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  1. Possibly if it were somewhat re-engineered, but as it stands, no. See above, same answer. No. DAR has nothing to do with moving, placing or positioning animations, only changing one into another. Aroused Redux is not an "alternative", it is a straight upgrade. Other SLA variants (like SLAX, just to name a currently developed one) are variants of SLAR (and by extension, SLA).
  2. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97232 Closest you are likely to get.
  3. You are mixing LE and SE version assets. Pick one.
  4. Have you made sure nothing is overwriting the skeletons from XPMSE? Is it an up-to-date version of XPMSE (4.71 or later)? Are the physics of your body mods matching the physics you have installed? (Not mixing SMP/PE for instance) Finally... No need to censor.
  5. Nowadays, just preference. Most things can be converted into either one. Some differences in polygonal layouts, but there are high poly versions of both.
  6. The imperial/stormcloak camps are all linked to a single reference for each hold. Go click on something at a camp and get the ID, follow that back to an enable object.
  7. Yes, but you probably will need to either remake parts of the mesh (eliminating all but one of the polys from the curve points you want so that it can only be in a straight line) or create new skeletal nodes and weight the mesh to stick to those. If you don't care how it moves (just for screenshots), then you could always just reshape the mesh to what you need and use the "pose" sliders in Outfit Studio to get the weighting exactly as you need it to create that effect. Wouldn't hold up while moving in-game, though.
  8. This is not reliable. Look at SkyUI player alias scripts as a better example and have a similar script send a mod event to your mod, or better yet, call its update/maintenance function directly. Any registrations should also be in whatever normal update loop you are using. When using scripts to add/remove factions, you can sometimes get odd results with race conditions. Might be better to check for a factionrank instead, and explicitly set factionranks, so instead of "IsInFaction()" and "RemoveFromFaction()" maybe use "GetFactionRank(fac) < 0" and "SetFac
  9. Can't help with the gay content, but if you don't have a compelling reason not to, then you should be using Special Edition. It is more actively modded for and nearly everything is available for it.
  10. Short-term solution: It is probably a wig she is wearing (NPCs cannot have built-in HDT hairs). You can use the console to unequip it and re-equip it which should solve the problem. If the follower is well-built, there may be a dialogue option for fixing it. Longer-term solution: Get HDTMemPatch and get your settings dialed in. Open the xml for the hair and make sure all the "maxLinearVelocity" and "maxAngularVelocity" parameters are set to 255. Even with these, it will do that sometimes, so learning how to un/re-equip will probably be a necessity in any case. It
  11. That is the animation, not my mod. Not yet There isn't a direct mechanism for that yet (and likely won't be for quite a while).
  12. Yes. CL handles life cycle for existing chaurus. When they become reapers, they fight one another. Depends on a lot of factors under the hood of your Skyrim install and the way you play (which areas are still in memory for instance, which depends on how many areas you visit in a given timespan/play session). Strictly, you don't have to be present. If you are present, the odds of them "remembering" their previous selves is better. In theory, that will happen, but EC+ growth rate is absurdly slow for any hive building based on it. In testing, I've never seen an EC+ ha
  13. Mashup. Gloves and neck are from COCO's 2B Wedding outfit. Not sure about the rest.
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