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Races / Creatures

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Fallout 4 mods that add or modify in game races/creatures

3 files

  1. 2B Race Hair skin(CBBE)

    Pardon my broken English.
    Adds 2B Race (Overwrite Preset2) in character creation. Adds hair (2B hair and A2 short hair). Adds 2b eye patch (slot is Beard).           *2B of Clothes are not included.
             Face adjustment, hair change, hair color change, eye color change is possible.
             Please select "2B_eye color" when changing eye color.
             *Skin color can not be changed.
             *"Extra"(Makeup and damage) can not be used.
    ------ Required Mod ------------------------------------
    Unique Player and Followers REDUX(CBBE body skin textures)
    IN-GAME ESP Explorer(to get 2B eye patch.)
    <Use Mod>
    The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition *using vanila eye textuers
    Eye Normal Map Fix Fallout 4 Edition
    Ver2.0 Update
    I fixed neck.
    The gap behind the neck is difficult to fix.



  2. Angel Wngis & Halo

    This is a Halo & Angel Wings for female bodies for those that want to play as an angel.
    These files will attach angel wings and a halo to the nude CBBE body(s).
    The only requirments for this mod is BodySlide & OutfitStudio.
    It is recommended that you have the mod (Unique Player) or all nude female bodies will have the wings and halo.
    Credit goes to Bumex for porting these meshes to Fallout 4.
    And credit goes to FavoredSoul for the original creation of these meshes.
    Simply drop the Data folder in your Fallout4 folder and run BodySlide and presto angel wings and halo for your player.



  3. Playable Children

    Ahem... SO this is a mod that will allow you to play as a vanilla child, its very simple and shouldnt be hard to start.
    In order to play as a child you will need to go into the character creation thing and once you are on there you wil have to pick some presets. Girls only have 3 while the boys have like 10, they all look the same anyways so it doesnt matter, after you picked one, you can only change the color of your hair nothing else..
    So when you are done with your character exit the CC and hit up the console and click on yourself and depending on what race you picked you will need to enter "setrace humanchild" or "setrace ghoulchild" and afterwords your head should look normal along with your body. due to the size of your head, you cannot wear anything or have hair styles not made for children and enter "setscale 0.825" in the console on yourself.
    Ghoul children are immune to environment radiation but if you eat\drink anything that has rad in it, it will take effect.
    TL;DR -
    Pick preset
    Pick hair color
    End CC
    Enter setrace humanchild or ghoulchild
    Enter batch file for some clothes
    Enter Setscale 0.825
    After all thats done you can play as your little "innocent" child. Camera is adjust to your size and the adult voice will stay be playying so you will hear your adult voice in your kid body.
    You can either install this with Nexus Mod Manager or the one i like to use Fallout 4 Mod Manager. orrrrrrrrrrrrr manual. Place esp in data folder and edit Plugin.txt put Playable Children.esp and Children Presets.esp on the list and saved it as read only. Plugin.txt should be in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Fallout4
    Fallout 4 Mod Manager:
    You can also use Mod organizer but its in clear alpha at the moment and is very crash happy, it barely loads any mods for me then just crashes every 5 seconds during the intro
    Mod organizer
    Update log: -
    1.0 - Releashed
    1.1 - Added more presets with different colored eyes and should fix the issue with the setrace humanchild crash, added ground models for children clothes. depending on what texture u use while in the creation thing they may look a little old.
    1.1.1 - You can change your hair now but only after you enter "humanchild" it does not work if you are detected as an adult, enter tfc and slm 14 and you can change your hair and makeup
    1.2 - added body slider support, if using a existing save, you will appear very skinny. Fix: Tfc and Slm 14 and set the weight to the bottom middle for normal size
    1.2.1 - General fixes and minor edits, while in slm the extra tab will have the correct names
    1.2.2 - Added Child's Squire Uniform and stopped power armor from scaling you back to 1
    1.2.3 - No old looking face textures fix,added presets that can be used while being a child, sucks tho.
    1.2.4 - Added 4 children eyebrows that can be used, it replaces these existing ones.
    Male - Arched intense - Soild - Arched Full - Bushy
    Female - Thick Straight - Thick Raised - Thick Downward - Thick Arch
    Gear will appear on ghouls. Armor that is equiped over the children clothes should appear bigger so theres less clipping, tho nats dress and the Squire Uniform and child uniform will still be clipping
    To use the eyebrows on an existing character you need to setrace human then enter tfc 1 and slm 14 then enter setrace humanchild, then click on face then hover over eyebrows and pick type and the names should be the ones that are listed after you are done enter tfc 1 again.
    1.2.5 - Fixes the issue with the hands clipping with the children clothes, fixes the face textures, you need to select the first option for the presets for each type, it will be defaulted to it. Example: Red 1 Green 1 Blue 1 Yellow 1.. Dont pick any other number.
    1.2.6 - Added 4 more presets for the girls, alter the body slider to match the adults and miner edits here and there.
    1.2.7 - Added Playable eyes to be changed during the Character creator, it adds 5 for the girls 22 for the boys and 1 for the ghouls, they all pretty much look the same only difference is the eyelashes, changeable hair during CC also.



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