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  1. Sexy Bandit Captives © View File Legal: SBC will return and will be public. Incompatibility and mod integrity checks have been deliberately designed in for mods not meeting the allowable content criteria for posting on LoversLab. See notes 3 and 14 of Community Rules/Guidelines. No, the SBC team is not interested in hearing your opinion on the matter. This decision was reached after careful consideration of the pros and cons. Ultimately, it was the outpouring of support and understanding from many that tipped the balance in favor of reintroducing the mod. And the SBC team is still not interested in hearing your opinion on the matter. If you don't want to download a mod, this one or any other, then don't. Nobody needs to hear your screed about it. That's not what a support thread is for. Start a new topic if you want to vent. Submitter Blackbird Wanderer Submitted 08/27/2017 Category Dialog Sex Requires Skyrim, SexLab, SexLabAroused Redux Special Edition Compatible Yes
  2. View File SOS - Grower Extended SE 2.3 (2018.11.29) This is a Special Edition conversion of SOS - Grower Extended, which is itself an update to Schlongs of Skyrim - Grower not a Shower to work with all supported SOS sliders. This plugin can use an actor's arousal level or weight to scale their genitals. Also available for Flower Girls, thanks to Xiderpunk! Each of the sliders can be set individually, both for arousal and weight scaling - there is a threshold for each. Each arousal slider setting is what will be applied at the arousal threshold (and beyond, but default is 100); lesser arousal values will scale up to the slider value. Weight settings work the same way (although they won't really matter unless you have another mod that alters weight as you play). The scales you set in RaceMenu (if you have it) are what will be used at 0 arousal, 0 weight. Genitals will be scaled as if at full arousal during a SexLab scene, provided the actor is not in the passive position (first slot). Test sliders in the MCM allow you to see how everything will look at any arousal/weight combination. It will be shown for ten seconds once you exit back to the game. There is an option to shorten the schlong when flaccid (Shortening Factor). This works differently from the other slider settings in that it is applied at maximum at 0 arousal and has no effect above half of the arousal threshold. If you want a realistic "grower not a shower", this should be all you need. The mod now supports NPCs, but you must add each one to its tracking system. They may be added through the MCM when they are in your crosshair. Up to 10 may be added. Requirements SexLab 1.63+ SexLab Aroused SE A SOS compatible skeleton, such as XPMSE RaceMenu for SE Recommended Schlongs of Skyrim SE (Light version should work too but I haven't tested) SoS RaceMenu plugin Additional Info Skyrim version Submitter Holzfrau Submitted 09/23/2018 Category Adult Mods Requires SexLab Aroused SE, a SOS compatible skeleton, RaceMenu for SE Regular Edition Compatible No View File  
  3. Version Beta 0.980 (with an MCM)


    Legal: SBC will return and will be public. Incompatibility and mod integrity checks have been deliberately designed in for mods not meeting the allowable content criteria for posting on LoversLab. See notes 3 and 14 of Community Rules/Guidelines. No, the SBC team is not interested in hearing your opinion on the matter. This decision was reached after careful consideration of the pros and cons. Ultimately, it was the outpouring of support and understanding from many that tipped the balance in favor of reintroducing the mod. And the SBC team is still not interested in hearing your opinion on the matter. If you don't want to download a mod, this one or any other, then don't. Nobody needs to hear your screed about it. That's not what a support thread is for. Start a new topic if you want to vent.
  4. Hey, i think i have major problems with my load order. Bodies are stretching and my penis is the incorrect size for the animation. Npcs dance with really nasty animations, blackface galore. Could you take a look at my load order and help please? Thanks. Load order: load.txt
  5. View File Description: This is the basics of a BDSM mod framework for FlowerGirls SE. What it does is to add Leito's fine BDSM animations to FlowerGirls along with accessors to play these animations. The idea behind this is 2 fold, it serves as a simple example of how to add animations to FlowerGirls for other mod developers. Secondly it could be used as a 'master' for another developers mod to play a BDSM based animation in SE. This is not a content mod, it will not add any gameplay connected with BDSM on it's own. If you want to check out the animations feel free to install. Turning on "Debug Mode" in FlowerGirl options will give almost any NPC (yes very little filtering is done here!) a "(BDSM)" dialogue menu where you can select/test any of the animations. In version 1.1 I added a simple dialogue choice for Seduced NPC's allowing you to spice up your sex life with that particular NPC. You can decline the option and it will not display again for that individual NPC. For other mod authors who are interested in adding BDSM based gameplay it would be as simple as adding the FlowerGirls SE - BDSM.esp as a master file to your mod (use wyre bash to set the master bit first). Then include a property on your quest(s): FlowerGirlsBDSM Then you can access the script functions such as: FlowerGirlsBDSM.BoundDoggyScene(Game.GetPlayer(), akSpeaker) And thats it. If you want to add new animations etc, you can look at the file to see how it is done (look at dxNCTokenToIdleScript). Installation: 1. Extract to MO/NMM. 2. Run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe 3. Include the esm in your load order after FlowerGirls SE.esm Updating from earlier version: 1. Please completely remove any earlier version prior to installing this. Important. 2. Re-run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe Credits: Leito for animations and animation objects. SirNibbles for animations and animation objects. Suke for animations. AnubiSs2167 for animations. Znarok for animations. Fore for making all this possible. Submitter Xiderpunk Submitted 05/12/2017 Category Adult Mods Requires FlowerGirls SE. Regular Edition Compatible No  
