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Mods that replace the bodies of existing races, actors, or creatures

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  1. Wet Function - High Poly Head - Head Wetness fix - LE & SE

    High Poly Head - Wet Function Compatibility Fix 
    Replace the original ESM with this one.
    - Fixed the naming for all male and female heads of all races.
    - should keep existing racemenu profiles intact
    - should enable wetfunction on all high poly heads of all races and gender
    Please report back if it works for you and the different races and genders

    Screenshots (spoiler)
    the changes made (Names on the right are now the same as the ones on the left (Editor ID))
    Released with permission of KouLeifoh from vectorplexus. 
    Added SE version to the file downloads



  2. Argonian to Anthro Dragon TF Pack

    Want to support me? Get exclusive access to mods and updates.
    > PATREON <
    New Features
    Fixed female horn clipping problems?
    Overwrite where prompted
    This mod adds several custom made meshes and textures to Skyrim to make YOUR argonian look almost as badass as mine.
    Custom Alduin style horns
    Custom Alduin style back spines
    Custom Alduin style tail
    Custom Alduin style wings
    Custom Alduin style feet
    Custom version of Dragonic Textures for Argonain

    Primary body texture for males is 8K resolution. People with anything older than the 9xx series of nVidia cards WILL have trouble with this.
    Body texture for females is 4K.
    If you need a smaller resolution, download GIMP and resize it yourself. I will not cater to the needs of people who do not help themselves.
    If you have purple body, install KJ's Tattoos.
    Manual only. DO NOT USE NMM OR VORTEX.
    Overwrite absolutely everything.
    The horns can be added via the race menu. RaceMenu the Mod is not required but it is recommended.
    The tail and back spines can be added via AddItemMenu or using the console to add them manually.
    The wings can be toggled with a spell added to the game called "Mutagen: Toggle Dragon Wings". You may need to cast it more than once to get it working. You have to use the console to add it.
    The back spikes, wings, wing membrane, horns, and tail all follow the skin and hair tints. See "bugs" for more info.
    I've included reworked SOS penis textures to fit the new body textures.
    This mod is incompatible with any other mods that change the Argonian feet and textures.

    Dragonic Textures for Argonian is not required.
    Wearable Dragon Tails and Horns is not required.
    The back spine tint is reset on loading a save. Opening the race menu and manually setting it fixes this until the next load.
    The wing tint is reset on loading a save. Opening the race menu and manually setting it fixes this until the next load.
    The wing membrane tint is reset on loading a save. Opening the race menu and manually setting it fixes this until the next load.
    The tail tint is reset on loading a save. Opening the race menu and manually setting it fixes this until the next load.
    Users of Magic Duel: Reborn will have their wings removed during a duel. 
    The foot lighting is a little off. Anyone skilled in generating model-space normalmaps contact me please.
    I cannot fix any of these bugs. I don't know the cause nor the solution.
    The female low weight foot model is bigger than it's supposed to be if you are using a custom CBBE/BodySlide preset. I modeled the feet after the default CBBE meshes - you will need to manually adjust them to fit your custom preset. To fix this for the low weight meshes, set the ankle size to 100%. High weight meshes don't seem to be a problem for me.
    Permissions and Credits
    Permission for usage of the dragon wings have been obtained from Anton. All credit for the mesh, animations, and ESP data go to Anton. Link to original file: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53271
    Permission for usage of the body textures have been obtained from ChaserTech. All credit for the creation of the original textures go to ChaserTech. Link to original file: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76127
    Permission for usage of the wearable tail mesh has been obtained from Faelrin. All credit for the creation of the tail mesh goes to Faelrin. Link to original file: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53746
    Under no circumstances should this download and the files contained within be redistributed without the explicitly written permission of myself and the other named authors. Doing so without said permission will result in legal action.
    I am the creator of the back spine mesh, the foot mesh, and the Alduin horns hair style mesh. Do not upload ANYWHERE without my permission.
    Additional Help Information
    If you are having difficulty with any part of this mod, USE GOOGLE BEFORE PESTERING ME WITH YOUR IDIOTIC QUESTIONS. I will not help anyone who doesn't help themselves first.
    Usually a 5 second Google search will get you the solution to any given problem not listed here.



