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Armor & Clothing

Fallout 4 oriented mods that replace or add new armor or clothes

132 files

  1. Nico's DOA6 Design Sailor Outfit For FO4 (FG and CBBE)

    Nico's DOA6 FO4 Sailor Outfit for Fusion Girl 1.75+ or higher and CBBE. Default meshes are Fusion girl, build CBBE in bodyslide.
    Fusion girl and CBBE Bodyslide files
    Modular Suit.
    BootsBody with three sets of boots and Stockings on or off (Adjust at Armor Bench)
    Jacket (Sleeves or sleeveless)
    Shorts (With or without sailor bear)
    Craft at chem.
    (May add the electric shock rings later, Not sure what I want to do with them yet.)
    Pics Soon



  2. IceStorm's Lauren Punps

    IceStorm's Lauren Punps - Version 1.0
    See my Patreon for more mods, screenshots or if you want to support me.
    A pair of peep-toe pumps with metal platform and high heels for your vault girl.
    3 Metal types for the platform/heel - Silver, Gold, Copper.
    6 Materials for the shoe - Turquoise, Black, Champagne, Nude, Rose, Silver
    Fallout 4 (obviously) CBBE BodySlide (Optionally but highly recommended) Fallout 4 High Heels System (FO4HHS) and it's depenencies  
    Install with your mod manager or manually. Run BodySlide to build the shoes (with body) for your preset. This mod requires FO4HHS.
    How to acquire Craft them at the chemlab under "IceStorm's Shoes" for some materials. You can modify the color at an armor workbench.
    The heels use Slot 33-Body, like any other pair of high heel shoes. They come with custom high heel sounds, but you can change it back to vanilla at the armor workbench.
    Sound of the heels is louder than normal footsteps. Sneaking is almost impossible and enemies will hear you much earlier than with flat shoes. If you revert it back to vanilla, this does not apply. To keep the high amount of details, full precision is enabled on the shoe's mesh. This means, that you may encounter some graphics glitches when a character wearing the shoes is set on fire (e.g. hit by a molotov). This mod requires game version 1.10.162 or newer due to changes to the ESP/ESL format.  



  3. True Wasteland Body Outfits for Men (SHB)

    Ever looked at the variety of outfits added by the wonderful mod True Wasteland Body Outfits and felt sad that your men couldn't wear any of them? That your poor gents were condemned to only vanilla models and meshes instead while your ladies rocked some sexy new looks? No more! Now your men can look just as hot as your ladies in these newly converted outfits made for the fantastic Super Hero Bodies! Just download this lil baby, True Wasteland Body Outfits for Men, into your mod manager of choice, let it install as normal, build the outfits in bodyslide, then load your game, and any men wearing TWB outfits will now magically be much more sexily clad than before!

    SHB is required, as is TWB Outfits. A nude skin texture is recommended, otherwise your guys are gunna look a little wacky with their undies hangin' out for all to see! Outfits must be built in Bodyslide to appear in game, otherwise any guys wearing the outfits will have invisible bodies! The plugin is flagged as an ESL, so it will not count towards your plugin limit!

    I would love to see your guys in the outfits, so if you take any screenshots, I'd be happy to see them posted up here!
    Download with/input into your mod manager of choice. Install using your mod manager as normal and activate the plugin. Open Bodyslide. You can find the outfits by typing 'TWB Outfits' in the search bar. Build the outfits! You can batch build if you search for 'TWB Outfits,' but you can also build the outfits individually. The latter might be desired, as some outfits have zap slider options that have been added, for anyone who might prefer flat boots or shorts on their guys. Run Fallout 4 as usual and enjoy!  
    Deactivate the plugin in your load order. Uninstall with your mod manager. All done! Any men wearing the outfits will now be back to wearing vanilla versions of them!  
    ALL credit for the original mod True Wasteland Body Outfits goes to its creator QuietPippin. They made some wonderful outfits for the ladies, all I did was convert them for men to wear as well! This mod has been made and published with their permission. This mod uses Super Hero Bodies (Enhanced Vanilla Bodies Conversion) and its sliders as a base, so of course all credit for the base body and sliders goes to MentalHygiene. This mod was created with the use of SexSwap Outfit Conversion Templates for Outfit Studio by NaiRae. Their fantastic conversion tool did the bulk of the work, allowing me to fine tune everything and make sure the fit was right without too much trouble. Their tool deserves a lot more recognition than I've seen it get, and they deserve far more endorsements. Some screenshots provided by EngineGaming. The pose used in my outfit screenshots is from the mod UPC - Unisex Pose Collection.



  4. Kinetic Hazard Armor Redux (Finally Fixed)

    This is a partial rework of my old Kinetic Hazard Armor. I was unhappy with some aspects of the old file and out of laziness I haven't exactly updated it or maintained it. You can find the suit in a box in one of the buildings in QASmoke/Tunnels, or you can add it through the console/ESP Explorer.
    The LoversLab file will NOT be updated or maintained beyond this original upload. Any and all major updates will be posted to my Patreon page.
    The kinetic hazard armor is a modular suit that protects its wearer against kinetic hazards, as its name implies.
    The undersuit is comprised of a Kevlar and aramid fiber composite, making it watertight as well as highly resistant to high impact damage. It is also hermetically sealed and is resistant to extreme cold, acid, poison, electricity, and radiation.
    The heavy plating is comprised of high grade titanium and ceramic layers.
    The energy shielding uses the hard light theory:
    "Solid light, often referred to in media as "hard light" or "hard-light", is a hypothetical material, made of light in a solidified state. It has been theorized that this could exist, and experiments claim to have created solid photonic matter or molecules by inducing strong interaction between photons." - Wikipedia
    All tiers are craftable at a workbench and the headwear has built in compatibility between humans and people who use the Vulpine race. Simply craft the race toggle on the glasses at the workbench. Some beast ears may clip through the helmet, you will have to adjust your character's face to fit.
    Release History:
    Base suit: 100 DR/ER/CR/FR/RR/PR
    Plating: 1100ER/DR
    Plating and Energy Shielding: 2100DR/ER 1000RR
    Helmet/glasses: 250DR/ER
    Utility Belt (Light): 200 carry weight
    Utility Belt (Medium) 200 carry weight and 250ER/DR
    Utility Belt (Heavy): 200 carry weight and 500 DR/ER
    Known issues:
    Animated energy shielding alpha causes it to disappear when viewed next to the sky
    While the designs of the combat armor and marine wetsuit belong specifically to Bethesda, the concepts, designs, and ideas behind Kinetic Hazard Armor irrespective of borrowed designs, belongs solely to me (Etrius vanRandr).



