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Adult Mods

These Skyrim: Special Edition mods are of an adult nature.

498 files

  1. Devourment Male Equip Belly Vanilla Clothing and Armor Conversion

    A clothing conversion for the male body included in Devourment Refactor. Specifically: Devourment SE - Male AllSliders-EquipBelly
    I got tired of waiting for someone else to make this, so I learned how to use Outfit Studio and made it myself. There are bound to be a few errors, but I figured an imperfect option was better than none. 
    This is meant for the Devourment SE - Male AllSliders-EquipBelly slider set, the one without the Vore Prey Belly slider. Trivu's outfit conversions does have the vore prey belly included, if you prefer that. I don't. 
    Supports all other sliders on the Male AllSliders body, including the SSBBW sliders and coldsteelj's giant belly. See images for examples.
    Almost all vanilla clothing and armor included.
    DLC clothing and armor included. 
    One optional file (details below)
    !!! Important: This does NOT have the Vore Prey Belly slider. This conversion is meant to be used with an equippable belly, like the Macross or SkepticMesh bellies. Trivu has already done a conversion with the Vore Prey Belly slider, found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FsUo7fJx_4wHEJnHn_ujazFHPiD0If-h/view
    Optional File: Female Wench Outfit for Males
    Exactly what it says on the tin. I, for one, was always disappointed when  found the tavern clothes in game and tried to put them on a male character, only for it to be a recolor of the merchant clothes. Since I had Outfit Studio out, I thought I might as well and make a conversion. This will replace the male model in game on any male characters, but the only male character in vanilla who wears it (to my knowledge) is the orc in Solsthiem, so.
    See images for more details.
    Devourment Refactor (and its requirements)

    Install the files like you would other Bodyslide mods, then open and build them in Bodyslide. They all start with DV-Male, so I recommend searching with that. Then build or batch build the outfits.
    I recommend you look at Macross' BS Primer on the Devourment page if you want more info on building bodies in  Bodyslide.
    I still consider this a WIP. I haven't gone in and fixed the clipping on all of the outfits yet. It takes a lot of time at my experience level.  There will be clipping. Even on the outfits I have fixed, almost all of the SSBBW sliders and large bellies will have clipping at the bottom of the belly where the body shows through. I don't necessarily have the skills to fix this. If you use more than one of the larger sliders there will most definitely be clipping. Some of the outfits are very... pointy. I did not increase the number of polygons on the outfits yet, and I'm not sure when I will. If anyone can point me to higher-polygon meshes of vanilla outfits, that would be appreciated. The bone weights almost definitely have some issues. I've been trying to fix what I come across in my game, but it's slow going. If you come across some weird warping when moving, please let me know. Screenshots or short gifs would also be helpful.  
    Additional Info
    If you see any bugs or have any questions, please let me know. I won't always be able to fix it, but I can try. 
    If anyone else with more experience in Outfit Studio wants to make this mod, go ahead. If you just want to fix a few files, I'd also be more than happy to include them here and give you a credit.
    I am considering doing more male outfits. If you have any particular requests, go ahead and ask. If I like it, I might try to convert it in the future. I haven't been playing modded skyrim for very long and I still don't know what's all out there.
    I probably won't be doing any female outfit conversions. 
    Ideally I'll try to update this at least once a month until most of the issues are worked out. It's kind of tedious, and I can only focus on it for so long before my eyes loose focus. Bug reports will help it go faster. Try to include the specific outfit you see problems on. 



  2. Devourment Spell Tomes

    Adds spell tomes for Devourment Refactor spells.
    All spell tomes are sold by Mia at the College of Winterhold.
    Install like any other mod. Just make sure it loads after Devourment Refactor.
    Analsorbance Augmentation (Other) Augmentation (Self) Bellyport Craniovore Diminuation (Total) Diminuation (Other) Diminuation (Self) Enhanced Secretion Fatal Surrender Force Feeding Heimlich's Alimentary Reversal Hungry Bones Raise Dead Rapid Digestion (Other) Rapid Digestion (Self)  
    Let me know if there are any bugs or if you have any suggestion. I'm new to modding, so I can't promise I can fix it, but I'll try.
    I only made spell tomes for spells, and not for powers or abilities. I have not changed any of the spells' functionality.
    Up-to-date for Devourment version 6-14-21.



  3. [SSE] Barefoot Mod

    Please be aware that this mod is still a WIP, I am aware that it has some issues but hopefully I can resolve them in the next update. Thanks for your understanding!

