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  1. @Musje If you maybe have an idea how to DENY the access to the ADDITEMMENU by a script-line, we can offer a break-safe furniture-function under ZAP easily. I use a simple activator with a single animation, which is able to localize the zap-restraints (like wrist-rope)-of course can be choosen instead a simple DUMMY - restraint instead. As long the player is WEARING the restraints, s/he ´s not able to LEAVE the furniture as long the restraint is weared. An NPC or the access to the add item menu and de- equipping the restraint is allowing to leave the funrinture again and t
  2. zazKneelingInYoke This Furniture has a "hay-furniture-marker" on the ground or you can use it as "torture-kneeler" with a small wooden construction which you should pull up little higher over the ground. Yokes can be choosen from a huge palette of the zap-yoke-stuff, everything is compatible with each other. You can either use and choose from some clothing or restraints as well. You can also use the yokes with the weights or with the water-buckets, which then depend on HDT-PE.
  3. I am quite sure there is no further "Camp-polarisation" between ZAP and DD because KIMY and me, we are friends. I asked KIMY to help on ZAP and I will be loving to add some new stuff to DD. A lot of people all helped to the results of those mods we are just expanding and forming into this or that directions. I put myself content to ZAP, which I liked so much-I also influenced the modders of DD to add body-ropes to DD, which is really a great content for DD in between. I am sure that it is VERY handy to have still this two big mods DD and ZAP side by side. At least it is all being made fo
  4. Under ZAP created furnitures can be also quite easy being added to DD5 as far DDc is part of it. It sounds somehow here, that DDc is not part of the latest version of KIMY-but I think it is. Animations, which have been made for working under ZAP might be not in alignment to DD in a lot of cases: This has probably to do with the way, how the animations are being used under FNIS. Real furnitures under FNIS need to get a trimming in relation between the furniture heights and the character´s neck and ankles/wrists and body heights. If I otherwise create an animation for being used under DDc or in
  5. I´ll try to overwork the mod for SE later in details...as far SE is able to realize the same way-created animated gamebryo-files as well. If SE is not compatible with all my created animated stuff I will otherwise not do that (by myself).
  6. No, I will try to also add new ccontent for DD later. DDc is not necessary after KIMY released a latest version of DD, which contains all the DD familiy into one global mod now. What please means shadow-realm in this context?
  7. What a mess it would be to be able as a gamer and NPC to run thru all the assets-meshes like LOD-texture-vehicles and find out how much the technical aspects got only faked. Furniture-gamer-locking and trap-functions are very easy to create. The game offers endless functions for that.
  8. Me, I found some assets of DD modern-leather and latex quite interesting, specially because by watching them together with the shape-morphing of bodyslide, which no other game allows compared to this one. SKYRIM is not really "medieval"...maybe "fantasy-medieval" - it seems to be depending on what you add inside of your mods. I saw some mods adding modern rooms and buildings to skyrim. If I create a new clothing, I do that for adding an item with a nice working mechanic and for a background for a combination with other clothing. It ´s possible to watch most clothing with different texture
  9. Thank you very much-I try to follow your guide soon:-)))
  10. 🙂 lol zap has no furniture-lock-mechanic until now. The framework is offering in between two sorts of restraint-locks. And it combines a mechanic for an activator-restraint-locking, which means that an activator can ONLY being left if the restraints are being dropped. Furniture locking maybe is coming after I am ready with the assets. A keyboard-lock is working on a furniture itself without any problems...depending on the script-contence. Some lock-scripts also hinder the cam to be moving, which is of course a NO-GO. I guess one has to study more deeper the possibilities i
  11. ZAP 9 will carry a huge amount of assets like the full sets, traps, newly added custom-parts for more build-fun and suiting overworked and customized textures, everything matching to skyrim. Castles (interieur-exterieur) Ships (Exterieurs and Interieurs) Ayleid-Ruins (Exterieurs and Interieurs) Cathedrals (Interieur and Exterieur) Of course with all the suiting and working doors, all working portcullis, switches and TRAPS !!! New quests and places have to be created by third-party mods. p.s. in the past I read about SKYBLIVION, whi
  12. A cam-directory would be cool-yes-but I still had issures by adding that into an animation under FNIS. Maybe I did not do that correctly well. But the working on the described elements of a furniture is SOLVING this problem in every case !!! It s much more better than to quit a collision. And as soon you place a furnture at a pole of a house or against a wall, it ´s possible, you get again in trouble with the collision of other objects-that ´s why the modder who is adding new furnitures has to check out every new placed asset, if it is WORKING perfectly well. This depends of course p
  13. ZAP 9 is able to replace and to pull off existing High Heels of a character if their furnitures are in use. The furniture has a script, which is checking the clothing slots and existing heels can be exchanged by DUMMIES, like NO shoes-an occupied slot or by replacing with NAKED FEET simply. This is all working automatically and NPCs and the player has not to care about that. Other furnitures USE specially HIGH HEELS and they simply get equipped during the furniture-use. SexLAB should itself have a function, so to unequip HEELS before sex so far I remember. So all the stuff should be work
  14. The solution for the cam issure you can repair if you use the original set-up for the animation, which has been created (same skeleton and same rig if used) and then you simply put the furniture OFF center-position (where it normally was on maybe 40 left furnitures of zap, ...then you import the furniture and push it somewhere more behind or in front so to have the cam away from the collision of the furniture. ...and then you push also the animation to the furniture-position-or you push the animation together with the furniture away from the center-position and export the animation and the fur
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