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  1. [BigZhbr] Adult TV channels & movies (20/02/21)

    Hi, SIMS community!
    I want to present adult TV channels & movies to you. Now this mod includes replacements for 7 channels and 10 movies.
    I'm updating this mod. Mod changes channel & movies names too: Watch news >> Watch 3D Lol compilation. More info, early acces and stuff can find at my Patreon.
    I hope you like this mod and have a good time
    TV channel list:
    3D Final Fantasy compilation (comedy channel) 09:19
    3D Lara Croft compilation (kids channel) 04:04
    3D League of Legends compilation (news channel) 08:16
    3D Nier compilation (romance channel) 07:15
    3D Witcher compilation (cooking channel) 14:00
    3D Metroid compilation (sport channel) 06:08
    3D World of Warcraft compilation (action channel) 18:01
    Just warning, this channel includes few futa videos.
     Cosplay Bunny girl (romance channel) 25:55
    Cosplay Harley Quinn (kids channel) 19:31
    Cosplay Zero Two (sport channel) 23:07
     Cosplay Helltaker (news channel) 10:35 NEW
    Cosplay Harry Potter (cooking channel) 24:55 NEW
    Movie list (all of them are ~2:20 long):
    3D 2b and 9s on stairs part 1 (khlumzee sisters movie)
    3D 2b and 9s on stairs part 2 (lost dog's journey home movie)
    3D Katarina with horse (diamond are for sims movie)
    3D Ahri Hard Anal on the car (college cram movie)
    3D blood elfs couple part 1 (moonlight massacre movie)
    3D blood elfs couple part 2 (roaring vice movie)
    3D Jill valentine oraljob (simder movie)
    3D futa a2 with 2b (sims of the dead movie)
    3D Tifa Lockhart DP (superkids movie)
    3D Emilie de Rochefort (adventures of spaceship simulation movie)
    Installation and requires:
    Put .package files to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods
    "All in one" download includes links for all TV channels and movies in one archive.
    WARNING! For movies you should have Movie hangout stuff DLC. For channels not requeirs.
    WARNING! You can not have 2 mods that replace the same channels or movies. So if you are already using another channel and movie replacement you should remove them.
    TV channels: Sometimes videos can freeze. In order to fix it, write "testingcheats true" in the console, then just shift + right click on TV, and select "Reset Object". This is normal, because the game is problematic to play long videos. It shouldn't happens at movies.
    Movies: All movies are 2:00-2:20 in game. Sim off TV when movie finished. Mod includes shorter videos, so i just added black screen at end of movies. So don't be alarmed if you see black screen. And because of these limitations in video length, I have created some movies in parts.
    Let me know if you found error.
    Great thank Dot Morris for support!
    My other mods (easel paintings and pictures) HERE.
    You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) and read about future content:



  2. Hot loading screens (fixed)

    Hello! I made hot loading screens for you! Now it includes only 2 screens. If you like it, i will make more. Fixed plumbob glitch! Redownload mod.   Yennefer  
    Pls let me know if loading screens have problems.   Pictures for this mod i used in pictures mods too: [BigZhbr] Picture collections
    Check my TV channels and movies replacements: [BigZhbr] Adult TV channels & movies
    You can suppot me here, get exclusive content (the hottset;)) or read about plans:



  3. CinErotique TV - Premium Adult TV channel mod

    There's a new Adult TV Network in Simtown... CinErotique. Three new custom TV Channels - CinErotique, RAW and CineReality - featuring all the sexy exclusive content your sims will ever need to have a good time. ❤️
    (All videos are Exclusive Original Content, shot/edited by me, and includes simlish speech and text for maximum lore-friendly immersion)

    ✅ The mod is tested, and is compatible with version 1.70.84 (Tested on 2021-JAN-30)

    2021-FEB-21 ~ Main mod file updated to v5.3
    New Public Video Package: The Devil Inside Me
    Interaction: FM | Format: Full Episode (2m26s) | Channel: CinErotique | PREVIEW VIDEO

    The creation and upkeep of this mod is ensured by my wonderful supporters over at Patreon...
    as a reward, they get priority Timed Early Access to all my new stuff. ~~~
    Below you can find the list (and previews) of all the Latest Early Access Videos that are available right now on Patreon, as of 2020-FEB-21:
    -FRESH!- Blaster Master | -NEW- Romance of the Store | -NEW- Dream for the Stars
    Also available:
    -Additional Notes:- 
    ★ I publish new content regularly, so if you don't wanna miss out, consider giving this mod a follow.
    ★ I rigorously test each of my new mods/videos before release, they're guaranteed to work properly!
    ★ This mod is uploaded and maintained exclusively here on LoversLab & Patreon only!
    ✘ I take no responsibility and/or provide tech support for any Unofficial / Third Party Site Mirrored releases!

    This mod adds three new CUSTOM LORE FRIENDLY PORN TV CHANNELS to your game, by replacing existing in-game tv channels. To maximize compatibility with other custom tv mods, with CinErotique you're given a choice to replace any of the following channels: Action, Comedy, News, Romance, Sports or Fireplace.
    Custom Buff: Your Sims will get  FLIRTY +4  moodlet for 2 hours, and the basic -Fun+- from watching. Custom Whim: "Watch some Porn" (25points) - Available when your sim is in a romantic mood. It can be completed by your sim watching the CinErotique channel. Custom Thought Bubbles: Your sims will have some very dirty thoughts while watching... Optional customizable channel Icon: In case you'd like something different. Optional always-on display: Can be found in Buy mode / Electronics / Televisions - for §1. ... plus other extra stuff: Check the "Extras" folder in the main installer's 7zip archive for details. This mod is fully localized in the following languages:
    English / Brazilian / Chinese / Czech / Danish / Dutch / Finnish / French / German / Hungarian / Italian / Japanese / Korean / Norwegian / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish / Swedish / Taiwanese / Vietnamese