    This is my first post so I apologize if it's not that good. I made this mod just for fun after not being able to find such a mod anywhere ( wonder why o-o )
    I will try to improve on this mod in the future, but I will need feedback and helpful advice. Please let me know if you run into any issues or if you have a better solution to any of my implemented changes, it would be much appreciated , Thanks! 
    This mod changes all of the vanilla skyrim footwear meshes into the default naked bare feet mesh (via a plugin, none of your existing meshes will be overwritten), turning all footwear "invisible" when worn by both the player and NPCs/followers. The armor defense and enchantment buffs of the footwear will still be applied, and the footstep sounds will still be the same as if you were wearing them like normal, the only difference will be the appearance, and it's all done through the plugin so no extra mesh assets required or messed with. Only the vanilla skyrim footwear is changed, for custom clothing you will have to make your own patch. Yes I know the mod name isn't grammared correctly. Patch instructions below.

    Mod Info:
    Plugin Variants: Use only one plugin!
    All of the plugins are an .esp that were made and esl flagged in xEdit. They all contain the custom bare feet armor which can only be obtained with console commands (idk of an easy way to automatically give them to the player without scripting it.)
    BareFeet Cheat Armor.esp
    If you only want specific NPCs/Followers to be barefoot use this one.
    BareFeet Female Replacer.esp
    This plugin modifies all vanilla skyrim footwear, changing the female meshes to bare feet while leaving the male meshes normal. You can still wear the boots and shoes and they will still give armor and enchant buffs, but it will just look like you're not wearing them. Unfortunately there are some invisible leg/floating feet glitches I was unable to fix. You will need to test out different footwear and clothings in-game.
    BareFeet Male Replacer.esp
    Same as above but instead only male meshes are changed to bare feet while female meshes are left like normal.
    BareFeet All Of The Above.esp
    Both female and male footwear are modified. 

    Known Issues:



  4. Riding Styles 2 SE (6-13-21)

    This is the SE port for the Riding Styles 2 mod.  I do not primarily play on SE, and the SE version has not been as bug tested as for the LE version, but the functionality seems to work.  
    For LE version or additional help, see: 
    Version 5.0 is a major update to the mod, fixing a lot of issues and adding some new capability.
    This mod is now a framework/esm designed with two things in mind: Better stability and the ability to be used in other mods. To help facilitate this, I'm now including the source code for the mod in the downloads.
    INFO FOR V5.0 UPDATE (Read This to Understand how the mod now works! Seriously!)
    This mod now supports Four (4!) different methods for mounting up and riding.  These are described below:
    Method 1: Menu
    Method 2: Summoned Creatures
    Method 3: Spells
    Method 4: Followers Using Mounts
    Riding Outfit
    End V5.0 Update

    As of Version 2.0, Creature Framework is a hard dependency of the mod. This also means that the animals will have dicks now.

    What is this mod:
    This mount adds and enables alternative riding styles to be called. More succinctly, it's a bestiality/bondage based mod revolving around riding several different types of animals found throughout Skyrim.
    Using The Mod, or How does it work:

    If you are having trouble getting the mod to work, before posting do the following:
    Installation Instructions:
    Requirements (New Requirements as of V2.0):
    For all of these, I would recommend using the latest versions of them.
    Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)
    Fore New Idles in Skyrim (FNIS)
    Mod Configuration Menu (MCM)
    Creature Framework
    How do I make a mod to plug in to this?

    Known Issues with current version:
    I have had a report of this causing issue with FNIS PCEA2 (Disabling the animations from the mod) and that certain other mods that add events while riding cause the character to, at least temporarily, break out of animation. Animations are bad/misaligned/etc. Yes, I know. Go convince one of the excellent animators on LL to make new ones and I'll happily replace everything.  
    As always, I love to see your screenshots of using the mod!
    You are free to use this mod as a part of another mod as long as you are not redistributing it.  If you let me know where you are using it, I am happy to update the mod page and let others know where this mod is being used.
    Thanks and Credit:
    Special thanks to Haeretic who helped me out with a lot of the initial thoughts on the new framework
    EternalBlack for making the mountings for the horse/wolf harnesses
    Gone for several of the meshes/textures in this mod
    Zaz for originally giving me this idea with the Oblivion Mod
    Bethesda for Skyrim and making me waste far too much trying to make their freaking horse system work like I want
    Unnamed People - There are probably some people from whom I have used their work, either getting permission at some point and then forgetting from who or possibly not getting permission. If you recognize a nif/texture etc in the mod and you know where it comes from, and they aren't listed here, please let me know. I want the original authors to get the credit they deserve.



  5. bodywriting in CN [slavetats]

    I took reference from many other language bodywritings.  If author feels uncomfortable please contact me and I will delete it. 
    Contact me if you have great and sexy ideas on bodywriting. Attaching picture will be great. If I have time. I may work it out. 
    I had tried them all already. It shouldn't have any problem. 
    Enjoy the skyrim!



  6. SlaveRun Zaz 8 and DD 4.0 4.1 Version Fix!

    Dont even ask me where i found this because its not mine, some german guy miles down in a forum whipped this up and it works. I use MO and i installed it like you would an archive and it worked, i assume it works the same for vortex. 
    For a manual install just drag the contents into your /data/scripts folder and slaverun will no longer be retarded. 



