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  1. I am really very impressed....very much impressed....I even have not been able in the past to edit those house-meshes, I brought them together like they were suiting in the best way-crazy time:_) Sheer unbelievable, how much this has been themed/wanted for such a long time-this again leads me, to create for you stuff like this after zap 9 is ready...it´s the second time that this "thing" got a "repair" .. It´s really showing that this community is the right choice to work for and to get fun with all the new stuff we bring together, ...❤️. And one thing more: I hope you will loose finally the fear to work straight with creation-kit...save the beforegoing file (name of the mod.esp) and do what you want inside of that editor-you have NOTHING to loose..;-))
  2. NEXUS is another money-machine (there are thousands of pages in the internet), which has a trap-"donating"/"sponsoring"-system, which is smelling very BAD.
  3. Nexus, no, please! I want nothing of my work on NEXUS! (not with another/different account or in my nexus-account) And here, YES!-If you like you can start a new thread with your name/account-that´s all fine. I can later create a much more better location and you can release it after your overhauls-always welcome:-) Anyway would I not investigate too much energy into this mod-this was an experiment-I never wanted it to become something too serious. It was my first action with furniture-stuff.
  4. I think, you will have your fun mostly with latest added hogtie-poses;-))) ...and you can of course change the restraints if wanted-so far you create your own mod aside with ZAP, later.
  5. But that stuff is finally inside the HR (heraetic-resources available)...and all their behavior is looking little experimental, because it´s physics have been probably created OUT OF THE BOX. If I finally decide to add HR into ZAP, you please don ´t make me GUILTY for that, OK?? I please always rememberthat I can not get a permission of the author because he´s OFF-loverslab, or not active, or not willing to answer my requests, which I sent month , weeks and years ago.
  6. I´m back on windows 10...💋

    Anyway do I have to install a lot of stuff-which will take some time!

    Without help I think I would not have been able to do this steps.

    If somebody likes you could mabe give me a tip for a fine monitor display-at the moment I still work on the old monitor. If you do so,  it has to offer 31.5" size at mimimum.

  7. Hello;-) Normally is the framework adding an animation to a restraint-asset. If you pick up an animation, it has to be isolated from it´s existing function. Animations can be PART of furnitures or they can be part of "loose animations"..and then it depends on the sort of the animation, if it´s a motion-driven animation or if it is not. Or if it is an offset-animation or whatever....if this ZazAPCO053 is a loose animation, it can be defined to work for an idle animation and maybe it works like you want it by using the console....the original hogie-animations seem to be loose animations, which can be called by request by code-anyway am I not sure if you can do it by using the AI-control. And normally is this animation bound to it´s restraints by using the restraint-assets (ankle-ropes+wrist-ropes+hogtie-rope) automatically: as soon the animation is taking part, the assets will appear. ZAP 8 and higher allow to use this hogtie-animations (4) inside a furniture. It´s also possible to define an IDLE-marker to this animation as well. I hope I could help you somehow. p.s. oh, I formed a new word: "hogie"-animation sounds really sweet;-)
  8. The DDc is also part of this new mod. You should deinstall all the older versions. And you maybe have afterwords the option to install some few different new mods so to fill up your modlist again to the limit;-) -isn´t it?
  9. Hi, of course not the correct question in the third line, and the community will be able to forgive you:-)...or definitivly the most of them will:-)...also if it belongs into the ZAP thread. Same way it is allowed to spread wrong info with some strange sounding replies-no problem. If you instead want the facts, this is for you: Some assets of hertical resources are part of DD, others are not. HR is not entirely used inside of DD. It s up to you if you want to add also HR into your setup-anyway are the assets in that case not supported by the mechanics of DD or ZAP. But this assets could become parts of a different quest-mod as well. ZAP 8 plus is a part of ZAP 9, ZAP 9 is a huge SKYRIM ANIMATION DLC, which has much more to offer than bondage-assets of all kind. And ZAP 9 has no intersection with DD, the older versions indeed shared together with DD the assets of DDa, which has been in the past a soft dependency of ZAP 6, 7, 8, and 8 plus-anyway did DDa only care about female-assets and not support male assets, which now is different inside of ZAP 9-all DDa assets are unisex. With my latest version, both expansions (DD and ZAP) can be used together in a clean way. ZAP´s expansions, compared with DD never got off compatibility and their framework never has been changed so to keep allways a downgrade-compatibility-this means you can play with version 6 and you also can play with the latest version in compatibility to the very old quest-mods. And if it is disturbing somehow to name it a private release: I will release ZAP 9 as an official and very serious new expansion of skyrim. And of course can you ask me for best inside of the ZAP thread if you like.
  10. This is THE DD-BIG-PACK-MUST-HAVE...BRAVO ! What a HUGE JOB you made and what a long winding road you took here !!! Anyway, I would call it more simple : DEVIOUS DEVICES I personally would drop the "LE" definition, because it´s not really clever to use it. It here transports the feeling, as if you made a "light" version for a "special" skyrim-edition... I saw that this "SE" has been used for the whole sexLab-category-thread with sexlab-related "se" mods, in this case the drop is gulped. Anyway do I not like it-because as a newbie I would not look nowadays inside of that thread for SKYRIM-mods, sorry. Anyway, not your and not my problem.
  11. In the next days ZAP 9 and all my other stuff is MOVING to a new personal-computer-workstation system.