    For the mod to work, you have to Download and Install some mandatory CinErotique Core Mod files first. Choose ONE of the install options from below:
    -IMPORTANT:- When updating the CORE MOD FILES to a newer version, always overwrite older files when prompted to. 
    Use this, if you want to fully customize aspects of the mod (including what channels to replace, custom logos, custom playlists, etc.)
    Download the latest Custom Installer pack [version 5.3]:
    Unpack the downloaded file with 7zip. After unpacking, you'll end up with a "CinErotique" folder, containing some sub-folders, that are representing each step of the installation process. Now download and open the install instructions [PDF document]:
    Follow the guide, and copy over the required Core Mod files into your Sims 4 Mods folder.
    IF IT'S YOUR FIRST TIME INSTALLING THE MOD, AND YOU FIND THE GUIDE ABOVE OVERWHELMING / TOO COMPLICATED, THEN HERE'S A DETAILED STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE FOR AN EXAMPLE FIRST TIME INSTALLATION. The core installation is now done, so let's move onto the "Pick Your Videos" section and download some actual video content for the channel(s)... OPTION 2: EXPRESS INSTALL
    Use this, if you use no other tv mods, and you don't care about customization, and just want a quick and easy install. (This version replaces the Fireplace, Romance and Action channels)
    Download the latest Express Installer pack [version 5.3]:
    Unpack the downloaded file with 7zip. Copy the "CinErotique" folder over to your Sims 4 Mods folder. The core installation is now done, so let's move onto the "Pick Your Videos" section and download some actual video content for the channel(s)...
    -You can install as many videos as you like!- there's no limit! The mod automatically recognizes installed content and adds it to the ingame TV playlist. You can download the individual video package files from the #DOWNLOAD THIS FILE# section. Don't forget to unpack the downloaded files with 7zip before you copy them over to your Sims 4 Mods folder. All public TV video package files available here (on LoversLab) are formatted in Maxis' -STANDARD RESOLUTION- (512x288p), but if you feel like upgrading, please visit my Patreon, where for only $3.99 you can get access to my latest vids&mods, all my TV video package files in -HIGH DEFINITION- (1280x720p) , and downloadable 1080p -MP4- video files.
    Lesbian themed content is marked with a -LEZ- tag, all other untagged videos are featuring straight M/F sex. Videos marked as -PATREON- are available on Patreon Early Access. CINEROTIQUE VIDEO CONTENT
    Channel content style: Porn Parodies and General Sexy Entertainment programmes.
    MOVIES (Click on the titles for preview)
    Womb Raider - Laura Cruz and the Magic Dildo -LEZ- File: CE_SD_movie01_tomb_raider.7z Pirates of the Cuntribbean -LEZ- File: CE_SD_movie02_pirates.7z The Handy Man File: CE_SD_movie03_the_handyman.7z Windenburg Jones and the Curse of the Hare - Part 1 File: CE_SD_movie04_wjones_p01.7z Plan 69 from Outer Space File: CE_SD_movie05_plan69fos.7z The Cursed Beauty File: CE_SD_movie06_cursed_beauty.7z You Reap What You Sow File: CE_SD_movie07_saw.7z -NEW- The Devil Inside Me File: CE_SD_movie08_the_devil_inside_me.7z My Prince Chatming -PATREON- The Bride of Dracula -PATREON- TV SHOWS (Click on the titles for preview)
    On Board of Ward (... Sulani Sunrise) - A Judith Ward Sex Tape File: CE_SD_mi01_jward-sextape.7z Steph the Chef - A cooking show with a twist File: CE_SD_mi02_steph_the_chef_ep1.7z Friends (EP1) - "The One Where Chandler Gets Bored" -LEZ- File: CE_SD_tv01_friends_ep1.7z Friends (EP2) - "The One With The Swimsuit" -PATREON- The Strangerville X-Files (EP1) - "Snake in the Grass" File: CE_SD_tv02_xfiles_ep1.7z The Strangerville X-Files (EP2) - "The Dream" File: CE_SD_tv02_xfiles_ep2.7z Sulani Vice - "The Case of the Mayor's Missing Daughter" File: CE_SD_tv03_sulani_vice_ep1.7z MUSIC VIDEOS (Click on the titles for preview)
    Kathy Purry - Last Friday Night (...at the Strip Club) File: CE_SD_mv01_kathypurry-lfn.7z Taylor Stiffed - Mayzie Grobe File: CE_SD_mv02_taytay-mg.7z ADVERTS / PROMOS / TRAILERS
    "Visit Selvadorada" advert File: CE_SD_advert-vol1.7z "Everything's Better with CinErotique Part 1 & Part2" adverts File: CE_SD_advert-vol2.7z Womb Raider and the Magic Dildo promo trailer -LEZ- File: CE_SD_trailer01_tomb_raider.7z Pirates of the Cuntribbean promo trailer -LEZ- File: CE_SD_trailer02_pirates.7z Steph the Chef promo trailer File: CE_SD_trailer03_steph_the_chef.7z CINEROTIQUE RAW VIDEO CONTENT
    Channel content style: Shorter sex scenes, no elaborate story-lines.
    ALL VIDEOS (Click on the titles for preview)
    Push it to the Limit! File: RAW_SD_FFM_push_it_to_the_limit.7z Blaster Master -PATREON- Breaking the Ice -PATREON- Castaway Genie File: RAW_SD_FM_castaway_genie.7z Cumming Off The Bench File: RAW_SD_FM_cumming_off_the_bench.7z Detention File: RAW_SD_FM_detention.7z Dream for the Stars -PATREON- Fishing Buddies File: RAW_SD_FM_fishing_buddies.7z I'll Purr for a New Fur! File: RAW_SD_FM_ill_purr_for_a_new_fur.7z Jingle All the Way -PATREON- La Serenata (The Serenade) File: RAW_SD_FM_la_serenata.7z Locker Room Love File: RAW_SD_FM_locker_room_love.7z Naked Polka File: RAW_SD_FM_naked_polka.7z No Money, No Honey! File: RAW_SD_FM_no_money_no_honey.7z Pokehontas File: RAW_SD_FM_pokehontas.7z Romance of the Store -PATREON- Student Bodies File: RAW_SD_FM_student_bodies.7z The Sacrifice File: RAW_SD_FM_the_sacrifice.7z The Toll of Love File: RAW_SD_FM_the_toll_of_love.7z Trailer Park Porking File: RAW_SD_FM_trailer_park.7z Winter Heat -PATREON- A Maid's Tale -LEZ- File: RAW_SD_LEZ_a_maids_tale.7z I Humped the Devil -LEZ- File: RAW_SD_LEZ_i_humped_the_devil.7z Illicit Items -LEZ- -PATREON- Slave to the Pleasure -LEZ- File: RAW_SD_LEZ_slave_to_the_peasure.7z CINEREALITY VIDEO CONTENT
    Channel content style: "Reality" type videos, castings, etc.
    ALL VIDEOS (Click on the titles for preview)
    Casting Couch #1 - Jenny Wong File: CRL_SD_FM_castingc-01.7z Casting Couch #2 - Emma Boned File: CRL_SD_FM_castingc-02.7z Shoplifter - Case #01 -LEZ- File: CRL_SD_LEZ_shoplifter-01.7z Shoplifter - Case #02 -PATREON- -Notes:-
    - All CineReality video content requires the core mod files to be updated to at least v5.0 or later for it to operate properly. The latest version of the core mod file can be found / downloaded from the "Installing the Mod" section above!
    - By default, each video package is only playing on the channel it is assigned to. But if you'd like to have all the videos playing on the same channel (namely, on the main CinErotique channel); then copy the All_Videos_Play_on_CinErotique.package file from the main installer archive's "Extras" directory into your mods folder.