  6. Beta build is for Skyrim Special Edition only More details on the version/beta coming later when I have more time. For now, I just want to get the beta out there for testing. So here it is. Non-SE users will likely have to wait until release for 1.63. I have no plans right now to release a non-SE version of the beta. Requirements: Skyrim SE 1.5.97 SKSE SE v2.0.17 SkyUI SE Changes since 1.62: Added a caching system to animation searches Increased animation slots to 750, decreased voice/expression slots to 375. A new scaling fix that finally solves the issue with some actors/creatures randomly changing sizes when animating (enabled by default) (partially implemented) a new hook system for developers that don't work on events, allowing them to fully complete their hook function before the thread continues. Solves some sync issues with more complicated or timing sensitive hooks. Some other stuff I'm surely forgetting because it's been a long time. Beta 2 Hotfix: Updated SexLabUtil.dll and PapyrusUtil.dll to the new version of SKSE (2.0.7) Removed references to Oldrim scripts (NiOverride and MfgConsoleFunc) to fix compile issues Some minor tweaks here and there Beta 3: Updated SexLabUtil.dll and PapyrusUtil.dll to the new version of SKSE (2.0.8) Fixed most of the slowdown at animation startup Fixed disabled animations still getting used for awhile afterward Some minor tweaks here and there Beta 4: Updated SexLabUtil.dll and PapyrusUtil.dll to the SKSE 2.0.10 Beta 5: Updated SexLabUtil.dll and PapyrusUtil.dll to the new version of SKSE (2.0.11 or 2.0.12) Skyrim SE, version 1.5.62 only Re-added all high heel options in the MCM. Beta 6: Updated SexLabUtil.dll and PapyrusUtil.dll to the new version of SKSE (2.0.15) Skyrim SE, version 1.5.73 only Beta 7: Updated SexLabUtil.dll and PapyrusUtil.dll to the new version of SKSE (2.0.16) Skyrim SE, version 1.5.80 only Re-enabled HDT Heels detection A few minor bug fixes Beta 8: Updated SexLabUtil.dll and PapyrusUtil.dll to the new version of SKSE (2.0.17) Skyrim SE, version 1.5.97 only Known Issues: Animations take longer to start than normal right now. Other Notes: Animation packs from non-SE version have to have their animations converted to 64 bit in order to work. This can be easily automated and done quickly by the pack developers. All existing basic mods should work as is as far as I know. As long as they don't require any other SKSE plugins that haven't yet been converted. This means Devious Devices and its mods won't work until DD gets its SKSE plugin updated. I haven't fully tested a lot of the plugin in SE beyond making sure basic functionality works. So submitting bug reports are critical here. Download: FULL Beta 8 Archive: (MEGA Mirror) SexLabFrameworkSE_v163_BETA8.7z UPDATE for beta 7 to beta 8: (MEGA Mirror) SexLab_v163_UPGRADE_beta7_TO_beta8.zip Old version:
  7. This a duplicate of my topic, with nexus I do this for more high availability of information In this topic, I want to provide links to all possible or found busty and kinks of followers for Skyrim, I do this so that people can more easily find the content they are interested in. I will post the links I found not only from the nexus site, (they will be marked), it is also possible that there will be nfsw content on third-party sites (they will also). Also, if you know the link to the content not presented here, please let me know about them to add to this list. Also I will add comments to the links if they are required (for example, breast size (small, medium,) large ones go by default, so they are not marked). If you have problems displaying links to files use vpn! If the file is deleted try using archives that store site history, for example: this ------Nexus Mods------- Tanker Neisa by Pandea_Work --Custom Voiced Dilouge,very cool follower. Akuto Busty Swordsmen by Akuto Kurogane--(with glasses) Batheile the endowed by Fair--Standalone Buxom Wench Follower Amame by wilfrid elder--Cute Buxom Wench Yuriana by Kozuke Hajime--Very Good Work Cattleya Follower from Queen's Blade by Jinxxed0--Anime character Follower Ruru by ing0802--Looks like an anime character Miosotis Soul-Tamer Standalone Mixed Elf Follower by MissBonjovi--Under her armor is the body of CHSBHC_3T Mutimuti Archer Loe by Sakonji--Without "giant tits" but very nice and definitely not a board Mutimuti Follower Yunon by Sakonji--Without "giant tits" but very nice and definitely not a board-2 S_Mink_Follower by ing0802-- Buxom betty by Noobshire Sanel-busty follower by MydakXD(it's me)--My own follower Skyrim adult celebrities by Fair--The pearl of this list, adds 30 Busty nps and 3 Busty followers Steadfast three sisters by rireki--Add 3 curvy dwemer cyborgs Steadfast Magnolia Follower by rireki-- Add 1 curvy stronger dwemer cyborg Steadfast extra girls by rireki--Add 2 curvy stronger flying dwemer cyborgs Promise-follower by Toki7--A Beautiful elf with large breasts Becky - Cyborg or Human follower by Toki7 Rory campbell by Macbain Maria and mhysa by bigbang283--(Medium size) Misty Skye by Nerd of Prey--(low size)not just a companion, but a great story. Minel and Ranel by MydakXD Vyn vel the dremora by Fachry Sela Noemie Noela by okame28 --(one of them has an optional busty body) Lumi -Minotaur's Might- by 27dividedbythe9s -- Is this a Busty Minotaur Pussycats by Fair--Many khajiit followers Aster-Blue demon follower by MydakXD Bowsette Unleashed by Jinxxed0--This is a busty Bowsette! One Piece Girls Nami and Robin by Jinxxed0 Olga by MydakXD The wonder of ukraine Merilyn Sakova by princelll Hachishaku Healer by Jinxxed0-- Girl from japanese folklore Albedo from Overlord by Jinxxed0 --Girl from overlord anime Lucoa from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid by Jinxxed0 --Busty dragon from anime Verdiana by Satadoros--Curvy Combat follower Wayoko The Summoner by Jinxxed0 Ashi and bella by MydakXD (optional extra busty) Sona by DeadCh1cken (League of Legends Character) DASB Lindsea by Albeltor --Just curvy Rachel--Just curvy mature girl Deeri by MydakXD--A Thick BlackHoleChan by MydakXD Lagertha and Aslaug Bobdole7777 (Extra busty!) Isabelle of Anvil by Jinxxed0 Really pretty mature girl Sidney Dreadmore by Jinxxed0 Just cute curvy mature girl Rinko Akiyama by Jinxxed0 Katia by yourfriendlydragonborn & uaj2194 Muscular busty girl Kage by Jinxxed0 Ero Black Bunny by MydakXD Xelor the Orc Follower by yourfriendlydragonborn Merylin Sakova by princelll and 4tunit1 Alinor by MydakXD Sorceress (Dragon's Crown) by Jinxxed0 Mizuki Shiranui by Jinxxed0 Lazuli the Dark by Jinxxed0 Samui B by Krabiwe32 Amaretta by OutlawBill Brunhilde by Jinxxed0 Jessica Rabbit by Jinxxed0 Alek by Jinxxed0 Soula by MightyN7 -------LoversLab------- BangTam Follower: Tuyet nhi & Tam Nhi by adenz and Leocid2--Link for direct download: https://www.mediafir...3cwm5dnfugttjmj Stella&Karen Chsbhcv3-T by adenz and Leocid2--Link for direct download: https://www.mediafir...zb20txcnvva2upq Dee Dee by dwcool62--Curvy follower Zepplin by dwcool62--Curvy follower Pandora Vellucci by Gauntman Rihanna Rockets by Booceefus--Warning extra huge breasts Ms. Vavavooommm by Booceefus--Warning double extra huge breasts Caraline and July by MydakXD (Extra Busty!) Botan by binbinken --Photos previwes: this Warning NFSW content! Hidielle by Leocid2 Rosa "Round-Bottom" by kofman77 and Leocid2--Redesigned to Busty legend of queen opala followers by lula Magni by MydakXD Farah Character from legend of queen opala by MydakXD Lucie wilde By princelll hitomi tanaka By princelll -------OtherSites------- Haydee Follower and Armor by user619--File on patreon Brynhildr by ickylol