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Skyrim mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

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  1. Dragonborn: No Black Book Autosaves

    Getting tired of the autosaves each time you read a Black Book and each time return to Solstheim? This may be what you're looking for.
    I've simply commented out the
    line in the DLC2BookDungeonControllerScript and recompiled it. Seems to work in my game.



  2. Dragonborn: Male NPC Animation Fix

    You might have noticed that quite a few male NPCs in Dragonborn use female walking/running animations. This is because they are flagged to use the animations for the opposite gender in their records. I don't know if this was intentional or not, but I personally find that rather disturbing. So this plugin basically clears the "Opposite Gender Animation" flag from those male NPCs in the Dragonborn DLC.
    Please let me know if you find any other male NPCs like this that I haven't covered in this plugin. I will add them in the next version.
    Note: Depending on the version, UDBP/USLEEP users may not need this.



  3. Zelda Twilight Princess Main Menu music replacer

    This replaces the Main Menu music with the one from the Title Screen music in Twilight Princess.
    How to Install:
    1. Open it with Winrar
    2. Drag and drop the "Music" folder into your skyrim Data directory, overwrite if asked to.
    3. Start up Skyrim and enjoy.
    4. ?????
    5. Profit
    Bethesda for their amazing franchise Elder Scrolls
    Nintendo for such memorable moments and amazing story with beautiful music and sound quality.



  4. Vampire Morph Slider for RaceMenu

    (Yes, the screen is shitty. I have a almost vanilla test setup for development, give me a better one )
    Something that formed of messing with RaceMenu:
    It will morph everything that has the Vampire-Morph, meaning if you don't want sunken cheeks you need a mod to remove them.
    It is possible to Morph just the teeth, but that would require a another slider if you use a mod that replaces the teeth like Realistic Teeth.
    The Standalone ESP file is empty, it exist to load the RaceMenu related files.
    You can select other mods to "attach" this mod to so it gets loaded and you save one Slot in the Loadorder.
    I can add more. Requirements for "attaching" it to a mod.
    - Doesn't have translation files
    - Doesn't add slider with INI files, scripts are fine.
    When you select another Mod for attaching, and the disable/uninstall it,
    it won' crash or be problematic. You just won't get the Slider.

    - RaceMenu ( I tested it with v3.3.0 and it worked)
    - BVFE or similar to enable female teeth
    - Any ESP you select while installing.
    - Mods to remove sunken cheeks



  5. Strip UnStrip OnLoad

    A simple mod to remove the apparel from the player character, on a save load, and then redress them with what was removed.
    Well the churlish answer is, "If you don't know, you are probably in the 99.9% of people who don't have a use for this", but the actual answer is sometimes a game is bollox'd in a subtle manner which you can't find the solution for. However as it's generally running fine, other than for a specific problem, you take the big CK sledgehammer to it and waste an .esp slot for a solution. For me this works for occasional armor texture glitches on game load, (specifically certain TRX armors, certain Tera Armors and - more worryingly - recently certain devious device leggings. Also helps when high heels doesn't click in on a save/load)
    Anyway moan all you want about the dubious nature of this.
    Thanks To
    Ashal - because this is basically 98% scientifically cut and pasted code from sexlab. (Yes I can refactor it if required but saying "thank you" is probably easier).



  6. Picks and Axes

    This is a really basic mod that adds crafting recipes for lockpicks (25 per iron ingot), pickaxes and woodcutter's axes. No perks required. You can find them under the "misc" category at any forge. It also increases the amount of damage for the pickaxe and the woodcutter's axe. If they can break rocks and split logs; they should be able to do the same to a bandit's skull. I hope you find this useful as I have.