  7. SexLab Deadly Drain SE Enhanced - BETA

    This mod is an enhancement to the original by Etheri. Page found here: https://www.loverslab.com/profile/676057-etheri/
    Original found here (LE) . You can find a detailed explanation of SLDD mod here. Including how to use the body drain function. I have not touched the body drain function. Refer to original mod for support on that. I have not updated that as of yet.
    It appears Etheri is no longer modding or updating SL Deadly drain. If the author wishes for me to take this down I will, but will try to see if the new PEX files can remain as they are where the changes I have made are at. 
    Sexlab Framework SE, latest version to date. Sexlab Separate Orgasms (Soft requirement). Mandatory for actual orgasms and multi-orgasm climax stages. Otherwise its just cosmetic. You will likely want this for mods such as fill her up , hentai pregnancy, or Soul gem oven (not tested). Using this, may want to make sure always orgasm is disabled. I dont recall if its mandatory, but I think it is because of the event call that happens after. You may want to have the SLSO game turned off because it can undo the gains Energy drain/LifeDrain gives you.  Sexlab Aroused All dependencies The above mods must also be satisfied. Miyu is eager, isnt she?
    What this mod to that mod does:
    In short, this version is more or less made for players who primarily play as Male PCs but want more "consideration" from succubi created from Deadly Drain. In the original, the drain levels pretty much defined everything without an allowance for variation. So if you were to mingle with a deadly succubus, you'd be killed no matter what regardless if that succubus was a close friend. Only way to survive for the most part was to have the succubus have drainer level 0, or take your chances with drain level 1. Not much variation available. Should note that enhancements assume player/victim is male, so things wont work on female NPCs or female PCs. In coming updates female PCs can participate in enhancements as a succubus.
    My modifications expand this so that the relationship between the male PC/NPC and the succubus is taken into account while still maintaining the lethality even when other NPCs are involved. So NPC to NPC sex will have this conditionality checked too.
    So lets go over changes I have made thus far:
    Lethality of the succubi remains, but you can survive based on whether or not you are favored. This is done by using the relationship rank. The higher the drainer level, the higher your relationship status must be for you to survive. Relationship Rubric further down If the succubus is drain level 0 she will never kill, but may drain you to the brink of death if she doesn't like you enough. If she does, you may find yourself not drained that much. Upon multi orgasm, she will drain you to a point. If she likes you enough she will not even use energy drain, otherwise you will have your stamina and magicka drained as applicable. If you are below the threshold or at it, she may simply be fine with good old fashioned sex and wont drain anything. If she is drain level 1, she may drain most of your HP and on a whim may decide to kill you or the NPC she is mating with. But if she likes you enough she will never kill you and just drain you to a certain point. She may or may not use life drain at first and only use energy drain. But once she gets a taste she will keep going. If she is drain level 2 (always lethal), she will ALWAYS drain you to the brink of death. This can occur during normal mod operation or during forced climaxes at the end. Naturally she is always lethal if you dont have enough health, and even if you do you will only survive she is your lover. In which case you will still be drained to the brink, but she wont kill you. She will continue to use energy drain Small change to MCM where the health drain rate range is increased. I strongly recommend to keep it below 34 for scenes with more than one stage if you wish to have the enhancements active. By default the enhancements wont be active, I'll explain below [1]. More changes may come soon depending on what I do or add. As of 0.6 you can now choose to drain stamina, magicka, or both in addition to health. Go to mod utility page. Orgasms during scenes - If the animation is Oral, Anal, or Vaginal, the male victim will be forced to orgasm and be drained. If you have mods like Fill Her up and Hentai pregancy, this will surely fill her up with SLSO enabled -  Important notes: Without SLSO - Effect is purely cosmetic. Orgasm event is triggered but nothing really happens. With SLSO - NPC is subjected to extreme pleasure and is forced to orgasm. Effect is both visual and functional. Succubus will be inflated via fill her up and will be impregnated (depending on likelyhood configured in hentai preganancy and soulgem oven). Be sure to have SLSOs game off if you want the gains from Energy drain! Multiple orgasms during climax stage - IF SLSO is active  and the victim is in climax stage, the succubi will force the victim to climax repeatedly. For every climax the the victim(s) will be drained. If the drain level is 1 or higher and the succubus decides to the kill the victim this stage would be the end for the victim if he got to this point. If the victim is the lover the of the always deadly succubi, the victim will simply be repeatedly drained until reaching the brink of death. Don't think she wont drain you back down because you consumed a health potion. Energy Drain - as of SLDDSEE 0.6, Energy drain has been added. Succubi added by deadly drain can use either lifedrain or energy drain. Lifedrain does both but energy drain does not affect the life of their victims. This is impacted by the selections in mod utility: "Drain Stamina" and "Drain Magicka". If neither are enabled energy drain wont take anything.  
    Important notes:
    As mentioned before, the enhancements are not active by default. You must enable the MCM option "Victim dies when manually drained" for it to take effect. This was done so the player can default to normal functionality of the base mod just by ticking it off. Female PCs may not see this functionality unless the drainer is an NPC having sex with someone else. Succubi relationship rubric.  If Drainer power level is 0, to not be drained to brink the victim must be at least an confidant. This is done in case the victim is an enemy. If she doesn't like you enough she will also continuously use energy drain even during climax stage. If Drainer power level is 1, to not be at risk of death the victim must be at least an ally, otherwise she may decide on a whim kill the victim. still survivable if she chooses not to kill If Drainer power level is 2, to not be ruthlessly drained to death, the victim must be a Lover. Otherwise survival is not possible. Strongly recommend SLSO. If SLSO is not activated in Sexlab Framework, enhanced functions will not take place. Specifically the repeated orgasms. The relationship checks and conditions will still occur. So SLSLO is a soft requirement as a result. Always looking for testers to check some things. For example, behavior of this enhancement when multiple succubi are involved. Victim could be savagely wrecked if one of them doesn't like them enough. To handle this conditionality, every climax drain checks the status of the victim. But not 100% sure if thats what is wanted. Repeated Climaxes are dependent on the amount of time the climax scenes lasts, so now if you increase the extended drain timer, more climaxes will occur. I took into account script lag and orgasm timers. But I am on a strong system so results may vary on yours. SLSO is kind of script heavy Enhancements tested in SE, not in LE. Cannot guarantee results for LE. For female PCs - Nothing really changes unless you have fellow succubi in your team and have male NPCs that have favorable relationships around. Since Female PCs that are drainers have control over who is killed and who is not in the original version, there is no reason for me to change anything there.  
    Upcoming plans and modifications:
    Allowing Female PC players to participate in the enhanced feature set. I am thinking of allowing the PC to pick their drain level and be treated in the system as a succubus. This way they wont necessarily need to use hotkeys. Drain to skeleton instead of Draugr, another user suggested a great idea where instead of changing the victim(s) into draugr, they would drained to a literal skeleton husk. That husk would also have the equipment and items of the victim to more realism. Drain to draugr disabled as of 0.6 pending upgrade. Possibly adding a unique scenario that only applies to the player and whomever they marry. This can apply to multiple spouses I think. It may just be easier to add a new drain level unique to the female PC to indicate benign intentions (only use energy drain never life drain.) Compatibility with Better Vampires and one other vampire mod potentially. Possibly Sancrosanct. I dont play as a vampire so bare with me on this.  
    Other than that I hope you enjoy! Might want to be quick about it though. If Miyu is hungry she just takes what she wants! Your permission is not required.
    Version 0.6 :
    Version 0.5 :



