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Skyrim mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

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  1. Completed Savegames for Main quest with dawnguard and dragonborn

    These are just some save files that I use to test my own personal mods.  
    Thought I would put them up here in case someone else would find them as useful.

    Adds several Skyrim LE save games from around the whiterun area.  
    Imperial Side

    All of the DLC's have been completed with the exception of hearthfires.  
    (hearthfires included, no houses built or kids adopted)

    Start Locations included: 
      Bannered Mare
      Dragonsreach Great Porch
      Drunken Huntsman
      Hall of the Dead

    Married to sylgja, she is at home in Shor's stone.
    These are also good for testing mods, especially throughout various Whiterun locations.
    The re-occurring side quest for the dark brotherhood is active.
    Several broken quests were completed using the console commands. 

    No Mods,  ENBs or SKSE type stuff were used in creating these saves.

    Should be compatible with Skyrim SE (Tested - Works with my setup)
    Should be able to use without any DLCs. (Tested - Works with my setup)
    Cleaned and scanned



  2. Eat It

    There is a lot of useless loot in Skyrim. How often do you have your pockets filled with different clutter? And what should you do with it? Just sell or drop down?...Bring harm to the ecology?! Wait! Put it into the cooking pot and then eat it.
    Come on, you can eat dragon souls, so why you couldn't eat broom, or clothes iron?...



  3. Underground Survival (UGS)

    Underground Survival (UGS)
    early alpha WIP
    This mod is designed to work alongside Chaurus Life (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/9304-chaurus-life/), but functions on its own.
    Underground Survival attempts to remedy some shortcomings in most survival mods by adding resources to caves and lairs that can be used to extend the PC’s survival in these environments, possibly indefinitely.
    The mod has two principal effects:
    First, it makes many underground roots, ferns and shrubs harvestable, allowing you to acquire a small assortment of items from them, including some of the “edible” items from Hunterborn, some fire-making materials from Campfires, and a few custom ingredients meant for use with Chaurus Life.  Note that though this is targeted at underground plants, if those same plants are found above ground, those can also be harvested.
    Secondly, it provides a minor drinking source (via iNeed) in some caves that otherwise don’t have any such sources.  Note these sources might be hard to reach in some places.
    Hard Requirements:
    Campfire v 1.11 (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64798?)
    Hunterborn v 1.6 (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33201)
    ... and any patches needed to make these work together.
    Soft Requirements/Integration:
    Though not strictly required, Underground Survival is built to integrate with needs mods.
    iNeed v 1.602 (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51473)
    Realistic Needs and Diseases 2 (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/78785; not tested on any other version, though they should still work)
    If integration is needed for other needs mods, please notify me of which mods you need integrated.
    Additionally, one of the alchemical effects available through this mod is associated with Sexlab Aroused Redux, and will do nothing without that mod installed.  (In point of fact, at present it also will do nothing without Chaurus Life since there isn’t another ingredient to pair the effect with.)
    YASH (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32562), which is where I got this idea.
    Any other mod that makes the same plants harvestable will also conflict, with the last one loaded being the winner.  I don’t know of any such mods, but I assume there are some.
    Injected Records:
    To have compatibility with other mods without needing dependencies, this mod uses the following injected records (all shared with Chaurus Life):
    01CECE1E: INJArousalSuppressantMGEF
    01CECE1F: EcoSystemREF
    01CECEA1 through 01CECEBD: placed instances of EcoSystemREF
    In the exceedingly rare event that another mod uses this same method and selects that same FormID, bad shit may happen… or it could do nothing at all.  No way to know.
    (Thanks to Chesko for introducing me to this idea.  I don’t know if it was original with him, but the Frostfall API web page is where I first learned of it.)
    Future Plans:
    While Underground Survival can be used by itself, it is intended to pair with Chaurus Life and will serve a secondary role to that mod.  As development of Chaurus Life continues, this mod will grow to add more options.



  4. Craft-More

    A simple mod that allows crafting of any ingot type (Save for Dwarven, they have increments of 5), and leather/leather strips, in amounts of 5, 10, 20 and 50 at a time. So whether you are a long time player that has collected a bunch of stuff, over time, or just starting and mine everything you see, this mod is for you!.

    Planned Additions:


    (Disclaimer: All of the planned items may not be in the same update. Due to time constraints and life.)

    [Updates / Change-log]

    Recipes from previous mod "Deconstructed Items" now rolled into this mod.
    Recipes for armor deconstruction added!

    [Bug Fixes]

    Fixed bug where hide bracers would provide infinite amount of leather.
    SSE Version:
    (Click Here)
    Version 1.2 Video

    2019-11-18 21-38-46.mp4



  5. Soulsborne Sound FX

    ryonalice  Aeloyis
      This mod makes skyrim combat sounds like Dark Souls and Bloodborne   This file contains compatible patches with other mods. If you don't know what it is, delet patches, otherwise you will not be able to enter the game.   Credits Fromsoftware Lordaloa lazygecko   early mod preview video  




    Hello and welcome!
    A lot of years I tried to figure out the best graphical improvement for Skyrim in form of a suiting ENB-setting.
    I have tried a lot of ENB´s and often enough,
    I deleted them again and played with the vanilla graphics again.
    There has been never a suiting ENB, which was entirely working for me and
    so I began to create my own settings for an ENB, which is now a lot of month
    unchanged on my system, and which is quite the best, what I can offer and
    share with you.
    This ENB tries to give you the PURE PICTURE of the game
    and is by default not coming with unsharpen filters or DOF.
    This functions can be switched on if wanted and if you like to use them.
    The standard-setting is ULTRA-SHARP - from close items to the far distance.
    The Overall Installation way is MANUALLY only !!!
    DO NOT INSTALL this mod with a MOD-MANAGER !!!!
    Please safe your existing folders like: "OLD configuration" (create a folder in the SKYRIM-Folder which contains the whole loose files there around!)
    and then exchange your setup with my data-files.
    SKYRIM FOLDER: put the files of the COMMON - SKYRIM - FOLDER into the suiting Folder into your game: SKYRIM (FOLDER)
    OWN DOCUMENTS - MY GAMES - SKYRIM : rename your old INI-file with a suiting name and put this new ini-file into your folder where the "SkyrimPrefs.ini" is standing.
    What else is interesting/supporting this ENB:
    CLIMATES OF TAMRIEL (suiting for ENBs)  - should be used with this ENB
    Remove Interior Fog V.2  (not necessary)
    Revamped Exterieur Fog  (not necessary)
    And all other mods, which you like to use for improving the landscape.
    Imaginator - for trimming some different parameters of your choice   (is not neccessary)
    Water-mods - should not be necessary with this ENB...it´s "crawling the most" out of it....the Setting for the water is "clear-water" so far I remember.
    Enjoy to see a little more (exactly) than before;-))
    -rain should be working correctly
    -during rain, everything becomes "wet"
    -interieur is depending on the time and on the weather
    -night and day can be also depend on the weather and the location....
    -it is possible, that some locations become VERY dark, others not - if you like to change that, you have to EDIT the weather, not the common settings !!!
    p.s. all the suiting names for ENB´s still in use: so I choosed "SUPER"-what-else:-)
    p.s. it´s possible that this mod is not suiting to your taste - anyway is the pic ingame more better than on the pics-series !



  7. Cute Breton Preset

    Uploaded this to Nexus, through I might as well drop it here as well. 
    I've been using this preset for a while on my game and decided to upload it! This preset is for Racemenu.

    To get the same look you will need the following:
    Demoniac Skin Texture
    Hepsy Hair
    Mikan Eyes

    Although I've used this preset with Fair Skin Complexion and it looks good

    I strongly recommend Eye Normal Map Fix, Improved Eye Reflections and Cubemap, and a mod that fixes the invisible eye glitch. Not just for this preset, but for everything really.

    ENB is Snowfall, and I honestly cannot recommend it enough.



  8. Multi_Cloak_Counter

    What does this mod do?
    Nothing funny ... I have done it in response to this post to demonstrate, once again, that the stacks dump are totally harmless. Read the full post and you will see that simply by common sense they have to be harmless.

    You can read the technical documentation on the Skyrim wiki and the Fallout 4 wiki. You should know that SmkViper is one of the official Bethesda developers and obviously no one can know how the game works better than the people who have programmed it.
    This mod activates up to 16 cloaks on the player and adds a spell on each npc. With 25 npc's it generates 400 spells. With 50 npc's it generates 800 spells. With 200 npc's it generates 3200 spells.
    I count the applications and eliminations of the spells in global variables while the Stack Dumps are generated.

    That proves without a doubt that the Stack Dumps are totally harmless and the Papyrus Engine never discards scripts and never loses an event.

    But the Game Engine is not as perfect and sometimes it does not eliminate the spells and sometimes eliminates them but does not call the OnEffectFinish function. I have added an option to control and patch those bugs and the counters always match. 
    This test needs a constant number of npc's and can not be executed in external cells because the number of npc's can change very easily.
    You must run the test in an indoor cell. If you generate the npc's with my mod you should lock the doors BEFORE generating them. Go to the door, open the console, click on the door, type "lock" and press [enter]

    To start the test, cast the Multi_Start spell in Illusion.
    To stop the test, cast the Multi_Stop spell in Illusion.
    The mod may have problems with other mods that generate or delete npc's. For example, the option to eliminate childrens in Sexual Fame can reduce the number of npc's and any follower mod can teleport one of yours followers at a bad time.
    Remember, the number of npc's in the cell must be constant.



  9. Enderal Blacksmiths

    Enderal compatibility patch for blacksmiths.
    Enderal uses the Skyrim engine, but is a completely different game with none of the Skyrim world present.   It's available on Steam for free for anyone who owns Skyrim.
    Various devious mods have special dialog options for blacksmiths.   These dialogs don't work with Enderal.   This small mod fixes that.   This mod re-creates a missing faction that all blacksmiths are expected to be members of.   It also adds NPC blacksmiths to the re-created faction.
    Blacksmiths supported are:
    Sura Sootman - Riverville Darius Floorhammer - Ark Halda Stronghand - Ark, Sun Temple Court Blacksmith - Ark Quartermaster K'Nyal - Ark, Undercity  
    I attempted to find all vendors who seemed to be blacksmiths.   Please report any missing blacksmiths in the support thread.   Also, please advise if any of the first five  blacksmiths seem inappropriate.