  5. IceStorm's Clothes

    IceStorm's Clothes - Version 5.7
    See my Patreon for more mods, screenshots or if you want to support me.
    Fallout 4 (obviously) DLC: Nuka World DLC: Far Harbor DLC: Contraptions Workshop CBBE BodySlide (Optionally but highly recommended) Fallout 4 High Heels System (FO4HHS) and it's depenencies Commonwealth Cuts (KSHairdos) and KSHairdos with Physics. ESPs of both don't need to be active, but both mods need to be installed as I have no permission to include files of them into my mod. At least 20GiB of disk space for installing the main package. 4K textures need additional 60GiB (The 4K pack "only" takes up additional 30GiB, but the archive needs to be extracted so you need the size of the archive + the size of the unpacked BA2)
    This mod is incompatible with every mod that touches Fallon's Basement. If you use Ultra Interrior lighting, you may face severe performance degradation inside Fallon's. Remove Fallon's basement edits from Ultra Interror Lighting with FO4Edit. You can delete alle edits to Cell -> Block 3 -> Sub-Block 6.

    Perfume can be crafted at the chemlab under 'Autumn Perfume'. You need the recipes for each type of perfume. They can be bought from Nicole. Not all of them are available at a time. After buying one, the same one shouldn't be available for sale afterwards. Like most merchants in Diamond City, all merchants in Fallon's give you a discount when having Piper as a companion. Fallons is now opened 24/7. The locked room on the upper floor is not meant to be opened by the player right now. Diamond City (and the turrets inside Fallons) will turn hostile if the player unlocks the door. You can only have one perfume effect active at a time. Consuming another one will dispell the currently active effect. This is intended. The water inside Fallon's is purifed and does not cause radiation damage (although... who drinks the decorative water inside a shopping mall?)  
    Known Issues
    The Cardigan has some major distortion under the arm pits. The reason is that the outfit is to "thick" and the game screws up on parts of the weighting. Animations with objects (trying perfume, checking the shoes) won't let you change camera zoom/perspective after starting the animation. This is a vanilla behavior. You have to change to 3rd person and zoom out before entering the furniture object and starting the animation. Due to the lack of voice actors, dialogues are text-only for now. Dialogues without voice can't be skipped and are displayed way longer than you would need to read the text. This is a vanilla game behavior and cannot be overridden by a mod. The large table and large shelf are invisible in the workshop menu, but can be placed without problems. One of the beach chairs can't be used right now. The player can get stuck under the umbrella in Fallon's.  

    How to acquire the outfits?
    You have several options:
    Buy them from Rebecca in Fallon's basement (she's at the checkout, you might not recognize her first... hehe) Craft them at the chem station (you have to enabled crafting in the settings holotape) Craft them with the manufacturing machines. You have to build them in Workshop mode.  
    Download Files:
    The two download links provided are the two download mirrors. They contain the same files. If you have download issues with one of them, try the other one.
    Main File Contains: ESP, Main Data, BodySlide Shape Data, 2k Textures (Uncompressed: 13.1 GiB) Size: 9.56 GiB Download Size: 6.55 GiB SHA256: aa454f304babc9f6b511e478901dbddd3629ae6bb13899ca27b1a325749165d8  
    4K Textures Contains: 4K Textures (Uncompressed: 51.4 GiB) Size: 29.3 GiB Download Size: 24.8 GiB SHA256: e1d9edc7cfdfa3191a10c3960fa9561fdabb79aa5dd971d40203757af7de3015 **WARNING: May need more than 30 GiB of system memory when visiting Fallon's Basement!** **!!! DO NOT EVEN TRY TO UNPACK AND INSTALL AS LOOSE FILES. !!!**  
    How to acquire the blueprints
    You have do complete a little quest. Look for a note near Moe Cronin where you usually find bounty hunts. The note is called "Shipment in Libertalia". You will have to pick up the note to start the quest. Just reading it will not start it.
    What does the X+ on some mods mean?
    That's a base-game "feature". It simply means that the modification was either bought or lootetd. Therefore it can be used an unlimited amount of times.
    High Heels are clipping into the ground!
    Install HHS and make sure it is working correctly.
    I can see parts of the old Fallon's clipping through the floor.
    See 'Incompatibilities'. You have another mod that edits Fallon's Basement. Try to place my mod below that one.
    Do I need the 4K textures?
    Well, if you have to ask this question: No.
    4K textures are designed for very powerfull rigs. You need a lot of memory (both RAM and VRAM).  8GiB of VRAM and 32GiB of RAM should be sufficient.
    You can only see the difference compared to the 2k textures when playing on very high resolutions (UHD or higher) or when making close-up screenshots.
    Outfits clip with my body
    Please build the outfits in BodySlide for your body preset.
    Why do all outfits look like Lorenzo's Suit?
    Sorry dude. They're only for the ladies
    Can I port these items to other body types and upload it?
    Yes. Just link to this mod (either here, or Patreon) so people can download this as master.
    Your mod should only contain the ported meshes and not the whole mod.
    Can I use parts of this mod in my own mod and publish it?
    Yes. Under the following conditions you can use parts of this mod (some outfits, meshes, textures) in your own mod:
    No paywall. The mod must be free to download. Credit me for the parts used. The high heels and flats footstep sounds are excluded as they're assets from other authors I have permission to use. But I cannot grant that permission to others.  



