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  1. Please don´t worry about my action of deleting some past pic-series, I need new place for more actual stuff. I have worked on lightning, which I did without an ENB, because ENB is not showing the correct lightning which I add by using Creation-Kit. So I swiched back to a Creation-Kit-Compatible lightning environment with zero Climatic-modding.-thats it!
  2. ZAP 9 is in between a very beautiful resource pack. And some (about 20) new "beams"....you can also use for special furniture-lightning-I did not start with light-directoring-it´s all zero for now.
  3. Musje is testing some functions-I personally want an easy working and skyrim-friendly function, which is not damaging the gameplay and works like the vanilla doors-key-stuff. On characters, this may work different-but I like to have it most simple. You can´t make DD and zap compatible. And I don´t want the locking code of DD. This would not mean to be compatible...!! Compatibility is coming with keywords and with sexLab integration, which is both not necessary, if a quester is using both, DD and ZAP side by side...which will be btw. very problematic because of the available idle-animation-amount...I told that both mods won´t run anymore side by side...some pages back-it´s inside of this thread.
  4. Doesn´t matter at all- not hard to use some little fantasy-anyway-fantasy is one of my strongest modding-weapon. The items and parts of the game are exactly use-able without ending-: 1.000.000 possibilities left. It´s like to have an orchestra, which is performing your composition! I´ll have a look today on an older partition. Then I will mindfully merge the idea to the actual existing mod. No copy-paste. Other author´s ideas are always interesting, but under a church it has to look different, imo. Anyway, thank you!
  5. This should be fixed with version 9. You can TESVEDIT the pack and get rid of the error..please read some pages back...
  6. Maybe you can give me an exactly example in form of a pic...
  7. IF I create something like that, it has to be logically with a "door" and some stocks-based Frames/flaps. - Cemented into the wall/Stone/other material is for me too strange (and far too easy-it will look unserious)
  8. fuzz roh doh is for sexlab/zap-i´m not sure about this-maybe you wait for a suiting answer...zap is offering only some non verbal stuff for the gags..maybe sexlab hasn´t such audio-idk for now.
  9. i guess I had this after my character has been killed by the skyrim pendulum but that body you see only a few seconds-then you are resurrecting. And I guess that ZAIRA (author of: Maria Eden Prostitude) is handling such stuff.
  10. hello: I want to create a custom slider who narrows the wrists and ankles - how can I store the information for BS, to slim the diameter of feet and hands that way?...The Example IS the dreamgirl-body, who is by use lowering the wrists and ankles if used. Solved! --> needs to create suiting Feet and Hand-Slider-*.bsd ´s for the destinated BODY and then this sliders have to be redirected inside of the common slidersets.xml in the "hands" and "feet" cathegory and "connected with that BODY by that way. From that time on, the new body is corresponding with the designed and customized "feet" and "hand" sliders and narrows ankles and wrists of the body AND of wrsits and feets. BODYSLIDE/OUTFIT-STUDIO IS SO MUCH A PERRFECT SOFTWARE !!


    It has been a very nice time at LoversLab - thank you for all the work and all the high quality mods, which gave me the wish to go on deeper and deeper into my work-it´s simply amazing, what can be created inside of this game!!! 



    1. zwekan


      Thanks for epic mods!

  12. i think i add a middle part, up to the bed-cage, create a platform for it and a roof....and then i´ll look again...a small island-pool is in my mind but i don´t like to create it big....maybe i can come closer with the idea of seats in the water and a round bar....have to look, if i can activate furniture animations, while the character is in water-collision....
  13. zap 9.0-soon:-) and thanks....!!
  14. Of course: if you can edit with CK your mod-you can add all items you like, including the clothes-which will be pulled away or exchanged again into the items, which you weared before entering the furniture...In this case, I suggest to add a colar-rope-and on height of that collar, we surround the stick also with a rope-part... And I have your "rope-suggestions" in mind-no problem -let me take this suggestions and let me a little while work on it:-) I keep all suggestions in mind and some may become real ingame. AND THANKS AGAIN FOR VISITING, YOUR NICE COMMENTS, INTEREST AND USEFUL HELP AND SUGGESTIONS !!! --->. lol
  15. EASY SOLUTION: the zbf-furnitures are by default set to be use-able only by the player. It´s the "old" default setting by this mod and I kept to this rule. You simply open the main-window of the furniture and UNCHECK the suiting parameter, so that NPCs CAN use it too. I always uncheck that function in my mods. Other mods use this IF the player is SLAVE ONLY. -ENJOY. THE PICS AND THE NEW STUFF IS COMING IN VERSION 9 SOON.