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  1. Pantalla de carga del juego base (English Support Edition) (Soporte para Inglés)

    Pantalla de carga del juego base
    Por Ankh
    Este mod hace que el juego muestre la pantalla de carga que usa el juego base cuando no se tiene instalada ninguna expansión, viéndose de esta manera: 
    El juego necesita tener la expansión n°11 (The Sims 3 Hacia el futuro) instalada como la ultima para funcionar, ya que el mod reemplaza la pantalla de carga de esta expansión (pantalla de carga la cual es la que se muestra cuando se instala el juego con todas las expansiones), en futuras actualizaciones solucionaré este problema para que se ejecute la pantalla de carga de este mod en todas las expansiones que fueran instaladas como las ultimas).  
    El juego debe estar en español de España, ya que el mod está hecho para ese lenguaje, en la próxima actualización expandiré su soporte para español de México y Inglés.  
    Copiar y pegar en la carpeta package en mods.
    Hay una muy, pero muy poca probable probabilidad de que la primera vez que ejecutes el mod, el juego crashee, después de este primer crasheo el juego seguirá sin problemas. No conozco la causa de este error, pero trataré de solucionarlo en futuras actualizaciones.

    1 download


  2. Impossible Boots Sabine

    Base game compatible For teen, young adult and adult femsims Enabled for everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, career, outerwear and validformaternity Disabled for random sims All LODs and morphs Polycount: LOD1=6180;LOD2=980 4 color channels Adds 6 “units” to adult and young adult’s height, 5 to teens Only available as .package  
    Boots look “weird” on CAS, in-game looks fine Textures look “grainy” from up close Potential clipping with floor and furniture also misalignment on animations, poses and interactions between sims Clipping with pants, long skirts and alike Clipping might also occur with custom animations and poses 3D accessories that contain morphs, like necklaces, might deform boots  
    I’m back, kinda. The truth is I haven’t done anything Sims 3 related in more than a year, until now. I have some projects that need minimal stuff to complete so I’ll concentrate on those while I try to regain my powers. Worst case scenario this is my first and last release for 2023... happy new year! Compatible with the default body and MedBod



  3. Traducción al Español Latino de Oniki´s KinkyWorld Build 490

    Oniki´s Kinky World
    Español Latino
    Por Ankh

    Debido a las muy, pero muy pocas traducciones al Español de este mod decidí hacer mi propia traducción al Español Latino, el mod está en su mayoría traducido al español, tiene unas pocas fallas de traducción y algunas cosas seguirán apareciendo en Inglés, pero la mayoría de acciones comunes ya están traducidas (está jugable y entendible), el mod está en constante desarrollo y no está en su versión final. El mod ha llevado un esfuerzo de 3 semanas de arduo trabajo. El mod es la misma versión de Kinky World v0.37 (build 409) que puedes encontrar en el Patreon de Oniky kinky kay y en su pagina de loverslab.
    Instrucciones de instalación:
    Si ya tienes Kinky World: Copia y pega el archivo en la carpeta "Mods" de tus Sims 3 y elimina el archivo Kinky World original.
    Si no tienes Kinky World: Copia y pega el archivo en la carpeta "Mods" de tus Sims 3 y listo.
    Instrucciones con imágenes:
    Paso 1:

    Paso 2:

    Paso 3:

    Paso 4:

    Paso 5:

    Archivos necesarios:
    CmarNYC Pene y otros: http://cmarnyc.blogspot.fr/2013/05/the-morphing-penis-default-replacement.html
    Animaciones: Animaciones de Amra72, Animaciones de Lady666, Animaciones de Mike24
    Archivos recomendados:
    CmarNYC Editor de senos: http://cmarnyc.blogspot.fr/2013/05/morphing-nipples.html?zx=fea57cfe26f04dc3
    CmarNYC Penes para mujeres: http://cmarnyc.blogspot.fr/2012/12/penis-for-females.html
    Es obligatorio tener más de 18 años de edad para jugar a este mod, si no cumples con los requisitos de edad, desinstala el mod automaticamente.



  4. KinkyMOTHERLODESIMSAnimations UPDATED 11/24/2023

    About This File
    WARNING: 18+ (NSFW)
    Hi guys,
    I am creating animations for THE SIMS 3
    PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/motherlodesims

    LL NOW: 5 free animations
    Wait for me, you'll have my packs from my patron soon inside LoversLab.

