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Adult Mods

These Skyrim: Special Edition mods are of an adult nature.

604 files

  1. SexLab Light SE

    Update 22 Nov 19: All my mods for Skyrim, Skyrim SE and Fallout 4 are up for adoptions. All their source code is included in the download packages and can be used in whatever way any other modders see fit - no need to ask me for permission. I have retired from Bethesda games' modding to focus on my own indie game project LifePlay (check it out here, it's an life simulation RPG on Unreal Engine. It's also moddable and open-source, and completely free.).
    Conversion of SexLab Framework to Skyrim Special Edition without relying on SKSE64 and PapyrusUtil. More Nasty Critters + many popular SLAL animation packs already included.
    SexLab Framework API was kept as intact as much as the lack of SKSE64 and PapyrusUtil allows, meaning most Oldrim SexLab mods either work right away or can be converted fairly easily 803 animations (467 human, 336 creature) all packaged as its default animations, including the original SexLab animations, multiple SLAL packs and More Nasty Critters (At Tween's request for including his M2M animations, please read his legal terms of use included in the archive) Small MCM and in-scene control functionality Erection system that works with Schlongs of Skyrim Light SE But still, please don't expect everything to be the same as Oldrim SexLab. Without SKSE64, a lot of code had to be rewritten, meaning certain features get implemented differently or sacrificed altogether.
    This project has been undertaken with Ashal's permission. Ashal has offered future help to me if I hit any roadblock. However, please avoid confusing this port with the full Sexlab (all SexLab Light SE releases will have 0.x.x version numbers to avoid confusion). We especially want to clarify that Ashal himself is not responsible for supporting this 'SexLab Light SE' port so don't message him for troubleshooting about it. All questions about SexLab Light SE should be directed to myself only for the time being. Ashal still intends to port the full SexLab to SSE, if and when SKSE64 gets released with all the stuffs he needs.

    FNIS Behavior SE - you need the Main download at least. Download the FNIS Creature Pack optional file also if you want bestiality stuffs.
    Recommended: (for nude bodies)
    Schlongs of Skyrim Light SE (or this for different textures) - erection system works with SexLab Light SE
    Installation Instructions: read this detailed guide instead if you're new to SexLab
    Install the 3 requirements above Download SexLab Light SE from one of the two links provided (Google Drive and Mega.Nz) and install it. Run GenerateFNISForUsers.exe as admin, tick Skeleton Arm Fix, press Update FNIS Behavior Load a save (ideally clean, avoid starting a new game with SexLab.esm enabled), SexLab Light SE will automatically start its first-time initialization itself (takes a while). (Optional) The MCM can be accessed in Spells > Illusion. The in-scene controls are in a form of an Apparel inventory item - you should favorite it to a number, then press that number during sex Enjoy! Use one of the mods below to trigger sex  
    Mods Using SexLab Light SE:
    SexLab MatchMaker Light SE - port of MatchMaker to work with SexLab Light SE. Easy mindless way to trigger sex scenes. SexLab Pleasure SE - 80 light-hearted but lore-friendly unique dialogues Abduction SSE Carnival - more complex version of MatchMaker
    The below Oldrim mods aren't official ports (at least not yet), but they have been tested and confirmed as working right away with SexLab Light SE without any conversion, though some bugs may exist
    Amorous Adventures SexLab Solutions 4.0.2 (but not v5.x, which requires Unofficial Patch LE.esp) Spouses Enhanced v1.7.3 (quicksave and load once for the dialogue option to show up) SexLab Necrophilia (must extract the BSA) SexLab Enchantress (must extract the BSA) SexLab Working Girl (must extract the BSA) Animal Mansion 0.6e (but not AM Plus which requires ZaZ, must extract the BSA)
    BSA's can be extracted very easily with BAE: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/78/?
    Future Plans:
    Creature schlongs Furniture and animated objects Creature on Creature
    Known Issues:
    Due to the 803 animations included and the lack of script extender, sometimes it takes quite a while to pick the animation to play. I'll optimize this later. Some creatures added by MNC (chickens, deers) sometimes refuse to have sex with males. I'll address this.
    Ashal for the original SexLab Framework
    Leito86, Anub, SirNibbles, Tweens, Billyy, and FunnyBizness for the animation packs included
    Dentarr for More Nasty Critters, whose animations are also included
    Fore for FNIS
    Groovtama for XPMSSE

    SexLab Framework Credits:
    SKSE Plugin:
    kapaer - Mfg Console
    Unknown Modders - http://skup.dip.jp
    Arrok - BBP Animations
    JoshNZ - Animated Prostitution
    Athstai - Dark Investigations
    Lovers with PK
    Calyp - Strapon
    oli3d - Bukkake Shaders
    4uDIK1 - Male Nudesuit
    Dimon99 - Female Nudesuit
    Vacaliga - Stacking cum textures
    More Nasty Critter Credits:
    LordEscobar (Nude Creatures)
    Ep1cL3w1s (Creature Framework)
    Flyingtoaster (Hentai Creatures)
    Panicforever & Gone (Lurker, Werebear and Riekling Animations (AND Horse Animation)... AND Panic did the new Wolf+Dog Animations)
    Panic also did the newer new Dog and Wolf Animations and the corresponding Tail animations!
    Dayelyte (Female Werewolf and Atronach Animation and new consensual Dog/Wolf)
    Xandero (Spriggan Animations + second Atronach Animation + third Atronach Animation)
    Billyy (Skeever Animations)
    llabsky (Sabrecat, Hagraven, Goat, Deer, Elk, Boar, Mounted Riekling, Ashhopper, Chaurushunter and Wispmother)
    Anubiss (Draugr, Sabrecat)
    FunnyBiz (for Hagraven Animation)
    Leito86 (for Creature Features - now included and new Dog Animations)
    Gone (for Beastiality Extras - now Included)
    Bad Dog (nude models of Deer, Elk, Boar, Mounted Riekling, Skeletton)
    Vioxsis (nude model of Goat and Horker)
    diarawr (for JUDAH model)
    Shocky (for Deathhound Brute)
    SkyMoMod (for Arch Demon)
    More Nasty Critters Disclaimer:
    I know its problematic to expand on the work of others or even expand upon someone elses expansion of the work of a third modder.
    However some of the stuff here cant be released in any other meaningful way, at least not for someone who just wants to download/copy and have fun.
    If someone is offended by the stuff I put here let me know and I remove it. Its just here to give fellow players easy access to stuff thats posted all over the board, after all.



  2. Armana - Daughter Of Dibella (High Poly Follower - Default - CBBE - CBBE-3BA - BHUNP)

    by T-lam and LamaKreis
    As in ancient Greece, the gods also join the mortals in Skyrim for their pleasure. They never know who they are dealing with, as the Nine naturally walk the earth in altered form and do not want to be recognised. Dibella, too, seeks the proximity of a mortal from time to time in order to live what she exists for. A hunter fishing at Lake Ilata did not know what happened to him when the goddess seduced him. When he woke up the next morning, there was only the sweet breath of a memory left in him and the certainty of having experienced something indescribably beautiful. But to Dibella's astonishment, this visit was not without consequences, for a being grew inside her, delicate as a first leaf in spring and beautiful as glittering morning dew.

    She gave the girl the name Armana and in her boundless love gave her all the freedom the girl desired. This was a fatal mistake, for Armana was half human and in need of education. As she blossomed into a young woman, even Dibella noticed her daughter's recklessness and craving for pleasure, but found herself unable to do anything about it. Armana, who preferred to stay in Skyrim among mortals, played all kinds of tricks on people and seduced them whenever she felt like it. Her beauty opened doors and hearts for her, and if the latter was damaged in the process, she just laughed and moved on.
    Lord Sanguine, who had been watching the demigoddess' doings for a long time, delighted in the young woman's deeds and decided that now was the time to win Armana over and show her what opportunities awaited her at his side. But to his annoyance, the young woman evaded his wooings, even taunting him. In his anger, he decided to take revenge, but Dibella found out about it and stood protectively in front of her daughter. Gritting his teeth, Sanguine withdrew and pondered how he could still get one over on Armana. Then an idea came to him and his laughter rumbled like thunder over Skyrim.
    "You will serve, my dove, whether you like it or not. You will be cursed to bind yourself to mortals, to fight for them and obey them. But your masters will shun you, for your weapon will seldom bring death to their enemies, but carnal pleasure. What could your mother say against it, when you give love to mortals!"
    When the bow was completed, Sanguine laughed once more in amusement and began to forge a sword for Armana as well. This weapon, imbued with deadly magic, was to be a gift of redemption. No one should ever say Lord Sanguine was not merciful.
    One night, Armana asleep in the bed of one of her love victims, he placed a bow and a sword among her belongings. He blew on the arrows in the quiver one last time and then retreated into the darkness, grinning.
    The next morning, Armana was amazed at the weapons lying on her clothes. She had no interest in war and wiped the bow aside. But the small touch was enough to trigger a magical spell that caught her completely off guard. This weapon, this bow was now bound to her and every attempt to get rid of it failed. Even Dibella seemed powerless against this spell (or so she said) and in desperation, Armana moved to Riften, the city of thieves and fences.
    But her last hope of selling her weapons to the thieves' guild, if necessary to foist them, was not fulfilled. She was cursed and in her grief she settled down with a bottle of Meet in the Ragged Flagon....
    You can download the mod in two versions, LoversLab or Standard. The Loverslab version is of course the core of this mod. Take Armana into battle and let yourself be surprised. Please do not forget the requirements you need for this version.
    The player is not involved in the effects of the bow by default. However, if you wish, a version including the player is available as an option.
    You can find the original bow mod from T-lam here:

    Name: Armana
    Race: Nord
    Weight: 100
    Body: The Nordic Bombshell - TNB Original 1.6 (Body Patch TNB Natural Body 1.6 available)
    Texture: Demoniac CBBE v1.12SE with 3BA Support
    Combat: Sword and Archery
    Location: Ragged Flagon, Riften
    essential and marriageable
    I wish you a lot of fun and all the best, LK
    Please do not upload this mod to other sites without my permission!