  8. High Poly Males - SOS - for SSE

    A conversion of OIMCRUNCH's vanilla male body overhaul - High Poly Males - SOS - for use in SSE.
    This high poly male body supports all vanilla-based armors and accessories, as well as SOS Full.
    For all the details about the body, see the original file.
    All credits and hails go to OIMCRUNCH (or MegaCrunch on Nexus) and Nymphetta for remodeling original meshes.
    And of course, VectorPlexus, Smurf and b3lisario for original SOS, and galgaroth for porting it to SE.
    I uploaded this for SSE users who may appreciate this project and don't want to hassle with converting meshes by themselves. I don't expect nor want any acknowledgment.
    I also won't be able to support you if something is off, so don't ask me about it. I've converted these meshes primarily for my own use and they work as intended in my game. They should work in your game as well - as long as nothing is overwriting these meshes in your load order, and of course, you don't have any other SOS-based body installed except SOS SE. SOS Light isn't supported.



  9. SKYGIRL BOOK: Playboy Modern vol.1

    SKYGIRL BOOK, Special Edition: Playboy Modern vol.1
     Playmates 2000-2004's
    LoversLab Version: only 11 Pages.
    Patreon Version: 60 Pages!! ---->>> PATREON !!!
    Bonus: +1 Skill One-Handed
    Location: Dragon Bridge
    More Mods? Support Me on PATREON!!



  10. Wabba Rune

    place a rune which explodes when NPC comes near.
    undress and start SL animations of surrounding NPC.
    Follower will not be affected if you have perk no damage to followers.
    The rune itself is non hostile and deals 0 damage.
    (see screens)
    Should work with LE, I assume.
    1x paper roll, 1x leather, perk Illusion Apprentice
    or additemmenu
    Requires ABBA, SL, SLA(X)



