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Hearthfire Dungeon Addon


Ever wished your Hearthfire home had more storage space?  Maybe a little extra storage space.  Or maybe what you were really hoping for was a place to keep all those slaves, naughty followers, captives, and other NPCs you've collected and have lots of options to play with them?  Well wait no longer because that is exactly what this mod gives you.


The Hearthfire Dungeon Addon adds a large dungeon space to each of the cellar of Heathfire homes you can build in Skyrim.  The space branches off the main cellar, first adding a small storeroom where you can keep extra books, loot, ammo and other items.  Further down it adds a large main room where you can display and play with slaves and NPCs.  In this area you will find many activator icons allowing you to install and swap various ZAP furniture options (more than 40 options are included) as well as three different bed style, or just pack them away to make room for your own options either added with console commands, Display Model, or whatever other furniture placing mod you wish to use.  From the main room you can enter the upper grotto pool area where you can sit and relax in a natural cave.   Or head down to the prison room where your slaves can sleep, or keep them in kennels, the choice is yours.  Finally there is the lower grotto where slaves from the prison can bathe and relax after a hard day of being played with (and you can watch them from the upper grotto).


The space includes many other features.  In the storeroom you will find an Elder Scroll display case where you can store your Elder Scrolls.  There is an arrow ammo storage display that changes according to the type of arrows you have stored in it at the time giving you a visual reference as to what types of arrows you have.  There are book cases, weapon racks, chests and strong boxes to keep various other odds and ends.


If you happen to be a vampire, your crafted coffin now has a new location in a hidden room that only becomes revealed after crafting the coffin.


The pool area include the oft used feature of stripping naked those who enter, but there is the additional feature of being able to turn this function off (look for a basket containing clothes by the entrance to the upper grotto, just click it and the clothes disappear out of the basket, if the clothes are gone the script is off, if the basket is full the script is on).


Torch sconces through out the space allow you to dynamically adjust the light levels to whatever suits your personal taste.  Just place or remove torches in the sconces to turn on or off additional lighting.


Additionally, in the main hall there are some new furniture options as well.  You can now freely swap the dining room table set with an alternate chair set or large furpile bed set or just pack them all away.  The controls for this are on a shelf just above where the main room workbench appears.  Also, I made some of the main room items on the mantle static so they aren't constantly being knocked around.  All interior cells now have COC markers so if you use console COC commands you appear at the entrance where you should.  Cell ownership is set to the player and I adjusted the interior fog (greatly reducing it).



Installation is easy, either use your favorite mod organizer or manually install the esp and bsa file into your data folder, there are only two files so its easy to keep track off.  Enable the mod in your load order and go.

NOTE:  You do not need the (Loose) version, download that only if you want to peek under the hood and see how the scripts work.



Uninstall with your favorite mod organizeer or just delete the esp and bsa file from your data folder, save and then use a save game editor to clean scripts beginning with BYOHD_ from your save game and you're done.








ZAZAnimationPack (version 8.0 or higher)


Recommended Mods (NOT required but this mod works well with them):

PAHE (Paradise Halls Enhanced)
Home Sweet Home

Interactive BDSM

And You Also Get A Slave

I'll Take the Display Model

Sexy Bandit Captives



SE Version:

None for the foreseeable future.


Known Conflicts:

  • PAHE Lakeview Cell Addon (this mod will cause the pool water to not look correctly IF it is placed after the Hearthfire Dungeon in your load order.  If you wish to use this mod, make sure it is placed BEFORE the Hearthfire Dungeon Addon in your load order)
  • If you are using my older version of this mod previously shared in my Prettier Bandits support thread, make sure you remove all torches and fully uninstall that mod before installing the new version or you may get some odd torches issues.


In Game Usage:

  • Install the mod into a new or existing save game.
  • Craft one of the Hearthfire Homes, build the cellar, as soon as the cellar is built the dungeon is there (fully functional)
  • Have at least 20 torches in your inventory (40 will be enough for the full dungeon)
  • Head down to your new dungeon and use the torches to adjust the lights the way you want.
  • Activate whatever furniture options you like, you can change them as often as you want.
  • Explore and enjoy!




This mod began in mid 2016 as a personal mod initially just to add some additional storage space to one of my Hearthfire Homes.  But after knocking out a wall and crafting the storeroom I though "Why not add..." and things expanded from there.  The mod originally just modified the cellar for Heljarchen Hall and added a smaller dungeon area that was specifically designed for use with Musje's Home Sweet Home.  After sharing the mod with some friends and supporters in in late 2017 I started getting a lot of requests and suggestions, most especially to add the dungeon to all the HF homes.  That led to the current version which was a heavy rebuild of my original personal project.  In the process I learned to do some scripting and had a lot of fun.


I'm pretty pleased with the end result and I think you'll enjoy it too.



CPU - for scripting lessons, scripts, patience and encouragement

Ed86, Musje and Valcon767 for additional scripting advice

T.ara for advice on some of the furniture placement and options

Psalam, Karlpaws, Donttouchmethere and Valcon767 for being a great bunch of beta testers, making lots of suggestions and generally helping make this mod what it is.


Stalactites are by Leodoidao available at Nexus


Future Plans:



Change Log:

---- 9th July, 2019

Removed SE version due to problems with markers.


---- Version 1.4 24th June, 2019 ----

Fixed missing script references for both loose and packed LE versions.


--- Version 1.3 SE 7th June 2019

Uploaded the SE version.  Conversion provided by Fred200.


---- Version 1.3 21st Sept 2018 ---

More minor clean up and tweaks

Removed some left over dirty edits from the mod's construction

Changed the dungeon gates to not reset.  If you leave them open they should now remain open until you close them.


---- Version 1.2 17th August 2018 -----

Minor clean up and tweaks


---- Version 1.1, 23nd June 2018 -----

Removed a duplicated interior tower from Winstad Manor (update is safe to install over existing installation)


---- Version 1.0, 22nd June 2018 -----

Uploaded version 1.0 of mod


What's New in Version 1.4.0


Fixed missing script references on a few activators.



EtR_HearthfireDungeonAddon v1.4.7z



EtR_HearthfireDungeonAddon v1.4 (Loose).7z


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