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Skyrim mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

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  1. The Wilds Plus ENB (download link fixing)

    This is a personal ENB inspired by The Wilds ENB. However, the original author has finished her ENB modding with the final version of The Wilds ENB after 3.0 using v121212 binary. The original - The Wilds ENB was my first ENB and the best Skyrim graphics through the time. It was sad seeing Luna stopped updating and the current ENB binary (by Boris) used is old and a bit outdated that can hardly bear a heavily modded Skyrim these days. Therefore, this MOD is derived from The Wilds ENB as a sort of alternative continuing work to regain its rich graphics in Skyrim and that is why it is called 'The Wilds Plus' (The Wilds+).
    This ENB MOD enriches Skyrim graphics with more vivid and deeper colours as well as tries to stabilize the x32 game to certain extent. The graphic settings are based on the original Wilds ENB 'v1.5s' + 'v3.0 Dark Interiors' while changes and personal tweaks were made through time of the years. It uses the latest ENB binary 0.308, and more importantly its ExpandSystemMemoryX64 (since it is the best way) to better stress your machine running massive MODs with the 32bit Skyrim. Hence, others who wish to use this ENB need to adjust there Skyrim memory patches properly to allow the ENB parameters work.
    NOTE: the most cases is the 4GB memory patch:
    in SKSE, make sure DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB not exceeding 768 [sheoson];
    in Crash Fix, make sure the memory allocate functions turned off;
    PS: these memory patches are really excellent; but they are not needed if you decide using ENB memory method and in this MOD, in reality, the ENB method is far better and stabler as the major memory solution (rendering hundreds of lives engaging in the wilderness without crashing and freezing).
    The ENB Boost is also applied/included in this MOD as a level of customization based on the hardware:
    Quad-Core CPU
    2-4 GB VRAM
    8-16 GB RAM
    Anyone interested in this MOD may adjust Skyrim .ini files to make it work properly as to individual circumstances but it is generally OK if anyone has the hardware suggested above or higher. Make sure bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 in your SkyrimPrefs.ini [Display].
    For convenience and less confusion, I also included Climate of Tamriel v3.0 (the only version this ENB works) and the CoT Weather Patch in the package because this ENB was built also based on them.
    should be simply download and extract the files to drop them into Skyrim game folder (where TESV.exe locates) and you should see the ENB notification texts on the upper-right corner of Skyrim main menu. No need to worry about the red texts showing the disabled renders since it is ENB Boost for additional performance and MOD flexibility (while not loosing original quality).
    Apart from the required MODs already mentioned above, there are other several to use with this MOD to squeeze out most from the gaming engine:
    Cell Stabilizer by Altimor
    Safety Load by kapear
    Sweet FX Shader by CeeJay
    [modified and included in this MOD]
    SKSE Preloader by meh321 and Sheson
    And others might suggest to try not necessarily and AFTER The Wilds+ ENB works properly for your game:
    ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer by kapear
    Load Game CTD Fix by Utopium
    S.T.E.P by S.T.E.P. team
    and a page which gives very sensible guide for Skyrim ENB stablization. I only remember its title picture says by the whiterun guard: I used to CTD like you...
    1. It is just a personal ENB which is not necessary to be released but happy to be shared simply because it might help/inspiring when someone (including the author) suddenly need it and continue a alternative way of the wilds ENB Luna created. Feel free to use its content but do not re-upload this MOD to Nexusmods.
    2. The required MOD components included in the package would be striped off from the package if request raises. At this time, it is thought to be one-step installation only due to users might be confused and lost with all the components and adjustments needed. However, in the future, there might be a more executable installation to simply specify the individual hardware circumstance (resilience option) .
    3. This ENB is originally designed mainly for beautifying the player especially for females (as like a part of the cosmetics) and carefully adjusted the shadow. Please set fShadowBiasScale in SkyrimPrefs.ini to a number more than 1.0000
    4. Please give this ENB's credit to Cilene.
    5. Thanks for all the developers all the way making Skyrim better world.
    Please do not forget to check out the details in the description and endorse their work.
    further detail will be included...
    Sorry for my terrible description
    The Wilds+ ENB Pack.part01.rar
    The Wilds+ ENB Pack.part02.rar
    The Wilds+ ENB Pack.part03.rar
    The Wilds+ ENB Pack.part04.rar
    The Wilds+ ENB Pack.part05.rar
    The Wilds+ Only ENB.rar