  3. BHUNP and JaneBod --BHUNP JB SE--

    BHUNP JB SE – is a reworked BHUNP's body, feet, and hands to make it possible to fit in Nightasy's JaneBod sliders, eventually comprising all UUNP and some BHUNP sliders (except UUNP presets), and the half or more JB sliders, making it more or less optimized. The mod has approx. 280 sliders, making it pretty versatile, and includes conversion references for this body (BHUNP JB SE), called Uniboob (the idea and the Upper and UnderCurtain models taken obv. from this mod (name as well))

    The topology is different from BHUNP, except legs, internal parts, private area, breasts, but even these parts were a bit affected by some changes. The mod has a lot of sliders that develop a nearly perfect transitioning between body and feet, body and hands, has 3 new sliders for wrist area, some sliders were remade, a big majority of sliders were in any way tweaked (also it has UV maps made from scratch, but it is UUNP shaped, so no need to worry)

    Quite a job was done concerning bone weightings, trying to smooth any distortions on forearms and in general, also trying to make them realistic. 

    As well the mod already includes ALL vanilla armor and clothing. These Bodyslide projects feature SMP 3BBB breasts, thighs, calves, butt, belly physics where it makes sense. In addition, breasts physics, its bounciness varies with clothing, armor type (basically the difference in bone weightings.)

    The mod, moreover, features SMP cloth/dress physics for some projects, such as Necromancer, Thalmor, Emperor robes, etc.

    It is needed to point out that the overall look of this "mashup", big conversion is more vanilla than bikini-like, that is for sure.

    So, consequently, I confess, I didn't make it all from scratch, and the mods were used such as the Book of UUNP (a lot), CT77 Remodeled Armor for UUNP (a bit), a lot assets  (such as leg armor) from BD UUNP, and this vanilla conversion as a base.

    Also some assets as skirt and bones for Chef, Barkeeper skirts (even though these assets were heavily tweaked) were taken from here. 

    The assets for Mage Robes, Hide, Scaled armors were taken from here.

    Feel free to express some ideas, bug reports in comments or in any possible way.

    (the first link in downloads tab is for vanilla armor and clothing, the second is body) 
    Also features SunJeong's HG Feet (Khrysamere's version) with some tweaks of mine.



  4. NG's German translations

    Ich plane hier eine kleine Sammlung an Mod Übersetzungen zur Verfügung zu stellen, die ich in meiner Zeit, in der ich mich mit Skyrim SE beschäftige für mich selbst erstellt habe und noch erstellen werde.
    Es gibt eine Menge guter Mods für erwachsene hier auf Loverslab die einer Übersetzung würdig wären, aber leider kann ich sie nicht alle übersetzen. Daher bitte ich um Verständnis, dass es sich bei der Mod Auswahl um von mir favorisierte Mods handelt.
    Mit der Zeit könnte/wird diese Liste natürlich wachsen.
    Übersetzte Mods:
    Spank That Ass SE v4.5
    SexLab Approach Redux 1.802 English SE
    Naked Defeat 3.01
    adcSexlife Plus 6.52 beötigt SexLab SexLife SE 1.4.2 als Voraussetzung
    Books of Dibella SE- Alternate Start Plugin 1.2
    Fill Her Up Baka Edition English SE 1.552V
    SLHH Expansion English SE 3.44V
    Prison Alternative - A modular Prison System 1.2
    Sexlab Defeat Baka Edition SE 1.11
    Toys Framework SE V1.3
    Classic ToyBox SE V1.21
    HoT&WeT SE V1.2
    Fertility Adventures SE 0.24
    1. Installiert die Original Mod und alle die Mods die der Modersteller als Voraussetzung angibt.
    2. Überschreibt alle Dateien der Original Mod mit meinen übersetzten Dateien.
    (Das Archiv (.rar oder.zip) ist so gepackt, dass man es auch z.B. mit dem Nexus Modmanager installieren kann.)



  5. TRX - Futanari Addon (WIP)

    About this mod
    New futanari shlong addon for Skyrim.
    1. Base body - CBBE SE
    2. Base textures Fair Skin Complexion. Textures adaptation made by Her Satanic Majesty (this is nick name  ).
    3. Body Slide project.
    3. Almost 100 sliders for ajusting shlong form.
    4. Fully functional SOS addon.
    5. No balls build in option as slider ("SOS Scrotum Gone" slider)
    6. 2 uncut options as sliders
    7. SexLab Strapon support
    8. Build in (no aditional esp) equipable (not strapon) and craftable shlong option
       TRX futa sos equipable HV 
       Heavy armor
       Enchantable - yes
       Crafting - yes (Smithing forge)
       Tempering - yes
       TRX futa sos equipable LT
       Light armor
       Enchantable - yes
       Crafting - yes (Tanning Rack)
       Tempering - yes
      TRX futa sos equipable Reg 
       No armor
       Enchantable - no
       Crafting - yes (Tanning Rack)
       Tempering - no
    TRX futa addon - blender file for seamless textures pathes creating
    As base for this mod i use Futalicious addon for daz (all artistic cretits to its authors). This mod does not contain any daz content and all meshes was seriously reworked so they cant be restored or used as propriate daz content anymore.
    How it looks and all implemented sliders list you can see in screenshots section.
    If you want you can support my work on my Patreon page This gives to me more possibilietys, motivation and free time for Skyrim modding.
    Big thanks to all my Patrons for support!
    Mod development road map
    As any other SOS addon.
    Do what you want exept two things:
    1. Do not reupload this mod anywhere else. I made it for LL and its community.
    2. Dont sell it for money.



  6. Auri - Song of the Green SL Patch (out of date)

    This is a mod I was asked to create by @Corbaine
    SOTG author Waribiki has given her permission and supports it
    What it does:
    this mod has 2 plugins, the main SL one and an EFF compatibilty mod which is optional in the installer.
    EFF plugin:
    This makes SOTG compatible with Expired's Extensible Follower Framework mod (obviously there is no reason to install this if you don't use EFF)
    SOTG SL:
    The main mod, this adds Sexlab animations to the SOTG quests, some outcomes can be more lewd than others!
    So far it is pretty straight forward and replaces "fade-to-black" scenes with SL animations but I might make some new additions in the future, we'll see.
    It should be compatible with cosmetic Auri replacers and is flagged as ESL so no load order bloat.
    AuriSLPatch.esp should load after 018Auri.esp
    AuriEFFPatch.esp should load after EFFDialogue.esp
    Credit to Monoman1 and Lupine00 for the SLEN interface soft dependency method.
    LE Version added by request. This requires testing so any feedback would be appreciated.



  7. Pan Custom voiced Follower

    Short description
    Pan is a standalone custom voiced follower made using skva synth. Core features are sexlab integration, strip dances, standalone versions of popular community outfits, and over 350 lines of dialogue. If you want the outfits for your own character you’ll still need to download the full mods.
    If you want to support the development of more characters like pan every month as well as upgrades to those characters join my patreon here https://www.patreon.com/HelpHelperMods
    or for those who hate patreon 
    Sexlab integration
    Map marker
    “Strip” dances
    Over 350 lines of hand tuned dialogue
    Quest line reactions
    incompatible with most follower frameworks at the moment
    works with EFF provide pan is loaded after EFF
    two quest so far
    puppy love
    starting condition: be werewolf talk to pan
    end condition: can initiate pan werewolf scenes and bestiality with named animals.
    glass below the waves.
    starting condition: talk to Adrianne
    end conditon: Pan gets malachite armor

    The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition 2021.06.22 - Requirements
    These are the guaranteed requirements though smp physics are nice to have.
    Sexlab aroused redux:  
    High poly head: 
    Character story (this will get a quest implementation and some small mechanics at some point)
    Pan is an unfortunate prostitute from Anvil who got turned into a vampire by a khajiit merchant belonging to a sanjiin vampiric pleasure cult. After her sires accidental demise she flees to skyrim to avoid the brewing great war. The dragon born agrees to provide blood in exchange for on demand gratification effectively shifting her job to that of an adventurer despite her mild disdain for violence.
    Long description
    Pan is the first character in what I hope to be a long line of characters that add golden age Bioware tier characters to skyrim and future bethesda games. Each character will have hundreds of lines of dialogue, distinct personalities, new quests, and progressively more sophisticated character specific gimmicks as I learn to use the creation kit and papyrus scripting (pan’s are the strip dances). 
    Future plans
    Next update will be available to patreons in two weeks and normies get it two weeks after them. Planned content is proper gender recognition, intro quest, healing magic quest, clothing acquisition quest, 100 new idles based on active questlines and equipment, character mechanics, and further bug fixes.
    if your having trouble getting Pan to follow initially, try saving and re-loading.
    changelog 1.1:  new game recommended.
    added 50 more idles
    added glass below the waves quest
    file cleanup of unused assets to reduce file size
    bug fixes and misspelling corrections
    removed heels sound requirement
    festive ctd should be fixed (please tell me if it's not and we'll pin down the problem)
    Big thanks to the many community resources that make such things possible. Standing on the shoulders of giants here.
    Skin:  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/45718
    Head: https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/283-high-poly-head/
    Mouth:  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21348
    Feet: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/39677
    Dance animations: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/8148-gsposes-slal/
    And a few from: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3999-billyys-slal-animations-2021-6-1/
    Skva synth:https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/44184?tab=description
    Fast speech: https://arxiv.org/abs/1905.09263



