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  1. No idea... I Can't remember moving it. Are you sure the mod is still enabled?
  2. I did a small patch for Dangerous Nights 2.... I'll see if I already published it or not. It improves some of the issues. I can't comment on that except that the game engine has serious limitations. I am working on a fix on the SD+ side of things but that's taking time to test properly If you can find someone who can create a patch for Defeat that hooks directly into SD+ mod events, I can't see why Defeat couldn't enslave you directly. The mod events have been around for a long time and I am happy to point anyone in the right direction. I try to add enough hints in quest objectives but the no markers is a personal choice. I dislike setting them up and I don't like taking players by the hand and telling them exactly what to do, when and how. If something isn't clear, I am happy to add better descriptions in dialogues and quest objectives. Slavery dialogues persist with former masters, whether you are actively enslaved or not. It is also possible to script an NPC as a dominant personality and give them the 'Please' dialogue line outside of enslavement as well. Sanguine can send you to 3 destinations - 1) back where you were before dreamworld, 2) in a random location and 3) in a safe place (Haelga's basement). He will use all 3 options at first as part of your training, and then ask you where you want to go. About the smith... the confusing part is that you have to succeed a Speechcraft check each time you talk to anyone about removing your gear. That's because they may or may not want to help a slave escape, and it's up to you to convince them. If he said yes at first and doesn't say anything once you have the money, try asking again later. Eventually you will get trhough and get your gear removed.
  3. Thanks too... I didn't realize the notes were only on the download page.
  4. Thanks! I didn't know about this feature this is great.
  5. > EC sends a ModEvent "ECBirthCompleted" when pregnancy and Egg birthing are complete @Bane Master - If you are taking a look at the code, I could use EC+ sending a mod event for 'ECBirthStarted' in addition to Birth Completed. I would like SexLab Parasites to flush out Chaurus worms and Spider eggs when the played gives birth to chaurus eggs. I currently implemented the effect using the 'birth completed' event, but it would look better if the parasites were flushed and removed before eggs started poping out
  6. The tweaks mentioned on Github mean that I merged the changes proposed by @Aegis except: - I didn't include the properties he added to the script (to piercing objects) - I left out the section he copied from SlaveTats to handle Bimbo specific tattoos and effects. Those two will be better handled in his own esp file, separate from any Hormones asset. For the fix I mentioned above, I bumped up the Metabolism hormone when sexing Honey. That was the cause of the transformation taking way too long to happen.
  7. What is the WW Personalization page? I am not seeing anything about that on the first page. Am I getting blind?
  8. Is there some release notes about what has changed? I lost some of the perks from the LL version.. I noticed the Incest perk is missing from the Perk store but I feel that others might be missing as well.
  9. Then I'm not sure what the problem is. It looks like everything worked as expected. - you gave him the mead - he freed you - you talk to him again and he equips devices on you before sending you on your way What makes you think something is broken?
  10. I don't know what's going on with that body mesh. Somehow it keeps getting corrupted. I copied it over again in my folder and it will be fixed, again, in the next version. Until the next time it gets corrupted I suppose.
  11. Did Sanguine equip some devices the second time, before sending out out?
  12. Make sure to serve the drink with ‘I have your mead’. Not with the generic ‘I have a gift’ Once it is accepted, you should be able to ask ‘Can I go now?’ and Sanguine should free you. Talk to him again after that.
  13. I use DD for the mechanisms that make the devices possible. The parasites are organic devices. Without DD as a framework the mod wouldn’t be possible (or I would have to write my own version of DD to make it work). This mod does not use the modern looking devices themselves.
  14. I set it to Yes to mean there is a SE compatible version but you have to use the file from the SE discussion thread.
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