    Available for download now:

    Here are the previews animations of The Sims 3 that I had made, and soon we will have more, I hope everyone likes


    Aliendance_02 Aliendance_03 Aliendance_04 Aliendance_05



  5. AHPO/ Yacht S3

    This yacht was done in honor to my Godmother Betty Fenty who die during the Covid-19 time. This yacht was started this year in one of my side projects and I hope you like it. Side note, I do not want to see my yacht in any other game ,or placed behind a pay wall. I give you the APHO Yacht by DailyCard. I have also include a lot file. For more stuff check my profile page or the links below:



  6. Audi Concept Jet Ski S3

    For a while now, I wanted a wave runner in my game this is my second creation as the first one was not rig-able by the game standard, So I went back to draw board this was the best option for both games. So my first working jet ski for the game. For more stuff check my profile page or the link below:



  7. Go-Go Granny's Starter Collection

    I noticed there wasn't much along the lines of sexy clothing for Elder Females so decided to make a few.   There are 16 items in this starter collection. 



  8. Futanari Bulge Panties

    I don't usually make clothes, but no one has made panties for shemales and users have been requesting them. So I decided to make a pair of panties with a nice little bulge in the right place for futanari.
    Here are simple panties for teenagers and adults in which your futa will look more natural.

    If you want to diversify your futanari's wardrobe, you can safely use the meshes from this pack to create your own clothes.



  9. FallOut Brotherhood of Scribe Robe

    Another instalment of the Fallout conversion.  
    This is the Brotherhood of the Scribe Robes and Shoes. It's made for both Male & Females and covers Teen through Elder.  
    Download the ZIP container file, Un-ZIP into it's own folder, then copy the entire folder to your Sims/Mods/Packages folder in the game.  
    Most all categories are covered except Child Imagination and Nude.  The first slot in CAS is the original Fallout graphics. The second slot in CAS is Recolorable (generally).  



  10. FallOut to Sims3 Armor Collection

    The Main contributor to this project wishes to remain anonymous.  I do want to thank them for contributing all the Mesh Objects and original Graphics from the Fallout Game.  All the Objects are reduced about 70% from their originals so a lot of detail has been lost. The Sims 3 is one of the first 32 bit games - after all. 
    Now, on to the main course!
    There are Seven (7) Armor Suit Sets.
    Powersuit Enclave Powersuit Enclave Hellfire Powersuit T-45 Powersuit T-51 Powersuit NCR Pwersuit Sierra Scorched Powersuit  
    In CAS the first slot is the Original Suit from the Fallout game. Occasionally you will find slot one in CAS has one, or two, color channels active. This is for the "Meat" of the suits, the suit joints, or lights, etc. on helmets. The second and subsequent slots are the fully (mostly) recolorable Objects. 
    Every Object included is set for nearly all CAS categories. 
    Naked, Child imagination, Preg, Random are not set. 
    Each Armor Suit Set is in its own ZIP folder. Just unpack into its own folder then place the entire folder into your Sims 3/Mods/Packages folder of your Game. 
    All Object Donors are from the Base Game.
    If you have modified your CAS - The Gloves may be under RINGS, the Helmets under Earrings, and the Backpacks under Necklaces all in Accessories.
    Due to the mass of the suits, there is going to be some minor clipping where the hands rest at their sides. Some solid pieces became flexible, but I kept as much rigidity as possible for those components. Also, due to the tight fit of the helmets to the suit - there may be some clipping. 



  11. Summer Monokini Sets



  12. Oniki Kay’s Kinky World build 419 - LoversLab Edition (Updated 2023-11-12)

    I made some changes to get rid of the lag the mod seems to be generating on modern CPUs, I have eliminated most of the lag generated by KW but there is still a slight stutter now and then that I don't think I can remove entirely.
    I also made some other changes, most of them can be toggled on/off if you don't like them.
    There is a new Loverslab menu in Kinky World -> Settings,

