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Fallout 4 mods that replace or add new models, meshes, or textures

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  1. Fallout Ladies - Ivy (HiPoly) Replacer by LamaKreis

    This is my HiPoly Replacer for Ivy, the follower from the Adult Mod by reginald_001.
    Installation instructions

    Requirements for all versions are:

    Companion Ivy
    HiPoly Faces REDUX
    Looks Menu Customization Compendium
    THBrows (without this mod Ivy will have different eyebrows)

    additional requirement for the Classic versions "Bleached hair" and "Red hair":

    additional requirements for the Private version:
    Misc Hairstyles

    strictly recommended:
    Cridowskin (any other texture will change the face and skin color)
    Large iris of eyes (important for the eye shape)
    CC's Improved Hair Colors
    Thanks to reginald_001 for a truly exceptional mod.



  2. MikuPIP

    This is a Miku screen for your pipboys 
    originally based from Shadmans Pipboy Wallpapers mod
    If you want more lmk
    il probably make more anyway



  3. [KL] Vault Poster Replacer SFW

    Hi all,
    This is a simple mod, which replaces the vanilla 12 Vault Posters with a female SFW variant.
    This is a loose file texture replacer, so it doesn't count to your plugin limit, but you need to be carefull not to overwrite it by accident.
    See Images to know what you get.
    NSFW version here.



  4. [KL] Ketaros Addon: Vault-Tec Pinup Cards (barely)SFW

    Hi all,
    This is a Ketaros Addon mod, which adds 100 collectible trading cards into the wasteland for you to discover and display at your Vault-tec certified collection poster.
    Why not?
    You need Ketaros framework (Tested with V2.3)
    And this fix for ketaros stuff (Tested with V2.8.4)
    Hope you have fun with it.



  5. Akawaiitent's Bodychange Re-Release

    Version 0.8 was done from the ground up as a new .esp file. Mostly to remove feature creep and bloat from testing things in creation kit and it causing problems.
    The mod has overall been simplified to just be body updating on sleep, with 2 mcm options for pausing updates and changing between whether or not buffs to special stats will also change your appearance (i don't recommend going above 17~ in a special stat with this or ull start to become a freak)
    The overall formula by default has also been  changed to be a lesser change at low special stats and noticeable changes once you start to get 5+ in a special stat.)
    The mod also now generates fusion girl and TWB sliders at the same time, so feel free you use whichever you prefer (note that twb is cbbe based so basic cbbe things will also have a bit of the scaling but not all the sliders)
    This mod is now very simple. When you sleep your character's bodygenmorphs will update based on your special stats. The changes will be small at lower special values and become more noticeable at higher special stats.
    By default these changes only account for your base special stats, but there's an experimental feature in the MCM options to turn on buffs from clothes/drugs changing your shape too. (for example if you had a temp buff for +5 str, you'd become more buff until you slept after the buff wore off)
    The mod also adds to drugs that you can find in the console with help AKT, one can be used to test the temp buffs by giving you +10 str for 5 minutes, the other purges any slider with my tag in it.
    For people curious about the removed features such as the cryopod, I plan to release more things as seperate mods, including a player companion mod with a story tied to body changing drugs and the cryopods. (atm i have their appearance done, and a general idea of the story done, but i'm still learning how to making working quests in F04)
    f4se - https://f4se.silverlock.org/
    bodyslide - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25
    TWB OR Fusiongirl and their additional looksmenu sliders
    (you can find the looksmenu zex sliders on the nexus)
    MCM - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21497 
    Before you panic.
    1. Do you have proper bodyslide files for your clothing?
    2. Do you have the addional looksmenu sliders for the bodyshape?
    3. Have you generated the .tri files using the optional checkbox in bodyslide?
    If all of the above is a yes, continue.
    Do they work in Looksmenu?
    If Yes, Check for other mods that effect bodymorphs (IF you're 100% certain you don't have any, tell the mod author in forums. Plz include your plugins list so I can confirm you don't have any)
    If No, Do they work in looksmenu w/o my mod? 
        If Yes. Do they only stop working when you install my mod?) (If yes, Let author know you plugin list, so I can look for potential conflicts)
    Elseif they don't work in looksmenu w/o my mod Double check the 3 steps. At this point its got nothing to do with my mod.
    Known Potential Issues:
    The mod is really big file size wise (99% of the filesize is the lib.swf used to create the mcm image, blame adobe, idk why its so huge.
    Sleeping Morphs Happen on a vanilla script that checks for your sleep state if a mod changed this script for some reason (which it should never do) there may be issues.
    Bodymorph Sliders are only ment to be controlled by one mod. If another mod uses the same sliders as me, there's going to be issues. Atm I havn't added support for disabling individual sliders, but if there's a demand for it I can add that support to make it more compatible with other mods)
    Known Bugs
    Currently in a heavily modded area (such as a dense sim settlement) there are occasional lag spikes during sleeping, especially in my testing version due to an NPC activatable version of the pod. The lag spikes are significantly decreased if you sleep somewhere else. Though to be honest I also have a potato PC so it may just be a me thing. 
    Sometimes you may have the script stop loading updates on sleeping. So far this has only happened to me once and simply loading a save fixed it.
    Credits :
    vinfamy - His mod was what inspired me to make this, and his code was used as reference for bits and pieces
    Kinggath - His youtube tutorials Bethesda Mod School helped me create the  workshop furniture Link to his Youtube playlist
    Azima - File thumbnail artwork.
    All  of the mod requirements - Without all of these  amazing mods, this mod would not even be close to being possible. ^ endorse/support these mods people.
    Neanka - Their github was massively useful in terms of finding information about MCM, and general papyrus scripting. https://github.com/Neanka/MCM_0.1_AS3/wiki
    The loverslab community - I found many solutions to problems through old loverslab forums postings (some dating back half a decade or more)
    This mod is heavily inspired by 



