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  1. 1972 Lamborghini Miura P400SV

    The 1972 Lamborghini Miura P400SV by DailyCard for more check out these links



  2. af I-Robot Set

    Adult Female Set
    For The Sims 3
    This set is all new mesh.
    It is in ZIP file format.
    ·        Download the ZIP file.
    ·        Right-Click on the file and select Extract to folder (own).
    ·        Move entire folder (or any package file in that folder) to your Sims 3/Mods/Packages folder. Make sure you do not have duplicate package files as this may cause problems with your game play.
    The set consists of :
    4 – Objects.
    1.     Adult Female Outfit – All categories, 3-color recolorable.
    2.     Adult Female Shoes – All categories, 3-colors recolorable.
    3.     Camera Eyes 2 – Found in Makeup > Party. This takes off all other makeup, including lips, and grey’s the skin as an overlay, the eyes are camera lens that are recolorable. This is found in all genders and all ages.
    4.     Af SCALP-HAIR 1 – This is a bonnet cover for the scalp.  It’s found in HAIR (non-hat). If you want something more like the original I-Robot select “Bald” from HAIR Tab and a SKIN Tone a grey as you’d like to match the scalp color to the rest of the body.
    RobotEyesGlow.package – This is a Script Mod that allows your eyes to glow.
    1-Text Document. (What you’re reading now.)
    If I see some interest in this Female BOT – I’ll make the MALE version.
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  3. SexyGirl 1 Entry Arch

    This is a new mesh. A Statue set up as a sidewalk Arch or Entryway. 
    It is found in Buy Mode > Decor > Sculptures.
    I thought it may be nice as a CLub or Mall Entryway Arch.
    It is recolorable - works best with solid colors but nice effects with masonry and stone. Rust is really nice.
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  4. Rock Boob 1

    This is a new mesh.
    It is a extra large beach rock with a natural relief of female breasts.
    It is found in Build Mode > Rocks.
    A nice Cliff-side addition to that "special" Resort.
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  5. Harley Davidson Copper

    Harley Davidson Copper by Dailycard the S3 version for more cars check out these links
    Have a nice day.



  6. Karaoke Club XXX Sign Group

    Karaoke Club Signs 1 by Non Sequitur 2019
    There are 3 signs -
    You may have all 3 installed in your mods folder at the same time - they are numbered internally different from each other.
    They are found in BUILD Mode under MISC Tab (Custom Content Filter selected).
    1x6 footprint
    This is a ZIP file that contains 3 Sign package files, JPG's (pictures) and a text file description.
    Right-click on the ZIP file and select "extract to Folder" Into its own folder...
    Drag & Drop (copy) the XXXXXX.package files to your Mods/Packages folder... Play the game...
    If you use TSRW the Group 1 (512x1024) image is used for the NEON - Change if you like.
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  7. am - Android 6 (Cyberman)

    As promised - the male version of Android 5.
    Unfortunately, it's just an EA/Maxis Body. I'm having a problem adding the "Necessary" Acuttraments ( working on making it an accessory...)
    You do realize that this is an OUTFIT - a garment - right? Your Sim still operates and functions like any other playable Sim...
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  8. af LITTLE RAM Horns

    LITTLE RAM Horns are a female accessory.
    Recolorable (2 variations) and one that is a Ram Horn Image overlay (yep, actual Horns).
    So, if you're feeling a little horny at that social event - show it!
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  9. af Big RAM Horns

    Big RAM Horns are a female accessory.
    Recolorable (2 variations) and one that is a Ram Horn Image overlay (yep, actual Horns).
    So, if you're feeling a LOT horny at that social event - show it!
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  10. Android 5 (Assona Outfit)

