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  1. Ok.. Makes sense. I skipped August and I am already late for the September releases. I will try to get that out in the next few days.
  2. Isn't that something I changed already? I lost track of what was release or not at this point. I will post all of my current fixes sometimes this week to reset things.
  3. There is no dialogue what Dibella speaks through the Sybil.. there is only a message urging you to help the Temple or the sisters.
  4. I can't help much there since I am not using SE or Bodyslides versions of the meshes in my own tests. Maybe you could post this to the SE discussion thread in my signature and see if anyone there can help?
  5. It should get reset by itself after a while or if you apply another overlay using another mod or after sex. The next version will disable that effect by default and will leave the option to turn it on with the flower menu.
  6. Sorry for the delayed response. Removal of binding devices during sex is something SD+ is doing on purpose. At the time I did it, bound animations with DD didn't play very nice. I remove the items for a wider range of animations. That has been improved in DD5.1 and I will probably disable that forced removal.
  7. on the bimbo sims 4 trait can you somehow let us have the bimbo girl that was ontop of that guy because i wanna have her as a sim, or all of the bimbo pictures. the ones with cc

  8. I coded it four years ago and I haven't fully play-tested it for the past three years It will take me a while to work my way through the mod to get back to that point.
  9. When Danica mentions it, it should be available as a recipe in Cooking stations (not Alchemy stations).
  10. The way it is supposed to work is to simulate having to earn your Magicka level. Normal people have no or little Magicka. If you are gifted, you can set a starting amount. However, when you get hit or are near death, the amount of Magicka you have at your disposal shoots up. Very close to death gives you a boost that could even be overpowered. This is to simulate instinctive reactions for survival (think, Mutant stories like the X-Men). As you practice Magic through spells, enchantments and alchemy, your base Magicka will increase. That includes the number of potions you drink, ingredients you taste, books you read... not a single time but overall. About potions, you will notice a blur effect when you drink too much. That a blinding headache from potions being toxic. The more you drink and practice spells, the more tolerance you build and the longer you can go before getting headaches. The main quest about going under the apprenticeship of Farengar is a way to give you gradual powers through practice and learning. Part of the story is to get you to tap into the effect of crystals (Skyshards here) to focus your powers. The story is not yet finished but it will take you from simple apprentice to the depths of the Midden in Winterhold's College. I use that system all the time now and I call it balanced most of the time It is a blast to find out in the heat of battle that you can suddenly cast a dual blast of flames powerful enough to knock a Mammouth if timed right.
  11. Can you share a screenshot of that dialogue? Sex with Fjotra should give you a chance of making her glow blue, and Dibella giving you a message through her. The message is random and doesn't always happen. The event happens randomly after orgasm... not after sex.
  12. I don't know what you mean by 'plugin is registered as 43 and not 44'.
  13. Thanks for identifying this issue! I will try to replace the check by name with a check by form ID to avoid translation issues.
  14. She should appear as a Chaurus skinned dragon flying over the silent city.
  15. Strange: I looked at the code. I don't know what happened to mess this up on your end. 390 is set at the end of the dialogue with the Queen in the dimensional Rift. 395 is set when you put the key in the chest and press the button 400 is set when the queen dies. I have tested it many times and haven't ran into a problem yet.
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