I'd mention that it will fight with other mods trying to change the size of the tits but pretty sure as of writing this, this is the only mod that does it for SSE
    Current Version: mana-tanks-103
    Ayy SSE



    SKSE64 XPMSESE SkyUI SE Armours that actually have breast weighting.




    Install it. I ain't your mom you can do this.

    You must open the Mana Tanks MCM at least once after INSTALLING or UPDATING to update the effect on you.


    Featured In Videos

    FAQ / Stuff


    Change Log
    2017-10-17 SSE version defaulting to NetImmerse until Racemenu comes out.

    Older Changes:




  7. Jeweled Butt Plug [SSE]

    This is the SSE port of my original Skyrim mod.
    The classic Jeweled Butt Plug. The highest poly butt plug ever made, probably. Fits both male and female. Male asses kinda suck it clips a lot more on them. Also has the most realistic butt plug physics, personally tested by throwing them down stairs for over an hour tweaking the havok data. Get plugged or bust.
    Skyrim: SE


    6 colours, Diamond, Ruby, Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, all which have glowing and non-glowing variants - plus gold and ebony, so 14 different colours.

    Craftable at the forge for 1 steel and 1 of the thing that makes it what it is.



    Packaged Assets - Meshes (nif), Animations (hkx), Textures (png, jpg, dds)
    You may require this be installed as a dependency and then reference the assets in your own mods, but I ask you do not copy the files into your own mods.

    Other Permissions
    This mod is not to be re-uploaded to any other sites without permission. It is exclusive to LoversLab. This mod is not to be converted to anything without permission.


    2017-11-05 - sse102
    by the power vested in me by sse, i now pronounce you actually chrome. well. more chrome like than before, at least. enchantable af


    2017-09-30 - sse101
    ported to SSE


    2017-02-23 - v101
    fixes crafting


    2017-02-21 - v100
    shove it up ur ass



  8. Basic Pregnancy Cycle

    Oldrim version is available here.
    In the base game you can build a family through adoptions, but cannot give birth or impregnate your spouse. This mod attempts to resolve that discrepancy by adding a fertility cycle to tracked women. They can be inseminated, get pregnant, and give birth to a Hearthfire-compatible child.
    Hearthfire DLC is required.
    Additional functionality is supported for those who want it (or in the case of Skyrim Special Edition, when it becomes available).
    Dialogues: An optional patch adding dialogue options as an alternative method for inseminating actors. Both male and female branches are available which take into account relationship rank. This patch is currently in beta and may be expanded into a more complete romance option.
    SKSE: Belly node scaling will occur if SKSE is installed. Note that the scaling will not work without a body replacement that includes a belly node and all requisite dependencies involved. Further, clothing and armors will not scale unless they too include a belly node. Without SKSE there will be no visual changes as pregnancy progresses.
    SexLab: An appropriate orgasm event is hooked if SexLab is installed, which offers alternative methods for insemination.
    SexLab Light SE: An optional patch is provided for hooking into the SexLab Light SE orgasm event.
    Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions: Allows birthed children to go to a custom home that has been blessed, and BPC fits within the new adoption limit of 6. Support is provided without any patches.
    Flower Girls: An optional patch that allows BPC to hook into the scene events and apply insemination when appropriate.
    The Kids Are Alright: An optional patch that adds support for additional child races. Episode 1 is supported without any patches.
    RS Children Overhaul: Supported in the base version without any patches.
    To install, simply add the mod with your favorite mod manager (recommended), or drop the extracted contents of the archive to your Skyrim Data folder.
    To uninstall, remove the mod with your favorite mod manager (recommended), or delete the files from the Skyrim Data folder, scripts folder, and Source folder.
    Recommended Mods
    For the best experience, the following additional mods are recommended:
    The Kids Are Alright: Replaces child models/textures and adds more children for all of the vanilla races. Basic Pregnancy Cycle is compatible out of the box for Episode 1. Patches are available for Episodes 2 and 3. Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions: Expands the adoption limit from 2 to 6, and provides support for sending your children to a custom home. Basic Pregnancy Cycle is compatible out of the box. Flower Girls: Adds an immersive way to have sex in Skyrim. Basic Pregnancy Cycle is compatible with an optional patch.

    Technical Details

    After installing the mod, a Basic Pregnancy Cycle Configuration power will be added. Nothing else will happen until the mod is started from this power. It is recommended to configure behavior to your liking before starting the mod. Following are the configuration options:
    Cycle Options
    Sleep Insemination Chance: Sets the probability of a female player being inseminated when sleeping. Set to 0% to disable. Note that when sleeping with an appropriately gendered spouse, the insemination chance is always 100%. Conception Chance: Sets the probability of any tracked woman becoming pregnant on unsafe days. Set to 0% to disallow pregnancy. Sperm Quality: Sets the base quality of sperm required for conception. Conception chance and sperm quality must both be sufficiently high for conception to occur. Toggle Buffs/Debuffs: Enables or disables additional effects for each stage in the cycle and during pregnancy.

    Pregnancy Options

    Duration: Sets the number of days a tracked woman will remain pregnant. Baby Item: Toggles whether a baby item is received at the end of pregnancy. Child Actor: Toggles whether a child actor is spawned at the end of pregnancy. Only the player or a spouse are affected. NPC Child Actor: Toggles whether a child actor is spawed by NPCs at the end of pregnancy. Baby Days: Sets the number of days a baby item must be nursed before becoming a child actor. Belly Scale: Sets the maximum size of a pregnant belly (N x 100%). This option is SKSE-dependent.

    Note: If both the baby item and child actor are enabled, a nurturing quest will be started wherein the baby is nursed into a child actor. For spouses, the quest is hidden and occurs automatically. For female players, milk will be added daily and must be consumed to feed the baby. It's possible to fail this quest and lose your child, so be vigilant.

    Miscellaneous Options
    Debug Mode: Toggles whether debug notifications are shown as BPC performs its work. Note that this may be very chatty. Highlight Mode: Toggles whether tracked actors will have a brief colored highlight on their status on each polling interval. Blue=safe days, green=unsafe days, red=pregnant. Inseminate NPC Spell: Adds or removes an alteration spell which forces the target actor to be inseminated. Note that it will only affect non-child women. Inseminate Self Spell: Adds or removes an alteration spell which forces the player to be inseminated. Status Spell: Adds or removes an alteration spell which gets a target actor's current cycle status. Cheat Spell: Adds or removes a lesser power with cheat options. Random Child Names: Toggles whether spawned child actors are given a random name. This option is SKSE-dependent.

