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The Sims 3

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  1. AF Volleyball Kits

    Hope you enjoy my work!!!!
    Volleyball ball and net
    Volleyball pose



  2. af Western Slopes Bra Top

    A very skimpy fringed bra Top.



  3. af Long Lines Swim Outfit

    A more elegant Borat-Girl...



  4. af Top UNKNOWN

    Couldn't think of a name - I'll leave it to You!
    Adult top.



  5. Apollo Intensa Emozione 2018

    Here are 2 questions
    First question do your sim have three million dollars. If you’re Answers yes good for you.
    Next question are your sims feet tired of walking the length of the loading screen and for that matter all over the map. Just say yes
    Then why are you answering questions, just download the Apollo Intensa Emozione 2018 by DailyCard for more cars check the links:



  6. Female Eye Patches

    Talk about Eye Patches... Okay. I have a few for you.  
    A few comical, a few ridiculous, some very nice, some... well, it's all subjective...   
    Both left and right eye (and both).  
    These are all Accessories using Glasses. They are for Teen through Elder Females.  

    Hope you fine some use and enjoyment from them.
    If you have an idea for one - let me know...
    Really don't like the options to edit your uploads...!!!
    Well - It seems I left out Eye-Patch #4 and didn't bother to let you know what eye-patch was which...  my bad...
    Recommendation:  Go to HAIR in CAS and minimize the eyelashes.  Long eyelashes will clip out of eye cup.
    Eye-Patch #1
    Eye-Patch #2 includes the eyeball
    Eye-Patch #3
    Eye-Patch #4 includes the eyeball
    Eye-Patch #5
    Eye-Patch #6 the Twins



  7. Cute Lil Thing Outfit

    Cute Lil Thing is just that - a cute Little thing.  
    There are 4 pre-made variations, 2 color variations, and two transparency variations.  
    Three (3) Stencils for panties color/pattern.  
    This is a Two-Group Mesh using the PerkySlopes 3 body. It is KW and EA friendly with all sliders Zeroed.
    It uses the CasHairSimple Shadder which has a unique property. The darker the color or pattern - the more transparent the fabric becomes... to a point.  Makes for interesting transparent/opaque combinations with bright/dark patterns... or go full Monty with a solid black. I find that a 50% grey or darker is best. Gives a little shine and still transparent.
    The last three images in the lineup above show what can be done with light and dark application.



  8. 2021 McLaren Elva

    2021 McLaren Elva by Dailycard for the sims 3 for more cars check out the link below:



  9. Lamborghini Sian Roadster 2021

    Good day to you all, for some reasons I found myself cursed by a brand call Lamborghini, they run my Sims streets. So today, I am going to let them do the same to your Sims, ladies and Gentlemen, I present the Sian Roadster this car had been on ice for a while since, the last one over a year ago. What can I say than I hope that Sims enjoy the Lamborghini Sian Roadster 2021 by DailyCard. And one more thing it comes in two versions enjoy. For more cars and motocycles check the links below:



  10. LS_D.Va FemmeBot

    LadySmoks pesents... FemmeBot D.Va!!! 

    OY! The Mad Science Division of Landgraab Industries has been at it again, and developed a FemmeBot replicant of an Overwatch favorite... D.Va!!!
    This FemmeBot took a slightly more convoluted path to market than others before her, and kind of jumped the line a bit, as once I started the preliminary work and roughed her out, she just flowed together nicely. Several things that were tried out on D.Va were more experiments that will work their way back to other bots that were stuck in a holding pattern, so she is important to me to share.
    Her head is my original FemmeBot design and uses a mesh shader I have been testing for another FemmeBot model which I think allows better bot painting of skin tones and better shadow effects during lighting changes, as well as matching the neck seam better. The new face overlay now includes an EA eyeshadow, but for D.Va is unique, having the face markings on her cheeks also added. The head has the 4 basic recolorable channels that I have been using for FemmeBots... skin tone, eyes, lips, hair/ eyebrows.
    The body mesh was converted for TS4 by Gummy@TSR. I did a little adjusting of the mesh, replaced the neck and created a new bone reference to adapt it to TS3, as well as added the feet/ boots. The TS4 mesh didn't have feet, so I adapted my TS3 stiletto boots mesh, although D.Va's shoes are actually different style. The body overlay and UV mapping were adjusted as needed, and remaining textures were made from the adjusted overlay. In the bot station, you will see coloring options for the body. These are only for the boots should you wish to adjust them, as the body itself is an overlay, and not recolorable.
    Her hair was converted from the TS4 D.Va hair by Punasims found on Pintrest as a Simfileshare. I only made minor sizing adjustments and remapped the UV and textures. Only one recolorable channel.
    Headphones are converted from Gummy's TS4 set, and found as eyeglasses accessory in Sim CAS, which I have said is safe for FemmeBots, as well as using sliders in Sim CAS. A special note regarding the headphones... As this was a "character" set that was converted to TS3 from TS4, probably from another game, I did not spend a lot (any) time trying to make everything to fit everything else, so although these headphones are listed as Sim CAS accessory, they may not look good on regular Sims, with regular Sim hair options... some may work out should you wish to try them. They are not recolorable. 
    As she is a 1 piece body design, the No Bottom slot filler is required for assembly. Hair is found in the arms part slot, as with all FemmeBot hair options.
    Gummy@TSR  https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-clothing-female-teenadultelder-everyday/title/outfit-d-va-overwatch-costume-set/id/1484666/
    Punasims  Pintrest https://www.simfileshare.net/download/982094/ 