  7. Quieter Dungeons and Caves

    Are you tired of hearing all that unrelated bashing, scratching, howling, tapping and farting when you are in a cave or dungeon? OK, so there is no farting. Where is all that noise coming from? Why is it there? The answer is that its just 'white noise' put there 'supposedly' to make the place spooky. But guess what? Dungeons are a whole lot more spooky without them.
    This mod removes those useless, distracting, unreal noises so that now you will hear all the natural sounds more clearly. You'll hear the water drip, your footsteps, enemy's footsteps, dust falling from the ceiling, distant conversations, enemies breathing, creatures growling, babies gurgling. What? Who put a baby in this dungeon? Anyway, you'll hear stuff that's actually in the cave or dungeon. It's a whole lot more realistic and creepy, just like it should be. Did somebody say 'more immersive' ?

    The short answer is - No.
    The longer answer is - If you turned off sound effects in your audio settings you would get rid of the strange ambient noises, but you would also turn off the natural sounds that are really there. You wouldn't hear footsteps, breathing, fires burning, rocks falling, arrows wizzing past your ear, the sound of trolls chewing your leg off, people screaming "there's a troll chewing your leg off", etc. OK, I lied. Nobody cares if trolls chew your leg off. (Sad, but true)
    You will hear everything that is actually happening.
    Other mods by dePog
    Predator Vision - Scent Trail (lets you smell your enemies)
    Tiefling (Gameplay overhaul, Tiefling race and storyline mod)



  8. Lockpick Maker

    It makes lockpicks. maybe in the future I'll make it more complex.



  9. Safe Baby Cribs

    This adds cribs to store the static baby items born from the mod Beeing Female. They are located in the Temple of Mara in Riften. I'll be adding screen shots later .



  10. Slave Way Manor

    Welcome all slave trainers to your own slave training and housing settlement!It is surrounded by a big wall with a closable gate,to keep out unwanted guests.Note some creatures may spawn within the walls but I haven't had it happen yet.The settlement includes a house for house slaves,aka maids and such;a house for fully trained and trusted slaves;a jail for punishing and keeping untrained slaves;a house just for training slaves full of all kinds of stuff like cages and zaz furniture;then you have the Master's Manor,plenty of safe storage,your own throne and a room upstairs for a follower.It has all your crafting needs except a kitchen,because why should the master/mistress cook for him/herself.The alchemy and enchanter table are in the side room across from the master bedroom,it has bookcases and two chests to store things,the trap door leads down to the basement it has everything from a forge to a wood chopping block.Also in the basement you have your own private cell that can hold four of your most valued slaves or followers you want to lock up.I recommend using paradise hills with the sl extension,and eff.There are no npc's or followers included in this so you can put who you want here.You will have to fast travel there the first time to open the gate because it only opens from the inside,this was done to keep bandits and guards from entering the property.This will be my last holding cell and house mod as I want to work on some of my other homes that I have made.If you have any problems let me know and as always if you want any followers or npc's added feel free to let me know what you want.I hope you enjoy it it is fully navmeshed and follower friendly.



  11. Eastern Holding Cells

    Welcome to my newest holding cell!This time I wanted a more tropical location for my slaves so here it is,right next to the hot springs no really walk out the door down the steps into the water!I made this for myself but decided I would share in case anyone wanted it.It will conflict with any mod that is in the same area.In the basement you will find a nice holding area for your slaves as well as some zaz furniture to use also has a bed in case you get sleepy.I have not put alot of stuff in it because it's supposed to look unused except for the dragonborn of course.Anyway come on in and try it out if there is something you want me to add other then a quest to get it let me know.



  12. NiOverride High Heels - NIOVHH Fixes

    NiOverride High Heels

    - hub and fixes for NIOVHH -


    NetImmerse Override (bundled with RaceMenu) comes with an 'equipable transforms' feature
    which allows for a cleaner and easier way of creating high heels for Skyrim.
    This mod contains a few fixes for said system, such as correcting the sitting and swimming height while wearing high heels,
    since when you equip high heels that make use of equipable transforms, the root node (called "NPC" in the skeleton) is moved upwards.
    Note: There are no actual high heels in this mod, it is solely a hub for the new system.
    To convert a mod from HDT High Heels to NiOverride High Heels, see the videos below (enable subtitles).
    SKSE 1.7.3+
    RaceMenu 3.4.4+
    NetImmerse Override 3.4.4+ for ECE/vanilla users.
    Do not install both RaceMenu and NetImmerse Override!
    RaceMenu already comes with it included.
    Simply install the archive using your preferred mod manager or manually extract the files into the Skyrim's Data folder.
    Don't forget to enable the "NIOVHH.esp" plugin.
    Remove the mod in your mod manager or delete the files the archive came with manually.
    Open it in an archiver program to see which those were.
    expired6978 - For NetImmerse Override and RaceMenu.
    Unofficial LL chat for general help.