  2. Riverwood Respite Playerhome +Bathing area

    We're Officially out of beta!....Although i'm by no means finished! Thank you all for your support!
    Nexus link for endorsement:
    Hello Please Endorse If you like the mod!
    Riverwood Respite Is a very cosy Player home that acts as both a functioning player home and also the Ideal Practical "Respite" for your Dragonborn, the home features many things things that will appeal to just about everybody! ...from a beautiful bathing area to a prison....and much more to come!
    Location: opposite the Riverwood Wood mill.
    Bathing area Dungeon (Not shown in screenshots atm) Alchemy/enchanting area Crafting area

    To do:
    Childrens bedrooms Adjust lighting Add more clutter/decoration Add more furnishings to exterior

    ETAC (Patch In the works)


    Am I still working on this Project?....YES
    (I will alter this when I finish working on this mod)
    Screenshot credits:



  3. Rieklings In Skyrim

    Rieklings in Skyrim!!! Adds Rieklings and their decor in various areas around Skyrim.
    Requires Dragonborn DLC
    Locations so far
    •Yngol barrow
    •Frostflow Lighthouse
    •Alftand Ruined Tower
    •Brinewater Grotto
    •Halldir's Cairn
    •Purewater Run
    •Reachwater Rock
    •Sightless Pit




  4. From BC7 to uncompressed ARGB .bat for texconv

    This very small .bat file is for converting BC7 (optimized for Skyrim SE as well as FO4, but not compatible with Skyrim LE) format .dds file
    to uncompressed ARGB, which is compatible for Skyrim LE, by Texconv .
    Thus, you can relatively easily back-port some Skyrim SSE exclusive textures in BC7 format to LE without relying on Intel Photoshop plug-in (as well as Photoshop).

    How to use:
    Download Texconv.exe from its Github and this .bat file, and put both files in the same directory. BE SURE to backup the BC7 or other format texture files you intend to convert. Drag & Drop (2) into this .bat file. Texconv.exe will overwrite the original file with ARGB uncompressed one.



  5. Alluring Main menu replacer

    this is my first attempt to create some main menu's for Skyrim currently there are only 5, if all goes well them more will come in the future. if you experience any problems please let me know...
    Note: this mod also removes the main menu and loading screen fog, personally i think this looks much better but if you disagree remove the file called "intmenufogparticles" in the meshes folder.
    If you have any requests for a an image you would like me to convert into a main-menu please let me know(Preferably from my own image share area)...but that's not required for example anime/video games...under no circumstance will I convert somebody else's screenshots into a Skyrim main menu whether in be from Skyrim or fallout....really any Bethesda game. thank you for reading have a good day!
    Number of menus: 5



  6. SkyUI Rearranger

    Do you have hundred of mods? And when opening the MCM takes minutes to find the mod you always open to change its options?
    No more pains!
    With SkyUI Rearranger you can decide how the mods will appear in the SkyUI mod list.
    SkyUI Rearranger allows you to "rename" the mods in the MCM list.
    The mods have no impact on changing the MCM name (pages are untouched.)
    In case your list is missing a mod, it is because it does not use the standard SkyUI registration (for example Schlongs of Skyrim has this problem.)
    Just report the missing mod to me and I will add an exception for it like I did for SOS.
    Visual Example

    What's new in V0.4
    Added a special exception to handle the MCM of Deviously EnslavedContinued.


    What's new in V0.3
    It was no more possible to update the mods after the first scan


    What's new in V0.2
    Added the ability to add numbers to mods, to enable moving them up and down (to support SkyUI V4) Added a check for SkyUI version (it has to be at least version 5 to enable renaming of mods) Added the ability to load/save the config in case there is PapyrusUtil



  7. Inconsequential NPCs BOTI matters for Windhelm Guards

    Small tweak to Inconsequential NPCs. Completing Blood on the Ice quest matters for Windhelm Guards. They won't stop you at the gate anymore if you complete the quest. Full vanilla voiceover supported.