  3. Char Presets.rar Jessica Oneil - RedGuard

    Char Presets.rar Jessica Oneil - RedGuard
    This is a CBBE body with some features to make the body perfect.
    Inside the package there are 3 files for this character.
    Just unzip and follow the same procedure for folders.
    If you already have a file that needs to be replaced by mine just backup your files if you don't like it and want to return to the previous process.
    The name of this Character is Jessica Oneil cloned by the vision of the erotic game [VN] - [Ren'py] Jessica O'neil's Hard News.
    You can add this "Character" by 2 methods.
    1- Start a new game, and choose character - woman and go to customize and press F9 to load the file you installed.
    2- If you don't want to start a new game, then open the cheat console, and type without quotes "showracemenu" this will take you to your character's initial creation screen.
    I would have liked to have taken better pictures in a clearer environment.
    But the body was perfect with no signs of anomalies (defective).
    Links to the Requirements follow the addresses at the end of this.
    Any questions leave your comment.
    Este é um corpo CBBE com algumas caracteristicas para deixar o corpo perfeito.
    Dentro do pacote existe 3 arquivos para este character.
    Basta descompactar e seguir o procedimento igual das pastas.
    Caso você ja tenha algum arquivo que precisa ser substituido pelo meu apenas faça Backup dos seus caso você não goste e queira retornar para o processo anterior.
    O nome deste Character é Jessica Oneil clonado pela visão do jogo erotico [VN] - [Ren'py] Jessica O'neil's Hard News.
    Você pode adicionar este "Character" por 2 metodos.
    1- Iniciar um novo jogo, e escolher character - mulher e ir em personalizar e apertar F9 para carregar o arquivo que você instalou.
    2- Caso nõ queira começr um novo jogo, então abra o console de trapaça, e digite sem aspas "showracemenu" isto o levara para  tela inicial de criação do seu personagem.
    Gostaria de ter tirado umas fotos melhores em um ambiente mais claro.
    Mas o corpo ficou perfeito sem sinal de anomalias (defeituoso).
    Links para os Requerimentos segue os endereços no fim deste.
    Qualquer duvida deixe seu comentario.
    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68000         XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE
    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996         HDT Physics Extensions
    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/70975         ImoMegane - Glasses
    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/79586          2k Lip Tints - All Races - Better Coverage
    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3589             Natural Eyes
    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/13722           The Eyes Of Beauty
    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/5737              Caliente's Texture Blender/Not so much needed but it makes the body much more real
    https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/12318                        SG Hair Pack 268



  4. Smoother Female Head Mesh for Skyrim

    Recently I've started learning 3D mesh modeling & this is my attempt at making a better head mesh for females in Skyrim.
    This is a stand alone mod, There shouldn't be any conflicts with other mods.
    I just wanted to share with everyone. 
    To install the mesh, simply drop the Data folder in your Skyrim folder & then play the game.
    Enjoy ^^



  5. NIND'S Godess Preset

    If you want Women/Cats/Lizards strong enough to pull an ox cart, but shapely enough to model the sexiest of clothing, look no further.
    As seen in most skyrim screenshots I post, and to demo the outfits I convert.

    Emphasizes equally sizeable Butt and Breast- alla Phoenix Marie.

    With  Musculature that will look good swinging a battleaxe or on display as the next unwilling participant in your Living "Trophy/Mannequin" Room.