  8. Paradise Halls - Diary Of Mine [WIP]

    Introduction: This mod is an extension to PAHE 7.5.8 for Skyrim LE (download latest version, but plugin is 1.7.2) and SE (all versions).  Compatible with HSH and AYGAS.
    Diary of Mine adds personality traits to all unique NPC and PAH faction actors. A non-voiced dialogue line "Let's have a serious talk" is added to the actors where the player can ask them about their personality and their feelings. Traits are based on the HEXACO personality model used in various psychological studies. There are 6 personality traits linked to 6 feelings. For PAH slaves, feelings will change depending on emotions and training. Traits can also change but at a much slower pace. For other NPC, traits and feelings are constant. In this case feelings correspond to their general feelings in life.  I also added 6 physical and psychical facets acting as emotion filters, so an actor can be calm but physically extremely sensitive. See the personality system section below for more details.
    The mod will add one new topic to all unique NPC "Let's have a serious chat" where you can ask them about their personality and their feelings. For PAHE slaves this same topic will give you more information. When asking a slave trait, the slave resistance and sensitivity to emotions and punishments will be quoted. As for the feelings they will be expressed in a very strong way and will vary depending on the slave training level.
    Two other topics, only for PAHE slave, "Listen to me, slave." and "Come here, slave" are available with different options. Those options are for roleplaying purpose. They often make use of animations and offers new way to train the slave or boost the training process. See below for a complete description.
    DoM also adds potions and spells to help the process of training slaves. There are four bewitching potions and they are all craftable from the bewitching alchemy bench found in Drela's cottage : Love potion, mind breaking potion, lust potion and lash potion. Drela's has been doign business with the bandits in Fort Greymoor, with the bandits providing the base ingredients of the potions. Unfortunately the last shipment of cabbage (one of the needed ingredient) never arrived and Drela feels the bandits might have betrayed him. He is very nervous and might attack on sight any unexpected visitor.
     New dialogues for NPC:
    Dialogue branch "Let's have a serious chat":
    "What kind of person are you?": Will give you information on the NPC traits. If the NPC has highest relationship rank with player, they will also disclose more personal traits (similar to a slave, see next section). "How are you feeling?": Will give you information on the NPC feelings. Their feelings will most often be in the average and they will simply reply "I am ok. I am a free person". Any other answer reflects a sensitivity or resistance to basic emotions, a useful information if you plan to enslave this character. Their feelings towards the player will also be displayed according to their relationship rank. "What kind of person are you, exactly?": NPC traits with numbers. "How are you feeling exactly?": NPC feelings with numbers.  
    New dialogues for PAH slaves:
    Dialogue branch "Let's have a serious chat":
    "What kind of slave are you?": Will give you information on slaves traits and sensitivity/resistance to different emotions, including sexual sensitivity and trainer abilities. "How are you feeling, slave?": Will give you information on the slaves training level and list their friends. "Enjoying your slave life?": Will give you the slaves status, with their number of punishments and available punishment reasons. "What kind of slave are you, exactly?": Slave traits with numbers. "How are you feeling exactly, slave?": Slave training stats with numbers.  
    Dialogue branch "Listen to me, slave.":
    "You're a slave now, listen to me!": Threaten slave against running away, crying, not posing, ... One dialogue option for each reason. See "training tips" below for more reasons. The 12 options for threats are split in 3 dialogue lines all starting with "You're a slave now". "You'd better do what I say...":  Promise freedom, money or pain to your slaves in exchange of their cooperation. Not used yet. "You have been a good slave": Praise slave for last action: pose, sex, being in bondage without struggling, using slave idle, being a broken/loyal/inlove slave and not running away with friends. Try not to use it on fresh slaves or they will just think you are making fun of them.  For "shocked" slaves this dialogue will try to comfort them and make them recover to normal state. The number of praises will be increased by 1 unless there was "no reason" for praising. Counts as 2 number of praise if "no reason" and slave is shocked, for comfort. "You have been a bad slave": Try to scold slave for current reason with a small bonus in respect training as slave is grateful for not using pain punishment. This can be more efficient than physical punishments, depending on slave's personality, but also for well trained slaves. The number of scolds is increased by 1 unless there was "no reason" for scolding. "From now on you will only open your mouth when I tell you. Understood?": Tell slaves to stop expressing their feelings randomly when you are around. They might not be able to refrain though and you can punish them for that.  
    Dialogue branch "Come here slave!":
    "Let's rip your clothes off!": Plays animation to rip clothes off from slave. Slave might get shamed and will receive humiliation training. "Let's check how much you're worth!": Force slave into sexy pose and gives an estimation of the slave value in gold. Played animation depends on the slave resignation and humiliation levels. Slave might get shamed and will receive resignation training. "Time for a body inspection": Plays body check animation. Played animation depends on the slave submission and resignation levels. Slave might get shamed and will receive submission training. "Touch yourself!": Forces slave to masturbate. Played animation depends on the slave submission and humiliation levels. Slave might get shamed and will receive vaginal training. After sometime masturbating, slaves might get aroused and receive a boost in sex training. Aroused state will cause the slave to blush. "You need to loosen up, have a drink": Order slaves to drink the first bottle of alcoholic beverage they found in their inventory. "Drink the potion I gave you": Orders the slave to drink a bewitching potion from their inventory.  The first potion found will be used. To avoid any mistake give only one potion type at a time to your slaves. It takes roughly 1 hour game time to reach the maximum blood alcohol level, and it lasts a total of 4 hours. "Stop whatever you're doing!": Intended for debugging purpose, this option is intended to reset the slave or the player in case the animation went wrong.  
    Personality system:
    This mod adds to the slave training stats from PAHE, 2 new stats: humiliation and resignation: (notice the color code expressing links between stats, traits, emotions, ...)
    Main training stats: Submission, Fear training, Humiliation, Anger training, Broken (Resignation), Respect Extra stats: Pose training, oral, vaginal and anal training, combat training.  
    For free NPC those stats are expressed as feelings:
    Feelings: Docile/Defiant, Nervous/Relaxed, Humble/Proud, Hate/Love, Sad/Happy, Victim/Free  
    These six training stats are then linked to the HEXACO personality traits as follow:
    Personality traits: Unlawful/Honest, Anxious/Calm, Shy/Lively, Mean/Kind, Lazy/Thorough, Shallow/Open  
    There are also 6 facet traits, linked to the training stats in the same way:
    Facet traits: Weak/Wilful, Delicate/Tough, Frigid/Sensual, Sadistic/Masochistic, Needy/Bold, Stupid/Smart  
    Training stats will progress according to the personality traits response to the corresponding emotions:
    E:motions: Pain, Fear, Shame, Stress, Sorrow, Discipline  
    Moods are also linked to personality traits in a similar way:
    Moods: Neutral, Afraid, Ashamed, Angry/Shocked/In love, Sad/Broken, Loyal (loyal and in love moods are signs of a perfectly trained slave)  
    For example honesty and wilfulness influence how fast docile feeling also called submission stat will be affected by the pain emotion. Or if you want to train your slave anger management, submerge her/him with stress. This is for direct connections only as more complex relations exist. Facets traits help define the corresponding personality trait further. A shallow and smart person will be a conventional and calculating, while a kind and sadistic person might reveal a very different personality when taken to the bedroom. Facets also act as emotion filters, hence a tough person will be less sensitive to physical punishment and a sensual person will be more sensitive to foreplay.
    When asked about their personality, slaves will show their weaknesses and resistant to various emotions. On top of the 6 basic emotions above, there is:
    Anger: Used to determine when slaves get angry at you.
    Pressure: Used when slaves try to escape and trip while running away.
    Distress: used when slaves are shocked to decide if a trauma should be registered.
    Trauma: Used to determine the intensity of the trauma and the effect on personality traits.
    Unfairness: Used to determine the intensity of the loss in anger training, when punishing for no reason.
    Injustice: Used to determine how much anger is built up when friends are punished.
    Authority: Used to determine how slaves respond to orders and show respect.
    Pleasure: Gives a bonus to submission after sex training.
    Bondage: Used to determine the efficiency of training while in bondage.
    Confusion: Used when slaves body gets pleasure while their mind is trying to fight it.
    Manipulation: Used to determine bonus for scold and praise dialogues.
    Race bonus, those are chosen according to the Elder Scrolls race descriptions, feel free to suggest changes.
        Argonian = Gentle+10, Smart+10, Lively-20
        Breton = Lively+10, Wilful+10, Smart+10, Calm-10, Open-10, Tough-10
        Dark Elf = Calm+20, Smart+10, Lively-10, Sensual-20
        High Elf = Smart+20, Honest+10, Gentle-10, Open-20
        Imperial = Thorough+10, Open+10, Tough-10, Calm-10
        Khajitt = Lively+20, Wilful-20
        Nord = Tough+10, Honest+10, Bold+10, Lively-10, Thorough-10, Open-10
        Orc = Tough+20, Wilful+10, Lively-10, Gentle-20
        Redguard = Tough+10, Bold+10, Thorough-10, Open-10
        Wood Elf = Lively+20, Sensual+10, Smart+10, Tough-10, Bold-10, Open-20
        Vampire = Tough+20, Wil+15, Bold+10, Thorough+5, Honest-5, Smart-5, Gentle-10, Lively-15, Open-20
    Vampire bonuses are applied on top of race bonus. No traits can be below 0 or above 100.
    Additional bonuses apply for some recognized lifestyles: Noble, Counselor, Fighter, Artist, Merchant, Artisan, Tavern/Inn, Farmer, Miner, Woodsman, Criminal, Outlaw and Beggar.
    If you find a NPC with unfit traits, send me a message so I can arrange special bonuses.
    Training tips:
    If you use HSH to train your slave, choose your task master and trainers wisely as they might have a big effect on the amount of training you will get. Make sure to use dishonest and smart slaves for task masters and dishonest and sadistic trainers. Secondary requirements for task masters are willpower, smart and bold. Secondary traits for trainers are calm, not open-minded and dishonest. You can ask slaves "What kind of slave are you?", if they are good trainers or good taskmistress/master they will tell you. Trainers and taskmistress/master learn from their job and will have their traits altered for every fully trained slave. Training increases every 24h in a well run house, or every 2 days if there is no taskmistress/master.
