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  1. Simflix and Chill (Social Event)

    A simple social event that allows you to invite a sim over to "Watch Simflix and Chill"
    Requires Whicked Whims to work https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3169-wickedwhims/



  2. TD18 ESTELLA Skin Overlay

    I've made this for myself some time ago and decided to share it with you guys.
    As always i prefer something more natural looking. Its kinda milf/mature skin with some wrinkles, birthmarks, and even cellulite.
    And let me know if you'd like to see more skin overlays. It would be a great feedback.
    Also be sure to check my realistic sims collection: TD18 Lovely Sims Collection
    And here's my patreon just incase:



  3. Pretty Girl Trait

    Changes in the latest version (7.5):
    The trait was exported with the latest version of the "Mod Constructor". Women's reactions to a Sim with this trait have received an adjustment, in addition to improving lesbian relationships. I will talk about these changes in the section "how women will react to your presence" found in this post. I adjust and fix some moodlets/buffs.  
    Overview: This trait works like an aspiration. To unlock moodlets and buffs you will have to develop skills. Fitness skill is the main skill. Since moodlets have different skill requirements, it is not necessary to have the fitness skill at 10 to enjoy this trait, but I recommend that you eventually do so.
    -Friendly and romantic relationships will grow 20% faster, 40% if the target is flirtatious (Inherent).
    -Increase in career performance (20%) (Inherent).
    -Hygiene Need decays 20% slower (Inherent).
    -You will earn 40% more fame (Inherent).
    -Wide variety of situational moodlets/buffs (High level fitness skill).
    -The sims around the sim using this trait will also receive a wide variety of moodlets/buffs (High level fitness skill).
    -This Trait only works on teenagers and Young adult sims.
    -Female sims will react differently than men to the presence of the sim with this trait.
    Did you know that there are ways to increase your fitness skill without gaining muscle in the process?
    Some of those ways:
    Running Machine (any choice)
    Basketball (with sims 4 City Living)
    Through books (it's slow).
    What is this trait about?

    This trait focuses on beauty and how it makes you feel, what it's like to live being beautiful, and how other sims react to your beauty.
    You will receive many different types of moodlets/buffs, depending on factors such as the activities you do, the type of outfit you wear, and more.
    In the same way, the sims around you will receive buffs reacting to some activities that your sims perform (exercise, dancing, yoga, sunbathing) and the type of outfit that your sim wears, their reactions will almost always vary depending on the type and/or level of relationship you have with that specific sim. Strangers will value you especially for your beauty, but your friends will see beyond your beauty and will love you for who you are.
    Their reactions usually follow the following pattern:
    Stranger: Flirty Moodlet.
    Friend: Happy Moodlet.
    Lover: Flirty / Happy Moodlet.
    With exceptions, for example certain outfits will make your Sim irresistible. Everyone will be flirtatious, the difference this time will be the level of emotion and the description of the Moodlet.
    But they are not the only type of reaction. Family is a special case. They will have the "beauty runs in the family" moodlet. There are more specific reactions, but those you will have to discover, is part of the fun.

    Your sim can do a "sexy dance". This is just a moodlet / buff, it is not a special animation. She can use it to entertain her lover (increases the fun), or any male sim. How to do it?

    1- You need fitness and dance skill at level 4 or more.
    2- Gussy up successfully in a mirror.
    3- Dance near the sim.
    How women will react to your presence in details:

    A comparison of how the reactions of the female sims were before to how they are in the new version:

    For women (friendship 39% or less, excluding family members) the reaction was negative, with an angry moodlet. Now there are basically 3 different impressions that women will have on your sim. Remember that the following impressions will disappear when you become friends with that female sim (friendship 40% or more).
    The reaction with the negative moodlet will continue there and is predominant (and as always it can be removed in an easy / lesbian way by advancing through the romance bar by only 10%). The exception to this negative reaction are female relatives and female sims with the following traits: "Self-Assured trait", "Pretty Girl trait" and "Romantic trait" Women with the "Pretty Girl Trait" or the "Self-Assured trait" will react with a happy moodlet. Women with the "Romantic trait" will react with a flirty moodlet.  
    I also add new moods focused on lesbian relationships which were much less and less worked, but now I have improved that part of the trait and now it is more balanced.
    Moodlets and buffs:

    Let's see some of the moodlets/buffs that your sim will receive.

    Your sim will have a permanent +1 confidence buff. This buff has no skill requirements. 

    Each type of outfit is assigned a moodlet. The type of emotion is thought to help in the type of activity that you may be doing with that type of outfit. The everyday outfit moodlet works a bit differently, since it is the type of outfit that is used the most, it will only appear from time to time. Some of these moodlets / buff also slow down a need. For example, sleepwear makes the energy decrease 20% more slowly. The logic behind this is that sleepwear makes your girl feel comfortable while she does her things, you can take advantage of this by keeping your sim in sleepwear for as long as possible so she doesn't get so tired.

    Some activities have their own moodlet, but to unlock them you will need to be skilled at it. For example, to unlock the dance moodlet you need to have the dance skill at level 4 or higher. These moodlets have some advantages, such as improving the learning of that skill or reducing the speed at which one of your basic needs is emptied.