  6. Anti-Aging Cream: Skin "Fix" for Greentop Female Settler and Dr. Chambers

    Anti-Aging Cream: GILF to MILF Edition
    A work-around that changes the 2 old women of the commonwealth to use the base human female skin textures
    Removes "SkinOldNaked" from Dr. Roslyn Chambers and Greentop Nursery Female Settler
    This mod is intended for use in a new game
    You probably saw them and then immediately tried to forget their hideous skin.  I don't blame you.  There are 2 human females in The Commonwealth that are of a ripe old age, and if you use FusionGirl there are no mods I'm aware of that provide compatible skin textures for "OldHumanFemale".  If you use CBBE, there may be only 1 mod that supplies "OldHumanFemale" skin textures and supposedly it is low resolution.  The result of using CBBE or FusionGirl and not having "OldHumanFemale" skin textures is pretty terrible as you can see in the screen shot.  Their torso skin looks like something even Dr. Frankenstein would not sign off on.
    I found a thread in the tech support forum which reminded me of this problem I couldn't solve in the past.  Whenever I would go to the settlement Greentop Nursery the older female NPC settler that is one of the original 2 occupants has a horrible skin condition.  This time I found a thread on the unofficial patch talking about it and why they decided not to try and fix it.  I started looking at the records and thought of a solution.
    This mod removes 1 thing from 2 records.  That's it.  Does it work?  Yes, if you start a new game with this enabled it should work.
    It removes the WNAM - Skin record 'SkinOldNaked [ARMO:00128C5C]' from the following NPCs
    Farm06FemaleOld "Settler" [NPC_:00156A28]
    RoslynChambers "Dr. Roslyn Chambers" [NPC_:00037055]
    The result is that the game will use your normal female human skin texture regardless of what body changing mod you use.  The 2 ladies will still have wrinkly faces, but their skin is now... delightfully non-nightmarish.  I've double checked and don't see any old human female NPC in the DLC content. 
    If you have a problem with female NPC's having deformed hands, please update FusionGirl or use the mod I linked in the comments.  That is a separate issue.
    This is not an Anti-GILF mod.  If I had the skills to make a proper texture file for older ladies, I would do it in a heartbeat.  😛
    Should be compatible with just about anything unless it makes any changes to the 2 records mentioned above.  In which case you can open all your mods up in FO4Edit and make yourself a patch by looking at what I did and forwarding that change.
    This is intended for use with a New Game.  I don't know if there is a way to resolve the issue in an existing save so it's not something I can support.
    Current Version: 1.0.0
    The description has been updated for clarity and to provide a before and after screen shot.



  7. how to build your mara? (Cod)

    Hi, this is my first post so don't judge me so hard hahaha
    As the name indicates, I will leave a series of steps here to be able to build or create the female character of call of duty MARA, I will leave some screenshots of how it looks in my game and also the links corresponding to the original mods and their respective creators, all the credits to them, anything they can comment.
    1) face preset:  The most similar, if not exact, face preset from MARA can be found in the following link with their respective requirements.
         - link: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/44669 nexus by NotWord2 
    2) Clothes and accessories: The following link is one of her armors, I have seen others in some publications around here but I have not been able to find them, if you find more, you can suggest them in the comments, this link also includes the hair, so I suggest downloading it since It looks very good with the hair of this mod, I use FS and not CBBE and it has worked for me without a problem, so that accessory should not present any error.
      - link https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/52738 nexus by Vitriks
    3) body / tattoo textures:  NotWord2  He has shared some textures of both the tattoo and the body, both the texture and the tattoo will be found in the download section.
        3.1) how to put: (Putting the body texture is easy, it already comes with the tattoo included and it is only to replace)
                - Look for your folder where you install the mods and look for the body replacement folder (FUSION GIRL, CBBE, ETC).
                    example:  D:\ModOrganizer\fallout4\mods\FusionGirl
                - now we will open the folder of textures / actors / character / BaseHumanFemale (In this folder you will find the textures of the body, hands, feet, etc. will be in DDS format)
               - once there, we are going to take the DDS file that we downloaded and we are going to copy and paste it into that folder and replace it. NOTE: this does not replace the body               of the NPC, only that of our character.
         3.2) once this is done we can enter the game to be able to see if the body texture is there, make sure it has the same name as the original file that has body textures and make a backup in case something goes wrong.
    4) special sections: 
        - I would not know if there is a body preset for it, so that depends on each person.
        - If you want to add other tattoos such as looksmenu, etc, you can, the replaced body texture does not prevent this and adjusts with the skin tone.
        - As I said before, I know that there are other armor or clothes similar to the ones she wears, however I am not aware of all of them but I will leave some recommendations so that you can take a look at them.
    some mods that can accompany:
    Clothes and accessories:
     - Colorful Leggings: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/35289 by TyperTM
    - Collection of tops v2.0 by DonEb14n: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/46942 by DonEb14n
    - Vtaw Utility Pack: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42971 by vtaw
    - Vtaw Wardrobe 5: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/43844 by vtaw 
    - Vtaw Wardrobe 6: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/46628 by vtaw
    - Vtaw Wardrobe 7: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/51798 by vtaw
    - DOOMBASED Weapons Merged (Weapon Pack):  by DOOMBASED
    - Hide Pip-Boy: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/805 by p3king
    some questions and answers:
    - can i just have the arm tattoo?
    R: Yes, it is in the download section as tattoo.png.
    - the skin color of the hands and head does not match correctly
    R:It is a small error, it is hardly noticeable, however I do not know any solution to this.
    - face preset comes out brown or black when i build it in game
    R:first make sure you have all the preset requirements, if so, then open your looksmenu and go to the face part, then to color and change it to pale or whatever you like and it is normalized.
    Known issues:
     - The color of the hands, head, does not fit or is the same as the rest of the body, it has a slight alteration, it is hardly noticeable, I do not know a solution in this regard.



