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  1. Vampire Valek drains asian hooker Rae Lil Black (Gore warning)

    Alternate version with rock music: https://rule34video.com/videos/3140942/vampire-valek-drains-asian-hooker-ft-rae-lil-black-rock-music/



  2. Sims 4 - Bella Goth cheats with Don Lothario

    sims 4 - Bella goth cheats.mp4



  3. Pentagram BH tattoo

    Made this tattoo at request of Longhammer717 (https://www.loverslab.com/profile/1090249-longhammer717/)
    It comes as separate file, no override. It can be found under Tattoo Lower Back section, in Cas preview it will be shown under this:
                                                                                                                                      for female and male
                                                                                                                                  (both genders applicable)

                                                                                                                                               total 8 swatches

                                                                                                             First 4 are of lighter colour, last 4 are the same but darker
                                                                                                                             (Cas preview will change appropriately) 
    1. opt. in game:

                                                                  As you can see it wont cover sims anatomical BH, so i made "lower" versions in order to cover that thing up

    It should be still see able wile using wild_guy's butts (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3476-sims-4-wild_guys-female-body-details-09082022/) and  Mikkoi 's anus (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/16154-realistic-female-body-details/). An, of course, it is ment to be used simultaneously as primarily  option (Mikkoi 's anus placed a bit higher than the sim BH is placed anatomically, i believe it is due to that fact that it show's up more esthetically in game and more practical since anatomical BH surrounding is kinda working like real black hole warping the space around itself. 
                                                                                        If you're making photos you also could simply use photoshop:
    Continuing the anatomics theme: 3rd and 7th swatches are designed for women; 4th and 8th for men.
    Finally, in order for it to show up in game WhickedWhims or any other mode that provides nudity will be needed. Don't forget to hit the like button and get in touch with me in case of any problem or as feedback which is welcomed!



  4. Teen Pak Update 2023/09/17

    Welcome to my Very First Youth/Teen Pak
    First of all there are two traits
    -Teachers Pet
    -Balloons for puberty Social Interactions
    -Social Interactions for the Puberty Part of the mod (More to come for others)
    Future Plans
    -More traits for Teens and Child
    -More Social Interactions
    -Actions for the Traits and Socials
    -And much more
    I know this is a small amount of stuff at first but i wanted to get it out for all of you and it is going to be my very first mod that is not Sex related i hope you all will enjoy it
    If you would like to support me or to get early access to m upcoming mods you can by the link below and i would also like to thank all of you for the support of all my mods and the stuff i put of i enjoy doing it all and from the support from all of you makes me want to do more of it so Thank You
    Also if you need support or just want to chat join me on discord
    Social Sites



  5. TeenMileStone Pak Update 2023/09/11

    Welcome to my first set of Custom Milestones Pak #1
    TeenMileStone Pak
    Here is the names and what you have to do to achive them
    First Crush- Have a kiss with another Teen girl or boy
    Sexual Enconter- Have Sex
    First Party- Order a drink or just get trashed
    Grad- Complete High School (i think there is one simular but it alowed it so here you go)
    Future plans
    I want to do some for infants and farming and lots of others
    I hope you enjoy the custom Milestones
    Social Sites



  6. PlayBoy Mod Update 2023/09/17

    2023/09/19- i have made a post for all on my patreon to read please and thank you https://www.patreon.com/posts/last-notice-89531646?utm_medium=clipboard_copy&utm_source=copyLink&utm_campaign=postshare_creator&utm_content=join_link
    Introducing The Small mod Playboy
    Today im introducing a small mod i have been working on for a couple days now its not big right now but i want to continue adding more to it but here is what it all has right now
    -Trait PlayGirls
    -Social Interactions
    -Personal Pie meues
    Social interactions and what they do
    -Whoo Hoo talk(gives a buff to it when you talk to another sim)
    -Embarrassed(you will Pee Yourself)
    I plan on adding more to it witch will require WW to be in your mods folder.
    Future Plans
    -More intense interactions
    -WW functionality
    -More traits for men
    -Social activity for the WW reference
    -Active Job giving you a chance to live the life of a Playgirl or Playboy
    That is all for now i hope you enjoy let me know of anything else you want me to add to it or ethier a mod request you want to see i can try and make it happen for you im up to do any mod thank you
    Social Sites
    Patreon-  https://www.patreon.com/JoshSimmer12