    Sex training can be very slow if not done right. There is a bonus for the slave's mood, highest bonus is for in love, then ashamed, then shocked. otherwise, the type of training should be adapted to the slave mood, there is a bonus for doing anal on angry slaves, oral on sad slaves and vaginal on scared slaves. Use the dialogue "Touch yourself" to prepare a slave for sex training, it might shame them plus you will get a bonus for arousal. Naked slaves or wearing degrading clothes will be more prone to being ashamed. A good practice is: strip, force to masturbate, wait for arousal and sex.
    For other training stats, to help you get started you can focus on small punishment reasons like,
    - Reasons for punishment: "cowering", "begging to stop", "covering self", "being angry", "crying" (same color code as above)
    Respect can also be raised using the "tell slave" option rather than punishment or through the "Come here slave" dialogue. While "no reason" can make the slave angry.
    More important reasons will have a bigger effect on training.
    - More reasons for punishment: "no_sex", "didnt_fight", "refusing to strip", "running_away", "didnt_pose", "struggling", "not_respectful", "talking".
    Look for the corresponding notifications or the idles the slave uses to get a hint on what next punishment reason could be.
    Punishing tied, in bondage or posing slaves is more efficient.
    Punishing for "no reason" can make the slave angry and lower their anger training. Punishing a shocked or broken slave for no reason has no bad effects. Loyal and in-love slaves will also react less to punishment with no reason. If when starting  a punishment "no reason" is reported you can keep hitting the slave until they cry, cower, beg to stop or become angry, the new reason for punishment will be updated at the end.
    Slaves get training bonuses when reaching broken, loyal and in-love moods.
    Punishing a shocked slave is always more efficient. Telling them they have been bad will have close to no effect, but praising them for no reason will try to comfort them with a hug and make them recover from shock.
    - 1.0.0 initial release. Traits and feelings for all unique NPC and for slaves. NPC can be asked about their traits and feelings under the "Let's have a serious talk" dialogue.
    - 1.0.x More punishment reason. Equipment change awareness: naked, allowed to wear an armor or a weapon, forced to wear degrading clothes (for the moment only poor clothes) or Zaz devices. Personality trait bonuses according to race, previous job and employer. Non unique NPC are now randomized to avoid capturing the same bandit over and over.
    - 1.1.x Friendship between slaves. Spawned NPC now save their random seed in a faction so they should be identical when leaving PAHE and then reentering.
    - 1.2.x Praise/scold dialogue "Come here slave". Praising applies to good fighting, had sex (being a good girl/boy), was or is posing/bondage (being a good pet) and did not run away with friends. Check slave dialogue under "Come here slave" topic. Punishing for the same reason twice in a row has more effect.
    - 1.3.x Slaves have facial expressions according to their mood. More moods for slaves: sad, shocked, broken and In-love (see it as Stockholm syndrome). In addition to the usual ones neutral, angry and afraid. A slave in shock will be more receptive to punishment and less to scolding. You can comfort a slave in shock with praising. A broken or in-love slave will always follow your orders. Friendships are updated when player changes cell and only for the slaves in the same cell. New variations of text for slaves to express their feelings (thanks to AngelofMischief for suggestions)
    - 1.4.x AYGAS and HSH integration. HSH trainer and task master traits are taken into account, a mean and tough trainer should be better at this job. AYGAS slaves value depends on all training stats, it should be roughly half of the value you get through the "Check slave value" dialogue. Tears on sad and shock slaves. Two new moods: loyal (instead of inlove for slaves you don't have sex with) and ashamed. Shame your slaves by stripping them or punishing them while in bondage and have sex with them for a boost in sex training. New dialogue options under "Come here slave" for different poses and new ways to shame your slaves. New love, mind breaking, lust and lash potions, all can be crafted at the Bewitching Alchemy Bench. Normal alchemy bench won't work as you really need triskele carvings and the pink fumes for it to work. New persona alteration spells. Slave info spells works on non PAHE slaves and released slaves. MCM menu to turn on/off tears and training speeds. The more whipping the stronger the punishment. Explore Drelas' Cottage to discover his new hobby.
    - 1.4.9 LE plugin updated to 1.4.x courtesy of CliftonJD and LE behavior file courtesy of Stas2503
    - 1.5.x Slaves now share their feelings with random comments depending on their mood. Frequency depends on their personality; A shy and calm slave will share less. Not implemented for the LE version. Clarification of facet traits with the addition of the missing 6th facet : perversion direction between sadistic/dominant and masochistic/submissive. Added two options for disabling friendship and comments. Slaves masturbating have a chance of getting aroused for some time. They will blush if they are aroused and if you fuck them meanwhile you will get a training bonus. Tried to remove the most ugly tears. Friends of dead slaves will get very angry at master/mistress (even if it was an accident) and friends of freed slaves will have their trust boosted. A shocked/broken/loyal/inlove slave will react less. HSH training working. New dialogue under "Let's have a serious chat", you can be sarcastic and ask your slaves "Enjoying your slave life? They will answer with how close they are to be shocked/broken/loyal and inlove. They will also give you some stats about training and tell you if they have been bad or good. (see the 3 new screenshots)
    - 1.6.x New threat system, used to warn slaves of not doing certain actions: running away, crying, stop posing, struggling... Running away slaves now have a chance to trip depending on their response to stress. Praise/scold now can be more efficient than physical punishment if slave is sensitive to manipulation. You can now get your slaves drunk. Mead and ale are easier to swallow but less effective than wine, brandy or rum. Specials are the most efficient drinks if your goal is to get drunk. Drunk slaves are easier to subjugate and less prone to escape alone. On the other hand drunk slaves might be a bit too enthusiastic when seeing a friend trying to run away, and join them. In this case expect a lot of tripping. Split dialogue option "Come here, slave!" with new  option "Listen to me, slave.". Dialogue for deceive/promise is there but not functional. Slaves should not try to run away during sex. Non-combat slaves should now avoid combat.
    - 1.7.0 A lot of formulae were removed from functions called every game tick. As a consequence, papyrus script should lag less. Plugin adapted to LE, thanks to Nalios.
    - 1.7.1 Slaves can now have orgasm when masturbating or after sex. Their brain will melt and their personality will change every time it happens. To maximize the chance for an orgasm, order to masturbate, wait for arousal (blushes), and then sex your slave, preferably in ashamed or inlove mood. Except slaves to become more sensual, submissive and open after that.
    - 1.7.2 Added a hook in handlesexevent for things to happen after the animation.
    - 1.7.3 Some LE fixes and drinking improvements.
    - 1.7.4 Same as above without annoying debug mode notifications.
    - 1.8.0 New text widgets for slave notifications. Turned off by default, to use the text widgets instead of default Skyrim notification check the box in the MCM menu. Thanks to Gooser for letting us use his text widgets from Apropos2. LE version scripts are updated to 1.8.0 but the plugin file is 1.7.2. So LE users can not switch to the apropos widget notifications.
    I condemn physical and psychological violence of any form. This mod is intended as entertainment only. Any under-aged actor is forbidden from the PAH side of this mod.
    Status: yellow = started, red = planned
     - Deceive: promise to free slave in exchange of favor, then later don't,
     - Add vanilla voice lines to dialogues (yes, no, thank you). Any good tutorial around?
     - Looking into adding more expressive idles New idle suggestions welcome (look down, cries softly, beg for mercy, ...)
     - Followers can guard slaves. There is something a bit similar in HSH.
     - Slave to slave interactions: Planning against master, comforting each others, witnessing punishment, reporting bad behavior of other slaves, ...
     - Quest idea1: "You have recently become aware some slaves might be planning to escape"
     - Quest idea2: "You have recently become aware a few slaves might be planning something against you"
    Known bugs: suggestions welcome
    - You can ask unique animals like dogs about their personality.
    - Some slaves get out of their ZAZ shackles when moving. I am not sure I understand what's happening.
    - If you have a lot of slaves you might get a lot of notifications. Remember this is WIP and notifications are needed for debugging purpose.
    - If the player gets stuck  after an animation, try to equip a different weapon or use the "Stop whatever you are doing" dialogue option for a reset.
    Recommended installation order is:
    - My Home is Your Home
    - HSH
    - AYGAS
    - PAHE 7.5.7+
    - DoM
    Load order should be something like :
     - My Home is Your Home stuff
     - PAHE stuff
     - AYGAS esp
     - HSH esp 
      - DiaryOfMine.esp
    I tried to ensure compatibility with AYGAS, HSH and Slaver Spellbook, any bug report is welcome. 
    Remember to run FNIS after installing the mod or no animation will be played.
    If you are using Skyrim LE, the installer includes a LE version from 1.5.0. Thank to CliftonJD. for providing the patch. Patch is provided as is, we do not have LE installed and can not test it further. If someone wish to update it to a more recent version, I will include it in the installer.
    Start from a clean save, wait 5 minutes, save, reload, wait 5 minutes, config your MCM mods, you should be good to go. I included a clean save at Fort Greymoor with Uthgerd as follower, you can start chasing bandits right away.
    If you prefer to use an old save, before installing: get back all your slaves, restrain them, save. Install DoM, reload, wait 5 minutes, reboot PAHE from MCM, wait 15 minutes in the same cell (this is important, if you start changing cells you might trigger friendship update and mess up the reboot), save, reload, wait 5 minutes, you should be good to go.
    I would suggest not to use magical slave collars for a better immersion. If your just captured slaves drive you crazy by constantly running away, it's a feature, use ropes and start training! Or just enslave actors sensitive to sorrow and with low willpower, those will have smaller chance to plan an escape.
    PAHE obviously and its requirements, Sexlab, sexlab aroused and Zaz.
    SlaveTats if you want tears on sad and shocked slaves. Don't forget to reset Slavetats with MCM or it won't work.
    Thanks to all the teams who made this mod possible. Thanks to CliftonJD for all the help with coding, debugging and for allowing me to repack pieces of PAHE code. Thanks to DocClox for help with Slaver Spellbook patch. Thanks to Musje for allowing me to patch HSH and AYGAS code. Tears textures courtesy of Gooser from Apropos2 mod.
    Animations courtesy of Leito, BaboInteractive dialogue, MiasLair/SexSlaves and ZaZAnimationPack.
    Alluring Potion Bottles v3 by jbvw http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/33531/?
    Celtick Alchemy lab from Autan Waspeez https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54109
    Fomod installer version provided by Tiress.
    Thanks to the BDO and TAL teams for their armor sets used in a few screenshots. The harness is Venus Cage by Ninirim. NPCs by Botox for Skyrim.