    There are moodlets for activities like sunbathing and getting massages. These moodlets / buff focus on reducing tense states and negative emotions.

    Random Buff: There are 4 random buff, which you will have depending on your level of fitness skill.
    These buffs will make you feel sad (for having a low fitness skill), energetic (medium fitness skill), and the last two more confident. The last buffs have special qualities. They slow down the rate at which your sim's needs decay, but they only last 2 hours and will appear again every 60:00 sim hours or so.

    Negative Buff: These buffs are designed with the purpose of giving the player options on the type of Pretty Sim they want to play. At the moment there are 3: Vain, Bimbo and Man-Stealer. To obtain them you must have a low logic skill at the same time as a high fitness skill level 8 or more. One of these buffs will appear randomly, every 24:00 sim-hours or so, and every time you travel. To get rid of them you just have to increase your logic skill to 4 or more. Among the disadvantages they provide are, reduction in the ability to socialize, increased penalties for bad interactions. "Bimbo" and "Man stealer" are a little different than "Vain". Besides having bad effects, they also have a positive effect on romance.

    Your sim can also react to other sims. Sometimes only when they are feeling a specific emotion. She may feel: Judged "sad" by some strangers, feeling appreciated "Happy" with friends, and desired "Flirty" with her lover.
    Woohoo Moodlets:

    You may be wondering why this mod is under the label of sexual content. Well, this trait has some moodlets that appear during woohoo (they also appear with wickedwhims interactions). And those descriptions are sexually explicit.

    A bit of technical data:

    This trait is a emotional trait, and uses the Active (trait) autonomous actions. 

    There is much more to discover about this trait I hope you like it!



  4. The Addams Family

    First draft of the household. Only everyday outfits have been modified - I've not even seen the other slots yet.

    Let me know if there are any issues with the .package file, it's been a *long* time since I uploaded a household. I use S4TI - Tray Importer.



  5. Supernatural Anti Posession Tattoo

    This is a zip file with the anti posession tattoo that Sam and Dean wore in the tv show Supernatural. One file for each the left or right shoulder, back of the shoulder, chest, and lower abdomen/hip area.



  6. VTK_AF_VOLUPTUOUS_BodyPreset_V2_S4.zip

    Introducing the "VOLUPTUOUS" Body Preset which is from 2020, but still a goodie!
    Modeling this body preset for you is the lovely, Svetlana Millovich who is a VTK Model and actress in her 3 part movie series which I think you will enjoy!
    Check out her Sims 4 story movies,

    Part 1 "Svetlana Gets Mad!"

    Part 2 "The Irony"

    Part 3 "Max Shoots His Shot!"

    Oh, you need the backdrop? Okay...

    Svetlana is family-oriented, neat, and loves children and wishes to someday have her own big happy family.
    This is wierd. Why? Because she's a robot! 😂 Lol! A highly advanced cyborg to be more specific.
    She thinks she's human and will get offended if treated less than human.
    So how will you handle her? With kid gloves I hope!
    Careful, she's very emotional, but apart from that, she makes many appear to be less than human because she is so caring and giving.
    Svetlana has been happily cooking, cleaning, and making repairs for a while now, but after making the place spotless, she found herself with nothing to do.
    She's a workaholic. So, she decided to go on the computer and play videogames, but somehow the videogame seemed to get the best of her and she found herself becoming very tense and frustrated and before everyone knew, she was mad and lashing out at everyone. So, Courtney quickly takes action and builds a robot even after Svetlana rejected the idea.
    Once the robot is made, Svetlana is annoyed and isn't shy about letting Courtney and the others know about it.
    After all, she thinks she's human and this robot is less than attractive to her.
    So, Courtney decides everything will be just fine after he sends the robot to VTK Model Studio for a makeover and believes she will then find him acceptable.
    Will she? Will Svetlana's circuits finally be balanced again, or will she be permanently stuck in a bad mood? Well, that's up to you all to find out watching this series.
    Check out this first part of The Svetlana's Story Part 1, "SVETLANA GETS MAD!" Lol!
    Please don't forget, but go ahead and hit the LIKE button and click the SUBSCRIBE button! This will not only help you to stay updated on new Sims 4 content, videos, and movies released, but it will also help this channel to grow! Thank you!
    Their sims, home, and body presets downloads will be in the description of the movie releases. You'll find their characters here: https://killasims.com/sample-page/downloads/unique-created-sims/ Their body presets are here and ready to be downloaded!) https://killasims.com/sample-page/downloads/custom-body-presets-for-the-sims-4-by-victhakilla/
    Their house/Resort Building download: https://killasims.com/houses-venue-buildings-and-lots/
    Svetlana uses items from these packs: GET FAMOUS and SEASONS

    Thanks for making it this far!
    Since you did, I'm going to show you Max & Svetlana leaving the "Killa Cuisines Restaurant" and having a good time at "The Landing Strip Club!"
    Max's woman is content!