  7. Ai Arts Phone Woman LubbockNR - TS4

    Do not share!
    Don't use my work to make money!
    If I see someone using my creations for their own monetization use I will have to start posting to Patreons followers only
    Password: LubbockNR
    my content is free here on the site, but if you want to help me, I would greatly appreciate it
    Any help will be welcome!
    PIX: 056b38e4-c375-4715-93b1-fe86505b7f67
    Nubank ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑



  8. Loading Screen TS4 - By LubbockNR

    Do not share!
    Don't use my work to make money!
    If I see someone using my creations for their own monetization use I will have to start posting to Patreons followers only
    Password: LubbockNR
    Any help will be welcome!
    PIX: 056b38e4-c375-4715-93b1-fe86505b7f67
    Nubank ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑



  9. Strong Tanlines Top and Bottom (Tattoo)

    just a tan line mods for my sims based on erplederp's Hot Stuff
    if you are interested in my Sims you can check all my creations in my profile or access my save where they are all included (and linked).



  10. Loading Screen Woman Sexy TS4

    Select only 1
    Follow the image by its number!
    Do not share!
    Don't use my work to make money!
    If I see someone using my creations for their own monetization use I will have to start posting to Patreons followers only
    Password: LubbockNR

    Want a Canvas with your favorite photo? Place the order!

    my content is free here on the site, but if you want to help me, I would greatly appreciate it
    Any help will be welcome!
    PIX: 056b38e4-c375-4715-93b1-fe86505b7f67
    Nubank ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑



  11. Witcher's Legacy: The Bloodbound Chronicles [Limited Video Series]

    Hello Everyone.
    Welcome to Witcher’s Legacy: The Bloodbound Chronicles

    Creators Side Note: 📖
    It is with great joy and humility that I introduce a Video Series Project that has consumed my thoughts, captured my imagination, and ignited my passion for several years now.
    Countless hours of contemplation, tireless plotting, and relentless effort have brought me here to this moment. This project represents the culmination of a journey fueled by an unwavering belief in the power of perseverance and basically never giving up on the stories that we all fantasies in our minds.
    As we embark on this adventure together, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of excitement for the future that awaits us. This series I’ve created is ever evolving at an extraordinary pace, and it is projects like these that push my boundaries and inspire me to create these fantasy videos in the first place.
    Thank you for being here to not only watch this project but countless other projects that either myself or my friends (CDMG93,G.A.X & BEAST-MODE PRODUCTIONS) have made not only for this platform but other sites as well.
    Thank you again for watching & supporting my videos 😊
    Official Story Synopsis:
    Set in a mild dystopian future our story centers around an Witcher Multiverse.
    A Universe that has modern day Witchers besides Geralt of Rivia of ancient times who hunt monsters and slay Witches and Demons.
    My story centers around a group of close friends that are thrusted into this ideal of other worldly beings that are among us and must fight to protect our world.
    Without giving to much away think of this world as a mix of Fantasy mixed with some punk rock (Cyberpunk-ish vibes).
    A hardcore Rated M for Mature tale filled with epic adventures and parallel adventures throughout.
    Enjoy! 😁
    Meet The Cast

    WL Meet The Cast.mp4  
    New Episodes will be out monthly.
    Make sure to follow this page for more information and future videos
    07/15/23 - S1/EP1: Prologue (Vigil Nights)

    W.L - EP.01 - Vigil NightCalls.mp4  
    08/04/23 - S1/EP2: The Yokai (Oni) Witch