  8. Satellite Color World Map Combo

    This is a replacer for your World Map in your Pip-Boy. It's a combination of Satellite World Map by FloorBelow and Color Map by VirusZ. It is a texture replacer and of the correct size so no ESP file is required. The map itself gives a satellite view of the Commonwealth made using the game's LoD meshes and textures. This map has icons for settlements, vaults, power armor, military bases, metros, police stations, magazines, discoverable locations (optional), and roads + railroads (optional). You'll discover many varieties of options in terms of what icons should appear on your map during the installation process, and this particular map features a more accurate boundary line. Oh yes, I painstakingly (with god mode and tons of run speed gear) ran around the edge of the entire wasteland just for you, so I could discover where the boundaries actually are. What was ever the point of a border on the map that didn't even represent any kind of boundary anyways? Sheesh. Get your stuff together, Bethesda.
    Aside from the new boundary lines and the combining of those two maps, the icons being used have also been updated and the grid for the map has been made more like we're used to. The outer boundaries were manually fixed, because the original large black grid from the Satellite World Map was actually the individual meshes of the LoD and they didn't quite meet seamlessly. So... clone stamp, bitches!
    I was going to remove the large black grid from Satellite World Map from the entire map (which would have been kind of a pain in the ass tbh) but it occurred to me that it would be more useful if there was a grid there. And so, I completely remade the grid - I even pulled out a calculator to figure out the exact size each square needed to be (hey, I was really proud of myself about that... I suck at math. For real.) - and now it's labeled with coordinates. That way it's easier to tell your friends where to find something. Like, "I ran into this crazy overpowered deathclaw at 1C-30, so don't go there! Or, uh... I mean... Forget what I said. There's tons of loot just laying around at 1C-30, go there immediately... and uh... don't save for a few hours before that. Yeah. Do that. >:]" Anyways, I'm sure you all will figure out some kind of use for it.

    There are two primary editions: Vault Boy bobbleheads, or Vault Girl bobbleheads. We have replacers for the bobbleheads already and we'll surely have a full interface replacer sometime soon; so, we may as well have a matching map. Each of these types includes several variations: all features, no location markers, no location markers and no roads, and just no roads. You can choose which you prefer during the FOMOD installation.
    "But Xun, I don't use NMM." Well, then you can manually install! The folders are named pretty intuitively, and here's how you do it...
    Manual Installation:
    Extract archive. Choose your desired flavor, and open that folder (e.g. VG-All). Copy "worldmap_d.dds" to "textures\interface\pip-boy" in your Data folder. Done!
    All of this shit's in color. That means it's not going to be just pure pink or green or whatever the heck you have your Pip-Boy color set as. It's not going to look like that though unless you do some wizardry in your ini files first. Now look, before I continue... I'm just going to be up front with you: The entire interface for your Pip-Boy will be white after this, but the rest of your UI will be unaffected. So, weigh whether you want a color map & white pip-boy UI or if you'll just settle for a monotone map. Your choice.
    To get it in color you're going to need to navigate to Documents\My Games\Fallout4 and either edit your existing file or create a new file called Fallout4Custom.ini and it needs to have this:
    Now, if your map doesn't work at all - dude, have you done any texture or mesh replacer mods yet? - then you'll need to edit your Fallout4.ini and under [Archive] you'll want to add this line:
    And if you have anything after sResourceDataDirsFinal= then delete all that shit after it because it makes your game load like a sloth stoned out of its mind. Seriously. This will be your game's load speeds:

    You don't want that. Or maybe you do. I don't know. I'm not the boss of you. Do what you want.

    Moving on!
    So, my map is the same resolution as the 8K Satellite Map. I know what you're thinking...
    "mmm... 8K... high res... want..."

    But, my map is only 4K.

    I have a good reason though. The 8k Satellite Map had a ton of extra map area that quite frankly isn't really necessary. Once you crop the map to just the actual map area (which is why this map doesn't require an ESP), then it's the same resolution as it was with the 8K even though it's 4K.
    Aaand, uh... that's pretty much it.
    If you can get permission from everyone else whose assets were used in this (they're literally listed below), and you'd fucking better, then you can use whatever you want from this that is my work. Sharing is caring, ay? Only caveat: Don't put it on NexusMods without my express written consent.
    Satellite World Map by FloorBelow, for the satellite map. Used with permission.
    Color Map by VirusZ, for icon placement, some icons, and inspiration. Used with permission.
    JAMA / Armor Location Map by Nixsy, for the roads & railroads. Used with permission.
    Shadman for vault girl's icon. Shadman is awesome. Check out Shadman's art. Uhh... if you're over 18. Definitely... only... if you're over 18...
    Fallout 4 Map on Reddit by koolkyle802 which I used for placing magazine locations.
    Oh!!! I almost forgot!!!
    That little fucking red thing. What the fuck was that?:

    Well, I'll tell you what the fuck that was...
    It was THIS. Open that in a new tab and look at it. Things will make sense.
    It still looked kind of ghetto though, but it got better:

    You're welcome.
    Problem: My map isn't in color. What gives?
    Solution: To get it in color you're going to need to navigate to Documents\My Games\Fallout4 and either edit your existing file or create a new file called Fallout4Custom.ini and it needs to have this:
    If you already have those entries in your other ini files then you'll need to either edit them there or remove them from there.
    Problem: My map isn't in color but I've already done the ini changes. What gives?
    Solution: Double check to make sure they're correct first. But failing that, if you're using Fallout 4 Configuration Tool (previously called the Fallout 4 Tweaker) by Bilago, some people mentioned a page back in the comments that the ini settings don't work because they're overwritten by it. "In the UI tab, there is button by Pipboy Colors called Disable FX that is not enabled by default." 
    Problem: Uhh... everything on the map is way off from where it should be.
    Solution: Chances are you've installed Satellite World Map by FloorBelow. You'll need to either uninstall it or disable the ESP that came along with that mod. It will mess up this one.
    Problem: I'm new to modding Fallout 4 and this doesn't work at all. Nothing changed.
    Solution: Did you by any chance completely skip the installation instructions? There are some ini entries you'll need to make to get this to show in color and some more entries - especially if you're new to Fallout 4 modding - to get any changes to your game to work whatsoever.
    Problem: Since the new update my player symbol is now a cave!
    Solution: This map mod is just a texture. It doesn't mess with actual interface files. If you are having this problem it is likely due to Zoom Out Extended mod by Zenotep and if that is the case you can either uninstall it or try this fix.
    Problem: I want a color map and a color pip-boy instead of a white pip-boy screen. How can I do that?
    Solution: Try something like Gold Kit for Color Pipboy.
    Problem: My power armor's map is way too bright.
    Solution: Try something like Power Armor map fix.
    1.3 - Feb 15, 2016 New!
    -Placed the Agility bobblehead icon back at the FMS Northern Star, whose icon was incorrectly removed and placed on Spectacle Island in 1.2 as the Luck bobblehead that was added to Spectacle Island.
    -Replaced location dots with small question marks. I did this because even as the map maker I didn't keep locations on because they cluttered the map.
    -Location renamed to Point of Interest.
    -Vault icons were made smaller.
    -Metro icons were made smaller.
    -Military base icons were made smaller.
    -Power armor icons were made smaller.
    -Settlement icons were updated to look more like a house, made light brown, and made somewhat smaller.
    -Bobblehead icons were made smaller.
    -Russian version added to misc files (as one was requested).
    1.2 - Feb 7, 2016
    -Corrected location of Luck Bobblehead.
    -Removed incorrectly placed bobblehead locations from Lexington.
    -Moved Perception Bobblehead closer to the Museum of Freedom.
    -Moved Concord power armor to roof of Museum of Freedom.
    -Added a missing power armor location.
    -Added magazine locations. They're all likely a bit off so just assume "in this general area."
    -All roads + railroads are now the faint version.
    -Boston Commons area roads made significantly more defined for easier navigation.
    -Removed variations: VB-NoRoad, VG-NoRoad, VB-NoLocFaintRoads, VG-NoLocFaintRoads, VB-NoLocNoRoad, VG-NoLocNoRoad. Why? I think the faint roads look better with a satellite map and there were starting to be far too many versions to maintain.
    -Added variation: No Special: Removes the bobblehead, power armor, and magazine icons.
    -Lighter grid for all variations except mono.
    -Fixed a power armor icon so it looks better without full roads.
    1.1 - Feb 3, 2016
    -Adds the bridge outside sanctuary which was previously missing.
    -Removes the vault icon from Vault 111. Why, you might ask? Well, it's impossible not to discover so it's pointless.
    -Adds two new versions: Clean with only roads and clean with only faint roads.
    -Adds two new variations: Vault Girl bobbleheads + no locations + faint roads, and Vault Boy bobbleheads + no locations + faint roads. This was previously the XunCustom.
    1.0 - Feb 2, 2016
    -Initial release.
    Where TF are the DLC maps Xun? Eh? Eh?!
    I got permission from DigitalUtopia to use his satellite maps for Far Harbor & Nuka World. So I'll be doing those at some point™.
    I haven't played Fallout 4 in quite some time and probably won't for quite some time, so it's pretty much on the backburner. It'll happen some day when I'm particularly bored and think of doing it.
    In the meantime, you can use Sakura9's satellite maps for Far Harbor & Nuka World.
    Misc/Optional Files
    • Mono-Blank-9414-1-1.7z Monotone with darker high contrast ocean and no icons.
    • Satellite Color World Map Combo RUS 1-3-9414-1-3.7z
    FOREIGN LANGUAGE. FOMod Installer. Russian. Русская язык.

    User submitted YouTube videos:



  9. Random Overlay Framework

    The Random Overlay Framework allows you to populate the Commonwealth with a variety of different personalities.
    This Mod Randomly provides NPC's with a vast assorted of tattoo's and other visual effects (Body and Pubic Hair, Moles, Scars, and others)
    This mod uses Spell Perk Item Distributor or Robco Patcher
    New Requirement -> Lighthouse Papyrus Extender
    The Choice is up to you with the Options in the MCM
    Choose which faction's have Tattoo's (or any other form of overlay)
    Choose which Tattoo Type to better selected.
    Choose if a faction will have it own unique Tattoo (none of the current Tattoo Sets have this yet)
    Allows you to set a MCM Command & Hotkey to give a NPC Overlays.
    Allows you to set a MCM Command to give yourself Overlays.
    Allows you to set a MCM Command to give everyone around you to receive Overlays
    The Overlays are divided into several sections and different Overlays are use with each other
    (These can be tweaked using the MCM Option to give chances of appearing and not appearing)
    Pubic Hair
    Left Arm
    Left Leg
    Right Arm
    Right Leg
    Full Bodied
    Unique (Don't use this with the new quest system) *WIP
    Skin Override
    Lower Back

    New Additions
    Body Hair
    Hands and Feet
    Birthmark Placeholder (I am undecided what this is going to be) *it is currently contains a single Lactation overlay from Cheri LooksMenu Overlays
    Skin Conditions
    Spanked Marks
    Whipped Marks
    Finger Nails
    Toe Nails
    Certain NPC's will be excluded because they wear another type of outfit but this mod should affect the following...
    (These NPC's can be tweaked using the MCM Option to give chances of an Overlay Manager appearing(Gives the NPC Overlays))
    Brotherhood of Steel
    Children of Atom
    Institute Synth's
    Vault 81
    Captives / DLC04 - Slaves
    Overlay Type
    (For each Faction, you can select a style of overlay given)