  13. Slave Den

    Welcome Dragonborn!This simple farm house has cooking,alchemy and an enchanter as well as a bedroom just a small simple house for a simple hero.Now go down to the basement,where you darker side can show!The entire basement is complete with 3 cells for slaves,cooking area and an alcove for your smithing needs.Plenty of markers for your followers to patrol as guards,and through the other door you will be taken to the guard/follower room.In this area there are 3 bookcases,a couple of chest's to store stuff in 2 beds for guards/followers and upstairs a double bed that belongs to you and will provide the well rested bonus.There are no op items no large bags of gold and no followers currently.If alot of you would like me to I will add some later just let me know.It is west of the western watch tower and well off the road and out of view to keep guards and others away.



  14. Slave Holding Cells

    Welcome to your new house,just a simple little home really,until you enter the basement.The house is called the farm(if someone else has used that name I appolgize,and will change it just let me know)but it is just a cover for a dungeon to hold your slaves,a torture chamber and some other things.Unlike the Dova Den this has no crafting stations,and no surprise items.All the chests provide safe storage,and both areas are fully navmeshed,and there are several markers incase you want a follower to act as a kinda of guard.I am letting everyone know now that some areas look blue and empty but all you have to do is walk into them and they show up just fine,don't know why that happened and if anyone knows how to fix it let me know.The house can be used as a player home,but it is mainly for the keeping of your slaves.It is simple as to not draw attention from those that would stop the player from owning and selling slaves.The house is located on the northern coast north west of Dawnstar,as far as I know no one has used this location yet.I hope you like it and if you find any problems or want anything changed just let me know.



  15. Grow Tomatoes and Apples

    Grow Tomatoes and Apples
    foreach([ 'Tomato', 'Red Apple', 'Green Apple' ] as $Thing) {

    Hearthfire DLC. Without it you cannot even plant plants anyway. That is it.



  16. WeightMorphs

    - dynamically gain and lose weight -
    This mod makes it possible to gain and lose weight in-game using the morphs CBBE, Unified UNP and SAM come with.
    When eating food, ingredients or drinking potions, your player character gains weight.
    Walking, running, sprinting and jumping results in losing weight again.
    There are optional gameplay effects for stamina and movement speed reacting to your weight.
    The vanilla food (Skyrim.esm) is divided into three categories:

    All DLC food and custom food coming from mods and all potions/ingredients are automatically added to the list
    you choose in the MCM menu. You can also have them unassigned.
    It is also possible to add the "WMLight", "WMMedium" or "WMHeavy" keywords to any mod items in their plugin
    to assign them to the specific category.
    The mod comes with an MCM menu, where you can enable/disable it, change the multipliers for gaining and losing weight and more.
    You can choose the combination and strength of the morphs for the target shapes yourself, too.
    In order for the weight to have any visual effect, you need to have a body and armor installed that features in-game morphing.
    Such as CBBE, Unified UNP or SAM.
    For CBBE and UUNP you have to use BodySlide to build the morphs for your body and armor.