  10. The "Skyrim Ingame Font"

    with this font, you can easily create new signs for your buildings, name items and stuff authentic similar to the original skyrim font.
    I personally will use this so to create street-signs for the ZAP-WORLD.
    Original Font Name is: "Morris Roman" (I renamed it because I stepped thru 100 of fonts until I finally found it.)
    Copyright (c) Typographer Mediengestaltung, 2002.
    All rights reserved. Designed by William Morris in 1893.
    Digitized and hinted by Dieter Steffmann, Kreuztal.
    You can find William Morris easily on Wikipedia.



  11. (Tool) Stack Dump Checker

     This is a python script that checks for stack dumps in papyrus logs.
    If too many papyrus scripts exist in memory (the papyrus engine stack) all at once, the engine will dump some of its stack to garbage to prevent a stack overflow. Those dumped scripts are not retrieved nor revived, some will restart from scratch with all their state reset, but some will never restart on their own. Script dependencies can break, threads can break, state is lost and thus; Mods can break.
    Once you get a single stack dump your save is broken. Maybe you can save clean the affected mods from your save to reset them with a save cleaner, but you have to clean every affected mod those scripts are attached to, and you lose settings/state/quests and everything saved to that mod anyway. I'm speaking theoretically, as I have never successfully fixed a save this way myself without realizing it wasn't worth it and stopping early.
    The claim above that stack dumps can corrupt saves has been challenged in the support thread. See their counter argument post here:
    Stack dumps are silent too, sometimes you get a brief pause as the game locks for maybe a full second as it dumps memory, but there is no other alert or notification to a user that a dump occurred. You just start getting really weird and specific bugs that would never happen otherwise, and are therefor impossible to find/fix for mod authors and yourself.
    So I built this script to detect when a dump happens after every night of playing Skyrim. I save frequently enough that I can just delete any save I make after a crash dump to keep my save intact, and then I look at the stack dump time and scripts dumped to help me figure out what caused it to avoid it in the future.
    I made this years ago, but didn't bother uploading it anywhere, and haven't seen another similar script or program anywhere, which is weird considering its a problem I've seen many users have. If something like this but better already exists feel free to tell me or post it in the support thread.
    Move the script file to your skyrim logs folder, typically:
    C:/Users/*your user name*/Documents/My Games/Skyrim/Logs/Script/ <- there should be papyrus logs here
    From there, assuming you have python installed, you can just double click the script and it should search all the logs in that folder for stack dumps and print to a small text window. That's it.
    Explaining the details printed about each stack dump:
    The file is listed, the line count so you know how big the file at a glance.
    Each file can contain multiple dumps, counted here
    The line in the file where the dump starts, making it easier to find/search if you want to look at the actual file later
    Time is printed per dump as it was printed in the file, most likely uses the same clock as your operating system. This can help you figure out when the dump occurred if the dump contents aren't enough info.
    Then the scripts that were dumped from the stack are listed in decending order of frequency.
    - the left number is the count of how many scripts with the following name were found, if its 10 then there were 10 scripts like it in the dump with the same name.
    - if a dash is shown instead, that means the script next to the dash is part of a mini stack with the script above it, showing you what scripts called which subscripts.
    the hex of the object the script is attached to is printed next, if its 0x0000014, that's the player, the script was attached to the player's actor, otherwise the hex will often tell you which mod a quest (the script is attached to) belongs to. The first two characters are in base 16 the load order for that mod.
    then finally the name of the script and the functions being run, on the far right are shown
    Maybe one day I'm modify this so that it reads the main papyrus script in realtime and will notify you while you play the game, but for now it works well enough for me. Once I started using it, and reverted to an early save before the first stack dump, I can just check every night and that's frequent enough to stop it being an issue.
    Unlicensed open source, its a really basic script do what you want with its code
    Thanks to:
    @bicobus for pointing out some of the awful things I do when I'm in a hurry to bang out a quick script so I could fix them



  12. Script Test

    What make this mod???
    None fun... I made it ONLY for answer the BIG QUESTION.
    Can a script slow down the game? Are there really "SCRIPT INTENSIVE HEAVY" mods?

    The easy answer is "YES, of course, many people have problems caused by the script".

    The REAL answer is NO, the game can run hundreds and hundreds of scripts at the same time without any problem.
    You have all the technical explanation in the blog
    I have done a mod with 4 different tests to demonstrate the capacity of the game and the results may surprise you.
    All tests work with an event system to have several runs at the same time and can start 1, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 and 3600 events of each test.
    Each event runs SIMULTANEOUSLY and you can save the game and open it with ReSaver to see that all events are in Active Scripts.

    The test begins with the launch of a voice command called ST_VOICE and runs CONSTANTLY. You will hear a sound of water every time you use the Voice Command.
    To stop the test, run the voice command again. You will receive a message indicating the duration of the test.
    I added a latency checker in my mod to calculate the time needed to run 5 simple lines of code.
    This special test is DIFFERENT from the latency test performed by the Elephant latency tester.
    Elephant calculates the latency of the scripts with the OnUpdate event.
    My test uses a call to the game engine that can calculate the REAL delay in the script engine.
    In this way, Elephant can say that the game has a latency of 200 to 300 milliseconds, while my test can say that it has a REAL latency of 7-10 seconds.
    TEST 1:
    This test performs a CELL SCAN of all nearby npc and performs some checks on each npc.
    During the execution of this test, your game should work normally and you should NOT notice that the test is running.
    This is because the test has a large number of external calls that suspend execution many times at the cost of more execution time.
    But this frequent suspension allows other scripts to be executed and for that the game can run 3200 events of this test without any problem.
    TEST 2:
    This test executes a MATHEMATICAL operation without stopping and only makes a call that can be suspended.
    Each event of this test runs during ALL the asigned time of 1.2 or 1.6 milliseconds and can give you some problems.
    While running this test, your game should work normally without losing any frames, BUT you may have a slow response from other scripts, for example any MCM.
    This is because the test uses all the execution time in each event and can not be suspended because no external calls are made.
    My events are running constantly and the game may take a few seconds to find a free execution slot and that may delay the execution of others scripts a lot.
    This delay can go from 1 second to 30 seconds and YOU MUST HAVE IT IN MIND WHEN EXECUTING THIS TEST because that delay affects my own test.
    The game may take a long time to display the message box to stop the test.
    Then, when you press the voice command button to stop this test, WAIT for the message to appear.
    TEST 3:
    This test only have ONE line of code and is:
    This line of code force the game to recompute all the mesh of the body of the player character and the game need a bit of time for made it.
    This test is locked to ONLY 5 events for prevent CTD.
    When i run this test with one event my frames down to half. If i launch 5 events my frames down from 60 to 5.
    TEST 4:
    This test is compatible with the other tests and I did it ONLY to demonstrate the capacity of the game and the priority system.
    Enable a magic filter in each npc and show in the GAME CONSOLE how many magic effects are thrown in each npc in the cell.
    If you enable the debug log in Skyrim.ini, you can see all the magic effects that are thrown on each npc.
    You can activate test 4 and start any other test CONCURRENT, but to stop test 4 you MUST first stop the other type 1 or 2 tests and then stop test 4.
    Of course, this filter adds load and may increase latency.
    Final note:
    When you want to STOP the test, use the voice command AND WAIT WAIT, WAIT, WAIT AND WAIT.
    The mod works and the test stops and the message box appears, but it may NEED A LONG TIME.
    ATTENTION: The game may need 1-3 minutes to stop 800 mathematical type 2 events.
    ATTENTION: The game may need 1-6 minutes to stop 1600 mathematical type 2 events.
    ATTENTION: The game may need 1-10 minutes to stop 3600 mathematical type 2 events.



  13. A Werewolf Should Know Decency

    A werewolf should really know some decency and dress up after transforming back to human form. No one wants to see that ass, ok?
    It re-equips all your gear and spells when you transform from a werewolf back to human form. Including your power. And it puts your left hand items back in your left hand instead in your right.
    ATTENTION: there is a time lag before the re-equipping happens. It's due to the transformation anim taking longer than it seems to. Just be patient, your char will get dressed. Give it 5-10 sec.
    Those who know my other mods can probably guess that for me it wasn't about decency, but convenience. It truly is a bother to equip every piece of armor, every weapon and every spell again, just because I transformed once. Especially the power. Jeez, I just used the Beast Form transformation power. Why would the game unequip it, come on? Of all the things, why this?
    So here's a fix. It's not the first one around, and being a lazy person I wouldn't make my own if it wasn't out of necessity. All the other mods I found had some serious flaws - incompatible with Dawnguard, with RaceCompatibility, overwriting records I needed for something else, weird handling of crossbows, weird handling of left-hand weapon, ignoring non-vanilla slots (like for example underwear, wings, backpacks).
    I've never wrote a script for Skyrim before. I tinkered with Morrowind around 2003, but back in the day you wouldn't even need to compile it! The code structure was easier too... Anyway, it's 2019, I taught myself the Skyrim version of Papyrus, and there it is, behold. I managed to work around almost every bug Bethesda has thrown at me, except for the torch. It's bugged so I decided not to re-equip it. Sorry, but Beth fucked up torches badly. Don't believe me? Try mounting a horse holding a torch. See where the torch goes. Enough said. Congratulations, Bethesda.
    Anyway, I was considering not re-equipping the torch in the first place, so it kinda works for me. When you transform back, you should avoid being seen doing it. The torch draws attention, so lighting it should be a conscious choice, rather than a scripted, automatic action.
    This mod was made for use with:
    - Dawnguard (required)
    - SKSE (very required)
    - RaceCompatibility (the script is based on it - will work without RaceCompatibility, but it's better to have it)
    The QF_PlayerWerewolfQuest_0002BA16 script is all good, same in Dawnguard / vanilla and not even covered by RaceCompatibility.
    PlayerWerewolfChangeScript however differs between Dawnguard and vanilla. Analyzing the code, using Dawnguard version but playing vanilla shouldn't break the game, but it might throw errors and maybe, *maybe* bloat your save. RaceCompatibility further changes the script, but not in a game breaking way.
    This mod will conflict with any other that relies on changes in any of the 2 scripts:
    - PlayerWerewolfChangeScript
    - QF_PlayerWerewolfQuest_0002BA16
    Sometimes the script is packed in the BSA, so you may not know you're overwriting it with my mod.
    Every script author who provides the source code. The real MVPs. On the other hand fuck the authors who keep the source for themselves
    Creation Kit Wiki was helpful too, so kudos to all the contributors.
    My code is roughly based on Werewolf Aftermath Re-Equipper by Korodic.
    Oh, and the img idea is from WereWolf Return Form No Naked by aaa. It's crude and simple, but caught my fancy.