  6. Xaleya's Essential Well Endowed Collection

    Just a little compilation of mods I made for Fallout 4, trying to get sort of skimpy/sexy looking world while keeping it logical. Took me a while to get this thing together and I will update it from time-to-time. 

    I stole the title from my friend's Terraria modpack

    Social media:
    Twitter / Discord

    Available outfits:
    Vault Suit
    Army Fatigues

    You need body-slide to apply the clothes + any texture needed.

    Female Outfit Replacer 
    ALSL Vault Suit Unzipped 
    Atomic Beauty & Vanilla Outfits
    Atomic Beauty Vanilla Outfits CBP Physics
    Requeriments [Also credits]: 
    ZaZ's Atomic Fusion Body 
    Bodyslide and Outfit Studio 
    High Heels System 
    ZaZ's Extended Skeleton 
    OCBPC Physics 
    Icestorm's Heavy Metal Boots
    Louis Vuitton Platform Boots V4 
    Don't reupload to Nexus mods or anywhere without asking.



  7. ALSL Vault Suit Unzipped - Replacer - ZaZ AF / AB - CBP + HHS [Bodyslide Preset]

    A simple project. I don't like the lack of AB clothes and high heel mods around internet so I made my own using things from here and there.

    Use bodyslide, select your preset, build and fix any clipping with Outfit Studio 
    Base-body has no clipping so far.

    ZaZ's Extended Skeleton [Google Drive link]
    ZaZ's Atomic Fusion Body
    ALSL Vault Suit Unzipped - CBBE
    Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
    High Heels System
    CBBE or AB textures
    CBP - ZCBP or any compatible Physics mod for it.



  8. Just Another Piper Outfit - FG 1.75+ Bodyslide

    This is a Fusion Girl 1.75+ conversion that i made of the Just Another Piper Outfit. I also added zaps for the scarf and shirt for those interested. 

    This is just bodyslide files and the original mod is still required (available on Nexus)
    This work is performed under the permissions granted by the OA on the linked mod page:




  9. Angeli Techsuit Jetpack - Jetpacks FAO Integration

    I've removed neck and boob pipes (butt pipe still in place ;)) from Angeli Techsuit jetpack (so it better combines with other armors), made pipeless version a separate standalone item and integrated it with Jetpacks FAO scripts.

    Can be crafted on chemistry workbench.
    Angeli Techsuit
    Jetpacks FAO v5
    and its requirements
    Angeli for awesome techsuit mod
    Murielkai for jetpack mod



  10. Another Combat Armor - Recolors & Armorsmith Extended

    This is an edit of the Another Combat Armor -mod on Nexus.
    This mod does the following edits:
    Converts the mod into .ESL format
      Renames the armor pieces (some were just using the ID strings as names e.g.)
      Comes with .ESL flagged .ESP plugin that adds re-colors and Armorsmith Extended support to the mod.  
    Armorsmith Extended support:
    The crafting recipes for the armor are located under Armorsmith Workbench under category ARMOR - Vault-Tec
    The Bodysuit (underarmor) and Helmet and Mask(s) can now be fitted with Ballistic Weave, and additional mods, like glove, eye etc.
    NO Armorsmith Extended support:
    Download the "Vault-Tec ArmorAIO - Edited - No Armorsmith" if you just want the re-colors and base mods support (no Armorsmith Extended or ArmorKeywords required).
    The Crafting recipes are under Chemlab - UTILITY just like in the base mod.
    Download the base mod of Another Combat Armor. You will also need to install the High Heels system.
      Download Body Slide files for the mod from either here (Vault-Tech Armor Bodyslide CBBE HH KP v1.3) or here. I recommend the former.
      Skip this step if you are using the "No Armorsmith" -version. Download Armorsmith Extended and install.
      Download this mod and Install.
      Remove/disable/ignore the Vault-Tec Armor.esp that came with the original mod.

    Vault-Tec Armor.esl
    Vault-Tec Armor - Edits.esp

    In this load order.