    Start/Reset: Starts tracking with a clean slate. If the mod is started or paused, resetting the mod will clear all tracked actors.
    Pause/Unpause: When paused, all scripts will be halted, but the current status of all tracked actors will remain.
    Stop: Completely stops the mod. All tracked actors (including the player) are cleared of their current status.

    Only adult female actors are added to the tracking list. Upon being added to the tracking list, the actor is given a random day within the 10 day cycle. After the 10th day, the cycle repeats at day 1 if pregnancy was not achieved. During the cycle there are safe days and unsafe days. On safe days, there is a small chance of becoming pregnant. On unsafe days, the conception chance applies and there is a larger chance of becoming pregnant.
    When initially inseminated, there is a 3 hour window before the conception chances apply. This window is intended to give the player time to consume a washout potion which can be crafted at any cooking pot. The washout potion will remove all active sperm, but has a small chance of failure. If not washed out, sperm has a 3 day life. Every time an actor is inseminated, the sperm life resets. Additionally, each insemination applies a sperm quality value. The higher the value, the greater the chance of conception. Multiple inseminations increase the sperm quality, so promiscuous actors are more likely to become pregnant.
    After becoming pregnant, the regular cycle is paused for the duration of the pregnancy. After pregnancy ends, the cycle will start over at day 1.
    Female players will additionally receive active effects noting which stage of the cycle they are on and whether they have been inseminated. These can be checked at any time from the Active Effects section of the magic menu. Optionally, buffs and debuffs may be applied depending on the stage of the cycle or pregnancy.
    The child actor spawn has certain limitations. It hooks into the Hearthfire adoption system, so if the spawn succeeds, the child will behave the same as any adopted child. However, the spawn can fail for a few reasons:
    The player does not own a Hearthfire-compatible home with at least one free child's bed. This is the same restriction as with adoption. The player already has the maximum number of children. This is the same restriction as with adoption. The player is in the target home when trying to spawn the child. This is a technical limitation of the adoption scripts which rightly assume an adoptable child will never be in your home until after the adoption is completed. The mother must be either the player or a female spouse. No other NPCs will spawn child actors presently.

    The NPC child actor spawn only occurs if the NPC is in a currently loaded cell, and the child actor will sandbox around the area where it was spawned.

    If the spawn succeeds, the child will be given a random gender and race matching the mother. If the mother's race is not supported, a random supported race will be chosen for the child.
    In addition to the washout potion, contraception and fertility potions can be crafted at any cookpot. These potions will decrease or increase the chance of conception, respectively, depending on the potency of the potion. The amulet of Mara and amulet of Dibella will also increase or decrease the chance of conception, respectively, when worn. The potions may be found at the local apothecary.
    "Why another pregnancy mod?"
    There are a few out there already, but they either did not fit my needs or were excessively heavy. The heavy part is not a huge issue, in fact BeeingFemale has been an essential mod on my list since its release, but the larger issue that prompted me to write my own was none of them have been ported to Skyrim Special Edition.
    "Can NPCs get pregnant?"
    Yes! Due to overwhelming feedback, NPC support was added as of version 2.0. The NPC must be tracked to become pregnant. Up to 100 NPCs can be tracked at any given time, including the player if female. NPCs are added to the tracking list when inseminated.
    "I play male characters, will this mod work for me?"
    Yes! The Inseminate Actor spell will add any female (non-child) actor to the tracking list and inseminate them. A female spouse will also be inseminated when you sleep in the same location with her. If you have SexLab installed, orgasm events are hooked as an alternative to the spell. Further, with the Flower Girls patch, a climax event is caught which will automatically inseminate the appropriate actor after an appropriate scene.
    "What is the script load?"
    Every polling interval (1 game hour), all tracked actors have their cycle updated. This is a reasonably quick process, but it could potentially conflict with script-heavy events. Otherwise no cloak spells or intense operations are performed. This mod should border between script light and script medium. To avoid conflicts, polling can be paused from the configuration menu.
    "Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions support?"
    "Flower Girls support?"
    Yes! Support is only available for Special Edition presently.
    "I get pregnant too often!"
    This mod relies heavily on random numbers. Try reducing the conception chance, but keep in mind that when inseminated the conception chance is checked every in-game hour. Further, there is a small chance of getting pregnant even on safe days. If you still get pregnant too often, I'd recommend keeping a few washout potions handy and taking advantage of the 3 hour window after insemination, or use contraception potions.



  9. Erectifier - Schlongifier, Genderbender, SexOutfitter

    Equips outfits automatically for SexLab Scenes - schlongs, armor, clothes, jewelery, sexy lingerie. Basically anything wearable can be used. Unequips, deletes or leaves the outfit on when the scene is finished Sends SOSFastErect and SOSFlaccid events allowing equipped schlongs to work regardless of gender Can change NPC gender to allow opposite type SexLab animations and matchmaking Manages an unlimited amount of NPCs Does the above by simply adding factions to NPCs. No perks, abilities, magic effects, scripts and so on are attached.

    Activate Erectifier Outfit Power Set an active outfit, 1 - 5 (do not use 0, it's fallback for none set) Activate Edit mode Equip the item(s) you want to add to the outfit. Unequip to remove. If you can't wear it due to gender restrictions removing or adding it to your inventory like dropping or putting it in a container should work. Disable Edit mode Set Item to KEEP, RMV or DEL depending if you want the equipment to be left on, unequipped or deleted once the scene is over Done, exit out


    Equip Erectifier spell Use it on an NPC Set their outfit to one you've created as above, 1 - 5

    (optional) Switch their gender for opposite gender animations and detection in SexLab

    (optional) To target your own character with the Erectifier Spell use active the OUTFIT POWER while crouching
    Remember to disable SexLab strap-ons if you erectify female NPCs without tagging them as male to prevent double-dicking. Unless that's your cup of tea Do not use items you want to keep in Erectifier outfits if you also set the mod to delete them when the scene is done No schlongs or other items are included, you need to download other mods for schlongs and whatever Use this mod on a separate disposable save set up specifically for sexy time. While this mod shouldn't cause the citizens of Whiterun to perish in a hailstorm of dicks or anything else serious it's just something to play with until better schlongifiers are ported/created.



