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  1. that anim are the milk-o-matic-ones-I will pretty sure not delete them from the pack-maybe another mod has LEND them and then did not give new names...you have to look for the problem at the third party thread of the mod, which has them inside now...or !!!! - you have simply installed two times zap/with it´s behavior-files....you can´t use twice zap, so you maybe have inside the FNIS window, if zap is read out twice.
  2. zazShipWreck interieur (first beginning): -very "dark place" with all furnitures inside the wreck access-able and use-able. -for "extreme scenes" with "bondage in water" "trimmed"
  3. after 1h of trimming the collar: wrist -and collar- irons in "version 02" are done:-)) ->rest will be added tomorrow (at the cross I tested the "bone-rolling" with this new items, which is causing more often the clipping-into-the-skin by using "uncommon" animations, here it´s working quite well with this new devices!)
  4. The ankle-iron-palette (02 & 03) is coming from "metal", "rusty", "black-rust", "copper", "shiny" and "gold"- textures, all are at once available. I tried to sort the names, so that the stuff is listed inside of the AddItemMenu all together, close as possible.
  5. ;-)) I also found this one´s: (i like cages)
  6. Thank you-I can´t work on this as I do not be able to do it. If you can handle that, you could maybe exactly tell, what to change inside the script(s) of zap. Maybe that error is also inside of version 7, as I did not change that codes. Maybe MUSJE has that overview to this (i´m pretty sure). You can maybe tell here, which script it is and I share it here and you operate the correction into it...
  7. New ankle-irons ...-will come also as collar, wrist-versions and with some-chains connected and as furniture-items....... New ankle-irons ...same as above....and with heavy metal chains &-balls (somehow....!)
  8. This pics show some content of the tower. (The jail-stuff got lost instead.)
  9. Kleine Idee am Rande: Wenn ich nach ZAP 9 bischen Zeit habe, mache ich n´ "bischen Audio" für Skyrim. Eventuell ist jemand hier "scharf" auf´ n "bischen" "singen". Wir könnten auch so ne Art "Lovers-Lab´s BEST OF Skyrim Vocal-Contest" machen. Das sollte dann aber auf englisch in einem extra THREAD kommen.
  10. Hi, Du kannst Dir diesen Track sicherlich ins eigene Spiel einsetzen. Du findest die Soundtracks im audio -folder...vgl. dazu die entpackted BSA audio von skyrim und spiele / suche die richtige datei mit VLC player. Dann muss das audio aus dem youtube track getrennt werden, auch VLC media player. Schließlich bringst Du den Take mit AUDITION auf die gewünschte Länge und blendest entsprechend ein und aus. Die wav-audio-datei dann umwandeln zum skyrim-kompatiblen format (xvm ??) und den neuen track in den audio-ordner dort einsetzen, wo er den ursprünglichen soundtrack ersetzen soll. All e sich im DATA -folder befindlichen dateien - (die in gleichen verzeichnisebenen stehen, wie die der BSA), werden dann bevorzugt geladen und Du hast deien persönliche musik schließlich im spiel. Zur rein privaten nutzung ist dies wohl kein problem. Problematisch wird urheberrechtliches beim offiziellen mod, speziell dann (und das ist durch das publizieren auf dieser seite schließlich gegeben), wenn geld damit verdient wird. Am besten immer mit dem urheber bzw. interpreten in verbindung setzen. Wichtig hier ist das Verständnis für die Interpreten, wenn sie/er plötzlich in einem mod/sexmod ohne vertrag dasteht. -Einige MODS sind besser reine privatmods (schon aus gründen des bevorzugten "hörgeschmacks")-und diese art von music-mods gehört sicherlich dazu.
  11. ..I would not interrupt existing NPC´s AI packs with nixing other ones-this is exactly the way to influence the vanilla gameplay and execute it to be unusual or going to damage. My suggestion here, at this place now is creating NEW NPCs and do and experiment with them. You can make them look like you want and check them out by bringing them to their "own" skyrim-"lifes".
  12. Hi-you can talk with MUSJE-she has for sure the correct MOD for you (PAH)....something like that!- Or-you can create your slave-NPC´s and spend them sit-packs to dedicated furnitures, or let them randomly use furnitures, which is my way because other things could become boring. Anyway is a good idea to put on them the sit-packs (AI-PACK)..in the vanilla game, you have such packs for a location with the wall-shackle-furniture (vanilla)-or you use the zap-vanilla-modded one, which you can also use. This will be always coing with the BAD cam, as the animation was planned ONLY for the NPCs and not for the gamer. Anyway ZAP makes it WORKING and if you put a YELLOW collision plane (box behind the furniture, you won´t be pressed thru the wall after using it!...) You can unmark the furniture use-restriction of a furniture by making it available for all npc (children of course excluded!) and create some nice PATROL PATHs for NPC, so that you can let them the skyrim day switch over to different furnitures. And if you use quests or simple quests, you can order an NPC to use a dedicated furniture as long you like...like the follower task: use furniture cross....xxx. For a steady use, I´d set the vanilla task on them, so when u enter the cell, they should climb up and hang there. Put the furniture little off the first view around when you enter the cell, because they climb up by cell init (so far I have watched that)... In all other aspect, specially, when it comes to quests or slave-game-play (actor as DOM), you please get information from MUSJE. She can exactly tell you the best of exactly your wishes for your gameplay;-)) Thank you for your nice wishes-same to you! (in "underground bathhouse" , "bathing beauties" you can also lock not welcomed npc from the world of skyrim into your "dark-area" and keep them there...IDK if they are captures there for longer...but this is built in there!!) >>>that mod has not the ability to use the ZAP furnitures for the player, but you can mod the mod...gg<<<
  13. ^...I guess yes;-) Happy NEW YEAR ! (pic shows the first "mesh-checking-NO CTD !!!) added: my girl´s customized idle animation(s)-(nothing "wild", but sexy!)...if one has interest. [has to be placed into the animation-folder-this idles have the backside-walk-off, means you see the character walking onto you (and don´t see the backside-the character is turning and watching at you), if you go "backside" by using the arrow-down-key!] female.rar
  14. ???...u meant at furnitures-yes. By de centering the furniture to any place away of the cam.