  11. Healing Collar (Upgradeable variant)

    UPDATE 3 - There is now dynamic naming for the collar just as there would be for weapons and armor. It's rudimentary but I liken it to a movie director using a temporary soundtrack in their movie and, subsequently, loving it so much that they never bother with the soundtrack that they intended to place in there instead (wouldn't you agree, Mr. Kubrick?). Granted, I should have gone with "Multi-Collar [based upon your upgrades here]" instead of "[based upon your upgrades] Multi-Collar," but why let perfection get in the way of "it's good enough"? There's also a minor edit or two in there as well; Nothing that radically changes what someone may have already downloaded. So, in brief, if you want dynamic naming for your multi-collar, choose this version. If not, stick with the version that you have. I think that this will be it for this variant unless feedback compels me to modify the abilities.
    UPDATE 2 - Unfortunately, I have been forced to make another impromptu update to this mod due to another oversight. In order to construct the "Jump Module 01" upgrade, you needed the multi-collar itself. This requirement was clearly wrong and it has since been fixed (for the record, you merely need upgrade cards to access the upgrade). This update also featured some minor corrections, such as spelling and a bit more material in the "data dump." As always, thank you for your patience and I apologize for the oversight.
    UPDATE - And, of course, I had to upload a slightly edited version to correct an unfortunate oversight. It is a minor update but, if you are into strict roleplaying, this update may interest you. The prior version did not check to see if you had, in your possession, the blueprints for the upgrade card before you could create such an item. Silly me. The current version now corrects for this oversight. Otherwise, the two versions are identical in nature. Also, I failed to elaborate where you could create an upgrade card. You create them at a Chemistry lab and the item is under the "Utility" category (which is something I may also have to correct at some point). Thank you for your patience and I apologize for this minor oversight.
    OVERVIEW - This is a healing collar that is upgradeable. Upgrades go from fair to, admittedly, a bit overpowered. The settings can always be adjusted based upon player feedback. The collar itself can not be constructed but the "upgrade cards" need to be (except for the very first one because who doesn't enjoy "try before you buy"?). The file contains no scripts for those who enjoy mods without any scripts. Installation is easy; It is an .ESP file and it goes exactly where all other .ESP files go. Uninstallation is just as easy. Remove the file and you are done with it. And, before it is asked - No, this collar neither locks nor emits radiation.
    Admittedly, the mod is not entirely "complete" but it is entirely playable as is. I made this mod in one day as a challenge to myself as I was frustrated that I had not created this mod yet despite constantly writing that I would. I must say that it was more of a challenge than I anticipated and several design elements had to be adjusted for the mod to be completed although I do not think that the player suffers as a result. If anything, sometimes, constraints bring out a certain degree of creativity that may not have otherwise emerged.
    Items still to be completed: First and foremost, the name does not change despite the upgrades to the collar. Hopefully, that will be fixed in the next version. Descriptions of the upgrades should also be written.
    The location of the collar is, as always, a bit spoiler-ish so here's the generic hint: It's in Concord (funny that there are so many healing collars there, I know, but it's such a lovely town).
    And here's the spoiler-ish hint:
    The mod does require the Nukaworld DLC as it uses the collar from that DLC. However, most everyone already has the GOTY edition of the game at this point so that shouldn't be a significant issue.
    I hope that you enjoy this mod. Constructive feedback is always welcome.
    And, please, do not share this mod on NexusMods. I do not hate them; I merely want one central location for which to monitor this mod and maintain it. Thank you.



  12. Healing Collar (Locked & "Glowing" variant)

    UPDATE 2022-01-07 - I have decided to upload a new version of this mod based upon user feedback. As always, thank you for your feedback. I have not deleted the prior version; It is still available should you decide to download that one as well. They are virtually the same, file structure wise and, if you are mod-proficient, the only change is in the .ESP file itself. The script is identical. However, you may only choose one to use (again, unless you are mod-proficient and want to change the .ESP file name).
    The changes are as follows: I've increased the healing rate a bit but, at the same time, I've also increased the radiation a tiny, tiny bit as well. The net result, though, is more healing for the radiation. I don't necessarily think that it's overpowered but, again, to each their own. The big change is in HOW you get radiated; If you stand still, you won't be irradiated. This should resolve a bunch of playstyle concerns that were expressed. If you're moving, you get irradiated. You will still "heal" your radiation by crouching and not moving. And, of course, the collar is still unlockable.
    Another significant change is in the environmental storytelling; In brief, the note is more visible (hopefully) and a few aspects of the story are a bit more ambiguous (because we all love happy endings).
    As always, constructive feedback is always welcome. Thank you and I hope that you enjoy the mod.
    UPDATE - 2021-12-31 - The original version of this mod likely contained an incorrect script, causing the collar not to lock once it was equipped. Please download this new version of the mod. All that has been changed is the script itself; All other aspects of the mod has remained the same. Thank you.
    OVERVIEW - This file contains a collar that, once worn by the player, can not be removed unless you use console commands ("player.unequipitem xx001066", the 'xx' being the order number that the mod is loaded). The collar has healing properties but emits a tiny bit of radiation (with one exception, being that you must be crouched & motionless). I do not consider this collar overpowered (nor do I consider the amount of radiation damage debilitating) but, to alter a phrase, "overpowered" is in the eye of the beholder. I certainly wouldn't depend upon this collar alone to save me in a combat situation. On the other hand, you could wear the collar for awhile in a radiation-free zone without the urgent need for a constant supply of Radaway.
    The mod does contain a script; The script is how the collar locks to the player.
    There is a tiny bit of "physical storytelling" included in order to make the mod lore-friendly.
    The collar can not be constructed and there is only one of them. The location of the collar is, as always, a bit spoiler-ish. Here is that location:
    The non-spoilerish hint for the location would be - If you go past the Museum of Freedom, you've gone too far.
    Installing / Uninstalling - I have used 7-zip to compress the file. You may install this mod manually or through a mod manager. It ought to work regardless of that method. As with all mods with scripts, it is not recommended to continue using a save file that depended upon a mod with a script based upon how Fallout 4 creates saved games. The mod does require that the player has the Nuka-World DLC (although this should not be a huge detriment as most players have the Fallout 4 GOTY edition or it's equivalent by now) because the collar comes from that DLC.
    Please do not distribute this mod to NexusMods. I do not hate them; I merely want to monitor the progress of this mod from one central location and have complete control over whether to modify or completely remove it. NexusMods now has a policy whereby a creator does not retain complete control over their mod and so I do not want to be answering questions about possible earlier versions of mods that I create, nor do I have the time to provide support for those possible earlier versions of mods.
    I hope that you enjoy this mod; Having collars that irreversibly lock and had a bit of a "price" to them for what they provided in abilities were requested features for this collar and I hope that I've implemented those features successfully. If not, please provide constructive feedback as rates of healing and radiation may always be adjusted. Also, I just realized that the tiny bit of story-telling involved may be misconstrued. No ill intent was ever intended and it was just myself trying to give creative (and, hopefully, amusing) credit to others while also learning a few things about the Creation Kit. Nobody, and no mod, is perfect. Thank you.