  10. Milk Mod Economy SE

    Custom body replacer, like CBBE or UNP
    Rate Mod if you like it, you can support me on Patreon
    Install MO or NMM installer, don't even think to ask for support if you install mod manually and its not working. Install all requirements and their dependencies Run FNIS. Finish Helgen, Save, Load, Milk if you get errors or mod not working try to reset mod and disable/enable mod with spell  

    To become Milkmaid:
    drink buy and lactacid, use milkpumps
    Soft linked plugins - not required but supported:
      Pain system:
    Milk and food this mod has to offer:
    Mod features few flavor stories that are displayed randomly during milking start/end, you can enable/disable them in mcm.
    NPC Comments:
    When Milk Maid breasts full and leaking milk, npcs might make comments. By default 10% chance, you can change global variable MME_NPCComments
    NPC milking:
    NPC Milking is disabled by default,
    you can enable it by changing gloval variable MME_NPCMilking to 1,
    do it at your own risk, im not sure if anything can get broken
    NPC Dialogues milking:



  11. Creature Schlongs SE

    Simply replaces the vanilla creature bodies in Skyrim Special Edition with the ones with erect penises from More Nasty Critters.
    Mainly intended to be used with SexLab Light SE, although this is not strictly a requirement.
    WIP, currently completed are the creatures in the screenshots + their variants + a couple more creatures I forgot to take screenshots of. The rest (including notable omissions in dogs and giants) are a bit more complicated to implement, and I kinda stared at penises enough for the day I think
    Download and install like any other mods.

    Credits (from original More Nasty Critters):
    LordEscobar (Nude Creatures)
    Ep1cL3w1s (Creature Framework)
    Flyingtoaster (Hentai Creatures)
    Panicforever & Gone (Lurker, Werebear and Riekling Animations (AND Horse Animation)... AND Panic did the new Wolf+Dog Animations)
    Panic also did the newer new Dog and Wolf Animations and the corresponding Tail animations!
    Dayelyte (Female Werewolf and Atronach Animation and new consensual Dog/Wolf)
    Xandero (Spriggan Animations + second Atronach Animation + third Atronach Animation)
    Billyy (Skeever Animations)
    llabsky (Sabrecat, Hagraven, Goat, Deer, Elk, Boar, Mounted Riekling, Ashhopper, Chaurushunter and Wispmother)
    Anubiss (Draugr, Sabrecat)
    FunnyBiz (for Hagraven Animation)
    Leito86 (for Creature Features - now included and new Dog Animations)
    Gone (for Beastiality Extras - now Included)
    Bad Dog (nude models of Deer, Elk, Boar, Mounted Riekling, Skeletton)
    Vioxsis (nude model of Goat and Horker)
    diarawr (for JUDAH model)
    Shocky (for Deathhound Brute)
    SkyMoMod (for Arch Demon)
    More Nasty Critters Disclaimer:
    I know its problematic to expand on the work of others or even expand upon someone elses expansion of the work of a third modder.
    However some of the stuff here cant be released in any other meaningful way, at least not for someone who just wants to download/copy and have fun.
    If someone is offended by the stuff I put here let me know and I remove it. Its just here to give fellow players easy access to stuff thats posted all over the board, after all.



  12. Carnival - Automatic matchmaker

    TLDR - Automatically detects and matchmake all nearby NPCs
    Scenes can be started with or without player character
    Genderswitch toggle
    Continuous operation toggle
    Creatures and same sex matching toggle
    Can start group scenes up to the five actor limit
    * Install mod
    * Equip "Carnival" power
    * Crouch and active it to access settings menu
    * Stand and use it to trigger the matchmaking system
    IncPlayer - Toggles if player should be included in the scenes or not
    Player Female/Male - Sets players SexLab gender allowing them to us opposite gender animations
    Scan Def/EXT - Default or extended scan mode. Extended is without any limit on distance meaning it'll tag pretty much every loaded NPC. Only recommended to use in small interiors where a range check is unnecessary in which case it *might* be slightly faster than default mod
    ScanRange - Set how far to look for NPCs in default mode
    LoopDelay - Set how long to wait before starting a new scan once the previous is finished. Set to 0 to disable looping and automatic re-scanning/matchmaking. To quickly exit a running looped scanner simply unequip the Carnivale spell to prevent any more scans from starting.
    MatchLvl - Set which scenes and actors to use. LvL 0 will attempt to set up mixed scenes, LvL 1 allows same sex scenes no mixed ones are possible and LvL 2 does the same but for creature/animal scenes
    Same6Old vs Same6New: Toggles between different matchmaking modes where the new one might work better for same sex matchups.
    5some/4some/3some ON/OFF: Enables or disables these types of matchings, useful if these have too few animations for your composition of NPCs resulting in scenes being frequently replayed
    MatchLvL 0 = Group with 5 -> Group with 4 -> Group with 3 -> Pair
    MatchLvL 1 = Group with 5 -> Group with 4 -> Group with 3 -> Pair -> Same sex pairs of whichever gender is left
    MatchLvL 2 = Group with 5 -> Group with 4 -> Group with 3 -> Pair -> Female with beast -> Same sex pairs of whichever gender is left
    Scenes may occasionally fail to start - Large area scans take time to complete which means once done the tagged NPCs may have wandered off, died, been unloaded by the game or otherwise become invalid for animations.
    Groups of 5 failing - Included animations only support MMMMF or FFFFM groups
    None, this was mainly a test to play around with the SLLSE framework. For anyone wanting more features and options the excellent Random Sex mod is being ported to SSE.
    Vinfamy for SexLab Light SE and MatchMaker Light SE which I used for source reference material



  13. SexLab Pleasure SE

    Official conversion of SexLab Pleasure to SSE:
    This is a lightweight mod that adds context-specific dialogues to 80 vanilla NPCs in all cities (+Riverwood) that trigger consensual sex. The dialogues are light-hearted mostly but tailored to each NPC's own personality and backstory. You are still able to play Skyrim normally, just with optional sexual interactions. The dialogues are quite gender and orientation-neutral.
    For each NPC, you have to pass a Speech check for them to accept your advance. The 80 NPCs are divided into three difficulty levels, based on marital status, morality and attractiveness:
    Easy - Speech > 25 Average - Speech > 50 Hard - Speech > 75

    The Persuasion perk, Amulet/ Blessing of Dibella, Gift of Charity, Mask of CV, etc all stack up and help your success too.
    SexLab Light SE and its requirements - read the installation guide if you're new to adult modding
    Like any other mods, manually or with a mod manager