  14. The Snow Queen (or King)

    You are an incredibly powerful frost mage yet crippled in other magic. So much so that your frost magic also hard to control. You occasionally leak magicka in the form of frost magic. How will you learn to control your magic? Will you find a way to reign it in or will you live in isolation?
    I wanted to play a mage that couldn't do everything. Since this is Skyrim it, of course, had to be frost magic. The name comes from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Snow Queen" which also inspired Frozen. It works with male characters too ("The Snow King"). This is an auto start quest that adds a perk and a few frost spells. You can summon an Ice Wraith and the player gains a huge resistance to frost magic. Wild Ice Wraiths  will be consumed and recharge the player's magicka. Sometimes the player will consume their own summoned Ice Wraith as well.

    In Short
    Magic is distorted for the player and is warped into frost magic and that has a chance of randomly killing someone. 
    Any magic effect that has a frost related keyword (or gets included in a list by a modder) gets a huge buff. Any other magic effect gets a huge debuff. Note that potions, enchantments, perks, etc.. are all based on magic effects. If you have a mod that alters weapon speed using a magic effect to do so it's going to be hit by the debuff. You can summon Ice Wraiths. Wild Ice Wraiths will be insta-killed when they get close to the player and restore magicka. Sometimes it will happen with summoned Ice Wraiths There is a chance of a random casting of a frost spell that will target a nearby actor. You stand a chance of attacking and maybe even killing a follower, or a guard, or a nearby rabbit.  Increased arousal from Sexlab Aroused Redux will increase this chance. Devious Devices will reduce this chance. Erotic armor from Sexlab Aroused Redux will negate Devious Devices on a 1 to 1 basis.  
    Minimum required SKSE Version: 1.7.0  
    Soft Requirements (and all their requirements)
    SexLab Aroused Redux Devious Devices Integration  
    Any mod that modifies player attributes through magic effects. Soultions will be listed below.
    SPERG (Skyrim Perk Enhancement and Rebalance Gameplay). Turn off the weapon speed issue autocheck.
    You can use "startquest _tsq_quest" and "stopquest _tsq_quest" in console. Stopping the quest will remove the added perk and also remove the starting spells. This will also work with script updates rather then an uninstall / reinstall. 
    Magic effect AbFXIceWraith. It adds a check in the script to see if the actor base is one of the summoned Ice Wraiths. If so the ashPile is not dropped on death. This is a potential minor conflict which may result in summoned Ice Wraiths dropping the ash pile again.
    No MCM
    There's only 3 globals that can be changed via the console. No need to create a MCM interface.
    Use "GetGlobalValue <Variable>" and "set <Variable> to <value>" to view and change
    _tsg_incidentChanceBase - The base % chance that a random cast will occur. Default: 5 _tsq_incidentChanceRange - The max +/- that can be applied to the base incident chance. Arousal will apply a plus. Devious Devices will apply a minus. Erotic armor will negate devious devices. A random roll replaces these if the associated mod is not installed. You can set this higher than the base which will result in a negative (impossible) chance of a random cast. Default 5 for a range of 0 to 10%. _tsq_incidentInterval - This is the base from which the time between potential incidents are calculated. The calculated interval in game hours can range from 1/2 this value to 2 times. Default 6 for a range of 3 to 12 game hours.  
    Access the Framework
    tsqFramework tsq = Quest.GetQuest( "_tsq_Base" ) as tsqFramework
    Some spells, e.g. Frost Cloak, lack keywords that identify is as a frost spell. These functions can be used for those cases of "should but don't"
    Bool function addSpell( Spell kSpell ) Bool function removeSpell( Spell kSpell ) Bool function listHasSpell( Spell kSpell )  
    An incident is a random casting of a frost spell known by the player The interval is the time span between incident checks in game hours with some randomness added with a range between 1/2 to 2x the value.
    Float function getInterva() Float function setInterval( Float fInterval )  
    The base chance of an incident it is modified by Range which can be positive or negative.
    Int function getBase() Int function setBase( Int iBase )  
    Range is influenced by arousal (adds) and the number of Devious devices worn (reduces). A random roll replaces these if the associated mod is not installed.
    Int function getRange() Int function setRange( Int iRange )  
    Mod Events
    "tsq_spellIncident" - this event is sent when the player randomly casts a Frost spell.
    Actor akPlayer - The player Actor akTarget - The target of the spell Spell kSpell - The random frost spell cast by the player  
    RegisterForModEvent( "tsq_spellIncident", "myCustomEvent" )
    Event myCustomEvent( Actor akPlayer, Actor akTarget, Spell kSpell )
        ; Do my stuff



  15. OP Werewolf Form


    It's here and does exactly the same thing: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/14209-op-werewolf-form-by-erundil/
    This mod was made for personal use, but heck, what's the reason not to post it.
    It does 2 things, both aimed at making the werewolf transformation more rewarding. Here goes:
    - Beast Form power was changed to lesser power, so it can be used multiple times a day, instead of just once per 24h
    - debuff that used to prevent werewolves from regenerating HP is gone and replaced with bonus to HP regen (1.00 right now, and it's already OP af, you can just stand there while they hit you)
    So there it is - transform and you are unkillable. And you are always ready to transform. How are poor NPCs supposed to take you down? It's impossible. You're invincible.



  16. Weapon Type Based Enchant Scaling

    Weapon Type Based Enchant Scaling
    Join the Discord
    This mod makes weapons have differing enchantment strength base on what type of weapons they are.
    Dagger - WeapTypeDagger 50% - .50
    Sword - WeapTypeSword 65% - .65
    War Axe - WeapTypeWarAxe 70% - .70
    Mace - WeapTypeMace 75% - .75
    Greatsword - WeapTypeGreatsword 90% - .90
    Battleaxe - WeapTypeBattleaxe 95% - .95
    Warhammer - WeapTypeWarhammer 100% - 1.0
    Also makes Daedric items get 10% stronger Fire Enchants, similar to how Stalhrim items work.
    The reason why I did this was based on weapon speed daggers are 1.3x the speed of a sword, warhammers are .6x the speed of a sword, meaning a dagger can attack twice and have a little bit of time before the warhammer finishes it's swing. The reason this is a bad thing is because the way enchantments work, when you enchant a weapon, the strength is always "1" so a warhammer enchanted with "Absorb Health" might drain 16 points of Health, but a dagger will also apply the same enchantment strength and hit at over 2x the speed of the warhammer, meaning you can drain 32 points with a dagger in the time it would take for a warhammer to drain 16 points. With this mod it lowers multiplicative enchantment strength value to be half for daggers, that way you are draining only 16 in the time it would take for a warhammer to hit and drain 16 points.
    Plus daggers are OP anyways, especially in my game.
    - View my other mods here -



  17. Body Builders

    The women of Skyrim can now have their bodies reflect their skills, abilities, and addictions.
    Your body, and the bodies of female NPCs, will change depending on your skills, to reflect your physical capabilities. This is done through Bodyslide Morphs. Each skill has been assigned a Bodyslide preset, and as you increase your experience in that skill, your body will become more like that preset. Your arms will become burly if you train in combat skills, your legs will become thick and toned if you train in stealth skills, and your chest will bulge from training in magical skills.
    In addition to skills, you can enable weight gain, and arousal changes.
    Gorging on a feast will now leave a mark on your character, distending their stomach until you rest (if Stuffing is enabled), and the more food you eat, the larger your character will become (if Weight Gain is enabled). Fasting or dieting will slowly slim your character, but illicit drugs like Skooma can also send your metabolism into overdrive, slimming your character faster.
    NPCs are also set to a certain body weight depending on their level and vanilla body weight. At 100 vanilla body weight, and level 1, an NPC will have 100 mod body weight; the higher the level, the lower their mod weight. As of version 1.1, NPCs can gain weight if they eat food. You will need an additional mod to feed NPCs.
    If your character ends up having a lot of sex, and can't stop thinking about sex, then they will turn into a full fledged bimbo, with all the required assets (requires SexLab Aroused). The higher your Sex Addiction (ie SLA Time Rate) the larger your assets will become. NPCs can also experience this effect.
    These changes will only happen if your sleep often enough, or drink skill-based potions with the Potion Addon installed. You can also press 'Force Body Update' in the MCM.
    The MCM has several options to customize how your body will change. How large you can become, and how quickly you grow, as well as options on how NPCs, both unique and non-unique, will change.
    Customizing Morphs
    If you don't like the Bodyslide morphs I've made for this mod, you can customize your own and import them into the game. To do this, download the Bodyslide Presets, and Bat Files, and follow these instructions. Reference the images above for additional aid.
    Open and make changes to the BodySlide preset to the skill you want to change. Only edit the 'High Weight' side of the preset. Copy the appropriate Bat file to the 'Skyrim' folder, one level up from the 'Data' folder. Edit the Bat folder with the changes you've made to the preset, taking the difference of the High Weight and Low Weight. Open up the Game, and call the bat file through the console: bat [Bat File Name] Perform steps 1-4 for all skill morphs you want to edit. Open the MCM and select 'Update Globals' (Optional) Select 'Force Body Update' in the MCM to see the changes immediately.  
    Simply install the main file, and the Potion Addon if you want it, through your mod manager. Load order does not matter for the main file, but the Potion Addon should be loaded after any alchemy overhaul.
    You should select 'Force Body Update' in the MCM the first time you load the game after you install the mod.
    For armor or clothing to work you need to build their meshes through BodySlide, with 'Build Morphs' checked.
    Before you uninstall the mod, you should select 'Reset Body Morphs' in the MCM to reset your character's body. If you have NPC morphing enabled, you should disable that, enable 'NPC Morph Spells' and use the 'Restore Body' spell on any NPC that has been changed by this mod.
    If you've lost track of which NPCs were changed by this mod, use the Netimmerse Override Cleaner mod.