via Tesgeneral Leijona - Standalone Follower by CharismaticFirefly Link for direct download:this PrincessKnight Followers by hangakin (one of them is very busty) Link for direct download:http://www.mediafire...llowers 1.0.zip haijin Followers by 廃人a--There is an optional 1.3x breast enlargement file Follower Kanon by ing0802 (SKY ING RIM)--Cute & Busty Daedric Bitchs (SE) by 지나가던얼굴,SEXYBONO--Three amazing daedra, Link for direct download:this (LE) Shinobi follower by engeljess23 Princess Selly by engeljess23 I Know Follower by engeljess23 --------Tumblr-------- Sharia Inarie by Jeckylll--Thick and cute Link for direct download:This Dekamuchi Nora and Sandra by Flash177 & Jacob's--Link for direct download:this MoniMama by Flash177--Photos previwes: https://www.flickr.com/photos/132311018@N05/sets/72157661547963226 -----------Skyrim SE Only-------- ------Nexus Mods------- Hroki the Valiant SSE by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Yet Another Ridiculously Busty Overpowered Follower by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Busty Vampire Follower Samantha by RatB0Y68(Extra Busty!) Buxom Tank Follower Ryneria by RatB0Y68(Extra Busty!) Buxom Bodyguards Ava and Anya by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Busty Elf Follower Celiandae by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Buxom Adventurer Follower Erika by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Buxom Barbarian Follower Haley by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Busty Spellsword Follower Denise by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Busty Housecarl Followers by RatB0Y68(Extra Busty!) Busty Gladiatrix Follower Katie by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Busty Beast Followers by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Busty Wanderer Followers by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Busty Wayfarer Follower Xyviona by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Stacked Farm Girl Follower Nylvalyne by RatB0Y68 Stacked Soldier Follower Ivette-Louise by RatB0Y68 Stacked Twin Followers Cecilia and Cynthia by RatB0Y68 Ample Amazon Conquerors Kayla and Skyla by RatB0Y68 Stacked Whirlwind Dancers Nyuvii and Nyrii by RatB0Y68 Thick Hoplite by RatB0Y68 Elizabeth by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Annihilator Ataeva by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Wynona by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Natasha by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Titania by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Ysne by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Cruithne by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Nef by RatB0Y68 (Extra EXTRA Busty!) Lillivineth by RatB0Y68 Brenaethawen by RatB0Y68 TypeD18 by DangDangYee - m590sg Very pretty Cleo-patra by DangDangYee - m590sg Melora by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Gemma Lucille by RatB0Y68 (Extra Busty!) Drenna by GenronStraxx Tuvaadi by GenronStraxx Kalandria by GenronStraxx Gisela Genevieve and Jennifer by RatB0Y68 Gwenthrith by RatB0Y68 Let me remind you if you know more links to similar mods, please contact me to add to the list, links will still be added
  8. I am starting this thread to comment on the status of the conversion of my SexLab mods to Skyrim Special Edition and to offer a place for SSE related issues away from the other threads. At this time, I am not personally engaged into migrating to SSE. Many of the mods I rely on are still not available in SSE. I am still reviewing progress of other conversions and I will decide eventually to 'pull the trigger' and migrate my mods. Once that happens, there will be no going back. I do not have the capacity to develop and test the mods on two platforms. I am looking at maybe 2020 for a switch... maybe even later. For the time being, I prefer focusing on finishing the quests in 'oldrim' and resolving issues instead of chasing conversion issues. That said, some people have offered to convert some of the mods for me, and I am very grateful to them for stepping up that way. Until I have more time to download are replace each one of these files, check out these updated conversions if the files in this post give you trouble: Status of the mods (Conversion available and up to date - Available but out of date - Not available) Sanguine debauchery + provided by @nomkaz and @saltshade SD Plus 2020-03-29 SE.7z SDResources SE v2019.103.1.7z SD Customization Addons SE v7.7z RevealingMaleSpriggan SE.7z CT77_SD+_Slave_Outfit_(bodyslide) SE.7z SlaveTatsEventsBridge SE v0.1b.7z SexLab Dialogues provided by @saltshade SL Dialogues 2020-03-29.7z SexLab Parasites - Kyne's Blessing provided by @saltshade SexLab Parasites-Kyne Blessing 2020-03-29 SE.7z SexLab Dibella Sisterhood and Sisters customization add-on provided by @saltshade and @nomkaz Dibella Sisterhood 2020-03-29 SE.7z Dibella Sisterhood Sisters 2020-03-29 SE.7z The Sisterhood of Dibella SE 2019.04.08 - German Patch.7z CBBE SSE Bodyslides files for sisters outfits SexLab Stories and Stories Devious provided by @saltshade SL Stories 2020-03-29 SE.7z SL Stories Devious 2020-03-29 SE.7z SexLab Obscure Patches provided by @nomkaz SexLabSkoomaWhoreSE_20160319.7z WolfclubSE_20160319.7z SexLabReleasePatchSE_20150126.7z SexLabDangerousNightsSE_220160313.7z SexLab Sexlife SE v1.4.2.7z PuppetMasterPatchSE_201502162.7z PriestsOfTERASE_20150126.7z JackGaMonsterLoreSE_20150126.7z SexLabWarmBodiesPatch SE v20171222.7z SexLab Mind Control provided by @kaiww SexLabMindControl08SSEBeta.7z SexLab Alicia Painslut provided by @saltshade Alicia Painslut SL Core 2020-03-29 SE.7z SexLab Hormones Family Ties
  9. sorry for being so quiet on loverslab lately, it was hard to even get this mod out cause of some personal problems and lack of willpower. hope you like this entry though, gif included 🙂 hope your all doing okay as well, i'd appreciate the endorsements and whatever on the mod as well. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/37926 thanks for looking truly yours daedal