  14. SexLab MatchMaker Light SE

    Conversion of SexLab MatchMaker to work with SexLab Light SE and Skyrim Special Edition. Easy mindless way to trigger sex scenes and start testing things out.
    Also a working example to modders on how to convert a SexLab mod from Oldrim to SSE using SexLab Light SE, with use of hooks etc.
    SexLab Light SE and its dependencies
    Install like any other mods
    Ashal for the original SexLab MatchMaker



  15. SexLab Light SE

    Conversion of SexLab Framework to Skyrim Special Edition without relying on SKSE64 and PapyrusUtil. More Nasty Critters + many popular SLAL animation packs already included.
    SexLab Framework API was kept as intact as much as the lack of SKSE64 and PapyrusUtil allows, meaning most Oldrim SexLab mods either work right away or can be converted fairly easily 803 animations (467 human, 336 creature) all packaged as its default animations, including the original SexLab animations, multiple SLAL packs and More Nasty Critters (At Tween's request for including his M2M animations, please read his legal terms of use included in the archive) Small MCM and in-scene control functionality Erection system that works with Schlongs of Skyrim Light SE But still, please don't expect everything to be the same as Oldrim SexLab. Without SKSE64, a lot of code had to be rewritten, meaning certain features get implemented differently or sacrificed altogether.

    This project has been undertaken with Ashal's permission. Ashal has offered future help to me if I hit any roadblock. However, please avoid confusing this port with the full Sexlab (all SexLab Light SE releases will have 0.x.x version numbers to avoid confusion). We especially want to clarify that Ashal himself is not responsible for supporting this 'SexLab Light SE' port so don't message him for troubleshooting about it. All questions about SexLab Light SE should be directed to myself only for the time being. Ashal still intends to port the full SexLab to SSE, if and when SKSE64 gets released with all the stuffs he needs.

    FNIS Behavior SE - you need the Main download at least. Download the FNIS Creature Pack optional file also if you want bestiality stuffs.
    Recommended: (for nude bodies)
    Schlongs of Skyrim Light SE (or this for different textures) - erection system works with SexLab Light SE
    Installation Instructions: read this detailed guide instead if you're new to SexLab
    Install the 3 requirements above Download SexLab Light SE from one of the two links provided (Google Drive and Mega.Nz) and install it. Run GenerateFNISForUsers.exe as admin, tick Skeleton Arm Fix, press Update FNIS Behavior Load a save (ideally clean, avoid starting a new game with SexLab.esm enabled), SexLab Light SE will automatically start its first-time initialization itself (takes a while). (Optional) The MCM can be accessed in Spells > Illusion. The in-scene controls are in a form of an Apparel inventory item - you should favorite it to a number, then press that number during sex Enjoy! Use one of the mods below to trigger sex

    Mods Using SexLab Light SE:
    SexLab MatchMaker Light SE - port of MatchMaker to work with SexLab Light SE. Easy mindless way to trigger sex scenes. SexLab Pleasure SE - 80 light-hearted but lore-friendly unique dialogues Abduction SSE Carnival - more complex version of MatchMaker

    The below Oldrim mods aren't official ports (at least not yet), but they have been tested and confirmed as working right away with SexLab Light SE without any conversion, though some bugs may exist
    Amorous Adventures SexLab Solutions 4.0.2 (but not v5.x, which requires Unofficial Patch LE.esp) Spouses Enhanced v1.7.3 (quicksave and load once for the dialogue option to show up) SexLab Necrophilia (must extract the BSA) SexLab Enchantress (must extract the BSA) SexLab Working Girl (must extract the BSA) Animal Mansion 0.6e (but not AM Plus which requires ZaZ, must extract the BSA)

    BSA's can be extracted very easily with BAE: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/78/?
    Future Plans:
    Creature schlongs Furniture and animated objects Creature on Creature

    Known Issues:
    Due to the 803 animations included and the lack of script extender, sometimes it takes quite a while to pick the animation to play. I'll optimize this later. Some creatures added by MNC (chickens, deers) sometimes refuse to have sex with males. I'll address this.

    Ashal for the original SexLab Framework
    Leito86, Anub, SirNibbles, Tweens, Billyy, and FunnyBizness for the animation packs included
    Dentarr for More Nasty Critters, whose animations are also included
    Fore for FNIS
    Groovtama for XPMSSE

    SexLab Framework Credits:
    SKSE Plugin:
    kapaer - Mfg Console
    Unknown Modders - http://skup.dip.jp
    Arrok - BBP Animations
    JoshNZ - Animated Prostitution
    Athstai - Dark Investigations
    Lovers with PK
    Calyp - Strapon
    oli3d - Bukkake Shaders
    4uDIK1 - Male Nudesuit
    Dimon99 - Female Nudesuit
    Vacaliga - Stacking cum textures
    More Nasty Critter Credits:
    LordEscobar (Nude Creatures)
    Ep1cL3w1s (Creature Framework)
    Flyingtoaster (Hentai Creatures)
    Panicforever & Gone (Lurker, Werebear and Riekling Animations (AND Horse Animation)... AND Panic did the new Wolf+Dog Animations)
    Panic also did the newer new Dog and Wolf Animations and the corresponding Tail animations!
    Dayelyte (Female Werewolf and Atronach Animation and new consensual Dog/Wolf)
    Xandero (Spriggan Animations + second Atronach Animation + third Atronach Animation)
    Billyy (Skeever Animations)
    llabsky (Sabrecat, Hagraven, Goat, Deer, Elk, Boar, Mounted Riekling, Ashhopper, Chaurushunter and Wispmother)
    Anubiss (Draugr, Sabrecat)
    FunnyBiz (for Hagraven Animation)
    Leito86 (for Creature Features - now included and new Dog Animations)
    Gone (for Beastiality Extras - now Included)
    Bad Dog (nude models of Deer, Elk, Boar, Mounted Riekling, Skeletton)
    Vioxsis (nude model of Goat and Horker)
    diarawr (for JUDAH model)
    Shocky (for Deathhound Brute)
    SkyMoMod (for Arch Demon)
    More Nasty Critters Disclaimer:
    I know its problematic to expand on the work of others or even expand upon someone elses expansion of the work of a third modder.
    However some of the stuff here cant be released in any other meaningful way, at least not for someone who just wants to download/copy and have fun.
    If someone is offended by the stuff I put here let me know and I remove it. Its just here to give fellow players easy access to stuff thats posted all over the board, after all.