  11. Sonja Lodbruuk Preset my character

    Sonja Lodbruuk Preset of my character

    This is my Futanari character that I use to play with..
    Decided to upload it so you can have the preset  and if you want play with it..
    She is a Nord ..
    For the Futa SOS add on I use 
    The preset can be used without it and will be a normal female , but if you load the preset
    with the SOS Futanari addon it will probably  be with the dimensions and tweaks I have made for it !
    I use Fair skin complexion 
    And on top this file the muscle map  here 
    and download just is the Optional files  the  
    TigersansDiesel CBBEConversion file 
    The  Hair you can pick the one you prefer ...
    For the body I use CBBE 3BBB
    and this preset for  Bodyslide and character body 
    Also use this eyes 
    for the body tattoos  i use  a mix of this

    Have fun 



  12. Aroused Creatures Random Invite Animations for OsmelMC Tweaks v4.06 SE

    Updated version of Random Invite Animations for SL Aroused Creatures OsmelMC Tweaks v4.06 SE
    While rebuilding my modlist, I've noticed this from Aylis' Skyrim SE for Beginners:

    I figured I'd attempt to check how hard it would be to update and decided to get working on it.
    The update was fairly simple: All I did was copy pasting the updated source from OsmelMC's tweak and changing the "PlayInviteAnimation" function so that it would select the different animations. To be honest, recompiling everything was the hardest part as I needed the source files from many different mods (had to grab SkyUI's sdk from github, had to unpack UIextension's bsa...).
    Everything seems to work fine, so here it is.
    It will only work for this specific version of OsmelMC's tweak, and probably won't work with only the original mod (though you still need it since OsmelMC's tweak overwrites it).
    It probably won't be compatible with future updates of the tweak, though I'm already thinking about how I could edit a different script that is probably not updated as often as the one I am currently changing (for modders: directly changing the function in "slac_animation" instead of "slac_utility").
    SexLab Aroused Creatures SE/LE v04.06 (Tweak) and its requirements
    Random Invite Animations (You only need the meshes folder, but if you keep it make sure to override it with my tweak)
    If you happen to use Dynamic Animation Replacer, I highly recommend this mod instead.
    It should be upward and backward compatible with any version of either SLAC or OsmelMC's tweak. It uses the DAR framework to dynamically replace the one hardcoded animation rather than editing the scripts. If you use DAR, use this!
    All credits go to both OsmelMC and BagOfLove69, I literally didn't write a single line of code myself. Everything was copy pasted in (I hope) the right place.



  13. Wabbawabbabow

    prefer watching ?
    Then this is the bow for you.
    "not intented for use in crowded areas"
    craftable or additemmenu
    Please use arrows provided with bow
    Requires ABBA



  14. Seraphina a.k.a SeranaXXX (Transsexual Follower) SE

    Seraphina (SeranaXXX) – a transsexual follower
    There are not that many original transsexual followers out there and I always liked having Kalena Rios with me, the other follower made by nehaberlan. A few weeks ago I found out about Seraphina/SeranaXXX and I really like her look. So I ported her for myself and started changing her body and style to fit her into my modern setup.
    I had posted some pictures of this ported Seraphina on her Legendary Edition modpage and was contacted by nehaberlan about my port afterwards. We talked and of course I would like to share what I had created so you all could enjoy her for Special Edition too.
    Location: Hall of the Dead, Whiterun
    There are two versions to choose from:
    1) The „Original“; She comes with a UUNP body and outfit without any physics and is basically the follower you can find for LE. This one is also for those that can’t use SMP-physics or big textures for the skin. She has a fully functional schlong.
    2) My updated Version;
    Changes made:
    - Custom genderless CBBE-3BA body with SMP-physics
    - 8k Bijin body skin, rest is 4K
    - New Hairstyle with SMP; this is a wig, so you can choose to let her keep the wig or remove it and she’ll have her original hairstyle.
    - Customized 3D black hand and toe nails for CBBE 3BA
    - ERF High Poly Futanari Schlong with SMP-physics; with adjusted textures to match the body skin as best as possible.
    - A new custom Outfit based on the Black Latex Corset combined with some Fur Armor Set parts; I will also have the 3BA version I made for the Latex Outfit available separately if you want to try it out yourself with more colors.
    Requirements (both):
    SKSE 2.0.19 (for SE 1.5.97)
    RaceMenu 0.4.16
    SexLab Framework SE 1.63 – Beta 8
    SexLab Aroused Redux SSE 29 2.9
    Schlongs of Skyrim SE 1.1.4
    Additional Requirements (CBBE-3BA only):
    HDT-SMP (Skinned Mesh Physics) 2.11
    Note 1: For now there are no ESPFE’s made for both versions, I might make some later.
    Note 2: Depending on the light and pose the schlong for the UUNP version isn't fitting perfectly. I tried to minimize that by editing the textures, but there will be a visible seam when looked at from a certain angle.
    Nehaberlan – SeranaXXX/Seraphina LE
    Nakrulz & hwybee4996 – Latex Corset and the original CBBE port
    Keung & Unknown – Fur Armor Set and the Skirt-Update
    Acro – CBBE 3BA body
    EvilReFlex – ERF High Poly Futanari Schlong for CBBE SE
    Human Nature66 – Mage Nails SE for CBBE
    Dint999 & Xing – KS Hairdos SMP Wigs
    Stealthic & Kalilies – KS Jewelry SSE