  10. View File CBBE SE - PeroPeroArmorPack An armor pack mod featuring 6 unique outfits for Skyrim SE! - WHAT'S INCLUDED - Aegyptus Hands Aegyptus Head Aegyptus Head B Aegyptus Heels Aegyptus Nipless Aegyptus Outfit Aegyptus Pants --------- BlackWidow Armor BlackWidow Armor SP BlackWidow Boots BlackWidow Boots SP BlackWidow Gloves BlackWidow Gloves SP BlackWidow Boots BlackWidow Boots SP BlackWidow Head BlackWidow Head SP --------- Caged Vixen Ears Caged Vixen Hands Caged Vixen Heels Caged Vixen Heels Alt Caged Vixen Outfit Caged Vixen Outfit Alt -------- Dancer Girl Boots Dancer Girl Outfit Dancer Girl Outfit Blue -------- PeroPero Armor PeroPero Boots PeroPero Bra PeroPero Gauntlets PeroPero Goggles PeroPero Goggles B PeroPero Helmet(Invisible) -------- Wanderer Mage Armor Wanderer Mage Hands Wanderer Mage Helmet(Invisible) Wanderer Mage HighHeels - REQUIREMENTS - CBBE SE Body HDT physics compatible skeleton (Groovtama's XPMSSE) The latest Bodyslide (Optional) CBP Physics or HDT SMP (For Boobs and Butt Jiggle) Lazy Tools or Racemenu Alpha for the Heels effect - INSTALLATION - 1. Download and install this mod (automatically, using NMM or MO2, or Vortex, or if manually then extract the file into SkyrimSE's Data folder). 2. Obtain in-game via crafting at any blacksmith forge/tanning rack or by using AdditemMenu SE 3. The default body is CBBE Curvy. If you wish to customize your shape then read on. 4. Download and install the Bodyslide and Outfit Studio utility. 5. Open the BodySlide utility. Search for "CBBE SE - Goma's..." 6. Tweak the sliders to your liking, or use a preset that you have already created. - Credits - Gomaperopero for the permission to share this with you guys! Please don't bother Gomaperopero via his own page about this SSE port! Submitter Andreis Submitted 04/09/2018 Category Regular Mods Requires CBBE SE Regular Edition Compatible No View File
  11. Now, I've posted this exact issue in SexLab Framework SSE's forums page, but it was mostly drowned out from all other comments on the forums, so I thought it would be a good idea to post it separately here. I'll just give the rundown of what happened on the forums, with an update to the post here, and if anyone knows how the issue can be solved, that would be amazing! ----------------------------------------------------- Alright, I asked for the load order since I would expect that this error might occur due to script heavy mods, but you barely have much mods to really say that was causing the issue, so I then made a completely new load order to see if the issue lied in a mod. Then I found out with this (and recommended for an issue like this) mod, and saw during sex scenes after enabling the lip sync feature, every single character defaulted to phoneme BigAah at 100 with zero's all across the board. Now I'm not sure what script does that, but I'll check to see if ANY mods that overwrite SexLab files actually effect how the lip sync works. (All mods shown that still cause this issue during the time of older post on SexLab Framework SE forums, got rid of all of the excess info that was me rambling on in those forums.) ----------------------------------------------------- Now with that info dump done, I've done an update on the mods that were active when this glitch still occurred, and it's even more confusing than normal: Yep, only ten mods (most mods being required by SexLab Framework), and the issue is still there. Others have gotten this issue fixed before, but I can't seem to find out how. After activating Lip Sync and using MatchMaker to activate any sort of sex, the mouth of the character and the npc (male/female) stays open, not being able to close unless another Moan occurs, and after the sex happens, the npc's mouth AND player's mouth stay open, and when the npc talks, the mouth jitters like hell while it's open. A majority of the mods here have been re-installed, and I made sure to use the FNIS tool. I'm not sure what the problem is, and would like to hear any sort of fix from anyone in the community, since this issue might have fixes that date back to Oldrim. Thank you if you read through this hell of a post, or even if you click on this thread.
  12. Paradise Halls Enhanced (pahe) Special Edition with the customary addons View File this is skyrim special edition conversion for : Requirements: Skyrim SE 1.5.39 SKSE SE v2.0.7 SkyUI SE FNIS SE SexLab Framework SE 1.63 - BETA 2 Zaz animation pack se V7 the above mod requirements and the requirements of those mods and fnis must be run after install the lakeview manor cell requires hearthfires tdf patch requires tdf prostitution mod pahe-DeviousDevices-addon-DDx-patch requires Devious Devices expansion 4.1 for sse,(newer versions now have their own patches, please be sure to use the ddx patch that matches your version) (DDX file is hidden download button at the bottom of the download list for the dd for sse download) Run FNIS SE after installation! ALL requirements for the above mods must also be installed full install requires all above requirements and the included ddx patch requires Devious Devices expansion 4.1 for sse creature framework conflict appears to be removed from 7.x versions thanks to Vykroft and Pfiffy for their conversion efforts based on this mod here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29886/? with additional features of this mod here: Mods based on Paradise Halls Paradise halls has been built to be a platform for other modders to build their own content for. Be careful : some mods developed as add-ons for previous versions of PAH won't be compatible with last version or future versions. To make them compatible ask the modder of the add-on, no answer will be done here on the subject, if a mod is based on an .esm (Skyrim, DLCs or another mod) and is not upgraded when the base .esm change, it's a dead mod. as this is sse, those mods are all waiting for this to be released so we won't go into that at this time.... Currently Compatible with version7.2.4 of oldrim(waiting to be converted to sse): home sweet home aygas(and you get a slave) these mods should be compatible, but don't seem to do anything paradise halls related anymore...and seem to be abandoned(so not likely to be converted anytime soon): Paradise Halls - Slavers Hideout Add-On by Emotika: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/33462 Paradise Halls - Family Feud by OmegaIsraelTerri: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/32865 These mods are not yet compatible. Using them will result in extreme weirdness (not the good sort): Dres Trade by RET45Paradise Halls Merchant add-on by lucen15 Paradise Halls Merchant add-on by lucen15 These mods are obsolete, won't be updated and should not be used in current or future releases: Paradise Halls Extender - Slave Capture Spells and Poisons by Mutifex Immersive sex slaves - Animatied Prostitution patch for Paradise Halls by Mutifex What you can do now * Enslave people * Train them as slaves * Train them to be respectful * Train them to fight for you fuck your slaves as punishment or for your own pleasure adequately fucked slaves can also be turned into tdf sluts - requires tdf prostitution mod sufficiently submissive slaves may also be into turned into tdf sluts - requires tdf prostitution mod * Slaves can be given equipment to wear * Slaves can be leashed up to stop them running off (which they'll try to) also advanced leash options available in mcm to allow the slave to continue following the player for training similar to the old leash, the slaves can now also be restrained ropes are not inescapable, but the iron cuffs can be made at the forge for a much sturdier restraint restrained slaves also receive pose training * Slaves have a separate backpack for carrying stuff you don't want them to wear * All slave dialogue re-uses existing dialogue, so no matter the voice type of the person enslaved, you