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  1. If here is doing someone to put work into it, I add all the created versions to ZAP. I will not choose one only-so yours will be added for sure. Bakening new texture-UV-maps is okay. The pillar got another wooden texture and a stone texture for all the texture-templates, we have in the pack. WR-style-NORTH-style-CAVE-styles....city-suiting- textures and the tons of different textures of wood should be matching.
  2. If one of you likes to create a texture for the statuette, I add the obj-file (can be used inside of texturing-software like substance-painter) and the NIF-file.... Would be nice to get little better results. I can easily add the textures to the pack... Statuette.mtl Statuette.obj zazWallStatuette.nif
  3. I created some additional stuff, which will be supporting the shackle-wall-furniture-marker: The Frame you can use to place the marker side by-side into the free nature or i bandit´s camps... The statuette (is about half the scale of the normal body-size) allows to use this furniture at walls, as high you like to see your "slave"...it can be also used for other stuff like placing flower-pots-no question:-) p.s. if you don t like that hair-style on my "frozen DREAM-GIRL" you can try to add different ones-always welcome:-) p.s. 2: all textures can be exchanged:-)
  4. From my side I can add lot of assets, no question-anyway AM I STILL working on ZAP. I will install this mod in the next weeks and as I can find DDc as a part inside (which should be easily possible), I try to create a mod, with which this mod could be patched with new furniture-assets. A patch is maybe ideal so to not disturb any state of development of KIMY´s work. MEANS: a patch can be added based on every latest version and comes with a new ESM-file, which has to be edited again on top if a NEW version of this mod appears. The patch will only contain the furniture(s), their textures if nece
  5. This "gapping" is an effect, based on the way this dress has been created. The legs and body parts, which are covered by the dress are simply not existing. Technically do you USE the dress without the hidden body and ONLY the breast, neck and head AND the FEET are presented while wearing this dress. As soon you want to add more of the bottom-legs-parts, you will instead see a CLIPPING of the skirt and the legs. A narrow skirt like this can be made best way how it is now existing and the gamer should try to OVERVIEW some minor effects of clipping. ONE else word: even in RDR2 (which is meant to
  6. zazWallShackles Very handy furniture-marker, which can be placed to every straight tall wall or pillory/beams. It features an own collision and works also animated with all the four cuffs. The pack will offer a suiting BIG POLE as well.
  7. Here we go: zazX-CrossTightStanding (comes with animated, lockable cuffs known from the vanilla ShackleWallMarker) (textures COULD be also exchanged with the pack ´s texture-templates (Last Pic shows the universal version: all metal-textures and all vertical-wood textures will suit) And I added a different FF-Shackle-Wall-Marker-Pose with feet to the wall, symmetrically, for the Shackle-Wall-Marker-With_animated-Cuffs as well:
  8. My prototype for a 4-way shackle-system, which can be used on any furniture is ready-the shackles can be put by using 4 helper-nodes into every angle and into every direction-ZAP 9 is able to drive the animations for this new detailed feature on all furnitures. The leg-cuffs I made a little wider to suit for the ankles. The wrist-cuffs are vanilla-skyrim. All shackles can be easily scaled.
  9. NEW designer X-cross...I try to add working (animated restraint-cuffs for ankles and wrists from the vanilla shackle wall)-maybe I have luck:-=:-) Textures can be also exchanged for all the single wooden parts.
  10. Chair01 is for front use only, Chair02 can be used from all chair-entry-points which makes it possible to be used at tables as well: F, R,L, RL and FRL Chair02 offers a bondage-version as well.
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