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  1. She used to be part of a small quest but I moved that quest in Parasites and I forgot to remove the essential flag for her.
  2. That's weird... the NPC in the cave is using the same face and body meshes as the cows at the farm. If you don't crash with the cows, I don't understand why you crash there.
  3. That part is normal. She was just abducted for so long that she has lost her mind. She isn't part of any quest.
  4. I am slowly getting back to testing that stage of the quest. I will take another look if it happens to me when I get there. I am currently in the final part of the quest with Lastelle. I did run into this issue a few times but I fixed them on my end eventually. If you used some of the files from Github at some point, make sure there are no local copies of older versions of the meshes on your end. This skin was an experiment. I will probably replace it with slavetats layers instead.
  5. I spent this week rewriting a big part of the logic behind the Red Wave. it is now a different experience and flows much better. I will release the update tonight or maybe tomorrow depending on testing today.
  6. In my experience, this kind of pitch black texture issue point more towards video memory or video drivers. Is it happening all the time? Do you have a lot of 4K textures installed? You could try opening the CK editor and re-generating the facegen textures for that character.
  7. Update: I picked up a few issues with Parasites during my test towards getting back to the Sanctuary scenes with Danica. I will fix them tomorrow and release an update on Sunday, or even tomorrow is testing goes well.
  8. I updated the link in the first post with the right link to download these two versions.
  9. It is something you can do with Nifskope. The information about slots is buried under the 'DSMemberSkinInstance' block and in the details, under 'Partitions -> Partitions'
  10. Pet Free is a flame atronach in one of the mesh folders for Stories Devious in the BSA file. If you have not extracted the BSA, it is normal it appears as an exclamation point. I refreshed the facegen data for the other NPCs and they will be part of the next update in case CK SE chokes if that data is missing to begin with.
  11. Thanks for the clue... then it is either an issue with CK for SE, or with whoever did the conversion. Here is what CK for LE is showing me:
  12. In Bodyslides files, make sure milkcuirass_0.nif and milkcuirass_1.nif are using these slots: 45 for the collar, 56 for the main harness (using the 'bra' slot in DD) and 58 for the tanker on the back (using the 'harness' slot in DD)
  13. I have no idea why Vortex is thinking SexLab Story and Story Devious are masters for any of my mod (are you talking about Hormones, Parasites or another?)
  14. Look for the Bimbo Clumsiness slider in the menu under Curses. Not sure what you mean by Bimbo Thoughts Delay. Bimbo Thoughts don't affect anything. They are just random ideas popping up on the screen. I'm working on it at the moment. I don't know when it will be completed.
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