  13. DOA6 Santa Christmas Bikini (Fusion Girl/CBBE)

    Craft at chem station under: "hey santa want a lap dance?"
    This is the bikini that unlocks with Tina Armstrong and Kasumi follower on dec 25 (In game time).
    Includes Bodyslide files for Fusion Girl 1.75+ and CBBE. you need to build in bodyslide before use especially if you use CBBE.
    The Mistletoe on the bikini may Conform to larger bodies funny so I have included an already weighted mistletoe mesh for for FG and CBBE you can use to replace In OS or another program if you don't like the way it conforms to your body. 



  14. Fallout 4: Nova Terra Starcraft II Covert Ops Mod Release

    Hello welcome back and Merry Christmas! 
    First and foremost I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday! Please like, comment and subscribe for more content! Alex and I read everything so it's really nice to see people's wonderful comments! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
    1. Professionally and scratch made Nova's Ghost Suit and Gun in beautiful 4K textures
    2: Custom Reload animation
    3. Weapon Customization
    BEFORE Downloading... this mod requires the following:
    1. CBBE
    1. Sanctuary https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/1151/images/56796/56796-1640211080-1428040792.jpeg
    2. Console Commands
    1. Nova Race will come in the next update, still kinking out some annoying bugs
    2. The download is not the actual mod but a dropbox link as I can't upload anything over 250mb. 
    Blizzard for creating the Starcraft universe
    Alexscorpian: Animations, rigging, textures
    L0rdofWar: Model
    Maybenexttime: For everything else



  15. karneth CBBE Conversion

    CBBE Conversion for karneths sets
    Requires the original clothes
    Crimson Punk - Fusion Girl - Armor & Clothing - LoversLab
    Colorful Wit - Fusion Girl - Armor & Clothing - LoversLab
    Stylish Bloomer - Fusion Girl - Armor & Clothing - LoversLab
    Venus Nine Baseball Uniform - Fusion Girl - Armor & Clothing - LoversLab
    PS: It's the first time I did something like that, so it might not be perfect, but it works for the Orgasm Bodyslide Preset at Fallout 4 Nexus



  16. Stability Goggles

    OVERVIEW - Provides the player with blueprints to create a pair of "stability goggles" that allows you to steady your aim (while they are being worn, of course). Why hold your breath while aiming when you don't have to?
    The mod contains no scripts for those who are sensitive about mods that contain scripts.
    The mod is a single .ESP file that is placed where all of the other .ESP files go. To uninstall, merely perform the sensible action of removing the goggles from your character, saving your game, removing the .ESP file from your mod loader, and then restart your game.
    The mod only needs the Fallout 4 base game. I do not consider it overpowered but if eliminating scope sway is considered overpowered to you... Perhaps another mod would be better for you.
    There are no quests involved although you do have to find the plans (and keep them in your possession while creating the goggles). And where are they? Well, for those who do not want to peruse the file using the Creation Kit, here is the first hint: Lexington. And, for those who want more hints:
    One final note - PLEASE DO NOT PLACE THIS MOD ONTO NEXUSMODS. It is nothing personal; I do not "hate" the site. However, I would like to retain complete control over this mod. Having the mod only be available here would allow for me to see what I may be able to improve upon. Any constructive comments and critiques are always welcome. Thank you. 



  17. Healing Collar

    OVERVIEW - This is a single .ESP file that allows the player to construct a wearable collar that continuously heals the player, both with health as well as rid the player of radiation and even repairs limbs. There is even a bit of a 'hidden feature' of sorts concerning the collar but I'll leave that up to the player to discover.
    The collar is not overpowered (at least, in my opinion; as always, everyone's individual tastes vary); My recommendation would be to not run into a violent situation in the hopes that the collar alone would save you from death. There are no scripts involved, for those who are sensitive about using mods that contain scripts. The mod does need the Nukaworld DLC along with the base game (obviously), but this should not be much of a detriment at this point since pretty much everyone has the "Game of the Year" edition anyway which automatically contains the Nukaworld DLC.
    Installation is simple; It's merely a single .ESP file and it goes where all of the other .ESP files would go. Deletion is also simple, merely delete the file and you are done.
    Constructing the collar requires that you find a chemistry station (the only place where the game allows you to build any such objects) and that you are in physical possession of the plans (they can not be in a trunk or otherwise not on your person at the time of construction). You will also, obviously, need all of the parts necessary to build the collar. In order to make the mod somewhat lore-friendly, the parts required to build the collar is somewhat extensive; Consider yourself warned.
    The location of the plans is a bit spoiler-ish. Let's see if I can format this next part properly:
    For those who want a general hint at it's location, let's just say that, after starting the game, if you go past the Museum of Freedom, you've gone too far.
    FUTURE PLANS - I may make the collar upgradable but I hate complicating anything beyond what is absolutely necessary. I may also turn the notes into a hologram tape (which would probably be more appropriate) but that is a minor concern in the overall scheme of the mod. As is, I think that this mod is a fun addition and allows the player to forego the hassle of stimpaks and rad-aways (at least for minor situations; The Glowing Sea will not be kind to you without additional safeguards) and other such potions should they so choose.
    One final note - PLEASE DO NOT PLACE THIS MOD ONTO NEXUSMODS. It is nothing personal; I do not "hate" the site. However, I would like to retain complete control over this mod. Having the mod only be available here would allow for me to see what I may be able to improve upon. Thank you. 