  15. Sex Girl London Keyes for COtR

    U can follow me on my Patreon if you like what I do
    No obligation, it's just if you feel generous You will get exclusive presets based hot celebrities like Hitomi tanaka, Lucie Wilde and more...   https://www.patreon.com/daxosscontent 
    Sex Girl London Keyes for COtR
    COtR - HQ Characters creation addon for RM
    RaceCompatibility for Skyrim Special Edition
    The Eyes Of Beauty SSE
    COtR x The Eyes of Beauty - Updated Patch
    KS Hairdos - HDT SMP (Physics) not really required but i save the presets with one of them.

    Install with your mod manager or put the uncompressed files into data/skse/plugins/chargen/presets.
    In game, open Racemenu, choose "Norddz" race and load the preset (the name of the preset end with "COR")
    edit:  You can choose an another race like imperialdz or bretondz if you want, it also works!

    Facelight Plus SE
    Expressive Facial Animation -Female Edition-
    Conditional Expressions - Subtle Face Animations
    Mfg Fix


    Special credits:
    to newermind43 for the original author of the armor and TempleWarden who ported it




  16. TT76 - by chumingzhi2010 Converted to BHUNP

    Built off the CBBE conversion by Rektas and the original mod by chumingzhi2010
    You MUST have HDT-SMP.
    BHUNP body ver 2.31
    Use additemmenu or console to obtain
    No prebuilt meshes. Build in bodyslide.



  17. KziitdFeitshSet BDSM Maid 3BA Bodyslide Conversion

    3BA Bodyslide conversion of Kziitd's BDSM Maid outfit

    First of all, thanks to Kziitd, author of the original mod, who gave me permission to upload the conversion here on LoversLab.

    Features (well, the new ones):

    - Kziitd's BDSM Maid outfit made to fit the CBBE 3BA Body
    - Multiple choices of plugin type, with, or without heels sounds
    - Gags from the original mod were disconnected from the hood, as it was in original version. Now you can wear them just as they are, without the forced need to use the hood as well
    - Main body has options to remove certain parts of the outfit, if you do not want them. Including nipple piercings, nipple chains, two separate vaginal piercings and handcuffs (this can be done in BodySlide by ticking the separate Zap checkboxes, use the Preview function to see how the final output will look like, and of course, Build it afterwards)
    - Original gags have built-in drool (just visual), which can be removed in same way in Bodyslide, just tick the Zap checkboxes
    - Renamed all items accordingly, descriptions removed, assigned some weight and value
    - Adjusted equipment slots of few items, gags are now slot 44 and hood had its slot 55 removed (now only 31 and 41)
    - Includes 12 items, their slot number in brackets: 4 types of Gags and 2 closed variants (44), Hood (31,41), Body (32), Gloves (33), Boots (37), Stockings (52), Panties (49)
    1. CBBE 3BA - conversion is for this body type, also get all of its requirements (CBBE, HDT-SMP, XPMSSE etc.)
    2. BodySlide and Outfit Studio - conversion should work without it, but the outfit will be only with CBBE Curvy preset)
    3. KziitdXXXToolset 2.1 - this mod is for Oldrim/LE, but it works on SE, base body for those items in the Toolset is UUNP, which includes its gag scrips, which the BDSM Maid gags uses...at least I think so) (link for download, same link can be found in the mod page)
    4. KziitdFetishSet BDSM Maid - the base mod for which the conversion is for (you will need mainly textures, but we will get to that in next step) (link for download, same link can be found in the mod page)
    5. (Optional) Racemenu High Heels - Required if you do not want your character sink through ground while wearing the Maid Boots
    5. (Optional) Heels Sound - Required if you want the Maid Boots producing high heel sounds
    6. (Optional) AddItemMenu to get the outfit (not required, you can get it via console commands like "player.additem <item_ID> <quantity>", but with the mod its much faster)

    Installation: (Just in case if someone does not know what to do)

    Mod manager installation:
    (such as Mod Organizer 2, Vortex, WyreBash etc.) (I only tested this with MO2, should work with others, but can't give any guarantee)
    1. Install all the required files listed above (and their requirements)
    2. Sort the mods in your mod manager (Should be in same order as requirements are listed)
    3. (Optional) Remove folders "Meshes", "CalienteTools" and file "KziitdFeitshSet-BdsmMaid.esp" from the folder where you installed the KziitdFetishSet BDSM Maid (by default folder should be named "KziitdFeitshSet-BdsmMaid"). This step is optional, as you only need the textures. Meshes, Bodyslide and .esp plugin are provided in this conversion. Although you can keep them, this way, you can free up some space.
    4. Download and install my mod via mod manager. It has a FOMOD installer (worked for me, can't guarantee it works for others, especially with different mod managers. If fomod installation is not working, then follow the manual installation step 7, but instead put the files in the folder "KziitdFeitshSet-BdsmMaid"). During second step of installation, you must select which plugin you want.