    Inconsequential NPCs
    Recommended if your player is a Khajiit:
    Khajiit Speak
    Blood on the Ice Redux - so you can save Susana the Wicked. Highly recommended if you use Radiant Prostitution one more girl for pleasures to buy and watch.
    Use only one plugin! Provided a separate plugin for Khajiit Speak.
    Uninstallation: Should be safe to remove the plugins once you complete the Blood on the Ice quest and gain entry to the city after speaking with a Gate Guard. Not tested though.



  8. vlkAdjustPosition

    This is a very simple mod that allows you to adjust PC position in some situations like:
    1. ScreenShots while posing
    2. PC is involved in Non-SexLab animations (like 0Sex/Osa etc...) and you want to tweak PC position without using scaling.
    3. Something else...
    Activate vlkAdjustPos.esp, launch game, save and exit. After second launch functionality will be available
    By default 'movement' keys are: '6' Key (not on NumLock) moves PC forward X axis, '7' - Y, '8' - Z. With 'Left Shift' pressed - movement is backward.
    If 'Left Alt' pressed and any 'movement' key PC will return to default/original position
    For such simple functionality i don't see any reason to create MCM-menu, so you can redefine movement keys in 'SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\vlkAdjust\Settings.json'
    RaceMenu (or maybe something else that contains NiOverride SKSE plugin)
    Kind Regards



  9. Upgrade Your Gear

    If you're anything like me, you like the way some weapons and armors look and use them despite their stats being utterly inferior compared to higher tier, but ultimately ugly gear.
    That is a trouble of the past! Now, you can head to any forge in Skyrim and upgrade your gear to adopt stats of higher tiers while retaining your favorite look.
    This actually adds in new entries of every piece of equipment, so modded armor isn't taken into the list. Come to think of it, unique stuff isn't on it either. Just the basic stuff. Here's a list:
    Weapon sets

    Armor sets

    IMPORTANT: You can only UPGRADE equipment. There is no way to revert the process. Once upgraded, you cannot upgrade it further. You can only upgrade from the vanilla item.
    This file requires Skyrim and all of its official DLC.
    I do, however, strongly recommend using this alongside Improved Smithing so that iron, fur and leather armors etc. still benifit from smithing perks.
    This module requires BOTH Lost LongSwords by MrBrownstone and Crossbows Revamped by ciedeeh and DJjojo.
    This basically allows you to give these weapons the same treatment.



  10. Placeholders

    Please READ entire OP before downloading
    this file (containing 3 ESM and 6 ESP files) was uploaded for people who do not have (or cannot use for some reason) the CK
    the files contain a single renamed iron dagger (just a renamed form in CK, which will not show up in game) that changes NO stats.
    as most who play modded games know removing a mod midgame is bad for 3 reasons (possibly more that I don't know offhand):
    1 - the (generally) self clearing error of missing ESM/ESP notice.
    2 - left over information that can be baked in the save game (you can sometimes clean it out by "cleaning" the save game).
    3 - the fact that it changes the load order of all mods after its position in your load order (which can possibly break mods).
    and adding a mod midgame has the problem of number 3 above as well.
    the only sure SOLUTION to these problems is start a new game.
    this mod's ESM/ESP files provides a WORKAROUND for the problem listed as #3 above.
    you WILL still have problems #1 and #2 to deal with regardless of using this mod or not.
    by placing the ESM (or more likely ESP) file in the same position as a removed mod it will prevent mods after it in load order from having their load order position changed.
    by proper placement (when starting a new game) it can do the same for a mod that is to be added later that for some reason cannot be added at a new game start.
    (an example would be the Helgen mod that specifically tells you not to activate the mod until you reach a certain point in your game.)
    if you are starting a new game and know ahead of time you will be adding a mod later you can place one of the ESM/ESP files in the correct spot to later
    swap with the mod that will take that spot in your load order and thereby keep other mods coming later in the load order from having their load order position
    example - you are starting a new game and know you will be adding a mod later at load order position 47 (normally this would mean all mods after that position
    would have their load order positions changed when the mod is added) , you can use one of the included ESM/ESP files (placed manually) in that
    position (number 47 in example), then when the time is right to add the preferred mod to your game you can switch the placeholder.esm/esp file with
    the correct mods esm/esp file, preventing all the following mods from having their load order position changed. you will still get a missing esp/esm
    error (which should be cleared by simply making a new save game at this point). the advantage is not changing all following mods load order positions.
    using one of these esm/esp files in this manner can be used as a workaround to prevent load order position changes for mods after a mod is removed midgame.
    on a new game it can "reserve" a load order position for a mod that will be added later in a game, providing you know beforehand that you will be adding a mod
    and exactly what position it will be in.
    the included esm/esp files make NO changes to actual stuff in the game at all {with the exception of adding a single renamed (form name only) iron dagger,
    which will not show up in the game at all (unless you use console commands or something like the Add Item Menu mod)}, and should leave no trace when
    removed mid game (in testing I have yet to find a trace left behind, but it is possible under certain circumstances, I think).
    under most circumstances this mod (the 3 ESM and 6 ESP versions included) are NOT worth using, but for the 2 specific circumstance stated above they can
    provide a workaround for 1 of the 3 main problems with adding or removing a mod midgame.
    anyone who can use the CK can make their own version to do the same thing in under a minute (after the CK loads).
    the only reason I uploaded my personal version is for those who cannot use the CK for some reason.
    hopefully this will help someone somewhere at some time or another.
    permissions - do whatever you want with the files included at all (just give credit if you use it somewhere else please).
    SSE compatible - I have no clue (I don't have SSE to check)
    if any Moderator feels this mod should not be here (for any reason at all) just delete it.