    WL EP2 - The Oni Witch.mp4  
    09/05/23 - S1/EP3: The Ascension

    WL-EP3 - Ascension.mp4  



  12. Adult Work Enterprises - Pornography Career

    This is a full-time career for Young Adult through Elder Sims. It is designed to have professional-style working hours with them being during the day and not on weekends. Kleptomaniac sims will see a benefit to the items they can bring home. There is only one track for this career. As of version 1.3.0, there is also a Production career that has work from home assignments. Sims who have reached level 5 of the Acting career can sign up to receive gifts in the mail. Starting with version 2.0.0, Sims at career level 5 or higher can go to a lot of type "AWE Porn Studio" for an active career. You will need to assign this lot type to a lot in the world, to be able to use the Active career functionality.
    Sims with the Sexually Abstinent or Fears Nudity traits cannot join the career. Sims will need to gain skill points in Photography, Charisma, Naturism or Exhibitionism, and Acting. Certain levels will require a certain level of fame in order to get a promotion. See the documentation in the download file for more information.
    Make sure to delete AWE-PornRabbitHole if updating from an earlier version to avoid conflicts.
    Required: XML Injector is required. You can get it from Scumbumbo's website or Curseforge. Another requirement is Lot 51 Core Library.  Also, WickedWhims is required. The Acting skill from the Get Famous expansion pack is used in this mod. The Active Career will require Get to Work and a venue list. Either Zerbu's venue list found here or Basemental's venue list found here.
    Recommended: Fashion Authority, CinErotique, and Big Dick Problems to get the fullest experience.
    Please support the mod on Patreon to help continue development.
    Thanks to the late Scumbumbo and Triplis for XML Injector, Lot 51 for the core library, and frankk for Sims 4 Toolkit for Visual Studio Code.
    Credit to @mrrakkonn for the lot seen in the screen shot and to @Tibo131 for the poster seen in it.
    I can not assign "AWE Porn Studio" to a lot. What could be causing this? A compatible venue list must be installed. Having more than one venue list installed will cause conflicts. As of September 11, 2023, the only compatible venue lists are the ones made by Zerbu and Basemental. If you insist on using a different venue list, you will have to wait until its creator updates it. I managed to get to the AWE Porn Studio, how do I pick a scene to shoot? On a computer, under the "AWE" pie menu, there is an option to pick what scene to shoot for that day. I successfully assigned the lot type. Why is my Sim not getting messages to travel to the lot to work? The Sim must be at level 5 or higher of the career and the "Get To Work" expansion pack must be installed for the Sim to be eligible to participate in the career events.  
    Czech by phetrick



  13. Standing Puke color change.

    - Add public version of Standing Puke color change
    + Red. 
    + Dark green.
    + Water.
    + Cum
    + Milk
    + Dark Yellow
    How to use.
    - put it in your mod folder, not deeper than one sub folder.
    - Spray mean what coming out of your sim mouth
    - Hit mean the vomit puddle on the ground.
    - You can mix and match as you want.

    Go check out other mods I make on Patreon: https://patreon.com/user?u=23801812&utm_medium=clipboard_copy&utm_source=copyLink&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=join_link
    you can also support me, just 1$ a month to gain access to early access stuff and make request in chat.



  14. Adult Work Enterprises - Video Store Clerk Career

    This is a part-time rabbit hole career for Young Adult through Elder Sims. It is based on the Base Game Retail career. The biggest difference between the regular retail career and this one will be seen by Sims with the Kleptomaniac perk for players with WW, CinErotique, and some other mods installed.
    Updated for version 1.99.264
    Why is "Adult Work Enterprises" part of the title? Well, I have other custom careers in development that will focus on adult themes.
    Required: XML Injector is required. You can get it from Scumbumbo's website or Curseforge.
    Thanks to the late Scumbumbo and Triplis for XML Injector. Thanks to frankk for Sims 4 Toolkit for Visual Studio Code.
    Recommended Mods: WickedWhims, CinErotique, Big Dick Problems, and Flirty Fetishes: BDSiM
    Czech by phetrick



  15. The Sims 4 Girls Loading Screens and Lot Posters Bundle

    Loading screens featuring the women of the sims 4 Nancy Landgraab, Katrina Caliente, Dina Caliente, Nina Caliente, Lilith Pleasant, Molly Prescott and my created sim Zoey Bathory. You can only use one loading screen at a time in your mods folder.  A desktop wallpaper of each sims is included with the loading screens for your computer.  I've also included wallposters for your lots too just place it in your mod folder.  Will being added more loading screens and posters soon. Stay tuned.



  16. ☀️ Milford City 0.3 (World - Save File)

    Milford City
    The first Sims in a project where I plan to create several stories.
    !it is necessary to download all the households below so that there are no CCs broken!
    Wicked Whims Dumbaby Female Breast meshes Fashion Authority (mod to ensure that the npc's outfits are not replaced by the default ones)  
    Parker Harrington🔃 Wright Hill Sanchez  Solo:
    Gabriella Rodriguez Noémie Dufort NPC:
    High School  
    Symbol Meanings:
    🆕 - Recently added
    🔃 - Recently updated
    ⚠️ - Currently not included in the save



  17. Lewd Phrase Tramp Stamp Tattoos

    Some tattoos for the lower back. As shown in the screenshots, there's 4 swatches. Sorry for the bad quality, they're copies of the thumbnails, which are quite small.
    There's two file options, the one with "RANDOMENABLED" at the end allows random townies to spawn with the tattoos. The other file doesn't. Please choose whichever you prefer.



  18. Great Tomb of Nazarick overlord Career!

    You can now work for the great tomb of nazarick from one of my personal favorite anime's called Overlord!
    You start off as a low level imp manager
    and you can work up to supreme being!
    After you get to the branch selection screen and pick said branch
    each branch comes with three extra jobs, that all can make up to 1k too 5k! 
    also does anyone know why my sim keeps changing into a towel? I attached it below
    thanks fellas
    looking to do more job mods or any mods really so lmk what yall want I can def try!



