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    Music (different music, my favorite performers are: Queen, Rammstein, Elton John, Scorpions, Sting, Gregorian. Also I like instrumental music, such as compositions of Hans Zimmer). Football (Bayern Munchen, Manchester United and German national team). Computer games (Skyrim, StarCraft, Civilization, Mortal Kombat). Books (favorite writer is - Jack London, also like scientific literature specially about the space and the nature). Like documental films about space and nature). Like BDSM, specially whipping, spanking, flogging (top position)).
    Also I very like to eat and to sleep)
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    I was born, when stars were younger...Actualy, I'm still alive and I'm happy)

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  1. I know how to add marks, sounds in 3ds max, and can add files in CK to Skyrim, but I have no idea how to make working together animation+sound+marks. I thought to use an example from SexLab, just change (or add) sounds of strickes as voices added, may be the sound should be attached to the male (punisher) actor, marks....well they can appear as cum effect. It's long work to do). But it continues
  2. I work only in 3ds max (hate blender)). There is a problem, that i deleted some working files (now I have files for pillory caning, single bed, and the last animation, "bad girl", but it uses no furniture). But! I have an idea. I can create independent single whipping animation for different types of furniture in your pack. As I know, unlike SexLab animations, IDLE anims don't need a lot of stages. Also I'll create different types of whipping for every furniture - with different hardnes and whip different body parts (I mean - not only ass spanking, but also back, stomach, feets, hands).. I'll send you 3dsmax and hkx file). It would be great if you tell me what furniture you'd like to use firstly
  3. No, it isn't my work. But really it sounds and looks great).
  4. Try to use tag CobaltAnimations, also they have "spanking" tag). If you just click "register animations" in SLAnimLoader menu, all animations will be in the end of the list. And if you sort or rebuild animations in SexLab settings itself it sometimes makes chaotic list. I'll make a video, but without sounds (my microphone is dead)
  5. Good day)). I can do different kinds of animations, and use SLAnimLoader for it, it's very nice thing, also animations could look like a small film, but I'm bad in scripting, and I have no idea how to make sounds for whipping animations or to make marks.
  6. You should install SexLab and SLAnimLoader both, check my animations in Loader first (in MCM menu), and then you can run them in SexLab
  7. Yes, you're right, just fixes old problems with some items
  8. you need to install sexlab and SLAnimLoader. In MCM menu go into SLAnimLoader - pick animations under name CobaltAnimations, and then just use SexLab as usuall.
  9. Thanks for your advices), now I'm going to make also animation for tree actors such as spanking in two hands. May be later there will be breast spanking also, some more feet and pussy punishments. Zaz Pack is huge, also there is a lot of good furniture in Skyrim wich should be used). On the one hand it's easier to make animation without furniture, i don't need to add any objects and place them correctly in scence. But, on the other hand, there is not a lot of scenario types for punishments without furniture. I have some ideas for it, but not a lot). May be also, later I make apunishment for the fun or something like that) and couple of animations which will look more like medieval execution. Now it is rather soft and looks more like BDSM playing, I agree with it.
  10. Sorry for a long pause. I've got a small problem with my computer, I hope that I'll make some new animations during the next week.
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