  7. VTK_AF_THA_BUILT_1_FIXED_BodyPreset_S4.package

    Good evening, Ladies & Gentlemen!
    VTK Model, Denise Olivia Singleton will be modeling for you "THA BUILT 1" body preset.
    She's a charismatic and outgoing genius who loves the company of other sims.
    She wants to become a friend to the world.
    She and her roommates friends have graduated from the university and begun their new careers as scientists.
    In their spare time, you can catch them somewhere like "Club Landing Strip" having a good time on the dance floor.
    The lovely Denise is ready for you to download her and play her in your game!

    Download her here: https://killasims.com/sample-page/downloads/unique-created-sims/denise-olivia-singleton-sims-4-character/





  8. Cruxmyth Customizations

    Hello everyone!
    This download is a file that basically, re-tags animations using the Animation Customization function within the mod Devious Desires. I have been working on it for a few months and have around 600-700 animations that I have re-tagged. What is tagging you might ask? To put it in simple terms, when animations are made there are tags that determine different things that happen within the animation. What these do is determine who in the animation has a Penis, Vagina, where cum layers are applied etc. During my time playing The Sims 4 I've found some animations aren't tagged properly or can use some more tags to better give context to what's happening in the animation. A good example would be something like this:

    Female Sim and Male Sim initiate Sex
    The first animation plays and its a Kissing animation
    For some reason both Sims are naked just to start Kissing!

    That's where this Customization Comes in! The purpose of this is so that when an animation comes up, it's tagged properly, so that if sims are doing a foreplay animation or an animation where they don't need to take all their clothes off, or if a Cum layer from an animation can be applied to multiple areas etc, that they are all done to the best they can be done. 

    Animators for The Sims 4 put tons of work into making these animations. Animations that only last for a few seconds can sometimes take days, weeks, or more to get put together. With all this being said It can take forever for animators to go back over every animation they have ever made, so utilizing this tool I plan to help on the back end. This way the creative idea behind these animations per what I believe them to be will be put in detail with the tags, as well as any alternative contexts an animation could be taken in. [An animation where a sim masturbates while holding a phone could be either them recording themselves, but it can also be them watching porn. These are things I take into consideration when tagging so no stone is left unturned]

    Currently in my game I have 12,000 animations, and this file is getting close to its 1k mark, so its a big work in progress, but I'm hoping in the future I can re-tag all the animations so that when we all sit down and play some Sims, the experience is not only fun but extremely immersive!


    1 - Read the README
    2 - Drag the mod_data folder DIRECTLY into your Mods folder


    Sims 4 Community Library

    Devious Desires and it's Requirements

    Animations used for Sex in The Sims 4

    This mod ONLY makes it so that when an animation is read by Devious Desires, it checks my customization file and if the mod has been tagged by myself, it overrides its tags using the ones I have put in, or just gives the animation a category. Some times animations are done perfectly, and all they really needed was tags saying what exactly is going on in the animation for sorting purposes.
    It's kind of silly that I must say this but, in ABSOLUTLEY NO WAY do I endorse the harming, sexual assault, and abuse of other people. Within the realms of modding games I just enjoy video games for what they are. I create content where I can, and enjoy the content created by others. Sims 4 is a video game. Just like many other games that are modded to levels beyond imagination such as Skyrim, Fallout, and many others, individuals like tailoring the game to a narrative or playthrough they'd find interesting to play. It shouldn't need be said but video games aren't real life. We as people choose what we install into our games, and once that download button is hit and we put things in our game we have made the bed that we will sleep in. It's nobody's business if you want tentacles running rampant through your game taking advantage of Tom, Dick, and Harry, because at the end of the day all it is is a game. We as gamers don't bat an eye when we blow someone into smithereens , blast someone away, or plow into someone with a vehicle in many other games. Because deep down, both of us know that ultimately that's the nature of the gaming beast, and we accept it for what it is. If you as an individual feel like the actions you are partaking in, in a game are making you want to perform heinous acts in real life, please just put the controller/mouse down and seek some help. Don't ruin your life for thrill seeking, because you won't only hurt yourself in the long run, you might severely hurt someone else. Also if you are a victim of anything that you feel is eating away at you, that themes introduced in the adult modding community or this mod may trigger, I urge you to find professional assistance. There are many outlets online, and not from some guy on the internet to you across this site, but from another human to you. Don't let your past eat away at you and break you down. Keep your chin up, and keep pushing.

    ~ If you Have any questions feel free to PM me and I'll help to the best of my ability. You can also request help in either of these two Discords!
    ? The Cruxmyth Family ?
    ? The Nutty Collection ?
     Happy Simming! 




  9. VTK_AF_HEROINE_V1_BodyPreset_S4

    Here is the female sim character and VTK Model named Reneshia Standard. Reneshia has the "Heroine V1" body preset.
    When I first saw her pushed onto one of my favorite restaurants as a waitress, I knew I had to give her a makeover and leave that lovely hair the same!
    She's at "Club Landing Strip" and ready to party! She's going to shake that body preset every way but loose!

