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  1. Coming soon to Hormones... finally a succubus shape. It is set up as a spell similar to a bound armor. The shape takes up the body slot, so an additional armor on top of that is not possible. The armor has a mesh for the body, gloves, boots and horns. The only point I don't know how to address right now is that the armor pieces have to have the skin as part of the mesh if you want it to show. Otherwise, the body, hands and feet will be invisible. You can start looking for your favorite succubus armors for your Bodyslides choice. It is a very simple effect ... for more elaborate options, you should look at mods like PSQ Succubus. I am still working out how the effect will work, but what I am thinking right now is this: - while the succubus corruption is on, the shape will be applied when the player hasn't had sex for a while, and dispelled after sex. - once the succubus corruption is complete, a toggle spell will be granted to the player as a special power. As usual, customization is possible by replacing mesh files in the right folder.
  2. I will look into that more closely. I think the double update on sleep is something I may have fixed in the coming update.
  3. Any chance for a screenshot? Was it with a khajiit or an argonian by any chance? the armors are probably not compatible with them ( I know the mask is not ). I just tested it and the arms and hands were in the right place for me after a spriggan infection.
  4. Coming soon to Parasites... the Greybeards now pray at the Ancient altar of Kyne. Read more about it in this blog post: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/14290-tumblr-tes-fest-2021-content/
  5. Coming soon to SD_... new creatures in the Moonshadow garden and the first steps to the conclusion of the main story. Read more about it in this blog post: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/14290-tumblr-tes-fest-2021-content/
  6. Coming soon to Stories... an Old God and ESO ruins spun off at their own esp file. Read more about it in this blog post: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/14290-tumblr-tes-fest-2021-content/
  7. I added a new blog entry about things I worked on for my mods as part of the TES fest 2021 event at Tumblr. These changes will be part of the July update, sometimes this weekend. https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/14290-tumblr-tes-fest-2021-content/
  8. This week I am participating to TES fest 2021, an event on Tumblr with daily prompts to foster creativity around The Elder Scrolls. I thought I would use this occasion to change something each day to my mods, in line with the daily prompts. Here is what is coming soon to the mods. July 26th – belief or dragons For Beliefs, I changed the praying routine of the Greybeards and Danica to make them pray to ancient altars. Danica didn't work out but the Greybeards did! July 27th – family or apotheosis For Apotheosis, I added a set of notes from a mage in SD+ that sheds a light on what really happened to Alessia in Sancre Tor and her relationships to Sanguine. It serves as the basis for the end of the main quest I am currently working on. July 28th – dawn or birthsign For Dawn, I improved the lighting in the Moonshadow Soul Garden in SD+ and added two creatures from Mihlai's mods at Nexus. Twilight Maidens are replacing the current guardians, and Twilight Guardian as large soul gem golems. July 29th – ruins or campfire For Ruins, I did some surgery on Stories and extracted the ruins and landmarks from ESO, and moved them into their own esp file as part of my Skyrim Immersion Patch. I will add more ESO related callbacks in that mod later. July 30th – folklore or tea For Folklore, I finally added something around the ritual victim near Rorikstead in Stories. Disturb the scene and an Old God will appear (also thanks to Mihail's mods). No quest or dialogues yet around that one but at least something is happening now. July 31st – moons or betrayal For Betrayal, I will work in finalizing the script for the final stages of the SD+ main quest today. August 1st – dance or change For Change, I haven't decided yet but I will be doing something for Hormones. Maybe add a Succubus form... I will see how it goes this weekend. It's a fun way to participate to that kind of event and improve little things in the mods at the same time!
  9. Is it happening only with the Spriggan parasite? I thought I got rid of all looping sounds. I will have to do more tests.
  10. What did you get infected with? I probably missed some dialogue condition.
  11. Try: setstage _SLP_QST_QueenOfChaurus 220 That won't give you access to the steps with Lastelle but it should unlock the next stages with Danica and put you right back on track.
  12. Thanks for the report.. I need to check the quest stages you would have to use manually to move forward (and plug that hole for future players). I will check that and let you know.
  13. That error shouldn't cause the mod to crash. If you are using a mod organizer, make sure the dependencies are actually deployed. It is easily to think they are part of your current profile when in fact they are not.
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