    Feedback is always appreciated! If you liked this mod, found a bug or in general have something to say, you can leave a comment in the mod's #official#forum#thread#.

    ★ YOU MUST UNPACK EACH DOWNLOADED 7ZIP FILE BEFORE YOU COPY THEM OVER YOUR MODS FOLDER, OTHERWISE THEY WILL NOT SHOW UP IN THE GAME! If you have problem unpacking them, download the official 7zip archiver here.
    ★ Before asking for support, please make sure you've read, understood and properly followed the installation guide provided above!
    ★ In case the Always On Display screen freezes or the audio/video gets out of sync, have "testingcheats true" turned on in the console, then just SHIFT+LEFT CLICK on it, then select "Reset Object".
    (If you're interested on how and why this happens, I wrote a detailed post about the issue. - in a nutshell: Sims 4 was not designed to run videos without hiccups for hours)
    Q: Why replace existing channels on the TV, instead of just adding new ones?
    A: I've experimented with standalone versions, but they did not work reliably in game; so ultimately decided to just stick with replacing existing channels, as they seem extremely reliable; plus being purely xml based, they're not prone for patch breakages.
    Q: Where can I download sims featured in your videos?
    A: Here. There are only some of them available for download at the moment, but I will keep adding more of them in the future.
    ★ Certain variants of the main mod file might clash with other custom TV mods if they're trying to replace the same channel. In this case, simply replace another channel with this mod.
    ★ Chipendale ★ Chloe_nya_99 ★ Daleko ★ fionafionafeher ★ GingerJay ★ iamnomodder ★ James20001120 ★ juice_kimpin ★ Lazlo_71 ★ Morrighan71 ★ Nana WIld ★ SimGandr ★ SimsCustom  ★ tchoupy ★ tobi1320 ★ wild_guy
    Thank you all for helping!!! ❤️❤️❤️
    Big thanks to Simser der Deutschen for showing the way...
    ★ For personal use only.
    ✘ DO NOT re-distribute this mod or any parts of it on other sites.
    ✘ DO NOT include this mod in bundles. Just link to this site please.
    ✘ DO NOT bundle/include this mod's video files in other tv mods' playlist.
    This Post was last edited on February 21th, 2021: Main mod updated to v5.3 + Added new public video - "The Devil Inside Me"




  4. ERO - Etheria's Romance Overhaul [2021-02-05]

    *NEW One-sided Crushing, Blushing, Sentiments, and Gender-Specific Turn-Ons and -Offs update!* ERO adds one-sided crushing, dynamic trait compatibility with other modders' traits, attraction, compatibility, new interactions, nationalities, and much more! Automate your Sim's physical traits from CAS, see how funny, how compatible, and how attractive your Sim views all other Sims, randomize everyone's turn-ons and -offs, enable or disable attractiveness buffs on your Sims, and much, much more! You'll have to try it to get a feel for everything that it can do! There are even more options available in the shift+click menu on each Sim for an experience tailored exactly to your liking, but I advise you don't use any of the big 2 "Force Recalculate" options (Attractions and Affinities) unless you're prepared to wait a bit for the data to be recalculated, dat computer of yours will have to do a fair bit of math!
    This mod requires an update to version 1.60 or later of S4CL. If you don't already have it, please read the requirements section listed below in blue.