    Physics Demo:
    PonyGirls with Dicks:
    Dynamic Motion:



  6. Choco Chip BodySlide Preset (CBBE)

    BodySlide preset I created. Just wanted to share it!! ;D



  7. SOS Light - NeverNude

    This is a small addon for Schlongs of Skyrim - Light offering a "safe for work" alternative, for anyone who might wish to use SOS as a simple body replacer for the sake of its better meshes and textures, but without the nudity.
    - SOS Light
    Install SOS Light first as you would normally, picking whichever body type and skin texture you prefer. You can ignore the "Schlong" addons, however; while the installer will still require you to pick one, it doesn't matter which you choose, as it will be overwritten by this mod.
    Once you've done that, install this mod using your mod manager of choice.
    Or, if you prefer manual installation:
    Copy all of the files from within the "00 Common" folder into your Skyrim/Data folder, and the contents of EITHER "01 Default" OR "02 Bodybuilder", whichever one matches the body type you chose while installing SOS Light.
    VectorPlexus and Smurf for their original work on SOS Belisariu for their work on SOS, and helping me to figure out how to change biped slot partions in Nifskope Wenderer for their FOMOD Creation Tool



  8. Replace monsters with Elin Race

    First I would like to clarify that I did not make this mod, all the credits goes to the original author Ithildin
    All i did was to translate the original Chinese mod to english
    This is a mod I found long time ago on 3dm, as the name suggests it replaces most of the monsters in Skyrim with Elins
    The list includes:
    Giants (and mammoths)
    Dwarven Robots
    Dragon Priests
    Hagravens (Glenwitch excluded)
    Werewolf (form)
    Most of the Draugrs
    Most of the Falmers
    Each one is separate, so you can choice the ones you like
    It does not include:
    other Wildlifes etc
    Please don't mind the Chinese on the Screenshot, I have fully translated the mod into English
    If you have any problem with face textures, use Creation kit and export the Facegens
    If you have CTDs when entering the Dwemer Ruins, please follow the Elin NPC n Followers Creation Fix Kit on: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/20121-2017-feb-22-elin-voice-complete-fixed-tera-elin-race/
    If there are missing names for the Falmer Elins please let me know
    Tera Elin Race
    or you can simply use WB to turn the original esp to esm



  9. [Update - 2017Nov04] Tera Elin HDT Ears-n-Tails with Painted Lady Re Compatibility

    Tera Elin HDT Ears and Tails
    Tera Elin HDT Ears and Tails - Painted Lady Redone Edition
    !Do not upload to Nexus or Bethesda.net!

    *** 2017_November_04 ***
    I mistakenly included some animations when packaging the Painted Lady Compatibility files. They were for my own use and not needed for these mods. Uploaded a separate package without the animations. Elin_HDT_Ears-n-Tails_forPaintedLadyRedone_v1-1.7z
    If you are want to continue using the animations from version 1.0 then no further actions are needed. Alternatively, you can install your own and overwrite the animations files.

    The Basic Edition
    These are HDT ears and tails from the Tera Elin race and Tera Elin 2 race mods now playable for Skyrim's races (sorry, no beast races). They are selected from the FACIAL HAIRS slider in racemenu (the console command, NOT the mod) and works independently of RaceMenu (the mod) and Enhanced Character Edit, but are compatible with them.
    The Painted Lady Redone Edition
    This is the Basic edition made compatible with the Painted Lady Redone Color-Matching 3D Pubic Hairs. Each Elin ears/tail set are paired up with 4 of the 3D pubic hair options. This means as you select an ears/tail set you cycle through each of the pubic hairs.
    The FACIAL HAIRS slider is renamed "ADDITIONAL HAIRS".
    Color-Matching Option
    This contains optional meshes and textures that allow the Elin ears/tails match color with the main hair. Requires the Basic Edition main files or the Painted Lady Edition main files.
    HDT Elin Ears and Tails
    [screenshots are in the same order as they appear when selecting them]

    Files - MAIN (choose only one)
    1. [basic Edition]
    2. [Painted Lady Redone Compatible]
    3. [Painted Lady Redone Compatible] [Does not contain any animations that if mistakenly included with version 1-0]

    Files - OPTIONS

    The HDT ears and tails comes with the Elin race's own modified, XPMS Extended skeleton. If you have XPMSE installed then the Elin skeleton will need to overwrite it or else the ears will float and the tails will stick out in odd places or the worst is your game might crash.
    I have not tested this with every mod under the sun that comes with or requires XPMS Extended and I do not plan on doing so. Also I do not plan on fixing any mods that anyone verifies or perceives as broken when using the Elin ears/tails.
    [basic Edition]
    Requirements: None
    HDT Physics Extension is included.
    Simply install with a mod manager of your choice or, if installing manually, extract the archive and copy/paste the folders and plugin to your Skyrim Data folder.