will hear them talk many newer voice types added to the list of voices for the slave so its not always even toned * You have a whip (it even leaves whip-marks) * Sell slaves to Master Jerrek in the Fellglow Slave Camp camp not yet converted to sse alternate start is also compatible here, in fact i recommend it to allow your mods to start cleaner devious devices patch adds more collar variants as leash collars and when chosen with advanced leash collar option from mcm this mean its easier to manage multiple slaves 72+(100+ maybe) slaves instead of 15 Easier enslavement (see changelog "Initial Release") MCM Simple jail expansion for HF Falkreath enslave cancel button for canceling the enslavement process before its started(useful if dialog was attempted, especially useful for eff users) teleport debug to teleport a lost or stuck slave to the player from anywhere on the map via the mcm What you can't do * Enslave anything which isn't a playable race some creature exclusions are now available and further will be added at my discretion * Enslave any 'important' npcs. well no, actually you can, But i wouldn't advise it if you plan to complete the quest that npc is associated with...it just might fail to complete the quest random additional note, some quest npc's tend to have disappearing acts removing them from the game at certain quest stages that may effect your slave if you choose to enslave that npc Instructions Go to Whiterun, check in Farengar's study. You'll find he's taken on an 'interesting' hobby. To enslave someone, simply (actually it's not that easy) attack them until they're nearly dead and go down on one knee, then activate them when they're down. You don't need any specific tools, but you'll find them really hard to keep hold of without the slave collars found on Farengar's desk. Remember that 'important' NPC's cannot be enslaved. Important NPC's are the NPC's which can't be killed normally. When they reach 0 health they go down on one knee in a bleedout state for a while and then heal up and come back at you. hmm, not so sure if that's true or not Slave collars and whips can both be created at the forge - Collars under Jewelry and whips under Misc. cuffs can also be made to restrain your slaves To sell slaves, go to the Fellglow Slave Camp, near Fellglow Keep. slaves are now precious collectors items to be mounted in every room Installation * This mod requires SKSE * Some users have reported that some SKSE functions do not work when using skyrim 4G. Skyrim 4G isn't needed anymore anyway so might as well simply not use it. Use NMM or unpack into data folder. Your load order should be as follows: Skyrim.esm Update.esm Dawnguard.esm ... other Bethesda DLCs zaz sexlab paradise_halls.esm ... other stuff paradise_halls_xxxxx.esp paradise_halls_xxxxx.esp paradise_halls_xxxxx.esp paradise_halls_SLExtension.esp Important for U.F.O Users (thanks etaineleanor): >correct loadorder: paradise_halls.esm Other stuff paradise_halls_xxxxx.esp paradise_halls_xxxxx.esp paradise_halls_xxxxx.esp finally U.F.O. Troubleshooting If you're experiencing weirdness, here are some troubleshooting tips: -Having them enabled will either cause a CTD or will cause extreme weirdness in-game. Do not use them. additionally some mods which were made for paradise halls 0.7 no longer work either...But majority of those mods are now incorporated into the framework - Having old scripts lying around from a previous version will cause problems. Try uninstalling, using the script removers (look at optional files), and then installing the latest version. - Although PAH won't boot up if you're using an alternative start mod, you can force it to. Console: >help reboot >player.addspell <the id of the reboot spell> Then cast that spell. that spell has been removed and replaced with an auto-start mcm option also exists, but that's due for repairs soon - Rebooting as above can solve a lot of weirdness. - You can't really clean an existing save in the same way you could with previous Best games. Scripts are actually saved in a save game file and so may continue running even if the script file no longer exists. SKSE has a feature to clean up dirty scripts but it needs to be enabled in an ini file. I strongly recommend editing / creating a "skyrim/data/skse/skse.ini" to include this: [General] ClearInvalidRegistrations=1 Longer lasting whip-marks Some people have asked to have the duration of whip-marks increased. This isn't possible with the CK, however there is am ini tweak you can do. Find and open your skyrim.ini, under [Display] add this line: fDecalLifetime=9999.0000 That will increase the lifetime for ALL decals in the game which you may or may not want. final trouble shooting methods when all else fails: Compatibility This doesn't really touch any existing forms, so compatibility shouldn't be a problem. I haven't done any compatability testing yet, so I can't really guarantee it's going to play nicely with everything. There's no reason I can see why it would cause problems though. * There is one exception to this: Mods which cause NPC's to surrender are likely to conflict with the capture mechanic here. * It seems that skyre and possibly other mods which increase weapon damage cause the whip to do more damage than it should, potentially killing captives before they submit. For SkyRe users: you should add the following line under <weapon_exclusion_strings> in ReProccer's Stats.xml <weapon_exclusion_string>Whip</weapon_exclusion_string> then run the patcher. This way the whip will keep its damage as 1. look for sse versions of these mods, recommended but not required: PAH Home Sweet Home by Musje Prettier Bandits by EinarrTheRed Slave Way Manor 1.0 by drlove33 Eastern Holding Cells 1.0 by drlove33 Slave Den 1.0,1.1 by drlove33 Slave Holding Cells 1.1 by drlove33 The Bondage House 0.5 by Vykroft addition thanks to: EinarrTheRed for the felglow slave camp updated npc's and navmeshes a1b2c3d4e5f6h7i8 for the female player oral animations fix julzor for compiling my script while i'm away from my pc Vykroft for fixing the lakeview manor cell addon Pfiffy for translation updates Xorgroth for more slaves patch2 allowing upto 100 slaves WaxenFigure for the solution to naked bandits for non - temporary actors (still issues with temporary actors) BlackShades for finding the faction check bugs in condescending dialogs ragnam for his help with the behaviors Submitter CliftonJD Submitted 07/03/2018 Category Adult Mods Requires Skyrim SE 1.5.39 SKSE SE v2.0.7 SkyUI SE FNIS SE SexLab Framework SE 1.63 - BETA 2 Zaz animation pack se V7 the above mod requirements and the requirements of those mods and fnis must be run after install the lakeview manor cell requires hearthfires tdf patch requires tdf prostitution mod, pahe-DeviousDevices-addon-DDx-patch requires Devious Devices expansion 4.1 Regular Edition Compatible No
  13. Does anyone have the SSE version of this mod? Someone posted a converted version in the thread but the file's gone now.