    Compatibility is a priority in this mod; it is made to enhance the Sims experience and work harmoniously alongside any other mods like it. There are no known conflicts right now: that includes anything made by KiaraSims4Mods, Lumpinou, Turbo, KawaiiStacie, etc. If you do discover any conflicts with other mods, especially romance mods, please let me know and I'll check it out when I can.
    (early access and requests!)
    My site
    My Discord server
    My Twitter
    Hi guys! I'm Etheria and I make mods! To that effect, the Sims is a game we know and love for its ability to engross us in making lives of our own full choosing and control, but let's face it: for many of us, it doesn't really feel real in certain aspects of the vanilla game. One of the biggest of these for me is the romance, or rather, the lack thereof! When Sims touch and kiss, they barely get closer to each other for more than a second! C'mon, who the heck hugs their partner like that?! Things like this mean it often feels like the game treats romance as a side-gimmick rather than a real and fully-fleshed-out part of life, and I find myself feeling dissatisfied with how the Sims I have who are supposed to be completely head-over-heels for each other are just...coexisting lukewarmly. I aim to be part of what changes that.

    So I felt like creating a mod that makes romance a thing in the Sims that people can connect with, one that's best made possible through a unique union of code, animation, and storytelling, with a mixture of attractions, affinities/compatibilities, and opinions your Sim has to/about other Sims, among many other features!
    This mod requires the Sims 4 Community Library v1.60 or later. If you're upgrading from a previous 2.x version, press the button in settings to "Copy data from versions 2.x"; your old ERO save data will donate its data to the new save structure and then empty itself. It feels so clean and makes me so happy! It's the kind of thing that makes a programmer smile!  
    For all those who would like to translate this mod, thank you! No reposts of ERO to other sites are allowed, so send me your translation and I will add it to the mod, and then you can link to it from other sites.  
    Known Issues:
    The dialog box text in the Settings menu will start moving down more and more after you add attractions. This is not actually an issue with this specific mod, but rather many mods that have menus in general, and it has occurred since one of the latest game patches. I'm sure will eventually be fixed, but it's pretty low priority since all you have to do is reopen the menu. When automating a Sim's physical traits based on their CAS data, a Sim's eyebrow hair color will sometimes be chosen as their hair color instead of their head hair color if the two are different. This is an issue with how the Sims 4 assigns tags; both eyebrow hair and head hair colors use the head hair color tags, and I only allow automation of physical traits to assign one hair color to a Sim. The fix for this right now is to set their hair color manually if you see it chose the eyebrow color instead. Sims 4 tags also have other weird issues: see extra screenshots of this with the hair and eye color examples at the bottom of this post.  

    An attractiveness system based on both looks and personality, but also life experience!

    Ever wanted to feel more attracted to the Sim of your dreams? What if a guy has gray hair and that's just not your thing? What if she's short (you didn't forget about height slider mods, did you?) and that's totally your thing (cute teddy-sized girls, amirite?!)? What if the Sim has kids and even though you're looking for a serious relationship, you're just not ready for possibly becoming a step-mom? Sorry Simdr date, you're great but that?s just too much for my Sim to handle at this point in their life!

    Or if she's an airhead who spends half of her day talking on her phone and only ever wants to talk about her friends and makeup? Boorring.

    That sweet introverted girl who is quiet to most, but opens up like a blooming flower when you start talking about video games? Totally your style.

    The guy who takes a ridiculous amount of pride in his hair and his swag? Ooh, a bad boy's the one for you, eh? Your Sim has a high Affinity for that! Or at least for now they do!

    Has your Sim dated 20 different Sims and their secret admirer is a complete relationship newbie? Well, maybe that admirer won't feel so warm towards you after finding that little piece of info out through the grapevine!

    Want to know if a Sim has had their first kiss? Ask them! Want to know who that person was? You can ask them that too, but careful, they may not want to answer if they don't know you well enough or think you're a jealous and destructive person!

    Or what if a girl's a homewrecker basically as a hobby, specifically seeking out men who are already taken and trying to Woohoo their brains out like it's some sort of winner-takes-all game? ...That would be kinda hot to some Sims, huh?

    Maybe your Sim wants to try out that classic temptation vs. foundation in their love life only to regret it horribly later as they're forced by their spouse to tell their kids about their affair? Ddrrraama!
    These are all examples of the kinds of scenarios you can insert into your game with ERO! You decide, with an attractiveness system that makes BOTH physique AND personality come into play!
    (Seeing attractive features and personalities will make your Sim feel flirty. If your Sim sees someone who has a certain number of traits they find attractive, they will get whims to want to flirt with them!)

    Totally new, custom animations for your Sims [future]

    What can bring a romance to life more than ANIMATIONS, amirite?! Happily, I am not only a dreamer of what love can be, but also an animator! Thus, through connecting with the game's code, a huge chunk of the interactions I add will have their own custom animations. Let's get those snuggles, cuddles, and kisses to the next level, and make flirting feel real.