    Download Reneshia - https://killasims.com/reneshia-standard-sims-4-character/
    Download other hot body presets! https://killasims.com/custom-content-sims4-body-presets/

    If you like my content, please leave a Like, Comment, and don't forget to Subscribe to the channel if you don't mind. Thanks!
    I haven't been getting credit for all the views, likes and subscriptions.
    It doesn't feel good when hard work goes down the drain, so if you comment, YouTube will reflect all those those views, likes, and subscriptions. Thank you!
    I know I have some more full body pics of her somewhere, but I've moved a lot of things trying to various zip drives save space.
    But for until I find them and for now, check out Reneshia and the KillaSims Community having fun with VicThaKilla as DJ party night at "Club Landing Strip"!
    Thanks for visiting The KillaSims Channel!



  10. CinErotique TV - Premium Adult TV channel mod

    There's a new Porn TV Network in Simtown... CinErotique. Featuring three custom TV Channels - CinErotique, RAW and CineReality - that plays all the sexy exclusive adult content your sims will ever need to have a good time. ❤️
    (All videos are Exclusive Original Content, shot/edited by me, and includes simlish speech and text for maximum lore-friendly immersion)

    ✅ The mod is tested, and is compatible with version (Tested on 2021-JUL-27)

    2021-MAR-26 ~ Main mod file updated to v5.4 ⚠️
    2021-SEP-01 ~ Latest FREE Video Package:

    Blaster Master
    Interaction: FM | Format: Short (1m44s) | Channel: RAW | PREVIEW VIDEO

    The continuous creation of new content and the upkeep of this mod is ensured by my wonderful supporters over at -PATREON-, as a reward, they get priority Timed Early Access to all my new stuff. ~~~ Below you can find the list (and previews) of all the Latest Early Access Videos that are available right now on Patreon, as of 2020-SEP-01:
    -FRESH!- Tartan Yearnings | -NEW- Casting Couch #04 - Nia Simston | -NEW- Put Your Penne in My Pot!
    Also available:
    -Additional Notes:- 
    ★ I publish new content regularly, so if you don't wanna miss out, consider giving this mod a follow.
    ★ I rigorously test each of my new mods/videos before release, to make sure they work properly!
    ★ This mod is uploaded and maintained exclusively only on LoversLab & Patreon!
    ✘ I take no responsibility and/or provide tech support for any Unofficial / Third Party Site Mirrored releases!

    This mod adds upto three new CUSTOM LORE FRIENDLY PORN TV CHANNELS to your game, by replacing existing base-game TV channels. Unlike with other custom TV mods, with CinErotique, you're in charge of what channels to replace on the TV. (Action, Comedy, News, Romance, Sports or Fireplace.)
    Custom Buff: Your Sims will get  FLIRTY +4  moodlet that lasts for 2 hours, and the basic -FUN+- from watching. Custom Whim: "Watch some Porn" (25points) - Available when your sim is in a romantic mood. It can be completed by your sim watching the CinErotique channel. Optional channel lock system: Lock any channels behind the TV's "Super Reception" upgrade, so they won't show up inappropriately on community lots, kid's TVs, etc. Custom Thought Bubbles: Your sims will have some very dirty thoughts while watching... Optional customizable channel Icon: In case you'd like something different. Optional always-on display: Can be found in Buy mode / Electronics / Televisions - for §1. ... plus other extra stuff: Check the "Extras" folder in the main installer's 7zip archive for details. This mod is fully localized in the following languages:
    English / Brazilian / Chinese / Czech / Danish / Dutch / Finnish / French / German / Hungarian / Italian / Japanese / Korean / Norwegian / Polish / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish / Swedish / Taiwanese / Vietnamese

    For the mod to work, you have to Download and Install some mandatory CinErotique Core Mod files first. Choose ONE of the install options from below:
    -IMPORTANT:- When updating the CORE MOD FILES to a newer version, always overwrite older files when prompted to. 
    Use this, if you want to fully customize aspects of the mod (including what channels to replace, custom logos, custom playlists, etc.)
    Download the latest Custom Installer pack [version 5.4]:
    Unpack the downloaded file with 7zip. After unpacking, you'll end up with a "CinErotique" folder, containing some sub-folders, that are representing each step of the installation process. Now download and open the install instructions [PDF document]:
    Follow the guide, and copy over the required Core Mod files into your Sims 4 Mods folder.
    IF IT'S YOUR FIRST TIME INSTALLING THE MOD, AND YOU FIND THE GUIDE ABOVE OVERWHELMING / TOO COMPLICATED, THEN HERE'S A DETAILED STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE FOR AN EXAMPLE FIRST TIME INSTALLATION. The core installation is now done, so let's move onto the "Pick Your Videos" section and download some actual video content for the channel(s)... OPTION 2: EXPRESS INSTALL
    Use this, if you use no other tv mods, and you don't care about customization, and just want a quick and easy install. (This version replaces the Fireplace, Romance and Action channels)
    Download the latest Express Installer pack [version 5.4]:
    Unpack the downloaded file with 7zip. Copy the "CinErotique" folder over to your Sims 4 Mods folder. The core installation is now done, so let's move onto the "Pick Your Videos" section and download some actual video content for the channel(s)...  
    As of version 5.4 and onward, the CinErotique mod will NOT WORK with the old 32bit "Legacy Edition" of the Sims 4. You can just keep using v5.3 (download links: Custom Installer, Express Installer), as it's future-proofed, so new videos that came out after that will still work with that version.