    5. (Optional) you can copy/cut and paste the contents from the newly created folder "KziitdFetishSet BDSM Maid 3BA Conversion" to the folder "KziitdFeitshSet-BdsmMaid". If you have followed step 3 in installation, it should not prompt any overwriting. If you did not follow step 3, then when it asks you to overwrite the files, then confirm all. Afterwards, the folder created by my mod should be empty and can be deleted.
    6. Activate the mod. Order of mods in mod manager priority (from 0, 1, 2, 3 etc. ) should be same as requirements order, and if you have not followed steps 3 and / or 5, then my mod should have higher number than KziitdFeitshSet-BdsmMaid (my mod overwriting the original)
    7. (Optional) Build meshes in Bodyslide (if you don't, they have pre-built CBBE Curvy preset), find them by writing "BDSM Maid" into "Outfit Filter" in top right corner of Bodyslide. Either batch build them, or one by one. If you want to use Zap sliders for body and certain gags, these needs to be selected individually and ticked the Zap checkboxes, then using the Build function.
    8. (Optional) Use LOOT to sort your load order

    Manual installation:
    1. Please don't.
    2. Really, don't!
    3. It is a really good advice.
    4. Get a mod manager, its much better and much safer.
    5. Are you still insisting? Please stop and get mod manager.
    6. Fine, watch this tutorial on manual mods installation or read the manual here .
    7. Once you have installed all requirements, Open the .rar file and copy contents "CalienteTools", "Meshes" to your Skyrim Special Edition's Data folder (default "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data"). Also open the folder "ESP", select desired .esp type (choosing .esp type is described above in Step 4 of Mod manager installation steps) and copy that to data folder too.
    8. Activate the mod in launcher. And if you really followed these steps, I am concerned for you and your modded Skyrim.
    9. Please consider using mod manager.


    1. If you used the mod mid-playthrough and equipped its items on either one NPC or your character, first of all, make sure you remove all of them (and from outfit managers, if you have any). Most importantly, make sure to remove any gags from your own character or from NPCs, as removing the mod mid-game while having either one gag equipped will give character permanently open mouth that can't be easily fixed (applied MGEF).
    2. Save the game and then quit the game.
    4. Uninstall the mod via mod manager (Manual installation users remove all files from their data folder that the mod provided).
    5. Start the game, load the save. Once loaded, make a new save....and play.

    -The Kziitd Toolset is for UNP-based body, but still is a requirement. If you do not want it to count towards your maximum mod limit, you can "ESLify" it. Basically, open the mod in SSEdit and add the "esl" flag in the header. Recommended to not doing this mid-playthrough though, especially if some of its items are equipped on character. Or use this tool ESLify if you are not sure how to do it, also has nice video showing how to use it. It should automatically detect this plugin viable for ESL flag. At least, it did for me.
    - "Why so much text?" My first upload, wanted to make sure it all works if someone runs into a problem.
    - "More conversions?" Hard to say, this project took me around 2 days (since my beginner skills in almost everything. Bodyslide, SSEdit, CK, NifSkope, you name it)
    - Mod support might be complicated, as it is in my previous statement (lack of knowledge with the tools), if it is within my ability to fix it, I will, just, make sure you properly describe the issue. If I can't...well, I will just hope someone else fixes it.
    - "More features?" I would like to expand this mod in additional way and make the outfit even more modular. Such as disconnecting multiple parts and making them standalone, such as the headband from hood, and collar, nipple chains, nipple piercings, vaginal piercings, cuffs and more from the body or other parts. However, this would require making new items in CK and more adjustments...which, I do not know how to do...yet (?).
    - About high heels, since this optionally requires Racemenu High Heels, I have no idea if this works with Lazy Heels.
    - "How to get the items in-game?" Honestly I have no idea if you can craft them. I just use the mentioned mod "AddItemMenu" to get them. Alternatively, use the console commands, search them with console command "help "BDSM Maid" 0"
    - The gags that do not have the drool Zap option are still present in Bodyslide... I have no idea why I kept it that way, though it shouldn't do any harm.

    Known Issues:

    - Items do not have assigned world object, which means, if you drop them on ground, they become permanently stuck in air and you can not pick them up or remove them with console. This would require some knowledge in Creation Kit to adjust, which I do not possess at the time of uploading the mod.
    - Clippings... Clippings might occur at any time, though I have tried to fix them all, there might be some cases it will still happen. Especially in certain extremely large body parts , such as using Pregnancy slider.
    - Hood might also have some clippings. (This was lots of work panting the bone weights, ugh) Also, you might notice that the hood has its chin way down. That is simply, because the hood was made to be worn along with the gags. If I made it more fitting the character's head, then the chin would clip through the hood if the gags were worn.
    - Certain clippings also occurs in lower body weight. I have noticed some, namely with the collar and hood, when weight slider is at 0
    - Part of the collar is very slightly visible in first person (I have no idea why) and no clue what is causing it.