    Real affection, real touching. Real smooth~

    Add your favorite traits from other modders via my Settings menu instead of using a precious trait slot in CAS

    Ever wanted to have more than 3 traits on your Sim, especially since there are so many good custom content ones? Want your favorite trait to be included in the Attractiveness system? Me too! Included is support for some of my favorite traits to play with, the Greek god-inspired traits by PurpleThistles! You may play with different traits than me, so I'll start by supporting some of a handful of my favorites by other modders, but then will add support for the most wanted traits. This way you can add as many traits from your mod folder to a Sim as you want! Supporters can vote on which trait I'll support next. This requires you to make just one tiny modification to the trait in most cases (change the trait type from "PERSONALITY" to "GAMEPLAY" in Sims 4 Studio), which is a very simple process shown in this gif:

    Note: Some of the Sims 4's tags are wildly inaccurate. For one particularly bad example, the game labels both red and purple eyes as "amber" eyes (I don't even ). There's more detail in the screenshots below, but right now the only fix is to set these strangely-tagged ones manually (full list in these screenies):



  5. Loading Screens [Sims Custom]

    01/09 - 9 new screens added
    01/27 - 12 new screens added
    01/21 - 10 new screens added
    01/17 - 20 new screens added
    01/17 - 2 bugs resolved (Hot 009 and Comics 002)
    01/16 - 12 new screens added
    01/16 - We are coming back with custom screens, if you have any suggestions, comment the image for us (1920x1080 or more).
    ATTENTION - In case you want some image to use as a wallpaper or anything, comment that I send to you.
    (NEW 🌟) HOT 🔥
    GROUP 💦
    HENTAI 😈
    ANIMES 🉐️
     COMICS 👽
    Download the .package and paste in your sims 4 mods folder.
    Do not try to use more than one. Tested and improved for the latest version of the game, Star Wars (



  6. Yellow Stream

    This mod simply changes the color of the sims urine stream from blue to light yellow.
    I couldn't stand the blueish piss present in this game so I changed the VFX called Sim_pee to a subtle yellow to increase realism.
    It should be compatible with everything, including WW.
    Tested on game version 1.70.84, it may not work on older versions of the game.
    Just drop the .package in your mods folder.
    denton47 for the TS4 VFX Tool



  7. Yuumi-San

    this is my first post (editing), hope you like it: 3
    Like: Chocolate, Yaoi,Yuri,Sex Toys
    (I'll post edited NSFW photos of the sims 4 for the moment, until I can create cc, sorry and see you soon;)



  8. RedAppleNet 1.1.5d -Part-time Active Career - January 19, 2021.

    = RedAppleNet =  

    Supports Game Version 
    = Mod Requirements = 
    Get to Work
    WickedWhims by TURBODRIVER
    This mod adds Part-time Active Career in the cybersex company. You will spend your day having sexy conversations with clients in the chat rooms and on the phone and maybe even have personal video sessions. 
    However, this company doesn't have the best reputation, so climbing career ladder will be virtually impossible. You might need to suck up to quite a sleazy boss to get the desired promotion. 
    This is a short description of the mod and its features. It's up to you to discover all of its features.
    Some installation steps are quite intricate so, please check out Important Notes or Change Log.
    If you have any problems, please read the FAQ and if you still do not find the solution to your problem, message me on the Discord in RedAppleNet Channel.

    The 'RedAppleNet' company is not as perfect as AEP, so you will have to deal with unfairness and quite a sleazy boss. It would be virtually impossible to complete your day with a golden reward without hard work and staying late.

    However, you can choose another way of getting what you want. You can try to seduce your Boss and earn promotion this way. For that, just follow the third chain in your workday tasks. 
    Do not try to have sex with your Boss without an appropriate task! It won't affect your work progress! 

    The career has three levels. And every level has its own custom interactions. They will be available to your Sim during the workday.
    Most of them labeled by the RedAplleNet icon. There is a hint under most of the tasks during a workday which will let you know what interaction you need to perform to complete the task. 
    This mod is in no way a realistic representation of reality. It's all my fantasy and fanfiction. 
    !Important Notes!
    Before starting the career, you need to put RedAppleNet venue in the world. You can download the Venue in download section or here. Just follow installation instructions in the post. This mod overrides a few in-game CAS and Build items, but it shouldn’t conflict with anything.
    If you use any other VenueLists, remove them and leave only KsuihuhVenueList.
    You can find all objects required in the venue requirements, BUT you need to use specific chairs since some NPCs are anchored to them! Put Boss’s Chair in the boss's office and so on, otherwise they won't be able to perform their job. Also make sure that Video Chat operators have separate offices since they need privacy to do their job. And don't forget to put a computer on the front desk for Receptionist!

    1. Download just one version of the mod.
    2. Extract files from the .zip file.
    3. Put .package file and .ts4script file into your Mods folder. To do this, go to Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. 
    4. Download RedAppleNetOffice Venue in the Download section and follow installation instruction in the post here .
    5. Make sure you have only one VenueList in your Mods folder. KsuihuhVenueList already contains all other existing venues of other modders I'm aware of: LittleMsSam's, Zerbu's, Basemental's, Coolspear’s Multipark Venue and  itasan2's Get To College Mod. So If you use one of these mods delete their VenueList and keep just KsuihuhVenueList.
    6. Make sure that Script Mods are enabled in your game. To do that go to your game setting, click Game Options, Other, and see if Script Mods are allowed.
    !Check out the ChangeLog to learn what new features are added to new versions of the mod!
      Become a Patron and get early access to new features! 
                                  = Patreon Version =                             
    RedAppleNet 1.2.3
    December 8, 2020
    Join my Discord Server for help and conversation!

    Visit my site! I upload different CC, Lots and Sims and other mods I create.



  9. my art

    i creatr arts on TK17



  10. No More Annoying Romantic Autonomous Serenade(XML Mod)

    "No more fucking autonomous Romantic serenade"...

