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Fallout: New Vegas mods that add or modify in game companions

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  1. Classic ED-E

    Classic Chassis for ED-E to make him appear as a classic eyebot from fallout 2 based heavily on the cancelled Van Buren concept art.
    Original models and textures Created by SteelHardBurger
    This mod was originally in the Monster mod
                       Created By: DogTown1
    I merely sourced the files and applied them to all stages of ED-E's upgrading process
          There is a minor float issue on his placement in the primm nash residence
        Simply drop the provided file in your favorite mod loader or directly unpack to the data folder
                            make sure to tick that esp if need be. (FloatedBoiImp)
    {I am currently awaiting the "yay or nay" from the original creator, so given that I will remove this mod at his request}
    Remorselessly Yours, ~Mamel~



  2. Commander Shepard Companion

    Commander Shepard from the Mass effect series as you own intergalactic follower.


    Commander Shepard is located in Goodsprings, she has the complete companion set up including:


    • Companion Wheel

    • Dialogue for all options

    • Fully function lip

    • Idle chatter

    • Custom Perk

    • Combat dialogue

    • and more to come in the future...


    Note: Fixed random Shepard voice


    Example video:



  3. O'Connor

    I know i was silent for a long time about this companion, but i actually have made a lot progress and would love for all to see! Unfortunately though, this companion will not be continued due to all my files somehow being deleted (which means Ive lost all progress) and life has gotten in the way!

    If anyone wants to use this companion and do something (i have no idea what you could actually do with him) with him, be my guest as long as i am credited for the original creation! Thank you!

    This is a fully voiced companion for Fallout New Vegas, he can be found at the 188 Trading Post. Please note (Nothing is final) the voice actor and the companion will change in the future.

    Not teleporting to the lucky 38 when told to get lost but walking instead!
    Not switching to melee when prompted!
    Inventory wont open sometimes!
    ...there are probably more bugs, but i haven't even done any testing in a awhile so i wouldn't know!



  4. Butch Deloria Companion for New Vegas (fully voiced)

    Butch Deloria Companion for New Vegas
    (fully voiced)


    This mod brings back Butch Deloria from Fallout 3 to Fallout New Vegas as a player companion.
    Comes equipped with a brand-name Butch Deloria appearance, Tunnel Snakes outfit, Butch's Toothpick and a 10 mm pistol.
    Fully voiced, all badass, and cocky, and arrogant as ever!
    You can find him sitting at the bar in Prospector Saloon in Goodspring and after a short dialogue you can hire him.
    If fired, he'll return to the same place.
    I tried to voice all of the possible interactions, but regarding this comes from Fallout 3, there might be some slight inaccurancies, like him talking about going to Rivet City for a beer

    It's a .fomod package, so just use FOMM
    There are two package files in the archive: Butch.esm and Butch Override.esp. The first one adds Buth the way he is in Fallout 3 by default. The second one adds some overrides:
    karma checks removed so that you can hire him with any karma; he's set to essential so that he surely won't get killed.

    The .esm file is obligatory, while the .esp is optional and should be unchecked if don't wish to use overrides.

    Delete all of the mod files from your game directories... meh, better use FOMM or any other mod manager to do all this boring stuff automatically

    This is actually my first and only try to make a game mod, and the version is 0.1, so there might be some bugs and stuff... However, I've been playing with him for some time already and haven't encountered any problems.

    It's a (one and only) mod I've made a long time ago and had it posted on some Fallout mod site which I can't even remember, so I decided to give it a new life here As I remember, it was deleted from Nexus because it contains some audio files from the original Fallout 3 (Butch's dialogues, obviously). I've been told by some people that Butch doesn't immediately appear in Prospector Saloon and may take some waiting and/or wandering off to other locations for a while for him to actually appear in the game. I've looked into it but couldn't find anything wrong, although I probably didn't really know what to look for... Since the only actual work done by me consisted mostly of some extensive copy-pasting and file renaming, I don't claim any rights on this mod, and you can use or modify it in any way you want without asking for any permissions, although sharing a link to your will be appreciated, I'm curios