    @kziitd author of the original mod
    @Malyo author of the Body (slot 32) CBBE conversion which I have used in this mod



  18. Ero Selene BHUNP conversion

    Built off the CBBE conversion by immyneedscake and the original mod by kofman77.
    BHUNP body ver 2.31
    Use additemmenu or console to obtain (I have removed the worldspace edits for compatability)
    No prebuilt meshes for the top, legs or gloves. Build in bodyslide.



  19. Ice Breaker

    As I can only bows, another one.
    deep freeze the clothing of a NPC and makes them stagger to burst the frozen clothes off.
    Use Arrows provided with bow.
    Succeed depends on a couple of conditions.
    Your Alteration skill
    Level difference
    target disposition  (fighting resist more, sleeping resist less, sneaking higher success).
    Target health
    Can be crafted at forge
    esp-FE flagged
    Thanks to Anon1Anon for free permission using his resources.
    (see screen)



  20. C5Kev's Chainmaille Ranger Armor 3BA

    Hello Folks!  Well, I made my move to SE and have made some mods for the CBBE 3BA Body.  I've posted said mods on Nexus and want to get them over here as well. It's a lot of work to create images of different sizes for here and for Nexus and I just don't have the strength, so please follow the link below for additional info, requirements, etc. and tons of images about the mod.
    Some mods are brand new, some older that have been updated with new junk. I also have a few goodies for FO4 if you're interested in those.  Take a peek...
    And please, do not upload this or any of my other mods onto other sites or utilize my assets without permission.



  21. C5Kev's Necro'ed SL Bikini Outfit 3BA

    Hello Folks!  Well, I made my move to SE and have made some mods for the CBBE 3BA Body.  I've posted said mods on Nexus and want to get them over here as well. It's a lot of work to create images of different sizes for here and for Nexus and I just don't have the strength, so please follow the link below for additional info, requirements, etc. and tons of images about the mod.
    Some mods are brand new, some older that have been updated with new junk. I also have a few goodies for FO4 if you're interested in those.  Take a peek...
    And please, do not upload this or any of my other mods onto other sites or utilize my assets without permission.



  22. C5Kev's Gatti Sexy Rose Armor 3BA

    Hello Folks!  Well, I made my move to SE and have made some mods for the CBBE 3BA Body.  I've posted said mods on Nexus and want to get them over here as well. It's a lot of work to create images of different sizes for here and for Nexus and I just don't have the strength, so please follow the link below for additional info, requirements, etc. and tons of images about the mod.
    Some mods are brand new, some older that have been updated with new junk. I also have a few goodies for FO4 if you're interested in those.  Take a peek...
    And please, do not upload this or any of my other mods onto other sites or utilize my assets without permission.



  23. C5Kev's A Formal Affair Outfit 3BA

    Hello Folks!  Well, I made my move to SE and have made some mods for the CBBE 3BA Body.  I've posted said mods on Nexus and want to get them over here as well. It's a lot of work to create images of different sizes for here and for Nexus and I just don't have the strength, so please follow the link below for additional info, requirements, etc. and tons of images about the mod.
    Some mods are brand new, some older that have been updated with new junk. I also have a few goodies for FO4 if you're interested in those.  Take a peek...
    And please, do not upload this or any of my other mods onto other sites or utilize my assets without permission.



  24. C5Kev's Simply Delicious Daedric Armor 3BA

    Hello Folks!  Well, I made my move to SE and have made some mods for the CBBE 3BA Body.  I've posted said mods on Nexus and want to get them over here as well. It's a lot of work to create images of different sizes for here and for Nexus and I just don't have the strength, so please follow the link below for additional info, requirements, etc. and tons of images about the mod.
    Some mods are brand new, some older that have been updated with new junk. I also have a few goodies for FO4 if you're interested in those.  Take a peek...
    And please, do not upload this or any of my other mods onto other sites or utilize my assets without permission.



  25. C5Kev's Stalhrim Stiffy Armor 3BA

    Hello Folks!  Well, I made my move to SE and have made some mods for the CBBE 3BA Body.  I've posted said mods on Nexus and want to get them over here as well. It's a lot of work to create images of different sizes for here and for Nexus and I just don't have the strength, so please follow the link below for additional info, requirements, etc. and tons of images about the mod.
    Please install the main file, then the "tex update", which fixes a few issues.
    Some mods are brand new, some older that have been updated with new junk. I also have a few goodies for FO4 if you're interested in those.  Take a peek...
    And please, do not upload this or any of my other mods onto other sites or utilize my assets without permission.



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