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Oblivion mods that add or modify in game races

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  1. Diablo Elf 6-in-1 (OMOD) - Re-Upload

    This is a Re-Upload of Diablo Elf 6-in-1 which used to be at Nexus Mods. now no longer there as both the original post and its later successor have been deleted.
    *  https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/43117
    *  https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/43379

    What is presented is a re-Upload of the second OMOD version uploaded by whitelilyx to Nexus Mods (July 18, 2017), this copy having been downloaded in 2018.

    The uploaded OMOD is (obviously) in the file entitled: Diablo Elf 6 in 1.zip


    Original Post by tijana2608 for the 2012 uploaded OMOD as follows:
    No changes were made to the OMOD file. Other than perhaps a slight name change to the OMOD file itself, no other changes were made. None of the contents had been altered as far as I can remember (it has been 8 years minimum).

    By the mod's initial design, the starting player is assumed female, and the mod also pre-defines the player as one of the Diablo Elves rather than the classic Male Imperial archetype (Bendu Olo).   Described as a mod that had issues that needed cleaning, @fejeena took it upon himself to examine and repair some issues encountered, including the removal that predefined the NPC as a female Diablo Elf when entering the Character Creation screen.  This, he performed on October 31, 2020 as shown (HERE).

    The esp file he uploaded can be found within this page's download as the Alternate esp.zip file.

    2023 - February - Posted by @fejeena
    Nexus Mod's 43117 Originally uploaded by tijana2608 (4shared Link)  
    2013 September - Alternate textures supplied by @Poontank :
    DiabloElf Choco alternate textures (no tattoos) DiabloElf Choco alternate textures (with tattoos)              The MegaNZ link suggested no longer available
    2013 February - Uploaded by Guest 
    2023 February - Rediscovered by @fejeena:
    FF Custom Skins 2.4           
    2011 October - Posted by @Sizustar
    PYFFIed Mesh and High-rez oily texture for MBP+Xeo               Formerly LoversLab thread 2460 (Broken after software change)
                  Not necessarily Diablo Elf - but like-texture related 

    Again, this is a Re-Upload.  No existing version of Diablo Elf 6-in-1 exists on Nexus Mods, both versions having been deleted.



  2. Twileks Redux

    The Twi'lek redux is an upgrade to Lovender's Twi'lek race mod.
         *Adds males for each of the twi'lek races
         *Attaches the Twi'lek's Lekkus in the tail slot so that you don't have to travel to the waterfront to get them. It also allows you to wear helmets (see Pictures).
         *Replaces the Lyn Me with a Darth Talon Texture (Darth Maul for males).
         *Gives each of them unique racial traits creating a normal Twi'lek, a Jedi, and a Sith. WARNING: The two force using twi'leks may be a bit over powered but are very flavorful.
    To install you must first install Lovender's Twi'lek race and all of its prerequisite files. Then copy the data folder of Twi'lek Redux into your Oblivion folder and let it overwrite anything it asks to.
    And as always my stuff is open use, for anyone who wants to use anything for their own mods.
    Darth Talon Lekku Texture was missing. It has now been added.



  3. Celestial

    Have you ever noticed that there are dozens of race mods that add playable devils, demons, and other fiendish races but only a very small selection when it comes to celestial races. Personally I've only seen two and one of them also came with yet another devil race. Don't get me wrong I like a good devil as much as the next guy but I like to see a little more balance when it comes to the battle of good & evil. So I tried my hand at making a new celestial race.
    This one is simply called the Celestial. It is based on the Radiant Glory from Heroes of might and Magic 6 as shown in my source picture. I just didn't want to call them that because I don't like the name, at least not for a race. I did name one of its powers that though. That said its powers are as follows: The ability to cast Light, Heal others on touch, & The ability to walk on water. Fairly simple powers but I thought very flavorful.
    This mod has two esp files so read this carefully. Step one, extract the files into a separate folder. Step two, copy/move the data folder to your Oblivion folder. This will give you the playable race as well as two NPC trainers. Step three is optional and requires the CMpartners found here https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/7819/?tab=1&navtag=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Foblivion%2Fajax%2Fmoddescription%2F%3Fid%3D7819%26preview%3D&pUp=1 . If you have CMpartners open the folder labeled "CMpartners ESP" and copy/move the ESP file into your Oblivion/Data folder. If you already have the base ESP installed this will over wright it. Once done this will give you all the same features as the base but also add two joinable NPCs.
    All NPCs are located in a chapel except one. The one exception is staying at an inn in the Imperial City's Temple district. Warning, None of the NPCs are essential.
    This mod uses Coolsims hair pack by Lucha & Anto found here https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40172 & I thank them very much not only for a great mod but also for putting an open use notice on it. I love when people do that.
    As will always be, anything I make may be used freely all I ask is that anything you make with it also be freely use able.



  4. ITS ALIVE!!

    Happy Halloween everyone. In the name of the holiday I present a classic monster with an Elder scrolls twist. Frankenstein's monster or the Frankensteinian as I have called it is a tough race built to take a hit really well. Unfortunately just about everyone hates it. This race suffers reaction penalties from all but one of the races. The only ones that give a positive reaction are the orcs who relate to the monsters brutish nature and lack of social grace.
    I have included the psd files in the extras folder for easy editing if you wanted to customize your own monster. Personally I use a few components from IAJOT race replacer https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40284/? Since I have a few of its components installed. I wanted to include these as alternate textures but I had to get multiple permissions from different people and I was running out of time to get this out for October.
    Anyway this is my first real mod so I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think. Anything I make is open use. Feel free to use any of it, no asking necessary.