    KW Mail Carrier
    When disabled the normal Mail Carrier situation will run, if this setting is changed after KW is started you will need to save/load.
    KW Mail Carrier gender
    The gender of the Mail Carrier when KW Mail Carrier is enabled, the NPC is created/assigned at the beginning of a new game and once assigned the gender cannot be changed unless the Sim is culled.
    KW Pizza Delivery gender
    The gender of the Pizza Delivery Sim, once assigned the gender cannot be changed unless the Sim is culled.
    KW Repairman gender
    The gender of the Repairman, once assigned the gender cannot be changed unless the Sim is culled.
    KW Virgin
    I think this is stupid but that is probably just me, anyway, change the setting to your preference. This setting doesn't update any Sim data, it just enables/disables the mechanic, if you enable this mid game you resume where you left off.
    Tarif multiplier
    A tariff multiplier for all your kinky earnings, 2.0 is double, 0.5 is half etc.
    Outfit Texture Size
    This is the target texture size used when rendering the naked upper and lower body, if you are using 2K body textures like the ones from Kurasoberina I recommend setting this to 2048 for a better result, the KW default size is 1024, I am not sure what values are actually supported.
    When setting this to 2048 the game will consume more resources, make sure your MemCacheBudgetValue is not set too high or you will get Error 12 when saving or the game will just crash when running out of memory.
    Autonomy sleep tics
    This will slow down the processing of the Autonomy queue, the faster the queue runs the more lag you can get, the value 20 may be a little high so feel free to experiment, if you are not using the TS3 Smooth Patch the value should be much lower (around 5 I think), the KW default is 0.
    The value can be changed while the game is running and takes effect immediately.
    KW Autonomy Threshold
    If autonomy processing time for a single Sim reaches this value it will be split into multiple tasks for more smooth gameplay, the effect is most noticeable when you have a large number of Sims on the current lot. Setting the value to 0 will disable this feature.
    The setting can be changed while the game is running and takes effect immediately.
    KW Autonomy Cooldown
    This is the cooldown for autonomous Kinky interactions, increasing this can help a little with performance and prevent Sims from spamming the same interaction over and over again, the KW default value is 1.
    Autonomous Window Peeping
    Autonomous Window Peeping can generate a considerable amount of lag and this setting should remain disabled, the setting does not affect Tom Peeping.
    The setting can be changed while the game is running and takes effect immediately.
    KW RunAutonomy
    When disabled, KW will use an alternate RunAutonomy that will eliminate most of the lag KW is generating when Sims get really excited, when enabled KW will use the original code.
    The setting can be changed while the game is running and takes effect immediately.
    WooHoo motive intensity
    This value is set too high in my opinion, lowering the value should allow Sims to function more normal when aroused/horny, the KW default value is 1250.
    If you change this value you will need to restart the game before it takes effect.
    Reduced KW Autonomy
    Setting this to enabled will activate a number of tunables found in the tuning package, this is only a minor performance improvement mainly related to a high Exhibition skill, it is disabled by default.
    The setting can be changed while the game is running but the tuning values are loaded when the game starts.
    KW Autonomy in water
    Setting this to disabled will prevent Sims swimming around doing anything kinky and block Sims on land trying to get kinky with Sims in water, these interactions can sometimes generate lag (due to routing I think).
    The setting can be changed while the game is running and takes effect immediately.
    Morphing nipples
    Morphing nipples look awful in my opinion and now you can turn it off. When disabled the cmar sliders are not required anymore.
    Actor move value
    I have added a new set of move commands to the Sims Kinky menu for easier access, this is the move distance value.
    WooHoo Outcome
    When disabled you will always get a good outcome no matter what.
    WooHoo Outcome Animation
    This will enable/disable the Boo and Cheer animations.
    WooHoo Freeze Motive Decay
    When enabled, KW will freeze Bladder/Hunger/Hygiene during WooHoo, if a value is below -61 (stressed) it will be set to -61 to avoid premature WooHoo loop exits. Energy will only be frozen if below -61 (Sleepy).
    WooHoo GoTo
    When set to Instant, Sims will "teleport" to their destination and start the WooHoo immediately, this is still experimental and Sims sometimes end up into strange locations, instant goto doesn't work with rugs.
    The default value is Route, it can be changed while the game is running and takes effect when the next WooHoo starts.
    WooHoo Route PassThrough
    This will allow Sims to pass through certain objects on the way to their WooHoo destination to shorten the distance, this is a base game feature, I don't know the exact rules.
    WooHoo Route DisableAvoidance
    This will disable Avoidance when Sims are routing to their WooHoo destination, Sims can still bump into each other and block each others path but they should resolve it instantly.
    WooHoo Object Weight System
    This will enable a weighted object type WooHoo stage choosing system, the weights for the various object types can be configured in the sub-menu, setting a weight to zero means the object type will not be chosen, it is not possible to set Floor lower than one as this is the fallback if nothing else can be found.
    "Multiplier for objects in same room as WooHooer" is a weight multiplier to increase the chance of choosing something in the same room as the WooHooer, setting it to one makes this neutral.
    Please note that weighted WooHoo stage choosing is still random, also the chance of choosing your favourite object type is dependent on how many animations of that type you have installed.
    Changing these settings take effect immediately.