    SKSE 1.7.3+
    SkyUI 5.1+
    RaceMenu 3.4.4+
    NetImmerse Override 3.4.4+ for ECE/vanilla users.
    BodySlide for building the female morphs.
    Do not install both RaceMenu and NetImmerse Override!
    RaceMenu already comes with it included.
    In order for the weight to have any visual effect, you need to have a body and armor installed that features in-game morphing,
    such as CBBE, Unified UNP or SAM.
    For CBBE and UUNP you have to use BodySlide to build the morphs for your body and armor.
    Simply install the archive using your preferred mod manager or manually extract the files into the Skyrim's Data folder.
    Don't forget to enable the "WeightMorphs.esp" plugin.
    Remove the mod in your mod manager or delete the files the archive came with manually.
    Open it in an archiver program to see which those were.
    The morphs are automatically removed from your character.
    expired6978 - For the NetImmerse Override library required by this mod.
    The SkyUI team for MCM.
    Pugliara @Plainicon - For the icon used in the MCM menu and mod page.
    Jeir - For the word and table art.



  17. Dova Den

    Welcome to the Dova Den,all your crafting needs and more,even its own jail.Right across from the battleborn farm and behind the bbls.Fully navmeshed and follower friendly with some goodies(the stones on the table will not help you with no stone unturned).Only requires skyrim and update.Also the key to the jail is on the table in the Dova Playhouse,and says its the dawnstar jail key.I was recently informed that the mod Dragon Lord Estate is not compatible with Dova Den so do not use both mods together.Newest version out!There is a door behind the throne that leads to the Dova Hall a place based off of Helga's bunkhouse with minor changes.This area can be used for followers or slaves your choice.In the main hall when you enter the Dova Den you will be greeted by your new housecarl Karen,she is a standalone one handed warrior and will level with you to 250.She is naked when you meet her so you can give her what you want her to wear.She is essential and can be married,uses the female even toned voice.The master bedroom in the new area(helga's bedroom will offer the player the well rested bonus.If you find any bugs let me know so I can work on them,thank you and enjoy!Also I am leaving the orginal file up incase you don't want the housecarl and follower/slave hall,it is the smaller file,if you have the version 1 then take all your things out even followers or slaves leave the house get at least to the farm across the road,make a save,quit,delete version 1,then download version 1.1 load game, your good to go.Also I will not be uploading the newest version to Nexus,nor any of my other mods, they will all be posted on here from now on.Thank you for checking out my mod I hope you have fun with it!If going for 2.0 remove everything and everyone leave save quit,delete the old install the new.I have just been informed that Skyrim Community College is also a mod conflict with this one.



  18. Dawnguard Horse Combat Patch

    Dawnguard Horse Combat Patch
    a patch for:
    the right hand side sword charge bug...
    angle of attack data...
    reversel of left and right attack buttons...
    a patch for:
    the right hand side sword charge bug...
    angle of attack data...
    was added to the "Unofficial Skyrim Patch" so there is no need to upload it here.
    {0,0} . ________________________________________________
    /)__)> |creative commons All May Host This File, No One May Profit|
    -"-"- - -"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""



