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Fallout 4 mods that add or modify in game races/creatures

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  1. [FO4] Johnny Silverhand - Preset (head port)

    My first and only (at the moment) attempt to port head to Fallout 4 succeed, and I decided to share it despite the small issues it has. It took me a lot of time to understand how things work in this game, since it differs from Skyrim, because you simply can't choose a race in the game. So I decided to try to make it through the one of the existing presets. Supposed to use with this.
    To apply Johnny's head to player, in Looks Menu choose preset number 14 as shown on one of the screenshots (for some unknown reason, in Creation Kit this preset is under number 16).
    Also, in addition to the Main mod folder, in the archive there is an Optional folder with the resource of his tattoo for applying it to any body&hand textures you want to (Photoshop\Gimp work). 

    Known issues
    - Due to face texture compression in the mod (BC7 instead of BC3 and BC5), skintones do not work on his head. Choose between first three skintones for body to minimize color mismatch. If you try to change texture compression to default (BC3 and BC5), head will start to use default FO4 skins instead. May be it could be solved with creating a custom race (for player only) and custom skintones. But since CK do not want to recognize Ukrainian translation (I get unrecognizible symbols instead of normal letters on some tabs), I can not do it myself.
    - If you try to load an esp in Creation Kit, you'll get some warning messages, just ignore them. Seems CK can not load some vanilla face paintings on custom head/skin. This has no effect on the player or NPCs in game.
    There is no follower (and will not be in the near future), only preset for Player character. 
    Credits & thanks
    All credits go to CD Project Red and Bethesda, I do not owe any assets in this mod.
    Big thanks to RogueCyborg  for awesome NeonCafe and Stage Gear 4 mods.



  2. Anthro Deathclaw Race Debloat and Fixes

    Requires Deathclaw Race by Blaze69
    This mod implements a debloat and fixes some glaring, easily fixed, brainless issues Blaze69's Deathclaw race has. A lot of the stuff wasn't necessary for the base file and should have been a second add-on or at the very least this version should have been provided by default. This is is what I play with personally.
    If you have the 'missing pipboy' issue when leaving the vault, use the console command 'player.equipitem 21b3b'. As far as I know this is caused by the "no pipboy" mod from FO4 launch day.
    I think I included all of the material files I modified, but if I'm missing one let me know.
    - Removed craftable clothing nobody actually used
    - Removed broken skin tints (all skins were set to 0 strength)
    - Added my own reasonable skin tints
    - Fixed first person sneak issues
    - Fixed Power Armor crash
    - Fixed material file for legs
    - Added my personal female face preset
    - Removed damage resistances as it feels like cheating rather than a racial buff
    - Removed anything not absolutely necessary for a basic anthro deathclaw race
    - Changed player class to crDeathclawClass
    - Changed blood data to green/glowing for that extra mutant effect



  3. Fallout 4: Tifa Lockhart Playable Race with Facial Animations Mod Release

    Hello All! This mod has been in the works for quite a long time. Unfortunately, it's still not finished, but it works fine and is very enjoyable. It's crazy that this mod was started over a year ago... Time flies. Both Alex and I have been boggled up in real life. We do plan adding/fixing the Tifa Mod. Please do comment below on other bugs or issues. Thank you.
    1. Playable Tifa... DUH!
    2. Fully animated face
    BEFORE Downloading... this mod requires the following:
    1. Fallout 4 Script Extender
    2. Looksmenu
    3. CBBE 
    Console Commands for her outfit and gloves
    1. XX007A0C
    2. XX0081A9
    Nova Terra Released!
    1. Kicks and Punches (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/45402)
    2. Tactical Action Extension Package (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/38715)
    1. In the Looksmenu, you can change the color of Tifa's skin tone. Default is a bit pasty. 
    2. Add Tifa's outfit by using console commands "Help Tifa"
    Known Issues:
    Animated Hair Clipping - Alexscorpian and I were not able to figure out how to fix this. Does anyone here know how to fix the hair clipping when crouching/swimming/etc? 
    Do NOT upload or edit the file anywhere else without my explicit permission. Thanks!
    Square Enix for creating Tifa and the unforgettable memories from my childhood in the world of Final Fantasy 7
    Alexscorpian: Animations, porting, rigging
    Maybenexttime: For everything else