    WooHoo Score calculation
    Disabling this can improve performance but it will also make Sims WooHoo more.
    The setting can be changed while the game is running and takes effect immediately.
    Autonomous Solo Teasing
    This will enable/disable autonomous Solo Teasing (the annoying dance), it is enabled by default.
    The setting can be changed while the game is running and takes effect immediately.
    KW Teleport Me Here
    This is the same as the regular Teleport except it doesn't play the VFX.
    I have also added some new interactions to the WooHoo context (Kinky Menu),
    Remove Top/Bottom
    This just undresses the Sim.
    Next Stage
    This will request the next WooHoo stage independent of the timer, the running animations will still play out before moving on (like Change Position).
    Cancel Join
    If a joining Sim doesn't show up for some reason you can use this interaction to cancel the join so you don't get stuck in the WooHoo loop.
    Next Stage & Cancel Join are only available on the master (the Sim that started the WooHoo).

    Debug/Testing interactions
    When clicking on a lot there are now debug interactions to control the kinky state of all Sims currently on the lot.
    CityHall now has debug interactions to set WooHoo and Exhibition skills of all Sims.
    Keyboard shortcuts
    Q=Next Stage
    E=Change Position
    F5=Save Game
    I have also fixed the message notification issue.
    +[Fixed]: Import settings not working for Autonomy settings.
    +[Fixed]: Range for Tarif multiplier setting (requires you start a new game).
    +[Modified]: KW SendWooHootyText autonomy rules to be the same as KW SendPhotograph.
    +[Modified]: Lot Object Autonomy to enable/disable the peeping interaction on lot windows which is causing most of the lag.
    +[Added]: Setting to enable/disable KW Teleport Me Here.
    +[Fixed]: Play Computer Games.
    +[Fixed]: MorningWood timeout stopping erection during WooHoo.
    +[Modified]: Default Texture Size set to 1024.
    +[Modified]: KW Teleport Me Here to be standalone not overriding the default cheat interaction.
    +[Modified]: KW Swim Around to also block autonomous WooHoo with Sims in water.
    +[Added]: Separate tuning package.
    +[Added]: Option to reduce KW Autonomy to improve performance, can be customized in tuning.
    +[Added]: Option to disable autonomous Solo Teasing.
    +[Added]: Alternate KWRunAutonomy to improve performance.
    +[Added]: Option to set WooHoo motive intensity.
    +[Fixed]: Disable KW Teleport Me Here.
    +[Fixed]: PostLoadFixup resetting Opportunities.
    +[Modified]: WooHoo instant goto to avoid Sims stacking on top of each other.
    +[Added]: Autonomy resource monitoring to reduce lag when you have a large number of Sims on a Lot.
    +[Added]: Option to set kinky interaction cooldown.
    +[Added]: Keyboard shortcuts: Q=Next Stage, E=Change Position, F5=Save Game.
    +[Added]: Debug interactions to AdminstrationCenter.
    +[Added]: Global and Lot interactions to set Sims arousal state to Normal.
    +[Added]: More tunables.
    +[Fixed]: WooHoo Join to only allow joining master to prevent Sims getting stuck in the middle of the WooHoo.
    +[Fixed]: KinkyDance, KinkyDanceOnCounterOrTable and DancePole.Dance causing WatchExhibition to crash the game.
    +[Modified]: WooHoo instant goto to teleport Sims closer together.
    +[Modified]: WooHoo random next stage to choose from a wider selection of animations (enabled by object type weight system).
    +[Modified]: Motive decay freeze values to remove negative buffs.
    +[Added]: Object type weight system to choose WooHoo location.
    +[Added]: Option to disable WooHoo Score calculation.
    +[Added]: More tuning.
    +[Fixed]: Various KW interactions being available to the SimBot, a.k.a. Frankenstein.
    +[Fixed]: Various KW interactions being available to EP11 Future Bots without the trait chip.
    +[Fixed]: FollowSim not actually following.
    +[Added]: More Brothel tuning.

    Download and install OWK 409 first and then replace ONIKI_KinkyMod.package with the one inside ONIKI_KinkyMod419.zip, installing the tuning package is completely optional.

    Kinky World 409
    TS3 Smooth Patch 2.1




  13. Real "Vaginal" Birth

    Hello Everyone, 
    I have been working on this for over 5 years. My original account was lost and I have had to start from scratch. To all who have been waiting, here it is. Default replacement for EA Birth Animations. The labor animations are the same but give birth will be my original creations. Drop the package into your MODS folder and enjoy. If you do not like the animations simply remove the package and the EA defaults will return. 
    Now your Sim Mom will drop to the floor and give birth to baby from the "correct" area. There will be more additions to this project as I have tutored myself and received help from some terrific Simmer Techs. 
    S3Lynn  aka S2Lynn  aka  sms3Lynn
    **Please considered supporting me with a Ko-Fi**



  14. ImpossibleBoots_Arianna

    It's been a while since my last post, so there you have these boots.
    Will lift your sim 36 units above the ground.
    For adult and teen female sim.
    Available for any outfit.
    While walking and sitting sim bones and legs could look a little awful, but I hope you don't mind this bug.