  9. Devourment Refactor

    Devourment is an entire lineage of vore mods. Devourment Refactor is my attempt to make a version of Devourment that is stable, maintainable, and extensible.
    Bug testing is always helpful.  SKSE: there are several SKSE functions we need; if you have any skill at making SKSE plugins, we'd love your help (my C++ skills atrophied decades ago). The hard part for me is linking to existing SKSE plugins -- specifically NiOverride and JContainers. Art: we'd love to have custom icons for spells and powers, instead of using MagInvAbsorb and MagicHatMarker for everything. It's also helpful to suggest better spell icons from the vanilla game. Is there a horse skeleton in the vanilla game anywhere, or in a mod that has open permissions? A horse skeleton would be handy. Add more information to the Wiki. LOTS more.  
    Any bug report about a CTD MUST be accompanied by NetScriptFramework crash log. And please put it in a SPOILER tag, like a civilized person. The SKSE Address Library Plugin is requirement of Devourment's requirements. It was missing from the requirement list, so I added it. Honestly it never even occurred to me that anyone would NOT already have it installed. Bug reports about dialogue are useless unless you include the line that the PLAYER speaks. I need to know that line in order to find the correct dialogue. Devourment Refactor is completely, 100% INCOMPATIBLE with other Devourment mods. Don't even try it. Don't do it! If you have questions about how the code works, please ask.   
    Thank you to ForgetfulHatter for this lovely installation video!
    Skyrim Special Edition Vore mod install guide NMM Version
    Macross put together a guide looking at Bodyslide and Outfit Studio.
    BS_Primer.pdf (dropbox.com)
    Thank you to InfinityKage for developing a wiki!
    Devourment Refactor Wiki | Fandom
    Notable Features



  10. Rashen 1.0

    Rashen is a standalone body follower with custom voice lines via skva-synth and sexlab integration. she is skilled with melee weapons, shields, bows, and heavy armor.

    race: Redguard
    location: Dawnstar docks
    height: 100
    weight: 52
    body: cbbe 3ba
    voicetype: femalesultry

    one handed
    two handed
    heavy armor

    future plans:
    The 1.1 is already available to paterons here https://www.patreon.com/HelpHelperMods and will be made publicly available in 2-4 weeks. Content includes expanded voice lines focusing on quests, a sparring based skill growth system tied to player level ups, and a werewolf/vampirelord sex patch.
    Q: I use a follower framework, how will this interact?
    A: Load rashen before follower framework so it's edits take priority, rashen should be dual managed by her own system and the framework. I haven't tested every popular framework so tell me if you find strange behavior.

    Q: She won't talk to me.
    A: Save and load the game. If that doesn't work report the error.

    body: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/30174
    skin: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/45718
    head: https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/283-high-poly-head
    hair: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6817
    eyes: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/16185
    mouth: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21348



  11. SexLab Deadly Drain SE Enhanced - BETA

    This mod is an enhancement to the original by Etheri. Page found here: https://www.loverslab.com/profile/676057-etheri/
    Original found here (LE) . You can find a detailed explanation of SLDD mod here. Including how to use the body drain function. I have not touched the body drain function. Refer to original mod for support on that. I have not updated that as of yet.
    It appears Etheri is no longer modding or updating SL Deadly drain. If the author wishes for me to take this down I will, but will try to see if the new PEX files can remain as they are where the changes I have made are at. 
    Sexlab Framework SE, latest version to date. Sexlab Separate Orgasms SE (Soft requirement). Mandatory for actual orgasms and multi-orgasm climax stages. Otherwise its just cosmetic. You will likely want this for mods such as fill her up , hentai pregnancy, or Soul gem oven (not tested). Using this, make sure SLSO's  "Always orgasm" options are disabled for PC and NPCs. If you dont, multiple orgasm climax stage may not occur because the climax scene is treated as the end of sex instead of the climax of sex. You may want to have the SLSO game turned off because it can undo the gains Energy drain/LifeDrain gives you, but it is not required. Turn off male orgasm penalty in SLSO. Sexlab Aroused Vampiric thirst - (Required if intending to use Vampiric thirst version)  Better Vampires - (Required if intending to use Better Vampires version)  All dependencies The above mods must also be satisfied. Miyu is eager, isnt she?
    What this mod to that mod does:
    In short, this version is more or less made for players who primarily play as Male PCs but want more "consideration" from succubi created from Deadly Drain. In the original, the drain levels pretty much defined everything without an allowance for variation. So if you were to mingle with a deadly succubus, you'd be killed no matter what regardless if that succubus was a close friend. Only way to survive for the most part was to have the succubus have drainer level 0, or take your chances with drain level 1. Not much variation available. Should note that enhancements assume player/victim is male, so things wont work on female NPCs or female PCs. but....
    As of 0.7, female PCs have also been enhanced. See change log. Added an experimental patch for LE.  Download the original mod and apply the patch here to it. Support is limited without testers.
    My modifications expand this so that the relationship between the male PC/NPC and the succubus is taken into account while still maintaining the lethality even when other NPCs are involved. So NPC to NPC sex will have this conditionality checked too. As of 0.7, female player characters can participate as well is these changes.
    So lets go over changes I have made thus far:
    Lethality of the succubi remains, but you can survive based on whether or not you are favored. This is done by using the relationship rank. The higher the drainer level, the higher your relationship status must be for you to survive. Relationship Rubric further down If the succubus is drain level 0 she will never kill, but may drain you to the brink of death if she doesn't like you enough. If she does, you may find yourself not drained that much. Upon multi orgasm, she will drain you to a point. If she likes you enough she will not even use energy drain, otherwise you will have your stamina and magicka drained as applicable. If you are below the threshold or at it, she may simply be fine with good old fashioned sex and wont drain anything. If she is drain level 1, she may drain most of your HP and on a whim may decide to kill you or the NPC she is mating with. But if she likes you enough she will never kill you and just drain you to a certain point. She may or may not use life drain at first and only use energy drain. But once she gets a taste she will keep going. If she is drain level 2 (always lethal), she will ALWAYS drain you to the brink of death. This can occur during normal mod operation or during forced climaxes at the end. Naturally she is always lethal if you dont have enough health, and even if you do you will only survive she is your lover. In which case you will still be drained to the brink, but she wont kill you. She will continue to use energy drain Small change to MCM where the health drain rate range is increased. I strongly recommend to keep it below 34 for scenes with more than one stage if you wish to have the enhancements active. By default the enhancements wont be active, I'll explain below [1]. More changes may come soon depending on what I do or add. As of 0.6 you can now choose to drain stamina, magicka, or both in addition to health. Go to mod utility page. Orgasms during scenes - If the animation is Oral, Anal, or Vaginal, the male victim will be forced to orgasm and be drained. If you have mods like Fill Her up and Hentai pregancy, this will surely fill her up with SLSO enabled -  Important notes: Without SLSO - Effect is purely cosmetic. Orgasm event is triggered but nothing really happens. With SLSO - NPC is subjected to extreme pleasure and is forced to orgasm. Effect is both visual and functional. Succubus will be inflated via fill her up and will be impregnated (depending on likelyhood configured in hentai preganancy and soulgem oven). Be sure to have SLSOs game off if you want the gains from Energy drain! Multiple orgasms during climax stage - IF SLSO is active  and the victim is in climax stage, the succubi will force the victim to climax repeatedly. For every climax the the victim(s) will be drained. If the drain level is 1 or higher and the succubus decides to the kill the victim this stage would be the end for the victim if he got to this point. If the victim is the lover the of the always deadly succubi, the victim will simply be repeatedly drained until reaching the brink of death. Don't think she wont drain you back down because you consumed a health potion. Energy Drain - as of SLDDSEE 0.6, Energy drain has been added. Succubi added by deadly drain can use either lifedrain or energy drain. Lifedrain does both but energy drain does not affect the life of their victims. This is impacted by the selections in mod utility: "Drain Stamina" and "Drain Magicka". If neither are enabled energy drain wont take anything. Female PC integration - See change logs for details. Basically similar to NPC behaviors defined above, but you have more control with hotkeys and settings. Vampiric Thirst Patch  - Can now use vampiric thirst and drain blood calls should work. In Mod Utility you can modify the rate of blood gained from draining victims. How much you get depends on the individual victims strength (HP). The more HP they have, the more you can get. Happens once per victim at climax or multi-climax state. Can also kiss and feed, but they wont do much other than stop you from starving, mainly since you can spam them. VT used: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17610   Download the required patch based on your version of skyrim. Better Vampires is now supported. Had to nerf a few things for DD though since DD on its own doesnt restrict how often you can feed. Patch required for respective versions Biting an actors neck will stave off your hunger and contribute to necks bitten. But the amount of blood is low since you could spam it over and over. This ensures practicality of Better vampires feeding mechanics viable, but allows the player to have an easy way to get some blood. Thought about restricting this to lovers. Let me know what you think of it. Vampiric kissing in DD is also supported, but pretty much functions the same as DD neck feeding. Sex remains the best way to feed. Coupled with the vampiric drain multi the player could drain up to 50 (2 stage satiation/hunger) or 150(dynamic satiation/hunger) blood points per victim during the orgasm stages while SLSO and PC enhanced drain is active. If neither are active the player can still gain 50 or 150 per completed sex events. Note: Currently feeding this way will not count towards necks bitten Drain Skill XP - Drain skill xp of your victims. Now you can also drain from those with equal or less skill, but with a penalty.  
    Important notes:
    You must enable either PC drain enhancements and/or NPC drain enhancements depending on what you want. Keep Auto drain active for NPCs and player, unless you only want yourself manually draining. Succubi relationship rubric.  If Drainer power level is 0, to not be drained to brink the victim must be at least an confidant. This is done in case the victim is an enemy. If she doesn't like you enough she will also continuously use energy drain even during climax stage. If Drainer power level is 1, to not be at risk of death the victim must be at least an ally, otherwise she may decide on a whim kill the victim. still survivable if she chooses not to kill If Drainer power level is 2, to not be ruthlessly drained to death, the victim must be a Lover. Otherwise survival is not possible. Strongly recommend SLSO. If SLSO is not activated in Sexlab Framework, SOME enhanced functions will not take place. Specifically the repeated orgasms. The relationship checks and conditions will still occur. So SLSLO is a soft requirement as a result. Repeated Climaxes are dependent on the amount of time the climax scenes lasts, so now if you increase the extended drain timer, more climaxes will occur. I took into account script lag and orgasm timers. But I am on a strong system so results may vary on yours. SLSO is kind of script heavy. Make sure that male orgasm penalty is not active unless you want it to be. Enhancements tested in SE, not in LE. Cannot guarantee results for LE. Tried testing combinations of scenarios I can think of, but I cant do them all. If you find any issues please let me know and detail how repeat it.  
    Upcoming plans and modifications:
    Possible integration with MME? Perhaps a milk maid succubus can gain lactacid every time she drains. Also thinking about making it more appealing to a male PC to have a deadly drainer as a lover. Possible integration with iNeed, succubi feeding could satiate hunger and thirst (On hold) Drain to skeleton instead of Draugr, another user suggested a great idea where instead of changing the victim(s) into draugr, they would drained to a literal skeleton husk. That husk would also have the equipment and items of the victim to more realism. Drain to draugr disabled as of 0.6 pending upgrade. Possibly adding a unique scenario that only applies to the player and whomever they marry. This can apply to multiple spouses I think.  
    Other than that I hope you enjoy! Might want to be quick about it though. If Miyu is hungry she just takes what she wants! Your permission is not required.
    version 0.8d
    Version 0.8c
    Version 0.8b
    Version 0.8
    Version 0.7
    Version 0.6 :
    Version 0.5 :