  4. Furry Fallout 4

    Furry Fallout
    This mod makes the whole Commonwealth furry. 
    You can play as lykaios (wolves), fox, hyena, cheetah, lion, tiger, horse, deer, snekdogs (nightstalkers), or otters. With the NPC addon, all NPCs are transformed into one of the above furry races These are independent of each other, so go wild. Furry in a human world, human in a furry world, all furry, whatever floats your boat. Otters can be found in Far Harbor mainly. Ghouls are snekdogs. Races have a range of fur colors and race-appropriate face patterns.  The face morph system can be used to customize head shape. FO4's UI SUCKS but if you know how to do it for people you can do it for the furries. Some face morphs use the "Type" section and others use the "Sculpt" section, so check both. Deer have a full set of horn options. Choose the preset with the horns you want and customize from there. Most races have a full set of face pattern options, which you can find in the "Extras" section. Tigers and cheetah are already over-decorated so they don't.  Bodies are based on BodyTalk for males and CBBE for females. They are anatomically complete and fully functional if you install AAF.  All bodies have animal feet and peens All bodies ship with BT or CBBE tri files, containing all the original morphs customized to work with the furry body parts NPCs either have decent hair, minimally adapted vanilla hair, no hair. Not all hair has been converted yet. Kids are furry too and have their own child races.  Vanilla and Far Harbor headgear has been modified to fit the furries. Nuka World headgear has not. Face scarves use the faceBones system to fit different-length muzzles, but it's only moderately successful. Some artwork has been made furry. There's some new magazines in here too (NSFW). By default it's guys but there is a patch that makes them female for your viewing pleasure. Races generally reflect family relationships. (Kids follow the mother.) "Tools" folder contains the furrifier script for furrifying NPCs from other mods. No documentation on this yet. Instructions at the top, or check out the discord for full instructions on furrifying a mod. There's a kit with Bodyslide files for customizing male and female bodies.  
    AAF is not required unless you want sex animations. Best way to get started is go to the AAF Fucking Manual and do everything it says.  
    -Note that some of the pictures use clothes and gear from other mods, and they're not mine so I don't know where they came from-
    Warning: These are gigantor files. Get a coffee. Also if you get a "quota exceeded" error wait a day or so and try again.
    Note the FFO files may have different version numbers. That's okay--the latest will always be at the top-level directory at the link.
    Prerequisites: ZeX and CBBE. Also LooksMenu is a real good idea FFO files from the link Get the latest version of the zip files at the link. Version numbers may not match--it's fine. Files that don't change don't get their version numbers updated. FFO should go after everything that edits bodies or clothing, so generally at the bottom of your list. The only things that should come after are ZeX and any fast-startup mods. Enable your choice of ESPs: FurryFallout.esp: Always.  To play as a furry: FFO-Player-*.esp: Enable the one (only one) that corresponds to your desired race. You can't change race in game. To have a furry world: Install Furry_Fallout_NPCs kit, and the Furry_Fallout_NPCs_DLC kit if you have the DLCs. Enable the ESPs. This addon also gives you furry artwork and world objects  FFO_NSFW.esp: A few NSFW elements. Enable it if you like. Furry porn magazines, Strong can be stripped to nude, and some raiders are letting it all hang out. Requires furry NPCs. (It's in the main mod zip--should really be in the NPC zip.) Furry_Fallout_SFW: Install this kit last to have a fully SFW Commonwealth. (Don't enable the NSFW esp, of course). If you want to make BodySlide presents, download Furry_Fallout.x.x.x.x_Bodyslide_Files  
    WARNING Some folks are reporting crashes in certain areas, but if they install the NSFW addon the crashes go away. So if you get crashes try that if it works. See the support thread for details.
    Any other mods that add NPCs will need a patch if you want them to be furry. (They should work correctly without a patch, but the NPCs they add will stay human.) There's a furrifier in the "Tools" folder if you want to do this yourself. Instructions can be found on the Yiffy Age Discord.
    Any mods that add headgear will need a patch to accommodate muzzles and the slightly altered head position. 
    Patches for other mods available here, thanks to @Gryphe.  
    Known Bugs
    Nuka World headgear is not converted. When you select one of the face regions to edit in character setup, the head disappears. I have no idea why. It comes back as soon as you're actually editing the face, so it doesn't get in your way but it's a bit startling.  
    TheFuckingQueen, LordFlawn, PenBoozerX, and Leono Hisashi for the fabulous furry art KrittaKitty for the Lykaios, which will never die Blaze69 and ASlySpyDuo for instigating this; extra credit to Blaze for help all along the way. Valehyena for the cool supermutant models Shadowliger, Blaze69, darklynxxx, Petruz3D, Dipanjanc33, ASlySpyDuo for the AMELIA and JAVELIN assets Blaze69 and Sandworm Wrangler for the fancy pics