  14. Mini Bikini - CBBE-TBD SE View File Mini Bikini - CBBE-TBD SE A bikini mod featuring over 46 unique bikini and accessories for Skyrim SE - WHAT'S INCLUDED - Mini Bikini Mini Bikini 01 Black Mini Bikini 01 Blue Mini Bikini 01 Flower Mini Bikini 01 Pink Mini Bikini 01 Red Mini Bikini 01 White Mini Bikini 01 Yellow Mini Bikini 02 Black Mini Bikini 02 Blue Mini Bikini 02 Pink Mini Bikini 02 White Mini Bikini 02 Yellow Mini Bikini 04 Mini Bikini 05 Mini Bikini 07 Black Mini Bikini 07 Gold Mini Bikini 07 Red Mini Bikini 07 Silver Mini Bikini 07 White Mini Bikini 09 Black Mini Bikini 09 Blue Mini Bikini 09 Pink Mini Bikini 09 Silver Mini Bikini 09 White Mini Bikini 10 A Mini Bikini 10 B Mini Bikini 10 C Mini Bikini 10 Silver Mini Bikini Caviar Black (From Doa3X) Mini Bikini Caviar Purple (From Doa3X) Mini Bikini Caviar White (From Doa3X) Mini Bikini CaviarNet Black (From Doa3X) Mini Bikini CaviarNet Purple (From Doa3X) Mini Bikini CaviarNet White (From Doa3X) Mini Bikini Yorimitsu Bra Black Mini Bikini Yorimitsu Bra Purple Mini Bikini Yorimitsu Bra White Mini Bikini Yorimitsu Pants Black Mini Bikini Yorimitsu Pants Purple Mini Bikini Yorimitsu Pants White Mini Bikini Heart Bikini 01 Omake Omake Anklets Omake Anklets Alt Omake Armlets Omake Bracelets Omake Bracelets B Omake C-string Omake C-string B Omake Collar Omake Glasses Black Omake Glasses Black B Omake Glasses Blue Omake Glasses Blue B Omake Glasses Pink Omake Glasses Pink B Omake Gold Accessories Armlets Omake Gold Accessories Neck Omake Gold Accessories Pierce A Omake Gold Accessories Pierce A Body Omake Gold Accessories Pierce B Omake Gold Accessories Sandals Omake Gold Accessories Thigh L Omake Gold Accessories Thigh R Omake Gold Accessories Thighs Omake Gold Accessories Wrist Rings Omake Head Phones 01 Omake Head Phones 02 Omake Head Phones 03 Omake Head Phones 04 Omake Head Phones 05 Omake Heels Omake Heels 2 Omake Hutomomo Accessory Omake Nippless 01 Omake Nippless 02 Omake Nippless 03 Omake Pierce A Omake Pierce B Omake Rings Omake Tattoo Choker Ankle Omake Tattoo Choker Neck Omake Tattoo Choker Wrist OmakeTshirt 01 A OmakeTshirt 01 B OmakeTshirt 02 A OmakeTshirt 02 B OmakeTshirt 03 A OmakeTshirt 03 B OmakeTshirt 04 A OmakeTshirt 04 5 OmakeTshirt 05 A OmakeTshirt 05 B OmakeTshirt 06 A OmakeTshirt 06 B - REQUIREMENTS - CBBE SMP (3BBB) or Touched by Dibella SMP HDT physics compatible skeleton (Groovtama's XPMSSE) The latest Bodyslide (Optional) HDT-SMP or CBPC (For Boobs and Butt Jiggle) - INSTALLATION - 1. Download and install this mod (automatically, using NMM, MO2, or Vortex if manually then extract the file into SkyrimSE's Data folder). 2. Obtain in-game via crafting at any forge (elven smiting perk required), using console command or by using AdditemMenu SE 3. The default body is CBBE Curvy or TBD Zero Sliders. If you wish to customize your shape then read on. 4. Download and install the Bodyslide and Outfit Studio utility. 5. Open the BodySlide utility. Search for "CBBE SE - Goma's..." or "TBD SE - Goma's..." 6. Tweak the sliders to your liking, or use a preset that you have already created. - Credits - Gomaperopero for the permission to share this with you guys! SexyBono, AreTotti, Musiclover542, and KuroShiro for testing and the awesome mod pages images! Please don't bother Gomaperopero via his own page about this SSE port! Submitter Andreis Submitted 02/24/2018 Category Adult Mods Requires CBBE SMP (3BBB) or Touched by Dibella SMP Regular Edition Compatible No  
  15. View File What this mod does: To quote Corsec: Features: THE easiest method to make an all lesbian/futanari world with a heavily modded Skyrim. Supports all major extensions to Skyrim, like Falskaar, Wyrmstooth, Bruma, etc. Also supports all major Sexlab mods, like SOS, More Nasty Critters, etc. Also works with unlevellers like Requiem, OMEGA, etc. Also supports for custom races of NPCs. Super fast and lightweight. Please read: Prerequisites: Install xEdit: https://github.com/TES5Edit/TES5Edit/releases Installation: Install SkyFem - All NPCs Now Female v4.0.0.zip as a regular mod in Mod Organizer 2 (MO2). The SkyFem NPC.esp plugin should go to the END of the mod list. Yes, it should be after the Bashed Patch, Smash Patch, zPatch, DynDOLOD, etc, any other patch that do anything. The idea is that if you have a stable mod list, then this will just change the visuals of the NPC's to female. Download the file SkyFem - Scripts v4.0.4.zip and extract the scripts to the xEdit Edit Scripts folder. Run SSEEdit and right click on SkyFem NPC.esp and select "Add Masters...". Select all plugins and click OK. Right click on SkyFem NPC.esp and select "Apply Script...". In the drop down menu, select SkyFem - Patcher and let the script run.... This will take a small amount of time ~10 mins. If SkyFem NPC.esp is not in the last position, this script will abort. There will now be a folder called DummyOutput in the overwrite directory of MO2. Move the contents of the DummyFolder to the SkyFem NPC SE mod folder. (Exact same instructions work for the legendary edition of Skyrim, but use the legendary edition file in the first step) Updating your modlist and regenerating the patch: The patcher is incremental and supports mod updates. Anytime you update/add a mod in your load order. You can just re-run the patcher and it will automatically add new NPCs that were not there previously, while keeping the others with the same look. If one of your mods is updating an NPC, say by giving them better AI/changing their combat tactics, giving them new items, SkyFem patcher takes care of that as well and keeps their feminized appearance while updating everything else. Uninstalling a mod and regenerating the patch (Advanced): [TODO: better uninstalling, maybe write a script?] Before uninstalling/deleting, manually find conflicts with SkyFem NPC.esp and remove them. Then re-run the patcher. Custom NPC Editor (WITHOUT CK): If the NPC's assigned randomly are not upto your liking, now you can edit them manually using the SECOND script provided. To edit the NPCs manually just run the second script on SkyFem NPC.esp BUT you need to change the names of the NPCs in the script to your liking... It is super easy as you only need to change the editor IDs of npc1 and npc2. Discussion and help: Compatibility: This is an automated version of SkyFem by Corsec and will automatically feminize your Skyrim world and patch your mod list for you. Should be compatible with most mod guides, I have verified compatibility with Lexy's LOTD SE guide (which is one of the largest and most complicated guides that exist right now) and have not experienced any crashes. It is super compatible with all mods and very very easy to install. Most of my support is going to be for the Skyrim Special Edition as a lot of the mods have already been ported and the mod list that I am following (Lexy's LOTD) hasn't crashed in over 100 hours. BUT almost all the instructions also work for the Skyrim Legendary Edition. Expected patching time ~10-15 mins, if you are new to xEdit. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to start a new game for full immersion and proper NPC facegen support. This mod has 0 footprint and 0 scripts so it is SUPER lightweight. Bugs: There is a small neck gap on some feminized NPCs.... Start this mod on a new game. This is the best way to fix this problem. More info: This is a known bug related to modifying NPC's mid game - Fixing it if you are irritated (warning, it is not easily possible). Please report more bugs and I'll try to get rid of them as fast and easily as possible. Credits: Corsec, for SkyFem his mod, which I took inspiration from. xEdit team, which made this mod possible. Bethesda, for being a constant fuck up and mess of bugs and also for this game. Submitter a11hai1kotl Submitted 11/18/2018 Category Adult Mods Requires SSEEdit Regular Edition Compatible Yes View File