  11. Traders Dont Pay For Items

    This is a very simple mod which sets the maximum sell price to 0.
    The aim of this mod is to make it impossible to become rich from selling loot. So the player must do other things to get money (choppin wood, pickpocket etc or even other mods like "jobs of skyrim" or something from the adult corner
    Combine this with other mods of your taste (i.e. "simple taxes" or "pay your dues" forces the player to really earn money in time and my mods deletes an easy way to earn it).



  12. Uni_Skeleton Mount

    You will need Dawnguard for this mod to work proper.
    After learning how to attach a penis on any critter, Using "How to Dick with NifSkope". I tried the method to attach a horn to Vanilla Skyrim horses and Dawnguad's skeleton horse.

    Marrow can be found behind the Hall of The Dead in Falkreath.
    Files are loose so you will need to manually put them in place. Just go to C: Program Files (x86)\ steam\ common\ skyrim\data. Into data drop the texture, mesh, and mod. You should be good to go.
    With the exception of the horn all resources are from Dawnguard. The horn came off of a unicorn resource I've had for years.



  13. NetImmerse Override Cleaner (SKSE Co-Save Cleaner Utility)

    A lightweight utility capable of deleting NetImmerse Override data from SKSE co-save files, thus decreasing both the sizes of those files and Skyrim save and load times.
    Description. What kind of NIOverride data is stored in SKSE co-save file
    Any NetImmerse Override modifications are saved directly to the SKSE co-save file every time one saves their game. Of course, NIOverride does nothing on its own and the amount and kind of data stored in SKSE save file is closely linked to the mods using NetImmerse Override.
    RaceMenu is the most popular mod which utilizes NIOverride. In fact, NIOverride was designed by expired6978 specifically for RaceMenu to extend its capabilities. RaceMenu uses SKSE co-save files to store the overlays, expression definitions and all non-vanilla sliders settings and colours of your character or any NPCs edited directly by other mods.
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended (XPMSE) is yet another known mod which uses NIOverride to store all weapon styles, positions, rotations and scales in SKSE save file.
    The NIOverride modifications mentioned above can be applied not only to your character, but also to any other NPC in game. Some of RaceMenu and most of XPMSE sliders can by accessed by Tattoo menu provided by Extensible Follower Framework (EFF). SlaveTats also allows you to manually apply overlays on NPCs.
    All right, so why can SKSE co-save grow to such a tremendous size since any NIOverride modifications seem to be controlled by the user?
    Firstly, it's because not all data stored in a save comes directly from the user. XPMSE itself needs to keep the skeletons data of the NPCs encountered during play through, from "at least 15 to 25 cells" (according to Groovtama, the creator of XPMSE; see this post). That data, however, is very lightweight and, although it may significantly increase the size of the save in the end, it should not be considered a bloat.
    Secondly, it's due to the fact that the data may actually come from user when they decide to use entirely optional features of some popular mods, for example, XPMSE's weapon style randomiser. This feature does greatly improve Skyrim's immersion but it takes a toll on the final size of SKSE co-save because it needs to store the styles of all the NPCs you have encountered. Of course, the more NPCs you add to your game, the more data will be produced.
    Moreover, the more mods that can alter NPC's appearance without your supervision you have (for example, Blush When Aroused with enabled NPCs option), then again, the more data will have to be kept in the SKSE save.
    Side effects of too large SKSE co-save file
