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  1. The lactation hormone is currently under developed. I am planning on finishing that side of Hormones along with the Milk Farm quest in Stories as soon as I am done with the main quest in Parasites (hopefully next month).
  2. Animal masters only have primal needs... they will only want food and sex. There is no endgame with them. You have to come to that realization and find whatever way possible to escape. Your stuff is safe... Sanguine has it in his Dreamworld.
  3. It's a work in progress, based on one ENB and mixed in with settings and features from at least two others. These screenshots are a bot too saturated still but I really like the features it is giving me. I described what I am working towards here: https://itsbluefrog.tumblr.com/post/639940160672415744/in-between-testing-and-tinkering-with-my-mods-i Not sure I will release it since it is a customized mash up from multiple ENBs.
  4. Still on track to wrap up the Chaurus Queen main story by end of this month. I still have half a dozen quest stages and dialogues to write, as well as the final scene to test. The new gameplay mechanics are already done and tested. I may add to them later but they are very playable as it is. The crawling pose in the screenshots below is coming from SD+. I will probably not make a copy in Parasites. There should be mods out there allowing you to crawl if you want to do it and not install SD+ just for that. The big spider is from Animalica. It is m
  5. Thanks for the bug reports! I merged the changes in my code and they will be part of the next update at the end of the month.
  6. You will be able to toggle it with a spell. It is an organic armor (light) and will need to consume Chaurus eggs for the materials. You will need 2 eggs to put the armor on, and you can remove it without consuming any egg. The full body armor (heavy) will work the same way but will need 3 eggs. That's what I am working on right now. I am close to the end of the story at the moment. I will release all my changes at the end of the month, with maybe another release soon after that if I am not quite finished on the 31st of Janu
  7. And if you have Estrus Chaurus, your babies will be capable of infecting others.
  8. The Chaurus Queen stage will also allow you to have your own brood. Apologies for the blurred screenshot... my character is fighting a bad case of Rockjoint at the moment.
  9. Realistically, I won't touch SE until I am further along across all my mods. My Skyrim LE is running smoothly, with very few CTDs and I don't have much incentive to look elsewhere. The perspective to start over with a new setup and having to deal with conversion issues and missing mods is daunting. I am trying to get Parasites in a near finished state this month and then move on to Hormones, Stories and the Milk Farm next month. Feel free to convert it once I publish the update.
  10. That's a good point. I added a note in Github issues to revisit that next time I work on Stories. I used that mesh a long time ago, before I knew how to replace skins of NPCs by script. I will see if I can add a mesh just for the schlong, for use with the default female body mesh as a skin. Actually - one of the reasons I am using that mesh is also that it is a female mesh that works with a male face and hands/feet. That may force me to keep using that mesh now that I think about it.
  11. I'm at a loss with that TG body... this is the 3rd time I have to update it after it gets corrupted somehow. About the permanent hair and makeup, I will add a note on the to do list to add a new MCM option.
  12. I updated github with the latest updates to Parasites and cell ID fixes for SE conversions.
  13. Making progress on the final chapter of Parasites. Without spoiling too much, here is how the final chapter is structured: That's the plan so far... I am about halfway done.
  14. _SLS_DimensionalRift is unused in Stories. I recreated that cell in Parasites for the final chapter.
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