  12. Les Sucettes clothing patches for Chastity belts and Baka Aroused keywords

    Chastity Belt and Baka Aroused keywords patch for Les Sucettes clothes by monsta88
    Chastity belt patch:
    - changes the Skirt's slot to 60. Originally it is on 40, the tail slot.
    - edits the shape of the skirt's belt, so the CB is not clipping over it.
    So if you don't plan to use this outfit with chastity belts, you don't need this at all.
    Les Sucettes a Magie (HDT-SMP Skirt)
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio
    + whatever these mods need (physics, body, etc).
    Update (2021.09.07)
    Keywords patch
    Added Baka SL Aroused keywords to the clothes. Some mods can react to those.
    Required: SexLab Aroused SSE Modified by Bakafactory (in the dl section)
    Compatibility patch
    Added compatibility patch for the 2 patches (CB and keyword). You can use it only if you use both patches.

    How to use
    Install with a Mod Manager (preferably MO2)
    Only for CB patch Put it after the Les Sucettes mod. This mod should overwrite it.
    Only for CB patch Use bodyslide to build the outfit. (if you don't, it will be invisible)
    In the load order put it anywhere, it is ESL flagged. Warning: If you use the compatiibility patch, it must be behind the 2 other patches.      
    Vugluscris for the outfit
    Ousnius and Caliente for CBBE body and BodySlide
    ElminsterAU for SSEEdit
    NifSkope Team



  13. SunJeong's Ninirim armor patches for Chastity Belts and Baka Aroused keywords

    Chastity Belt and Baka Aroused keywords patches for SunJeong's Ninirim Collection by monsta88
    What these mods do
    Chasity Belt patch
    A lot of the armor sets from this collection have skirts, pants or other elements. If the character is wearing a Chastity Belt, these pieces can't be equipped, making the armor look very bad. So I moved all these armor/clothing pieces to slot 60 (instead of 49).
    I may have missed some pieces. In that case the armor/clothing piece in question will be invisible. Report it and I will try to fix it.
    I did not change the armor/clothing geometry, so if the device hider in DD doesn't hide the CB, it will be clipping.
    Baka Aroused Keywords patch
    Add BakaFactory's SexLab Aroused keywords to [SunJeong]Ninirim Collection armors. Other mods may react to these.
    This time I made a video about the armors in the showroom so I could see each piece. This way I could add pretty accurate keywords to the armor/clothing pieces. Some keywords don't fit the armor perfectly, for example there is a SLA_MicroHotpants keyword, but the armor pack only has regular hotpants.
    I still definitely missed some, but overall it will work fine.
    Compatibility patch
    Compatibiliy patch for my Ninirim patches (Chastity belt and Baka Aroused keywords) if you want to use both at the same time. Without this, certain armor pieces would be invisible.
    Do NOT use this if you don't use BOTH of my Ninirim patches.
    [SunJeong] Ninirim Collection 6.0
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio
    SexLab Aroused SSE Modified by Bakafactory  (it is in the dl section. Only the keyword patch requires it.)
    + whatever these mods need (physics, body, etc).
    Works without it, but kind of required, otherwise the mod makes no sense: Devious Devices SE 5.1 (probably works with older versions too)

    How to use
    Install with a Mod Manager (preferably MO2)
    Only for CB Patch Put it after the [SunJeong] Ninirim Collection 6.0 mod. This mod must overwrite it.
    Only for CB Patch Use Bodyslide to build the outfits. (if you don't, they will be invisible)
    In the load order put it anywhere, it is ESL flagged.
    SunJeong - for the Ninirim pack.
    BakaFactory/factoryclose - for the Modified SLA
    The SLA writers/updaters/converters - fishburger67, redneck2x, etc.
    Ousnius and Caliente for CBBE body and BodySlide
    ElminsterAU for SSEEdit
    NifSkope Team
    Keep it free.
    Give credit if you use it.



  14. Sl Drunk PTBR

    Tradução do mod Sl Drunk para português do Brasil



  15. SL HorribleHarassment

    Tradução em português do mod Horrible harassment



  16. Devious Mimic Clothing SE

    There are rumors around Skyrim: the devious curse, loot was inflicted with, has altered itself. No adventurer will be safe anymore!
    The twisted new effect of this mad magic affects now every single piece of clothing. They may be devious mimics now, transforming itself into restrictive items as soon as an unwary person tries to wear them. Some say, this even may happen while trying to unequip those mimics or even randomly while being worn, giving only false safety anymore to every armored adventurer out there ...
    Mod on hiatus!
    I currently write my Bachelor thesis, so I don't have time to work on this mod for the next few months. As it seems to be quite stable ATM, which is the reason there were no updates recently, I think it's a good time for a hiatus.
    Once the thesis is finished, I plan to get back to this mod, as there are some ideas you guys had.
    Link to Legendary Edition
    What this mod does
    This mod is intended as an extension to the popular mod Deviously Cursed Loot by Kimy.
    It tries to randomly transform worn pieces of armor into Devious Devices, giving only safety in nudity.
    SKSE - current SE build Skyrim SE DawnGuard HearthFires DragonBorn SexLab Framework SexLab Aroused Devious Devices - for the release version 1.0 of DMC you absolutely need DD v5, no backwards compatibility! Assets Integration Expansion  
    Mod added armors - should recognize them as long as they affect the correct body region DD For Him - included in DD 5.0, if active it will allow mimics for male characters DCUR - if active, it may start DCUR events if a mimic didn't get the chance AS-LAL - if installed, mimics work only after start quest is finished ZAP - checks for ZAP device keyword, should work with all versions Toys - checks for Toy keyword and ignores them There are several checks included to make sure no "technical helper" item (invisible items mods equip to check certain character states) is affected, though as this mod is created with a blacklist approach, some items always may fall though the grid. Just inform me then, so I can check if I can add a fix
    Armor can transform into a random Devious Device on several events Gold can tranform into golden items or binds your hands if you're unlucky
    Device choice based on body region Device filter, based on type Various chances for different trigger events If no normal trigger happened, chances are a Deviously Cursed Loot event does Arousal may impact chances Already worn or enchanted armor is recognized Character may try to struggle free when a mimic is triggered Protector Charms can be found randomly in chests, that each can defend against one Mimic attack MCM to personalize the settings  
    What doesn't work
    Doesn't take any treatment of items (smithing) into account for chances Probably still has bugs I'm unaware of  
    For modders
    I've added an event hook for you to trigger mimics and do stuff based on the outcome. As it's event driven, you won't even need to add my mod as requirement!
    You can find the details in the source code file dmcTriggerEvents.psc together with an example how to set it up.
    For BETA testers
    If you want to beta test the newly added follower feature, you have to enable debugging as explained below. Then, after the next game start, followers should be recognized and hopefully trigger mimics with the same events and chances as the player.
    How to help
    When you come across any problems (you hopefully won't), it could help if you attach a Papyus log to your message. First, search for the following lines in your Skyrim.ini
    [Papyrus] bEnableLogging = 1 bEnableTrace = 1 bLoadDebugInformation = 1 If they are set to zero, change them to one. You'll then find the logs in [User]\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Logs\Script
    After this, enable debugging by sending
    set dmcDebug to 1 in the game console to actually get debug messages of the mod.
    Attach the file Papyrus.0.log to your report, it maybe can give hints.
    @Kimy - for patiently answering the questions of a bloody modding noob
    @Laura 'Lokomootje' - for giving me additional tips how to dive into this rabbit hole called Creation Kit
    @JimmyJimJim - for letting me use his idea as well as the mod Devious Magic as boilerplate
    @davisev5225 - for his mod City Bondage that offered me some more code snippets