  16. View File GomaPeroLand SE GomaPeroLand SE A beach resort location for Skyrim SE - Where to enter - A door on the ground located in Riverwood - Credits - GomaPeroPero for the permission to share this with you guys! Please don't bother GomaPeroPero via his own page about this SSE port! Submitter Andreis Submitted 01/24/2018 Category Regular Mods Requires Regular Edition Compatible No  
  17. View File Makes it possible to edit the bodyshape of NPCs without having to use bodyslide, unique body mods or esp overrides. As a bonus feature it can also automatically randomise the bodies of NPCs to give a little more variety in your game. TLDR: Expanded stand-alone version of the option in Lazy Tools How to use Just put the crosshair on an NPC and open the menu. If you open it without a target the mod will allow editing of the player body instead. Notes The extended breast and butt tweak options requires a skeleton with the CME nodes. It's included in XP32 version 4.20 as well as the variant included in Enhanced Character Edit. A maximum of 128 NPCs can be managed. Disabled or dead NPCs are automatically unregistered from the system. Since nothing besides weight is stored in your save the changes aren't permanent. The mod will re-apply them however so they'll "stick" for as long as it's installed. The mod will apply the custom bodies on several triggers like game or cell load as well as changing location. Besides that you can also activate the bodyrefresh to do it on a timer, useful (required) if you're using the randomise option and want to make sure it's continuously run to catch any new NPCs entering the area. A value less than 10 means the refresh is disabled entirely. Randomised NPC data isn't stored in the mod. If you find someone with an appearance you like you have to use the Edit menu to register them in the system. Otherwise they'll have a new random look the next time the game loads them. NPCs with custom bodies/skeletons may not be editable fully or at all. Levelled/randomly spawned NPCs like bandits may ignore body weight changes. NPCs detected as managed in Lazy Inflation will not have their belly, breast and butt maintained or allow these to be edited for the duration of the inflation to prevent conflicting changes . Either wait until they're deflated or unregister them from Lazy Inflation to remove this block. Please note that this mod and its requirements are in testing so don't use it in that super important save you have no backups of! Submitter LazyGirl Submitted 12/26/2017 Category Adult Mods Requires SKSE64 SkyUI Regular Edition Compatible  
  18. The Selachii - Shark Race - (UNOFFICIAL) SSE Port View File The Selachii - Shark Race SSE Important!!! This port is done by me, Blaze69 (Mod Author) is not responsible for, and won't be providing any support for this port. Until he creates the official port. If you need help with something from this port, ask me in a PM or in my support section!! UPDATES - Fixed CBBE Hand Seams (Download Hotfix File And Ovewrite) - Fixed CBBE Digitigrade Feet Ankle Seams (Download Hotfix File And Overwrite) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Short Description (Read Original Mod Page For Full Description): With the permission of Blaze69, heres my port of his shark race! The mod adds a custom playable shark race to skyrim special edition. Fully animated head-parts and vampire support. - I have ported the BD sheath for SOS and it is functional with SOS SE. - I have ported the replacer for the follower Recorder SE. - I have ported the CBBE Patch, as well as fixed the missing textures on the hips I was experiencing. - I have ported the Digitigrade feet patch and fixed the textures to work with CBBE version. (Download the CBBE Patch for Digi Feet version of the CBBE patch if your using these feet with CBBE Body, otherwise your feet will have mismatched textures) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements (For the Main Mod): - SKSE64 - XPMSE SE - RaceCompatibility SE - Schlongs of Skyirm SE - UNP Body SE Requirements (For Race Menu Morphs): - Racemenu SE Requirements (For CBBE Patches): - CBBE SE Requirements (For the Sheaths): - Bad Dogs Hoodie Schlongs SE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Install Order: For UNP Version (With Human Feet) 1. Shark Race UNP 2. Any other Optional Port For UNP Version (With Digitigrade Feet) 1. Shark Race UNP 2. Shark Race Digitigrade feet 3. Any other Optional Port For CBBE Version (With Human Feet) 1. Shark Race UNP 2. Shark Race CBBE Patch 3. Any other optional port For CBBE Version (With Digitigrade Feet) 1. Shark Race UNP 2. Shark Race Digitigrade Feet 2. Shark Race CBBE Patch for Digi Feet 3. Any other Optional Port ** Say Yes To Overwrite If asked while installing in order ** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Known Bugs: - Hand Seam in CBBE Version (Would require CBBE hand Meshes to Fix) FIXED (3.50) - Download Hotfix and Overwrite - Foot Seam In CBBE Version (Would Require CBBE Foot Meshes to Fix) FIXED (3.50) - Download Hotfix and Overwrite - HDT Hairs Do Not Work ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Permissions: - Blaze69 Has Given Me Permission To Post My Port. - You do not have permission to repost this anywhere without Blaze69's, And My Consent. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Thanks To: Blaze69: For the creation of this amazing mod, and allowing me to share my port! Go show him some love and follow him! All credit goes to him. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL MOD (Credit For This Mod Goes To Him) Additional Credits To The Following Contributors with the original mod: V3.22 CREDITS NightroModzz for the awesome new heads! Kuroyami for several major contributions to the mod. BadDog for lots of stuff, including beast schlongs. MadMansGun for the animated load screens, and other stuff. KrittaKitty for the (unreleased) Lykaios Race assets. GuruSR for the bite attack upgraded script. VectorPlexus, Smurf and others for SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim. AyyRofLmao for the original Sharkmer Race HHaleyy for Fair Skin Complexion V8.0 dimon99, Phygit, and thepal for DIMONIZED UNP Female Body Groovtama for XPMSE Caliente, Ousnius and others for Bodyslide and the UUNP Special body. Kalilies and the rest of the authors of KS Hairdos - Renewal ScrollTron1c and the authors of the original resources for FAMOUS - Fitness And Muscle Options Utility Suite Mandragorasprouts for Vitruvia - Skin texture overhaul. EvilReFlex for helping with texturing, as well as for Textures for "SOS schlong for females" and SoS - Schlong for Females BodySlide. Derok for Argonian Reptilian Feet, and for Better Claws and Gauntlets alongside Didact2401. blabba for CITRUS Heads. Calyps for some of the hair styles. Nuska for some of the hair styles. Apachii for ApachiiSkyHair, for some of the hair styles. nevenbridge81 for Natural Eyes. tiwa44 for UNP Spice Gear. TheCoach for TCf - Vanilla Skyrim Bodyslided ( UUNP HDT ). theincrediblenick for Fingerless Gloves Rebalanced. atomec for Blades Hakama. roland113 for Predators - The Lost Tribes. SirNibbles for Retexture Blades Hakama. BlackWolf24 for Argonians Enhanced. Submitter war11010 Submitted 08/05/2019 Category Adult Mods Requires skse64, xpmsse, RaceCompatibility, sos, unp or cbbe Regular Edition Compatible No  