  19. PHONE BACKGROUND / Nightclub / damned wretch

    A collection of phone backgrounds generated by AI and edited by me in Photoshop.
    Attractive guys in a nightclub, with semen droplets on some of the photos.

    This mod injects a dash of glamour into the phone's user interface, unveiling a stunning array of 18 new backgrounds, complete with battery and network icons.

    IMPORTANT! Ensure that there are no conflicting modifications for phone backgrounds implemented.

    usdt trc20: TDGuQSm8ySpRTcfAXvAXJKixkgBnXSi88j




  20. LOADING SCREENS / Sitting In Park / damned wretch

    Collection of loading screens generated by a AI and edited by me in Photoshop.
    Attractive guys in the park with bulges and wearing tight shorts.

    IMPORTANT! Please install only one file and make sure you don't have any other mods that modify the loading screen.
    Version 1
    Version 2
    Version 3
    Version 4
    Version 5
    Version 6
    usdt trc20: TDGuQSm8ySpRTcfAXvAXJKixkgBnXSi88j



  21. MFX Farts

    Farts pulled from various Brazilian fart porn videos to replace the base ones.

    You can only use one at a time.

    MFX Farts.package

    Emi Fart.mp4  

    MFX Farts 2.package

    Beatrix Fart.mp4

    MFX Farts 3.package

    Crimson Fart.mp4

      MFX Farts 4.package (Since I sourced these myself, have snippets of the video I got it from as a sample. I'll probably do this going forward.)

    MFX Farts 4.mp4



  22. Barcode Tattoos + Some Extras

    I thought I would try to give a little back to the community.  I will try to add more later. 
    Four Upper Back Barcode Tattoos. Four Lower Back Barcode Tattoos. Two Full Body Barcode Tattoos - These will be found in Body>Tattoos>Medical Wearables. Six Cowboy/Cowgirl Themed Tramp Stamp Tattoos. Ride the Bull Tattoos for Female and Male.  It is located under Body>Tattoos>Medical Wearables  
    Please don't upload to other sites.



  23. Gay Furry Loading Screens

    I have spoken



  24. Femboy Loading Screens

    +4 pics. One is astolfo yay
    Download file has all of them and some samples so you know wich is wich. Use only one, of course. Drop on Mods folder



  25. .。☆゚:Bamiii's World - Lots and Sims.。☆゚:

    //This is my new file where you can find lots and custom sims made for some of these lots! Be sure to read about every single one and take a look at their previews, that I'll be linking down below (or go in the get support section of this file)~ You'll find a lot of different buildings, from simple, cozy homes, to strip clubs, motels, lounges and more! 💞 And not only lots, but some sims to go with them as well!
    //Since the file upload limit has been set to 292 mb, most of my sims and some lots will come in 2-3 separate parts, so you'll have to download them all.
    //HOW TO INSTALL: Inside the main folders that you'll download from me you'll see 2 folders: Tray and Mods (IF THERE IS NO MODS FOLDER, THEN THE LOT IS CC FREE). Take the content from the Tray folder and go to your Documents > Electronic Arts > The sims 4 > Tray, and move them in that folder. Do the same for the content in the Mods folder(s). Some sims might be bigger than the max upload limit, so you'll have to download every part and place all the files into your folders. Don't forget to launch your game, go to Game Options > Other > and check Enable Custom Contents and Mods, so the CCs used to create this lot and sim will appear in your game.
    //You can check out my Patreon if you enjoyed these lots and sims: https://www.patreon.com/Bambamiii . Here I'll post sims (and 1 or 2 lots per month) more frequently with early access!
    //NOTE: As the time goes by and EA keeps updating the game and changing stuffs, some of my older sims may not have the same bodies that you can see in their previews (they might be a little distorted, chubbier, etc.). Most likely because their body preset needs to be updated. So you might have to change their bodies in CAS before placing them in your world. 
    ---Stripclub Opulence - Hetero and Gay
    ---Minimarket + Apartment: Gamergirl's Home
    ---Shady Motel - Motel '89
    ---Tiny Modern - A cozy little home
    ---Firewatch Cabin
    ---Tiny Artist Home
    ---Stripper Jane
    ---Barista Kamelia
    ---Stripper Riley
    ---Stripper Sienna
    ---GamerGirl Karla
    ---Shady Motel Owner
    ---Femboy Stripper Luke



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