    You can download and install as many or few videos as you like! there's no limit! The mod automatically recognizes installed content and adds it to the ingame TV playlist. You can download the individual video package files from the #DOWNLOAD THIS FILE# section. Don't forget to unzip the downloaded files with 7zip before you copy them over to your Sims 4 Mods folder. All public video package files available on LoversLab are formatted in Maxis' STANDARD RESOLUTION (288p), but if you feel like upgrading, please consider subscribing to my -PATREON-, where you can get access to all my back catalog of videos and other mods, including all the video package files in a more crisp HIGH DEFINITION (720p), and also downloadable 1080p MP4 versions of all videos.
    Lesbian themed content is marked with a -LEZ- tag. Untagged videos are featuring straight M/F sex. Videos marked as -PATREON- are available on Patreon Early Access. CINEROTIQUE VIDEO CONTENT
    Channel content style: Porn Parodies and General Sexy Entertainment programmes.
    MOVIES (Click on the titles for preview)
    The Bride of Dracula File: CE_mov_bride_of_dracula.7z The Cursed Beauty File: CE_mov_cursed_beauty.7z The Devil Inside Me File: CE_mov_devil_inside_me.7z The Handy Man File: CE_mov_handyman.7z My Prince Charming File: CE_mov_my_prince_charming.7z Pirates of the Cuntribbean -LEZ- File: CE_mov_pirates_LEZ.7z Plan 69 from Outer Space File: CE_mov_plan_69.7z Windenburg Jones and the Curse of the Hare - Part 1 File: CE_mov_wjones_PART1.7z Womb Raider - Laura Cruz and the Magic Dildo -LEZ- File: CE_mov_womb_raider_LEZ.7z You Reap What You Sow File: CE_mov_yrwy_saw.7z TV SHOWS (Click on the titles for preview)
    Friends (EP1) - "The One Where Chandler Gets Bored" -LEZ- File: CE_tvs_friends_EP1_LEZ.7z Friends (EP2) - "The One With The Swimsuit" File: CE_tvs_friends_EP2.7z The Horny Video Game Nerd (EP1) - "Koochie Kombat" -PATREON- News / On Board of Ward (... Sulani Sunrise) - A Judith Ward Sex Tape File: CE_tvs_news-jward-sextape.7z Steph the Chef - A cooking show with a twist File: CE_tvs_steph_the_chef_EP1.7z Sulani Vice - "The Case of the Mayor's Missing Daughter" File: CE_tvs_sulani_vice_EP1.7z The Strangerville X-Files (EP1) - "Snake in the Grass" File: CE_tvs_xfiles_EP1.7z The Strangerville X-Files (EP2) - "The Dream" File: CE_tvs_xfiles_EP2.7z MUSIC VIDEOS (Click on the titles for preview)
    Kathy Purry - Last Friday Night (...at the Strip Club) File: CE_mv_kpurry-last_friday_night.7z Taylor Stiffed - Bare Space -PATREON- Taylor Stiffed - Mayzie Grobe File: CE_mv_taytay-mayzie_grobe.7z ADVERTS / PROMOS / TRAILERS
    "Everything's Better with CinErotique Part 1 & Part2" adverts File: CE_ads_everythings_better.7z "Visit Selvadorada" advert File: CE_ads_visit_selvadorada.7z Various TV show promos File: CE_various_promo_trailers.7z CINEROTIQUE RAW VIDEO CONTENT
    Channel content style: Shorter sex scenes, no elaborate story-lines.
    ALL VIDEOS (Click on the titles for preview)
    A Maid's Tale -LEZ- File: RAW_a_maids_tale_LEZ.7z -NEW- Blaster Master File: RAW_blaster_master.7z Breaking the Ice File: RAW_breaking_the_ice.7z Castaway Genie File: RAW_castaway_genie.7z Cumming Off The Bench File: RAW_cumming_off_the_bench.7z Curse of the Tomb -PATREON- Detention File: RAW_detention.7z Dream for the Stars File: RAW_dream_4_the_stars.7z Fishing Buddies File: RAW_fishing_buddies.7z Gopnik Love -PATREON- I Humped the Devil -LEZ- File: RAW_i_humped_the_devil_LEZ.7z I'll Purr for a New Fur! File: RAW_ill_purr_for_a_new_fur.7z Illicit Items -LEZ- File: RAW_illicit_items_LEZ.7z Jingle All the Way File: RAW_jingle_all_the_way.7z La Serenata (The Serenade) File: RAW_la_serenata.7z Locker Room Love File: RAW_locker_room_love.7z Maid for Love -PATREON- Naked Polka File: RAW_naked_polka.7z No Money, No Honey! File: RAW_no_money_no_honey.7z Pokehontas File: RAW_pokehontas.7z Push it to the Limit! File: RAW_push_it_to_the_limit.7z Put Your Penne in My Pot! -PATREON- Romance of the Store File: RAW_romance_of_the_store.7z Slave to the Pleasure -LEZ- File: RAW_slave_to_the_pleasure_LEZ.7z Student Bodies File: RAW_student_bodies.7z Tartan Yearnings -PATREON- The Postman Always Cums Twice -PATREON- The Sacrifice File: RAW_the_sacrifice.7z The Toll of Love File: RAW_the_toll_of_love.7z Trailer Park Porking File: RAW_trailer_park.7z Wild Delinquents -PATREON- Winter Heat File: RAW_winter_heat.7z CINEREALITY VIDEO CONTENT
    Channel content style: "Reality" type videos, castings, etc.
    ALL VIDEOS (Click on the titles for preview)
    Casting Couch #01 - Jenny Wong File: CRL_castingc_EP1.7z Casting Couch #02 - Emma Boned File: CRL_castingc_EP2.7z Casting Couch #03 - Chad Weiner -PATREON- Casting Couch #04 - Nia Simston -PATREON- Shoplifter - Case #01 -LEZ- File: CRL_shoplifter_EP1_LEZ.7z Shoplifter - Case #02 File: CRL_shoplifter_EP2.7z -Notes:-
    - All CineReality video content requires the core mod files to be updated to at least v5.0 or later for it to operate properly. The latest version of the core mod file can be found / downloaded from the "Installing the Mod" section above!
    - By default, each video package is only playing on the channel it is assigned to. But if you'd like to have all the videos playing on the same channel (namely, on the main CinErotique channel); then copy the All_Videos_Play_on_CinErotique.package file from the main installer archive's "Extras" directory into your mods folder.