    *** Remember to allow the included skeleton to overwrite any other skeleton you are using, even if it's the vanilla skeleton. ***
    [Painted Lady Redone Edition]
    Painted Lady Redone (Skyrim Legendary Edition). Bodyslide/Outfit Studio. [CBBE] Lush Painted Lady Redone Mesh Bodyslide by samisme74. [uUNP] Slash197 UUNP Conversions. HDT Physics Extension is included.
    Install 1st: Painted Lady Redone.
    Install 2nd: Tera Elin HDT Ears and Tails for Painted Lady Redone.

    There is nothing to overwrite. Correction, the Elin skeleton is included so it needs to overwrite any other skeleton you are using; XPMSE, vanilla, custom, etc.
    The Painted Lady uses a Master while the Elin ears/tails uses a plugin that will make changes to the pubic hair formlists so that they will appear simultaneously with the ear/tail sets.
    You can use the CBBE or UUNP bodyslide presets to create pubic meshes that will appear correctly on the body. The meshes are located in....
    Meshes > Actors > Character > Character Assets
    <{========== <> ==========}>
    [Option - Color-Matching Ears and Tails]
    Main files (either Basic Edition or Painted Lady Redone Edition).
    Install and allow overwriting of the ear and tail meshes and textures

    BlueHole Studios
    2ch Community/Himika
    Caliente and Ousnius
    DorkDiva, NuclearSatan, and Vioxis



  10. Scalpel of Reshaping

    A very simple tool I made to edit the body scales of my followers.
    It is simply a little wrapper around the tools provided by UIExtensions and RaceMenu which you thus need to be able to use the scalpel.
    There is no way to find it ingame, just use the console or AddItemMenu to get it.
    To use it just equip and strike your target, the menu should instantly pop up. Note that it will likely make people hostile as you hit them so only use it on people that wont care
    This is quick and dirty but extremely simple and thus should work with just about any mods setup.



  11. CBBE Hand Gap fix

    Here is a NIF that has been edited to conform to the weight change under CBBE.
    It replace the "femalehands_0.nif" in data\Meshes\Actors\character assets\
    This also can be copied to any Follower/NPC. Just place "femalehands_0.nif" in the respective folder E.G.:
    data\Meshes\Actors\character\character assets\"follower directory"
    data\Meshes\Actors\character\character assets\"follower directory"\Hands
    1.0 First release
    1.0b Corrected file location
    1.0c Correct file uploaded.



  12. Oily skin (Cbbe Hdt)

    The oily effect only works when naked so please do not ask me to help you fix something that cannot be helped I have given details below.
    I was a little surprised to see that there was not any oily skin files on the nexus nor anywhere else for that matter so I decided that I would have to upload one myself because not everyone knows how to use nifscope. please forgive the crappy description. this is simply an edited cbbe mesh from:Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-
    if you want the Oiliness to show up in armour then you will have to edit the armour mesh your self here is a really good tutorial to help you:Tutorial for Oily-Body user defined
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton - XPMS
    Sporty Sexy Sweat - wet body skin texture
    Fair Skin Complexion



  13. CBBE underwear classic brief style

    Do you like those classic big underwear in the old catalogue?
    If you do, then this mod might interests you.
    This mod has been in my personal use for some time.
    I made some change to caliente underwear style 2 in blender and made the panties look more like the classic ones.
    And now I converted into Outfit Studio Project so it can be used in Bodyslide to create non-nude CBBE body with a new classic underwear style!
    How to use:
    Make sure your CBBE HDT Body is working Copy the bodyslide data into respective folders Use bodyslide to build the new body Enjoy!