  18. The Manipulator Version Française

    Requiert le mod d'origine : Oui
    Lien du mod d'origine : The Manipulator
    Auteur d'origine : @ffabris
    Version mod original: 6.3
    Version traduite: 6.3 (FR 1.0)
    Ce mod est un traduction de l'excellent travail de ffabris
    The Manipulator
    Que fait ce mod ?
    The Manipulator à commencé comme mod permettant aux joueurs de changer rapidement et facilement certaines valeurs des PNJ (PNJ essentiel, acolytes potentiels, SexLab et SexLab Aroused, etc.). L'objectif était que ce soit un mod rapide, facile à utiliser et surtout léger. Il a depuis grandi pour inclure d'autres fonctions, telles que «stocker n'importe où», marquer des endroits pour le voyage rapide plus tard, et créer un harem de PNJ.

    Aucune de ces fonctions n'est "tout chantant, tout dansant". Elles sont simple, en accord avec l'objectif d'un mod léger. Ainsi, par exemple, si vous voulez gérer des PNJ, n'utilisez pas la fonctionnalité du harem, et télécharger plutôt un mod comme "My Home is Your Home", ou similaire.

    Attention ! En l'utilisant cela peut casser votre jeu ! Définir un PNJ comme un disciple, ou un membre de votre harem, peut casser des quêtes. Donc, n'assignez pas de PNJ en tant qu'acolyte, mariables ou recrue dans votre harem, à moins que vous ne soyez prêt à prendre ce risque.

    Veuillez signaler les bogues au thread de support, au lieu d'envoyer des MP, car vous pouvez trouver que votre question a déjà reçu une réponse - et la réponse à vos questions peut aider les autres. Merci.
    Mise à jour

    Vous pouvez essayer de glisser/déposer les nouveaux fichiers, mais si cela vous semble bizarre, alors nettoyer le mod comme décrit ci-dessous:
    Virez les membres du harem Quittez le jeu, désactivez The Manipulator, chargez le jeu. Sauvegarder. Nettoyez votre sauvegarde avec Save Game Cleaner Installez et activez la dernière version de The Manipulator Démarrer Skyrim Chargez la sauvegarde nettoyée.

    Mise à jour de 5.9 à 6.0 glisser/déposer, mais pas de promesses.
    Mise à jour de 5.8 à 5.9 glisser/déposer, pas de nettoyage nécessaire.
    Mise à jour vers 4.x ou 5.x nécessitera une sauvegarde propre comme décrit ci-dessus.
    Comment l'utiliser
    Installez le mod. Puis, une fois le MCM enregistré, ouvrez-le. Il y a plusieurs panneaux, décrits ici:

    Ici vous pouvez changer certaines valeurs des PNJ à la volée. Vous devez avoir un PNJ sous votre réticule, puis ouvrez le MCM. Le panneau affiche le nom du PNJ, suivi du RefID.
    Voici ce que vous pouvez faire à un PNJ:
    Protégé (in-tuable, sauf par vous) Essentiel (in-tuable même par vous) Acolytes potentiel (utilisez le système vanilla pour recruter en tant qu'acolyte, ou un mod) Potentiellement mariable Forcer n'importe quel PNJ à faire partie d'un harem (voir ci-dessous pour plus de détails) Vous pouvez ouvrir son inventaire pour donner/prendre des objets Déshabiller/habiller le PNJ Tuer/ressusciter Désactiver (attention vous ne pourrez pas le réactiver à partir de ce mod) RaceMenu cosmétique (voir ci-dessous) Changer de tenue En option, définissez l'orientation sexuelle SexLab Facultativement, définissez la préférence de genre SexLab Aroused et autres valeurs SLA.
    Notez que les modifications sont appliquées et enregistrées dès que le MCM est fermé.
    Si vous avez installé UIExtensions, vous aurez également une entrée RaceMenu dans le panneau. Cela vous permet de modifier certains aspects du PNJ, y compris les valeurs du corps (si votre squelette installé le prend en charge). Le support de tatouage nécessite probablement également des extensions de RaceMenu (The Coenaculi). Cette fenêtre RaceMenu peut également être ouverte via une touche de raccourci (définie dans le panneau Paramètres)

     En bref, le menu RaceMenu vous permet de faire à un PNJ tout ce que vous pouvez faire pour votre propre personnage, moins tout ce qui pourrait altérer le visage au point que le facegendata devient invalide. Si vous n'avez pas de morphs disponibles pour vous-même, vous n'en aurez pas pour les PNJ - etc. Tout ce qui pourrait modifier le visage ne peut pas être fait. Ce n'est pas le manque de volonté ou de connaissance; simplement, le moteur de jeu ne le permet pas.

    Déshabiller/habiller peut également être fait sans ouvrir le MCM, via raccourci.

    Si vous souhaitez que les modifications apportées à ce panneau persistent dans un nouveau jeu, cliquez sur "Enregistrer les informations à config". Cela enregistre toutes les données du panneau dans un fichier de configuration JSON externe, à l'exception de l'état du harem, de la désactivation, de la suppression et de l'équipement forcé. Les informations enregistrées peuvent être rechargées à tout moment via Paramètres, "Charger les données PNJ".
    Ce panneau contient des paramètres spécifiques aux PNJ pour les membres du harem. Avant de pouvoir ajouter quelqu'un à votre harem, vous devez définir les marqueurs de la maison et de sommeil quelque part. Les PNJ auront besoin de ceux-ci pour savoir où aller et dormir. Il y a deux marqueurs pour permettre les maisons qui se composent de plusieurs cellules. Les marqueurs sont définis dans le panneau Paramètres.

    Une fois les marqueurs définis, vous pouvez ajouter à peu près n'importe qui dans Skyrim (jusqu'à 50 PNJ au total) via le panneau People. Les PNJ ajoutés de cette manière sont automatiquement définis comme des amants. Ils ne sont pas définis comme essentiels. Si vous le souhaitez, utilisez The Manipulator pour définir ceci sur eux.

    Si vous ajoutez un PNJ qui est actuellement un acolyte, il sera retiré de la faction CurrentFollower.

    Une fois ajouté à votre harem, le PNJ devrait se diriger vers l'endroit que vous avez marqué comme étant la maison, et y rester. Par défaut, ils dormiront entre 23 et 6, dans la cellule marquée pour dormir.

    Pour retirer un PNJ de votre harem, vous pouvez sélectionner Rejeter dans le coin inférieur droit du panneau Harem. Le PNJ sera "rétrogradé" à allié, et retournera ses habitude. Si un membre du harem meurt, il/elle sera retiré de la liste interne.
    Pour contrôler des PNJ spécifique dans votre harem, sélectionnez-en un dans le menu déroulant. Ensuite, vous pouvez spécifier différents lieux de résidence et de sommeil, ainsi que le sommeil diurne (9-16) au lieu du nocturne (23-6).
    Cela permet également un contrôle limité de l'équipement:
    Entièrement nu Défaut (la tenue que le PNJ portait avant d'être recruté) Chargé d'un mod. Les tenues sont définies dans le panneau Paramètres.  
    Les membres du harem peuvent aussi être mariés. Vous pouvez soit sélectionner l'option pour les marier automatiquement lors de l'ajout à votre harem, soit les épouser sélectivement une fois ajoutées. Notez que le mariage via The Manipulator utilise les factions de mariage vanilla, mais ne touche en aucune façon les quêtes de mariage vanilla. Ainsi, si vous préférez utiliser le système vanilla, ou un mod multi-mariage, The Manipulator ne sera pas en conflit. Cependant, vous aurez toujours les commentaires "Bonjour" et "Au revoir" des PNJ que vous épouserez de cette manière, puisque les fichiers texte et voix sont dupliqués à partir du jeu de la vanilla. Notez également que le dialogue vocal exprimé n'existe pas pour tous les types de voix; pour ceux qui en manquent, vous aurez plutôt des commentaires non lus. Enfin, si vous préférez ne pas avoir les voix, n'installez tout simplement pas le fichier BSA inclus.

    Divorcer d'un PNJ n'a pas de pénalité. Un PNJ divorcé restera membre du harem à moins d'être renvoyé. D'un autre côté, le renvoi d'un PNJ marié du harem entraînera également un divorce.

    Vous pouvez avoir un membre de harem marqué comme favori. Ce PNJ aura l'usage de n'importe quel(s) lit(s) appartenant au joueur.

    Notez que les données du harem sont sauvegardées dans le fichier de configuration json. Vous pouvez télécharger ces informations sauvegardées après avoir démarré une nouvelle partie, via Charger les données du harem dans le panneau Info & Data Load.

    L'ajout d'un PNJ a des réserves:
    La quête du harem est hautement prioritaire. Cela signifie que presque tous les PNJ, sinon tous, peuvent maintenant être ajoutés à votre harem. Notez que les PNJ peuvent être dans une scène qui doit être complétée (quête,...)  avant qu'ils ne se dirigent vers leur nouvelle maison désignée. Les PNJ que vous ajoutez à votre harem seront des alliés les uns aux autres via une faction personnalisée (The Manipulator ne gérera pas leurs relations les uns avec les autres). Si vous retirez un PNJ du harem, le statut d'allié est perdu, il est donc tout à fait possible que les autres deviennent hostiles envers lui. J'ai vu cela en testant avec des gardes aléatoires de différentes prises. L'ajout d'un PNJ à votre Harem peut casser votre jeu, utiliser le avec précaution.  
    Les lieux
    Cela affiche des informations sur la cellule (maison, magasin, grottes, ...) actuelle dans laquelle vous vous trouvez. Le nom de la cellule, l'espace virtuel et les coordonnées de la grille (pour les cellules extérieures), l'emplacement et la propriété de l'acteur/faction, le cas échéant. Vous pouvez également marquer la cellule (s'il s'agit d'une cellule intérieure) en tant que propriété du joueur ou détenue par PlayerFaction. Vous pouvez également définir si la cellule est publique.

