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  1. Line 65: [11/13/2020 - 02:58:13PM] Error: Unable to link type of variable "::FrameworkQuest_var" on object "crdedeviousframeworkscript" Line 66: [11/13/2020 - 02:58:13PM] Error: Unable to link type of property "FrameworkQuest" on object "crdedeviousframeworkscript" Line 67: [11/13/2020 - 02:58:13PM] Error: Unable to link types associated with function "RefreshQuest" in state "" on object "crdedeviousframeworkscript". Line 115: [11/13/2020 - 02:58:29PM] warning: Property Mods on script crdedeviousframeworkscript attached to crdeDistanceEnslave (8C010564) cannot be initialized because the script no longer contains that property Line 115: [11/13/2020 - 02:58:29PM] warning: Property Mods on script crdedeviousframeworkscript attached to crdeDistanceEnslave (8C010564) cannot be initialized because the script no longer contains that property Line 141: [11/13/2020 - 02:58:29PM] warning: Property iVulnerableFurniture on script crdemcmscript attached to crdeMCM (8C00BF4F) cannot be initialized because the script no longer contains that property Line 141: [11/13/2020 - 02:58:29PM] warning: Property iVulnerableFurniture on script crdemcmscript attached to crdeMCM (8C00BF4F) cannot be initialized because the script no longer contains that property Line 162: [11/13/2020 - 02:58:29PM] warning: Property Mods on script crdedeviousframeworkscript attached to crdeDeviousFramework (8C0A9039) cannot be initialized because the script no longer contains that property Line 162: [11/13/2020 - 02:58:29PM] warning: Property Mods on script crdedeviousframeworkscript attached to crdeDeviousFramework (8C0A9039) cannot be initialized because the script no longer contains that property Some bad interaction between DEC and Devious Framework crashed DEC? Not sure why, I haven't worked on this project in awhile, but that's all I got
  2. My memory sucks, but I'm pretty sure those three weights were for receiving tattoos, like receiving a gag, except that feature was never implemented. I think tattoo detection was working last I checked, but all tattoos were detected manually, and there might be a lot of tattoos now that aren't detected.
  3. The dialogue is unfinished, it was always unfinished, and it was my mistake not properly hiding it from the start. Having sex with the follower... at some point I think I had 5 different mods installed that had their own dialogue to do just this, why would I write my own when so many others had already done so (I don't have unlimited time here). For those users who didn't have it, and wanted to use followers, I included a button so they could get around it (manual follower adding). Sorry if that was confusing, but nagging the player everytime they got a new follower (It would seem you are trying to start a bondage relationship here, would you like my help :papperclip:) would have been more annoying. Making followers automatically act deviously with the player is also weird to me, more so then waiting until they have shown interest in having sex with the follower first. Some followers are married, some are slaves to the player (stewards) and some are hires (employees), also PAHE slaves. I had a choice to make all followers approach from the start, but I thought that would be more weird than waiting for sex to start, which seemed like a natural and organic flag. The item tying up game isn't essential, its broken (hence the unfinished). Other mods (Devious followers, Devious lore) have similar games that actually work and aren't broken. Those mods are also still being worked on, while I'm mostly done with this mod besides minor bug fixes. The item tying game doesn't let the player say "hey can you tie me up" if the player is already tied up... is that weird? That seems normal to me, for that kind of interaction to not happen if its already busy happening. Maybe there should have been a middle interaction, like "can you tie me up more" or something, but its unfinished.
  4. Need a log for this. Regular DD items shouldn't block enslavement approach or post-sex. I just checked, sex approach 100, enslave approach 0, post enslave 100. Sex approach ended in enslavement. Not sure whats causing the issue, but your log might have debug info that tells me. Edit: You aren't wearing DD items that only give the player vulnerability lvl 1 while the minimum is set to 2 or higher are you? That min counts for both approach and post-sex. You can set items to have higher vulnerability or set the minimum lower if you were, either or.
  5. Oh the NPC pathing in skyrim is awful. NPCs not being able to approach the player, and followers running around mountains to find ways of reaching enemies is very common, but nothing I can do from my end. If it's just one object that is messing with the pathing, assuming that object is cosmetic and not important, you can select that item from console with your mouse (mousewheel to select items by depth) and type "disable" to make the object invisible and allow NPCs to pass it, if it's an important object you can just temporary disable and then "enable" to bring it back as needed. Not much else to do except bug the author of the location to re-adjust his navmeshes so NPCS can route around the box. If DEC forces a mod like SD to start and SD breaks something, you could argue it was DEC that started the problem. Most of those mods don't assume their slavery entrances have possibly dirty inputs, some of them weren't really meant for DEC or any other mod to ever use (CDx) and as such don't perform any testing for what the player is wearing. Most of the items DEC adds to the player that have these keywords are isolated as unique items that you can manually turn off or turn their chance of getting down. Regular DD items generally do not have the keywords. Not sure which item you are wearing that would have this keyword though, if you don't have cursed loot. Adding an option to disable keyword items... maybe. DD is what specifies those items should be considered sacred, not DEC.