  16. MDDM's BodySlide Presets

    Hello everyone !
    This is my set of bodies I created based on pre-existing UUNP presets.
    Requierments: Bodyslide and OutfitStudio by Ousnius and Caliente
    ANY UNP Texture you like, there are plenty of them !
    Mature; Leyenda; Valhalla; Tempered; plus the OLDrim ones.
    --To set your BS/OS properly for SkyrimSE download the OLDrim BS/OS and install manually the UUNP sliders.
    Or follow this mod's tutorial found in the description (READ CAREFULLY on that page; very useful).
    --For some of the presets I recommend using a muscle texture.
    These presets were meant to have muscles.
    --Added presets for CBBE SSE
    Highly Recommended:
    Custom Races by d_rail1602 works perfectly fine with SkyrimSE, if you have this one installed, and you can enjoy all the presets. Likewise the DD Princess NOX by ZwabberdieBo is a very nice addition to CustomRaces just don't copy the "skse" folder to your SSE "Data".
    --To change the race use this mod
    That's all folks ! Have a good one !



  17. custom Body, Skin, Clothes and Armor for "all" Races

    Custom Body Skin Clothes and Armor for every Race
    This mod will make (almost) all races have their own body, skin, clothes and armor. I'm doing this because I like to mix several different bodys, skins, clothes and armors.
    The main goal is making all armors and clothes from Remodeled Armor work for all races. The Manekins, Dremora and Astrid Race will use the Default Race stuff.
    Having said this and because there are no permissions for it, this mod probably will never be Unpack and Play, there is a fairly large amount of work to YOU make this playable, I will just try to explain how to install the best I can.
    As a bonus I give to Manekins the DefaultRace female body and skin with one extra plugin to change the vanilla manekins to female.
    Support for Flower Girls SE x, Animated Prostitution SE and SexLab Ligh SE StrapOns

    It's planned to add also UUNP Remodeled Armor option to install
    Khajiit Skin
    Argonian Skin
    CBBE or Your prefered BodySkin mod but I'll only explain 'how to' with CBBE
    Remodeled Armor
    and all the requirements of those mods
    1 - For simplicity move your existing Meshes Textures and CalienteTools folder to some safe place
    2 - Install CBBE
    3 - Install this mod
    4 - Copy both Hands mesh files to every race folder created by my mod,
    You should have those files in "meshes\actors\character\character assets" folder, the race folders are inside this one.
    4 - Install Your favorite Argonian and khajiit textures
    5 - Go to "Textures\Actors\Character\" and from the female folder copy the needed files to all other folders (the other folders have dummies so you now what is needed).
    The only folder that have 2 real textures is the Aflicted, those textures are vanilla because CBBE don't replace those, if You use other skin that have those textures You know what to do.
    The Argonian and Khajiit skin mods don't have _sk.dds files so don't forget those.
    6 - Install the Oldrim Bodyslide, for now You only need CBBE part.
    7 - Install the TEXTURES and Bodyslide Shared and Bodyslide Replacement stuff from Remodeled Armor, DON'T install plugins.
    8 - Install the SSE Bodyslide
    9 - Open bodyslide, on 'Group Filter' select five same race files.
    10 - Now, on presets, You should have only the preset for the race chosen on 'Group Filter', select it. If You don't like the shape of the body change it and save it, those presets serve only as examples.
    11 - Now 'Batch Build' it.
    Repeat from step 9 for all races.
    Don't forget the Default Race, I didn't change any name here so it will be 'ct77 body' and so on.
    12 - Install XPMSSE (I'm using TBBP).
    13 - Move back the folders from first step and don't replace if asked.
    14 - Activate plugin on Your prefered mod manager.
    15 - (from 0.3.0) Install and activate USSEP before my mod.
    I think I'm not missing any step
    If You find some floating head or naked NPCs, also missing boots or gloves, please open console, click on that npc, type inv , and tell me what armor is causing that and if possible the race and or mod where that npc come from Please..
    Patch for SOS Light Version with Tempered Skins for Males SSE
    Patch for Schlongs Of Skyrim Light SE
    (for both SOS patchs work right my mod have to be loaded after SOS mod)
    Patch for Qaxe's Questorium for SSE
    Patch fo Animated Prostitution StrapOn, see 'Extras' section above
    Patch for Flower Girls StrapOn, see 'Extras' section above
    Patch for Maids II
    Patch for Amorous Adventures
    Patch for SexLab Ligh SE
    Patch for Immersive Wenches
    Any mod that alter body, skin, clothes, armor and races.
    Not exactly incompatibility but any mod that add new armor with vanilla armatures will have floating heads or naked bodys.
    Older Updates:

    Ousnius and Caliente for Bodyslide and CBBE
    ChronoTrigger77 for Remodeled Armor
    All modders that add armors, clothes and custom skins
    SSEEdit Team for xEdit
    Developers for Game and Tools



  18. [SSE] The Painted Lady - Color-Matching Pubic Hairs

    Skyrim Special Edition
    The Painted Lady - Color-Matching 3D Pubic Hairs

    This is the Skyrim Special Edition version of the Painted Lady *REDONE* pubic hairs originally for Skyrim/Skyrim LE.
    The hairs are selected from a new slider named "Additional Hairs" which is located in the "HAIRS" category of the character creation menu. They 3D pubic hairs matches color with the character's main hair and retains them. The pubic hairs can be added to NPCs (generic and custom) and the pube colors will match the NPC's hair color (see tutorial below "How-To: Add Pubic Hairs to NPCs)
    The Painted Lady was made to work with the vanilla Skyrim menu system and does not require either RaceMenu or Enhanced Character Edit mods, but is totally compatible with those mods since they do not modify the original vanilla sliders.
    *** Updates ***
    *** Main ***
    File: SSE_PaintedLady_ColorMatchPubicHairs_v1_0-20170522.7z
    Skyrim Special Edition
    This is a simple installation process so it can be done manually (extract then copy/paste the "Meshes" and "Textures" folders and master file to your Skyrim SE Data folder) or with a mod manager (NMM or Mod Organizer 2) of your choice.
    *** Options - Textures***
    Texture Options by Z0mBieP00Nani.
    File: OPTION-TEXTURE_Less Darker Pube Textures by Z0mBieP00Nani.7z
    Less Dark pube textures.
    File: OPTION-TEXTURE_Darker Pube Textures by Z0mBieP00Nani.7z
    Dark pube textures.
    SSE The Painted Lady
    Installation can be done manually (extract then copy/paste/merge the "Textures" folder with the Painted Lady textures folder) or by mod manager.
    *** Extras - Bodyslide ***
    Bodyslide/Outfit Studio Presets by Samisme74
    Bodyslide/Outfit Studio (old Skyrim version)
    Skryim SE Nif Optimizer
    Install Bodyslide/Outfit Studio for Skyrim/Skyrim LE Extract the Bodyslide Painted Lady archive and merge the "Caliente Tools" folder with the same folder from Bodyslide. Launch Bodyslide and type "Lush" in the Outfit search filter (top-right). Select your body from the "Presets" drop-down list. Click on the "Batch Build" button (bottom-left). A pop-up will appear listing all of the pubic meshes that will be created; select all. Click on "Build". Done.  

