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Armor & Clothing

Fallout 4 oriented mods that replace or add new armor or clothes

77 files

  1. InvisiJet

    Invisible JetPack. Does not take up a bodyslot. ESP and ESL versions.



  2. Battle Carnival

    An simple outfit ported from Battle Carnival
    There are three type of color settings, you can change the color through the Armorbench
    Craft the outfit in Chembench 



  3. Final Fantasy XV Aranea Highwind EN v1.0

    1) An armor from Final Fantasy XV 
    2) Bodyslide supported 
    3) Get from vault 111 Exit  and enjoying



  4. Grab Em By The Pussy (Skeleton Grabby Hands)

    This file adds a set of skeleton grabby hands that Grabs your female character by the pussy, tits and ass. 
    Its not political, just a horny skeleton back from the dead and a catchy title.
    Pics soon. 
    Craft at chem station under, "Grab em by the pussy". Make any of the six hands enabled or disabled at armor station. Body slide files included (Let me know if they work. This whole project started as a "screw around" in bodyslide when I was playing with it because people were asking for conversions, so credit to ousinus).
    report any issues, and I plan to release a variant one soon. 
    Ousinius and the bodyslide crew. 
    Perridae almas for putting out one hell of a mezcal and to Frank Reynolds for keeping paddys pub alive for the last 12 years.
    do what you want. its all from in game assets. if you post this anywhere just credit me, the bodyslide crew and Frank Reynolds.




    A suit ported from TERA with physical breast 
    Use the following code to get it
    PS: xx stand for the SN of the esp
    bodyslide available 



  6. Sudden Attack 2 MIYA

    A Simple clothing from Sudden Attack 2
    get from your chembench
    CBBE Required 
    Bodyslide available
    Modifiable options in Armor bench including Color changing



  7. Females Wear Male Raider Leathers

    This is a simple mod that I made while screwing around in bodyslide and outfit studio (specifically outfit studio for this mod) while waiting for drivers to download.
    (Leather armor arms not included they are just in the screenshot)
    What does it do? it replaces the Female Raider leather mesh with a version that is similar to the male version without the sleeves. For the male version it replaces the default male verison with a sleeveless option. 
    if you like the old raider leathers for females and males, don't worry, those are craftable! all you have to do is take one of raider leathers to a chem station and convert it to the old version. 
    This is done for cbbe curvy. Im still trying to figure out how to make bodyslide files which is why I started this in the first place.
    Credit to caliente, Jeir and ouisnus for making cbbe curvy and bodyslide.
    Credit to geoforce for making their download so freaking slow it inspired me to make this mod.
    Credit to Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Avlarez for giving is a great rematch, whens #3?
    Use and Perms, do what you want. I put almost no effort into this. Just don't convert it to some nude kids crap please.



  8. Jane Bod (JB) Vanilla and DLCs BS2 sliders

    Converted Caliente's Vanilla and DLCs sliders for Jane Bod.
    JB Vanilla Caliente's conversion v1.3 updated
    JB Automatron Caliente's conversion
    JB Far Harbour Caliente's conversion
    JB Nuka World Caliente's conversion v1.1 updated
    This is a simple Conversion of the CBBE BS2 sliders from Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- to Jane Bod
    -I have not tested them all in-game yet, only gone over them in Bodyslide Preview and looked for any obvious errors.
    -If You see any errors or something missing please report them in the comments and I'll take a look.
    -I used Jane Bod Extended in Outfitstudio as a reference (Jane Bod w Vag) when adding sliders to the conversion.
    Bodyslide and Outfit Studio for building the items.
    Jane Bod-JB- Rev for the body 
    A slider preset for Jane Bod. (I use this one, but any should work as long as it is for JB)
    You do not need Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- for the sliders to work.
    As long as it is only shared here on LL, do as you like for my part,
    but you should ask ousnius for permission since its ousnius and Caliente that did most of the work.
    ousnius and Caliente for the CBBE BS2 sliders from Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- and Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
    Nightasy for Jane Bod-JB- Rev
    dup3w4sh1ngt0n for Jane Bod Extended



  9. Xavier's Bethesda outfit

    This  is a customize Armor MOD
    The assets are get from a free 3D model website, but the uploader did not mention where it came from.
    In addition, the coat in this mod is my own modification according to the clothes of Maxson in fallout 4.
    This mod contains a Coat, a suit, a pair of gloves and a backswrod
    You can get the clothes from chembench



  10. NX2C Sloot Suit

    ⭐Craft at Chem Station under Chic Geek⭐
    The infamous, Insane Ivy now has an outfit/armor that reflects her amazing personality.
    Hope you enjoy! And if you haven't already, head over to my YouTube Channel and subscribe! https://youtu.be/QzIb2EibXIY
    Live long and sloot!
    Chic Geek
    Thank you to the following people for their love, support and and assistance in the creation of this mod
    ❤ AmerPsycho
    ❤ Flashy (Joer)
    ❤ OCRSpartan
    ❤ KonataInoue
    ❤ FRANCESCO84Inn
    ❤ Adviser69
    ❤ BrysonPlays