  19. Elrindir's Discount Magic Items v2

    There's not enough merriment in Skyrim. Sorry, Cicero doesn't count. Where's the funny stuff?
    So here's this little thing. It's not exactly funny, but it can be mistaken for vaguely humorous in a dim light.
    This mod adds some new dialogue to a couple of NPCs, and some new items too.
    What magic turns cheese to wine?
    Speak to Elrindir at the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun.
    Discount Magic Items!
    Elrindir also has some nifty, oh-so-helpful gear for sale.
    The Why Of Questing
    Speak to Seren in Dawnstar. She may have a new quest for you. Or maybe not.
    Serendipitous Silversmith Stupidity
    Kerah of Markarth has a job for you.
    This is one of those mods you install, try out, say "Huh!" to yourself, and uninstall to clear up space in your load order.
    Give it ten minutes and hopefully it'll elicit a chuckle or two, and that's about it.
    Fuz-Ro-D'oh and its own requirements (SKSE).
    Oh, and Skyrim. In case you were confused.
    Special thanks to:
    Monty Python, for the cheese skit. And other skits.
    Rich Berlew, for a more circumstantially appropriate end to the cheese skit.
    Terry Pratchett, for CMOT Dibbler.
    Docclox, for mistakenly referring to the Drunken Huntsman as a "pub" leading to the whole idea in the first place.
    Jfraser and SkyrimLL for invaluable advice about how to use the CK without setting fire to the motherboard.
    Jfraser, SkyrimLL, Jordisslave, and Thermius for testing out yet another one of my little peccadillos.
    TES5Edit for being so much better than the CK at making seq files. I mean, seriously now.
    Probably a couple of other people I've forgotten.
    To-do list:
    Eh, I dunno... not much, really.
    Maybe go in and fix emotion levels.
    I should really also add "not enough money" checks so you can't get away with getting items for free.
    I also need to fix the scroll - missing a casting effect.
    I should also add in an actual magic effect for the gauntlets. And the horn, and the wand, ring...
    Add some more sketches! Why not?
    Actually, I guess there's a sizeable list of things to do. And they will get done! Eventually. Some day.
    Apparently the thing to do these days is to put user testicles testimonials in the description page. So here are some glowing quotes about this and other Content Consumer mods:
    The author must be barking mad. - Gilvas Barelo
    So buggy you'd think you were in an anthill. - Caius Cosades
    Meh. - Divayth Fyr
    What is your damage? - Ruran Stoine
    You should be ashamed of yourself. - Nevena Ules
    After installing, computer grew arms and tried to strangle me. 0/10 stars, Would Not Recommend. - Raesa Pullia
    Is this your first time at a keyboard? - Falura Llervu
    I don't believe I've ever seen code this badly written. - Zabamund
    Truly the greatest thing ever, and I am not getting paid to say this. Really. Honest. We done here? Good, now where's my money? - Danoso Andrano
    Generally "FAQ" requires questions to be asked frequently. In this case, I'm trying to anticipate questions instead.
    Q: I'm having a problem with this mod.
    A: That is certainly possible. I'm a newb to modding. Leave a comment in the support thread and I'll get back to you. I can't guarantee I can fix a problem, but I'll do my best.
    Q: I have a question about this or any other mod. Should I PM you?
    A: No, please. Use the support thread. That's what it is there for.
    Q: Your mod conflicts with <other mod>.
    A: That is highly unlikely, although I suppose if anything does massive renovations to Elrindir it's certainly possible. In general, for stuff like this, put whichever one you want more lower on the list.
    Q: Can I suggest <feature>?
    A: Yes please! I can't guarantee the request will get into the mod, because as I've said I'm not very good at modding, but I'll certainly consider it!
    Q: Where shall I contact you about adding in <feature>?
    A: The support thread, please.
    Q: Can I translate your mod?
    A: Certainly! I didn't write it with any sort of translation in mind, though, and I do tend to use American English idioms and phrasing, so... good luck! Go ahead and post your translation in the support thread and I will link to it in the download page. If you do make a translation, be a lamb and either send me the file so I can upload it, or at least post a link so I can add it to the description.
    Q: Can I or you upload this to another site?
    A: I'd rather you didn't. If I want it uploaded elsewhere, I'll do so myself. Chances are this one will end up on Nexus at some point.
    Q: Can I patch your mod?
    A: I'd rather you didn't, if only because that'd make multiple versions sitting on the internet somewhere, and if I ever get bug reports or questions about it, tracking down which version is being talked about is a pain. Not to mention that a "patch" may well add stuff or remove stuff I don't want added or removed. In short... patch away if you wish, but don't post the patch if you please.
    Q: I love this mod! How can I show my appreciation?
    A: Leave me a "thank you" in the support thread, that'd be wonderful.
    Q: I hate this mod, and I'd like to tell you why!
    A: Sorry to hear that, but I'd be happy to hear your complaint. Leave it in the support thread.
    Q: You do seem to be a bit obsessed with the support thread. Any particular reason?
    A: I just feel that spending a PM on a simple suggestion, request, comment, or complaint is a bit outlandish. The support thread is there for a reason.
    Q: Can I ask you about how you made this mod?
    A: Yes you can.
    Q: Where?
    A: ...In the support thread.
    Q: What about...
    A: Look, is this going to be about contacting me in any way about this or any other mod?
    Q: No, I can't say it is.
    A: Ah! Go on then.
    Q: Thank you. What about making changes to some of the dialogue here?
    A: You have got to be kidding me.
    Q: No, I'm quite serious.
    Q: There's no need to yell.
    A: Apparently there is! The support thread! That's where comments and notifications and complaints and messages and suggestions and requests and compliments and discussions about the bloody weather go! In the support thread!
    Q: How about...
    A: Look, I've had just about enough of this. If you ask one more thing about this mod I'll bean you with a brick, see if I don't.
    Q: I was just...
    A: No! I don't want to hear it! Now... do you have anything else to say?
    Q: Yes. I was wondering...
    A: Yesssssssss?
    Q: If I have a question about your Devious Manual mod, where should that question go?
    A: ...
    Q: Hello?
    A: Your question about the Devious Manual should go in the Devious Manual's support thread.
    Q: Aha! That last link was to this mod's support thread! Got you!
    A: Fuck off.
    v1: Initial upload v2: Added new dialogue to Kerah, Rustlief, and Seren.