  19. im getting a crash when i load into markarth it show up the load screen loads for the average load time for entering a city then instant crash no errors or anything. Ill post my load order and papyrus log but let me know if theres anything else needed. (load order help would be appreciated as well if anyone can im sure its a mess) edit: im running the newest version of SKSE, FNIS and im pretty sure any other utilities im running. (idk what all qualifies as a utility if you need more i can figure it out with a bit of assistance) Papyrus.0.rar
  20. View File Just4u.FFXV King of Lucis [HDT-SMP] SLE Version -Description- Ported from Final Fantasy XV, King Regis's equipments. Contains: the King's Suit, Crown, Gear and Cape, Ring of Lucii, Sword of Father, Regis's hair style and beard, Regis's Mask (Fake Head) p.s. don't equip 'Regis Lucis Caelum's Shoulder Gear' together with the suit, it is meant to be used with the no-cape version of the suit. SMP physics were made by realclone (https://www.patreon.com/realclone), special Thanks to him~ -Known Issue- The outfit is only single weighted, so clipping might happens when your character has heavy weights. Beard don't have tri files, so it won't move when you edit your character's face shape. -Requirements- XPMSSE HDT-SMP AdditemMenu -Permission- Do whatever you want to this file, but ensure you credit Square Enix : ) -Credit- All assets belong to Square Enix Co. hydrogensaysHDT - for HDT-SMP aers&ousnius - fixes and updates HDT-SMP for SSE realclone - for making the physics bones and SMP xml Humus - for providing cubemaps Captain Heiko - for guiding me how to edit textures full_inu - for giving suggestions on weight painting Submitter just4u37 Submitted 04/06/2020 Category Regular Mods Requires Regular Edition Compatible Yes  
  21. GomaPero Poses SE View File GomaPero Poses SE A pose mod featuring 1134 (29 animated) unique poses for many type of screenarchery scenarios . - Credits - GomaPeroPero for the screenshots and giving me permission to share this with you guys! Please don't bother GomaPeroPero via his own page about this SSE port! Submitter Andreis Submitted 12/14/2017 Category Adult Mods Requires FNIS SE XPMSSE Regular Edition Compatible No  
  22. Succubus Follower, Spells, Player Armor and PSQ Transform Addon View File DESCRIPTION: Two new Succubus Follower fully standalone and made for Skyrim Special Edition! You can find them in the Temple of Dibella in Markath, and both have a new spell tome for you in their inventory! The Succubi fight without weapons. (damage levels with them) SUMMARY: one Female Succubus one Futanari Succubus Spell to summon a Succubus Spell to seduce a enemy and corrupt its heart Craft a full armor set with animated wings disenchant the wings and put them on a other armor BodySlide files for Player Armor (CBBE) and the Succubus follower Armor and Body (Succubus Preset also included) UUNP Patch for Player Armor REQUIREMENTS: There are no requirements, all what you need is in the mod. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim SE - for schlong controls PSQ Addon: If you are using the "PSQ Player Succubus Quest" mod you can simply use this addon to transform into a Succubus like the 2 follower! It replaces all needed dummy files with the succubus files of the mod, it also uses skyrim standard female body and textures, so no dummy work is needed! Works also with other installed bodies like CBBE SE and UUNP SE and custom textures like fair skin! PSQ Penis Type A is the Horse Penis of the Succubus Mod. "Static Wings" are the Wings of the Succubus Mod. (Standard Option in MCM) "Skin Transformation" is not needed because the Succubus Skin has already a other color, but you can use it to change the brightness or color tint. (I recommend to use a max alpha value of "100") Installation is simple, just install PSQ with all needed Mods and install the Succubus Mod... no other work is needed, no dummy files, no transform package. Recommended settings for transformation: (left column) Submitter EvilReFlex Submitted 08/11/2019 Category Adult Mods Requires Regular Edition Compatible No  
  23. View File NiOverride Pose Adjustments + Objects SE NiOverride Pose Adjustments + Objects SE A utility mod that allows you to adjust poses directly while you play skyrim! - Requirements - XPMSSE Racemenu SE PapyrusUtil SE UIExtensions SE - Installation - 1. Download and install this mod (automatically, using NMM or MO2, or Vortex, or if manually then extract the file into SkyrimSE's Data folder). 2. Let the mod overwrite XPMSSE's skeletons nif files. If your character use a custom race like YgNord, please overwrite 4 skeleton*.nif of that custom race with skeleton*.nif in this file. skeleton.nif skeleton_female.nif skeletonbeast.nif skeletonbeast_female.nif - How To Use - Before Adjustments After Adjustments - How to change posture of NPC - 1. Register to member list - Get and use “Spell Tome: Add to list - NIOPA” (AddItemMenu etc.) - Cast magic to NPC and register to member list. -The maximum registration number is 100. 2. Select target from registered members - Select the NPC you want to adjust from the member list - You can adjust posture of NPC you selected like your character. - Regardless of life and death you can adjust. - Posture save data is common to all characters. 3. Remove unnecessary members from the list - Please remove NPC whose posture adjustment is unnecessary from member list. -Please select NPC to be removed from member list from the menu. -Players can not be removed from member list. -When removed from member, selected NPC will return its posture to default. -When removing NPC in operation from member list, NPC will be deleted from member list and operation return to player from NPC. -If NPC can not be found for reasons such as uninstallation or outside the area, NPC will be removed from member list without posture being reset. If you modify it, please register NPC to member list once and then reset. -When uninstalling this mod, please remove all but player from member list. (to restore posture to default) - How to search NPC nearby the player - -Select “Search NPC Nearby” from member list in menu.-After a while, NPC will be displayed as a list.-If NPC whose attitude you want to adjust is on list, please select that NPC.-That NPC will be registered in member list and can be adjusted.*Caution*NPC on member list will not be displayed in this list.NPC that are using unsupported skeletons will not be displayed in this list.Disabled NPC will not be displayed in this list.Some NPC will not be displayed due to unknown reasons. In that case please register using spell. - Objects - Use AddItemMenu SE to get the items. Description of each item shows armor slot and name of bone to operate with NiOPA. Equip item and operate the designated bone with NiOPA, you can move the equipped object. - Credits - Sesamin for providing screenshots and giving me permission to share this with you guys! Please don't bother Sesamin via his own page about this SSE port! Submitter Andreis Submitted 08/09/2018 Category Regular Mods Requires XPMSSE, Racemenu SE, PapyrusUtil SE, UIExtensions SE Regular Edition Compatible No  
  24. Heyo I tried to convert these mods myself https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/65231 Skyrim Female talos statue and female Heimskr with https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71396/ Kit Creator but I couldn't do so. Can anyone help me convert these mods ? Or are these mods for special edition already ?
  25. Hello. I am looking for eyeglasses, anime-style large eyes, ribbons etc. for Skyrim SE In Fallout 4, there's a lot of Anime stuff so i am trying to add similar elements to SSE. Suggestions/recommendations most appreciated!
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