    SKSE HDT plugin
    authors of CBBE for the original mesh
    Animations with big movements may make the underwear clip into the body shape.
    I think this is because I did not add new vertices but just moved the old vertices, so the skin mesh sometimes penetrates the cloth mesh.
    If anyone knows how to fix this in blender please share your idea.
    Future Plan:
    Maybe zap options but for now I think it is not too hard to remove unwanted objects in nifskope.
    first time uploading something, let me know if I missed anything
    Screenshot textures:
    CBBE CalUndies Monthly Retextures September
    (in download > optional files)
    Skin Texture



  14. 1st Person Double Body Bug Fix

    Double Body Bug Fix, for first person camera mods.
    Why this bug happens.
    Ok please bear with me on this...Its not easy to understand unless you actually work on this stuff.
    A body replacer for females, contains the following right
    1stPersonFemaleBody <-----THIS IS CAUSING THE PROBLEM in Enhanced Camera
    Now most players don't ever think about the 1stPersonFemaleBody, but in a lot of cases this is exactly what is causing some players to report odd behaviors such as "double body bug" during animations especially in first person camera view.
    Its not just Sexlab, it could be any other driven animation in First Person Camera View.
    How this happens.
    The Person that provided the Body Replacer, did not provide a proper 1stpersonfemalebody.nif
    Whats that supposed to look like?
    Answer it looks like a pair of arms.
    They packed a Whole Female Body in there and that's why when you look around in First Person you see 2 bodies with "Enhanced Camera"
    Its not just Body Replacers that provide a fucked up 1stpersonfemalebody, its also Unique Races, that means Mod Added Race, do I have to say all 10,000 mod added races? Cause I hope I don't, but all of them do this and likely those are done wrong.

    Who needs this file?
    Well people that use Body Replacers that contain a full female body would need it if they wanted to use Sexlab and a first person mod such as Enhanced Camera.
    Does it fix the Camera?
    Nope, it just adds the cut away arms.
    Hey it no worky?!
    Your not using a Vanilla Race!
    How come you no provide me with XYZ AMAZING RACE FILE IM THE ONLY one in world whos heard of?
    Uh...That's more work?
    HEY I still see weird shit in first person sex!
    This only fixes double body bug. It doesn't fix apperal, hair, nosestuds, other thing your character is using that has introduced a first person model incorrectly....YES there are some apparel mods that have the entire body planted into their first person model.
    How U figure this one out?
    On the initial release of one of my mods, I had inadvertently introduced this bug into my game....Well I realized my armor mod had introduced the problem, then I made the connection and made the fix to my armor mod....Thing is later I realized that the Body Replacer I was using had introduced the same issue but with HOT NAKED SEXLAB action....DUH DUH DUH and so I figured out why other people were reporting the issue and knew what to do to fix it.



  15. CBBEBP (Bleached peach) - Female slim body

    A slim body made in BodySlide, the preset is included so it's easy to make it CBBE or UUNP and fit outfits to the body with or w/o HDT!
    +> Required download: BodySlide
    A Skyrim mod -- by Dekobi-hime・デコビひめの -- スカイリムMODです
    Follow me: Tumblr (blog)
    - - -