  20. Craftable Linen Wrap Reduced

    I got tired of having craftable armor and clothing mods that require Linen Wraps, and not having any, but having tons of Tundra Cotton.
    In many cases I wanted the armor or clothing before my next dungeon crawl, but linen wraps are really only found in Nordic ruins, so I decided to throw together a constructible item. Now there is Craftable Linen Wrap.
    Feel free to use this as a resource for your mods, but give me credit.
    Before anyone asks...
    Q. Hasn't this been done already?
    A. I don't know.
    Happy Skyrim playing, folks.



  21. Follow That Thing

    So this is not a Cinematic walk or anything. This is a straight up "I can't be fucked to walk all the way to Kynesgrove myself so I'll just autofollow Delphine." mod. Then you can alt-tab out back to your pron or whatever it is that was more interesting than that.
    It will give you a new spell called "Follow That Thing" as a lesser power. You target something, your character follows it until you press your JUMP key. When you first start following someone, they may/will get a little bit aways from you (typically 1000 units, roughly 50 feet, roughly 15 metres) before your character decides to catch up.
    It has a few issues that there is nothing I can really do about. Follower AI seems to be really shit if there is too much of an incline like mountains or steps. You may notice sometimes your character will stop and have to re-figure out where the target it is following went. This can manifest as three behaviours:

    your character actually runs back a bit to get itself back on path, then run back to who it is following. or it will stop, then start again, then stop again, then start again. or it will for some reason walk really really really really slow until it is able to figure out how to run.

    I've tuned the Follow procedure the best I could to try and smooth out these glitches, but it is out of my hands now I think, because I have seen the exact same problems in other mods that take control of your character, and none have found a solution for truly smooth follow. In all these cases it should never truely lose who it is following and eventually be able to catch back up to them. So you will see problems like this in areas like around Haemar's Shame where it is super steep and rocky, and if following an NPC up the steps to Dragons Reach and the like.



  22. SkyHunks

    SkyHunks - NPC Replacer
    This mod changes the appearance of many Skyrim NPCs. The aim is to make them look a bit better ("better" is, of course, a matter of personal taste). A few female NPCs are also "converted" to male (the female housecarls). No stats were changed, no clothing, nothing else - except that I made Ralof and Hadvar potential followers and marryable. Do not attempt to get them to follow you, or marry them, before the civil war is complete, or your game will likely break!
    This mod also includes the functionality of Masculinized Level Lists. This means that generic NPCs such as guards, soldiers, bandits, etc, will now all be male, and you don't need that mod if you use this.
    Snapshots by Mylor41, used with kind permission.
    (Body used: SOS. Featured image: Solaf.)
    Who is included
    Agris Calder Gregor Iona => Ian Jordis Lydia => Lukas Rayya => Thassad Valdimar

    Erik Belrand Marcurio Stenvar Vorstag


    All DLCs USLEEP Apachii Hair - Full and Male KS Hairdos Renewal The USLEEP version requires (of course) USLEEP

    Open Face Guard Helmets ... or ... Helmets Begone (from my Misc Patches)

    NOTE: Files are now hosted on Dropbox, due to their size.
    If you use other NPC overhauls/replacers, and want this to take precedence, place it lower in your load order. Also, if your other replacers are supplied loose, then you'll want the loose version of this, overwriting any existing files, or you'll get grey face.