  17. New Statue of Meridia SE Demo

    LoversLab Version: 1k Textures (Version Dirty)
    Complete Version: 1k & 2K-4K Textures! (Version Clean & Dirty)
    NexusMods               PATREON
    New Shrine of Azura                 New Dibella Statues             New Mara Statue
    More Mods? Support Me on PATREON




    Tradução do mod SL Defeat para português do Brasil



  19. Schlongs of Skyrim Uncloaked

    This mod removes the cloak spell normally used by SoS to apply itself to NPCs, and instead uses SPID.
    By default it will distribute to all male NPCs. The MCM menu still works and can still be used to manually give a female NPC a schlong.
    The optional SoSUncloaked_Futa__DISTR file will make it also distribute to all female NPCs.
    If you know SPID, you can make your own DISTR files to give schlongs to specific NPCs only.



  20. Amor's Arrow

    Amor's Arrows, can be crafted and used with every bow.
    Even followers can use them.
    Damage is same as iron arrows, 8.
    If you give those to your follower, it is recommended to stay away of the explosion area.
    Otherwise you might be taken out of combat.
    This is more or less a special wish, but I want to share it here.
    Masters needed:
    SL (sexlab), SLA(X) (sexlab aroused, ABBA
    crafting 1 filled grand soulgem, 1 flawless ruby, 50 elven arrows = 50 Amor's Arrow
    Asusual, LL exclusiv, do not upload other sides.



  21. SKYFURRY: Overhauls / Expansions / New Races /

    a new and friendly skyrim only discord server (click the icon)
    Share screen shots
    Get early looks at new mods
    Gain access to community releases 
    Early access to new patches
    First looks at NSFW trailers. 
    A collection of furry related patches, mods, and overhauls by the SKY-F Dev team: The Shiba Prurient and SesamePaste Frosferes June and our testers, also  myself, and many others! come say hi if you would like, or if you need help.
    Basics to this page: This page will Host 
    multiple mods of various kinds be sure
    to look for the correct file name to each
    mod you'd like to use.

    A collection furry related patches, mods, and overhauls by the SKY-F Dev team: The Shiba Prurient and SesamePaste Frosferes June and our testers, also  myself.
    HDT Bulge Furry Undies

    Available for SAM
    By Myself & SesamePaste
    Helgen Reborn
    Pit Fighter
    Legacy Of the Dragon Born
    Interesting NPCs
    Citizens of Tameriel 
    Inconsequential NPCs
    HOURS OF NEW GAME PLAY (if you haven't tried them, I recommend you do!!)

    ~About the Mod~
    This mod Adds a new race, The Forebears, Brown hyenas from hammerfell. It Overhauls the Redguards (spotted hyenas.  It overhauls the Reachmen (Striped hyenas) It even Overhauls the Skaal (black dire wolves). 
    N E W   F E A T U R E S
    - Reshaped Heads
    added body collisions to the tails for better sex scenes
    -New Tris to the newly fitted heads
    - Seamless body textures
    - Schlong patches
    Future plans: Merge HyenaOverhaul and Better Bretons, add brand new sculpted heads that are unique and new. Add in more furry races, and overhaul the felines. We will be adding new tigers to the game very soon. Tuning out the tails a bit more. Adding werewolf skins to work along HDT werewolves and Moonlight tales. New Followers and eventual quests. Stay tuned! 
    Low performing computers may struggle with the new tails! 
    Keep and Eye out I'll be uploading updated ***patches ***and a more low performance tail soon.


    How to Install
    You will need the requirements.
    0: FOUNDATION - SKSE64: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKmSSpod69w -
    Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/266/ -
    SkyUI: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12604 -
    RaceCompatibility: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/2853 -
    Racemenu: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19080 -
    CBPC: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21224 -
    HDT-SMP: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/30872 -
    Papyrus: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13048
    1: SAM High Poly:  https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/70-sam-high-poly-conversion/  (Mostly for the high-poly clothing refits)
    2: SAM Racemenu Morphs:  https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/106-sam-morphs-for-racemenu/
    3: Schlong of SAM:  https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/267-savrenx-schlong-of-sam-light-hdt-patch/
    4: YiffyAgeConsolidated:  https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/10725-yiffy-age-of-skyrim-se/
    5: 04 YA SOS SE: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/149PrbQBnI1e3ETdOhXrOnxApQLThSJPH
    6: YA SAM Patch 2.1: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RENw-Ig2AkdOC51F55QSpq70fT3fll_-
    7: YA SAM Digi/HDT Tails (Optional)
    8: Mods like Flawn's Argonians or
    My "Masculine" textures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/189RJdcdJHUxudO5hxukyiutKWzvhYFWS (if it's your thing)
    9: YA Patches that are not specifically for Better Bretons
    10: Better Bretons & BB SAM Textures;
    11: Hyena Overhaul https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xVIRKeh9I7EmXLHoO3qQTc5iFAq1X2Du
    12: Patches for Better Bretons & Hyena Overhaul
    13: XP32 Skeleton: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/1988?tab=files
    (RUN FNIS) 



    Credits : ffabris and his testers. Original Mod: SexTalk
    Requirements: Sexlab , fuz do-roh, Sexlab Aroused Redux, M2M Animations, SexLab Tools SE, Other animation Packs for variety. 
    Whats new? Hopefully lots of bug fixes, but also the dialogue has been re-written and proof read by @theshiba who helped me get through it. 
    Wanna be someone's puppy bitch? Well now you can!
    Want a puppy bitch for your own? Well now you can! 
    Want just casual sex? You can do that too. 
    You gotta talk to dudes, and not every dude will be interested, you'll have a higher chance the higher their opinion is of you.
     F U L L Y  V O I C E D  F O L L O W E R  P A T C H E S

    H Y E N A  O V E R H A U L
    Follower Patches
    Find the patches in the Patch section in the google drive.

    Make sure you download all its requirements
    then find the patch in the patches section on the google drive.
    All patches are made for Hyena Overhaul and Better Bretons.
    ~ H y e n a - z e n s ~
    A Citizens of Tamriel SE Patch
    On the HyenaOverhaul Google drive.

    Seven hours of fully-voiced, professional-grade dialogue

    4,300+ lines across 43 NPCs (HYENAS), including 3+ unique followers

    Checks for quests, factions, traits, inventory items and more for replay value across playthroughs

    Believable characters that add depth to the world of TESV

    Meaningful, branching conversations
    (from the original mod page, minus the hyena part)
    I wanted there to be more dynamic hyenas in the game then there was, and took me a while to find a mod that I thought would fit for both those things, instead of adding dry NPCs I patched a mod that brings new life to your game, I hope you guys enjoy, follow requirements and install order just like my other mods. YOU CAN FIND THIS IN PATCH ON THE HYENA OVERHAUL GOOGLE DRIVE.

    use the second hyper link -the same as the redguards redone google drive-
    file name: MoreFurryWeaponsV1 on google drive
    This mod adds over 30 weapons to the world and level lists.
    I have edited some textures and meshes to be more "furry" in the world to help give, Furry Skyrim, a more immersive feel 
    0 Requirements legit just plug and play mod! each weapon should have its own crafting availability 
    And show up throughout the world as you level up.
    simply use Add-item-Menu (found on nexus) 
    made with full permission from the authors
    Please dont re-upload, edit, alter, without contacting them first or reading their pages. 
    credits: Billyro and hellfog

    File name IFC V1
    About the mod
    Mod aims to make certain things in Skyrim "furry", I have hand painted and crafted a lot of different signs and clutter, NOT ALL THINGS INCLUDED IN THIS PACK ARE SEXUAL despite the screen shots, really only the tavern signs sometimes aim more adult, some more blatant, others more subtle depending what city or part of the world you are in. 
    Pretty easy, no real requirements, just plug and load over any other texture pack.
    Incompatibilities: Things that change the Signs or clutter meshes completely like 3D signs

    File Name SFEMALES V1
    Skyrim UNP YiffAge and its requirements Sam Patch (found on here or VP) Better Bretons (link found on this page) Better Bretons Sam Patch (found on the BB page) My Masculine Sam textures   
     About this mod
    I like a more smooth look to the gals this mod aims to give their bellies, groins, and breasts a more smooth less fuzzy look. Future updates will happen on this mod. 
    Incompatibilities: CBBE
    Bad Dog - For his awesome mod, and advice, and frankly wouldn't be having fun doing this without him.
    Blaze For his awesome attention to detail, and vast amount of questions answered, not to mentioned helped with many many things.
    MadmansGun for his advice, inspiration and overall fun spirit of doing things, has given me resources to work with and knowledge to use.
    ASlySpyDuo For being supportive, and helping fix stuff and mentor me on other stuff.
    fadingsignal for being so forthcoming and teaching so much about texture work through his work.
    All the makers of SOS without them this would be possible for me to do either.
    Vector site and Don and Kouleifoh (for many things used)
    Permissions: All the things we use we have been granted permission from the other
    authors to mod. that said we have also done some things on our own
    now, and anything that is ours, you
    may use freely as you see fit,
    regardless of credit given.
    Though it would be pretty
    cool to be credited. 