  5. Ave's Vanilla Races and Racereplacer

    I decide to split my single content post and place all my race here, so they are hopefully more easy to find.
    Never use the race and the replacer of the same race (e.g. AveKhajiit.esp and AveKhajiitReplacer.esp)
    First of all you need for every Race/Racereplacer this:
    File Name: AveRaceResource_V1.0
    File Submitter: avebrave
    SKS Ren Hair Collection
    Crazy Hair
    Like the name say, this is the resource file, it contains hair, eye and some other stuff that are need for all of the races.
    download all requiremeds and place the meshes and texture folders in your data folder (no need for the esp if there are any)

    File Name: AveKhajiit_V1.2
    File Submitter: avebrave
    Requires: AveRaceResource_V1.0, HGEC Body
    contains 3 diffrent Khajiit Races:
    Ohmes Tojay: orange-brown fur and dark skin
    Ohmes Cathay: white-grey fur and light skin
    Ohmes: orange-brown fur and light skin

    File Name: AveRedguard_V1.2
    File Submitter: avebrave
    Requires: AveRaceResource_V1.0, HGEC Body
    contains 2 diffrent Redguard female Races
    File Name: AveRedguardMale_V1.0
    File Submitter: avebrave
    Requires: AveRaceResource_V1.0, Robert Male Body
    contains 2 diffrent Redguard male Races, I recomment the one with beard, because man without beard are called woman
    File Name: AveKhajiitReplacer_V1.0
    File Submitter: avebrave
    Requires: AveRaceResource_V1.0, HGEC Body
    Replaces all female Khajiit in Oblivion and SI with my Khajiit Race. (contains 18 diffrent races 6 Ohmes, 6 Ohmes Tojay and 6 Ohmes Cathay all in all 18 different face texures and 17 different body textures)

    Click here to download this file



  6. X110 Races

    They are x110 scaled races to look more like young ladies. I think existing x117 or x125 races are bit too short.
    All the head meshes included were treated to mend the neck seam line
    This does not mean they are perfectly seamless. It is your work to grab seamless textures from the internet.. or, create one yourself.
    MBP x110 races

    comparison image between x110 and x117
    x110 scale version of (Mostly) x117 races. You know, Lop-eared Elves and such.
    Requires Modular Beautiful People 1.4a and x117 race ++ 077
    And the MBP Chocolate Elves Resources if you want to use Lop-chocalte elf x110.
    They are exactly same as the original races, except the scale and the head size. So not mentioning anymore.
    Evy x110 Race (From Mabinogi Heroes)

    I've reworked all the Evy hairs included in the original Evy race omod, and added one more hair (an NPC girl called Ti, from Mabinogi Heroes as well)
    Their head shape is slightly different from the original Evy's. (x110 cheeks look more plump) so becareful when transfer facegen from an existing Evy save file.
    This one is stand-alone. So if you're using the Evy race already, don't overwrite the textures.
    For Evy voice, get the file here
    They have different racial abilities from the original Evy race unlike my MBP x110's.
    Requires OBSE. If you don't have OBSE for some reason just don't use the lesser power
    Have fun!
    KKK and all the modders in 2ch thread for x117 races
    XiNAVRO for Chocolate elves
    Lacon1, SleepD and Alex30001 for Evy race
    Beta000, Elalquimista and Poontank for some (technical) help



  7. Stand Alone Playable X.117 [TES.IV]

    This mod is combination from Children Annuad and MBP.2ch database.That provide player with basic & Generic X.117 races Only.
    They are playable race based from the Children Annuad NPC.
    RACE: Kunne, Elven Youth, Orphan, Noble Son.
    Each race have -30 ability score or minus Two Level Penalty, Which make them fragile for realism.
    in exchange for elevated disposition towards them and unique power that define them.
    - Basic User Knowledge & Norm of X.117
    - Children Annuad [Catus Carnival] is not required, Though their armory and clothing catalog are essential to play Universal X.117.
    Kun are lesser beast race separate in several clan distinguished by their coat, They are nimble, graceful cat like race who share cat like personality. Kun never have society of their own but form colony of vagabond. They see perfectly in low light and blessed with keen senses.
    Elves married once, They had few children, who were very dear to them. Elven children stay with their parent as much as eternity of youth allows them. However their spiritful nature always took them outside far away from home to learn as much as their curiosity allows. Elf trained early with sword and magic, well enough for today adventure.
    Noble Son
    Child that exhibits behavioral from overindulgence by her parents in the imperial cosmopolitan. The noble son and daughter strive to get out of their golden cage to escape boredom, depravity or simply search of their own identity and aspiration.
    Children who permanently bereaved of or abandoned by his or her parents. The lack of parents leaves the characters to pursue more interesting and adventurous lives, live in junk boxes, parks, sewer or on the street itself.. They are self-contained and introspective and who strive for affection.
    Every Hero and Heroine start in a humble beginning, To rise from mistakes, adapt, changes and honor the expectation of elders. It's a big world out there sweet heart. Whatever kind of person you're going to be - Know that your parents loves of you.
    This mod is still on beta and far from perfect, Some balancing & Typo still required fixing.
    Additional unique hair style are not included in this mod.
    * Actor Voices are interchangeable - Swap the F or M folder manually to suit your preferences.
    * If You got questions - PM emily.



  8. Ave's mod selection

    Please read the
    forum topic for more information.



  9. Aranae - Spider Elves

    My custom spider lop ear elf race with eight eyes and evil veins
    Comes in versions with and without dragonfly wings
    -HGEC + Robert Male Body
    -Custom Race Fix
    -Ren's Beauty Pack (meshes and textures)



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