    Do not install this into a game in progress, or you are likely to get grey faces and/or neck seams on the changed NPCs. Similarly, updating the mod in a game in progress will result in some of the NPCs often looking ... very strange. See here for neck seam tips.
    Can You Remove....?
    Yes I could, but if I start doing that, soon there will be no end of customized versions. But, you can do it yourself, it isn't difficult!
    Get TES5Edit and install it. Download and install the loose version of this mod Start TES5Edit. When the list of mods opens, rt-click -> Select none. Then scroll till you find SkyHunks, put a checkmark beside it, click ok. Wait for everything to load. Click the + next to SkyHunks to expand it, then click Non-Player Character. Find the NPC(s) you want to remove. Make note of the form number to the left of the name (eg, Ahtar is 0001325F) Right click -> Remove. Confirm that you want to. Once you have removed all you want, close TES5Edit, and confirm you want to save changes. Navigate to your Skyrim install. ../Data/Meshes/actors/character/facegendata/facegeom/skyrim.esm - delete the NIF files with the same name as the form number you noted. ../Data/Meshes/actors/character/facegendata/facetint/skyrim.esm - delete the dds and tga files with the same name as the form number you noted. Done. If you had already "met" the character in-game, you'll likely end up with grey-face so you'll have to start a new game.

    Change Log
    1.0 - Initial release 1.1 - Fixed Lukas' voice ... duhhh 1.2 - Fixed grey face for Heathfires housecarls; fixed opposite gender anims for a couple of housecarls. 1.3 - Added all the male guards. Surprisingly few of them, so I added a few more, for more variety. 1.4 New NPCs: Arnbjorn, Banning, Bolund, Brynjolf, Captain Aldis, Delvin Mallory, Dirge, Falk Firebeard, Garvey, Gorm, Harrald, Klimmek, Maul, Mercer Frey, Nazir, Onmund, Orgnar, Proventus Avenicci, Saerlund, Sigurd, Thonnir, Vekel
    Tweaked skin tone for Ulfberth. 1.5 New NPCs: Jervar, Idolaf Battleborn, Hrongar, Balgruuf, Angrenor Once-Honored, Oengul War-Anvil, Rolff Stone-Fist, Orthus Endario
    Tweaked Omnund, Solaf; Removed the guards added in 1.3, since they broke Masculinized Level Lists. 1.6: New NPCs: Erikur, Kust, Jorleif, Galmar Stone-Fist, Lortheim, Jod, Horik Halfhand, Captain Wayfinder, Thoring, Siddgeir
    Tweaked: Bolund, Benor 2.0 Tweaked Jon Battle-Born, Sigurd.
    New NPCs: Ataf, Beirand, Briehl, Dagur, Gloth, Heimvar, Mikael, Severio Pelagia.
    Added more "template" imperial and stormcloak solders for more variety.
    Now incorporates the functionality of Masculinized Level Lists, so you don't need that mod if you use this. 2.1 New NPCs: Hod, Lod, Tsun, Sven, Alvor. Plus there were several guards who have unique faces rather than using the templated guards I had already done, so I did those I found. 2.2 New NPC, GuardSolitudeImperialDayMaleGuard, which I overlooked last time (at least two instances of this NPC can be found at Solitude).
    More tweaks to: Ralof, Hadvar, Bolund, Mikael, Solaf 2.2 (2016-09-12) Uploaded a version for USLEEP users (SkyHunks_2.2_USLEEP.rar). Requires USLEEP. Install on top of one of the regular versions of 2.2, as only the ESP is included in the download. 2.3 - now requires USLEEP.
    Added Sinmir (and removed his helmet), Imperial and Nord road couriers, carriage drivers, Brunwulf, Calixto, Tulvur, Torsten, Torbjorn, Ranmir, Phinis, Sergius, Korir, Kraldar, Fihada, Jawanan, Cedran, Thonar, Thongvor, Yngvar, Ogmund, Hreinn, Hogni 2017-03-16 - updated download links.