    Android 5 (Assona Outfit)
    This is a new Mesh – well, several meshes to be precise.
    It is parts of the Kayla Robot, some other Robot downer, and a standard EA/Maxis Adult Female Mesh (2).
    There are three (3) Variations included.
    ·         Nude.
    ·         Swimsuit.
    ·         Bikini.
    The Bikini and Swimsuit versions are simple Multiplier overlays and don’t actually have a mesh incorporated into it – like a lot of EA swimsuits. Those variations are just to let you see that it is possible to add some form of clothing to the Bot. Just paint it on… So, anyone willing to add either another mesh to this one or know a little on how to recolor – you are welcome to play.
    So, whether you're about to put up the "Good-Fight" against Dr. Who? or just wanting to spend some hard-earned Sim-olien (Credit Cards, PayPal, and even Cash accepted through the convenient Transaction Center on her back), This Autonomous (unless you're playing her) Android  is ready to play with you...
    All EA/Maxis sliders work.
    Other Sliders Tested:
    ·         Cmar Height
    ·         Breast Vertical Position
    ·         Butt Shape
    ·         Butt Rotate
    ·         Breast Cleavage
    ·         Breast Depth
    ·         Breast Scale
    ·         Breast Fullness
    ·         Waist Height
    ·         Hips Width
    Sorry – this was made using a standard body mesh so Cmar and other Nipple sliders won’t work.
    I’ve included a few Screenshots from both CAS and In-Game… from one of the Androids I found in an abandoned CAS Locker… A little rusty – but works great! Next… A Male Version…
    The feet are still not perfect.
    There is clipping at the bottom of the feet through the floor and the right big-toe nail keeps popping through that huge-ass Clodhopper of a boot she’s warring.
    I've tested it with several Skins I created and the EA Defaults - all works there. The image I included showing the front and back is just to show that I  increased the Butt a little more and notched the front lips to enhance any Skin.
    Horns... Not included!
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  11. Sex Android 4

    Okay, I had fun making this!
    It's still a work in progress - some problem with the feet and having shoes. I'll keep playing with it till it's right and submit it as a revision. to this spot.
    Now for why...  I made a few Skins that were robots and there seemed to be some interest in that sort of thing - so, since I'm learning quite a lot about putting things together (thanks JoshQ) I thought I would make a clothing outfit.
    Next step is figuring out how to incorporate it into a Skin... Don't hold your breath though. Skins are more or less overlays - not a Core Mesh. Changing the Core Mesh is the problem with that.
    Anyway, I digress.
    This is a new mesh. 
    It can be found in CAS - in the Outfit tab of any category (even Nude).
    It is Recolorable.
    It's a garment so any Skin you have will work.
    Cmar's Nipple Size and Nipple Depth slider will NOT work. Next time I'll make it with one of Cmar's Frames.  
    It will work with all EA sliders
    It will also work with
    Cmar's Height slider. Butt sliders. Posture slider. Butt Rotate slider. Breast Scale slider. Breast Depth slider Hips slider.  
    I hope you have as much fun with it as I had making it. 
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  12. Magician Corset EDIT, for MedBod (plus head accessory)

    This CC is offered completely free You’re allowed to modify it in any way, shape or form imaginable; asking me for permission is not necessary I don’t take requests nor commissions Details:
    Base game compatible For young adult and adult femsims Located on the ‘outfit’ category Enabled for naked, everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, career, outwear Disabled for random sims All LODs and morphs Polycount: 4244 4 color channels Only available in .package format Defects:
    Weirdness on the right arm of your sim while on CAS, in-game looks OK Texture stretching depending on your sim proportions Small clipping around the hips under default and custom animations Colors are a little tricky Notes:
    Was looking for something simple, specially because some of the clothes included on ‘Showtime’ (where this garment came from) have messy UV’s I also extracted the hat from one of the magician hairs, it’s compatible with the hat sliders. Other details: located on ‘accessory’ section, ‘earrings’ slot; polycount, 2082; 4 channels, bla, bla, bla Credits:
    Original mesh and textures by Electronic Arts