    As far as my game and experience are concerned, a large SKSE co-save has the the significant influence on duration of Skyrim saving and loading process (about 2 seconds longer with 1 MB SKSE save file than with 20 KB file, on SSD). It neither destabilises Skyrim nor it causes it to crash more often. More data in SKSE save file simply means any IO operations will last longer.
    The remedy
    NetImmerse Override Cleaner will help you to reduce the size of your SKSE co-save files by deleting either all of the NIOverride data or the data of characters you do not wish to keep (see Excluded Actors for more info).
    Keep in mind that data you delete will eventually come back and your save's size will grow once more after you play long enough and re-encounter some of the NPCs.
    That is why it is recommended to clean your SKSE co-save files on regular basis, for example, when you begin to feel that it takes more and more time to save the game.
    Using the tool
    It's very straightforward. There are only two buttons, which is shown in the screenshots. The one button is for loading a desired SKSE co-save file and the second one is for cleaning and saving the file. A backup of original file is created automatically (with .bak extension).
    Excluded actors list
    You may enter here the reference IDs (refID) of all characters whose data you wish to preserve. Any characters who are not included in this list will have their NetImmerse Override data erased. See Description for more info about data that is stored by NIOverride in saves.
    If this list is empty, the entire NetImmerse Override section will be deleted from SKSE co-save file.
    Therefore, it is always recommended to keep at least your character's RefID (00000014). Otherwise the only way to preserve your character's data is by saving preset in RaceMenu BEFORE cleaning process and loading it AFTERWARDS.
    This feature might be useful if you have a fixed number of NPCs manually edited by mods like EFF, SlaveTats, etc. and you really don't want to lose these NPCs' appearances.
    IDs may be separated by a comma, space or new line. Actors whose IDs were not found in the SKSE save file will be omitted.
    Ignoring mods load order
    ID of every Skyrim object is strictly connected to the position of that object's parent plugin (ESP/ESM) in the mod load order. While the inner ID (the second, third and fourth byte) is always the same and unique within one plugin, its very first byte (the first two digits) indicates what is the position of the mod in the load order. So, for example, if you have a NPC defined by a mod which is sixth in the order and that NPC's ID is 010203, its in-game ID will be 06010203. If you move the mod to the tenth position, the next time you load the game the object's ID will be 0A010203.
    This may be problematic if you, let's assume, want to create a rich list of excluded NPCs but you play different characters with different mods or have just sorted the mods with LOOT and some of the mods positions have changed. In order to make sure than the one particular actor is always preserved during cleaning, you would have to change their ID accordingly to the new position of the actor's parent plugin.
    However, if you check the Ignore mods load order checkbox, the first byte of every excluded actor will be omitted. Therefore, there is a theoretical chance of more than one actor being excluded, but it's very unlikely to happen.
    Note that you still must enter a valid 4 bytes long (8 digits) number. The first byte can be any, though (ex: 00).
    Forewarned is forearmed
    VirusTotal scan VirusTotal scan as a proof of my heart being in the right place:
    1.0 1.1

    You are allowed to upload this tool to the other sites (except for Nexus mods), as long as you mention me as the author AND provide the users of those sites with a link to the most up-to-date version of the tool and its description (which, for the time being, shall be here on LoversLab).