    The Bodyslide mesh for the Untamed pubic hairs is for CBBE only. You can create one for UNP/UUNP/Variants, but some tweaking of the sliders is necessary or else the top half will clip into the belly.
    Select "LUSH Painted Lady Untamed" from the Outfit/Body drop-down list. Select your UNP/UUNP body from the Presets drop-down list. Increase the sliders to move outwards the top half of the Untamed mesh (typically the sliders for Belly, Waist, and/or Hips). Click on the "Build" button (bottom-middle) to create the mesh.
    You might need to do additional tweaks to make the pubic mesh conform to the UNP/UUNP body.
    When done be sure to create a new preset for the UNP/UUNP Untamed mesh so you do not have to redo everything again.

    *** Extras - SkyProc NPC Patcher ***
    SkyProc Patcher by Markdf
    Currently in testing phase.

    *** How-To: Add Pubic Hairs to NPCs ***
    Creation Kit 64-bit (Skyrim SE edition)
    This is the origiinal method (Painted Lady REDONE version only). Use this if the SkyProc patcher isn't working for you.

    *** How-To: Fix the Clipping with Certain Outfits ***
    The pubic meshes will not get replaced when equipping armor or clothes. Certain form-fitted outfits will cause the pubic hairs to clip through. You can fix this with Bodyslide/Outfit Studio or a 3D modeling program.
    Bodyslide/Outfit Studio Tutorial

    *** Credits ***
    Meshes - Original
    DorkDiva and NuclearSatan
    Meshes - Untamed
    Textures - Darker Variants
    Bodyslide Shape Data and Presets
    SkyProc Patcher
    Starbuck's Caramel Macchiato
    Little Debby's Snack Cakes of Death



  19. FlowerGirls - BDSM Base

    This is the basics of a BDSM mod framework for FlowerGirls SE. What it does is to add Leito's fine BDSM animations to FlowerGirls along with accessors to play these animations.
    The idea behind this is 2 fold, it serves as a simple example of how to add animations to FlowerGirls for other mod developers. Secondly it could be used as a 'master' for another developers mod to play a BDSM based animation in SE.
    This is not a content mod, it will not add any gameplay connected with BDSM on it's own. If you want to check out the animations feel free to install. Turning on "Debug Mode" in FlowerGirl options will give almost any NPC (yes very little filtering is done here!) a "(BDSM)" dialogue menu where you can select/test any of the animations.
    In version 1.1 I added a simple dialogue choice for Seduced NPC's allowing you to spice up your sex life with that particular NPC. You can decline the option and it will not display again for that individual NPC.
    For other mod authors who are interested in adding BDSM based gameplay it would be as simple as adding the FlowerGirls SE - BDSM.esp as a master file to your mod (use wyre bash to set the master bit first). Then include a property on your quest(s):
    Then you can access the script functions such as:
    FlowerGirlsBDSM.BoundDoggyScene(Game.GetPlayer(), akSpeaker)
    And thats it.
    If you want to add new animations etc, you can look at the file to see how it is done (look at dxNCTokenToIdleScript).
    1. Extract to MO/NMM.
    2. Run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe
    3. Include the esp in your load order after FlowerGirls SE.esp
    Updating from earlier version:
    1. Please completely remove any earlier version prior to installing this. Important.
    2. Re-run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe

    Leito for animations and animation objects.
    SirNibbles for animations and animation objects.
    Suke for animations.
    AnubiSs2167 for animations.
    Znarok for animations.
    Fore for making all this possible.



  20. Abduction - SSE


    This is a very work-in-progress WIP project and as such comes with no guarantees or warranty regarding safety or function. Please make sure to read this description before deciding to use it and do not run it on that super important save you have no backups for or expect the mod to be uninstallable without problems either immediately or down the road.