    CBBEBP (Bleached peach) -- CBBEBP(漂白桃)
    _version 0: Pettanko/バージョン0:ぺったんこ
    + - - - - - - -
    +♀+ (18+)
    -●- - -● description・説明 o- - -o-
    CBBEBP (Bleached peach!) Slim and cutesy.
    Has a soft form with aa-cup to a-cup breasts and tiny nipples.
    Gives flat-chest characters and cherry chews a delicious body!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    (-+) Installation (+-)
    Download and install like this.~
    Installer: 1. add archive to mo/nmm. 2. if a fomod installer opens, just push the install button and done! - alternatively choose between options!
    Manual: 1. unpack archive 2. open folder(s) named after the stuff you wish to install. 3. draganddrop folders inside (meshes, textures etc.) to your Skyrim data folder!
    *overwriting: MO/NMM backups overwritten files for you but if installing manually be aware to backup/delete conflicting files.
    - - recommended mods - -
    Fair Skin Complexion (optionals)
    - - -
    XPMSE (for body scales and hdt-compatibility)
    HDT Physics Extension (enables hdt)
    Enhanced Character Edit/-/Racemenu (for character creation and body edit)
    RANs Eye Reflection Extender
    Teeth Plus
    - - other projects - -
    .☆ Dekobi chara! ☆. ECE/RM
    Character presets with makeup, vertexedits and a lil' more for creation.
    - + - x - + - x - + - x - + - x - + - x - + - x - + - x - + - x - + - x - + - x - + - x - + - x - + - x - + - x - + - x - + - x - + - x -



  16. Skinny to Big with better boobs

    This is basicaly the modification to the Skinny to Big Bodyslide Preset.
    If you don't like looking at big girls, this preset may be not for you.
    My preset may be nothing special, but I decided to share it, because I thought that it may save you some time,
    if you're looking for a simple way to add a little bit of variety in girls figures in Skyrim.
    I wasn't fully satisfied with Skinny to Big, mostly because of boobs, that seemed too small for me.
    In my preset breasts are bigger and I think it make generated bodies look more proportional and lest awkward.
    If you have a moment, please let me know in support topic if you like it or not and why.
    Unfortunately this preset is not perfect. It have it's flaws:
    The big sizes of the bodies cause some clippings. I think it is unavoidable with such stout figures. On a really big and round bootie the light may lay down differently than on rest of the body And it may sometimes look a little bit mismatched. (You can actually see it on screenshots). I think it also depends on skin texture that you use, so just give it a try.


    Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-


    This works as any other CBBE preset:
    Unpack the 7z file, you'll find the xml inside. Open CBBE in explorer, go to Calliente Tools > BodySlide and look for SliderPresets folder.
    If there is no, make it, and then place the xml file in it. Then launch BodySlide, find this preset in the preset dropdown,
    click build and batch build (don't forget to tick the RaceMenu Morphs if you're using it).
    This preset was generated for CBBE HDT body. To use it with another body edit the file and change the set name.
    Mods that I used for making screenshots:
    Fair skin complexion Hydra Slavegirls

    I used Hydra Slave Girls for screenshots, because it was the simplest way to show the variety, this preset provides.



  17. Pro 15 Bodyslide Preset

    Pro 15 was my 15th version of a really good Skyrim female body that wasn't totally ridiculous. It took me a while to get it how I liked it, and here it is. I've enjoyed so many mods for Skyrim and thought I might share something. Just download and copy into the following directory (E:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderPresets) or wherever your Bodyslide folder is.
    The left picture is weight 0, and the right is weight 100.
    Credit goes to authors of CBBE & Bodyslide, etc. I used those tools to create this preset. I hope you like it. Let me know if you would like more. I have several other presets, although not as nice in my opinion. Cheers.
    Install Instructions.
    To create a body similar to the one shown you will need to do the following;
    1. Download Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/2666/?)and follow the install instructions.
    2. Download Bodyslide 2 and Outfit Studio (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/?)and also follow the install instructions.
    3. Once the above two mods have been installeddownload the file from this page. It is an xml file. Install using nexus. If
    this doesn’t work, follow this manual installation instruction;
    a. Click download.
    b. Click download manually.
    c. Open the rar file.
    d. Extract the .xml file to the following directory(E:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderPresets)
    or wherever you keep your bodyslide folder.
    4. Open BodySlideWXP from the following directory (E:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data\CalienteTools\BodySlide)
    5. Click on the ‘Preset’ drop down box and select ‘Pro15’.
    6. Click on Create bodies.
    7. Click on Batch Build, select relevant outfits,click ok, let it do its thing.
    8. Sometimes you will have to close bodyslide, openit up again, and repeat steps 4 – 7. I don’t know why, all I know is that I
    have to do that for some reason because it fails to keep the body preset
    selected, but works fine once you repeat these steps.
    Recommended Mods.
    In addition to the above I also use the following mods toget the body type and texture as per the picture.
    1. Battle Hardened Bodies (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32329/?)
    2. Glosstech (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/5437/?)
    3. Women of skyrim female face texture (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25588/?)
    4. Cover Women (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3563/?)
    Once again, I used tools created by other modders greatwork. If you have any preference for body types, send me a request to design
    your preference through bodyslide.