  14. We <3 Dunmer

    Tamriel has many races willing to put a dagger between your shoulders, none as keen as the inhabitants of the ashes wastes of Morrowind.

    Feel free to use the presets for whatever you desire.
    All presets are made with the Dark Elf/ Dunmer race (tested).
    RaceMenu http://www.nexusmods...yrim/mods/29624
    FairSkinComplexion http://www.nexusmods...yrim/mods/51602 (all optional files needed)
    RANs type-C Headmesh http://www.nexusmods...rim/mods/7127/?
    KS Haiirdos Renewal http://www.nexusmods...yrim/mods/68311
    SG hair pack 350 https://mega.nz/#!ac...w_zW7KfrthvX7aA
    Natural Eyes http://www.nexusmods...kyrim/mods/3589
    The eyes of beauty & Special elves edition http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/13722/?
    Brows http://www.nexusmods...yrim/mods/30411
    Frecklemania http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/52841/?
    Cross Racial Features http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/43525/?
    Place The chosen preset in Skyrim>Data>SKSE>Plugins>CharGen>Presets
    Place the Head sculpt files in Skyrim>Data>SKSE>Plugins>CharGen
    The ENB used in the screenshots is Reallike Enb
    What's your is mine and what's mine is yours.



  15. WhiterunSerendipity

    this will be a fully player´s home in future. Please read the Change Log.
    Tipsy, the horse and "Spot", the dog are your friends and take care of your house.
    I decided to switch them both to god-mode.
    Please use for own PLANS if you like....Enjoy!!
    Credits: Autan Waspeez for one Inn-Sign that I actually changed with different text.
    What U Need:
    -all DLc´s
    P.S....following stuff from 3.00 on will be available only for adults - sorry, but we NEED "ZAZ n´ sexLAB" like bread and butter !!!



  16. My Little Spot

    What is this?
    This is a exterior, no load door player home that comes with a standalone follower with a custom cbbe bodyslide preset. Another option in downloads for follower alone which you can find inside the abandon prison that is near the location of the player home, see pics.
    I made this for a personal play but thought I would share.

    Credits & Resources

    Kathryn - RaceMenu preset by Pandorable

    KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky

    Stroti Resource Pack II 1.0 By

    Stroti's Treehouse Resource by Stroti and Tamira

    Assorted Resources by Tamira

    BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente

    Rory Campbell's Bodyslide 2 Conversions

    Malfdawg's BodySlide Conversions

    RANs Eye Reflection Extender by RAN46

    RANs HeadMesh Variants by RAN46

    Brows by Hvergelmir

    Eye Normal Map Fix by Mr Dave

    True Eyes by JimtownIrish

    RaceMenu by Expired



    NPC Nif Merge by Turulo

    Mila Overalls HDT


    See pics below for location of home

    Kathryn standalone is in abandon prison

    and let me know if any problems.


    For me this project is finished, to anyone who wishes to add to, feel free to do so. All that I ask is that you forward the credits.



  17. Skyrim Distances

    Technically this isn't a mod, but it is a great resource for your immersive gameplay.
    Version 2.0 - Updated map with more locations plus several locations that were given more accurate surrogates. Thanks to CPU for the intersecting maps. Genius idea!

    What is this?
    In this download you will find an Excel workbook that contains several tabs. These tabs contain the following:

    The distance, in miles and kilometers, between the cities and towns of Skyrim.

    The number of days it would take to walk from place to place if you were to travel for 8, 12, or 16 hours a day.

    Skyrim is clearly meant to be a big place, not a place you could jog the circumference of in one morning. When I looked online for the actual dimensions of Skyrim, the main answer was patently ridiculous - about 14 square miles. There was logic behind the conclusion, but it is clear that Beth just crunched everything down so the game would actually be playable (much as there are only a dozen people in cities that, in reality, would have thousands).

    So I looked further, and found that someone had extrapolated the size of the map to real-world proportions and determined that Skyrim is about the size of Poland. That sounded quite reasonable, so I went with it.

    I pulled up a map of Poland (which, possibly not coincidentally, is shaped VERY much like Skyrim) and picked the cities and towns that seemed to correspond best with those in Skyrim. For your reference, here is what I chose:

    I then looked up the distance from the Polish cities to all of the other Polish cities, changed the names to their Skyrim counterparts, and put them in the handy charts that you will see if you choose to download it.