    *If the first file did not work please grab the second file, I play tested my game 2 hours earlier and no annoying singing but then when I played again tonight with 4 hours of game play I heard the dreaded sound. I went back into the xml then retested with 3 hours of gameplay and now have reuploaded it because it seems to be ok. On another note, self singing might also be obliterated as well  
    I don't know about you but that serenading was driving me bat shit crazy in my game...auto serenade every 2 damn minutes
    I decided to do something about it. Hope this saves you as much as it saved me. This is just an xml and obviously will override default mixer for this interaction. Yes, it works so if it doesn't for you then you must have another similar xml mod in ur game not playing nice with mine. Enjoy and if you have any issues please let me know. Ta ta for now ❤️ 
    P.S. This is only for the Singing...I did not include piano, violin or guitar serenades because I have never had that happen in game <.< If you want all of the serenading included then ask me and I may do it sometime, but in no hurry at the moment
    Candy D because I had to sneak a peek at her outdated file that has not been updated in 4 years, so I had to include 2 tuning files, 1 that I changed and a second one from looking at hers which seemed to include a self serenade file. 
    ❤️My beautiful daughter Dominique who sketched the template for my icon and hovered over me while I made it in Paintnet lol  
    Has been tested in game and glad to say no more serenading for me, so obviously the file works like it should, so please let me know if you have any problems. But PLEASE TRY THE 2ND FILE IF THE FIRST ONE IS NOT WORKING FOR YOU. Thanks xox
    That's it folks. Like, follow and leave a comment if ur feeling generous lol 
    P.S. Does require City Living since the XML's used are from there.



  11. Hire DJ/Bartender/12 hours(XML)

    Just an edited XML I whipped up for DJ's and Bartenders to stay on the lot longer( 12 hours) >.<

    Getting frustrated that every time you throw a swinging party with ur favorite sims, the music goes off and everyone stops mid coitus wondering where the fuck the tunes went so they go to get the booze and wtf ..no bartender...Yeah, the DJ and the Bartender ran off together for a hot fuck I reckon getting all horned up working at the partayyyy seeing all that naked flesh and sweaty humping bodies  ahaha lol...Welp, here you go
    I was getting fed up of throwing parties and the damn DJ and Bartender only stay like 3-5 hours or what not and having to keep hiring every time they left...so since I have Kawaii Stacie's Events Mod which allows to have overnighters and all sorts of parties without it having to be a goaled event I decided to figure it out and do it myself since there was only 1 of these out there and it is very old and needs updating.
    Only for residential. I repeat...
     It may work on community lots but it will NOT work in your WW Clubs...So be warned!! Something screwy that makes NPC DJ's leave the strip club and become replaced by another DJ Npc, not sure if that is meant to be part of the WW Strip club code or not.
    You can try and hire a DJ but bartenders are blocked by default with WW Strip Club features so do not mess with hiring Bartenders..period!. Just use it on ur residential lots or community lots..just please don't use it in ur stripper clubs..ok? Cause I don't want anyone coming crying that their game got borked lol😑
    Tested in my own game. Just click on your home bar or dj booth to hire a sim. Will work on request specific sim and DJ Headliner. But I suggest you level their skill when they get to the lot. If their are any problems let me know. No reason it should not work in ur game because I have too many mods in my game and it works just fine ...unless you have some kind of other Bar and DJ mods in ur game that over ride these game files:
    Download at ur own risk and if ur pc blows up...it wasn't me >.> I have worked on xmls for the last few months for personal use and I have 2 others I may upload that includes the maid and jealousy ..shall see....
    Obviously this is xml from Get Together EP so you will need that. Just plop the package into your mods folder and it will override the default crappy hours. If you want 24 hours then let me know and I will do it.. Doesn't take long to do. Download or don't download...no problem. Made it for myself and thought I would share.
    ~Risi~ ❤️ 




    Like the title says...."Cheataholics"..  
    0 countability and now you can cheat in peace...cept for a minute amount of jealousy that won't affect your sim too much

    For your cheating promiscuous floozies and man whores. I made a low level jealousy mod months ago for my game..but it was just for cheating via sex..including WW Sex. Now I know WW has it where u can set jealousy to none globally. But I use another mod that makes sims more emotional and I was getting a lot of relationship losses with all my lovers lol
    I like to have a little bit of jealousy in my game as it makes it interesting with the Jealousy reaction emotion mod I have in my game. It wasn't working with WW Jealousy disabled completely so I had to add default jealousy for it to work along with the more reactions mod(I think it is by Zero on Patreon). So I got my game to a modest level of low loss hits but realized the continual flirting was still causing problems so I made a low level relationship loss for flirting as well. I have included both files as folders inside the zip. Just take what you want or both. It obviously overrides the tuning xml in the game...if you don't like it just take it out and ur settings will revert back to default. But for me completely disabling jealousy makes the game a bit dry because some of the reactions from Sims is hilarious. I will try and keep these up to date with patches but because it is not a script there shouldn't be to much of a problem..
    Buffs: I haven't messed with the buffs so you will still see buffs in ur game...I still get them where a sim may be sad for cheating or the spouse caught the wife etc etc but I only edited the relationship loss...buffs are fun!
    I have not had to update anything in a while but I went ahead and created from fresh again. 
    If you do have other mods with the same tuning files take them out or you will have error diarrhea more than likely, or one or the other won't or will work. 
    If you have any requests for other xmls let me know as they are pretty easy to edit and I have XML'S for my maid and gardeners to stay longer without having to hire them as a "Live In Service" via LMS's mods. I don't like too many sims living under my roof especially female service npc's as they seem to get pregnant a lot by my sims husband or room mates lol! >.<
    Any questions or problems please shoot me a message ❤️ 
    Notepad++ because without it I couldn't harness the power of XML to make my game more fun and tailored to my needs, wants and desires lol 



  13. Kids can jog

    I'm not sure if this is out, It's a little mod I've made for myself and decided to share here.
    click on your child sim, click on go jogging and like the adult, they will change into athlete and go jogging.