  18. Fast Dirty Fix: Vampire Lord Skeletons for BBP/TBBP Bodies

    Just a quick fix for Vampire Lord mods that use/call on the female body, and then crash from missing breast/butt bones. Like Loshirai14's Better Vampire Lord Transformation, for instance.
    Update (May 03/14): New version added, older dated versions removed.
    Type 3 uploaded
    Currently supports:
    ~Tbbp and bbp bodies (Breast and Butt). These have been redone from previous versions for better compatibility.
    ~Belly node added for pregnancy body type support.
    ~Tail bones included for Khajiit and Argonian tails etc.
    Should be packaged NMM friendly, so it can be just added in with NMM.
    Manual Install
    Copy the Vampire lord skeletons from here and move it to:
    *Whatever your skyrim path is* >data>meshes>actors>vampirelord>character assets> *Copied File Goes Here*
    IF it asks for an overwrite make sure you back up the file that is there already just in case before overwriting.
    What these wont do:
    Fix crashes from crazy hair bone issues. This was just a quick edit, so I didn't make any compatibility for things that use one of the 47 billion extra bones for hair and such in things like xpms. I don't know of any mods that actually use them yet, but better to address the issue before it comes up I suppose xD
    Use at your own risk.
    It's mod, not licensed software. Common sense and backing things up before hand is always a good idea.
    File Credits:
    ~SkullTyrant, => Assets, and some feedback/ideas way the heck back when I put these together.
    ~Cyndi => Vivisection, and assembly
    ~The Respective creators of each type of boob physics => boobies



  19. ECE-x117

    This is an edited version of the YgNord skeleton that comes with the ECE package, modified to fit the x117 clothing. It's shorter than YgNord, being about as tall as the children in Skyrim. It's female-only... sorry about that. I also packaged the body and textures from Children of the Sky with it. Basically, you get a Sky Child that can use ECE, but you'll be the only one in all of Skyrim.
    This does not play well with the Children of the Sky mod, but the ECE works fine. I have no idea if it works with xvisionchildren, since I can't find a copy to download anywhere except the one contained in and merged with CotS.
    The skeleton isn't fully set up for dual weapon sheaths or staves on the back or anything like that. I kinda gave up halfway through setting that up. Also, it doesn't have the tail bones, wing bones, cloak bones, or hair bones that the CotS skeleton has, so if you have costumes that use those pieces I have no idea what'll happen.
    What I did to make the skeleton work is add a scaling node before each normal node, and then I moved all the scaling to the scaling nodes so that every normal node has scale 1.0000. Since ECE requires a skeleton with bones scaled to 1.0000, it works even though the skeleton is actually scaled differently. It also means that if someone wanted to, they could make something like ECE-CME to alter only the scaling nodes, and morph shape on the fly.
    If someone got the scales for all the different bodies, and added the bones that this skeleton is missing, then you could have a body that could be adjusted to fit all the current skeletons. Of course, it would have double the normal number of nodes due to the scaling nodes, but there isn't any reason if shouldn't work. That being said, I'm not ever going to make such a thing. I lack the programming knowledge to do it.
    Anyhow, so this works fine and is easier to install than CotS if you just want to play a Sky Child and don't mind all the other children looking dumpy and boring and stuff. If you use it, don't forget to get some x117 clothing to wear!



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