    Sur la droite de ce panneau ce trouve les fonctions de déplacement rapide. Vous pouvez stocker jusqu'à 10 emplacements. D'abord, utilisez la liste déroulante pour sélectionner un élément de la liste. Ensuite vous pouvez:
    Stockez votre position actuelle dans la liste. (Si vous avez sélectionné un emplacement déjà utilisé, les informations précédemment stockées seront supprimées et l'emplacement sera réutilisé.) Supprime la position enregistrée de la liste. Voyage rapide à la position sélectionnée (si une position a été stockée là, bien sûr)  

    Ce panneau donne accès au stockage "sans conteneur". Stocker des articles via "Store", et ils seront triés en fonction de la catégorie à laquelle ils appartiennent (en utilisant les mots-clés intégrés affectés aux éléments dans le jeu). Pour accéder aux éléments, sélectionnez le type dans le MCM. Si la case est cochée, certains éléments sont stockés.
    Si vous avez installé UIExtensions, vous pouvez également définir un raccourci clavier (dans le panneau Paramètres) pour un accès rapide au stockage.

    Semblable au stockage, cela vous donne accès à des stations d'artisanat de n'importe où dans Skyrim. Si vous avez installé UIExtensions, vous pouvez également définir un raccourci clavier (dans le panneau Paramètres) pour un accès plus rapide à l'artisanat.
    Friend Factions

    NOTE: l'activation de l'un des paramètres de ce panneau va casser votre jeu, puisque vous ne serez plus attaqué dans les donjons, etc. Si vous êtes inquiet de la façon dont l'activation de l'une de ces factions peut interférer avec l'interaction du jeu, le mod ne fait rien si aucune des faction ici n'est activée. Tous les problèmes que vous pourriez avoir si tous sont désactivés et n'ont jamais été activés, sont donc en dehors de la portée de ce mod.

    Dans une nouvelle partie, avant que quoi que ce soit puisse être fait sur ce panneau, vous devez charger les factions depuis le panneau Info & Data Load, même si vous n'avez jamais installé ce mod auparavant.

    Ici, vous pouvez définir un certain nombre de factions, qui sont normalement des ennemis, pour être amis. Plus précisément, le joueur est ajouté à sa faction (par exemple, si vous activez Bandit, le mod vous ajoutera à la faction Bandit). Il définit également CurrentFollowerFaction comme un allié, de sorte que les acolytes ne soient pas attaqués.

    Les orques sont un cas particulier. ils ne sont pas (normalement) des ennemis. Cependant, vous devez remplir une quête de faveur avant de pouvoir devenir un OrcFriend (à moins que votre personnage soit un Orque, bien sûr). Activer le paramètre ici évite le besoin de la quête de faveur.

    Notez qu'activer toutes factions que les Vigiles de Stendarr considèrent comme des ennemis (voir spoiler ci-dessous), les amènera à vous attaquer. Pour éviter cela, vous devez également activer la faction VigilantOfStendarrFaction (c'est pourquoi elle a été incluse).

    Offre des hacks ne jeu, si vous voulez les utiliser. Tous les hacks peuvent potentiellement briser le jeu, à utiliser avec prudence, ou pas du tout.

    Le côté droit contient des triches massives, que voici:
    Déshabiller messager: Donne au coursier vanilla une tenue entièrement nue. Bloquer Étudiant & Adversaire: Activez ceci pour bloquer les "attaques" ennuyeuses d'étudiant et adversaire. Pas de commentaires nu: Comme son nom l'indique. Même résultat final que celui offert par ce mod, mais implémenté différemment. Aucun commentaire de chien stupide: même fonctionnalité que celle offerte par ce mod. Aucune attaque de vampire: bloque les attaques de vampires. Aucune attaque de la garde de l'aube: bloque les attaques de la garde de l'aube si vous avez ajouté les Vampires en tant que faction amie Pas de détournement A.D: Empêche certaines quêtes d'Artefact daedrique de détourner votre partie. Quêtes supportées: DA03 (Un daedra pour ami ), DA07 (les fragments du passé), DA10 (la maison des horreurs), DA14 (une nuit mémorable) NOTE: Certaines d'entre elles se déclenchent suite à un changement d'endroit et ont déjà commencé avant, vous pouvez les désactivez. DA10 est une. Obtenez les maisons: Hack pour avoir des maisons pour le joueur, et les meublent entièrement: Markarth, Solitude, Blancherive et Faillaise. Vendeaume est exclu en raison de la quête "Du sang sur la glace", tout comme les maisons d'Heathfires. Ne donne pas les huscarls. Pas de déco pour les enfants. Ne l'utilisez pas si vous jouez au jeu vanilla. Aussi c'est probablement imcompatible avec les mods qui modifient l'intérieur de ces 4 maisons. Notez également que ce paramètre ne persiste pas.  

    Ici vous pouvez paramétrer:
    Touches de raccourcis: pour Déshabillage/Habillage, RaceMenu, accès au stockage. Les réglages globaux du Harem: y compris la mise en place de marqueurs de maison et de sommeil, s'ils doivent être automatiquement déshabillés, désarmés, mariés, et s'ils doivent se rendre rapidement chez eux, ou marcher. Remarque: si Désarmer est activé, toutes les armes, boucliers et bâtons des PNJ seront retirés de leur inventaire et placés dans le stockage de The Manipulator, vous pouvez récupérer les objets à partir de là, si nécessaire. Tenues: Sélectionnez un emplacement dans la liste, puis donnez un nom à la tenue, indiquez le mod qui la contient et l'ID du formulaire en hexadécimal, sans les deux premiers chiffres. (par exemple, Skyrim.esm, 0E3E66) Jusqu'à 50 tenues peuvent être définies de cette manière. Déshabillage de force brute: plutôt que de simplement enlever ce que porte un PNJ, cela change sa tenue à une ne contenant rien. Le problème est que cela menent à des réinitialisations causées par des éléments ajoutés à l'inventaire. Cependant, afin de garder ce mod léger, aucune tentative n'est faite pour se souvenir de ce que le PNJ portait, donc le système équipera un équipement aléatoire (commun).  
    Info et données

    Ce panneau montre la version du mod, les autres mods optionnels installés, et si les marqueurs de harem ont été placés.

    Aussi sur ce panneau:
    Charger les données PNJ: charge toutes les données PNJ sauvegardées dans le fichier de configuration, si possible. Cela échouera clairement pour les PNJ qui étaient dans des mods qui ont été supprimés depuis que les données ont été sauvegardées. Charger les données de harem: Charge toutes les informations enregistrées pour les personnes ajoutées à votre harem lors d'une précédente partie. Les PNJ sont ajoutés au harem. Charger des données de Friend Faction: charge les relations de faction stockées.
    Notez que le chargement de PNJ et de données harem peut ne pas charger les PNJ du jeu, même si les mods qu'ils définissent sont correctement installés (cela arrive quand le PNJ n'est pas défini comme persistant dans CK).
    Mods requis
    Skyrim Legendary Edition SkyUI Papyrus Util 3.3 ou superieur  
    Mods optionnels
    SexLab SexLab Aroused (redux) UIExtensions RaceMenu  
    ffabris pour ce mod et son autorisation de partage de ma traduction.
    NOTE: Le Mod n'est pas traduit à 100%. Car ce n'est pas un mod que j'utilise souvent ou pas intégralement (le harem), donc si vous trouvez du texte non traduit faites une capture d’écran et envoyez la moi que je puisse mettre à jour la traduction. D'avance merci.
    Ce n'est qu'une simple traduction, aucune stat ou autre a été modifié.
    S'il y a une erreur de traduction, un oubli, une faute d'orthographe/de conjugaison ou tout autres problèmes, contactez-moi.
    Vous aimez mon travail? Alors laissez-moi un message sur ma page LL ça fait toujours plaisir.
    Merci d'avoir téléchargé ce mod, et amusez-vous bien en Bordeciel
    N'oubliez pas de remercier le créateur du mod d'origine pour son travail.
    Cette traduction est une exclusivité LL, partagez uniquement le lien de la page et non le mod, merci.