    TLDR: Skyrim version of the Fallout 4 mod with the same name
    NON-TLDR: The goal of this mod is simple - allow the player more options in their encounters with NPCs. If you ever been disappointing in yet another quest culminating in a simple kill-or-be-killed situation, felt unsatisfied with the fate of a NPC or maybe wished they had a more prominent one in your gameplay this is the mod for you! Some examples:
    Assassin and tired of having to kill people you're not getting paid for? Avoid combat entirely by sneaking and restraining NPCs on your way to your target!
    Thief and problem with patrolling guards keeping an eye on "your" valuables? Tie them up with a blindfold so you can work in peace.
    Finished the quest by killing the boss but though the punishment was too harsh? Resurrect them and give them a jailcell as new "home"
    Want to be a bandit chief? Beat other bandits in battle and recruit them to your gang
    Dissatisfied with the limited home owner options in Skyrim? Take ownership of any location as your own!
    Want to live wild and free with the forsworn? Best the camp in battle and make them recognise you as an ally with the abduction feature!
    A necromancers life for you? Find a nice damp cave and obtain wandering travellers for your experiments with the bag feature!
    Found growing more interested in a merchant than their wares? Marry them and bring them on your trips!
    Want to reunite that workholic mother and her daughter? Have mom come and live with her with the set home feature!
    And so on, the options are generally available for all NPCs and can be combined allowing for many possible scenarios.
    Install the mod, the necessary perk and control spell should be automatically added to your character. Next you need to find (or "make" ahem ) a NPC eligible to put in a restrained state. There are three different categories of "candidates"
    * NPCs sleeping or knocked out
    * NPCs in bleedout or the optional knockdown state (see below)
    * NPCs unaware of a sneaking players presence
    By activating them the option to "Restrain" them will be displayed which upon selection will put them in the bound animation and the following options
    * Restrain - Normal use
    * CloneKill - Makes a copy and kills the original if possible. Try this if the NPC is having their behaviour controlled by quests or scripts causing problems if abducted normally
    * CloneCopy - Makes a copy and keeps the original untouched. Use this to abduct vital NPCs without breaking them. May still cause problems since some data is still shared between the versions so make this decision based on the assumption the original will break.
    Activating them again will offer some more options
    * Abduct - strips factions, hostility etc and makes them friendly towards player
    * Bag - puts the NPC in a bag so you can transport them elsewhere.
    * Release - Frees the NPC which will attack you. Sheathing your weapon may stop combat. Another option is simply leaving them, the restraints will be removed once the target is unloaded.
    * Strip - Unequips all items
    * Inventory - Shows targets inventory
    * KIll - As it says
    There are also some extra options available through the Abduction spell
    Bag/Summon Menu
    * Unbag - Releases all NPCs in the bag at your current location
    * Unbag-Abduct - Same as above but also automatically abducts everyone
    * Summon All - Summons all NPCs, both bagged and abducted to you
    * Summon All Restr - Summons all NPCs, both bagged and abducted to you in a restrained state
    * Re-abduct All - Re-applies the abduction stuff to all registered NPC in case the game did a reset or despawn on them
    Capturing Menu -> Restrain Options
    * Restrain hood - Equips a hood over restrained victims which is removed once they're released or abducted. Uses default game asset, purely cosmetic.
    * Quick-Restrain - Skips the verification popup and immediately restrains the NPC in normal mode
    * Trigger hostility - When active restraining and abduction counts as a criminal action that will prompt the NPCs nearby allies to attack
    Capturing Menu -> Abduction Options
    * Auto-Reabduct - Re-applies the edits on game load to all abducted automatically on game load (only use when needed)
    * FactionQuery - Pops up a window when abductin where you can decide to keep the NPCs factions or not. Keeping them *may* keep custom dialogue and functions. This is handy if you want to make a merchant your friend keep their services, not so handy if you use it on a bandit so they're seen as enemies by every friendly NPC
    * AutoOutfit - Will automatically applied the currently active outfit on abduction. More about outfits below
    * Adoptions - This will add the necessary faction for adoption options to child NPCs missing it.
    Capturing Menu -> Knockdown Options
    * Enable knockdowns - Puts NPCs in bleedout mode when the health limits are met, player HP is MORE THAN value and enemy is LESS THAN value. Triggers on physical melee or ranged attacks. It's recommended to keep this on since the default bleedout is between 0-10% and very easy to overshoot killing the NPC instead.
    Capturing Menu - Regarding the "Target" option
    You can toggle if you want the mod to work on only humans (default) or any NPC. This feature is in testing and not recommended to use.
    Outfit Menu
    * Enable Outfit Edit - Makes Abduction register any wearable item you equip or unequip. Easiest way to set an outfit up is to put on the stuff you want to wear, activate this option and then simply unequip/requip the items. After that disable the edit mode to "lock in" the outfit.
    * Apply Outfit to All - As it says
    * OnLoadRequip - Applies every NPCs outfit whenever you load the game. Is normally not needed as long as you've applied the outfit once. Recommended to keep off since it takes a few seconds to check every registered NPC.
    You can have five different outfits. Applying an empty outfit is a quick way to strip one or all NPCs
    Home Menu
    * Take ownership - Will turn the current cell ownership including all items and containers over to the player.
    WARNING - owning things/places you shouldn't may interfere with quests/npcs/whatever assuming you're not. This will NOT disable respawning (if enabled) so stored items may vanish and enemies re-appear.
    * Set as home, sleeping or work area - Does as it says for all abducted NPCs. Requires My Home is Your Home
    The tool menu accessible by sneaking and activating an abducted NPC offers the following
    * Restrain - Puts the NPC in tied up position again
    * Release - Removes the NPC from Abduction entirely, useful if you want to manage them with other mods and avoid the summon, re-abduct and other functions to mess them up. Don't worry their factions, allegiances, aggression settings and so on will remain.
    * Resurrect - Resurrects and puts the NPC in restrained state. Useful if they're accidentally killed or dead already when found. Won't work on NPCs set to start out as dead, they're dead-dead Jim let it go.
    * Kill - as it says
    * Vendorize - Turns the NPC into a merchant. Uses the same merchant chests as spouses setting up shops in Whiterun do. Note that it takes a few seconds for the dialogue to activate on the first activation and even longer when you change from one merchant type to another. Waiting a few ingame hours and/or travelling elsewhere and back may speed up the process.
    * Outfit - Brings up the outfit menu so you can apply one
    Amazing Follower Tweaks SSE - Allows you to recruit more than one NPC at a time as well as making them much more useful and tweakable
    My Home is Your Home - Makes it possible to give the NPCs a home as well as designate them areas to work/guard/sleep in
    Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - Greatly extends the voiced dialogue for a multitude of NPC voices
    Animated Prostitution and/or Flower Girls SE - If you want sexy time options
    Public Executions - If you want to bring criminals to justice. Or innocents to injustice if that's your thing I'm not judging.
    Hearth Craft and/or Placeable Statics - Allows placement of various furniture, workbenches and other items. Useful to turn locations into comfy/functional homes for your abducted.
    General note: Re-abduction now skips stripping allegiances from NPCs in the CurrentFollowerFaction to prevent active companions from breaking but if you use any mods handling followers applying different/more factions for their functionality this protection won't work and they'll likely still break. If you abduct a NPC you intend BFF up it's recommended to remove them from this mod once abducted/pacified and only put them in the follower mod system once that's done.
    * Some abducted NPCs won't fight - Non-aggressive NPCs often lack a combat style which means they have no idea how to fight and will run away instead. Use AFT to assign one manually and the should work fine.
    * Abducting NPCs can break them - Just assume it will and don't use this on anyone important
    * NPCs may vanish, change gender/gear or act odd/hostile - This mod does not remove any attached quests/scripts/packages/etc from NPCs that control their behavior. Catching these problematic NPCs with the clone options *may* help.
    * Wrong amount of NPCs displayed or some missing - The registry for bagged and abducted NPCs is very simple so NPCs suffering the problems from the previous point may throw a wrench in it
    * Some NPCs won't be possible to recruit at all - If they lack the vanilla voice support for the necessary dialogue it won't show
    * Mod is not tested with Oldrim - While it actually works it's unsupported.
    * Bagged NPCs still talk and show the dialogue option in their spot - To prevent the NPC being unloaded by moving them to a storage cell and risk having them reset or disabled they're instead made "invisible" by having their scale set to 0.01. This will keep them persistent at least for as long as the player is in the same cell.
    * Abducted NPCs may turn hostile towards former allies - Many groups are set to be friendly to only specific factions and hostile to everyone else including those with no factions at all. Provided they're allied with the player recruiting the NPC will stop this but in some cases combat will prevent the recruitment dialogue. In these cases use the bag option to move the restrained actor somewhere safe where you can abduct/recruit them without interruptions.
    * Unbagged actors may briefly or permanently be freed - If you use a lot of HD skins, armors, script intensive items or have a slow rig dumping a bunch of NPCs near instantly at you will make the game work hard to load everything causing lag/glitches in the script checking hostility.
    * Can't marry certain NPCs - The mod only adds the PotentialMarriageFaction nothing else. If the NPC misses the dialogue for marriage or you fail to have fulfilled the pre-quisities this option will not be availible. You may "marry anyone" mods for it to work or issue the command "setrelationshiprank player X" where X is the required level for them to like you enough.
    * Some options missing for child NPCs - This is intended and will not be changed. If inappropriate actions still show up you have a mod that's changed that individual or NPC type to be read as adult for whatever reason.
    * Custom dialogue not showing up - In some cases you need to save and reload once for them to work
    * Certain Win 10 setups will block the mod from working - Unknown why, possibly related to built in or added security software.