  14. Tradução PT BR do Mod Wonderful Whims (2020)

    Tradução PT BR do Mod Wonderful Whims (Atualização do Dia 29/12/2020)
    Tradução da versão mais recente do mod Wonderful Whims
    Novo Mod Wonderful Whims:Download da Tradução ( Sem Propaganda) (desafiosthesims.com.br)



  15. Sexy Loading Screen

    ✨Hello guys,
    ✨Sorry because English is not my primary language
    ✨This is my loading screen mod. I DO NOT OWN these image. I collected them from various sites on the internet and make them into loading screen mod
    ✨If anyone knows the authors of these image let me know so I can add them to the credits
    ✨I will add more loading screens to the next versions
           - Extract rar file and copy ONLY 1 package file to Mods folder



  16. [LixxiClits] 'TheSluts4' - XXXTreme Entertainment Collection❤️


    (UPDATE: I have taken a short break from working on this until my children are physically back in school and I have some private time to do so)
      JUST A TIP:




  17. Teen Skinny Dip

    Teens can skinny dip in the Mt. Komorebi hot springs.



  18. TeensNudeShowerInSulaniFalls

    Teens can shower nude in the Sulani Island Falls.
    Playing teen click in water near falls, than select Shower Nude.



  19. Teen Streakers

    I was playing one of my teens and discovered the option to go streaking doesn't send teens streaking. Now they do with this mod.
    With the exhibition trait, click on played teen sim, wicked whims, exhibitionism, go streaking.
    With mischief level 4 and over, playing your teen sim, click another sim, and in mischief you can also Dare To Streak.



  20. Sugar Life 2.0.0a - Money Matters Now - November 19, 2020

    = Sugar Life =
    Supports Game Version
    =Recommended Mods=
    Wicked Whims by TURBODRIVER
    =Mod Description=
    This mod adds three traits to the game which you can choose in CAS: Sugar Baby, Sugar Daddy, and Sugar Mommy.   
    Sugar Baby trait is available for ages from Young Adult to Elder.  
    Sugar Daddy/Mommy traits are available for ages from Young Adult to Elder.

    Sims with Sugar Baby trait can ask Sims with Daddy or Mommy trait to became their Sugar Daddy or Mommy. For that, they need to have the bare minimum of a romantic relationship. Sugar Baby also can ask Sims without Daddy/Mommy traits, but they need to have a high romantic relationship.

    The same rule goes for sims with Daddy/Mommy traits: low romance to start Sugar Relationship with Sim with Sugar Baby trait, high romance to start with Sim without the trait. 
    Sugar Babies, Daddies, and Mommies can have multiple Sugar Partners, but jealousy is still in play. 
    Sims without any Sugar traits can start Sugar Relationship with Sims with Sugar traits, but they also need high romance and they can have just one Sugar Partner at a time. 
    When you start Sugar Relationship you will get the relation bit for your Sim. 

    You can develop a relationship with your partner, ask to be girlfriend/boyfriend, even propose. It won't cancel Sugar Agreement. You can stop Sugar Relationship at any time. Depending on the level of your romance and friendship you can stay friends with your partner or become enemies. 
    For now, there are two interactions available for Sugar Babies:
    'Ask for Daily Allowance' - will earn your Baby 500 Simoleons. You can ask every 12 hours and as long as your Daddy or Mommy is in a good mood they will grant it to you. It also will increase your romance. 

    'Ask for More Money' - will be available after your Sim finished previous interaction. This will bring your Baby from 1500 to 2000 Simoleons, but will only work after you had sex with your Daddy or Mommy and they are satisfied. It can be WW sex or traditional WooHoo. If they are unsatisfied, they will refuse and you will lose a little bit of romance. 

    At this moment there is only one interaction for Daddies and Mommies:
    'Give Baby Daily Allowance' - you will lose 500 Simoleons, but it will increase your romance. 
    There is SugarSocial menu to a computer. You can 'Create Profile' and after that, you will start to get calls from potential Sugar Partners with an invitation on a date where you can get to know each other better. You will also be able to look up all available Sugar Partners on the website and arrange the date yourself.  The date won't commit you to anything but the main goal of the date would be to start Sugar Relationship.
    Interaction 'Ask about Sugar Partners' was added to the social menu. That will allow you to know if your potential partner already has any Sugar Arrangements.
    Setting Menu - This basically a cheat menu where you can turn any Sim in the world into Sugar Baby, Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy. This will help you to populate your world with Sugar Partners without much trouble.
    Reward Traits. Now Sugar traits are available in the Reward Store!
    That's all for now. I didn't have time to add anything more, but I want to know your opinion. If you like it I can add more in the future. Please let me know what I should add to this. Also, this mod is in no way a realistic representation of these kinds of relationships. It's all my fantasy and fanfiction. 

    Visit my site! I upload different CC, Lots and Sims and other mods I create.
    Become a Patron and get early access!
    Join my Discord Server for help and conversation!
    TO INSTALL: Download just one version of the mod! Unzip and drop all files to your Mods folder. Do not put more than one folder deep!!! 

    Thank you to everyone who downloaded this mod!



  21. RedAppleNet Italian Language 1.1.4b (05/09/2020)

    Il file è aggiornato alla versione del 05/09/2020 v1.1.4b della mod.

    Scarica la traduzione in italiano della Mod di KSUIHUH'S CORNER da qui .  
    Inoltre ricordati di scaricare o sostituire (i file della vecchia versione) da questa pagina . 
    Visita il mio blog thesimsrafa95.blogspot.com per scaricare altri contenuti gratuiti.  



  22. AEP PORNOGRAPHY Italian Language 4.3.0d (06/09/2020)

    Il file è aggiornato alla versione del 06/09/2020 v4.3.0d della mod.

    Scarica la traduzione in italiano della Mod di KSUIHUH'S CORNER da qui .
    Inoltre ricordati di scaricare o sostituire (i file della vecchia versione) da questa pagina .
    Visita il mio blog thesimsrafa95.blogspot.com per scaricare altri contenuti gratuiti.