  6. Log 0 has 26 stack dumps: at 4130 instances of UtopiumUtilitiesMCM, I would assume that its running wild and cloning itself, no idea what that mod is though or why it would get stuck doing that. I'm 95% sure I tested it working the other night... Guess I need to triple check... If items have certain keywords they have script/logic/quest ramifications to their existence, if other mods remove them the item can become glitched and broken, and the quest tied to the item can become glitched and broken too. I cannot allow the player to be sent to an enslavement mod if that mod turns around and automatically tries to remove all items and breaks something immediately, so DEC locks the player from being re-enslaved by treating them as enslaved until the item is removed. There is one exception: Cursed loot. Kimy made a list of items that have the keywords but are also safe to remove without breaking anything. DEC can read this list and safely remove the items and safely assume they aren't dangerous for an enslavement mod to attempt to remove. If you want DEC to use that list its an opt-in feature in the MCM menu, something like "DCUR Block Keyword bypass" can't remember exactly what its called or where it is, but it will allow any DCUR blocked items, that are safe to be removed, to not impede enslavement approach.
  7. That line is unfinished dialogue, it was always meant to be hiding behind unfinished dialogue, but detection was backwards. You can turn it back on by re-enabling unfinished dialogue, I think the option is in the debug page.
  8. It's not really an error, its caught by DEC and treated as a regular part of how that code works. I just cannot supress the errors in the log, which is the only negative side effect. That's why this line appears before it in the log: The follower system autodetects regular followers like Lydia but you need to have sex with them once before DEC will assume you want to have devious interactions with them. Or you can force any follower through the MCM, there is a button on the right side of the follower window, that you can use to manually set one if they aren't being detected.
  9. I never got around to making DEC actually completely stop working when you disable the MCM, it only stops the loop immediately but the loop keeps waking up. There is small piece of code there before that short circuit that resets DEC's approach variables, mostly as a backup. its a tiny amount of code and I have no reason to believe it breaks anything. I can turn off that debug though. I'll double check that the filter bypass is working for that first filter check. I'll take a good look at this log, since I couldn't get a double approach in any of my recent tests.
  10. Ah, a modifier for Zaz furniture should allow for that? Just make the npc's approach chance increase to 100% with the slider then? I'll see about adding that. Player controlls being locked is sometimes the only way I can tell when some mods are busy with the player. If I knew every mod created a hook that DEC could detect it wouldn't be necessary. I can make POP prison approach lock enslavement lock only, allowing for sex approach, but DCL prison... I didn't know it existed, so not sure how it works or what mechanic DEC is already detecting (unless you're talking about being bound in a small cage in the wilderness).
  11. Bypass enslavement filtering... do you want to get back to back enslavement events forever? I can maybe bypass item keyword blocking, but disabling all enslavement detection sounds like a really bad idea. You can already turn off animation filtering in the MCM; first page, right hand side, "Sexlab Animation Filter Preference".
  12. Pretty sure it respects that setting since its the same function used in two places. I guess I could bypass the check if all filters are off though, might shave some papyrus.
  13. DEC's enslavement considers more than one faction for whether the player is enslaved, at least a dozen quests and factions are considered because we need to consider lots of mods where DEC would interfere (such is the nature of the mod, to interrupt regular gameplay). DEC's enslavement state is really just a lockout mechanism. Any time the player is busy with a quest that should not be interrupted, or in a location where a DEC approach is awkward or out of place, the check to lock DEC falls under the enslavement check. For instance, if you read the console while the player is standing in CDx shop it will say they are enslaved, but they aren't, its just that DEC stops itself from working there because all the NPCS are either A) obedient slaves or B) not the type to aggressively approach slaves there, so DEC stops early. I'm too lazy to break non-enslavement stop conditions into a different category when one category does the job, even if it sparks confusion. DEC's enslavement category has 4 levels, 0 is none, 1 is enslaved and always vulnerable for approach (slaverun is the only one I can think of right now using it), 2 is not enslaveable, but still approachable, 3 is full lockdown, do nothing. DEC's enslavement consideration, as a generic lockout, does consider clothing as well. If the player is wearing a DD device with a questitem keyword, or a zad_BlockGeneric keyword, they are trigger enslavement lvl 2. The reason is not all enslavement mods respect DD tags and can try to remove items and cause breaks in quest logic or fail and be broken themselves, if they try to remove those items, so we lock enslavement. DCUR items like the slave/cursed items have these tags, DCUR named items, special items that are keyless, quest items, ect. "No Valid Animations with NPC; Bandit"? after finding over a hundred animations is a bug I think I've fixed already but haven't released yet. There was an issue where an NPC approaching the player for sex, only to find out there were no animations (because player is armbound, gagged, belted, hobbled, shackled, all at once there are no animations that work), so they both stand there awkwardly masturbating when sexlab fails. I added a check if there are animations first to stop this but found a bug recently. The debug you showed doesn't list the enslavement level, but you got a roll of 5 for enslavement approach, and rolled an acceptable value for post-sex... might be a bug there, I need to test, but your log might tell me more when you make one.
  14. This is true. Compiling with old sources could give you weird bugs, assuming functions/variables changed.
  15. I can't get it to show on my end. Both standing there with an NPC in dialogue and having sex with the dialogue result in DEC being locked, spamming the log locked even.
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