  5. Meyla the Berzerker - female child companion

    UPDATE: In my latest and, I assume, final update to the mod, I gave Meyla a new hair style as well as some other minor changes that probably nobody will notice or care about. Her weapons are more balanced and stuff.
    I know what you may be thinking, "What's the point of this update, and why now, and who cares?"
    Well to answer those questions in order: I really wanted to make that hair style, it took me a really long time to figure out how, and I care.
    Meyla is a very useful fully voiced companion with 3 sets of custom armor and weapons that you can change by talking to her.
    -Her default 'berzerker' style with a double-edged axe and throwing hatchets
    -Her 'stealth' style with an electrified knife and a silenced SMG
    -The 'brute' style with a two-fisted bladed gauntlet and a plasma shotgun
    Each fighting style also effects her stats. Aside from that, she does all the standard things a companion does.
    She can be found in Jacobstown, in the bungalow closest to the lodge.
    There is also a secondary extra companion called B.A.L.L.A.R.M.S v8, an advanced girl robot from the future. She is equipped with a tesla laser gun and displacer glove. She will not use or equip any armor or weapons you give her and she turns invisible when she sneaks.
    She can be found on the first floor of the Repconn Headquarters.
    This mod only requires "children of the wasteland" to be playable.
    So, I guess that's about it. I would appreciate any feedback and I hope anyone who gives this a chance enjoys it.



  6. Bittercup Companion TTW

    Bittercup Companion TTW

    Based on the original for FO3.
    Updated for TTW plus working companion wheel.
    Altered her appearance to be more Bittercupy.
    Gives her a new gothy custom outfit. (Thanks to Alex, Nagothm, and Loogie.)
    She now uses the TypeN body. (TypeN NOT required for this mod however!)
    More and varied idle chatter.
    Changes outfits when swimming. Defaults to a custom bikini. Changeable via the tactics dialog.
    Comments if forced to walk around "without apparel".

    Latest (Beta) Features
    FO3 Main Quest
    Tranquility Lane: Waits next to the exit until the player is done with the simulation, then rejoins.
    Vault 87/Raven Rock: Is kidnapped with the player and shoved in the same cell. Will recover after Autumn leaves and gets her gear back when the player does.

    FO3 DLCs
    Zeta: Gets captured and gets her own cell and joins up with the player after escape. Will also join the player on the spacewalk if following OR will show up with the others after the player completes the spacewalk.
    Anchorage: Waits outside the pod room until the simulation is finished, then rejoins the player.
    Point Lookout: Goes trippy with the player at the bog scene and gets brain surgery. Returns to normal when the player does.

    OWB: Gets locked up in the medical center. (Same place Christine got locked up.) Needs the force field zappy gun to get her out.

    To Do (Not yet in Beta!)
    Point Lookout
    The Pitt
    Old World Blues
    Dead Money
    The Thorn
    Point Lookout cut-scene entry fix.. thing.

    Mojave Delight Only the resources, esp is NOT required!



  7. Firebat Guy Montag Companion

    Need a light?

    Quick Hits:
    This is a beta, I think 90% of the things I wanted to work is working. The one thing that that is NOT working right now is that when you fire Guy, he will still follow you. I am still trying to fix this part. In fact if you know how or what is wrong with my scripting please PM me. If there are any other problems please notify me! Honestly, this was made to test some of things that I will make in the future such as an Ellie companion.
    Guy Montag is fully voiced. More lines might be added depending on what I can salvage. I am looking to add a few more features to his companion before I move on. Like I said this is my first companion, I wanted to see what went well and what didn't.
    He is located at the 188 Trading Post.
    Maybe I should have instead made a marine because when the firebat attacks it kinda looks weird when you look at it from the front. You'll see what I mean. Maybe I should change the flamethrower to a one handed edition?
    This guy is a tank. He might be too strong in fact and I may have to nerf him. You can even hide behind him and use him as a human shield... But his voice is so badass.
    Please do not use upload this file anywhere else!
    Version 1.1
    Guy Montag can now wait properly... thanks A.J.
    Missing nifs and textures restored... thanks A.J.
    Nerfed Perdition Flamethrower to 15 damage
    Extra notes:
    I now regret spending time making a firebat. The attack animations look so weird! I may end up making one more companion, either Zeratul, Jim Raynor, or a normal marine.
    Drag and Drop in Folder.
    Delete all files
    Sluggo for porting the Firebat Armor to New Vegas
    Blizzard for the awesome Firebat Voice
    Maybenexttime for compiling everything and making the companion.



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