    Final Note
    If lore friendliness is important to you, you probably won't like this, since the KS styles aren't "lore friendly".

    NOTE: This mod is released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. In other words, feel free to make changes to the mod in any way you like, and upload the changed version. You do not need to ask permission. If you do so, you must credit me, and your version must be free. Further, you also need to credit any other mods used as resources, including those used in my original. Your own creation must in turn be released under these same conditions.



  23. Tera Elin 2 Preset Slot - ECE

    So I made this little ECE Preset slot for tera elin 2 after i first tried this mod out and i liked it so much that i wanted to share it here and have a fresh backup in case i ever lost it, which i did when i upgraded to windows 10 whoops.
    No worries tho.. I did this way before i even know what elins were or what game they came from so forgive me if she doesnt look like elins, i was focusing to much on making her kawaii.
    You are gonna need both Tera Elin 2 by PsychoMachina And Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team for this to work, it uses both TeraElinRace.esm and TeraElin2_AIOHairs_HDT.esm but if you dont have The hdt hair it will be a different hair instead.
    Tera Elin 2 - http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1172-new-hdt-ears-tails-elin-dance-xpmse-244-and-new-features-tera-elin-race-2/
    Enhanced Character Edit - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12951/?
    Put this in C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\My Games\Skyrim



  24. Durana, Orc Female Racemenu Preset

    Requirements listed in the screenshot itself. SkyDreamKittens isn't neccessarily a requirement, it's the eye texture and it's available to all races, so that's what I used.
    I'm using FairSkin. Also the screenshot is really tiny because I'm running Skyrim on a quick alt tab mode at a tiny res so I can swap texture files and work on TES5Edit while playing.
    Edit: I apparently can't upload pictures, no idea why. You can find a screenshot in the support topic thing or also right here.

    It's tiny.



  25. Slower Levelling and Skill Learning V1.00 (20150806)

    Like many players I've never been happy with how fast my character levels up. There are mods which address this like Community Uncapper but I wanted something much simpler which just applied a percentage slowdown across all skills and was easy to use
    So basically, this mod slows down the rate at which you learn all skills so that you will level up more slowly.
    It works by applying an effect to the player character which will slow down the learning rate by a set percentage. There are five spells that can be used set at 10%, 20%, 30% 40% and 50%. You can use more than one if you really want to slow down your levelling, as the percentages are calculated sequentially you can never go over 100%.
    As it just applies a spell effect it is perfectly safe to install and uninstall, there are no scripts to worry about.
    Install using a Mod Manager or just drop the plugin into Skyrim/Data folder if you prefer to manually install.
    To Use:
    Go to console and type "help slower" (without quotes) which will give a list of the five spells.
    Slower Skill Learning 10%
    Slower Skill Learning 20%
    Slower Skill Learning 30%
    Slower Skill Learning 40%
    Slower Skill Learning 50%
    Then type player.addspell xxxxxxxx (where xxxxxxxx is the spell ID (the number in front of the spell name)) and you will see a message in the top left of your screen to say it's been applied and it will also appear in your Effects menu
    To remove the effect simply type player.removespell xxxxxxxx and it will be gone and you will learn at the normal speed again.
    If there's enough interest in this I may look at adding a menu with toggles but it's pretty simple to use as it is.
    If you use other mods that alter the learning rate like SLA or RND those effects will also be applied so can make levelling slower still.
    Many thanks to fishburger67 for pointing me in the right direction as to how to make this and to stobor for answering my noob questions
    Do not upload this mod to Steam. This mod may not be used or incorporated as part of any other "for profit" or "paid for" mod.



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