  18. I'M Witch Bitch! - Happy Halloween DOA6 Witch Costume

    A conversion of Mila, Ayane, Lisa, Phase 4 and Christie's Witch Party costume.
    Craft at Campfire (witches are combustible)
    each outfit Uses lots of bone to craft.
    customize colors at armor bench.
    I am not responsible for you mixing colors and making your character look stupid.
    Bodyslide files for Fusion Girl 1.75+ and CBBE
    feel free to do what you want iwth this so long as no one is charging money, but If you want to use the assets or upload it somewhere you need to pay it forward by buying someone some booze.
    Let me know if there are any issues. 
    (Pics Soon)



  19. Bodyslide Outfits for Atomic Beauty and IKAROS Android Race OCBP 3BBB

    For both Human and Android in Atomic Beauty 
    Uh I thought it was only IKAROS Androids in Atomic Beauty....?
    For both Human and Android in Atomic Beauty 
    RaceMod itself not provided here,
    The single largest location for Atomic Beauty Slider Sets is found right here at this files main download section, there are few other locations that rival this and only in other body types at that.
    Every file contains an ESP, that has IKAROS Race Mod as its MASTERFILE!  That means that if you do not have IKAROS.ESP or IKAROS.ESM your game will crash at start screen.
    ALL OUTFIT FILES, are weight painted for OCBP 3BBB physics.
    FILES marked Vanilla are the Base Game Outfits, these files also include a naked female body weight painted in OCBP 3BBB physics.
    All files here support both Human and IKAROS in Atomic Beauty OCBP 3BBB.
    This does not mean that you can simply ignore IKAROS Android Race Requirement.
    All files requirements can be found here on this page or inside a TXT file inside the downloaded file.
    Discord for IKAROS server,
    IKAROS-Androids by TrophiHunter
    Intended Outcomes,
    -All the outfits you expect to have physics in Fallout 4, on parity with SkyrimLE/SE HDT or SMP physics systems, and all of it under the roof of one physics system.
    -All Outfit parts from different packs should be interchangeable between the different packs with minimum clipping.
    -All Outfit Packages should have same slot data so that putting on pants from Pack ABC does not remove shirt from Pack XYZ
    -All stand alone heel mods should have nipple and non-nipple versions. (Atomic Beauty Body can have quite pronounced nipples)
    -All Outfits containing shoe items, have an implanted body that has an idiot proofed Atomic Beauty Body that has no-nipples to prevent player from having the possibility of having their nipples clip with shirts/bras and other items that cover the nipple, it is simply not possible in the files provided here. (Again AB has normally pronounced nipples, I have taken steps against this potential issue to prevent clipping of nipples with the outfits)
    -sll Outfits that should have smooth breast area are fully represented here as their original likeness but in Atomic Beauty, this means that there is no pronounced nipple expression because the original outfit did not offer it.
    -All Outfits that should have Uni-Boob or Uni-Butt are much closer to original intended look than almost all possible conversions out there.  That is that you can expect to see that there are many outfit parts that in other conversions had straps that had hugged the torso now properly traveling straight across boob to boob.  The feature repeats with many panties, pants, jeans, and other items in the buttocks region, fabric that should naturally travel from buttcheek to buttcheek now does so.  The exceptions are when the fabric itself was clearly intended to be directly attached to the skin of the body, this exception exists for some skin adherent bodysuits where the suit is literally a second skin.
    -All Outfit Parts that travel across the mammaries aka Shawn Feeders had sliders made with great care to ensure the end user experienced maximum growth and amazement in the lower torso region
    -All Outfit parts that occupy a Vanilla OverArmor slot will have Vanilla OverArmor upgrade systems.
    -All Outfits parts that should not occupy a Vanilla OverArmor slot have been given a new slot.
    -All Outfit parts will have their slot number listed in-game in its name seen in your pipboy.
    -All Outfits with foot slot will have ma_IKAROSmaterials keywords, ap_IKAROSmaterials inputs for IKAROS compatibility.
    -All Outfits Foot Slot ArmorAA have unique ArmorAA record marked with IKAROS race Data record.  AKA true race switching armor, a feature that is absolutely missing in all race mods for Fallout 4.
    -All Outfits with non-foot slot have ArmorAA's marked with IKAROS race tag.
    -All Outfits that are too overpowered have either been nerfed into the ground or given a duplicate item, sorry most were nerfed without a duplicate.
    -All Outfit parts that have 1st Person items WILL HAVE 1st person objects specifically made for IKAROS Race.
    -IKAROS Race will be able to pick up any item in any pack provided here, use it and it will be made as seemless as possible without too much effort on the player, exception if a player uses a non-default skin color they can change the skin of the slot 33 item at any ArmorBench but otherwise all interactions are as seemless as any action a human race character would have with any other item in the game.
    Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/4598
    Bodyslide and Outfit Studio, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/25
    IKAROS RACE by TrophiHunter found here, https://www.trophihunter.com/fallout4-mods/ikaros-androids
    Vanilla Outfits
    Original by MilkDrinker needed found here, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12406/
    High Heels Sounds,
    These files listed below are in my webpages download section, they are required
    1) REQUIRED FILE_AB_MilkDrinker_VanillaOutfits_Bodyslide_3BBB.7z REQUIRED FILE_AB_MilkDrinker_VanillaOutfits_Bodyslide_3BBB.7z
    2) REQUIRED FILE_AB_Vanilla Outfits_IKAROS 3BBB_Bodyslide.7z  REQUIRED FILE_AB_Vanilla Outfits_IKAROS 3BBB_Bodyslide.7z
    3) REQUIRED FILE_Modified IKAROS 3BBB OCBP Physics Activation File.7z, REQUIRED FILE_AB_Vanilla Outfits_IKAROS 3BBB_Bodyslide.7z
    Vanilla Outfits IKAROS file was given a major update on 10/18/2021, missing first person meshes were added
    Optional File Highly suggested,
    Hi Im Gamefever, although you may know that LogicDragon created TrueFirst Person in SkyrimEnhancedCamera you may not know that I am the guy that made more items visible in First Person.  Download this file right away and see more 1st person objects than ever before in your Fallout game today.  BTW there are many unique first person objects not in the original mods in almost all the downloads you find here.
    6) Vanilla Robo Armor and outfit fixes for Atomic Beauty  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/51670
    robo armor for Atomic Beauty, should be big enough that wont need OCBP 3BBB weight paints applied to them.
    7) Gender Specific Skeletons, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40866
    With this you can have ZAZ male boners alongside IKAROS and Human Female using Skeleton-Knee FIX...Meaning you can have your sex mod time with IKAROS.
    Physics Activation Requires, install in this order
    1) OCBP-2.2.5-CBBE.zip  Go to jello picture for this file understand???? GOOD!
    2) REQUIRED FILE_Modified IKAROS 3BBB OCBP Physics Activation File.7z REQUIRED FILE_Modified IKAROS 3BBB OCBP Physics Activation File.7z
    3) "Skeletal Adjustments for CBBE - Knee Fix - Legs for Days - 3BBB"  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39006
    SEE JELLO PICTURE? ITS A FILE LOCATION!!!! You require the file at this location
    See the jello up above?  That is not a cute picture I put here.  ITS AN ACTUAL FILE LOCATION YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT FOR PHYSICS UNDERSTAND?  For reals though.
    This is a cute picture.

