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  1. There is. Click on the stone flower on the altar in the entrance level of the temple. One of the options disables the extra lights.
  2. That's because of skeleton changes for slavery to beasts... I should remove them eventually. You can ignore all of these changes and let the other mods win.
  3. Go back to Dreamworld to clear it. It is not a bug.. Sanguine decided to leave that collar on you for a little while. The spectral devices are all reset when they are equipped on the player each time you go to Dreamworld.
  4. For the face, I prefer to use gags rather than blindfolds since they don't impact the visual field, even if that comes at the cost of loss of speech. In the case of spriggan infections, that's what I am using for the face mask of the spriggan. For a parasite situation, it could be used for some sort of mandibles or chaurus eyes.
  5. I am targeting End of September for the first stages and end of October for the whole transformation. Keep fingers crossed for no emergency at work
  6. Yes! please. I am planning a multi-stage transformation using devious device parasites as locked items. The meshes will be customizable by replacing files in the folder since there are multiple candidates for armors. I am aiming for a structure I can also reuse to revisit the Spriggan infection from SD+, so I will be setting up these devices: - gloves - boots - anal and vaginal plug - gag - harness (two stages - partial and full torso) - and possibly a final stage for a full body replacement as a combo "harness + gloves + boots + gag"
  7. Any script changes or fixes you can share for me to update?
  8. Update: Rebuilding my machine set me back a couple of weeks, so I will skip the August update and go straight for a September update instead. The good news is that I didn't have issues rebuilding my LE setup, so I won't be moving to SE just yet.
  9. Yes,,, that is available through mod events and storageUtil variables. Actor PlayerActor = Game.GetPlayer() ; Adds 2.0 to the Growth hormone (levels are between 0 and 100) PlayerActor.SendModEvent("SLHModHormone", "Growth", 2.0) ; Applies random amounts to the hormonal levels PlayerActor.SendModEvent("SLHModHormoneRandom") ; You can also use storageUtil variables to set the hormonal values directly to the amount you want ; Sets Pigmentation to 0.0 StorageUtil.SetFloatValue(kActor, "_SLH_fHormonePigmentation", 0.0 ) ; Pigmentation - _SLH_fHormonePigmentation - speed of skin color change ; Growth - _SLH_fHormoneGrowth - speed of weight change ; Metabolism - _SLH_fHormoneMetabolism - gain / burn fat / resistance to heat loss / used as switch for body transformation ; Sleep - _SLH_fHormoneSleep - need to sleep / stamina ; Hunger - _SLH_fHormoneHunger - need to eat ; Immunity - _SLH_fHormoneImmunity - resistance to disease ; Stress - _SLH_fHormoneStress - fight or flight / boost health ; Mood - _SLH_fHormoneMood - focus / boost to magica/skill gain ; Female - _SLH_fHormoneFemale - breast/butt growth / fertility ; Male - _SLH_fHormoneMale - schlong growth / fertility / muscles / facial hair ; SexDrive - _SLH_fHormoneSexDrive - personal arousal ; Pheromones - _SLH_fHormonePheromones - attraction from others / coveted effect ; Lactation - _SLH_fHormoneLactation - breast growth / milk production ; API - Inside Hormones ; fctHormones.modHormoneLevel(PlayerActor, "Pheromones", 1.0) ; API - Outside Hormones (player actor only for now) ; SendModEvent("SLHModHormone", "Pheromones", 1.0)
  10. You only have to select the main FamilyTies.esp file and only one of the family esps. Did you check all of them by accident?
  11. That's unfortunately a core gaming engine issue. I have the same problem with the Bimbo race in Hormones and with the models of ELLE SexBot in Stories. I can change the mesh of the body and skin to be customized for any NPC (and the player) but the minute you add an armor, it brings along the default adult mesh and skin with it. The main solution is custom armors separate from the vanilla ones, which is a huge amount of work if you want to cover everything. Another (less ideal) solution is to use armor addons that have been accessorized and separated from the skin (I remember one a long time ago but I couldn't find it on Nexus or LL anymore).
  12. These outfits are not available in the mod (yet ?). I tried to get them to work but they result in a crash to desktop when I make them available in game, so I scrapped the idea for now.
  13. There shouldn't be a continuity issue any more than if you visit the temple long before A Night to Remember in a regular game. If the temple is corrupted when you do that quest, then it adds to the corruption feel. If it is cleansed, that isn't much of a problem either.
  14. Did you download the SE version from my SE conversion thread?
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