    Feedback is always appreciated! If you liked this mod, found a bug or in general have something to say, you can leave a comment in the mod's #official#forum#thread#.

    ★ Before asking for support, please make sure you've read, understood and properly followed the installation guide provided above!
    ★ In case the Always On Display screen freezes or the audio/video gets out of sync, have "testingcheats true" turned on in the console, then just SHIFT+LEFT CLICK on the screen, and select "Reset Object".
    (If you're interested on how and why this happens, I wrote a detailed post about the issue. - in a nutshell: Sims 4 was not designed to run videos without hiccups for hours)
    Q: Why replace existing channels on the TV, instead of just adding new ones?
    A: I've experimented with standalone versions, but they did not work reliably in game; so ultimately decided to just stick with replacing existing channels, as they seem extremely reliable; plus being purely xml based, they're not prone for patch breakages.
    Q: Where can I download sims featured in your videos?
    A: Here. There are only some of them available for download at the moment, but I will keep adding more of them in the future.
    ★ Certain variants of the main mod file might clash with other custom TV mods if they're trying to replace the same channel. In this case, simply replace another channel with this mod.
    ★ Chipendale ★ Chloe_nya_99 ★ Daleko ★ fionafionafeher ★ GingerJay ★ iamnomodder ★ James20001120 ★ juice_kimpin ★ Lazlo_71 ★ Morrighan71 ★ Nana WIld ★ SimGandr ★ SimsCustom  ★ tchoupy ★ tobi1320 ★ wild_guy
    Thank you all for helping!!! ❤️❤️❤️
    Big thanks to Simser der Deutschen for showing the way...
    ★ For personal use only.
    ✘ DO NOT re-distribute this mod or any parts of it on LoversLab or other 3rd party sites.
    ✘ DO NOT include this mod in bundles. Just link to this site please.
    ✘ DO NOT bundle/include this mod's video files in other tv mods' playlist.



  11. AUDITION_V2.zip

    The AUDITION V2 is an absolute gorgeous body preset! I improved upon my first version.
    As you can see from the model in the screenshots, the body is slim and realistic looking with a small waist and big round butt. 😛
    I like more realistic looking body presets in my game as most of my sims are heavy on alpha and I have nearly 1000 sims if not more!
    Princess Adricka arrives for her debut and shoots a Sims 4 Music Video Showcasing "The AUDITION V2" Body Preset
    YouTube Dance Video URL:

    Instagram Twerk Video URL:

    Princess Adricka Cherish Carrington is a VTK Model with the "AUDITION V2" Body Preset and sister to Princess Kora Carrington. She's family-oriented, good, and outgoing. She wants a big happy family someday. More sims, body presets, builds, and other CC at www.killasims.com! Check out my videos showing my content at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAQKskh52B51-LSzJnlARDA
    Like this body preset and/or video?
    How about giving it a Like, Comment, and Subscription? That helps a lot. Thank you!
    Animation Credits:
    "Can't Hold Us & Swish Swish Animations"
    "I like It" Animation
    by ConceptDesign97 Sims - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7SV3q-l5lclsZUJsMFIAZw
    Music Credits:
    "Cruise With Me" - by Patrick Patrikios in Youtube Audio Library
    "Meadows" - by Razmoid in Youtube Audio Library
    "Amazer Lazer" - by Audio Hertz in Youtube Audio Library
    VicThaKilla's "Calm Like A Bomb" - produced by LazyRida



  12. VTK_AF_BigBooty_BodyPreset_S4.zip

    Nalani Mahi'ai or atleast this version of Nalani is a VTK Model who will be modeling for you the "BigBooty" body preset.
    Nalani is cheerful, a child of the ocean, a child of the island, and a mermaid.
    She wants to play the field and woo certain attractive sims.
    More downloads at www.killasims.com
    To see this older, but goodie body preset that Nalani is fitted with in action, Check out her movie trailer here: "THE MERMAIDS part 1&2 Movie Trailer!...
    Also, please "Like & Subscribe" and that will help my channel to grow. Thanks!