    please exercise caution when witnessing in game physics, this reaction is completely normal and expected.
    IF this is not the experienced outcome, you have not installed the physics properly.  You will know without doubt when it happens because there are physical ramifications that the end user will experience.
    AAF Patch in Downloads section Enables IKAROS ANDROIDS to use AAF Framework
    Suggested Mod Manager?
    Mod Organizer 2, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6194
    Pretty much everyone I know that authors mods uses it and you should too.
    Download Section also contains Bodyslides for many popular outfits made for Fallout 4, many accessory, hair, and other items patches as well.
    Protip, you are free to have access to Vanilla Armors and Outfits without an account here on Lovers Lab, but if you wish to have access to Bodyslides for popular Outfits these are hidden from you behind an Account Wall, all Lovers Lab members can easily access over 50 Popular Outfit Mods, make comments in the comments section, post pictures, and give a thumbs up for the work done.
    HOW TOO THE INSTRUCTIONS HERE, explain both the installation of physics and Vanilla Outfits for Atomic Beauty and IKAROS AKA BASEGAME INSTALLATION with pictures
    GamePlayer, Show me how to get my RoboDoll looking like yours.
    Gameplayer, I am ready to start installing amazing outfits for my IKAROS Android Doll, what now?
    Conflicts and Resolutions,
    Mod Author Original Outfits File Locations listed in spoiler, these contain data needed for the Bodyslides to work at all.
    More Descriptions about how the file works



  20. Claire Outfits - Fusion Girl

    Claire outfits from RE

    -Fusion Girl
    -Bodyslide and Outfit Studio (Optional, Recommended): Included meshes are zero sliders, you need to build the outfit in bodyslide to fit it to your preset.
    Donwload the file, install with any mod manager. Make sure the esp is active. (It's esl flagged so it won't take max esp space).
    To fit the outfit to your body shape open bodyslide and build all outfits in "RE Claire FG" group with your FG preset.
    Add two Claire outfits from RE, with two versions each.
    Has some armor value and some charisma bonus and can be upgrade with ballistic and miscellaneus weave. Also can be legendary upgrade, provide you have a mod that add legendary modification.
    Everything can be build at chem station under the category "RE Claire". Use the armor workbench to swap the different outfits.
    -MIH version also have a port from VTAW (and a FG conversion by myself). This is however a 100% new port made from scrath. I fit it better to FG than my original conversion and change some things at my own taste (for example remove the horrendous knife).
    -Capcom: Resident Evil 
    -Fusion Girl - 3BBB by Team ZeX

    -BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente
    -Don't use any assets here for any commercial or paywalled purposes.



  21. Rare Stimpaks and Bobby Pins

    This is a small utility mod that will lower the chances of finding Stimpaks and Bobby Pins in containers to just 10% (including vendor lists) so they become a much more meaningful commodity. Those hair clips will now be a little more precious and your inventory will not be groaning under the weight of all those damned Stimpaks.
    It works by adjusting the "chance none" in the levelled lists. I think I've picked them all up but let me know if you find any I've missed and I'll update. Items which have been specifically placed in game (like with some Raiders) are not affected.



  22. Breast Pushup System for FG

    Automatically applies pushup and cleavage when wearing clothes (any armour that occupies the BODY -33 slot but not TORSO [A] - 41) to the player and 20 NPCs cloest to the player when the cell is loaded. Torso [A] amours automatically blocks this pushup. Also, you can use the two keywords present in the plugin to either block the morphs (keyword can be applied to any other armour of other slots, to the backpack for example) or to flag the clothing to be not having any pushup. To apply the keywords, it is recommended to use the accompanies pascal script written for FO4edit. There is an example csv file that contains records for Devious Devices and Lazman555 vanila replacer. For the second column, you must use fixed formIDs reported by Iwbmainrecord.FixedFormID, which is not shown in the UI itself. For the last column, set to 0 for blocking morphs, or set to 1 to indicate that the clothing does not have pushup. The script requries mtefunctions and can be downloaded from 
    https://github.com/matortheeternal/TES5EditScripts/blob/master/Edit Scripts/mteFunctions.pas
    This mod requires Looksmenu, Fusion Girl and MCM.
    PS: I only made the initialisation to work with MCM. Probably should've made it optional but I guess most people here use MCM...