    Random = All or Lower Back/Pelvis or Full Bodied
    All = Back, Chest, Arms and Legs
    Lower Back & Pelvis = Oddly enough Lower Back & Pelvis
    Full Bodied = Tattoos that cover more than one section
    Skin Override = override the NPC's Skin with a new custom skin
    Everything = Back, Chest, Arms, Legs, Lower Back and Pelvis
    Nothing = No Overlay's
    Unique = An Unique Tattoo for one faction only (Don't use with the new quest system) *this might not appear for some factions
    Additional Options *only works on unique NPCs
    Eyes = Changes the eyes of NPC
    Hair Cuts = Changes the hair of NPC (This can be buggy)
    MCM Commands and Hotkeys
    While targeting a NPC, go into MCM "Custom Managers"
    1. A Hotkey to give a NPC a Custom Overlay Manager
    2. A Command to give a NPC a Custom Overlay Manager
    3. A Command to give Yourself a Custom Overlay Manager
    note on 3 - The following is Not Recommended for Certain Players However it might be interesting for a new game.
    Currently Supported Tattoo Mod's
    (Due to Performance issues, the Following should in a BA2 archive, Loose Files may cause decrease performance)
    Pubic Hair
    This adds the Body Hair Overlays from good0593's NPC Male Bodies
    This adds the Pubic Hair Overlays from LunaEversor's LooksMenu - Additional Pubic Hair Overlays
    This adds the Pubic Hair Overlays from LunaEversor's LooksMenu - Pubes Forever (Fallout 4 Edition)
    This adds the Pubic Hair Overlays from ygcxsw's CBBE Pubic Hair Overlays for LooksMenu 1.0.0
    This adds the Pubic Hair Overlays from Porcupine's PubicHairs v1b (No Armor replacer yet) *but they will work in Quest Mode

    Body Hair
    This adds the Body Hair Overlays from good0593's NPC Male Bodies (No Armor replacer) *but they will work in Quest Mode

    Skin Overlays
    This adds the Skin Overlays from Porcupine's Skin Overlays 1a (No Armor replacer yet) *but they will work in Quest Mode
    This adds the Assorted Overlays from krisser143's LooksMenu Body Tattoos
    This adds the Assorted Overlays from DonJunk's Rutah Tattoo Pack
    This adds the Assorted Overlays from DarkTI's ASO Astins Skin Overlay Cbbe (BLK Tribal tattoos)
    This adds the Assorted Overlays from DarkTI's ASO Astins Skin Overlay Cbbe (Tribal Brands)
    This adds the Assorted Overlays from DarkTI'sASO Astins Skin Overlay Cbbe (Tribal tattoos Color)
    This adds Assorted Overlays from JBpy's Tattoos for captives
    Pelvis Overlays from JBpy's Lewd Marks
    This adds the Chest and Pelvis Overlays fromsvbernard's SVB Tattoos 1.0 for Fusion Girl
    Assorted Overlays from JSpy's Render Tattoos
    "Tattoos Collection by Dreivor 1221.1"
    Cheri LooksMenu Overlays
    and Create Your Own Overlay Kit and Mod Custom Managers
    (more info to come)
    Other Thanks (while I don't directly use their work, some of the addon's wouldn't exist without them)
    andy11 for Pubic Hair Alternatives for Skyrim
    Rutah for Rutah Tattoo Pack for Skyrim
    AncientKane for Pubes Forever for Skyrim
    and Others

    Screenshot Thanks (and a few overlays from above + a couple of my overlays)
    GrafPanzer's CCO Cheeky Casuals Edition
    GrafPanzer's CCO Saucy Settlers Edition
    GrafPanzer's CCO Vulgar Villains Edition
    GrafPanzer's CCO Foxy Factions Edition
    Crimsomrider's Clothing Of The Commonwealth - Mega Outfit Pack
    Known Issues
    Overlapping may/will occur when an increased amount of overlay mod is used

    there was a double or triple effect known to happened (please tell me if this happens to you)
    Please note, This is still in progress, please alert me if there is any issues

    More Notices
    this mod can be a resource hog if you are using loose overlay files.
    (I know that NPC Male Bodies uses loose files so caution about that mod)
    How to fix this issue-> Packing BA2's
    also if you have performance Issues, I would recommend the following

    all of the following requires you to open INVB_OverlayFramework_DISTR.ini

    Spell = 0x52B7~INVB_OverlayFramework.esp|NONE|0xEAFB6,0x13746|NONE|NONE|NONE|10
    Spell = 0x52B7~INVB_OverlayFramework.esp|NONE|0xEAFB6,0x13746|NONE|NONE|NONE|25
    Spell = 0x52B7~INVB_OverlayFramework.esp|NONE|0xEAFB6,0x13746|NONE|NONE|NONE|50
    Spell = 0x52B7~INVB_OverlayFramework.esp|NONE|0xEAFB6,0x13746|NONE|NONE|NONE|(or whatever you want)

    you will need to adjust the MCM settings (because the default settings assume 100% of NPCs will get the spell)

    Unique NPCs(only unique NPCs will get overlays) *I am not sure if this works
    Spell = 0x52B7~INVB_OverlayFramework.esp|NONE|0xEAFB6,0x13746|NONE|U

    Ghouls Only
    Spell = 0x52B7~INVB_OverlayFramework.esp|NONE|0xEAFB6

    Humans Only
    Spell = 0x52B7~INVB_OverlayFramework.esp|NONE|0x13746



  10. Debby's Elven Eye Implants

                               Elven Eye Implants
    This is just a personal eye texture pack of mine I've decided to share with the public...
    Debby Evolent is a 22 year old women with an I.Q. of 142 & a self taught scientist, She's a very vain individual & can alter Her own looks...
    While exploring the wastes Debby found & read comics & fantasy stories & took a liking to the appearance of elven people,
    She decided to make Herself look like an elf out of vanity & as part of this desire She changed Her own eyes with implants...
    Now if people come to Her with enough bottle caps She's totally willing to alter other people's eyes in the same manner.

    These textures will replace the default eye textures of the game...

    Just drop the Data folder in your Fallout4 folder, and blam new eye color(s).


    Special thanks to my patron(s) ^^

    Sade Johns - August 2020

    Ladisaul - September 2020

    ALL my content is free & will stay that way. But I do have a patreon so anyone who may want to support me financially can do so,
    Any Help would be greatly appreciated.  https://www.patreon.com/DIBZmodding?fan_landing=true



  11. Thick-Rim Glasses Replacer Version

    - Replacer Version -
    Original mod by LtCommander
    This is just a basic modification of LTCommander's mod Thick-Rim Glasses. 
    I removed the leveled list placement and glasses placed in the world and instead replaced the vanilla Black-rimmed glasses with their model. This is to make it more compatible with: Myopia Simulator (Immersive Glasses)
    Their permissions allow for this, and for it to be re-uploaded here. Normally this is the kind of mod tweak that I would only do for my personal use, but since the permissions were so generous, and I feel it would be of benefit to those using my new mod Scavver's Closet, I decided to upload it here.
    If you like this mod, please take the time to go to the Nexus and endorse the original. 
    Refer to the original mod author's page and follow theirs
    LtCommander:  The Original mod. I barely did anything.