  13. VTK_AF_HIP-HOP_MODEL_BodyPreset_S4.zip

    The lovely Brandy-Simone Williams is a VTK Model with the "HIP-HOP MODEL" body preset. She's cheerful, self-assured, and a bookworm. She will be modeling this body preset for you. Check out her video and please give it a thumbs up "Like" and don't forget to "Subscribe"! Thanks. In the description of her video, you can find the link to download Brandy & her CC. Thanks for checking out this body preset!

    More sims, body presets, builds, and other CC at 



  14. VTK_AF_STACKED_BodyPreset.zip

    Aaliyah Destiny Reese is a VTK Model.  Aaliyah will be modeling for you the, "Stacked" Body Preset.
    Just posting screenshots doesn't do her justice, so check out her video where she's accepts an invitation by my character, VicThaKilla to a party at my mansion!...
    I ask that you give the video a "Like" & if you're not subscribed yet, please hit the "Subscribe" button. Thanks!





    The "BIG BUBBLES" body preset 😂 goes back to 2020, but it's still a nice one! My main character who sports this body is the lovely Destiny Nicole Gibson. I've put her in the screenshots. Download VicThaKilla's Body Presets! Enjoy!



  16. VTK_AF_MilkShake_V1_BodyPreset_S4.zip

    VTK Model Delilah "Dee" Hamilton seen here in the screenshots is the only sim I have rocking this body preset which is the first version of the "MilkShake" body presets which I created for my new Plus Sized Models. At one time, I had nothing but slim and voluptous models, but I thought, "I'm not doing plus sized women and plus sized sims justice!" Plus sized women are beautiful too! So, here is a body preset fit for a plus sized model. It's an alternative to the basegame fat body preset which has it's place. Okay, for you guys who would like to see some beautiful plus sized models, you might be interested in watching my 1st video showcasing my plus sized models' and their body preset. If you take the time out to watch it, please also take time to like and subscribe. Thank you! Peace & Love to all you plus-sized and big beautiful women out there!



  17. VTK_INFINITE_SHELF_LIFE_BodyPreset_S4.zip

    Mya Sumer Randolph is the model showing off this awesome and very realistic looking body preset, "Infinite Shelf Life" which I recently created. This one is not very thick, but curvaceous in al the right places! It features a very small waist, slightly wide at the hips, a small round butt, but it's big when you take in consideration of her slim frame. This body preset is on two other of my sims who are thicker and I'm trying to find screenshots of them so you can see that this preset looks good on slim and thicker sized ladies. But to give you a better visual of how good and realistic this body preset is, please watch this video and see it in motion... Also, let me know who won the twerk challenge https://killasims.com/poll/the-twerk-challenge-who-wins/ on the voting page. You'll see 3 of Mya's competitor friends' shaking their awesome presets too! Lol! 😂 Okay, Jordane and Wendy are the only other sims I have rocking this new body preset. I have their sreenshots somewhere, but for now, I've included 1 upper half body pic of each of them. I hope you guys like this body preset!



  18. Natural_Native.zip

    This "Natural Native" custom body preset is very natural looking. I usually give it to island ladies or other exotic looking ladies. These two models in the screenshots have this nice looking body preset. It looks good by itself, but you can use sliders to tweak it to suit your taste. Thanks for liking my content! Please check out more at my website where they are free and there are no ads. www.killasims.com I like more realistic looking body presets in my game and most of my body presets are only shared by a few other sims because I have so many. Well, enjoy this preset, Guys!



  19. SN Cum Blush ( Chest )

    This was a request.
    There are two downloads. I made one in the makeup blush category and one is a glove accessory.



  20. Femboy Skin Overlay

    This is an edit of llumisims' Vanilla Noodles Skin Overlay. It does not require the original file.
    This is a skin overlay aimed at feminine male sims, and it:
    Gives a soft look to the stomach Removes muscle contouring on the arms, legs, and back Removes the adam's apple  
    Known Issues:
    There will be a large black spot on the balls when using Noir and Dark's Pornstar Cock. The easiest way to fix this is to use the tattoo overlay that's with the cocks, but since those overlays don't always work due to custom skin tones, I'm working on a fix.
    It is under skin details and has two versions: Forehead (FH) and Mouth Crease (MC) you can download one or both files.
    Look for this thumbnail:

    This mod doesn't require any other mods, but I would recommend using my Femboy Bodies alongside this to get the femme-est boys you can.