  19. Mortal Weapons & Armors

    Mortal Weapons & Armor
    This mod is basically unsupported. Use at your own risk.
    Required setting for Devious Devices.
    Devious Devices: ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED SETTING!!!: Devious Devices device hider DISABLED!!! The hider interferes with WornObject() functions which completely breaks MWAs ability to detect which ObjectReference is in which slot. Other than that MWA is fine with DD. See pic for exactly what setting I mean:
    Adds a more traditional RPG style durability and degradation system to weapons and armors. Items degrade as they take/give hits until eventually they break. This makes preparation for fighting more important. Going into combat with untempered weapons and armors could very well end badly for you. Armors and weapons dropped by dead bandits (etc) will be badly damaged from their death so you can't really rely on just looting to survive. Bring your destroyed or damaged weapons and armor to a smith or tailor to have them repaired. 
    Check out this video for an idea of what it's about. Note that this video was a test of warhammers & frost magic doing extra damage to heavy armor. And degradation was cranked up to the maximum. Weapon damage has also changed since. Now blocking heavy weapons with light weapons will damage them more quickly these days. 
    Armor and weapon degradation, durability & repair system.  All slots supported. Everything breaks (within reason) and can be repaired by smiths and the added tailors Better quality materials have a higher durability (on average) and a higher degradation resistance (degradation resistance is hidden. Top tier weapons and armors like daedric and dragon ignore 50% of degradation damage. Shields have an added 25% extra degrade resistance due to their role) Armor/Clothing suitability. Items dropped by dead NPCs must match your gender and/or weight for it to fit you. Smiths/Tailors can refit armor/clothing for you.  Weapon and magic specialization. Different weapon/magic types do more damage to certain armor types. Includes Unrelenting Force shout.  Creature damage scales with their health. The more powerful the creature the more it'll shred your armor.  Damage to everything you're wearing on rape to simulate your armor being ripped off.  Enable damage for every object type (if you so wish) - Jewelry, Daedric artifacts.  Tempering restores item durability. Tempering also refits armor to suit your characters gender/weight (option needs to be enabled). Broken object drops encourage decision making. Fight or flee and risk losing your weapon/armor. Item drop and recovery system ensures you'll be able to get your dropped stuff back. No unfair dropping through the floor (stupid skyrim). Dropping can be disabled.   Mage armor spells protect clothes and armor. Higher level spells offer better protection.  Degradation over time. Highly configurable.  Requiem compatible.  Import/Export settings and item immunity is carried through to new games.  Option to reduce/remove food from Npcs and containers if you prefer scarcity.  Option to reduce/remove lockpicks from Npcs and containers and set the value of lockpicks via the Mcm.  Cursed objects that turn into Devious Devices. You can bring your cursed items to a priest to have them sanctified.   
    Still To be added
    Blacksmith tempering An option to disable smiths/tailors abilities to repair clothes/armor in towns without walls, for er... reasons Sounds! If you can think of mod that would make a good source of sounds (and the author would be willing to share) for MWA let me know. I'm looking to add sounds when objects: 1. Degrade one temper level
    2. Hit certain percentages of their durability.
    I'll need different sounds for clothes, light armor and heavy armor.
    PapyrusUtil - Make sure you have the latest version and that it's not overwritten by another mod that includes an out-of-date version.
    Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch - Not a hard requirement but without it when NPCs die their weapon/shield become detached from the body and will cause them not to get initialized with a low durability.  
    Should be compatible with any mod that adds the SexlabNoStrip keyword to armors. Anything with this keyword will be ignored.
    Milk Addict:
    - MA will disable it's tailors if MWA is detected
    - Obtaining an object reference will be offloaded to MWA if it's installed. No dropping on equip any more
    - Object destruction offloaded to MWA if installed. More robust.
    - Extended slutiness menu to cover armor. The more slutty your armor the bigger your tits can get before your armor is unequipped. If MWA is installed armor can always be equipped but it will take damage just like clothes ripping. Armor will take increased damage based on how un-slutty the armor is and how big your tits are. 
    Loot and Degradation:
    Required setting: Set 'Player Degradation Rate' to zero. Recommended setting: set 'Tempered Leveled Tiers' to 0. 
    MWA has some keywords to help you configure the expected behavior of armors and their fit. 
    _MWA_AlwaysFits - Items with this keyword will always fit the player. Examples: Quest items that should fit you - Radiant Raiment's outfit to see the Jarl. The embassy party outfit (Both of these are done by default. Other example: Whore clothes given to you by innkeepers.
    _MWA_FemaleFitOnly - Objects with this keyword will be fit to female only. Useful for most mod added armors that only really apply to females - Dresses, bikinis, heels etc. The bikini armor keyword from SL Survival will also fit the item to females - So there's no need to add both.
    _MWA_Immune - MWA will ignore objects with this keyword. You can also add items in game to the immune list but this keyword can also be used as an option should you wish. 
    How do I add these keywords? Survival has a guide on adding it's own keyword to armors. The process is exactly the same except you use one of the keywords above instead: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/99955-sexlab-survival/?do=findComment&comment=2251507
    Q: How do I repair destroyed objects?
    A: Bring armors/weapons to a smith or clothing to a tailor. Select "I am in need of your services". Select "I have badly damaged gear that could use your skill". A container menu will open. Dump your broken stuff into the container. When finished just exit the menu and you'll be prompted to pay the price.
    Q: I'm getting a consistent CTD when changing cells or adding a specific item to my inventory...?
    A: I've had a couple of these myself and traced the cause to a bad world mesh for an armor. Check the last lines of your log for lines beginning with '_MWA_:' and see if you can find the name of the last object to be dropped by MWA. This should narrow down the problem armor for you. Then to test you could add the item in question via the console and drop it from your inventory to see if it causes a crash. There are only really two options to fix this either A) fix the nif itself, which I can't help with as I know nothing about meshes or B) replace the world model with something you know works via TesEdit. I usually just replace dodgy meshes with vanilla leather boots etc. This has the disadvantage that items won't look right in the inventory view or when dropped on the ground but it's the easiest solution. 
    Q. I get the message 'I simply can not carry any more' and my item drops on the ground.
    A. Either open the mcm and run the 'Alias cleanup routine' or simply save your game and reload the save to run the alias clean up routine automatically. 
    Q. Durability is not decreasing/is decreasing too quickly. 
    A. It's important to understand that tempering protects durability. That is to say an items durability won't decrease if the item is tempered to any quality. Once the item becomes untempered it will start to take durability damage. Once durability runs out the object will break. So this means that tempering is very important for weapons and armors. 
    MWA has limited capacity to track your broken stuff. Broken objects are held in aliases and there are currently 40 (should be enough. I'll add more if need be). Once all aliases are filled, old aliases will be recycled. Aliases will be prioritized for recycling if:
    1. The object is NOT in your inventory
    2. The object is NOT in the inventory of your follower (CurrentFollowerFaction)
    3. The object is NOT in a container in a player home. (Player home keyword check)
    4. If all else fails the 'oldest' alias will be used. Oldest = the last time the object was in any of the above 3
    Broken stuff not in an alias may still be recoverable if the object reference has not been destroyed by Skyrim but I wouldn't count on it. Skyrim seems pretty aggressive at destroying object references.
    Known issues
    Due to the way the mod works it has a couple of quirks. 
    1. Don't spam craft the same item over and over. 
    2. Try not to take massive amounts of objects from a container in a single go. 
    Comparison with Loot and Degradtion
    Tailor Locations
    twistedtrebla - Sounds
    VaderHater - Sounds
    Chesko - A mesh from Frostfall
    I'm still waiting on a reply from twistedtrebla and Chesko on permissions. I'm fairly confident though that there shouldn't be any problems. twistedtrebla should be ok because VaderHaters mod is linked in his page and the mesh from frostfall is a modified vanilla mesh. But if there's any issue, just message me. 



  20. Leveled Merchant Gold

    Just a simple mod that adds leveled amounts of gold to the merchants in Skyrim.  Yes I know there are already mods that add gold to merchants, but I could not find one that added leveled amounts so I made one.  Nothing fancy about this mod, just something I wanted for my own game and thought I'd share it.
    What does the mod do?
    All merchants (except the Khajiit caravans) have a leveled vendor gold list in their merchant chest.  This mod adds a new leveled list inside that called "EtR_LeveledVendorGoldList85".  This list begins adding additional gold to the merchant chest starting when the player reaches level 5 and continues to gradually increase this thru level 120.  How much depends on the type of vendor, street vendors get a small boost while general goods merchants and blacksmiths get the biggest bump.  It does this by checking and adding the listed amount anywhere from 50 to 1000 times depending on the merchant.  However, to make things a little more random there is a 15% chance each time it checks that it won't add that amount, which adds some variability to the exact amount the merchant will have when you visit.
    The mod doesn't use any scripts, its just a basic leveled list so should have no impact on your game play other than giving merchants more gold as you level up.
    How Much Gold is Added?
    That's a little tricky to answer because it depends on the player's level and the type of merchant, but I'll give some examples and a more complete description in a spoiler.
    A street vendor, like say Carlotta in Whiterun gets a small amount:
    At player level 5 the max is 50 extra gold with an average of about 44 gold added. At player level 60 the max is 400 extra gold with an average of around 177 gold added. At player level 100 the max is 800 extra gold with an average of around 280 gold added.  
    For someone like Belethor in Whiterun, a general goods merchant the amount is much larger.
    At player level 5 the max is 1000 extra gold with an average of around 850 gold added. At player level 60 the max is 8000 extra gold with an average 0f around 3500 gold added. At player level 100 the max is 16,000 extra gold with an average of around 6200 gold added.  
    Why the big difference between the max and the average at high level, its a bell curve effect.
    Merchants Affected:
    Apothecaries Blacksmiths Fences Innkeepers Misc (general goods) Merchants Spell vendors Street vendors  
    Note: Khajiit caravans are not currently affected, Bethesda didn't give them a leveled gold list in their chest and I haven't gotten around to figuring out a good way to update them that wouldn't conflict with other mods.
    Drop it in your load order and go.
    Probably doesn't matter much where you put it, should be compatible with most mods adding other items (not gold) to merchants.
    Will likely conflict with other mods that add gold to merchants so pick which one you want (only use one).