  11. BNS-ZhengHunGe

    Just a simple outfit ported from BNS
    I made this long time ago, just upload it because someone ask me to do it
    same as my other armor mods, you can get the outfit from chembench and you need install CBBE 
    You can adjust your charactor's body shape with Bodyslide 



  12. Division

    The outfit is ported from "Tom Clancy's The Division2" and only for female

    Installation method: NMM  
    CBBE  required 
    Bodyslide supported
    Craft method: chembench
    It contains a gas mask, a piece of clothing, a watch and a backpack



  13. Franky Swimsuit ( CBBE )

                            After long time on NexusMod  i decided to publish this mod on LoverLabs  too.                
    90 Girl Outfit
      present :

    Franky Swimsuit
    Collection of Original Swimsuit
    model :

    Franky Swimsuit
    model :


    Franky Swimsuit
    model :


    Franky Swimsuit
    model :


    Styled and desinged
    FRANCESCO84Inn an Italian videogamer, modder



      Description :

    Franky Swimsuit is a new ORIGINAL, sexy and skimpy swimsuit.
    The first model are retro sci-fi like, for cbbe.

    All model are named with female name and this
    name are conteined into Franky.

    I hope guys you like and enjoy this my new creation.


    The Franky Urban Cloth  can craft via ChemLab
    under the Utility category

    and contain the following part :

    Francine Swimsuit ( first model )            Atomic Beauty Conversion : https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/31342
                                                                                                                                                                ( by Futuretech )  

    Roberta Swimsuit ( second model )                                                 

    Amanda Swimsuit ( third model )

    Nadia Swimsuit ( fourth  model )                                                                                                   

    Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-       ( by Caliente and Ousnius )
    BodySlide and Outfit Studio      ( by Ousnius and Caliente )


    Please player and user, add your's image\photo.

    If you like my mod, please endorse and vote them.


    My Other mod :

    Diamond Luxury BabyDoll
    Diamond Luxury Swimsuit
    '90Girl Outfit
    White Cobra Swimsuit Gold Edition
    Francine CBBE preset


    Caliente and Ousnius
    The ather two model soon on my Paetron



  14. Sun's Final Project

    It's Finally Here
    Hello everyone! It has been a while since I last uploaded a mod for either Skyrim or Fallout 4. I took a pretty much permanent break from Skyrim SE and started to once against shift focus to Fallout 4. I am here introducing the big mod pack where I experimented with different things and added unique assets to create something more personal. Of course, there are outfits here that are from Skyrim and extracted from other games! I have always been focused on outfits and such because that was where the fun is when playing Bethesda games. Anyway, I have a few announcements to make as well as break down the contents of this mod pack. Everything will be neatly organized using spoilers. If you don't care for my story or what I have to say, just skip the announcement and go ahead and read through the other spoilers that talks about the mod.
    My Announcement
    About this Mod
    How to Install

    Picture of Load Screen
    Pictures of Room and Beach
    Pictures of Clothing Ground Meshes and Boxes of Clothing
    Pictures of Outfits
    And that's that. I think this is all the information you guys need to enjoy this mod. I was going to type up an F.A.Q. section regarding any questions you guys may have but I'm too lazy at the moment and you guys can go ahead and ask me anything either related to this mod or my announcement.



  15. jackgas Pub Of the Commonwealth Preview Sampler

    This is a preview of a bunch of outfit conversions I have been working on (with jackgas permission) for a Fallout 4 version of jackgas pub.  
    The outfits are fully modular. there was a number of conversions of some of these outfits before and I believe they were really great, but none of them were set up as pieces, Boots/shoes equippable body, skirts/pants, top, accessories and ass applicable armor pieces.
    This does NOT focus on bringing Medieval style armors to Fallout 4. This borrows the more plain clothes outfits such as Hitomi's tank top and jeans outfit or the babydoll outfit. I have taken the liberty of shortening a good deal of the skirts.
    While this is not a full collection, It is a wide sampling.
    some (but not all) of the outfits included:
    Babydoll outfit (2 tops, skirt, boots)
    Leather biker outfit (2 tops, 2 miniskirts, boots)
    blue bird ninja outfit (boots, gloves, top)
    vampire hunter outfit (greaves, top, gloves)
    crimson twighlight outfit (top, boots and glove only)
    Hitomi's jeans outfit (jeans, tank top, wrestling shoes, mma gloves, school jacket)
    pi chan's kung fu outfit (shoes, pants, top)
    Julia outfit (short jeans, crop top, necklace, boots)
    Underoid outfit (bra, panties, arm sleeves, arm armor, boots, boot armor, dress, equipment belt)
    Ada wong (heel boots, top)
    Momiji white bikini
    Momiji blue hand bikini
    ayane's short skirt and leggings (2 boots, 2 tops)
    ayane's military babe outfit (boots, top)
    kasumi's shorts (2 shorts)
    skull elf (boots top)
    kasumi's hotties bikini (top, bottom)
    kasumi's curb stomper boots
    Kasumi's overalls
    Sailor moon (red) suit (shoes, arm sleeves, 2 tops)
    leather jacket 
    (a few more, ill update as I remember)
    I will upload pics as I can. 
    Crates can be found with the dead dog and raider near red rocket.
    for console commands just type in "jackgaspub" and search for items. This was meant to be a sampler. the Pub will make these items for sale, and for a high price crafting recipies will be available for purchase for all the items.
    Please let me know any issues, many of these outfits are a wip. 
    Credit to Jackga, and to loverslab people who faithfully hunted down the files that may be included in the mod.