  12. AmiPreset

    Changes female Preset 5 into my character Ami. This face morph is the basis of the Waifu Preston mod.



  13. Milk and Cookies (Fusion Girl BodySlide Preset)

    Hello everyone!! 
    I made a BodySlide preset for Fusion Girl, thought I might share it as well.
    Just install it through NMM or manually (don't know about other Mod Managers) Sorry X( 



  14. Anabel - A Looksmenu and body preset

    this is my preset for you to enjoy.
    Requirements: (you don't need these but if you want the same appearance then you will need)
    bodyslide (for body preset)
    misc hairstyles
    looksmenu tattoos
    looksmenu nail salon
    oni face and body textures
    asian face enhanced 



  15. Reginald's PreFab SchackFest!

    Welcome to Reginald's PreFab ShackFest!
    A completely script free way to quickly build an entire city or settlement in minutes!
    No DLC required, No scripting (no Script Extender Required), works with ALL versions of Fallout 4!
    This mod works well with all known existing mods, including Sim Settlements.

    70 Shack Prefabs that work well on both flat and sloped areas!
    This mod offers a whole new menu in the workshop menu offering 4 new categories.
    It is meant as a very, extremely, light alternative to the awesome Sim Settlements mod.
    (These numbers below have been updated to reflect v1.0.3)
    70 Buildable Prefabs: 13 Wooden Living Shacks 17 Metal Living Shacks 6 Outdoor Vendor Shacks 7 Indoor Vendor Shacks 8 Crafting stations 2 Scavenger Stations 4 Sim Settlements Compatible Shacks designed for Interior Plots
      2 Dog House Shacks (Furniture items) 6 Beds 1 Wooden Generic Platform for Brahmin Feed Troughs or Garden Plots 1 Craftable Security Marker (6 Defense) to be placed on the balcony of a SecuriShack Door snap points so players can snap doors All shacks are fully navmeshed by hand to make sure they are absolutely easy to navigate for settlers (This mod does not compensate for existing game bugs though!) Lore Friendly Balanced Building Recipes CHECK OUT THE SCREENSHOTS FOR ALL SHACKS.  
    Simply drag and drop the 7zip file into your Mod Manager and activate the mod.
    Or alternatively unzip the mod into your Fallout 4 directory and enable the mod manually.
    This mod was made with love, dedication and care over the course of 5 intense days of modding that caused me a migraine and some late nights.
    I loved making it though and primarily targeted myself as audience, the main goal being; I didn't want to use a large mod like Sim Settlements which seemed over kill for game performance and I didn't want to spend a long time building settlements either, but I do want to have nice looking settlements. So I ended up with prefabs and it works pretty well for me.
    Special thanks to @Flashy (JoeR) for kicking me off on this adventure with his help on creating statics/furniture.
    If you enjoy this mod, or if you find anything interesting to share, don't hesitate to leave a comment.
    I am particularly interested in screenshots of your settlements!

    Enjoy this mod!



  16. ZGC Hairpack

    yes, you know what is it.

    - 1.1.0

    Credit : Anto, Kijiko, Leah Lilith, NewSea, S-Club, Wings, Tencent Games, L0rd0fWar I can't remember all the names. Please let me know if I miss someone.
    Merry Xmas~



  17. No More Shitty Rubble + FPS GAINZ

    Want to support me? Get exclusive access to mods and updates.
    > PATREON <
    This mod removes all the shitty rubble from the Commonwealth. I hate how useless the rubble is, it's low quality meshes with equally low-effort textures and does nothing but cost performance and look like complete shit.
    This mod edits about 302 meshes in total, zeroing out the NIF file with a blank slate.

    I noticed about 5fps gain in a few crowded places on my low end laptop and 5-10s load time decrease, my desktop is a $2700 workstation so I didn't really notice anything.
    Laptop specs:
    i5 7300HQ
    8GB DDR4 2400
    GTX 1050 4GB
    Samsung 860 Evo 256GB SSD
    Seagate Firecuda 2TB SSHD
    Desktop Specs:
    Intel Xeon E5 1650 v2 4.6GHz
    32GB DDR3 2133
    GTX 1070 Ti 2100MHz
    2x PNY CS900 RAID0
    Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD
    Not necessary at the moment.
    Extract to your Fallout 4 directory.
    Unknown, please inform me of all issues.
    Future Plans
    You may NOT reupload this file to other sites, link to it from other sites for your own profit, or host on private/secure servers like Google Drive, Dropbox, Mediafire, Mega, or other file hosting websites. You may not modify and upload to another site.

    I specifically forbid tesall.ru, skyrim.2game.com, devillord.tistory.com, and NexusMods to host this file in any way. This game modification for Fallout 4 is protected under international copyright laws. A DMCA will be filed against any website privately or publicly hosting this file other than that which I specify are allowed.
    Currently allowed websites are:
    I've been doing this for a long time. I know what I'm doing. Keep the bullshit comments to a minimum.
    Copyright © 2020 RussianPrince
    如果您从任何非原创网站上阅读此文件,此文件已被盗,并且托管网站是非法托管文件。 为避免法律上的麻烦,请向当局报告国际版权欺诈。
    Other NexusMods names: thisaccountisuseless, MicrowaveBurrito77, ShadoW, KitchenCrusader



  18. Main Force Patrol - A Mad Max Mod

    A love letter to Mad Max fans everywhere ❤️
    Features 2 custom outfits, accessories, legendary modification, and quest.