  21. More Bandit Camps - EtR Patch

    This mod relocates and improves some of the bandit camp locations from the mod More Bandit Camps by skillest (note that mod is required for this mod to work, see requirements below).  The original MBC mod gave us a lot of additional bandit camps and overall was good addition to Skyrim, but not everything quite worked.  This patch mod addresses a few of those issues.  I created this mod mainly for use with Sexy Bandit Captives by Blackbird Wanderer and that is still its main purpose, but that mod is not required to use this mod and it works fine even if you aren't using it (buy why wouldn't you want all those cute captives to rescue? ?)
    Camp Steadwatch
    Formerly located near Rorikstead it's location threatened travel on the road as well as conflicting with several other mods.  I relocated the camp to a new spot below Fort Sungard where it is better concealed, can watch traffic (but not constantly attack) on two roads, and is more defensible for the bandits.  The location is fully navmeshed and cleaned.  It features a larger camp, additional bandit archers, and hidden cache's of loot scattered about the camp.  The original location was restored to its vanilla Skyrim state, including the original navmesh and landscape, any other mod using that location should be loaded after this patch.
    Camp Snowfall
    Formerly isolated and difficult to even reach it was not clear to me what purpose this camp was supposed to serve.  It featured a named NPC that wasn't actually a bandit but was living in the camp.  I've moved the camp to a cliff top overlooking Dragonsbridge where it is far enough away not to draw aggro or conflict with mods like ETaC, but where the bandits have a clear view of the town an traffic on the bridge.  The camp has six bandits plus the named NPC.  The NPC was nerfed and given bandit factions to make him more of a strong bandit mage rather than... whatever he was (I also changed his voice type so he can speak bandit dialogs now).  As with Steadwatch the camp is fully navmeshed and cleaned, defensible and mostly concealed (you have to look hard to see any part of it from Dragonsbridge).  The original camp location was returned to its vanilla state.
    Camp Redfox
    The camp map marker was corrected so it is no longer "hostile".  Renavmeshed the camp and made it easier to navigate as well as fixing some navmesh errors.  Camp is in the same location and is the same size.  Also added a fast travel marker so you land near the camp rather than in the middle of it.
    Camp Wakefield
    The original camp was completely removed and the surrounding area returned to its default state.  The camp was moved into a new original cave nearby with a small group of bandits there.  A little bit of backstory was developed, you can get clues about some events by reading the bandit leader's journal. 
    New Original Camp
    Added a brand new camp to the mod.  I'll leave it a surprise as to where the camp is and what its called, but I tried to blend it in with the not just the location but the game setting as well.  It should provide those doing the main quest with a new twist.  The camp is about the size of what I did at Steadwatch, so expect a solid fight (in testing they took down a dragon on their own!)
    You must have the explorer version of MBC for LE
    Just drop the esp in your load order after MBC.  There are no scripts or anything in this mod so it's very low impact on your save game.
    If you are using mods like Pirates of the North, make sure they load after my mod for best performance.
    Mods Using this Patch:
    Sexy Bandit Captives by Blackbird Wanderer
    Future Plans:
    The current version of the patch will be the final version.  I debated about this a lot privately.  I don't like heavily modding other people's mods, and that is what this mod was becoming.  It started out as a patch to move a couple of camps to resolve some mod conflicts and then I started getting carried away cause I love building locations.  But, its not my mod to do that with and so I decided the best thing to do was stop it where its at.
    However, that's not necessarily the end of things.  Like I said I love building locations, its my favorite thing to do in modding.  So I'm beginning work on a new mod project that will be called Warlords, Renegades and Rogues of Skyrim.  This mod will include a further revised and renamed version of Camps Steadwatch, Snowfall as well as my original Ilinata's Overlook.  It will also add many more new locations.  It will not be just bandits, doing a whole new mod will be a good opportunity for me to let my creativity lose and put a variety of ideas I have to use.
    Meanwhile this patch will remain in its current form for those using MBC who want to use the patch.



  22. Clone Conjuration

    Clone Conjuration
    Works with LE and SE

       2.0 Adds a spell called Conjure ????, this spell is fun but a gamble, when you cast you might conjure a giant, or a rabbit, goat, horse, ect, but you also might get Ulfric, a greybeard or a mudcrab :)) It chooses from over 30 different NPCs/creatures when cast and still NO scripts
     A simple mod with NO Scripts that allows you to conjure a clone of your PC. Court Wizards have it for sale on occasion, bandit mages will sometimes drop it, or if your impatient it is on the table in Dragonreach with all the food, in the room with the cooking spit (both Spells are found here)
    No this does not clone your armor, your clone will be using your spells and shouts, also has a Dawnbreaker sword clone for backup ( no It will not break quest)

    Unpack and drop into your data folder or use mod manager of your choice
    Choose Male PC version if you play as a Male and vise versa (2 esp's is for male/female voice, nothing else, is better than using a unneeded script)



    Is in my mod Skyrim Unhinged, but is still compatible, this is here for those that are having a hard time to get it in Skyrim Unhinged, or those who are just Impatient



  23. "Circulated In Skyrim" Core Files (CISCore)

    This mod is a prerequisite to my “Circulated In Skyrim” (CIS) patches. All up-to-date CIS patches reference CISCore content.
    *Note* CISCore is only a set of "core files". It will not "circulate" or "distribute" items by itself.
    What is CIS?
    The CIS (or “Circulated In Skyrim”) mods distribute items added by other mods that are otherwise unobtainable in-game without the use of console commands or scary scripts. Many mods that add new items to Skyrim don't make them available to NPCs or lootable objects. The CIS series not only fixes this problem, but it also rebalances and adds new variants of modded items based on vanilla content. In some cases, CIS mods also repair minor bugs present in mod content.
    What is CISCore?
    CISCore is a collection of custom leveled lists (LVLI), object effects (OBJE) and outfit templates (OTFT) that are referenced by other CIS mods (also called "CIS patches"). By having CIS patches use a set of core files, it's possible to perform updates to the CIS series without individually updating every patch. In addition, it makes adding new entries to the CIS series significantly easier, and reduces the likelihood of errors when creating and merging CIS content.
    What does this mod do, and how so?
    In a nutshell, the CIS series replaces items in Skyrim with leveled lists (LVLI), which makes it possible for different items (such as modded content) to be spawned in place of vanilla content. CIS mods override vanilla leveled lists (LVLI) and outfit templates (OTFT) using CIS-leveled lists (LVLI), which contain mod-content. When applicable, CIS mods also add new content (based on mod-content) to CIS-leveled lists, such as enchanted items.
    Table of Contents
    What are CIS Patches?
    CIS patches inject CISCore's leveled lists (LVLI) and vanilla leveled lists (LVLI) with mod-content. CISCore is a framework, and CIS patches use CISCore to distribute new content in-game. Every CIS patch is specifically tailored to one or more mods. They are responsible for enchanting (when applicable) and rebalancing the items they circulate in Skyrim. 
    It takes a lot of work to distribute and enchant modded content, so it's understandable why many authors don't bother. With mods like Lootification, one could technically argue that it's unnecessary. However, mods like Lootification are what I like to call "blanket fixes". While they do distribute modded content, they only cover-up the problem. Script-based solutions offer much flexibility, but they can be considered  “one-size-fits-all” strategies.
    Most loot-distributing mods are designed with weapons and armor in mind. They may or may not pay attention to other types of items, and in many cases, they can’t. While they work great with basic sets of gear (such as cuirass, helmets, greaves etc.) they struggle with non-vanilla-based gear (such as "bikinis", collars, and other "non-standard" gear). They cannot dynamically enchant or rebalance these "exceptions", and will require user input to maintain in-game balance.
    My CIS patches are created by hand, allowing for a greater degree of balancing and edits no "blanket fix" can do. These patches are carefully designed to be balanced in relation to the vanilla Skyrim experience. They rename, enchant, adjust, and distribute modded content into Skyrim. By avoiding scripts, the CIS series won’t (directly) contribute to script latency or lag. CIS patches come in all shapes and sizes, to best integrate modded content into your game.
    How do I make my own CIS patch?
    What CIS Patches are there?
    How does CIS work?
    As mentioned before, the CIS series replaces items in Skyrim with leveled lists (LVLI), which makes it possible for different items (such as modded content) to be spawned in place of vanilla content. But before I can describe how CIS mods work in detail, you’ll need to be well-acquainted with leveled lists (LVLI) and outfit templates (OTFT).
    Leveled lists (LVLI) are (literally) lists of one or more items that Skyrim spawns randomly and/or based on the player-character’s level. They are used for anything between filling lootable objects (such as barrels or chests) and equipping NPCs with gear. Outfit Templates (OTFT) determine what weapons and armor an NPC spawns (and is equipped) with. They contain one or more items or leveled lists (LVLI).
    All CIS patches rely on a set of core files, CISCore. CISCore replaces items in Skyrim’s leveled lists (LVLI) and outfit templates (OTFT) with new leveled lists containing that item. These leveled lists (LVLI) all referred to as "CIS leveled lists". Mod-content is inserted into CISCore’s leveled lists via “CIS patches”, separate mods which work with CISCore. After creating a Bashed Patch (using Wyre Bash) or a merged patch (using say, xEdit), Skyrim will randomly spawn mod-content in place of vanilla content. . . thereby circulating it in Skyrim. CIS patches also inject new enchanted variants of mod-content into CIS and Skyrim leveled lists (LVLI).
    Some CIS patches may distribute items in your game a little differently, but it's all based on the same method. CIS mods use no scripts whatsoever.
    Why have "core files"?
    Technically speaking, there's no need to have "core files" (or "CISCore") for this method of loot-distribution to work. However, CISCore provides both you (the user) and me (the modder) distinct advantages. CISCore manages outfits (OTFT) and leveled lists (LVLI) which are used by other CIS mods. It also contains custom object effects (OBJE), which are used for custom enchantments. By having these items managed by a set of core files, it makes it possible to update them (and by extension, the whole CIS series) with a single .esp (rather than updating all CIS .esps). On your end (the user), it makes updates a snap! CISCore also reduces file sizes and makes merging the CIS series easier, by reducing the amount of data needed in each CIS Patch.
    Why use CIS?
    When distributing new content to Skyrim, there are many ways to do so. I'm going to try to convince you to use my way.
    Console Commands don’t randomly distribute items to characters or lootable objects, and they are impractical to use with regularity. Every console command requires user input, breaking immersion for many players. You could use batch commands, but it doesn't solve any of the problems listed above.
    Add Item Menu (or AIM) is a user-friendly way to add items to player’s inventory, but it suffers the same disadvantages as console commands.
    Automatic Spells and Increased Spawns (or ASIS) only distributes spells and perks. It will not rebalance them without user input. As a script-based solution, it has a significantly higher chance of causing undesired effects, such as unbalanced encounters or script-related issues.
    Lootification does distribute new content into Skyrim, and with great proficiency. However, it does not rebalance individual items by itself, and has limited renaming capabilities. It will struggle with any "non-vanilla" based loot, and is intended for equipable gear. Like all script-based solutions, Lootification is “one-size-fits-all” and suffers similar disadvantages to ASIS.
    Wyre Bash doesn’t distribute new content to Skyrim by itself. It merges pre-existing leveled lists together, which exist in vanilla Skyrim and are created by mod authors. Most mods which add items to Skyrim don’t include leveled lists, and thus cannot be distributed in-game by Wyre Bash alone.
    But here's the beauty of my CIS mods. No matter what method of loot distribution you use, CIS should be compatible with all of the above options (and more!) Because CIS uses no scripts, it is (in theory) compatible with just about anything you install.
    Why not use CIS?
    No mod is perfect, plain and simple. I hate to rag on my blood sweat n' tears, but something's got to be said.
    - CIS may conflict with other loot-distribution mods. I know what I just said, but hear me out. While the effects of such conflicts shouldn’t break your game, you may have NPCs spawning with extra copies of items, or not spawning with the full range of items you have installed. Although, you should be able to solve most of these conflicts with a mod merge or patch.
    - CIS has no in-game or easy-access settings. To edit any CIS file, you'd need to open them via Creation Kit or xEdit and edit them manually. Unfortunately, CIS patches require an immense amount of labor to edit. CIS patches have taken me anywhere from hours to literal days to create. In one case, I spent over one-hundred hours making a CIS patch.
    - CIS uses a great deal of leveled lists (LVLI), and every CIS patch you install may increase that number and/or the number of entries in those leveled lists (LVLI). Every leveled-list (LVLI) and leveled-list (LVLI) entry taxes system resources, and they may affect frame-rate if called upon in large numbers (such as spawning many NPCs at once).
    - CIS uses a new .esp for every patch. This problematic for the avid modder, where .esps are a valued commodity. If you are in need of free space in your load order, I highly recommend merging all CIS patches. Do not merge CISCore with your CIS patches. . . I'm not sure what would happen. It might be okay though.
    Custom Enchantments - For the time being, I will be sticking to vanilla enchantments. However, I would like to introduce custom enchantments to the CIS patches, thereby increasing the variety of loot they bring to Skyrim. I intend on making them similar to vanilla enchantments, to insure they remain balanced. Perhaps on a later date, I'll try less erm, balanced ideas.
    Screenshots - I’ve never been a fan of mods without screenshots, but I’ve yet to settle on an aesthetic for my Skyrim installation. When I am ready to show-off my Skyrim, I will upload screenshots showcasing the effects of the CIS patches in-game.
    Stability - I want the CIS series to be as stable as possible. To help insure stability, I will try to minimize null references and try to use only the assets provided by vanilla Skyrim (and DLC) and the mods being “patched”. I plan on keeping the CIS series strictly script-free, to maximize compatibility between Skyrim installations.
    Questions, comments or concerns
    Feedback is deeply appreciated, and necessary to the improvement of my work. Are my mods working as intended? If not, please notify me straight-away. I want to insure that my mods are as universally-functional as possible. If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know and I will consider them for future releases of my mods.
    Will you make a “Circulated in Skyrim” patch for [insert mod]?
    Are you paying me? If not, probably not. The keyword is probably, not definitely. 
    What if I'm paying you?
    I wasn't expecting that. . . uh, I'll work for as long as I have Mountain Dew in my mug.
    Unzip the contents of the “CISCore” file within your “Data” folder inside of your Skyrim install folder. This mod must be placed ABOVE any CIS patches you have installed.
    Feel free to modify my work to your heart's content. You may share my (modified) work with other, but please provide a link to the original (download page) and do not host my mods on other sites without my prior permission. In the event that I cannot be contacted (within' a month's time), then you may distribute and host my work (to your heart's content). However, I may revoke this privilege at any time.
    Version 2.3.? (Est. Release: July, 2019)
    Minimum Requirements: All Skyrim DLC
    Added standalone leveled lists for (vanilla) armors.
    Added standalone leveled lists for CISNPC
    Added standalone leveled lists for (vanilla DLC) armors.
    Added replacers for (vanilla) Outfit Templates
    Updated (vanilla DLC) Leveled Lists with CIS Leveled Lists
    Updated (vanilla) Outfit Templates with CIS Leveled Lists
    Updated (vanilla DLC) Outfit Templates with CIS Leveled Lists
    Version 1.3.0 (June 29, 2019)
    Minimum Requirements: None.
    Added standalone leveled lists for (vanilla) armors.
    Added standalone leveled lists for CISNPC
    Updated (vanilla) Outfits with CIS Leveled Lists
    Version 1.2.0 (June 25, 2019)
    Minimum Requirements: None.
    Added standalone leveled lists for (vanilla) armors.
    Added standalone Object Effects (or enchantments)
    Added standalone leveled lists for CISNPC
    Updated (vanilla) Leveled Lists with CIS Leveled Lists
    Version 1.1.0 (May 25, 2019)
    Minimum Requirements: None.
    Added standalone leveled lists for several new (vanilla) armors.
    Added replacers for (vanilla) Outfit Templates
    Fixed "Hunter Outfit" with proper boots.
    Updated (vanilla) Outfit Templates with CIS Leveled Lists
    Version 1.0.0 (Aug 29, 2018)
    Minimum Requirements: None.
    Added standalone leveled lists for vanilla armors