  16. BDO-NightCat v1.0

    An armor that ported form Black Desert Online
    This mod contains a clothes (physical)   a pair of gloves  and two helmet
    you need CBBE before use this mod
    support Bodyslide 
    you can get these staff from chembench or type " help Nightcat 0" to get the code



  17. Yennefer's outfit

    This mod contents a pair of gloves, a necklace and a clothes
    CBBE is required 
    Support Bodyslide 
    Create from chembench 



  18. Aveline v1.0-EN

    A piece of clothes ported from Assassins Creed III:Liberation
    CBBE is required 
    Creation : chembench
     Bodyslide avaliable
    Install with NMM



  19. AVA v1.0-EN

    A piece of clothes ported from Alliance of Valiant Arms
    2 colour options (BLUE&YELLOW)
    CBBE is required 
    Creation : chembench
     Bodyslide avaliable
    Install with NMM



  20. Shelly's outfit

    A outfit ported from BomBshell
    included one  clothes and one gloves (4K)
    Need CBBE
    Get from chembench



  21. Nino+Frost

    About this mod
    This mod contains a clothes and a weapon 
    the clothes is ported from WarFace
    the weapon is ported from World of Warcraft
    CBBE is required 
    PS: The clothes and the hood can't be separated, consider if you can accept it before you download it 
    You can get the clothes or the weapon from chemworkbench



  22. Radscorpion Plate Armor

    I give permission to anyone who wants to host this on Bethesda.net and Nexusmods.com, just inform me first or otherwise I will revoke this permission,
    This mod is a custom armor set made out of Radscorpion Parts. Male, female, light, and heavy, plus armor mods.
    Overwrite if prompted.
    For old users (0.6 and lower) please sell/scrap your old armor and use the console to add new armors.
    On par with standard combat armor, however adds higher energy and poison resistance.
    You can craft it at a chem station under Utility (untested). If not, then just use the console. The armor has basic lining mods until I do more work on it. Radscorpions now carry "Radscorpion parts" when they die. Use these to craft the armor.
    Use any texture replacer that you want. It uses the Road Leathers and Radscorpion textures. I reccommend https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/32255
    Uses the scorpion's face for all the plates, it's one of the few usable pieces of mesh. The others are difficult to properly separate.
    Bodyslide files for both light and heavy sets.
    Most, if not all, problems have been ironed out.
    Most clothing will work, but the shoulders might appear floaty.
    Future Plans
    -All finished!
    You may NOT reupload this file to other sites, link to it from other sites for your own profit, or host on private/secure servers like Google Drive, Dropbox, Mediafire, Mega, or other file hosting websites. You may not modify and upload to another site.

    I specifically forbid tesall.ru, skyrim.2game.com, devillord.tistory.com, and NexusMods to host this file in any way. This game modification for Fallout 4 is protected under international copyright laws. A DMCA will be filed against any website privately or publicly hosting this file other than that which I specify are allowed.
    Currently allowed websites are:
    I've been doing this for a long time. I know what I'm doing. Keep the bullshit comments to a minimum.
    Copyright © 2017 the following usernames: HorseRider (tesrenewal.com) RogueLizard (PornHub.com and E621.net) ZurinArctus85 (NexusMods.com) RussianPrince (Loverslab.com) 53XYH0R53 (Reddit), The Black Fox (Steam)
    如果您从任何非原创网站上阅读此文件,此文件已被盗,并且托管网站是非法托管文件。 为避免法律上的麻烦,请向当局报告国际版权欺诈。
    Other NexusMods names: thisaccountisuseless, MicrowaveBurrito77, ShadoW, KitchenCrusader



  23. Colors Of Kimono's

    What are these!?
    Those colorful garbs that females wear  in Japan!?
    Like the most of the other clothing mods i've uploaded, you craft these at any cooking station. 
    They come in Aqua, Pink, Black, and Green.



  24. BD Karlstein oufit

    About this mod
    1.It is a port from black desert online
    2.require CBBE
    3.support bodyslide 
    4.physical dress
    5.use NMM install
    6. including one clothing/hood/gloves
    7.get from chembench or console "help karlstein 0" to find the code



  25. Rianbow Six BlackMirror

    About this MOD 

    1. This MOD contains two pieces of clothing and two helmets. One piece of clothing is with a backpack and the other is without.
    A helmet will hide the hair, and the other one will add a little bit of hair into it.
    This will not be too ugly, but if you are using the original hairstyle you should be fine. (But I did not try)
    2. CBBE is required before you install it
    3. Support Bodyslide, but I do not recommend that as the chest of this dress is plate armor. If you insist on adjusting, it is a sense of dissatisfaction. 
    4. crafted Method - Chembench / Console "help blackmirror 0"
    5.USE NMM to install it