  23. Porno TV channels

    Hi there! These are replacements for the TV channels, all shows have been replaced by porn scenes, now every channel is a porn channel! Video and sound quality of all files are great, videos are about 4 to 10 minutes long, be sure to check out the content list below!
    The files replace the text in-game so you can choose the channel you want to watch. Just drag the files (OR download the .zip and extract) into your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods and enjoy!
    below is the list of channels and models:
    Anal channel feat Dakota Skye replaces sports channel (1 vid) 
    Celebrity channel feat Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton replaces Comedy channel (2 vids) 
    Mycherrycrush channel feat Mycherrycrush replaces cooking channel (2 vids)
    Solo channel feat Michelle H (AKA Red Fox) replaces the fireplace channel (1 vid)
    JAV channel feat ? and ?!? replaces kids channel (2 vids)
    Classics channel feat Silvia saint, Kobe Tai, Marilyn Jess and Brigitte Lahaie replaces action channel (4 vids)
    Latina threesome channel feat Gina Valentina replaces news channel (1 vid)
    Young Stars feat Melissa Moore and Ginebra Belluci replaces the romance channel (2 vids)
    Trans channel feat CandiceTS, Valenjonex and Vicats replaces the music TV channel (3 vids)
    Below are alt scenes for every channel:
    Anal Maid channel feat Anya Krey replaces the Sports channel (1 vid)
    X Art channel feat Red Fox, Angelica replaces the comedy channel (2 vids)
    Petite channel feat Ashlyn rae, Emily Grey replaces the cooking channel (2 vids)
    Ruski channel feat Taiga replaces the Fireplace channel (1 vid)
    Blacked channel feat Elsa jean, Hope Harper replaces the Kids Network (2 vids)
    Amateur channel feat Bunnybutt, Holydumplings, Travis and Katie, LunaxJames replaces the Action channel (4 vids)
    Bukkakke channel feat Shino Aoi replaces the News channel (1 vid)
    BigAss channel feat Monique Alexander, Ella Hughes replaces the romance channel (2 vids)
    Pornstars channel feat Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Stoya replaces the Music TV (3 vids)
    V3 each channel is dedicated to one trans model
    VicaTS replaces the action channel (4 vids)
    Bruna Butterfly replaces the Comedy channel (2 vids)
    Grazi Cinturinha replaces the cooking channel (2 vids)
    Almosttoast replaces the fireplace channel (1 vid)
    Sara Salazar replaces the kids network (2 vids)
    youngwoozzz replaces the music TV channel (3 vids)
    Ella Hollywood replaces the news channel (1 vid)
    Miran replaces the romance channel (2 vids)
    Nat replaces the sports channel (1 vid)
    DLC channels replacements:
    Kids Room Stuff
    Cockers channel feat ValenJonex, Valery Mcqueen, xmariannax replaces the BEtween TV
    City Living
    Solo TS channel feat Bailey Jay, Angeles Cid, Rakel Rodrigues replaces the Civic Public Access
    HC TS channel feat Ella Venus, Alice Blitz, VicaTS replaces the Politisim
    Cocksuckers channel feat Little Caprice, Ava Taylor, Lupe Fuentes replaces the World Culture Network
    Vintage Glamour Stuff
    InTheAss channel feat Alex Grey, Stoya, Monique Alexander replaces TV Classics
    Remy channel feat Remy lacroix replaces the Weather Forecast
    Kids Room Stuff
    Bimbos channel feat Capri Cavani, Carmen Luvana, Nancey replaces the BEtween channel
    City Living
    Silvia Saint channel feat Silvia Saint replaces the Civic Public chanel
    Starlets channel feat Hope Haper(+ Jennifer White), Marsha May, Kylie Quinn replaces the politism channel
    Transtar feat Miran, Valentina Mia, Ella Hollywood replaces the World Culture Network
    Vintage Glamour Stuff
    The Classics feat scenes from Tarzan, Barbara Broadcast, Justine 2 replaces the TV classics channel
    Snow White channel feat snow white and the 7 dwarfs (yep, its porn) replaces the Weather Forecast channel

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me!
    Remember that you cannot have two replacements for the same channel, so if you are already using another channel replacement mod you should set it aside before puting this files in the mod folder!
    Download only the packages or the .zip containing all the packages. DON'T DOWNLOAD BOTH for your own sake and for internet usage sake
    If you like this mod, check out my movie replacements for Movie Hangout Stuff pack (link below). If you have any suggestions about what i could do next or complaints about models/scenes/mod/whatever send me a message or comment!



  24. Dominatrix Carrer

    I made this dominatrix rabbithole carrer for storytelling reasons, but it also work as a mean of income to your dominant sims. 
    * Do daily tasks to get promoted more easly
    * Get rewards for getting promoted
    * Become a Dominatrix
    * Have "servants" working for free to you after reaching the max level
    * Base game compatible
    * You actually don´t need any mod to make this work! 
    * Dominant traits for dominant sims
    * More carrers levels
    * Profissional Sub?
    * Better carreers rewards (i still have to learn how to set a reward from another mod)
    Special thanks to: 
    KisakiJRO for making a tutorial online about how to make mods
    Zerbu for making the Mod constructor
    Zuza for teaching me how to install Python



  25. paint picture ART II. giantpainter and hugepainter

    yesterday I sent a giant is not ready. The today finished but unnecessary lot of pictures in the giant because there is not much room due. Just a rare interest.
    hypocritical giant image of something tricky you guess interesting model house building designer.
    no fraud required (bb.moveobjects)     😀
    You wonder if you can download it !!!!



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