    While overseas, during your final tour of duty, you were stationed in Australia. The government was having a very hard time maintaining order there as there was even greater civil unrest there than in the U.S.. Due to the Sole Survivor's prior military police training, and that the MFP needed all the man power they could get, your CO placed you under the command of the Melbourne local MFP Chief Fifi Macaffee, to serve as a member of the MFP. 
    The MFP (Main Force Patrol) were the Australian Federal Police special task force founded in 2073 by the Australian Government as a last ditch effort to maintain civilization and order. The Purpose of the MFP was to support the regular police in combating organized crime, especially savage, motorized criminal biker gangs and marauding punks, and act as a highway patrol on the Transcontinental Highways.
    You served under the MFP for more than 6 months, and were given an MFP uniform to wear in order to blend in as the locals were even more hostile towards the U.S. troops stationed there than even the local authorities. After your tour was over, Chief Macaffee gifted you the MFP uniform as you were considered a true member of their forces. You had served with distinction and honor in maintaining right, and formed bonds with those whom you served and fought together with. 
    It wasn't like the kind of police work you were used to. You were given an extraordinary amount of leeway with how you dealt with criminals. Chief Macaffee had told you that "As long as the paperwork is clean, you boys can do whatever you like out there." You soon realized why that was, as you witnessed first hand what a real break down in order and rule of law was truly like, and the horrors it wrought. Even with that kind of authority, to sometimes be judge, jury, and even executioner, you weren't able to save everyone.
    The things you witnessed and had to do left it's mark on you. You thought about home and your family, and the growing civil strife there and swore to yourself that when you returned and became a civilian again, you would do whatever you could to maintain right and order. To never allow that kind of lawlessness to run rampant on your country's soil.
    Upon returning to the States and to Boston, as the local war hero, you donated your MFP uniform to the Concord museum in 2077 to chronicle the local war hero's exploits while stationed there. A new display was to have been built over the weekend, and due to debut on Monday, Oct 25th...


    This mod adds 2 complete outfits to the game with unique mods and accessories:
    MFP - from Mad Max and includes the outfit, separate full finger gloves, and thigh holster
    Road Warrior - from Mad Max 2: Road Warrior and includes the outfit, separate open finger gloves, and Sam Browne styled belt with accessories
    Sawn-Off Shotgun - Unique Legendary item
    Standard crafting options are included*
    *See How to Get? section for details
    New Legendary Weapon Modification: Marksman - Time slows down briefly when aiming down sights, 50% faster reload speed.  Available for projectile weapons.  Works with or without Legendary Modification. 

    The mod's items are available through a quest:  Maintaining Right...
    For new games, the quest will start during the Out of Time quest.  For existing games, if the Out of Time quest has already been completed, the quest will start automatically, when loading the game with this mod loaded.  If a player has not done/ignored Out of Time, they can start the quest by entering the Museum of Freedom in Concord.
    Once the quest has been completed, crafting options will become available. 


    MFP Oufit
    Lining mods Legendary Modification Badges: on or off Shirt color options: Ice Blue*, Dark Blue, Black
    Road Warrior Outfit:
    Types: Waist or with shoulder strap Accessories: on or off (Rigging knife, binoculars, fire brigade tools, and spanner)

    Q: Is this mod lore friendly?
    A: Yes, very much so.  We spent a great deal of time modifying vanilla assets to be true to the movies, but still feel like Fallout. The content is immersively woven into the game. 
    Q: Does this mod conflict with or support X?
    A: This mod should not conflict with anything as it adds all new forms.  It DOES make small edits to the Museum of Concord (adding new forms).  It has been thoroughly tested, but if you have a problem, please report it.
    Q: Does this mod support Start Me Up?
    A: Yes it does - see "How to Get?" section.
    Q: Does this mod support CBBE and Bodyslide?
    A: Yes it does!  Please note that extreme CBBE settings will cause mesh warpage, as with all other armors.
    Q: Does this mod support Atomic Beauty?
    A: Not at this time, but please feel free to add an AB patch!
    Q: Where is Max's leg brace?
    A: It's coming soon!  Check back for a future release and integrated quest.
    Q: This mod is not lore friendly to Mad Max.
    A: That wasn't a question, but please, make one.

    SPECIAL THANKS to George Miller, for creating the most iconic post apocalyptic movie series ever.
    VERY SPECIAL THANKS Interplay Productions for creating the Fallout series.
    Bethesda Game Studios for bringing us Fallout as we know it today.
    Obsidian Entertainment for making one of the best Fallout games in the series.
    A final note from the Authors:  Don't be a dick and host this on other sites   If you wan to use the assets, just ask!



  19. My Girlfriend

    1. Facepreset
    2. Bodyslide preset
    1.Hair - Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar v2_5a 
    2.Eyes - TEOB
    3.Deluxe makeup
    4.Eye Liner Masks
    5.Eye Normal Map Fix 1b Final-819-1b
    6.FemaleNeckTweaks V1.1-21331-1-1
    7.HD Smile by SkylaSkyrim-1348-v1-1
    8.HN66s_XAZOMNs Long EyeLashes for FO4 V2.00-21978-2-00
    9.Oni cute asian face parts-9753-10022016
    Body - Face textures:
    CBBE Ida Dry texture
    Valkyre face texture



  20. Wonder Woman Armor and Sword

    CBBE Ported Outfit from Injustice 2
    Special thanks to @VictoriaG for requesting this!
    This is a port of Wonder Woman's outfit and Godkiller sword to Fallout 4. 
    The outfits include:
    Wonder Woman's Armor, compete with harness, bracers, gloves, and tiara.  The tiara can be worn separately. 
    Godkiller sword (based on 1h sword)
    The outfit is meant for CBBE females has bodyslide files included.  Males will wear Grognak's outfit, but still have the same damage resists.  The armor has fairly high damage resistance, including lining, legendary, and weave modification slots.
    The outfit pieces and sword can be crafted at the Chem station under Utility or consoled to the player by "help wonder 4 armo" OR "help godkiller 4 weap" and "player.additem <ref_id>"