  15. Colored Labia and Nipple Tattoos

    Tattoos for coloring in the detailed female bottom made by CHboom!. Channels to recolor the lips, interior, vagina, and anus. Comes with 3 presets.
    Plus nipple tattoos for when you don't want to edit a whole skin.
    You need cmar's "Expanded Tattoo Locations" to place these properly.
    There are 2 tattoos in the package, "upper" and "lower". You need both for the proper effect.
    The "upper" tattoo is a PUBIC tattoo meant to be at MINIMUM SIZE.
    The "lower" tattoo is a LEFT BUTTCHEEK tattoo meant to be at MAXIMUM SIZE.

    There are 2 tattoos in the package, "A" and "B". You need both for the proper effect. These are meant to be LAYERED in one tattoo, one for the nipple and a larger one under it for the areola. They are very slightly offset from each other, so if one isn't lining up the way you want, try switching them.



  16. Fantasy Genitalia

    Edits of fantasy skins by Niobe Cremisi to have fantasy penis skins attached. Both male and female skins are edited.



  17. Replacement for Oniki's Undies

    Replacement for Oniki's Undies from KinkyWorld
    Just replace ONIKI_Undies.package



  18. Enhanced Bodies for All Ages and Genders + Penis + Male underwear bulges + Sliders

    Boys and girls! Allow me to offer you my version of improved geometry meshes for sims bodies.
    I wish men's bottoms looked nice too, and not like square blocks.
    I was inspired by the great work on female anatomy by the author CHboom!
    I have been working for a long time on creating improved geometry for male bodies. I hope this work will please you!
    I took as a source many of your works (I can't list all the respected authors here, whose work I used, I just don't remember) as well as the works of the respected Cmar and carefully reworked and combined them into several packages.
    This archive includes male and female geometries, male penis, completely new bulges for male underwear from the standard game and all add-ons, as well as penis sliders and rigs, also many custom body sliders. All geoms have all seams, texture referrers, bone weights and normal maps rechecked. SexyFeet is also included in the pack.
    Important note:
    This is default replacements mesh mod. You can only have one default replacement mod per mesh.
    This mod won't interfere with other mods and shouldn't cause any major issues, but if you don't check for other default replacements for nude body meshes, you might not see changes to sim bodies.
    Please, when testing this pack, make sure you remove ALL default custom geometries from your mods folder. Including fixes of male and female top and bottoms, all penis mods, all muscle fixes and similar mods. You need to remove all default replacements geometry mods from Cmar, bulges, muscle fixes, penis mods of all ages. You will no longer need them as they are included in this pack, slightly tweaked or completely redone.
    Or just put my files in the override mod folder.
    You are free to use my work as you wish and where you wish. Many thanks to all for all your work, and thanks to everyone who wants to test mine. And sorry for the mistakes, I'm not good at English.



  19. af Goddess Mesh Heaven

    This is Swimwear but can be used for anything, even questionable carrier choices.  Made on the Goddess Body so go easy on the Body Sliders. 



  20. af Goddess Daisey Duke - revisited

    Yes, Daisey Duke revisited. On the Goddess Body this time.  She has some high-cut Shorts with folded cuffs & a Tied shirt. A little higher quality.  FYI: the Goddess body is very sensitive with body sliders and you most likely won't need or want them.



  21. af Sexy Future Formal 2

    Just a sexy, shear, lacy, outfit with an ample use of highly polished metal. 



  22. Leather Crop Jacket & Low-Riders

    This is for Both Adult and Teen Females.  They are separate Tops & Bottoms and use EA matched Body Meshes 



  23. Hall of Records Building

    This is a building you put on your lot. It is recolorable, has a fairly small footprint, and includes the Rabbit Hole Door.  It will also accept the Jynx's Rabbit Hole Door.
    As with placing any door into a Shell Building... you must have TestingCheatsEnabled True, and MoveObjects On, in order to place the Rabbit Hole Door properly. 



  24. Conant Science & Industry Labs Building

    This is a recolorable building to place on your lot. It has a small footprint, is high resolution , and includes the Rabbit Hole Door. it will also fit Jynx's Rabbit Hole Doors. It also is accented with Neon. 



  25. 2023 Ferrari Daytona Sp3

    Another day, another Ferrari ladies and gentlemen, I gave you the 2023 Ferrari Daytona Sp3 for the sims 3 for more Ferrari and other cars look at the profile page or the links below



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