  23. RE3 Jill Outfit - Fusion Girl

    Jill outfit ported from Resident Evil 3.

    -Fusion Girl
    -Bodyslide and Outfit Studio (Optional, Recommended): Included meshes are zero sliders, you need to build the outfit in bodyslide to fit it to your preset.
    -Fallout 4 High Heels System (Optional, Recommended): Shoes are only slighted elevated to take into account the sole. You can go without it, but it looks better with HHS.
    Donwload the file, install with any mod manager. Make sure the esp is active. (It's esl flagged so it won't take max esp space).
    To fit the outfit to your body shape open bodyslide and build  "RE Jill Outfit FG" with your FG preset.
    Add Jill outfit from RE3.
    Has some armor value and special stats and can be upgrade with ballistic and miscellaneus weave. Also can be legendary upgrade, provide you have a mod that add legendary modification.
    Everything can be build at chem station under the category "RE Jill Outfit".
    -Originally I want to make a Fusion Girl conversion of this same port from Xavier here. But it wasn't totally well fitted to the body, that was even more noticiable when conver it to FG, make any preset looks bigger than it should. So decide to port it from scracht again, as using FG sliders is way easy to correctly fit it. If you want a CBBE version check linked Xavier port.
    -Don't take into account the dark pendant in some ss, I was testing things and have a unrelated cubemap problem. It will be silver as it should in your game (well, assuming you don't have problems with your cubemaps too LOL).
    -The gloves are from Dicky's Pinup Outfit (FG conversion here, the one in the main page is outdated).
    -Capcom: Resident Evil Resistance
    -Fusion Girl - 3BBB by Team ZeX

    -BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente
    -Don't use any assets here for any commercial or paywalled purposes.



  24. Zoey Lavender's Power Armor (Public Alpha)

    Want to support me? Get exclusive access to mods and updates.
    > PATREON <
    Please read this in its entirety. I will not answer stupid questions.
    When the Vulpine Race was first released, I created a character I didn't think was going to be more than a testbed. Eventually, the character turned into much more than just a Fallout playthrough.
    Her name is Zoey Lavender.
    Over time, I eventually gave this character a huge backstory, fully fleshed out personality, armor, weapons, and even a squeaky voice.
    I even made my own clothing for her by mixing a red and black vault suit and light combat armor to make my own unique design.
    I have spent literally thousands of dollars ($2500+) on art of this character. Eventually I gifted the character to one of my good friends.
    Since the character was created in Fallout 4, I already had 3D models and easily accessible screenshot and rendering tools.
    However, I did not have her signature exo-suit/power armor.
    So, I spent $250 hiring a 3D artist named VintMihal to create the armor model based off of the reference and some additional guidance.  This artist (to my knowledge) has never played any of the Fallout games, so the model had to be created over the Power Armor frame in ZBrush.
    After it was finished, I had to get the model into Fallout 4. I have spent nearly 4 whole days working nearly nonstop to get it to a playable and enjoyable state.
    Some sacrifices had to be made to the overall design due to Bethesda's shitty game engine and my somewhat limited rigging ability, such as the tubing coming from the helmet.
    3000+ DR/ER/RR
    Helmet - Headlamp, Targeting HUD
    Arms - Reduce AP cost for melee attacks (including weapons)
    Legs - Jet Boots, decrease sprint AP cost, +200AP
    Torso - Backpack (+500 carry weight)
    - PA pieces still might spawn with X-01 mods
    - First person meshes are still X-01
    Textures are basic, and some objects use materials instead.
    Crafting the mods does not take materials.
    Location: QASmoke test cell (aka Tunnels)
    Other info: This mod alters the Power Armor jet pack AP drain values as well as initial thrust and sustained thrust values.
    Q: Don't you think this armor is a little overpowered?
    A: Yes, that's the entire point, you clearly didn't read anything I wrote above.
    Q:  I don't like something about this mod. Can you add/remove/change it?
    A: No, this was made to be as close to the original intended design as possible. I am not adding more linings, more mods, or extra shit just because it doesn't suit your play style.
    Q: Why do the textures suck?
    A: Because I suck at texturing. Wanna help?
    Q: I can't get this to work. Why isn't it working?
    A: Learn to install mods.
    Q: I found a bug. What do I do?
    A: People who download my mods have a habit of not reporting bugs. SO TELL ME IF SOMETHING ISN'T WORKING!!!!
    Q: Mods used in screenshots?
    A: PTRS-41, Boob Tube ENB, Minigun Standalone
    Q: Can I have permission blah blah blah
    A: No, absolutely not. I own the character, the design of the armor, and everything associated with it.
    "ZL-69 Power Armor", associated original designs, and associated 3D data are all my intellectual property and inherit certain copyrights under United States property law. I can and will file a proper takedown against anyone attempting to deliberately copy or mimic my intellectual property.
    "ZL-69 Power Armor" and its design, effects, and other media are my intellectual property. Any deliberate attempts to copy or mimic my design, effects, and other representative media will result in a DMCA takedown.



  25. Haven Trooper v1.5 For Atomic Beauty

    it's a conversion of the Haven Trooper armor by mrsasa789 (MrRage789)
     i sent a messenge to MrRage789 (mrsasa789) about permission but that was back in February.
    so for the time being I'll upload it here unless otherwise
    there is one small problem with it, the morphs don't work in looks menu.
    don't know why, tried to fix it but couldn't but it works fine as is.
    it's pretty much done   
    anyone can mess with it fix it, it doesn't bother me
    I'm uploading it so I don't loose it by accident hope you like it
    oh and don't mind the shark tail it from this mod The Selachii - Shark Race
    Atomic Beauty
    Haven Trooper Frogs Armor Pack



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