  5. DOA Races(Ayane, Kasumi, Mai, Hitomi, Nyotengu, Momiji)

    I got these mods from Baidu. The author is unknown.
    When your character has black skin, use console command "player.setrace [chara's name]race".
    Otherwise use Looksmenu's skinoverride.



  6. Kasumi: A LooksMenu preset

    Hello and Welcome To:
    ZenonDT's Kasumi Preset

    Are you Tired of spending hours stuck on the character creation screen, not satisfied with your Lone survivor? Well sit back, and save the time and hassle by using this pre-made preset! You have a wasteland to explore, and not time to waste on meaningless character customization, leave it to me, I've got nothing else better to do.

    Just try it out and see if they work or not, but they should look very similar assuming you have all the suggested mods 
    **Note: This is not a preset for the Kasumi Far harbor character, I remembered she existed after I named my preset, so just roll with it, k thanks.

    This "Mod" contains one of my favorite Character presets for Looksmenu,  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Please Enjoy!
    I will probably post a pack containing all of my presets as I have in the past for Skyrim found here:
    I have also considered releasing my thicc/realistic CBBE bodyslide preset  

    1. Looks Menu! 
    3. Any/All the basic aesthetic mods, (See below ) 
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>REQUIRED MODS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Here are the Mods needed for the Presets to be as acurate as possible:
    (You can just search the mod names online, and should be able to find them easily)
    "*" Mods are not required, but recommended 
    (strong Recommendation)
    >>>>Oni cute asian face parts:
    > CBBE

    > theeyesofbeauty:

    > Commonwealth Cuts:

    *> Photolight.esp (This creates the spotlight on the face of the player) 

    >>>>>>>>>>>Swimsuit Mod>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    *>String Bikinis:
    Just drag and drop the presets into SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\F4EE\Presets



  7. Birds Critter Fix V1

    While perusing my papyrus logs I noticed a scandalous number of script errors centered around birds what the engine calls "critterspawn".  I have seen these in my Skyrim as well.  I have lots of Worldspace changing mods which add meshes and textures to the worldspace.  These types of mods can break other stuff that's locked away in compressed files.  So I exported the meshes and textures from the birds and voila no more errors.  Plus the birds no longer hover in place.
    TLDR: Fixes some bird errors in the game world, including stuck animation.



  8. 2B Race Hair skin(CBBE)

    Pardon my broken English.
    Adds 2B Race (Overwrite Preset2) in character creation. Adds hair. Adds 2b eye patch (slot is Beard).           *2B of Clothes are not included.
             Hair change, hair color change, eye color change is possible.
             Please select "01_2B_eye color" when changing eye color.
             *Skin color can not be changed.
             *"Extra"(Makeup and damage) can not be used.
    ------ Required Mod ------------------------------------
    Unique Player and Followers REDUX(CBBE body skin textures)
    IN-GAME ESP Explorer(to get 2B eye patch.)
    SSF - Skeleton Style Framework
    The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition
    ------ Using Mod ------------------------------------
    Extended Facial Sculpting - now with 90 percent less beta (can adjust the face from Ver 4.1. I've confirmed that this mod also works. )



  9. Angel Wngis & Halo

    This is a Halo & Angel Wings for female bodies for those that want to play as an angel.
    These files will attach angel wings and a halo to the nude CBBE body(s).
    The only requirments for this mod is BodySlide & OutfitStudio.
    It is recommended that you have the mod (Unique Player) or all nude female bodies will have the wings and halo.
    Credit goes to Bumex for porting these meshes to Fallout 4.
    And credit goes to FavoredSoul for the original creation of these meshes.
    Simply drop the Data folder in your Fallout4 folder and run BodySlide and presto angel wings and halo for your player.