    Well, that's D.Va! I hope you like her!!!
    Stay safe and healthy in these crazy days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  11. LS_Fun Little Things Collection

    LadySmoks' Fun Little Things Collection. These are a few things that I made minor changes to for my game, and take no credit at all for creating. All 3 retain their original scripts and are fully functional.
    They all work with Kinky World, and more than likely, also with Passion.
    Asser's Handcuffs... They are used in some animations, can be found in buy mode, but the originals could only be placed on the floor. These can be set on end tables, coffee tables, etc, and found in buy mode/ hobbies.
    The Kinky World Condom dispenser... The original is kind of big. This one is smaller, and still fully functional with the Kinky World script. It's found in buy mode, miscellaneous decor for both commercial and residential lots.
    That little blue KW dildo... Ummm... NO THANKS! The "OMG!" dildo A.K.A. Mr. Fleshy, is a bit heftier (under statement) than the one Kinky World wants Sims to be satisfied with. It's cloned from the KW dildo and carries the full script, so it's fully functional, and found in buy mode/ hobbies. I'm not really an object creator, and the best I could do was to change the color to flesh tone, but could not add recolor options as I wanted to. 
    All 3 items have new part numbers, so they will not cause any issues with current ones in your game. They have all been floating around in my game for a while, and I just never got around to uploading them until now.
    Hint: Use cheat "moveobjects on" for better dispenser wall placement. 



  12. Western Fringed Top #6

    : is a two-group transparency built on the PerkySlopes 3 Adult body.  
    the darker the color - the more transparent the  center of the Top becomes,  A transparency fade from center breasts.   Only a completely black color (no texture), on the Red channel will casuse the top to become see-threw otherwise it's a fade. 
    There are 3 color channels.
    Images above are with the matching Bottom separate.   
    It to is made the same way.  



  13. Western Fringed Skirt #6

    : is a two-group transparency built on the PerkySlopes 3 Adult body.  
    the darker the color - the more transparent the bottom becomes,  A transparency fade from waistband to the bottom fringe.   Only a completely black color (no texture), on the Red channel will casuse the skirt to become see-threw otherwise it's a fade. 
    It is an open-bottom skirt.  
    There are 3 color channels.
    Images above are with the matching Top separate.   
    It to is made the same way.  



  14. Liverpool FC Home Kit 20/21

    Hi all!!!!
    I wasn't sure about putting it here, but sadly, I don't think other ts3 communities are not that active like here. So I upload it here.



  15. Ferrari Monza SP 2 2019

    Ferrari Monza SP 2 2019 by DailyCard for more check the links



  16. Ferrari Monza SP 1 2019

    Ferrari Monza SP 1 2019 by dailycard for more check the links below



  17. ktm 1290 Super Duke

    ktm 1290 Super Duke by Dailycard for more stuff check these links



  18. Diamond jungle Swim Outfit

    :  a string Bikini with an interesting application of layered transparencies.  
    Found in most categories except Supernatural and Formal.  
    3 Color Channels with the Red channel dedicated to the Transparencies.   
    This was designed on the PerkySlpes3 Adult body so is both EA & KW Friendly. No jumps in endowments when changing garments - sliders are zeroed.  



  19. LS_af BikiniBowsSet under flags!

    Hi all!!!
    Thanks for Ladysmoks, who graciously allow me to adjust color masks on her gorgeous work, I can put flags on bikinis.
    Original is here.
    Cross) Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland.
    3h) Russia, Spain, Argentina, Venezuela
    3v) France, Italy, Canada, Mexico
    Each file has 3 color channel, which means you can make other flag, just like a girl in the ireland flag, which is not a preset here.