  24. Doppelganger Follower

    Ok so my time as run short on managing this mod due to RL obligations so I want to put this out there for anyone that is interested. You have my full permission to further this mod as you see fit, and make it your mod and upload it with 2 conditions:

    1: Credit where the mod originated ( not just me but others Like Familiar faces have worked to make a mod like this happen)

    2: share it here and Nexus - It is time to squash the lingering tension between the 2 sites, in the end we are all gamers who enjoy the work of modders, and we should all benefit in modders work no matter what our taste in mods is
    to find the changes in this mod in CK or Tes V Edit search DPGF_
    Lovers Lab will always be my home, that will never change but I had to put my petty crap aside and realize there are good and bad people on both sites lets just enjoy the games and the sites that allow us to share our work
    If anyone gets upset about these conditions or this statement then the petty issues are on your end!

    The Doppelganger Follower
    0 scripts
    Works with LE and SE

    Listen, Straight up, I am sick of follower mods, and I agree there are to many, but this one is at least unique, it is your doppelganger
    You can:
    have yourself as a follower marry yourself and do other things with yourself, this is Lovers Lab Can be found in Sleeping Giant Inn Your Doppelganger will :
    use shouts your have learned use spells you have learn already has his/her own custom weapons Is potential Follower so you will have to raise the relationship rank with the Doppelganger, whether its with RDS, RDO, Eager NPCs, or console command to get the "follow me" Dialogue
    Requires Dawnguard, Dragonborn, and Relationship Dialogue Overhual if you use a High Elf, Female Khajiit, or Elderly



  25. Skyrim Unhinged

    Read Change Notes
    The new PC Doppleganger that takes on your image will now:
    Look like you
    Have your name
    Use any shouts you have learned
    Use any spells you have learned
    The player Doppelganger conflicts with HDT hair
    Skyrim Unhinged
    (Works with LE and SE editions)
    (0 Scripts)

    Introducing Doppelgängers :
    Doppelgängers are not an easy enemy, they will level up 2 to your 1, sometimes 3 to 1:
    If your level 1 they will be level 2
    If your level 10 they will be level 20
    If your level 50 they will be level 100

    So decide a strategy

    (Will she jump to her death?)
        Skyrim Unhinged takes Skyrim in a darker direction. This is a light weight mod, with 0 impact to your game performance. 
    This adds variance to Skyrim the works into your playthru flawlessly. Adding some NPCs to places usually bare in Skyrim. Events that I have added, you may witness a suicide, maybe the dark brotherhood starts to send assassins into the city to have you killed or you might just stumble onto a gruesome scene of the innocent used in a ritual. 
        There will be more added weekly, some updates faster than others, but the good news is this mod is a ESP file only, no scripts, there will be no need for a clean save for a update, just plug in and go.
       The events, ambushes ect, are not overdone in this mod, they are spread out and will work into whatever playthru you are doing.
    Skyrim will not be so predictable now!
        I started from Whiterun and worked my way outward from there, most of the Ambushes, new enemies and new NPCs are in Whiterun hold at the moment but are increasingly spreading outwards

    (Sometimes the enemy is Watching you)
    What this mod adds:
     Enemy Ambushes  Events such as suicide and child sacrifice  Friendly NPCs that may turn on you  New Followers/Marriage potentials (You have to find them in your travels, they are not just sitting around a Inn waiting for you)  Enemies that were usually only found in certain caves and quest may now be encountered in the wild  Unpredictability in many situations   New Enemies  Rabid Animals  Assassin attempts on you in the city  New enemies are unleveled  Some houses you break into already have a thief raiding the home and they are not too happy so see you  and more I cannot give it all away  

    (Not all merchants reach their destination)
     Skyrim, Update, Dawnguard, Dragonborn
    A little more
        Skyrim Unhinged uses all assets available from the game itself, the new NPCs created DO NOT have the Blackface bug, the new NPCs use already existing face gen data from the original game. With that said, if you download a mod like prettier bandits your new NPCs from Skyrim unhinged will take on a much different look, still with no Blackface Bug.

    (Not everyone is a enemy in the wild)
       HDT hair conflict
    This is a link to a Japanese web site that has the SKSE file for the HDT invisibility fix, I will not upload the file here becasue whoever made this file a couple years ago removed it from the modding sites, so to me it is not my place to upload it, but you can download it, its a Japanese site, just click MediaFire Download:
    CREDITS for finding this link go to markdf
     The new NPCs used in farms, towns ect, mimic corresponding NPCs in the game so even eif someone moved a farm, or change the location of a house, the NPCs added from Skyrim Unhinged will go to the area they were intending.
      Yes this works with Immersive Creatures, Travelers of Skyrim, Inconsequential NPCS, Expanded Towns and Cities, Tes v Arena, and any other mod. This mod tackles areas that have been left untouched in Skyrim
    (people who always fast travel thru the game will not see as much as people who manually travel to their next location)
      Ashal for Loverslab
    EinarrTheRed for advice that saved me hours of frustration
    onesumgame  for testing and feedback
    GenioMaestro  for testing and feedback



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