    If there are any people here from Poland who would like to give me what they feel are better cities for any of these (or for any of the other Skyrim places), please let me know.



  18. A Small Patch For Labyrinthian

    Edit: it looks like USLEEP has taken stuff without giving credit again.
    there was a small error at Labyrinthian that was bugging the hell out of me, so i fixed it.
    0006142D & 00084050 are NorBridge1wayEndCap02ice [sTAT:00060F1C] when they should have been NorBridge1wayEndCap02sn_light [sTAT:000A464D]
    this problem can stand out a lot if you have the "Better Dynamic Snow" mod installed.
    (that mod can be found in "The Ruffled Feather" mod pack under Miscellaneous here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11/? )



  19. BDR Better Dwarven Recycling

    No more mysteriously losing 20 units of weight in metal with Solid Dwemer bars, no more mysteriously gaining a unit from tiny discs of the metal.
    Created to make the smelting mesh more with what made sense to me.
    None to speak of.
    NMM having it active might not actually load it (currently investigating), if this happens go to C:\Users\(Account)\AppData\Local\Skyrim and open plugins.txt and put BDR_Better_Dwarven_Recycling.esp at the bottom.



  20. We <3 Orsimer

    From all races that inhabit Mundus, none so batllehardened as the Orsimer.

    Feel free to use the presets for whatever you desire.
    All presets are made with the Orc race (tested).
    RaceMenu http://www.nexusmods...yrim/mods/29624
    FairSkinComplexion http://www.nexusmods...yrim/mods/51602 (all optional files needed)
    RANs type-C Headmesh http://www.nexusmods...rim/mods/7127/? (not needed for Tzuzan and Hilte)
    KS Haiirdos Renewal http://www.nexusmods...yrim/mods/68311
    SG hair pack 350 https://mega.nz/#!ac4zRZ5J!Cuo6FAHh7JROq4jow6fN8XUh1yLTw_zW7KfrthvX7aA (only used for the Shinx preset)
    Natural Eyes http://www.nexusmods...kyrim/mods/3589
    The eyes of beauty http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/13722/?
    Brows http://www.nexusmods...yrim/mods/30411
    Frecklemania http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/52841/?
    83Willows whiter teeth http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11371/? (This is optional, removes the yellow teeth of the orcs)
    Cross Racial Features http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/43525/?
    Place The chosen preset in Skyrim>Data>SKSE>Plugins>CharGen>Presets
    Place the Head sculpt files in Skyrim>Data>SKSE>Plugins>CharGen
    The ENB used in the screenshots is Reallike Enb
    What's your is mine and what's mine is yours.



  21. A Skyrim Patch - for Object Placement

    A tiny patch to fix the immersion of the Skyrim’s wilds
    E.g. there has been models floating/cracking above the earth in Tamriel remind you that you are encountering with digital modelling. This patch tends to resolve them to pull you back to the game world and perceiving the better solid ground and vivid objects. It also fixes the popular Fenn’s Gulch Mine glitch that bringing multiple followers in would cause the extremely fuzzy/dark interior.
    Dawnguard is required now.
    Created by mineme



  22. We <3 Brunettes

    No red and no gold, another natural colour to behold.
    No colour so complex and none so flexible as black and brown, for such a girl you can write me down.

    Feel free to use the presets for whatever you desire.
    All presets are made with the Nord race (tested).
    RaceMenu http://www.nexusmods...yrim/mods/29624
    FairSkinComplexion http://www.nexusmods...yrim/mods/51602 (all optional files needed)
    RANs type-C Headmesh http://www.nexusmods...rim/mods/7127/?
    KS Haiirdos Renewal http://www.nexusmods...yrim/mods/68311
    Natural Eyes http://www.nexusmods...kyrim/mods/3589
    The eyes of beauty http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/13722/?
    Brows http://www.nexusmods...yrim/mods/30411
    Place The chosen preset in Skyrim>Data>SKSE>Plugins>CharGen>Presets
    The ENB used in the screenshots is Reallike Enb
    What's your is mine and what's mine is yours.
    What's New in Version v1 (See full changelog)



  23. No Empty Soulgems

    1. Short

    Replaces _empty_ placed soulgems and ones in leveled lists (chests etc.) for soulgem fragments.  