  22. Vampiric Thirst - SexLab integration

    This mod finally brings SexLab features into the vampire overhaul I still consider being the best one for Skyrim: Vampiric Thirst.
    Ever felt like something essential was missing from VT seduction minigame?
    Want to RP a vampire prostitute who drinks blood from her customers as the real payment?
    Want  to  rape and drink dry your enemies to please Molag? Want to drink dry those assaulting you?
    What it does at the moment:
    1. When you have a sex with any NPC suitable for feeding in VT (non-undead, living, humanoid NPCs, this includes Falmer), and reach orgasm, you are prompted to feed on them with a regular VT feed select message.
    2. The usual VT seduction scene animation was replaced with a SexLab animation (the mod prefers animations tagged as "Vampire", if you don't have one - one of default vaginal/anal/oral animations start). You don't feed at the beginning of sex, instead the provided mechanism of feeding on orgasm event being used.
    3.. MCM to tweak settings. Also includes optional Vampire Sight hotkey.
    I've only tested this with my own port of VT, but should work on others as well. And BTW, it also fixes a couple of vanilla VT bugs.
    Install as usual, make sure to override both VT itself and other patches if you've got them (like the one for Requiem). You should be safe installing it in a middle of a play-through (that's how I made it - in a middle of a play-through, due to being annoyed by the lack of integration). Don't uninstall it w/o starting a new game, though. 
    Required mods:
    SexLab Framework
    SexLab Aroused Redux
    SSE conversion of Vampiric Thirst - this one should be working. The "Redone" version which is also available on Nexus isn't compatible due to the sheer number of changes. Don't bother asking, it won't be. Ever. "Redone" is essentially a new mod and would take a change of half of my mod to support it.
    SexLab Separate Orgasm SE - in addition to its usual changes it also makes feeding from attackers less OP, since your character has to be lewd enough to orgasm from a rape - because by default you feed on PC orgasm. You can change it in MCM to feed on partner orgasm if you wish. Unless you use SLSO - don't enable separate orgasms in SexLab.
    Rens Night Eye tweak  - the best Night Vision tweak out there, IMO.  Don't mind the form 43 since it's only an image space modifier, but you can convert it if you wish.
    Optional supported mods:
    SexLab Eager NPCs - peaceful seduction works like SLEN seduction, resulting in possible relationship increase with NPC.
    Upgrading from previous versions:
     - Just install the new version over the old one since 0.7
    If something goes wrong, first ensure that VTSexLab is as close to the bottom of LO as possible. Generally you want VT itself to be somewhere there too, but VTSexLab should be even lower, even lower than the supplemental ESP Actual Vampiric Thirst provides. 
    Next, ensure that the mod gets all priority overrides in the left pane of MO2. If you use RaceCompatibility - VT should override all its scripts, then VTSexLab should override all VT scripts as well.
    For whatever odd reason, the mod doesn't work with SLF internal "separate orgasms" (it's not SLSO mod, I'm talking about the checkbox in SLF MCM), this needs further investigating.
    Try reproducing the problem with a new game - start a new game (you may just use "coc WhiterunPlainsDistrict01" from the loading screen to start a new game, this will give you the default Nord character), turn into a vampire in some safe interior place (like Bannered Mare), enable SexLab and all its mods you need, and try reproducing the problem.  
    If all fails - please post a comment with your Papyrus log and load order.



  23. OSouls + Immersive Wenches Patch

    OSouls + Immersive Wenches Patch
    Support the OStim project on patreon
    Get news on discord Introduction NOTE: Screenshots are from the IW Patch
    Always wanted to try something different? But aren't into creatures and all the odd things out there? OSouls now lets you start an Ostim/Osex scene with Souls and optionally Wench Souls(still odd but not as odd for me)! Currently in the Soul Cairn.
    Screenshots is one of the Soul Wenches you find.

    Permission is granted shown in the picture for the IW Patch
    All the real credit goes to lordkoz for the Immersive Wenches mod

    OStim addon support: 
    Haven't tested all addons but will keep this updated but most addons should work. that aren't mentioned yet but needs testing. All animation addons work too.
    Excitable Subs for OStim
    Im sure most of them you won't have an issue. This mod doesn't alter anything in the OStim series.
    As simple as starting a scene (currently only able to press the up arrow key on keyboard) on the Soul you want to tap into!

    need to have Dawnguard DLC
    You need  Ostim and its requirements for this mod to make sense. Without it this mod won't do anything.

    For Immersive Wenches Patch
    Same as above but just need the main mod of IW
    What does this esp include inside?
    Just only the records of the souls i edited, no scripts or assets or records have been carried over. All this does is just do a minor edit to the souls to be treated as a normal npc that you can normally start a scene with the default key to start a scene. No dialogue is needed to start it. 

    Potential Conflicts
    All i edited were just the souls, so if you have no mods that change their records then you will be fine. If their is conflicts from an overhaul please please check the SSEEdit/XEdit records and confirm which mod is getting messed with.
    Putting it after might not let the overhaul mod records to go through and putting it before won't let this mod work.
    Please let me know what mod it is so i can make a patch for it(It will take time due to permissions).



  24. SOS Female Pubic Hairs colored for NPCs - BHUNP Bodyslide addon

    An addon for SOS Female Pubic Hairs colored for NPCs
    This file contains bodyslide files for those pubes. Built them in BS, they will replace the ones offered by said mod.
    After running bodyslide this addon can be disabled.
    The two screenshots are on Aruru6Duck max and min.



  25. Suspicious Gold Starter (A Devious Quest) [SSE Port]

    Testing would be greatly appreciated. 
    Original Mod
    Anyway, I liked this mod and was surprised to see there was no port of it to SSE.  I take .001% credit for this, as all I've done is attempt to add more gold coins around the world (unsuccessfully, I might add).  The rest goes to the original author.  
    Here is the text from the original mod:
    Due to numerous quest changes a CLEAN INSTALL OF THE SGS MOD FOR 1.4.0b IS REQUIRED.
    To make things simple:
    -If Applicable, Uninstall Suspicious Gold Starter old version (less than 1.4.0) through your mod manager
    -Install Suspicious Gold Starter latest version through your mod manager
    -Play a new character or duplicate an existing save that has never interacted with the mod.
    Thanks First and Foremost
    Big Thanks to everyone so far who has contributed in the thread as well as downloading, reporting errors, helping me out as I make the mod. I've had a great time making this as a solid little mod to build some fun gameplay on top of and I've learnt a lot with the CK thanks to the wonderfully patient folks on this forum, you all know who you are. Thanks again. (im terrified of thanking by name in case I forget one person and they hate me forever)
    Quest Details
    This is a short questchain that introduces several new NPCs that the player can interact with. It makes heavy usage of DD functionality. A little Sexlab thrown in for flavour. Starting with the theft of a Suspicious Gold coin traverse the labyrinth and play through a quest to free yourself from a curse placed on you. One additional quest will appear 24 hours after being in Rainas Chastity Belt. Complete the next quest for a reward, new dialogue options and the privilege of entering Rainas Manor. Follow up quests have hopefully interesting rewards. After completing this Quest until you are freed from chastity (50 gold ingots) you may ask Raina to replace your current plugs for more beneficial ones. - NEW PLUGS WILL BE CREATED IF THE CURRENT THREE ARE NOT EXTENSIVE ENOUGH - Give feedback in the thread if you please with the effects you would like. Preferably with 'some' identifiable downsides. I can't promise I'll give exactly the suggestion but I'll add it if it fills a hole! (heh)
    Keyholding and "bondage game" services are provided by Raina with the conclusion of the main questline, where the rewards are the perk implemented belt to unlock any lock, and your choice of combat enhancing plugs for Warrior/Mage/Rogue archetypes.
    Currently Known Bugs (v1.4.0a)
    Sexlab may be a little slow for Vilkas and Maven.
    Help I've found a bug that isn't listed! I'm Stuck!
    Post it in the thread. Give as much detail as you can, don't worry if there isn't much detail to go on, but there’s a better chance I can fix something or help you the more information I have. If a device is stuck search the console *help "keywand" * should return a key that will enable you to remove any items that are stuck (but please report any items stuck on)
    The growing list of Experienced Problems playing mod (v1.3.01)
    Raina has no dialogue/Freezes during the scene - Make sure you have Fuz Ro Doh installed
    Raina left the cell - She has a schedule to sleep in the manor you cannot access until you have a stronger relationship with her. Rest until morning and she should come back!
    Back to SSE, if anyone is willing to help, please do so.  My current goal is to add more gold starters around the world so that the quest can be triggered by accident.  



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