    My old system worked here for about 12 years thankfully with only minor problems or only some few technical problems, but now, and in between I can work with software, which could be driven on a system with better components more better, much more fast and with more headroom. I also need to lean to work on windows 10, which maybe will allow to use more modern technology because of it´s overall compatibility.

    I hope that the Creation Kit and Skyrim and all the modding tools will work there as well as before and I hope that I will get sympathy for windows 10 as well. I really LOVED my old system and I will keep it untouched and original as my second "baby" inside of the same dual-case together with the new stuff as well.



    1. Horatz


      I got You. All these Youngsters with their fancy Win95. My DOS with Volkov cmdr works just fine.  

    2. Jayomms
    3. t.ara


      After a BIOS update-I was suddenly able to install win10 working together with the system. Anyway do I need a new monitor now, because my old stuff (2x Apple Cinema Display 30") has no display port connection and this all new graphic-card-models don´t allow to use any longer a DVI-connection-with HDMI-to-DVI adaptors I still have no luck, because they do not support dual-link. The only model of a 3090 which offers a single DVI-port is made by ASUS-but that card is out-of-stock. All 3070´s were also out of stock. Crazy situation.

  12. But for smart handcuffs there is no need to create a HDT-physic´s made chain. The asset and it´s two or three chain parts which you see here are created carefully to work ideal for a back-and front-side-pose, so that it is technically in every case more better to have this sort of asset with a fine weight-painting. This is working with ease and the cuffs can be used in front, on the backside and also inside of furnitures. The small stretching effect during an animation is not destroying the impression, to have the character in working handcuffs with this short chain. And you can easily use this asset in SKYRIM and SKYRIM SE....I also can add a medieval style cuff-iron in this way later...which no problem!!! I would NEVER start with a physic´s chain for such an asset.
  13. Nice new "round cage" which can be easily used in such a way: (all metal-textures are possible)-last nifscope-pics show the original texture...-and yes, I added the padlock at least.
  14. We have some different ship-models in skyrim. You can easily stuff the zap material around and inside of ship exterieur and interieur. You can use a wide range of furniture-markers for this job. HDT PE and SMP is for OLDRIM and a different newer/more modern SMP is for NEWRIM. SYKRIM "can" show up chains made by using HDT-PE and SKYRIM SE can not. From my experiences I have will this feature for SKYRIM SE never come, because it it not wanted. And both games have no chance to ride "more realistic" physics like other engines can offer. The team of bethesda dropped lot of dedicated ideas for more physical-related assets...so the riding with horses and the traveler´s cart /carriage and the handcart (which is not attachable to NPCs or the player by default, has been the edge of the end. One of the reasons is the behavior of havok´ed assets inside of the game which can not be CALMED down to work in a "normal" way. HDT-PE has such a long way for the engine to go, that it is mostly in delay with the engine-smp is more "light" and so is doing the job for "hanging-down" stuff better. Only my personal impressions.
  15. Yes, but there are so many aspects around SKYRIM and SKYRIM SE "dead end". The physics aspects inside of this games don t play a serious role. They never did. And SMP can ´t offer the wanted chain-stuff, because it ´s technically not possible. The interest of HDT SMP was to achieve smart clothing effects. And until now nobody is interested to expand the SMP "open-source-code to be working for looped assets and their collision.
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