    2. Longer

    With mods like Soulgem Oven, I felt that soulgems were dropping out of the wazoo. So I cooked up this attempt to alleviate the "issue". It modifies the leveled lists and cells so that whenever you were supposed to find/ loot a soulgem, you now get a fragment instead. It does _NOT_ touch filled gems. Those drop/ loot/ whatever the same as before (I hope). Neither should it affect vendored gems of either variant.  

    Cleaned with TESVEdit.  

    3. Installation/ uninstallation

    Either extract manually to your Skyrim/Data or use your favourite mod management software. Uninstallation works in reverse order.  

    4. Compatibility/ Loadorder

    I just let LOOT sort it out, but if you have any other mods that do similar tricks, I would surmise the two would clash.  

    5. Parting words

    You may freely (re)distribute or modify this, as long as it stays free. A pat on the back would be appreciated, but I will not hold it against you.  

    Thank you for your attention.



  24. Fair Haven

    Yet another player home, this one for straight or gay, male or female. This time, I decided to clone the Hall of Heroes, placing it way north, not far from Winterhold, close to Journeyman's Nook. You get the whole thing from Sovngarde, including the massive structure and the skeleton bridge.
    The central part of the interior is the same as in the vanilla game. One wing has been converted into a sleeping hall: it has a double bed for the player and a "special someone" (any NPC belonging to PlayerBedOwnership faction can use this bed, such as Manipulator Harem NPCs set as "favorite"), plus 22 single beds for followers/harem. The other wing has been turned into a pool. (The pool and all beds have strip triggers.)
    Since I know many need/like crafting, I cloned the basement from Studly Farm. There's a trapdoor leading to it. There is also storage of all kinds scattered in the sleeping hall. All storage is safe except for the vanilla Sovngarde barrels.
    This mod has no custom NPCs. Instead, I made use of Winterhold levelled guards to give the place 5 guards. They don't sleep; they just stand guard round the clock. Their uniforms will depend on whether Winterhold is controlled by stormcloaks or imperials.
    Side note: after a plonked this massive build down, and started navmesh work on the exterior, I realized that the rock the great hall stands on, had totally obliterated a small cave which was a potential target for a Companions' radiant quest: Bleakcoast Cave. After going "argh" very loudly, I decided that since the cave was only referenced by that one radiant quest, I could simply remove it from being a possible target, and disable everything inside - which is what I did.
    Slave Cell Addon
    Added in 1.1, this optional add-on gives you a second basement with a large cell for 4 (or more?) slaves, some punishment furniture and a chest with a few restraints. This addon requires the latest Zaz.
    This mod requires all the ones below - along with their requirements.
    Skyrim plus DLCs (Legendary) FF_Resources 1.2 (1.1 will not work) Zaz for the addon cell.

    SkyHunks Manipulator CoP Whiterun Skyrim Summer Overhaul (if you use this, also grab my SCO Summer Grass Patch.)

    1.0 - Initial release 1.1 - Added a button to toggle all the strip triggers (it is on the wall near the trap door to the crafting basement).
    Added an optional slave cell, cloned from Studly Farm. 1.2 - Change: made the strip trigger in the pool wing fill the entire wing.
    Change: removed the strip triggers round the two showers (no longer needed due to the above).
    Fix: For the cell add-on, the navmesh somehow got stripped out.



  25. Vindrel Hall Bath

    What is this?
    This is a bath add on for the house you purchase in Markarth. A few things where the housecarl sleeps where moved around the corner to make room for the add on. Nothing that was there was deleted. Fully navmeshed with room for 4 followers.
    As far as being SSE compatible check and let me know.
    Don't download this file, I'm currently working on a few bugs in it. when I'm done I will upload a new file Vindrel Hall Bath rework, keeping the esp intact for over write. Thank you

    Recommended Mods

    Skyfall Estate - Multiple Adoption Friendly by Ld50365



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