  21. Wulf's Poser SSE

    Wulf's Poser SSE Edition

    81 pose animations

    (SSE conversion)


    HKX files converted to SSE​ Form version changed from 43 to 44



    Kaos Wulf : Gave permission to share with you guys


    Please don't bother Kaos Wulf via his own page about this SSE port. My own ability to support it beyond questions about it's functionality is limited to none.



  22. Yuih Pose SSE Edition

    YuiHPoser SSE Edition

    46 pose animations


    (SSE conversion)


    HKX files converted to SSE​ Form version changed from 43 to 44


    YuiH : Gave permission to share with you guys
    The "Yui2" ring does not have any poses in it at the moment, so avoid using it for now.
    Please don't bother YuiH via his own page about this SSE port. My own ability to support it beyond questions about it's functionality is limited to none.



  23. Halo's Poser S1.6 SSE Edition

    Halo's Poser S1.6 SSE Edition


    SSE conversion


    HKX files converted to SSE​ Object NIFs optimised Form version changed from 43 to 44


    More screenshots at
    Halo's Mods


    Halofarm : permission to share with you guys
    screenshot body, textures and outfit:
    ousnius & BringtheNoise : UUNP
    Regenbot03 : Demoniac Body textures
    guk : "The Yoga Teacher" Bodyslide preset
    Calyps : Nightshade Armor/DB Replacer & wtfuun for the UUNP conversion
    Petrovich : original boots (my texture edits & added to DB replacer esp)
    issues with the 'Beach' poses causing a ctd, dunno why. Just don't use 'em for now. If somebody knows how to fix them let me know.



  24. Schlongs Of Skyrim Light SE

    This is the complete original SOS light version converted to Skyrim SE

    All features of the original mod are functioning including the animations, body shape and genital options, texture options, all selectable through the fomod installer.
    Also included an optional patch for the invisible feet/leg bug with certain vanilla outfits

    I recommend installing the xpms skeleton(tested with this installed)and amorous adventures + flower girls and the
    provided patches to fully use the animations

    CREDITS: All credit for the mod goes to the original authors Vector Plexus, Smurf, and b3lisario

    PERMISSIONS: Per original author request DO NOT POST THIS MOD OR ANY OF ITS ASSETS ANY WHERE BUT HERE(lovers lab) and credit the original authors (not yelling just making sure that portion stands out) Enjoy



  25. SOS Light Version with Tempered Skins for Males SSE

    Please make sure you do not use any other SOS version except this package.
    Otherwise there will be conflicts and I can't garantee functionality of the mod.
    Version 1.18 fixed: added 1 missed file to G1b+JoP option.
    Version 1.18 realised: added Joy of Perspective optional support (for G1). All credits go to Noradin90 from Nexus.
    You need to have JoP already installed.
    This is SOS Light made to work in Skyrim SE with Tempered Skins.
    All credits for SOS go to VectorPlexus and Smurf who have done SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim 3.00.004
    As authors stated everything that was adjusted in Tempered Skins using their assets is kept here.
    Any issues are better to be reported on Nexus page.
    Uploaded a separate archive with AutoHotkey to control schlongs in game with binded keys. Readme included.
    1) Download 'Tempered Skins for Males - SOS Light Version, part 1 of 2' from Tempered Skins for Males
    2) Install via manager.
    3) Download 'Tempered Skins for Males - SOS Light Version, part 2 of 2' here
    4) Install via manager.
    1) Uncheck both in manager.
    About schlongs
    Controling schlong
    New! There is a simple way to control it with hotkeys, check archives in download section.
    You can use these self-explanatory commands via console to control it (don't pay attention to "This event was not processed by the graph" console message):
    • to control players schlong - type the following:
    player.sae SOSSlowErect
    player.sae SOSFastErect
    player.sae SOSFlaccid
    • to control NPCs schlong - open console, click on him and type the following:
    sae SOSSlowErect
    sae SOSFastErect
    sae SOSFlaccid
    Adjusting schlong size
    What have been done
    • Nifs were run through NifOptimizer
    • Animation was converted to work in SSE
    • Tempered Skins textures adjusted to suit SOS bodies
    • Schlongs textures were adjusted to suit Tempered Skins
    Differences from original SOS Light
    • Khajiit and argonian now have one kind of schlong texture instead of two (for the sake of simplicity choosed one for each race instead of previous two).
    • Old males now have only one normal map for schlong - the most wrinkled one (average type).
    • Abscence of hairless schlong. It's because of Tempered Skins concept (no shaven genitals) and difficulty to make really seamless body-schlong transition.
    If you want to use Tempered Skins assets, you must contact me first.
    If you want to reupload this mod, you must contact me first.
    If you want to use SOS assets, you must follow original authors permissions (keep it on LL, credit them).
    About SOS Light
    Finally let me quote authors from their original mod page:
    Due to several requests, we decided to provide a Light version of SOS, without all those more complex options, and essentially its just a body replacer.
    What SOS Light is missing from the standard version:
    No Scripting Minimal ESP, just to properly set the AA's and the Textures. (Also contains a fix to the HighElf and WoodElf that would cause CTDs) No addons (means no genital variety) No scaling No potions No spells No shop No revealing armors No slot 52 management nor underwear No schlong for werewolves
    What is SOS Light still capable to do:
    Jiggling/Inertia Animate, through the use of SAE at the console for events like SOSSlowErect, SOSFastErect, SOSFlaccid