  21. Hot loading screens (10/08/21)

    Hello! I made hot loading screens for you! Now it includes 11 screens. If you like it, i will make more.   Yennefer  
    Harley Quinn
    KDA girls
    Night elf
    Aerith New
    Tifa New
     Sorceress New
    Pls let me know if loading screens have problems.   Pictures for this mod i used in pictures mods too: [BigZhbr] Picture collections
    Check my TV channels and movies replacements: [BigZhbr] Adult TV channels & movies
    You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans:



  22. EllaNoir Presents - FlirtyFetishes: BDSM - A BDSM Mod For The Sims 4

    Are your Sims tired of the same three relationships: Friendly, Romance, and Dislike? Do they no longer enjoy the sexual activities they once did? Do they experience emotional discomfort and pain but like it? If you and your Sims find the average 24-minute day mundane and boring, there is help available.
    Hi. I’m Ella Noir and I am the creator of the expanding BDSM mod for The Sims 4, FlirtyFetishes: BDSM. This NSFW mod has been put together with your Sims in mind because everyone knows when your Sims are horny, you are too.
    So put down that cowplant and download FlirtyFetishes: BDSM today.
    DISCLAIMER: FlirtyFetishes: BDSM is a modified addition created for The Sims 4 by me, EllaNoir. All icons, artwork, visual elements, etc. have been edited from pre-existing TS4 icons by myself to keep the flavor of the Simlish flavor but to create the BDSM theme for this mod. Please do not claim anything within this mod as your own. This mod is currently for Sims ages young adult+ and does not include incest. A key to unlock these elements for teen and related Sims is in the future. We're all fucking weirdos here. I want to make this mod as fun for everyone, so yeah. 
    Patreon versions will be added this month! Click here so you don't miss out.
    To Download:
    ·         Click “Download this File” in the upper righthand corner
    ·         Unzip/extract the archive file
    ·         Place .package file within mods folder
    ·         Make sure you have allowed mods in the Other Settings of The Sims 4
    ·         Replace FlirtyFetishes: BDSM with the updated version when it becomes available.
    ·         Enjoy!
    This BDSM mod does not have any requirements and is base game compatible.
    Wicked Whims by TURBODRIVER is suggested.
    What’s Included with this Mod:
    ·         Two CAS traits: Domineering and Submissive
    ·         New relationship called the D/s Dynamic
    ·         2 new moods, one for each other the beforementioned traits
    ·         4 new skill sets: Dom/me, sub, Discipline, and Obedience
    ·         Unique social context for Sims in a D/s Dynamic
    ·         20+ BDSM related interactions
    ·         Erotic Buffs
    ·         Even new headlines! (Headlines are the little plus or minus symbols above Sims heads when interacting with other Sims.)
    How to Play:
    ·         Assign the Sim you want to be the dominant role as the Domineering trait and the submissive Sim will get the Submissive trait. (Submissive for this trait is not meant as the role, but a characteristic.)
    ·         Once these two Sims have established about half of the Romance bar, the FlirtyFetishes pie menu option will become available. Click the “Ask to Create D/s Dynamic.”
    ·         After the Sims have joined in their new relationship, a new menu will pop up for each Sim based on their trait.
    ·         The social interactions within will help you progress the new skills. Once again, these are based on which role the Sim has. New interactions will occur as skills progress!
    ·         Be sure to check out the social context when these Sims are interacting along with their profiles to view how their dynamic is going!
    Portuguese translation added by: ValquiriaLiraLima
     Thanks Valquiria!!!



    Please let me know if you any issues!
    Ella N. ?



  23. SN Cum Blush

    My personal cum mesh for my female sims.
    You can find in the makeup category in the blush section.
    You can see the detailed effect better on darker sims. 
    Install Instructions
    Drag and drop in your mods folder
    Personally for use of taking screenshots and story telling.
    If you want to edit my cum mesh then you have permission, I don't care just credit me.



  24. Erotic Cross-Stitch

    DISCLAIMER: I like to potter about with the game, but I am no modder.
    Watching one of my sims stitch got me thinking about naughty stitching and how it would be an interesting modding exercise for me trying to add it to the game and here I am with a mod, which adds custom cross-stitch patterns to all the hoops and to the Cross-stitch Kit.
    I think it is a somewhat fun addition to the game and I want to share it with you, girls and guys.
    I know Agnes Crumplebottom likes the idea a lot.

    Once their Cross-stitch skill has reached lvl 4, sims, from teens to elders, have access to an erotic stitching option under the Stitch from Patterns category. 

    There are 8 different "naughty" patterns and two of them can be read.

    The mod was created using S4S and requires xml injector v4 to function, in addition to CoL.
    If you are not already using it, you can get the injector here and you can find S4S here.
    The mod was created on game version and was tested with and without other mods.
    The designs I used were found mainly on Etsy.
    Possible issue: once they have completed their project or if they feel like taking a pause, sims will drop their hoop on the floor, but only if they are in a group. I think I noticed this also happening with original patterns, so it could also be a game bug.



  25. LexiSims Femboy Body Preset

    LexiSims Femboy Body Presets Ver 2.0
    Big changes! Two new bodies have been added, which are redone versions of the first two.
    The new bodies have an improved hip and waist shape as well as less defined shoulders, smaller arms, and slightly thinner wrists.
    All of the old bodies now have thumbnails and updated file names.
    There is also a new merged package that has all of the files in one!
    No other mods are required, but I highly recommend Luumia's hip shape slider
    Also, the model in the middle is sporting my new Femboy Skin Overlay, which I definitely recommend checking out if you like these bodies.



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