  10. Playable Children

    Ahem... SO this is a mod that will allow you to play as a vanilla child, its very simple and shouldnt be hard to start.
    In order to play as a child you will need to go into the character creation thing and once you are on there you wil have to pick some presets. Girls only have 3 while the boys have like 10, they all look the same anyways so it doesnt matter, after you picked one, you can only change the color of your hair nothing else..
    So when you are done with your character exit the CC and hit up the console and click on yourself and depending on what race you picked you will need to enter "setrace humanchild" or "setrace ghoulchild" and afterwords your head should look normal along with your body. due to the size of your head, you cannot wear anything or have hair styles not made for children and enter "setscale 0.825" in the console on yourself.
    Ghoul children are immune to environment radiation but if you eat\drink anything that has rad in it, it will take effect.
    TL;DR -
    Pick preset
    Pick hair color
    End CC
    Enter setrace humanchild or ghoulchild
    Enter batch file for some clothes
    Enter Setscale 0.825
    After all thats done you can play as your little "innocent" child. Camera is adjust to your size and the adult voice will stay be playying so you will hear your adult voice in your kid body.
    You can either install this with Nexus Mod Manager or the one i like to use Fallout 4 Mod Manager. orrrrrrrrrrrrr manual. Place esp in data folder and edit Plugin.txt put Playable Children.esp and Children Presets.esp on the list and saved it as read only. Plugin.txt should be in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Fallout4
    Fallout 4 Mod Manager:
    You can also use Mod organizer but its in clear alpha at the moment and is very crash happy, it barely loads any mods for me then just crashes every 5 seconds during the intro
    Mod organizer
    Update log: -
    1.0 - Releashed
    1.1 - Added more presets with different colored eyes and should fix the issue with the setrace humanchild crash, added ground models for children clothes. depending on what texture u use while in the creation thing they may look a little old.
    1.1.1 - You can change your hair now but only after you enter "humanchild" it does not work if you are detected as an adult, enter tfc and slm 14 and you can change your hair and makeup
    1.2 - added body slider support, if using a existing save, you will appear very skinny. Fix: Tfc and Slm 14 and set the weight to the bottom middle for normal size
    1.2.1 - General fixes and minor edits, while in slm the extra tab will have the correct names
    1.2.2 - Added Child's Squire Uniform and stopped power armor from scaling you back to 1
    1.2.3 - No old looking face textures fix,added presets that can be used while being a child, sucks tho.
    1.2.4 - Added 4 children eyebrows that can be used, it replaces these existing ones.
    Male - Arched intense - Soild - Arched Full - Bushy
    Female - Thick Straight - Thick Raised - Thick Downward - Thick Arch
    Gear will appear on ghouls. Armor that is equiped over the children clothes should appear bigger so theres less clipping, tho nats dress and the Squire Uniform and child uniform will still be clipping
    To use the eyebrows on an existing character you need to setrace human then enter tfc 1 and slm 14 then enter setrace humanchild, then click on face then hover over eyebrows and pick type and the names should be the ones that are listed after you are done enter tfc 1 again.
    1.2.5 - Fixes the issue with the hands clipping with the children clothes, fixes the face textures, you need to select the first option for the presets for each type, it will be defaulted to it. Example: Red 1 Green 1 Blue 1 Yellow 1.. Dont pick any other number.
    1.2.6 - Added 4 more presets for the girls, alter the body slider to match the adults and miner edits here and there.
    1.2.7 - Added Playable eyes to be changed during the Character creator, it adds 5 for the girls 22 for the boys and 1 for the ghouls, they all pretty much look the same only difference is the eyelashes, changeable hair during CC also.



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