  13. 3dPPB Impossible Boot EDIT

    This CC is offered completely free You’re allowed to modify it in any way, shape or form imaginable; asking me for permission is not necessary I don’t take requests nor commissions Details:
    Base game compatible For teen, young adult and adult femsims Enabled for naked, everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, career, outwear and validformaternity Disabled for random sims All LODs and morphs Polycount: 1776 4 color channels Will elevate young adults and adults 6 “units” above ground, 5 to teens Only available in .package format Defects:
    Texture stretching all around the feet Boots will interfere with mesh and textures from wide pants and skirts that go below the knees; short-shorts, mini-skirts and skin-tight pants should be safe Shoes look “all-kinds-of-weird” on CAS, in-game looks fine Potential clipping with floor, chairs, beds, etc. and animation misalignment under normal simming. This can also can happen on custom animations and poses and also might cause leg/feet extreme bending (I usually don’t have problems on my game while using Passion or OKW, but I cannot guarantee yours) 3D accessories that contain morphs, like necklaces and alike from the game and other creators, might interfere with the shoes and cause severe deformation, don’t use both at the same time Notes:
    This is a ‘3D edit’ of Pepper Party Boots, besides having volume on the leg area (plus a normalmap), I modified the shape and generated a new heel/sole parts Old and new don't interfere, you can use both in your game Compatible with both the base body and MedBod, although there’s a chance of clipping on overweight sims, why? beats me, it shouldn’t happen and I redid this CC three times already... Credits:
    Original mesh and texture by Electronic Arts



  14. af HORNS Accessory (I-Buck)

    af HORNS Accessory (I-Buck) is a head accessory using the Arm-Band slot. It's covered in all clothing categories. The first one in the catalog is Bone and not recolorable - the other two are recolorable.
    Makes some interesting Horns when they have a geometric pattern on them...
    This is a new mesh but requires World Adventures (Arm Band).
    As I get better at making things (with a lot of help from JoshQ) look for more Party Favors.
    Compatible with Cmar height slider.
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  15. af accessory Shoulder_bag for Nude

    af accessory Shoulder_bag for Nude is the Bag removed from the Casual Outfit (EA).
    I formed the mesh around MedBod and it is very close to the skin so won't work if your Sim has any garment. 
    Compatible with Cmar height slider. NOT compatible with Endowment or Breast Depth Sliders beyond 60%.  
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  16. Duncan Overknee Platform Boots

    • Yeah... I remeber when I said I will stop creating content, but time got a little loose so I gave my shot to try something again. I couldn't resist the temptation to not play around with JoshQ's ImpBoots Victoire so these are the result. I modified the original name of them to diferentiate from the rest
    • Will lift your sim 12 units above ground
    • Available for teen and adult female sim and for any outfit
    • No problems or bugs found with them, but if you encounter something, please let me know your issue



  17. Buster's Brief Jock

    Adult male bottom (EP-11) Buster's Briefs JOCK is a new mesh (2018) Bulge is much bigger.
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  18. EP-11 Busters Briefs Boxer-Briefs

    Adult male bottom (EP-11) Buster's Briefs Boxer-Briefs is a new mesh (2018) Bulge is much bigger.
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  19. Adult Soft-Blazer only

    A rebuilt Mesh from EP-7 Soft Blazer Top.    The blouse has been removed. One Jacket is solid and one is see-through.  Looks good for a Club!
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  20. af ep-7 Magdalene Top

    af ep-7 Magdalene Top - is just an old worn out tee shirt my girlfriend had laying around.  Yes, it's a very Holy Shirt with the bottom part ripped off. 
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  21. tf ep-7 Magdalene Top - TEEN

    tf ep-7 Magdalene Top - Teen Version -  is just an old worn out tee shirt my girlfriend had laying around.  Yes, it's a very Holy Shirt with the bottom part ripped off. 
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  22. Too Short Top

    This is an altered EA mesh. Only the High Level LOD was used. It is originally from EP-09.
    It will work with any Skin I've tested to date (about 6 - including CMarNYC). 
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  23. am CaveMAN E1 Outfit

    am CaveMAN E1 Outfit - Is a new Mesh with a Bulge.
    It should be compatible with any EP or SP, any Skin... at least from what I've tested so far. Let me know it doesn't - I'll fix it.
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  24. am Tighty-Whities Enhanced

    am Tighty-Whities Enhanced (BULGE) - Although these are only bottoms (EA Bottom Briefs), it was made with a new Enhanced Male full body Mesh.   This is a test! Let me know if you have any problems. 
    Looking for feedback .
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  25. CaveMAN 1

    CaveMAN 1 is a New Mesh compatible with Base Game.
    Come in 4 styles and is recolorable.
    Thank you JoshQ for the pointer on CMar's Mesh ToolKit.
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