  21. FONV Sorrows Outfits Port

    CBBE Ported Sorrows Outfits
    Special thanks to @mutle for requesting this!
    This is a simple port of 3 Sorrows outfits from FONV Honest Hearts DLC to Fallout 4. 
    The outfits include:
    Sorrows 01   (xx000800)
    Sorrows 02   (xx000802)
    Waking Cloud   (xx000803)
    All outfits have male and female versions and the female have bodyslide files included.  They have modest damage resistance, but include lining, legendary, and weave modification slots.
    The outfits can be consoled to the player by "help sorrows 4 armo" and "player.additem <ref_id>"



  22. ZGC Rachel Wetsuit and Hair

    Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio
    Armorsmith Extended [no need for esl version]
    Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) [no need for esl version]
    - In "Chemistry station" under "Utility" section
    - via Console Command type "help ZGC 0"
    - via IN-GAME ESP Explorer mod
    - Caliente for CBBE 
    - Ousnius for Bodyslide and Material Editor
    - Zilav for Fo4Edit
    - Gambit77 for Armorsmith Extended
    - Valdacil for AWKCR
    and i posted in wrong section...



  23. Tribal Body Overlays CBBE

    Tribal Body Tattoos

    Customizable tribal body tattoo set for CBBE female bodies applied with LooksMenu overlays.  This is a tattoo overlay mod for LooksMenu.  The set includes 25 different options allowing you to mix and match.  Currently, the tattoos are featured in black only, as LooksMenu doesn't yet support color swap body overlays.  You can also add these tattoos to any female NPC through LooksMenu too!
    *Female only*

    Works with any CBBE texture set (does not change body textures, overlays only) Works with any clothing/outfit/armor mods Works with Unique Player Works with all female characters  
    Install NMM/MO2:
    First Install LooksMenu and it's requirements (F4SE) Download through with Nexus Mod Manager Install as normal Ensure LMTOTribalOverlays.esp is active Start your game and enjoy!
    To use:
    Open LooksMenu (console: slm 14) Edit Body Access Overlays R (or click) to Add Tattoos are labeled by body part and side of body (if applicable) - see below for complete list of available options  
    Tattoo options:
    Arm Both Arm Left Arm Right Back Full Back Spine Back Stamp Back Blades Back Blades Left Back Blades Right Feet Both Feet Left Feet Right Belly Button Chest Full Chest Left Chest Right Pelvis Torso Full Full Body (shown in screenshots) Leg Both Leg Left Leg Right Hand Both (shown in screenshots) Hand Left Hand Right  
    Screenshot info:
    Bikini and flip flops are from CROSS Tactical Swimsuit Nail polish is from my other mod: LooksMenu Nail Salon Poses are from Dave's Poses Sunglasses are Rad-Ban Eyewear Inc. That patio pool is in Spectacle Island, facing the city  
    Special thanks to JohnnyRed for allowing me to port the texture from the Skyrim mod,  expired6978 for LooksMenu and krisser143 for the guide on creating this.
    LooksMenu Tribal Body Tattoos CBBE.7z



  24. LooksMenu Nail Salon

    LooksMenu Nail Salon Overlays
    Add nail polish to your female or male* character or any female NPC with LooksMenu Nail Salon Overlays!  Supports separate overlays for manicures and pedicures.  Mix and match colors.
    *Note - Only EVB male body support for toe nails.  The vanilla feet textures for males are indecipherable as to where the toenail would be.  If you create a good looking vanilla male toenail mask - please PM me, I will include it and update mod!
    *CBBE, EVB and Vanilla bodies supported - check file downloads for options* (file texture/material names in vanilla version named cbbe_)
    **Compatible win Unique Player and Unique Companions**
    Your choice of the 9 colors or a french manicure
    To use:
    Open LooksMenu Edit Body Access Overlays R (or click) to Add Nail treatments and labeled for Hands or Feet and numbered 1 - 10. (see color palette for color numbers)  
    Color Palette:
    French Pumpkin Lilac Mint Baby Pink Hot Pink Crimson Royal Blue Teal Solar  
    Tinting in-game is not currently supported in body overlays, but if you would like to change any of the colors:  
    Get the loose files version (or extract texture BA2 archive) Expand the textures folder to:  ../data/textures/overlays/AWP3RATOR/ Select a file set (cbbe_fnails_#_d.dds for fingers or cbbe_tnails_#_d.dds for toes).  The files are numbered and colors match for both fingers/toes. Open with Photoshop, GIMP, etc. and edit the color masks to your desire.  Note that the overlays appear much lighter in game.  Brighter colors tend to glow in the dark Save as the original file name to replace OR save as a new numbered name - and be sure update both the .json file and .txt translation files.  See kirsser143's guide for more instructions on adding new overlays.   Special thanks to expired6978 for LooksMenu and krisser143 for the guide on creating this.



  25. Vault-Tec Breeding Posters

    Hi all,
    This is a simple mod, which (currently) adds 29 Posters under Decorations->Vault->Posters. These Posters are themed around pregnancy and reproduction, while I tried to maintain the original style of Vault tec Propaganda posters. See preview file for an idea. The Posters are available in a new and an dirty state and cost 2 cloth each.
    As I was building my own Vault, I felt like missing the typical bigger scheme of Vault-Tec. Since we are here on LL, I thought of something like a repopulation program. For this purpose I made these posters to add the flair to the Vault, while preserving a typical style of those Vault-Tec Propaganda advertisements.
    I have made an adult version too: Adult Version
    Both mods can be used together without conflicts or duplicates.
    But I wanted to keep them separate, since I still think, that the non-adult version is much more lore friendly, and some people might only want to use one or the other.
    Some People asked for some raider(slavery) stuff. Have a look at the adult version for that
    If you have ideas for some additional Posters or critisism for this, please leave a comment.
    I would like to have some more Posters, maybe also themed a little bit different ones for you, so your ideas are welcome.
    Version 4.0 is the MURRICA UPDATE. I wanted to catch the war-time patriotism displayed in the fallout universe and take it into the posters. With this update, the mod now contains 29 different posters in pristine and dirty as usual. Hope you have fun with it.
    Some of the Posters are rather ... political incorrect. Be warned.



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