  20. Hip Up sliders

    Hi all!
    I have been satisfied with simmies' body with tones of sliders users have made so far, except for their hip. I've searched for slider that can solve this problem so long, but I couldn't meet it. So I decided to make one, even though I had no idea at all about using any of cc programs.
    On this page, there are two sliders here. They look very similar, but they do have differences, though it's hard to notice.
    Pelvis Height Slider

    Vertical Hip Slider

    Pelvis Height Slider adjusts line between thigh and butt. and feet are stable. Meanwhile, Vertical Hip Slider works with whole bottom body, which means there's slight shaking in their feet. I have no idea how to fix it, it looks more tricky than making slider.(In MTS they said that it's joint problem.)
    So I personally recommend you to use two sliders together to make your simmies' hip up.
    Location : mouth section



  21. af Banner Dress

    : a simple dress made from a couple shoulder banners I had laying around from the last Dystopia beauty pageant.   
    A panel was added to the front and back and a small tie-strap under the arms...  
    The panels are various levels of transparency. 
    3 color channels
    Made on PerkySlope3 body so is EA and KW friendly.



  22. af Beaded Bottoms 1

    : This is a "Y" string... lol.  
    Like the C-String, but with two bands wrapping the butt cheeks.  Leaving the center open...  
    It has a multi-ball set of Anal Beads which are color-able and a cord that is color-able as well.  Lots for possibilities for you.  
    Made on the PerkySlopes3 Body - it is EA and KW friendly.
    3-color channels: Beads, Cord, Y-String.  
    3-variations included.   



  23. LCC Sanctus 2016

    OK, so it's not technically road legal. Or even vaguely safe. And with those forks you better get good at three point turns. But if you can get past all that you can cruise straight into your Goth biker death cult of choice.



  24. af Plugged- Bottoms 1

    : is a simple bottom designed on the PerkySlpes3 Adult body.  Which is KW and EA friendly - matched to EA standards.  
    Simi-transparent side panels, open back with a Gem Butt-Plug.  
    3 Color channels, Side panels and Gem share a color channel. 
    Although this was thrown together in a couple hours and not refined - it does offer possibilities for an Accessory version. If anyone is game to pull the mesh apart.   
    There was some chat about not finding Butt plugs so made one.



  25. LS_FemmeBot5000 BodyA-1

    The FemmeBot Model 5000 A-1
    Once again, LadySmoks Modelling LLC has teamed up with Landgraab Industries Mad Science Division, to bring you the FemmeBot Model 5000 A-1!!!
    The model 5000 Series uses the one piece chassis design which allows for better blending of seams, for a more... well... seamless appearance, and smooth body lines... like an Aston Martin DB11... with boobs... and a vagina???
    The mesh is based on CmarNYC's morphing nipples mesh (nipple morphs do not work) and my custom bottom mesh, with height altering feet/ boots attached. The total height increase is only + 4 units, as some of the height increase was absorbed into the legs. It's something that I found can be done with bots, but not so much with regular Sims shoes. The basic texture is based on the EA EP11 future suit highlights.
    On this mesh, I also made an alteration to the breasts to try to compensate for the fact that EA makes Plumbots as adults, and for whatever reason, EA gives adult females sagging breasts... which means needing "push 'em up" boob sliders. I basically lifted the boobs a bit in Blender. In testing, they appear to "drop" back to a more normal position. Some slider adjustment may be necessary, but it should be less, and hopefully your results with this change are similar to mine and they look pretty good. If no, PLEASE let me know!!!!!!!! And send pics so I can see the issue and fix things. 🙂
    This chassis comes with 4 recolorable channels and one preset. It can be used with any FemmeBot head or hair option.
    Again, as she is the one piece design, the No Bottom slot filler is required for her assembly...
    https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/15771-ls_femmebotnobottom-fixed/  And, as with all FemmeBots, she IS a Plumbot and requires EP11 Into The Future, and must be assembled in the bot station. Of course, the Kinky World sexbot chip is a nice adition to her other trait chips. All other restrictions and recommendations apply regarding Sim CAS, sliders and travel to other EA and user created worlds.
    NOTE: The hair and head shown in the picture are still being worked on, and I plan to upload them both as soon as I am completely happy with them. Or as close to completely happy as I can be! Heads and hair are found on other FemmeBot download pages. I plan to make a separate page for heads and hair as I make more of them.
    Stay safe and healthy!
    I hope you like her!!!



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