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  1. ...your download is ready:-)...fine-tuning you please do yourself....the body-mesh can be made little better, I think! ....but now you have the files for the body and you can edit them... ZAP8.0 CosioBodySupportForBS.rar
  2. the cosio body I imported into my bodyslide-setup, i can change the sliders and I get working changes of the body, so it is a fully working reference body. after that procedure, you will have the nif.bodies, that will wear the ropes/belt and their data files for the projects (10 projects for 10 different "clothings)..This bodys inside the shape-data folders of bodyslide will be the same body, like the cosio body is. I can´t immitate the same work again, every clothing is unique, so it may be looking a little different way, like we have now for unp and cbbe...this is normal, because I do that by hand (manually). The breast ropes don´t look well with "very less breast" -settings, for real, you could only "glue" the rope to a "flat" breast...and the best is, to work on the bodyslide project for yourself, until you get the wanted form...I can only recommend this way to all users, who want to have it more individual. And please keep in mind, that the rope is massivly deformed by the weight and by the skin-stretch...this work can always be created more and more better or edited to your personal demands. I will do that now for the cosio body as well and add the files for a download for all interested gamers, who play with that body. This download has to be put into the suiting bodyslide folders MANUALLY... In any case is the "cosio body" very close to cbbe-version. -you should then be able to use the sliders in the game...but you have once to click on "build morph" (for the body´s slider for RACE MENU in game) and "batch-build" so to choose: cosio body and the ten new clothes and let them be rendered again into their nif-files for the gameplay....
  3. Hello, yes of course you have still that missing file... I am busy with the next upload...
  4. Hello, if it is suiting your demands, okay...from the top I can see you play the body, but a different set-up...if we are here exactly, you play an CBBEHDT body, as soon you "wear" the ropes-that´s a fact!...that seam is maybe, because the head-part and the cbbe-body have an overlap now, and by that, the texture colors are a little different (btw.this texture-changes I can see between a suiting texture with a standard-body as well)...the question is now, if I shall create the ropes again for the "Cosio Body", or let it how it is...?!
  5. status for an update: -missing animation added to both packs -UNPHDT is checked out ...............
  6. hello, please download the missing file from the thread´s second page... and follow the instructions...then you have the full set complete...the fnis warning can also be ignored...a missing animation is not nice but not reason for game-errors - error 9 is here an animation-overflow-you have too much animations, you could try to use fnis 7 (thanks for all of you, who are helping);-)
  7. Hello, I have to ask you (before I begin), if this is your Setting inside of BODYSLIDE..... please verify this Settings or Show me please your Settings... before I can start, I have to know if the Body and preset is used in this way....(seems to me the only common way):-)
  8. yes, you can replace it, if you like-but keep to the instructions please -and add the animation of page 2? please... it contains a huge volume of new furniures and offset-animations for the kinky gameplay.
  9. Maria Eden

    The keywords go also into zap (some are finally there), just needs again little more time to do so.
  10. this is my today´s job;-)
  11. I have looked for an exchange, but I could not find the vanilla animation, that you would like to exchange...the animation inside of the zap-animation-folder is called "zazFurnitureExit.hkx" ..if you make a copy and replace the copy with the existing name of the target-animation , you´ll be able to use it inside the "character-vanilla fall-down".
  12. hi, captain....thanks for this new perspectives:-)-thanks!
  13. Maria Eden

    Hi, Zaira can always use my / our stuff how he needs to have it as best stuff for his mod together with his team! He can use it completley how he wants it, create new mods of it, or bring it into different packages - like a "best of" together. I would also not eject the TUFP-pack with this release 2.5 , and make it big now! SOME new "wanted" furnitures (that are not contained inside of TUFP) from zap 8.0, can be PORTED to ZEP or into BDSM-mechanics as well and you all will have the full access inside of the maria eden mod. Most of the furnitures or "add ons" will anyway not be used by one mod and that´s not important at all. The descision, to stay at TUF-Pack is the right descision (but not hard:-). TUFP is also on Zaira´s server resident and could also be downloaded by his own links. You can always use the stuff inside any (LL)-mod you like;-) And if in future MEP get´s again a new update, then you should again take a view onto the resource-possibilities, that can be supporting this mod - nobody knows, what will be in 2 or 4 years...that nosdregamon´s, whippin´ girl´s and my stuff found it´s way into a free mod (TUFP) and also into zap is from my position the best I could reach for this huge archive so far - and if there would not be the limitations of FNIS, I would go on-but that sadly doesn´t work. I´m very much far away from the opinion, that we all do need to have the same installation - simply look at all the different dependencies of mods, that conflict with each other, and for sure-the installation of LL-mods is difficult enough to do, when it please shall work without any problems!! Please enjoy the new stuff and thanks go to zaira and nameless for their super-team-work;-))
  14. Lich Evilynn

    Yes, I agree...this is great !